Hot Tub Parties by JB57

Hot Tub Parties by JB57

Part I

Laura looked at herself in the full-length mirror. What she saw was impressive and pleasing: a red-brown-haired beauty, dressed in a tiny red bikini, her firm DD tits straining the tiny red cups, letting her breasts spill out all around the top. The bikini bottom was a highly-abbreviated thong that consisted of two tiny clear elastic strings holding to her hips, and a tiny triangle of cloth tightly gripping her pussy, just barely high enough to cover the slit of her twat. The thong left her ass bare and the transparent strings created the illusion of her long, beautiful legs stretching endlessly in an unbroken line up her hips to her torso. The bikini was the skimpiest she had. She loved that it left so much of her body completely bare and, even when covered, completely exposed. The thong was so small and tight that it was immediately apparent that she was completely shaved, and the transparent strings made it look like she was completely naked below her breasts, except for a tiny clamshell of cloth. Laura admired her nearly nude body; her beautiful, firm tits, their sharp nipples pushing at the bikini top; her perfectly muscled abdomen, with its narrow navel and hard, flat belly; her beautifully muscled hips, that smoothly curved into her powerful thighs and long, luscious legs. She was tanned just right, a kind of golden glow that went perfectly with her fair complexion and coppery hair. During her late teens and early 20s, Laura had made a career as a bikini (and sometimes nude) model. She had been very popular and successful, before she decided to go into semi-retirement, but she still did the occasional shoot from time to time. She worked hard to maintain her beauty, both for her career and for her husband, Steve. She was not a vain woman, but she wanted to make sure that Steve stayed interested. Steve was a good, loyal husband – she was sure of that – but she wanted to take no chances of his eyes wandering. With this bikini, she was sure that she would keep his attention.

She admired her perfect body in the mirror a big longer, turning to see herself from different angles, then turned away, picked up her short, ornamental robe and slipped her lovely feet into some flip flops. The sense of irritation that she had managed to put aside as she examined her bikini body returned full force with her thoughts about her husband. She was extremely annoyed at the moment. She and her husband were getting ready to go join their new tenant in the upstairs hot tub and Laura would rather be doing something – anything- else.

The situation was a bit complicated: Laura and Steve had bought a large townhouse in the center of the city. They lived on the main and second floors, which were more than adequate for their purposes, but they were renting out the top floor, which had a large deck and a large, custom built hot tub. The tub was fit neatly into the deck, so that it was level with the expensive tile. It had a built in bar, stairs for easy entry and exit and was bordered on the inside by a comfortable bench on all sides. The deck was protected by a high wall, making it impossible for anyone to see in. The deck and hot tub were meant to be particularly enticing extras for any discerning tenant. The happily married couple had done most of the renovations on the townhouse themselves and, just a couple of months earlier, had finally put the rental suite on the market. They got a lot of expressions of interest, but an agent from Laura’s old modeling firm had asked her, as a favor, to take one of the models as a tenant. Somewhat reluctantly, Laura had agreed.

Jesse was the same age as Laura, the same build, absolutely gorgeous, and an absolute bitch. She did not hide the last part well. Laura had sensed a challenge from the beautiful brunette the moment that they met and shook hands, but it took a couple of weeks before she realized what was up. When she first met Jesse, she had been immediately taken aback. The beautiful woman had come to see the apartment dressed in a white blouse that was completely unbuttoned and open in the front, letting her tanned cleavage spill out, and tied into a tight knot directly under her DD breasts. She was braless, so her tits bounced deliciously as she moved. The outfit allowed for an impressive display of endless bare belly; a beautifully tanned, brown, muscled torso and wide, powerful hips. Jesse was wearing blue jeans low on her hips and cowboy boots. Laura had not minded the woman’s prominent display of her considerable charms. Jesse was a bikini and fitness model, like Laura, and she probably posed nude from time to time as well. Putting their bodies on full display was what they did for a living and it followed that the woman would be extremely comfortable with her body, even an exhibitionist. Besides, Laura was known to walk around in cleavage baring halters and belly-baring outfits from time to time.

What had annoyed Laura was the immediate interest that Jesse had shown in Steve. Steve was a handsome man. He had been a model himself, when Laura first met him on a photo shoot. She was the beauty in a bikini; he was the muscle man whose bicep she was hanging off or who was lifting her on his considerable shoulder. Steve was not a huge, bodybuilder type; his muscles were long and lean and sharply defined. The two models hit it off immediately and it was not long before they were sleeping together. They had lived together for two years before marrying the previous year. They enjoyed each other’s company and loved spending time together. Sexually, they were both dynamite in bed. Steve was considerably well-endowed and knew his way around a woman’s body. Laura was sexually insatiable and made sure that her regular exercise routine included vaginal exercises that made it possible for her pussy to really grip a cock and suck it dry. Laura was bisexual, but she had been with a woman only twice since getting with Steve, both time in threesomes that all parties had enjoyed immensely.

Laura watched Jesse flirt with Steve. The model bent down to give him a good view of her cleavage; she thrust out her bare belly to invite him to examine her taut abdomen and her bejeweled navel.

“I like your belly ring,” Steve said to Jesse, with a smile.

“Hm. That’s not the only ring I’ve got,” the beautiful brunette replied, with a coquettish grin. “Why don’t you guess where the other one is?”

“I’d rather not, “Steve smiled back. He seemed comfortable, but Laura could tell he was getting a bit nervous – in part, she was sure, because he was getting turned on and did not want his considerable assets giving him away.

Laura interrupted the game. “So, do you like the apartment, Jesse?”

“Yes, it’s great,” the brunette replied. “I love the hot tub and the deck. I like to tan every now and then and it’s great to have a private deck.” She gave Steve a meaningful grin. “I prefer to tan in the nude.”

“Hm. So do I,” Laura said, with what she hoped was a pleasant smile. The woman’s brazenness was a bit odd, but part of her found it playful and refreshing. No harm done, she decided, though the jealous part of her brain was telling her that letting this woman get too close to her husband was a mistake. Laura ignored the warning. She was confident in Steve, she was confident in her own sexual appeal, and, she realized later, part of her actually welcomed the challenge presented by Jesse. Why else would she have let such a shark get so close?

It soon became apparent, however, that Jesse’s interest in Steve was not just playful. Only a few days after she moved in, Jesse came downstairs to borrow some bread and butter wearing nothing but a short, tiny gown that she had just thrown on after getting out of the shower. The robe was damp around her tits, showing off her prominent nipples to full effect. The brunette acted like there was nothing odd in her overtly sexual appearance, but Laura was quietly enraged. She immediately made it clear to Steve that he was only to have any dealings with Jesse when Laura was around. Steve thought she was overreacting but, over the next couple of months, Jesse’s flirting with Steve became ever more brazen until, finally, Laura had told the brunette where to get off. This had led to a screaming match between the two women in Laura’s livingroom, with Steve holding them apart. Nose to nose, the women had shrieked at each other, calling the other every name in the book. They just managed to avoid a hair-pulling, biting, kicking showdown before Jesse left in a huff.

Laura and her tenant had not spoken in a couple of weeks when Steve told her, a few nights earlier, that Jesse had invited them up to the hot tub for drinks on Saturday night.

“What?” Laura said sharply. “Tell her ‘no.’ I don’t want to be anywhere near that cunt.”

“Come on, baby,” Steve wheedled. “I’m sure she’s not as bad as she seems. She’s going to be our tenant for the next year, at least, until the lease runs out. Let’s try to bury the hatchet and move on. She is making an effort; don’t you think we should meet her halfway?”

“Fuck that!” Laura replied. But Steve eventually convinced her that a good relationship with their tenant was better than a cold war. Laura reluctantly agreed to go to Jesse’s hot tub party and now here they were, on a hot Saturday night, Laura dressed in her smallest bikini, Steve in his tight Speedos, ready to meet with a woman who had made her intentions towards Steve absolutely clear.

Around 8:30, Steve and Laura went up the inside stairs to knock at the upper apartment door. They were both wearing robes over their swimsuits and flip flops. Jesse opened the door and Laura immediately realized she had made a mistake. The bikini model was wearing a red micro slingshot bikini, an incredibly revealing one-piece outfit that looped over her shoulders, stretched into two strings that barely covered her areola, before combining again, just above her crotch, to form a single strand of cloth that stretched tight to her pussy, becoming a thong that bisected her ass, then shot up as a V of two spaghetti-thin strings from her ass to her shoulders, the whole thing held taut by tension. The outfit was incredibly revealing and erotic. The pressure on Jesse’s tits caused her massive mounds to bulge deliciously, two round, brown globes barely contained by the tight cloth; the material pulled tight over her crotch presented a clear camel toe and made it clear that she, too, was completely clean shaven down below. Laura’s next-to-nothing bikini probably had no more material than Jesse’s slingshot, but the slingshot was more novel, more enticing, more erotic. Laura noticed that Jesse was not wearing her belly ring, probably to protect it from the water. She was grateful for that, at least.

“Steve! Great that you could come!” Jesse said, insultingly and pointedly ignoring Laura. “Come on to the back, the tub’s nice and hot!”

Jesse walked away from them, allowing the young couple a perfect view of her naked ass as it rippled, and her naked hips as they swayed. From the back, she looked nude, the only indication of clothing the spaghetti thin strings reaching from her ass crack to her shoulders.

“That’s it, we’re leaving,” Laura snapped to Steve.

“Come on, baby, we’ve got to make an effort,” Steve whispered. Laura could not believe how dense he was being. She suspected, angrily, that he was really wanted to ogle Jesse’s fantastic body as much as he could. She could leave without him, but she was not about to leave him alone with this predatory bitch.

“Come on, you two,” Jesse called back from the door to the deck, “I’ve got some great wine we can try.”

Laura followed Steve out onto the deck. He doffed his robe and, apparently unconcerned that his tight Speedos were revealing a rapidly hardening erection, eagerly climbed the platform and lowered himself into the hot tub.

Before Laura could join him, Jesse climbed to the edge of the platform and slipped slowly, seductively into the hot water, her nearly naked bronzed body sinking into the steaming water like a mermaid, the wetness making her slingshot soak through, outlining every inch of flesh, especially her hard nipples and ridged areola. She immersed herself to her neck, then took a seat directly across from Steve. Water streamed down her heavy tits, which rested just on the surface of the water.

Laura watched this display with growing anger. She decided it was time for her to put on her own display. Stepping out of her flip flops, she walked right up to the edge of the platform, drawing Jesse and Steve’s eyes to her. Slowly, seductively, she untied her robe, letting it fall open enough to reveal her lush flesh beneath. She pushed one leg forward to split the robe open, then reached up and brushed the garment off her tan shoulders. The robe fell in a translucent pile at her feet, revealing her nearly naked body. She could see an appreciative, assessing look on Jesse’s beautiful face. The other bikini model was comparing her body to Laura’s and could tell that they looked roughly equal in every way.

Slowly, carefully, Laura lowered herself gently into the water, using the opportunity to ripple her luscious belly and then lean forward to give both Jesse and Steve a clear view of jiggling tits and her hardened nipples. She slowly immersed herself in the water, pausing to let the hot water soak the pussy-cupping triangle of her thong. The wet cloth sucked up slightly into the cleft of her cunt. Laura moved to sit beside Steve. Steve draped her muscular arm over her powerful shoulders. Laura’s voluptuous tits rested on top of the water, the bikini top barely holding them in, their nipples pointed directly at Jesse’s thick nipples.

Laura looked up at Steve, who was gazing down at her with a look of lust, his eyes focused on her massive tits. She kissed him gently. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Jesse watching them. The brunette had a hot, hungry look on her face. Good, Laura thought.

Jesse acted as hostess, serving her guests from a bar attached to the other side of the hot tub. Soon the three were sharing wine and discussing recent current events and matters related to the modeling industry. Laura tried to relax, but Jesse’s attitude kept her on edge. The woman’s words were fine; she was friendly and the perfect hostess. But Laura had the sense that she was being stalked by a big, brown jaguar, that she was being played with by a vicious cat. Jesse soon began doing things, small things, that increased the tension. Mostly, she simply moved and posed in ways that drew attention to her magnificent body. She leaned back and thrust her tits forward; she leaned over the bar and shoved her beautiful bare ass in the air; she stretched out her perfect legs and almost caressed Steve’s leg under the water with her feet. Because she was dressed in so little, it was hard to claim that her actions and poses were deliberately provocative and designed to arouse Steve, but that was the effect. Laura, being bisexual, was also sexually aroused by the other woman’s increasingly lewd display, but part of her was also angry and growing angrier by the moment.

Countering Jesse’s actions was difficult. Laura was seated right beside her husband, so putting herself on display was not really possible. Fortunately, she had the advantage of her proximity. She leaned into him and rubbed her bare flesh against his. She kissed him from time to time, or turned into him and pressed her tits against his naked chest and rubbed her hard nipples into his chest hair. Under the water, her hand found his growing erection and stroked it gently, teasingly, through his suit.

The tensions of the evening rose as the talk turned to sex play and Jesse began sharing gossip from around some of the photo shoots she had been at.

“Yeah, I was at this shoot in the Bahamas where all these girls from Playboy were shooting at the same time as our little group. Absolutely fucking gorgeous girls! We ran into some of the bunny girls at a local bar, went back with them to their hotel, and we fucked each other’s brains out the whole night! I don’t think any of us could even walk the next morning!”

“So, you’re into women?” Steve asked. Laura, her hand on his cock, felt the huge shaft twitch a bit.

“Men, women, I fuck them all the same,” Jesse replied, nonchalantly. “I love a good, hard cock going up my pussy – nothing like it. But rubbing clits and tits with another woman – especially a really tight, toned woman with big tits – that can just blow my mind!”

“What do you think, baby?” Steve asked, turning to Laura. Jesse looked at her with an arched eyebrow and a wicked grin. Laura just wanted to slap the brunette’s face. But she decided to play it cool.

“I like it, too,” Laura admitted. “A guy’s cock is wonderful.” Here she squeezed her husband again and leaned into kiss him on the chin. “But a girl’s pussy can be even more … intimate, in a way. When a man is inside you, churning it up in there, it feels fantastic – the sensation of becoming one body is fucking fantastic. But with a woman, when you go at each other clit on clit, you’re taking the most sensitive part of yourself and grinding it with the most sensitive part of the other woman – it’s just heaven.” Despite herself, Laura found herself getting hard and tight inside her pussy; her thick nipples were growing even longer and harder. “And when cunts suck together, good and deep – it feels even better than a cock!”

“It sounds like you prefer girls to guys, baby,” Jesse purred, her dark eyes bright with heat. “Do you think you’ll really be happy just sticking with Steve, here?”

“Steve is more than enough for me,” Laura said quickly, squeezing her husband’s cock again. “Every now and then, we pick up a girl and have fun with her. That’s enough to keep me happy.”

“Ah, so you’re into threesomes, hm?” Jesse smiled even wider. “Think you might want to try one with me? I’m sure that Steve would like to give it a go, wouldn’t you, baby?”

Steve stammered as he tried to find a suitable response, but Laura answered for both of them. “No thanks, Jesse. It’s a nice offer, but I think we’ll pass.”

“Why?” Jesse asked, pretending to pout. “Don’t you think I’m good enough for you?” She stood up in the hot tub, her incredible tits streaming water, her nearly bare torso gleaming. “Come on, I guarantee I can give both of you a real ride for your money – maybe at the same time.”

Laura had enough. “No, I don’t think so. I prefer to have sex with women and men that I like, or at least people who I can stand being around. You don’t fit into either box.”

“Really?” Jesse said, a mock look of outrage on her face. “Why ever not, baby girl? Are you afraid that when your man gets the feel of his dick all the way up my nice, tight cunt, he won’t ever go back to you?”

“Now…,” Steve began, but Laura cut him off.

“My cunt is tight, hot and more than enough to milk him dry, you bitch,” she snarled. “I don’t have anything to explain to you. You’re a snotty little cunt who keeps going after my man even after you’ve been warned off. That’s enough reason to hate your fucking guts.”

Jesse stepped forward, her hands on her hips, her massive tits almost bursting out of the straining bands holding them back. She pointed her engorged nipples at Laura.

“You fucking cunt. Your problem is you’re scared of my pussy, you’re afraid that I’m just too much woman for you to compete with.”

Laura felt the rage build inside her. She stood up and moved to meet Jesse in the center of the tub. Her nipples were spearing her red bikini top, and throbbing with arousal. She aimed her nipples right at Jesse’s equally engorged pair. The barefooted women were exactly the same height and their thick, meaty tits lined up perfectly. The women did not touch nipples – not yet – but they moved their pulsing, burning nipples to within a fraction of an inch of each other.

“I can give Steve the fuck of his life. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Jesse breathed. “If you get in my way, I’ll show you what a better woman can do with her pussy. I’ll turn you inside out and have you begging me to stop and begging me to keep going, at the same time.”

“You’re not the better woman, fucker,” Laura shot back. “I am. And I’ll do whatever I have to do to prove it. And the only way you’re getting Steve’s cock is if you can get through me.”

Jesse glared. Then, she stepped back. For a brief moment, Laura thought the other girl might be backing down. She felt a flash of disappointment. But, instead, Jesse reached up and pulled the straps of her slingshot off of her lush, powerful shoulders. The suit instantly lost its tension. Her incredible tits bounced free, jiggling entrancingly. She pulled the suit down her body and stepped out of it, her lower body obscured by the steaming water. Jesse reached down, pulled the scrap of cloth that was her swimsuit out of the tub. She held it in the air for a second, brandishing it like a weapon, then threw it onto the deck. She put her hands back on her hips and thrust her naked, jiggling tits at Laura in challenge.

Laura did not hesitate. She reached up and untied the bows behind her back holding her bikini top in place. She threw the top onto the deck, her naked tits bouncing deliciously. She reached down in the water, found the tie for her thong, and undid it. An instant later, she pulled her thong out of the water, waved it in Jesse’s face, then threw it in the general direction of her top.

The two nude women stood glaring at each other, their equally massive and beautiful tits tracking each other as their breasts heaved in excitement.

Steve stood up. He could barely believe what was happening. His erection was enormous, but he did not want his wife and their tenant to get into some kind of nude, sexual brawl right in front of him. Well, actually, he did – the thought excited him enormously, as his giant cock proved. But he was afraid the women might really hurt each other.

“Stay out of this, Steve,” Laura snapped at him, before he could get any further. “This is just between me and this fucking slut.”

“You just sit there and enjoy the show, honey,” Jesse growled, her dark eyes locked with Laura’s green eyes. “I’m going to finish off your little wife here then I’ll milk that beautiful cock until there isn’t a drop of jizz left in it.”

“You fucking whore,” Laura snapped.

“I’m going to flatten those little tits, I’m going to mash those tiny nipples, then I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop,” Jesse purred, moving slightly closer to Laura, her breasts swaying dangerously. “Then, I’m going to fuck Steve into a coma and make you watch. Maybe I’ll make you suck my tits while I fuck Steve. You’re never going to challenge me again, you cunt.”

“You fucking dirty slut,” Laura growled, beside herself with rage. “I’m going to mash those pathetic bags flat. Then we’ll see who fucks who, cunt.”

The women moved closer, closing the final gap between their enflamed nipples. Both women’s nips were hard, thick and brown, though Jesse’s were decidedly darker. Both sets were about an inch long and, as Jesse and Laura immediately discovered, as hard as rock with arousal. The women pressed the thick brown cylinders together, head to head, and gasped as a bloom of pleasure flared in their sensitive nipples and ricocheted through their dense tits until it flowed deep down into their burning clits. Their breasts swelled even more. The women moved their nipples on each other, throbbing flesh burning with arousal, then slipped them past each other to stab into areola. Their flicked their nipples, hard nips catching then springing apart. The women gasped in shared pleasure. Both women reached for the other’s naked hips and took a good grip. As their excitement and arousal grew, their desire to mash tits, to grind each other hard and hot, took hold of both voluptuous vixens.

Jesse and Laura pulled each other in and rammed their tits together hard. Firm, thick meat mashed to firm, thick meat; rock-hard nipples scored and stabbed at throbbing flesh. The women smeared and dragged their tits against each other, pushing as hard as they could, trying to grind and mash the other woman flat. Hands gripped to their enemy’s hips, the women rotated their tits into each other using their powerful back muscles, grinding first right tit to left, nipples drilling hard into the taut titflesh, then, left tit to right. They ground their nipples together, trying to stab the rock hard nipples directly into each other, then slapped and slid their hard meat around and around, over and under, four thick, taut masses of meat, grinding and slapping, pushing and thrusting, mashing and rolling.

The battling women leaned into each other, keeping up a constant pressure on their struggling tits. Their feet were constantly moving on the bottom of the hot tub, trying to keep a grip as they pushed and shoved. Jesse and Laura were gasping, their breath coming in hard pants as the delicious, erotic sensations filled their battling mammary glands. Laura had fought titfights before, but never with a woman whose boobs were as thick and firm as Jesse’s were proving to be. Even as she rammed her tits as hard as she could into the opposing orbs, Laura reveled in the feelings of intense sexual pleasure that were radiating out of her chest. The constant grinding and mashing of hot tit to tit was equivalent to both women giving each other’s bulbous chests vigorous erotic massages. The women’s nipples burned with the intense pleasure as they stabbed and grated and then twisted around each other, fighting and mating at the same time.

Jesse had expected to be grinding Laura into submission quickly. Instead, the redhead’s massive rack was every bit as meaty, every bit as taut and firm, as Jesse’s incredible tits. The realization infuriated her, but she could not deny the pleasure either. Jesse had always loved rubbing her tits into the tits of another woman, ideally a woman whose meat could resist her own. Now, she was locked in thrusting, mashing, rippling, rolling duel of tits with this beautiful bitch.

The women were holding each other by the hips and leaning into each other, pushing hard, moving their chests, slipping and grinding their tits over and under and around each other. Laura reached up and grabbed Jesse by the elbows. Jesse immediately reciprocated. The women squeezed their arms together, forcing their massive tits to bulge out, under pressure. The women rammed and drove their aching tits together once more, trapping them within the cage of their locked arms. Their nipples jousted for a while, but both women knew that battering their tits against each other was not possible in the slippery environment of the tub. They locked arms, aimed their tits, and leaned hard into each other, trying to squash each other flat. Instead, their tits swelled up, throbbing and pulsing, like meaty balloons.

