Conchita vs. Martina: Jungle Heat by JB57

Part I

Countess Conchita Cortez moved through the dense Amazon forest like a great jungle cat. Even with heavy walking shoes on her feet, she moved almost silently, barely disturbing the thick vegetation as she passed through the underbrush. The intense heat and humidity draped over her lush body like a blanket, but the Spanish woman had come to appreciate and enjoy the many faces of the Amazon, even these. Conchita had spent years learning the jungle and exploring its deepest secrets. She was one of two Queens of this magnificent, lush paradise and she still aspired to one day dominate her rival Jungle Queen, the savage, beautiful Inge. For now, she was content to share the crown and to serve as a protector of the forest from the violations of humans.

When Conchita had first come to the Amazon, it was with the goal of exploiting all of its riches for herself. Then she encountered Inge. She and the jungle woman had first matched their voluptuous, powerful bodies against each other in a savage physical fight. Their blood pumping, their savage instincts fully awoken, their nearly naked bodies locked tight in a sweaty, intimate embrace, belly to belly, swollen tit to tit, naked nipple to nipple, they had moved on from mere physical battle to match the steaming, insatiable power of their warring sexes. They had fucked each other furiously for the entire day, into the night, into the following day, unleashing all of their pent-up sexual desire on the other. It was the first real sexfight for both women and it filled them with ecstasy they had only dreamed of in the past. It was late the following day that they finally peeled their sweaty, cum-streaked bodies apart and Conchita grudgingly accepted defeat. Since then, Conchita had fought Inge for sexual supremacy many times and the women had settled into a frustrating erotic stalemate. But, despite this, Conchita had become caught in the mystery and power of the jungle. She still saw it as an asset to be exploited, but she felt a possessive protectiveness towards the wild. She used her acquired knowledge of the jungle to gain wealth for herself, bringing gold and jewels back from the wilderness when it suited her, but she was determined to keep humans from despoiling it as much as she could.

This was why Conchita was in the forest this day. A dispute had broken out between her company and another business interest in the city. Conchita had been using her vast and growing wealth to buy up pristine forest wherever she could in order to preserve it. The other company had its eyes set on owning a piece of land that Conchita had already acquired, a very valuable jungle tract that contained water sources and, as Conchita well knew, a cave that hid signs of a very rich seam of gold. Conchita had no intentions of allowing anyone to impinge on her territory. She was out here today marking that territory, prepared to defend her claims in court, if necessary.

Conchita was dressed in a way that was a bit unusual, for her. Normally, when she came to the bush from the city, she wasted no time in losing her city clothes and changing into her tiny black panther fur bikini and taking to the trees. In the lush green jungle, she could not wait to doff the trappings of her city life and take on her wild jungle ways. But today she was wearing very short, skin-tight denim shorts and a blue, sleeveless blouse that she had tied into a halter, leaving most of her muscled torso bare, the waistband of the shorts dipping low on her belly and her hips. The shirt was mostly unbuttoned, so her stunning cleavage was on display, the full, round orbs of her magnificent tits shifting unrestrained under the cloth. The shirt was tied into a knot under her breasts, which hung over the knot, obscuring it. Her shirt was damp with the humidity of the vast jungle and it clung to her like a second skin. Her dark areolae and taut nipples were plainly visible. Low on her hip was a holstered pistol. She had strapped a sharp knife to her thigh. On her feet, she was wearing steel and rubber soled shoes. On her head, she wore a white, wide-brimmed hat. A mid-size pack containing light steel spikes was thrown over her shoulder. Her thick, black hair cascaded in waves down her back.

Conchita set up a camp a few kilometers south of her present location. She consulted her map and a compass to ensure that she had the right coordinates. She had spent the morning putting steel markers into the ground, each about three kilometers apart. This was the main reason that she was not dressed in her bikini. In her mind, her work was city work and she felt odd wearing her Jungle Queen bikini to do a job associated with her other identity. She had a hammer, but using the steel soles of her walking boots to drive the shafts into place was a much more efficient way of putting them down deep enough that they could not be easily dislodged. The presence of the numbered markers would provide her with further legal leverage if the case against the other company went to court.

Conchita could have had a work crew do this difficult job, but the jungle was dense and dangerous and she needed to be sure that the area was properly marked. It had also been a few months since she had last run wild in the Amazon, so she decided to use the opportunity to go back into the bush. Normally, after completing her work, she would don her bikini and go exploring the jungle for a week or two. But this situation required that she return to the city immediately after putting in the last markers and have them legally registered in the Department of Lands and Deeds.

Conchita had been in the forest for two days and nights and had marked off a vast area. This was another reason to do the work herself. Her jungle skills and remarkable physical power allowed her to cover far more ground far faster than ordinary men. She figured it would take another two to three days to complete the job. She had been working since early in the morning and was preparing to take a break and eat her lunch when a sound came to her well-trained ears. Amidst the calls of the birds and insects, she detected the clear tinking sound of metal on metal. She walked in the direction of the sound. After a few moments, the clinking stopped, but Conchita’s jungle-honed senses kept her on the right track. Only about 200 meters from where she had first detected it, the source of the sound came into view.

Conchita crested a small hill and looked down into a clearing. Squatting over something on the ground was a blonde woman. The woman was wearing a tan wide-brimmed hat; her golden hair was tucked up in a bun, but several strands had fallen down her back. She had her back to Conchita, but there was no mistaking that she was a remarkably voluptuous woman. Much of her back was bare, the white, tight blouse she was wearing tied into a brief halter. Her narrow, muscled waist flared out into wide, womanly hips and a perfect heart-shaped ass that was traced by skin-tight, tan-colored shorts that hid nothing. Her feet were shod in heavy walking boots. The woman’s bare arms were beautifully muscled and, as Conchita watched, the woman steadied a steel marker in the ground and raised her hand to bring down the hammer she was holding onto the head of the marker.

The woman’s spectacular body was so identical to Inge’s voluptuous, powerful body that, for an instant, the Spanish Countess mistook the blonde for the jungle goddess. The confusion passed. Conchita’s mind flashed to who this beautiful interloper had to be.

“Martina!” Conchita barked. The blonde woman started and whipped around, brandishing her hammer like a weapon. As Martina took in Conchita, Conchita let her eyes wander over the other woman’s incredible body. Tits barely contained by the blonde’s sweat-soaked blouse bounced exuberantly as she spun around. The huge orbs wobbled and took a moment to come to a stop. Martina’s midriff was bare, her muscled belly exposed almost all the way down to her pubic bone. Her hip bones were prominently displayed. Streaks of sweat dotted the deep cleavage of her breasts and rippled down her belly, pooling in her narrow, deep navel before continuing to the band of her shorts. A pistol sat on one hip and a dagger was sheathed on the other.

Martina Hernandez de Souza was also a Spanish woman, but golden-tanned and blonde in contrast to Conchita’s chocolate skin and raven-black hair. Martina was fantastically wealthy and her family had been long established in the Amazonian city that she and Conchita both called home. Martina was at the pinnacle of the city’s high society. She ruled over its wealthy women like a goddess. Her fantastic body had broken and humiliated many other women in sexual combat and her business acumen had helped to expand her family’s fortune immensely. Like Conchita, she was savage and beautiful and determined to do what she wanted, no matter who stood in her way. She was the mentor of Domino, the red-headed beauty who was Conchita’s chief rival within the city. However, Conchita and Martina had never battled each other directly before. It was Martina’s company that was challenging Conchita’s claim to this vast wilderness. As these thoughts flashed through Conchita’s mind, it occurred to her that she and Martina might resolve their dispute right here and now.

“Conchita!” the blonde replied as she recognized the black-haired beauty facing her. She looked surprised but immediately wary.

“What are you doing, Martina?” Conchita asked. She began walking down the hillock. Her body was already growing tense and hot, preparing itself for the confrontation to come. Conchita knew exactly what the blonde beauty was doing and she had no intention of letting her continue. Conchita had seen a bag of steel markers sitting on the edge of the clearing, where Martina had dropped it.

“I’m marking off my property,” Martina replied. She lowered the hammer, but still held it as she put her hands on her hips and thrust out her massive chest. Her tits jiggled in challenge.

Conchita stopped about a meter away from Martina and put her hands on her hips. She thrust out her chest and was gratified as she felt her tits shift with a jolt. Her magnificent body was a dark mirror image of the beauty standing in front of her, almost down to their clothing. Their bare bellies lined up, the smooth, slick flesh of their torsos equally exposed. Sweat dotted their skin. The heat of the day weighed down on the women, but somehow added to the impending sense of anger and rivalry.

“This is my property, you bitch,” Conchita snapped. “I have the deeds, I have the maps, I have all the necessary forms. Your claim on this is shit and you know it.”

“I know nothing of the sort,” Martina replied smoothly. “You are not using this very valuable piece of land. It is in the public’s economic interest that the resources here be put to use. You are hurting the growth and development of the city. I am sure that the court will see things my way.”

Conchita looked around. “You are here by yourself?”

Martina nodded. “I have a lot of experience in the jungle. I did not want to bring a whole crew in here with me. I had my men set up my camp and then leave. I’ve decided to make a little jungle vacation out of it.”

“That’s bullshit,” Conchita replied with a smirk. “You came alone because you didn’t want to attract attention. And I bet you didn’t want Inge to know what you are doing either. I know she has been destroying your work camps and dig sites.”

At the mention of the blonde goddess’ name, Martina’s grey eyes flashed. “That blonde whore doesn’t scare me,” Martina snarled. “In fact, I hope she picks up on what I am doing here. I would love to take her on again!”

“What, after the last time?” Conchita gloated. “She fucked your brains out. Are you so eager to be humiliated again?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, whore,” Martina snarled. “That jungle bitch and I have crossed paths since that first meeting. I came into the forest looking for her and I found her. And I broke her disgusting cunt with my own beautiful pussy! I fucked her into the ground!”

“I find that very hard to believe,” Conchita smiled. “I think that you’re a lying cunt and that Inge fucked your twat off!”

“Slut!” Martina snapped. “I don’t care what you believe. I’ll gladly take on that little fucker anytime, anywhere.”

She stepped forward, getting into Conchita’s space. “And I’m not taking any shit from you! My company is making a claim on this land and there is nothing you can do to stop me from putting in my markers!”

“You whore!” Conchita cried, dropping her pack and stepping up to Martina. Both women tossed aside their hats so they could get closer. Martina threw down her hammer. Now they were almost nose to nose, screaming in each other’s faces. Their swollen nipples, fully visible beneath their soaked blouses, were a hair’s breadth from touching. Both women could smell the sweet, sweaty scent of the other. “This land is mine! I’ve spent two days putting down my markers! You’re going to pull up every one of yours and get the fuck off!”

“Fuck you!” Martina snarled. “Not a single one of my markers is coming up! And if I see yours, I’ll pull them out of the ground!”

“Like hell you will! I’m not going to let you steal my property just because you think you have a better use for it! I’ll beat you senseless first then kick your slutty ass out of my jungle!”

“Cunt!” Martina growled. “Just try! I’ll happily turn you into a smear on the ground!”

The women had moved closer. Now, they were pressed almost nose to nose, hands on their wide hips. Their nipples pressed together, perfectly eclipsing and pushing the other’s back into dense titflesh. The women glared, eye to eye, seeing the fury of the other woman, wanting nothing more than to tear each other apart. Both felt the throbbing heat of their nipples, spearing each other, nipple holes sucking hungrily even through the thin layers of cloth. They felt the raging heat in their loins. The women’s naked tits met, cleavage swelling out of their shirts with arousal, titflesh sizzling with heat as they touched. Conchita and Martina shuddered with the sensation.

“This is your last warning, Martina,” Conchita whispered. The jungle had grown silent, as if the watching animals and insects were holding their breath, waiting to see the outcome of this showdown. “Get your fat ass out of here and take your fucking markers with you, or I’ll beat your ass into the ground and make you my little bitch.”

“Fuck you, cuntlicker,” Martina whispered back, her grey eyes glowing with rage. “I’m going to put down every one of my markers and I’m going to fuck you up if you try to get in my way. This land is mine and I’m willing to pound you into paste if that’s what it takes.”

Trembling with anger, the women continued their stare-down and tit-off for another few moments. Then, slowly, Conchita pulled back. Her tits relieved pressure on Martina’s matching boobs. Martina looked momentarily surprised. She had not expected Conchita to back down and she was sorely disappointed. Conchita took several steps back, to the edge of the clearing.

“Let’s do this right, cuntfucker,” Conchita snarled.

Carefully, her eyes locked with Martina’s, she reached down and undid the strap sheathing her knife around her thigh. Immediately, Martina understood.

“Fine by me, fuck whore,” Martina replied.

Never breaking Conchita’s gaze, she reached down and undid her holster belt. She tossed the belt and the gun it held aside. She unlatched the dagger sheath from her hip and tossed it next to the gun.

Conchita unhooked her holster and placed it on the ground. She looked down at her heavy shoes. She crouched down and unlaced her shoes and then kicked them off. Martina did the same. The women stood and enjoyed the feel of the ground on their bare feet. Their eyes locked again. Now, they were ready for the battle to come.

The two women approached each other again. Their eyes blazed with rage and lust. They both understood where this battle was heading, but before they destroyed each other with pleasure, they wanted to hurt each other as much as they could.

When she was two steps away, Conchita planted her bare feet solidly in the soft jungle loam and swung an open-handed slap at her rival. Martina did not try to dodge but took the blow full on her beautiful face. The blonde woman grunted in pain, staggering back, her golden hair whipping free of her bun and cascading around her head, her massive tits rocking on her chest. Martina placed her feet and swung back, putting her full weight into the blow. She slapped Conchita with a thunderous clap, and sent the black-haired bitch reeling back. Conchita almost fell to the ground, but managed to stay upright.

Panting, the women regarded each other from a few steps apart. Both touched the sides of their faces, where they had been hit. Now that the first blows had been struck, they could get down to business.

With a snarl, Conchita closed on Martina, who eagerly waited for her. Conchita sank her fist into Martina’s powerful abdomen, just above her navel; Martina groaned, but retaliated with a punch to Conchita’s side. Conchita slapped Martina hard in the face; Martina drove an elbow into Conchita’s thick right tit. Grunting and cursing, the women drew closer and each grabbed the other’s long, thick hair and began dragging each other around the clearing, holding each other’s fantastic bodies at arms-length, screaming and grunting with pain and rage. They lurched from side to side, their bare feet scrabbling for purchase, struggling to maintain their balance, their muscular bodies determined to dominate. For several minutes they fought to control the other, their cries of pain and rage growing more pronounced. Finally, they switched tactics. Both women gripped the other’s thick hair with one hand and pounded at their enemy’s body with the other. They punched naked torsos and heavy breasts and, occasionally, broke through the other’s guard to land solid blows on beautiful, snarling faces.

