Inge and Conchita: Duels of Honor by JB57

Part I

Inge moved through the treetops like a tawny-skinned panther, her sure feet finding purchase in the craggy bark of the massive, ancient branches. Occasionally, she swung or leaped from tree to tree. The jungle goddess was barely clothed, sporting her leopard-skin bikini. Her powerful, voluptuous body strained to break free of its meager confinement, her mammoth tits challenging her tiny halter with every abrupt movement of her body. Her hunting knife was strapped to her thigh. She was on an urgent mission. Finally, she came to a stop in the branches of ancient oak, which was shading the bank of a large tributary flowing directly into the majestic Amazon River. This stream was only a few hours journey away from the city and Inge disliked being this close to European civilization. Still, she had been stalking these border jungle areas for the past several weeks, discharging her responsibility to protect the forest and its creatures from the incursions of man.

Inge dropped to the jungle floor and surveyed the damage that surrounded her. The blonde Amazon’s destiny as protector of the forest kept her quite busy: helping villagers here, thwarting disastrous encroachment there, and communing with the animal spirits that kept her in tune with the health of her precious home. Those same spirits had called to her early that morning, complaining of a reckless force disturbing the forest near this place.

Studying the calculated machete damage to each nearby mangrove tree, old, angry memories rose like a hungry cayman to the surface of a calm stream. Her thoughts turned to Conchita, the gorgeous Latina rival she had clashed with so powerfully and intimately. A month and a half had passed since the dark-haired beauty had last haunted her thoughts, so absorbed in her duties had she been. More than five months had passed since she and Conchita had gone into the forest together, to confront each other in an ever escalating series of fuckfights that had ended in their marathon battle deep beneath the jungle, in the temple of the Goddess. That sexual war had ended with Inge barely victorious over her powerful rival and had left both women craving far more.

Inge had last seen these same inexpert hackings the day she first encountered Conchita. She was sure that these new cuttings were made by the same hand, but why? Conchita now knew how to move through the undergrowth like a stalking jaguar and float through the branches like the swinging capuchins. Restless energy filled Inge’s veins. Too much destruction had soured her vision in the past few weeks, and she moved forward angrily, determined to find Conchita and teach the raven-haired beauty the proper respect for the land she lived in.

Inge found the expected campsite nearly a kilometer away after following a path littered with the wanton injury of many plants along it. The campsite consisted of a lean-to, made of bamboo stems and leaves. Conchita Cortez was sitting on a small log in front of the makeshift structure. Thrust into the ground beside her was a sharp machete. Leaned against a nearby tree was a rifle. Before her were the remains of a fire and a recent meal.

Conchita was clothed only in her panther-skin bikini, her abundant, womanly flesh on full display, her long legs stretched out before her, her bare feet pushing into the soft earth. Her beautiful tits strained against the tiny fur triangles that struggled to hold them, the taut flesh bulging back against the pressure. Her black hair formed a wild, lustrous frame around her beautiful, savage face. Her dark brown eyes sparked with heat when she saw Inge and her white teeth flashed between ruby red lips in a feral grin.

The carcass of a small pig, Conchita’s dinner, lay tossed haphazardly next to a bent tree. Inge’s eyes burned with anger as she picked up one of the ruined fruits that had been knocked down from the surrounding trees, a victim of Conchita’s wanton vandalism. She shook it accusingly at the beautiful woman who sat three meters away, arms folded in annoyance underneath her large, bikini-clad breasts.

“What is the meaning of all this? Are you bored?” Inge nearly shouted. “Because if you are, I can fix that right now.”

“Took you long enough to show up. I got hungry waiting.”

Inge’s mind reeled. “This was your idea of getting my attention? Have you no brain in that head of yours?”

“Calm down,” Conchita drawled lazily. “I only had a limited time to contact you, and nothing else was working.”

“And so you throw this tantrum? Because you think your personal desires are more important than what I’ve been doing? This forest has been under increasing threat the last few weeks, and its needs tower over yours. “

Inge threw the fruit aside, then stood solidly in front of her enemy, her hands on her wide hips, her tanned legs spread and planted solidly on the earth. “Well, you’ve got me here now, and I’m more than ready to show you exactly where your place is.”

“Oh, you are, hm?” Fire danced in Conchita’s pupils. After being apart for so long, she had forgotten the strength of the emotions, the raw, unvarnished sexual rage, that Inge could bring out in her.

Conchita rose to her feet languidly, making a show of her lack of concern. Inge’s eyes roamed hungrily over the other woman’s incredible body. The Spanish beauty was covered in a light sheen of jungle sweat, which glistened in the late morning sun. Her voluptuous curves filled Inge’s vision, and the blonde jungle woman’s heart began to beat harder with arousal. Conchita’s taut, ripe body was almost nude, except for the tiny triangles of her fur bikini, barely covering her areola, which struggled to control her massive, straining tits. Her tits jiggled deliciously as the dark-haired beauty stood up. Her naked torso was damp with sweat, her deep, tight navel the center of a perfect, smooth set of abdominal muscles. Her belly was bare almost down to the top of her vulva, where a bikini bottom, hardly more than a thong, fit snugly over the “v” of her tight, prominent womanhood. Her flaring, womanly hips swayed enticingly as she stepped forward, her lush thighs whispered as they moved. Inge pulled her eyes from the beautiful, luscious body approaching her own and locked her blazing blue orbs to the dark brown ones of her rival. Both women shuddered with mutual lust. The women read each other completely. Conchita had also devoured Inge’s lush, golden, nearly nude body with her eyes, and the need for them to meet and match hot, slick flesh to hot, slick flesh was now overwhelming to both jungle women.

The two Amazons circled each other slowly, crouched down, edging closer and closer. Their dense, heavy tits hung down from their chests, rocking in rhythm with their movements, sharp nipples boring into the fur of their halters. They extended their hands and locked, palm to palm, fingers interlaced.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless for what you’ve done, you dirty slut,” Inge snarled at her rival.

Conchita grinned maliciously. “I’m going to spread your cunt and ride you like the bitch you are, Inge,” she replied, her voice a low, dangerous purr.

Both women began to strain against the other, hand to hand, testing the other’s strength. Their toes dug into the soft earth, their powerful, muscled legs anchored them as they pushed at each other. Slowly, their trembling arms began to pull apart and their massive tits pushed closer. Soon, hard nipple met hard nipple, grinding and mating even through the fur of their bikinis, and both women sighed and groaned with pleasure. Their nipples throbbed into each other, torturing and tantalizing, sending electric sparks down to their aching clits. Inge and Conchita both felt their cunts lubricate. Then their massive tits began to crush each other, dense titflesh pressing and yielding to the pressure. Their beautiful faces pushed closer, hot breath mingled, blue eyes and brown eyes glared hatefully, but could not hide the excited lust. Their perfectly matched bodies burned with need, and the desire to wrap their flesh around each other and merge, to unite in primal ecstasy and raw desire was overwhelming both women. Nose to nose, they panted into the other’s face, then, following an unspoken signal, Inge and Conchita released the other’s hands and suddenly wrapped their arms around the other’s nearly nude body. They crushed each other tight, wrapped together in a mutual bearhug. Their tits squashed into one mass of exquisite sensation, their dense flesh pulsing with pleasure and pain as the women strained to flatten each other. Their hard bellies slapped tight, and Inge gasped as she felt her deep navel suck to its counterpart on Conchita’s hot, wet belly. She undulated, rubbing her belly and navel to Conchita’s; Conchita pushed back. Thick, ripe thighs pushed tight, then were soon rubbing and sliding. Long, powerful legs twined into one straining mass of rippling muscle. Unable to take anymore, Conchita groaned, then forced her ruby red lips to Inge’s matching pair. The women opened their mouths, allowing the other’s tongue in, licking and sucking at each other, twisting tongues, kissing deeply and exuberantly, until their stumbling battle caused them to fall solidly to the jungle floor. Wrapped tight, squeezing with all of their strength, their bodies flattened and struggling to merge into one, neither woman even noticed.

They rolled, slowly, never breaking the kiss, each woman swallowing the moans and cries of the other, their tongues twisted and licking, hot saliva lubricating their oral confrontation. Their bellies were flat against each other, and they writhed, reveling in the slick sweat and delicious friction, the raw pleasure of naked skin to skin. It had been months since Inge had last relieved herself sexually, and she now found her hunger to consume Conchita’s glorious body with her own almost too much to bear. Almost unconsciously, Inge’s hands slid down Conchita’s sculpted back to her hips, to untie the other woman’s bikini bottom. Inge felt Conchita pulling her own leopard-skin bottom away from her body, the tiny fur garment already wet with pussy juice and clinging to her cunt. In a moment, both women’s naked twats were exposed, their hairy bushes intermingling, their groans of effort and anger now turning to pleasure. Now on the top of their struggling bodies, Inge slid her right hand down Conchita’s stomach, through her black pubic bush, and slowly inserted three fingers up into the Spanish countess’ wet, burning cunt. Conchita screamed and groaned at once, then broke their saliva-soaked kiss. “Fucking cunt,” she moaned, then slid her left hand down Inge’s belly, burying it in the hot, wet slit between her foe’s legs. Conchita’s eager fingers pried open Inge’s thick pussy lips and, in moments, the women were finger-fucking each other, their wet fingers moving furiously inside the other, searching for the other’s clit. Those engorged sexnubs were not difficult to find and soon Inge and Conchita were shrieking with pleasure as their enemy’s questing thumb began working their most sensitive organ.

The women settled side by side, their faces pressed together nose to nose, forehead to forehead, sharing gasps and panting moans and hot breath, and sometimes eager, licking tongues. Their tits crushed tight, rock-hard nipples spearing each other through their bikini tops, throbbing in arousal, as their fingers moved expertly and enthusiastically inside their cunts. The hot, wet sucking sound of fingers working pussy rose up to complement the erotic moaning and obscene curses that the battling Amazons hurled at each other, when they were not sucking enthusiastically on the other’s probing tongue. Over time, the pace of the fingerfuck slowed and Inge and Conchita began focusing on working the other’s pussy slowly and carefully, trying to force as much sexual pleasure on her enemy as possible.

Inge moved her thumb around and around Conchita’s swollen clit, stroking and pressing, rubbing and teasing. At the same time her index and middle fingers moved inside of Conchita’s vaginal canal, seeking out the sensitive, delicious pleasure zones that she knew, from experience, were there. Conchita’s hand was moving just as expertly inside of Inge’s cunt, and the women’s tortured groans and whimpers of delight continued to build.

Conchita struggled to hold on, but Inge’s fingers were forcing too much pleasure. Inge was sexually torturing her, with her sweet breath, her delicious tongue, her throbbing nipples, her taut titflesh merged and straining against Conchita’s own. But the blonde was doing things to her clit and her vaginal walls that were driving her crazy with lust and she felt she could not quite force as much pleasure on Inge through her own ministrations. Through half-open eyes, the two combatants glared hatefully, desperately, at each other.

“Nnngh, Fuck, fuck, fuck….,” Conchita suddenly groaned, as Inge hit a particularly sweet spot within her vagina. Snarling, Conchita pulled her probing left hand out of Inge. She was losing the finger fuckfight, she needed to try another tactic before she was defeated. She grabbed the blonde’s torturous right hand, and pulled it out of her cunt. Quickly, before Inge could react, Conchita released the blonde’s right hand, then took her left and reached up to grab Inge’ right tit. She squeezed the yielding flesh, then sank her claws into Inge’s halter and, with a powerful tug, ripped the garment away, tossing the halter over her shoulder. Inge gasped. Her magnificent breasts were completely exposed, she was suddenly totally nude. Conchita moved fast, leaning forward, pushing down on Inge, her head darting down, her teeth sinking into the jungle goddess’ thick, sharp, caramel brown nipple. Conchita sucked the delicious flesh with all the pent-up lust of weeks of waiting for this moment.

Inge screamed, the focus of the battle suddenly moving from the women’s throbbing cunts into Inge’s bulging tit. Conchita pushed hard and, suddenly, Inge was flat on her back, Conchita’s ravenous mouth and taunting tongue fastened to her massive right tit. Conchita’s right hand sank into the taut, yielding flesh of Inge’s left tit, and she squeezed the nipple hard between her thumb and forefinger, working it like a knob of pleasure. Her left hand moved behind Inge’s back, seized her rival’s beautiful blonde hair, then pulled tight. She intended to control Inge using the blonde’s hair as a rein. At the same time, she plastered her body over Inge’s writhing form. Inge groaned, grinding her tight, straining body into the hard ground, rubbing her belly and pussy into Conchita’s hot, grinding flesh, the raw sexual sensations burning through her driving her crazy with lust. For a moment, she gave way, using her right hand to push the back of Conchita’s head, driving the Spanish woman’s face even harder into her tit, her left hand clinging to her enemy’s powerful shoulder, her claws leaving a mark on the firm flesh. Conchita moved her head to Inge’s other tit, sucking and chewing at the hard nipple. At the same time, she ran her right hand down Inge’s undulating belly, burying it in the blonde’s pubic fur, before resuming her finger fuck attack on her enemy.

With a cry, Inge fought back. She drove a thick, beautifully muscled thigh up between Conchita’s legs. The dark-haired beauty groaned into Inge’s sweet, firm tit, as her hairy, hungry cunt sucked to the blonde’s hard muscle, then began to open, soaking the smooth muscle with her cunt juice. Involuntarily, Conchita began working her aching pussy up and down the smooth, hot muscle, her massive clit rubbing and crushing into the firm flesh. She increased her biting and sucking of Inge’s tit, she redoubled her stroking and teasing of Inge’s clit, even as the blonde forced her thigh deeper into Conchita’s hungry cunt. Both women were writhing and groaning in an agony of absolute pleasure as they stimulated each other. Inge shoved her left hand between their writhing bodies and grabbed Conchita’s massive right tit and began to squeeze. Conchita bit her rival’s heavy tit even harder, filling her mouth with succulent titflesh, letting her tongue tease the rock-hard nipple. All the while, each woman worked the other’s clit, Inge with her rocking thigh, Conchita with her nimble fingers.