“You goddamned fucking whore!” Laura hissed, her rage competing with the pleasure.

“Cunteating slut!” Jesse replied.

Jesse and Laura pushed into each other as hard as they could, their eyes locked and blazing with heat, their faces pressed nose to nose. Their tits throbbed and ached with uncontrollable pleasure and terrible pressure. Their nipples burned, like sizzling fuses. They rubbed their nipples hard against each other scraping them back and forth on their areola. The pleasure grew unbearably. Jesse felt her clit pulsing with heat, her nipples seemed to be fusing to Laura’s hot, hard nipples.

With a shared groan, Laura and Jesse pushed each other away. Panting from a few feet apart, the beautiful women glared at each other, both giving the other’s succulent tits angry glances. Their breasts were reddened, but otherwise untouched. Their throbbing nipples looked thicker, longer and harder than when they had started fighting.

Jesse cupped and rubbed her own tits, sending a shudder of intense pleasure through her body. Laura stroked her own nipples, grunting with the sensation that followed. The women glared at each other, their shared arousal and hate playing across their gorgeous faces.

“Fucking slut!” Laura spat.

“Dirty cunt!” Jesse shot back.

Laura released her tits and thrust out her chest again, challenging Jesse to continue the tit to tit combat. However, Jesse decided that going tit to tit with the redhead was not getting them anywhere. She had threatened to fuck Laura until the woman begged her to stop. She decided it was time to act on that threat.

Jesse lashed out and slapped Laura abruptly and painfully on her jutting right tit.

“Ow! God, you bitch!” Laura gasped. Before she could retaliate, Jesse lashed out again, slapping Laura solidly on her face, then slapping her again and again. Laura was caught off guard and momentarily stunned by the assault. Jesse took advantage and pushed Laura hard. Laura fell onto the edge of the tub, slightly stunned, just catching herself with her hand. Jesse was on her in an instant, pushing her and turning her around, so that Laura was hanging over the edge of the tub, her back to Jesse, her ass exposed. Jesse smiled at Laura’s beautiful tight ass. Without hesitation, Jesse attacked.

Laura was slightly dazed, regaining her bearings, when her rectum and groin suddenly exploded in pain. She realized, with a terrible shock, that Jesse had shoved a thumb up her tight asshole and two or three fingers, simultaneously, deep into her wet pussy. Before Laura even had time to register this violation, Jesse lifted up. Laura shrieked, standing on tiptoe, trying her best to lift herself free of the sudden pain. Jesse lifted higher, pulling Laura’s pussy and asshole.

“You little fuck, let’s see how snotty you are after this!” Jesse snarled.

Even as Laura writhed in pain, Jesse pushed hard into her back, pinning her to the side of the tub, and slipped a hand under Laura and up to her chest, to grasp one of her DD tits. Jesse began stroking and teasing Laura’s heaving breasts. At the same time, Jesse began stroking and thrusting her fingers deep into Laura’s yielding twat. In moments, Jesse’s assault went from one of pain to one of intense pleasure. The titfight had already juiced up both women, working them both into a haze of sexual pleasure and desire. Now, as Jesse worked her fingers around and around inside of Laura’s twat, as her thumb continued to anally penetrate and probe Laura’s asshole, Laura began to groan and gasp. At the same time, Jesse stroked and kneaded Laura’s throbbing tits, squeezing her nipples, exciting and arousing the redheaded beauty beyond endurance. Within a minute, Laura was moaning, groaning, gasping with pleasure. She humped back against Jesse’s hand, unable to control herself, riding Jesse’s hand desperately.

“No, oh noooo, oh fuck, noooo….” Laura moaned, struggling to control the fires raging in her body. Jesse was stroking her clit, sliding her fingers along the pulsing nerve-rich nub, squeezing and massaging it gently, sending unbelievable ecstasy flowing up through her bucking body. Laura cried out, gritting her teeth, desperately trying to control what was happening to her. She was completely humiliated, yet also unbelievably aroused.

“You whore, you fucking cunt!” Laura cried. But she humped back against Jesse’s hand harder, faster, her moaning growing louder and more animalistic.

Steve watched all of this fascinated and horrified. It was terrible to watch his wife, whom he truly loved, be sexually dominated and humiliated. But it was also incredibly arousing and exciting, as his massive, throbbing erection proved.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, oh god, oh god….,” Laura moaned. She was on the verge of cumming, her body trembling. Jesse torturing her clit and stroking her tit, the sensations driving her crazy.

Jesse kept Laura on the edge of orgasm for another minute. Then, finally satisfied that she was in absolute control, she knifed her entire hand deep into Laura’s hot cunt. She drove her hand all the way in, enjoying the feel of Laura’s twat closing around her invading hand. Jesse closed her fist and twisted her fist around and around, screwing her hand in, deep.

“Fuck, oh FUUCCCKKKK!,” Laura howled. She convulsed, her entire body shuddering, her back arching, her muscles going stiff with ecstasy as she came with excruciating force. For almost 40 seconds, her body went stiff in orgasmic relief. Then Laura collapsed on the side of the tub.

Jesse smiled. She extracted her hand from Laura’s cunt with a sucking sound. She squeezed Laura’s hard nipple. Jesse rolled Laura off the edge of the tub and onto the deck, until she was flat on her back, her head lolling from side to side, her eyes glazed. Laura rolled over onto her belly and weakly crawled down the platform, away from the tub, trying to regain her bearings. She panted and shuddered as she watched Jesse glide through the water towards Steve.

“Well, that was fun,” Jesse purred to Steve. “Now that your little wife knows who’s the better woman, let’s see what I can do about your big, fat, long cock.”

Steve felt trapped, unsure of what to do. His wife had fought this woman over the right to use his cock; his wife had lost the fight. Surely that meant he was now obligated to fuck Jesse?

Jesse slid up to Steve and, smiling slyly, reached down into the water, her head bobbing just above the water, grabbed his Speedo by the waistband, and pulled the tight shorts over his hips, muscled it down his butt, and all the way down his legs. The trunks got caught, for a moment, on Steve’s massive, 10 inch erection. Jesse stood up, the water streaming off her magnificent breasts and down her belly, holding up the swim trunks, which she waved in Steve’s face like a trophy. With a grin, she threw the trunks onto the deck, then advanced on the captive husband. She climbed onto his lap and slowly pushed her perfect tits into his face; Steve moaned with a combination of lust and confusion. Jess wrapped her arms around his powerful neck and shoulders. She straddled him, spreading her thighs, and lowered herself, pressing her thick tits into his chest, her nipples burning into his flesh. She pushed her face right up to Steve, and let her tongue move along his lips.

“I think it’s time you and I fucked, baby – really, really hard,” Jesse whispered to Steve, her eyes glowing with lust.

Steve could barely move or think. He shuddered as he felt Jesse’s thick lipped cunt slowly push down onto his monstrous erection. “Oh god,” he moaned.

“Just sit back and enjoy it, baby,” Jesse murmured. “Now, you’re going to feel what a real woman’s cunt feels like. When I’m done with you, you won’t ever want to go back to that tired hag.”

Jesse grunted as she pushed down, her tight vaginal lips slowly parting under the pressure, slowly spreading to envelop Steve’s dick’s head. When she had the head firmly gripped. Jesse squeezed it, slow and very hard. Steve moaned and bucked; Jesse shoved her tits against his face and he could not help but open his mouth, wrap his lips around a nipple, and suck hard. Jesse smiled, throwing back her head to gasp with pleasure. Then, without any further teasing, she grabbed Steve’s shoulders to brace herself and pushed herself down, slowly impaling herself on his massive shaft, slowly filling her vaginal canal all the way to the hilt with Steve’s throbbing erection. Steve moaned in ecstasy as he felt himself engulfed in the tight, hot, wet core of the voluptuous woman in his lap; Jesse sighed in pleasure as her vaginal canal filled to the brink. They sat there for a moment, both beautiful people panting. Jesse squeezed Steve, rippling her vaginal walls against his member, causing him to cry out. Steve filled his hands with Jesse’s magnificent round ass. Jesse began to move on Steve cock, thrusting up and down, riding her rival’s husband.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, baby,” Jesse moaned, throwing back her head, her eyes closed, her beautiful face rapt with a smile of pleasure as she began to fuck Steve in earnest.

Laura watched all of this from the deck, propped up against the side of the house. She had felt drained, but now as she saw Jesse riding her husband, her rage blossomed inside of her like an inferno. She had never been so angry in her life and the fury filled her with a new energy. Surprisingly, that energy came as sexual power. Her nipples swelled into spikes; her pussy lubricated powerfully, almost gushing with juices. Her entire body thrummed with anger. This bitch, this fucking whore, was not going to take her man!

Laura quickly crawled across the deck, back to the hot tub. Stealthily, she slipped back into the hot water and came up behind Jesse. The brunette was bouncing on Steve’s dick, her massive tits, their sides fully visible from behind, jiggling as they tried to bounce as they mashed against Steve’s chest. Steve’s hands were digging into her ass. Jesse was so immersed in her joyful fucking that she was caught completely off guard when Laura grabbed her by her thick brown hair and pulled her off of Steve’s bone. The sudden explosion of pain, the jerking separation from Steve’s cock, left Jesse disoriented.

“You fucking cunt, you dirty fucking whore, did you think I’d just let you fuck my man?” Laura screamed. She dragged Jesse by her hair to the far side of the steaming tub.

“Let go of me, slut!” Jesse cried, reaching behind to hit at Laura, to try to free her hair, which Laura had wrapped around her hand.

Laura’s teeth were clenched in rage. She jerked Jesse’s head from side to side, then pushed the naked woman under the water, her hands still embedded in the brunette’s thick hair. Jesse tried to push back to the surface, but Laura was on her back, kneeling on top of her, forcing her to the bottom. Jesse struggled desperately, her state of excitement and arousal eating up her air, her panic causing her to thrash wildly. In the space of about 10 seconds, she went from desperate flailing to stillness, floating on the edge of consciousness. Her last coherent thought was that this sexual adventure may have gotten her killed.

Once her rival went still, Laura held the woman under for a few more seconds. Steve was watching with a horrified look on his face. He was just about to say something when Laura pulled Jesse back to the surface. The beautiful brunette coughed and hacked, gasping for breath. Laura pushed the other woman to the side of the pool, opposite from where she had been fist-raped by her adversary. Laura arranged Jesse, so that the woman’s back was to the pool edge, her body facing into the tub. Jesse’s head lolled back as she struggled to regain full awareness.

“Your turn now, you bitch,” Laura snarled. She leaned herself against Jesse, her naked body pinning the other nude woman to the wall. Laura kept one hand in Jesse’s hair, using it to hold the woman up and control her. Laura reached down with her free hand and began to carefully, tantalizingly, rub Jesse’s naked, hot cunt, her fingers going into the thick-lipped twat, caressing and stroking Jesse’s enflamed clit. As she finger fucked her rival, Laura lowered her head and began to suck Jesse’s nipples, hard and slow, using her tongue and then her teeth to feast on the woman’s delicious tits. She rubbed harder and harder, she sucked viciously, her tongue and teeth sending waves of exquisite pleasure through Jesse’s gasping body.

Jesse moaned in bliss, the raw pleasure of the sexual stimulation pulling her back into the world of wakefulness. Her clit felt like a swollen balloon of pleasure, her nipples were burning with sensation, her insides were filled with the tension of a hot, explosive orgasm. Involuntarily, her hips began to move with Laura’s hand, pumping into the violation, demanding and wanting more.

“Oh, oh, fuck, yes, yes, yeeessssssss,” Jesse cried, her hips bucking, her body going tense as her pussy gushed into the hot water. Her toes curled in ecstasy as Laura rubbed her even harder, prolonging the delicious orgasm rippling through her body.

Jesse came fully awake, gasping and glaring hatefully at Laura. She knew that her body had betrayed her, that it had given in eagerly to the pleasure given by Laura’s fingers and tongue. Jesse began to push herself up, determined to fight back. Laura slapped her hard, several times, back and forth, right across her face. This stunned Jesse, just for the moment, and quieted her down. Jesse could feel her clit throbbing deep in the water, she could feel her nipples pulse with tension.

Laura moved so that she was standing directly in front of Jesse, her magnificent tits almost in Jesse’s face. Laura pushed Jesse, lifting her so that her breasts and much of her upper torso were clear of the water, her ass level with the deck. Laura then positioned herself between Jesse’s legs, and lined up their succulent cunts. It took Jesse a moment to realize what was about to happen but, as Laura mounted her, their thick tits crushing tight, their rock-hard nipples stabbing, the redhead’s beautiful face glaring down into her dark eyes, Jesse understood. A moment later, Laura’s thick lipped, slick, naked twat slid directly onto and into Jesse’s hot, aching twat and the women’s cunts mated for the first time.

Laura’s swollen clit found Jesse’s equally swollen nub immediately. Both women groaned and shuddered in absolute ecstasy as their most delicious, exquisite body parts met and rubbed, caressed, ground into each other. Waves of pure pleasure radiated through both women’s writhing bodies. Laura worked her hips, her ass pumping rhythmically as she fucked her enemy with all her power. Watching from across the pool, Steve saw his wife’s perfect, heart-shaped ass moving up and down powerfully. As he watched, Jesse’s hands snaked down and gripped Laura’s ass tightly, her fingers sinking into the taut flesh, as Jesse bucked in uncontrollable erotic pleasure under Laura’s rippling body.

Laura’s tits were crushed tight to Jesse’s matching orbs, the women’s stomachs were flat to each other, muscles rippling as they fucked. Laura glared down into Jesse’s gorgeous face, her beautiful face a mask of vengeful rage fighting with sexual bliss. Jesse looked up into her eyes, the brunette woman angry but too overwhelmed with sexual pleasure to fight back. She could only surrender to the exquisite sensations that were filling her body with unbearable sexual tension. Involuntarily, Jesse locked her thighs around Laura’s pounding hips, pulling her in tighter and harder, thrusting up against Laura’s downward, penetrating thrusts.

The women’s pussies were fully mated, thick lips flat to each other, slickly sliding in the hot water and sexual lubrication flowing from their inosculated twats. Their cunts were sucked tight, their inner pink crushed and mashed into one, labia intermeshed and melted together. Their swollen, throbbing clits rubbed relentlessly on each other, sending a constant flow of raw, unbearable ecstasy to every cell in their bucking bodies.

“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhh….,” Jesse moaned. Her trembling body tightened, her belly filled with fire, her cunt began to grow hotter, hotter, building to a devastating climax. Jesse’s nipples were on fire as they tangled with Laura’s rock hard nips.

“Oh, oh god, oh god, oh god…. Fuck, fuck, yesssssss!!,” Jesse screamed, throwing back her head, pulling Laura in as hard and deep as she could as her whole body convulsed in a powerful, gushing orgasm. She went rigid for 20 or 30 seconds as the orgasm roared through her body, her face a mask of sexual agony. Laura stopped grinding clit to clit and simply held on to Jesse, feeling the powerful orgasm rage through the woman’s muscles, enjoying the gush of hot cum as Jesse’s ejaculate drowned Laura’s cunt. When the powerful orgasm passed and Jesse was gasping, moaning with the release, Laura let her go and peeled her succulent cunt off of Jesse’s hot quim, stepping back from the spent woman. Jesse slid back down into the water, groaning.

“Better woman my ass!” Laura sneered. “Have you had enough, cunt?”

“What do you mean?” Jesse asked, pulling herself up in the water. She raised her hands to pull back her hair, her perfect, massive tits rising to jiggle and point their hard nipples at Laura.

“I mean that I’m going to make you cum until you quit. Are you ready to quit? Are you ready to swear to leave my man alone?”

“Like fuck,” Jesse replied. “I’m going to fuck you into the ground, then I’m going to ride your man until I squeeze every drop of jizz out of his beautiful prick. This is just starting, you fucking bitch!”

Jesse crossed the pool, her massive tits bouncing, reaching for her sexual enemy. Laura rushed to meet her eagerly. The two nude women’s perfect bodies came crashing together in the center of the pool. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight, mashing their tits, bellies flat to bellies, nose to nose. Snarling, screaming, cursing, the women struggled, each trying to gain the dominant position. They finally settled on the bottom of the pool, their bodies immersed to their necks, legs scissored, cunt to cunt. Laura and Jesse each seized the other woman’s powerful, perfect ass and, gripping each other tightly, massive tits mashed and throbbing, nipple to nipple, belly rippling against belly, the women humped each other furiously. Cunt to cunt, swollen clit to clit, Laura and Jesse fucked with wild abandon, each determined to grind the other into submission. They were pressed together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, glaring hatefully and excitedly into each other’s eyes as every inch of their luscious bodies, every cell of their sexual organs, warred against each other in the hot water below.

“You fucking dirty whore, I’m going to grind every drop of cum out of that skanky cunt!” Laura moaned at her enemy, as her hips rolled powerfully.

“Dirty little shit!” Jesse cursed. “I’m going to milk your cunt, then I’m going to milk your man! Then, I’m going to make you eat me!”

The women stopped exchanging insults and concentrated on fucking the other into oblivion. The massive, draining orgasm that Jesse had inflicted on Laura earlier was wearing off and she knew that she would be in a race to the finish line. For her part, Jesse’s magnificent body was filled with sexual tension and energy and she knew that she might not be able to hold off exploding in orgasmic release.

Grinding mercilessly clit to clit, their cunts sucked and sealed tight, their bodies rippling and undulating against each other, nipples burning into each other, bulging tits rolling and pulsing, the women fucked and fucked. It wasn’t long before they were both whimpering and trembling as they struggled to hold back the orgasms building in their cores. Their pussies sucked at each other hungrily, their massive tits seemed to be melting and fusing into one as erotic sensations swelled in them. Both women shoved their fingers into the other woman’s asshole, violating each other, trying to force a bit more pleasure on their enemy.

Laura and Jesse’s humping grew more frantic, their moans and cries of pleasure grew more desperate.

“Oh god, you dirty fucking cunt!” Jesse screamed as she came hard, as she came with excruciating force, her pussy contracting and gushing hot ejaculate into Laura’s sucking cunt, into the water of the tub.

“Fucking cunt! Dirty whore!” Laura screamed in reply. An instant later, she screamed out in delicious orgasmic release, her pussy shooting a hot blast of cum into her enemy’s convulsing twat.

For more than a minute, the two women held each other tight, gasping and cursing obscenities at each other as their perfect, voluptuous bodies shared orgasm after orgasm. Legs scissored and spread wide, hands tightly gripping asses, cunts sucked tight, clit locked to clit, asses humping, Laura and Jesse tried to fuck each other into absolute submission.

Jesse slumped against Laura, gasping and moaning, her body throbbing, her genitals on fire, her tank almost running on empty. Laura was tired too, almost exhausted, but she was fueled by her righteous anger. Her pussy was burning as well, partly from the incredible pleasure it had given, but she could tell she was getting near her limits. Still, Laura summoned her remaining energy and renewed her attack.

Pulling herself away from Jesse’s luscious body, she stood up in the tub, grabbed Jesse by the hair, and pulled the exhausted brunette back over to the far side of the tub. She pulled Jesse back to an almost standing position and leaned herself into the other woman, one hand gripping Jesse’s hair, the other sliding down the woman’s taut belly to her clean shaven cunt. Once again, Laura began masturbating, finger-fucking her enemy. She lowered her head and began licking and sucking at Jesse’s incredible tits. She stroked and pinched and teased the brunette’s clit. Within a few minutes, Jesse was moaning and gasping uncontrollably, her hips humping into Laura’s hand, her body writhing, her tits jiggling.

Laura decided that payback was a bitch, and she was the bitch. Just as Jesse had done to her, Laura shoved her entire hand up into Jesse’s tight, hot cunt. She knifed in all her fingers at once, filling the wet space. Jesse gasped, then moaned deeply, sensing what was coming. Laura curled her hand into a fist and shoved her fist in up to her wrist and a little beyond. Jesse screamed, crying out, but she bucked her hips harder, driving herself onto the invading fist with all her strength, her hips rolling, her ass pumping. She spread her legs wide and thrust back with all her power against the invader spreading her insides.

“Fuck, oh Fuck, of FUCKING GOD!!” Jesse shrieked.

“Take it you fuck, you cunt, you fucking whore!,” Laura shouted excitedly as the worked her fist into Jesse’s weeping cunt, twisting her wrist, drilling her hand deeper and deeper into the woman’s convulsing pussy. With her free hand, Laura reached around Jesse’s neck, holding the writhing brunette close, seized a tit, and squeezed it hard.

Jesse shrieked in sheer ecstasy as she came hard, came with unbearable force, her entire body jerking. Laura felt that Jesse was like her meat puppet, with her hand shoved all the way up the woman’s trembling twat. Laura continued to pump Jesse’s pussy, even as the brunette came again and again. Jesse shrieked and gasped and, finally, begged for it to end.

“Please Laura, please,” Jesse moaned, “I can’t take anymore, I give, I give. I won’t go after Steve again, I promise, please, please…”

With a sucking pop, Laura pulled her hand out of Jesse’s weeping cunt. The brunette collapsed back into the tub like puppet with its strings cut. She moaned, weeping quietly.

Laura was panting, aroused beyond all measure. With a growl, she grabbed Jesse by the hair and pulled the woman to where Steve was sitting. He had been stroking his own cock, his rapt attention focused on the two gorgeous, voluptuous vixens who had been trying so hard to sexually overpower the other. He was overjoyed that his wife had, apparently, won the conflict.

Laura smiled at Steve. “Get ready for a bit of a ride, baby,” she cooed. With Steve holding his massive prick steady, Laura backed up onto his lap, and lowered herself onto the monstrous shaft. She moaned, her beautiful face lighting in a smile of pure happiness and triumph as her cunt slowly, slowly slid onto her husband’s massive dick. She loved feeling impaled on his meat shaft, she loved the delicious feeling as his cock spread her insides, filled her cunt to the core. When she was fully impaled on the massive 10 inch cock, she squeezed it tight, her vagina rippling along its length, causing Steve to moan in absolute ecstasy.

