Kath vs. Kil: A Neverwhere Adventure – Part 1 by JB57

Kath vs. Kil A Neverwhere Adventure by JB57 Sexfight Titfight Story

Part I

The naked woman moved slowly, carefully, up the side of the rock tower. The stone structure rose high over the arid plain, as if carved out of the rocky cliff on which it stood. The ancient stones were slick and smooth, sculpted by age and burnished by the storms and heat of thousands of years. The woman’s bare feet had difficulty finding purchase on the smooth surface. The danger did not dissuade her. Over her years in the realm of Neverwhere, she had trained and honed her magnificent body until her physical strength and skill matched her outward perfection. She had climbed sheer rock surfaces many times as part of her training as a warrior. So long as she was careful, so long as she moved only when she was sure of her grip, she was confident that she would make her way to the top of the stone tower and gain the chamber there. She was carrying a dagger, sheathed in a scabbard, attached to a strap looped over her shoulder and crossing her chest. This was the only weapon she could carry easily.

On another world, her name had been Katherine Wells, but here, in Neverwhere, she usually went by “Kath.” In the year 1892, Katherine had lived in London. She was a writer with some small success. She had left the city and gone for a vacation in the countryside, searching for the time and quiet she needed to write. One evening, she had been out for a walk on the marshes when a will o’the wisp appeared. She followed it to a glowing portal that opened in front of her. The coruscating light called to her, mesmerizing her. Katherine stepped into the light; it enveloped her, warmed her, filled her with a soothing heat. She lost consciousness. When she regained her senses, Katherine found herself in a different world. She was lying on the sandy ground, completely naked. The sun was beating down on her body. She got to her feet, too disoriented, for a moment, to fully comprehend her naked state or to sense the enormous changes in her body, except to register that she seemed full of energy and that her body’s weight and proportions felt wrong. She was in a quarry of some kind; a steep path spiraled out of the quarry to the desert floor above. She was facing a wall of clear, glass-like stone. The stone was shaded, so it took her a moment to detect the movement in the clear surface and another moment to realize that the stone was acting like a mirror. It took yet another moment to realize that the nude beauty staring back at her was herself.

In England, she had been a slight, sickly woman in her late 30s. Now, somehow, she had transformed. She was a perfect specimen of extravagant womanhood. Kath studied her reflection in the mirror-like mineral. She was awed by what she saw. Her nude body was completely hairless, except for the shoulder-length blonde locks atop her head. Her breasts were incredible; thick and heavy, taut and round, topped by coffee-brown nipples and large, perfectly circular areola.. Her torso was magnificent, beautifully muscled, her abs and the muscles running down her hips were tightly defined. Her hips were wide and inviting. Her legs were long and powerful. Her pussy was perfect beyond words, her vulva lips strong and thick, her hairless pubis smooth and tight. Kath felt powerful and beautiful in a raw, primal way she had never felt before.

Kath climbed out of the spiral pit and into a desert landscape. She walked directly into a trap; a troop of ravening trolls was waiting for her. They bound her hand and foot and carried her to the same tower that she was climbing now. There, in a massive throne room, she met the Red Queen for the first time. The Red Queen sat upon a stone throne, wearing a crimson cape and hood. Otherwise, the beautiful woman was totally, magnificently nude. Her body was every bit as spectacular as Kath’s new body. The Englishwoman did not realize it, but the Red Queen was her double, her perfect doppelganger. At the time, Kath only knew that she was confronting an incredible nude woman who seemed to be expecting her. It would be a few years before Kath would learn, with certainty, that the Red Queen had sent the will o’the wisp to entice Kath into the portal and bring her to Neverwhere. The Red woman had been Kath’s enemy long before Kath even knew the other woman existed.

The queen ordered the bound Kath wrapped in a cloth sack. The Red woman and her entourage left the palace, walking across the desert for what seemed liked hours. The queen’s men carried Kath. The small party eventually reached a massive, crumbling temple, containing a stone altar built over a deep pool of fetid water. Kath found that she could understand what the Queen and her men were saying to each other. She soon realized that the queen intended to offer her as a sacrifice to some kind of being that lived in the water. Though Kath did not know it, the queen’s entourage included another human sacrifice, a man , also bound and gagged and wrapped up in a cloth sack.

Standing on the altar over the water, the queen intoned a solemn ritual. The ritual ended. The queen gave an order. Her guards threw the bound, wrapped man into the pool. Kath, lying on the hard, stony altar, heard the splash. She heard the sounds of water boiling, as whatever lived in the murky pool seized its prey. Kath wriggled, desperately trying to free herself. Moments later, she heard a man’s deep voice crying out for the queen to “stop!” and the sounds of physical battle, flesh against flesh. Kath felt a bare foot in her side – she later learned the foot belonged to the queen herself – and, suddenly, she was falling through space. An instant later, she was in the water, choking, drowning, her limbs bound, the wet bag closing around her face, sealing off her air. For long moments, she thrashed in fear, struggling for air, struggling to save herself, aware that, at any moment, some kind of ravenous creature might tear into her flesh. She felt strong hands grab her underwater, she felt herself pulled through the roiling brine. She was passing out, panic and the lack of air robbing her of awareness.

A rush of water, the impact of her voluptuous body on sand, drew her back to consciousness. Someone pulled the bag off her head. She felt the ropes around her ankles and wrists loosen. Someone was untying her. She opened her eyes and beheld a powerfully muscled, nude man. He was completely hairless, from his head to his feet. The next thing that caught her attention was his exposed manhood. She was a 19th century British woman; she was not used to seeing completely naked men in public. This man’s cock was enormous. It hung between his legs like a thick sausage, at least 8 inches of meat. He helped her to her feet. Together, the naked man and woman escaped on the back of a giant bat, a creature scavenging on the edges of the pit in which they had found themselves. The bat deposited them in an oasis a considerable distance from the temple. There, they introduced each other.

The man’s name was Den. They quickly established that they were both from Earth, but from different times. Den had awakened on this world in a new body; he had come across the queen’s entourage marching across the desert, followed it, then intervened after the queen had sacrificed the first victim. He had jumped into the water to save Kath and had managed to find an underwater drain pipe that released them from the pool.

Kath offered her magnificent new body to Den as a reward for his bravery. She was eager to test her new body, to explore her new possibilities. Her sexual appetites powerfully awakened in the presence of the nude man and she felt the overwhelming need to satisfy them. He gladly accepted her offer. They fell into each other’s arms, eagerly rubbing their naked flesh against the other, exploring the other person’s incredible form with hands and tongues, bites and kisses. Soon, Den’s enormous cock had swelled up to a terrifying size and Kath’s naked cunt was as wet as a lake, hungry to devour his massive shaft of meat. Den penetrated her to the hilt, driving into her tight, hot twat with a powerful thrust that spread her, filled her, caused her to shriek in absolute ecstasy. Kath and Den moaned and bucked together in shared pleasure. They fucked hard, for hours, enjoying each other’s magnificent bodies and the power and sexual hunger that came with them.

Den and Kath had been together ever since. They had many adventures, usually together, often apart. Kath explored the new world of Neverwhere, acquiring new confidence and new skills as she went along. She did not want to be bound to any man. She and Den loved each other, though there was an imbalance in their mutual affection, with Den being far more dependent on Kath than the reverse. Yet, no matter how far Kath traveled, she always found her way back to her mate.

Many of their adventures involved conflict with the Red Queen. Kath and Den eventually discovered that the woman’s name was Kil, though they did not learn if she had any connection to Earth. Kath never discovered why she and the other woman looked so much alike, though she did have theories. The Red Queen never stopped trying to seize Kath and use her as a human sacrifice. The Red woman also began her pursuit of Den. Early in their relationship, Kath found that Den and the Red Queen were connected in some way that even he did not understand. The woman’s lust for him was enormous. A number of times, over the years, she had succeeded in capturing him and forcing him to sexually service her.

Kath had been away, traveling for a few weeks. She returned to the home she shared with Den in the floating city of Zegium to discover that Den was missing. Her friends informed her that the queen’s forces had captured Den when he was on an expedition in the desert. Kath immediately left to reclaim her mate. She decided that she was finally going to end the threat of the Red Queen. The woman had been a thorn in the side of both her and Den for too long.

Now, Kath found herself clinging precariously to the outer wall of the Queen’s tower. At the top of the rock structure was the queen’s bed chamber. Kath had no doubt that was where she would find the Red Queen and Den.