With a groaning cry, Inge suddenly shoved her thigh as high and hard up between Conchita’s legs as she could. The powerful thrust had the desired effect of pushing Conchita’s entire body up, throwing the Spanish countess higher on to Inge’s chest. Conchita released Inge’s tit from her mouth and freed her enemy’s cunt from her hand. Gasping with the intense pleasure emanating from Inge’s thigh thrust, Conchita raised herself up, then brought her massive boobs crushing down on Inge’s bountiful rack. She writhed, sliding her tits on Inge’s, until their nipples lined up and began grating and spearing each other, hard areola to areola. Conchita drove her muscular right thigh up between Inge’s legs. Inge gasped at the sudden violation, then pushed hard at her attacker. With a mutual groan, the two women rolled onto their sides.

Face to face, thighs rubbing and sliding into the other’s cunt, hard clits pulsing into slick flesh, throbbing nipples pressed and merged, Conchita and Inge fucked at each other. Nose to nose and lip to lip they panted and moaned, crying out with pleasure, burning with need. Anxious, frantic, hungry kisses sealed and broke as their gasping need for air caused them to pant and groan with lust. Each woman rode the other’s thigh, cunt juice flowed out to soak their muscled limbs, and their erotic moaning grew to a higher and higher pitch. They writhed and wriggled in each other’s arms, their bodies driving against each other, each women thrusting with her thigh even as she used her hips and ass to work her cunt against the other’s leg, each trying to stimulate the other over the edge of orgasm.

It had been a long time since Inge had last relieved her sexual passion with a partner, and she found that she had built up a reservoir of lust and need that was far greater than she had imagined. She was overwhelmed, lost in the sheer ecstasy of the voluptuous, writhing flesh crushed and grinding against her own magnificent body. Her sex seemed far more sensitive than it should, and she fought to control her passion and pleasure, even as Conchita’s thigh crushed and rubbed her clit with unbearable friction, even as her straining tits merged and pulsed nipple to nipple with the Spanish woman’s beautiful rack. The idea of losing a fuckfight to Conchita enraged the blonde Amazon, yet she could not deny the incredible pleasure building in her loins. She drove her slick thigh even harder into Conchita’s boiling cunt even as she felt the delicious and familiar tightening in her belly that signaled the point of no return. She bucked harder. From Conchita’s moans and cries, the dark-haired whore could not be far behind her on the path to orgasm. But, in the end, Inge could not hold out a moment more.

“Oh God, Oh FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” she shrieked as a massive orgasm detonated in her clit. Waves of pleasure and tension rolled through her. Her pussy convulsed, its thick lips squeezing and sucking at Conchita’s smooth thigh. Hot, pungent juices gushed out of her erupting pussy, drenching Conchita’s leg, soaking the intersections of their bucking bodies. As she trembled with orgasmic joy, Inge’s thigh jerked with passion and tension and it was just enough to push Conchita into climax. Conchita erupted in a delicious orgasm. Screaming, howling with pleasure, both women continued to jerk and thrust their thighs, driving orgasms out of the other, cunt juice flowing and soaking their legs, their bellies, coating them both in the scent of raw sex.

For some time, Inge and Conchita lay together, still tangled up, breath coming in panting gasps, hearts pounding with the shared exertion, breasts compressed, nipples mated and throbbing with electricity. Sweat dripped from their bodies and their thighs remained locked to the other’s pussy. Their clits twitched against the smooth muscle, until both women finally pulled apart, their cunts pulling off their thighs with a sucking “pop” and a gush of juice. They rolled onto their backs, their heavy tits bouncing with the movement.

The battle had served to release the pent-up frustration and desire in both women, their overwhelming need to test their cunts and their tits against each other, to match voluptuous flesh to flesh and struggle for domination. However, the battle itself could only be the opening skirmish in a much longer war.

Before combat could resume, however, Conchita pulled herself to her feet and began to search for her bikini.

“What do you think you are doing, you little pussy?,” Inge asked her, watching from the ground. “You don’t think this is over, do you?”

Conchita had found her bikini and tied on her bottom. She was in the process of pulling the bikini bra cups tight against her majestic tits. As she secured the halter, she turned to the lean-to and, after tying the bra, pulled the machete out of the ground. She then picked up her rifle by the center of its barrel and turned to face Inge.

“As much as I’d like to finish fucking your cunt inside out… Not here. Not now.”

Inge shook her head. “You’re not leaving here until…”

“Save that energy. You may need it.”

“Put down that weapon and face me.”

Conchita pursed her lips in a serious line. “I have a small favor to ask. Do it for me, and you’ll have your wish. I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

“I don’t have time for games.”

“Nor do I.” Conchita’s face grew hard. “If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late. This will only take one night, and you’re the only person I can trust to come with me.”

Inge calmed her rage. An altogether different emotion radiated from Conchita. Inge could smell it. Seconds later, she sensed the cause. Pride was stiffening Conchita’s backbone, protecting her from the blonde amazon like steel. Something had gotten to her, made her want to defend her honor even to the extent of incurring Inge’s full wrath. Inge could scarcely imagine something that would pull Conchita away from engaging her passionate rivalry with Inge. This had to be important.

“What do I need to do?”

“Follow me.”

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The pair arrived at Conchita’s villa three hours later, entering through the balcony to Conchita’s bedroom. Conchita placed her rifle and the machete against the wall inside the balcony door. Without hesitation, Conchita stripped, tossing her bikini bra and bottom onto the bed. Lying on the bed were two stunning evening gowns, one gold the other scarlet.

“Strip and come with me,” Conchita ordered. “We don’t have much time.” As she spoke, she strode into the large bathroom adjoining her private chamber. Her tits bounced exuberantly, her hips swayed enticingly, the globes of her bare ass flexed delectably as she moved. Inge watched all of this, then slipped out of her own bikini, left it on the bed beside Conchita’s, and entered the bath.

Conchita had wasted no time. She was already standing in a shower stall, hot water streaming down over her fantastic body, rinsing off the jungle sweat, the scent of the hot sex she and Inge had enjoyed so recently. She scrubbed herself quickly but thoroughly, running the water over her head and squeezing out the dark mass of her hair. She opened her eyes to see Inge, standing just outside the shower stall, staring at the shower head with some trepidation.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” Conchita snapped. Without warning, she reached out, grabbed the blonde Amazon by her wrist, and yanked Inge hard, pulling her under the shower. Inge screeched, startled by the heat of the water. Conchita spun her around and pushed her into the marble shower wall. She redirected the stream of water so that it sprayed directly on to Inge’s beautiful form. Then, with a bar of soap in one hand, Conchita kneeled behind Inge and began soaping and washing the blonde Amazon.

Inge reveled in the feeling. After the initial shock of the hot water, she came to enjoy the warmth. And Conchita’s hands moved smoothly across her body, tracing and massaging every muscle, moving from her feet to her muscled calves, to her ripe thighs. Inge pushed herself back from the wall, while Conchita continued her ministrations. The Spanish beauty sent her right hand plunging up into Inge’s pussy, stroking and probing the blonde’s vagina with three eager fingers, before allowing her soapy hand to move up into Inge’s bush. Conchita ran her soapy hands over the solid globes of Inge’s ass, being sure to separate the blonde’s buttocks and run the blade of her hand over Inge’s asshole. She paused to thrust her right middle finger up Inge’s tight, puckered asshole, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the jungle woman, before continuing down to the slit of her pussy. Inge groaned with delight, the feelings of the hot water and Conchita’s soothing, stroking hands creating an erotic trance. Conchita now stood behind Inge and ran her hands over her rival’s back, before slipping her arms around beneath Inge’s arms to cup and squeeze the blonde’s magnificent tits. As Inge groaned with pleasure, Conchita ran her hands around and around the blonde’s massive rack, covering every inch of Inge’s beautiful titflesh in soapy water. Conchita squeezed Inge’s flaring nipples hard, forcing a gasp from the gorgeous woman. Then Conchita ran her hands down Inge’s belly, playing with the woman’s navel, letting her hands meet in the tangled bush of Inge’s thick pubic hair. The index and middle fingers of both of Conchita’s hands went delving deeply into the blonde’s hot cunt, pulling up and squashing the thick, soft pussy lips, probing the sensitive vaginal canal, gently stroking the budding clit. Conchita was pressed tight to Inge’s back and, as the water flowed, her hard tits pushed and flattened into the jungle woman’s upper back. Conchita’s breath came in hot gasps in Inge’s ear. Inge turned her head toward Conchita, reached for her enemy’s face and caught it in the crook of her elbow. The women kissed deeply, tongues teasing, lips sucking, the hot water flowing around them, feeding the sensations burning in their cores.

Conchita spun Inge around and pushed her back against the wall. The women’s eyes locked and Conchita threw herself into Inge’s arms, both women groaning as their tits met and slid, crushed and squeezed in the flowing water, hard nipples pushing and grating. Inge and Conchita wrapped their arms around the other and locked into a deep kiss. For long moments, their hands ran over the other’s gorgeous body, stroking and exploring, hot tongues tangled and licking hungrily. Thick thighs pressed into hot cunts and both women began to rub against the other, spreading each other’s juicy pussy lips, working to separate the labia. Then, with a groan, Conchita slowly pulled back.

“Not now,” she whispered. “Later, later I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk. But we need to leave now.”

Inge almost screamed inside, her frustrated lust burning her. But she refused to show less control than Conchita. With a snarl, she released the dark-haired woman and the two were soon drying themselves with thick, clean towels. Both naked, Inge followed Conchita back out into the bedroom.

Once dry, Conchita walked to the bed, picked up the scarlet gown, and slid into the stunning dress. She did not bother to wear any undergarments. The gown clung to her every curve, fitting her like a second skin. It had a long “v” slashed down the front and its thin material was speared by Conchita’s hard nipples. Her massive cleavage filled the front of the dress, her tits swaying easily under the silken material. A long slash up the right leg allowed her bare legs to swing free, but the dress was tight at the hips, outlining the Spanish woman’s hourglass figure. She looked beautiful, the picture of erotic power.

Conchita pointed to the golden dress remaining on the bed.

“That one’s yours.”

Inge stared at it as if she had no idea what to do with it. Seeing the look of irritation on her host’s face, she quickly picked it up and stepped into it. The golden dress was the mirror image of Conchita’s, and Inge filled it out just as well, her massive tits straining against the silk, her perfect naked legs flashing in the slash at the leg. She thrilled, enjoying the deliciously erotic sensation of the soft silk caressing her nipples, the freedom of having nothing encasing her cunt.

“Fits well, doesn’t it?” Conchita asked.

Inge nodded, smoothing the expensive fabric that clung to her like a second skin. “Perfect.”

“Comes from knowing the proportions intimately. It was made for me, but it will fit you perfectly.”

“I still don’t understand. What is this for?”

“When in the jungle, you wear appropriate clothing. We’re heading into my jungle tonight. Now come here, we need to do something about your hair.”

Conchita sat Inge at her dressing table and ran a brush through the blonde’s golden locks for a few minutes. The jungle woman’s hair was healthy and well-tended and it did not take long to make it presentable. Conchita ran the brush quickly through her own wild locks, but she did not bother too much with them. She knew that her own sensuality was greatly enhanced by the wildness of her hair.

The Spanish woman pulled on a pair of black pumps. Conchita then pointed Inge to a pair of high-heeled, close-toed black shoes sitting at the foot of the bed.

“Put those on,” she said.

Inge complied, though she was puzzled as to why she should force her bare feet into these uncomfortably pointed shoes which cramped her toes so painfully. When she stood, she almost fell over, but her well-honed sense of balance allowed her to easily master the three-inch heels. Still, she marveled at the foolish dictates of “civilized” fashion.

“These shoes are ridiculous,” she said flatly.

Conchita smiled. “You’re right, but you’ll only be wearing them for a few hours. For a brief time, you need to be able to pass as a woman of the city.”

The two women paused to eye each other. Inge had to admit that the strategic covering and baring of Conchita’s magnificent body in her sexy red dress was enormously appealing and arousing. She could see in the mirror that her own gown emphasized her own sexual allure. Heat and an aching desire to reunite in full battle rose high in both women. Inge felt herself wanting to rip the rich cloth away from Conchita’s glorious body, throw the whore on the floor, and fuck her senseless. Conchita felt exactly the same desire burning in her loins. God, she wanted to feel Inge’s hot, naked flesh on hers, their heavy tits rubbing and grinding, their swollen clits locked head to head. Conchita felt her pussy lubricate with her thoughts. She forced her desire back. Now was not the time. She cleared her throat and pulled her eyes away from Inge’s body.

“Take this,” she said, throwing Inge a small purse. “Put your bikini in it. You may need it later.” Inge did as she was told. Her leopard skin bikini was tiny, only two meager scraps of cloth and string, so it fit easily in the small purse. She noticed that Conchita put her own panther bikini in a matching purse. Clearly, whatever the Spanish woman had planned might require them to resort to their jungle wiles.

“A coach is waiting at the street,” Conchita said. “We must hurry.”

The carriage wound its way away from Conchita’s villa on the edge of the forest into the center of the city, then turned onto the road that ran towards the hills to the west. The carriage was enclosed, with two bench seats. Inge and Conchita sat facing each other, Conchita with her back to the driver. Both women avoided eye contact, neither wanting to risk having their lust drive them into another uncontrollable sexual confrontation. The backseat of the coach was a tempting location in which to sate their mutual lust.

At first, they passed through the government and business district of the city with its clean brick buildings that seemed to Inge like tombs. Then, they passed the favelas that saddened her heart further. These were like views of an alien civilization to the forest dweller. She wanted to stop this awkward vehicle, cast off these ridiculous pointed shoes, and run back home to where the air was perfumed with flowers and sang with the multitude of birds.

The coach left the main thoroughfare and turned onto a private road and ascended into the hills. Here, the villas were set back away from the street and the yards had high walls and iron gates. Up and up they climbed until the road ended at a gate flanked by small guard houses. Conchita passed the driver a note through the back window, which he gave to the guard. Moments later, they were let through the gate and onto an impressive estate, following the road that led to a majestic villa.

The villa was an enormous white multi-building complex surrounded by groves of trees. The carriage followed the wide drive and pulled up to the massive wooden front door. A butler came out to greet the coach and led the two women inside. Inge and Conchita followed the butler along marble floors and down long corridors. The villa was bright and spacious, and the walls were decorated with beautiful carvings and paintings. Marble sculptures of Greek gods and goddesses adorned the open spaces. The women were led down a grand spiral staircase. Inge marveled at the riches it must have taken to produce such grandeur, and wondered by what means that wealth had been gathered.

