Hostel Sluts 4 by JustLooking9000

-“Tell me”-commanded Jared as he jerked Fatima Diallo’s curly locks-“Tell me how you fought for my cock”

The clotheless African sex kitten purred before starting a depraved tale of jealousy and animosity, where she and former friend Choi Eunseo competed for Jared’s cock for one month before the claws really came out (See Hostel Sluts 3). Fatima felt his fingers toying with her moistening womanhood as she told him, not for the first time, the lead up their dramatic showdown at the hostel terrace, the brutal hairpulling, the malicious tit-biting, the underhanded cunt attacks, the barbaric scratching, the relentless back and forth. 

The story went for a good 5 minutes before the glistening ebony vixen paused her raunchy retelling mid-way so she could feel the tip of Jared’s dick rubbing against her vaginal lips. She gasped, letting out a long moan as he thrusted the length of his engorged manhood inside her. This cock was finally hers. Her prize for outlasting the other 8-9 women all coveting his bed and overcoming her last sexual rival in a vicious catfight. 

Fatima continued her lurid tale of violence haltingly, heaving as she felt her man’s dick thrusting ever faster into her. She emphasised the parts of the story where she was dominating, while outright ignoring the parts in where she got the worse of the nasty encounter. This was not a balanced narration of the story, and it wasn’t mean to be. It was Fatima’s prerogative as the winner to shape the story whichever way she wanted. The only other woman who could dispute her account of the facts was no longer there to offer a different version of events.

She picked up the pace of the story, feeling her bedmate preparing to explode inside her. Ten minutes into the shaky narrative, the victorious black minx reached the climatic denouement, where she tackled the spent Asian skank into the sofa and bit her abused tits once last time, overwhelming the slant-eyed whore’s feeble attempts at turning the tide of the battle. In reality, the fucking Korean bitch had fought her to the bitter end, digging her claws into Fatima’s caramel skin with the desperation of a wounded tigress. But that wasn’t something Jared needed to know. 

Then Fatima felt: A final powerful thrust into her moist womanhood and a sudden stop as his throbbing cock erupted inside her cum-starved pussy. Fatima was not far behind, feeling his fingers working on her engorged clit until she herself succumbed to a paralysing orgasm. The perspiring couple finally collapsed onto the bed, heaving as they caught their breath.

-“It’s almost time”-cooed Fatima after a while, looking at the clock. The reminder seemed to bring Jared’s flaccid cock back to half mast as the couple got up off the bed. This brief fuck session was just the appetiser for tonight. The main course was to be a lurid catfight over hotel guest Euji Oue, Jared’s friend. On one side of of this romantic triangle was Fatima’s friend, the blonde American beauty Madi Cox. Opposing her was Slovakian Katerina Polievka, Euji’s current travel mate; a “girlfriend” of sorts, who was unwilling to give his affections without a fight.

The new couple left the room, where Madi was waiting for them. The blonde sex kitten smiled when they saw them coming, sporting a skimpy little bikini under a flimsy saree that barely concealed her graceful figure. Fatima regarded the Caucasian belle, focusing on her luscious blonde locks and magnetic green eyes. She continued ogling her friend, her eyes meeting Madi’s delectable tits and shapely legs. Getting closer to her friend, Fatima looked at Madi askew when she smelled a faint hint of sex emanating from Madi’s perky frame. 

-“In the afternoon. I did not let him shower before he left to meet that Slavic whore”-whispered Madi, answering the unspoken question before the trio walked past the reception and onto the beach nearby. Fatima smiled, marvelling at Madi’s sheer brazenness. The entire hostel was aware of the drama between Katerina and Madi: The cocksure blonde pretender had made a point of letting everyone know she was actively trying to supplant the brunette vixen.

The Slovakian siren didn’t shy away from the overt challenge to her position. For five straight nights the American and European beauties tried to one up each other sexually in Euji’s bed, trying to get him to decide between one of them. It was a rancorous contest, the loud moans and raw thudding sounds sounding like war cries as the rival lovers competed for his cock.

As Madi’s friend, Fatima was very much rooting for Madi’s victory. Madi had filled her in every little manoeuvre, every little point of contention, every acrimonious argument. Madi had waged a relentless campaign to win Euji for herself, but her romantic rival had been just as eager in her attempts to defend her place in Euji’s bed.