They exchanged savage blows for several minutes, their grunting and groaning growing sharper and more pain-filled as they beat each other’s magnificent bodies, both women just trying to hurt the other as much as they could. They staggered into a clinch, getting their arms around the other’s neck. Powerful bodies straining, tits crushed tight side to side, they tried to throw their opponent to the ground. Conchita managed to twist Martina hard, jerking her off her feet, but Martina retained her grip and pulled Conchita down with her. The women rolled on the ground for a few moments before they kicked apart and sprang back to their feet.

Panting, a little dirty from their rolling, the women glared at each other. They were dripping with sweat, their skin gleaming with moisture. Crouched over, facing each other, their huge tits almost fell out of their makeshift halters. The knots they had tied to make their blouses into halters were unraveling and the sweat-soaked shirts were held closed by a single button. Conchita’s blood was boiling, her libido was hot, her breasts throbbed, her pussy ached and dripped with desire. She could see a dark spot forming at the crotch of Martina’s skin-tight tan shorts. With a scream Conchita hurled herself at Martina, her arms extended. Martina eagerly welcomed her, opening her arms, arching her back to push her tits out. The women came together, their massive tits deliberately absorbing the brunt of the impact. Martina and Conchita screamed out with a combination of intense pain and pleasure as their tits mashed, as their thick meat compressed and fused, held apart only by their thin shirts. The women wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed with all their strength. Their massive tits compressed, tit bullets grinding, naked titflesh searing to titflesh as their boobs overflowed their meager restraints. Their naked torsos slapped tight, flat to each other from tits to pubes. Their bellies undulated, rubbing hot flesh. Their navels sucked. Conchita and Martina grabbed handfuls of the other’s long, thick hair and pulled viciously, yanking their rival’s head back. They wrapped arms around the other woman’s back and squeezed hard, trying to crush their rival’s tits with their own. Grunting, moaning, crying out with pain and pleasure, the women staggered around the clearing. They twined their bare legs, muscles straining, trying to overpower the other. They wanted to match every inch of their luscious bodies. They fell to the ground, neither relaxing her grip. Squeezing tight, tits crushed hard, belly to belly, the women rolled back and forth in the clearing, their hips and asses thrusting and undulating, forcing each agonizing roll as the women fought for the dominant position.

The writhing and grinding popped the final buttons holding the women’s shirts together and their massive tits spilled out. Naked tits rubbed furiously and lustfully into naked tits. The women screamed out in pleasure as their boobs mated. Dense titflesh crushed and rolled into equally dense meat. Their rock hard nipples stabbed into the yielding meat, each nipple burning with pleasure. Conchita, on the bottom of their rolling catball, ripped Martina’s shirt away from her body and threw it into the bushes; when she was on the bottom of their writhing bodies, Martina eagerly pulled off Conchita’s blouse and tossed it aside.

Now naked except for their skin tight shorts, the battling women attacked each other even more furiously. Martina and Conchita poured all their strength into the back-breaking, tit to tit, nipple to nipple, belly to belly bearhugs. Their bare legs twined like mating snakes and quivered as they matched muscle to muscle. Both women worked their backs and rocked their hips, rubbing and grinding their bodies, focusing especially on fighting tit to tit. They ground their tits together mercilessly, driving thick titmeat into titmeat, nipple to nipple, areolae grating on areolae, each rival trying to break the other’s massive, perfect breasts with her own. Cheek to cheek, moaning and cursing each other, the beautiful Amazons warred, body to body.

Conchita’s and Martina’s hips and crotches pressed and thrust as each woman struggled to roll the other. They pushed with their crotches, arching their backs and bucking with their hips to keep the roll going. As the struggle continued, as both women grew more and more consumed by lust, their crotches began rubbing and thrusting more than pushing. Their shorts were soon wet, soaked by sweat but more by the cunt juice that was flowing out of the women’s burning pussies.

“You whore, you fucking, fucking whore…,” Conchita breathed at Martina as she slowly, agonizingly, rolled the other woman onto her side, Martina fighting her every inch of the way.

“Cunt-eating slut,”Martina replied, her words coming in straining gasps. It was hard to breathe when both women were squeezing each other so tight. “I will fucking break you…”

“Never, never…,” Conchita promised, her forehead pushing hard into Martina’s forehead, using every part of her body to roll the other woman onto her back. The women lay on their sides, rocking back and forth, neither able to gain the advantage. Every inch of Martina and Conchita was plastered together, from their foreheads to their throbbing tits, to their taut bellies to their pubes. But a small space opened up between their torsos and Conchita took advantage of this to release one of her arms from gripping Martina’s back and slip her hand under the band of the blonde’s shorts and into the thick fur of her cunt.

Martina gasped as she felt the sudden violation, but she could do nothing to stop Conchita’s hand from cupping her wet, achingly hot pussy, and smartly caressing the slick, juiced-up pussy lips. Conchita’s fingers found Martina’s swollen clit and lightly stroked the burning hot sex bud.

“Oh, Jesus fuck!” Martina screamed. A wave of pure ecstasy burned through her body and lit all of her erogenous zones on fire, especially her throbbing clit, her burning nipples and her swollen tits. “OH GOD!”

“Yes, feel this, you cunt!” Conchita snarled, pulling on Martina’s hair, driving three fingers up into the blonde woman’s hot, sopping wet vagina.

Martina knew she had no time to waste. Gasping, she slipped her hand into Conchita’s shorts. She ran her fingers through the Spanish Countess’ thick black bush, finding the woman’s steaming hot twat. Without hesitation, she gripped Conchita by the pussy and rammed four fingers into her enemy’s cunt.

Conchita bucked and screamed. Pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, eyes closed, hot breath mixing, Conchita and Martina moaned and gasped and screamed into each other’s faces as they vigorously finger-fucked each other. Their eager, expert fingers worked their rival’s genitals and vaginas, seeking sensitive spots to caress and tease. Their fingers stroked and teased the other’s engorged, pulsing clit, forcing shockwaves of erotic pleasure to reverberate through their bodies, energizing their sexual organs, making their lush bodies even more aroused, more desperate for sexual pleasure.

Side by side, one hand pulling hair, the other finger-fucking their enemy, Conchita and Martina writhed and moaned, their bodies thrashing and trembling as they pleasured each other, racing to get the other woman off first. Their breasts continued to wrestle and their legs rubbed and twined. They slapped their bellies together as they wriggled in ecstasy. The finger fucking felt absolutely wonderful and neither wanted it to end, despite how much they despised each other. Their mutual hatred made the pleasure even more intense as the beautiful vixens sought to prove which of them was the better woman. Their tits remained fused together, but their bellies separated as they gave each other more access to the other woman’s twat.

“Nnnnnnh, cunt, fucking cunt…,” Martina gasped. She could feel herself on the verge of going off as Conchita tortured the most erotic and pleasurable parts of her body.

“Cum, you little fuck, cum…,” Conchita growled at her enemy, part of her begging the other woman to break. Her body was trembling with the need for release.

“You cum, you whore, you fucking whore…”

“Slut! Goddamned fucking slut…”

Pulling hair as hard as they could, rubbing clits and cunts vigorously and viciously, Conchita and Martina threw back their heads to groan and scream as their bodies went rigid in powerful simultaneous orgasms.

“FUCK, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!” Martina howled, as her pussy tightened then gushed creamy cum onto Conchita’s pumping fingers. The blonde woman bucked hard, gasping as her body unloaded in a spasm of ecstasy.

“CUNT! FUCKING, FUCKING CUNT!!” Conchita cried, as she felt her cum release in a gush, soaking Martina’s invading fingers and hand.

Both women soaked their shorts as their pussies came again and again, a sudden release of delicious tension that left them gasping for breath. Moaning, Conchita and Martina pushed each other away and rolled apart a few meters. They lay panting on the soft loam, gazing up at the forest canopy, their bodies soaked in sweat, their pussies hot and wet, ejaculate coating the insides of their skin tight shorts and slicking their hot inner thighs.

After a few minutes, Conchita reached down, raised her hips to slide her shorts down over her powerful ass, pointed her legs straight in the air as she slid her shorts up her thighs, then pointed her legs down as she slid them down her calves and off her bare feet. She threw the wet garment aside.

Martina stripped her shorts off her body as well. Now completely nude, the two beautiful Amazons sat on their asses and spun around to face each other, legs spread wide.

This was the first time the women had seen each other completely nude. Their eyes roamed hungrily over the other woman’s luscious body, the body they had already engaged in the most intimate ways. But the battle was just getting started.

Conchita spread her legs wider and began to stroke her beautiful twat, caressing her throbbing, aching clit. The engorged bud twitched with tension. Martina spread her legs and did the same, teasing her pussy lips, before pressing on the thick labia and letting her pulsating, red, thumb-sized clit pop free. The women fixed their ravenous gazes on the other woman’s dripping cunt as they masturbated themselves, preparing their bodies for further erotic combat.

“Let’s settle our little dispute, shall we?” Conchita murmured. Her voice was thick with lust.

“Yes, let’s fuck this out,” Martina replied, her voice equally hoarse.

“First one to cum loses,” Conchita continued, setting the rules. “If we tie, we keep going until one of us gets the other one off first. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Martina said. “The winner gets the land. The loser pulls up all her markers and leaves.”

“Good.” Conchita stopped stroking herself and got to her feet. Martina rose with her. The nude women regarded each from a few meters apart, their eyes taking in every inch of the other’s woman’s luscious, equally perfect body.
The dark-haired and blonde vixens walked up to each other slowly. They pressed their naked bodies together, nipples aligning perfectly, heavy tits crushing and slowly yielding and ballooning out, giving way to the intense pressure. Conchita and Martina slipped their arms around each other’s backs and hugged tight. Their naked bellies rippled, their sweat-soaked navels sucked. Their eyes locked and they touched tongue to tongue, shuddering at the delicious contact and the erotic pleasure that coursed through their bodies, then followed their tongues into their mouths. They closed in a deep, probing kiss, their tongues moving over and under each other, scouring the insides of mouths. Hot spit flowed between them, both women swallowing the other’s discharge, the saliva overflowing, dripping down their chins, falling onto their sweat-glistening mixed cleavage. Their hands stroked and caressed the other woman’s naked body, their kiss deepened and grew even more passionate. They pressed thick, muscled thighs into their rival’s dripping pussy and felt their hot nether mouths suck to the slick flesh. For long minutes, Martina and Conchita stood in the center of the clearing, kissing and pressing their nude bodies tightly, passionately, letting their overwhelming lust build and build.

Finally, they broke the hot, hateful kiss. They pulled their mouths apart and licked up the strands of spit connecting their red lips. They smiled at each other, their eyes feverish with lust and hate.

“Good,” Conchita smiled, nose to nose with her blonde enemy.

“Very good,” Martina agreed. “Let’s fuck, whore.”

Conchita licked Martina’s lips. Slowly, the women released each other and stepped back a couple of meters. Then, as one, they lowered themselves to the jungle floor, sat on their perfect asses, and spread their legs. Leaning back, bracing their bodies with their arms, they slid their asses across the grass, arranging their powerful legs in a scissor, their sopping wet cunts closing on each other like hungry, raging maws, prepared to devour each other.

When their thick pubic hair was just touching, just starting to lace together, when their red, hot slits were perfectly aligned and ready to mate, the women stopped again. They locked eyes and smiled with mutual hatred. They felt the heat pouring off their pudenda into each other. They could see their swollen, aching clits, trembling with sexual tension.

“Oh god, I’m going to enjoy this,” Martina murmured, her eyes bright with fever. “I’ve waited for this for a long time. Now, I’m finally going to destroy your cunt with my pussy.”

“We should have done this long ago,” Conchita agreed. “But when I’m finished with you, you won’t be able to sit for a week. I’m going to turn your fuckmeat into hamburger.”

The vicious, lust-filled women smiled at each other again.
“Let’s find out,” Martina groaned.

Part 2

Conchita and Martina closed the final millimeters separating their luscious cunts. Their thick, outer labia slapped together, blood-engorged lips yielding as the hot flesh mated. Slick pussy lips slid on each other, gliding and sizzling with heat. The women’s fuck slits aligned and parted under the pressure of their mutual thrusts, instantly achieving a strong, wet suction as the flesh met and merged, as their vaginas lined up. Their aching cunts exploded with sexual electricity, filling their bodies, pumping their erogenous zones with fire.

Conchita threw back her head and cried out in pleasure. “Ah, FUCK!!, Yes, yes, yessssss….” she moaned, reveling in the intense pleasure as genitals fused to genitals. She was going to fuck this bitch into oblivion, she was going to make Martina cum inside of her, but first she intended to savor every moment of what promised to be an absolutely delicious fuck.

Martina moaned with ecstasy. “Oh, goddd, yesssssss, YES!!”

It had been a more than a month since she had last crossed clits with another woman and much longer since she had locked up in a fuckfight with a woman who might be her equal. Indeed, the last time was her battle with Inge, months before. Domino, her protégé and the only other woman in the city, besides Conchita, whom Martina considered to be a true challenge, had been abroad for several months. Martina had often considered challenging Conchita in the past, but she had left the Spanish Countess alone out of deference to Domino’s rivalry with Conchita. Now, Martina wished she had done this much, much sooner.

The women ground their juicy pudenda together, their hips and asses flexed and thrust, muscle straining against muscle. They drove themselves as deeply together as they could. They worked their cunts furiously, open slit to open slit, nether mouths sucked and sealed. Hot juices squeezed out of the meaty fuckjoin, traveled down the women’s ass cracks, and leaked onto the ground in a continuous stream. Their pulsing clits rubbed mercilessly, head to head, sending a constant flow of stunning pleasure rippling through the battling women. They braced their voluptuous, muscled bodies with their arms, and fucked relentlessly. Their massive tits bounced exuberantly, sweat spraying with each heavy jolt. Their muscled bellies rippled and flexed as they fought each other from their tightly meshed labia all the way up their vaginas.





“You whore, you fucking, fucking whore!” Conchita gasped.

“Slut! Cuntfucking slut!” Martina groaned, her head thrown back. The blonde’s body shook with pleasure, with the incredible sensations pouring out of her burning cunt, filling her flesh with delicious heat.

