Inge vs. Martina: Two Blondes in the Bush by JB57

Prologue: Conchita and Domino Play a Game

Domino moaned tortuously. The redheaded beauty thrashed her head from side to side, she squeezed her own tits, pinching her rock-hard nipples between thumb and forefinger, as she arched her back, driving her cunt hard and deep into Conchita’s matching pussy. Both women were locked up tight, squeezing, squeezing twat to twat, wrestling cunt to cunt, struggling to overpower each other. Their pulsing clits were crushed tight, their bellies were trembling with effort, their powerful bodies were undulating in rhythm as they fucked mercilessly, each trying to force a final, submissive orgasm out of the other. Their bodies writhed on Conchita’s bed; the room was mostly dark, the only light coming from the fireplace and a couple of flickering oil lamps. The light rippled in the room, picking out the moisture on the voluptuous flesh of the fuckfighting women. Their tits were wet with nipple cum, their pubic bushes were intermeshed so tightly it seemed they were one thick mat of red and black hair. Their asses and hips were working furiously as the battling women rode each other to the end.

“God, oh goooooddddddd,” Domino groaned, her eyes squeezing tight, her teeth clenching as she struggled to hold out just a bit longer.

“Cum, you fuck, you whore, cum, cum, cuuuuuuummmmmm!!” Conchita snarled, screamed, as she felt her clit twitching, throbbing, aching, as she knew she was only seconds away from a humiliating defeat.

“Dirty fucking CUNT!!” the redheaded beauty suddenly shrieked. “Oh Christ, you FUCKING WHORE!!”

Domino came in a gusher of hot cum; her nipples exploded, jetting thick, warm nipple ejaculate into the air. It showered back down on her, even as her pussy came again. Her hips bucked high, her ass clenched and flexed as it bounced on the bed, her whole body convulsing in orgasmic bliss.

Conchita shrieked in relief and ecstasy as she let herself go. She came like a fire hose, spraying her ejaculate all over Domino’s lower body, soaking the already cum-soaked sheets. For almost 10 minutes, the battling vixens sucked hot, thick cum and back and forth between their interlocked cunts, using their deep muscles on each other until, finally, they could not go on any longer.

For nearly 20 minutes, they drifted in and out of consciousness, their bodies sealed tight. The two gorgeous Amazons slowly recovered their strength. Finally, Conchita pulled herself back. The women’s thick, cum-saturated bushes ripped apart painfully; they screamed in concert, but this was a small price to pay for the unbearable pleasure they had given to each other.

Conchita lay down next to Domino’s supine form, stretching out beside the redheaded goddess. The dark-haired vixen ran her finger up Domino’s cum-leaking slit, scooping up a thick dollop of the creamy liquid, and licked it off her finger.

“Delicious!” Conchita smiled.

“Fuck you, whore,” Domino murmured.

“You’re getting a lot better, bitch,” Conchita smiled. “But you’re still not good enough to beat me.”

“I’ve beaten you before,” Domino snapped.

“Yes,” Conchita agreed. “But that is few and far between. We both know who of us is the stronger cunt.”

“I come here to practice, to match tits and clits and cunts with you, you whore,” Domino snapped. “I’m getting better all the time. Enjoy it while you can; it won’t be long before I have you flat on your back, begging me to keep fucking you.”

Conchita merely smiled. “You know the rules,” she said, changing the subject. “You lose a fuckfight, you owe me a secret. What is Martina up to? One major secret.” This was Conchita’s way of staying informed about the goings-on in the city; fucking other women (and sometimes men), giving them pleasure or challenging their power in ways that made them willing to tell her things. Domino had proven to be an excellent source of information about her friend, Martina Hernandez de Sousa, the city’s Alpha bitch. Martina was at the top of the social pecking order; she was powerful, sexually voracious, a champion sexfighter and a ruthless businesswoman.

“OK,” Domino sighed. “This one is something I would have told you anyway. Martina is going into the jungle, on an expedition to find and kill Inge.”

“Hmph. She’s tried that before.” Conchita was unimpressed.

“This is different,” Domino insisted. “She is doing it herself. She’s going into the forest all on her own. She says she’s not coming out until she has Inge’s head on a stick.”

Conchita laughed, stretching her nude perfection beside Domino, crushing her body tight to the cum-soaked redhead. She hated to admit it, but fucking Domino was one of the most enjoyable things she did. The redhead was angry, sexually voracious and incredibly powerful. She always challenged Conchita and the black-haired countess knew that it was just a matter of time before Domino would be beating her consistently. For now, though, they played this game and Conchita usually won. But not always.

“Is she taking a tracker?” Conchita asked. Going into the thickly forested Amazon seemed incredibly reckless for a city-raised socialite.

“No, as I said, she’s going alone.”

Conchita thought about it. Martina was not stupid; clearly, the woman either possessed heretofore unknown skills or something else was at work. Either way, Conchita was not worried about Inge, her blonde lover.

“Inge will feed her the gun,” Conchita said, with certainty. “Besides, Martina may say she wants to kill Inge, but we both know what she really wants.”

“Yes, we do,” Domino murmured. Her green eyes were glowing with desire in the half-light. Slowly, she spread her wet legs wide, offering herself to her rival.

Conchita smiled, her beautiful face alive with heat, as she mounted her redheaded fuckbitch.

“Let’s see what else you know, cunt,” Conchita smiled. The women shared a hot smile. Their bodies began moving in unison. Soon, the dimly lit room echoed with the moans and cries of two sex-crazed goddesses in heat.

Part I

Martina Hernandez de Souza was a beautiful woman. She was a society woman who commanded the upper social echelons of the city, and its many gorgeous women, with the irresistible power of her sex. She was the sexfighting champion of the upper class who had learned, over the course of many sexual struggles, how to use her body in ways that would drive other women insane with lust. She was a hard-edged businesswoman who did whatever she needed to secure deals, make money, and take power. She was not the kind of woman to be found in the deep jungles of the Amazon, all by herself. If she went into the jungle –and certainly, her business often made this necessary – she went with an entourage, a phalanx of guards to protect her, and all the latest in camping equipment and portable comforts. In the past, when she had spent time in the forest, she had passed the nights in a large tent equipped with its own drawing room and furniture, a full bed and a tin bathtub and hot water for her to bathe in. She was never far from the creature comforts of society. She was a woman made for luxury, who enjoyed all the amenities that wealth and status had to offer.

And yet, today, Martina Hernandez de Sousa was deep in the jungles of the Amazon, traveling by herself, carrying in her backpack only the most basic camping equipment needed to see her through the hot jungle days and steaming jungle nights. Martina was wearing a tan pith helmet, her long, golden hair tucked in under the hard brim. She was clothed in a thin white cotton shirt with the sleeves cut off, leaving her beautiful, muscular arms bare. The shirt was unbuttoned and hanging open in the front, leaving her bra-less cleavage fully exposed, the half globes of her magnificent tits fully visible in the neck of the shirt. Her large breasts were wet and gleaming with perspiration. It was impossible to hide the remarkable size, firmness and perfection of her gorgeous golden orbs. Her tits’ sweat-soaked nipples were perfectly outlined by the thin white shirt, forming enticing dark circles against the cloth. The shirt was tied into a tight knot that was nestled in the overhang of her massive breasts, leaving her golden, bare belly completely naked, all the way down to just above her pubes. Her belly glistened with sweat. A tight pair of blue elastic shorts hugged her hips and covered her ass and crotch area. She was not wearing any underwear and the pooling sweat from her torso had dampened the shorts, making visible the alluring cleft of her powerful cunt. Most of her long, beautifully muscled legs were exposed. Her feet were protected by thick jungle boots and wrapped in socks designed to keep the humidity away. At her side was a high-powered revolver, strapped to a gun belt that dropped low, clinging to the widest part of her formidable hips. A camping knife was strapped to her bare thigh.

Anyone who knew Martina from the city would assume that she was completely out of her element. This was not true. Martina had been born and raised in the city but, as a child, she had been called to the jungle. Her father had insisted that all his children learn basic survival skills so they would not be helpless in the wild, untamed world that surrounded them. All her siblings had taken to the lessons well, but Martina had been the best, learning all there was to know about living in the heated, dangerous Amazon. It was only when she grew into a young woman, when her full beauty bloomed in all of its magnificence, when her chest erupted in massive, perfect tits, her hips curved out in womanly waves, her legs grew thick and shapely, and her pussy grew hot and hungry, that she had become the creature of high society and culture and sexual domination that she now was. Yet, even as a society woman, Martina was far more than she seemed. She was incredibly strong, far more powerful than any ordinary woman. She was an expert with a fencing foil or, indeed, any kind of blade. In her vast mansion there was a gymnasium equipped with the best gear and staffed with excellent hired coaches who trained the blonde beauty in a wide variety of athletic fields. Martina enjoyed being physically strong; she refused to be a helpless woman who needed to rely on men for physical protection. She had also found that her physical power was a considerable benefit in her uncontested role as the Alpha bitch in the city’s society of upper class women. Martina acquired a well-earned reputation as a skillful and indomitable sexfighter. She had found that her ability to win her sexual conflicts with other women often depended on her physical conditioning. Many times, she had won victory over a rival because of her strength. Exercising her pussy was an important part of her routine.

These hidden skills served Martina well, now that she was back out in the jungle alone, after so many years away. She used her expert abilities as a tracker to hunt down her prey: Inge, the Jungle Queen. Over the past few years, Inge had become a thorn in the side of Martina and her business ambitions. Inge had begun destroying the equipment and the campsites of companies affiliated with Martina, companies that had paid her kickbacks to get the necessary authorizations to open up the jungle to mining and other kinds of resource extraction. Martina had hired men to kill Inge; none had returned. Then, almost a year ago, fate had intervened. Inge had come directly into Martina’s home, as the second to the Spanish woman Conchita, who was embroiled in a sexual duel with the Frenchwoman, Domino. Martina and Inge had taken one look at each other and recognized the other. Martina knew Inge from the grainy photos that had survived the blonde jungle woman’s attacks on the company encampments. For months, Martina had been obsessing over the jungle woman, over her body, wondering how it would compare to her own in a test of sexual power. Inge had recognized Martina from times when she had spied on the camps and seen Martina visiting. Inge had read documents left in the camps and realized who the blonde woman that she kept seeing must be. Martina and Inge had confronted each other in the socialite’s bedroom, which was adorned with the skins and stuffed remnant of animals, all that could possibly offend Inge. They met in a vicious fuckfight. The blondes had pitted their raw sexual power, their perfect, powerful, voluptuous bodies against each other. To her everlasting shame, Martina had lost. Not by much, but a loss was a loss, especially when two women go cunt to cunt and clit to clit to decide who is the dominant bitch.

Martina stewed over that loss for some time. Now had come the time to do something about it. Inge would not be coming to her; she needed to go to Inge. But she was not interested in a sexual rematch, or so she told herself. Too much was at stake to make this about personal pride. She needed to remove Inge as an obstacle to her family’s business. Inge’s attacks on the encampments had had the desired effect: the companies were no longer coming, not until the city could guarantee that the wild blonde goddess of the jungle would not destroy their priceless machines and drive their men screaming from the forest. Martina’s journey into the jungle, her tracking of Inge, was all about business.

Martina’s plan was simple: find Inge and put a bullet through the blonde Jungle Queen’s heart. No messing around, no worrying about primitive, primal rules of sexual combat. Before, she had tried to conquer Inge with her cunt and tits, she had tried to prove to the jungle bitch that Martina was the woman who could tame her, that Martina possessed the cunt and tits of a primal goddess, no matter how high in society she might rise. She felt the humiliation of her loss acutely.

Even though she knew she was making a business decision, however, Martina had to plan for every contingency. So, she spent most of the intervening year doing special exercises to improve the power of her muscled cunt and vaginal sucking, to increase her stamina and sexual control. If, by some unfortunate miscalculation or unforeseen circumstances, she was not able to kill Inge outright, she needed to be able to take on the blonde bitch in any kind of combat, including sexual combat.

Over time, Inge moved her base of operations deeper into the jungle. Thus, it was 16 days after she set out on her mission into the forest that Martina finally found the first, fresh signs of the Jungle Queen. Late in the afternoon, Martina came across a wet footprint. Instantly, she felt a flash of excitement. The wetness of the print let her know it was made just minutes before; the print itself was distinctly that of a woman’s foot. If Martina took off her shoes and socks, she knew that her own foot would match the print perfectly in size. After days of tracking vague signs of the Jungle Queen, Martina finally knew that she was only minutes away from the blonde beauty.

Martina carefully unholstered her pistol and double-checked it to be sure it would not misfire. She took off her pack and placed it beside a carefully marked tree –she did not want the extra weight impeding her or the pack catching as she tried to move silently through thick vegetation. As she prepared for the assassination attempt, she realized, with some irritation, that her breasts had tightened into taut, round mounds of throbbing meat, tipped with rock-hard, brown spiked nipples; her pussy had lubricated hard, her cunt lips had become engorged, her clit had swollen to the point that it was uncomfortable walking as her sex horn rubbed against the raw cloth of her shorts. A wet spot of pussy lubrication had started to appear on the crotch. If her body became any more sexually aroused, she feared she would give away her position just by the musky scent of her enflamed pussy. No, Martina told herself. This was going to be a quick, fast kill. Find Inge and put a bullet in her. Nothing else – no spike of womanly desire, no intense memories of the unbearable sexual ecstasy she and Inge had inflicted on each other, and especially no raw, primal desire to avenge her sex on the woman who had defeated her – none of these things would distract her from the very practical mission she had come to accomplish.

Martina moved soundlessly through the underbrush. She heard the trickle of water ahead; some kind of small stream was moving through the forest. She headed towards the stream, her instincts telling her that Inge was somewhere around there. Her unrestrained breasts shifted heavily under her thin cotton shirt; her bare belly and naked legs were caressed by the soft fronds of tall grass. She continued moving forward. She found the stream and began to follow it. For more than an hour she followed small signs of the Jungle Queen; the bend of a blade of grass, the scuff marks made by bare feet on gently packed dirt. Finally, Martina pushed through some thick vegetation and came into a clearing. The space was surrounded by tall trees, draped in green vines; sunshine shot through the canopy, illuminating the jungle floor. Inge was standing in the center of the clearing, waiting for her.

Martina instantly aimed her gun. The pistol barrel pointed right between Inge’s massive tits. The Jungle Queen just smiled. She was wearing only her leopard skin bikini. Her massive, beautiful breasts strained against the meager cloth. Titflesh bulged out around all sides of the tiny triangular cups; her underboob was exposed and there was impressive cleavage on top. The tiny triangles of cloth were held in place by spaghetti straps that looped over her neck and around her back; the halter was tied by a knot suspended between her bulging tits. Her belly was bare, flat, beautiful and golden, ridged with muscle, in its center a perfect navel, long and deep and enticing. Her bikini thong bottom hugged her womanly hips and cut across her torso just above the thick thatch of pubic hair that Martina knew was there. Her legs were long, muscled, golden. She was barefoot, of course. Her blonde hair rippled like golden fleece in the gentle breeze that stirred the hot, humid air. Martina looked for weapons but saw none on the Jungle Queen’s body.

Martina’s skin was burning; her tits were on fire, her pussy was scalding hot, her clit was beating like a drum.

“I’ve been watching you for the past couple of days, Martina,” Inge purred. “Did you really come here just to shoot me?”

“Yes,” Martina snarled, but her beautiful face was conflicted. “I’m going to put an end to you, once and for all. Your attacks on the men clearing the jungle have gone too far and gone on too long! You’re costing me and my family fortunes. No more! I’m ending you here and now.”

“Or,” Inge purred deeper, “we could settle this like women.” She smiled. “Woman to woman. Your cunt to mine; your clit on my clit; tit to tit and nipple to nipple. Naked body to naked body, bitch to bitch. That is the proper way to resolve our differences.”

Inge reached up and, as Martina watched, the blonde bitch untied the knot between her delicious breasts that was holding her leopard skin bikini top taut. The top loosened; her tits quivered as the pressure released. Slowly, seductively, Inge pulled the tiny cloth from her chest and threw it aside. Her massive tits jiggled deliciously as they bounced free from the meager restraint. Her nipples were coffee brown and incredibly long and thick. Her brown areola were prefect circles and pebbled with sexual tension. The golden brown orbs of Inge’s tits caught the sun and gleamed with sweat. Moisture dripped from her nipples –either perspiration or pre-cum, Martina was not sure. Maybe both. Martina stared. She could not pull her eyes away from those incredible orbs. She licked her dry lips; her heart pounded with excitement and lust beneath her own massive tits.

Inge waited, giving Martina time to absorb the full beauty of Inge’s incredible tits. After a few moments, the jungle woman slid her hands down her tanned belly to her thong. With a single tug, the thong came loose from her hips. It stuck wetly to her pussy; Inge peeled the leopard skin garment off her juicy cunt and threw it away. Martina’s eyes drifted down slowly, down Inge’s perfect bare belly, to the thick, course thatch of golden pubic hair that crowned her pussy, to the powerful, thick-lipped twat that lay like an invitation between Inge’s smooth, hot thighs. As Martina watched, Inge’s cunt dripped moisture onto the forest floor.

Martina devoured Inge’s nude body with her eyes. The world seemed to stand still. Inge’s golden tanned form gleamed in the late afternoon sun, damp with perspiration and other moisture. Trickles of pussy juice wandered down her inner thighs. The jungle goddess was absolutely perfect; her body radiated erotic power like a star. Martina was struck by a powerful vision, an intense memory, of what it felt like to have Inge’s naked body rubbing and grinding against her own flesh, their limbs twining and straining, their mouths and tongues locked in passion, the delicious feeling of being merged cunt to cunt, of exchanging hot cum and wracking, shuddering orgasms. She realized that, if she chose a different path right now, she could rediscover the sheer ecstasy of mating with the blonde goddess, of matching tits and clits and cunts to those of the other woman, of sharing spit and cum and heat and sweat with her sexual rival. She imagined she could avenge herself on Inge; after all, what had her sexual practicing over the past year been for if not to match her erotic strength against Inge’s once again?

Martina’s gun wavered. Her body pulsed with sensual need, with a lust and desire so powerful and overwhelming that she feared she might faint. She could not resist it. She did not want to resist it. She knew now that she had not come into the jungle to kill Inge. She had come here to fuck the Jungle Queen, to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her until only one of them could walk away, until one of them was fucked into submission.