When she was 5 or 6 meters from the top of the tower, Kath began to hear sounds coming from the chamber, traveling clearly in the still evening air. Groans and gasps, moans and cries of pleasure, reached her ears. Most of the sounds were distinctly feminine, but she could also hear the occasional deep moan of a masculine voice. She immediately recognized Den’s voice; she had heard those exact moans many times when they were locked together in sex, their firm bodies writhing and slapping, their hips jerking and thrusting, their limbs twined and locked. The sounds of intense sex coming from the chamber above aroused Kath, even as they fed her rage. She had to resist quickening her pace; she needed to make sure that her anger did not make her careless. The last thing she needed was to lose her life because of jealous anger. She forced herself to slow down. She used her anger to fuel her determination to get to the top.

It took her another 15 minutes, but she reached the edge of one of the huge windows ringing the chamber. All of the windows were open to the air; there was no glass. She climbed carefully onto the ledge, being sure not to let her dagger scrape on the rock surface and give away her presence. She slipped into the massive bed chamber as quietly as possible. Only when she was safely crouched on the floor inside the window did she pause to get her bearings.

The chamber was huge, a massive circle with enormous windows ringing the entire room, looking out onto the surrounding desert in all directions. There was a door at the far end of the room; Kath noted that a bolt was thrown into place, barring unwanted entry. The floor of the room was solid stone, but covered in a variety of furs and rugs. In the center of the room was a large firepit. The fire was dead, but the coals were glowing with heat, warming the room and casting a gentle orange light. A huge, circular bed was directly adjacent to the firepit, halfway across the room from where Kath had entered, giving her a sideview of the bed.

Two figures were on the bed. One was Den. He was tied to the support posts, spread out like an “X,” his ankles and wrists secured to the massive wooden bedframe by strong ropes. Straddling him, fully impaled on his enormous cock, was a gorgeous, naked woman, the Red Queen. Her hands were on Den’s muscled chest, her hips and ass were moving, slow and hard, as she rode her prisoner’s monstrous shaft. The woman’s short blonde hair bobbed, her massive, perfect tits bounced deliciously, as she moved up and down on the man’s enormous prick. Kath could see that the woman’s belly was rippling, a sure sign that she was using her deep vaginal muscles to work and massage Den’s rock-hard shaft. Sweat and other womanly secretions dripped from the tips of the Red woman’s engorged, erect nipples. The woman’s eyes were closed, her head was thrown back, her beautiful face wore an expression of ecstatic pleasure. She was moaning, her cries of pleasure growing louder and more insistent, heralding the arrival of a powerful orgasm. Under her, Den was groaning in erotic agony, trying to resist the incredible pleasure that the woman was giving to him. Suddenly, he cried out, a choking groan of raw pleasure. He clenched his teeth, moaned loudly, then went stiff with a powerful orgasmic release, his hips jerking spasmodically. The woman riding him screamed out in ecstasy, reached up to run her hands over her spurting breasts and through her hair, and jerked her hips as she came in concert with her reluctant lover. For almost two minutes, the two incredible figures on the bed convulsed in unison, their bodies going stiff with pleasure then releasing, again and again. The smell of sex, of hot cum and slick sweat, came wafting to Kath across the room. She inhaled it deeply and immediately felt her body burn even hotter, responding both to the hormones she was taking in as well as the erotic tableau on the bed.

“Ahhhh, that was so good,” the queen purred, stretching her fingers over Den’s pectoral muscles and squeezing, sinking her fingers into the firm flesh. “You’re such a good fuck, my love.”

“I am not yours, Kil,” Den grunted, using the queen’s name. “I love Kath. Let me go!”

“Hmmmm,” the queen smiled. She lay down on Den, pressing her thick, huge tits into his bare chest, rubbing her breasts around and around on Den’s meaty pectorals. Involuntarily, the man groaned as Kil’s hard nipples ground into his skin. The queen sat up. Her belly began to ripple again. “Can Kath do this to you, my beautiful buck?” she grinned.

Den moaned, his cry a gasp of sexual agony. He was fighting enormous pleasure. Whatever the queen was doing to his cock with her pussy was more than he could stand. He found himself getting as hard a rock, once again.

“I’ll do things to you that you can’t imagine, my love,” the queen promised, her eyes glowing with lust. “When I’m done with you, you won’t remember that woman’s name. The only name you’ll be screaming will be mine!”

Kath unsheathed her dagger from its scabbard and slipped the scabbard and its belt from around her neck, lowering them to the floor beside the window. Carrying only the dagger, she tiptoed across the room, moving silently on her bare feet, moving slowly, keeping just out the queen’s line of sight. The bed was huge; to get at the queen, she needed to crawl up on the padding. She moved into place, behind the queen. The incredibly erotic scent of cum and sweat was much more intense. The queen was working her ass, moving her hips, trying to get Den back into full erection, when Kath reached around and placed the point of the dagger on the woman’s throat, just under her jaw. With her free hand, Kath grabbed Kil’s hair and jerked her head back. The queen froze instantly, with a sudden, startled intake of breath. Kath pressed her naked body into the nude woman’s back. Her thick nipples throbbed with tension.

“Get your dirty cunt off of my man, you fucking whore,” Kath breathed into the other beautiful blonde’s ear.

“Kath!” Den cried out, in happy surprise.

“I’ll be right with you, lover,” Kath murmured, keeping her voice low. She did not know if there were guards outside the door, who might come rushing in. “First, I’m going to deal with this whore.”

Kath turned her attention back to the queen. The woman was a powerful sorceress; Kath was not going to give her any chance to use her magics. “Back off of Den. Do it slowly, cunt. If I see the slightest twitch, the slightest sign of magic, I’m going to slice your throat open.”

Slowly, the queen rose up, lifting her cunt off of Den’s body. His massive shaft sucked free of her tight, hot pussy. A gush of cum and cunt juice ran onto his cock and splashed onto his belly from the queen’s overloaded twat. A thick strand of semen connected the tip of his cock to the queen’s sopping cunt. It broke as they moved apart. The woman retreated slowly, Kath’s dagger pricking her throat. Kath led her captive, slowly backing off the padding, until they were both standing on the fur rug at the foot of the bed. The queen stood with her back to Kath, her arms at her side. She made no sudden moves.

“Turn around,” Kath said.

The Red Queen turned around, Kath’s sharp dagger dictating her speed. The two beautiful women glared at each other, both immediately conscious of how similar they were. Except for the length of their hair, Kath’s blonde locks a bit longer, the women were virtually identical in every other way. They could easily be twin sisters.

Kath lowered the dagger from the queen’s throat to her chest. She pushed the point into the spot just above the woman’s heart, directly between the queen’s taut, meaty tits, which hung and quivered on her chest like juicy melons.

“I’m tired of you taking my man and threatening me, you bitch,” Kath breathed. “This is the last time you’ll ever bother us.” She pressed harder with the dagger, eliciting a gasp from the gorgeous woman opposite her. “You’re going to swear on your dark gods to never bother us again, or I’m going to shove this thing into you until it comes out the other side.”

“I can swear such an oath,” the queen replied, her voice silky. “But before I do, I want you to consider something.”

“What is that?” Kath shifted impatiently. Her body was getting hot and horny and she desperately wanted Den’s cock up between her legs. She had already decided she was going to tie the queen up and make the bitch watch Den fuck her, to get back at the woman for what she had forced Kath to watch.

“From now on, every time Den shoves his prick up your dirty little twat, he’ll be thinking of me.”

“What do you mean?” Kath asked sharply.

“I’ve done things to him…I’ve given him pleasure with my cunt and my body… that you can’t begin to match. He’s going to fuck you, but he’s always going to know what he’s missing. He’s going to know that he could be getting it much, much better from me. When he fucks you, he will be dreaming of my pussy.”

Kath barely restrained herself from shoving the point of the blade deep into the queen’s chest. “You bitch,” Kath snarled. “Are you saying you’re a better fuck that I am?”

“Oh, you know that I am, little whore,” the queen snapped back. “You’ve got a good body, but I’ve got experience and practice that you won’t have in a million years. I can do things with my pussy that you’ve never even imagined. Your cunt is no match for mine and we both know it.”

Kath glared at her doppelganger, rage burning in her eyes. She knew that the other woman had caught her. In the future, even if Den assured her that she was a better fuck than this Red bitch, she knew that she could not be certain. Kath was confident in her sexual power and abilities. It was true that she had far fewer sexual partners than the Red sorceress. But she and Den had fucked each other relentlessly since the day they had met, and they were both sexually inexhaustible. They had tried everything they could think of on each other and she was sure that what she lacked in variety of partners she made up for in practice. But Kath knew that the doubt would dog her forever, that it could destroy her relationship with Den, unless she knew for certain if she or the queen was the better fuck. She knew that there was only one way to settle this question. As the thought of what she had to do entered her mind, her body seemed to explode with sexual desire. Her juicy cunt lubricated powerfully, her nipples swelled to fleshy spikes, her massive tits grew thicker, hotter, and started to throb with every beat of her quickening heart.