Laura opened her eyes and stared at Jesse, who she was still holding by the hair, who was glaring at her sullenly.

“Lick and suck my tits, bitch,” Laura ordered her defeated enemy. As Steve penetrated and rocked into her from behind, filling up her insides, sending fire burning up and down her vaginal canal, Jesse lowered her head to Laura’s magnificent tits and licked and sucked the stiff areola, the rock-hard shafts. Of her own volition, she lowered her hand to Laura’s swollen clit and began stroking, stroking. Laura twisted her hand in Jesse’s hair and pulled the woman’s face up to hers. The two women stared deep into each other’s eyes as Laura’s orgasm grew closer and closer. They exchanged looks of shared hate and raw, deep lust.

Jesse pushed her body closer, spreading her legs so that she was sitting in Laura’s lap as Steve fucked his wife from behind. Jesse pushed her massive tits, nipple to nipple, into Laura’s bouncing tits and reached out to wrap her arms around Laura’s neck. Ignoring Steve, the two women rubbed and thrust their magnificent bodies into each other, tits grinding, bellies slapping. As an incredibly powerful orgasm took her, Laura pulled Jesse’s face to her, pulling the woman into a deep, lustful, tongue twisting, spit sucking kiss. Laura screamed and moaned as she kissed Jesse, her tongue thrashing, the brunette woman sucking and licking at her tongue. The women arched their backs, driving their tits together as hard as they could.

Steve almost screamed as he came, harder than he ever had in his life. Laura pulled Jesse’s face from hers and held the other woman away by her hair. Laura closed her eyes, her beautiful face a mask of sexual bliss, as she used her deep vaginal muscles to slowly, deliciously, milk her husband’s cock. Steve groaned in absolute satisfaction and resolution.

Once Steve was finished, Laura tightened her grip on Jesse’s hair and rose to her feet, pulling her body off of Steve’s still hard cock.

“Come here, you little fuck,” Laura snarled. Jesse put up no resistance as Laura pulled her to the other side of the pool by her hair. When they got to the edge, Laura crawled out of the pool and pulled Jesse with her. Jesse knew what Laura wanted; she wanted it too and she eagerly cooperated. Once they were both on the deck, Jesse stretched herself out, flat on her back, beside Laura. She spread her legs in submission and tilted her pelvis upward, to give the redhead easy access to her swollen cunt. Groaning in lust, Laura eagerly mounted Jesse, pressing massive tit to tit, taut belly to belly. She gripped Jesse’s hair tight with both of her hands, and glared hatefully into the brunette’s lovely face. Jesse glared back with just as much hate, but she opened her thighs, presented her pussy, and reached down to fill her hands with Laura’s perfect, heart-shaped ass.

Slick pussy lips slid on slick pussy lips; thick lipped twats squashed and mated, sizzling as they sucked together. Hard, swollen clit fenced and locked with hard, swollen clit. Their bodies rippling, their hips and asses moving in concert, Laura and Jesse fucked powerfully, grinding and thrusting, muscles straining, fucking and fucking viciously. Their tits throbbed and burned into each other, titmeat thrusting to titmeat, their nipples fused, their navels sucked as their bellies rippled. They panted ferociously into each other’s face, they pressed nose to nose and forehead to forehead and glared viciously, but they did not kiss. Instead, they looked deep into each other, understanding each other at the most basic, primal level, as they fucked to the finish. Their bodies writhed and pumped, humping furiously as they ground each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, all the weight and power of their bodies centered around grinding their clits into one, pulsing, exquisite nerve of ecstasy until, finally, finally, they went stiff in each other’s arms. Their bodies twined and locked, muscles strained. Pulling viciously at Jesse’s hair, even as Jesse pulled hard on her ass, Laura threw back her head and groaned tortuously as shot after shot of hot ejaculate pumped from her convulsing cunt into Jesse’s inosculated cunt, even as Jesse’s cunt pumped hot cum right back. The women shook and shuddered and moaned and screamed through three shattering, shared orgasms, before they finally collapsed, arms and legs twined, their perfect bodies drenched with sweat and cum.

After a few minutes, Laura disentangled her body and pulled herself off of Jesse’s slick, perfect form. Their pussies were connected by thick strings of viscous cum. Laura used her finger to break the connection, then she sucked her finger clean. The women stared at each other, both understanding the challenge that had been made and answered.

“I expect you to leave my husband alone, you fucker. If you can’t do that, I’m going to come back up here and fuck you to death.”

“He’s yours,” Jesse said, accepting the outcome of the battle.

Laura got to her feet and put her hands on her hips, looking down at the naked beauty sprawled at her feet. Steve came up out of the tub. His massive shaft was still stiff, brought back to life by the women’s final confrontation. Laura reached for her husband’s hand. She smiled at him, then playfully stroked his cock, before wrapping her warm hand around the shaft. Steve gasped and moaned, closing his eyes than smiling at the delicious contact.

“Come on, baby,” Laura breathed at her husband. “We’re just getting started.”

Laura began leading Steve away by his massive cock. She looked back at Jesse. “Just leave our clothing outside our door,” she said. “My husband and I have things we need to do.”

With a final, vicious smile of triumph, Laura and Steve walked down the deck’s stairs and into the apartment. Jesse watched them go, two naked, perfect asses swaying and flexing as they moved.

After a few minutes, Jesse pulled herself to her feet, kneeling on the deck as she looked around. Her body was still vibrating from the sexual warfare she had just engaged in. Her beautiful face was grave but also angry. She had lost the battle. But, as far as she was concerned, the war was just beginning.

Part II

Two months after their fight in the hot tub, Laura was surprised to discover that Steve had invited Jesse to have dinner with them. “Surprised,” of course, is not quite right – Laura was enraged.

“You invited that fucking cunt to our house for dinner? Why the fuck did you do that?!!”

“She’s our tenant, Laur, and she’s going to be around for a while. I thought we should at least try to break some of the tension.”

“What’s wrong with you, Steve?” Laura snapped. “She’s trying to break us up, or at least get you into bed. Why can’t you see that? Is that what you want?”

“No, of course not, baby,” Steve quickly replied, holding out his hands to placate her. “You know how I feel about you. There’s no way she can break us up.”

“Yeah, but she already took a ride on your cock,” Laura growled. “And you weren’t exactly pushing her away.”

“Come on, we’ve been over this! I thought that was all part of your contest with her.”

Laura glared, her arms crossed under her impressive breasts. But she knew that Steve had a point. His cock had been the prize that she and Jesse had been fighting for and, at least for a time, Jesse had won the prize. And, as angry as she was at Steve for not perceiving what seemed, to her, to be obvious, she had to consider the possibility that he just did not fully understand what was going on. Laura and Steve (and Jesse) came from a world where sex was easy and quick and of very little significance. In their time together, Laura and Steve had participated in two threesomes. Before getting together, Laura herself had taken part in a couple of orgies and many, many one night stands with men and women and often both. Laura knew the challenge Jesse posed to them, to their marriage, to their ability to stay together. But she could understand why Steve was having some difficulty seeing it in the same way. Even more, she was certain that he enjoyed the attention and that he had really enjoyed watching her sexfight Jesse for his cock. In fact, it had become one of the central themes of their fantasy playing when they had sex. She knew that it turned him on to think that his wife was an Alpha bitch and, truth be told, it gave Laura a thrill too.

Finally, Laura gave in. Maybe having Jesse over would clear the air. If it didn’t, if the brunette bitch continued to be a bitch, Laura was confident in her ability to put the other woman in her place again. In fact, the idea of riding Jesse into sexual submission a second time gave her a deep erotic thrill, right in her clit.

So, that Saturday night, Laura prepared for her enemy’s visit. It still seemed absurd to her to be cooking a meal for a woman who had made her designs on Steve plain and who had even, without permission, managed to impale herself on Steve’s bone, even if for only a few minutes. The thought of that vicious assault on her marriage made Laura see red.

With supper on the stove and Steve working on dessert, Laura went to dress for dinner. Obviously, whatever she wore had to be devastatingly sexy. She had no doubt that Jesse would walk in the door in some kind of outrageously slutty outfit and Laura wanted to be able to outslut the bitch if necessary.

She ended up choosing a top that was little more than an oversized bandana. A gold-black patterned cloth, the top tied behind her neck and back with barely-there spaghetti straps. Otherwise, it covered her chest, showing no cleavage but barely going down far enough to cover her breasts. The top hung from her breasts, leaving more than a little underboob exposed and letting her breasts bulge out on the sides, and clung to her sharp nipples like they were nails. Laura’s beautiful belly was totally naked and exposed, and her back was completely bare, except for where the spaghetti strings held the handkerchief-sized top in place. When Laura moved, her boobs shifted exuberantly. She pulled on some stylish, low, low-cut jeans that emphasized her sharp hip bones and the muscled grooves along the outer edge of her powerful thighs leading away from her crotch. The waistband of the jeans was just an inch or so above her vaginal slit; from the back, she displayed a bit of ass cleavage. In past years, the straps of her thong would have been visible, stretching over her hips. But that was a retro look. Instead, Laura just decided to go without underwear. She put on some 3-inch open toe pumps. Laura examined the whole arrangement in her bedroom’s full-length mirror and smiled. Her eyes swept over her incredible body, yards of naked flesh on full display, almost all the way down to her pussy, her tits coyly covered, but in a way that called constant attention to them. She knew that she radiated sexuality. She gave herself a seductive grin. She was sure that nothing Jesse could wear could beat what she had on, though she was sure the brunette could probably come up with something to rival her ensemble.

“Wow!” Steve exclaimed when he saw Laura. His wife smiled as she watched his boner start to swell under his tight pants. Laura slinked up to Steve, wrapped her arms around her neck, and pressed her full body – her tight, bulging tits, her bare belly – into his chest and torso. She smiled as she felt his cock swell to its full size almost immediately.

“Think we have some time for a fast fuck, baby?” Laura murmured. She knew that Jesse was not supposed to be at their door for another hour.

“Oh God, yes,” Steve moaned, squeezing his wife’s luscious body to him tightly. He scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom. In moments, two tugs at Laura’s bandana-like top, and the scrap of cloth was fluttering to the floor, freeing her luscious tits. Laura laughed as she kicked off her pumps and threw herself back on the bed. Steve had his shirt off and was pulling at his pants. Laura undid her jeans then raised her hips and ass off the bed; Steve reached down and slid her jeans down her perfect legs. He threw them aside and stripped off his underpants, his eyes locked on Laura’s naked, glistening cunt. Steve’s massive cock almost exploded from out of his white cotton briefs.

“Like what you see, baby?” Laura cooed. She spread her legs wide, offering her succulent twat to her sex-crazed husband.

“Oh god.” Steve let out a strangled gasp. He took his massive shaft in hand and, kneeling between Laura’s wet thighs, aimed his cock right at her thick, juicy, pink pussy. He shoved forward, his monstrous shaft’s head sinking slowly and deliciously into her hot, wet slit. The husband and wife smiled at each other feverishly. Then, as one, they both thrust hard. Steve’s giant prick slid all the way up, deep into the core of Laura’s steaming, soaking sex. The massive cock’s progress was slow but steady as it spread and penetrated Laura to the deepest part of her body. Laura thrust with her hips, eagerly impaling herself on her husband’s cock. She grabbed Steve’s ass and pulled him in, harder, deeper, until his pubic hair was crushed against her naked pubes, until he was sheathed in her all the way. Steve collapsed on top of Laura, crushing her tits, moaning in indescribable pleasure as Laura used her deep muscles to grip him and squeeze him. Her vaginal walls rippled against his cock, massaging and stimulating him. When he finally began to move, thrusting and humping into her slick, hot cunt, he was almost delirious with pleasure.

For more than 20 minutes, the young couple fucked, Laura using her sexual skills to keep Steve from going off until, finally, she was ready to go and Steve was close to exploding. Bucking and humping, Laura’s legs twined around Steve’s hips and waist, her ankles crossed over his pumping ass. The two lovers bucked hard, moving as one, Laura squeezing and squeezing Steve inside of her. As he came, she squeezed and held his ejaculate back, then released, taking him through multi-orgasmic pleasure. Steve finally emptied himself into his wife’s sucking, gripping cunt, her talented twat milking him dry.

Gasping, spent, temporarily satiated, Steve collapsed across his wife, his powerful body crushing down on her sweaty, naked form. Laura held him tight, her arms twined around him, her pussy locked on his still-hard prick, gently and slowly massaging him with her deepest muscles. She got him hard again without ever letting him pull out of her and, 10 minutes later, he was ejaculating inside of her once more.

Finally, Steve pulled out and lay sprawled beside his wife’s perfect, naked body. Laura felt quite self-satisfied. She stretched her luscious body the length of Steve’s naked form and reached down to gently stroke his cum-slicked cock. Smiling, she slipped down to his crotch and began to lick the semen off his thick prick. Her lips locked around the head of his member and sucked and licked, her tongue going into the hole in his penis, her teeth pulling at the sensitive ridge where his cock head met the shaft. Steve gasped and moaned. Laura licked and sucked, teased and tortured, for several more minutes. Finally, when Steve was harder than steel, his body jerking, Laura slid his cock as far into her mouth as she could. Long practice had allowed her to control her gag reflex, so the massive shaft was soon tickling the back of her throat.

Laura lathered Steve’s cock up with spit and sucked it slowly, deliciously, for several more minutes. She squeezed and rubbed the lower part of his shaft with her expert hands while her teeth, tongue and lips worked the sensitive head. For a few minutes, Laura freed his cock from her mouth and dived down to the root of Steve’s shaft. She licked at his balls, then sucked each one in gently, until her husband was writhing in ecstasy. Smiling, Laura returned to the top of Steve’s prick to suck and suck at the head until, with a convulsive yell, Steve exploded in her mouth. Laura smiled, sucking back the thick, hot cum, rejoicing in the stickiness and taste. When she was sure that Steve had shot his entire load, she sloshed the mixture around in her mouth, then slowly spat it out onto his throbbing shaft.

“Oh god, baby,” Steve moaned at his gorgeous wife, reaching down to stroke her red-brown hair, “you give the best blow jobs in the universe.”

“Don’t get soft on me just yet, big guy,” Laura purred. She glanced at the clock. Jesse should be arriving in about ten minutes. Laura wanted to time this just right. “I still want that stiff prick up my cunt.”

Laura climbed up, spread her legs to either side of Steve’s hips, and lowered her hungry pussy onto his still-thick, hard shaft. Steve groaned. He reached up to fill his hands with her massive tits. Laura rode her husband hard, bouncing and rocking on his cock, squeezing and massaging the stiff, fleshy sword with her inner muscles, working herself into a full sexual lather. After about ten minutes, Steve and Laura cried out together, their bodies jerking, as they shared a simultaneous orgasm, Laura’s deep inner muscles squeezing and releasing Steve several times to stretch out the pleasure for him.

Laura collapsed again on her husband’s chest, laughing and gasping. Steve hugged her tight, then noticed the time. Jesse should be arriving any moment.

“Shit!” Steve exclaimed. He looked down at his sweaty, cum stained body. “I’m a mess and Jesse will be here any second!”

“You go shower, honey,” Laura smiled. “I’m not as messed up as you. I’ll towel down and then get dressed. It won’t take me a second.”

Steve jumped into the shower to wash. Laura followed him into the bathroom, used a face cloth to wipe herself down, then returned to the bedroom to retrieve her meager clothing from the floor and get dressed. As she was pulling on her jeans, she paused to think, then threw the jeans aside and pulled a black micro-skirt out of her closet and snapped it on low on her hips. That took only a moment. She had brushed out her hair and was reapplying her lipstick when the doorbell rang. She glanced at the clock. Jesse was about 5 minutes fashionably late.

“I’ll get the door, Steve,” Laura called out. “You take your time in the shower. Don’t worry about anything, I’ll be the perfect hostess.”

“OK, honey,” Steve shouted back. “I’m counting on you.”

Laura smiled evilly. Her hips swinging in her tiny skirt, her boobs bouncing behind her bandana-like top, her 3-inch pumps clicking on the floor, she made her way to the door. Laura took a deep breath, then pulled the door open.

Jesse was standing there, looking absolutely gorgeous and absolutely sluttish, just as Laura had known she would. The brunette was wearing a bandage black tube top, a tight scrap of cloth that stretched horizontally across her chest, leaving her shoulders bare. This tube was several sizes too small, so Jesse’s extravagant tits were bulging out above the top, exposing her deep, wet cleavage to full effect, and the material fit so tightly to her bulging chest that her nipples, areola and the shape of her breasts were traced by the top like black ink. Her tanned belly was completely bare almost down to her pubes, and adorned with a flashing gold belly ring. She was wearing a black micro-skirt that was more like a belt; it hung low on her hips and barely went far enough down her thighs to cover her pussy. When she sat, the whole thing would give very little coverage to her bare ass. Laura had no doubt that, like her, the other woman was not wearing any underwear.

“Hey, Laura,” Jesse said, her voice tinged with bitchiness. She brandished a bottle of expensive looking wine. “I brought the booze,” she announced.

Laura said nothing, but put her hand out for the bottle of wine. Jesse handed it to her and she placed it on the table inside the door. However, Laura continued to block the door to the apartment.

“I think you know what you have to do to, Jesse,” Laura said, her voice low and malicious. Jesse understood instantly. The brunette’s eyes flashed with viciousness.

“You dirty cunt,” Jesse breathed.

“Yeah, I’ve got a dirty cunt,” Laura agreed. “I want you to clean it out for me.” Laura pulled up the hem of her micro-skirt, exposing her still-dripping cunt.

Jesse hesitated only for a moment. Then, she dropped to her knees in front of Laura, slid her hands up to grasp Laura’s muscular ass, and eagerly buried her beautiful face in Laura’s hot pussy. Laura adjusted her stance, spreading her legs more, and reached down and pressed the back of Jesse’s head more firmly into her twat, but the brunette needed no encouragement. Jesse eagerly licked Laura from her anus through to the top of her dripping slit, where Jesse teased the redhead’s swelling clit with her powerful tongue. Jesse’s thrust two fingers up Laura’s wet pussy, probing and penetrating, then used her fingers to push the tight vaginal lips apart so she could use her tongue to enter and taste Laura’s inner pink. Jesse slid her free hand up Laura’s bare belly and under her bandana top. Jesse grasped a massive, meaty tit and squeezed hard, crushing the nipple. Laura gasped with pleasure and pushed Jesse’s face into her pussy even harder.

For several minutes, the two women stayed locked in the erotic tableau. Jesse kneeled at Laura’s feet, her perfect, heart-shaped ass barely covered by her tiny skirt, her head moving, immersed in the hot flesh between Laura’s legs. Laura panted, her hips and ass moving, rubbing and humping her cunt into Jesse’s sucking mouth and thrusting tongue and probing fingers. Jesse squeezed Laura’s tit, massaging and kneading the dense flesh. Laura pulled viciously at Jesse’s thick brown hair. Jesse could taste and smell Steve’s cum on Laura’s twat, she could smell the scent of hot sex. She knew what Laura was saying to her and, for the moment, she willingly offered her submission to the Alpha Bitch. Indeed, she enjoyed sucking off her nemesis. Jesse loved eating pussy and Laura’s was the tastiest she had devoured in quite a while.

Jesse could feel Laura trembling, getting nearer and nearer a delicious orgasm. She smiled to herself, considering pulling back and leaving Laura in a lathered up, sexually unfulfilled state. Jesse was sure that Steve did not know what Laura was making Jesse do and the brunette was sure that Steve would soon come looking to see what was holding them up. She was surprised he had not turned up already. It would be a small thing to drag this out so long that she did not get Laura off. But Jesse really, really wanted to taste Laura’s cum. It was her favorite part of sucking off a woman. With a grin, she wrapped her lips around Laura’s clit and sucked the thick red bud like a lollipop.

Laura gave a sharp intake of breath, then moaned gently, trying to keep from crying out. Her body trembled even more and, only a minute later, Laura pushed Jesse’s face as deeply into her twat as she could and came hard. Jesse smiled inwardly as she covered Laura’s gushing cunt with her mouth, trying to trap as much of the girl cum as she could. Laura moaned and collapsed against the door. She was sweaty, her eyes were glazed with pleasure and release.

Jesse stood up, using the back of her hand to wipe her mouth, then smoothing out her hair. She stepped forward and grabbed Laura by the back of her head. Laura opened her mouth to protest, but Jesse crushed her body to Laura’s and covered Laura’s mouth with her own. She spat the full load of cum, mixed with her saliva, into Laura’s mouth. Laura groaned deep in her throat, then sloshed the mixture around in her mouth before using her tongue to push it back to Jesse. She pulled Jesse’s head in harder. For more than a minute, the women’s tongues tangled and licked, pushing the mixed cum around inside of their mouths. They pushed in tight, bare belly to belly. Laura felt Jesse’s belly ring push into her taut abdomen. Both women slid a naked thigh up between the other woman’s legs; their skirts were short enough that they felt their enemy’s hot, bare cunt sucking at the taut flesh of the invading thigh. Their tits crushed hard, nipples drilling into enemy titflesh.

“Laura?” Steve’s voice came out of the bedroom. It was enough to get Jesse and Laura to break their sloppy kiss. They pulled their mouths apart, strings of drool hanging between their lips. Both women licked up the slather, glaring at each other viciously.

“Stay away from my husband, you dirty whore,” Laura breathed, one final warning.

Jesse said nothing, but she smiled evilly, then pushed her belly forward, sliding her abdomen against Laura’s bare belly one final time. Laura pushed back. For a moment, the women’s six packs rippled against each other. Then the women stepped apart.

Smoothing themselves down, both women using their hands to wipe the vaginal discharge off their thighs, Laura and Jesse entered the apartment just as Steve came out of the bedroom.

“Jesse brought some wine,” Laura said to her husband, holding up the bottle.

“It’s good to see you, Jesse,” Steve said. He carefully avoided ogling the beautiful, half-naked woman before him.