Five days into this sexual war of attrition, the sexual rivals recognised they were in a maddening stalemate, the man in question promising half measures that satisfied neither lover. With Euji leaving in 2 days, the antagonists decided to bet it all in an old-fashioned catfight over him. Tonight. At the beach. Two girls would arrive, yet only one would leave with the boy in her arms.

Fatima felt the costal breeze as the trio walked around the dark beach. The only lighting came from the full moon and the somewhat distant hostel lights. This was to be the stage where Madi would present her case as the best woman for Euji. Fatima and Jared would witness it all, and the African beauty hoped to see Madi triumphantly returning to the hostel with Euji in her arms.

Fatima saw Madi tense up. The dark-skinned goddess raised her gaze, seeing a couple walking towards them. There she was, the woman who stood between Madi and Euji’s cock. Fatima watched the haughty Slavic hottie strutting towards them, her arm wrapped possessively around the topless Euji.  She regarded Katerina, seeing her slim yet athletic frame wrapped in a skimpy blue top that offered a generous helping of side boob and a black bikini bottom. 

Madi discarded her saree in one smooth motion, revealing a scanty patterned bikini that showed off her delightful physique. Madi’s body wasn’t as tight as Katerina’s, but Fatima wasn’t overly concerned: more than physical fitness, what really counted in a catfight was the willingness to fight dirty and outlast the other woman in the vicious back and forth. And Fatima had no doubt Madi would fight very dirty for Euji’s sake.

-“Fuck her up Madi”-whispered Fatima, her dark-skin rubbing against Madi’s white body. Letting go her sexy friend, Fatima watched the two girls slowly approaching each other. Fatima had done everything she could for Madi, and it was now up to the blonde nymph to prove herself the better woman. She leaned towards Jared, resting her head on his shoulder as she watched the girls staring at each other with hatred in their eyes.

The dialogue was bitter from the start and got increasingly less civil by the second, each girl accusing the other of sub-standard sexual skills and inability to please Euji. The man in question stood right there, turned on by the sight of the blonde and brunette hotties trading charged barbs about who could please him better. Fatima would have gotten closer, but she knew better than to barge in so blatantly in this private affair. It was good enough that she got to witness this showdown between the jealous beauties. She felt Jared pulling her, bringing the couple towards a comfy beach mattress 3 meters away from the action.

-“This is your last chance. Stay away from my man or else!”-warned Katerina as she stared down the woman conspiring to replace her as Euji Oue’s travel partner.

-“He’s no longer yours”-said the cocksure American goddess, returning the harsh stare -“Since he’s met me your body no longer gets his cock hard. And after I’m done with you, I’ll ride cock dry tonight”

-“Take it back or else”-said Katerina venomously as she raised her hand up in anger.

-“I made myself clear”- jeered the American vixen, moving ever closer to her sexual rival without flinching, her tits crashing into Katerina’s-“After I rip your cow tits off I’m feast on his cum”

That was it. A provocation too many. There was no coming back now. Now comfortably laying the plastic mattress, Fatima’s eyes were fixed on the moment, seeing the jealous wildcats raising their arms in anger and slapping each other in an explosive exchange. The battling girls recoiled, staring at each other with fury as they collected themselves.

The American and Slovakian wenches showed no hesitation, lunging forward and grabbing chunks of brunette and blonde hair while their talons went straight for the other’s silky skin. 

-“Bitch!”-jeered Katerina as she raked her nails around the small of Madi’s back, eliciting a pained moan from the American nymph.

Fatima watched transfixed at the sight of these two harpies going at it, their nubile bodies twisting and pushing as they ripped long chunks of hair.  She turned her gaze sideways, seeing Jared with an obvious hard on pushing against his swimming briefs. The ebony vixen licked her lips, lying by her man’s side as they watched the show unfolding in front of them.  

-“Whore!”-spat Madi as she ripped another fistful of brown hair before losing her balance and falling on the sand. The angry Slovakian shrew snarled, enraged by the loss of her beautiful hair. She pounced on the fallen Madi, kicking the downed succubus. 

Fatima yelled, shouting for her friend to stand up and fuck the Slavic cock sucker up.  She watched the scene unfolding in front of her as she absentmindedly sneaked her hand under Jared’s shorts and started stroking his pulsating cock. 

