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Brittney knew the moment she laid eye on the girl that there was going to be trouble. There was chemistry between the two that caused the red-haired girl to take an immediate disliking towards the blonde beauty. Maybe it was because their looks were so closely comparable that Brittney felt challenged. Other than hair color and some slight facial differences the two young women matched up equally in all departments – so equally that it was causing a lot of comparison as they sat in a popular latte shop on the college campus. Brittney had spotted the girl several times on campus. The two of them had traded several looks on occasion and each look seemed to grow more intense as they thoroughly checked each other out. She learned through her friends that the girls name was Brianna, and like herself, a former high school cheerleader with a tough attitude. It was a crisp late October morning when Brittney arrived at the coffee shop. She was dressed in a short skirt and tight cardigan sweater. It was nylon season around campus so most girls wearing skirts could also be seen wearing a variety of pantyhose and stockings. Brittney was wearing a dark pair of ultra smooth nylons with 3 inch heels that really intensified her long athletic legs. Brittney’s eyes locked onto the blonde girl’s several times as they sat across the coffee shop from one another. Each one would look up over their study books and catch the other girl glaring back. Each time their looks grew more intense and soon they were scowling at one another with hostel threat. This glare fight would frequently get interrupted as first one than the other would get distracted by the other customers in the crowded latte shop. It was apparent that the blonde girl was giving Brittney that “I’m better than you bitch” threat as she noticed the girl sitting up tall and thrusting her chest out to maximum volume. Brittney wasn’t about to be intimidated and found herself practicing perfect posture by expanding her own mass to the upper limits. Eventually Brianna had swung her dark nylon covered legs out from under the table and was now giving Brittney a perfect view of her long limbs. The redhead studied the smooth nylon legs of her new rival. A little fear struck a nerve as she took in a visual measurement. The girl had her ankles crossed and her long lethal looking legs locked straight out in front of herself. Brittney quickly brushed aside any doubt and swung her own legs into view, stretching them far out in front of herself. She even went as far as hiking her skirt up to make her nylon covered legs look longer and sexier. The two girls traded nasty looks for several minutes. Brittney suddenly noticed a faint hissing noise that was barely audible over the rustling crowd. She looked at Brianna’s legs and could see she was slowly rubbing them together. This was immediately taken by Brittney as a warning. The redhead wasn’t about to back down so she quickly answered the blonde’s catfight call with a nylon hiss of her own. Their rubbing intensified, the nylon hiss started to catch the attention of some of the other patrons, that’s when Brittney suddenly broke it off. She quickly stood up and approached the counter where the lattes were being served. As she ordered she could feel the presence of someone coming up behind her. Her heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. She fought the urge to turn around and slap the bitch across the face.

“How darn this bitch try to compete with me!” Brittney thought to herself.

She managed to keep her cool knowing this was not the place for such a confrontation. After all it might not even be the blonde standing behind her. Brittney was handed a fresh latte and as she turned to head back to her table she felt someone grab a hold of her arm. This caused her to freeze in her tracks and she suddenly felt the warm sweet breath of the blonde across the side of her face.

“Better watch out who you are trying to compete with.” Brianna stated with a whisper.

Brittney quickly jerked her arm away and stomped back over to her table. She sat down and looked back over to see Brianna glaring back at her. The two of them shared a long threatening look until it was interrupted by the girl at the counter. The blonde turned to take her coffee and then walked back to her own table. She sat the coffee down and gave Brittney a hateful look. The girl then walked off looking back over her shoulder as she headed into the ladies room. Brittney realized this could be the perfect opportunity to confront the blonde, and nothing got the redhead’s adrenalin pumping faster than that initial face-to-face confrontation. She stood up and headed straight for the ladies room. As Brittney entered the restroom the crotch of her pantyhose instantly became wet with anticipation. She spotted the Brianna standing at one of the sinks; she was freshening up her lipstick. Brittney’s eyes scan the room for any possible patrons that might be lurking about. She walked directly over to the sink next to Brianna and pulled out her own tube of lipstick.

“Ya know I think you’re the one that should be watching out who she’s trying to compete with Bitch!” Brittney threatened as she applied a fresh coat of crimson color to her lips.

“Wow Bitch! You better have something to back up that kind of talk!” The blonde shot back as she turned to face the redhead.

Brittney replaced the cap on her lipstick and turned to face the girl. Brianna was standing every bit as tall as the redhead. At 5ft 9 inches and in 3 inch heels this put her staring directly into Brittney’s eyes. Her posture elevated her to the utmost height obtainable while at the same time expanding her chest to maximum fullness. Brittney found herself taking in a deep breath that stretched the front of her cardigan sweater to the limits.

