Hostel Sluts 3 by JustLooking9000

Fatima Diallo vs. Choi Eunseo

Two months ago. That was the first time travelling friends Fatima Diallo and Choi Eunseo laid eyes on the young Jared Smith walking into the lobby and heading to his room, alone, with no female companion by his side. The sight of the single man lounging around the area attracted the attention of the cock-hungry ladies of the hostel, all eager to know more about the handsome new guest. 

Guinean Fatima spent no time in making an acquaintance with the handsome American boy. Sluttily dressed, the dark-skinned siren found it easy to vibe with American stud and before the night was over the couple were getting to know each other under the sheets, where Jared used his manly hands to roam Fatima’s beguiling hazelnut skin and her pleasing black orbs. His tongue kissed the area around her wet pussy, making the West African sex kitten purr with delight, and soon Fatima felt his raw dark cock pulsating inside her. The night was long, and Fatima left a satisfied, if sore, woman the next day.

Korean Eunseo was not far behind, using Jared’s interest in Korean culture to insinuate herself into his room for a one-on-one language exchange session, which quickly became an intimate exchange of tongues. Soon they were ripping each other clothes, and the Jared could see the East Asian goddess in all her pale glory. He didn’t rush, losing himself in her exotic eyes as he explored her slim frame and her sizeable D cups. Jared loved “wrestling” with the nubile vixen, finally pulling her medium length black hair and pinning her before ploughing into the moaning Eunseo. 

The fact that they were both sleeping with the American man didn’t initially affect the friendship between Fatima and Eunseo. They still hung out and shared gossip even as they knew the other was riding the new cock in the hostel. There was little point in jealousy, for they knew they weren’t the only women frequenting his bedroom. Paradoxically, the more girls Jared slept with, the less possessive the all the girls involved were; for in their minds they could treat the blonde heartthrob like the fun new toy in town, the cock everyone got to ride before the novelty gradually wore off. 

Eventually the restless playboy became comfortable in his new surroundings; the novelty of raw-dogging girls nonstop for days gradually gave way to other concerns, leading to the slow culling of the informal harem. Some girls left the hostel for fresh adventures, others because they had satisfied their itch for the young stud and others because the man himself had lost interest in them. 

The dynamic changed when Jared expressed an interest in taking one girl for further travels. Now with a prize on the line, the tension among the remaining girls increased. The more girls he discarded, the more skittish the remaining ones became. Eunseo and Fatima became ever more distant as Jared dumped more and more girls like a TV reality show star. The good-looking friends who before had so easily swapped stories of their sexual exploits now saw each other with wariness in their eyes, if not outright hostility. 

The unspoken competition became cattier. There were bouts of shouting and shoving at this stage, but the peace held between the former friends. But as four girls became three and three became just Fatima and Eunseo, the chance of scoring the American boy as her exclusive property proved the last straw for their casual friendship. Any semblance of amity fell by the wayside, now replaced by a jealous hostility, an all-consuming need to tie down the young man to the detriment of her now rival in love.

Suddenly the handsome American boy was not some fun communal dick, but HER cock. The sexual warfare was fierce, each Asian and African succubusses desperately trying to one-up her former friend in his bed. Knowing each other to be the only obstacle to an exclusive arrangement with the young man, the nubile temptresses got to the point where they could barely talk without lobbing insults at the other woman, culminating in a screaming match at a local bar, where the antagonistic eye-candies promised to leave her sexual competitor bald unless the other woman didn’t stop seeing “her man.”

It’s been a week since that incident, and today the pretty Korean stunner found herself laying on top of the topless Jared, who in turn was laying on a sofa at the terrace of the hostel. Sporting a tiny bikini covered by a small towel wrapped around her waist, the East Asian girl sneaked her hand into his swimming trunks, wrapping her petite hands around his hardened manhood. She watched as Jared arched his back and purred with contentment. The oriental beauty watched the man with satisfaction, revelling in the power her body had to please his manly desires. 

-“Not fair…”-pouted the Asian cutie as Jared man returned the favour, his fingers bypassing her thong and methodically rubbing her moistening pussy. They had been carnally teasing each other for some time, and now Eunseo was eager to feel his raw cock inside her.

-“It must be nice to feel a real pair of tits for a change isn’t it?”-quipped the seductive Korean minx, emphasizing the point by rubbing her bikini-clad nipples on his bare chest. She loved reminding him how much bigger her tits were from the flat dark-skinned skank.

-“I admit I’m fond of tits”-said Jared sheepishly, declining to elaborate. He had learned by now that his lovers would latch onto his every innocent remark and lob them as weapons at the other woman.

Eunseo was about to insist when she heard an incoming message. The sultry Korean goddess skipped a beat the moment she unlocked her phone: It was a message from her friend Katerina warning her that Fatima was on her way upstairs looking to “settle things woman to woman”. Eunseo frowned, knowing there was no way she wouldn’t at least get into a screaming match with her former friend…and probably worse.

Eunseo wondered briefly how the dusky whore knew where to find her, but she knew the answer right away. She eyed sideways, giving a dirty look at American vixen Madi Cox.

Clad in shorts and skimpy white top, the blonde wench had been sitting there for some time in deep conversation with Euji Oue. The very same Euji Oue who happened to be Katerina’s boyfriend. Eunseo had been eyeing the Floridab girl as she impudently into leaned Euji, grinding her tits against his arm, her wooing voice trying to tempt him away from his Slovakian lover. There were no doubts about the American skank’s intentions, but Eunseo had refrained from telling her friend about this little rendezvous between her boyfriend and the brazen interloper. That was at Katerina’s own request. 