Soon the feisty Madi saw her chance and sprung up, tackling her East European tormentress like a quarterback and pulling both girls to the ground, where they quickly wrapped their arms around each other and rolled on the sand like cats in heat. The angry catball rolled towards the sea, the sand covering their perfect frames as they scratched and grappled for the top position.

Fatima continued stroking Jared, yet her focus was on the intertwined silhouettes rolling on the sand. Now that the warring hostel sluts were moving away from her, she was having difficulty distinguishing who was doing what, only able to catch glimpses of clarity every now and then. She heard a piercing scream coming from Katerina’s lips, and by the sound of it, Madi had just ripped off her bikini top and now was training her bite on her tits.

-“Who do you think he prefers?”-asked Fatima to Jared as she watched Euji trailing the angry catball. The Japanese heartbreaker had been ignoring them for a while, entranced by the relentless slugfest in front of him,

-“He’s not sure”-said Jared-“One day he says Katerina, the other Madi. Mostly depends who he slept with that day. But he doesn’t really want to pick one.”

Fatima was disappointed at the answer, but it was expected. Given the circumstances, it was always going to be hard for Madi to steal the guy away. All after, Katerina had two weeks to assert her hold over Euji and she had fought over his cock once. That Madi had brought this affair to this point was a testament to how well she had played her hand.

Fatima stopped talking as she saw the shadow on top being ejected from her dominant position. Then the kneeling girls lunged at each other and restarted their angry catball, this time slowly creeping towards the bed. Fatima skipped a beat, watching her friend Madi trapped under the topless Katerina.

-“HIS.COCK.IS.MINE!”-asserted the jealous Slovakian goddess, pausing after every word to deliver a stinging slap while Madi frantically squirmed to get free. Fatima regarded the brunette beauty, her eyes quickly falling on Katerina’s already scratched tits. The sand-covered melons bouncing wildly as Katerina tried to withstand Madi’s angry efforts to dismount her.

Fatima revelled in the dramatic spectacle, which reminded her of her own titanic struggle to get rid of her former sexual rival. Even if she felt a little uneasy by Madi’s momentary problems, the Guinean minx couldn’t help but to feel increasingly wet as these harpies went at it like cats in heat over a piece of cock. Fatima leaned into Jared, locking lips with her recent conquest. She yelped, feeling Jared flipping her around and getting on top of her before massaging her increasingly wet crotch.

-“What a dirty bitch”-was all the half-distracted Fatima say as she saw Madi flinging a bunch of sand at her Slovakian tormentress. The dark beauty moaned, feeling Jared’s twitching cock struggling under the small swimming short.

-“What are they doing”-asked Jared, focussing more on massaging Fatima’s caramel boobs than on the fight.

-“Madi is getting up…she’s kneeing that Slovakian skank….she’s now grabbing her hair and pulling Katerina like a ragdoll…I don’t think the Slovakian whore has a chance now. Katerina’ll lose her man”-recounted Fatima among her pleased moans, trying her best to focus on the fight while at the same time enjoying the feeling of having Jared on top of her. She stopped her narration, seeing Jared getting rid of her swimming trunks. Fatima’s eyes watched fascinated as his twitching cock revealed itself. Vigorous, eager, hard. She closed her eyes, squealing in delight when she felt the tip teasing her wet vaginal lips.

-“Tell me what they’re doing”-scolded Jared as the sounds of soft skin being slapped and punched filled the atmosphere-“Don’t stop”

-“Yes daddy…”-whimpered the black goddess. Fatima retold him what she witnessed. How Katerina bit Madi’s inner thigh and managed to escape Madi’s grip. How the topless beauties stood up, putting their hands up like boxers, then lunged towards each other, and belting out punches into the other woman’s delicate frame. Fatima stopped the narration there, letting the sound of fists hitting on flesh do the talking for her. 

A little later, the cocksure eye candies that seemed so impervious to pain at the start of the fight were now openly moaning and whimpering, the effects of the non-stop slugfest beginning to take a toll on their exquisite physiques. Fatima winced when she saw Madi’s delectable right tit bear the full brunt of Katerina’s punches, and Madi sobbing insults confirmed how painful that must be. Fatima gasped, closing her eyes for a moment to feel Jared thrusting deep into her. 