“I have plenty to back up my talk.” She stated as she stepped forward in her 3 inch heels and pressed her firm 36c cup breasts directly into the Brianna’s threatening pair.

“And if you’re not careful I’ll back you up right into the wall Bitch!” Brittney growled as she pressed forward causing the blonde girl to take step back.

However one step was all Brianna lost and she quickly came back to pushed forward with equal pressure. The two girl’s firm tits smashed together through their tight sweaters and they were snarling into each others faces as they pushed nose-to-nose. With their hands on their hips and their legs braced for action they increased the pressure.

“You don’t have what it takes to push me around little girl!” The blonde snarled as she plastered her forehead against Brittney’s and than snapped the redhead’s neck back with her own powerful neck muscles.

Brittney was caught by surprise and was push back by Brianna’s sudden strike. She tried desperately to push her neck up but found it locked back in a kinked position. She could feel the Brianna’s baby blues drilling hate into her own piercing green eyes and knew the blonde could sense her fear. Brianna was slowly pushing the redhead back and Brittney knew she had to think of something fast or she would be pinned against the wall. The redhead quickly threw her arms around the girl and drove her pubic bone in for a direct hit against Brianna’s. Brittney twisted around and used their momentum to reverse their positions, but the blonde wasn’t falling for that old trick. She threw her arms around Brittney and stopped the redhead dead in her tracks. This quick little maneuver at least allowed Brittney to break free from a kinked neck and she was now matching the strength of the blonde’s neck muscles, pressing back forehead-to-forehead.

“So this is how you like to fight Bitch………than try fighting your way out of this!” The blonde snarled and than pushed her body hard into the redhead’s while at the same time pulling her into a wrenching bear hug.

Brittney felt her tits flatten against her chest as the air rushed out of her lungs. She quickly retaliated and pulled the blonde’s body into her own as tight as she could. However the blonde girl once again seemed to beat her to the punch. The blonde’s fully expanded chest was crushing hers and the redhead could not get the needed air into her lungs to fight back. At this point Brittney wasn’t about to let this girl get the best of her again. She started to maneuver her legs into position, looking to lock legs with the blonde.

“I’d be careful if I were you…………you don’t want to lock nylons with me Bitch!” The blonde grunted out.

“What? Afraid of I might shred your pantyhose?” Brittney gasped barley able to get the words out from her crushed chest.

“I’ll be the one doing the shredding Bitch!” growled out the Brianna.

The two of them started battling for leg position. Slipping and sliding together as each one sought out the perfect leg lock. They were stumbling around the room in each others arms, grunting and groaning as a nylon hiss fill the room with the locking and unlocking of their pantyhose legs. The hems of their skirts were practically raised up to their waists as they jockeyed for position; allowing their inner thighs to mesh. This ultra smooth sensation caused the crotch of Brittney’s pantyhose to become soaking wet with her juices. Within minutes the two girls found their nylon legs hopelessly entwined in an unbreakable knot. Brittney’s was not gaining any ground as the blonde continued to crush her tits. It appeared Brianna wasn’t about to lose her advantage as her kept her chest fully expanded. Brittney decided to make a sacrifice so she loosened her arms and brought her hands down to the blonde’s ass. She dug her finger nail into Brianna’s firm flesh and slammed her crotch into the blondes. Both women let out a gasp and their heads jerked back from the ultra wet sensation they felt as their nylon covered cunts squished together. Brittney started grinding into the blonde with wild abandon. Her jaw shot out striking against the blonde’s, bringing the two of them chin-to-chin glaring down their noses at each other.

“Oh you fucking bitch……….you really like to fight dirty don’t you?” Brianna gasped.

Her tight clinch had loosened and her breathing became short and heavy.

“I’ll show you just how dirty I can get you cheap little slut!” The blonde growled out and she quickly grabbed a hold of Brittney’s firm ass.

She pulled in hard and matched the redhead’s tight cunt-to-cunt grind. Brittney couldn’t believe how wet the crotch of Brianna’s pantyhose felt, the wetness was causing her own juices to pour out.

“All right you fucking little slut……let’s fucking go all the way!!” She shouted and then flicked her wet tongue out, leaving a glossy trail of saliva across Brianna’s lips.

“You wanna tongue fight me Bitch?” Brianna growled out. “My tongue will twist you in knots Slut!!!”