Katerina and Euji were due to leave in a week, and the recently minted fuckbuddy hoped to get rid of the wanna-be usurper by running the clock until they left. It was a tactic designed to relegate the Caucasian man stealer as a mere fling. Acknowledging the blonde slut as a sexual threat might elevate her as an alternative lover in Euji’s eyes and eventually force Katerina into a catfight to keep her man. Knowing Katerina, Eunseo had no doubts of she would fight tooth and nail to keep Euji’s affections, but so long Euji didn’t consider the possibility of replacing Katerina for Madi as a travelling partner, there was little need to get into a messy catfight that would be of little benefit to Katerina.

That was a reasonable plan, but Katerina had told Eunseo, she feared her jealousy might push her to confront the blonde slut, and needlessly gamble Euji’s cock in an ill-advised winner-takes-all catfight. Katerina would know, having become Euji’s current bedmate by provoking his former bedmate into such a catfight (See Hotel sluts 2). Winning allowed her to replace the haughty college girl in what remained of Euji’s trip. By Katerina’s estimation, had Euji’s her predecessor kept her cool, it’d have been hard for Katerina to end up as his new travel partner.  So Katerina had asked Eunseo to never inform her of Madi’s attempts to seduce her man. 

-“Katerina, trust me. Don’t come”-wrote Eunseo hastily on her phone. Eunseo knew Katerina must be making her way upstairs, and once here, Madi would no doubt look for ways to provoke her into acknowledging her as a sexual threat. Yet saying Madi was here might make the jealous Katerina come anyways. This message was the best Eunseo felt she could do under the circumstances, but she feared her friend and the blonde harlot were on a collision course other way or the other.

-“Every ok?”-asked the Jared, sensing his companion’s demeanour change as she typed something on her phone.

-“Yeah, nothing to worry about”-smiled the Korean succubus as she got on her feet. She ignored Jared follow up question, knowing he wouldn’t understand what she was about to do for HIM. He might even foolishly try to stop what was about to go down, but he would just delay the inevitable. Eunseo approached the entrance from an angle where she wouldn’t be easily seen from, giving Madi an knowing smirk when she noticed the blonde bitch glaring at her.

Then it happened…with a loud bang dark-skinned Fatima barged into the terrace, sporting a pink bikini barely covered by a piece of cloth. The hazelnut beauty was puzzled to see Jared alone until she felt herself tackled from the side into the sunny part of the terrace, the momentum slamming her against the wall, knocking the air out of the pretty ebony siren.

-“Looking for me you geol-le-gat-eun-nyeon(whore)?”-screeched Eunseo, landing a few slaps on the surprised Fatima-“Here I am”

-“I told you…to stay away…from him!”- grunted the black-haired hellcat, raising her arms and pulling Eunseo’s medium-length mane. 

-“And I told you I don’t give a fuck!”-replied the sexy Asian girl, going straight for her attacker’s wavy locks with a two-handed hair pull and tugged. Soon the bikini-clad girls were dancing around the terrace like drunken sailors, savagely yanking chunks of black hair. Their loose fabrics soon gave way, revealing their bikini-clad physiques in all their glory.

-“I’m gonna fuck him…today… tomorrow…and the day after tomorrow…do you hear me…black bitch?”-grunted Eunseo as she ripped another bunch of disgusting hair.

-“You got it wrong…after I mop the floor with…you…I’ll show him how a…true woman fucks her man!”-grunted Fatima, her perspiring physique starting to glisten under the sweltering sun. 

-“With you non-existent tits?-taunted Eunseo, knowing Fatima had always been envious of her bigger set-“Don’t make me laugh. You can hardly be called a woman!”

-“Fuck you slant eyed whore!”-grunted the caramel tigress as she dug her nails Eunseo’s sizeable left orb and pulled the dangling tit-“At least mine are real!”

Eunseo screeched, feeling her boob explode in agony. The Korean sex kitten clenched her teeth before going for Fatima’s smaller pair-“They’re real you bitch”

The girls’ hands easily bypassed the puny tops with ease, their nails probing and finding the other’s hardened nipples before they pinched and pulled the other’s pointy ends almost at the same time. Fatima winced in pain, feeling her nipples on fire as she vaguely heard Jared’s pleas for peace. A well-meaning request, but one that was a little too late for the situation at hand. It was her or the Korean prostitute!

Still on their feet, the sight of dark and pale vixens clashing against each other was feast for Jared’s eyes, making him forget any thought of separating the battling beauties. The warring harpies gasped and moaned, trying to endure the pain as they scratched, mauled and pinched the other’s mammaries with wanton cruelty. It was soon clear that Eunseo’s bigger put her at a disadvantage in straight tit for tat tit scratch fest with the ebony bimbo.

Rather than continue a war of attrition she’d eventually lose, the Korean succubus turned her head around, her shorter height allowing her easy access Fatima’s neck and bit her sexual rival. Soon the dark- skinned tramp was screaming bloody murder, ramping up the tit scratching to get the Asian piranha off her neck only for Eunseo to hold for dear life like a rabid bulldog.

It was an early contest of wills for the jealous girls, neither wanting give way or let go the mutually devastating hold. Clenching her teeth, the feisty Fatima closed her hand into a fist and punched the slant-eyed wench’s dangling tits as if they were one of these small boxing bags used for training. Eunseo moaned in agony, her womanly physique rocked by Fatima’s pounding, feeling her statuesque figure being jolted slightly off the ground each time she felt the dreadful backfists flattening her marvellous orbs. 

And yet the petite Korean tigress wasn’t just standing still but fighting back, her nails blindly continuing their grim work on her tormentor’s smaller bosom even as her teeth held onto Fatima’s neck. The girls wobbled precariously, vaguely aware of the encouraging cheers from their respective friends as they tried to hang on for dear life. It was only when the African shrew threatened to sink her thumbs into Eunseo’s face that the rabid East Asian bitch let go, snapping off Fatima’s pink bikini with her hands.