The next thing she saw -and then told her man- was of Madi ploughing into the brunette slut and uppercutting her left boob. The vulnerable tit jiggled wildly, the fleshy mound taking a life of its own as Madi landed another devastating blow into her opponent’s right mammary. 

The shrieking and weeping became louder, the jealous girls now sinking their sharp nails into the other’s magnificent melons and engaging in the mutual destruction of their prized assets. Pinching, mauling, scratching, pulling, tugging, pressing, cupping, squeezing. Fatima tried her best to describe the action to the increasingly worked up Jared, but the rapid fire turns and twists of the assaults made it impossible to keep up, much less convey to her fuckbuddy the sheer damage these harpies were inflicting on each other. They were really going at it, with a passion only two women fighting over a mutual lover could muster.

-“I need to watch”-said Jared, switching places with Fatima so that he could see what was happening. Fatima was about to protest until he felt his massive dick drilling into her. She remained silent as her man confirmed what she had already seen before. 

There was a steady crescendo on screams and shrieks, the fighting becoming ever more intense as the girls’ tits reached the limit of much punishment they could endure. She heard Katerina screaming “I’m won’t let you steal my man” in a broken, halting way. There was a hint of desperation in the Slavic shrew’s tone, as if Katerina was reminding herself of the stakes. 

Fatima heard a dry thud, and Jared soon confirmed Katerina had tackled the blonde succubus. Both girls were now trashing on the sand like cats in heat. As much as Fatima was enjoying Jared’s twitching cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt, the hazelnut siren raised her upper body and turned around to watch the altercation behind her. 

The topless Fatima (having lost her top sometime ago) cheered when the sand-covered Madi pinned the Slovakian slut between her athletic legs and started furiously slapping the writhing brunette whore. Fatima felt her now nude man stirring from behind her, using his manly strength to lift her up and place her on his lap. While he was doing this, Fatima saw Katerina freeing her hands up and going after Madi’s abused melons. The African seductress closed her eyes again, feeling Jared’s cum-soaked dick entering her a second time. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a crying Madi bringing her sharp talons on Katerina’s tits in retaliation.

-“Who do you think will win?”-asked Jared, his wet right hand massaging her cock-filled cunt. Fatima shivered, this new position having the advantage of contact with her man without the need for one of them to miss the action in front of them. She regarded the sobbing girls, the exacting toll of their nonstop catfight already sapping their will to fight.

-“Madi no doubt”-affirmed Fatima with certainty as the hostel sluts started rolling on the sand once again-“Katerina has no chance”


-“I told you before dear”-gasped Fatima, feeling him thrusting into her while his hand massaged her clit-“I think American bitches are just better. They fight dirtier, meaner. They’re not prissy little prudes like the European wenches. Katerina fights good…but Madi wants it more…just like I wanted you more.”

-“That sounds a little unfair to European people”-replied Jared, wrapping his free arm around Fatima’s waist, his hand ending holding onto her excited breasts. In front of them, Katerina had secured a precarious position on top of the blonde hellcat.-“I have a German friend coming in two weeks who will strongly dispute that assertion”

The caramel beauty tensed. Even in the middle of glorious coitus she was reminded of how precarious her position in Jared’s bed was. Rivals lurked at every corner, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice and take away all she had rightfully earned. 

She watched the furious catball in front of her, and for the first time in this entire ordeal she sympathised with Katerina’s position. Just three weeks since fighting for Euji’s cock, the brunette goddess was at it again, trying to fend off a vicious interloper that would stop at nothing to deprive her of his cock.

As if noticing the sudden change in Fatima’s mood, Jared worked to assuage the concerns of his dark-skinned lover-“She just told me today, and bought the ticket without consulting me. Whatever happens, I told her I don’t plan to change my plans with you. Don’t worry.”

“I don’t plan to” was meant to reassure Fatima but it did anything but. Of course Jared would say when he was balls deep down inside her, but the ebony seductress knew better than to trust his words. Men were simple creatures, with little control over their primal desires. No doubt the German wench was sure she could use her womanly charms to make him stray. Fatima should know, herself having pushed many an otherwise intelligent man to act against their best judgement.  

No, It wasn’t Jared’s duty to refuse the German skank. Even if wanted to resist her, his nature would betray him. It was up to her to defend her territory, to ward off this insolent succubus intent on swooping in and taking what she had rightfully gained through much bloodshed and violence.