Grunting, moaning, gasping, cursing, Martina and Conchita threw all the power of their hips and asses into forcing the other beautiful woman into a submissive orgasm. They fucked viciously, their turgid pussies slick with cunt juice. They shifted their hips and slid between the fork of the other’s legs, locking even more deeply and solidly. Their twats became completely inosculated, their juiced up fuckholes sealed together in an unbreakable, fleshy grip. Each woman wrapped a muscled thigh around the other’s hip to hold themselves in place. Their thick pubic hair intertwined and tangled up, soaked with the pussy juice. Conchita’s dark fur meshed and twined with Martina’s golden fur, creating a thick, coarse mat. Conchita seized Martina’s sweaty thigh for leverage and thrust powerfully, driving herself even harder into her enemy’s cunt. Martina grabbed Conchita’s thigh and pushed back just as hard. Their cunts sucked with even greater force.

Riding and bucking in a fury, their eyes locked in glares of unbearable lust and hate, Martina and Conchita moved as one, penetrating and driving their bodies together with all their strength. The women were soon shaking with pleasure and unreleased sexual tension. Their grunts and cries became louder, harder and more desperate.



The beautiful fuckfighters concentrated on holding back the tidal waves of orgasmic pleasure building in their loins. Conchita reached out, grabbed Martina’s thick blonde hair and pulled savagely. Martina moaned, the aching pain in her head somehow adding to the exquisite pleasure burning up her clit and her cunt. She retaliated, sinking the fingers of her right hand in Conchita’s locks and returned the vicious grip. Pulling their heads back so they both faced the sky, the women’s hips bucked harder, their clits grating. Sweat poured from their lush bodies as the humidity combined with their vigorous exertions to coat their skin in a glistening liquid sheen. Perspiration ran off the tips of their engorged nipples.

“Unnngggh!! You fuck, you fuck….,” Martina gasped.

“Cunt! Fucking whore…,” Conchita replied, her teeth clenched against the pain and intense pleasure wracking her voluptuous body.

They sawed clits together, fucking and fucking, throwing back their heads to scream in pleasure and frustration. Conchita and Martina were desperate to get the other off first, desperate to win this fuck contest. Conchita wished that she had not called for the rule that first to cum would lose. She expected she would fare better in a war of attrition, where they fucked until one could not go on anymore. She knew of Martina’s reputation as a champion sexfighter but she had assumed that she had a strength advantage that would allow her to overwhelm the blonde’s defenses. Instead, she found that her rival’s incredible body was every bit as powerful, every bit as sexually insatiable, and every bit as beautiful as her own. But Conchita was a woman who had to dominate. She would not allow this blonde bitch to win!

Martina had entered the battle with no illusions about Conchita and she was delighted to find that the Spanish countess was as powerful and luscious as she had hoped. Conchita was a fuck machine and Martina was enjoying every moment of their erotic struggle. But she was determined to win. She had experience fighting many women. She was sure that Conchita’s experience was limited to a few. Martina had planned to use her greater experience to her advantage. Now that she was actually locked cunt to cunt and clit to clit with her voluptuous enemy, however, she was finding it hard to think. Her body was overwhelmed with incredible erotic sensations and she could not formulate a strategy beyond fucking Conchita as hard as she was being fucked.

Shifting their hands to the other woman’s sweaty thigh once more, the struggling Amazons resumed their all-out grinding, trying to force too much ecstasy on the other woman for her to take. The fucking went on and on and on. Twenty minutes turned to half an hour turned to an hour. Their screams and shrieks grew louder and more desperate, their groans and grunts betrayed how close they were to the edge. Their bodies trembled with tension, like bows stretched to the breaking point. Yet, somehow, both women held on, holding back the wave, holding back the explosion of orgasmic energy filling them to the brim.

“Cum, you fuck, cum!!” Conchita snarled, her body on the very edge of the cliff. She knew she could not last much longer, she had to get the blonde off now!

“You cum for me, whore!” Martina panted. Her eyes were wild, every inch of skin in her breathtaking body was burning, every muscle was quivering with the need for release. “Cum inside of me!”

The women grabbed each other by the back of the head and pulled their throbbing bodies together. Their massive tits mated, nipple searing to nipple, thick titflesh crushing and molding to titflesh. The shock of pleasure was staggering. Martina and Conchita cried out with choked screams. Their tongues lapped and they sank into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss, their mouths devouring each other.
The women were going insane with lust and pleasure.

They threw everything they had at each other in a final attempt to push the other woman over the edge first.
The women’s cunts clamped on each other, squeezing, squeezing with all their power, contracting all the way from their naked genitals to the depths of their vaginas. Their arms tightened around their bodies. The women broke the kiss in a spray of spit, throwing back their heads to shriek in ecstasy.

“GOD, OH FUCKING GODDDDD!!!” Conchita howled. Her cunt contracted and released, her belly rippling as she pumped her cum into Martina’s steaming body. Her fingers sank into the blonde’s ass, holding the bitch tight as she shuddered through one incredible orgasm after another.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!” Martina shrieked, her body going off in an orgasmic explosion at the same moment as Conchita’s. She almost passed out from the intensity of the pleasure. Her twat pumped cum into Conchita. The women’s cum mixed and flowed, the deliciously hot liquid filling their vaginal canals to the brim. It squeezed out from their locked twats to soak their undulating bellies and hot inner thighs. Their nipples came, clear tit cum ejaculating into both women’s fused-together nipple holes, sending a spasm of ecstasy through their mated tits.

Martina and Conchita clung together, hands on rippling asses, pulling every orgasm they could from each other, their voluptuous bodies melting together in heat and ecstasy. They pumped cum into each other for several minutes. Finally, the pleasure began to lessen and fade. Gasping, the Amazons released each other and fell flat to their backs on the soft ground. Their bodies remained sealed at their cunts, their throbbing clits pulsing. Their bushes were inextricably intertwined and caked with mixed cum. Their bodies were soaked with sweat and cum, their nipples dripped with nipple ejaculate. The women panted, their chests heaved, their tits jiggled with each breath. Their torsos were trapped between the thighs of the other woman.

For some time, Martina and Conchita lay on the forest floor, floating on a cloud of pure bliss, awash in the afterglow of their incredible fuck. The only sounds were their hard breathing. After a time, their breathing slowed and the jungle began to come back to life around them. Finally, Conchita propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her dripping body to Martina. Conchita made no move to separate her body from the blonde’s, at least not yet. She marveled at how much Martina’s body resembled Inge’s luscious form. Conchita had taken in this particular view of her blonde nemesis many times before. Now, she looked down Martina’s sweat-soaked torso to her massive, heaving tits, the woman’s face almost hidden by the meaty mounds on her chest.

Conchita used her pussy to squeeze Martina’s cunt; instantly, she felt the intense answering pressure. The blonde pushed herself up on her elbows, mirroring Conchita’s position, and glared over her tits at her black-haired rival. The women’s eyes locked and they sneered.

“You came first, fuck whore,” Conchita rasped, her throat dry. “You lost.”

“Like fuck I did, cunt licker!” Martina snapped. “I felt your cum all the way up my twat long before I came! You lost!”

Conchita pushed herself all the way up, her arms bracing her lush body. “Fuck you!” she snarled.

Martina pushed herself to a full sitting position. “Fuck you, cunt!”

The women’s heavy tits crushed together, their nipples meeting and burning with intense heat and pleasure. The women gasped and then pushed forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Brown eyes locked to grey. Their tongues came out and lapped at each other. Martina clenched her cunt, squeezing Conchita’s twat in a vise. Conchita immediately replied. For a few seconds, the women’s interlocked pudenda quivered with the tension.

“Alright,” Martina purred. “Let’s call that one a tie. Too close to call.”

“Agreed,” Conchita murmured. Her tongue ran along Martina’s lips. The blonde’s tongue replied for a moment before she continued.

“Let’s eat. Let’s see which of us can suck a clit and eat a pussy better.”

“Agreed,” Conchita replied. “Same rules. Whoever cums first loses. Winner gets it all.”

“Alright. And we can use everything- tongues, fingers, fists, whatever it takes to get the other one off.”


The women were not too anxious to separate. Their tongues and tits played for another few minutes, their nipples burning, their cunts locked and holding on. They kissed, long, deep kisses, filled with hate and the mutual desire to dominate the other. They took turns sucking the other’s sensitive tongue. The beautiful women pulled back their faces, their tongues still touching. They smiled at each other, then braced their arms and slowly, agonizingly pulled their voluptuous bodies apart. Their cunts separated, pulling apart, a thick strand of creamy ejaculate linking their juicy pussy lips. They groaned in concert, in shared pain, as their thick pubic bushes ripped away. Conchita’s black bush was littered with golden hairs; Martina’s blonde bush was dotted with black strands.

Conchita and Martina got on their knees, then immediately stretched out on the ground beside each other, lying on their sides, the head of each woman pointed towards the feet of the other, their faces lined up to the other woman’s succulent twat. Both women raised their upper leg, giving their enemy easy access to their cum-dripping cunt.

Conchita wasted no time. She eagerly buried her face into Martina’s thick blonde bush, inhaling the intoxicating odor, rubbing her face in the wet fur. She wrapped her arms around Martina’s hips and grasped each of the blonde’s hard, round ass cheeks and squeezed, digging her fingers into the taut meat. She separated Martina’s buttocks and ran her tongue up the woman’s cum-soaked slit, tracing up her ass crack to the blonde’s wet anus. She pulled Martina’s ass cheeks even further apart and inserted her tongue into the woman’s asshole. She swirled her pink probe around, then closed her mouth on the puckered orifice and sucked hard. Martina quivered under the assault and bucked in pleasure. Her moans of joy were muffled in Conchita’s cunt.

Martina smiled with delight as she plunged into Conchita’s pussy. She had the utmost confidence in her ability to eat pussy. She had consumed so much of it over the years that she had lost count and knowing how to suck a clit and tease a woman’s genitals was an important part of her sexfighting arsenal. This had been her thought when she suggested the cunt-eating contest and she was delighted that Conchita had fallen into her trap so easily. Now, it was just a matter of outlasting the black-haired bitch.

Even so, she was surprised when Conchita went right for the sensitive flesh of her asshole. It felt unbearably good and she moaned in delight, even as she attacked Conchita with all her skill. Martina spread Conchita’s buttocks and inserted a probing finger up the jungle woman’s ass. Another finger stroked and teased her lower cunt, even as Martina ran her tongue down Conchita’s hot slit. She closed her mouth over Conchita’s pussy and sucked hard, pulling out the thick cum. Her tongue played with the Spanish vixen’s throbbing clit, wrapping around the unbelievably sensitive collection of nerves. Her tongue stroked and teased at the woman’s clit, sending arcs of electricity rippling through the jungle queen’s body. Martina smiled inside as she felt Conchita shake with pleasure, as she felt the woman scream into her own tortured twat.

Conchita sucked Martina’s clit like a cock, using her teeth to lightly scrape at the nerve-rich tool. She delighted in feeling Martina shake and scream, the blonde’s hands sinking like claws into Conchita’s powerful ass as the pleasure took her. The women wrapped their muscled, sweaty thighs around each other’s heads, locking each other in place, and began to roll back and forth on the soft earth, their bodies writhing and wriggling with ecstasy as they ate each other alive, as they consumed each other with passion.

Conchita felt waves of heat and electricity radiating from her genitals and her ass, filling every inch of her body with tension and scalding heat. Martina’s fingers explored her vaginal walls, probed her anus, the blonde’s tongue teased her and inflicted endless pleasure on her throbbing, aching clit. Conchita felt tears streaming from her eyes as her whole body shook with ecstasy. She wanted to just lie back and take the pleasure, take the exquisite agony the blonde was giving to her. But she refused to surrender. She could only focus on doing the same to Martina. Her fingers worked deep into the blonde’s red, sweet cunt, exploring, rubbing the g spot, seeking every other nerve ending to tease and taunt. Her tongue went deep into the woman’s asshole, she sucked at the blonde’s twat like a mouth, she wrapped her lips around the woman’s engorged clit and sucked and hummed and licked, doing all she could to make Martina cum. She took solace in feeling the blonde’s body quiver and shudder. Her tongue felt the woman’s swollen clit twitch and jerk on its own, so taut with tension that it had to explode. But Conchita knew her own clit was twitching with tension too, and she did not know how much longer she could hold out.

Moaning, sobbing, gasping into each other, the beautiful vixens rolled back and forth across the clearing, turning slowly as they ate. The 69 contest went on and on. Martina and Conchita were completely absorbed in each other. Both women were unaware of anything but the other’s steaming cunts and the need to make the other woman cum. The women leaked copious amounts of pussy juice, until their faces were soaked. Both combatants drank the discharge up like water, feasting on each other like starving animals.

Conchita knew that a 69 fight required careful preparation. She had sucked, tongued and fingered Martina to the point that the blonde woman felt her entire lower torso was on fire. Conchita moved to the next stage of her attack. She placed all five fingers of her right hand at Martina’s wet, hot fuck slit and, with a single thrust, shoved all of her fingers and her hand up to her wrist into the woman’s vaginal depths,

“UNNNNGGGGHHH!!” Martina howled into Conchita’s twat. An instant later, Conchita shuddered and bucked as Martina’s entire fist penetrated her and began to twist around and around inside of her tight, hot cunt, stretching her out and filling her with delirious pleasure. Conchita’s fist was already twisting and thrusting inside of Martina. Both women’s powerful vaginas closed around the invading fists like vises, trying to hold them in check.

The women were on their sides, writhing on the ground, still trapped between each other’s legs, but wriggling and bucking in passion. They twisted like fish caught on a hook, their mutual penetration and violation of each other pushing them both to the edge. Throughout the fight, Martina had been amazed at how wonderful Conchita’s caresses, kisses and tonguing of her genitals had felt. Every stroke burned like acid, filling her with aching tension. She was sure this was not due to skill alone. Something that Conchita was doing was making her lose control, was giving her more ecstasy than she could take. Now that they were fisting each other, she felt like a bomb that was about to go off, a dam that was about to break. One more devastatingly erotic attack and she did not think she could hold out.

It was then that Conchita began slapping the blonde’s taut, toned ass like a drum. The shock of pain was followed immediately by pleasure as the black-haired woman massaged and kneaded the toned muscle, before slapping it again and again. Martina moaned and writhed and eagerly returned the attack, slapping Conchita’s thick ass viciously, even as her fist twisted hard inside the jungle queen’s cunt.