“Let’s just see who has the better cunt,” Kath said to the queen, her voice low and dangerous. “We settle this woman to woman, you whore,” she continued. “Cunt to cunt. Tit to tit. Clit to clit. We fuckfight until we both know.”

The queen’s eyes burned with excitement and desire. She licked her lips, her hunger radiating off of her in waves. As Kath watched, the other woman’s already aroused body grew even hornier. Her tits swelled up before Kath’s eyes; the queen’s nipples became throbbing spikes. She saw the trickle of lubrication run down the Red woman’s inner thighs.

“Yes,” the Red Queen panted, her voice quivering with excitement. “Yes, we must fuck each other raw, to see who has the better cunt.”

“No sorcery,” Kath said. Her dagger was still pressed into Kil’s chest. “You do this without cheating.”

The queen snorted. “Why would I cheat, little bitch? I don’t need sorcery to beat you. And if I did use sorcery, I would know that I cheated. That would hardly be a satisfying victory.”

“No sorcery,” Kath insisted. “Swear it, on your gods.”

Kil smiled lazily. She knew that she had Kath exactly where she wanted her. “I swear to use no sorcery when we fuckfight. I swear it on the deepest, darkest gods of my faith.”

Kath pressed the dagger into Kil’s chest again. “We fuck until one of us submits or can’t go on. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” the queen replied. She continued “If you win, you can leave here with Den and I’ll never bother you again. But if I win, then you leave Den. You won’t deserve him.”

Kath hesitated, but only for a moment. She knew that if she lost this fight, she would not be able to stay with Den anyway. Her pride as a woman would not allow it.“I agree.”

“Kath, no!” Den shouted. He had been watching the entire exchange from the bed. His enormous cock had already swelled back up to full size. “You have nothing to prove! You are the better fuck! I swear to the gods!”

The queen gave him a nasty smirk. Kath smiled at him. “I’m sorry, my love, but I need to know that for myself.”

Den genuinely feared for his lover. He knew from experience exactly how much pleasure could be found between the legs of the Red Queen, the amazing things she could do with her pussy, with her body. But he also knew, intimately, of Kath’s incredible sexual talents. He honestly did not know which of the women was more skilled or who had given him more pleasure. He had no idea which of these two incredibly voluptuous and erotic women was the more powerful sexual warrior. He knew that, if the women were as evenly matched as he feared, this battle could easily go against the woman he loved. But he also understood why Kath needed to match her body against that of the queen and meet the woman clit to clit.

“We are agreed, then?” the queen asked. “We fuckfight. The woman who can make the other submit or who can overpower the pussy of the other is the winner. If I win, you leave Den; if you win, you take him and I bother you no more.”

Slowly, Kath nodded. “Yes,” she said, her voice a low, throaty growl. Her body was burning, throbbing in all of her erogenous zones. She lowered the knife from between the queen’s breasts. With a flick of her wrist, she threw it away. It clattered on the stone floor and slid under the bed.

The nude women glared at each other, just an arm’s length apart. Their eyes locked. They waited, letting the tension between them build, letting their incredible, voluptuous bodies grow more and more aroused with the building anticipation. Their massive tits heaved as their breath grew faster, deeper. Their nipples ached with tension. Their pussies burned with desire and grew wet and began dripping cunt juice to the fur rug at their feet. Their naked cuntlips engorged with blood and heat. Both women glanced down and saw the other’s thick, hot clit swelling up from the other’s smooth, pulsating cunt.

Kath felt the butterflies in her stomach. She was putting everything on the line. The future depended on her ability to give this woman, her hated enemy, more sexual pleasure than the woman’s incredible body could bear. But it also depended on Kath’s ability to resist raw ecstasy, to take everything the queen could give to her and still, somehow, be able to walk away – or even crawl away- when it was all over. She had never had a fuckfight before but, if she was honest with herself, she knew that she had fantasized about this moment from the first time she had seen the queen. The Red Queen had always presented a sexual challenge to her. She was a woman who was identical to Kath, whose body was just as magnificent, who possessed enormous self-confidence and incredible sexual power. She was a woman who was constantly challenging and belittling Kath’s sexuality by trying to take Kath’s man for herself. She realized that she and the queen had been working towards this confrontation for years. They had been circling each other like two sexual predators, aching for a battle to decide which of them was the more powerful animal. Now, finally, they were going to decide their unspoken rivalry.

Very similar thoughts were racing through the mind of Kil, the Red Queen. Now that she was standing mere feet away from Kath’s magnificent, naked body, preparing to meet the blonde bitch in a fuck to the finish, she realized that this was something she had always wanted, something she had been goading Kath towards, for years. The way her body was reacting, the incredible lust and tension boiling inside of her, told her that this was something she had anticipated, desired, craved for a very long time. She realized she had to prove, to herself, to Den, to Kath, that she was the superior woman, that her body, her sexual power, was greater. She could not tolerate the challenge posed to her by Kath’s body, by Kath’s very existence, by the fact that Kath was her twin, by what that implied about Kath’s sexuality and desirability. She had brought Kath to Neverwhere to sacrifice her to the dark gods. Now, she wondered if she had really brought the woman here to be her rival, to challenge her, to be her greatest conquest.

“I’m going to destroy you, you fucking whore,” Kil breathed. She stepped forward, reaching for Kath.

“I’m going to fuck you dry, you cunt,” Kath replied, sliding her hands onto the queen’s smooth hips, slipping her arms around the woman’s narrow, muscled waist. “I’m going to make you beg me to stop.”

The queen slipped her hands under Kath’s arms, grasping the other woman’s upper back.The women pulled each other in, both aiming their burning, throbbing nipples directly at each other. They were panting in heat and excitement.

“I’m going to make you beg me not to stop, cuntlicker,” the queen gasped.

The gorgeous, naked women’s rock-hard nipples came together. Instantly, their milk holes latched to each other, forming a burning suction. A bolt of erotic electricity arced through the mating women, filling their throbbing tits with heat before pouring down their bellies and into their enflamed pussies. Kath and Kil shrieked in unison, both women completely unprepared for the unbelievable sexual pleasure that came with this first contact. Simultaneously, their pussies contracted, then gushed, spraying cunt juice all over the other woman’s lower body, coating their own thighs with wetness, wetting the fur rug.

“Aaaaahhhhh,”Kath cried out, stunned at the pleasure.

“Unnnnngggghhh,” the queen screamed, her head jerking back with the sudden shock.

The women struggled to bring their voluptuous bodies under control. Gritting their teeth, pressing their beautiful faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, they glared into the other’s blue eyes, their emotions caught between intense hatred and incredible lust for the other woman.

“Fucking cunt,” Kath whispered viciously at her fuck rival.

“Dirty twat,” Kil replied, her eyes burning with lust.

The women gathered themselves, grabbed each other by the shoulders and pulled each other in. Their massive tits were already compressed between their upper arms as they came together; both women thrust out with their powerful chests, ramming their massive, meaty mounds of tit together with all the force they could muster. They screamed in mutual rage and pleasure as their nipples crushed each other back into their dense tits, as their areola sizzled and burned with electricity as they fused together. Their titmeat mashed, the taut, dense flesh resisting and throbbing with sensuality as each pair of boobs struggled for sexual supremacy. The women wrapped their arms around each other’s backs and squeezed with all their strength, trying to crush the other woman’s tits flat, trying to squash the other woman’s perfect breasts into her chest. Instead, their incredible tits compacted into tight, pulsing balls of meat that resisted further compression. The women gasped and snarled at each other as they rolled their backs, grinding and grinding their tits into each other, struggling to wear each other down. They struggled to inflict more pleasure on the other woman than she could bear, but they also desired to take the pleasure the other was giving. Their tits grew slick with sweat and the clear, lubricating liquid that managed to squeeze out from their interlocked nipples. The women rested cheek to cheek as they gasped and snarled. Kath bit into Kil’s shoulder; the queen nibbled and bit at Kath’s neck. Their bites of lust and hate soon led them to glare at each other nose to nose. Their tongues lashed out and stroked each other. With a crying moan the women’s tongues tangled, then their mouths sealed and locked on each other. They groaned deep in their throats as their spitty tongues twisted into a knot, as they pushed and shoved and scoured the other woman’s mouth. Kath and Kil sucked back each other’s spit, but it was not long before drool began to overflow from their mouths, drip down their chins, and string down to their struggling cleavages.