After walking for several minutes, their journey ended in a large, open, square room. The eastern wall of the room was lined with windows, but all of the shutters were now firmly closed. Windows higher in the wall, however, were unshuttered, so the room remained lit by the late afternoon sun. Still, electrical lights lined the Western wall and were now glowing dully. The room was beautifully appointed. Classical landscapes decorated the walls. Rich, leather furniture was pushed up to the walls, clearly moved there from their usual location in the center of the room, which was now bare, except for a rich, thick Persian rug. A large, ornate fireplace dominated the far northern wall. To the side of the fireplace, a heavy wooden door stood open onto an upward-leading staircase.

Standing on the far side of the room, directly in front of the fireplace, were two women, one a redhead, the other golden-haired.

The redhead was standing slightly in front of the blonde, her hands on her voluptuous hips, her long hair bordering the right side of her face hanging brazenly down her chest, the hair on her left side draping down her back. She was wearing high heels, but then only a white robe. The robe hung to halfway down her shapely calves, but it did little to hide her spectacular figure. Her bust pushed out at the thin robe, her thick nipples clearly visible through the material, her massive cleavage defined by the deep “v” of the garment. Her green eyes blazed with fury and raw, animal lust as she saw Conchita. Her beautiful face lit with anger.

The blonde women was wearing an expensive green gown, but one which, like those worn by Inge and Conchita, served to emphasize and expose her massive tits and her beautifully formed, muscular legs. She was smiling, an air of arrogance and power in her beautiful face, her grey eyes calm and appraising.

Looking at these two women, Inge felt a shock of raw, erotic power roar through her pussy and into her tits. Her nipples hardened into spikes. She realized, with a deep sexual thrill, that these two beautiful women rivaled Conchita and her in every way. But, in staring at the blonde, she quickly came to another realization. Her eyes darkened with anger.

The women waited for the butler to leave and close the door behind him. Then the redhead spoke directly at Conchita.

“So, you did summon the nerve to meet me here.”

“As if I could possibly miss the chance to shut your mouth up once and for all, Domino.”

“You’ll find that very hard to do. I have gotten much better since we last tangled, you stupid whore. You should fear me now, as I have learned from the best there is!” A smirk crept onto the lips of the woman behind Domino at this remark.

The blonde woman spoke up. “You’ve brought a second, I take it?”

“Yes,” Conchita replied. “Her name is Inge. She’s here to make sure everything remains fair.”

“Oh, I seriously doubt she and I will need to interfere with whatever you and Domino have planned.”

For the first time since arriving, Inge spoke. “She’s right about that.” Inge’s panther eyes were fixed on the golden-haired woman.

“Well, since we’re in agreement,” the woman purred to Inge, “why don’t we leave those two alone to work out their problems? I know a good place to go where we won’t bother them.”

Inge nodded her agreement, her eyes never leaving the striking grey eyes of the other blonde.

Conchita and Domino looked at the other pair of women in the room with sudden interest. Inge walked to the back of the room and, seconds later, she and the other buxom woman left through the heavy door that led upstairs, closing the door behind them, leaving Conchita and Domino puzzled. But only for a few moments.

Conchita and Domino were now alone, and itching to face each other in a final showdown of sexual dominance.

Part II

Conchita and Domino’s eyes locked, dark brown to emerald green. The sexual power rippling in their erogenous zones built to a fever pitch. Conchita threw her small bag onto a leather chair that had been pushed under a nearby window. Hands on their hips, high heels clicking on the hardwood floor, the two sexual warriors began to walk toward the rich Persian rug in the center of the room. They stopped at the opposite edges of the carpet, which they both understood to be the arena for their sexual combat, and considered each other. Domino pulled something out of the pocket of her robe, a small glass vial. Then, she reached down, untied the robe’s sash, and let it fall open. She thrust her bare, beautiful left leg out, letting it split the robe and reveal her enticing cleavage, her flat hard belly, her thick, red bush. Then, with a salacious smile, the beautiful redhead reached up and brushed the robe off of her shoulders. It fell in a white puddle at her feet and she stood in all of her naked glory before her mocha-skinned enemy.

Domino’s body was fantastic, every bit as beautiful and voluptuous as Conchita remembered. The Spanish woman licked her dry lips as her eyes voyaged over every smooth nook and rounded crevasse of the fantastically succulent body before her. Domino’s body gleamed, every inch below her neck covered in some kind of slick oil. Her tits shone, reflected in the late afternoon sun and the dim glow of the wall lights. Her naked belly glittered, every perfect muscle limned in a golden light, which disappeared into the enticing shadow of her deep navel. Her thighs and calves looked slick and tight. Even her perfect feet, supported by her high-heel shoes, looked glazed in the fading orange light. Conchita realized that oiling herself down was Domino’s way of countering Conchita’s strength.

Domino smiled as she watched Conchita take in her glowing body. “I hope you like it. I thought it would be nice to see how it feels to fuckfight when my skin is so … slick.” She smiled even wider, her eyes burning with fever. “Would you like to try some?” Domino asked, holding up the vial.

“I think I would,” Conchita replied. Domino tossed the small receptacle to her enemy. Conchita caught it easily in her left hand. Then, she reached up to the shoulder straps of her gown. Hooking them with her thumbs, she pulled the straps off her shoulders. The scarlet garment slithered down her ripe, round body with a sigh of fine silk. Her glorious breasts slid free, her torso was soon naked, then, with a sexy wiggle of her hips, the dress rippled to the ground. She stepped out of it and, now nude except for her shoes, placed her right hand on her cocked, naked hip, and confronted her redheaded enemy from across the rug.

The women locked eyes, then each let her gaze flow wantonly down the body of the other, exploring the other’s abundant flesh, staring unashamedly at the other’s tits and cunt, imagining what it would soon feel like to bring their hot, hungry sexes together, what it would be like to press every inch of burning, electric flesh to that of the other. Both women watched as the other’s pussy lips moistened and swelled, as their nipples grew longer and harder, as their breath started to come slightly faster as the mutual arousal built. Finally, Domino and Conchita locked eyes again, raw heat and lust and hatred passing between them.

Domino broke the silence first.


She spat the name like a curse.

“Sad, sad Conchita. Living all alone in a big villa at the edge of the jungle, pining for what she can never have. Incapable of being accepted in civilized society due to her strange and lewd behavior. Rejected by the natives as just another unwanted colonial import. Destined to be an oddity, a curious novelty to be examined for a time perhaps, but most certainly not worthy of any long term study by any man. She uses her body to make up for her lack of education, just like a simple whore. Her outer rind does appear sweet, but her fruit is sour and distasteful, a reflection of the bitter pit of a heart that lies at her center.”

Seeing the snarl on Conchita’s lips, Domino grinned and continued.

“What is the world to do with this bizarre creature? She vanishes for days so soon after starting negotiations with my husband over a shipping contract. As a result, he must take his business elsewhere. And, upon her equally sudden return, the flighty thing has the temerity to demand he cancel the deal. Her whirlwind display of ignorance and boorishness bewilders all as she flies from one inept scheme to another in a juvenile tantrum that still fails to bend reality to her will. Her loutish behavior even attracts the attention of the governor, so outlandish and pitifully awful her attempts at revenge have become.”

“And, when someone has the unmitigated gall to point out the truth to her… Oh, what a scene she makes. Hissing like a toothless serpent in front of the very society that tries so hard to tolerate her. Threatening to perform some manner of unspeakable act that will silence the poor woman for eternity. Well, it’s enough to fire a righteous spark into the most jaded of believers in common decency. Enough to make one stand up and defend the poor girl against such a callous assault. Don’t you think?”

Conchita’s face had gained a rosy hue, and Domino couldn’t help but notice that the Spanish beauty was desperate to hold some sort of reaction back. Conchita’s upper body began to shake, her bare tits rocking. Domino believed that the tremors foretold the volcanic eruption of fury she so dearly wished to witness and to provoke.

Instead, Conchita’s mouth opened wide and thunderous guffaws rumbled from her throat. The storm of laughter lasted several seconds before tapering off to a slow chuckle. “Ah,” Conchita said when her breath returned.


A name stated like an unfortunate and unpleasant illness.

“Sad, stupid Domino. Always picking fights you have no hope of winning. Why is it you have such an inflated sense of power and authority? Is it the wealth your husband has access to, the money that you spread your legs so willingly for? Don’t give me that look. Certainly you didn’t marry him for love, and he didn’t wed you for your personality. No, I have the unfortunate task once again of putting an overconfident slut in her place. It’s tiresome, because no matter how often bitches like you get taught a lesson, you never seem to learn.”

“Now, your behavior would be perfectly understandable and your cause against me altogether valid, if only this were a playground. And that’s the heart of this sad affair, isn’t it? Your body is that of a woman, but inside you’re still just a little girl spreading gossip and lies. You can’t handle the adult world and so you fall back on immature tricks like trying to embarrass me publicly and using weaker girls to unwittingly do your dirty work. I was surprised you had the spine to challenge me until I found out that it wasn’t you but our gracious hostess who set up this meeting. I may not have been educated in the same fine European finishing school you somehow floundered through, but I know a bitch who is out of her depth when I see one!”

“And now,” Conchita continued, “I’m going to fuck your brains out. And you are going to beg to be my slave, to do whatever I tell you to, to be my bitch and my plaything for the rest of your miserable life, or until I let you go.”

“No, you Spanish cunt,” Domino replied, tight fury dripping from her dangerously quiet voice. “We will fuck. But I will be the one doing the fucking, and you will accept the punishment that I give you. You barely beat me the last time we fought, and I am much better prepared now. This time, my cunt will eat yours alive, my tits will flatten yours, my nipples will squash yours to nothing. You will be my fuckbitch from this day on.”

Sharing one final look of fury, the two enraged women kicked off their high heels. Then, completely nude, they stepped with their bare feet on to the thick, rich rug and prepared to fuck each other to the finish. Hips swaying seductively, beautiful round asses flexing with every step, equally massive tits rocking with the movement of their glorious bodies, Conchita and Domino moved towards each other.

They met in the center of the carpet, stopping half a meter apart. Their massive tits seemed to radiate power, Domino’s thick pink nipples hard and hot, pointing directly at the dark brown nipples of her enemy. Both women inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet scent of aroused womanhood. Then, Conchita took the vial of oil she was holding, uncorked it, and poured a thin stream of scented liquid out on her tits. She poured a little bit more on her bare brown belly, just above her tight, deep navel. The oil slowly trickled down her stomach, pooling in her navel for a moment, before continuing down to the thick fur of her cunt. Conchita smiled arrogantly at Domino and, after placing the vial on the ground beside her, began running her open hands around and around her naked tits, rubbing the oil over and under every inch of her round, thick globes, her proud, ridged areola and nipples. After she finished with her bountiful chest, she ran her hands over her belly, smearing the oil into the chiseled muscle of her abdomen, down her pubes, all around to her hips. She bent down and picked up the vial and then made ready to pour more oil onto her thighs and calves. But she paused and then, with a smug smile, offered the glass container to Domino, who had stood, watching Conchita’s display with a deep hunger burning in her eyes and in her sex.

“Maybe you’d like to help,” Conchita murmured, her eyes half-hooded with her heavy lids.

Domino smiled and took the bottle. “Turn around,” she said, her voice thick.

Conchita did as she was told, turning around to present her flawless, muscled back and powerful ass to her enemy, her arms extended straight out to either side.

She felt the warm oil pour onto her back, between her shoulder blades. Then Domino’s soft hands were spreading the scented liquid over her sculpted back, over the sharp ridges and the perfect muscle, then over and around the taut muscle of her powerful arms and into her armpits, being sure to caress the sides of her massive, sensitive tits. Domino continued down around and around the smooth, round flesh of Conchita’s beautiful ass. The redhead’s hands explored and teased Conchita’s body, much as the Spanish goddess had explored Inge earlier in the shower. Domino’s hands wandered between Conchita’s ass cheeks, then moved down to her thick, powerful thighs. Domino paused to rub the oil smartly into Conchita’s hot, wet cunt, the liquid from the oil mixing with the juice from the Spanish woman’s pussy. Domino continued, covering Conchita’s muscled calves, and then ran her hands around the tops and heels of Conchita’s feet, even moving her oil-covered fingers between the other woman’s toes.

Domino stopped. “Turn around,” she said to Conchita again.

Conchita did as she was told, letting her arms drop to her sides. She and Domino stared at each other, hot desire burning in their bellies, their cunts lubricating, moistening their pussy fur, starting to drip thick cunt juice down to the expensive rug. Both women started to pant, their hearts pounding, their desire to mate and fuck and ride each other mercilessly building inexorably.

Domino extended her arm and tipped a thick stream of oil on to Conchita’s massive tits, which were starting to heave and quiver with her quickening breath. Then, Domino tipped the remaining contents of the vial onto her own trembling tits. She threw the empty bottle aside, then stepped slightly closer to Conchita, until the hard nipples of their bare breasts were only centimeters apart.

Both women’s lips parted, they ran thick tongues over ruby red lips. Then Domino reached out and cupped Conchita’s massive rack, weighing and squeezing the other woman’s majestic tits, before she ran her hands around to the top of the Spanish woman’s breasts and began to rub the oil around and around her enemy’s glorious tits. She ran her flat, naked palms over Conchita’ s rock hard, jutting nipples, and smiled as the Spanish woman whimpered with pleasure and closed her eyes against the shock of ecstasy.

At the same time, Conchita reached out and cupped Domino’s fantastic tits. Her hands were soon spreading the oil, rubbing it in and around Domino’s breasts, lifting and separating those fantastic, dense globes, weighing and squeezing, comparing Domino’s beautiful rack to her own and not finding it wanting in any way.

For long minutes, the two beauties, hated rivals, fondled and stimulated each other, rubbing the slick, tantalizing tits of the other, playing with the other’s boobs, squeezing and massaging nipples and dense titflesh, crushing and teasing the other’s powerful jugs. They groaned and gasped as one or the other forced shocks of pleasure from a particular manipulation, a particular caress of probing finger on sensitive nipple or areola. They played with each other, leaning back, offering each other their meaty tits, their taut bellies and pussies occasionally slapping or touching as the women worked at each other. Conchita rubbed her belly with Domino’s and enjoyed the delicious, slick feeling as their well-oiled flesh slid on each other. Their pubic hair caught. Their nipples ached with hardness and electric pleasure.

Domino squeezed Conchita’s tits together hard, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her enemy, then a retaliatory squeeze. Domino’s eyes closed with the shock of sensation, then she opened them and smiled, like a shark, at her prey.