But for Martina, it was too little too late. Conchita renewed her attack on the blonde’s clit, sucking it like a lollipop, tonguing it and biting it gently. Martina felt the intense heat that had been radiating from her nether regions for the entire 69 battle suddenly increase exponentially. Everything Conchita had done to her abruptly came together in a rush of pleasure so overpowering she could only pull her mouth from Conchita’s twitching clit, throw back her head, and shriek like a banshee.


Martina’s pussy contracted around Conchita’s fist then exploded with a gusher of cum. Conchita pulled out her fist and immediately clamped her mouth over the erupting cunt, her mouth working as she tried to take in all of the creamy cum spewing out. Martina screamed and writhed, bucking and jerking as her body unloaded its ejaculate onto the face of her hated enemy. She had lost! She had cum first! These thoughts barely registered before Conchita rolled her on her back. Martina writhed and bucked, screaming out. Even in her moment of defeat, she refused to give Conchita a clean victory. Her fist worked inside of Conchita’s twat, she shoved her other fist into the jungle woman’s asshole, and she worked her wrist like a piston. Conchita, intent on devouring Martina, felt the nova explosion of heat envelope her genitals, then shrieked in ecstasy as she came, over and over again.

Both women sealed their mouths over the other’s cunt and drank as much of their enemy’s emissions as they could. Their beautiful bodies shuddered and quaked as they sucked each other dry, their muffled moans and cries of pleasure rising to a peak before slowly abating.

Gasping and crying, Conchita and Martina lay together, sprawled on the ground, Conchita’s face resting on Martina’s wet cunt fur, Martina’s face directly below Conchita’s dripping twat. Finally, Conchita and Martina pulled apart their sweaty thighs and let the other woman go. Conchita rolled off of her supine enemy. Side of by side, panting, flat on their backs, the women let the tremors of sexual ecstasy run through their bodies in the aftermath.

After several minutes, Martina sat up. Conchita sat up to match her. The women’s eyes locked, grey eyes glowing with rage and shame, brown eyes bright with smug triumph. Both women had cum dribbling out of their mouths. They had taken so much ejaculate into their mouths that it was overflowing.

“You bitch!” Martina growled, her voice thick. She had not swallowed the cum. She wanted to give it back to Conchita, in the most humiliating way possible.

“Fuck you, you blonde cunt,” Conchita snarled, her voice distorted. She had held onto the cum too.

Martina threw herself at Conchita. The black-haired beauty opened her arms and eagerly took Martina’s delectable body, their breasts and bellies crushing hard. They fell to the ground. The women’s mouths snapped together and they lustily exchanged and shared the thick goo, sloshing it around, mixing it with their spit, pushing it back and forth with their struggling tongues.

“You cunt!” Martina gasped, momentarily breaking the hate kiss. The women’s lips were connected by thick strands of cum and spit. “I’m going to make you swallow your own filth!”

“I don’t mind, whore,” Conchita purred. “I like the way I taste. I like the way you taste, too.”

“Fucker!” Martina growled, driving her mouth back into Conchita, matching tongue to tongue. They continued to exchange spit and cum for a few more minutes, the fury of their battle still radiating from both women. Finally, they both swallowed the mixture and scoured the insides of the other’s mouth clean.

Martina rolled off of Conchita. The women lay side-by-side, panting.

“I won,” Conchita said, finally. “There’s no doubt about it. You came before I did.”

“Fuck you, twat.”

Martina was seething. Her plan had backfired. Conchita had beaten her, had eaten her cunt, sucked her clit, finger-fucked her and fisted her twat with a skill the blonde society woman had not believed. Even more, her self-control had deserted her. Losing to her rival in a battle she was supposed to win -that she should have won!- was unacceptable! Her pride as a woman would not allow it. She was not going to take this. She sat up abruptly, got to her feet, and turned to Conchita. Before the black-haired jungle goddess had a chance to react, Martina grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Ow! Fuck! Let go, you whore!” Conchita screeched. She stumbled to her feet and grabbed Martina’s wrists, trying to force the woman to release her.

“You dirty little cunt! I don’t know how, but I know you cheated! I’m not letting you get this land!”

“You filthy sow!” Conchita snarled. “You lying, cheating slut!”

Conchita got her hands in Martina’s thick blonde locks and yanked with all her strength. Screaming, snarling like animals in heat, the nude women pulled each other around the clearing, their glistening, powerful bodies straining and twisting, their tits bouncing, their muscles flexing and rippling as they struggled to overpower each other. Their bare feet pounded on the soft earth, kicking up soil and sod.

Finally, Conchita and Martina released each other and pushed away. Panting, their bodies dripping with sweat, the nude women stood a few meters apart, their massive tits heaving on their chests like twin cannonballs, their pussies trickling juice. The physical battle had stoked their sexual furnaces and they were, once more, fully aroused and ready to fuck.

“You’re a dirty, cheating bitch, Martina,” Conchita growled. “I beat you fair and square. But if you won’t accept that, I’ll be happy to beat you into the ground, if that’s what it takes!”

“Fuck you, cunt!” Martina panted. “I’m going to beat your fat ass like a drum!”

Snarling, she launched herself at Conchita. Conchita leaped forward to meet the blonde. The women’s incredible bodies slapped together, their tits met and crushed. They wrapped arms around each other and tried to push the other back. Martina’s lunge gave her a bit more momentum and she succeeded in pushing Conchita back a meter or so. As Conchita dug in her heels to hold back her enemy, her foot caught on the surface root of a nearby tree. She tripped and lost her footing.

Screaming in rage, Martina pushed Conchita back to the edge of the clearing in a rush. With a crack, the women crashed into the trunk of an ancient rubber tree.
Conchita’s body absorbed the full impact. Her head snapped back, whacking the hard surface.

“Unnngghh!” Conchita cried out, instantly stunned.

“You fucker!” Martina shouted. She took advantage of the unexpected situation and snapped her knee deep into the jungle queen’s stomach. Conchita grunted in pain, the air whooshing out of her. As the naked woman doubled over, Martina grabbed Conchita by the hair and pulled her away from the tree, spinning her around and tripping her at the same time. Conchita hit the ground, flat on her back, gasping for breath. Martina was on her instantly, holding Conchita down and slapping her hard in the face five times, each blow more powerful than the last.

The stunned jungle queen lay gasping on the forest floor, drifting on the edge of consciousness. She was slowly coming back to her senses after the vicious assault, but Martina was determined not to give her a chance to recover. Straddling Conchita’s nude body with her own, the blonde vixen smiled cruelly. Her naked pussy rested on Conchita’s lower pubes. She looked down at Conchita, groaning beneath her, the woman’s beautiful tits quivering on her chest.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, Conchita,” Martina growled. “I’m going to fuck you raw.”

“Dirty fucking cunt,” Conchita whispered weakly, but she was too stunned to put up much resistance.

Martina raised herself off of Conchita just enough to pull Conchita’s left leg out and place it on her shoulder, the muscled limb pressing between Martina’s massive tits. The move formed a perfect scissors between the women’s voluptuous bodies. Martina lowered her wet, hot cunt directly into the fork of Conchita’s legs, directly onto Conchita’s juicy pussy. The women’s twats melted together, penetrating each other. Martina moaned in pleasure as the heat of her cunt mixed and merged with the delicious heat radiating out of Conchita’s lush twat, fusing their pussies into one. Their pussy lips squished, the pressure of Martina’s weight spreading and opening their aching fuckholes, creating a powerful, wet suction between their inosculated pudenda. Martina’s swollen clit dived deep into the wet, warm folds of Conchita’s labia, immersed in the heat and tightness of the jungle woman’s fuck trough. Martina moaned as her clit slid through Conchita’s cunt and caressed then crushed into the other woman’s equally engorged clit. Even floating on the edge of consciousness, Conchita cried out as the shock of intense pleasure radiated through her supine body. She bucked, arching her back, driving her clit even harder against the attacking sexhorn.

Martina moaned in ecstasy. She was firmly in the saddle of Conchita’s twat, and she was going to ride this bitch into submission. She thrust hard, churning her hips around and around, grinding and rubbing her pulsing clit into Conchita’s clit with all her strength. She used her right hand to hold Conchita’s leg to her chest. With the other hand, she squeezed and kneaded Conchita’s magnificent tits, mauling the meaty mounds of succulent titflesh, torturing the rock-hard nipples. Conchita’s head tossed back as she moaned in exquisite pleasure, her body defenseless before the onslaught of incredible ecstasy. The jungle woman moved her hips and arched her back, keeping her turgid clit glued to Martina’s attacking sexhorn, her body craving the intense pleasure it was receiving, her semi-conscious mind lost to the erotic sensations.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh fucking God, YESSSsssss….,” Martina chanted as she fucked Conchita mercilessly. Her eyes were closed, her beautiful face lit by a hungry, savage smile as she basked in the exquisite pleasure flowing through every inch of her body, lighting up every nerve with electricity. This was the part of sexfighting she always relished: when her beautiful, voluptuous enemy was helpless beneath her incredible body, the other woman’s body her toy to use and take and violate as she wanted. Conchita’s head thrashed from side to side, she reached up, filled her hands with Martina’s massive tits, and squeezed hard. Martina cried out, the pleasure wracking her body heightened by the taste of pain.

Martina and Conchita pumped powerfully, their hips and asses moving in tandem, fucking and fucking, their shared groans and cries of pleasure growing. Martina could tell from Conchita’s glazed look that the dark-haired bitch was lost to the pleasure, unable to focus on the reason for their mutual fucking. The ecstasy built and built until, finally, Conchita shrieked in bliss. Her cunt contracted, seizing Martina’s twat and squeezing hard. Martina moaned in joy as she felt Conchita’s hot, molten cum flow up into her twat, all the way up her vaginal canal, impregnating her with ecstasy. She squeezed back with her cunt and sucked with her vagina, intent on pulling all of Conchita’s discharge into her body, determined to drain her rival dry. Conchita came again and again, her back bridging, her powerful hips bucking and lifting Martina off the ground, driving their pussies even deeper. Martina rode the other Amazon relentlessly, struggling to hold back her own release of pleasure. Finally, she could not take anymore. Conchita’s cum was filling up her womanhood, burning like erotic acid deep inside of her. It felt so good, so fucking good…

“Ah, God, yes, yes, YEEESSSSS!!,” Martina screamed as she released a gusher of cum, injecting most of it into Conchita, claiming the bitch under her as her own. Martina jerked her hips, every jerk an ejaculation into the jungle woman’s beaten twat. Martina threw back her head and ran her hands over her swollen tits and rigid nipples, then into her hair. Hands combing through her golden hair, she howled in ecstasy and arched her back like a bow, ramming her cunt as hard and deep into Conchita as she could, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, cumming and cumming in a torrent of pleasure.

Finally, Martina’s delicious orgasms abated. Martina looked down at Conchita. The jungle queen had passed out, her conscious mind unable to endure the extreme pleasure their fuckfight had forced on to her. Martina’s voluptuous body trembled. Her tits jiggled with her heaving pants and dripped with sweat and a bit of the nipple ejaculate that the intense pleasure had stimulated. Her skin gleamed. The intersection of the women’s luscious bodies was soaked with cum and their thick bushes were welded together by the creamy ejaculate.

Gasping for breath, Martina released Conchita’s leg. She lowered her head to the unconscious woman’s chest and slowly, reverently, licked each of Conchita’s nipples and areolae, enjoying the taste of sweat and nipple cum. Then she sank her teeth into both hard nubs and bit, hard enough to leave marks. A bit of nipple cum squirted into her mouth and she mixed it with her spit, savoring it, before swallowing it.

Martina sat up, straddling Conchita, pussy to pussy, and massaged the beaten woman’s tits, playing with the dense meat.

“Now, you fucking cunt,” the blonde goddess smiled viciously, “Now we both know who’s the better woman. And this land belongs to me!”

Part 3

Conchita opened her eyes. She looked up at the green canopy of the Amazon jungle, dotted by small breaks in the foliage where she could see the sky. The sky was no longer crystal blue. Instead, it was streaked with grey and red, clear indications that the twilight was fast approaching. So close to the equator, night fell like a dark curtain in the Amazon, and the raven-haired jungle woman realized she must have been unconscious for more than an hour.

Conchita sat up. The back of her head ached and she gingerly touched the small lump that had formed where her head had hit the tree. She vividly remembered what had gotten her to this point. She remembered everything about her fuckwar with Martina, up until after the 69 contest. She remembered she had won that battle -she could still imagine the delicious taste of the blonde’s cum in the back of her throat – but then Martina had attacked her, refusing to accept the outcome of the battle. Things after that became a blur. She realized she had been stunned. She had a dim recollection of being slapped to the edge of unconsciousness by Martina. After that, her most powerful impressions were of intense sexual pleasure wracking her body, overwhelming her senses, until she passed out. Clearly, the blonde bitch had fucked her senseless, just as she had promised she would.

“Fuck,” Conchita murmured. She stood up and checked out her naked body. Her nipples hurt a bit and when she examined them, she found Martina’s teeth marks. The cunt had left her victory mark, claiming Conchita’s body as her own. The jungle queen snarled with rage. She ran her hands over the rest of her magnificent nude body, looking for any other such signs. She was bruised in a few places, there were scratches where Martina had mauled her, and she was sure her ass bore the signs of the blonde’s fingers digging into the firm meat. She stank of Martina’s scent. She was covered in the woman’s sweat and cum, which had mixed with her own emissions to create a unique odor. Conchita hated it. She felt she had been violated and claimed by the blonde cunt in every way possible – fucked into submission, marked as a submissive, even ejaculated on in an act of dominance.

“Fuck,” Conchita repeated. She looked around. She quickly found her clothing, her shirt and shorts, and her weapons. Her pack was where she had dropped it, her boots were by the edge of the clearing, and her hat had landed on a bush bordering the open space. Conchita gathered up her possessions and made a pile in the middle of the clearing. The first thing that she needed to do was to get Martina’s scent off of her body.

There was a small running brook not far away, maybe a hundred meters south. She had passed it earlier, when she was tracking the sound of Martina’s hammer. Naked, armed only with her knife in case she encountered any danger, Conchita went in search of the water. The sky was getting dimmer faster and she needed to move quickly. She found the brook and immersed herself in the cool water, happily washing her voluptuous body clean of all the filth covering it, especially Martina’s stink.