The women’s tits wrestled for supremacy, each delicious mound of titmeat grinding and sliding and rippling against its counterpart. The women’s nipples remained locked, burning and throbbing, the center around which their dense meat rippled and surged. The women’s erotic moaning, stifled within their locked mouths, grew louder and louder as they titfucked their way up the pleasure curve. Their burning chests fed heat directly into their twitching clits, their fat, wet pussylips. Every tit to tit thrust fed the fire between their legs, fed their bodies’ need to fuck and fight.

Kath reached up and pulled hard on Kil’s hair, pulling the queen out of their kiss. The queen snarled, and yanked hard at Kath’s long hair, causing the other woman to grunt in pain. The pain seasoned and intensified the immense pleasure the women were inflicting on each other. Their bare bellies slapped and slid, their deep, narrow navels sucked and released. They felt the incredible heat between their legs, they sensed the waves of heat, of erotic power, radiating off the other woman’s engorged clit.

Kath slipped her hands down Kil’s sweaty back and seized the queen’s round, rippling ass. She instantly felt the queen’s hands on her ass, the woman’s powerful fingers sinking into Kath’s firm, flexing muscle. The women spread their legs a bit more, and tilted their pelvises forward. They locked their mouths together again, tongues twisting and shoving, struggling for dominance within their hungry maws. Their naked flesh rubbed and writhed against each other, both women almost crazy with lust, with the desire to mate and merge their naked bodies completely.

Kath and Kil brought their swollen, rock-hard clits together. The sex nubs licked and slid along each other, sending a shockwave of unbearable ecstasy roaring through the battling women. Kath and Kil shrieked into each other’s locked mouths. Their bodies shuddered, they both began to silently cry as the intensity of the erotic contact pushed both women to the edge of orgasm. Their hungry, aching cunts gushed again, spraying each other, spraying their inner thighs. Quivering, shuddering, the women brought their clits back together again, slowly corkscrewing the incredibly sensitive nerves, wrapping them together, fencing with them, their hips moving in microscopic thrusts, their asses flexing and thrusting in tiny, hard movements, as clit rubbed and ground on clit. The women screamed and screamed into their locked mouths, their faces wet with tears of unbearable pleasure as they fucked on and on.

Kath had never felt anything like this in her life. All of the delightful sexual pleasure she and Den had given to each other could not compare with the delicious agony of rubbing the most exquisitely sensitive part of her body into its counterpart on her enemy’s body. The women were destroying each other with sheer ecstasy, they were torturing each other with pleasure, and neither wanted it to end. Hands firmly fixed to each other’s rippling asses, bare feet firmly planted, mouths locked, tits crushed and throbbing, grinding together, nipples burning and sucking, bare bellies slapping and sliding, the women fought clit to clit, forcing unbearable erotic sensations on each other. Their tongues licked and lapped in imitation of the battle going on between their legs, with other mouths and tongues. Cunt juice poured down their legs. Their erotic moaning grew louder, deeper, more desperate. Their perfect, sex-saturated bodies quaked with barely-contained erotic power. Both women were lost on a sea of animal lust; both wished to completely devour the other. Dimly, lost in the haze of raw, pure pleasure, Kath realized it was possible that she and Kil could fuck each other to death.

The women fucked and fucked and fucked, their powerful bodies surging and shuddering, slicked with sweat and shining in the orange glow of the firepit. From the bed, Den watched his lover and his would-be mistress fuck each other senseless, so lost in the ecstasy of the fuckfight that they were unaware of anything but the body of the other woman striving against their own. Den’s erection was enormous; the tip of his shaft glistened with pre-cum. He had not seen anything so erotic in his life. The scents and sounds of the women’s battle, the appealing aroma of hot pussy, the wet sound of flesh slapping and sucking, the deep moans of indescribable pleasure, fed his arousal.

For more than an hour, Kath and Kil fucked each other mercilessly, their powerful, perfect bodies quivering on the edge of an orgasmic explosion greater than anything either woman had ever felt. They were both crying openly, constantly, tears of pleasure streaming down their faces. Their need for breath forced them to break their sucking kiss. Cheek to cheek, panting hard, they sobbed uncontrollably, continuing to work their clits against each other. Their sex nubs felt like they were ten times bigger than they were, their breasts felt like they had merged into one throbbing flesh, their bodies felt like they were flowing in and out of each other, voluptuous flesh merging and melting.

The women were on the edge of devastating orgasmic release. Kath knew she could not contain this unbelievable pleasure much longer. She pulled her face back and rested nose to nose, lip to lip, with Kil. The women touched tongues, then sank into another deep, passionate kiss, another fight for domination.

They broke the kiss at the same moment, throwing back their heads, spit flying, their beautiful faces masks of sexual agony. Both women tightened their grips on the other woman’s ass, pulling their rival in even tighter.

“Oh gods, you whore, you fucking whore!” Kath moaned, almost screamed. She knew she could not last a moment longer. She was going to lose this opening battle in this fuckwar.

“You cunt! You filthy cunt!” the queen screamed. She clenched her teeth in agony.

At exactly the same instant, the beautiful women shrieked and erupted in powerful, simultaneous orgasms that rocked them to the very core of their beings. Their pussies gushed, spraying hot cum like fire hoses; soaking their battling cunts, drowning their quims in ejaculate. Their massive tits ejaculated powerfully, directly into each other, their gooey nipple cum squirting out from between their massive, mashed cleavage when the pressure became too great. They bucked their hips, slamming their cunts, slapping their bellies together, screaming and sobbing as they kept grinding their clits, kept fucking wave after wave of orgasms out of each other. Sobbing, gasping, they slowly fell to their knees, clinging to each other as their perfect bodies shuddered in orgasmic release.

The queen suddenly surged forward, grabbing Kath’s hair, pulling on it, overbalancing the blonde beauty just enough to slowly push her onto her back. The queen followed Kath down, mounting her. Kath did not resist; she was too lost in orgasmic ecstasy to really care. She spread her thighs eagerly. The queen slipped between her legs and continued grinding, rolling her hips, working her ass, rubbing and squashing her thick lipped pussy down into Kath’s wet, yielding fuckmeat. As their cunts sucked and merged, the queen pushed down with her hips, trying to crush Kath’s clit beneath her own. Kath thrust up with her hips, matching the pressure. The women screamed and screamed as their clits fused and melted together, an explosion of ecstasy so intense that neither women could stand it. Their cries of sexual joy harmonized; Kath pulled hard on the queen’s ass, the queen pulled viciously on Kath’s hair. They injected shot after shot of hot cum into each other, their ejaculate mixing into a sexual froth, filling both women with their combined emissions. With shared, pulsating moans, the women collapsed in each others’ arms, sprawled on the floor, lying in a pool of mixed cum and sweat, too spent to move.

Part II

For some time, neither woman stirred. They lay twined together, their hearts pounding into each other, bulging tit crushed against bulging tit, cheek to cheek, their breath coming in hot pants. Their pulsing clits throbbed, pressed tight, feeding the erotic heat in their lush bodies. Naked flesh lay hot and wet against naked flesh.

Kath slowly regained her senses. She considered what had just happened. She and the queen had inflicted unbelievable pleasure on each other. Their sexual union had given her raw pleasure that was exponentially greater than anything she had ever felt with Den. She knew that there was something going on, some added element that she did not understand, that was transporting her and her sexual rival to a level of erotic sensation that was mind-blowing in its intensity. Maybe it had something to do with the fact they were virtually doubles. Maybe it was just the added excitement and anticipation of a long-desired rivalry finally coming to fruition. She put these thoughts out of her head. What mattered in this moment was her need to do it again, to regain the exquisite pleasure she had just experienced, and use it to conquer and humiliate her enemy.

Kath wrapped her arms around the nude woman on top of her and rolled their wet, hot bodies. Kil grunted and resisted. For a moment, the naked women rocked back and forth on their sides, their magnificent bodies pressed tight, their bare legs thrashing, pressed forehead to forehead. Kath’s legs were already around the queen’s hips, which gave her a slight advantage. She succeeded in rolling the blonde bitch over onto her back. The queen stopped fighting. Instead, she eagerly spread her legs and tilted her pelvis, offering her succulent, hot cunt to Kath. Kath slipped her lower body between the queen’s legs. The Red woman reached down and filled her hands with Kath’s perfect, round ass, and pulled Kath down on her. Kath leaned forward, putting all her weight on their mashed tits, and reached down and under Kil to grip the queen’s magnificent ass in return. The women gasped in unison as their wet pussies came together. Kath began to slide her slick, naked pussy lips up and down Kil’s equally slick, wet cunt. The sensation was delicious, unbearably erotic. Nose to nose, watching each other through half-closed eyes, sharing the deep intimacy of their mutual hate and lust, the women moved their asses and their hips in concert. The incredible pleasure of wet, hot fuckmeat searing and melting into wet, hot fuckmeat overwhelmed their senses. Their engorged clits licked and crushed, grinding and jousting, sending waves and waves of incredible pleasure arcing through their slowly fucking bodies. Their taut, heavy tits rolled and throbbed, their bare bellies flattened to each other, their abs rippled, their navels sucked.