Martina put her gun in its holster and snapped the flap shut. She undid the gun belt and let it drop to the ground. She undid the knife strap on her thigh and dropped the strap and knife beside the gun belt. Her grey eyes never left Inge’s bright blue eyes as she reached up and removed her pith helmet. She shook out her golden hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders. She threw the hat aside. Martina kneeled down, her eyes still locked to Inge’s. Inge watched the blonde’s every move intently. Martina untied her thick hiking boots and slipped them off her feet. She pulled off the thick, damp socks. She stood on the loam of the ground bare foot, her toes sinking into the soft earth, feeling the sensual connection to the jungle. She tucked the socks in her boots and threw them aside. She stood straight. Slowly, she reached down to the knot of her shirt below her breasts and untied it. The knot unraveled and the long tails of the shirt unfurled. She brushed the shirt out, so that its full length and size fell around her; it was completely unbuttoned. Martina pushed the sleeveless shirt off her bare shoulders and let the garment fall to the ground. She now stood before Inge completely topless. She flexed her back and shoved her massive rack out, in challenge. Inge licked her lips as her eyes fixed hungrily on Martina’s perfect boobs. The city woman’s incredible tits matched Inge’s tits in every way. Martina’s nipples were as hard as rocks and were dripping with fluids. Her tits were golden orbs, taut, thick, engorged with heat and tension. Her hot, hard belly rippled as her tits heaved in excitement.

Martina reached down, slid her thumbs into her short’s waistband, and pushed the tiny garment down her hips. The waistband was elastic, so the shorts came down easily, slipping down her lush thighs, down her powerful calves, dropping to her feet. Martina stepped out of the shorts and kicked them aside. She stood in the sun. The light glinted off her nude perfection.

The two women examined each other, their eyes roaming hungrily over every succulent inch of the other. Below their necks, Inge and Martina were virtually mirror images. Their incredible bodies glowed with the same golden tan. Their massive breasts rose proud and firm off their chests. Their thick, hot brown nipples were as hard as rocks, engorged with desire. Their beautiful torsos were defined by smooth, muscled bellies and wide, curving hips. Thick blonde crowns of pubic hair protected their powerful vulvas. Their long, thickly muscled legs tapered down to perfect feet.

For long minutes, the two nude goddesses stared at each other, letting their mutual desire build into feverish lust and then build more into a barely contained sexual frenzy. Martina could feel her pussy leaking; she could feel her nipples dripping as they burned. All of her sex organs were on fire; every inch of her skin felt electrified. She could see the same signs of pure lust on Inge’s perfect golden body. The heat, the terrible tension in Martina’s sexual core was unbearable; it radiated heat and electricity, it filled her with a raw lust so primal that she felt herself losing her mind to desire. She knew there was only one way to satisfy her needs and it could only be found between the legs of the goddess whore in front of her.

Inge and Martina walked up to each other slowly. They paused only inches apart, their dripping nipples so close to kissing that they could feel the heat radiating off of their nubs. Their naked bodies glistened with sweat; the powerful scent of aroused womanhood enveloped both women, their scents mixing to form a unique musk of their own.

“We do not stop until this is decided between us,” Inge said softly, her voice thick with arousal. “Your body against mine. Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit. We keep going until one of us cannot continue. That is how we will know which of us is the stronger woman. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Martina said, her voice almost a groan of desire. “No stopping. We will fuck until one of us cannot fuck anymore.” Martina smiled. “I warn you, Inge. I have not been idle the past year. My cunt is stronger than ever. My sexual skills are better. I will break you. I will make you feel my power deep in your twat. I will tame you with my cunt and tits.”

Inge smiled. “Maybe I cannot be tamed. Maybe your cunt and tits need to be broken by mine, to teach you this truth. Again.”

The women smiled at each other, their shared lust glowing in their eyes.

“Enough talking,” Martina whispered. “It’s time to fuck.”

“Yes,” Inge murmured in agreement. “It is time for us to fuck each other raw.”

The blonde Amazons reached for each other. The heat of the jungle closed on them like a vise. The erotic fever gripping their lush bodies exploded into a full blaze. It was finally time to destroy each other, to battle to the end with their cunts, their clits, their tits, with every inch of flesh and every ounce of sexual power that they possessed.

Part II

Inge and Martina grabbed the other’s biceps. They shuddered in delight, their bodies tense with anticipation, as their erotically charged bare flesh came into contact for the first time in a year. Smiling viciously at each other, the two gorgeous blondes leaned forward, their hearts pounding with excitement, aiming their nipples at each other. The tips of their engorged nips came together. The thick brown nubs sizzled with erotic power as they mated; both women screamed as their nipple holes sealed, latching onto each other and forming an immediate erotic bond. Electricity flowed through their jerking bodies from their fused nipples down to their throbbing clits. Martina moaned uncontrollably; the pleasure was incredible, everything she could have hoped. The heat built unbearably in her nipples. Then, unexpectedly, her nipples ejaculated, just a little. Both women groaned in unison as the clear, hot substance penetrated their nips, sending a shock of heat through their massive tits.

“Ohhhhhmmmmmm,”Martina groaned. An instant later, she felt a flow of intense heat in her pussy and her cunt clenched, then sprayed, coating her inner thighs, splattering onto Inge’s tan thighs, trickling cunt juices down to the ground. Her body was incredibly aroused, even more than she had realized.

Inge gasped; Martina’s signs of arousal fed Inge’s lust. The jungle goddess’ pussy sprayed in reply, watering the ground, dampening her inner thighs, and hitting Martina’s burning cunt.

The women rested forehead to forehead, nose to nose, moaning and gasping, trying to regain their senses, their bearings, trying to bring the incredible erotic forces racing through their bodies under control.

“Dirty whore,” Martina moaned, her grey eyes locking onto Inge’s blue.

“Fucking, fucking cunt,” Inge gasped, her body quivering with desire.

Martina wrapped her powerful arms around Inge’s upper back; Inge wrapped her arms around the other blonde vixen’s wasp-like waist. Sighing, moaning with indescribable lust, the women pulled each other in. Their massive, meaty tits compressed, hard nipples stabbing each other into dense titflesh, nova-hot areola eclipsing and fusing into one, breasts spreading out against each other, mashing and merging, taut meat resisting then balling into thick, round, tight mounds. The throbbing heat in their struggling tits radiated through their bodies. The women could feel their hearts pounding into each other. Their flat, bare bellies slapped warmly, wetly together. The blondes sighed in delight, both women rubbing their bellies, flexing their abdominal muscles until they felt their deep, narrow navels sucking at each other, wet, sweat-filled indentations forming a strong grip. Their thick, strong thighs pressed tight, their course thatches of pubic hair meshed and intertwined, rough hair lacing into rough hair.

The women glared at each other, nose to nose, hot breath mixing. They delighted in the sensual pleasure of their sweat slick, hot flesh merging and rubbing. Erotic electricity ran through their bodies, filling every inch of bare flesh with heat and tingling with arousal. The blondes slid their noses past each other, touched tongues, then sank into a long, hot, deep, savage kiss. Their tongues pushed and thrust, their mouths sucked spit back and forth. The women moaned deep in their throats, their animal grunts and howls stifled within their sealed mouths. Soon, drool flowed down their cheeks and jaws as their mouths overflowed, but still they kept kissing, fighting, struggling to dominate and control the other. The sensuality of their battle, the sheer erotic delight, drove the women insane with lust.

Inge and Martina writhed in each other’s arms, squeezing tight, trying to compress each other’s tits, to press flat to each other’s bellies. They worked their shoulders and moved their tits up and down, back and forth, grinding their heavy titmeat. Their nipples burned constantly, their breasts filled with heat as their firm meat mashed and pulsed, their huge tits massaging each other, meat to meat. Their bodies surged against each other, seeking to dominate, the women moaning with the sheer pleasure of their body to body battle. Their bulging tits surged against each other, their powerful bellies clapped, their bare feet dug into the soft ground as the women pushed and struggled for dominance.

Slowly, Martina and Inge’s hands slid down the other’s naked back and moved to hold and sink fingers into the other’s flexing, taut ass. The women pulled, drawing each other in even harder. The women’s powerful thighs spread and they tilted their pelvises forward, moving their hungry, drooling cunts into position. Pulling each other by the ass, their bellies rippling, their hips pressing forward, Inge and Martina slid their wet, hungry cunts together. Fuckmeat slapped into fuckmeat and the women’s swollen clits rammed directly into each other, exquisitely sensitive head to head.

Still locked mouth to mouth, the beautiful battling blondes shrieked in unison, howling into each other’s throats as unbelievable pleasure and pure erotic electricity shot through their aching bodies. Instantly, tears starting streaming from both women’s eyes as the unbearable pleasure exploded inside them, pushing them both, instantly, to the breaking point. Sobbing uncontrollably, but refusing to separate or back down, the women continued grinding, rubbing, fencing clit to clit. Their engorged sexhorns licked and thrust, rubbed side on side and head to head, feeding constant ecstasy into the women’s trembling bodies. The heat and pressure in their massive tits grew greater, the erotic power electrifying their writhing bodies grew even more intense.

Hands on perfect round asses, hips jerking as they exchanged thrust after thrust after thrust, screaming and crying but refusing to stop, Inge and Martina fucked furiously, their thick lipped twats beating like drums, their engorged clits fused into one, their perfect tan bodies locked in a sexual war of attrition. They swallowed each other’s screams and moans, but their animal cries of pleasure became ever more uncontrollable. Their pussies leaked torrential amounts of pussy juice, every thick slap of cunt to cunt spraying moisture. The women stopped pounding and began grinding cunt to cunt, flattening and spreading pussy lips, mingling their tingling labia, to suck and pull at each other’s twats. Cunt juices flowed from their pussies, coating their inner legs, all the way down to the jungle floor.

For more than an hour, the blonde rivals fucked and fucked, driving at each other mercilessly, grinding and pounding and writhing in ecstasy, fucking each other up the pleasure curve, their perfectly-matched bodies at war, their sexual organs fused and fighting at the most primitive level. Martina was almost delirious with pleasure; she could not remember ever having had another sexfight that came close to this level of intensity, to this level of unbelievable erotic pleasure. She hoped it would go on forever, that she could hold out for as long as she needed to force her will onto this incredible jungle bitch. For Inge, the intense pleasure was familiar; it was exactly the kind of ecstasy she experienced every time she and Conchita crossed clits and locked cunts. But she was amazed that Martina possessed this same kind of sexual power and stamina, she was astonished that the blonde whore was able to match her thrust for thrust, tit to tit, body to body. She loved every thrust and hoped the mutual fucking would go on and on, until she broke this city-born cunt.

The women’s incredible bodies, over-saturated with sensual pleasure, began to rebel against the constant clit to clit grinding and the resulting pure ecstasy. Inge and Martina’s legs began to weaken, the sensual pleasure causing their knees to give out. As they began to sink to the ground, their knees slowly bending, the women broke their more than hour-long kiss. Gasping, moaning, cheek to cheek, they fell to their knees, their perfect bodies soaked and streaming with sweat, their vaginas flowing continuously with natural lubrication, their muscles trembling with effort and sensual pleasure.

“You filthy fucking whore,” Martina gasped into Inge’s ear. She raised her right hand from Inge’s perfect left buttock and pulled on the blonde’s thick mane, pulling Inge’s face nose to nose with her own. “I swear to fucking God, I’m going to break you…”

“Dirty fucking slut,” Inge moaned back. “Your cunt is good, girl, but it is no match for mine. I’m going to suck your twat inside out…”

The women licked each other’s sweaty, gorgeous faces, then locked into another deep, spit-sucking kiss, trying to devour each other with their mouths, even as they desperately wanted to devour each other with their cunts. The women spread their legs wide, straight out to their sides, and sat on their asses on the soft ground, arranging themselves so that they were scissored. Their tits never broke contact, nipples fused tight; their clits remained crushed together, radiating pure erotic joy into every inch of their voluptuous bodies. Cunt flat and sealed to cunt, pubic bushes meshed and interwoven, belly to belly, tit crushed to tit, Inge and Martina resumed their slow, hard fuck, on the ground, scissored, left legs under rights, right legs wrapped around the other woman’s hip. Both women filled their hands with the other woman’s perfect round ass. They resumed their fuckwar, hips jerking, vaginas sucked and sealed, cunt juices flowing like rivers from their inosculated twats, their golden tanned bodies intent on completely possessing and devouring the other.

For another 30 minutes, Inge and Martina fucked each other relentlessly, lost in a world of sensual pleasure so intense that they lost track of everything around them, their senses filled with nothing but the heat, sweat and tight wetness of the other woman’s body. They had started fucking in the late afternoon; now, it was rapidly growing dark in the equatorial jungle. Neither woman had any sense of this. Nothing mattered except each other.

The end came suddenly, like a dam bursting from the one drop it could not handle. Martina, still locked deep in an endless, passionate kiss with Inge, felt her belly tighten, felt the incredible sensation of her perfect body filled to overflowing. Her clit, already swollen and torturously sensitive, seemed to swell like a balloon with overwhelming pleasure. Sexual power flowed through her entire body, setting every muscle quivering. Martina realized she could not hold out a second longer; she was on the verge of an unbearable, all-consuming orgasm, one that she felt might be so intense it would kill her.

“No,” Martina shrieked in her mind, “I can’t lose! I can’t!” It did not matter this was only the first skirmish in a much longer war. She needed to be the one to draw first blood. With a final, desperate jerking of her hips, she rubbed her unimaginably sensitive clit as hard as she could into Inge’s equally huge, overfilling clit. The Jungle Queen was, herself, only moments away from a devastating orgasm, but Martina’s sudden, intense attack pushed Inge over the edge.

The Jungle goddess’ eyes widened as she felt her clit swell and release, as she felt the erotic tension filling her body explode. Her cunt clenched, her belly rippled, and she came hard, she ejaculated like a fire hose, injecting a stream of hot, steaming cum deep into Martina’s luscious body.

“Fucking god, yesssss!!” Martina shrieked. She could not hold out an instant longer. Her twat responded, shooting a hot stream of molten cum deep into Inge’s receptive body. The women screamed in concert. Arms wrapped around each other, hands gripping bucking asses, clawing, pulling hair, kissing, screaming, biting, bodies jerking, hips bucking, Inge and Martina fucked orgasm after orgasm after orgasm out of each other’s incredible bodies. Their hungry cunts sucked cum back and forth, mixing and sharing the sexual froth. Their fused together nipples came and came, coating their sweaty tits in nipple cum, trickling down between their rippling bellies to fill their navels and add to the wet, thick mess of bodily fluids pooling in the women’s pubic bushes.

For more than 10 minutes, Inge and Martina pulled wracking orgasms from their locked bodies. They sobbed and screamed, lost in the pure ecstasy of the moment. Finally, the intense releases abated. Exhausted, the blonde vixens release each other and fell over flat on their backs, their massive tits heaving and jiggling as they panted furiously, their hearts pounding, their bodies tingling with the electric aftermath of their marathon fuckfight. For almost 20 minutes, the women lay on the jungle floor, struggling to come down from the erotic high, slowly regaining their senses. They remained slotted inside of each other, cunt fused to cunt, trapped between each other’s legs.

It was now dark in the clearing. The jungle was in twilight; soon, the night would fall.

Martina pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down their bodies at Inge. She squeezed Inge’s hot pussy with her own. Inge squeezed back instinctively, then pushed herself up to lock eyes with Martina. Even in the dark, she could see the glint of the other woman’s bright gaze.

“First blood to me, you little whore,” Martina smiled. Her voice was hoarse. “If you want to surrender now, I’ll understand.”

Inge merely smiled at her rival. “I doubt that any of your city bitches has ever given you a ride like that, have they, you cunt?” Inge’s eye blazed. “We’re just starting Martina. You are a good fuck, but it doesn’t matter which of us cums first. What matters is which of us can walk away from here in the end.”

Martina pushed herself up; Inge moved to meet her. The women were still cunt deep inside of each other and both felt their thick, hard clits twitching, aroused and hot.

“Then let’s get back to it,” Martina breathed, her grey eyes smoldering. Despite the fact she had just experienced the most intense and pleasurable fucking of her life, Martina felt the hunger for Inge’s body, the overwhelming need to consume and destroy this blonde cunt, burning inside of her like a furnace.

The women rearranged themselves. They turned their hips, allowing them deeper penetration of each other, allowing their cunts to suck and lock even more. Scissored, leaning back, their hands on the other woman’s sweaty thigh, Inge and Martina resumed their all-out fuckwar. Hips and asses undulating in rhythm, they drove themselves as cunt-deep inside of each other as they could. Their swollen clits fused tight, their hungry pussies clamped on each other and wrestled, locked together like two wild animals fighting to the death. The women’s magnificent tits bounced exuberantly with every hard thrust; both women reached out to squeeze and knead the other’s tits from time to time.

The dark clearing echoed with the animal sounds of two bitches in heat, fucking and fucking and fucking mercilessly. The wet sounds of sucked and locked cunts filled the night; the grunts and erotic screams and curses of two women joined together in sexual warfare punctuated the darkness. Predators began to stalk the jungle night, and a few stopped to watch the sexual tableau playing out in the clearing. The musky scent of hot sex warned off other animals, sending the message that two furious bitches were mating, trying to destroy each other with their most intimate weapons.

“You fucking dirty whore, filthy cunt…,” Martina moaned, her body thrusting, her pussy nova-hot, her clit melted and straining against Inge’s burning clit. The pleasure of the sexual combat was slowly driving her insane.

“Cunt, fucking filthy cunt…,”Inge gasped, gripping Martina’s sweaty thigh even tighter, thrusting with all the power of her hips and ass as she worked her cunt as hard and deep into Martina’s hot, wet, tight core as she could.

More than an hour later, the women threw back their heads and howled in pure ecstasy as they came with excruciating force. This time, it was Martina who let go just an instant before Inge, her pussy exploding with heat, her clit so overloaded with sensual pleasure that it seemed to fill her entire lower body. Bucking, moaning, cursing, screaming, Inge and Martina fucked orgasms out of each other for nearly 15 minutes, before they collapsed in a sweaty, gasping mass of perfect female flesh. Their raspy breathing filled the clearing as they struggled to recover. Finally, painfully ripping their pubic hair apart, Martina and Inge separated and rolled away from each other.

It was now pitch dark. This was a moonless night and the clearing was well-shielded even from the night sky. The women could feel each other’s bodies, they could make out the dim outlines of the other’s voluptuous body.

“Come here, you fucker,” Martina moaned, reaching for Inge. “I’m not done with you.”

“I’m not finished with you either, you cunt,” Inge grunted, throwing her naked, sweat soaked body onto Martina. “We’re not finished here until my pussy has sucked every drop of cum out of your little twat.”

The wet, naked women writhed in each other’s arms. Legs and arms twined and locked. Body to body, Inge and Martina rolled back and forth in the darkness, both striving to gain the top position, both enjoying the mutual rubbing and grinding of wet, naked flesh to flesh. Inge finally gained and held the top. The women locked up in a deep, deep kiss. Realizing she was pinned under Inge, Martina eagerly spread her legs wide, offering her dripping cunt to her enemy. She reached down and grabbed Inge’s ass, pulling the Jungle goddess down onto and into her.

The women broke their kiss and moaned deeply as Inge’s hips jerked, her ass rippled with effort, as she drove her cunt into Martina’s cunt. Martina moved with her, keeping their throbbing clits glued together.

“Yes, yes you fucking whore,” Martina moaned. “Give it to me, ride me, you fucker!”