“Hey, baby,” Jesse said. “You’re looking as fuckable as ever.” She gave him a salacious grin, then walked up to him, hugged him tight to her luscious body, and kissed him on the cheek. Laura knew that this was going to be a long night.

Even after that difficult beginning, however, the night seemed to smooth out. For all of her sluttishness, Jesse could be a good conversationalist when she wanted to be. The young couple and their guest had a good discussion of current affairs in the living room before moving on to discuss recent developments in the modeling world over supper.

Laura took the dinner out and went into the kitchen to get the dessert. She was starting to relax, starting to feel that maybe this visit would work out fine after all. She had established her dominance over Jesse early; maybe the whore had gotten the message.

She entered the dining room with the dessert to find Jesse sitting on Steve’s lap, her tongue down his throat, her tits crushed into his upper chest. Steve seemed paralyzed, caught between shock and extreme lust. Laura had no doubt that his erection was threatening to pop his pants.

“Get your fucking paws off my husband, you dirty whore!” Laura screamed. She placed the dessert on the table with a loud thunk.

“Fuck you cunt,” Jesse shot back, breaking her kiss with Steve. “Steve enjoys the attention from a real woman. If he didn’t want me here he would say so.”

Jesse climbed off of Steve who, sure enough, had a pants-splitting erection. The brunette took a position beside Steve’s chair, her hands on her hips, as Laura charged around the table to get in her face.

“I don’t give a shit what he wants. He’s my husband so get your fucking hands off him!” Laura shoved the other woman hard, causing her to stumble back a few feet.

“Don’t push me you cock sucker! You won by luck last time, don’t try it again,” Jesse shot back, her hands balled into fists, ready for battle. The two beautiful women stood nose to nose, screaming into the other’s hated face.

“You’ve got to be kidding! I cleaned your clock last time!” Laura was seeing red, her rage threatening to overwhelm her. She was going to beat this whore into a pulp.

“You got lucky, fucker!” Jesse insisted.

“Then I’m going to get lucky again, cunt,” Laura growled, her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides. Even through her rage, she felt her clit harden into a throbbing knot as her anticipation built.

“Okay, bitch…where can we do it?” Jesse snarled.

“Come on!” Laura replied. Turning, the redhead led Jesse out of the dining room and down the hall of the townhouse, towards the back of the house. Jesse was right on her heels; Steve was a few feet behind, looking caught between intense unease and intense sexual excitement.

Laura led Jesse into a back room of the townhouse. Laura and Steve had been prepping the room for renovation, but had not gotten very far. It was empty, with a carpet and a few pads on the floor. The windows were uncovered, but the room looked into the back yard, so no curious onlookers could see in.

The moment the women were inside the room, they turned to each other.

“What are the rules, fucker?” Jesse asked. She removed her earrings as she spoke.

“Same as last time. The winner is the one who gets the other one to surrender or pass out. We fuck until one of us gives up or drops.”

“Fine by me,” Jesse said. Her eyes glinted maliciously. “One other thing: the winner gets Steve’s cock. If I win, you share him with me. I’m nice that way. I don’t mind sharing. Not like a selfish twat like you.”

“You fucking bitch,” Laura shot back. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you dry.”

Glaring hatefully, Laura and Jesse began to strip. They reached down and removed their three inch pumps, throwing them into the corner. Laura reached behind her back and untied her bandana top, then slipped it off her chest. Jesse pulled her tube top up, sliding it off her firm tits. Her breasts jiggled deliciously as the top released them. Topless, the two gorgeous women stared at each other’s incredible bodies. Both women were bisexual and both were becoming incredibly sexually aroused as they took in their opponent’s physical beauty. Laura and Jesse reached down and unsnapped their skirts, then threw them into the same corner as their shoes. Jesse removed her belly ring, tossing it onto the small pile in the corner.

Steve closed the door and stood in the corner by the women’s clothing, out of the way. He was not sure what his role was. He intended to keep the women from seriously hurting each other, but he also wanted to see what was going to happen. His cock had swollen to its full size and was throbbing in anticipation.

Completely nude, the redhead and the brunette slowly advanced on each other, hands out, prepared to grapple and grab. Both women’s breasts were tingling as the hot glands swelled with arousal; their nipples were hard as rocks. The women’s naked pussies were getting wet and hot, engorged with blood as the women grew more and more horny. They felt their throbbing clits grow harder and hotter as Jesse and Laura slowly circled each other, looking for an opening.

Laura and Jesse remembered their previous battle vividly. For both women, their sexfight had been intensely pleasurable, even though it had ended in one woman beaten and submissive to the other. Memories of that erotic ecstasy now fueled the fire growing in their loins as they prepared to meet, once again, in sexual combat. Laura was looking forward to fucking the brains out of this whore and adding some more spice to her fantasy play with Steve. Jesse was looking to avenge herself by fucking Laura into a coma. She had a strategy; she just had to get the chance to use it.

Laura moved first, reaching out for Jesse’s hands. The women locked hands, interlacing their fingers, coming together palm to palm. They stared daggers at each other as their powerful arms struggled.

“You fucking cunt,” Jesse hissed. “I’m going to fuck you up good, whore!”

“Filthy, dirty cunt!” Laura shot back. “I’m going to fuck your twat until you beg me to stop! You’re never going to go after my husband again!”

“Fuck you, slut! Your husband deserves the best pussy, and that’s mine! I’m going to fuck you into the ground and then fuck him dry!”

“You dirty whore!” Laura spat, her rage overwhelming her. “We’re going to see who has the best cunt, right now!”

The enraged women pushed together nose to nose, glaring furiously into the other woman’s gorgeous, angry face. They released each other’s hands and wrapped their arms around each other, one arm around the other woman’s back, the other around her neck. They snarled at each other, their faces pushed tight, the taut meat of their throbbing tits crushing and surging against each other, mass to mass. Their tight, hot bellies slapped, writhing and rippling against each other. Their navels sucked hard. The women shoved naked thighs into the other woman’s wet, hungry twat. As their sweaty, naked, voluptuous bodies wrapped together, as they squeezed each other tight, tits mashed, bellies flat to each other, nose to nose, eyes burning with shared hate, there was only one other thing that the women could do.

Laura and Jesse slipped their noses past each other and locked into a deep, savage kiss. They moaned in shared pleasure as their tongues twisted, as they sucked spit back and forth from each other’s mouths. Their maws locked deeply as each woman tried to drive her mouth as hard into the other’s face as she could, as they tried to devour each other, eat each other alive. Their tongues twisted into knots, their animal moaning grew more and more intense. Laura and Jesse staggered around the room, their torsos crushed tight, their bare feet slipping on the carpet.

Laura slipped her arm from around Jesse’s back and slid her hand down the other woman’s belly, reaching down to cup Jesse’s wet, thick-lipped slit. Jesse jerked in ecstasy as Laura rubbed her swollen clit. She eagerly returned the favor, slipping her fingers down to Laura’s cunt and rubbing vigorously at the redhead’s hot sex nub. Laura screamed in pleasure within their locked mouths, then redoubled her assault on Jesse’s clit.

Lower bodies angled away from each other, tits crushed tight, mouths sealed in an endless, savage kiss, their stifled moans growing louder and louder, Jesse and Laura masturbated each other vigorously, viciously, their fingers probing and thrusting, their pussies growing wetter and hotter as the women finger-fucked the other as hard as they could. Their pants grew heavier and the women were forced to break their spit-filled kiss. Resting cheek to cheek, chins on each other’s shoulders, the women gasped and moaned, cursing each other when they could.

“Whore, fucking cunt, dirty fucking slut…,” Laura whispered, panted into Jesse’s ear.

“Slut, fucking bitch, cunt-sucking filth…,” Jesse groaned in reply.

Their pussies leaking juices on the carpet, Laura and Jesse slowly fell to their knees, their fingers still busy between each other’s legs. The wet, sucking sounds of fingers pumping in and out of soaking cunt filled the room; the distinct and intoxicating odor of aroused pussy wafted in the air.

Steve watched the incredible sexual struggle going on in front of him. His balls were aching, his cock was pushing so hard against the front of his pants it was causing his zipper to open. Steve removed his shirt, then quickly stripped off the rest of his clothing. He knew that whichever woman won this erotic battle would claim his cock as the prize. He might as well be ready.

Laura and Jesse continued to fingerfuck, their tits crushed tight, their nipples burning into each other. The heat between their legs became unbearable. Laura’s free arm was wrapped around Jesse’s neck; Jesse’s arm was locked around Laura’s back. Their bodies were shaking with pre-orgasmic tension.

Suddenly, screaming in rage, Jesse dug her toes into the carpet and pushed hard, driving her torso into Laura’s, their hot tits compressing even harder. Laura was thrown off-balance. The women fell over onto the floor, Jesse stretched out on top of Laura’s naked body. Their long, perfect bodies slammed together from tit to clit, their wet pussies slapping hard. Their bare legs twined and strained, tangling, muscle to muscle. The women buried their hands in each other’s hair and pulled viciously. Laura rolled Jesse onto her back and took the top position. Jesse kept the roll going. Body to body, clawing at each other’s backs and asses, slapping asses like taut, round drums, writhing and undulating, belly to belly, tits squashed tight, the battling women rolled from one end of the room to the other, their sweaty bodies slipping and sliding deliciously on each other, flesh burning and thrusting on flesh.

For almost ten minutes, Laura and Jesse wrestled, rolling and writhing, grinding and wriggling, fighting cunt to cunt, tit to tit, belly to belly, from one end of the room to the other. Their hair became wild messes as they tugged and yanked, trying to control and overpower each other, their bodies growing sweatier, their sexes growing hotter and tighter as the battle continued. Nose to nose, panting and growling at each other, hands buried in hair, Jesse and Laura finally stopped rolling, Jesse on top. Laura’s legs were wrapped around Jesse’s waist, her ankles locked in the small of the dark-haired beauty’s back. Jesse moaned in uncontrollable lust as she pressed her sopping, aching twat deep and hard into Laura’s open, welcoming cunt. The women gasped and cried out into each other’s gorgeous, angry faces as their pussies mated, thick, burning cunt lips sliding and sucking and merging, labia intermixing and squashing wetly, hot, hard clits grinding into each other deliciously.

“Oh god, oh fuck, that’s so fucking good…,” Jesse gasped.

“Uhhhmmm, yes, Christ, yesssss…,” Laura moaned. She used one hand to pull Jesse’s hair viciously, while using the other hand to dig her fingers into Jesse’s rippling ass. “Fuck me, whore, fuck me hard…”

“I’m going to ride your dirty little cunt until it breaks, slut,” Jesse gasped, pumping her ass, working her hips around and around as she ground her throbbing clit into Laura’s pulsing sexhorn. Laura’s hips and ass moved with Jesse’s, keeping their clits glued together. The women’s bodies moved as one, bellies flat to each other, tits fused nipple to nipple, cunts locked and sucking hard. Their clits hooked, eliciting screams of pure ecstasy from both women, until they locked their mouths into a violent kiss and began sucking spit, tongues twisted into slippery knots.

Grasping each other’s asses, Jesse and Laura fucked furiously, fucking and fucking and fucking until their bodies, already on the verge of orgasmic explosions, were quivering with pre-orgasmic intensity. They ground and writhed together with all their strength, rubbing sweaty, burning flesh to flesh, tits mashing, nipples stabbing, heat building in the unbearable erotic friction between their legs. Finally, finally, Jesse and Laura came simultaneously, their nova-hot clits melting into one excruciating explosion of pure sexual ecstasy. The women broke their spitty kiss to throw back their heads and howl in joy. Their bellies rippled against each other as they sprayed hot cum all over their interlocked bodies, soaking their thighs and bellies. Hot shots of ejaculate flowed and merged within the women’s sucking vaginas, creating a delicious sexual froth. Their overheated nipples exploded with nipple cum, coating their massive orbs in a liquid sheen. They came once, twice, sharing cum and moans of pure pleasure, going stiff in ecstasy as their bodies tensed then released, pulling hard on each other’s asses, dragging each other as deep inside as they could go. Laura rolled their bodies and took the top position. She grabbed Jesse’s ass tightly; Jesse returned the grip. Laura ground her nova-hot clit into Jesse’s clit relentlessly for less than minute before they were both shrieking and cumming again, drowning each other’s quims in hot ejaculate.

Laura collapsed on top of her sexual rival. Panting, gasping, the women lay tangled together for a minute, cum trickling into their ass cracks, their wet pussies pressed tight, tits throbbing against tits. Laura finally rolled off of Jesse, her right arm still under the other woman’s body, grasping Jesse’s ass, their legs still overlapping. Strands of thick cum bridged between their steaming pussies. Side by side, the women struggled to regain their energy, their beautiful tits sweaty and wet with nipple cum, heaving with each gasp.

Jesse moved suddenly. Looping her left arm around Laura’s neck, she grabbed Laura’s thick hair. At the same time, she shifted her weight and pinned Laura’s right arm under her body. Jesse wrapped both of her powerful legs around Laura’s right leg, immobilizing the slick, muscled limb. Jesse’s heavy tits crushed down on Laura’s tits from the side. To her shock, Laura realized that she was almost completely immobilized. Her free leg could do little for her, except kick at Jesse’s legs, which were locked like a vise around her right leg. Laura could use her free arm to hit at Jesse, but suddenly found that Jesse had thrust her left arm under Laura’s body and used her hand to grip Laura’s bicep, restraining her other arm.

Laura struggled but Jesse was wrapped around her like a snake, letting her weight bear down on Laura, letting the redhead tire herself out. Laura’s thick right thigh was pressed tight into Jesse’s twat, she could feel the brunette’s hard clit rubbing into her slick flesh, but Jesse tightened her legs’ grip, preventing Laura from moving her limb.

“You fuck, let me go!” Laura screeched, rage and fear fighting for dominance in her mind. She had never felt this helpless before.

“Sure I’ll let you go, baby,” Jesse purred. “Just after I finish fucking you into a coma.”

Jesse lowered her head to Laura’s right tit and began licking and gently sucking at the inflamed brown nipple. Laura tried to stifle a sudden groan of raw pleasure. Jesse took her free hand and gently, teasingly, slid it down Laura’s wet, taut belly, playing with Laura’s navel, until she was sliding her fingers along Laura’s naked, cum-saturated slit. Jesse dug her fingers into the tight vaginal groove and ran them along the slick furrow, scooping out some of the thick cum inside, stroking the underside of Laura’s pulsing clit as she came to the top of the furrow. Laura screamed and bucked, but Jesse held her immobile.

“Oh baby,” Jesse smiled, as she released Laura’s tit from her mouth for a moment. “Let’s see how you taste.” She licked her cum-stained fingers clean and smiled lasciviously. Without another word, Jesse lowered her head down to Laura’s magnificent tits and began sucking, biting, licking, her head moving from tit to tit, taking mouthfuls of thick titmeat to devour and suck, teasing and nibbling at rock-hard nipples. At the same time, she buried her free hand inside of Laura’s wet, aching twat. She stroked and teased the redhead’s clit, she probed deep into the vaginal cleft, shoving in as many as four fingers, she played with Laura’s hot, wet asshole, she rubbed and rubbed the most exquisitely sensitive sexual organ on Laura’s luscious body.

Laura tried desperately to resist, but her tits burned and ached with the delicious sensations, her cunt was excruciatingly hot and wet. Unbearable pleasure radiated out from her tortured clit in waves of pure ecstasy. Laura writhed and wriggled, she tried to break free, but soon her body was undulating in pleasure, her gasps were cries of sexual joy. She involuntarily humped her pussy into Jesse’s invading hand, her pride and dignity almost totally lost to the overwhelming need, the pure, raw lust that Jesse was giving to her oversexed body. Her mind tried to resist but her body wanted more, wanted the pleasure and the release.

“Oh god, you fucking cunt, stop, stop!” Laura cried out. She could barely stop herself from begging Jesse to keep going.

“Do you want to surrender, cunt sucker?” Jesse asked, lifting her head from Laura’s tits.

“Never, never you fucking filth!”

Jesse smiled. “Good.” She returned to eating Laura’s tits and torturing the redhead’s swollen, burning cunt.

For more than 20 minutes, Jesse finger-fucked and sucked Laura. The redhead’s groans and cries of sexual need became louder, harder, more and more delirious. Finally, Laura bucked desperately, arching her back, screaming in overwhelming pleasure. She came hard, her pussy erupting in waves of hot cum, her body going tense as a board, then releasing two, three times. Her gushing pussy soaked Jesse’s probing hand and fingers. The brunette smiled, licked her fingers clean, then returned to the delightful task of finger fucking and sucking Laura into submission. She continued rubbing, rubbing Laura’s powerful clit and licking and eating at Laura’s delicious tits. Over the next hour, she pulled orgasm after orgasm out of the redhead’s convulsing pussy, until Laura could barely see straight.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Laura moaned weakly. With every orgasm, she was more spent, but her sexual organs also became more sensitive, more easily brought to pleasure. “Stop, you fucking cunt, you slut, stop, stop…”

“Not until you surrender, baby,” Jesse replied. “Not until you tell me you’re ready to share Steve’s cock.”

“No, no, no….,” Laura gasped.

Jesse was incredibly wound up. She had managed to resist having an orgasm so far, but her swollen, pulsing clit was rubbing constantly on Laura’s sweaty thigh, her heavy tits were sliding, meat to meat, on Laura’s lush breasts. Laura’s thigh was wet with the secretions from Jesse’s twat. As she struggled with Laura, as their bodies grew hotter, sweatier, more lustful, Jesse knew she would have to cum; she desperately needed to do so. As Laura suffered through yet another forced orgasm, Jesse finally felt herself filled to the brim. With a moaning gasp, biting into Laura’s thick tit, Jesse wrapped her legs even more tightly around Laura’s leg and gushed hot cum down the redhead’s thick thigh. The women bucked together in shared ecstasy, for that moment.

In the corner of the room, Steve watched. He was naked, his enormous member was at full arousal. He was stroking himself gently. He had not cum yet, though his penis was throbbing with every pulse of his heart. His massive shaft was burning and aching with the need for release. He watched intently as the two naked, voluptuous women on the floor in front of him fought for the right to his cock. He loved his wife and hated to see her humiliated and tortured. But he also had to admit that he had never been so sexually excited and the idea of plowing his dick into Jesse’s hot, tight slit filled him with desire. Secretly, to his shame, he hoped that his wife lost.

As Steve watched, Jesse resumed her torture of Laura’s cunt and tits. Laura bucked and heaved and screamed out in anger and shame, angry at being so abused, ashamed that her body was betraying her so completely. Her body needed, wanted the unbelievable sexual pleasure that Jesse was forcing on her, even as her mind and her soul fought against enslavement to her most primordial instincts.

Laura came again and again until she was barely conscious, her body so sexually exhausted that her head lolled from side to side and she could hardly keep her eyes open. Cum trickled from her red, hot pussy, her breasts were swollen with arousal and abraded from having been bitten and sucked for so long.

Finally, satisfied that she had Laura at her mercy, Jesse released Laura’s body and rolled away. Laura remained sprawled on the carpeted floor, flat on her back, writhing slowly, moaning softly. Jesse rolled Laura onto her stomach, so that Laura’s massive tits compressed into the floor. Slowly, dragging herself back from the edge of consciousness, Laura struggled to get to her knees. She pulled her thighs under her body, curled in a ball, her bare ass pointing out. Jesse did not take any chances. As Laura sat on the floor, her ass out and her cum-saturated pussy fully exposed, Jesse moved behind her enemy. Jesse grasped Laura’s hair, jerking her head back, causing Laura to gasp with the sudden pain. Jesse took her remaining hand and knifed it straight and hard, right into Laura’s exposed cunt. Jesse pushed hard, burying her hand up to the wrist in Laura’s tight fuckhole. Laura shrieked, going rigid with the sudden intimate violation.

“Oh god, you fuck, you dirty filthy fuck,” Laura groaned. Jesse drove her hand even deeper into Laura’s tight, sucking cunt, then balled her fingers into a fist. Laura screamed in agony and sheer ecstasy as Jess fisted her, reaming her cunt, stretching her insides around the brutal invader. Jesse twisted her fist around and around. She pulled viciously on Laura’s hair, using her grip to control the bucking, thrusting woman who was trembling on the end of her fist like a meat puppet. Laura could not hold out long. Screaming like a banshee, the redhead’s powerful cunt erupted, wave after wave of hot cum jetting out from around Jesse’s invading fist. Even as Laura convulsed in the aftershocks of her devastating orgasm, Jesse unfurled her fist and partially pulled her hand from Laura’s abused twat. Jesse left four of her fingers in Laura’s cunt, but freed her thumb and inserted it deep into Laura’s asshole. She pulled up like she was lifting a bowling ball.

“No, no, oh fuck no…,” Laura gasped, as she lifted her hips, trying to move with the attack. With a final cry of sexual agony and pure erotic bliss, she passed out, her body unable to take any more abuse. She fell forward onto the carpet, completely unconscious.

Jesse smiled. She was tired but, more than anything, filled with a sense of incredible victory. She had sexually abused, humiliated and overpowered the woman who had defeated and humiliated her two months before. Even more, she now had the right to claim the prize.

Jesse rolled over onto her back. Facing Steve, she laced her fingers behind her head, posing like a centerfold, and spread her legs wide. Steve looked down into the clean-shaven, red, hot, cum-dripping pussy before him. He was mesmerized by Jesse’s huge, red clit, which was bobbing with erotic tension.

“Come here, baby,” Jesse purred. “It’s time to give me that cock, no interruptions.”