-“Fuck…”-moaned the oriental minx, her own half torn top hanging precariously on her skin. She massaged her much-abused melons as she backed against the wall for support. Eunseo panted, raising her head to look for the black slut only to realise too late Fatima was almost on top of her. Before the Asian beauty could react, Fatima buried her knee-deep into Eunseo, knocking the air out of the young Korean vixen, and a second attack had the haughty Eunseo on her knees.

-“You FUCKING WHORE!”-cried out a seething hazelnut siren, keen to return each and every one of the “niceties” she had received at Eunseo’s hands. Grabbing the insolent pale skank by the hair, the unforgiving Guinean hellcat slammed her knee on Eunseo’s face, then dropped the slant-eyed airhead on the floor like trash.

-“Come on you slut”-said the malicious Fatima, stomping Eunseo’s belly-“Fight me! Weren’t you saying you were gonna leave me bald?”

The harassed Eunseo whimpered as she received another punishing kick, while in the background she could hear her friend Katerina screaming for her to get up and fight for Jared’s cock!

Eunseo spotted another kick coming at her from the corner of her eye, but the Korean nymph didn’t recoil or back away. Instead, she lunged into the incoming leg, wrapping her arms around Fatima’s dark limb and sank her teeth into her shapely thigh.

-“Let go you cheap whore”-Fatima shrieked, tugging the Korean pitbull’s disheveled hair. Eunseo humoured her for a second but then dived headlong into Fatima’s inner thigh and bit around the crotch area, uncomfortably close to Fatima’s womanly bits before uppercutting the dark-skinned minx’s crotch with a backfist.

The Guinean hellcat howled, feeling her cunt explode in agony before her knees collapsed and she tumbled like a house of cards, pulling the biting East Asian tormentor with her.

Eunseo rolled sideways, heaving heavily as she tried to catch a break from the incessant fighting, her blank stare resting on the whimpering black skank massaging her hurt womanhood. Being aware she couldn’t linger much longer, Eunseo quickly pounced on her harassed love rival, overwhelming Fatima’s feeble attempt to defend herself and pinned her vulnerable prey down between her pale legs before rushing her with a torrent of slaps.

Fatima saw cobwebs as her head violently turned from one side to the other under the onslaught of slaps. She bucked like a wild bronco trying to get the Asian wench off her, briefly tossing her oriental attacker a few centimetres up in the air. The frantic African sex kitten then freed her arms from the constraining pin and put them up, grabbing Eunseo’s wrists and stopping the unrelenting assault on her cheeks.

-“Let me go…you slant-eyed whore”-grunted the haggard Fatima as she tried to prevent Eunseo from overwhelming her in this test of strength.

-“Say you give him up…and then we talk”-growled Eunseo, flapping her arms as she tried to free herself from Fatima’s grip.

-“Fuck you skank!”-cried out Fatima, bucking one more time and using their mutual hold to turn the Korean cow with her, reversing the pin-“You give him up!”

-“Fuck you nyeon(wench)”-barked Eunseo as she twisted her delectable physique over to reverse the pin. Fatima released her grip, letting the Korean wildcat fall on her as they turned, then wrapped her arms around the incoming Asian scratcher as they trashed on the floor in a furious catball.

Men would have tried to get on their feet and punch it out, but the members of the “weaker sex” had long known they lacked the raw power to do that. Instead, women fought with nails and teeth, using them to fight dirty and savagely, with a destructive zeal rarely seen in conflicts between men.

As Fatima and Eunseo rolled on the floor, they obeyed a primitive desire to make their love rival unappealing in Jared’s eyes. The mauling was relentless as it was cruel, their cave woman instincts calling for the desolation of the other’s sexual charms. The sweltering summer heat conspired to render to their appealing frames slippery, their bodies glued to each other like a yin-yang symbol as they battled on. Eunseo shivered, feeling Fatima raking her long nails on her now ravished pale skin. Yet even as she responded in kind, the Korean goddess sensed an ulterior motive behind Fatima’s attack.

-“No”-whispered the East Asian siren, intuitively closing her legs to prevent Fatima’s lethal nails from ravaging her cunt-“Only Jared’s cock belongs there”

-“How about this?”-whispered the dark-skinned harpy maliciously, her hands latching onto a consolation prize, pulling up the flimsy bikini Eunseo was wearing. The Korean beauty howled, feeling her loins on fire as the obscene garment was pulled all the way into her ass crack.

Eunseo wheezed as she felt Fatima’s grip relax for a microsecond before her ebony nemesis pulled the delicate fabric again, jolting the Korean goddess to the core once again.

-“Let go my thong you black skank”-jeered the sobbing Korean coquette. The beleaguered oriental vixen gritted her teeth, trying to withstand a third pull as she sank her sharp nails into Fatima’s face, extracting a heavy payback on her attacker’s already battered looks. And even as she ruthlessly laid waste on Fatima’s beauty, an increasingly spent Eunseo wondered how long she could keep fighting her antagonist at this level of intensity.

-“Give him up you cheap slut”-insisted the stubborn dark sucubbus trying to sound like a relentless lioness, but her voice carrying a tinge of desperation. The nonstop fighting had taken a heavy toll on her and she wasn’t sure if she could keep going like this. But giving up Jared’s cock was out of the question. 

No quarter was given nor asked for in this dirty catfight, the girls becoming ever more feverish in their endless cycle of attack and retaliation. The spent girls endured, aware Jared was standing a few meters apart watching them tear each other apart like cats in heat for his cock. Neither would give way, not now that each was so close to becoming his exclusive travel partner. 