“Oh god, I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Inge growled. She reached under Martina to seize the other woman’s ass.

Pumping, writhing, grinding, Martina and Inge fucked each other senseless, going stiff in a series of multi-orgasmic explosions. Soon it was Martina riding Inge; they switched back and forth a number of times. Late in the night, shrouded in the darkness, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues and teeth, Martina and Inge wrapped their sweaty thighs around each other’s heads and devoured each other’s cunts, sucking and licking, nibbling clits and eating labia, pulling screaming, gasping orgasm after orgasm out of each other with their teeth, tongues and lips. They rolled about in the dark clearing, their gasps, screams and cries of sheer ecstasy adding to the animal sounds of the deep jungle. They ravaged each other relentlessly.

At some point, late in the night, the struggling blondes were locked together, cunt sucked and sealed to cunt, pumping each other vigorously, their bellies rippling with effort, their tits bouncing, their powerful cunts squeezing and sucking, trying to overpower each other. This time, when the orgasms came, they would not stop. Martina felt herself being drained, she felt pleasure greater than anything she had ever known roaring through her. Flat on their backs, Inge and Martina writhed and screamed and bucked, cunts interlocked in an unbreakable seal, fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other, neither able to stop. As she felt the pleasure build to an impossible, unbearable crescendo, as she felt her clit explode, her nipples ejaculating powerfully, Martina knew that she could not take any more. The intensity of the sheer ecstasy was just too much. Screaming out in joy and despair, the blonde vixen felt her mind shutting down, felt herself drifting away into unconsciousness on an explosion of pleasure too great to endure. With a final scream of pure orgasmic joy, she passed out.

When Martina woke, many hours later, she was alone in the clearing. She had a vague sense that what had woken her was the painful tearing of Inge’s cunt hair from her own, but the blonde jungle goddess was nowhere to be seen. Martina rose unsteadily to her feet. She examined her perfect nude body. She bore many marks of the night’s sexual marathon – hand prints, marks where Inge’s fingers had dug into her ass or thigh, signs of teeth marks on her nipples and around her pussy, where the Jungle Queen had devoured her cunt. Martina had no doubt that Inge’s body wore her marks proudly, too.

Martina looked around the clearing. She walked down to the small stream to see if Inge had gone there. “Inge?” she called, somewhat quietly. There was no answer. “Inge?” she called again, louder. No response. She waited several minutes, but she soon realized that the Jungle goddess had abandoned her.

“Show yourself, you fucking whore!” Martina bellowed. “This is not over! It’s not nearly over!”

Inge did not appear. After waiting another hour, Martina decided to leave. She did not know what to make of this situation. Had she lost? Had Inge caused her to pass out, decided the battle was over, and left? That made no sense. A victory by either of them would require the winner to set the terms of victory.

Martina bathed herself in the stream, washing the dried cum and other juices off of her lush body. She returned to the clearing and began gathering her clothing. She pulled on her shorts, snapped on the gun belt and fastened the knife to her thigh. She pulled on her sleeveless shirt, tied it into a halter, and tucked her golden hair into her pith helmet. She sat down on a tree stump and prepared to pull on her socks and shoes, but she thought better of it. She wanted to match Inge in every way. If that blonde cunt got around the jungle bare foot, then Martina would too.

Martina retraced her steps, moving through the jungle with greater sureness. She located her pack, tied her shoes to the back of the pack, then continued her journey back towards the city. It had taken her 16 days to find Inge. It would take a little less time to get back to the city. She felt frustrated. She had battled the jungle vixen on her own terms. As far as Martina was concerned, she and her blonde rival had fucked each other to a standstill. Nothing had been settled, which meant Inge would continue her carnage and Martina had missed her chance to end the woman’s interference for good.

As she traveled, Martina’s thoughts kept returning to the events of the day and night before. Her pussy tingled with desire every time she remembered how it felt to be locked twat to twat with Inge, cunts wrestling, cunts struggling, eating and squeezing and milking each other. She remembered the delicious feeling of hot cum flowing back and forth between their bodies, so much of it burning up into her core. She remembered massive, meaty tits crushed together and resisting, nipples burning, nipples ejaculating into each other… the erotic images and memories made her hot, they made her clit hard. She knew that she had to have more of the mind-blowing sex she had experienced with Inge. Her body grew hot, hard and wet just thinking about it.

As she walked, Martina had the distinct sense she was being watched, followed. She was sure this was true. She decided to ignore it. Whatever Inge’s game, she would find out eventually.

An hour or so before sunset, Martina stopped for the night. She found a clearing in the forest near some water. She started a fire and set up the small, compact tent she had brought with her. She picked nutritious fruits and roots and berries and managed to snare a rabbit for her dinner. As darkness fell, she sat beside a comfortable fire, her belly full, her mind at ease. She stretched out her bare feet and warmed her toes by the fire. Her gun and knife were within easy reach, just under the small log she was using as a bench.

An hour or so after sundown, as she considered going to sleep for the night, Martina was startled to feel a familiar sense of sexual arousal building in her luscious body. Her core began to burn, tension began to flow into her pussy, her clit began to throb and swell, her twat grew wet and hot. Her breasts swelled, her nipples became like steel nails. Her body was responding to some sense, some scent, some hormone released into the air by the presence of an Alpha bitch.

Inge came out of the forest, entering the clearing, her bare feet silent on the forest loam. The Jungle Queen stood across from Martina, on the other side of the fire. She was wearing her leopard skin bikini but, in moments, she had stripped herself naked. She let the bikini fall to the ground beside the fire. Nude, she flexed her shoulders, her massive, majestic tits swelling up from her chest like two beautiful, perfect mountains of meat.

Martina’s breathing deepened, her breasts swelled with even more heat, her nipples burned furiously. The fire in her pussy was maddening. Without a word, the blonde socialite got to her feet and stood facing Inge from across the fire. She walked a few feet away from the fire, to where the loam was a bit thicker and softer. Eyes locked to Inge’s, Martina untied her halter, stripping her shirt away from her chest. She slid her shorts down her thighs and calves and kicked it away.

The nude women stared at each other in the crackling light of the fire. The orange glow played on their perfect, voluptuous bodies, the textured shadows of the firelight bringing out the round thickness of their massive tits, the smoothness and beauty of their muscled torsos and deep navels, the swell of their hips, the ridged tightness of their powerful legs. Martina and Inge examined each other. Both were breathing deeply, as their excitement built. Their tits were jiggling, their nipples growing engorged with anticipation. By the firelight, both could see the trickle of pussy juice running down their thighs, the dampness appearing on their jutting nipples.

Martina sat down on her ass, facing in the direction of the fire. She spread her legs wide; the light of the fire directly illuminated her thick-lipped, juicy cunt and its course guard of pubic hair. Inge walked up to the other blonde, sat down across from her, and spread her legs in reply. The women slid up to each other, right legs over lefts, scissoring.

Eye’s locked, Martina and Inge pressed their hot cunts together. Their slick pussy lips sizzled with the heat of their mating. Their unbearably sensitive clits pushed into each other, head to head, the most ecstatic parts of the women’s bodies becoming one. The women bit their lips, then threw back their heads to moan in shared ecstasy. Martina reached out and pulled Inge in; their massive tits crushed tight, nipples searing to nipples. Inge wrapped her arms around Martina and squeezed back. Nose to nose, gasping into each other’s gorgeous faces, their hearts pounding with indescribable lust, the women moaned in shared desire.

“All night long,” Martina moaned. “We fuck all night. No stopping.”

“All night,” Inge agreed, panting. “We don’t separate. Cunt to cunt, clit to clit, all night.”

“Yes,” Martina whispered, “Oh fuck, yes.”

The blondes licked each other’s faces, then locked into a deep, hot kiss. Their hips began to move, their asses flexed, as the next battle in their fuckwar was joined.

Part III

True to their word, Inge and Martina fucked all night, never separating their cunts and clits. They shifted positions many times, coming up with many new and different ways to lock pussies and grind each other into unbearable ecstasy. They fucked relentlessly, sharing multi-orgasmic climaxes that left them temporarily spent, their bodies soaked with sweat and cum, panting furiously, their tits heaving, their hearts pounding. Soon, however, they were going at each other again, both women absolutely determined to sexually overpower the other, both determined to fuck the other into submission. They were crazy with lust, with a shared hunger for the other woman’s body and sex that could not be satisfied, no matter how many orgasms they forced from each other. By the light of the fire, the Jungle Queen and her erotic challenger inflicted more ecstasy on each other than either could take. They continued fucking long after the fire died out. It was only as dawn was streaking the early morning sky that the women finally forced each other into a series of orgasms that were so erotically ecstatic they rendered them both unconscious. When Martina woke, many hours later, the sun was high in the sky and Inge was gone.

“You cunt!” Martina screamed at the jungle bush. She did not want these stops and starts; she wanted to keep fucking Inge, all through the night, all through the heat of the day, all through the next night again – however long it took to finally decide their rivalry for all time. It was evident that Inge had some other plan in mind. Martina considered staying where she was and just waiting for nightfall when, she assumed, Inge would return to resume their fuckwar. But, after a time, she decided to continue her journey to the city. She knew that she and Inge were attacking each other with all of the sexual power they possessed. One woman would eventually break the other and Martina would like to be as close to her city as possible when she finally succeeded in conquering Inge’s cunt.

Barefoot, Martina resumed her march towards the city. She left late in the morning, so she knew she would not make too much progress that day, but set off at a good pace. As she walked, she remembered the fevered sexual combat of the night before. Her pussy was sore, but it still ached for the kiss, the muscled grip, of Inge’s cunt. Martina tried to think of new and different ways she could use her body and her sexual skills to overwhelm Inge. Over the past two nights, she had come to know Inge’s body, its strengths and vulnerabilities, in a way that she had known few others. She had to use that knowledge to take control of the jungle bitch’s sexual power.

That afternoon, shortly before she stopped to set up camp, Martina came across a pile of fruit. It was obviously placed there; it was too neatly ordered. She read the signs in the dirt around the pile; the clear imprints of Inge’s bare feet indicated the jungle woman had left the fruit there for Martina to find. Martina ate one of the orange-sized fruits and discovered that it was tasty and filling, Even more, a few minutes after she ate it, she was struck with a burst of energy. Her pussy, which had been sore all day, felt less so. She gathered up the fruit using a large banana leaf and a jungle vine to form a makeshift pouch and carried them with her until she stopped for the night. She made camp in another clearing near a stream-fed pool. She removed her weapons, set up her tent, and built the fire. She had another fruit and discovered that she was no longer hungry or thirsty. Nonetheless, she ate some dry biscuits she carried in her pack and settled down to wait.

An hour after sundown, Inge had not appeared. Martina grew annoyed. Inge wanting to play foolish games was one thing, but forcing Martina to wait for her, like some besotted suitor, was something else. Nonetheless, Martina waited; she had nowhere else to go.

More than three hours after sundown, she had enough. Martina considered cursing the jungle; she was sure Inge was out there, watching her, laughing at her expense. But she did not want the blonde jungle vixen to know how aggravated Martina was. She was also incredibly horny. She had spent most of the past three hours imagining the feel of Inge’s clit sliding and rubbing against her own, the sense of Inge’s heavy tits crushing on hers, the delicious feelings of their voluptuous bodies writhing against each other. She decided it was best to go to sleep and free herself from those agonizing and frustrating thoughts. Maybe Inge did not plan to turn up tonight; maybe she would come every other night or on an even more irregular schedule. Doubtless, this was all part of some psychological game designed to weaken Martina’s ability to sexually resist the Jungle Queen.

Martina stood up. She stretched to the night sky, standing on tiptoe as she reached for the heavens. Here, in the clearing, there was a break in the dense jungle canopy, and she had an unobstructed view of the brilliant star-dotted dark. Martina slipped off her shirt, enjoying the feel of her naked tits bouncing on her chest, the sensation of them being kissed by the cooler night air. She slipped off her shorts. She hung her top and shorts on a tree branch to air out. She picked up her knife and gun and walked down to the little pool at the edge of the clearing. She threw in a few pebbles, stirring up the water to see if anything moved. She knew that even little pools like this one could sometimes be home to crocodiles or alligators. When she was sure it was safe, she put her weapons on the side of the pond and quickly immersed herself to wash off the day’s sweat and grime. Feeling fresh, she squeezed out her hair and returned to her campfire to dry off. She pulled a brush out of her pack and smoothed the tangles out her hair while she waited for the water to run off her naked body. About 20 minutes later, she was dry and ready to sleep. She pulled a small lantern out of her pack. This was a new design, one that used a tiny amount of oil to burn but which was also self-contained so it could be dropped and knocked over without starting a fire. She used an ember from her campfire to light the lantern, then set the lantern just inside the door flap to her tent. She used dirt to smother the campfire. She looked up at the night sky. By now, it looked like it was about 10:30 PM. It would be 8 hours before sunrise.

Martina climbed into her tent. She checked the tent for bugs, spread out her thin bedroll on the canvas floor, and tied the flap shut from inside. She left the tie loose so that it could be easily undone from the outside. She turned the lantern down so that it cast only a very dim light. She lay flat on her back, spread her naked body on the floor of the tent, and fell into a deep, welcome sleep.

Sometime later, Martina was awakened by the awareness of another presence in the tent, someone coming through the flap. She came alert immediately, but was not surprised to see, by the dim light of the lamp, Inge crawling through the tent entrance. Inge was naked; evidently, she had stripped down before she entered the tent. Before Martina could move, Inge threw herself onto Martina’s nude body, pinning the other blonde to the floor. The women’s massive tits mashed deliciously, causing both women to moan in pleasure as their tits crushed and rolled on each other, their hard nipples stabbing and rubbing. Inge mounted Martina, using her powerful thighs to spread Martina’s thighs apart, opening her access to Martina’s hot, hungry twat. Martina did not try to fight. She spread her legs even wider, tilted her pelvis up to offer her succulent cunt to her enemy, and reached around Inge’s body to grab the blonde’s taut, perfect ass, pulling the Jungle Queen into her genital core. The women’s bushes meshed and tangled tightly.

“You dirty fuck,” Martina moaned as Inge’s juiced up fuckmeat slapped onto her own. “You think you can make me wait?” Martina twined her powerful legs through Inge’s straining limbs, locking the other woman into place. Inge’s hard thrust penetrated Martina’s cunt, her thick, throbbing clit slid hot and hard onto Martina’s waiting sexhorn.

By the dim light of the lantern, Martina looked up at Inge and saw the beautiful woman’s face contorted by a look of pure orgasmic pleasure, as their throbbing, burning clits mated. Martina knew that her own face wore exactly the same expression. Their bodies were mated again, once again they were cunt-deep inside each other, and now they were going to fuck each other blind.

Inge slipped her hands under Martina and seized the other blonde’s ass. Inge’s hips and ass pumped and flexed as she rode Martina hard. Martina moved with her enemy’s thrusts, keeping their clits sealed together. The pleasure built and built, maddening and excruciating in its intensity.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes…,” Inge gasped as her clit pumped hard and thick against Martina’s answering clit.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck….,” Martina moaned, moving with Inge.

The women’s bodies locked, limbs twined, hips rocking, asses pumping, tits sealed and throbbing nipple to nipple. The women did not kiss; instead, nose to nose, lips touching, hot breath mixing, they watched each other through half closed eyes, both enjoying and appreciating the unbearable, exquisite pleasure they were giving to each other. Their hands fixed to each other’s rippling asses, Inge and Martina fucked furiously, trying to give each other more pleasure than either one could endure. Their bodies grew hot and wet, the air in the tent became thick and moist. But the wetness, the stickiness, the shared breath and oppressive heat all added to the sense of shared violation that made the women’s enjoyment of each other’s bodies so captivating.

It took more than an hour, an hour of constant, overwhelming pleasure, but they finally went stiff in each other’s arms, throwing back their heads to shriek in unrestrained ecstasy. Their inosculated cunts squeezed each other hard, squeezing out each shot of shared, hot cum. Inge and Martina smiled at each other in sexual bliss as they enjoyed the sensations of their bodies shooting and sucking hot cum back and forth. Their muscles locked and strained, Martina bucked hard, lifting Inge off the ground with her hips. Their nipples ejaculated powerfully, sending spikes of heat burning through their tits, coating their titmeat in cum. The women writhed, rubbing bellies, navels sucking. For a long time, 10 or 15 minutes, Inge and Martina shared delicious orgasm after orgasm, their powerful bodies trembling, their moans and screams of sheer, raw pleasure punctuating the night. When Inge finally collapsed on top of Martina, their bodies were soaked in sweat and cum, they were spent, exhausted, having emptied themselves into each other.

Panting, hearts pounding, the women regained their strength, resting in each other’s arms, their hands still pulling on the other’s ass. Their bare feet were outside the tent, their wriggling bodies having moved them down the canvas floor.

“That was a tie,” Martina finally whispered, her voice husky.

“Mmmmmm,” Inge moaned. “Yes, I agree,” she finally replied. After a few moments, she pushed herself off of Martina. Sweat dripped from their luscious bodies; thick strands of nipple cum linked their tits, and Inge had to painfully pull her pussy away from Martina’s cunt with another ripping of pubic hair. Inge kneeled in the door of the tent, then sat back on her ass and spread her legs. Martina sat back on her ass, aimed her cunt at her enemy’s twat, and eagerly closed the distance.

Their pussies united, once again, with a thick, wet slap. Slotting their cunts, grabbing each other’s wet thigh, Martina and Inge resumed their fuckwar. The shadows cast on the wall of the tent by the light from the lamp were incredibly erotic. Tits bounced furiously, the women’s moans and screams of pleasure rose in pitch and volume as they fucked to another chain of simultaneous, excruciatingly powerful and delightful orgasms that left them flat on their backs, writhing on the ground, raising their hips to thrust as deep and hard as they could. Inge fell out of the tent, which was too small to accommodate their wriggling, undulating bodies.

Four or five hours into their night-long fuckfest, the lamp went out. In darkness, Inge and Martina continued to fuck, feeling and tasting each other’s bodies, using their fingers and tongues to probe, thrust and torture each other. They sealed themselves into a 69, curled up on the floor of the tent, and devoured each other’s twats, sucking on the other’s clit like lollipops, fisting each other’s cunts until they were both convulsing in ecstasy, spraying each other with cum, both drinking and devouring what they could. At some point, Martina mounted Inge and rode her hard, bringing her to yet another screaming orgasmic explosion. After that, the women spent the rest of the night taking turns on the bottom, riding each other in a war of attrition, each woman hoping to break the other, fucking and fucking and fucking until they passed out from pleasure and exhaustion.

When the morning came, Martina awoke to the pleasant surprise of Inge’s body still sprawled and twined with her own. Even as she watched, Inge awoke, realized the morning had come, and tried to extricate herself from Martina. The blonde society woman held on, refusing to let Inge go.

“Let me go, fucker,” Inge snarled, trying to push her body away from Martina. This was a losing cause; Martina twined her legs with Inge and held on to the blonde’s muscled ass and shoulders, locking her in place.