She growled and her wet tongue shot out, slashing across Brittney’s lips. At this point the two girls held each other in check. Their heads tilting back caused their long hair to cascade down to their waists. Chin-to-chin they glared down their noses at each other with hostel intent. Finger nails digging into each other tight asses while their wet nylon cunt grind continued to soak the crotches of their pantyhose. Once again Brittney’s tongue slashed out across Brianna’s lips. Before her tongue could retreat the blonde girl retaliated and slashed a long lick across Brittney’s. The tongue fight was on!!! Flicking, Slashing, Twisting, Turning! Outside their mouths the two girls shiny red tongues corkscrewed together. They would occasionally lock and pry against one another and than flick past each other in a twisting knot. They were teetering on their 3inch heels, wound up as tight as two women could get. Nylon legs still entwined and quickly becoming numb from their tight tangle. As Brianna’s finger dug into Brittney’s tight ass, she found herself going over the edge. An orgasm came crashing down upon her, literally soaking the crotch of Brittney’s pantyhose. Just then the door to the ladies room swung open. The two girls pulled apart, gasping and off balance. Brittney had to hold onto the sink to keep from falling. Brianna had fallen against the wall and was panting heavily. As soon as Brittney was able to gain the strength she stumbled to the door.

Just as she exited the ladies room she heard Brianna shout out from behind her. “This ain’t over Bitch!”

As Brittney wobble out of the coffee shop she realized she must have lost track of time. She was late for her first class of the day and there was an examine that couldn’t be missed. She sprinted across campus and made it to class just in time. As she sat in her chair she realized that she desperately needed a change of pantyhose. She was literally soaked in the blonde’s juicy orgasm. She found it hard to concentrate on the test in front of her. The fight she had with the blonde kept playing over and over in her mind. She felt she had won that match by causing the blonde to trigger off an explosive orgasm, yet she couldn’t help but think that Brianna was one up on her because the redhead was now forced to sit with her cunt stirring in the blonde’s juices.

The thought of this wasn’t helping any either, only causing more wetness as her own fluids continued to leak out. At the end of class Brittney had time between classes to go back to her dorm room and change into fresh clothing. The rest of the day creped along with the blonde not far from Brittney’s mind. It was Friday night and Brittney had chosen to stay in and save the partying for the big Halloween party on Saturday night. She had gone out earlier in the week and found herself a trashy Little Red-Riding Hood costume, and it was trashy. Short white lacey little dress with an ultra tight red corset that was worn on the outside of the dress. It pushed her firm tits up to the limits and left an extra amount of cleavage showing that would be considered illegal by most.

The costumes came with a pair of smooth white nylon stockings that came up over her knees and had a red bow sown to the top of each stocking. She braided her hair into long ponytails and wore a pair of black high heel shoes, she looked hot. A few weeks ago an old friend of Brittney’s had talked her into going to a Halloween party at the biggest night club within a fifty mile radius. Heidi showed up at the redhead’s dorm room ready to party. The blonde was dress in a Saint Paulie girl costume that was just and trashy as Brittney’s. Her long hair was braided into two ponytails that hung down along the side of her face. White stockings, black heels and looking hot as ever. Brittney and Heidi went way back, but that was whole another story to be told.

Once the girls arrived at the night club they were amazed at how crowded the place was and how trashy the women were dressed. Inside they found a spot next to the bar and ordered their drinks while checking out the competition. It didn’t take long before Heidi left Brittney’s side, something the redhead feared would happen. And now she was going to be left alone, feeling awkward. She watched her friend walk over to a sexy looking brunette dressed in a sleazy little German Fro-line costume. Immediately the two of them went nose-to-nose and tit-to-tit and started glaring into each others faces.

Now Brittney knew for sure she was going to be left to fend for herself, but at least she was getting the opportunity to see the start of what could be a really good catfight. The brunette had her hair in braids just like the blonde and the two of them had interlaced their fingers as their arms hung down at their sides. They stood there for long minutes just glaring into each others eyes. Brittney knew that two girls were locked in a game of mercy, with their hands as well as with their eyes. Witnessing this battle of strength and wills had Brittney thinking about her fight with Brianna. No sooner did that thought cross her mind when she suddenly spotted a pony-tailed goldilocks walking out from behind the two battling girls. The redhead did a quick double take and realized it was the blonde from the coffee shop. The trashy little goldilocks costume was just as sleazy as the redhead’s, complete with a tight yellow corset and white nylon stockings.

The two girls immediately locked eyes and started to walk slowly and seductively towards one another. The serious look on their faces reflected the animosity they had for each other. They came together and pressed tit-to-tit. Hands sought one another out as their arms hung down at their sides. They quickly interlaced their fingers and pressed nose-to-nose. Pushing forward they brought the entire frontal section of their bodies together in a nice tight press as their hands gripped each other tight. They stared each other down for long minutes.

“Is the Little Red Pussy Riding Hood ready to get her ass kicked tonight?” Brianna snarled, finally breaking the silence.