Fatima gnashed her teeth, her once smooth skin marred by Eunseo eager mauling. Having pulled shorter woman’s thong a sixth time already, the West African nymph relaxed her grip, sneaking her hands downwards and tantalizingly close to her enemy’s moist cunt. So close she could feel the humidity on her hands. There was little thinking on Fatima’s part as she curved her finger… 

A pitiful high pitched reverberated throughout the terrace, but it came from Fatima’s lips instead of Eunseo’s. Coming so close to assaulting Eunseo’s womanhood , Fatima was taken unprepared by a swift, powerful knee that crushed her vaginal lips, sending a shock wave of hurt into the ebony girl’s body. Fatima’s mind went blank as she let go Eunseo’s half ripped bikini bottom.

Eunseo rolled away from the hurting black bitch, gasping for air as her ravished body ached from the unrelenting catfight. Yet the jealous Korean siren didn’t rest; she couldn’t rest, lest she let the hazelhut slut recover. The spent Eunseo picked up what remained of Fatima’s discarded top off the ground and then wrapped the miniscule piece of clothing like a noose around the trashing wench’s neck. She could hear former friend gasp for air as she maliciously tightened her grip, cutting Fatima’s air supply. 

-“Come on bitch”-taunted Eunseo as she forced the harassed Fatima on her knees-“Give up so I can go fuck my man”

-“Let me go…slant eyed whore”-gagged the African goddess, feeling Eunseo’s unwelcome nipples poking her back as she frantically tried to breathe.

-“Come again you stupid cow?”-insisted Eunseo, tightening the noose around Fatima’s neck. She drew the ebony minx back with an abrupt pull, then leaned on Fatima’s ear. She couldn’t resist the temptation to mock her vulnerable nemesis-“He’s mine, and you’re past…ARRGH”

Before Eunseo could react, the desperate Guinean shrew turned her head, her godly lips touching Eunseo’s taunting mouth and then bit her tormentor’s lips. The Korean harpy yelped, her hands covering her face as she let Fatima go.

Fatima gagged, massaging her neck and getting some of her breath back. Intoxicated with fury, the chocolate vixen pulled the top turned noose off her neck and then charged like a bull at the wobbling Korean skank, sending them straight into the rattan sofa where Katerina and Madi were hashing out their differences over Euji.

Fatima raised her head slightly, driving her mouth straight into Eunseo’s bosom and sinking her pearly white teeth into Eunseo’s abundant titflesh. The Korean vixen screamed like a banshee, desperately trying to maul her way out of her predicament. Even now the outcome was no clear, as cruel nails did their dirty work and Eunseo crushed Fatima’s slim waist between her pale legs.

For five long minutes the black and Asian girls trashed about the sofa, still fighting, still unwilling to give Jared’s affections. They slapped, bit, scratched and punched wild equal savagery while Katerina and Madi pleaded and shouted with them to keep on fighting, to vanquish her sexual rival once and for all. 

-“No more”-whimpered the broken Eunseo, no longer able to withstand the black vixen’s fury, her desperate hits now no more than weak slaps on Fatima’s back. But a mere whisper wasn’t enough for the unrelenting ebony harpy. Not after all her former friend had made her go through, for all the transgressions on her perfect dark body. Fatima paid no heed, continuing her cruel assault until the beaten Eunseo screamed: “I give I give, stop! Jared is yours”

There was no mistaking it. Everyone had heard, especially the guy they had been fighting over. A worn-out Fatima looked around, seeing to her satisfaction Jared standing close by with his friend Euji, looking at her with a mix of undisguised lust and admiration. 

-“Say it again!”-barked the African succubus, pulling Eunseo off the sofa by jerking her dishevelled hair. The crying Asian skank was reluctant to vocalise what everyone knew, but a few slaps ensured Eunseo’s compliance.

-“Jared’s yours”-admitted the beaten Oriental temptress bitterly as Fatima forced her to look at a horny Jared. This was admission no woman ever wanted to make.

-“Who’s the better woman? Who’s the better lover?”-continued the haughty victress-“Say it!”

-“You’re. You’re the better lover…you’re the better woman”-conceded the sobbing Eunseo finally-“please stop”

The beaten Asian woman whimpered as Fatima kicked her a few more times before dumping her like a used up condom. Fatima heaved, feeling a rush of excitement as her once friend finally admitted her loss. She had hoped she would never have to resort to cat fighting her erstwhile friend. But now, basking on the glow of victory and the adulation of the man she had coveted for so long, Fatima couldn’t help but to feel it had all been worth it.


Fatima would have loved to keep humiliating the beaten Korean skank, yet a horny Jared asked her to stop. Fatima complied, initially not sure if he still felt some residual affection for Eunseo or because he was eager to be claimed by the victress. His lust-filled gaze dispelled her doubts. It was clear the catfight had decidedly made her the clear favourite in his heart. 

If anything, it seemed Jared no longer harboured any feelings for the beaten woman who had for so long graced his bed before gambling his cock away in an all- out catfight over him. The aftermath of a catfight over a guy usually produces such startling results.

Madi, Fatima, Jared and Euji left to celebrate, the now defeated Eunseo being left behind like a piece of trash, with only Katerina to care for the now discarded Asian lover.

The foursome went to Jared’s room where the four talked about the vicious catfight they had just witnessed, Katerina’s jealousy, the merits of American women over girls from other countries, the dramatic turning points of the fight and their plans for the future.

The Guinean victress made a point of inviting Euji and Madi to their upcoming travels as her hands roamed Jared’s toned physique. Fatima knew what she was doing. By now it was a foregone conclusion that Madi and Euji would fuck, but by inviting him she wanted to place the seeds for Madi to eventually displace Katerina as his bedmate. The blonde seductress exchanged a knowing glance with her dark-skinned friend as both men were oozing with carnal desire.

Soon the desultory conversation was over.  Jared had been “hinting” for a while that he wanted some private time, while Euji was equally keen to have some time alone with Madi. Before Fatima crossed the door leading to her bedroom, she saw with satisfaction that Madi and Euji were unreservedly tonguing each other.