“No, you cunt,” Martina snapped. “You’re not going anywhere. We’re going to keep fucking all day, just like we said. We don’t stop until this is decided.”

The naked woman struggled in the tent, then spilled out into the clearing, rolling over the remains of the campfire, then rolling back and forth, until they ended up rolling down into the pool at the edge of the camp.

The sudden immersion in the cool water forced Martina to release Inge. The Jungle Queen made it to the edge of the pond first. Martina reached for Inge as the jungle woman crawled out of the pond, but Inge turned around, sat down on the edge, placed her foot between Martina’s bulging breasts, and kicked the other woman away. Martina fell back into the pond. She shot back to her feet, but it was too late. All she saw was the flash of Inge’s naked ass as the jungle goddess disappeared into the undergrowth.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Inge called back, over her shoulder. ”And keep eating those fruits.” She was gone.

“You fucking cunt!” Martina screamed at the blonde woman’s retreating ass. She climbed out of the water angrily and made her way back to the tent. The inside of the tent was thick with the musky scent of hot sex, sweat and cum. The canvas floor was wet with bodily fluids. Thankfully, it was all easily washed. Still nude, Martina dismantled her tent and washed it in the pool. She hung the water resistant material from the same tree branch from which she retrieved her clothing. The tent was dry in minutes, as gravity pulled the water from it. As she waited, Martina pulled on her shorts, tied on her shirt, and brushed out her wet hair. Once the tent was ready, she rolled it into a tight ball, and placed it in her pack, along with the lantern. She strapped on her knife and gun belt, twisted her long, thick hair into a bun to fit under her pith helmet, then headed off into the forest.

She ate the fruits and soon discovered that they were incredibly nutritious and had curative properties. She began to surmise this was part of Inge’s strategy. Every night, when the two powerful Amazons met in sexual combat, they were both fully rejuvenated, at the peak of their sexual and physical powers. The fruits made it so that hours of grinding clit to clit did not have any painful or difficult long-term effects. Even so, Martina wanted the sexwar with Inge to be a true war of attrition, a true struggle of stamina and sexual endurance. Instead, every night, the women met each other under the stars and fucked each other’s brains out, but were restored and ready for battle again by the next night. Martina could not force the issue; she could not keep Inge prisoner and the jungle woman had decided that the only way to decide their rivalry was for one of them to break the other when they were both at the peak of their power. Instead, they just kept fucking each other into unconsciousness every night, neither able to score a decisive victory against the other.

Later, when she looked back on her journey to the city, Martina always remembered it with a shiver of pure sexual delight. Every night, for more than two weeks, Inge came to Martina; every night, the women opened their legs to each other, locked clits and cunts and tits, and fucked each other into paroxysms of sheer, unbridled ecstasy. Everything that they could imagine doing to each other, they did. They devoured each other in 69 battles that lasted the whole night; they fisted and fingered and fingerfucked each other; they sucked each other’s tits until they were almost drowning each other in nipple cum. They struggled ass to ass and once even used a thick root as a double-headed dildo to test the strength of each other’s twats. They pounded and ground their cunts together until they could barely walk. Their clits fenced and rubbed and fused tight into unbreakable knots, torturing both combatants with unbearable pleasure. Every night, they fought and fucked each other to their utmost, using all their skill, their strength and their wiles to dominate the other woman, to inflict so much pleasure on the other that she would have to surrender. A few times, both women came close to breaking the other. But every night ended in the same way, however circuitous the route to get there: Inge and Martina fucking each other into unconsciousness, giving each other so much erotic pleasure that their bodies and minds had no choice but to shut down and save them from the extremes of ecstasy.

On the night before she completed her journey to the city, Martina and Inge began their nightly battle earlier than ever before. Martina had set up her camp, made her fire, and just sat down to wait for the night to come, when Inge appeared out of the woods. Martina smiled. It was still a half hour from twilight.

“So, you could not wait, hm?” Martina teased, getting to her feet, beginning to untie her shirt. Inge removed her bikini top and swiftly untied her thong. Naked, she stood before Martina, her blue eyes sweeping hungrily over the blonde woman’s perfect body as she undressed. Martina slipped her shorts down her thighs, letting them drop to the forest floor. Now nude, she turned her back on Inge, walked a few feet into the clearing, then turned to face the jungle goddess. Martina put her hands on her wide, curving hips and thrust out her magnificent chest in challenge.

Inge walked up to the other blonde. She slid her hands around Martina’s narrow, muscular waist, even as Martina wrapped her arms around Inge’s neck. The women pulled each other in close, their massive tits compressing and holding, their nipples locking and fusing, nipple holes sucking. Inge slapped her naked belly to Martina’s matching abdomen; the women flexed their abdominals, both smiling as their navels sucked. The thick blonde fur of their pubic bushes meshed, their golden thighs pushed tight. Nose to nose, the women stared into each other’s eyes, both seeing the heat, the pure lust and desire reflected in the other.

“We decide this tonight, you bitch,” Inge breathed at her enemy. “One of us breaks tonight.”

“That’s going to be you, Inge,” Martina whispered back. “Your body against mine. Every inch of you against every inch of me. This time, we really don’t stop until one of us conquers the other.”

Inge slid her face in closer to Martina and licked the woman’s sultry lips. Martina returned the lick. The women shared tongues, then slowly sank into a long, hard, passionate kiss. Their tongues twisted and rolled against each other. Both women shifted their hands, sliding them down the other woman’s perfect back until they both dug their nails into the other woman’s tight, round ass. They began to writhe and undulate against each other, tits rolling and grinding, bellies twisting and rubbing, hot thighs growing sweaty with friction. Slowly, they sank to their knees and spread their thighs, pushing their hips forward so that their swollen clits could lick and throb against each other.

With the first contact of clit on clit, the women shuddered and moaned blissfully inside each other’s mouths. Their erotic moaned swelled as their hips and asses worked in concert, undulating gently, sending waves of pure electric sensation coursing through their perfect, trembling bodies. As the pleasure built, the flow of cunt juice to the ground from both women’s pussies increased from a trickle to a steady stream. Their fused together nipples leaked nipple cum over their tits and down their chests and bellies. The women kissed harder, deeper, as their bodies struggled for sexual supremacy.

Inge broke the kiss, pulling back from Martina’s gorgeous face. Panting, the women looked into the other’s eyes; both understood what they needed to do, what their overwhelming lust demanded. The women turned their hips in opposite directions and slowly slid their bodies down to the ground, so that they fit neatly into the fork of the other woman’s legs. They leaned back from each other, allowing their burning tits to separate. Their wet, hungry cunts fit together like two ravenous, gaping maws; pussy lips sank into each other, pressed hard and spread, hissing as hot flesh sealed to hot flesh; labia melted into one, and both women pulled and sucked hard with their cunts, creating a vacuum between their gaping vaginas. Smiling, moaning in shared ecstasy, Martina and Inge seized the other woman’s sweaty thigh and began working their hips and asses, driving their twats together, sucking and pulling and eating each other, cunt to cunt. Their thumb-sized clits rubbed and fused, head to head, grinding constantly. The women’s magnificent tits bounced ferociously as they fucked harder and harder, riding each other joyously.

Squeezing each other as hard as they could, straining to wring out the other woman’s cunt like a sponge, the two battling blonde goddesses braced their bodies with their arms and continued to fuck and fuck and fuck, their cries, moans and howls of pleasure growing into screams of orgasmic joy as they ejaculated into each other. Their tits sprayed, their backs arched as they fell flat on their backs and rammed together with all their power. Their wet, dripping tits trembled, their bodies shuddered, as they fucked every drop of cum from each other, their hips jerking uncontrollably. Finally, they fell onto their backs and rested, both gasping as their tits heaved, as their bodies struggled to recover from their shared orgasmic bliss. Their cunts remained sealed, joined together in an unbreakable bond of fused fuckmeat.

“God, oh my god, you dirty whore…” Martina moaned. She hated this bitch more than she had ever hated anyone. Every time she crossed clits with Inge, the blonde jungle woman proved to Martina that there was another woman every bit as sexually powerful as she was – maybe even more powerful. At the same time, Martina loved it. The pleasure she was taking from this contest with Inge was unbelievable. But she had to end it; she had to win.

Summoning all her will, Martina pulled her body away from Inge’s prone form, their pussies tearing apart. Both women cried out. Before Inge could regain her bearings, Martina turned herself around and threw herself, face first, into Inge’s beautiful, wet cunt. She wrapped her arms around Inge’s hips, buried her face in the jungle woman’s cunt, and began licking, sucking, nibbling at Inge’s swollen clit.

“Fuck, fuck, you cunt…!” Inge cried. She bucked her hips, she grabbed Martina by the hair and pulled viciously, but the blonde woman only redoubled her sucking and licking of Inge’s twat. Inge wrapped her powerful thighs around Martina’s head and squeezed, then used her leverage to flip the other woman onto her back. Martina was forced to release Inge’s clit in that moment. Inge spun herself around on Martina’s body, so that she now faced down into Martina’s dripping cunt and Martina was left staring up into Inge’s succulent pussy. With a shared scream the women dove into each other, wrapping their thighs around each other’s heads as they fell into a biting, licking, scratching 69.

It was pitch dark now, the light from the fire limning the women’s naked, struggling bodies as they devoured each other. They screamed and sobbed and cried out in ecstasy as they pulled gushing orgasm after orgasm from each other. The battling vixens rested briefly before Inge thrust her fist all the way up Martina’s twat, a vicious surprise attack that demanded Martina retaliate in kind. Over the next hour, the women used their fingers and fists to wring another series of devastating orgasms from each other. They rolled back and forth in the clearing, their screams and cries of animal rage and hunger mixing with the roars and growls of the night.

After a while they rested, both temporarily spent, their faces wet with cum. Gasping, lying side by side but their heads pointed in the opposite directions, the women recuperated. After some time, Inge sat up. Martina sat up to meet her. Side by side, the women stared into each other’s eyes, readying themselves for the continuing sexual conflict. Gently, they kissed, their hands reaching up to caress and tease the other’s tits. The women rose to their knees, still joined in the kiss, and leaned into each other, squeezing the other woman’s tits, massaging and stroking the throbbing glands. Inge lowered her head to lick and tongue Martina’s nipples. Martina enjoyed this for a few moments, before she reached up, grabbed Inge’s hair, pulled the jungle woman’s head back, then lowered her mouth to Inge’s tits and began to suck vigorously, hungrily.

The women spread their legs, sat down on the ground, and pulled each other in close and tight. Their pussies radiated heat but did not kiss. Instead, but both women twisted themselves around so that they could feed on the other woman’s tits at the same time. Sucking, nibbling, tonguing each other’s nipples, biting into mouthfuls of succulent tit, Inge and Martina tortured each other, feeding the unbearable heat between their legs as they feasted on each other’s breasts. When they finally could not take it anymore, they rammed their dripping pussies together and rubbed clit to clit, as hard as they could, heads thrown back, screaming in pleasure, until they came again and again. The women kept fucking each other through their orgasms until, finally, they collapsed in exhaustion. Yet, the night was just starting.

Over the next several hours, Inge and Martina fucked each other relentlessly, each striving to exhaust the other, to force the other women into submission. Throughout the night, they fucked each other into unconsciousness a number of times, but neither could soundly defeat the other. Finally, as the morning sun broke the night sky, the women lay wrapped in each other’s arms, too spent to go on. Inge was lying on top of Martina; their legs were twined together, their breasts were crushed tight. They were cheek to cheek, panting hard, moaning and gasping. Their bodies were drenched with sweat and cum, their throbbing, tired pussies were pressed together, their pubic hair was tied into tangled, knotted bonds. Their powerful tits throbbed into each other, wet from shared nipple cum, aching with arousal and the constant pressure they had been under the whole night.

Inge raised her head to look into Martina’s grey eyes. The blonde beauty glared back.

“No stopping,” Martina whispered. “We keep fuckfighting until one of us wins.”

“Yes,” Inge promised, closing her mouth on Martina’s. Both women wrapped their arms around each other and began moving, grinding against each other again.

Suddenly, the early morning was pierced by the sound of dogs barking and howling. Both women stopped, snapping to attention. Inge pulled herself off of Martina. She was exhausted, but the sudden danger posed by the dogs gave her a new shot of adrenalin. Quickly, she recovered her bikini, slipping it on.

“It appears we will need to settle this at some other time, Martina,” Inge said. “You are a worthy enemy, but you will break. Farewell!”

Martina had gotten to her feet by now. Standing naked, her hands on her hips, she watched Inge swing into the trees and disappear into the jungle. She was angry. She retrieved her clothing and was just buttoning up her shirt, wearing it for the first time as a shirt, when a pack of hunting dogs raced into her encampment. Not far behind were a group of four men. When they saw the gorgeous blonde woman whose incredible legs were almost completely exposed, they came to a stop to gape.

“Sorry to disturb you miss,” the lead man said. “May I ask why you are out here in the jungle by yourself?” He looked around to confirm this.

“I am Martina Hernandez de Sousa,” she said imperiously. “I am a businesswoman. I am a citizen of the city. I was on a private expedition to check some mining sites. That is all you need to know.” She threw back her blonde hair. “Now, who are you and what you doing?”

The men sensed that this woman was exactly who she said she was and wanted no problem. It turned out they were a legally licensed hunting party stalking a panther in the deep jungle. Vaguely, Martina thought about what might have happened if the men were poachers. If they tried to kill her to silence her, she would have had to kill them all. She smiled to herself. The men did not realize what kind of danger they were in.

The men went on their way, once assuring themselves that Martina was alright. She insisted that she was. She waited in the clearing for another hour after the men left, but Inge did not return. Sighing, Martina packed up her camp. She tied her shirt back into a halter, though she knew she would need to make it back into a shirt once she got close to the city. The city only tolerated a certain amount of ostentatious display of female pulchritude.

Martina marched for the rest of the day. In the evening, shortly before dark, she finally made it back to the outskirts of the city. She paused to make her halter back into a shirt and put on her socks and shoes. She then tramped the remaining distance, reaching her own extravagant mansion on the edge of the forest just shortly after dark.

Just before she went into the mansion to resume her life as a pampered aristocrat, she looked back at the dark, seething jungle. Inge was out there, waiting for her, challenging Martina’s power and womanhood. The blonde beauty knew she had to break the Jungle Queen, no matter what the cost. But she could not deny Inge’s incredible power and beauty. Inge had given Martina the most exquisite pleasure she had ever experienced. Martina swore she would emerge the victor from her struggle with the jungle goddess by giving her enemy even more pleasure than she could stand.

Part IV

On a Friday night, more than a month after her return, Martina attended a party at a neighboring villa. She was wearing a shimmering gold gown that hugged every delicious curve of her incredible body. Spaghetti-thin straps looped around beautiful, tan shoulders. The loops suspended the collar of the dress, which started half-way down her golden tits and dipped almost to her navel, allowing an incredibly alluring display of deep, thick cleavage and round, taut tits. The dress was held in position by the straps and the tension of its tight fit to Martina’s bulging bosom. Her large nipples indented the golden sheath. Her back was bare, the dress tracing her hips as it dipped in the back, hinting at her ass crack. A slash up the leg allowed her muscular, tanned right leg to flash with every step. Her golden hair was up in looping twists on top of her head. Diamond earrings, a lustrous diamond necklace and spike heels completed her ensemble.

The usual assortment of high society rollers and hangers-on was attending the party. Martina enjoyed checking out these events because they allowed her to discover who were the new wives and mistresses in her domain. She could determine who might be a threat to her position, who might be worth cultivating as a possible source of information and status, and who might be worth inaugurating into her select circle of lovers and allies. Often, her current fuck-toys were the same women who had challenged her domination; Martina found it useful and enjoyable to remind her defeated rivals of their inferior status.

This night, Martina’s mind was not in the game. She had felt out-of-sorts ever since her return from her sojourn in the jungle. During that journey, she had spent more than two weeks, every night, locked in unbelievable sexual ecstasy with Inge, her greatest rival. She had become accustomed, almost addicted, to that level of pleasure. No one in her social circle could match Inge’s sexual power. Even if one of her lovers could match Inge’s sexual control, none had the jungle woman’s incredible sexual endurance and insatiability. Only Domino came close enough to matter. The nights the redhead had spent with Martina since the blonde’s return had been absolutely delicious – almost enough to take Martina’s mind off of Inge. However, she did not have the kind of rivalry with Domino that she had with Inge. The vicious sexual competition and animosity that she and the other blonde shared gave their battles a touch of anger and hatred that added immeasurably to their mutual pleasure. Conchita was the obvious challenger for the society blonde, but Martina had promised Domino exclusive rights to Conchita’s pussy. But Martina was contemplating breaking her promise to her friend and protégé.

While at the party, Martina received word that, the day before, there had been another attack on a mining encampment several hours distant from the city. Once again, the blonde jungle goddess was suspected to be the culprit.

Martina left the party early and alone. In the coach back to her mansion, her mind churned with anger and frustration. She had to destroy Inge, she had to force the woman to stop performing these acts of vandalism and terrorism against Martina’s corporate allies. But her conflict with Inge had become completely primal. No longer was simply murdering the jungle goddess an option. Now, nothing less than outright sexual war between two powerful Alpha bitches was necessary. One of them had to sexually conquer and destroy the other. Inge had to be humbled, broken, cunt to cunt and tit to tit; nothing else would do. Martina had to know that she was the more powerful woman, that she possessed the stronger cunt. She and Inge both had to know it.

Martina’s stiletto heels beat an angry rhythm on the marble floor as she made her way through her mansion to her enormous bedroom. Pablo, one of her trusted retainers, followed close at her heels, following her from her carriage, taking her fur wrap. Martina was silent as she fumed over Inge’s most recent attack. It might be time for her to go back into the jungle, find Inge, and resume their fuckwar. This time, she would not leave until only one of them was standing. If that meant fucking each other to death, so be it. At least they would destroy each other with raw sexual pleasure.

When she got to the massive double-door to her bedroom, she paused.

“Pablo, I won’t need any assistance tonight. If I need anything, I will call for you.”

“Yes, Madame,” the butler replied. He turned away and marched down the hall, back towards his station.

Martina swept into her room. She locked the door, made her way across the room to her vanity. The large room was strategically lit, with electric lamps forming puddles of light at her dresser, her bed, and the entryway to her walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. A fire was burning in the fireplace, in front of which was a thick fur rug. That was where Martina and Inge had fucked the first time the blonde Spanish woman had matched her incredible body against that of the jungle woman. Martina had won the first battle in that skirmish, but was unprepared to withstand the sheer pleasure that Inge’s body gave to her own.

Martina removed her shoes. She sat at her dresser and stared at herself in the mirror, her eyes blazing with anger and, underneath that, barely-contained lust. After a minute, Martina put aside her angry thoughts. She removed her jeweled earrings and sparkling diamond necklace. She removed the pin that held her hair up in a series of golden loops on her head. She shook out her lush mane, her thick locks cascading over her bare shoulders. She leaned forward, her incredible cleavage straining at her gold dress, and used a hot wipe to remove the sparse makeup she had used to highlight her eyes and her ruby-red lips. She began brushing out her long, blonde hair.