Moaning, Steve threw himself onto Jesse’s incredible naked body, his chest crushing her massive tits, his belly slapping to her flat abdomen. He drove his cock hilt deep into her cunt with one long, hard thrust. Steve moaned in indescribable pleasure as he sheathed his prick in Jesse’s unbearably hot, wet vagina, the tight, slick flesh closing around his member like a vise. Jesse moaned in ecstasy and squeezed him slowly and deliberately. Her hips moved with his powerful thrusts, keeping him sheathed deep inside her. Steve and Jesse moaned and growled like animals as they fucked furiously. Jesse wrapped her legs around his hips, sank her fingers into his powerful ass, and dragged him into her, squeezing and rippling her deep vaginal muscles on his massive shaft the whole time. Steve plunged into the woman’s cunt, grinding and thrusting, fucking with wild abandon, his throbbing, pulsing, burning member seeking her core, desperate for the satisfaction of absolute release. Within 10 minutes, neither of them could hold out any longer. Steve ejaculated deep inside of Jesse’s powerful cunt, groaning in ecstasy as he emptied himself into her hot, tight, juicy vagina. Jesse squeezed and massaged him with her vaginal muscles, prolonging his orgasm, giving him as much pleasure as she could. Her own orgasm roared through her, radiating up from her overstimulated clit, filling her with waves of fire and raw, simmering electricity. She ejaculated hard, her woman cum leaking out around Steve’s cock. Her breasts felt swollen and taut, her nipples stabbed into Steve’s hot chest.

Panting, Steve and Jesse rested in each other’s arms for a few minutes, their wet, hot bodies sharing heat, Jesse’s powerful vagina clamped possessively around Steve’s still-hard prick. Then, Jesse rolled their bodies and took top position. Placing her hands on his muscular chest, smiling at Steve seductively, Jesse began sliding her pussy up and down on his shaft, never letting him leave her body, but moving the rod through the slickness of her vaginal walls. Jesse squeezed, teased and tortured Steve’s cock as she rode him. In no time, he was as hard as a piece of steel, his long, thick rod piercing and stretching Jesse’s hot, tight vagina. Steve reached up to squeeze and knead Jesse’s exuberantly bouncing breasts. Jesse smiled down at him as she covered his hands with her own, encouraging him to grope and feel her massive mounds. Riding Steve vigorously, Jesse brought him to the edge of climax, then backed away, before doing it again and again. Just as Steve came inside of her, exploding with a cry of overwhelming sexual pleasure, across the room Laura stirred.

Laura turned her head and saw and heard her worst nightmare: her husband fucking her enemy, cumming inside of her rival, and clearly enjoying it enormously. Laura whimpered in distress. “Steve,” she moaned, rolling onto her side to stare at the horrible scene before her with wide, hurt eyes.

Jesse opened her eyes, saw Laura, and smiled viciously, even as she continued bouncing and grinding on Steve’s rod. Jesse squeezed Steve’s cock slow and hard with her deep vaginal muscles, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, milking every drop of cum from his shuddering prick. Steve gasped, then collapsed back, totally spent, almost unconscious with pleasure. Slowly, Jesse pushed herself up off of Steve’s massive shaft. As her cunt pulled away from his prick, releasing the shaft with a wet “pop,” long strings of jism followed her up, hanging from her wet pussy and sliming her inner thighs.

Jesse walked over to Laura, who looked up at her. Laura’s eyes were still a bit glazed, the aftereffects of her brain shutting down because it could not handle the sexual pleasure to which it had been subjected. The redhead’s eyes glinted with growing rage, but behind it all was shame, the clear realization that she had lost the sexual contest with her hated rival.

Jesse stood before Laura, her hands on her hips, her pelvis thrust forward, Steve’s cum dripping from her naked twat, staining her muscular thighs. She looked down at Laura from over her massive tits, smiling grimly. Laura understood.

Her face burning with humiliation, Laura got to her knees, and reached up to grasp Jesse’s perfect, tanned ass, even as Jesse spread her legs a little wider. Laura licked the cum off Jesse’s inner thighs, working her way up the brunette’s sweaty body, until she buried her face in her rival’s cum-slicked cunt. She licked Jesse’s slit, from the brunette’s anus to the top of her swollen clit. Laura sucked and ate, driving her tongue deep into Jesse’s twat, using all of her sexual skills to devour the brunette beauty’s pussy, knowing that this domination was the price of her defeat. She sucked Steve’s cum out of Jesse’s red, hot twat, tasting the familiar tang mixed with the less familiar taste of Jesse’s womanly secretions. Laura’s faced burned with anger and the shame of what she was doing. But, deep down, part of her loved the act, part of her ached for the chance to pay this bitch back for what she was forcing Laura to do.

Jesse panted, her eyes closed, biting her lip, her head thrown back as she moaned in ecstasy, transported by the incredible pleasure of Laura sucking on her clit as well as the almost-as-great pleasure of forcing her rival to perform this act of abject submission. The delicious tension built in her cunt. Jesse’s hands grasped the back of Laura’s head, pushing the redhead more firmly into her cunt, even as Jesse’s hips and ass undulated, humping into Laura’s mouth, rubbing her pussy around and around on the redhead’s gorgeous face. As the pleasure grew, as Laura feasted on her, eating her to a delicious orgasm, Jesse realized she wanted it to last longer, she wanted to prolong Laura’s act of submission. She twisted her hands in Laura’s hair and pulled the beautiful woman’s face away from her pussy, forcing Laura to look up at her. Jesse thrilled to the raging hatred and humiliation that she saw in Laura’s eyes. This was exactly what she had hoped for, but she needed more.

“Get on your back, bitch,” Jesse ordered gruffly.

Grimly, Laura did as she was told, sliding down to the floor and turning around, lying flat on her back, her face staring up into Jesse’s looming cunt. Slowly, Jesse dropped to her knees, her twat just above Laura’s mouth. Jesse was facing down Laura’s body; she reached down and filled her hands with Laura’s magnificent tits and squeezed the luscious meat hard, torturing the redhead’s nipples.

“Eat me, fucker,” Jesse breathed. “Eat me and suck my cum, you fucking bitch.”

Laura resumed her pussy eating. She looped her arms over Jesse’s hips, filled her hands with the brunette’s perfect round ass, and began sucking and licking at her rival’s cunt. She ran her tongue up and down Jesse’s slit, cleaning it out, playing with the labia, teasing the swollen clit, before wrapping her lips about the woman’s throbbing sexhorn and sucking hard, using her teeth to gently stroke her enemy’s aching clit.

Jesse moaned tortuously and fell forward, her hands supporting her body, her taut tits swaying over Laura’s abdomen, her eyes fluttering as her body rocked from the erotic sensations. She panted hard, her eyes closed tight, the incredible pleasure building in her like a wave. Jesse stared down, mesmerized, at Laura’s thick-lipped cunt, which sat tauntingly in front of her, brazenly displayed between Laura’s spread legs. She could see that Laura’s clit was thick and hard, she could see the lubrication limning the cunt’s slick lips, she could smell the scent of hot sex pouring off of it like a furnace. Jesse could not resist. Crying out, she dropped down to Laura’s body, looping her arms around Laura’s hips, grabbing Laura’s perfect ass, burying her face in Laura’s overheated cunt. Jesse pushed her nose into the turgid flesh, deeply inhaling the intoxicating scent of Laura’s sex, getting it all over her face. Then she pushed her tongue deep into Laura’s cunt, licking at the redhead’s hot slit, sucking at the women’s vaginal liquids, wrapping her tongues and lips around Laura’s clit and sucking the exquisitely sensitive sexual bud like a lollipop.

Laura screamed in ecstasy into Jesse’s cunt, then redoubled her efforts to suck Jesse’s clit until it exploded. Jesse attacked Laura’s sex with equal passion. Moaning, almost screaming in shared pleasure and hate, Laura and Jesse rolled onto their sides, wrapped their wet, powerful thighs around each other’s head, locking each in place, and sucked and sucked and sucked at each other’s clits and cunts. Fingers were soon working hard in both women’s aching twats and tight, hot assholes. Both women went at each other with all their fury, sucking clits, licking and eating twats, sucking back cum, fingers probing and thrusting deeply into aching pussies. Jesse ran her tongue into Laura’s tight, wet asshole, forcing Laura to retaliate in kind. Laura shoved two fingers up Jesse’s ass and two more deep into her twat, eliciting a similar response from her rival. Grunting, gasping, writhing as they twisted together in an erotic knot, Jesse and Laura sucked and fingerfucked each other to a series of exploding, gushing orgasms. Screaming in joy, the women came and came, hard, into each other’s gorgeous faces. They licked up and sucked back as much cum as they could, feasting on each other until, finally, they collapsed, gasping, panting, their perfect bodies sheened with sweat. They were spent, at least for the moment. Jesse rolled their bodies so that she was back on top. The women rested.

After a few minutes, Jesse lifted her face from Laura’s succulent cunt and rolled herself off of the woman below her. Wiping her hand over her lips and her wet face, Jesse got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily. Steve was back to standing in the corner. He had watched his wife and her enemy 69 each other into screaming, unbelievably erotic and arousing orgasms. Steve’s cock was hard and thick, but not quite at full attention. Steve had cum several times already and needed more time to reload. Jesse glanced at Steve, examined his prick, then smiled dangerously. She reached down and grabbed Laura by the hair, pulling her to her feet.

“Fuck, let me go,” Laura protested weakly. Jesse pulled the redhead across the room and threw her, on her knees, at Steve’s feet.

“It looks like Steve’s cock is a bit tired, you whore,” Jesse panted. “Why don’t you give him a little suck?”

Laura, her mind still dazed from the sexual marathon of the last few hours, from the devastating effects of more intense orgasms than she could remember, eagerly took her husband’s rapidly-hardening cock in her mouth. This was something that she knew, something that was familiar. She tried to ignore the taste of Jesse’s quim on his prick, the scent of the other woman’s cunt on her husband’s body, and dedicated herself to sucking and licking Steve’s massive shaft to full attention. Steve pulled his wife’s head closer to his crotch, groaning with pleasure as the blood rushed to his staff, filling him, causing his cock head to swell. His wife played her tongue along the sensitive edge of his shaft’s head, causing Steve to cry out in pleasure. Laura sucked each of his balls, applying just enough pressure to make him gasp. She ran her tongue into the hole of his penis, then sucked and bit just hard enough at the exquisitely sensitive shaft. She tasted his precum, she could feel his cock pulsing and shuddering as she ministered to him. Steve was getting close, so close, to cumming.

Laura felt Jesse twine her hand through the redhead’s hair. An instant later, Laura’s head was yanked back, and she found herself being pulled, again, across the room by her hair. Jesse threw Laura against the far wall of the room, then turned back to Steve. Jesse walked up to the sex-crazed man, her ass wiggling, her hips swaying seductively. She wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck and pressed her heavy tits into his muscular chest. Steve looked dazed by his sexual desire as he placed his hands on Jesse’s hips. Jesse did a little hop and wrapped her powerful thighs around Steve’s hips. Steve supported her by her heart-shaped ass, his hands filled with Jesse’s assmeat, and aimed his cock into Jesse’s wet, hot cunt; a moment later, he let gravity, aided by a hard thrust, slide his prick all the way up her wet, tight fuckhole, fully impaling her on his massive, fleshy bone. Jesse moaned out in pleasure as Steve turned her around, braced her against the bedroom wall, and began driving into her, ramming and thrusting, riding her mercilessly with his 10-inch cock. Jesse rocked her hips, her thighs locking her in place, her ankles crossed over Steve’s rolling ass. Jesse moved with every thrust, as Steve leaned into her, crushing her tits with his chest, pounding her cunt with his powerful, almost desperate thrusts. Fucking and fucking, Steve and Jesse rode each other for almost 15 minutes, pounding the wall rhythmically, before Steve threw back his head and yelled out in pleasure. His body went stiff, his ass clenched, and his hips jerked as he pinned Jesse’s voluptuous body to the wall and spasmed as he came.

Panting, Jesse and Steve leaned against each other, their sweaty bodies mixing scent and sweat, Jesse’s tits pressed hard into Steve’s muscled chest. Steve’s massive cock remained lodged in Jesse’s tight, hot twat, until he backed off just enough for the shaft to pull free. Steve’s jizz trickled from Jesse’s red, swollen pussy. A string of thick cum trailed from the tip of Steve’s cock to Jesse’s wet, slick cunt.

Laura watched all of this in a fit of impotent rage. Part of her wanted to run across the room, grab Jesse by her hair, pull her hair out by the roots, bash her head into the floor, mount her and fuck her to death. Part of her wanted to bite Steve’s cock off for betraying her. But she stayed where she was, humiliated, enraged, letting the fury that she felt feed her need for revenge. She swore to herself that she would repay Jesse for every bit of humiliation that Jesse had given to her tonight, with interest. But, for now, she knew the rules of this kind of fight. She had lost. She had to endure what she had agreed to endure. If she could take it now, Jesse would have no choice but to take everything that Laura would do to her later.

Jesse pushed Steve away. Steve leaned against the wall, exhausted, but his cock was still fat and hard, though softer than it had been. Jesse walked to where Laura was sitting, Steve’s jizz dripping from her wet twat. Once again, the two beautiful, voluptuous women locked eyes, their glares full of mutual hatred, but also mutual understanding. They were playing by the same rules. They understood each other.

“Get on your back and spread your legs,” Jesse murmured, her hands on her hips.

Slowly, insolently, Laura did as she was told. She stretched out her naked body at Jesse’s feet, her eyes never leaving those of her sexual rival. She stretched her hands over her head, she opened her thighs and pushed her pelvis up, displaying and presenting her naked, succulent cunt to her rival.

Jesse’s eyes roamed over Laura’s body, her hungry, ravenous glare taking in every inch of the redhead’s ravishing body. Jesse had not orgasmed in her last fuck with Steve. She had come close, but she deliberately held herself back. Her swollen clit was throbbing, aching with the need for release. She could see that Laura’s clit seemed equally engorged, pulsing with unreleased sexual power.

Jesse got to her knees between Laura’s thighs. She slowly lowered her lush, perfect body down onto Laura’s equally perfect form. The women’s rock-hard nipples stabbed into each other and fused into one. Areola melted together. Heavy, dense titflesh squashed, mashed and merged, sending shockwaves of erotic delight pulsing through the women’s bodies. Their naked bellies settled flat and taut against each other. Deep navels sucked. Jesse reached up and grabbed Laura on either side of her head, holding her in place. Laura’s reached down and filled her hands with Jesse’s perfect, heart-shaped ass. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, panting into each other’s beautiful faces, Laura and Jesse glared viciously into each other’s eyes. They were both trembling with sexual need and erotic anticipation. Laura spread her legs wider, inviting, daring her rival to take the next step.

Slowly, agonizingly, Jesse pressed her juicy, burning cunt into Laura’s equally hot, hungry twat. Perfect genitals mated in a growing blaze of erotic heat. Jesse pushed her clit, head to head, with Laura’s clit, crushing and fusing the two sets of erotic nerves into one throbbing, excruciatingly pleasurable mass of ecstasy.

“Fuck, oh fucking god…” Jesse moaned, her eyes fluttering with pleasure as the incredible sensation of mating, of merging clit to clit with Laura’s body, rippled through every inch of her erogenous zones.

“Cunt, cunt, you fucking cunt…,” Laura gasped, desperately trying to keep her eyes focused. Her body jerked, trembled, with pleasure.

“You see, I’m sharing Steve’s cum with you,” Jesse breathed, a vindictive smile on her face as she ground her cum-soaked twat into Laura’s yielding cunt. “I’m a sharer.”

“You fucking whore,” Laura groaned. “I swear to god, I’m going to make you pay for everything you’ve done.”

Slowly, slowly, the women began moving with each other, their clits constantly in contact, rubbing, slipping, sliding, catching and pushing side to side, but never separating, sending constant, building shockwaves of pleasure roaring through their voluptuous bodies. As they moved, they thrust in rhythm, locking their wet cunts tight and hard, labia melting together, hot vaginal mouths sucking and pulling at each other, fat, juicy pussy lips crushing and spreading, flattening and merging, genital heat fusing their throbbing cunts into one. They sucked at each other, cunt to cunt, pulling with their vaginal muscles, pulling each other in deep. Jesse slid her hands under Laura and grasped the redhead’s ass; Laura pulled harder on Jesse’s buttocks and twined her legs through her rival’s powerful limbs, locking their bodies together. At the same time, both women thrust index fingers up the other’s asshole, stimulating and violating each other at once.

Their bodies moved in rhythm, undulating, writhing, every inch of luscious flesh rubbing and grinding, mating with every inch of matching flesh on the other woman. Their bellies rippled against each other, taut abdominals sliding and flexing, sweaty heat causing their navels to suck, their bellies to stick. Their asses and hips moved in unison, keeping their inosculated cunts glued together, wet and hot. Their massive tits were crushed and throbbing with heat, nipples burning into each other, areola pulsing with electric sensations. The women’s erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they fucked, as their passion, their need to utterly consume each other, grew ever more intense.

Laura and Jesse never broke eye contact. Their faces were pushed together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, both women wanting to see the other’s hate, wanting to see the moment when one would sexually break the other. Jesse wanted to see Laura’s humiliation, she wanted to let Laura know that Jesse was paying her back for what Laura had done to her. Laura wanted Jesse to see her defiance, she wanted to show Jesse that she was still sexually powerful, powerful enough to resist Jesse’s body, to resist Jesse’s domination. She may have submitted to the brunette cunt, but the war was not over.

As they fucked, the women panted obscenities at each other, their grunts and groans punctuated by whispered curses, the vilest names they could use against each other. As their rage grew, their need to devour, to destroy each other, grew stronger. Their asses and hips pumped harder as they fucked mercilessly. Their swollen clits, throbbing like hearts, hooked and locked, sending impossible shockwaves of ecstasy rolling through their bodies.

Jesse and Laura held on in the race to the orgasmic finish line, both women desperately trying to outlast the other, Jesse trying to force Laura to a final submissive orgasm, Laura struggling to overpower her sexual tormenter. The women’s bodies trembled, shuddered, with preorgasmic tension. Their clits felt like ten times their normal size, filling their lower bodies, beating like drums, on the verge of unbearable eruptions of orgasmic power. Their tits felt like taut, meaty balloons, filled with heat; their bellies undulated and slid, slick and hot.

“You fucking, fucking whore…,”Laura whispered, her lips trembling, her self-control disintegrating like ice in a heat wave. She could not hold out a second longer.

“Cunt, cunt, cunteating fucker…,” Jesse whispered back. She felt like she was about to explode with tension.

Both women made a final, desperate effort to push the other over the line first. They locked their mouths together, locking into a vicious kiss, a final attempt to dominate the other. Their tongues twisted and slid, they sucked spit back and forth. Both women shoved a finger deep into the other’s asshole, an effort at anal stimulation.

Jesse and Laura broke the kiss and threw back their heads to howl in sensual pleasure. Their locked, fused cunts erupted in pure orgasmic ecstasy, clits releasing wave after wave of unbearable sexual ecstasy. Laura exploded maybe an instant before Jesse, but it was too close to make much difference. The women’s muscles locked and strained, trembling in tension as they struggled against each other, their bellies rippling as they pumped steaming hot cum back and forth, sharing devastating orgasm after orgasm. Their ravenous pussies closed on each other, trembling as they sucked, as they squeezed, deep muscles convulsing as both women’s cunts struggled to eat each other. The women’s powerful bodies undulated and writhed, slow and hard, as they fucked climax after climax out of each other. Their screams harmonized; they pulled at each other’s asses, they pulled hair and clawed at each other’s backs, their bodies grinding in desperation. Sweat slicked their perfect flesh as, finally, they slowly collapsed in each other’s arms, squeezing the last drops of cum out of each other’s throbbing, aching cunts.

For some time, Laura and Jesse lay twined together, bodies locked, cheek to cheek, panting, floating on a haze of pure orgasmic bliss. Their voluptuous bodies’ sensuous curves were soaked with sweat; their lower thighs and bellies were dripping with cum. The carpet beneath their bodies, particularly where their asses were, was soaked with secretions and cum. Their nipples pulsed, their clits throbbed against each other.

Jesse raise her head to look down at Laura. The women glared at each other through half-hooded eyes. Laura showed her defiance to Jesse. The brunette had not broken her yet. Jesse was sure that she had held out an instant later than Laura, but she decided to take her earlier victory and rub it in the redhead’s face, as a way to put the bitch in her place.

“I’m taking Steve,” she declared, her voice hoarse.

“You cunt,” Laura replied, her rage flaring.

“You’re welcome to join us in the future, fucker,” Jesse continued, feeling a thrill of vicious glee at Laura’s obvious anger. “But, for the rest of tonight, I think I want him to myself. To the victor goes the spoils, and all that stuff.”

“You haven’t beaten me yet, you bitch.” But Laura’s protest was weak; she knew that she had lost earlier, when it counted most.

Jesse just gave Laura a savage smiled but did not bother to reply. Nose to nose, the women gazed into each other’s eyes with pure venom. But, deep down, both could also see another truth. The pleasure they had given to each other had been intense and they both wanted more. They both wanted to break and possess the other. This war was not over.

Jesse at last disentangled her voluptuous body from Laura’s equally luscious form. Her body dripped with sweat and cum as she stood up. Her pussy sucked away from Laura’s hungry twat with a loud, liquid pop and a gush of juices that trickled down her inner thighs. Laura got into a kneeling position, but she did not stand. Biting her lip, unable to entirely mask her anger and hurt, Laura watched as Jesse walked up to Steve and pressed her wet, naked, voluptuous body directly into his naked form. She pulled in his head and kissed him deeply, all the while rubbing his rapidly engorging cock against her taut belly.

Jesse broke the kiss. “Come on, baby,” Jesse cooed to Steve. “It’s time for you to show me everything you can do with that cock. And I’m going to show you everything I can do with my cunt. When I’m through with you, you won’t ever want to come back to this saggy titted whore you call a wife.” Jesse reached down and wrapped her hand around Steve’s hot, throbbing erection.

“Baby?” Steve said to Laura, plaintively. He clearly wanted to go; his massive shaft revealed his desires quite plainly. Laura did not reply. Instead, she looked away, her eyes glowing with humiliation, rage and hurt.

Jesse opened the bedroom door and pulled Steve along by his massive erection.

“Don’t worry, I’ll return him to you tomorrow morning, though he probably won’t be able to move much once I’m finished with him. We can work out how we’ll share him then.” Jesse turned to go. “Oh, and don’t worry about my clothes. I’ll pick them up tomorrow.” With a final smug smile of triumph, Jesse pulled Steve through the door and was gone.