Finally clean, her black hair flat against her head and hanging down her back like a rope, Conchita made her way back to the clearing. She pulled a brush out of her pack and ran it through her hair. When it dried, it would be back to its wild, curly luxuriousness. Her clothing was still damp, not surprising given how long it took anything to dry in the humidity of the jungle. Still, she pulled on her skintight shorts and then slipped on her sleeveless shirt. She did not bother to button it at all but just tied the shirt into a tight, brief halter, high on her chest. It served as a hammock for her perfect, massive tits, which bounced uninhibited behind the thin cloth, the nipples and areolae indenting the material. Conchita stuffed her boots and her hat into her pack and then strapped on her gun belt and fixed her dagger to her thigh. The pain in her head was gone, replaced by a burning, clarifying rage.
That fucking whore had cheated and had left Conchita a beaten piece of cunt on the forest floor. Conchita had never felt more enraged in her life. The humiliation of what Martina had done to her was eating at her like an acid. “If that bitch thinks this is over,” Conchita thought, “she clearly has no idea who she’s dealing with.” Martina had refused to abide by the terms of their agreement. That meant that all other bets were off.

The sky was lit with red and orange. Conchita knew it would be pitch dark in a matter of minutes. But she was not going to let Martina get away with what she had done. Conchita easily found Martina’s trail out of the clearing. It would be difficult to follow in the dark, but she was going to track the cunt back to her camp. Then, they would really settle what had started between them!

Conchita followed the trail, moving as fast as she could, trying to cover as much ground as possible before night set in. She had only traveled a kilometer before the encroaching dark became almost impossible to penetrate. She could make out the indications of Martina’s boot prints in various places, but the going got much slower. Even so, her keen sense of smell had picked out Martina’s distinctive scent and this was her best guide to the blonde whore.

Martina’s trail followed the path left by her steel markers. It made sense that the blonde city woman would use the markers as her guide back to her camp, even though each steel spike was more than a kilometer apart. Conchita also knew that Martina would establish her camp near a source of water. While there were many small brooks and rivulets feeding into the mighty Amazon, this still gave a clue as to where the blonde’s camp would be.

Conchita soon found another marker and then another. She had traveled almost five kilometers, four of them in the dark. Martina’s scent was leading her to the woman, but it was also starting to fade as the winds and other odors began to work at it. Conchita felt she was near her rival, but the scent had almost evaporated. Still, she was absolutely determined that she would find Martina this night, no matter how long it took. After traveling almost six kilometers, Conchita lost Martina’s scent. The wind coming off a nearby tributary was dispersing the odor much faster than before. Conchita climbed a tree to look out at the jungle. Martina’s campsite was probably lit by a fire and maybe lanterns. If she was as close to it as she thought, Conchita should be able to see it from high up.
Sure enough, when she was halfway up the tree trunk, she picked out the glow of a campfire just a few hundred meters away. She climbed higher to get a better fix on the position. Her heart was pounding with excitement and anger. When she was certain of the direction, she scrambled back down the tree and, retrieving her pack, moved quickly through the forest in the direction of the light.

A few minutes later, the light became a clear glimmer in the night. Conchita followed it easily now. A few minutes after that, she was at the edge of a large clearing. In the clearing was a tent, maybe 4 meters by 4 meters. In front of it was a rock-rimmed firepit and inside that a campfire, glowing and crackling in the night. A metal grill was set over the fire and sitting high on the grill, well above the flames, was a large steel bucket. A short camp stool was set in front of the firepit. A structure of three steel rods, two set in the ground and supporting a third rod that stretched between them, formed a kind of laundry rack in front of the tent. A lantern hung off the horizontal rod and at least one other lantern glowed from the inside of the canvas tent. The sound of a nearby running brook obscured most of the noises coming out of the camp, but Martina’s scent was back, powerful and erotic and driving Conchita crazy with lust and hate.

As Conchita watched, she saw the glow from the lantern inside the tent flickering as a body moved back and forth across the light. A few minutes later, Martina emerged from the canvas structure. The blonde woman was wearing the same outfit she had been in before. Her naked torso gleamed in the orange glow of the fire and her deep cleavage caught the play of the shadows, making it look even deeper and emphasizing the size of her incredible tits. She was bare foot. She carried a towel and a hairbrush. For a moment, Conchita wondered if the woman planned to go down to the brook to bathe. Martina placed the brush on a rock beside the firepit and hung the towel over the rod beside the tent door.

Conchita felt the rage inside her flare to full, blazing life. She placed her pack silently on the ground and removed her knife and gun belt. She was about to stand up and walk right into camp to resume her fuckwar with the bitch when Martina began to undress. The blonde goddess untied her shirt and pulled it off her body, freeing her massive, jiggling tits. She hung the shirt on the rack near the door. Next, she slipped the shorts down her legs, wiggling her ass and hips as she pushed the skintight garment down. She stepped out of the shorts, picked them up and hung them beside the shirt.

Completely nude, Martina walked over to the fire and pulled the metal bucket off the grate by its handle. She placed it on the ground and tested the temperature of the water with her finger. Smiling with satisfaction, she pulled up the small stool beside the fire, sat on it, and pulled a sponge and ladle out of the bucket. She placed the ladle on the edge of the firepit and then squeezed out the sponge and began running it over her curvaceous body.

As Conchita watched, her lust blazing hot, Martina gave herself a sponge bath. The soft sponge traced the lush contours of her voluptuous body. From her hiding spot, Conchita picked up a whiff of lavender and realized that the water was perfumed. She barely suppressed a derisive snort, even as part of her appreciated the incongruous luxury the city woman had brought to the jungle.

Martina extended each exquisite golden tanned leg, one at a time, and ran the sponge over her beautiful limbs. She paid special attention to washing off the inside of her thighs. She washed her feet carefully, then stood up from the stool and scrubbed her inner thighs and her pussy again. She dipped the sponge in the hot water and returned to scrubbing her pussy and trying to clean off her thick bush. As Conchita watched, Martina paused, reached into her golden cunt fur, and pulled out a couple of strands of black hair. The blonde woman raised the hair to her nose, sniffed it and smiled. She pulled a few more strands out then placed them, carefully, on a rock beside the fire pit. She took a small twig on the ground and laid it over the pubic hair. It was obvious to Conchita that the blonde intended to keep her pubic hair as a trophy of her victory. Once again, Conchita saw red.

Martina ran the perfumed sponge over her torso, up her gleaming, flat belly, and around and around her massive tits and over her hard nipples, scrubbing them thoroughly. She attached the sponge to a stick that had been leaning on the edge of the firepit and used it to scrub her curving back. She removed the sponge from the stick and ran it over and around her perfect ass. When she was done, she picked up the bucket and carefully poured about a third of the water in it over her head, soaking her hair. She put the bucket back on the ground and used her towel to dry off her hair and then ran it over her voluptuous body. She sat on the stool beside the fire and ran her brush through her long, thick, wet blonde hair.

Finally finished with her nightly ablutions, the nude blonde stood and walked back into the tent, holding her brush. A moment later, she returned with an envelope. She lifted the twig holding down Conchita’s pubic hair and carefully placed each strand inside the envelope. Conchita suspected that the envelope already contained a lot of her hair that had ripped off in Martina’s bush.

Martina hung the towel on the rack outside the tent, then took the shirt and shorts that were already hanging there and immersed them in the bucket. Martina sat on the stool and, for a minute or so, worked the water into the clothing. She pulled the shirt out of the water, wrung it as dry as she could, then hung it back on the pole. She did the same with the pair of shorts. Satisfied, the naked blonde looked around the campsite for anything else that needed to be done. Seeing nothing, she took the bucket of water and poured what was left onto the fire. With a sizzle and a burst of smoke, the fire vanished. The light from the campsite dropped instantly. The lamps glowed brightly. Martina lifted the lamp on the pole outside of the tent and carried it inside. She zipped the tent closed. The light dimmed then went out. As Conchita watched, shadows played on the inner walls of the tent for a moment, then the remaining light dimmed down, almost to nothing. But a very dull glow persisted, even as darkness settled over the forest.

Conchita crouched in the dark, silent and waiting, for several more minutes. Then she stood to her full height. She untied her shirt halter and pulled it off her shoulders, freeing her naked tits. She dropped the shirt to the ground. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her skintight shorts and shimmied them down her hips and thighs, dropping them at her bare feet. She picked up the shirt and shorts and stuffed them into her pack. She took her possessions -the pack, the gun belt and the knife – and made a small pile on the side of the clearing. Nude beneath the burning stars, Conchita walked silently into the camp.

Conchita’s heart was pounding with excitement, her nipples were rigid, forming stiff brown spikes on her engorged tits. Her heavy titmeat throbbed with heat and electricity. Her belly was taut and hot. More than anything, her cunt was on fire. Her huge, stiff clit twitched with sexual excitement and rage, its desire to meet and match itself against Martina’s throbbing clit never greater. Her labia was soaked in cunt juice, and a clear, hot liquid overflowed from her aching pussy and trickled down her inner thighs. Conchita was going to destroy Martina. She was going to mount the blonde’s exquisite body and fuck the whore until she collapsed, until she was consumed by Conchita’s ravenous cunt. Conchita’s dark eyes glowed with lust and rage in the pitch-black jungle night.

The naked woman stopped outside the tent flap. For a minute or two, she listened, her senses straining, trying to catch every nuance of what may be happening inside. Now that she was in the clearing, the noise from the brook shifted and she was able to hear more. Her sensitive ears detected Martina’s deep breathing, but it did not sound to her like the other woman was asleep.

Conchita crouched beside the tent flap and slowly, carefully, pulled up the zipper. It was well-oiled and made very little noise. She slipped into the tent. There was a very dim glow from the lantern, emanating from beneath a large cot set into the far corner of the tent. In the closed space of the tent, the dim light’s partial concealment deepened the shadows, and made it difficult to see on top of the bed. The large cot was sitting beside a field desk and a canvas chair. Across from the cot, on the other side of the tent, was a medium-sized chest. Conchita zipped the tent shut. She stood inside the doorway at her full height, her naked body barely touched by the light, her tits heaving, her breathing growing deeper.

The cot was large, almost the width of a double bed. It was made of a piece of strong fabric stretched taut over a thick wooden frame. It had four legs, making it more solid and stable than ordinary cots. It was covered in a dark blanket, which was draped over a dark figure. The figure stirred. As Conchita watched, Martina sat up in the cot, the light catching the edge of her golden hair, the swell of a massive tit, the point of a swollen nipple. The naked woman swung her feet to the canvas floor and stood up. She reached under the cot and raised the lantern. The tent was illuminated in the dim light.

The nude, perfect women glared at each other across the space. Martina placed the lamp on the small field desk set up beside the cot and turned it up. The glow filled the tent, picking out the details of the women’s luscious bodies.

Hands at their sides, their incredible bodies throbbing with sexual heat and shared lust and hate, Conchita and Martina locked eyes. They thrust their massive tits at each other and placed their hands on their hips, cocking them forward, presenting their genitals.

I’m so delighted you’re here,” Martina purred. “I was hoping you would find the guts to come after me.”

“You won’t be so delighted after I break your cunt and your entire fucking body with my own, slut,” Conchita snarled. She began to move towards Martina, her hips swaying dangerously. Her clit had swollen out of her cunt and was pulsing, aching with the need to fight.

Martina smiled viciously and began to move slowly towards Conchita. “I broke you once, Conchita,” she whispered. “I know my body is more than you can handle. You know it too. But I’ll be happy to match cunts and clits with you for as long as it takes to settle this between us.”

The naked women closed on each other. Conchita’s hands slid along Martina’s smooth, curved hips and around to the small of the blonde’s back. Martina ran her hands over Conchita’s powerful, rounded shoulders, over the sides of the jungle woman’s bulging chest, and then looped her arms under Conchita’s arms and around her upper back. They pulled each other in. The women gasped as their nipples stabbed and fused, followed by their thick titmeat meeting and crushing. Their columnar thighs pushed tight, their naked bellies clapped together. The women tightened their holds and moaned in unison as their nude bodies aligned perfectly, every inch of skin, every curve mated to its counterpart on the other. Martina and Conchita pushed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their eyes gleamed, blazing with heat and lust, rage and hate.

“This time, we fuck until you drop,” Conchita murmured. “No first cum-first lose. We fuck until one of us can’t go on. That’s how we decide who gets the land. That’s how we know who is the better woman.”

“Yes,” Martina whispered. “We fuck each other raw. We keep going until one of us is destroyed. The winner is the woman who crawls out of this tent when it’s over.”

“Yes,” Conchita whispered, her tongue running along Martina’s lips.

“Yes,” Martina acknowledged, her tongue meeting Conchita’s, their mouths opening, their tongues sliding down each other’s lengths into the other woman’s mouth. Their hungry maws closed on each other, their tongues twisted, the women pushed their faces together savagely and moaned deep in their throats as they sealed together in a violent, passionate hate-kiss.

Their hands slid down their bodies to grasp the other woman’s thick, taut ass. Their fingers sank into the firm meat and they pulled closer. Thick cunt bushes crunched tight, the coarse mats of fur tangling and twining. Their swollen clits, twitching with tension and burning with heat, crushed head to head and fused length to length down to their roots. The explosion of ecstasy was so great that Martina and Conchita shrieked into each other’s mouths, their claws sinking into the other’s ass, their bodies trembling and jerking as spasms of pure sexual pleasure rolled through their warring bodies. The women screamed again and again, both refusing to break the kiss, as they forced their clits to rub and grind, forcing shattering shockwaves of raw erotic sensation to suffuse their shuddering bodies.

The fuckfighting women broke the kiss to throw back their heads and scream in ecstasy. They held each other tight, bodies welded together, flesh undulating against flesh, as their clits sparred and rubbed, and twisted together into exquisite knots of unbearable pleasure. Conchita and Martina sobbed, tears running down their beautiful faces, before they locked together, mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue once more, to continue the fuckwar. Cunt juice dripped from between their legs, coating their thighs and calves, forming a slick puddle on the canvas floor of the tent.

The stand-up fuck went on and on, the women fucking and fucking and fucking in the center of the tent, working their voluptuous bodies against each other in a fury. Soon, they were slick with sweat, their smooth skin sliding electrically, lubricating every twitch and thrust. They refused to release the other’s ass, their fingers sunk into the firm flesh. Their bellies kissed, flat to flat, navel sucked to navel. Their thighs rubbed, their swollen tits worked into each other, burning with heat, their nipples seared hole to hole and fused. Their hips jerked and rolled, exchanging microscopic thrusts as they kept their clits glued together in their erotic war, both women striving to get the other off first, to claim first blood in this second round of their fuckwar.