The dresser mirror gave Martina a clear view of two of the high, steepled windows arrayed like sentries along the opposite wall of her bedroom. The windows looked out onto the mansion’s extensive back gardens and the wild jungle beyond. Right now, they framed the darkness outside; the sound of the jungle night came in through them, and the light of a crescent moon. In the mirror, Martina suddenly saw the reflection of a perfect, incredibly voluptuous woman landing on the window sill. Inge stood tall. She was wearing her leopard-skin bikini, which strained to contain her voluptuous flesh. A knife was strapped to her right thigh. Corded over her shoulder was a sack, laden with something heavy.

Martina turned on the dresser seat to face Inge. The women’s eyes locked from across the room, grey to blue.

Unbearable heat passed between the rival blondes. Both women felt their bodies come immediately to full arousal. Burning nipples tightened and swelled into fleshy, angry spikes. Hot pussies grew immeasurably hotter; pulsing clits began to pound like drums, and grew into monstrous, aching nubs of pleasure. Their cunts lubricated powerfully; intense heat filled their vaginal canals and radiated into the rest of their lush, tight flesh. Their engorged breasts throbbed with heat; their bellies warmed and tightened in anticipation. Their lips tingled; every erogenous zone in their bodies, all of their tanned flesh, sizzled with heat and electricity. The women licked their suddenly dry lips in anticipation of the savage, immeasurably ecstatic sexual warfare to come.

Inge stepped into the room, her hips swinging, her luscious tits jiggling, her powerful, muscled body moving with feline grace. She unslung the sack from her shoulder, reached in, and pulled out one of the rejuvenating fruits that the two women had used so effectively during their last battle. Without a word, she threw the pear-shaped bulb to Martina. Martina caught the fruit with one hand. Immediately, she began to eat it. She stood up; her bare feet sank into the luxurious fur rug under the dressing table. As she watched, Inge reached into the bag and pulled out another fruit and began eating it. The women’s eyes remained locked. Inge slowly made her way towards the fireplace. Martina reached down and pressed a button on her dresser. Somewhere deep in the house, the women heard a bell ring.

As the energizing power of the fruit suffused their bodies, both women felt their sexual power intensify, their mutual hunger grow stronger, ravenous. Martina thrilled to the strange feeling of slowly going insane with absolute, unbearable lust. Her sexual desire was so intense that she could feel her clit fluttering with tension within her soaking cunt. She felt she could fuck Inge relentlessly, for days, non-stop. She vowed to herself that, this time, Inge would not escape. Neither of them would leave this room until their rivalry was decided, until it was clear to both of them which of them was the more sexually powerful woman. Martina placed the remains of her fruit on the dresser; Inge placed her fruit’s core on the fireplace mantle.

A knock at her bedroom door interrupted the women’s growing confrontation.

“You rang, Madam?” Pablo asked from the other side of the door.

Martina broke her gaze with Inge and walked up to the door. “Pablo, I want you to make sure that I am not disturbed in my bedroom until I ring for you. I may be busy for the next few days. Do you understand?”

“You wish me to not disturb you for the next few days? Until you call for me?”

“Yes, that’s correct. And you’re to give these orders to the rest of the household. I want no one to disturb me, unless I call for them.”

Martina could hear Pablo hesitating at these strange orders. “Yes, mistress.”

“Also, you are to ignore the noises that will be coming out of my room. Is that understood?”

Another hesitation. “Yes, mistress.”

Martina turned to go, then remembered something else. “Also, you are to leave two pitchers of water with two glasses outside of the bedroom door, on the hall table. Come back and replenish them every four hours, during the day, eight hours at night.”

She paused to think if she would need anything else. She could not think of anything.

“As I said, I will ring for you when I am ready for you.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Thank you. You may go now.”

“Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

Martina heard Pablo walk down the hall. She turned back to Inge. Inge was standing on the fur rug in front of the fireplace, where the women had first fought. She had placed her sack, filled with fruit, on the floor next to the rug.

Martina slowly crossed the floor towards Inge, her body burning, aching with overpowering desire and the raw need to fuck and fuck and fuck. She was going to consume Inge, she was going to devour every part of the blonde jungle goddess’ body with her own. Martina could see the same need, the same overwhelming lust, in Inge’s eyes. The women smiled at each other savagely.

Martina reached up and slipped the spaghetti straps from her shoulders. The gold gown slid down her body, catching for an instance on her sharp, thick nipples, before sliding down, exposing her massive perfect tits. Martina wiggled, working the tight sheath down her body, sliding it over her wide hips, down her muscled thighs, until it fell at her bare feet. She was completely naked under the dress. Her nude, tan body gleaming in the orange firelight, Martina resumed walking towards Inge.

Inge’s eyes raked eagerly over the blonde woman’s incredible, curvaceous body. Inge removed her knife in its scabbard and threw it onto a chair beside the fireplace. Inge reached up and untied her bikini top; her massive tits popped out, jiggling as she freed them from their meager restraints. She undid the knot on her thong and pulled the tiny garment away from her wet crotch. Inge threw the two scraps of cloth onto the chair; completely nude, she arched her back, presenting her thick, juicy tits in challenge to her blonde rival. She placed her hands on her womanly hips and threw back her head, her golden mane flashing in the firelight.

Martina joined Inge on the fur rug in front of the fireplace. The naked women glared at each other, hands on their hips, from only a meter apart. To anyone observing these two Alpha bitches, it would be very hard to tell them apart. Both women’s blonde hair was the same color and length; their manes bushed out around their shoulders and down to their shoulder blades. Their luscious bodies wore the same unbroken golden tan. Below the neck, the women’s incredible bodies were equally voluptuous, their massive tits and wide, womanly hips perfect matches, their rippling abdomens and long, muscular legs mirror images. Even the coarse nest of their blonde bushes and their juicy, thick-lipped vulva were almost indistinguishable. Their gorgeous faces were equally beautiful, though subtly different. Inge’s blue eyes blazed, locking with Martina’s hot grey glare. The women looked deep into each other, seeing their mutual desire, their shared need to conquer, to destroy each other.

The women moved closer, their eyes locked. The delicious, intoxicating odor of aroused pussies filled the women’s sensitive noses; their inner thighs were wet as cunt juice streamed from their burning, throbbing twats. Their nipples pulsed with tension. The women leaned forward until they were almost nose to nose; their soft, sweet breath mixed and mingled.

“I’m going to fuck you raw, slut,” Martina breathed, her voice low and hoarse with desire. She had never felt as aroused, as insanely horny, as she did now. “I am going to tame your cunt, flatten your tits. I’m going to break your body with mine.”

“You sow,” Inge whispered back. “I am going to fuck you dry, you whore. I will teach you the power of a true woman, the power of real woman’s cunt. I will make you beg me to stop.”

Martina reached out, slowly and deliberately, and slipped her hand between Inge’s thighs, cupping Inge’s dripping, hairy pussy. She squeezed the wet, hot meat gently, running her middle finger along Inge’s burning slit. Inge moaned, biting her lip, as the incredible sensations arced through her voluptuous body. Immediately, she reached down and grasped Martina’s wet, hungry twat. She squeezed, then pressed her middle finger up into Martina’s cleft, spreading Martina’s cunt lips slightly, putting pressure on the other blonde’s clit. Martina moaned, then pressed harder into Inge, stimulating the jungle woman’s clit in reply. Gasping, panting into each other’s gorgeous faces, the blondes teased and tortured each other, both on the edge of fingerfucking, but not quite. Instead, the two women stroked each other’s wet, juicy pussy lips, driving each other crazy with lust as their sensitive mounds heated up, as their cunts leaked more and more, causing their clits to swell even larger, to throb even harder. It was Inge who finally slipped her middle finger up inside Martina’s soaking slit, sliding her digit as far into the tight, wet fuck canal as she could. An instant later, two of Martina’s fingers penetrated Inge. The gasping women leaned into each other, pressing together nipple to nipple, groaning as they felt their swollen nipples burn even hotter as they sucked and sealed, milk hole latching to milk hole. They pushed harder, driving their nipples into each other, compressing their swelling titflesh. They touched nose to nose, glaring into each other through half-open eyes, as their luscious bodies grew more and more aroused with each moment, with each delicious thrust of hot fingers in sopping wet twats.

Inge ran her tongue along Martina’s panting lips; Martina’s tongue lashed out, pressing, lapping at Inge’s pink probe. The women turned their heads, slipped their noses past each other, and sank into a deep, ravenous kiss. Their mouths sealed together hungrily, both women trying to suck the other’s tongue, trying to devour each other. Martina lifted her free hand to the back of Inge’s head, buried her fingers in Inge’s thick, blonde mane, and pushed hard, pushing Inge’s mouth more deeply into her own. Inge pulled her wet hand out of Martina’s leaking twat and wrapped both of her arms around the Spanish woman’s back, pulling Martina into a tit-crushing bear hug. Martina groaned as her tits convulsed under the added pressure. She slipped her wet hand out of Inge’s cunt, ran it along Inge’s hip, and slid her hand up Inge’s back until she could wrap both of her arms around the jungle woman’s upper back. Inge and Martina squeezed, crushing tits, and moved their bodies closer. Strong, wet thighs pressed together; both women arched their backs and brought their taut bellies slapping together. Their thick pubic bushes crushed tight and intertwined, golden pubes tangling with golden pubes as both women wriggled their bellies against each other. They flexed their backs and upper bodies, rubbing and grinding their tits. Their hands moved over each other’s muscular, flexing backs, stroking and grabbing, squeezing and grasping, before both women slid their hands down each other’s back to sink their fingers into the other woman’s round, rippling ass. Moaning into each other’s mouths, the battling blonde goddesses spread their wet thighs, opening their cunts to each other, positioning their hungry twats, and shoved their pelvises forward. Their throbbing, swollen clits glanced across their rough pubic hair before each thick sexhorn found its counterpart. The women’s exquisitely sensitive clits licked and stabbed each other, sending paroxysms of pure ecstasy roaring through them. Inge and Martina screamed into each other’s mouths; their powerful bodies shuddered in concert as clit met clit in an explosion of unendurable pleasure. Tears squeezed out from under their tightly shut eyelids as both women struggled to control the incredible sensations filling their bodies.

Stroking, stroking, clit on clit, Martina and Inge kept their sexhorns in constant contact as they battled. Their clits fenced head to head, pushing waves of excruciating pleasure through the struggling women, or rolled around and around each other, grating and sliding electrically, both women torturing each other with ecstasy. Constant erotic heat radiated from their battling clits, filling their bodies with tingling, burning pleasure. Martina and Inge were locked in a vicious kiss as their tongues wrestled and struggled within their locked mouths, fighting for domination. Their powerful pink muscles pushed and shoved at each other, trying to force each other to the back of the other woman’s throat, slipping and sliding in spit, tangling up in slick, hot knots. Mixed saliva filled their mouths and both women’s throats worked as they swallowed it back, but spit overflowed from their locked mouths anyway and strung down to their mashed, pulsing tits. The women’s moans and whimpers of sheer erotic bliss disappeared down the other’s throat; their fingers indented each other’s rippling ass as their tortuous clitfight raged on and on and on. Ten, twenty, forty minutes of unbearable sexual agony wracked their writhing, grinding bodies. Tears streamed from their eyes as the two blondes inflicted more and more ecstasy on each other, each striving to overwhelm the other with raw sex, to prove that her body was capable of giving and taking more pleasure than that of the other woman.

Their pubic hair tangled and knotted together, soaking wet from their sopping pussies. The women’s tits crushed and surged against each other, slick with sweat and nipple pre-cum. Their nipples sizzled with electricity, their milk holes sucked and pulled at each other, buried deep inside their mashed titflesh. Their bare bellies were flat to each other, undulating, wet with sweat and nipple secretions. The women’s perfect bodies were at war, every inch of Inge matched and struggling against every inch of Martina. To anyone watching, it was nearly impossible to tell which woman was which; their nearly identical bodies were locked tight, tan skin to tan skin, and their gorgeous faces, sealed at their struggling mouths, were covered over by the knotted tangle of their golden manes.

Inge and Martina gradually spread their legs wider and found themselves sinking down to the rug, falling down to their knees as their battling bodies shuddered with barely-contained sexual power. Their clits continued their relentless war; their compressed tits burned with sensation. Martina suddenly released Inge’s rippling ass and raised both her hands to Inge’s thick hair; she sank her fingers into the golden locks and pulled hard, trying to pull Inge off balance and onto her back. An instant before Martina pulled, however, Inge sensed her plan and sank her own hands in Martina’s equally thick hair. The two women pulled viciously at each other’s hair at the same time. They rocked back and forth, pulling with all their incredible strength, trying to force the other woman into the submissive position. Neither could overpower the other, but the yanking on their heads forced their mouths to separate. A thick string of spit connected their lips as they pulled apart. Both women sucked it back, then spit in each other’s faces, at the same time.

“You fucking whore,” Martina breathed at Inge, her beautiful face contorted with rage and pain from the hair-pulling. “Get onto your back, bitch, where you belong,” she snarled.

“Dirty cunt,” Inge shot back. “Spread your legs for me, you filthy fuck,” she hissed.

The women rocked back and forth, pressed nose to nose, glaring at each other hatefully, pulling painfully at the other’s mane, panting in rage and exertion. Unexpectedly, Inge released Martina’s hair, put her hands on the other blonde’s shoulders, and pushed Martina away with a powerful shove. Martina fell over, her body separating from Inge’s lush form for the first time in more than an hour of vicious fuckfighting. The women grunted as their pubic hair ripped apart painfully; Martina’s hand took a few strands of hair from Inge’s head as she fell onto her ass. Martina pushed herself up on her elbows, expecting Inge to take advantage of her inferior position and attempt to mount her. Instead, Inge pushed back and sat down on her ass on the rug, facing Martina. With a lustful smile, Inge spread her legs and presented her red, wet, hot cunt to Martina in challenge. Inge reached down and used two fingers to push aside her thick, dripping pussy lips, presenting her thumb-sized, swollen clit. The massive nub throbbed and twitched with arousal, as Martina watched.

Martina moaned with pure lust. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, giving her engorged clit more room. Her clit throbbed and pulsed, twitching on its own with the sheer tension of its incredible arousal.

Spreading their legs, angling their bodies, Inge and Martina slid into the forks between their thighs, sliding their wet cunts together in intimate, mutual violation.

“Oh God, fucking God, Yessssssss,” Martina moaned as her wet, meaty twat slapped hot and tight to Inge’s wet, thick, fuckmeat. The spike of pure ecstasy that raced through her incredible body almost pushed her into orgasm. Juicy, hot pussy lips sucked and slid on each other, slick and delicious.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuckkkkkk,”Inge purred, her head thrown back, her gorgeous face wearing a rapturous expression of pure pleasure as she felt her genitals melt and fuse with Martina’s delicious cunt.

Each woman seized the other woman’s sweaty thigh in one hand, braced her body with the other, and thrust into the other blonde with all her power. The sound of wet, thick meat slapping and sucking and sealing filled the room; the women’s erotic cries grew louder and sharper as they began rocking together, their hips and asses flexing, rippling as they worked to penetrate, to spread each other’s pussies, to lock their cunts into a fleshy, unbreakable seal. Their swollen clits grated and rolled, head to head, throbbing and pulsing, slipping and sliding around each other, trapped together within the tight, muscled arena of the women’s inosculated cunts. Waves of sheer, unbearable pleasure rolled off their caressing, sliding clits. When the women were certain their cunts had a good grip on each other, Inge and Martina squeezed their twats as hard as they could, striving to devour and overpower each other, to crush the sex out of the other. Their pussies wrestled, trembling in tension. The women pulled hard with their deep vaginal muscles, trying to suck the other in, trying to suck the other woman dry. Their locked twats poured with vaginal secretions, their pussies shuddered with unbelievable pleasure. The battling blondes cried out in ecstasy, their bodies quivering with the unbearable sensations they were inflicting on each other. Their massive tits jiggled wildly, taut mounds of meat wet with sweat and dripping with nipple pre-cum. Their bellies rippled as they sucked and squeezed at each other, cunt to cunt. Their thick, blonde bushes meshed and knotted into one hairy, wet mass.

The women bucked and humped, riding each other mercilessly, both intent on destroying the other, on giving and taking more pleasure than the other could stand. Inge reached out, filled her hand with one of Martina’s massive, bouncing tits, and squeezed, teasing and torturing the Spanish woman’s nipple. Martina groaned with indescribable ecstasy and returned the favor, kneading one of Inge’s meaty tits, twisting her rock-hard nipple until the jungle woman cried out in pain and pleasure. Glaring at each other with hate and lust, Inge released Martina’s tit and grabbed the back of Martina’s head, pulling the Spanish blonde towards her. Martina knew what Inge wanted; she spread herself a bit wider, pushed closer, wrapped her thigh over Inge’s hip, even as Inge reciprocated and pushed in even closer. The women pressed up to each other, their cunts still locked and pulsing, sucking at each other. They pressed their swollen, aching tits together, both women crying out in pleasure as their massive breasts mated once more. Nose to nose, panting, glaring at each other with fury, Inge and Martina continued rolling their asses, working their clits head to head, inflicting greater and greater pleasure on each other.

“Break, you fucking cunt, break,” Martina snarled, her body trembling with the excruciating sexual pleasure filling it to the brim. She and Inge had been fucking each other raw for almost 90 minutes without either giving into a devastating orgasm. Both women’s incredible bodies were crying, screaming out for release.

“You whore, you fucking filthy whore,” Inge gasped at her enemy. Her body was quivering with sexual power, on the verge of exploding in an unbearable orgasm. She knew that this fuckwar she was having with Martina, the incredible fucking they were administering to each other, was every bit as intense as anything she had ever shared with Conchita or Sheena. She knew that Martina’s sexual power rivaled her own. She understood that she really could lose this contest of sexual endurance, of raw, wild womanhood against raw, wild womanhood. “Cum for me, cum for me, you bitch…”

“Never, never,” Martina moaned. “You cum, cunt, cum, cum like you want to…”

“Dirty, filthy, twat-eating slut,” Inge grunted, her teeth clenched, her eyes squeezed tight as she struggled to stop the detonation in her womanly core.

“Fuck, fucking bitch, dirty, filthy, fucking cunt…,” Martina hissed, her beautiful face contorted into a mask of sexual agony as she fought to hold on, just a moment longer…

The women snarled and spit at each other. Both wrapped their spare arm around the other’s back and pulled each other in even more tightly, mashing their tits. Their mouths locked hungrily, their tongues lashed at each other. Inge released Martina’s thigh and pulled the Spanish woman’s hair; Martina slipped her hand from Inge’s thigh to Inge’s left buttock, sank her fingers into the round, lush meat, and pulled hard. The women redoubled their clit on clit attacks, both feeling the end coming, feeling the impossibility of holding back their orgasms more than a few more seconds. They attacked each other viciously, each trying to push the other over the edge of ecstasy.