Laura sat on the bedroom floor. She heard the door to her apartment open and close; she heard the sounds of Jesse and Steve on the stairs going up to Jesse’s rental. A few moments later, Laura winced as she heard the sound of a bed creaking rhythmically. The sound of groans and moans soon came through the ceiling. She recognized some of them as coming from Steve.

Laura got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily. Her breasts were still swollen with sexual heat, her pussy was dripping with cum. Her clit was softer now, but still pulsing with power. None of this mattered. Her body, her insatiable sexual power, had failed her, had even been turned against her.

Dejected, angry, she made her way to her bedroom. She pulled the sheets over her head and used pillows to block the sounds coming down from upstairs. Eventually, though, she stopped trying to hide from what was happening. She lay in bed and listened to every grunt and moan, to every creak of the bed shifting on the floor. She used the sounds to fuel her rage, her desire for revenge. Soon, she reminded herself, she would make Jesse pay for every humiliation. With that comforting thought, she drifted off to sleep, the sounds of hot sex between her husband and her greatest enemy her lullaby.

Part III

Over the next two months, Laura and Steve’s idyllic marriage became a sexual minefield. Laura shared Steve with Jesse; every other night, if Jesse was not away on a modeling assignment, Steve would spend the night with her. The sounds of hot animal sex that came through the ceiling drove Laura into a furious, cold rage. The two women competed to see which of them could give Steve a better fuck. Secretly, Steve loved the situation. Every night, he had incredibly pleasurable sex with one of two absolutely beautiful, incredibly voluptuous women, both of whom were trying to show that she was the better lover. For him, the sex was never better. But, in his less selfish moments, Steve was concerned that what was happening could destroy his marriage. When the smoke had cleared after the last sexfight, Steve had offered to back out of his wife’s agreement with Jesse. He lied and assured Laura that he had no desire to cheat on her with the brunette bitch. But Laura insisted that Steve keep up her end of the agreement. She hated Jesse passionately; she wanted nothing more than to break and humiliate the whore. But she also knew she had to play by the rules. She intended to destroy Jesse following the rules of sexual combat. She would not be able to live with herself if she did not, if Jesse were able to legitimately claim that Laura cheated.

Even so, the situation was hard. Every night that she had her husband to herself, Laura put everything she had into giving him mind-blowing sex. She deeply resented the fact that she was now in a competition with another woman for her own husband’s cock. She also resented Steve. She knew him well enough to know that he was enjoying the attention and the fact that the women were at war with each other and he was the prize. Laura also knew that, in reality, Steve really wasn’t what they were fighting about at all. Jesse was trying to prove her sexual superiority to Laura; Steve was just the easiest way to do it. But Steve quickly started to get a little too comfortable in his position as the ostensible object of the women’s struggle.

A few weeks into their new arrangement, Steve encouraged Laura to consider a threesome with Jesse. His logic was simple: rather than him moving between the women every other night, why didn’t the three of them just share a bed? It took all of Laura’ self-control to stop herself from hitting her husband. Instead, she impressed upon him, emphatically, that there was no way in hell she would ever share her bed with that fucking slut-cunt and that if he ever asked her again she would brain him with a rolling pin. She said this quietly; she did not want to give Jesse the satisfaction of hearing her screaming at her husband. Steve got the message. Laura was enraged with him, but she also suspected that he had encouragement in his suggestion from Jesse. Laura could tell that Jesse wanted her. She wasn’t sure if Jesse wanted her out of pure sexual desire or if the brunette whore just wanted the satisfaction of dominating her. For Jesse, these were probably the same thing. One of the advantages that Laura had in the current situation was that she could deny herself to the brunette bitch – until the time was right.

Steve had to leave for a one week photo shoot in the Bahamas. Usually, Laura found some way to accompany him. This time, however, she decided to stay home. The time had come to do something about Jesse.

Steve left on Friday afternoon. That evening, around 8 PM, Laura went out on her balcony, which was located just below Jesse’s deck, and listened carefully. She knew that Jesse loved the hot tub and often used it on Friday evenings to unwind from a busy week. Laura heard the sound of music and the gurgling of the hot water. She did not hear anything to indicate that Jesse had any guests. Laura waited another half hour to be sure, then she put her plan in action.

Laura prepared herself. She pulled out of her swimwear drawer a new bathing suit that she had received by mail a few weeks earlier. It was a slingshot, exactly the same style as what Jesse had worn at their first hot tub party. Other than a paste-on bikini, it was impossible to get anything skimpier than this. Laura’s slingshot was an emerald green, which she thought went well with her hair. When it first arrived, she had modeled it for herself in the bathroom, but this was the first time she was wearing it out.

The slingshot was a single piece of stretchable cloth. The crotch gripped her clean-shaven cunt tightly, then divided into two spaghetti-thin straps that stretched up her torso. It left her belly almost completely exposed, left her hips bare, creating the illusion of endless, tan legs and nude flesh. The strings swelled just enough to cover her nipples and areola as they pulled over her taut, tight tits, pushing the meaty orbs into her chest, creating an enticing display of almost completely naked, rounded titmeat, straining at the cloth. The strings looped over her shoulders, then met between her shoulder blades and joined into a single thin cord that arrowed down her back and into her ass crack, where it closed the loop and became the crotch covering.

Laura smiled as she examined herself in her full-length mirror. The slingshot was devastatingly sexy and slutty. It had become her new favorite outfit, if it could be called that at all. She admired her perfect, voluptuous body. She critically examined her every curve, every inch of naked flesh. She smiled again. She was ready. Her body was primed, her sexual power was at its peak. She was going to destroy Jesse for what the whore had done.

Laura grabbed a towel and the master key to the building. As landlord, she had access to Jesse’s apartment. She had never abused the privilege before, but a lot of abuse was going to happen tonight; entering her tenant’s apartment uninvited would be the least of it. She knew it was possible that Jesse had chained the door but, if so, Laura would simply ring the bell. She would prefer to completely surprise the brunette whore and violating Jesse’s privacy was one part of the psychological war, but it was a small thing.

Barefoot, Laura walked up the stairs to the upper apartment. Her heart was pounding and her body was growing tight and hot with sexual anticipation. Her nipples were sharp and hard, straining against their meager coverings; her areola were hard, hot and pulsing. Her cunt was wet and she hoped she was not leaking into the tight crotch of her slingshot, but she knew that she was. She hoped the dark green would obscure the wet spot. She paused outside Jesse’s door, took deep breaths to calm herself and bring her body under control. She unlocked the door and found it was not chained. She entered the apartment and then closed and locked the door behind her. She used the dead bolt; she wanted to be sure there would be no interruptions. She left her key on the hall table and walked across the open concept living room to the deck. The doors to the deck were open and Laura could hear the gentle murmur of the hot tub beyond.

Jesse was sitting in the tub, her eyes closed, her head resting on a support, a glass of wine within arm’s reach. Music was playing quietly from the built in deck speakers. The tub was lit from the inside, so a gentle blue glow filled the burbling water.

Silently, Laura padded onto the deck. She dropped her towel in a deck chair, then stood on the edge of the tub, glaring down on Jesse with a predatory smile. She could see that Jesse appeared to be nude. At the least, she was topless, and her massive tits floated on the water, like personal life preservers.

Jesse sensed something and opened her eyes. She gave a little start, then her eyes lit with realization and anticipation as she took in Laura’s magnificent body. The women’s eyes locked and they shared vicious, animalistic grins.

Without a word, Jesse stood up in the tub. Her eyes still locked to Laura’s, she reached down into the water, along her hips. A moment later, her right hand came out of the water, holding something high. It was Jesse’s tiny black thong. She threw it onto the deck. Now, she was completely nude.

Laura gazed down on the other woman’s magnificent tits and beautifully muscled torso, the parts of Jesse’s body fully visible above the rippling water. Laura reached up and stretched her right spaghetti strap over her head, placing it on her left shoulder. The action freed her right tit and, for a moment, greatly increased the pressure on her crotch and pulled the string of the thong even more deeply into her ass. She slid both spaghetti straps off her left shoulder; instantly, the tension holding the slingshot in place eased. Laura slid what now seemed like a small jumble of strings down her powerful legs, stepped out of the suit, and dropped it on the deck, next to Jesse’s thong.

For a few moments, the two nude women examined each other, Laura’s eyes roaming over Jesse’s tits, Jesse admiring and evaluating every inch of Laura’s lush body, especially her juiced up twat. Laura stepped into the tub, slowly lowering herself into the hot water, until it was up to her waist. She moved up to Jesse, until the two beautiful women were only inches apart.

“It’s time to settle things between us, you fucking cunt,” Laura breathed. “I’m going to fuck you raw. I’m going to make you pay for getting your filthy claws into my husband.”

“It’s time for me to show you which of us the dominant bitch, you whore. I’m going to fuck your brains out, slut,” Jesse snarled. “I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me to stop, then I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me not to stop. You’re going to learn how to submit. You’re going to learn that everything you have belongs to me.”

“You fucking whore,” Laura breathed. “You miserable cunt. You think one lucky win makes you more of a woman than me? I’m going to enjoy breaking you apart.”

Jesse and Laura reached for each other’s tits in the same moment. They filled their hands with the other woman’s magnificent breasts and began squeezing, kneading the heavy titmeat, squeezing tight, hard nipples, running fingers along pebbled areola, doing all they could to force pleasure and pain on their hated rival. The women’s eyes were locked but, as the mutual tit massage grew more intense, more pleasurable, both women had a hard time keeping their eyes open. The warm air filled with the sound of their grunts, gasps and cries of pleasure. Both women took the other’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed, caressed, teased the incredibly sensitive nubs until they were throbbing, aching with pleasure. They could feel that they were on the verge of having nipple orgasms. Their groans, sighs and gasps of pleasure became more intense as their mutual torture of the other woman’s tits grew more and more overwhelming.

Following some primal instincts, both women released the other’s tits at the same time. Gasping, their majestic tits heaving, the women stepped back from each other, gathering their strength. Then, eyes locked, both women placed their hands behind their heads, cradling their heads, their elbows forward, their backs arched, as they raised their magnificent tits high on their chests and pointed their sharp nipples at each other. They moved forward until they could feel the heat, the electricity, radiating off the thick, brown, fleshy cylinders. Slowly, teasingly, the rivals raked their engorged nipples against each other like fleshy swords. The women’s exquisitely sensitive nubs caught and locked, straining to bend each other. Their pulsing shafts raked the other woman’s burning areola. After a moment, their nipples bent each other and sprang apart, causing both women to groan and gasp in pleasure, causing their massive tits to wobble with the sudden release of the tension. Laura and Jesse immediately resumed their nipple duel, raking nipples against each other, scoring areola with rock-hard nips, rotating their massive, meaty orbs around and around each other as they fought. Their gasps and cries of pleasure grew more and more deep-throated and breathless as they struggled. But they did not mash tits, not yet; for the moment, they kept the battle between their aching, throbbing nipples, torturing each other with the acute sensations. Their overstimulated nipples were soon dripping with pre-cum, and delicate strands of sticky liquid linked the women’s struggling nips and areola as they jousted, hands behind their heads, tits held tautly on their chests.

It wasn’t long before the women could hardly take anymore. Panting, their eyes burning, they pulled back and glared at each other. Their tits were hot and hard with tension, their nipples were burning, their clits were on fire. The women were at a level of arousal that usually would result in an orgasm, yet they had, so far, only fought nipple to nipple. Both of them quivered with the anticipation of what they would do to each other once the rest of their luscious bodies came into direct contact.

“No more fucking around, bitch,” Jesse breathed. “It’s time to go tit to tit and clit to clit and see who is the best woman.”

“You cunt,” Laura sneered contemptuously. “I’m going to ride you all night. I’m going to break you then I’m going to use you in ways you can’t imagine.”

“Let’s get the rules straight, fucker,” Jesse replied. “Whoever submits or passes out is the loser. The loser becomes the slave of the winner; she has to do whatever the winner wants her to do. Agreed?”

“Sounds good to me.” Laura smiled viciously. “One other thing: this is a straight out fuckfight. No punching and kicking or choking or anything like that. This is about which of us is the better fuck, which of us has the stronger cunt.”

“Agreed,” Jesse said, her dark eyes flashing with lust. She licked her lips, grinning lasciviously. “God, the things I’m going to do to you…”

Laura smiled, but she did not bother replying. She had her own list of things she imagined doing to a docile, submissive Jesse. But the time for trash-talking was past. Now, it was time to let their bodies work out which of them was the dominant bitch.

The women closed on each other, aiming their throbbing nipples directly at each other. The thick, hard nubs came together perfectly, lining up head to head. The moment they made contact, the women’s nipple holes sucked at each other and sealed tight, sending a shock of pure pleasure through both women, filling their titmeat with heat. Their nipples sucked hard, trying to pull in and devour the other pair of nubs; Laura and Jesse moaned and cried out, nearly overwhelmed by the incredible sensations. Gasping, they pushed forward, their rock-hard nipples crushing each other back into dense titflesh, their swollen areola fusing to each other. Thick, taut tits crushed and mashed together hard. Laura slipped her arms around Jesse’s upper back, pulling the other woman in tight, crushing their tits even harder; Jesse wrapped her arms around Laura’s shapely waist and squeezed tight. Nose to nose, glaring hatefully into each other’s eyes, almost insane with lust, Laura and Jesse began rotating their massive melons against each other, thick meat working and throbbing against thick meat, nipples fused and grinding, pulsing against each other, forming hot pegs that dug into each woman’s struggling breasts. The women flexed their back muscles, they moved their torsos up and down and side to side, all the while crushing each other tight, straining to break and flatten the other woman’s tits. Jesse and Laura panted into each other’s gorgeous faces, hot breath mixing, noses rubbing. The women pressed their lower bodies closer; their powerful, naked thighs caressed under the water and both women spread their thighs wider, tilted their pelvises forward, and brought their burning, pulsing clits to bear.

Laura and Jesse screamed together in absolute ecstasy as their unbearably sensitive clits caressed for the first time in the fuckfight, thick, pulsing nerves of exquisite pleasure rubbing together in a full-on, hard lick. The women screamed again as they began stroking, stroking, stroking their throbbing clits against each other, inflicting raw, pure ecstasy on each other with each subtle thrust. Their hips and asses moved minutely, but in rhythm Their bodies trembled with the incredible sensations.

“Oh god, you fuck,” Laura gasped, face to face with her gorgeous enemy.

“You goddamn fucking whore,” Jesse moaned.

The women’s mouths locked together hungrily, swallowing each other’s screams and moans. They shoved their mouths as hard together as they could, trying to eat each other alive, their tongues thrusting and shoving. They sucked hot spit back and forth between their ravenous maws. Jesse and Laura’s hands reached down to grab the other woman’s powerful, perfect, flexing ass. Sinking fingers into the other woman’s hard, rippling assmeat, the hateful women fucked and fucked and fucked.

The women’s bulging, throbbing tits ached with heat and pleasure; their nipples burned within their prison of titmeat. Their hard, hot bellies rippled against each other, navels sucking and releasing regularly, as their hips and asses moved in small, hard thrusts against each other, each beautiful woman determined to ride the other into abject, screaming submission.

The water burbled, combining with the sound of the women’s constant, muffled moans, groans and cries of overwhelming pleasure. Spit overflowed and leaked down Jesse and Laura’s chins, but neither woman broke their savage, hungry kiss. Their bodies were crushed together tight, every inch of hot flesh pressed and rubbing, grinding against every inch of hot flesh. Their clits worked against each other constantly, pumping both women with sexual power and unbelievable pleasure. The struggle raged on and on, both women desperate to explode in orgasmic relief, both women determined to gain the psychological victory of pushing their enemy over the edge first.

For 10, 20, 30 minutes, the beautiful rivals fucked each other powerfully, bodies rippling as one, moving in erotic rhythm. They sucked back each other’s screams and spit, their clits and tits fused into one as they battled for sexual supremacy.

Finally, it became too much. Sinking their fingers into each other’s asses, holding on desperately, Jesse and Laura broke their probing kiss to throw back their heads. Teeth clenched, moaning uncontrollably, their asses pumping furiously as each woman made a final, desperate effort to fuck the other woman into a submissive orgasm, the women screamed in need.

“You fuck, oh god, you filthy fuck…,” Jesse cried out.

“Whore! Fucking slutty whore!” Laura screamed.

An instant later, Laura’s body went stiff, then convulsed in wave of excruciating orgasms. She howled with joy as she came hard into the hot water of the tub. At almost the same instant, Jesse’s cunt clenched and released, spraying a hot gusher of cum into the seething water. The women’s burning nipples flared nova-hot and the women ejaculated into each other’s tits, the delicious burning adding to the raw ecstasy of their shared cunt orgasms. Nipple cum spurted out from between their tightly mashed, taut mounds of titmeat, adding to the sweat already slicking their massive tits. The women gripped each other’s asses desperately, pulling each other in as hard as they could, grunting and gasping, cheek to cheek, biting at each other’s columnar necks. They jerked against each other, grinding out more pleasure, as they shuddered in mutual multi-orgasmic bliss. Tears of sexual joy streamed down their beautiful faces.

For a moment, the two women stood in the tub, the aftershocks of orgasmic ecstasy washing over them, their luscious bodies tingling with the sexual electricity. Their arms remained wrapped around each other, their bodies crushed tight. They could feel the other woman’s heart pounding with their own, they could feel the delicious pulse of naked clit to clit. Panting, they struggled to regain their bearings.

Suddenly, before either of them had recovered, Jesse tightened her grip on Laura’s lush body and surged ahead, shoving her redheaded rival off-balance. Caught by surprise, Laura could only stumble back, until she was wedged up into the tub’s bench seat, her ass pinned to the back of the seat, her back arched over the rim of the tub, the full weight of Jesse’s heavy body bearing down on Laura’s magnificent tits. The brunette used her hips to force Laura’s thighs wide apart. Spread out and vulnerable under her enemy, Laura cursed herself for being caught off-guard.

Jesse looped her arms under Laura’s shoulders, reaching up from behind the redhead’s back to grip her hair tightly. She leaned forward, letting Laura’s tits take the full weight of her powerful body. Her perfect, heart-shaped ass rose slightly out of the water, cocked like a pistol, ready to begin its assault on her enemy’s beautiful cunt.

“This is perfect,” Jesse murmured, glaring down spitefully into Laura’s eyes, their faces nose to nose and almost mouth to mouth. “This is just how it should be – you spread under me, helpless and submissive, getting fucked out of your mind.”

“Bring it on, fucker,” Laura replied. “We’re just getting started. I’m going to have you howling like a common whore….”

Laura did not finish her insult. Jesse’s mouth covered Laura’s cutting off the rest of her words. At the same time, the brunette’s powerful ass began humping, driving her cunt and clit down into Laura’s wide-open fuck trough. The women screamed in mutual bliss as their hot, hard clits mated once more, as their hungry cunts sucked and merged, fused together in erotic heat. Laura seized Jesse’s rippling ass and moved her hips with those of her attacker, keeping their aching clits glued together, fucking back with all her power. Laura wrapped her thighs around Jesse’s waist, locking the other woman in place.

This time, it took only 20 minutes of vicious, ecstatic fucking before the two women went stiff in each other’s arms, their bodies quivering in orgasmic bliss, their heads thrown back to scream in joyous release. Laura could swear she could feel the heat of Jesse’s cum, injecting into her searing cunt, even through the hot water of the tub. Jesse pressed down with her hips, writhing in pleasure, as she emptied her lust into the delicious twat beneath her.

Jesse collapsed on top of Laura, both women panting furiously. This time, Laura did not waste any time. She knew she could not afford to be on the bottom much longer. Her body, her proud breasts, had taken a pounding in the last fucking. She immediately grabbed Jesse’s hair and pulled hard, causing the brunette to arch backward.

“Ow! You cunt!” Jesse shouted. She reached down to retaliate by seizing Laura’s red hair, but Laura used the opportunity to grip and squeeze Jesse’s right tit with her free hand and get one of her legs up between their bodies. Kicking, pushing and pulling, she managed to force Jesse off of her. Jesse retreated to the center of the tub. Laura immediately pushed herself up out of the water, until she was sitting on the rim of the tub. She swung her legs over the side, then rolled across the deck, before assuming a kneeling position a few feet away from the burbling hot tub.

Jesse pulled herself out of the tub and crawled across the deck towards Laura on her hands and knees, her perfect tits swinging from her chest like meaty cannonballs. The women’s blazing eyes were locked and savage half smiles played on their beautiful faces. Jesse got to her knees directly in front of Laura and the women grinned into each other’s eyes, their throbbing nipples only inches apart, their bodies burning in sexual anticipation.

“I’m going to fuck you to death, baby,” Jesse smiled. “My cunt is going to suck yours inside out. I’m going to squash that little clit into toothpaste.”

“No, you’re going to be sucking my clit and eating my cunt, fucker,” Laura responded. “I’m going to fuck you raw and make you my bitch. We both know that you want it.”

“Once you’re my slave, I’m going to make you watch Steve fuck me every night. I’m going to make sure that you never feel his cock inside you again, unless I let you. I’m going to own both of you.” Jesse smiled. “My own little fuck toys. His and her, a matching set.”

“I’m going to humiliate you in ways you haven’t even dreamed of, you dirty whore,” Laura replied, her eyes blazing. “You’re going to be my personal fuck toy for a very long time.”

Enraged and aroused beyond all measure, Laura and Jesse could not wait a moment longer. Both women reached out and placed their hands on the other’s wide, muscled hips. They slowly leaned forward until their nipples met, tip to tip, and fused hot, sending spikes of pleasure through their aching bodies. Jesse and Laura gasped in unison, their eyelids fluttering from the intense sensation. They kept pushing, pushing burning nipples back into tits, slowly mashing tit to tit, each exquisite sensation sending electricity racing through their voluptuous bodies. The women pushed nose to nose, but they did not kiss. They licked each other, touching and sliding tongue on tongue, letting their sensitive tongues caress and tease each other, stirring up the sensuous feelings filling their bodies. Their arms slid around each other and, finally, they pulled each other in, crushing the meaty masses of their tits hard. Slick, strong thigh pressed to thigh, hot bellies slid against each other sensuously. The women turned their heads, slipped their noses past each other, and sank into a deep, lustful, tongue-caressing kiss. For this moment, Laura and Jesse were intent on seducing each other, on enjoying each other’s luscious flesh. But it was not long before their kiss became harder, their tongues began to wrestle for dominance, and the grinding of their bodies became rougher, more insistent, as each woman sought to control the other. They broke their kiss and grinned at each other in delight as they rubbed tits hard, as their bellies slapped and slid. The women could feel the heat from their throbbing clits, only inches apart, but calling for each other.