“I believe it’s going to be Goldicunt that will be the one receiving an ass kicking tonight!” Brittney growled back.

They continued to glare at each other with hostel intent. Each one looking for strengths and weaknesses as their eyes spoke a thousand words to each other. Suddenly the band started up and loud music filled the night club as a large crowd started pouring out onto the dance floor.

Brianna leaned in and shouted in the redhead’s ear. “Would you like to continue this out on the dance floor Bitch?”

“If you’re not afraid of being out-danced by a better, sexier woman….. you cheap little Slut!” Brittney yelled out.

“We’ll just see if you can keep up with my moves, you fucking cunt!” Brianna shouted back.

The two girls hooked their arms around each others waist and made their way out to the dance floor. They faced off and started to shake their bodies to the beat of the music as each girl gave her best effort to out-dance the other. Back and forth the dance battle went on for nearly an hour. During this time the two of them only made occasional contact with one another, a few breast-to-breast grinds and a couple of pelvis-to-pelvis thrusts. By the time the band ended its first set the two girls were sweating pretty heavily. They bellied up to the bar and took down three of four straight shots all while keeping constant eye contact with one another.

“Think you can out party me…..Bitch!” Brianna shouted out.

“I’ll be partying long after you’ve pass out…….Slut!” Brittney shot back.

When Brianna took off for the ladies room, Brittney found herself right on the blonde’s heels. The restroom was packed with women. They practically had to fight their way in let alone find any available space next to a sink and mirror. There was a lot of female hostility brewing in the crowded room. Several pairs of girls were locked in confrontation with each other, standing tit-to-tit just daring one another to start something.

Brittney and Brianna found themselves packed in tight with the rest of the crowd in front of the mirrors. After getting in close enough to check themselves out they quickly realized little could be done to fix their sweaty appearance. Brittney than noticed her friend Heidi standing just a few feet away. It didn’t surprise her at all the she was still pressed up nice a tight against her Froline rival. The crowd started to get a little more crammed up and the redhead found herself being pushed tit first into Brianna. The two of them more than welcomed this chance to crush into each other. They were really starting to feel the affects of the alcohol as they locked eyes and started talking shit to one another.

“Just wait until we get back on the dance floor you Bitch……. I’m going to grind you into dust!” Brianna growled.

“We’ll see about that you fucking little slut….. you don’t have what it takes to grind with me!” Brittney shot back.

The two girls continued to talk trash and make threats until the band started back up and the crowd in the ladies room dwindled down. They gripped one another around the waist and walked hip-to-hip out of the restroom and out onto the dance floor. Immediately they slammed together and started dancing tit-to-tit. Unlike the bands first set, the second set had the dance floor packed and allot of dirty dancing going on. Brittney and Brianna were no exception. They were grinding together so hard it looked like they were trying grind right through each others costumes.

Brittney caught her friend Heidi out of the corner of her eye. She was locked up fighting with the Froline girl much tighter than her and Brianna. They were bear hugging the shit out of each other with their white nylon stocking legs locked together. The front of their short little costumes were pulled up in front and they were dancing cunt-to-cunt, stumbling around nose-to-nose while glaring hate into each others faces. And they weren’ the only other girl-girl couple having it out on the dance floor. There were two blondes dressed in identical Alice in Wonderland costumes that had also locked nylons. They were dancing cheek-to-cheek baring their teeth and snarling in each others faces. Two Moulin Rouge Brunettes dressed in nothing more than lingerie had the front straps of their garter belts hooked to the tops of each others nylon stockings, they were fighting it out mouth-to-mouth. Brittney decided it was time to escalate things. She pulled back and flashed the Blonde her red lacey panties by lifting up the front of her dress.

Brianna knew this was a challenge to go panty-to-panty with the Redhead. She quickly flashed Brittney back, giving the redhead a quick glimpse of her yellow lace panties. The two girls danced their way into each other and just as they came together they lifted the front of their costumes and pressed in panty-to-panty. They started dancing cunt-to-cunt. The puffy hem line of their costumes hid the panty war from the rest of the crowd although any onlooker would quickly realize their was something going on under those short little dresses. Their arms went around one another and squeezed each other in nice and tight. Nylon stocking legs entwined causing their dance to become backward and unsteady. They looked each other in the eye and immediately plunged into the deepest tongue kissing fight imaginable. Stumbled back and forth they were thrusting their pelvises together to the beat of the music. Each one making their greatest effort to completely overwhelm the other by crushing, grinding, and knotting themselves together.