Gasping into each other’s beautiful faces, Kath and Kil fucked and fucked, both enjoying the incredible sensations too much to want to stop. Kath opened her legs a bit more, spreading the queen a bit more, making it harder for Kil to roll their humping bodies. The women’s erotic moaning, their gasps of untold pleasure, grew louder and louder, more and more frantic. The pleasure in their cunts grew unbearable, until it filled their bodies, until every ounce of their voluptuous flesh was burning with sexual heat, until every muscle was vibrating with sexual tension. They moaned and screamed into each other’s faces, sharing hot breath, fucking and fucking and fucking, until their writhing bodies could not take any more.

Kil reached up and grabbed the back of Kath’s head. She pulled Kath’s face to hers and locked her rival into a lustful, passionate kiss, one Kath returned with equal fervor. Their legs twined, their muscles strained, and the women shrieked into each other, their muscles locking and churning against each other as they bucked and heaved through another series of devastating orgasms. Their nipples exploded in thick cum, their pussies erupted and sucked cum back and forth as their bodies convulsed. Orgasms wracked their writhing, grinding flesh. The women broke their kiss. Pressed cheek to cheek, moaning and sobbing, gasping and crying, they rode each other into sexual bliss. Their hands squeezed at rippling asses and clawed at smooth backs. They pulled each other’s hair. They squeezed every drop of cum out of each other that they could.

Once again, the two sexual warriors lay sprawled in each other’s arms on the fur-covered floor. After a time, Kath rolled off her rival and lay beside the queen on the drenched fur. The women’s tits jiggled enticingly as they gasped for breath. Their bodies were soaked in sweat and cum. Thick strands of nipple cum and pussy cum strung between their throbbing tits and their red, hot genitals. The looping strands gradually sagged down to the floor and were absorbed into the rug.

Kath felt herself gaining her second wind. Despite the incredible erotic pleasure she and queen had given each other, despite the incredible number of orgasms they had already forced from each other, she felt ready – indeed, desperate – for more. So far, their sexual combat had not depleted her; if anything, it had fed the hunger in her loins, the heat in her burning tits. She was absolutely determined to fuck the queen into the ground, to destroy the whore once and for all. Her anger fed her lust. She felt her body charge up with sexual power.

The Red Queen stirred beside her, then sat up. Kath instantly sat up, too, ready for anything. The queen turned towards Kath then slid back on her ass, putting a bit of space between herself and her blonde rival. Placing one hand behind her back, bracing herself, the Red Queen spread her thighs wide, and presented her dripping, red cunt to Kath. She reached down with her free hand and pressed on her pussy lips, opening her cunt, displaying her pink core to Kath. The queen smiled and began stroking her pussy lips, teasing her swelling clit.

Kath looked into her rival’s perfect twat and almost gushed with lust. She licked her lips and resisted the urge to lean forward and bury her face, her tongue, her nose, in Kil’s succulent fuckmeat and eat and eat and eat. She shuddered. She had never had feelings like this before, but she was enjoying them. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she would have her chance to eat, to taste, to devour Kil’s delicious pussy with her mouth and her tongue.

Smiling feverishly, Kath sat back, braced herself, and began stroking and teasing her pussy and clit in reply to the Red Queen’s provocative move. The women smiled at each other, smug, vicious grins of mutual hate and desire. They presented their cunts to each other, the tools each warrior intended to use to destroy and humiliate the other. They masturbated vigorously, each woman stoking her fires, preparing for the third round of their fuckfight. Soon, they were both dripping, cunt juice trickling into their ass cracks. Their slick twats were burning with sensation, their nipples were like studs and their tits were swollen with tension. Their massive breasts heaved with their pants. They were both ready, more than ready, to begin again.

“Bring that little twat over here, you fucker,” the queen purred, gesturing with her wet hand. “Let’s fuck this out.”

“Gladly, you bitch,” Kath grunted. She slid across the rug, her legs spread wide, her juiced up, hot cunt aimed directly at the delicious fuckmeat between Kil’s luscious legs. Kath felt herself going almost crazy with desire. Her need to mate with the other woman, to suck and grind cunt into cunt, clit into clit, to give and take all the pleasure she could stand, had her burning with incredible lust. Kil’s eyes were also glowing feverishly, bright with desire. She slid down to meet Kath, the need to take the other woman overpowering any strategy she might have.

The women slid into the fork of the other’s legs. Their hot, drooling cunts slapped together with the sound of wet meat. They grunted, both women bracing their bodies with their arms, pushing into each other with all the strength of their hips and asses, spreading each other’s pussy lips, penetrating each other. They worked their bare, slick pussies around and around, drilling into each other. Their nova-hot clits met head to head, rubbing and sliding, grinding and sending shockwaves of raw electricity racing through the voluptuous women’s bucking bodies. Kath and Kil moaned in harmony as the delicious sensations of fuckmeat sealing and sucking into fuckmeat filled their senses, as the unbearable contact of clit grinding on clit caused them to writhe and scream in ecstasy. They turned their hips, slotting their muscular cunts together, driving themselves into each other, spreading and penetrating the other’s juicy cunt, locking together in a meaty, cunt to cunt grip. Both women grabbed the other woman’s sweaty, powerful thigh with one hand and used it for leverage as they worked their hips and asses in small, hard circles, grinding and grinding into each other, fucking and fucking and fucking, insane with lust and the desire to fuck the other woman into submission. Their grunts and cries soon become screams and snarls of rage and unbearable pleasure. Their pussies poured with cunt juice, soaking their interlocked quims. The wet sounds of slick flesh sliding and slapping on slick flesh filled the room.

“You dirty, filthy fuck!” Kath groaned, her hatred for the queen never greater, her desire to completely consume the other woman at a fever.

“Filthy fucking cunt!” the queen shot back. She worked her hips harder, determined to fuck Kath into a coma, determined to force her rival into a screaming, bucking, writhing orgasmic surrender. Kath matched her thrust for thrust, bringing their body to body war back to stalemate. The women’s tits bounced exuberantly, spraying sweat and nipple-juice.

Kath squeezed Kil’s pussy with all the power of her cunt, using her deep vaginal muscles to pull and suck at her enemy’s pussy. Kil groaned and squeezed back, pulled back with her vagina. They gasped in unspeakable pleasure as they struggled to suck each other’s juices back and forth, as their muscular cunts wrestled to see which was more powerful, which could summon the stronger suction. They squeezed at their grinding clits, adding another level of tension and pleasure to their contest. As their pussies wrestled for domination, Kil reached for one of Kath’s massive, bouncing tits and kneaded the taut flesh, twisting and stroking the nipple.

“Aw, god!” Kath cried. She returned the grip, grasping one of the queen’s magnificent tits and mauling it. For long minutes, the women tortured each other’s tits even as they fucked each other more and more desperately.

Humping, bucking, driving at each other in a frenzy of sexual lust and hate, Kil and Kath fucked relentlessly, fucked mercilessly, until their voluptuous bodies were shuddering with sexual tension and pleasure, until they were both crying and sobbing with the intensity of the erotic sensations wracking their bodies. For more than an hour, they fucked each other to higher and higher heights of pure sexual ecstasy, until they felt like erotic nuclear bombs, on the verge of devastating explosions. Their bodies were so aroused, so filled with electricity and tension, so tightly joined, their red hot pussies so tightly fused, that neither woman knew where she stopped and her hated rival began. Their massive clits vibrated with tension; they had knotted together, swollen and melted into one core of unbearable pleasure. Their incredible bodies were dripping with sweat. Pussy juice coated their inner thighs, their bouncing tits sprayed sweat and pre-cum.

Feeling the end coming, knowing they could not resist much longer, Kath and Kil reached for each other, pulled each other in tight, spreading their legs until they were tit to tit, belly to belly, and nose to nose. Their nipples burned and fused, their titmeat crushed. The women were too overwhelmed with pleasure to speak. They could only stare deeply into each other’s half-closed eyes, sharing hate and unalloyed desire. They both wanted to let the other woman know how much they despised each other, how much they wanted to destroy each other, how much they loved violating the other and being violated in turn. They both wanted to see the moment when the other woman surrendered, when her body could finally take no more of the pleasure her enemy was inflicting on her. They could say none of this; they could only glare into each other and exchange hot pants and whimpers of erotic joy as they fucked to the point of devastation. Gasping, they touched tongues, then sank into a hungry, desperate, consuming kiss. They pulled each other’s hair savagely. Moments later, they exploded as one, detonating in a series of orgasms of unbearable intensity.