-“You misunderstand. I’m not worried”-said the Ghanian siren-“I’m angry. At the insolence of this German whore thinking she can just come and ride your cock right under my nose.”

She turned around, her lips sensually touching his-“I dare her to come, and take your cock from my dead cold hands! I’ll…”

Fatima stopped herself mid-sentence, her gaze turning towards on the two harpies in front of her battling it out, with the ever weakening Madi frantically trying to dismount the Slavic shrew, and Katerina trying desperately to hang on as she landed slap after slap on the Floridan beauty. Fatima tried to encourage her friend, to stir her to free herself and fight for her man, but soon it became apparent Madi’s struggled became weaker over time, until a final punch broke the blonde vixen. 

It would have been logical for Katerina to finish this up, to demand surrender from the woman who pretended to displace her. But she did not. The sand-covered Slovakian succubus rose up gingerly, the scant lighting conspiring to give the topless nymph a mystic aura. Katerina gripped the trembling Madi by her dishevelled blonde tresses, dragging her harassed victim like a tigress carrying her game, and then dumped the writhing Madi by the public beach showers.

Fatima watched as the Slavic warrioress leaned on the shower, heaving as droplets of water ran through her scratched physique and washed away the sand. Katerina was not alone for long: Fatima watched as Euji walked behind her, dropping his swimming shorts and then melding his body into the European beauty. Soon the naked lovers where kissing and moaning under the showerhead. 

Fatima had to admit it, the raunchy scene in front of her made her even hornier. Then Katerina pulled away, leaving Madi behind at the showers and bringing the Japanese boy to the very bed where Jared was still railing Fatima. 

Fatima regarded the couple as they approached, now sharing an intimate embrace as the clawed-up Katerina demanded to claim her prize right now and there, instead of going to the room to celebrate. Euji complied and soon they were on the opposite side of the mattress copulating, Madi’s limp body laying 2 meters away, abandoned and forgotten.

A meter apart, Fatima and Katerina stared at each other while their men were busy pumping inside them. Katerina had made clear her dislike of the black beauty and Fatima had actively conspired against the Slavic siren. By all accounts, there was a lot of bad blood between the exotic beauties. And yet, neither girl raised their hands in anger or said anything. Neither liked the other, but neither had enough motivation to interfere in the other’s affairs.

Fatima felt Jared quickening his efforts to make her climax. Now that the fight was apparently over, there was little point in pacing himself. The African minx felt herself soon reaching a point of no return. On the opposite sight Katerina was riding Euji full steam ahead. And yet…Fatima glanced towards the public showers from time to time, and by the 5th time, she saw what she was hoping to see: Madi was groggily gathering herself at the bottom of the showers. Only Fatima realised what was happening because she was looking for it, while the other three people around her were too busy fucking to notice.

Fatima and Madi exchanged a brief glance. Would Madi rise and continue the fight for Euji’s cock, or had Katerina already broken the feisty blonde for good? Fatima tongued Jared to block his view, afraid he’d notice what was going on and alert the fornicating pair on the other side. Fatima wrapped her arms around him tightly, feeling close to climaxing and then it happened: Just as she felt herself exploding in an all-consuming orgasm she heard a desperate warcry and the sound of two bodies crashing into each other.

The Ghanian sex kitten fell sideways, in the midst of an explosion of pleasure as she watched with a somewhat disinterested eye the moment where an unrepentant Madi pounced on the copulating couple, tearing the brunette skank just as was Euji dumped his cum into Katerina’s cunt. Fatima knew because Katerina’s womanhood was flowing with his seed while the American and Slavic girls rolled on the bed.

What a sight it was, two see these jealous girls ripping each other apart one more time. For the moment the vengeful Madi had pinned the Slovakian tart down, her delightful tits boobing up and down as she punished the struggling Katerina. Fatima gasped, feeling a still horny Jared re- entering her and pumping his still thirsty cock. The ebony goddess bit her lip, finally feeling the thrusting stop, and her vagina being filled with Jared’s white hot liquid. 