Now in the semi-privacy of the bedroom, the ebony goddess soldiered on, ignoring her sore body as she kissed, sucked and rode her hard-won conquest into a climax. For all her enthusiasm, it was Jared who did most of the work, thrusting his pulsating cock into his sore pussy like never before. 

Victory sure tasted sweet.

The End.

Madi Cox vs. Katerina Polievka

The attractive Katerina Polievka woke up to an empty bed. Groggily rolling about the comfy king bed, the Slovakian siren hugged the blanket, smelling the faint scent of her travelling companion Euji Oue. The young Slavic lady raised herself up, suddenly yearning for his sculpted physique. It mattered little he had just pumped his cum straight into her pussy four hours ago.

Her blossoming relationship with the handsome Japanese stallion was fresh and exhilarating, the result of a vicious catfight in the privacy of a tiny hostel room where she and Euji’s original travelling companion came to blows until the cock hungry Katerina imposed her will on her haughty sexual competitor (Hotel Sluts 2). Though she’d never admit it to Euji, the college girl had done a nasty number on her, needing a few days of painkillers for the pain to go away. Not that the soreness had impeded her from fucking her new conquest as soon as Euji’s former fuckbuddy laid beaten on the floor.

Katerina scanned the room looking for the handsome Japanese boy but found him missing. His absence worried her, for she might find him socializing with a potential sexual competitor in her absence. In this world that had a 5 to 1 ratio of women to men, charming men had no small amount of young and pretty female “friends” who circled around him…all waiting for the current girlfriend to slip up, for a weakness in the relationship, for a hint of dissatisfaction with her sexual performance to pounce and knock her out of her place. As someone who had just claimed his cock a mere two weeks ago, her position was more precarious still.

The balance between counterproductive vigilance and reckless aloofness was a difficult one. Hovering over his every move risked making the guy feel trapped and prompt him to break the relationship.  On the other hand, failing to display the proper amount of jealousy and competitiveness might make potential romantic competitors bolder in their approach, often in a blatant way. 

The trick was to make him feel that he COULD if he WANTED, see other women or break the relationship, but he WOULDN’T because his lover was providing for his sexual needs. However, that also meant the exotic Slovakian traveller had to constantly prove herself in his bed, or risk being replaced for someone who promised to please him better.

One thing was to subtly encourage the loyalty of your man, the other was to prevent the little skanks circling him like vultures from thinking they could just step all over her on their way to Euji’s cock. To that effect, the feisty Slav goddess had used her first night at their new lodgings to accompany Euji in a night out with the rest of the guests. It was a mix of a few men with their current bedmates and a throng of single women donning their skimpiest bikinis and dresses, all curious about their chances with the new guy in the hostel. 

Katerina threw the gauntlet early, casually letting it be known how she and her new man had gotten together, recounting in detail how she had scratched, kicked, hit, slapped Euji’s former beau, leaving the Asian whore senseless in the room she used to sleep with Euji. The men in the audience were thrilled to hear the lurid details, but the young single beauties in the crowd shifted uncomfortably on their seats. They knew this was Katerina’s way of warning them against trying to poach Euji from her.

Back to the present, the East European beauty looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction, having attired herself with a lacy white two piece getup that showed off her long legs, her tanned skin and flat midriff. The exotic goddess was proud of her fit physique and she never missed an opportunity to show it off. This was the body that had made Euji stray and then fought off his former lover back at the other hostel. 

Katerina got out of the room, planning to look for her man, make him horny again and then bring him back to the room for another fuck session. Or even better, they might sneak into the terrace and have him raw fuck her as they enjoyed the beach view. The Slovakian temptress started to feel moist just imagining the possibilities…

Katerina suddenly stopped, locking eyes with an incoming black woman clad in a semi-transparent piece of cloth that barely concealed the pink bikini underneath.  The woman made her way into the lobby in an annoyed mood… Fatima Diallo. The ebony bitch and Korean Eunseo Choi disputed the affections of a young American gentleman who had been living in the hostel since before Katerina and Euji had arrived. 

Katerina had taken Eunseo’s side in this affair, mostly because Fatima was close friends with a blonde whore called Madi Cox who was being a little too friendly to Euji lately . The last time Eunseo and Fatima were at the same place they had a nasty public argument littered with threats of a terrible beat-down if the other woman didn’t desist in her romantic pretensions. Katerina swore that had the bouncers not being present, the African and Asian vixens would have started a dirty back alley catfight on the spot. 

-“Where is that whore friend of yours?”-demanded Fatima haughtily as she got close to Katerina-“I told her to back off Jared or I’d rip her fake tits off” 

-“Eunseo will do whatever the fuck she wants, and if she wants to fuck Jared’s cock dry that’s none of your business”-said Katerina acidly. The African’s tone of voice had put her on edge. The black wench’s body language told her that whatever she was looking Eunseo for, it wasn’t going to be a simple talk. She quickly grabbed her phone to warn Eunseo of the dark storm coming her way.

Despite the ease by which each girl could have found for the other girl, Katerina wasn’t surprised when nothing happened right after their shouting match at the bar. Many girls make these gung-ho statements about fighting the other woman in the heat of the moment, only to avoid being in a situation where they would have to carry their threats. After the argument at the bar, the Asian seductress had told Katerina that she hoped Fatima give up without a fight, but if the dark-skinned slut came looking for trouble, Eunseo was more than ready to “claw it out”. By the way Fatima was talking now, it seemed something had riled the dark vixen enough to finally seek a showdown with her sexual rival.

-“Are you texting that slant eyed skank so she can run away like a whipped bitch?”-sneered Fatima-“It seems she’s not so brave when she knows there won’t be anyone to stop me from tearing her hair off” 

-“On the contrary”-replied Katerina annoyed as she put the phone down. This wasn’t her fight but the hazelnut minx was getting to her nerves-“ She told me she thought you had chickened out”

Trouble was certainly on the cards, and whoever happened to around would be regaled with the sight of an honest to god catfight over a guy. Katerina couldn’t help but to feel thrilled at the prospect of seeing her friend and the black skank rolling on the floor like cats in heat. She was particularly hoping to see her Asian friend mop the floor with the haughty Fatima.