It was Brittney this time that went off first, completely soaking their panty covered crotches in her juices. Although Brianna was only seconds behind as she too added to the wetness. This battle continued the entire second set of the band with each one trading one orgasm after another. Their panty covered pussies were soaking in each others juices, trickling down their thighs to the tops of their nylon stockings. Spit was dripping from their chins, neither girl willing to break away from the tongue twisting kiss fight. The band ended its set and the two girls finally broke away from their kiss. They stared into each others eyes, this time reflecting a little bit of respect they now had for one another. They walked arm in arm up to the bar and started downing straight shots one after another as they stood tit-to-tit with each other. Brittney was getting seriously agitated that she hadn’t wore this bitch out yet.

“Why the fuck don’t you just give it up Bitch!” The redhead shouted out.

“Listen you little slut……. I can keep this up all night. So you’re the one who better think twice about continuing!” Brianna growled back.

“We’ll see how long you can keep it up bitch!” Brittney replied and she jerked the blonde in the direction of the rest room.

This time the scene in the ladies room was allot more tense. The pushing and shoving was nearly out of control. Several fights had broken out. Hair was being pulled, legs were locking, and tits were being crushed together. Brittney and Brianna managed to push their way in and found themselves in a tight position. It reminded the redhead of being in a mosh pit at a rock concert. The two of them quickly realized it was going to impossible to get in front of a mirror so they decided to ride out the crowd standing tit-to-tit with each other. Brittney turned and spotted her friend Heidi standing right next to her. She was surprised that her friend had not yet worn out the Froline girl. In fact the two of them had pulled the braids out of their hair and were busy rebraiding their long hair together, actually weaving their hair into each other. They were talking shit about fighting each other face-to-face all night long. Brittney turned back to see Brianna looking at the two girls braiding their hair together. The blonde sense the Redhead looking at her and turned to locked eyes with Brittney.

“Maybe we should sow our hair together and fight each other face-to-face!” Brianna challenged.

Just then the crowd started getting rough. The two girls found themselves being force together as a whole new slue of women crammed into the room. Suddenly Brittney felt someone pulling on one of her long braids. She knew it wasn’t Brianna but couldn’t turn to see anyone. Tighter and tighter the crowd became. The girls were crammed in like sardines. Several pairs of nylon legs were brushing up against the Redheads and even started to lock up around hers. The two girls had no choice but to engage in the leg battle below. It was an unbelievable occurrence as an undetermined number of girls entwined in a giant tangle. Brittney found herself being pulled away from Brianna and was now smashed tit-to-tit with a not so friendly schoolgirl. The bitch had reached up behind her back and was pulling on the redhead’s braids.

Brittney retaliated by reaching behind the schoolgirl and started pulling on the little sluts ponytails. Their nylon stocking legs were locked up with each other as well a with several other of nylon legs. It didn’t take long before she was pried away from the schoolgirl and found herself in the center of a hair pulling, costume ripping frenzy. Her legs were completely immobile with several pairs of nylon legs tightly entwined around hers. She was dishing it out as best she could. Luckily the band started back up and a lot of the girls broke free from the packed room. As the crowd lessened the tightly entwined mob loosened up.

Many of the girls were having a tough time pulling their knotted legs apart, thrashing and fighting to get free. The bathroom floor was littered with shoes, ripped pieces of costumes, and all kinds of accessories. A large group remained to pick up the pieces. Each girl tries to locate her items. Many of the girls just picked a pair of shoes that fit in order to get out of the room. Several of them walking out with two different shoes on their feet. Brittney and Brianna came out of the tightly entwined mob with only minor rips and tears in their costumes. As they exited the restroom Brianna grabbed Brittney by the arm and pulled the Redhead into herself. They both hugged each other tight.

“I say we finish this in privacy!” Brianna stated.

“Are you sure you want to do that………..there won’t be anyone around to save your ass!” Brittney replied.

“You’re the one that going to need saving Bitch………..when I’m through with you you’re going to be begging me to stop!” Brianna shot back.

“All right Bitch…….let’s do it!” Brittney snarled.

The two girls agreed to settle this matter back in Brianna’s dorm room. They left the club and drove the short distance to Brianna’s dorm with Brittney following the blonde in her car. As soon as the two girls pulled into the parking lot they jumped out of their cars and slammed together clinching and clawing at one another. They were yanking each other back and forth, stumbling in the direction of the building. Snarling and growling they were making threats as to what they were going to do to each other. Once inside Brittney gave the blonde a chance to unlock her door and than pushed her inside the room. The redhead entered behind her and slammed the door shut. Brianna moved to the center of the room and stood in a challenging pose, hands on hips, tits thrusting out.

“All right bitch no more interruption…….we’re going to have it out until I have you begging for mercy!” Brianna shouted out.

“You’re the one that going to be begging for mercy as I completely overpower that weak little body of yours!” Brittney shot back.