“Let’s fuck, whore,” she murmured. “No more foreplay.”

“That’s what I want, cunt,” Conchita murmured back.

The women released each other’s massive, overstimulated tits and reached for each other. They folded into each other’s arms, wrapping powerful limbs around naked backs, pulling each other in. Burning tits met and crushed and slid deliciously with a slick, hot shock, engorged nipples met and kissed and caressed, covered in their liquid sheen, before they disappeared together into the dense, mating titflesh as the women pressed close. Domino and Conchita groaned with pleasure and need, both women finally joining in the fuckfight that they had both desired for some time.

Domino’s questing tongue found Conchita’s lips, Conchita opened her mouth to accept the intruder, and the women locked into a deep, probing, tongue twisting kiss. Hot saliva flowed between them like water, and they hugged harder and harder, rubbing slick bellies, swinging powerful hips so that hot cunts could meet and kiss like lovers, letting hot thighs move without friction against each other. As they kissed, as they squeezed, as their tits melted and rolled on each other, as their bodies crushed tighter and tighter, Conchita and Domino slowly spread their legs. Each woman moved a thick, smooth thigh up into the other’s cunt and, in a moment, they were sliding their hot, wet cunts up and down their slippery thighs like on a firepole, moving hard and strong against each other, their swollen clits running like hard little sex swords on the other’s greased flesh. The sensations were incredible and the women screamed and moaned and cried into each other’s mouth as they fucked each other. Conchita let her hands wander down to Domino’s powerful, rounded ass. She seized both ass cheeks, her grip sliding on the oiled flesh, sank her nails in, and pulled hard, trying to grind Domino’s cunt against her thigh even harder. At the same time she pushed with her muscled leg. But she could hardly concentrate on this attack, given that her own body was riding Domino’s rippling thigh like a horse, her body bucking and grinding against the invading flesh, her own lust consuming her with need.

“Yes,” Conchita thought, “yes, yes, yes, this is so good, this can’t stop.” At the same time, she wanted to go clit to clit with Domino. She had already used her thigh once today to fuck an enemy into submission, and she wanted to feel the incomparable pleasure of two hard, equally huge, sex-engorged clits sliding and slipping and grinding into one. But that would come later. For now, she just concentrated on the terrible pleasure she was both experiencing and inflicting, even as she tried to win the tongue to tongue, tit to tit duel that Domino had locked her in.

Moaning, groaning with erotic need, oiled flesh undulating and sliding with frictionless heat, heavy tits rubbing and sliding around and between each other, thick nipples burning with heat and stabbing into dense flesh, the two battling beauties slowly sank to their knees, their thighs still jammed high and hard into the other’s pussy, their hands moving and rubbing at the other’s taut flesh, their tongues thrusting and teasing and twisting in a hard, sloppy kissfight. When their knees hit the ground, each woman leaned hard into the other, their tight bellies and aching tits crushing even tighter. Without breaking their hot kiss, the women leaned back slightly, angling their pussies towards each other. Thick pubic hair crushed tight. Powerful hips began to jerk and Conchita and Domino both reached for the other’s round, pumping ass. Groaning into each other’s mouths, the women pressed together, locked tight from cunt to tongue, bellies moving and sliding, hot navels pressing and sucking.

Conchita and Domino rocked together, pressing and bucking, massive, oil-covered tits crushed and throbbing, and popping out from each other as the pressure built. Slowly, achingly, the women worked their swollen pussy lips together, opening each other, seeking the other’s enflamed clit, even as each grabbed and squeezed and scratched at the other’s powerful ass. The women’s over-stimulated pussies lubricated hard and hot, cunt juice spilling out to bathe their genitals in fresh, pungent liquid, and Conchita felt the pure lust in her loins growing to a pulsing fever. The women’s hot, hairy cunts locked together, sucking and sealing, holding each other tight as they ate at each other. Thick pubic curls interlaced and meshed, wet with sexual secretions. Their bodies slid and rocked, and Conchita felt the heat in her cunt and knew, suddenly, that she could not hold out much more. The sheer pleasure of the frictionless rubbing and slippery sliding that she and Domino were engaged in, the delicious heat of Domino’s cunt as it invaded and mated with her own, it was just too much. Breaking the hard kiss, Conchita screamed and tore at Domino’s hair, determined to break the sucking hold that their two pussies had on each other. She knew that their swollen, super-sensitive clits were only moments from touching and stroking, and she did not think she could survive that contact in her hyper-aroused state. She needed time to regain her control.

Yanking hard, Conchita pulled Domino’s face away from her’s by the other’s flame-red hair. Domino gasped, caught by surprise, her own body primed and ready, eagerly anticipating the imminent clit to clit fuck. Conchita pulled back and the women’s pussies separated with a sucking pop, cunt juice spraying. With a cry, Conchita pushed Domino from her and rolled away herself

Rising to a crouch, Domino regarded Conchita, who was sitting, legs spread, tits heaving, two meters away. Domino smiled savagely.

“You’re really wet, you cunt,” she snarled at Conchita, “Much wetter than I am. I don’t think that you’re going to last too long, Conchita, you fucking bitch.”

Snarling, Conchita leaped to her feet and hurled her naked body at her redheaded rival. Domino leaped to meet her. Their magnificent bodies came together, hard tits slapping and compressing, stiff nipples stabbing and mating, both women sinking clawed fingers into the other’s thick hair, the only place where they could each get a good grip on their slick bodies. For several minutes, the two beauties struggled, their oiled feet seeking to grip the thick rug, their massive chests compressed into one throbbing mass of delicious sensation, their nipples piercing and penetrating each other like invading cocks, their cries of animal lust and anger growing more intense as they staggered around the rug. Finally, Domino lost her footing and fell to her knees, pulling Conchita with her. They struggled for a moment more, each trying to overbalance the other, but Domino managed to push harder and forced the Spanish goddess onto her back. But only for a moment. Wrapping her powerful legs around Domino’s hips, Conchita rolled herself back onto the top position. Thrashing and screaming with rage, the two women churned from one end of the carpet to the other, eventually rolling off the edge of the rug and onto the hard floor, towards the furniture pushed up against the east wall. With a groaning cry, Conchita managed to thrust her left thigh high and hard up into Domino’s soaking twat. The redhead shuddered with the pleasure and tried to retaliate, but Conchita tangled Domino’s left leg with her right, holding it in a quivering stalemate. As Domino found herself, once again, with her cunt riding Conchita’s thick, succulent thigh, she rolled their locked bodies back onto the rug, then pushed herself away from Conchita, breaking the contact, and slapping the Spanish woman’s face hard as they parted.

Lying flat on their backs, tits heaving as they panted, the two women stared at the ornate ceiling for a moment, before each turned her head to glare daggers at the beauty only a few meters away. Getting to their hands and knees, Domino and Conchita began crawling towards each other again, both eager to continue the fight. Their oiled bodies shining in the lamplight, they pulled close. Domino lashed out, slapping Conchita’s pendulous tits, causing the dense, solid globes to rock and sway with the impact. Gasping, Conchita struck back, slapping Domino on the face, then pulled on the redhead’s hair, yanking her hard to the side. Domino lost her balance and found herself falling on her side then onto her back. Before she could get up or roll away, Conchita lunged at her. But the Spanish beauty threw herself over Domino’s voluptuous body, towards Domino’s crotch. Conchita pulled Domino’s knees apart even as she positioned her own cunt over the redheaded Frenchwoman’s face. Conchita dived, face first, into Domino’s hairy cunt. Domino immediately and eagerly wrapped her arms around Conchita’s hips, spread her hands over the Spanish woman’s round, muscular ass, and drove her strong, lustful tongue hard up into Conchita’s hot, soaking cunt.

Each woman found her enemy’s swollen, burning clit, wrapped her soft lips and probing tongue around the hard sex nub, and sucked. Waves of pure orgasmic joy rippled through both combatants. Tears of pleasure streamed down their faces and their erotic moans of pleasure grew louder and more intense, even muffled within the other’s cunt. They rolled several times, their beautiful bodies sealed tight in a perfect 69, feasting ravenously upon each other, each woman determined to use her skilful pussy-eating to drive the other insane.

Domino thrust her right middle finger hard up Conchita’s tight anus and used her left hand to push two digits deep into Conchita’s boiling cunt. She sucked the Spanish beauty’s clit even as she stroked and probed Conchita’s vaginal walls with her skilled fingers. Moaning with pleasure, Conchita returned the attacks, driving two eager fingers into Domino’s ass, sending three questing digits into her opponent’s cunt, searching for any soft and ecstatic spot to stroke and violate. Both women gushed pussy juice, hot lubrication jetting over their faces, soaking their hair, filling their nostrils with the exciting, entrancing smell of aroused womanhood. All the while, their clits trembled and throbbed under the excruciating pleasure of their mutual attacks.

They settled with Conchita on top, neither woman advantaged by her position. Relentlessly, the two sex warriors attacked each other with all that they had. The quiet room resounded with cunt-muffled moans of erotic ecstasy, with the wet, sucking sounds of fingers vigorously fucking the hot, tight orifices of the two women. Conchita and Domino squeezed the other’s head between their rounded thighs, their cries of pleasure growing to a fever, their bodies beginning to tremble with pre-orgasmic tension. Their pussies continued to gush in unison, hot secretions bathing the other’s face. Still, they kept at it, each woman absolutely determined to suck the other’s clit until her enemy exploded, until the other bitch was pleasured to the point of abject surrender.

Their moans grew to near-screams and then, suddenly, Conchita broke off her attack. She released Domino’s engorged, throbbing clit from her hungry mouth with a gasp. “God, god, god…,” she moaned, then cried out, “FUCK, FUCK, oh FUCK…!!”

Beneath her, sobbing with pleasure, almost out of her mind with the sexual shockwaves radiating from her twat, Domino sucked harder at Conchita’s enormous clit. Then, with a cry, she pulled her head back from the Spanish woman’s pussy and let loose a long, wailing cry. “Oh, Christ, Oh FUUUUCK!!” she howled. The pleasure burning in her cunt was just too much.

Conchita pulled herself away from Domino, crawling desperately to the other side of the rug, her pussy leaking thick fluids. Domino let her go, rolling her own body away, her mind fighting with the unbearable lust and the building orgasm burning in her core.

Gasping, tits rocking with their frantic breathing, faces glistening with the other’s cunt juices, bodies wet and slick with oil, sweat and sex, the two voluptuous women regarded each other from across the thick, soft rug. They had almost sucked each other to orgasm and neither could yet claim victory, though Domino was quite sure that she was just slightly ahead in this incredible struggle.

Their bodies burned and ached for release. Conchita narrowed her eyes and summoned all of her will. She had fought Inge to a standstill too many times to remember, she had endured and inflicted sexual pleasure that would make this redheaded cunt fold up and collapse. She refused to be beaten! But she had to admit that Domino was good. The French woman had learned to use her sex and the incredible powers of her body very well. She had learned a level of sexual control and the skill to use it to her advantage. Conchita was impressed and she knew that she was in real danger of losing this battle.

For Domino, the night had, so far, been a vindication. The fuckfight had been excruciating, every bit the torturous erotic ordeal that she had expected it to be. But, so far, she had more than held her own against her fantastic opponent. She had prepared well for this night. Her blonde mentor, Martina, had taken her through her paces on a regular basis in training for this confrontation, until she had felt prepared to face Conchita in a decisive battle. She was confident that she could win. Though she had never defeated Martina, she had fought the blonde beauty to a standstill at least once during the course of her fuckfight training. That was a remarkable accomplishment, given that Martina was an expert fuckfighter, probably even more formidable than Conchita. Domino was sure of her victory.

Right now, though, the black-haired and the redheaded women glared at each other with lust and rage burning in their eyes. Their bodies had been stimulated almost to the point of climax. Both wanted the final confrontation, both ached for it. There was only one way to settle their dispute.

“Clit to clit, fuckbitch,” Domino snarled at her foe, her voice hoarse with arousal. She humped her pussy at Conchita, her throbbing, enlarged clit prominently displayed at the crown of her dripping cunt. “We go clit to clit, until my beautiful clit crushes yours into a pulp.”

Conchita smiled grimly, her eyes feverish with lust. Her body was burning up with need, and she had no choice but to fuck Domino until one or both of them exploded with orgasmic fury.

“That’s fine by me, you filthy fucker,” Conchita shot back. “I think that we’ve loosened each other up enough. It’s time to see what you can really take.”

Eyes locked, sweat and sex-soaked hair hanging in front of their beautiful faces, bodies glistening, the scent of aroused womanhood thick in the air, Conchita and Domino began crawling towards each other on their hands and knees. They pushed up until they were nose to nose, sharing hot breath, filling each other’s vision with their beautiful, lust-gleaming eyes. They slipped their mouths together, soft lips merging, strong tongues twisting into a thrashing knot, and locked into a violent kiss. Immediately, they began to struggle. Each woman grasped the other by the hair and, kissing deeply and viciously, they pulled each other up to kneeling positions, their heavy tits flattening against each other, their perfectly aligned nipples piercing and penetrating and crushing each other back, throbbing with heat and arousal.

Domino broke the kiss, licking at Conchita’s lips as they parted. Then, by mutual agreement, the women released each other’s hair and sat back, their round asses to the rug. Beautiful, powerful legs scissored, right over left. Domino and Conchita’s cunts pushed close, heat rolling out of their enraged pussies in waves. Neither women released the other’s gaze. They moved their magnificent bodies closer, until their pubic hair twined, until their massive tits pressed nipple to nipple, areola eclipsing perfectly and pulsing with pleasure. Then they paused, each examining the other for any sign of weakness, both holding off, letting the burning anticipation build. Their sexhorns were pounding with tension, clits screaming for release from the terrible pleasure the women had inflicted on each other.

“Are you ready, cuntfucker?,” Conchita murmured, her eyes hooded but blazing with hunger.

“I’m going to turn your little clit into spaghetti, fuckslut,” Domino snarled back.

With that, the two women raised their asses and, bracing their powerful bodies with their hands, their tits pressed tight, slid their aching cunts together with a hard jerk of their matching pelvises and their womanly hips. Juicy, engorged pussy lips slid and caressed, slick, wet vaginal slits pressing and mating, sharing heat, electricity roaring through their bodies as their sexes met in intimate combat. Then, they pulled back, drawing apart with a moist suck of turgid flesh, strings of cunt juice trailing from their soaked pussies. The women smiled at each other hungrily, both knowing that stimulating and arousing the other to an orgasmic defeat would take more than just the strength to fuck; it would take skill and finesse. They pushed together again, pussy lips kissing and rubbing, sucking in and out like the hungry mouths of two lovers. Swollen clits reached and touched gently, tauntingly, like questing tongues.