The women threw back their heads, tightened their grips on each other’s convulsing bodies, and choked out screams of pleasure. Their pussies soaked each other, mixed cum sucked back and forth between their contracting vaginas. Nipple cum squirted out, soaking their tits, squeezing out in a gush from between their mashed boobs, splattering their faces and getting in their hair, or streaming down their sweaty bellies to join the pussy cum soaking their lower bodies. Kath and the queen released each other; they fell flat on their backs and arched their spines, driving into each other, their hips and asses bucking, trying desperately to fuck each other to death, to fuck the other into absolute submission. Their pussies gushed, their bodies bucked and heaved, their tits shook. Nipple cum sprayed into the air, falling back on the women’s writhing bodies, splattering their chests, their bellies, their faces. Finally, after several minutes of unbroken orgasms, they collapsed onto the soaked fur rug, panting, moaning, their tits heaving, their bodies gleaming and drenched in sweat and cum. Interlocked, slotted together in a meaty seal at their juicy cunts, the women struggled to regain their senses. They had fucked each other’s brains out.

Kath and Kil lay flat on their backs, exhausted, panting, their bodies slick and hot. The women drifted in and out of consciousness, both conserving their strength, waiting for the other woman to make the next move. The heat and wet within their locked pussies grew hotter and wetter, but neither woman moved to act. Finally, the queen reached down their locked bodies and placed her hands on Kath’s muscled hips. Holding Kath, she pushed herself away. The women’s cunts sucked apart with a thick “popping” sound. Their cunts gushed; thick ropes of cum stringing between their gorgeous pussies. The women continued to feel the heat from the other’s cunt, warming their inner thighs. Finally, the queen groaned and slowly, agonizingly, turned over, onto her stomach. Kath did not move; she wanted to see what the other woman had planned.

The queen got onto her hands and knees. Kath started lustfully at the other woman’s perfect ass and considered getting up and sinking her teeth into that beautiful, round, tanned meat. The queen began backing up over Kath’s prone body. Kath immediately understood what the other woman wanted to do. She groaned with pleasure and anticipation and spread her tired legs wider. She reached out and began running her hands around and around the queen’s round, thick ass, her fingers exploring the crevasse between the other woman’s buttocks. With her middle finger, she probed the queen’s asshole; the beautiful blonde woman moaned uncontrollably and, a moment later, Kath felt her own tight asshole invaded, violated, by the queen’s curious fingers. Kil’s ass was getting ever closer to Kath’s face, the queen’s tongue was lapping at Kath’s cum-streaked inner thighs, working her way up Kath’s body. Kath looked down at the succulent pussy, the delicious asshole approaching her and could not wait an instant longer. Groaning, she slid her body down, wrapped her arms around Kil’s hips, and spread her hands on the queen’s rippling buttocks. She raised her head, spread the queen’s ass cheeks with her hands, and eagerly buried her face between the woman’s legs. Her tongue probed, sliding up and down the queen’s slick, naked cuntlips, slipping into the labia, before thrusting up to lick at the queen’s wet asshole. Kath sucked hard. The queen shrieked. Kath felt the woman’s hands gripping her ass, she felt the queen’s tongue inside of her asshole, then sliding up into her pussy. She moaned with unbearable pleasure, then turned her attention to giving head as good as she was getting. This was a contest of sexual skill and endurance; she refused to lose.

The women’s bodies settled; thick tits crushed into muscular abs. The undersides of both women’s breasts squashed together, burning the other with delicious sensations. The women buried their faces and tongues in each other’s fuckmeat and sucked, licked and tongued each other ferociously, ravenously. Kath and Kil wrapped their lips around the other’s oversized clit and sucked and licked, using tongues to stroke and lap at the exquisitely sensitive bud. They used their teeth to scrape and stimulate agonizing pleasure out of their enemy’s swollen, twitching clit. The women used their fingers, shoving them up tight assholes and pussies, rubbing and thrusting, violating each other intimately and enjoying it too much to stop. Kath slowly worked her hand up into Kil’s tight asshole, balling her fist when she was all the way in, enjoying the sensation of the queen’s tight ass closing around her fist, of the Red woman’s body shuddering and shaking with passion. Kath cried out in pleasure as Kil’s fist twisted inside Kath’s tight, hot cunt, stretching the sensual flesh. Involuntarily, she contracted her vaginal muscles around the intruder. With groans of pure lust, Kath and Kil rolled onto their sides, wrapped their sweaty thighs around the other woman’s head, and ate each other alive, devouring each other with insatiable hunger.

“Yes, oh yes,” Kath cried out in her head. Her moans of erotic joy grew louder, more desperate, as the pleasure building in her cunt radiated out, filling her entire body, overwhelming her sweating, bucking flesh with incredible sensations. She struggled to give back just as good as she was getting. She felt Kil’s body shuddering, shaking, against hers, and she knew she was driving the other woman insane with pleasure and lust. But she did not know which of them would go off first, which of them would succumb more quickly to the other’s erotic skills and power.

The room filled with the women’s moans and grunts, the song of their sexual warfare harmonizing. The sounds of wet lips smacking, of fingers and fists moving in and out of tight, wet orifices, of spitty, sucking kisses on drenched, aching pussy lips, accompanied the struggling women’s cries of ecstasy. The pungent scents of two bodies locked together in sex wafted through the great room.

On the bed, Den watched the women’s erotic duel, his massive cock throbbing with need. He had ejaculated a few times already, during the course of the evening’s combat. His swollen member was slicked with his cum. He could feel another powerful climax building as he watched Kath and Kil, locked together on the rug beside the bed, their hands filled with the other woman’s ass, their thighs wrapped around the other’s head, their lush bodies trembling together in near-orgasmic bliss. Den’s cock was burning; he wished desperately he could rub his prick, but he could feel the tension getting the point where it would explode, even without direct stimulation.

After nearly 30 minutes of relentlessly eating each other, Kath found she could take no more. With a whooping cry, her voluptuous body went rigid in a series of exploding orgasms. She ejaculated with incredible force, her pussy cum ejecting into Kil’s hungry mouth. The Red Queen covered as much of Kath’s erupting pussy with her mouth as she could, eagerly sucking and drinking back the hot liquids, using them to replenish her parched body. Kath screamed and quaked. In desperation, she fastened her mouth over the queen’s hot cunt and sucked, then gently bit, into the woman’s pulsing clit. The queen shrieked, throwing back her head, allowing Kath’s viscous liquids to gush into her face, her hair. The queen shuddered in orgasmic release. Her pussy exploded with cum. Kath sobbed as she sucked back on the delicious liquids, tears streaming down her face, even as the queen resumed guzzling back Kath’s discharge. The women’s tits, mashed into their bellies, ejaculated again and again, slicking their bellies with creamy emissions. The women writhed in shared sexual agony, their bodies trembling as orgasm after orgasm chained through them. On the bed, Den cried out, his hips jerking, as his prick shot a fountain of jizz into the air. It splattered onto his stomach and the bed.

The battling women’s orgasms finally passed. Kath and Kil lay together, on their sides, tightly grasping the other’s ass, gasping for a few minutes, struggling to regain their strength. Kath finally locked her lips around Kil’s clit and began sucking once again; she pushed with her hips and succeeded in rolling the queen onto her back. The queen did not resist. She raised her head to Kath’s pussy and began to feast. The women’s low, powerful moans filled the chamber again.

For the next two hours, the struggling women rolled back and forth, onto their sides, or one or the other gaining the top position. The ceaselessly ate each other until they were convulsing in orgasmic ecstasy, sucking back every drop of cum that they could from the other woman’s erupting cunt. They slapped each other’s round, sweaty asses like drums. They shoved fingers and fists up tight cunts, up even tighter assholes, violating each other as deeply, as intimately as they could. They bit and licked each other’s inner thighs, they scratched the other woman’s back, they pulled hair and thrashed in unbearable pleasure. They fed off each other, drinking from each other, feasting on each other, until their sobs and screams grew hysterical, until their bodies were pulsing with irresistible electricity. Finally, screaming and gasping, Kath and Kil released each other and rolled apart.

Panting, gasping, their bodies dripping with sweat and cum, the women lay sprawled on the drenched fur rug, their bodies pointed in opposite directions. Kath finally forced herself up, bracing her body on her elbows. She glared hatefully at Kil, her eyes lighting on her opponent’s heaving, sex-slicked tits.

“You fucking, dirty, cunt-eating whore,” Kath rasped.

“Fucking, slutty, cunt-sucking bitch,” the queen snarled back. She pushed herself up to face Kath.