“Than why don’t come over here and press what you’ve got up against what I’ve got Bitch!” Brianna challenged.

The Redhead walked over to Brianna, hands on her hips, tits thrusting out. She came right up and pressed her body into the blondes.

“Good thing for you we’re wearing these costumes……..otherwise you might not be able to handle my body grinding into yours!” stated the redhead.

“Well if you’re so good at grinding than you should be able to grind right through this costume…………..that’s if that little red riding hood costume your wearing doesn’t fall apart first.” The blonde sneered and started rubbing the front of her costume against Brittney’s.

“This little red riding hood costume will have no problem grinding right through your slutty little goldilocks costume!” The Redhead stated and started rubbing back against Brianna.

Their costumes had already taken some abuse from their tangle in the ladies room at the night club and now it looked like the two girls were eager to completely destroy them. Pushing as hard as they could they start grinding heavily into one another. Satin and lace material could be heard snagging across each other as the two girls glared into each others faces. This went on for several minutes. Their costumes slowly ripping each other apart.

Finally Brittney had had enough. She pulled back and started ripping and pulling at the front of Brianna’s costume. The Blonde retaliated and started pulling at Redhead’s costume. It was quite a battle but eventually the two fighters were left standing in nothing but their bras, panties, and nylon stockings. The two of them eyed each others firm fit bodies. Brittney wearing a match red bra and panty set while Brianna was left wearing a match yellow set. The two girls came together and wrapped their arms around each other. They held each other loosely and started rubbing the front of their bras together. Their locked eyes would occasionally glance down to look at the lacey grind which was slowly becoming more aggressive.

Stiff nipples could be seen poking out and brushing across one another. They pulled each other in tighter until they were pressing pubic bone to pubic bone. Nylon stocking legs started to entwine, twisting and rubbing together. Tighter and tighter they embraced each other. Pelvises gyrating into one another. Satin, lace, and nylon all grinding into their counterparts.

“I can feel your nipples trying to pick a fight with mine…….better watch out or my stiff nipples will tie your into knots!” Brianna threatened.

“If you’re so sure of yourself than let’s take off our bras and have it out nipple-to-nipple bitch!” Brittney growled back.

“All right you little slut…..get ready to have you nipples bent in half!” Brianna snarled.

With that the two girls reached for the backs of each others bra straps and unhooked the clasps. They pulled the upper part of their bodies away from each other and let the two bras fall off to the side. Keeping their legs entwined and their pelvises in tight contact they leaned back while holding on to each others’ forearms. They thoroughly examined and compared each other breasts. Their chests were thrusting out and their upper bodies were swaying back and forth as each girl tried to prove to the other that they were the one with the nicer set of tits. Each girl sported a firm pair of 36c’s that looked nearly identical in size and shape. Even their nipples were very close in appearance, dollar size pinkish red aureoles with at least ¾ of an inch long stubs.

“My tits look so much nicer then yours……firmer and stronger!” Brianna stated.

“Not even bitch……my tits are better than yours in every way!” Brittney replied.

“Than let’s just start off by seeing whose nipples are longer…… bring yours next to mine so we can compare!” Brianna challenged.

With that the two girls leaned in and slowly brought their nipples side-by-side. Their eyes were glued to their stiff stubs, carefully watching to see whose nipples touch the other girl’s aureoles first. Brittney wasn’t sure but she thought she felt the Blondes nipples touch her aureoles just before her nipples touched Brianna’s aureoles.

Brianna must have felt the same thing because she yelled out “See my nipples are longer bitch!”

“Line them up again bitch….. I think we touch at the same time!! Brittney yelled back.

They moved in again. This time the Redhead was sure that her nipples touched Brianna’s aureoles first. “See Bitch, I think you had it backwards last time!” She shouted out.

“Bullshit….lets do it again, but this time hold them in place!” Brianna commanded.

Again moving together, but this time much slower. Both girls were sure this time that their own nipples would be the first to touch but this time they touched each others aureoles at exactly the same time. They held them in place as the very tips of their nipples lightly grazed the aureoles of their opponent.

They looked each other in the eye. “This doesn’t mean shit bitch……let’s just see how yours hold up while prying against my stiff ones!” Brittney shouted out.

Turning ever so slightly their nipples started to bend against one another. Just before they flicked past each other they stopped and held them in equally bent positions. The girls were gritting their teeth, concentrating on gaining some kind of advantage. Just then Brianna’s nipples seemed to flex against Brittney’s and bent the Redhead’s over.

“See Bitch…..my nipples are stronger!” Brianna stated with confidence.

Brittney hissed through her teeth, struggled to regain her lost ground. Slowly but surely she started to make a come back, bringing her nipples back into equal balance and than proceeded to bend the Blonde’s stiff rods over.