On the first clit to clit contact, both women jerked hard and cried out, struggling to control themselves as the fantastic pleasure shot through their sex-saturated bodies. They pulled back, Conchita and Domino both biting their lips, panting with lust, their bodies trembling with passion. Then, ravenous eyes locked together, hungry, savage smiles on their beautiful faces, they stroked each other clit to clit once again. They screamed and jerked, heaved and bucked, but both beauties kept rubbing their slick sex swords back and forth, side to side, head to head. They pushed and flicked, they slid and rubbed. Excruciating pleasure burned in their bodies, which were already on the verge of orgasm, but both women held it back. Their clits fenced, rubbing around and around, orgasmic electricity exploding in every inch of the women’s raging bodies.

Conchita and Domino thrust hard, now forcing their slick cunts lips together, grinding the juicy maws into one hot zone of ecstasy, forcing each other’s labia apart, opening each other to mutual violation. Their hips and asses thrust harder as they worked to penetrate each other, to seal their bodies together in raw pleasure. Their tits remained pressed tight, but they bounced in concert, the movement grinding and stimulating their oil-slicked nipples. Heads thrown back, crying out together with every hard, delicious thrust, the women let their engorged clits saw at each other, locked within their merged cunts, squeezed tight side to side, exploding in a constant stream of raw pleasure.

Domino and Conchita’s whimpers and screams grew more and more intense. They were fucking each other remorselessly, finally riding each other as hard and as mercilessly as they had both wanted. Their bodies trembled with orgasmic tension, but each woman worked hard to prevent the explosion of ecstasy that would end this delicious fight and force one of them to submit to the other. But their bodies could not take much more.

Writhing and thrusting, cunts fused into one, clits twisted into a pulse of raw, unbearable pleasure, Conchita and Domino sobbed and screamed.

“Fuck, fuck, give you bitch, give to me…!!,” Conchita suddenly shrieked, her head thrown back, her ass bouncing and jerking as she fucked back against Domino’s unbearable clit attack, her eyes wild with desperate rage and pleasure.

“No, never, you come whore, come for me…!!,” Domino screamed back, her eyes shut tight, her beautiful face a grimace of concentration and sexual agony, her red hair tossing with her bouncing, thrusting body.

Several more minutes of desperate, lustful fucking left both women shuddering with unbearable tension, on the verge of a devastating orgasm. Opening their eyes, they glared at each other hatefully. Suddenly, they stopped. Snarling, they lowered their asses to the carpet. Then, still sealed tight at their cunts, the women reached for each other. They wrapped their powerful arms around the other’s perfect back, they squeezed their massive tits hard, their battling nipples submerged and pulsing into their dense titflesh. Their faces came together and Domino and Conchita kissed long and hard, tongues moving slow and skillfully within their mouths, hot saliva lubricating their sloppy kissfight. Between their legs, their nether mouths were also locked together, kissing hard, their sex tongues twined and burning with agonizing pleasure, hot cunt juice flowing to grease the final fuck.

Finally, the women broke the kiss and pulled back slightly to stare into the other’s eyes, emerald green to dark brown. Both saw their mutual hunger and lust and their shared desire to humiliate and dominate the other. Both also saw that they could not take much more. The final victory was only a few decisive thrusts away.

Smiling grimly but wordlessly, Conchita and Domino lined up their engorged clits, the essence of their womanhood, head to head. Then, signaling with their eyes, they jerked their powerful asses and thrust their aching clits into one. Ecstasy of nova-hot intensity flashed through the battling women, causing them to scream in concert. But they continued to buck at each other, ramming clit-head to clit-head, torturing each other with the most exquisitely pleasurable parts of their perfect bodies, each determined to overwhelm the other with raw ecstasy. Their arms continued to squeeze hard, crushing their tits, fusing their nipples, amplifying the unbearable pleasure burning between their legs.

Sobbing, screaming, but both refusing to back down, their powerful bodies jerked and thrust, their clits smashing together then holding in a quivering, electrically ecstatic stalemate, until they pulled apart to drive together again. Conchita felt on the verge of passing out. Domino was writhing in her arms, sobbing uncontrollably, but still matching Conchita thrust for thrust, still rubbing her oiled-up tits into Conchita’s matching pair, looking for any advantage. Ten, twelve times they rammed together. Then, suddenly, on the thirteenth stroke, just when she was sure that she could not last another moment, Conchita felt Domino’s rock-hard clit give, just a tiny bit. Domino’s eyes shot open, wide with disbelief and growing, unbearable pleasure. Sobbing, almost screaming with relief, Conchita pushed harder. Her clit pulsed with electricity and she shuddered from the sensation, but she felt Domino’s massive sexhorn bend back, just slightly more.

Domino’s eyes widened even more and she shrieked. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, NOOO!!”

With a howl of despair and pure pleasure, Domino’s clit bent back and convulsed in orgasm. Pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt before exploded out of the redhead’s overcharged sex. Nova heat burned through her belly and rolled out to fill every muscle, to pump up her aching tits, to curl her toes and torture her muscles. Domino shook in ecstasy, but could only scream in hatred and anger and sob in humiliation as the pleasure overwhelmed her, as she felt Conchita slowly force her over onto her back, their clits still pulsing as one. Domino’s bent clit still held firm and refused to surrender any further, despite Conchita’s desperate efforts to force the redhead into a complete and absolute defeat by crushing Domino’s clit with her own. Conchita was trembling, the incredible pleasure burning through her body almost more than she could stand. But she was determined to force every orgasm that she could out of Domino, to make it absolutely clear to both of them which of them was the alpha bitch.

Conchita flattened Domino’s writhing body to the rug, twined their long, struggling legs together, pulled hard at the other woman’s long redhair to force her head back, thrust her nipples as hard as she could to Domino’s matching pair. Their cunts quivered in tension as they sucked and ate at each other, as hot liquid jetted from Domino’s breaking body up into Conchita’s core, some of it spilling out to coat their inner thighs and moisten their bellies. The center of their battle remained their struggling, fused clits, and Conchita felt like her whole body, every muscle and every inch of delectable flesh, was locked in battle with Domino’s fantastic body. Domino rocked with pleasure, multiple orgasms now starting to chain through her body. Still her clit refused to surrender, and Conchita suddenly felt her own end fast approaching.

With a shriek of pleasure, the Spanish woman exploded. She thrust with her hips, trying to force Domino’s cunt open, trying to merge completely with Domino’s voluptuous flesh. Screaming in sympathy, Domino suddenly spread herself completely, her beautiful thighs opening wide, allowing Conchita’s burning cunt as deep and hard into her own as it could come. The women moaned together, their exploding clits fused, their soft labia melted together, and their asses jerked and bucked as their deep internal muscles pumped hot cum out of both women.

Conchita rode Domino for as long as she could, orgasmic sensations rocking the women for several more minutes before their exhausted cunts finally gave out. They lay in each other’s arms, hot and wet, still slick and smooth from the oil, but greased as well in sweat and cunt juice. Their majestic tits were crushed tight, their pubic hair was twined into one wet mess. The rug under them was soaked with the combination of all their secretions. Finally, gasping with exhaustion, Domino spoke.

“Oh great heavens above!” Domino panted furiously, her eyes wide with shock and pleasure. “Oh great Christ! No one before has ever fucked me so completely!”

Raising her head to stare down at her beautiful rival, Conchita cracked an evil grin utterly bereft of pity. “You say that like it’s over,” she panted, her lips twisted in a vicious snarl. “For you, it’s just beginning.”

Domino opened her mouth as if to protest her disbelief, but stopped short of making a sound. Conchita reveled in the look on Domino’s face, the look of shock and fear combined with unspeakable desire and joy. The rapid heartbeat thumping beneath her rival’s heaving breasts pounded into her own. Although the redhead pinned beneath her might be sexually satisfied, Conchita most certainly was not.

And wouldn’t be for quite some time.

With a smile, Conchita drove her open mouth down onto Domino’s, forcing herself as deep into the other woman’s mouth as she could, driving her tongue like a piston into Domino’s oral depths. The redhead hesitated only a moment, then her tongue was answering, wrapping and wrestling with Conchita’s pink probe, hot spit and groans of desperate pleasure growing between the women. Domino spread her legs wide, opening and presenting her cunt, accepting and encouraging her further violation. Locked in the kiss, Conchita smiled inwardly, then positioned herself between her rival’s spread thighs, bringing her thick pussy lips down onto Domino’s equally engorged pair. For a time, the women let the thick, soft lips between their legs kiss and suck, rub and slide, suck and seal and then split apart in a spray of cunt juice and a thrill of erotic electricity. But rapidly engorging clits soon called to both women and they thrust together hard, powerful asses pumping, sinking into each other, working their labia apart, sealing their hungry, throbbing cunts into one, sliding their burning clits against each other, fucking mindlessly.

Conchita broke the licking, savage kiss with Domino and smiled into the other woman’s blazing green eyes.

“Now you’re going to find out what a real fuck is,” she whispered. She delighted in the look of raw lust that passed across Domino’s face. Then, smiling with triumph and raging hunger, she set to work, driving herself deep and hard into Domino’s womanly core, riding the other woman mercilessly, claiming her hard-won victory.

Part III

Inge followed the blonde woman up the stairs and into a long, bright marble corridor. They had gone up one level in the great villa and now walked along a richly carpeted floor down toward a large double door at the end of the corridor. The eastern wall of the hallway was lined by windows looking out onto the lush garden. The rapidly fading western light touched the trees and flowers with a soft orange glow.

The blonde said nothing to Inge during their walk, and left the jungle woman to admire the other woman’s swaying ass, so well-defined in her tight dress, her rounded hips and naked, sculpted back and powerful shoulders.

Her blonde hostess had not yet told Inge her name but, in fact, Inge knew exactly who this woman was: Martina Hernandez de Souza, daughter of Juan Hernandez, the aging Minister of the Interior. Inge had seen this blonde at numerous construction sites within the deep forest. It had been she who collected the bribes from the construction foremen to pay off the inspectors, she who got her near-senile father to sign away huge tracts of rainforest for a pittance to greedy companies while she collected kickbacks, and she who had paid the salaries of the armed men who had attempted to hunt Inge down in the jungle and kill her like an animal. None of those men had returned from their “hunting expedition”, a fact that brought a grim smile to Inge’s beautiful face.

The women approached the door at the end of the hall, where a male servant was standing in attendance, waiting to open the impressive mahogany portal. The blonde woman and her guest swept into the room.

It was a bedroom, a huge salon, in itself the area of a medium-sized house. Inge’s nostrils flared, her eyes narrowed with hate and anger as she looked around. Everywhere, the room was adorned with the skin and bones of dead animals. Thick fur rugs covered most of the hardwood floor, jaguar skins and tiger pelts hung from the walls, the heads of antelope and even an elephant were displayed over the massive fireplace. Ivory and horn sculptures decorated the tables and bookshelves. Even a thick fur blanket covered the monstrous bed that rested on the far side of the room.

Martina watched Inge closely, a look of cool calculation and mild contempt on her flawless, aristocratic features. She had brought Inge here especially because she knew how the contents of this room would incense and disconcert the blonde Amazon.

Martina dismissed her servant.

“Pablo,” she said. “See to it that we are not disturbed. Lock the door behind you as you leave.” The man bowed and left, pulling the mahogany doors closed as he exited. Inge heard a key insert in the lock and the bolt turn.

The blonde beauty stood, her right hand resting on her cocked hip, and regarded Inge a moment more before she spoke.

“Do you know who I am?” she asked.

Inge nodded, and replied coldly. “You are Martina Hernandez de Souza. You are the woman who is presently trying to destroy the forest.”

Martina smiled. “Well, that’s your view. I think of my efforts as encouraging progress.”

Martina, too, had recognized the blonde Amazon who was now standing in her bedroom, her inner sanctum, facing her with an angry scowl. She recognized the same face and body she had seen on black and white photographs disabling expensive equipment, setting fire to her friends’ companies’ encampments, and frightening the workers who quit in fear of retribution from “the shadowy beast that stalks the jungle”. Fate had delivered this hated bitch into her very abode, and nothing would give her more pleasure than to dominate that incredible, sexy body, the one that had figured so prominently in so many of her secret dreams ever since she had seen the first photographs. She had spent hours studying the grainy prints, letting her eyes roam over the fantastic body that they had captured, wondering if this jungle woman was really as beautiful and voluptuous, as passionate and savage, as the photos seemed to show. Martina’s pussy had become very wet, her nipples delightfully thick, as she had considered what she would like to do to the blonde bitch. Now she would have her chance to wreak her vengeance and to satisfy her burning lust on the blonde jungle whore’s body. Even more, thanks to Conchita, she also knew the other woman’s name.

“So, your name is Inge?” Martina asked, even as she began walking slowly towards the other blonde beauty.

Inge stood her ground, her magnificent chest thrust out, her golden gown taut across her swelling nipples. “I am Inge. I am a protector of the forest and her creatures.”

Martina continued approaching the blonde jungle woman, slowly starting to circle her as though she were prey. “So you protect the forest, hm?”

Inge said nothing.

“Well, Inge,” Martina said, her voice suddenly growing harsh, “I am Martina Hernandez de Souza. I am a woman of power and breeding, not some jungle-born whore. I own that forest. I control it. It is mine to do with as I please. And I am tired of you attacking my people, destroying equipment, costing me money and causing me no end of frustration. I think it is time that you were tamed. I think it is time every inch of your body was tamed. And I am just the woman to tame you.”

Inge snorted with derision, even as a fire exploded in her cunt. “You? You are a soft city woman. I cannot be tamed by the likes of you. But I can make you pay for what you’ve tried to do. I can show you what I think of your pathetic efforts to dominate the jungle.”

Martina smiled, her grey eyes flashing. She stopped two meters from Inge. Then, she slowly reached up to the spaghetti straps of her green gown and carefully lifted them off of her smooth shoulders. She pulled at the front of her dress, sliding the skin-tight material down her sleek, voluptuous form, slowly revealing a tanned, golden body of breathtaking beauty. Her torso was soon naked, her gown caught at her wide hips. She wiggled a bit, her massive tits jiggling with the movement, then the garment slipped over the swelling of her hips, slid past her thick pubic bush and her hot pussy, rippled down her round thighs, and dropped in a silken heap at her perfect feet. She stepped out of the gown on her high heels, then stood before Inge, her hands on her womanly hips, her incredible chest thrust out in challenge.