Inge broke the kiss, throwing back her head. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, YOU FUCKING CUNTTTTTTTT!!!,” she screamed. Inge fell over onto her back, her body bucking, her hips driving her exploding twat deep into Martina’s equally hot, spread fuckhole. Inge came in a gusher of hot, steaming ejaculate.

“Oh, Jesus FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Martina shrieked. She fell over onto her back too, as her pussy erupted in the most intense orgasm of her life.

The women shrieked and shrieked, their long, muscled, tanned bodies writhing, undulating like mating snakes on the fur rug, their powerful, luscious bodies gleaming with sweat in the firelight. Their tits bounced and jolted, their hips rocked, their abdomens rippled and clenched as wave after wave of orgasmic power roared out of their interlocked cunts. The women gushed cum from their pussies, spraying each other, soaking their groins and their bushes and their lower torsos, wetting their bodies to their navels and higher, even splattering their jiggling tits. Hot nipple cum squirted from their engorged nipples as their tits ejaculated; the nipple cum sprayed widely, falling back on their bouncing chests to coat their massive boobs. Inge and Martina arched their backs as they convulsed in ecstasy, forming a bridge with their backs, thrusting their hips and pussies high in the air as they bucked furiously. Hot cum continued to gusher from their locked bodies. Their shared ejaculate flowed down into their vaginal canals, mixing into a juicy, hot froth. The combined cum trickled down their torsos to coat their lower tits and trickle between their cleavages. The juices flowed down into their assholes and dripped down to the rug. The women screamed and screamed, their cries coming in hitching, crying gasps. Over the next 20 minutes, their orgasmic warfare slowly abated, their bodies slowly emptied into the other.

Inge and Martina lay on the rug, sprawled away from each other, their cunts sealed and locked, like two muscular, overlapping mouths. The fur rug beneath their bodies was soaked with sweat and ejaculate. Their breasts and bellies heaved as they struggled to recover their breath. Their tits gleamed in the dim light, coated with nipple cum. The intoxicating smell of hot pussy and womanly secretions filled the air.

Outside in the hallway, a small group of servants had gathered, listening to the sounds coming from inside their mistress’ room with awe, a bit of fear, and more than a little erotic arousal. Most of them were Martina’s long-time servitors and well aware of how their mistress spent her time. None of them had ever heard such cries of raw erotic pleasure coming from their mistress before, even when she spent time with Domino. Pablo came hurrying up, carrying a tray heavy with the pitchers of water and two glasses, as Martina had instructed.

“Go on, all of you,” Pablo hissed in a whisper. “The mistress left strict instructions she was not to be disturbed, no matter what sounds we hear. Go back to bed, all of you.”

The servants reluctantly departed. Many of them, Pablo had no doubt, would be having sex or masturbating furiously that night.

Pablo placed the tray on the table beside the bedroom door, then listened outside the door until it grew quiet in the room. He left and closed the outer hallway door leading to Martina’s room. He locked the door. That should ensure as much privacy as possible to his mistress. He knew that her bedroom windows were open. The erotic sounds were filling the back garden with noise, but there was nothing he could do about that.

After some time, Martina stirred. She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked down the length of her sweat-slicked body at Inge. The Spanish blonde’s flawless tits jiggled deliciously as she sat up. Inge’s chest was still rising and falling. Her body glistened in the light. Martina squeezed Inge’s pussy with her own; she felt an immediate answering pressure.

“First blood to me, you cunt,” Martina smiled, her voice low and hoarse. “That’s just a taste of what I’m going to do to you. I’m going to break you and suck out that little twat until it shrivels up like a raisin.”

Inge glared at Martina, then suddenly sat up, her eyes flashing. She pushed herself to a full sitting position, then pulled back, sucking her cunt away from Martina’s twat, ripping their tangled pubes apart. Both women cried out with the shock of pain.

“You little bitch!” Inge hissed. “You got lucky, but your luck is about to run out!”

Martina started to sit up. Inge’s hand lashed out, catching the Spanish woman on the side of her face. Martina’s head whipped around as she cried out. Stunned by the blow, Martina fell back on the rug, momentarily dazed.

Inge wasted no time. She threw her naked body on top of Martina’s lush, nude form. Inge grabbed Martina’s hands, fingers intertwining, and pushed the woman’s arms to either side of her head. The jungle goddess’ perfect tits crushed down thick and taut on Martina’s matching golden orbs; the women’s flat bellies slapped together tightly. Inge forced her powerful thighs between Martina’s legs, spreading the Spanish woman, exposing her cunt to violation. She pushed down with her hips; her thick, juicy fuckmeat slapped wetly onto Martina’s aching twat. Inge worked her hips around and around, grinding her cunt down into Martina’s lush, burning quim.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, you filthy whore,” Inge breathed, nose to nose with the Spanish woman splayed beneath her.

“Just try, you cunt-eating slut,” Martina whispered back. The women’s angry, hungry mouths locked, their tongues lashed and twisted together in spitty knots. Inge’s hips worked, pumping herself into Martina’s yielding twat; Martina moved with her, matching Inge thrust for thrust, arching her back, rocking her hips, keeping their ravenous pussies glued together. The women soon broke their spitty kiss. Cheek to cheek, their erotic moaning growing deeper and louder as their clits twisted together and locked within their struggling cunts. Inge and Martina fucked relentlessly, their perfect bodies straining, battling for sexual supremacy. Inge released Martina’s hands; both women seized the other’s pumping ass. Together, they fucked and fucked, fucking each other senseless, fucking each other with a hunger and desire that defied description. They humped each other up the pleasure scale until, more than an hour after starting, their incredible bodies went stiff in a series of exploding orgasms. The women soaked each other’s lower bodies as their cunts ejaculated thick cum; their nipples gushed again and again as their tits spasmed in erotic release. Their screams of sexual ecstasy harmonized, finally fading into pulsating moans after more than 10 minutes of exchanging shot after shot of hot cum.

The women rested, wet and hot, soaked in their sweat and secretions, their breath coming in hard pants. For ten minutes they lay sprawled on each other, their limbs carelessly twined, their lush bodies recovering. Then Martina wrapped her arms around Inge’s hot, nude body and rolled the jungle woman onto her back. Inge did not resist. Instead, she spread her legs in welcome. Inge eagerly accepted Martina’s clit into her throbbing cunt, enjoyed the weight of Martina’s tits crushing down on her own. The women locked together again and resumed their fuckwar, each utterly determined to sexually drain and exhaust and destroy the other.

For another hour they fucked until their bodies detonated with more explosive, ecstatic orgasms. Twice more, they switched positions, Inge on top followed by Martina doing the riding. More than six hours after they started their relentless fucking, Inge and Martina finally rolled apart. They lay side by side, their thick, wet bushes and red, hot pussies, even their swollen nipples, linked to each other with thick strands of viscous cum. Their bodies were wet and hot, gleaming and slick in the dimming firelight. The women lay side by side on the soaked rug for some time, regaining their strength.

Finally, they turned their heads to glare at each other. After another moment, Martina sat up. Inge began to move to meet her, but Martina quickly turned herself around, and lay down on her side again, this time facing down Inge’s body. Inge smiled hungrily as she understood what Martina wanted, what the Spanish woman was offering.

“Yessssss,” Inge moaned. She rolled onto her side and lifted her right leg, offering Martina access to her pussy. Martina did the same. The two women closed on each other, both eagerly burying their beautiful faces in the other woman’s hot, sweaty, fragrant cunt. They looped their arms around each other’s hips and got good grips on the other’s round, muscled ass, filling their hands with their opponent’s buttocks. They licked ravenously at the sweat and cum coating the inside of the other’s thighs, they rubbed their faces in the other woman’s thick, hot bush, enjoying the smell, the shared intimacy of violating and torturing each other in such a deliciously erotic way. Their massive tits crushed into the other’s belly; the undersides of their tits pushed and mashed against each other. The woman wrapped their thighs around the other’s head and began rolling back and forth on the rug. Their tongues probed deep into each other’s thick-lipped cunts, licking out and sucking back cum and other juices, tracing and teasing the soft, slick labia, penetrating into the vaginal canals, teasing and lapping at swollen, throbbing clits. As one, Inge and Martina locked their lips around their rival’s engorged clit and sucked hard, biting gently at the exquisitely, impossibly sensitive, bundle of nerves. They screamed in concert as unbelievable waves of pleasure roared through their bodies, causing them to tremble and quake with incredible sensations. Moaning, screaming in sexual joy, they settled on the rug, Martina on top, Inge on the bottom, and began eating each other with wild abandon, both filled with a ravenous hunger for each other’s cunts. Martina slid her hands down Inge’s smooth, muscled back, and buried her fingers deep in Inge’s thick mane of hair; she pulled viciously. Inge groaned in pain and intense pleasure and immediately filled her hands with Martina’s equally thick hair and pulled just as viciously. For long minutes, the women tortured each other this way, before finally releasing each other’s hair so they could use their hands in other ways.

Their hands opened and spread their opponent’s buttocks, their tongues probed the other woman’s puckered asshole, licking and pushing at the acrid, inviting orifice. Inge drove her questing fingers into Martina’s tight asshole; she resumed sucking the Spanish woman’s clit. Martina happily returned the violation, then added to it by shoving three fingers deep into Inge’s twat. Soon, the women were finger-fucking each other, rolling back and forth on the rug, moaning and gasping, screaming in mutual rage and hate and desire. Their beautiful faces were trapped between the other’s thighs, which was exactly where both wanted to be. Inge and Martina slowly drove each other insane with lust as they devoured each other’s pussies.

After more than an hour, they came hard, as one, into each other’s face. Inge and Martina sucked back and swallowed as much cum as they could. They bodies writhed and bucked, their legs beating a rhythm on the floor as they trembled in orgasmic bliss, ejaculating into each other’s faces again and again. For a moment, they collapsed, Martina’s cheek pressed into Inge’s thick bush and soft cunt , using the jungle woman’s crotch like a pillow. Inge, on the bottom, let her head fall back on the rug. The women lay like that for a few minutes. Their ragged breathing filled the air. Through the window, the first light of dawn lit the sky, the first sounds of the morning chorus began.

Inge stirred; she did not want to pass out and leave herself to Martina’s mercies. She lifted her head to the Spanish woman’s twat, deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent of hot pussy, then began licking Martina’s cunt again. Martina moaned and soon began returning the attention. Inge probed Martina’s soft twat with her fingers. In a sudden move, she knifed all five fingers of her right hand into Martina’s yielding cunt. The blonde Spanish woman jerked but, before she could react, Inge shoved her hand in deeper into the incredibly tight, powerful orifice, then balled her fingers into a fist.

“Oh, you fucking whore!!,” Martina moaned, her magnificent body shuddering uncontrollably as Inge violated her in the most perfect, delicious way. “You fucking dirty cunt!!”

Inge enjoyed having Martina at her mercy; she twisted her fist viciously, reveling in the Spanish blonde’s cries of ecstasy. A few moments later, however, it was Inge’s turn to shriek in bliss and arch her back in ecstasy as Martina’s hand plunged deep into her vagina, spreading her vaginal canal, before balling into a probing fist.

The women rolled onto their sides; from this position of equality, they fisted each other viciously and enthusiastically, reaming each other out, pumping their fists into the other’s tight, straining cunt, doing all they could to spread and weaken the other woman’s twat, to force more pleasure on each other than they could stand. To add to the torture, Inge and Martina wrapped their lips and tongues around the other woman’s clit and sucked them like lollipops. The women moaned constantly, occasionally releasing the other woman’s clit to scream uncontrollably when the pleasure they were inflicting on each other became too overwhelming. After 20 minutes of this, the women’s bodies began to spasm as orgasm after orgasm roared through them. Hot ejaculate leaked out over their arms, wetting their faces. They continued to suck each other’s clits, even as their bodies trembled and bucked in orgasmic delight. For another half hour, the women pulled and fist-fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other until, finally, gasping and screaming out in ecstasy, the women had enough. Inge and Martina pulled their fists out of the other’s twat; a gusher of ejaculate, which their arms had prevented from leaving their bodies, streamed out. Both women immediately buried their faces in the other woman’s cunt, opening their mouths, sucking in and holding as much of the steaming cum as they could, but neither swallowed.

Inge and Martina rolled apart, then got onto their knees and threw themselves into the other woman’s arms. Arms wrapped around their bodies, tits and bellies crushed tight, the hungry women locked into a hard, hot kiss. They eagerly, sloppily swapped cum back and forth, their tongues fighting in the hot ejaculate in their mouths, the thick drool running down their cheeks to their chins, then to their mashed tits, running into their shared cleavage. For long minutes, the enraged, aroused women kissed ferociously, their naked bodies rubbing and wriggling against each other, the heat in their pussies growing again.

Finally, they broke the kiss and pulled back from each other. Nose to nose, they glared at each other. Martina suddenly spat in Inge’s face; before the jungle woman could retaliate, Martina locked her into a kiss again. The women wrestled as they kissed and fell onto their sides onto the rug. For a few moments, they struggled, each trying to roll the other onto her back and take the top position. Martina finally succeeded in gaining the top spot. She mounted Inge; Inge’s legs twined and locked with Martina’s, holding her in place. Once again, they broke their savage kiss and glared at each other. Inge opened her mouth to say nothing obscene; Martina spat into Inge’s open mouth.

“You fucking whore,” Inge snarled. She spat into Martina’s face; a moment later, Martina’s lips were locked to Inge’s once again, their tongues were twisted and struggling, their moans of shared hate and lust filled the room. Their luscious, perfect bodies writhed and undulated against each other slowly, teasingly, their tanned flesh burning as their insatiable sexual drives ignited once more.

For the next 20 minutes, Inge and Martina kissed, their tongues working against each other, spit flowing between them, their naked bodies slowly grinding, rubbing, writhing. Finally, they broke the kiss. Glaring at each other, they pushed away. Their bodies were burning with desire once more, burning with the need to mate, to fuck and fuck and fuck. But they were also tired. They had been fucking each other for almost eight hours. Even women as incredible as they were, with inexhaustible, insatiable sexual appetites, needed rest and nourishment.

Martina stood up, somewhat unsteadily, and walked over to the side table where Inge had left her bag of fruit. The Spanish goddess opened the bag and pulled out two of the pear-shaped tubers. She threw one to Inge; she ate the other one herself. The women silently ate the fruit, Inge sitting on the rug, her legs drawn up beneath her, Martina standing by the table. Even as they ate, they felt the fruit’s power working in them. Heat rushed through their perfect bodies, easing aches, relieving soreness, sending a jolt of energy into their womanly cores. Inge had come to realize that these fruits did more than just restore a woman’s vigor; they also fed sexual appetites, making a woman who was already horny even more ravenously hungry.

The women finished their fruit. Martina placed her core on the table, next to the bag. Inge threw her’s into the fireplace. Martina walked to the bedroom door, opened it, and stepped out into the hall, still nude. A moment later, she returned bearing the tray with the pitchers of water and glasses. She put down the try to lock the door, then carried it to the fireplace. The women sated their thirst, draining nearly half of one pitcher before they stopped.

The women’s eyes locked, their shared hunger returning full force. They smiled at each other viciously; both felt restored, refreshed, ready to resume their fuckwar. Inge got onto her hands and knees and began crawling across the rug towards Martina. Martina waited, wanting to see what the jungle woman would do. Inge crawled up to Martina, got onto her knees, and slid her hands up Martina’s muscled back thighs, over her perfect ass, up to the small of her back. Inge buried her face between Martina’s legs, eagerly inhaling the thick scent of the Spanish woman’s cunt and fragrant bush. She placed her hands on Martina’s ass and pulled at the cheeks, sinking her fingers into the taut meat. Her tongue lashed out, running along Martina’s pussy, licking out the cleft, teasing out the woman’s swelling clit.

Martina moaned, throwing back her head, her eyes closed. She sank her hands in Inge’s thick hair and pushed the woman’s face into her pussy even harder. Martina spread her legs a little more, easing Inge’s access to her dripping twat. Inge reached up and filled her hands with both of Martina’s throbbing tits. She squeezed them hard, twisting the nipples, even as she sucked vigorously at Martina’s thickening, pulsing clit.

For 5, 10 minutes, the women were locked in this erotic tableau; Inge eagerly, hungrily eating Martina’s cunt, squeezing and kneading the Spanish woman’s massive tits; Martina moaning, gasping in pleasure, her hands buried in Inge’s hair, her naked body trembling with delicious erotic sensations. Pussy juice leaked down Martina’s thighs; Inge lapped at it, enjoying the taste, before returning her attention to Martina’s burning clit. Between her legs, Inge’s clit was swollen and throbbing, her body incredibly aroused by what she was doing to Martina, by the promise of the ecstasy to come.

Martina pulled Inge by the hair. It was painful and Inge was forced to release Martina’s clit to rise to her feet, gasping with the shock of agony in her head. She reached back to pull Martina’s hand from her head; Martina placed her free hand on Inge’s massive right tit and squeezed hard. Then she slid her hand down Inge’s smooth, muscled belly, to the jungle woman’s thick blonde bush. Gripping Inge’s pubes firmly, Martina pulled hard.

“Aaaaaaah! You fuck!” Inge screamed. She instantly grabbed Martina by the hair at the back of Martina’s head and yanked viciously. In the same moment, Inge slid her other hand into Martina’s cunt hair and pulled as hard as she could. Martina shrieked, then redoubled her attack on Inge’s pubes and hair. She began pulling Inge away from the fireplace, towards the bed.

“You dirty whore,” Martina panted. “We’re going to finish this in my bed.” Martina felt that she had an added psychological advantage over Inge if they fought in her place of power, the place where she was the undisputed mistress, where she had humbled and broken so many women before Inge.

“Fucking slut!” Inge grunted.

Pulling each other by their pubes and hair, grunting and gasping and panting, hurting each other as much as they could, Inge and Martina dragged each other across the room. The pain and violence they were inflicting on each other was turning on both women, making them even more aroused, feeding their hunger, their need to fuck. By the time they reached the bed, both women’s hands, buried in the other’s bush, were wet with pussy juice.

The women threw each other onto the canopied bed, landing on their sides, and immediately began thrashing, throwing their arms and legs around each other, each trying to mount the other woman, to force the other into the submissive position. Screaming and spitting at each other, bodies tangled up and straining muscle to muscle, hands pulling at each other’s hair, clawing and slapping taut asses, snarling and shrieking in pain and rage, Inge and Martina locked up body to body and rolled from side to side in the enormous bed. First one woman then the other succeeded in taking the top position before being rolled by the one on the bottom. They struggled to control and dominate each other. For more than 20 minutes, the nude women wrestled, skin to skin, muscles locked, tits crushed tight, bellies rubbing and slapping. The body to body struggle fed their mutual arousal; the air was soon thick with the scent of sweat mingled with hot pussy. Their cunts leaked prodigious amounts of lubricant as they fought. Their nipples stabbed into their taut titmeat, the brown nubs as hard as rocks and more than an inch long.