“As you were saying bitch!” Brittney snarled.

The Blonde fought back long and hard and was eventually able to get her nipples back into a fighting position. The two girls growled and hissed and threw every bit of concentration and strength they had into the fight. Their nipples pried hard against one another with neither one gaining an advantage. For two full minute the girls remained stalemated. Suddenly both sets of fighting nipples flicked past each other.

“OK Bitch, you could tell I was winning……just admit it!” Brittney shouted out in frustration.

“Oh no you weren’t slut; my nipples were bending the shit out of your nipples!” Brianna shot back.

“I think it’s about time I push those weak little stubs of yours back into your tits!” Brittney threatened and lined her nipples up head to head with Brianna’s.

“Go ahead Bitch give it your best shot…….but I seriously doubt you’ll be able to push mine back while their inverting yours!” Brianna snarled back.

They slowly started pushing together, nipples equally resisting the pressure against one another until they disappeared into a mound of compressing flesh. The two girls pushed in tight against each other, eyes locked in a hated glare. Tit flesh mushrooming together.

“Can you feel that…….my nipples pushing yours back?” Brianna growled.

“Bullshit Bitch……my babies are the ones pushing yours back! Maybe you’d like to feel me drilling them into you! ” Brittney snarled and started grinding in a circular motion against the Blonde.

“All right Bitch…….think your drill bits are tougher then mine!” Brianna shouted out and started grinding back.

The two girls continued twisting their nipples into knots. Brittney felt like her nipples were on fire from the Blondes piercing resistance. All the pushing and pressing together started a new fight.

“Come on Bitch……..push in hard and let’s squeeze the shit out of each other! I going to flatten those soft bags of yours!” Brittney shouted out and she expanded her chest into the Blondes and pulled with all her might.

This time the redhead had beaten Brianna to the punch by crushing the air out of her lungs. The blonde used all her strength to crush her tits back into Brittney’s tits although the redhead seemed to have the advantage. She was unable to get the necessary air into her lungs. The Blonde quickly started gyrating her wet panty covered cunt into the Redhead’s.

“Oh…. so you think that’s going to get me to loosen up on crushing your tits with mine.” Brittney grunted out the words.

“What bitch….afraid to match me cunt-to-cunt?” Brianna gasped and panted, continuing to grind her panties into Brittney’s.

“All right than Bitch! How about we go all the way……….naked cunt to naked cunt?” Brittney challenged, grinding her panties back into the Blonde’s.

“I’m ready you little slut…..Lets Cunt Fight!!! Brianna shouted.

“You’re on Bitch!!” Brittney yelled out and released the tight squeeze she had on the Blonde.

She shoved the girl away from her and proceeded to remove her panties. Both girls kicked of their high heel shoes and were now standing in nothing but white nylon stockings. They came together tit-to-tit and reached up to pull each others long braided hair. They yanked hard and gave each other a head butt. They kept their foreheads pressing together as they stared into each others challenging eyes.

“Just to show you that I won’t be the one that runs away……..I will braid my hair into yours and fight you face-to-face!” Brianna stated with confidence.

“You don’t know what you’re about to getting yourself tied to…….do ya bitch!” Brittney growled and pulled on the Blonde’s braids.

“You’re the one that should be worried………because even when you surrender I’m going to keep grinding away at your helpless little body!” Brianna snarled and yanked back on the Redhead’s braids.

“All right than Bitch…..you’ve just commented your self to some serious torture!” Brittney huffed. The two girls pulled their braids loose and started weaving their hair together.

“Nice and tight bitch…….I don’t want you getting away so easily!” Brianna commanded.

They worked their blonde and red hair into a tight tangle. “Look at how much thicker and fuller my hair is than yours!” Brianna stated as she closely examined their twisted hair.

“Don’t make me laugh Bitch……your hair isn’t nearly as sexy as mine!” Brittney shot back.

Once they finished one side they started working on the other side. They pressed in nose-to-nose and chin-to-chin, making sure they were tied together tight enough to where they could not break contact with each other. Once they completed they stared down their noses at each other.

“You don’t know when to quit……….do you Bitch?” Brianna snarled, her lips brushing against the Redhead’s. She started entwining her legs with the Redhead’s and their arms now wrapping around each other.

“I’ll quit when I’ve proven to you that my tits are firmer and tougher than your tits, my legs stronger and sexier than your legs, and my cunt is superior to you cunt! Basically your about to find out that I’m the better built woman in ever aspect!”

Brittney growled into the Blonde’s mouth while slowly massaging every part of her body against Brianna. Their nylon stocking legs twisted and knotted together while nipples flicked and brushed past each other. Red and blonde pubic hair started to tangle and entwine.