“Does this look like the body of a ‘soft city woman’? she asked softly, proudly, a cruel smirk on her face.

Inge let her eyes roam over every inch of the bitch before her. The woman was fantastic, Inge’s equal in every way. Indeed, below the neck, they could almost be doubles. Martina’s skin was a golden tan, her tits were massive yet perfect, firm and dense and high. Thick, caramel-colored nipples jutted from the center of round, pebbled areola. Her smooth belly was gently but firmly defined by a well-muscled abdomen, centered around a deep slit of a navel. Her hips flared out enticingly, perfecting her hour-glass figure. Her dense pubic hair was as golden as the long, thick hair on her head. Her vaginal lips shone with dewy pussy juice. Her long, tanned legs were ripe and powerful, her calves perfectly shaped and taut, her feet beautifully formed within her high heel pumps.

Inge did not respond, but she felt her body tightening, her blood flowing, the heat building and sparking deep in her loins, in the core of her tits. Her nipples hardened to spikes, her vaginal lips moistened with heat. She threw the small purse she was carrying into the seat of a nearby chair. Locking eyes with Martina, she pushed her dress from her shoulders and, undulating gently, stripped it down her body, letting the golden garment fall to the ground at her feet.

Martina’s eyes roamed over Inge’s amazing body, her gaze feverish with a raw hunger. She felt a spike of pure excitement race through her. Inge’s body was amazing, every bit as incredible as she had dared to hope after seeing the photos. She felt her own body responding to the awesome beauty before it with even more heat, more arousal. She licked her dry lips, then raised her grey eyes to meet Inge’s blue orbs. They glared at each other, the heat and fury between them growing with every passing moment.

Martina kicked off her shoes. Inge followed suit. The women stood nude, in their bare feet, on a large bearskin rug. Martina walked slowly towards Inge. Without hesitation, Inge moved to meet her. They stopped when the throbbing tips of their matching nipples were only centimeters apart, perfectly aligned and pulsating with heat. They could smell their mutual arousal, each woman could feel the heat radiating off the perfect golden blonde body confronting her own.

“You don’t seem to understand, you jungle cunt,” Martina breathed. “I’m very, very good at sexfighting. I’ve never been beaten. I control all the other bitches in this city with my pussy and my tits. The only reason I have not gotten around to humbling your little Spanish friend is because I’ve been abroad. But I’m back now, and I’ll deal with her soon enough. Right now, I’m going to break your body with mine. Your tits, your cunt, every part of you will submit to me. You will admit that I am the stronger, better woman. Then, I’ll make you my fuckbitch. You are going to serve me and service me, just like your jungle and everything in it will serve me.”

“Fucking whore,” Inge snarled in reply. “You think I care what little games you play with the other soft women in this city? You will find that I am much more than you can handle. This city exists only because the forest allows it. By the time I’m done with you, you will understand that truth deep in your cunt and your tits.”

The women continued to glare at each other, sweet, hot breath mixing, sensitive skin on fire with the need for contact. Secretly, Inge was a little worried. She had only ever faced Conchita in real sexual combat. Maybe this woman really was as powerful, as sexually invincible as she claimed. But Inge put these thoughts aside. She would win; she had to win.

Inge and Martina closed the distance between them. Silently, the two women pressed their bodies into each other. Both groaned as their aching nipples met, head to head, quivered in a momentary stalemate, then pressed each other back, sinking into firm breast flesh. Warm thighs came to rest against one another, taut bellies nestling like a matching pair, hot golden skin meshing, deep navels pressing and sucking. Martina’s arms slid past Inge’s neck, twin pythons united in a tighter and tighter embrace. Inge’s hands gripped Martina’s muscled back, answering the other blonde’s strong assault with equal fervor. In one smooth motion, Martina tilted her head and planted a torrid kiss upon Inge’s soft lips.

At that moment, Inge knew exactly who she was facing. Martina was no shrinking violet who danced beautifully in the wind but shriveled at the first rough touch. No, she was a rare orchid, seductively scented and fully aware of her power, her figure a set of curves perfectly inscribed for the purpose of sexual fulfillment. Danger tingled along the hairs on Inge’s arms and legs, but determination to overwhelm this poisonous bitch with her own raw, jungle sensuality drove her onward. She sucked the other woman’s lips in lurid reply, massaging Martina’s silken skin with erotic yearning.

The kiss lasted for a long time, their tongues wrapped together and jousting, their tits pressing tight, throbbing in heat, their bellies rubbing gently and provocatively against each other. Thick blonde pubic hair meshed and the women pushed hard, tangling up their nether regions. Martina swung her hips and arched her back a bit and both beauties groaned as their pussy lips kissed gently and teasingly. Inge worked her hips in response, and felt her cunt press tight and hard to the smooth, hot flesh of Martina’s twat. Within their locked mouths, both women groaned ecstatically.

Licking and sucking at the other’s tongue, trading sweet spit, the two women separated from the kiss, both gasping with lust. Martina pulled hard on Inge’s golden mane, pulling the jungle woman’s head back. She smiled with heat, her grey eyes glowing with amusement and confidence.

“I have the measure of you now, little girl,” she gasped. “You are beautiful and your body is fantastic. Maybe as good as mine. But there is more to fuckfighting than just being a good fuck. It takes skill and control and the ability to give your enemy more pleasure in more ways than she can take.”

“I know, whore,” Inge gasped. “I don’t need lessons in how to fuckfight from you. Let’s see who gets her brains fucked out by the time we’re done.”

“Yes,” Martina murmured, smiling with self-assurance. “Let’s see.”

Their mouths locked together once more, their eager hands began caressing and exploring the other’s taut, burning flesh. Martina groaned with pleasure as her hands searched and stroked at every inch of Inge’s perfection. She loved the feel of the jungle woman’s thick, heavy tits crushed to her own. Martina was absolutely delighted. Inge’s body was every bit as fantastic as she could have hoped, and she had no doubt that she would wring many delicious orgasms from this jungle bitch before she was finished. She was already burning with the anticipation of what she would do to Inge, what she would force Inge to do to her, once she had mastered and humbled Inge’s arrogant cunt.

For her part, Inge was amazed at Martina’s body. Somehow, the woman had ways of eking every bit of pleasure possible from every contact. Her tongue moved slowly and skillfully in Inge’s mouth, her body moved in a slight, subtle way that enabled her to use her flesh to stroke and stimulate every inch of Inge’s bare body. Martina even had ways to pulse her nipples and areola at Inge’s matching pair, tweaking and stimulating, forcing little electrical shocks of pleasure from the sensitive nubs. Inge knew that these little advantages could end up being decisive in the final battle of sexual control and domination.

Moaning, tongues lashing, the women felt their powerful cunts convulse and contract, gushing pussy juice down their golden thighs, both of which were thrust hard up between the other’s legs. Slowly, they sank to their knees on the fur rug, never breaking the kiss, but both looking to force the other over onto her back so that she could assume the dominant position. As their knees hit the rug, Martina redoubled her attacks with her tongue, she thrust out with her pectoral muscles, compressing the women’s tits even harder, she pushed with her long, powerful legs. Inge was caught off guard. She resisted, but felt herself slowly, agonizingly, being forced on to her back. Martina pulled hard at her hair and, though she retaliated in kind, Inge realized that she was at too great a disadvantage. Inge let herself fall back, hoping to lock her blonde opponent muscle to muscle and roll back into the dominant position. But as they fell, Martina opened her legs just enough to anchor herself, preventing Inge from forcing a roll. The women struggled briefly, intensely, bodies straining, then Inge broke the kiss, snarling with rage.

“Cunt, fucking cunt,” she growled. She tore viciously at Martina’s blonde hair. Martina returned the grip, pulling savagely at Inge’s blonde mane. Both women glared hatefully at each other, eye to eye and nose to nose.

“Dirty, fucking whore,” Martina snarled in reply. “You’re mine, you little jungle cunt. You may be a hot little slut out there in the jungle, but you’re in my jungle now, you filthy twat. And I’m going to ride you like the bitch you are. My cunt is going to eat your cunt off your dirty body.”

Inge growled, then suddenly leaned back, spreading her magnificent legs as wide as she could. She planted her clawed hands on Martina’s round, beautiful ass, holding the other blonde tight, pulling her in.

“Then let’s get started, whore,” she murmured. “Cunt to cunt, clit to clit. Let’s see what you’ve really got…”

Martina smiled, her eyes burning with feverish lust. She had desired this moment from the time she had seen her first grainy image of Inge and she savoured the anticipation, the moment when she would finally drive her womanhood deep into the burning cunt of this hated jungle woman. Soon, they would both know which of them was top bitch. And Martina had no doubts about the outcome.

Arranging herself atop Inge’s prone, spread body, Martina made sure that her nipples were perfectly aligned with Inge’s, that their tits were fully crushed and pulsing together in pleasure. Her arms were looped behind Inge’s back and she pulled hard, once again, on the jungle woman’s hair, forcing a bit of tantalizing pain on her foe to complement the pleasure that she was about to inflict. Inge tightened her grip on Martina’s muscular ass, sinking her claws deeper into the flawless flesh, squeezing each round buttock vigorously. Martina arched her back, angling her pussy so that her open cunt slit hovered above Inge’s aching, open pussy. Thick, hot juice dripped from Martina’s twat down into Inge’s waiting pussy. Matching golden pubic hair crushed and meshed. Then, the blonde society woman used the power of her hips and ass to power her soft, thick cunt down onto the jungle woman’s waiting pussy. Inge jerked her hips up to meet the fuck attack.

Soft, thick pussy lips squashed and merged, wet heat flowed like lava, as slick, smooth pussy lips and tight cunt slits slid on each other, kissing and pushing, sending electrical impulses of pure, unadulterated pleasure rippling through both women. Martina and Inge groaned in concert, both working their pelvises up and down, to slide and caress cunt to cunt.

Martina cried out in her head, reveling in the sheer ecstasy of this fuck. She was just starting to work on Inge and, already, she was almost overcome with sheer lust. She fought to control herself, knowing that she could lose if she was not careful.

Inge groaned, the electric pleasure of the cunt to cunt contact raging in her erogenous zones. The women slapped their wet cunts together again and again, and, crying out with pleasure, worked their labia into each other, trying to penetrate and merge their womanly cores so that they could meet in final, erotic battle. Swollen clits pushed up out of their pussies. Inge felt Martina’s enormous clit sliding up between her pussy lips. Gritting her teeth, overwhelmed with lust, Inge felt her own clit unfurl to an enormous size and reach out to meet Martina’s sexhorn in open combat.

When their engorged clits first touched, Inge and Martina shrieked wildly, howling in unison, and jerked hard as raw sexual intensity burned through their cores like wildfire. Martina found her body nearly convulsing with ecstasy and she struggled to stay in control.

“Fuck oh Fuck!!” Martina gasped in her mind. She had rarely felt such sexual power in another woman before. Still, she had mastered every bitch with whom she had crossed clits and this one would be no different. She stabbed down with her boiling clit and squeezed her eyes shut in ecstasy as Inge’s burning sex licked and ground back against hers. “Oh, FUCK!!” Martina groaned aloud, unable to keep the pleasure in.

Beneath her, Inge basked in the unbearable sensations. This woman, Martina, was as sexually powerful, as carnally voracious, as Conchita. Her clit was as hard as rock and radiating heat and lust and sexual power. Inge drove herself against her enemy, working her clit around and around, up and down, flicking and slicing and sawing clit to clit with Martina. Their swollen pussy lips pressed tight and merged into one, eating and sucking at each other, sealing the women’s bodies together, locking them into a battle that could now only be ended by one fucking the other into oblivion. Inge twined her powerful legs through Martina’s, muscles straining to muscle, and began moving with the blonde woman, their bodies bucking and thrusting as one, both women maintaining a constant, throbbing pleasure between their burning clits, their aching tits, their slick bellies. Their tits were flattened against each other, their bellies were pressed so tight that it was impossible to tell where one woman ended and the other began. Even their identical shades of golden tan flesh made it impossible to keep from believing that the women were slowly grinding and melting and fucking each other into one ecstatic body. Their moans and cries of erotic joy slowly built and became louder and more desperate as the fucking continued. Cheek to cheek, they moaned and cursed, whispering obscenities at each other, promising to ride each other to the very end. Martina turned her face back to the jungle goddess and locked her into a voracious, vicious kiss, before the need for air forced them to break apart, tongues licking, breath panting, cursing and spitting at each other.

Martina’s legs were still slightly spread in order to maintain her dominant position. She drove down into Inge’s glorious cunt, powering her thrusts from the tip of her straining toes to the head of her aching clit, desperate to grind Inge into submission. Martina began to feel her body shaking with orgasmic intensity and she increased her efforts to force Inge to climax. Inge continued jerking her hips and grinding her clit to Martina’s, using all of her will, all of her experience with Conchita, to keep herself from exploding in ecstasy. The women’s grunts and moans of erotic pleasure began to build to a fever pitch.

“Break you fucking cunt, break…,” Martina snarled at Inge, even as she raised her powerful ass and brought it slamming down, clit to clit, on her enraged foe. Inge continued to move with her, never letting their struggling cunts separate, keeping her clit fused head to head with Martina’s engorged sex.

“No, you cunt, you fucking slut,” Inge replied, her gasps and pants of pleasure almost preventing her from speaking. “I’ll fuck you…I’ll fuck for as long as it takes…”

Inge, still gripping Martina’s flexing ass tightly, pulled apart the other woman’s round buttocks and jabbed a finger from each hand into the other blonde’s tight anus. Martina whimpered with delight and, releasing Inge’s hair, leaned forward hard, pushing her full weight onto the women’s compressed breasts, and reached down to grab Inge’s bucking ass. Martina continued to power herself into Inge’s cunt, calling on all of her experience and discipline to hold back the incredibly intense orgasm building in her loins. Inge whimpered and snarled, her head thrashing from side to side as she fought to control her own arousal.

“Come, you fucking bitch, come…,”Inge snarled.