-“Chicken out?”-interjected the outraged chocolate goddess, making her way upstairs-“Let’s see what she thinks after I rip her knock-off tits off”

-“That’s so brave of you, talking bullshit when she’s not around. Care to say that to Eunseo’s face? ”-retorted Katerina, tailing Fatima.

-“Funny you say that”-replied Fatima as she continued her ascent towards the terrace-“I’m about to tell that slut you call friend what I think of her sleeping with my man.”

-“Funny YOU said that”-countered Katerina, now sure Fatima knew where Eunseo was-“Eunseo was telling me she’d *love* to have a girl on girl chat with you”

-“Maybe you should worry more about keeping boyfriend happy than about your friend”-quipped Fatima as she passed the 4th floor.

-“Meaning?”-asked Katerina sharply, yet knowing Fatima could only be referring to one thing. 

-“Madi told me Euji was going to dump you in favour of her”-taunted Fatima. Katerina growled at mention of the blonde bimbo. While all the other girls at the hostel had carefully tiptoed around Euji after her pep talk/warning, Madi had blithely ignored all of Katerina’s increasingly direct hints to stop flirting with her man. Madi’s intentions were clear to Katerina, yet she hoped that if she ignored the American vixen for the next week she might relegate Madi to nothing but a brief fling in Euji’s mind.

-“I can keep my man happy enough”-said Katerina curtly-“It’s Madi who should stop trying to throw her puny tits on my man”

There was no response from the dark-skinned slut as she slammed the door open and went through the entrance to the terrace. Katerina was about to follow the black vixen when she saw Eunseo tackling Fatima from the side.

-“Fuck her up Fatima!”-came the shout from the other side of the terrace. Katerina froze when she recognised that voice. Looking at the source, Katerina’s expression tightened when she spotted a blonde American girl in jean shorts and a skin-revealing white tank top, her arms wrapped about Euji. The blonde’s boobs bounced as she cheered for her the African goddess from the comfort of a rattan sofa. Suddenly everything made sense. Why Fatima knew Eunseo was canoodling with Jared and where she could find her romantic rival. Katerina thought of leaving when she noted Euji was looking at her sheepishly, no doubt thinking he had been caught. 

-“Goddammit”-thought Katerina as she saw her strategy of avoiding confrontation with the blonde harpy fall apart that very moment. There was no way she could turn around now. No doubt the American man- stealer would try to provoke her into acknowledging as her sexual threat, and it was very likely she’d succeed. After all, Katerina had done the very same with thing Euji’s former bedmate and she knew how the game was played.

-“Destroy the cow-titted whore Eunseo”-cried Katerina, before sashaying towards the embarrassed Euji. Ignoring the white girl insolently glaring at her with her amber pupils, the alluring European fuckmate leaned in, making sure to flash her cleveage in front of Euji’s wandering eyes. Then she pulled his short black hair and leaned in for a wet French kiss.

Katerina then sat down as a tense silence fell on the sofa. The American and Slovakian beauty sat still, waiting for Euji’s next move. Any admission by him that he had been fucking or planning to fuck Madi would mean the blonde skank was already a serious sexual threat. The fact he shifted about uncomfortably meant he was afraid to upset Katerina. The Slavic bedmate smiled, knowing that at least for now she still had the upper hand. 

-“Your little friend is fucked”-said the Madi smugly as the threesome watched the Asian and African beauties nails going after the other’s tender melons, pinching, pulling and scratching the other woman’s areolaes-“The Korean whore’s tits are a good as gone.”

-“Hah!”-replied Katerina leaning on Euji-“You and your girlfriend are too cocky for your own good. I look forward to seeing Eunseo pulling the black wench like a rag doll around the terrace”

-“I beg to differ. I know girls like you”-replied Madi, making a show of leaning in as if to talk to Katerina, but in reality shoving her tits into Euji’s arm-“You are all bark and no bite.”

-“I’m sure Eunseo is the type of girl can bite hard enough if she sees an insolent whore trying to get into her man’s pants…”-replied Katerina brusquely-“And so do I. Just ask the poor girl who dared to get between me and Euji’s cock”

 The American and Slavic nymphs exchanged intense glares while an uncomfortable Euji watched the catfighting girls go at it. While on the surface they were talking about the Fatima and Eunseo, the subtext was clear enough. Turning at the sight of Eunseo sinking her teeth into Fatima’s neck, Katerina grinned-“Oh look. What were you saying about all bark no bite?”

-“A little biting won’t stop Fatima from tearing off your friend’s cow tits”-replied Madi impudently, making no effort to hide the fact she was rapaciously staring at Katerina’s chest. Katerina hoped Madi hadn’t noticed her involuntary shiver as she heard the remark but had zero intentions of backing down from the verbal catfight.

-“Pulling boob is fun until the other woman fights back…”-retorted Katerina, locking eyes with the blonde skank as she let the statement sink in. Katerina glanced downwards, seeing a Euji’s cock straining against the tight swimming pants-“Euji’s ex girlfriend found out the hard way.”

Katerina didn’t give Madi a chance to respond before turning towards the battling wildcats in front of them and yelling for Eunseo to fuck the petulant dark-skinned wench up. Madi frowned, trying to drown Katerina’s cries with her own loud shouts. It was only when the catball in front of them was broken up that Katerina and Madi refocussed their attention towards each other.

-“It was only fair. You two fought for him and she failed to prove herself worthy of his bed”-cooed Madi, resuming their early topic of conversation-“The better woman gets the man. I wonder if you’re the best he can do though”

Katerina frowned at the insolent suggestion. Euji shifted uncomfortably on his seat.  Even he started to catch on what was going. Katerina would not let that statement go unchallenged -“I’ll not lose him to anyone, be it Asian, European or American.” 