“Ah….don’t make me laugh! You really think your the better built woman……this body of mine is the finest body you’ll ever be up against – it’s a fuck machine!” Brianna shot back and she started grinding her pubic bone into the Redhead.

“Than I guess there is only one way to settle this………….a Fuck-Fight!!” Brittney shouted out and matched the Blonde’s grind. The hiss of their nylon stockings and the grinding of their cunt hairs fill the room.

“That’s it bitch, start working those weak little cunt lips of yours into mine so I can crush them!” Brianna growled.

“Are you ready for the two of us two open up to each other so my cunt can swallow yours!” Brittney snarled as worked herself into the Blonde.

“It’s my cunt that’s going to be eating up your cunt……….It’s going to suck your cunt dry you fucking bitch!” Brianna shot back through her huffing and puffing.

The two girls worked their pussies tight together. Brittney felt her little love nub coming to life, swelling and pulsating as it dip into the wet folds of Brianna’s cunt. The Blonde was quick to notice.

“Oh ya bitch……bring that weak little clit of yours out so I can bend it back with mine!” Brianna shouted out.

“Your clit won’t stand a chance once I twist mine around yours and crush it Bitch!” Brittney shot back and started working her clit around Brianna’s.

“Oh ya you little slut……. let’s tie our clits in knots and you’ll find out what a real women’s’ clit feels like!” Brianna snarled into Brittney’s mouth.

The two girls were huffing and puffing into each other’s mouths as they wound their sensitive clits into one another. The battle field between their legs became juicy as each girl worked her cunt deeper into her rival. Their nylon stocking legs tightened and they started squeezing each other with more intensity.

“OK Bitch…..here’s your chance to brace yourself for a tit crushing like you’ve never had before.” Brianna stated and she started to expand her chest.

She loosened her arms slightly to give the Redhead a chance to prepare.

Brittney filled her lung and inflated her chest. “My tits are going to pop your weak little bags Bitch!” She gasped.

With that the two girls crushed each other in a tight embrace. Tits mushroomed and flattened each other out. Tighter and tighter they became, rocking back and forth. Brittney’s body started to shake and she found herself going over the edge.

“That’s it Bitch……..shoot your cum inside my cunt you filthy little slut!” Brianna growled as she felt the hot liquid from Brittney’s snatch squirting into her hungry cunt.

Brittney managed to keep her muscles tight, not letting the Blonde gain any advantage. Feeling the Redhead’s juice deep inside her pussy caused Brianna’s cunt to start pulsating and she soon found herself erupting. The juices started pumping back into Brittney’s hot pussy.

“Ya Bitch……shoot in right back into my cunt!” Brittney huffed and panted into the Blonde’s mouth.

The cunt fight was now soaking in their mixed juices.

“This is what you like……you get off on trading cunt juice with me, don’t ya?” Brittney snarled as she felt Brianna’s cum spraying into her pussy.

“I’ve got plenty of juice to trade……more than that pathetic little pussy of yours has!” Brianna claimed.

“Well maybe you’d like to trade some spit too bitch!” Brittney snarled and she flicked her wet tongue across the Blonde’s lips.

“I’ll show you what swapping spit is all about Bitch!” Brianna huffed and flicked her spit coated tongue out across Brittney’s lips.

The Redhead quickly intercepted it and the two girls started corkscrewing their wet tongues together. The two girls mouths started to devour each other, much like their cunts were doing to each other. They continued to crush and squeeze each other as tight as they could. Legs muscles flexing against one another as each girl looked for leverage. Their torsos were rocking back and forth, thrusting tit-to-tit than cunt-to-cunt. Their bodies looked like they were pumping juices back and forth as spit dripped from their chins and pussy cum oozed out from between their legs. This went on for several minutes. They started stumbling around in each others arms until they fell over onto the bed and than onto the floor. Rolling back and forth unlocking and locking their legs they finally came to a stop with Brianna pinned up against the wall. They laid there for an undetermined amount of time. Fucking and sucking each other into oblivion. Finally Brianna started to fight to free herself from the Redhead’s assault. She was moaning and struggling but Brittney wasn’t about to let the girl off that easily. She continued to screw her cunt into the Blonde’s with utter aggression, choking her with a mouthful of tongue and spit. After the Redhead was sure she made her point she pulled her mouth away, at least as far as their braided hair would let her. She laid their catching her breath as the Blonde coughed and choked. Not an easy task but Brittney managed to unweave their hair. As she pulled herself off Brianna a few strings of salvia bridged their lips while several cum strings linked their pussies. Brittney gathered what was left of her clothing and left the Blonde laid out on the floor.

The End.

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