Inge felt the heat burning in her belly and knew that she had hit the point of no return. Struggling, trying to control herself, she redoubled her fuck attack on Martina’s clit. But it was not enough. With a shriek of release, Inge felt her orgasm explode in the depths of her body. Martina screamed in triumph, continuing to drive her clit to Inge’s throbbing sexhorn with all of her strength, holding back her own imminent orgasm just long enough to establish her victory. Then, she screamed with Inge and let her orgasm go, her oversexed cunt gushing thick cum into her blonde enemy. Their battling cunts melted together with the nova heat as their orgasms detonated in their bodies, fusing their most intimate parts into one. Screaming, bucking and grinding wildly, the two blonde bitches fucked furiously, each trying to pull every orgasm, to milk every drop of cum that she could, out of the other. Multiple orgasms rippled through the battling Amazons, driving them crazy with lust and pleasure as their voluptuous flesh merged into a single raging mass of oversexed flesh. Martina kept jerking her ass, thrusting her clit to Inge’s with all her strength, trying to get the jungle woman’s sex to crush beneath her own. But Inge pushed back with equal rage and power, matching every thrust, her clit straining against Martina’s sexhorn. Juices flowed between them, soaking their locked bodies, flowing and mixing within their vaginal canals.

Finally, after riding each other viciously for several minutes, suffering through innumerable mutual orgasms, the pleasure of erotic bliss subsided. Panting hard, still wrapped and tangled in each other’s bodies, the women lay together for a time. Then, with a shuddering sigh, Martina rolled off of Inge, their blonde bushes pulling apart with a painful tearing, pussy juice gushing as they separated their joined cunts, and they lay gasping, side by side, on the luxurious bearskin rug.

Martina pushed herself up on her side and glared down at the blonde jungle goddess gasping beside her. Martina braced her head on her right elbow and reached out with her left hand. She ran her middle and index fingers along Inge’s cunt slit, which was dripping with spent cum. Inge jerked and groaned with anger. Martina raised her cum-coated fingers to her mouth and sucked greedily at the pungent juice.

“You’re good, girl,” Martina murmured, a triumphant smile on her beautiful face. “You taste good. But I’m better, as you’ve just seen. I will be riding your cunt like a horse by the time we’re done.”

“One battle doesn’t win a war, you fucking slut,” Inge growled in reply. “This fuckfight hasn’t even started yet.”

With that, Inge pulled herself up quickly and hurled her enraged body at Martina. The women locked hand to hand, fingers interlaced, beautiful bodies straining, muscles trembling with tension. Martina found herself being forced flat onto her back by the furious jungle queen. Inge threw herself forward, pushing Martina’s hands out to the sides of their bodies and brought her powerful tits down on Martina’s matching pair. Martina grunted as her taut breasts crushed and rolled against Inge’s massive boobs, as their hard nipples dug into the other’s dense titflesh. The women snarled at each other, nose to nose, their bodies writhing and wriggling, hard bellies slapping, legs thrashing for position. Inge suddenly changed tactics, freeing her hands from Martina’s grip. With her left hand she reached up grabbed Martina’s thick hair and pulled Martina’s head back sharply. The blonde socialite groaned under the sudden attack, arching her perfect back. The act drove her massive tits up, and Inge instantly leaned down and wrapped her lips around Martina’s bulging left nipple, sucking the coffee brown flesh into her mouth and biting hard, hungrily. At the same time, she plunged three fingers of her right hand deep into Martina’s wet pussy, finger-fucking her enemy as hard and as viciously as she could.

Martina gasped and ground her round, luscious, sweat-soaked body into the thick fur of the bear-skin rug. Her ass rubbed hard at the softly abrasive material and her tits burned with sensation. The fire between her legs, as Inge worked her swollen clit, almost consumed her. For long minutes, the room rang with the sensual gasps and cries of the blonde socialite, the wet sounds of Inge’s fingers pumping the other woman’s cunt, and the muffled groans of the jungle woman as she sucked ravenously at Martina’s bulging tits. For that brief time, Martina found herself lost in the sensual, erotic energy blasting through her body. She buried her hands in Inge’s blonde mane and pulled the jungle goddess even more tightly into her aching tits. She spread her legs, willingly opening her throbbing cunt to the other woman’s violation.

As the tension built in her core, Martina suddenly realized that she had lost control. Inge could soon end up fucking her into submission. Gathering all her will, Martina placed her hands on Inge’s broad shoulders and, with a cry, threw her blonde enemy away.

Inge rolled away, then rose to a sitting position and sat, panting with heat and lust, only two meters away from Martina. Her tits heaved with her breathing, her legs were spread wide. Inge humped her blonde cunt at Martina, offering her sex in clear challenge. Martina, panting and gasping as she faced her foe, shook her head. Instead, she rose to her feet, a bit unsteadily. Inge rose to meet her. But Martina suddenly turned around, presenting her flawless back to her enemy. Then, she bent at her waist, spreading her legs at the same time. Her palms flat to the rug, her head upside down, she looked between her spread legs to catch Inge’s blue gaze. Her large, powerful ass was fully presented, her thick cunt dripped with juice that moistened the fur rug. She smiled.

“Let’s try it like this, bitch,” she murmured, a salacious grin on her beautiful face.

Without a word, Inge walked up behind Martina. She placed her hands on the other woman’s rounded ass, running her palms over the smooth flesh. She ran her right palm over Martina’s pussy slit, then drove two fingers up into the other blonde’s cunt. Martina groaned. Then, Inge pushed closer and pushed down on Martina’s ass, maneuvering the other woman into a more suitable position. Inge arched her back and thrust her pelvis forward. Her hot cunt touched and slid along Martina’s waiting slit, their pussies reversed. At the same time, both women slid down together to the rug, coming to rest with their steaming pussies pressed tight, thick cunt lips kissing wetly along their length. Inge looped her powerful legs around Martina’s hips and used her bare feet to caress the skin between Martina’s shoulders, before she crossed her ankles and locked herself in place, facing the ceiling and flat on her back. Martina had her stomach to the rug, her heavy tits pressed into the soft material. Her legs were extended, slipping under Inge’s body, her feet pressed into Inge’s shoulders. Martina placed her hands on the ground just ahead of her, raised up her body slightly, then used the power of her arms, her ass and her pelvis to push her juicy pussy down onto Inge’s matching twat. At the same time, Inge used her leverage to drive her hips up, to grind her cunt hard into the snatch coming down on it. Both women screamed, their screams turning quickly to moans of pure pleasure as they worked their steaming cunts together, as they violated each other as completely as possible.

Inge placed her hands on Martina’s pumping ass and sank her claws into the rippling muscle, before she thrust two fingers up the blonde woman’s tight asshole. Martina cried out, then redoubled the speed and force of her thrusts, trying to open Inge completely. Inge matched every driving thrust. As their pussy lips flattened and spread against each other, the women’s cunts sealed tight and their burning clits started to rub, underside to underside, the root of each clit abrading its counterpart with excruciating, delicious pleasure. They pumped and fucked at each other harder and harder, their erotic moaning turning to screams and shrieks of pure lust. Martina pushed herself higher on her arms, her massive tits rocking and swaying, grinding herself into Inge with all of the power of her ass, turning her ass and hips in tight circles to increase the pressure and friction between the women’s clits.

After some time, Inge tightened her legs around Martina’s waist and, pushing hard with her hips and arms, managed to roll their locked bodies so that their positions were reversed. Martina willingly accepted this change, bucking her hips up to grind with Inge, thrusting her eager fingers up the jungle woman’s welcoming ass. For her part, Inge pushed herself up, her tits swinging from her chest, and powered her pussy down on to Martina’s sucking cunt with all her strength.

“Mmmmm,” both women moaned in unison, lost in the ecstatic pleasure of the clit to clit fuck. “Ahhhhh,” they sighed together. Their rock-hard sexhorns rubbed and scraped, pushed and crushed, worked each other hard in their most sensitive places, sending waves of unbearable pleasure burning through the women’s grinding bodies. Their burning clits finally tangled together, and the women shrieked with the unbelievable sensations as the raw, exquisitely sensitive nerves of their burning clits fused. They squeezed each other tight, pussy to pussy, each struggling to crush and devour the other with her cunt. Inge drove down even harder on Martina and Martina bucked up with enough force to lift both women off the rug.

“FUCK, you FUCK!!,” Martina shrieked, her body convulsing with ecstasy.

“CUNT, oh God, YOU DIRTY CUNT!!,” Inge howled back, her pussy trembling with the tension of their mutual effort to crush the other into submission with the strength of their cunts.

The women thrashed and, struggling hard, slowly rolled onto their sides. Groaning, gasping, they held each other in tension, facing opposite directions, but pushing at each other with their hips and asses. With a moan, Inge shifted her body, freeing her right leg from around Martina’s hip and moving it around so that it crossed Martina’s belly and chest. Martina duplicated the move and, suddenly, the women were scissored, fitted together like two interlocked clothespins, their bodies trapped and sealed between the powerful legs of the other. Their pussies remained sucked and merged, but now they twisted and drilled their voluptuous forms into each other, grinding sex hole to sex hole, opening to each other completely, exchanging hot pussy juice as they fought.

Each women seized the other’s thigh and, digging in her claws, using it as leverage, fucked hard against her foe. Massive clits struggled furiously, sexual power and lust pouring into the other’s body with each excruciatingly delicious thrust. Bodies bucked and writhed, grinding and merging, becoming one mass of sensuous, sex-saturated flesh.

“Fuck, you dirty, filthy fuck…,” Martina spat, her ass working powerfully, her sweat-slicked body pumping hard at her enemy’s cunt, her magnificent tits bouncing with every jerk, her rock-hard nipples aching with tension.

“Bitch, filthy fuckbitch…,” Inge sobbed back, her ass and hips matching every thrust, her body close to exploding with ecstasy. “Dirty cuntfucker,” she cursed.

Inge could not take much more. Pushing herself up with her left arm, Inge reached out and grabbed Martina by a handful of her golden hair. She jerked hard, pulling the other blonde up. Supporting herself with her left arm, Martina returned the grip, yanking painfully, viciously at Inge’s blonde locks. Holding each other like this, asses and hips pumping, cunts sucked and sealed, the two alpha bitches fought to the end, each woman determined to continue the fuckfight until they reached a final resolution.

Grinding desperately, Martina and Inge rode each other mercilessly, their equal tits rocking in time to their bucking bodies, sweat flying as their boobs bounced, their abdomens tensing, their powerful muscles rippling and flexing as the fuckwar raged on and on. Their eyes were locked, blue to grey, both women almost delirious with the pleasure and intensity of what they were doing to each other. They pulled viciously, painfully at the other’s hair, using their grip to hold the other in place, to try to control the other’s jerking body. Their breath came in furnace-like gasps, their hearts pounded furiously, and they whimpered in unison with erotic joy.

Martina felt her cunt melting, merging, with that of Inge. She felt alive and enraged in a way that she had not before. This jungle whore, this blonde bitch, presented her with a sexual challenge greater than any she had faced in the past. The erotic power of Inge’s fantastic body was incredible, and Martina could tell that the jungle woman’s raw, wild sexuality rivaled her own. But she loved the challenge, loved the risk, and loved the unrestrained fucking in which they were engaged. They would settle which of them was stronger, which of them was the alpha bitch, in the most primitive and primal way that they could. Martina struggled to contain her pleasure, even as she eagerly anticipated breaking and mastering Inge’s cunt.

Inge was also lost in the sheer pleasure of this wild, wanton fuck. Martina’s body was fantastic and her sexual power was overwhelming. Inge understood that this blonde was as great a foe as Conchita, and an even greater threat to the forest. Inge drew on all of her wild sexual power, the energy and spirit of the jungle, and drove her clit into battle against this socialite bitch. She would not be beaten by a soft city woman! She would not!

Releasing Martina’s hair, Inge placed both of her hands behind her grinding, thrusting body and, more powerfully braced, increased the force of her driving hips. Caught by surprise, wracked with pleasure, Martina continued yanking hard at Inge’s golden locks, using the jungle woman’s head to try to hold her up. But she found herself being forced back and needed to release Inge to brace herself. The momentary distraction was enough to put her at a disadvantage. Her hands behind her, she found herself pressed back as Inge pushed forward, trying to ride Martina to the ground, to force her into the submissive position. The women’s massive tits crushed hard, throbbing brown nipple to nipple, eliciting snarls of pleasure from the battling Amazons as their tits fused and taut flesh bulged in tension. Inge pushed up until she was nose to nose, eye to eye with her hated enemy.

Hot breath flowing, pants of rage and lust blasting from both, glaring furiously into each other’s eyes, Inge and Martina fucked to the end.

“Cunt,” Martina growled, staring hatefully into Inge’s blazing blue eyes. “Ride my clit, bitch, feel it inside of your little cunt, feel it crushing your clit….”

“Whore,” Inge spat back. “I will ride you, I’ll fuck you until your cunt spreads like a squashed, rotten fruit…”

Their tits grinding, their hips jerking, their bodies struggling for domination, nose to nose, lip to lip, the two beauties continued exchanging curses and threats even as they sobbed and gasped their way to the orgasmic conclusion. Occasionally, their angry tongues reached out to touch and tangle, vicious kisses of lust and hate exchanged as each sought to overwhelm the other.

Slowly, steadily, Inge pushed Martina back, taking advantage of her position to assert dominance. The socialite found herself forced flat onto her back, Inge riding her, fucking her down to the floor. Martina screamed with rage and thrashed wildly, but she was pinned, her throbbing clit locked to Inge’s dominating sex, her tits flattening beneath those of the blonde jungle goddess. Inge moved quickly, grabbing Martina’s right leg, which had been scissored over Inge’s left, and pulled the other blonde’s muscled limb up, placing it on top of Inge’s shoulder. Martina suddenly found herself spread wide in a “v”, her wet, hairy pussy open and inviting. Sitting up, Inge sucked their locked cunts apart with a delightful pop, a spray of pussy juice, and a tearing of intermeshed pubic hair. Then, she aimed her boiling, sopping wet cunt at Martina’s spread and open twat and, with a cry of sheer joy, drove herself hard and deep into the yielding flesh and burning core of her enemy’s cunt. She felt her rock-hard, engorged clit slide deliciously into the folds of Martina’s soft, wet labia. She felt Martina’s hard clit penetrating her own vagina, sliding up her wet, hot cunt slit like an electric probe, until the women’s raging clits caressed, blazing nova-intense power roaring through the combatants’ bodies, causing the women to shriek with raw pleasure.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…” Martina chanted as Inge seized Martina’s raised leg and, gripping it hard around the blonde’s calf, rammed herself deep, deep into the socialite’s steaming body. Martina writhed in ecstasy and bucked up to meet Inge’s thrusts. Inge was solidly sealed into Martina’s gorgeous pussy, driving hard, bouncing with each penetrating thrust. Martina arched up, her powerful body jerking and humping, picking up speed and force as the women’s mutual fucking grew more frantic, more enraged. Well-lodged into the luscious saddle of Martina’s cunt, Inge rode her enemy hard, their throbbing clits fencing and sawing, then suddenly twisting into one long, hot, thick knot of ecstasy. The women screamed in joy, their bodies moving in a hard, bouncing rhythm.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh dear Christ FUCK ME!!…,” Martina’s moans growing to shrieks, her blonde head thrashing from side to side, her eyes closed in pleasure, her claws digging into Inge’s golden thighs, her body lost in the erotic power flowing through her erogenous zones.