Martina and Conchita groaned and gasped, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Their clits burned and throbbed into each other, when they were not twisting into excruciating knots of pure ecstasy. Cunt juice poured down the women’s thighs, so they were soon fighting in a puddle of cunt lubrication and sweat. Their nipples burned, mashed tight and fused within the firm pillow of their combined titflesh. They kissed hatefully, they licked and bit at sweaty necks and thick shoulders, they warred against each other with every scrap of sexual power they possessed.

Kissing viciously, rubbing and rubbing flesh to flesh, clits twisted into one scintillating, agonizing nerve and radiating pure ecstasy with every thrust, Martina and Conchita felt their erotically overwhelmed bodies arrive at the same place at the same time. They broke their kiss to glare at each other in hatred.

“Oh God, you fuck, you filthy, stinking fuck,” Martina groaned. She could not hold her orgasm back a moment longer.

“Slut! Cunt-fucking, filthy fucking slut,” Conchita hissed. She knew she was about to explode.

Conchita and Martina forced their mouths together, tongues knotting, spit flowing, in a final effort to push the other woman over the side first. Their grips on the other’s ass tightened, they pulled each other in harder, crushing tits, bellies flat, clits grinding and pulling with an intensity that became unbearable.

Conchita and Martina shrieked as one, screaming and screaming into the other’s mouth as their cunts contracted and released, hot cum gushing out like a geyser from both women’s genitals. The cum splattered their thighs and calves and feet as they came again and again. Moaning, gasping the women slowly collapsed to the floor, their legs spreading wide, both determined to keep their clits welded together. Their asses hit the canvas at the same time. The women opened their legs wide and drove their open, aching cunts deep together, their fuckholes spreading, their vulvas clamping on each other and sealing like locked mouths. Conchita and Martina bucked and screamed, their cum now flowing freely within and between their bodies as they ejaculated over and over. They wrapped their legs around each other’s hip, they maintained their firm grips on each other’s asses, and their hips jerked in passion as they pumped cum back and forth. Their clits remained fused together, sending ecstatic jolts through their warring bodies with every heartbeat.

Gasping, teetering on the edge of passing out, the two women’s multi-orgasmic releases slowly abated. They fell flat on their backs, their gasps and moans and pants filling the hot space. Their voluptuous bodies vibrated, the incredible intensity of their mutual fucking almost too much for the beautiful rivals to take.

After some time, Martina pushed herself up on her elbows, then rolled her body away from Conchita. Their cunts separated with a thick popping sound and cum sprayed off of their hot pudenda. Their bushes ripped apart, causing both women to grunt in sudden pain. Martina crawled across the canvas floor to the sturdy cot. She pulled herself up over the lip of the cot and rolled onto the canvas surface. She threw the blanket lying on the cot aside, onto the floor. She sat on her ass and pushed herself to the head of the bed, her back to the tent wall. While she was doing this, Conchita got unsteadily to her feet. She walked to the cot and sat on the edge, then pulled her legs onto the bed and turned around to face Martina. She spread her legs. Martina opened her thighs in reply. The women touched toe to toe, the balls of their feet pressing, holding each other back for a moment. Then they shifted their legs and began to slide down the cot, their cunts advancing on each other, cum-dripping slits lined up, ready to fuck.
Both women gripped the corners of the cot, where the thick wooden legs protruded just slightly above the fabric surface. The rounded nubs of the legs gave solid support. Conchita and Martina paused, their luscious cunts only an inch apart, the heat from their raging genitals warming the women’s inner thighs like a furnace. Their eyes locked. The beautiful women smiled at each other, both eager to get into one another, both determined to fuck the other into oblivion.

“I love fucking you, bitch,” Martina whispered. “You’re a fantastic fuck. And when I break you, when I make you scream in surrender and make you my bitch, it’s going to feel so fucking good.”

“You dirty whore,” Conchita hissed in reply. “You are a good fuckfighter. But I’m more than you can handle. I’m going to leave you a broken, used-up piece of dried cuntmeat when I’m done with you.”

The women smiled. Then, as one, they jerked their hips forward and slammed their cunts together. Hot slit sealed to hot slit, swollen clit crushed to swollen clit. Conchita and Martina threw back their heads and shrieked in pure ecstasy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” Conchita shouted, her body quaking with pleasure.

“CUNT!! YOU FUCKING CUNT!!” Martina screamed, her pussy on fire.

Bracing their powerful bodies, their hands firmly gripping the solid cot posts, the battling women thrust into each other with all their strength. Their cunts flattened and spread against each other with a wet hiss. Liquid labia merged, fuckholes opened and sucked tight under the pressure. Their clits fused from root to stem, clit heads crushed tight, melting into one pulsating nerve, filling the women’s perfect bodies with ecstasy. Their bodies jerked and spasmed, convulsing as the intense pleasure roared through them, as their incredible flesh filled to the breaking point with erotic sensations. Their tits bounced and jerked, synchronized to their thrusting hips.

“God, you fucking, fucking slut…,” Conchita moaned, her eyes shut tight, her mind focused on holding back the tidal wave of pleasure inundating her body.

“Filthy whore, fucking cunt…,” Martina whispered, her beautiful face a rictus of sexual agony as she struggled to bring her raging libido under control.

The women settled into a hard rhythm, fucking and fucking mercilessly, each trying to force the other into a submissive orgasm. They shifted their hips and slid into the forks of the other’s legs, sealing their twats together even more firmly, penetrating even more deeply, fitting together in an unbreakable, meaty bond. Their thick bushes tangled and connected their bucking bodies harder, locking together like velcro pads. Moaning, gasping, screaming and shouting out in pleasure, the powerful women fucked and fucked, driving each other insane with lust.

Martina reached and fondled and squeezed one of Conchita’s massive, bouncing tits, twisting the hard nipple between her fingers. Conchita screamed and immediately replied, kneading Martina’s firm tit, sinking her fingers into the taut flesh and running her palm over the hard nipple. Their manipulation of each other’s tits added another dimension of pleasure to the erotic combat and the two women held on as tightly as they could, fighting back the orgasmic surges.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…,” Martina chanted, the heat from her aroused tit pushing her almost to the breaking point.

“Cunt, cunt, you fucking cunt,” Conchita moaned, her teeth clenched in agony.

Conchita released Martina’s tit and used the same hand to grab the blonde’s hand and pull it off of her breast. The women’s hands pushed at each other for a moment, then Conchita grabbed Martina by the wrist, sliding her grip up to the blonde’s forearm. She leaned back, anchoring herself with Martina’s body, and put even more of her weight on the cunt to cunt intersection. Martina reciprocated the grip and leaned back. The women moaned as they felt the pressure between their genitals increase, as their mutual penetration and fusion became even more intense, more complete. They released their grips on the bed posts and grasped the other woman’s remaining arm. Martina and Conchita arched their backs and worked their hips and asses as they thrust into each other with full weight of their bodies, pulling each other in, grinding hard. The shadows on the walls of the tent merged into one body.

“Unnnngggghhhhh,” Conchita moaned, her body undulating with exertion and trembling with pleasure.

“Mmmmmmnnnnn,” Martina grunted, her body vibrating with sensations.

“Cum, you fuck, cum,” Conchita snarled at her enemy, her body on the verge once more.

“You first, fuckface,” Martina grasped.

Grunting, moaning, gasping, the women’s animal cries of lust and pleasure built to a crescendo. Their bodies bucking furiously, pulling each other in deeply, they shrieked in simultaneous orgasms that rocked them to their cores. Their toes curled, they threw back their heads and shrieked in ecstasy.

“FUCKING GOD, YOU CUNT, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!” Conchita screamed. She fell onto the cot, her back bridging, her hips bucking, as she pumped hot cum into Martina’s eager twat. She continued to hold the blonde’s arms, her fingers digging into the other’s forearms, Martina gripping just as hard.

“BITCH, FUCKING BITCH!!” Martina howled at the same moment. Her belly rippled, her back arched, as she released her cum into her enemy.

The women bucked their hips high as they exchanged shot after shot of creamy cum, ejaculating into each other, shrieking and crying out, their screams combining into one continuous howl. Their bodies were shuddering and shaking, writhing and wriggling, as they fucked each other to the edge of unconsciousness. After some time, the women’s hips fell to the bed. Their grips loosened and their arms fell to their sides. Their tits rose and fell as they struggled to recover their breath. Their lower bodies were streaked with the cum that had forced its way out of their meaty fuck join. Their forms glistened with sweat. Silence settled inside and over the tent, punctuated by the night sounds of the jungle and the occasional cry of a predator finding its prey.

Conchita sat up and looked down their locked bodies at Martina. The blonde did not stir. Conchita pulled herself back, sucking their joined twats apart and breaking the bonds of their twined bushes, scattering pubic hair to the cot surface. The women grunted, but Martina remained supine and unmoving. Conchita got onto her knees and pushed Martina’s thighs apart. Now, Martina reacted. She looked up at Conchita through half-closed eyes and spread her legs wide in welcome and encouragement. She reached for the other woman and groaned in delight as Conchita mounted her body, lined up their dripping cunts, and slid their fuck slits into place. The women shared grunts of pleasure as their bodies mated again, as their cunts sucked and sealed, as their heavy tits crushed. Martina gripped Conchita’s round ass tightly and pulled her in.

Nose to nose, panting with pleasure, the fuckfighting women smiled at each other, their eyes lit with hate and lust. Martina twined her limbs through Conchita’s legs, locking muscle to muscle.

“I’m going to ride you until you pass out, Martina,” Conchita whispered at her foe, her ass and hips moving as she began to thrust.

Martina moved with her, keeping their clits glued together. “I’ll give you your chance on top, then I’m going to ride you, you little fuck,” Martina whispered back. Their sweet breath mixed and their long hair tangled as Conchita’s black locks fell over their faces like a curtain. “We’re not stopping until you accept that I’m the better woman.”

“Then let’s fuck, whore,” Conchita grunted.

“Give it to me, bitch, then I’ll give it to you. We’re just starting….,” Martina growled.

The women’s mouth’s locked, their tongues struggled, and their saliva mixed. Their bodies moved in a hot, undulating wave, flesh flowing into flesh, muscles straining, sweat gleaming. Martina and Conchita went to work on each other, both determined to fuck their enemy into submission.

Part 4

Inge moved through the canopy of the forest, running easily from branch to branch, her bare feet and toes accustomed to finding just the right grip on the uneven surfaces. Occasionally, she leaped out to grasp a hanging vine to swing to a more distant perch. She was far closer to the city than she usually came, but recent developments had drawn her attention. A few days before, she had destroyed a work camp run by Martina Hernandez’s family company. In the aftermath, she had perused documents left in the tent of the camp supervisor that led her to believe that the company was trying to claim this part of the vast jungle for some of its mining and forestry activities. She was here to find out if the company was active in this spot and, if so, to put an end to it. It was mid-afternoon and she had been scouting this area for a few hours. So far, she had not found any signs of industrial activity, but that could just mean they had not started yet.

Inge paused as something surprising caught her eye. A small, single person tent was suspended on a makeshift platform between the branches of a giant rubber tree, high off the ground. A single jungle vine hung down from the tree, dropping past the entrance, providing access to the tent. Inge approached the tent quietly, but quickly determined that it was empty. She slid down the vine, opened the tent flap, and looked inside. There were a few maps and a rolled up sleeping mat. Inge knew instantly that the tent belonged to Conchita. Inge had no difficulty in identifying her rival’s distinct and pleasing scent. She smiled. She had spent enough time with her head buried between Conchita’s legs to recognize that particular musk. But all of the signs indicated that Conchita had not been in the structure for at least a day or so. Inge went in search of her fellow jungle queen. Something could be wrong and it was possible that Conchita’s presence in this part of the forest was linked to Martina’s escapades.

Inge tracked Conchita’s footsteps from the base of the tree, surprised to see that Conchita was wearing heavy boots. As she followed the track, she found the Spanish woman’s various steel markers. She followed Conchita’s trail to a clearing in the jungle. There she found the steel marker of another company – the one owned by Martina Hernandez. Her trained eyes had no difficulty working out what had happened in the clearing. She smiled as she saw all the signs of an epic physical and sexual conflict. Two women had fucked each other senseless in this clearing, only a day before. Inge lowered her nose to the ground and inhaled deeply, picking up the scent of mixed sweat and copious amounts of combined woman cum. She recognized the traces that had emanated from Conchita and the other smell was distinctly that of Martina, a woman with whom Inge had fought a days-long sexual contest. She knew both of these bitches intimately and, given the steel markers, she had no doubt that she knew what they were fighting about.

She could see that the battle had ended with one of the women fucking the other into submission. She was disappointed to see that Martina had walked away victorious, though not surprised. She knew from her own encounters with the blonde bitch just how powerful she was. But she saw the signs that Conchita had followed after Martina, a short time later. Inge had no doubt what she would find when she caught up to the two women.

Inge traced their paths through the jungle, though it was easier to follow Martina, whose skills at moving without leaving a trace, while formidable, were not on the same level as either of the jungle women. After traveling six kilometers through the dense vegetation, Inge found Martina’s tent in a clearing. She paused to listen. She could not hear any sounds coming from it, but it was near a running brook, which obscured any noises. As she approached the tent, Inge came across Conchita’s weapons and pack, all where the Spanish Countess had left them, at the edge of the clearing. Inge proceeded carefully into the camp.

She was soundless on her bare feet. As she stepped out of the forest and into the open space, the slight change in position lessened the sound of the running brook and, for the first time, she was able to hear the deep moans and muffled cries that emanated from inside the tent. Inge’s nipples hardened instantly and her massive tits swelled with heat. Her cunt tightened and grew hot and she felt her clit throb. She smiled. These were sounds she knew well, sounds she relished and that she had made many, many times herself. They were the sounds of two women, fucking each other so deeply and completely, that they could not stop. She could tell the women making the sounds were lost in a mutual delirium of ecstasy.

Inge approached the tent. The door flap was zipped shut. She carefully undid the zipper and slipped inside.

It was hot and humid in the tent, even more than in the hot jungle outside. The air was suffused with the intoxicating scent of sex and sweat and woman cum. Inge stood inside the door and looked down at the delicious tableau laid out before her. Her eyes glowed with intense lust.

Conchita and Martina were lying on the floor of the tent, on a bed of blankets. Their legs were scissored and their powerful, glistening torsos were trapped between the legs of the other woman. Their succulent cunts were locked tight, slotted together, forming a meaty fuckjoint. Their hips moved in a shared rhythm and Inge could see the women’s huge, swollen clits working at each other head to head. Their backs arched as they drove into the other. The women’s hands were clasped, fingers intertwined, just above the erotic intersection of their slowly, powerfully fucking bodies. Their massive tits jiggled in time to their thrusting hips. Their skin gleamed, coated with sweat and cum. Their hair was soaked with sweat. Their heads were thrown back, their eyes closed, the moans emanating from deep in their chests told a story of the exquisite ecstasy they were giving to each other.