-“It’s interesting that you say that”-retorted Madi, noting the added emphasis on “American”-She turned to Euji-“What do you think? Are European or American girls better?”

-“Finish that skank up Fatima”-yelled Madi, trying to distract Katerina’s attention as she let the pointed question stew in Euji’s mind.

-“Get up Eunseo!‘’-shouted Katerina, suddenly worried about the turn the fight had taken.

Euji looked for an answer while the girls sitting on his sides shouted and cheered for the respective favourites. He might not be aware of all the machinations the two girls engaged in behind his back, at least he had enough presence of mind to know a diplomatic answer was needed.

-“I wouldn’t be able to say”-said he finally, his eyes still firmly on the catfight happening in front of him.

Another awkward silence ensued as the girls regarded each other with contempt. Katerina hated where the conversation was going. With the little time she and Euji had remaining in the hostel, Madi’s only chance to get Euji to replace her was by provoking and winning a catfight over his cock. The Slovakian temptress struggled steer clear of the obvious trap as her temper reached dangerous levels. She was already mulling to just end this farce and just tear into the blonde whore.

-“Eunseo get up and scratch the black bitch up!”-yelled Katerina, taking a another break from crossing words with the American upstart. She watched with glee as her pale-skinned friend trapped the hazelnut wench between her thighs and ruthlessly slapped her. She turned to Madi and taunted the blonde shrew: “I guess now it’s your friend who is fucked”

-“Fatima get up and rip her tits off!”-shrieked Madi, her voice trying to drown Katerina’s as the girls yelled for their friends to keep fighting, perhaps realizing now that the result of the catfight in front of them might influence their nascent conflict. If Eunseo won, Katerina might be able to push aside her American nemesis without having to resort to physical violence. If Fatima did, a catfight between Katerina and Madi would be inevitable.

-“That’s it Fatima! Tear her bald!-shouted Madi, relieved to see that Fatima could still fight back.

-“Rip her tits up Eunseo!”-countered the Slavic beauty, hoping to see her Asian friend finish the black whore.

The cheering girls watched anxiously, shouting obscenities mixed with advice as their battling friends trashed on the floor. The contrast between black and pale skin made it easier to follow the fast-paced action. The whole spectacle was making Katerina helplessly horny. She leaned onto her Japanese lover, sneaking a hand under his miniscule shorts only to find another hand wrapped around his cock. 

Outraged at the discovery, the sexy Katerina looked up, only to see the impudent Madi leering at her. This was no longer subtle. This was a direct challenge over her ownership of his cock. 

-“Katerina listen to me…”-stammered Euji, trying to explain the situation away, yet fact that he hadn’t voluntarily rejected the American skank meant he had at least given some thought of fucking her, even if he remained prudish about it. 

Katerina now knew her feminine charms alone would not prevent him from giving Madi his seed. The time to ignore the elephant in the room was over. They were at another stage in their competition over Euji, and it was no longer prudent for Katerina to hold back. She stopped the stammering Euji and kissed passionately as she pulled his engorged cock her way.

-“I won’t give you up”-whispered the Slovakian beauty, her tongue just barely touching his ear as she pushed her body against him. She felt as his body shifted away from her, glaring as Madi pulled him away and planted her disgusting lips on him. Katerina pulled Euji’s neck towards herself and resumed possession of his lips.

-“You’re too late. We’re already talked about travelling together”-cooed Madi as she tried to pull Euji back. The Eastern European siren briefly looked into his hesitant eyes and knew immediately that was a lie. No doubt the Caucasian whore had baited Euji into an innocent topic about travelling and now was maliciously reinterpreting the conversation to her advantage. 

Katerina screeched, feeling her brunette tresses being jerked. From the corner of her eye she saw Madi leaning into Euji’s lips before he could explain himself.

-“Don’t pull hair you bitch”-shrieked Katerina, retaliating with her own hair pull, leaning into Euji for support. The sexy girls tried to get in front of Euji, their delectable physiques slamming together as their tongues rushed towards Euji’s mouth…fighting, battling, testing their strength against the other tongue in a desperate sexual struggle. 

This was not the only battleground in their carnal contest. The pre-cum coated hands fought for possession of his pulsating manhood. Grasping, scratching, mauling, pushing, pulling the other hand as they stroked him into an orgasm.

Katerina moaned, feeling Euji’s masculine arms around the small of her back and pulling her deeper into his young body. 

-“Fuck me!”-whispered Katerina, almost pleading for his throbbing manhood as she quickened her pace. The Slavic goddess clenched her teeth as she felt Madi’s nails scratching her hand.

-“No! Fuck me!”-begged Madi, desperately wanting to taste Euji’s seed. The American succubus knew she would be favoured in such a contest: Hers pussy was an unexplored sheath for his eager cock, a taste of new adventures. Him giving her his cum would be proof the Slovakian slut had not tamed him yet. 

Neither would get her wish. Euji gasped, letting a guttural moan as he shot his load. The girls stopped their anachronistic stroking, letting his hot white liquid seep into their hands. The American and Slovakian sex kitten leaned on his perspiring chest, looking at each other with hatred, waiting to see what he’d say about their little performance. By now they had forgotten all about the vicious catfight happening behind them.

Katerina eagerly accepted Euji’s tongue as he turned to her. Was a coincidence, or did he still see her as his favourite? Would she be able to relegate the American slut as a mere adventure? She still hoped that besting Madi in the bed sheets might be enough to ward off the cock hungry whore. To her disappointment she saw Euji turning his head around, eagerly tonguing her blonde adversary.