Reaching down with her right hand, her left hand still holding Martina’s leg in place, Inge squeezed her enemy’s wobbling right tit. “Yes, you cunt, you fucker, you whore, take it, take my clit, take it…,” she growled beneath her breath, her eyes squeezed shut, tears of ecstasy streaming down her face, the raw power in her loins electrifying every inch of her muscled body, her ass and hips straining as she worked her clit into Martina’s sexhole, as she penetrated and merged with her enemy as completely as she could.

Martina reached up and seized Inge’s jiggling tits. She squeezed them hard, sinking her fingers into the dense flesh, pressing the aching nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Inge released Martina’s leg and filled both of her hands with Martina’s equally huge, magnificent tits, squeezing and kneading back in retaliation. Martina kept her leg resting on Inge’s shoulder, her bare foot pointing toward the ceiling. She was enjoying the fuckwar far too much to want to change anything now.

Screaming as they mauled the other’s breasts, the women pounded at each other, their hot, wet cunts sliding and kissing in ecstasy, their engorged clits twisted and knotted into one, the unbearable pleasure boiling out of their cores meeting and merging and melting in their conjoined crotches. Their tits ached with arousal, and both women kneaded each other ever harder, their bodies screaming for release from this incredible fuckfight. Inge rocked powerfully on top of Martina, who writhed and bucked beneath her. The two women worked their pussies together as hard as they could, spreading each other, violating each other, fucking mercilessly.

“God, oh God, oh God, you FUCKING CUNT!!,” Martina howled. She felt her belly tighten to the point of no-return, she felt the heat boiling in her cunt redouble in intensity. On top of her, Inge had her head thrown back, hair wild, staring blindly at the ceiling, her blue eyes glazed with pleasure, her mouth open in a howl of lust and desire, her hands filled with Martina’s, taut, over-sensitive tits.

“Yes, oh Yes,” she screamed. “Dear Fucking Christ, YES!!”

“NNNNNAAAA, NOOOOOO!!!,” Martina shrieked as the dam in her enraged pussy, finally exploded, as her clit erupted with volcanic ecstasy, suddenly seeming to swell to encompass every nerve in her voluptuous body. An orgasm greater than anything she had ever felt before detonated in her core, then spread out in coruscating waves through every inch of her gold-tanned flesh, thickening her nipples, saturating her writhing body with pleasure. She felt herself release all of her energy, all of the tension built in her core, into Inge’s twat in a convulsive blast of cunt juice.

Inge snarled and screamed, fighting back her own orgasm, struggling to control her body and sex. She had to ride this whore-bitch into submission, she had to show that the power of her body, the strength of her jungle-born sex, was greater than that of any “civilized” cunt. She held back for as long as she could, feeling the heat in her loins, the tension in her belly grow to unbearable power. Then, having established her dominance, having no more ability to resist, she erupted, her body transported to absolute bliss, her muscles straining with the tension of raw sexual release. She joined Martina in absolute ecstasy as the two women writhed as one, pulling multiple orgasms from each other, their battling, grinding clits stimulating each other to one excruciating detonation after another.

“Fuck! Oh, CHRIST!!,” Martina howled, her fantastic body convulsing, gushing its sexual juices into Inge’s triumphant cunt, soaking the soft, hot skin of the women’s interlocked crotches and their tangled pubic bushes.

“Take it, bitch, take it!!,” Inge snarled as she rammed her clit, her cunt, to Martina’s matching sex. “Ah, Oh GOD!!” she sobbed, as yet another orgasm wracked her sex-saturated body.

Screaming with lust and need, Martina suddenly, unexpectedly, unconsciously, pulled her golden thighs apart and offered her burning, pulsing sex to Inge’s powerful cunt. It was a complete surrender to her own lust, a signal of her need to be completely violated and united to the jungle woman’s writhing body and driving clit, a decisive indication of Martina’s inability to control her own body and her own burning desire. She desperately needed to become one straining, writhing, fucking body with Inge – she had to have the jungle woman all the way inside her own ravenous sex, eating and being eaten at once.

Inge drove into Martina, ramming her cunt to Martina’s twat as deep and hard as she could, screaming with passion, secure in the knowledge that she had finally won and now she could claim her victory. Martina’s thighs wrapped around her hips, the socialite’s claws sank into Inge’s taut ass, keeping their bodies locked together as they bucked and strained and moved as one, their perfect forms writhing as one undulating mass of raw sexual frenzy and fury. Their faces buried in the other’s sweet-smelling hair, they screamed their lust and joy out to the darkened room, their thrashing bodies limned by the firelight. Their hungry mouths ate at each other in lustful rage, occasionally merging in slick, hot kisses, before their need for air forced them to free their tongues and whimper in erotic joy as their bodies ravaged and tried to consume each other. They held on desperately, riding out the raw pleasure, biting and clawing as their bodies merged.

It took a long time, but the ecstasy finally ran its course. For long minutes, they lay together, limbs twined, hearts pounding, bodies still tangled and twisted into one sweat-soaked mass of spent muscle and burning sex. Finally, Inge separated from Martina, pulling away then, slowly, standing up to stare down at the prone figure of her defeated foe. What Martina saw looming over her scared her to the core of her being. Righteous anger, raw hatred, still shone brightly in Inge’s eyes, undimmed by the Amazon’s physical and sexual exhaustion. It gave her body an uncommon glow, like a limitless reserve of energy waiting to be called upon in further need.

Martina closed her eyes and turned her head to the wall. Her sumptuous, naked body lay spread out on the floor, defenseless against anything Inge desired to do. Her cheeks burned with her humiliation and, now, a touch of fear. She felt the blonde draw closer, then lean down over her. The nipples of their matched tits brushed gently, sending an electric spark through both women’s oversexed bodies. Inge planted a hand next to Martina’s shoulder. Martina waited for some new violation, some new humiliation that Inge was now entitled to inflict upon her.

Seconds passed. Fear and growing anger and defiance built up in Martina’s chest in a cold, ugly lump. Then, a feathery whisper of breath came upon her ear.

“The jungle has eyes,” Inge warned softly. “Everywhere.”

“You fucking whore,” Martina groaned, opening her eyes and turning her head to glare hatefully into Inge’s blue orbs, her rage finally overcoming her fear. “This isn’t over. I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done, I’ll break your cunt, I’ll burn down your precious jungle…”

“I’ll be waiting, slut,” Inge whispered. “If you think that what I’ve done to you here was bad, come into my world. My body will take yours anywhere. You’re mine now, my fuckbitch forever.”

Inge suddenly dropped down onto Martina. She forced her lips onto Martina’s yielding pair, she drove her tongue into her blonde enemy’s mouth. Martina fought back weakly, but it was clear that her strength and her will had been broken, at least for now. Inge claimed what was hers, corkscrewing her tongue with Martina’s, grinding her tits to the other woman’s yielding rack, pushing her thick cunt down on Martina’s soft, luscious pussy lips. Martina struggled but, overwhelmed by Inge’s sex, overwhelmed by her own lust for more of Inge’s body, she accepted her fate. Her golden thighs spread wide once again, her hairy pussy open and exposed, and she offered her sex to Inge. Inge took the offering, driving her cunt to Martina’s glistening, golden core, driving her tired clit to Martina’s exhausted sexhorn. Inge broke the kiss and, glaring hatefully down into Martina’s defiant eyes, slowly and deliciously stroked her hard sex to Martina’s throbbing clit. Martina thrust back, meeting Inge’s attack. Snarling in rage, the women fucked each other slowly and meticulously, fencing and rubbing their aching clits, grinding their beautiful bodies, riding each other to yet another ecstatic orgasm, sinking their claws into each other’s rolling ass and pulling each other in tightly. Finally, they came as one, limbs thrashing and straining, tongues licking, mouths sucking and biting. Inge thrust a few more times into Martina’s yielding cunt, to establish her dominance. After resting on Martina for some time, tits and clits crushed tight and throbbing in unison, hearts pounding together, she finally pulled herself off of her blonde antagonist.

Inge rose to her feet, tired and spent, her body wearing all the marks of hard, rough sex, her skin wet with sweat and cunt juice, her pussy dripping, her magnificent tits gleaming with moisture, perspiration dripping off her thick nipples. She glared down at Martina’s fantastic body, but she was too tired to humiliate the other woman any more. Martina had her head turned away again, her eyes closed, her magnificent tits heaving with the pants of her exertion, her hands over her head, her legs spread, her golden cunt thick and wet in the firelight.

Inge walked to the chair where her purse sat. She removed her leopard-skin bikini from the small leather case, and slowly pulled on the sensual scraps of cloth. Her body ached, her skin was on fire, and she knew that the civilized clothing Conchita had given to her would chafe and abrade her sensitive flesh. Her nipples pushed into the fur halter, sending a jolt of pain through her tits. The bikini bottom fit snugly to her tight pussy. With a final glance at Martina, leaving the rest of her clothing and the handbag behind, Inge made her way to the door, her bare feet silent on the fur rugs. She unlocked the massive portal and stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind her.

Martina heard the blonde Amazon leave. She remained on the floor, eyes closed. Her body was exhausted, but her skin still burned with sex-fever. Feelings of humiliation and rage fought with intense emotions of hatred and desire. She felt a fear that she had not felt before. Inge had humbled her, had ridden her cunt into submission, had inflicted so much pleasure on her body that Martina had surrendered in ecstasy. Inge had proven to both of them that her jungle sex was somehow stronger, wilder and dominant over the more refined savagery of Martina’s magnificent body. Martina cupped her majestic tits, she ran a finger into her tired cunt and along her glorious clit. No, she refused to accept it. Inge had won today, but soon, very soon, the bitch would pay. Martina promised this to herself as, overcome with hate and lust, she curled up in a fetal position on the thick, soft rug and shivered with rage and desire.

No, this is not over, she thought. No bitch, no fucking cunt, could take her like this and get away with it. Her mind feverish with hate and humiliation, she finally fell into an exhausted sleep.


Down in the drawing room, Conchita arched her muscular back, her toes straining, her rounded ass trembling with effort, and injected her steaming cum hard into Domino’s welcoming cunt. She shrieked with joy and then shuddered and writhed in concert with Domino, both women suffering through another series of devastating mutual orgasms. Domino and Conchita gasped and moaned as one, slapping and clawing at each other, their cries slowly growing to an ecstatic howl of pleasure. Conchita collapsed on top of the red-headed bitch and lay drifting in and out of consciousness for a few minutes. When she stirred, Domino was asleep beneath her, the redhead wearing a smile of smug, sexual bliss. Conchita smiled too. She had enjoyed fucking Domino senseless. It had been an enormously pleasurable and satisfying evening. Once more, she had established her superiority over her redheaded rival, and done so in a very decisive way. She knew that Domino would come after her again, and she looked forward to their next meeting. But now she was spent, and it was time to go.

Reluctantly, she pulled herself off of Domino’s unconscious form, hating to separate her naked flesh from that of the French woman. She staggered to the chair on which she had deposited her purse and retrieved her panther-skin bikini. Her body ached from the hours of vicious, delicious fucking, and she felt no desire to wear her dress.

Pulling on the bikini, barely bothering to smooth her hair, the mocha-skinned vixen walked to the door through which Martina and Inge had exited the room hours before. She opened the door and ascended the staircase, her bare feet slapping gently on the marble steps.

At the top of the stairs, she looked down the corridor to the large mahogany portal at its end. Her jungle-trained nose could tell that Inge’s scent disappeared behind that door. She was considering what to do when the door opened and her blonde nemesis, dressed only in her leopard-fur bikini, entered the hallway.

Inge was not surprised to see Conchita waiting for her at the end of the hall. Her eyes swept the other woman. The Spanish countess’ skin glistened with oil and sweat. The wide, satisfied grin on her face told Inge all she needed to know. The woman had bested the voluptuous redhead and then ravished her defeated rival until she was spent. The sight of Conchita made Inge’s ire rise as it always did, but the blonde’s body was far too tired to answer the sexual call to arms.

Side by side, luscious hips swinging, beautiful, nearly-bare asses flexing deliciously with every step, the two victorious warriors sauntered through the halls of the villa and out the front entrance. Guards stood stunned and slack-jawed at the dream-like vision of two impossibly sexy women walking past, large breasts bouncing on their barely covered chests, hair tousled wildly in sexual abandon, strong, shapely legs striding at a casual tempo across the lawn to Conchita’s waiting carriage.

Inge and Conchita piled into the back of the coach, exhausted but victorious. They rode in silence for some time. The evening moon was now high in the sky, enjoying its sovereign place amidst the evening stars. In the distance, the creatures of the night sounded their primal calls.

After riding for a few minutes, Inge turned her gaze from the passing homes and streets outside the window and stared at Conchita, who sat across from her. She watched the moonlight dance across the gleaming skin of her barely clothed rival. Inge’s bones felt like they contained magnets drawing her towards the nearly-naked beauty facing her, such a strange, strong attractive force seeking to reunite their breasts, their lips, their pussies once more in intimate, grinding contact…

“You know, I still have not forgiven you for slashing up the jungle.”

Conchita turned her head to meet Inge’s frank stare. Her eyes narrowed, her mouth twisted in a mean, mischievous smile.

She reached down and untied her bikini bottom, pulling the tiny scrap of cloth away from her moistening pussy. Inge caught the moonlit glint of wet cunt lips buried in the dark, hairy depths between Conchita’s legs as the Spanish woman spread her ripe thighs on the bench seat. The strong scent of hot pussy wafted up into the air of the cabin.

“Good,” Conchita replied.

The End

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