It was the early afternoon now. Inge guessed the women had been fucking each other non-stop for nearly twenty four hours, starting from their encounter in the forest, continuing into the night and now much of the day spent in the tent. Their spectacular fuck marathon had not yet decided their rivalry, though she wondered if either of them would be able to claim victory after getting to this point. But it would not matter. Inge had two of her greatest rivals in front of her, at her mercy. She was not about to let them go. After tracking them to this place, she was far, far too aroused for that.
Inge removed her knife in its scabbard from her muscled thigh and placed it on the ground. She removed her tiny bikini bra, that barely constrained her massive tits, and dropped it to the canvas floor. She untied her thong and slid it off her pussy. Naked, her body growing more and more aroused with every passing moment, Inge waited for her opportunity. It had been quite some time since she had last had sex. She planned to satisfy her hunger on the two bitches before her.

As she watched, Conchita and Martina came to another devastating climax. Their hips galloped harder, their cries and shouts of pleasure grew more intense, their hands squeezed tight, fingers digging into the backs of hands. Screaming with pleasure, the women arched their backs and came as one. Their shuddering pussies squeezed, cum spurted from their conjoined fuckmeat, gushing up before splattering down on their trembling abs.

They came two, three times, their powerful hips bucking, their toes curling, their bodies thrashing and shuddering with released tension, muscles straining and twisting, bodies undulating in one long, sinuous mass of beautiful female flesh. Their tits bounced enthusiastically and shot little jets of nipple cum, indicating the intensity of their mutual pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck….,” Conchita moaned. “You bitch,” she gasped, “you fucking bitch…”

“Cunt-licking whore,” Martina returned. “I’ll break you, I swear to God, no matter how long it takes…”

“Why don’t you give me try?” Inge said, announcing her presence.

The voluptuous, sweat-soaked women on the ground started, their eyes snapping open.

“Inge…,” Conchita gasped. She struggled to free herself from Martina’s body, a difficult task as their thick bushes were glued together with dried cum and tangled into a dense mat.

“You bitch,” Martina croaked. “What do you want, fucker?” Martina also pushed herself back from Conchita. The women groaned and gasped as their inosculated cunts separated in a gush of cum and their pussy fur tore apart. Martina noticed that Inge was nude, a sign of her intentions.

“I’m going to fuck you, Martina,” Inge said with a savage grin. “I know what you plan to do to this part of the jungle and I want you to understand you’re going to pay a price for trying this.”

Martina tried to get to her feet, but Inge was on her. The blonde jungle goddess locked hands with Martina, and quickly got her thighs between Martina’s cum-soaked legs, before the Spanish women could close them. Inge put her weight on her hands and pushed Martina’s arms to the sides of her body. Martina arched her back instinctively, giving easier access to her hungry twat. Inge forced the blonde woman’s thighs wider, forcing Martina’s cunt to spread, wet and ready. The Spanish woman’s juicy twat was reddened from the constant friction of the fuckwar with Conchita, but it was still hot and tight. Martina’s glorious clit swelled up from the top of her inner labia, regaining its full thickness and hardness in the face of the new threat.

Inge smiled as she slid her cunt into place on top of its duplicate on Martina. Slick pussy lips crushed and sealed with a wet clap. Martina gasped in pleasure as she felt Inge’s pussy suck and lock with her own. She sucked back, contracting her cunt. using her pussy strength to keep from being dominated. Inge thrust hard, sliding her burning clit the length of Martina’s sopping wet fuck trough, driving her rock-hard clit into the base of Martina’s sturdy clit, before sliding her clit up its enemy and rubbing head to head. Both women screamed, shuddering with the sudden explosion of exquisite pleasure.

“Ah, yes, yes, yessssss…,” Inge moaned, her eyes closed, her red lips curled in a smile of pure erotic joy. She lowered her torso onto Martina, crushing the woman tit to tit, belly to belly. She freed Martina’s hands to pull viciously on the woman’s dense blonde hair. Martina instantly seized Inge’s steadily pumping ass, sinking her fingers into the firm meat, and held on, fucking back as hard as she could.

The women’s mouths locked, their tongues twisting in knots, pushing and thrusting. Inge eagerly dripped her saliva into Martina’s mouth and sucked back spit from the other blonde. Their nipples burned as they grated and rubbed, areolae fused, titmeat mashed and throbbing with electricity.

Beside the fuckfighting blondes, Conchita watched with rapt attention. She sat on her ass, her legs spread. Unconsciously, she started stroking her black-furred pussy and teasing her clit, masturbating as she watched Inge and Martina fuck furiously, their nearly identical bodies flowing into one. Inge was overwhelming her blonde rival, but Martina was fighting back gamely, moving her hips with Inge, thrusting back, keeping their swollen clits glued together. Conchita marveled at how identical the women were. With their golden hair forming a tangled veil over their faces, with their mouths sealed together in a vicious kiss, it was not possible to see the women’s faces. As such, it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Both had the same golden tan, the same yellow hair, the same powerful, muscular, and voluptuous bodies, twined together in an undulating rhythm of luscious flesh. It was like watching twins fuck each other to death and Conchita leaned back to enjoy the delicious spectacle.

Inge and Martina broke their kiss and pressed cheek to cheek, eyes closed, mouths twisted in snarls, gasping and crying out as they rode each other, their powerful bodies bucking and writhing, muscles straining as they fucked mercilessly. Inge was slowly overpowering her blonde rival. She kept her clit glued head to head with Martina’s clit and used the power of gravity and her dominant position to slowly wear down the other blonde. Martina’s clit did not give a millimeter in its hardness, but it could not resist being pushed back, and bearing the incredible pressure as the women’s hips moved subtly, grinding their unbearably sensitive sex nubs in microscopic thrusts. Martina whimpered and groaned as she felt herself ridden into submission, the exhaustion from hours of fucking with Conchita taking their toll on her incredible body. The exquisite pleasure built and built inside of her like a bomb, ticking towards its inevitable explosion. Her body trembled with overwhelming tension. She slapped and clawed at Inge’s perfect, pumping ass, trying anything to at least get the jungle woman off with her, but it was too much.

“God, you FUCKING WHORE!!” Martina shrieked. Her body went rigid as she came again and again. She injected some of her molten cum into Inge’s dominant twat, but much of it soaked the lush intersection of their bodies. Inge lifted her head to look down on Martina as the Spanish woman exploded over and over. Inge smiled at the intense rage and pleasure that raced over the other woman’s beautiful face, enjoying her domination of the blonde beauty almost as much as the intense pleasure building in her loins.

“That’s it, cum for me you cunt, cum for me you bitch,” Inge growled. Now that she had defeated Martina, Inge let herself go. Her ass rippled and her hips bucked as she pumped her cum into Martina’s beaten pussy, filling the woman’s fuckhole to overflowing with her creamy ejaculate.

Martina and Inge clung to each other as they rode out the intense sensations. As Conchita watched, Martina’s expression of agonizing pleasure went slack as she passed out, fucked into unconsciousness.

Inge lay sprawled on top of Martina’s beaten body for a few moments, catching her breath. Her body was dripping sweat and her cunt throbbed with heat and pleasure. Her clit pulsed with her heart. She opened her eyes and glared at Conchita, who was sitting just a meter or so away, masturbating, her eyes half-closed, her gorgeous face a study in self-absorption.

“Now it’s your turn, you black-haired bitch,” Inge purred, pulling herself off of Martina. Sweat dripped from her nipples as she sat up, ripping her blonde bush away from the Spanish blonde’s bush. Inge sat back on her ass and spread her legs, aiming her cum-dripping cunt at Conchita’s open pussy.

“I’m ready and waiting, fucker,” Conchita breathed, bracing her voluptuous body with her hands and thrusting her cunt forward, ready to meet Inge in twat to twat combat.

The jungle queens screamed in concert as their swollen pudenda clapped together. They braced themselves and shoved hard with their hips. Their thick-lipped genitals sealed together with a wet hiss, they opened and spread each other, and their aching clits seared as they jousted and rubbed, grinding head to head. Inge and Conchita threw back their heads and grunted, gasped and howled in ecstasy as they fucked each other mercilessly, both women eager to resume their endless fuckwar.

Inge and Conchita moved in a delicious erotic rhythm, their powerful bodies fitting together like they were made to mate, driving into each other’s cunts like pistons, their clits fused. Their massive tits bounced vigorously, spraying sweat around the tent. Both women’s hands became damp with sweat and began to slip on the canvas floor. Groaning, Inge let her back fall to the floor. She seized one of Conchita’s thighs, held it between her tits, and increased the thrusting of her powerful hips. Conchita reciprocated, fucking back vigorously.

“God, oh god, you whore, you fucking whore,” Conchita moaned, her lower body on fire, her tits throbbing with tension.

“Cunt, you black-haired cunt,” Inge gasped, her eyes shut tight, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she struggled to keep back the tidal wave building in her loins.

“FUCK, OH FUCK!!!” Conchita howled, unable to hold back her explosive climax any longer. Conchita arched her back high as she emptied her cum into Inge’s triumphant pussy. An instant later, screaming in victory, Inge released. The women’s fused bodies bucked and writhed as they fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other, both women reveling in the exquisite pleasure.

For a while, the jungle queens lay between the other’s legs, their genitalia fused, their tits heaving, their voluptuous bodies dripping with sweat. Inge pushed herself up on her elbows. Conchita did the same. They glared at each other over their jiggling tits, down their sweat-streaked bellies.

Inge smiled. “Very nice, bitch. You’re still a good fuck.” She sat up and pulled her body away from Conchita, disengaging their inosculated cunts. Hot cum trickled down to the canvas floor as the women’s bodies pulled apart.

“Fuck you, slut,” Conchita snapped. She pushed herself back and sat up on her ass, getting ready for another attack from her blonde nemesis.

Inge did not attack. She kneeled across from Conchita and gestured at Martina, who was still lying unconscious, sprawled on the blankets littering the floor. “I have a proposal for you,” Inge began. “This cunt is trying to destroy the forest. I’m sure you’re aware of that. Why don’t we put aside our differences for now and teach this bitch a lesson she will never forget?”

Conchita smiled, her beautiful face lit with a cruel smile. Her dark eyes flashed maliciously. “You mean team up to take her on? Two against one?”

“It won’t be much of a battle,” Inge purred. “She might be a match for each of us individually, but she has no chance against both of us together. I think a little bit of …humiliation and subjugation may be good for her.”

Conchita got on her knees and crawled up to Martina, then stretched herself out on one side of the beautiful blonde’s voluptuous body. She ran her hand down Martina’s sweat-damp, smooth belly and ran her fingers through the woman’s thick, wet bush before cupping her hot pussy. “Martina and I were fuckfighting to see who got control of this land. But there are no rules. The winner is who can fuck the other into submission and crawl out of here when it’s done. If you helped me with her, the agreement still applies…”

Inge stretched out on Martina’s other side. The jungle queens smiled at each other, dangerous predatory grins.

“Shall we try a bit of humiliation with this cunt?” Inge murmured, running her finger along the tip of Martina’s thick tit.

“Yes,” Conchita grinned. “Let’s do that.”

Conchita wrapped both of her thick, powerful legs around Martina’s powerful leg; on the other side of the blonde’s body, Inge did the same. Both jungle women looped their lower arms around Martina’s arms and secured the Spanish woman’s limbs under their bodies, effectively immobilizing her while leaving them with one arm free.

Conchita slapped Martina’s face gently. While she tried to wake up the blonde, Inge lowered her head to Martina’s huge tit on her side of the woman’s body and began to lick and chew at the blonde’s flaccid nipple, slowly stirring it back to hardness.

“Wake up, Martina,” Conchita purred. She blew in the woman’s ear.

“Unnnhh?,” Martina moaned. “What…”

Martina’s eyes snapped open as she came back to full awareness with a start. Conchita smiled viciously, enjoying the look of horror in Martina’s eyes as she quickly understood her situation.

“No!” the blonde screamed. “Let go of me, you whores! You fucking cunts!”

Martina flexed her powerful, perfect body, struggling to free herself from the other two women. Her powerful limbs strained, her massive tits jerked, her belly rippled as she writhed, but it was an absolutely futile effort. All three women were equal in strength and lush bodies and two of them were combining their forces against the other.
Conchita and Inge tightened their legs around Martina’s single legs and locked the Spanish blonde in place. Inge bit harder on Martina’s tit, taking as much of the titmeat into her mouth as she could and sinking in her teeth. Conchita rubbed Martina’s clit teasingly, then drove three fingers into the woman’s cunt. At the same moment, she locked her mouth over Martina’s gasping mouth and forced her tongue as far down the woman’s throat as she could. Martina bucked and writhed, but she could not free herself. Conchita spit down Martina’s throat then broke the kiss. Inge immediately replaced her, forcing her tongue into Martina’s mouth. Conchita sucked on Martina’s other tit and simultaneously knifed all the fingers of her hand into the blonde’s twat. She shoved her hand in up to the wrist then balled her fist. Martina bucked furiously as she screamed into Inge’s mouth, but all she could do was accept the brutal fist-fucking she was receiving.

As Conchita reamed her cunt and Inge drove her tongue down Martina’s throat, both jungle women pushed down on Martina’s chest, crushing the blonde’s tits with their own. The three women’s tits rubbed and ground together, their torsos rippled and strained as they fought.

Inge broke the kiss, smiling down at Martina. “We’re going to fuck you raw, you bitch. We’re going to teach you never to make plans for this jungle again.”

“Dirty, fucking whores,” Martina gasped. She spat in Inge and Conchita’s faces. “I’ll fuck you cunts dry, I swear to God!”

“You’re going to be completely dry by the time we’re done with you, fucker,” Conchita breathed into Martina’s ear. She forced her mouth onto Martina’s mouth. Martina eagerly, angrily returned the kiss, fighting back. But she soon lost her concentration as Conchita’s fist twisted deep in her twat and Inge’s mouth fastened on her tit and sucked vigorously at her nipples. Martina moaned in pleasure, unable to resist the intense sensations.

The three women bucked and ground, the two on top taking turns violating Martina’s mouth and cunt, stroking and playing with the blonde’s body. After a half hour, Martina could not take any more. Shrieking in ecstasy, she ejaculated powerfully, her pussy juice spraying out onto Conchita’s hand and arm, her belly undulating as she pumped cum like a fire hose.