Without a word but understanding each other perfectly, Laura and Jesse pushed apart, and sat back on the smooth deck on their asses. They spread their legs wide, bracing their bodies with their arms. By the blue light of the tub, the women examined each other’s gorgeous twat, licking their lips in anticipation of the exquisite fucking to come. This was how they would decide their rivalry – cunt locked and fused to cunt, clit grinding and twisting on clit, fucking and fucking until one woman’s body and mind could no longer take the unbearable pleasure they were giving to each other. As much as the beautiful women hated each other, they knew there was no better, more delicious way to fight than to destroy each other with sexual ecstasy.

Laura and Jesse slid across the deck on their beautiful asses, legs spread wide. They left trails of pussy juice on the expensive tile as they moved. They scissored each other, slipping left legs under rights, and pushed up until their hungry, hot pussies were only an inch or two apart. They felt the sexual heat warming their inner thighs. The women reached down and spread their pussy lips open, wider, making it easier for them to lock together, for their vaginas to suck and form an unbreakable vacuum, for their soft, sensitive labia to mix and melt and fuse. Their swollen, throbbing clits pulsed with desire. Both women gently stroked their aching sexnub then gasped in pleasure, eyes locked. They smiled at each other viciously. Soon, they would be joined, womanhood locked to womanhood, devouring each other like ravenous animals, consuming each other until only was left.

“You’re a beautiful bitch, Laura. It’s too bad you’re such a stuck up twat. I’m going to enjoy loosening up that tight little cunt.”

“You’re a fantastic fuck, Jesse,” Laura murmured. “It’s too bad you’re such a filthy little whore. It’s time for me to teach you to keep your dirty cunt on your side of the fence.”

With a final, vicious smile, the women slammed their thick lipped cunts together. The hot, wet meat slapped and sucked, both women moaning uncontrollably as incredible sensations roared through their bodies, emanating from their slick, hot genitals. The women shoved hard, using their hips and asses to force their yielding cunts together as hard as they could; their pussy lips spread and opened to each other; pink flattened to pink with a delicious hiss of wet flesh. The women pulled at each other with their vaginas and groaned in shared ecstasy as they felt their fuckholes lock and seal to each other, joining them to their most despised enemy in the most intimate way possible. It was a perfect mutual violation, and Laura and Jesse loved it and hated it at the same time. Feeling a woman that they hated more than anything inside of themselves, giving them indescribable pleasure, was the fuel that both fuckfighters needed to completely break the other, to avenge their mutual humiliation on each other.

The women’s powerful pussies slotted together. Their engorged clits ground together, head to head. Shockwaves of pure erotic bliss raced through the women’s voluptuous, writhing bodies, causing them to jerk and shudder, to moan and scream, as the pleasure built and built, filling every erogenous zone in their bodies with heat and pressure, causing their skin to burn with a sensual fever. The two women grabbed each other’s thigh for leverage. Leaning back, half-closed eyes locked in mutual hate, Laura and Jesse fucked with all the power and hate in their perfect, luscious bodies. Asses rippling, hips moving in concert, powerful bellies flexing, their massive tits bouncing enthusiastically, the sexual enemies fucked and fucked and fucked, their screams and cries of pleasure harmonizing as they struggled to fuck the other into a coma, to force the other woman to surrender to ecstasy, to overwhelm the other woman’s insatiable sexual power with their own.

“Yes, yes, yes you bitch, you whore…,” Jesse moaned, her head thrown back in pleasure, her beautiful face contorted in a vision of sexual agony and ecstasy.

“Cunt, dirty whore, fucking, fucking slut…,” Laura chanted, a mantra of obscenity. “Oh god, oh god, so good, so fucking good,” she moaned.

On and on they fucked, working their cunts as deep into each other as they could go, their swollen clits trapped together within their inosculated pussies, grinding on each other constantly. Their pussies were on fire, burning with erotic pleasure, tense and hot and quivering with need and hunger. Hot lubrication flowed from their locked cunts, soaking the intersection of their straining bodies, coating their clean shaven cunts, their lower bellies and their upper thighs with wetness, moisture flowing down into their ass cracks and down to the tile. The women raised their asses off the tile as they pumped at each other, grinding hard, before eventually settling back down to continue their relentless fucking.

Laura and Jesse moaned and screamed with joy, but as the pleasure became more and more intense, it became harder for them to vocalize their ecstasy. Gasping desperately, both women strained to keep from cumming first, from exploding with the overwhelming pleasure that now filled every cell in their bodies.

“Cum, you fuck, cum,” Jesse moaned at Laura, releasing Laura’s sweaty thigh and reaching out to tease and squeeze at the nipple on Laura’s bouncing tit. Laura instantly retaliated, releasing Jesse’s thigh to fondle and knead Jesse’s bouncing, jerking right tit. The mutual tit attack caused both women to gasp even harder, but their constant rocking, jerking hips and asses soon made it necessary for both to release each other and use both of their hands to brace their bodies as their fuckfight reached a crescendo. Their jerking hips slowed down as the women struggled to keep from exploding; their throbbing clits felt huge, filling their genitals, suffusing their entire lower bodies, burning with sexual power, fused into one mass of erotic pleasure. With a final, hard, shared thrust, Laura and Jesse pushed each other the edge together. Screaming in ecstasy, the women exploded in devastating simultaneous orgasms, perhaps the most intense either woman had ever felt in her life.

Shrieking, the women fell flat onto their backs, but they raised their asses and hips high in the air as they ground orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Their pussies sprayed hot cum, soaking their lower bodies, trickling down their bellies to underside of their bouncing, jerking tits. Much of the cum sucked back and forth between the women’s locked pussies, mixing into a sexual froth within their vaginas.

“Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh,” Laura and Jesse chanted in unison, their bodies overwhelmed by the incredible sensations. Their long, slick, voluptuous bodies writhed uncontrollably. They were soaked with sweat and cum. Their huge, thick tits squirted nipple cum, which splattered back to coat their tits in slickness.

Shuddering with pleasure, the women gradually collapsed on the deck, momentarily exhausted, their bodies spent, the unbelievable pleasure they had given and taken from each other almost more than they could bear. Gasping, struggling to regain their breath, the women lay locked, cunts sucked hot and hard, clits throbbing and pulsing against each other, sending shockwaves of constant pleasure.

After nearly five minutes, Jesse moaned and sat up, then rolled her body away from Laura, their sealed cunts slowly sucking apart, cum gushing to the deck as Jesse peeled away. Laura groaned, stirred to action by the other woman’s movement. Jesse was crawling away, her beautiful ass pointing towards Laura. Laura groaned, sat up, reached out and grabbed each of Jesse’s ankles. She pulled back, causing Jesse’s legs to slide out from under her. Laura split her legs on either side of Jesse’s torso, sliding one leg under Jesse’s body, the other over, and sat back, pulling the brunette into the fork of her legs. The women came together, thick, juicy, naked cunt to thick, juicy, naked cunt. Laura began jerking her hips, grinding her twat deep and hard into Jesse’s succulent meat. Jesse immediately began thrusting back, grinding back just as hard, just as eager to penetrate and mate with Laura as Laura was with her. Rocking, grinding, bucking, occasionally slamming cuntmeat to cuntmeat, the women fucked furiously, viciously. They came at almost the same moment, hot cum releasing in a gusher. But they kept fucking even as they orgasmed, grinding and grinding, rubbing and mashing clit to clit, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of each other. They kept grinding until they were done, more than a dozen orgasms later, and collapsed on the tile deck, dripping with sweat and cum, exhausted.

After nearly 20 minutes, Jesse stirred again. She pulled herself out of the fork of Laura’s legs, then turned around and crawled back towards Laura, coming up between the redhead’s open legs. Laura spread her legs wider and reached for Jesse; the brunette eagerly threw herself onto Laura’s lush, wet body. The women moaned in unison as their tits squashed between their bodies, as their bellies slapped tight, as their wet, deep navels sucked. Her eyes exhausted, Jesse stared down into Laura’s gorgeous face. The redhead’s eyes betrayed her exhaustion, but were also lit with defiance. Good, Jesse thought. So far, they had fucked each other almost to the point of collapse, but they both wanted and needed more.

Groaning, Jesse pushed her fuckmeat down hard with her hips, moaning as she felt her overtaxed twat meet and suck to Laura’s equally thick, wet meat. The women’s clits slid into their enemy’s fuck troughs and met, pressed tightly, sending waves of pure sexual joy and pleasure radiating through their bodies.

“Yes,” Laura moaned, as she twined her legs through Jesse’s limbs. “Yes, you cunt, let’s fuck some more…”

“God, yes,” Jesse gasped, “You dirty slut, I’ll give you more than you can take…”

“Give it to me, slut, clit to clit, right now…”

Jesse and Laura’s mouths locked tight, their limbs twined and strained against each other, pulling them tight and hard together. Rippling belly to belly, hot mounds of tit crushed together like meaty balloons, their powerful, beautiful bodies writhed in concert. Cunts sucked and sealed, clits grinding and rubbing relentlessly, they fucked. Both women grabbed the other’s hot, round, wet ass and hung on tightly as they pumped each other viciously. The women broke their kiss and rested cheek to cheek, gasping and crying out, spit dribbling from the corner of Jesse’s mouth down to Laura’s.

“God, good, so fucking good…,” Jesse whispered, her body trembling with pleasure.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes…,” Laura moaned, not wanting this incredible pleasure to stop.

Finally, Jesse reared up, her eyes shut tight, and let out a tortuous groan as she injected a hot stream of boiling cum into Laura’s waiting, ravenous twat. Her nipples exploded, covering both women’s tits in slick juice. An instant later, Laura replied, her pussy erupting, spraying cum all over their lower bodies, her nipples ejaculating wildly, adding to the slickness already on their breasts.

The women collapsed in each other’s arms. Bodies pressed tight, clits crushed, pussies fused, tits mashed, they writhed, grinding orgasms out of each other until they could not take any more. Jesse passed out in exhaustion and sexual pleasure. Laura remained conscious only moments longer. But as another powerful orgasm rocked her body, she knew her endurance was at end and gratefully fell into the darkness.

Part IV

Laura slowly awakened. She was hot and sweaty; Jesse’s body was sprawled over hers, the other woman’s tits and belly burning on her own, their pussy lips kissing, the wetness and slickness between their legs now sticky.

Moaning, Laura pushed the other woman off of her and smiled as the coolness of the night air kissed her overheated tits and belly and caressed her aching pussy. What she and Jesse had done to each other had attained a level of sexual power and voraciousness that Laura had never experienced before. She wondered if she had won the battle; after all, Jesse was still unconscious and she had regained her senses first. She dimly remembered that she had passed out after Jesse, another mark in her favor. But Laura wanted more. Even though she had orgasmed more in the past few hours than she had in the past three weeks, even with all the competitive sex she had been sharing with Steve, her body craved even more pleasure. It was like a fire had been lit inside of her, a burgeoning nymphomania that could only be satisfied by ravaging Jesse’s voluptuous body. More than this, she wanted there to be no doubt about who won her battle with Jesse. She had to break and dominate the other bitch completely, or be broken and dominated herself.

The brunette stirred beside her; Laura pushed herself to a sitting position and took in the other woman’s luscious, perfect body; the thick, round tits, the smooth belly, the perfectly muscled legs, the dripping, clean-shaven cunt. Jesse’s incredible body was gleaming wetly in the light coming off the pool and in the glow of ambient city light reflecting off the sky. Laura smiled as she examined her enemy’s slick, beautiful pussy. God, she thought to herself, I really, really want to eat that.

“You fuck,” Jesse moaned. The brunette had regained consciousness, though her eyes were dazed. “Are you ready for more, bitch?” Jesse’s voice was gaining strength.

“Let’s eat, you fucker,” Laura breathed.

Laura got on her hands and knees, then lifted herself over Jesse’s body, so that her legs were to either side of Jesse’s head and her pussy was directly over Jesse’s face. Eagerly, Jesse reached up, sliding her hands along Laura’s hips, then looping them down to grasp the redhead’s muscular ass. Laura looked down the other woman’s luscious body, enjoying the view of the bulging tits, the flat belly sweeping down to the smooth, naked twat. She lowered her face down to Jesse’s cunt, running her hands around the other woman’s hips to grip her powerful, perfect ass. Laura smiled as she buried her face in the brunette’s wet, hot cunt. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the pungent, erotic scent. Then, carefully, she licked the length of Jesse’s slit, enjoying the delicious taste of spent cum and womanly lubrication. She teased Jesse’s labia and gently caressed the woman’s swelling clit with her tongue. Jesse raised her face and buried her nose in Laura’s succulent twat, inhaling deeply, enjoying the hot, thick scent. She began licking, running her tongue up Laura’s wet slit, then using her tongue to probe and tease at the redhead’s puckered asshole. Laura sighed with delight at the delicious sensation, then probed Jesse’s ass with her tongue and fingers, before returning her attention to the other woman’s dripping twat.

Moaning with pleasure, Laura and Jesse rolled onto their sides and wrapped their sweaty thighs around the other woman’s head. Their heavy tits pushed hard into the other woman’s belly, the undersides of their tits mashed tight. They gripped each other’s powerful glutes hard, sinking their fingers into the taut asses, and covered their opponent’s cunt with their mouths. The two women sucked and sucked, swallowing back cum and other vaginal juices, using their tongues to slowly lick up and down their slits, to tease labia and to caress and stimulate grossly swollen clits. Laura and Jesse wrapped their lips around the other woman’s clit and sucked hard, sucked with all their power, as they struggled to give more pleasure than the other could take. The women used their fingers to probe and stroke, then pump, their opponent’s juicy cunt. Laura shoved two fingers up Jesse’s tight ass; Jesse immediately replied with three fingers up Laura’s ass. They drank from each other’s pussies, their tongues moved restlessly over every inch of juicy twat, licking and sucking, their teeth biting and teasing at sensitive labia and clits.

As they got closer and closer to the overwhelming orgasm building in their cores, the women sucked harder and licked deeper, their fingers probed more deeply and frantically into the other’s tight, hot twat. They licked and sucked until Laura could no longer contain her need to cum. Jesse was only a second behind her. Both women screamed as their hot cunts released gushers of cum into each other’s face. Their tits crushed hard into the other woman’s belly, their thighs trembled, their asses flexed, as their bodies released the incredible tension. The women seized each other’s asses and dug their fingers into the rippling meat, screaming in unison as their powerful bodies convulsed in multiple orgasms, as they gushed over and over again. Jesse fastened her mouth to Laura’s twat and received as much of the cum as she could in her mouth. Laura did the same, reveling in the taste of her enemy’s discharge.

Moaning, the women rolled apart. Gasping, they lay flat on their backs, staring up at the sky. Their incredible bodies shuddered with the aftermath of their profound sexual release, their massive tits quivered with their pants. Sweat trickled between their tits and glistened on their naked bellies.

Jesse pulled herself into a sitting position and glared down at Laura. She wiped some of the cum off her mouth and chin with the back of her hand, then grinned viciously.

“Come on, baby,” Jesse crooned. “Don’t tell me that you’re tired out already.”

“Hardly, you little fucker,” Laura snarled, sitting up, then getting to her knees.

The women got to their feet and confronted each other, hands on hips, chests thrust forward, massive tits heaving. Their eyes wandered hungrily over the other woman’s tight, hot curves and slick muscles. They had already given each other more sexual pleasure than either could remember having experienced before. They were enjoying their conflict. Both women knew that this was a fight to the finish. Only one of them could be the mistress of the building, only one of them could be the Alpha bitch, and each was determined that she would be the victor.

“You’re a good fuck, Laura,” Jesse said with a salacious smile. “Better than I’ve had in a long time. You, Steve and I are going to have a lot of really satisfying threesomes. Of course, you’ll be taking orders from me, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll get used to being on the bottom. You’ll even start to enjoy it.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Laura shot back. “When you’re my slave, I want you to remember that you’re the one who brought it on yourself.”

“Do you think this is my first dance, little girl?” Jesse smirked, moving closer to Laura. The women began circling each other, moving soundlessly on their bare feet on the tile deck. “I’ve done this lots of times before. I move into a new place. If I like a guy, I take him and if his girlfriend gives me any trouble, I fuck her into submission and use her too.” She smiled even more viciously. “The stronger the woman, the better the sex, the better the thrill. It’s the only way to really enjoy fucking.”

Laura was a little shaken at this information. It had not occurred to her that Jesse was a serial sexual predator, but she could easily believe it. Outwardly, her confidence did not waver. “I can believe that you’re a professional slut, you fucking whore,” Laura responded. “But you’ve bitten off a lot more than you can chew this time. I’m going to ride your cunt into the floor.”

Jesse smiled and moved closer to Laura. She reached out and gently stroked the redhead’s swollen right nipple. Laura gasped as a powerful erotic current coursed through her. “Hm,” Jesse murmured, “why don’t we see if it’s really too big for me to chew?” She lowered her head and latched onto Laura’s right tit with her mouth, sucking hard at the succulent titmeat. She filled her right hand with Laura’s left tit and kneaded the sensitive flesh.

Laura moaned, caught off guard by the sudden sexual attack. Her tits filled with burning, throbbing heat and her nipples seemed to explode with sensation. She felt her pussy lubricate powerfully and her knees weakened as the pleasure flowed through her. She buried her hands in Jesse’s thick brown hair, but could not bring herself to push the other woman off of her tit, at least not at first.

Jesse moaned with delight as she sucked on Laura’s tit, enjoying the taste of nipple cum, the tinge of sweat and the gently resisting weight of the dense titmeat. Her right hand sunk deep into Laura’s left tit, playing with the heavy meat. Laura pulled Jesse viciously by her scalp, causing the brunette to scream and release Laura’s tit from her mouth. Laura pulled Jesse’s head with both hands, arching her enemy back, causing Jesse to thrust her chest forward. Laura locked her teeth around the other woman’s nipple and bit and sucked. Jesse screamed out in pleasure as she tried to push Laura away. But the redhead had her arms locked around Jesse’s back and her face buried in the woman’s tits. She sucked and chewed at Jesse’s delicious titmeat, careful not to bite too hard. She wanted to break her enemy with sexual pleasure, not pain.

Jesse finally pushed Laura away. Panting, the beautiful Amazons regarded each other from a few feet apart. Their heaving tits were too tempting to both.

“Let’s nipple fuck, baby,” Jesse murmured, her dark eyes fixed on Laura’s dripping brown nubs.

“Fine by me, cunt,” Laura growled.

The women closed on each other, each gripping the other’s biceps, and brought their pulsing, sweaty tits together. At first, they did not mash their titmeat or push their nipples together head to head. Instead, they flicked their nipples back and forth, lining them up side by side, then applying pressure, trying to bend each other back. Their thick brown stubs were as hard as nails and resisted powerfully until, finally, the pressure grew too much and they bent each other to the sides with a painful, sensual erotic shock, before they sprang apart.

Jesse and Laura groaned in mutual erotic agony as their nipples sprang apart. Their massive tits wobbled; the women leaned into each other, forehead to forehead, gasping with the sudden shock of pain and associated erotic charge; their tits briefly separated, quivering on their chests. Then, they brought their nipples back together and did it again and again, sexually torturing each other as they struggled to prove whose nipples were harder and stronger. Their nipples grew even more swollen, more tight and hard, with every minute. But they also grew correspondingly more sensitive and it was not long before both women feared they might let loose a gusher of nipple cum. Instead of backing off, Laura decided to heighten the stakes. She began tracing her nipples around and around Jesse’s areola; the pebbly bumps on the women’s areola tortured Laura’s unbearably sensitive nipples, but also inflicted terrible pleasure on Jesse. Jesse moaned, then returned the attack. For long minutes, Jesse and Laura rotated their nipples around and around each other, scoring each other’s areola, the intense pleasure building and building, setting their nipples on fire from their tips through their areola, deep into the core of the women’s burning tits. Nipple pre-cum leaked from their nipple holes; they spread the clear, hot liquid around and around their areola, until it was trickling down the curves of their tits, onto their bellies.

“You fucking cunt,” Jesse gasped. She could feel the heat building in her boobs, she could feel that her nipples were about to explode with heat and tension.

“Dirty slut,” Laura moaned. The intense heat and pressure in her tits, in her clit, was fast becoming unbearable.

The women pressed together nose to nose, forehead to forehead, sharing hot breath. Their cries and gasps of pleasure grew more and more intense. They pulled their tits back from each other just enough to aim the tips of their nipples directly at each other, then pressed ahead. Their nipple holes sucked and sealed to each other. Laura and Jesse screamed in unison at the incredible sensation as their nipples fused into one; fire roared through every nerve in their nipples, filling their throbbing tits, following a direct sensory pathway through their bellies and pooling in their blazing cunts. Jesse and Laura pushed hard, stabbing their nipples deep into each other’s pulsing tits. The women’s titmeat mashed hard and tight, compressing into dense, thick globes of meat, until their four tits could mash no further. Jesse and Laura began thrusting into each other, grinding their tits, mashing their meat, struggling to crush and break the other woman’s tits into her chest. The raw pleasure grew ever more intense, ever more unbearable.

Jesse felt it first. The heat and tension in her nipples suddenly peaked, exploding like a nova. She felt an incredible flow of hot nipple cum struggle to jet from her nipples only to be blocked by Laura’s nipples. Some of the hot ejaculate forced itself into Laura’s nipples; much of it forced itself out to the sides of Jesse’s nipple holes, slicking the women’s mated titflesh deep within their mashed tits; much of the ejaculate pushed back into Jesse’s tits, sending spikes of delicious sensation burning down to her clit. An instant later, Jesse’s pussy clenched, locked, then released a gush of hot cum, which sprayed out, coating both women’s lower thighs.

“Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!” Jesse howled as she came, as her nipples ejaculated over and over.

“Oh god, you CUNT!,” Laura shrieked. An instant later, she was cumming too, her nipples exploding with heat and sensation, her pussy shooting cum like a fire hose.

The women leaned into each other, screaming and sobbing, gasping and moaning, as the intense feelings slowly, slowly abated. Laura and Jesse rested their chins on each other’s shoulders, pressed cheek to cheek, both sobbing as the nipple orgasms faded. Their breasts were dripping with cum, their bellies were coated in sweat and nipple ejaculate. Their pussies leaked with juices; their inner legs, all the way down to their feet, were dripping wet with cum. The women supported each other as their legs trembled, weak from the unbelievable erotic release.

After several minutes, Jesse pulled away. The two women glared at each other, the glow of the hot tub illuminating their perfect, dripping wet bodies. Their eyes roamed over their heaving tits, their muscled bellies, their long, powerful legs. Both women focused on the other’s dripping twat and their fully visible, engorged clits.

Jesse turned on her heel, crossed the deck, entered the deck doors, and walked across her living room towards her bedroom. Laura followed, just a few paces behind. Jesse entered her bedroom. The bed was unmade, its sheets and duvet in disarray. Jesse threw the sheets on the bed onto the floor, leaving the mattress bare, except for the covering sheet and some pillows. The brunette climbed onto the bed, crawled to the top, turned around, and sat on her ass, her body braced with her arms behind her, her lush legs spread wide and inviting. She flexed her naked, perfect cunt; as Laura watched, a trickle of cum squeezed out and slid down from Jesse’s pussy lips and into her ass crack. Jesse’s thick, round tits were jiggling as she panted, her excitement growing.

“This is how we settle this, fucker,” Jesse snarled. “Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, as long as it takes. No stopping until one of us submits.”

Laura slid onto the bed and sat facing Jesse, her cunt cocked forward, her legs spread wide. She fingered herself, teasing her throbbing clit free. “I agree,” the redhead growled hoarsely. “No stopping. We keep going until one of us can’t go on.”

The women slid into the fork of each other’s legs, turning their hips just enough so that the swollen slits of their engorged pussies slotted together. Laura and Jesse groaned in shared ecstasy as they came together. Their shared sense of anticipation had been building to this moment of mating, of driving their perfects cunts together into a final showdown. Powerful thrusts of their hips and asses, aided by their mutual grips on the other’s sweaty thigh, applied enough force for their naked cuntlips to open and spread against each other, forming a strong, wet suction. Lush labia mingled and melted into each other, fuck juices poured from their ravenous cunts in a torrent, lubricating and anointing their muscled join as their cunts sank into each other, fusing into an unbreakable bond. The women’s clits ground against each other, rubbing hard and tight, lubricated by the women’s pussy juice, slick and hot. Shockwaves of unbearable pleasure radiated through the women’s straining bodies as their clits worked against each other, fencing, caressing, shoving and grinding, but never separating, trapped in the arena of the women’s locked and sealed cunts. Laura and Jesse sank deeper into each other’s overheated bodies, as their pussies closed on each other and sucked hard and tight, like mouths sealing in an unbreakable kiss. The women pulled with their deep vaginal muscles, contracting against each other’s twat, trying to devour each other, trying to eat each other alive. Moaning uncontrollably, Laura and Jesse bucked and heaved, their hips jerking, as their powerful cunts closed on each other, wrestling, struggling to overpower each other, locking their fused and grinding clits into powerful vises that squeezed and squeezed at the two sex horns until both women were screaming in unbearable pleasure.

Sealed tight, hips and asses moving in a slow, hard rhythm, clits in constant, excruciating contact, Jesse and Laura fucked powerfully. Their hands gripped the other’s sweaty thigh for leverage. The intense sensations pouring out of their cunts flowed through their voluptuous bodies, pumping up their erogenous zones with sexual power. Their cunts seemed to expand to fill their lower bodies with heat and wetness, with electricity and raw erotic power that threatened to overwhelm their senses. Their bellies burned, their massive tits bounced and jiggled, swollen and taut with blood and hormones. Their nipples leaked a constant stream of juices, leaving their engorged orbs hot and slick. Their nipples were long and tight, as hard as nails and burning with electricity. Every bounce of their tits sent shocks through their bodies, feeding the heat and hardness in their aching, nova-hot clits.

Laura and Jesse’s eyes were half-closed; both women struggled to keep them open as the intense sensations threatened to be more than they could take. Their gazes were locked. They watched each other intently, sharing the incredibly intimacy of sexual combat, of trying to destroy and control each other through unbearable pleasure, through mastering and defeating each other’s sexual organs.

It took nearly 30 minutes before their locked, struggling bodies bucked and heaved their way through the women’s first, shared orgasm. Jesse came first; one moment, she was moving her hips and ass, grinding and grinding clit on clit with Laura; the next, the incredible fire in her cunt and tits exploded like a dam bursting. Her pussy contracted, then shot after shot of hot cum jetted from her pussy, soaking the intersection of the women’s bodies, injecting molten cum into Laura’s receptive twat. The feeling of Jesse’s hot ejaculate flowing into her, violating her, immersing her clit in molten cum, streaming down her vaginal canal, was just too delicious for Laura to resist. She contracted with her cunt, sucking as much of Jesse’s cum into her body as she could, taking it as deep inside her core as possible; an instant later, Laura’s powerful pussy contracted again and her belly rippled, her hips jerked as she released shot after shot of hot cum into Jesse’s cum-saturated twat. Screaming, moaning, Jesse and Laura reached for each other, pulling each other in, mashing throbbing tits to tits and kissing deeply, tongues twisting, spit flowing, as their bodies bucked through shared orgasm after orgasm. They stifled their screams of erotic joy in each other’s mouths. Their bodies trembled as they shuddered through a nearly continuous orgasmic release. It took nearly ten minutes before they finally broke their kiss, before the orgasms stopped quaking through their locked bodies.

Panting, tears of pure pleasure flowing down their faces, Laura and Jesse pushed forehead to forehead, their sweaty hair tangled into knots. They lapped at each other’s tongues, sucking back some of the strands of spit linking their lips.

“God, that was so fucking good,” Jesse breathed.

“Yes, God, yes…,” Laura panted.

The women kissed deeply, then pushed apart. The women resumed their scissor-lock, with their hands gripping sweaty thighs and their hips and asses moving together, their unrestrained tits bouncing exuberantly. The orgasms came more quickly now. Every ten to fifteen minutes, Laura and Jesse went stiff, screaming in ecstasy as their bodies exchanged hot shots of molten cum, as their perfect forms were overpowered with raw, pure erotic power that set every nerve on fire, but made their sexual organs burn like stars. After an hour, the women fell flat on their backs. They reached down and gripped each other’s hands as they rest of their bodies undulated like snakes, joined and locked and fused into one at the join of their meaty, wet, aching cunts. They writhed and pumped, they heaved and bucked, raising their asses off the bed to pump cum back and forth as they shuddered through one excruciating multiple orgasm after another. Their tits squirted nipple cum more often. The women were soon soaked with cum and sweat, their tits slick and dripping with nipple cum and sweat.

An hour turned to two then three. The women fucked and fucked and fucked, riding each other mercilessly, grinding and pumping, writhing and bucking, screaming and howling as they fucked every drop of cum out of each other. They were exhausting each other, they were draining each other dry. Yet, paradoxically, each devastating orgasm made their clits more sensitive, their boobs more engorged, their nipples hotter and harder. Their constant clit on clit fucking was excruciatingly painful because the pleasure was so intense. It was if they had rubbed the nerve raw, but they continued attacking each other with the most exquisitely sensitive part of their bodies. Each touch threatened to send the women into orgasmic convulsions, yet they had to keep fighting, to keep fucking and fucking until one of them surrendered.

Sometime in the third hour, Laura found herself wondering if her marriage was worth it, if beating Jesse and keeping Steve as her own was really worth the absolutely unbearable pleasure she was suffering through now. Why not surrender and get it over with? Become Jesse’s fucktoy, enjoy the decadent and humiliating pleasures the brunette would give to her, accept that she was the lesser woman? But another part of her refused to give up. Her pride, her determination to keep what was hers, would not allow it. Her rage at what Jesse had already done to her refused to let her give in. She knew that Jesse had to be in as much erotic ecstasy and doubt as she was. She just had to hold out a bit longer.

The women were sexually destroying each other. Neither one would give in. It was almost an hour later, after another series of devastating, excruciating orgasms, that the end came. Laura blacked out as an incredibly powerful orgasm carried her to the peak of ecstasy and beyond. Her body was heaving, her hips and ass high in the air, matched by Jesse’s hips and ass, as cum sprayed out of the women’s fused twats, as nipple cum erupted from their tits. Laura’s screams of pleasure faded away in her hearing as her mind shut down. But, even in her unconsciousness, a part of her cried out in fear and determination and clawed its way back to consciousness.

Laura squeezed Jesse’s pussy with her own, but received no answering squeeze in response. Slowly, she pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down between her bulging tits, down the length of her toros, at Jesse, whose perfect body was merged with hers at the crotch. The brunette was unconscious; her mind had finally taken all it could handle from her body and shut her down.

Laura saw her chance. She braced herself and, gritting her teeth, pulled her body away from Jesse’s sweaty body. It was hard; their interlocked cunts separated with a thick, sucking pop; their intertwined clits twisted apart but with excruciating sensations radiating through their bodies. Jesse screamed out as she was assailed with the erotic sensations, regaining consciousness just in time to feel Laura mounting her. Laura forced Jesse’s thighs apart and slid her throbbing, swollen clit deep into the brunette’s aching fuck trough. Laura pushed her clit head to head with Jesse’s clit; both women screamed out and shuddered as their incredibly sensitive clits mated again. Laura grabbed Jesse’s hands and pinned her arms to the bed. The redhead’s massive, swollen tits crushed down on Jesse’s matching rack, nipple fusing to nipple.

Jesse moaned and writhed under Laura, trying to gain a better position from which to fight back. But she knew she was done. Laura had her pinned. Even more, Laura had been able to pin her because she had passed out. She had been fucked into submission. The knowledge broke her will to continue.

Laura pressed down on Jesse’s magnificent body. Jesse turned her head away from Laura’s refusing to look at the redhead. Laura pressed her face, cheek to cheek, with Jesse. She began to move her hips and ass, pumping her cunt and clit down into Jesse’s succulent twat, riding the brunette viciously. Jesse moaned and gasped, struggling to free her hands, moving her hips with Laura’s thrusts to keep their clits glued together. As the pleasure built, as the erotic intensity of their mating grew ever more intense, Jesse could not take it anymore.

“Oh God, you fucking dirty cunt!” she screamed. She spread her legs wide in surrender, offering herself to her redheaded rival.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Laura cried out as her hips moved harder and faster, her ass rippled powerfully, as she fucked and fucked Jesse with wild abandon. “Say it, you cunt, say it, say it, SAY IT!!”

“Oh god!” Jesse screamed. “Oh god, you fucking whore!” But as the pounding continued, as her cunt threatened to explode with excruciating erotic power, she finally accepted her fate. “I submit, I submit, I SUBMIT!!” Jesse cried.

“YES, yes, fucking God, yesssss!!” Laura snarled. She redoubled her assault on the other woman’s steaming cunt. Jesse moved with her, keeping their cunts sealed tight, wanting the final, unbearable orgasm that Laura was fucking out of her.

The women went stiff as an incredibly powerful, simultaneous orgasm roared through their bodies, fusing them together. Their nipples ejaculated powerfully and continuously; hot cum poured out of their inosculated cunts, soaking their lower bodies, soaking the bed under Jesse’s hot ass, coating their thighs and legs down to their calves.

Laura seized Jesse’s hair; Jesse sank her fingers into Laura’s ass. Nose to nose, panting into each other’s gorgeous face, the women glared hatefully into each other’s eyes, watching each other experience one excruciating orgasm after another. As the last, most intense, orgasm exploded through their bodies, Laura and Jesse locked in a deep, trembling kiss, their tongues twining, as they moaned deep inside each other. As the orgasm finally retreated, the women collapsed, bodies twined.

Cheek to cheek, soaked in sweat and cum, their nipples stuck together, their bellies flat and hot, their clits pulsing against each other, their black and red hair tangled into unbreakable knots, the women lay caught in each other’s arms, too exhausted to move.

“You’re mine,” Laura whispered to Jesse, her mind on the edge of unconsciousness. “You fucking whore, you’re mine.”

“Yessss,” Jesse sighed, passing out as she accepted her defeat.


Steve returned to the townhouse early on Friday evening. He was anxious about what he would find. He knew his wife well enough to know that she had stayed behind on his visit to the Bahamas so that she could settle things with Jesse. He had called her several times during the week. Every time, he had the distinct sense that something was wrong. She was too abrupt on the phone, she was too distant. The situation with Jesse had put an enormous strain on their marriage, but this felt different. He even tried calling Jesse once, but the call had gone straight to voice mail and she had never called him back.

When he got in the apartment door, he barely had time to put his bag down before he heard Laura calling him from the bedroom.

“Steve, honey,” she called. “I’m so glad you’re home! Come in here! I have a surprise for you!”

Steve left his bag at the door and walked down the hall, wary about what he might find. He was left gaping in amazement at the door to the bedroom. Laura and Jesse were together in bed. They were both absolutely naked. They were lying side by side, Jesse flat on her back, Laura stretched out on her side beside the brunette, so that she was facing Steve standing in the doorway. Both women were fondling each other’s massive tits; their nipples were sharp and hard. Their bodies were wet with sweat; Steve could see that both women’s pussies were drenched with cum.

“See, baby?” Jesse cooed. “I told you that your wife and I would work out our differences.” She pulled Laura in for a kiss; their tongues played before their mouths sealed.

“Oh god, this is fantastic,” Steve blurted excitedly. His massive boner was threatening to split his pants. He stripped off his shirt and began removing his pants. There was already a wet spot on his pristine white underwear where pre-cum had begun flowing from his enormous erection. He stripped off his underwear and, now nude, began to move towards the bed and the two perfect, overwhelmingly voluptuous naked women lying on it.

“Not yet, baby,” Laura smiled at Steve. “We want you to watch, for now.”

Steve stood across the room, a goofy smile on his face, as he stroked his massive erection. Laura rolled onto Jesse, mounting the brunette. Jesse spread her thighs wide, tilting her pelvis up. The women rested their faces nose to nose; they exchanged whispers. Steve caught only part of this; the words “cunt” and “fucking slut” were exchanged. He watched delightedly as Laura’s tits crushed down on Jesse’s tits, as Jesse’s powerful thighs twined around Laura’s wide, muscled hips, as their bodies began moving in unison. Laura and Jesse shared slow, hard thrusts as they fucked, cunt sealed to cunt, clit riding on clit, bellies rippling against each other. They glared into each other’s eyes, whispering to each other, exchanging obscenities, almost snarling at each other in animal hatred. Steve was too taken with the erotic vision before him to notice any of this. At the very end, just before the women came, they locked into a deep, ferocious kiss. Moments later, they were writhing together, their muscles intertwined and straining, as they exchanged shot after shot of hot cum. Gasping, they collapsed in each other’s arms as their orgasms slowly faded. Cheek to cheek, panting furiously, eyes closed, Laura and Jesse exchanged more obscenities. Steve heard them more clearly this time and noticed that something seemed wrong.

“That was a good ride, you fucking whore. There had better be a lot more, where that came from.”

“Filthy cunt,” Jesse replied, “I’ll suck you dry tonight, just like I did last night.”

Laura rolled off of Jesse and sat on the edge of the bed. A moment later, Jesse rolled into a sitting position on the bed. But, instead of staying where she was, the naked beauty swung her legs off of the bed, planted her feet on the floor, and stood up. Her perfect, voluptuous body dripping with sweat and cum, her nipples hard and her massive tits engorged with arousal, Jesse walked right by Steve without a glance. He watched her naked ass sway out of the door and then heard her bare feet pad down the hall. A moment later, the door to his and Laura’s apartment opened and closed.

“What’s going on?” Steve asked, bewildered, turning back to his naked wife.

Laura smiled, then got up and walked over to Steve. Her fingers traced a pattern on his bare chest.

“While you were gone, I paid a visit to Jesse. We worked things out between us, woman to woman. I won. She’s my slave now. She will only do what I tell her to do. I’ve told her that she is not to even look at you unless I give her my permission. Do you understand?”

Steve looked even more bewildered as his dreams of erotic adventure came crashing to the ground.

“You made me very angry, Steve,” Laura explained. “Jesse was a bitch who was trying to destroy our marriage. You encouraged it and you enjoyed it far too much. I expected her to behave like a cunt; I didn’t expect it from my husband.”

Steve started to object, but Laura put a finger on his lips. “Don’t worry, we’ll work this out. I even think we’ll get around to that threesome that you want so bad. But only when I say so.”

“For now,” Laura continued, “I’m going to spend tonight fucking Jesse’s brains out. Tomorrow night, I’ll spend with you. After that, we’ll see how things work out.”

She kissed the stunned Steve quickly on his lips, her massive tits and sharp nipples stabbing into his chest. Naked, dripping with sweat and cum, Laura walked out of the bedroom, down the hall, out the door, and up the stairs.

Laura entered Jesse’s apartment. She locked and chained the door; she did not want any possibility of Steve interrupting them. Nipple cum dripped from her right nipple; she used her finger to catch the remainder and licked it off. She smiled. She was going to enjoy tonight.

Over the past week, she and Jesse had spent every night together. They had fucked each other raw, giving and taking more pleasure from each other than either had thought possible. Laura allowed Jesse to fight back; she had no real interest in having a slave. For her, the only sexual appeal in having another woman at her disposal was to constantly fight that woman with the real risk of being defeated. The only condition that she set was that Jesse was to have nothing to do with Steve. Jesse had eagerly agreed. In her heart, the brunette knew that she had only really wanted Laura. Now that she had the redhead, she was delighted to discover that sex with this vixen was every bit as incredible, every bit as mind-blowing, as she had dared to hope. She still resented being Laura’s slave, even if the redhead was not using her as such. It was a hard pill for an Alpha bitch like Jesse to swallow. But she had hopes that the redhead would allow a rematch in the future. For now, she bided her time and enjoyed the exquisite pleasure she was taking from between Laura’s legs.

Laura entered Jesse’s bedroom. The black-haired beauty was sitting on the bed, naked, her legs spread, waiting for her mistress and her lover. Laura felt a spike of raw pleasure start in her clit and radiate up through the rest of her body, filling up her tits, sharpening and hardening her nipples, causing her skin to tingle with anticipation. She sat on the bed, facing Jesse, her legs spread, her clit rising up like a thick, red finger as it pulsed with arousal.

The two women fingered their cunts, slipping index fingers into their wet twats to stimulate and prepare themselves for the fuckfight to come.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Laura,” Jesse murmured, her voice thick with heat.

“Give me everything you have, fucking whore,” Laura growled. “I want Steve to know just how much we enjoy fucking each other.”

Jesse slid down into Laura, cunts kissing and mating, thick clits crushing into each other. The women shuddered in delight. They pushed closer, until the tips of their nipples mated and fused. Laura and Jesse reached down and slipped their hands over the other woman’s hips. In unison, they seized the other woman’s perfect ass. Legs spread wide, they pushed as tight and hard together as they could. Their tits mashed, their swollen genitals melted into one. Thrusting hard, the women surged into each other, their cunts sucking and sealing. They both pulled hard with their inner vaginal muscles, sucking each other in, exchanging burning juices.

Jesse and Laura smiled at each other, delirious with pleasure and anticipation. They held each other tight for just a moment, enjoying the feeling of their flesh pulsing, enjoying the electrical tingle of erotic energy flowing through their perfect bodies, fueling the inexhaustible lust building in their sexual cores. The women slipped their tongues together, then locked into a deep kiss. Pulling on each other’s asses, they moved their hips, rubbing and grinding clit on clit, juicy pussies sliding and sucking. Their nipples began dribbling with pre-cum. They wrapped their legs around each other, locking their bodies into place, and began ravaging each other, surging into each other, mating like animals in heat.

Steve stood alone in the bedroom, naked, his wilted erection in his hand, trying to figure out what had happened. Had he really been so bad? Wasn’t this whole thing Jesse’s fault? The sounds from upstairs distracted him from his thoughts. The sound of a straining bed spring was soon followed by animal moans, grunts, screams and curses. He listened intently over the next half hour as the cries rose to a crescendo of ecstasy, then slowly abated. It wasn’t long before they started up again. He knew, with certainty, that this would be going on all night.

The End

Thank you for reading! For more of JB57’s Stories: Click Here!

1 thought on “Hot Tub Parties by JB57

  1. John says:

    Big fan of your stories. This was excellent. Also read your sequel to new neighbors on Hostboard and it is now one of my favs. Dude you pulled a Giants on us by having them lock the men out when things were escalating to the next level. Don’t you think the husbands would have found a way to hide cams and mice in there to see what was going on.

    Please put a sequel to this sequel at the top of your to do list because this story is on the verge of classic. I don’t know how you got me rooting for Lynn because I prefer blondes but I agree that Diane cheated in the double dildo fight and also a surprise reveal that Diane had some prior experience made Lynn the undercat.

    Both men want to see their woman win but perhaps Lynns husband could convince her that the only way she can overcome the physical and sexual stalemate between her and Diane is by improving her skills throwing new techniques, toys and bring some new challenges to Diane is she ever wants to establish permanent dominance over Diane and subjugate her.

    Great sequel. I am the author of Top Cat Gets the Cream on XPs Hostboard.
    An imperfect work because fans were rushing me because it was long and would have been longer because there was so much I had to leave out of the recollection of events and I was also unhappy that jI didn’t get to clean up typos and other mistakes.

    Thanks again for your efforts and please keep the stories cumming…


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