Hotties in the Hot Tub by Andrew Scott

Dawn Blonde 5’6” 130 36DD

Nicole Brunette 5’7” 130 38DD

My wife Dawn works out regularly at the 24 hour fitness near our house. During one of her workouts she noticed a new girl sweating away on the treadmill. After her workout Dawn saw that the girl she saw earlier was only a few lockers down. Dawn went over to introduce herself. Nicole was a newly divorced brunette with a great figure. Dawn said that she had to at least be a DD. She had recently moved to southern California from the Midwest . The divorce had left her with a lot of money and she had bought a nice house in a quite neighborhood in El Cajon . After a little small talk, she invited Dawn over to her house for dinner.

Dawn arrived a little before 6PM for the dinner. They talked about life, loves, and men. Nicole mentioned that she didn’t want to have a relationship with another man for a while because of the messy divorce. Nicole invited Dawn to join her on the hot tub in the backyard. Dawn told her that she didn’t have a swim suit with her. Nicole said not to worry. She went to the bedroom and got a couple of old t shirts. They both undressed to their panties and put the shirts on. Dawn noticed that Nicole had been eyeing her, looking her up and down. After a while in the tub, both women were feeling a little buzzed. Dawn put her head back and closed her eyes. She brought her head back down and met Nicole’s lips. Dawn’s eyes flew open. She put her hands on Nicole’s shoulders and pushed her back.

“Whoa!! I am sorry but I am not into women at all”, Dawn said, “ I love my husband and this is not going to happen.”

“What do you mean, why do you think I invited you out here”, Nicole countered, “I have not been layed in a long time and you and I are going to fuck!”

Nicole pinned Dawn against the inside of the hot tub.

“Get off of me you crazy bitch!” As Dawn pushed Nicole roughly away. She rose to get out of the tub and Nicole stood and grabbed Dawn’s left arm.

“Don’t you walk away from me!!” Nicole hissed.

Dawn swung her right hand and slapped Nicole hard in the face. Nicole, still holding onto Dawn’s arm, dragged her back into the hot tub. Dawn lost her footing and went underwater. She came sputtering to the surface. Nicole was waiting, grabbing two handfuls of hair yanking Dawn back and forth. Dawn braced her feet and pushed off the side of the hut tub. She slammed Nicole into the other side of the hot tub.

The air went out of Nicole’s lungs and Dawn pulled her forward by her hair dragging her underwater. Dawn pulled Nicole up by her hair and sent a stinging slap to Nicole’s face. Nicole reached up and latched onto Dawn’s breasts. She let out a loud scream. Dawn and Nicole were stilling wearing their t-shirts. Nicole pushed Dawn to the edge of the hot tub. Dawn was still wrenching Nicole’s hair. Nicole gritted her teeth and fought through the pain and pushed hard. Dawn feel backwards out of the hot tub and onto the deck pulling Nicole on top of her.

Dawn and Nicole separated briefly. Dawn walked out onto the lawn rubbing the pain out of her tits. She turned around to look for her new enemy and was tackled to the wet lawn. Nicole straddled Dawn and grabbed her hair and started slamming her head into the grass. Dawn reached up under Nicole’s wet t shirt and dug her nails into Nicole’s large breasts. A loud scream left Nicole’s lips. She released Dawn’s hair and started ripping at Dawn’s shirt to get at her tits.

The t-shirt finally gave way and torn open in the front exposing Dawn’s 36DD’s. Nicole grabbed two handfuls and started squeezing with all her strength. Dawn reached up and tried to claw at Nicole’s face. Nicole let go of Dawn’s tits trying to protect her face. Dawn kneed Nicole in the ass and Nicole flew forward onto the lawn in front of Dawn. Dawn rolled over the got to her feet, she removed the remains of the t shirt. Nicole also got to her feet and took off her shirt. The ladies eyed each other as they slowly circled.

As if bell rung the two big busted beauties lunged forward slamming into each other grabbing handfuls of hair and breast. Hair was yanked and pulled, boobs were squeezed and nipples twisted and pulled. Dawn and Nicole stumbled around the yard grunting and swearing at each other. Bitch and cunt were uttered from the lips as they continued fight. Dawn kicked out with her foot hitting Nicole’s shin. Nicole kicked back and the two started trying to trip each other. They finally went down in a tangle of limbs.

They continued pulling hair and squeezing each others tits as they rolled around on the grass. Dawn and Nicole came to a stop with Dawn on top. Nicole raised her hips and bucked Dawn off. She tried to crawl away but Dawn jumped on back. Dawn grabbed a handful of hair and with her other hand she grabbed the back of Nicole’s panties and yanked upward. Nicole howled in pain as her panties were wedged in between her pussy lips. The panties finally gave way and Nicole rolled to her side knocking Dawn off of her. She grabbed between Dawn’s legs and tore at her crotch.

.Dawn’s panties tore away leaving her naked. Dawn kicked out with her right foot slamming it into Nicole’s belly. Nicole fell back on her ass and Dawn launched off her feet dropping on top of Nicole. Dawn sat on Nicole’s belly and slapped her back and forth. Nicole once again latched on to Dawn’s big tits, scratching and clawing with her nails. Dawn grabbed at Nicole’s hands, Nicole pulled Dawn to her side. She let go of her tits and kicked Dawn in the head. Dawn hit the grass and did not move.

Nicole slowly got to her feet and stumbled to the house. She walked into the house and went to her bedroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was sticking out in all directions and her face and breasts were red and covered with scratches. She put her face in a towel wiping the sweat and grass from her face and hair. She removed the towel from her face and again looked in the mirror. She gasped as she was looking at the reflection of Dawn standing behind her.

The End

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