“God, oh God…,” Martina cried out, gasping out her pleasure only for a moment before Conchita’s mouth closed over her mouth again.

As Martina lay gasping on the canvas floor, Conchita and Inge exchanged a hot look. Conchita slipped under Martina’s sweat damp, cum-streaked body. She looped one arm over Martina’s left and put her n a half-nelson. From behind, she twined her strong legs over the blonde’s legs and locked, then pulled Martina’s legs apart. Inge climbed onto Martina, mounting the woman. She thrust her aching cunt onto Martina’s glistening, battered fuckmeat, and began pounding and grinding her cunt into the luscious, hot orifice, knotting their clits. Conchita reached around to squeeze and knead one of Martina’s tits with her free hand. Inge used one hand to restrain one of Martina’s arms and sank the fingers of her other hand into the woman’s remaining tit and fucked harder. Martina became the meat in a sex sandwich, her body fucked and ravaged by her two greatest enemies.

After some time of fucking and grinding, Inge threw back her head and grunted, her hips jerking, as she ejaculated into Martina’s gaping cunt. Conchita pulled Martina’s head around and locked her into a kiss. Inge collapsed on top of the other blonde, panting in pleasure.

“My turn on top,” Conchita smiled to her partner. Inge grinned and slipped off Martina’s wet body. Conchita slid out from under Martina and pulled the exhausted woman’s legs apart and placed one of Martina’s thighs on her hip, her other leg over the supine woman’s other thigh. She lowered her cunt into place on Martina’s twat and began grinding and pumping, riding her enemy viciously, enjoying the feeling of Inge’s cum seeping into her pounding cunt. At the same time, Inge sat on Martina’s face, forcing the woman to suck and eat at her sopping twat. Martina moaned weakly, but ate Inge passionately. She jerked her hips, trying to keep moving and grinding back against Conchita’s attack. Inge sat facing Conchita as she rocked her hips, rubbing her cunt into Martina’s face. Conchita and Inge pushed their upper bodies together, grinding their massive tits, kissing passionately, stroking and caressing each other’s luscious bodies as they both enjoyed violating and dominating the woman beneath them. Soon, all three women came in concert, Inge gushing her cum all over Martina’s face and hair, Conchita grunting, hips jerking as she pumped her ejaculate into Martina’s ravaged twat, Martina arching her back and screaming into Inge’s cunt as she pumped her cum back into Conchita.

The hot afternoon turned to sweltering evening turned to humid night. Inside the tent, the odor of sex and cum grew overwhelming, the heat and humidity became almost like a sauna. Conchita turned on lights in the tent. The shadows played on the walls of the tent as the tableau played out, as the jungle women took turns enjoying Martina’s perfect body, as Martina was forced into submissive orgasms over and over again, no matter how much she fought back. At some point, she finally gave up and simply accepted the enormous pleasure that her enemies were fucking out of her.

Vignettes from a long, hot night:

Vignette One: Inge lay stretched out beside Martina and Conchita, her eyes glowing with pleasure as she watched the two Spanish women eat each other in a long, hot 69 contest, Martina on the bottom and Conchita on top. Inge stroked her pussy, readying her clit. Finally, Martina and Conchita came into each other’s faces and swallowed as much of the ejaculate as they could. Conchita collapsed on Martina’s pussy, rubbing her face in the juicy fuckmeat for a moment, before rolling off of the blonde. The moment she did, Inge rolled on top of Martina, mounting her, driving her cunt into Martina’s cunt and locking their genitals. Inge rubbed and writhed, enjoying grinding and rubbing her voluptuous body into Martina’s, reveling in the play of flesh on flesh, of bulging tits crushing bulging tits, of hot belly to sweaty belly. She came hard, grunting and jerking her hips as she released into her blonde foe. Martina came with her, gasping and moaning, too exhausted to do more than ride with the fucking she was receiving. Inge rolled off of Martina, gasping with pleasure. An instant later, Conchita rolled on top of Martina and took Inge’s place, sliding her cunt onto Martina’s twat and grinding viciously into her foe….

Vignette Two: Conchita rode Martina’s face, enjoying the sensations of the woman’s tongue cleaning out her twat, of Martina’s tongue stroking and caressing her burning clit. Conchita was faced down Martina’s body and had the enjoyable and erotic view of Inge eating and sucking Martina’s succulent cunt. Martina’s hands were on Conchita’s hips, holding the dark-haired jungle woman in place as she ate her cunt, even as the intolerable, exquisite pleasure burned up from her nether regions and filled her body with an overpowering orgasm. Martina screamed and bucked as she came into Inge’s face. A moment later, Conchita released and gushed hard onto Martina’s beautiful face and into her mouth, almost choking the Spanish woman on pussy juice. Conchita fell off to the side and lay watching Martina gasp in completion. An instant later, Inge shoved her hand deep into Martina’s aching twat, balled her fist, and began enthusiastically fisting the blonde. Martina shrieked and arched her back high, straining against the sudden pleasure, the incredible violation. Aroused, Conchita threw herself on Martina from the side and eagerly began sucking and chewing at the blonde’s massive, bouncing tits, taut mounds of meat that were already covered in spit and teethmarks. Martina gasped and writhed helplessly as she was ravaged yet again, pumped and devoured to another submissive orgasm…

Vignette Three: Martina and Inge scissored together, their nearly identical golden bodies writhing and bucking, their grunts, groans and moans of incredible pleasure merging and harmonizing as they fucked mercilessly. Both women’s fingers were sunk into the other’s sweaty thigh as they sought leverage to hold them in place as they worked their cunts and clits into each other. Their massive tits bounced with each jerk of their hips. They leaned back and stretched out, grinding powerfully, riding each other up the pleasure curve. Martina screamed as she came again, her molten ejaculate injecting into Inge’s victorious pussy. Moments later, Inge sent it all back as she arched her back in ecstasy and pumped her cum deep into her submissive foe. For a while, the blonde women panted in mutual exhaustion, but Martina could barely move. She felt her body being pulled away from Inge’s body but was too spent to resist. Conchita pulled Martina’s left leg up, pulled the tired limb between her massive breasts and propped the calf on her right shoulder. She pushed her hot, wet cunt into Martina’s yielding fuckmeat.

“Oh god, you fucking whore, you fucking, fucking whore…,” Martina moaned weakly. But still, she felt the fire igniting in her pussy once more as her limitless sexual appetite revived again.

Conchita smiled at Martina, reaching down to fill her hands with both of the blonde’s massive tits.

“This is the price you pay, Martina,” the jungle queen whispered. “This jungle has its defenders and we are going to take the cost of what you’ve tried to do out of your cunt. You’ve already submitted to me more times than I can count and I’m going to keep fucking you until you’re as dry as a bone. You’re going to beg me to stop and beg me not to stop at the same time.”

“Never, you fuck, never, I’ll never surrender….”

“You don’t have to surrender. We all know that you’re beaten. This land is mine. You’ve lost. Don’t forget it.”

“Cunt,” Martina grunted, her voice almost lost. But she moved her hips with Conchita, she undulated her luscious body in ecstasy, until she and Conchita came into each other again and again, their pussies locked and sucking in shared erotic bliss.


The late morning sun glinted on the walls of the tent when the tent flap unzipped from the inside and Inge stepped out. Nude, the blonde jungle goddess carried her knife and bikini in one hand. She walked down to the brook, cupped her hands and took a deep draught of water, before entering the water and immersing herself, washing off the sweat and cum that caked her perfect body. A few minutes later, Conchita joined her. The black-haired countess eagerly quenched her thirst then climbed into the water and enjoyed the coolness on her light chocolate skin. She submerged, letting the water lift the cum and sweat out of her thick black hair.

Conchita and Inge stood in the thigh high water, their hands smoothing back the wet helmets of their hair, and smiled at each other. Inge approached Conchita. The women slipped their hands around naked bodies, they pressed their bulging tits nipple to nipple, and slapped their flat bellies together. They kissed deeply, their tongues twining and twisting. Inge pushed Conchita back and Conchita did not resist. She lay back on the bank of the brook and spread her legs. Inge mounted her. The jungle women’s cunts mated and fused, their clits pressed and sizzled head to head. Their powerful limbs twined sinuously. Their hips jerked and they fucked powerfully until their perfect bodies went stiff in a series of exquisitely pleasurable orgasms.

Sighing, Inge finally rolled off of Conchita. Lying side by side, the nude women floated in the afterglow of their morning sex. Finally, Inge spoke.

“Do you think that bitch got the message?”

“Oh yes. She won’t be able to walk for a week, after what we did to her. I won’t bother putting down any more markers.”

“If you need any more help with her, let me know. I don’t think she’s going to give up that easily.”

Conchita nodded. “Yes. But now that she knows she has both of us to deal with, she may think twice.”

Inge got to her feet and pulled on her bikini. She strapped the knife to her thigh and looked down at her naked rival, turned partner, at least in this moment.

“I enjoyed the night, Conchita,” she purred. “The next time you need to find me, you know where I am.”

With that, the blonde jungle women turned and walked into the dense jungle, her bare feet silent on the forest floor. In a moment, she was gone.

Conchita sighed and got to her feet. She crossed the clearing to find her pack and weapons. She retrieved her clothing from the pack and dressed, pulling on her skin tight shorts, sliding into her sleeveless blouse and tying it into a halter. She hesitated for a moment, then pulled on her boots. She placed her hat firmly on her head. Her pack slung over her shoulder, she returned to the tent, to ensure the entrance was zipped close. She stuck her head in and took one last look at her defeated enemy.

Martina was sprawled on the canvas floor of the tent, her legs wide, her arms thrown out to either side, her naked body shining with sweat and cum. The woman’s voluptuous body presented a delicious erotic temptation. Conchita felt an intense stirring in her loins and nipples and, for a moment, considered stripping down, mounting Martina’s perfect body, and enjoying the woman’s flesh for a few more hours – maybe even the rest of the day. But she decided against it. She did not want Martina’s men coming to find them together. But, even more, she did not want to risk a hard-won victory. Right now, Martina knew exactly where she stood. It was best to leave it this way.

Conchita zipped the tent shut and slipped off into the woods. She would return to her camp, gather up her few supplies, then begin the journey back to the city. She was certain she did not need to complete her mission of marking off her land. This matter was settled. She was equally certain that Martina would find other ways to challenge her. What she and Inge had done to the Spanish woman was a declaration of war and she knew that Martina would take them up on it. If the positions were reversed, she certainly would and she knew that Martina was very much like her in more than just physical appearance. She could not wait for the next time the blonde bitch came for her. They would settle their differences body to body and clit to clit. Conchita shivered in anticipation and smiled.

Epilogue II

Pedro Gonzalez followed a butler through the halls of the Hernandez mansion. It had been two days since his mistress, Martina Hernandez, had returned from her expedition to the Amazon. He had not seen her when she returned home but had been told by some of the servants that the mistress had appeared both exhausted and intensely angry. Evidently, something had happened in the jungle. He wondered if she had encountered the blonde jungle woman who had proven to be such an obstacle to the Hernandez family’s business ventures in the forest.

The butler knocked on the door of Martina’s office then opened the door and ushered him in. Pedro had been with the Hernandez family for many years. He had worked for Martina’s father and had known the young woman his entire life. He had watched her grow from an awkward little girl with a special affinity for the natural world and the wilds of the jungle, into an incredibly beautiful and voluptuous woman who excelled at every physical and business endeavor, and who possessed a dangerous and powerful sexual charisma that many people (Pedro included) found almost overwhelming. Pedro was always nervous when he met with his mistress. Martina was seated behind her desk, her blonde hair pinned back on her head to prevent it from falling over her papers. Pedro had a vague sense that something was different about his mistress, but he was not immediately sure what it was. She looked as gorgeous as ever and, if anything, she was radiating even more sexual power than she usually did. Martina glanced at Pedro, smiled pleasantly, and gestured for him to sit down in the chair across from the big mahogany desk.

“Pedro,” Martina began, “There’s been a change of plans. The territory that I went out to mark, that we’re trying to wrest from the Cortez holding company? Well, we’re going to back off of that. Let’s withdraw the court case.”

“Um, very well, mistress. But, may I ask why? We’ve invested quite a bit of time and money into claiming that land and our surveys have shown it is unusually valuable.”

Martina leaned back in her chair and clasped her hands behind her head, thrusting out her impressive chest. This was a move that Pedro loved, even as it embarrassed him. As Martina’s white blouse stretched tight across the bulging mounds of her breasts, accentuating the size and tautness of her massive tits, Pedro suddenly realized what was different about his mistress. Usually, Martina’s breasts were on prominent display. He had never before seen her wearing a top that did not reveal a great deal of her incredible cleavage. Yet, in this moment, she seemed to be almost hiding her breasts. He wondered why.

“I have very personal reasons for deciding to discontinue this enterprise. Let’s leave it at that.” Pedro nodded. “However, I do have a new assignment for you.”

Martina lifted a folder off of the desk and came around to hand it to Pedro. He took it and examined the papers inside.
“This is a list and some details regarding the Cortez company’s other holdings in the region. I want you to begin proceedings to challenge the claims to ownership on the first property on that list. We are going to systematically work down that list, one at a time. We will begin in court. I will tell you when we will proceed further with each claim.”

Pedro was confused. “Well, mistress, we could make claims on multiple properties at once and save some time.”

“No.” Martina returned to behind the desk and resumed her seat. “I want to do this one at a time. Ms. Cortez and I have worked out a very…personal… way to decide who gets what property.”

Pedro was even more confused, but he did not raise any more question. “Yes, mistress. I’ll get to work on this right away and I’ll stop the court case about the other property.”

“Good. Thanks very much and keep me posted.”

After Pedro left, Martina got up and walked to the French doors leading from her office onto a flag stone terrace. She walked to the edge of the terrace and looked out at the humid, lush jungle beyond. She unbuttoned the front of her blouse and looked down at her lush tits. The many bite marks and red spots that constant friction and carnal abuse had left on her delicious tits were fading and would be gone within a day, but she still did not want people to see what Conchita and Inge had done to her.

Martina felt a flare of heat in her pussy. Her nipples tightened. She buttoned her shirt back up, but left the top three buttons undone. Conchita had made a declaration of sexual warfare. Martina was more than happy to accept the challenge. Conchita and Inge had humiliated her worse than anything else in her life. She was going to pay them back. But, deep inside, her raging libido burned bright and hot. Conchita owned a lot of property around the city. Martina was going to fuckfight her for every single acre. The black-haired bitch had started this war, but Martina was determined to finish it.

The End

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