Fatima watched as Katerina pulled another bunch of Madi’s tangled tresses down and bit her tit hard. The hotel sluts then kept trashing on the bed, exchanging the top position several times. The fury was still there, but it was clear the young women were at their limit. They could not continue like this for much longer. Fatima watched as the Slovakian call girl sat on Madi’s tits again. Catching her breath, Fatima cheered for the trashing Madi, exhorting her to break free and rip Katerina’s cow tits. The African beauty was soon rewarded by the sight of Madi pushing her brunette tormentress forward and into the sandy beach. Katerina shrieked, her mauled physique rolling on the sand as Madi unsteadily got off the plastic mattress.

Fatima watched Madi, now in all her naked glory. She looked like a warrior goddess, still thirsting for Euji’s cock, and willing to see this to the bitter end. Fatima cried, feeling Jared taking her up again. Not five minutes had passed since he had last cummed and he was ready to plow into her pussy for the third time tonight. As Fatima grinded against his rock hard body, she couldn’t help but to hear the exhausted fighters  trading insults and promises to take Euji’s cum for herself.

Fatima turned around to get a view of the trash talking minxes. She moaned, feeling Jared’s cock twitching inside her just as the vixens in front of her rushed into other in an orgy of slaps and fists. Madi punched the incoming brunette menace on the cheek, making Katerina stumble. As Madi approached, Katerina headbutted her love rival, propelling Madi backwards. Just as Jared pumped and fingered Fatima, the feisty combatants started trading hit after hit in an orgy of violence. 

Fatima’s attention quickly turned away from the warring girls fighting for cock: something was off. She turned around, her eyes resting on her exhausted man. After two ejaculations, it dawned on Fatima that the Jared was a spent force. He tried to keep on thrusting, but his efforts lacked passion. 

Fatima put her delicate hands on Jared chest, signalling for him to stop. Then she drew closer, murmuring; “Show me”

Jared looked askance, his semi hard cock still inside Fatima’s warm pussy. Fatima stared at him with fire in her eyes before answering the unspoken question: “Show me what the German callgirl looks like”

Jared hesitated, but Fatima’s expression told him she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Fatima watched him reach for his phone and quickly browse through his gallery before providing him the photo of a tall Teutonic blonde with a similar frame to Fatima. The German succubus was lying on the bed in a sheer lingerie, her eyes looking straight at the camera, as if daring Fatima to compare herself to her.

-“This is the whore that wants to take your cock away from me”-stated Fatima-“what’s the skank’s name?”

-“Emma…she wants to spend the rest of the holidays with me”

Fatima growled at the mere implication! The daring! The brazenness! There she was, this blonde wench thinking she could come in and replace her!

-“Tell that worthless Eurotrash fucktoy of yours that she’ll have to pry your hard cock out of my dead cold hands!”-roared Fatima, her Guinean accent oozing from her English.

As soon as she affirmed her intention not to be cowed by the German skank, Fatima sensed Jared’s cock grow slightly harder, bigger. The prospect of another catfight over him seemed to give his spent body a second wind.

In the corner of her eye, the black-skinned seductress half followed the catfight between Katerina and Madi. They had  somehow reached the public showers and accidentally turned on several spigots, causing water to rain down their naked bodies as they pulled hair and slapped the rival lover.

Jared’s voice turned her attention away from the fighting harpies: ”Emma says she’ll do whatever it takes”

-“Eunseo said the same thing”-said Fatima, her voice dripping with poison-“And just like the slant-eye whore (See Hostel Sluts 3), the European bitch will be begging me to ride you after I’m done with her!”

-“She told it’d be you begging for her to take my cum”-groaned Jared, now actively taking control of their coitus, his eyes full of lust.

Fatima’s gaze turned back to his phone, and without asking permission started skimming through the photos, all showing the German shrew in several states of undress and acting possessively around Jared. Fatima suddenly come upon a video that started playing automatically.

There she was…naked, her dishevelled blonde hair cascading down her back, with her back turned to the camera, her moist cunt gripping Jared’s thick cock, her ass jiggling as she impaled herself on top of him. Fatima could not help but to grow more jealous as “Emma” started moaning “Jared, Jared, Jared” as she rode him, her ass wiggling as Jared’s manhood slid in and out her moist pussy. 

The blonde interloper, the brazen foreign girl who wanted to take the man she had so arduously won in a vicious catfight, her back turned to the camera, screaming Jared’s name as she rode his cock.