Driven by their mutual hate, their shared desire to completely sexually destroy the other, the two women got to their hands and knees and crawled towards each other, both determined to keep fuckfighting to the finish. Kath stood up on her knees and reached for Kil’s massive, perfect tits. Kil did the same. The women filled their hands with their enemy’s tits and began to squeeze, knead and massage the thick, taut meat. Their nipples swelled, their areola thickened and grew, the pebbled flesh growing more excruciatingly sensitive with every heartbeat. Kath squeezed the queen’s left nipples between her thumb and forefinger; the queen stroked Kath’s right nipple, pinching it hard. The women glared into each other’s eyes, their eyelids fluttering, both women gasping, as their ministrations to the other woman’s tits fed the incredible tension building in their sexual organs. Their pussies leaked, cunt juice trickling down their inner thighs.

The women glared into each other’s eyes, as they manipulated, stroked and stimulated each other’s tits. Their breasts burned with sensations, feeding the delicious heat between their legs. Kil slowly released Kath’s tits, then reached up and pulled Kath’s hands from her breasts. Kath did not resist. She knew what Kil wanted. Eyes still locked, Kil slowly lowered her head to Kath’s succulent tits. She licked, slowly, teasingly, at Kath’s engorged nips. Kath inhaled sharply, groaning with the incredible sensations. She did not resist as Kil slowly slipped her lips around the hard, thick nub and began to suck, suck, her tongue licking and stroking. With her free hand, she kneaded Kath’s other tit. A hot quiet descended on the room, broken only by the sounds of sucking and the gasps and moans of the woman being sucked. When Kath’s nipple was burning, throbbing with need, when Kil could taste the pre-cum on her tongue, she moved her mouth over to Kath’s other tit and began again, suckling and biting, her hand working on the tit she had just abandoned. Kath’s eyes fluttered, her body boiled with heat and need, but she allowed the queen to keep eating her, sucking her nip, sucking at her juices. When her body was thrumming with electricity, when she was so aroused she feared she might gush at any moment, Kath twined her fingers into Kil’s thick blonde hair and pulled the other woman’s head back, twisting it up, pulling Kil’s hair painfully, gradually forcing Kil to release her massive tit.

“It’s my turn to suck you, you dirty whore,” Kath breathed at her enemy. Kil sneered at Kath, but did not resist as Kath took her turn, sucking, nibbling, biting, working over Kil’s luscious tits with her teeth, tongue and lips, massaging and squeezing Kil’s free tit with her skillful hand. It was not long before Kil’s pussy was flowing, her head thrown back, moans of unbearable pleasure pouring from her mouth. Finally, when she was trembling with need, Kil twisted Kath’s head back, freeing her tit.

The panting women glared at each other, their blue eyes shining with immeasurable lust. Without a word, both women lowered their heads and buried their faces in the right tit of their enemy. Kath and Kil slipped their free hands between the other’s woman’s legs, and began stroking her aching, dripping cunt. They ran their fingers along slick, hot pussy lips, before they began to caress and tease the other’s swollen clit. They shoved probing fingers deep into tight, wet cunts and finger-fucked viciously. All the while, their mouths, tongues and teeth worked hard on their rival’s succulent tit. They sucked and tongued the taut, bulging meat. They pulled hard with their teeth, with their lips, on distended, rock-hard nipples. They sucked each other as hard as they could, both women pulling for milk. They bit into the thick, juicy meat and chewed hungrily. Their stifled moans of ecstasy grew louder and louder as they fingerfucked, as they sucked, fucking each other to the point of no return. Their luscious bodies quaked with repressed sexual tension as they fought to force the other to submit.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm,”the women groaned in unison, their cries of delight and lust muffled within the luscious titmeat of the other. They trembled uncontrollably, feeling the incredible tension in their bodies building to the point of detonation. Tears poured down their gorgeous faces as they struggled to control themselves, to hold out just a bit longer than their voluptuous rival, as their luscious bodies were wracked with unbearable pleasure. They came almost simultaneously, both women shrieking into the other’s tit, both biting down on the delicious meat, as their pussies erupted, contracting and releasing, ejecting shot after shot of viscous cum. Their hands were soaked with the ejaculate. At the same moment, their tits came hard, thick, gooey tit cum exploding into their mouths. Kath and Kil had expected this. Both women kept themselves from swallowing. Instead, they let their mouths fill with the sticky, creamy ejaculate. Their other tit, the one not covered with their enemy’s mouth, shot blast after blast of cum onto their bodies, streaking their chests and splattering up to their necks and chins. The women sucked and sucked, their bodies shuddering as orgasms flowed through them, their mouths filling with hot cum. The rival vixens savored the tangy taste.

Finally, when their bodies stopped shuddering with orgasmic release, the women pulled their faces back from the other’s dripping tit. Strands of cum connected their lips to the other’s nipple. Kath and Kil glared at each other, pushed their heavy tits together. Their aching nipples cried out in pain and pleasure as they fused, then sank into the thick titmeat. The women pushed nose to nose, staring into each other in challenge. They slipped their noses past and touched lip to lip, their tongues coming out to caress, their mouths locking into a deep, passionate, all-consuming kiss. The women sucked and slopped the shared, gooey cum back and forth in their mouths, working it into a thick, spitty mass of liquid. Thick drool trickled down their chins, strings of spitty cum hung down to their sweaty, wrestling tits, dripping into the crevasse of their shared cleavage. The women wrapped arms around each other and kissed, deep and hard, sloppy and wet, sucking and exchanging the cum back and forth, their tongues twisting and twining, wrestling in the slimy discharge, gradually swallowing it back until there was almost nothing left.

Kath and Kil slowly broke the kiss, licking each other’s lips as they retreated. Nose to nose, eyes half-closed, heavy with lust and desire, the women stared into each other. They were standing on their knees, their bare, sweaty thighs pressed tight, their identical bodies perfectly aligned. They felt the other’s tits throbbing into their own, they could sense the heat, the need, pouring off the other’s distended, twitching clit.

“It’s time to end this, Kath,” the queen murmured, her voice barely above a whisper. “It’s time for me to fuck your brains out.”

Kath’s voice was low and savage, trembling with desire. “I’m going to fuck you to death, you whore.”

“Yes,” the queen moaned, rubbing her nose to Kath’s, sliding her tongue along Kath’s lips. “We fuck until one of us is completely destroyed.”

Without pulling away from each other, the kneeling women slid down to sit on their asses. They spread their legs wide and quickly arranged their bodies, right legs over lefts, tits crushed tight, belly flat to belly. They slid their hands around the other’s hips and gripped each other’s round, taut asses. Nose to nose, panting with lust, the women slowly tilted their pelvises forward and presented their naked, hungry cunts to each other. Heat poured out of their enraged twats, wetness spread from their soft, juiced-up labia. Their genitals matched as perfectly as the rest of their bodies, the thick-lipped “v” of their cunts eclipsing each other, the pressure crushing their cuntlips, spreading their pussies, allowing their soft, fleshy labia to merge and mesh. They contracted their vaginas, creating a powerful suction, sucking and slurping at each other’s twats. The women shuddered as their engorged, enraged clits slid together, caressing, rubbing head to head, flicking side to side, sending shockwaves of unbearable pleasure rocketing through their bodies. The women screamed in unison, then clenched their teeth and struggled to control the incredible sensations. Their naked pussies lubricated hard.

The sexual rivals smiled at each other viciously. Both were absolutely determined to sexually annihilate the other. Slowly, moving their hips and torsos carefully, belly rubbing on belly, sweaty navel sucking at sweaty navel, they slid their slick, hot cuntlips back and forth, up and down, teasing and stimulating, torturing each other clit to clit, until they hooked their swollen, pulsating clits together, sealing their sex nubs in an excruciating bond. Kath and Kil gritted their teeth, they choked back screams of ecstasy, as the most unbearably sensitive, the most erotically powerful, parts of their bodies locked in combat. Their clits burned and seared against each other, fused and melted into one sizzling point of pure ecstasy. The contact made their engorged clits swell even more, aroused beyond all measure, growing to a size that made it impossible for them to disengage, unless one clit or both softened and shrank. The women smiled at each other through their tears of ecstasy. They both knew that this would decide their rivalry. The woman to extricate herself from this impossible grip would be the one who could exhaust the other, whose sex could prove itself stronger, who could drain the other of her sexual power and force the loser’s clit into humiliating defeat and sexual submission.

“Yes,” Kath whispered, pressing her face to Kil’s, her eyes burning with lust. “Yes.”

“You whore,” Kil whispered back. “You fucking whore.”