Finally, Martina succeeded in taking and holding the top position. Fingers intertwined, palms hot and sweaty against each other, Martina pinned Inge’s hands to the bed, to either side of their bodies. Martina forced Inge’s thighs apart with her own powerful thighs, giving her full access to the blonde jungle woman’s aching, dripping twat. Tits squashed to each other, pulsing with heat, bellies rubbing and grinding, the two women prepared to resume their all-out fuckfight.

“You fucking bitch,” Inge snarled at her foe.

“Shut up, you dirty whore,” Martina gasped. “You wanted to fuck this out. That’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to fuck each other blind, until only one of us can walk.”

“That’s going to be me, slut,” Inge promised. She humped up, pressing her hot twat against Martina’s dripping cunt. Their thick pubic bushes crunched together deliciously.

“Let’s see,” Martina replied. With a groan of pure ecstasy, she slid her engorged clit up Inge’s furrow, until her hard sexnub was caressing, rubbing, grinding against Inge’s matching clit. The women moaned in shared delight. Inge moved her hips with Martina’s, matching her enemy thrust for thrust, keeping their pussies locked and slipping, sliding against each other. Their clits fused to each other, then twisted into a knot of pure, unbearable ecstasy. Screaming uncontrollably, Inge and Martina’s locked mouths, swallowing each other’s cries. On the bottom. Inge found herself swallowing back a great deal of their shared saliva as Martina’s spit drooled into her mouth. Their tongues sloshed the mess back and forth, struggling within their locked maws. Their groans and moans of ecstasy grew louder and louder as they fucked and fucked and fucked. The women kissed for as long as they could, until the intensity of their exertion forced them to break their mouth lock and rest sweaty cheek to cheek. They panted ferociously, whispering obscenities to each other when they could catch their breath. Their hot breath mixed, their identical golden hair knotted up into a sweaty mess as their pussy pounding, grinding, went on and on. The pleasure built in their bodies like a slowly-ticking bomb, growing and growing until, almost an hour later, it exploded in waves of orgasmic bliss. Martina and Inge shrieked in concert, their cunts and nipples ejaculating long streams of hot, thick cum. They came and came for more than 10 minutes, their sweat-soaked bodies locked and straining in unbelievable pleasure. Finally, they collapsed in a wet, sweaty heap of succulent flesh, Martina crushed down on Inge, their bodies trembling with post-orgasmic bliss.

Finally, Martina rolled off of Inge. Their thick bushes ripped apart; the women grunting with the shock of pain. The two blondes lay side by side, their perfect, succulent bodies soaked with sweat and cum, their hard nipples dripping with nipple discharge, their red, thick-lipped pussies trickling with creamy ejaculate. Their massive tits heaved with their pants. The beautiful rivals turned their heads to stare at each other, their eyes alive with mutual hate and pure lust.

“You filthy whore,” Inge panted.

“Dirty, cunt-eating slut,” Martina shot back.

The women rolled onto their sides, facing each other. Their lush hips curved up, their long, tan legs stretched down the bed. Their juicy, tight tits shifted and jiggled deliciously. Each women placed a hand on her hip, using her other hand to support her head as she glared viciously at her sexual rival.

Inge and Martina licked their lips. Both women felt their bodies growing hot and tight as their insatiable sexual appetites rejuvenated, as their sexual power slowly, then faster and faster, roared back to life, sated only momentarily by their incredible shared orgasms. Each woman knew that it would take hours, days, before she could fully sexually exhaust and overpower the incredible bitch now facing her so defiantly. Inge and Martina were filled with the same emotions; the desire to sexually destroy the other woman, but the equally powerful desire to keep fucking and fucking, to take the incredible pleasure offered by the other woman’s voluptuous body, to give the other woman more pleasure than she could stand.

Inge moved her hand from her curving hip and offered it, palm out, to Martina. Martina moved her hand that was cupping and caressing her jutting hip and twined her fingers through Inge’s fingers. Palm to palm, fingers digging into the back of the other’s hand, the women tested each other’s strength, felt each other’s power through the contact of bare skin to skin.

“You are the best fuck I have ever had,” Martina purred to the blonde jungle goddess.”You are the greatest challenge I have ever faced. But I am the greatest sexfighter in this city, this country, maybe the world. My body can do things to yours that you never dreamed; my stamina is unbeatable. I am a woman whose sexual appetites cannot be sated. I will destroy you, Inge. I will break your cunt with mine, I will break your body with my body. Only one of us can be queen of this realm and that must be me.”

Inge smiled.

“You are a beautiful woman, Martina,” Inge conceded. “You are as good a fuck as any I have had. Your power rivals that of the strongest women I have battled. But I have crossed clits and matched tits with the greatest sexual warriors in the world. I have given and taken pleasure beyond anything you can understand. It may take days, but I will fuck you into submission. Your body will submit to mine. You will know that I am the better woman.”

The women smiled at each other, blue eyes locked to grey. Once more, they were ready to fuck, ready to match their incredible bodies to each other in every way imaginable and fight and fuck until one of them could not go on.

Inge pushed forward, moving to mount Martina. The blonde Spanish goddess did not fight. Instead, she let Inge roll her onto her back. Martina spread her legs wide. She wanted Inge on her, in her, clit on clit, tit to tit, belly to belly. The women pressed nose to nose, their hot breath mixing, their hungry mouths closing on each other. Eager tongues lapped and exchanged spit, grasping hands moved over lush bodies, stroking and grabbing, kneading and squeezing. Writhing, grinding, fucking furiously, Inge and Martina began to sexually devour each other.

The fuckfight raged on and on. The two insatiable blonde sex goddesses were absolutely determined to exhaust and humble the other, to consume each other, to prove to each other which of them was the better, the stronger, the more sexually voracious woman. For the rest of that afternoon, Inge and Martina fucked, taking turns on top, grinding and riding each other to orgasm after orgasm. In the evening, the women settled into a delicious 69. They wrapped their thighs around the other woman’s head and rolled back and forth on the bed, switching places regularly as they ate. They sucked and licked at swollen, throbbing clits and hot, soaked vaginas. They finger fucked, they rammed fists violently into each other’s cunts and assholes. They forced devastating orgasms out of each other. It was well past midnight when they finally released each other. Both women were sobbing with pleasure, with the intimacy of their shared violation. They fell into each other’s arms and, despite their near exhaustion, fucked each other to sleep. In the morning, they woke to scissor each other, grasp the other woman’s sweaty thigh, and grind each other into sexual ecstasy over and over and over again. Slick hot cunts mated and locked, thick blonde bushes grated and twined, hot cum flowed between their convulsing pussies like a fountain. Their jiggling, bouncing tits sprayed nipple cum all over their bodies. It was early afternoon before they finally changed position. Lying side by side on their sides, their feet pointed in the opposite directions, their bodies stretched out, Inge and Martina began sucking and eating each other’s massive, luscious tits. They sucked and nibbled, bit and chewed, kneaded and squeezed. They tortured each other’s nipples with their fingers and tongues. They forced tit orgasms from each other; their mouths overflowed with nipple cum. The women finally sat up, wrapped their arms around each other, mashed their slick, throbbing tits together. They spat into each other’s faces, they locked mouths and their tongues sloshed the cum back and forth, drool and cum overflowing, spilling down into their struggling cleavages. The women ended their second day of their fuckwar pulling hair, struggling to suffocate each other with cum, finally passing out on each other, their luscious bodies too spent to continue.

All through their sexual struggle, the women stopped only to relieve themselves, to replenish the prodigious amounts of fluids they were expending, and to feast on the jungle fruit. Every eight hours or so, the battling women paused to eat the fruit, which Inge had moved to the night table beside the bed. The fruit rejuvenated them, its energies soothed their abraded flesh, its power suffused them with the sexual energy they needed to continue warring against each other on the most primal level that two women could fight. The fuckwar went on and on and on, the blondes riding each other mercilessly, using all their skills, all their power, all the sexual force they could muster, against each other. They forced each other to multiple screaming orgasms, inflicting more pleasure on each other than either woman’s body could endure.

On the morning of the fourth day of their fuckfight marathon, Inge and Martina woke side by side, flat on their backs, their bodies stretched out in opposite directions. The women had eaten each other into unconsciousness in the early hours of the morning, exhausting each other in a series of shattering multiple orgasms that left them both drenched in cum and too spent to continue.

Inge slowly pushed herself to a sitting position. Martina rose to match her. The women stared at each other. Martina and Inge stank of sex and sweat. Their lush bodies were streaked with dried cum and other secretions. Their hair was a tangled mess of gold; their pubic bushes were matted and caked with dried cum. Their massive, succulent tits were ringed with bitemarks; their swollen brown nipples had reddened under the pressure of so many hours of being sucked and of rubbing and grinding directly against each other. Their inner thighs were peppered with teethmarks. Their pussies were red and hot-looking, abraded by the hours and hours of constant friction of wrestling and grinding cunt to cunt, despite the copious amounts of natural lubrication provided by their incredibly aroused bodies. Their necks were tattooed with hickeys. Scratches scattered across both women’s bodies, especially on their backs and asses. Distinct abrasions shaped like handprints adorned both women’s asses. The women’s eyes locked. To both of them, the other woman had never looked so beautiful or desirable. Inge and Martina saw each other in all of their sexual glory, two Alpha bitches in their element, fighting for sexual domination with the weapons of their bodies. Nothing could be more erotic.

Without a word, Martina rolled herself off the bed. Unsteadily, she walked to the ensuite bathroom of her bedroom, sat on the toilet, and took a long, hard piss. As she left the bathroom, Inge staggered in after her. While Inge relieved herself, Martina moved to the door of her bedroom and opened it. Naked, she stepped into the hallway, retrieved the two pitchers of water and glasses on the tray on the hall table. Martina carried the tray back to the bed. She poured herself and Inge glasses of the cool, refreshing water. As she waited for Inge, she gulped the water back quickly, then refilled her glass and had some more. Inge returned to the bed, took her glass and drank deeply. Both women drained almost half of their respective pitchers before they felt ready to resume their fuckwar.

Martina replaced their glasses on the tray and moved it to the night table beside the bed. She reached into the bag that sat on the table and grabbed two fruits. She threw one to Inge. The women began eating, their eyes roaming hungrily over the other woman’s body, taking in every luscious inch of tanned flesh. As they ate, they felt the power, their sexual energy, slowly returning. Inge felt her thick nipples tighten, she felt the sexual desire in her belly flare to a ravenous hunger. Martina’s eyes shone with desire. Her pussy felt hot and wet. Both women’s clits began to pulse harder, throb more intensely. The women smiled at each other as their sexual power, their overwhelming lust, returned full strength.

The women sat across from each other and spread their powerful, cum-streaked thighs wide. Each woman used her right hand to brace her body. With their left hands, Inge and Martina began stroking, teasing the sensitive flesh of their cunts. Their fingers smoothed and combed through the thick fur of their pussies before returning to stimulate their powerful twats. Their massive clits swelled up, thick and hard, pulsing with so much power and arousal that they twitched and jerked of their own accord. Their pussies gushed hard, lubricating powerfully as the women’s shared desire reached a fever. Their heavy tits, already thick and taut, swelled even more, grew even larger with pounding heat. Their engorged nipples swelled into hard, brown, fleshy daggers and began to drip with nipple pre-cum. Their bellies rippled, their perfect tits began to heave gently as their breath quickened, as their excitement grew. Both women were now ready, ready, more than ready. They were ready to destroy each other. They were ready to fuck each other to death, if that was what they needed to do. They needed to decide this sexual contest and they both sensed that the time had come to unleash their full power on each other. Everything else had just been building up to this point. But now, rested, fed, their power at its peak, they were prepared to decide their rivalry.

The women pressed down on their wet pussy lips with their index and middle fingers, spreading the hot, hungry flesh, teasing their massive, throbbing clits free. Thumb-sized sexhorns popped up, pulsing and quivering with tension, nodding and trembling with power and need. The women began sliding towards each other on the bed, their legs spread wide in challenge. Their pussies were leaking prodigious amounts of natural lubricant as they burned, aroused and hungry beyond all measure. The rival blondes met in the center of the bed. They leaned back and pushed their hot, dripping cunts forward; both women spread their lush, powerful legs as wide as they could, until they were almost parallel to each other, and shoved their aching cunts into each other as hard as they could. Juicy, steaming fuckmeat slapped to juicy, steaming fuckmeat; the women’s thick-lipped vaginas sizzled as they mashed hot and hard, spreading and melting to each other at once. Their fuckholes pressed open and sucked at each other, forming a powerful, sealing vacuum. Inge and Martina moaned in shared ecstasy. They threw back their heads to groan in bliss; their heavy tits jiggled, their nipples hardened even more, and begin to drip in arousal. The women’s burning, throbbing clits came together, head pressed to head. An explosion of unbearable pleasure roared through their mated bodies. The blondes shrieked in joy, their perfect bodies convulsing and shuddering with tension and pleasure. Inge and Martina pulled hard with their vaginas, gripping each other, eating each other, sealing themselves together in an unbreakable bond.

Panting furiously, their massive tits heaving, the women glared at each other, their expressions a mix of savage hatred and raw, wild lust. As one, they wrapped their legs around each other, rights over lefts, their legs pressed to outside of the other woman’s hip. They pushed each other up, until their incredible tits crushed tight, nipple sucking and sealing to nipple, thick titmeat compressing, forming four meaty pads, resisting and yielding at once, sending burning erotic sensations through their powerful bodies. Inge arched her back to press her belly tight as a drum to Martina’s belly; Martina abs rippled against Inge’s. Their deep navels sucked to each other. The women pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their eyes locked. They looked deep into each other, both seeing the incredible desire, the raw hatred and need to sexually conquer and possess the other woman. They smiled at each other. Inge reached around Martina’s hips and filled her hands with the other woman’s rippling ass. She gripped each ass cheek and squeezed, then dug her fingers into the taut meat, before running her index fingers up the other blonde’s ass crack. She teased Martina’s tight, hot anus. Martina gasped, then returned the grip. She squeezed Inge’s ass tightly, rubbing the smooth, strong meat.

Gripping each other by the ass, using each other’s body as leverage to anchor themselves, Inge and Martina began rolling their hips, thrusting with their asses, grinding their cunts together, rubbing clit to clit. Waves of sheer, raw erotic ecstasy roared through their undulating bodies, filling their powerful muscles, their deep sexual cores, with incredible pleasure and power. The women did not kiss at first; they panted and groaned, screamed and snarled into each other’s gorgeous faces as they fucked and fucked, riding each other mercilessly. Their clits jousted continuously, sliding over and under, around and around, head to head and side to side. Trapped within the thick-muscled arena of the women’s locked cunts, their clits fought to the death. Their tits rolled and mashed, their nipples speared and penetrated each other, sizzled together and sucking milk hole to milk hole. Nipple pre-cum trickled down their tits to their bellies. Their bellies rippled and rubbed, sweat and heat building between their slick flesh. The women attacked each other with every erotic, sensual means at their disposal. Both women strived to overwhelm the other with raw pleasure, to conquer the other woman with the raw power of their sensuality.

On and on the blondes fought, their erotic moaning spiraling higher and higher as their bodies warred against each other, lost in sensual bliss. For more than an hour they fucked, riding each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, giving each other more sheer ecstasy than any body could stand. As their shuddering bodies built to the moment of ultimate release, the women sealed their hungry mouths together, kissing ferociously, ravenously, tongues looping and twisting, spit flowing. Martina shoved two fingers deep into Inge’s sweaty asshole, to get a good grip; Inge bucked and moaned in her arms, then returned the favor. Asses rippling and buckling, hips jerking, tits swelling against each other, the women’s incredible bodies writhed uncontrollably as they exploded in a devastating shared orgasm. Their pussies convulsed and squeezed each other tight, even as their vaginas sucked then ejected long, hot shots of steaming cum. Their cunts overflowed with ejaculate; hot cum mixed and flowed down into the struggling women’s ass cracks and up into their intermeshed bushes. Their nipples ejaculated powerfully, forcing nipple cum into each other, forcing the overflow to coat their grinding, mashing tits. Nipple cum flowed down to their wriggling bellies, then mixed with their pussy cum in the women’s pubic bushes.

Inge and Martina broke their savage, devouring kiss and threw back their heads to shriek in ecstasy as their bodies jerked and shuddered in concert, over and over and over again. For more than 20 minutes, they trembled together as their bodies exchanged and shared orgasm after orgasm. Finally, the pleasure subsided enough for the two women, dripping with sweat and cum, gasping for breath, to pause and recover. Pressed nose to nose, panting desperately, the women stared into each other through half-closed eyes.

“More,” Martina groaned. She could feel in the incredible sexual hunger building in her, demanding more fucking, more cum, more of every kind of pleasure that Inge could give her. “I want more. My pussy wants more.”

“You fucking bitch,” Inge panted. “I’m going to give you more, more than you can take. I swear to the gods, you will be laid out under me before we are done.”

“Fuck me, you cunt,” Martina snarled. The women locked into another savage, angry kiss. Their powerful fingers sank into the other woman’s bucking ass cheeks. Fueled by their rage and lust, Inge and Martina’s bodies began undulating against each other once more.

Now that their ravenous libidos were fully primed and ready, it did not take as long for Inge and Conchita to fuck each other to climax. Every 20 to 30 minutes, they went stiff in each other’s arms, their teeth clenched, their howls of pure sexual ecstasy filling the room and echoing out into the hallway beyond. For hours and hours, the two blonde goddesses fucked, riding each other joyfully, pulling every orgasm that they could out of each other, taking and giving more erotic pleasure than any human could bear. They were determined to drain each other, they were determined to fuck the other into a coma, and their bodies seemed filled with the inexhaustible rage and lust they needed.

For four, five hours, the women fucked, their bodies writhing together in sexual combat. Each release of sexual pleasure and tension was exquisite, but what Martina did not realize was that their orgasmic releases were not complete. Deep within the women’s sexual cores, power was building, feeding on their orgasms, building towards an orgasm that would be more powerful, more all-consuming, than anything she had ever experienced before. Inge knew this; she had experienced this kind of ultimate orgasm before, in her sexual battles with Conchita and in her one sexual contest with Sheena. Inge knew that the fruit she and Martina had been using to sustain their bodies and fuel their sexual power also had the paradoxical effect of tamping down the energy building in their cores until it became irresistible. Inge could feel that she and Martina were approaching this moment of final, sexual detonation. She was counting on this awareness, on her past experience of this ultimate release, to give her the advantage she needed to dominate Martina in the final battle.