So far the brunette temptress had managed to control her temper, not to give her American antagonist any rope from which to further cement herself as an romantic alternative in Euji’s eyes. Yet seeing Madi so insolently devouring his tongue as she rubbed her slutty body against him, Katerina finally lost control. 

Strategy, tactics, planning; it all went out of the window. There was no thinking, just unadulterated rage. The jealous Slavic goddess tugged Madi’s blonde mane, causing the Floridan harpy to howl as she was pulled from Euji’s lips. Before Madi could react, Katerina’s semen-lathered hand came up and slapped the brazen skank who wanted to replace her. 

An uncomfortable silence fell on the threesome as Euji sat still, neither approving nor disapproving of Katerina’s action. Katerina saw Madi staring back at her with shock and outrage as drops of Euji’s still wet cum trickled off her cheek. 

This was it. Whatever plans Katerina had to avoid a physical showdown were tossed by the wayside, and Katerina didn’t care. She didn’t care if her precious tits were scratched, her smooth skin mauled, her luscious brunette locks pulled, her pretty face defiled. It was all a small price to pay to teach this would be man stealer a lesson!

-“Why you third world country whor…”-screeched Madi as she raised her hand. Katerina raised her arms and lurched forward with her claws to give the American wench battle!

As a catfight now seemed inevitable, Katerina yelped, her statuesque physique being flung off the sofa by a tremendous force. On the floor, the young Slovakian first turned to Madi, who had been also tossed off the rattan sofa. She then turned to the sofa, only to be greeted by the sight of Fatima and Eunseo fighting on the sofa.  

Katerina forgot Madi for the moment, howling for her beleaguered Asian friend to overcome the ebony vixen once and for all. She screamed and yelled, her fervent calls for her friend to fight to the bitter end for Jared’s cock competing with Madi’s equally zealous incitement for her friend Fatima.

Yet for all the shouting, Katerina couldn’t help but to notice the once feisty Eunseo faltering, her furious assaults onto Fatima’s body becoming weak attempts to stave off defeat rather than secure victory.  The end came when Eunseo clearly offered her surrender.

Katerina felt her heart sink as  Eunseo, who no long ago was boasting about how she was mop the floor with the black slut, cowed into submission and begging for mercy from Fatima.

Katerina wanted to help; to rip the African tormentress off Eunseo. She looked sideways, meeting Madi’s eyes. The romantic rivals didn’t exchange words, but it was clear Madi would jump at her if she dared to intervene. She bit her lip, reduced only to be a mere witness as Fatima forced her friend to admit the loss of Jared’s cock and recognize her supremacy in his bed.

Katerina turned to Jared, whom she had ignored the whole fight, only to see the black man mesmerised by Eunseo’s humiliation. She had seen that look before. It was the look of a once hesitant man who finally decided on a favourite, and he had decided in favour of Fatima. Katerina got closer to Euji, but Madi was already there, planning for the afterparty.

-“Don’t go with this diseased whore”-said Katerina, latching onto Euji’s arm-“You know me. I’ve fought for your cock. Whatever she told you, I can do better”

-“I’m sure Eunseo said the same thing about Fatima”-cooed Madi, well aware she was benefitting from Fatima’s victory-“In the end, it she just didn’t have what it took to keep Jared. Just like you won’t be able to keep Euji from me”

The rival beauties clashed chest to chest as their stared down each other, spewing venom about the other woman’s looks and sexual skills, making threats tinged with racial undetones. Katerina offered to fight Madi right then and there, knowing that by now this would the only way to prevent the American wench from sleeping with her man. However, Madi no longer had any interest in a catfight…for now. At this point she knew she’d be riding the Japanese stud tonight. Fatima’s victory had ensured that. The foursome left, leaving an angry Katerina with the beaten Eunseo behind.


Katerina really wanted to pounce on the insolent American skank, despite Euji’s wishes for her to stand aside for now. However, she suspected that in the horny state Euji was in, he’d fuck Madi even if Katerina won a catfight. To say nothing if the American minx somehow managed to get the better of her. The Slavic goddess watched with impotence as the foursome left. She’d have to deal with the aftermath later. 

Katerina helped carry her heartbroken friend downstairs and took her to the doctor. On her way down, she couldn’t help but peer through the window and into the Fatima’s room, seeing the Madi shamelessly riding her man on the sofa. For a brief second Katerina debated whether to forget about the whimpering Eunseo and go get that American whore off Euji’s cock, but in the end decided against it. A confrontation now wouldn’t really improve her position and her friend needed medical attention.

As she waited at the doctor’s office, a part of Katerina blamed Eunseo for her predicament. It was likely Eunseo’s loss had tilted the scales towards Madi. She could almost imagine it, the now haughty Fatima pushing for a group trip where Katerina would be deliberately excluded for Madi’s sake. She knew she’d have done the very same thing  had Eunseo won. Yet she refrained from vocalizing her thoughts to the crying Eunseo.   

As it was now, she probably was at a disadvantage in the emotional battlefield. A two-week fuck fest would not stand to the peer pressure Jared and Fatima would be putting on Euji. It was now Katerina who needed to confront the American skank in a honest to god catfight if she wanted to salvage her place in Euji’s bed.

Once Eunseo calmed down some, Katerina tried to talk her into challenging the ebony vixen again. By now Eunseo either left the hostel empty handed or tried to win her man back. There was a bit of selfishness involved in Katerina’s suggestion. If Eunseo managed to win Jared back, then it’d be easier to outmanoeuvre the American slut.

Alas, it was not to be. Despite how close the whole catfight had been up to the very end, the now cowed Asian goddess refused Katerina’s entreaties for another all-out catfight over Jared, preferring the certain loss of her man than the possibility of another humiliating defeat. 

A chagrined Katerina dropped the matter. As she tended for her sobbing friend, Katerina made a mental note to ruin Madi as badly as Eunseo had been ruined. 

To Be Continued…

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