Fatima yelped, feeling Jared’s jerking her hair up and forcing her to stand on her knees, her gaze looking straight at Madi and Katerina fighting. The ebony nymph moaned, feeling Jared entering her again as they watched Madi and Katerina still trading blows.

-“Tell me”-started Jared-“Will you fight for me like that?”

Fatima watched as Katerina pinned Madi against the shower walls, a steady stream of water still raining on the fighting wenches. She looked at Madi, now conflating her blonde friend with the German bimbo in her head, and silently cheered as Madi’s head was pounded against the plastic walls. Fatima’s animal instincts overtook her, now caring little about her friend’s fate as Jared’s cock pumped into her.

-“Worse”-retorted the black siren-“’I’ll bite her tits…scratch her eyes out…leave her bald. She has no right…to come here and take…what is rightfully…MINE!” 

Fatima grunted, her eyes still glued to the carnage in front of her as she was fucked raw by a lustful Jared. She saw Madi’s nails surging, making a straight line for Katerina’s perfect face. The brunette bimbo shrieked,  trying to get away from the potentially disfiguring attack, but to no avail. The blonde banshee sank her merciless talons on Katerina’s cheeks, leaving a nasty set of scratches as she ruined the Slovakian skank’s face.

A panting Katerina roared, using her outrage to muster enough energy to tackle the nasty blonde whore, sending the exhausted beauties crashing against the sandy floor. Once again their rolling moist bodies were coated in sand as they fought in a desperate catball.

-“Found her!”-thought Fatima to herself as she found “Emma’s” contact in Jared’s phone. The black goddess didn’t think of the consequences nor asked for Jared’s approval. She was boiling with jealousy and she wanted to give that Teutonic call girl a piece of her mind. She pressed the videocall button.

It seemed like forever for the African belle, but finally someone picked the phone. Emma was on the other end of the call, half naked, her blue eyes looking straight at the camera expecting to see Jared only to stare at Fatima being raw-dogged by the American man.

-“You fucking bitch”-moaned Fatima. By now Jared was catching up to what Fatima had done, yet he seemed too horny to care. -“You think you can swoop in and take my man? I dare you to try!”

-“So this is how it’s gonna be you fucking black whore”-retorted Emma in her accented English-“I’m warning you. You better leave him before I come or I’ll make you beg me to fuck him dry!” 

-“Try me blondie. I’ll tear your tits off”-retorted the dark skinned siren, droplets of perspiration falling onto the phone-“Then I’ll have Jared fill me up and then force you to lick my pussy clean”

-“I’ll have a better idea”-said Emma-“I’ll come and…”

Fatima was sure the blonde skank said something nasty, but she cared little, letting a guttural shriek as she felt Jared’s twitching cock ejaculating his precious cargo inside her, followed shortly after by her own earth-shattering orgasm, the most potent of the night. The ebony goddess quivered, unable to focus on the German whore as she fell onto the mattress, any thought of her new sexual rival gone for the moment.

Fatima heaved, trying to recover her breath as she listlessly watched a possessed Katerina banging Madi’s head against the sand, ignoring all pleas for the now cowed blonde pretender to stop until Euji came over and pulled the Slovakian bulldog off the beaten white girl.

Fatima knew she should feel sad for her friend, now a quivering lump on the sand. Yet she felt nothing. The multiple orgasms, the revelation that she had a new sexual rival, sheer exhaustion conspired to set aside all concern for her beaten friend.

A new challenge dawned on her. Another woman would come to claim what was hers, and a terrible struggle would ensure. Should she win, she would end up like Katerina, who was now being drilled against the walls of public showers by a horny Euji. Losing meant ending like the crying Madi, spread on the sand in a fetal position, alone and cockless.

The End


-I have to say that prefer this format to the one I used in Hostel Sluts 3. It was overall easier to manage, took less time to write and I didn’t have to worry about making everything match.

-I know this story hinted at the existence of Hostel Sluts 5 in the future. However, as of right now(30/12/2020) I have no intentions of continuing the Hostel Sluts series. It’s not for lack of desire or ideas. I simply have other stories I want to focus on.

-We’ll see more of Euji Oue and Katerina in the future. If you want to see what happened to Euji Oue, the next story in chronological order is The Duel Room: Work wife vs Girlfriend. Then Office Mayhem chapter 5 and 13. 

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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