As their sexual warfare entered the sixth hour, Inge felt the power in her core build to the point of explosion. She knew that Martina could feel it too, but that Martina did not fully understand what was happening in her body. The final orgasm built and built; the women writhed and bucked against each other desperately, feeding the sensual fires burning in their bodies. Inge felt the orgasm coming, growing to the point of no return, flowing in her core, building in every cell of her body. The women moaned uncontrollably, their bodies bucking, their cries of sheer, raw pleasure growing more and more desperate. At the last moment, just before the orgasm released, Martina’s eyes grew wide as she realized that what was coming was far greater than anything that had come before. Inge saw the realization in her rival’s eyes and smiled viciously.

The blondes gripped each other’s asses tightly, threw back their heads, and shrieked in harmony as their bodies exploded in an impossibly powerful, pleasurable orgasm. The sensations wracking their bodies were unbearable. Their genitals melted and fused into one, their voluptuous flesh flowed together like hot wax. Every nerve in their bodies screamed at once with erotic electricity. Their pussies convulsed and squeezed each other like fleshy vices, before releasing gushers of hot, steaming cum. Their cum mixed and flowed up the women’s vaginas. It squeezed out and coated their lower bodies, their bushes, their bellies. Their breasts exploded in pure pleasure, ejaculate spewing out like a fire hose, coating their tits, jetting out with such force it splattered their beautiful faces and got in their hair. As their incredible bodies quivered and quaked with devastating, unbearable orgasm after orgasm, Inge took advantage of the situation and reached up with one hand to grasp Martina’s long hair, which was hanging down her back like a golden tail. Getting a good grip, Inge pulled the other blonde’s head back, overbalancing Martina and slowly pushing her onto her back. Inge took the dominant position. Martina was barely conscious of what was happening; her mind was blown, lost in the sheer, raw pleasure that was overloading every cell and nerve in her body.

Inge pushed Martina flat onto her back, then returned to gripping Martina’s ass tightly as the women writhed and wriggled and convulsed against each other, their powerful, lush bodies fucking each other mercilessly. For more than an hour, the women moved together in absolute sexual union, fucking each other dry, fucking each other completely senseless, riding a wave of pleasure so exquisite and all-encompassing that they lost all awareness of time and place. When the orgasms finally subsided, Inge and Martina were too spent to move. Martina was mostly unconscious, her mind shutting down after being forced to handle far more sensual pleasure than she had thought possible. Inge was only slightly more aware. Her experience with this level of sexual pleasure had proven to be the decisive advantage she had needed.

For another hour, the women lay sprawled together, their slick bodies intertwined, glued together with sweat and cum, their hair tangled, their bellies flat to each other, their breasts compressed into meaty balls. Pressed cheek to cheek, Inge and Martina panted, their hot breath mixing. Finally, Inge forced herself back to consciousness. Gasping, she forced herself to move. She rolled her body off of Martina. Their separation was painful. Their pussy bushes ripped apart with difficulty, leaving blonde pubes scattered around their bodies. Their nipples separated with a painful sucking, long, sticky strings of nipple cum connecting their enflamed nips even after Inge had rolled onto her back. Strings of gooey cum connected their red, swollen cunts as well.

Inge forced herself to sit up. She turned to look at Martina. The Spanish blonde gazed up at Inge through half-closed eyes. She seemed almost delirious as her body continued to experience the sensual aftershocks of absolute sexual bliss. Martina writhed on the bed, slowly and sensuously.

Inge smiled. The same intense feelings were coursing through her body, but she was more ready to deal with the incredible sexual pleasure. She got to her knees and crawled around to Martina’s head. Inge placed her thighs on either side of Martina’s beautiful face.

“I want you to eat me, Martina,” Inge rasped. Her throat was so dry. “I want you to eat my cunt, to show me how much you worship my body. I want you to eat the cunt of your mistress.”

“Nooooo,” Martina groaned, faintly. But Inge knew that the other woman was in no position, mentally or sexually, to resist.

Inge slowly lowered her hot, dripping pussy onto the Spanish woman’s mouth. Martina groaned with desire. Her mouth closed on Inge’s cunt; she sucked hard, drawing cum and other juices into her mouth. Her tongue probed Inge’s labia, before plunging into her vagina. Her lips and tongue wrapped around Inge’s clit and squeezed and nibbled joyfully. Martina reached up to grip Inge’s slowly bucking hips; after a while, she slid one hand up Inge’s rippling belly to grasp and knead at Inge’s right tit.

Inge put her hand over Martina’s gripping hand, then slowly leaned forward, dropping down until her face was directly over Martina’s dripping cunt and swollen clit. Wriggling with pleasure, Inge slowly ran her tongue along Martina’s clit. Martina bucked and screamed under her. Sighing with delight, Inge sucked hard on the other blonde’s clit, then sent her tongue plunging into Martina’s genital depths.

Both women seized the other’s ass. Writhing, undulating together in ecstasy, the women devoured each other’s cunts until they went stiff in each other’s arms. They gushed, their pussies squirting cum all over the other woman’s face. Inge and Martina swallowed back as much as they could. Sighing in mutual satisfaction, they passed out, their faces buried in the other woman’s twat, their battle finally decided.

Epilogue One:

Hours later, Inge slowly regained consciousness. Her body felt exhausted on a primal level. She came to with her cheek resting on the thick mat of Martina’s pubic bush, with her mouth and lips still planted on the other blonde’s pussy. Inge’s thick blonde hair was wet with Martina’s cum and other sexual discharges. The heavy, erotic scent of aroused cunt filled her nostrils and eased her back to awareness. Inge could feel Martina’s hot breath wafting over her genitals. Martina’s hands were resting on Inge’s back and tangled in her thick hair, caught in the act of pressing Inge’s face more deeply into the Spanish woman’s cunt.

Slowly, Inge eased herself off of Martina’s body, swinging her leg from the other side of Martina’s head and rolling over onto her back, her body pointing the opposite direction from Martina’s lush, wet form. The Spanish blonde’s arms dropped away from Inge’s body and fell to her sides. She muttered in her sleep, but otherwise did not stir.

Inge lay flat on her back beside Martina’s splayed body, staring at the velvet canopy over the bed for a few minutes, gathering her strength. Finally, groaning with effort, she pushed herself up, crawled to the top of the bed, and grabbed one of the two remaining fruits in the bag on the night table. She sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Inge ate the rejuvenating bulb slowly, carefully. After a few minutes, she felt strength flooding back into her limbs, into her sexual organs. The dull ache in her overtaxed pussy slowly eased; the enticing throb in her nipples came back stronger. Inge got to her feet. Somewhat unsteadily, her legs weak, her vulva sore, she crossed the room to the rug by the fireplace. She retrieved her bikini from the chair by the rug and carefully tied it on, first the snug thong then the straining bra. Her nipples hardened into the thin material and she smiled. Her sexual engine was beginning to fire again. Inge strapped her knife onto her thigh. Inge walked over to Martina’s dresser and sat down in front of the mirror. She picked up Martina’s brush and ran it through her tangled hair until the blonde mess was reasonably neat, the natural curl returning as she brushed some of the dried cum and sweat out of her golden mane. Inge stood. Smiling, she walked back to the bed, where Martina lay, her legs spread wide, hot cum trickling from her splayed cunt, her delicious, incredible body an invitation to fuck. For a moment, Inge considered stripping down and mounting the incredible blonde bitch, fucking her again and again, to claim an irrefutable victory. But she knew that doing that would only launch both women on another round of sexual warfare. Besides, it would not be fair; Inge had the rejuvenating fruit working in her body. Martina did not. She knew the only way her victory over Martina would matter is if it was won fairly. Inge decided that this victory was enough.

Smiling, she leaned over the bed and gently, carefully, scooped a dollop of cum out of the Spanish blonde’s cunt. Martina shifted a bit, but did not respond. Inge sucked the thick, delicious scoop off her fingers.

“You taste good, baby,” Inge purred in a gentle whisper. “Next time, I’m going to suck you dry and eat you out all the way.” She leaned over and licked at one of Martina’s delicious, hard nipples; the Spanish woman moaned gently and stirred on the bed, her heavy tits quivering. Inge moved her head down Martina’s body, running her tongue along the blonde’s hot belly, until she was over Martina’s delicious pussy. Inge placed a long, lingering, licking kiss on the other woman’s wet, cum-slicked cunt. Martina moaned again, her hips shifting as she hovered just below the level of consciousness. Inge resisted the intense urge to mount her blonde enemy and fuck her again.

Inge rose from the bed. She crossed the room, climbed onto the window sill and made an incredible diving leap from the window to the nearest giant tree in the back garden. In her weakened state, she almost did not make it. She scrambled into the tree and then began moving, swiftly and surely, through the jungle canopy, back towards her home. As fast as she was, she was still far slower than her usual pace. She knew it would take her a few days to recover from the incredible battle she had just had with Martina. Her natural resources, her womanly power, her sexual energies, all were severely depleted. Martina had almost succeeded in draining her dry.

Inge now had the full measure of her Spanish rival. She knew that the blonde vixen was every bit as sexually powerful as she was. Martina was an experienced sex fighter who knew how to use her body. Inge had used her greater experience of fighting on the threshold of unbearable ecstasy, born of her battles with women like Conchita and Sheena, to overwhelm and outlast Martina. But the jungle goddess knew that advantage would not last long. The next time she and Martina crossed clits, the Spanish woman would be ready for her, ready for the incredible pleasure they would give to each other, and far more likely to know how to manage that pleasure and use it to her advantage. Inge may have won the fuckfight, but the true fuckwar between herself and Martina, between their perfect, voluptuous bodies, was just starting.

Epilogue II:

Martina held out for three months before beginning her next expedition into the jungle. The only thing that allowed her to last that long had been her sexual marathons with Domino. Her redheaded protégé had become a true virtuoso of sexual combat and domination and she had managed to master Martina a couple of times during their epic fuckfights. Between her battles with Conchita and Martina, Domino was coming into her own as a formidable sexual warrior. Martina’s struggles with Domino helped Martina to endure the incredible hunger burning in her loins for Inge’s cunt, for Inge’s tits, for every inch of the jungle woman’s luscious body. Domino had been gone for the past month, however, on a trip to France, and she would not be back for another month. Deprived of her sexual lifeline, Martina could not wait any longer. Her lust was unbearable.

On a hot, sunny morning, Martina entered the jungle on foot, wearing only a white blouse, tight khaki shorts, and heavy walking boots. She rolled her blonde hair into a tight bun and covered it with her pith helmet. She carried a mid-size pack, which contained her tent and a few other necessities. She strapped a pistol to her hip and a sharp knife to her thigh. A water canteen hung over her shoulder; she strapped another to the outside of her pack. So prepared, she began her journey into the deep forest, intent on finding Inge and resuming their epic fuckwar.

After a few hours of walking, Martina paused to undress a bit. She pulled off her white blouse, letting her gorgeous tits bounce free, and stuffed the shirt into her pack. She pulled a green bikini top out of the pack and tied it on. The bra was tiny, the cloth triangles barely able to contain her massive, thrusting tits, but it was perfect for the humid heat of the jungle. She removed her walking boots. She far preferred to feel her bare feet on the soft ground. She tied the boots to the back of her pack and resumed her journey.

For the next six days and nights, Martina journeyed into the depths of the forest, following the mighty Amazon River. Every night, she stopped by a river or pond, ate, washed, then slept naked in her tent, the illumination of her camping lamp her only companion. Just a few days into her trek, she spotted signs of the blonde jungle queen. A day later, she began seeing indications that she was being stalked by her wild rival. Martina knew that Inge was somewhere near, watching her. Martina continued tracking her enemy, knowing that they were slowly spiraling towards their desperately desired confrontation.

On the night of the seventh day, Martina stopped beside a small tributary of the massive Amazon River. She set up her tent, sealed it shut, then built a fire. She set a snare; as she waited, she boiled water over the fire and made herself tea. A short time later, her snare caught a jungle rodent. Martina cooked the animal over the fire, enjoying the lightly charred meat, then boiled several more kettles of water to sterilize it and refill her canteens for her journey. She enjoyed another hot drink. The sun began to fall quickly; twilight would soon arrive. Martina stood by the fire and stretched, reaching for the sky, standing on tiptoe, her long, powerful bare legs flexing, her massive tits straining her bikini top, their taut flesh quivering as her back arched, her naked belly thrust out like a bow. With a smile, she untied her green bikini top and set her massive tits free. She bounced them up and down on her chest, imagining Inge watching from some unseen location. She slipped her fingers into the waist of her tight shorts and pulled them down her powerful thighs and calves. Naked, she reached up and released her bun, shaking out her hair, letting her long, thick blonde locks cascade over her shoulders. She hung her bikini top and shorts from a branch on a nearby tree, next to her pith helmet. She walked down to the tributary, tested the water with a toe, then climbed in and gratefully washed the sweat and grime off her voluptuous body. She immersed herself, running her hands through her hair. She climbed out of the water, her hands squeezing the excess water from her hair, the water streaming off her lush body, dripping from the tips of her thick nipples. Martina brushed out her blonde mane as she sat by the fire, drying herself off by the heat. Twilight came and passed quickly. It was soon pitch dark in the jungle. Martina’s camp was an island of orange, flickering light in a sea of black. The night sounds swelled around her as the nocturnal creatures started to prowl, keeping their distance from the burning heat of the flames.

Martina sat by the fire, waiting to see if Inge would make an appearance. An hour later, the naked, gorgeous woman picked a small, burning twig and used it to light her traveling lamp. She used dirt to smother the fading fire. She unsealed the tent and entered, quickly checked for bugs and other unwanted pests, then zipped the tent closed. She placed her weapons, her pistol and knife, at the edge of the tent but still easily within reach, if she needed them. She turned the lamp down to its lowest setting, so that it cast only a dull glow within the tent. Martina opened her bed roll and spread it out on the floor. She had selected her camping spot well; the ground was soft and dry and the bed roll, protected by the canvas floor, provided a comfortable surface on which to sleep.

Smiling, her body tired, Martina lay back, closed her eyes and began her nightly ritual. She spread her legs. She ran her right hand down her smooth belly, through her thick pubic mat, to her pulsing twat. Slowly, gently, she ran her finger along her slick, hot pussy lips. With her free hand, she caressed her burning nipples and the taut, sensitive flesh of her massive breasts. Her clit swelled up, slowly and inexorably, from the crest of her wet, hot cunt. She stroked her engorged sexhorn, moaning with unbearable pleasure as she stimulated her body, slowly, slowly teasing herself up the pleasure curve. Her mind filled with memories of Inge’s lush, hot body writhing and grinding against hers, of their bulbous tits mashed and straining against each other, of their hot bellies rubbing and slipping in sweat, of their hungry cunts, locked tight and sucking, pulling at each other. She remembered, reveled in, the delicious memories of their clits rubbing and fencing, forcing wave after wave of pure erotic delight through their straining bodies. Martina’s toes curled in tension as she felt her luscious body fill with pleasure. After some time torturing herself, inflicting deep, abiding pleasure on her pussy, she came with a stifled groan of pleasure. Hot cum squirted from her jerking twat, wetting her hand. It was not a devastating orgasm, but it was powerful and it radiated rippling ecstasy through her sweat damp, straining body. With a sigh, the Spanish beauty fell into a deep, relaxed sleep.

Hours later, as the moon reached its apogee, Martina came awake to the sound of her tent flap being unzipped. Her mind was instantly alert; she pushed herself up on her elbows, her massive tits jiggling, even as they tightened. Her nipples swelled in anticipation. As she watched, the flap of the tent opened. Inge crawled into the tent on her hands and knees. By the dim light, Martina saw that her blonde rival was already naked. Inge’s massive, beautiful tits swayed on her chest as she entered the tent. Inge was holding a sack in her hand. She placed the sack on the floor of tent, then twisted around to zip the tent closed, before turning back to face Martina . Her blue eyes locked with Martina’s grey eyes. The sexually ravenous women smiled at each other, their eyes glowing with their shared hunger.

“What is in the bag?” Martina asked, nodding at the sack.

Inge opened the bag and showed her; as Martina expected, it was filled with the rejuvenating fruit. There were many more than what Inge had brought with her to Martina’s mansion. Martina’s smiled widened as she turned her gaze back to Inge’s blue eyes.

Martina settled onto her back and spread her legs wide in invitation. She tilted her pelvis upwards, offering her streaming, pulsing cunt to her blonde rival. Inge moved between her thighs; the jungle woman licked her dry lips in anticipation. Her eyes were glowing with lust. Martina reached up and ran her hands over Inge’s smooth hips, grasping the small of Inge’s back, pulling the other woman down to her. The movement compressed Martina’s massive tits between her arms, pointing the engorged nipples directly up at Inge’s descending nips. The women shared a gasping moan as their swollen nipples pressed tip to tip, then sealed with a sizzle of erotic heat.

“Fuck, yesss,” Inge gasped. She continued to lower her body, rejoicing in the feel of her throbbing, burning tits mashing and compressing the meat of Martina’s equally dense, thick breasts. The women moaned together as their bodies mated. Hot bellies pressed tight. Inge’s sopping wet cunt slapped down on Martina’s wet fuckmeat. The jungle woman and the Spanish socialite moaned in concert. Inge worked her hips around and around, grinding, working her pussy down into Martina’s welcoming twat, spreading Martina’s fuckhole, deliciously violating the blonde socialite’s lush body. Inge wriggled and writhed in absolute pleasure. Martina moved with her, moving her hips, arching her back, pressing cunt to cunt. The women sighed in delight as their thick bushes crushed and tangled, sealing them together like strips of velcro. Martina slipped her legs through Inge’s powerful legs, locking their bodies in place. She filled her hands with Inge’s perfect ass and dug her fingers into taut assmeat. Nose pressed to nose, sharing hot breath, Inge and Martina rested, enjoying the heat and sweat building between them, the raw erotic sensations of their nude bodies crushed flesh to flesh, both reveling in the anticipation of the pure, unbearable pleasure to come.

“This time, I’m going to keep fucking you until you submit, Martina,” Inge whispered. “No more fucking you senseless and then leaving. This time I’m going to wake you up and keep going. I’m going to make you say that I am the better woman, that your cunt is no match for mine.”

“You slut,” Martina breathed. “I know what you can do now. I’m ready for you. When I leave this jungle, you will be my slave, your body will be broken under mine. My cunt will tame your cunt, I swear it.”

“Let’s find out,” Inge growled. She slipped her nose past Martina’s; eagerly, lustfully, the women sealed into a tongue-thrusting, sucking kiss. Their bodies began to move against each other, rolling in undulating waves, sensitive flesh flowing and rubbing, mashing and grating to flesh. Their engorged clits slid against each other, sending shockwaves of ecstasy roaring through their bodies, causing the women to scream within their locked mouths, causing their powerful, straining bodies to buck with paroxysms of overwhelming pleasure. Both women grasped the other woman’s rolling ass, sank their fingers into the thick meat, and pulled with all their strength.

The two savage blondes went to war on each other, both determined to fuck the other into absolute submission and surrender, both determined to destroy the other with raw ecstasy. The sound of erotic moans, screams and shouts of ecstasy joined the nocturnal symphony of the jungle. It would be a long time before they stopped.

The End

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