Moaning with unbelievable pleasure, the women sank into a deep, tongue-thrusting, probing kiss. They gripped the other woman’s ass tight and hard, sinking powerful fingers into taut assmeat. Kath shoved both of her index fingers up Kil’s tight asshole; Kil grunted within their locked mouths and eagerly returned the grip. Their legs spread wide, inner thighs pushed together, their lower legs twined. The women moved their hips and asses, rocking and thrusting. Slowly, powerfully, their intertwined clits pulled and flexed against each other, sending waves of indescribable pleasure rolling through their flesh, burning their bodies with a consuming fire. Tears flowed down their faces, their perfect bodies shuddered in ecstasy. The women swallowed each other’s screams and moans. Kath and Kil fucked and fucked and fucked, forcing more pure ecstasy on the other woman’s body than any human could stand. Lost together in indescribable erotic pleasure, the women gave everything they had to each other, struggling to force the other into sexual submission. Their clits radiated heat and electricity, they burned with a fire that filled their aching flesh. Their wet, hot, hungry fuckmeat fused and melted into one, until both women felt like woman-sized genitals, slipping and sliding into and out of each other, eating, devouring each other with pleasure. It was just too much for either woman to endure, but still they kept fucking and fucking and fucking, sobbing and crying as they rode each other relentlessly, fucking the other into oblivion.

For more than 30 minutes, the women fucked each other to higher and higher levels of unbearable pleasure until, finally, they could take no more. Shrieking, screaming into each other’s locked mouths, their bodies shaking and shuddering, their cunts convulsing, squeezing, squeezing each other like vises, they shot blast after blast of hot ejaculate into each other, drowning each other quims in pussy juice. The tits flowed with molten cum, splattering out under pressure, soaking their bellies and upper tits. The women sank their fingers into each other’s asses and held on, desperately, as they rode each other’s cunts mercilessly. Their bodies rocked in concert for more than five minutes as multiple orgasms roared through them, as their sexual power clashed in an effort to overpower and consume the sex of the other woman.

Clinging together, Kath and Kil broke their kiss. They panted and gasped into the other’s ear, beautiful, sweaty faces pressed cheek to cheek.

“Oh gods, you fuck, you filthy, cunt-sucking whore,” Kil moaned into Kath’s ear. She bit at Kath’s neck.

“Dirty, fucking slut,” Kath gasped in reply. She shoved her tongue into Kil’s ear and twirled it around, before biting at the queen’s jawline.

The women pulled back, pressed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their fevered eyes locked, delirious with lust and pleasure. Smiling at each other savagely, the women thrust their hungry mouths together violently, their tongues pushing and shoving, twisting and licking. Their bodies began to rock, their hips jerked, as they resumed their all-out fuckwar.

For the next three hours, Kath and the queen fucked and fucked and fucked, their magnificent bodies undulating and straining, sweat and cum flowing and mixing, flesh sliding on slick flesh. Their massive tits burned and throbbed as they rubbed and mashed together relentlessly, constantly massaging each other to new levels of sexual sensation. Their bellies rippled together, navels constantly sucking and releasing, then sucking again. Their engorged clits merged into one searing nerve of pure ecstasy, the swollen organs choking each other, wrapped into an unbreakable, unbearable knot. The women’s hungry pussies sucked and pulled at each other, juicy pussy lips sliding and sizzling against each other. The women’s hands kneaded and squeezed at the other woman’s magnificent, clenching ass as they exchanged thrust after thrust, as they rode each other relentlessly. Both women had ceased thinking long before. The only thoughts that either woman could hold onto were the need for more pleasure, the need to take all the ecstasy she could from the other’s body, and the need to destroy the other completely in the process. Every 30 minutes, the women’s bodies writhed and bucked through a string of devastatingly powerful orgasms, that left them gasping and sobbing in sexual ecstasy. Each set of orgasms grew stronger and lasted longer than the set before. Deep in their minds, the women realized they were building towards something unbearable in its intensity.

Groaning and sobbing, Kath and Kil clung to each other as their incredible bodies shuddered and quaked through another set of multiple orgasms. Kath cried uncontrollably, her face wet with tears, as she buried her face in Kil’s hair and held on to the queen’s sweat-drenched ass, desperately riding her rival’s cunt, enduring the unbearable sensations to their end.

As she sobbed into the other blonde’s powerful, bare shoulder, Kath heard a groan from the bed. She glanced over and saw Den, his body jerking as he came again, his cum shooting high into the air. For an instant, Kath had a moment of clarity. She remembered where she was and why she was locked in a fuckfight to the death with her greatest enemy. Seizing on that moment, before the understanding was lost to her on a wave of pure sexual pleasure, she reached up with both hands, grabbed Kil’s hair, and pulled hard. At the same time, she pushed forward with her body. Slowly, agonizingly, Kil rolled over onto her back. Kath moved with her, joined tight to the queen’s body by their interlocked clits.

Moaning, Kath mounted the other woman; Kil spread herself wide, then wrapped her powerful legs around Kath’s pumping hips. She sank her fingers even deeper into the thick meat of Kath’s round, succulent ass, pulling Kath down onto her writhing body. Kath pumped slow and hard, every movement pulling on their intertwined, burning clits, every thrust feeding the excruciating heat and pleasure radiating out from between their legs, filling their bodies with electricity. The women did not kiss, but panted mouth to mouth, their hot breath mixing, their moans and sobs of pleasure forming a symphony of ecstasy. Kath moved her back, rubbing and grinding her massive tits down onto Kil’s matching rack. The women’s nipples burned like small stars as their titmeat massaged each other, adding to their erotic joy. The raging inferno between their legs filled their bodies. Their muscles trembled with sexual tension, from the core of their grinding bodies down to their toes. The women stared into each other, their blue eyes glazed with pleasure, delirious with lust. Even through the haze of their erotic ecstasy, the women felt the need to destroy the other, to see the other woman submit in sexual defeat. The heat and tension building in their locked cunts built to an explosive end. Choking on their screams of ecstasy, Kath and Kil came together in devastating climax.

Their bodies jerked as wave after wave of hot cum squirted between their bodies, soaking their quims, coating their lower bodies and inner thighs. Their tits ejaculated powerfully, in time with their spurting cunts. The women’s shuddering muscles locked and strained, their bodies quivered with tension, then released, then locked again. The orgasms would not stop; each was more intense, more excruciatingly unbearable, than the one before. The women were silent. The only sounds that came from them were choked moans of pure, unbelievable pleasure, their desperate gasps for air, as their bodies merged completely. Tears streamed down their beautiful faces, their teeth clenched in sexual agony. Their clits were pounding, each wave saturating their bodies with more and more heat, more and more pleasure, more than any human could stand. Their cunts squeezed and spasmed in concert, joined in a perfect union.

The women looked deep into each other’s eyes. Even through their streaming tears, they could see their enemy teetering on the edge of the precipice of consciousness, their minds fighting to stay awake, to not succumb to the unbelievable pleasure they were taking from the other. Finally, a roaring wave of ecstasy, too much to endure, washed through the rivals’ straining bodies, filling them to the brim, to overflowing, setting every nerve inside their bodies on fire. From a great distance, Kath watched the queen’s eyes roll up into her head, she felt the tension in the woman’s voluptuous body, wrapped so tightly with her perfect form, spasm powerfully, then flow away. As the queen passed out from the sheer pleasure, Kath had a moment of exultation. She had won; her cunt had defeated the cunt of her doppelganger. She had proved to both of them that she was the better fuck, the better woman. A moment later, her mind gave out and she collapsed on top of the queen, her mind shutting down, protecting itself from the unbearable sensations flowing through every nerve ending like an electrical current.

Some time later, Kath awoke. She heard someone calling her name. “Kath! Kath!” Den cried from the bed. “Wake up! Wake up!”

Slowly, the blonde beauty regained her senses. She remained locked in her sweaty, cum-soaked embrace with the queen. Their throbbing clits were still locked. The sexual nubs had softened a bit in the aftermath of the fuckfight, but they remained swollen into one pulsating nerve. Kath pushed herself up just enough to reach down between their bodies and carefully, agonizingly, unhook her clit from that of her defeated foe. The manual manipulation of her clit almost caused her to explode in another orgasm. Kath rolled off of the queen. For a few minutes, she lay gasping beside the other woman’s body. Strands of cum linked their tits and pussies. Their naked bodies shone with sweat, glistening in the light of the new dawn now coming over the horizon.

Kath rolled onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the bed. She found her dagger under the bed and then pulled herself onto the thick mattress.

“Quick, Kath,” Den encouraged her. “Cut me free! We have to leave here as fast as we can. The queen’s servants will come to check on her when they realize they cannot hear anything coming from the room.”

Kath regained her second wind. She smiled at Den as she crawled up to him. “Not just yet, baby,” she said. “I think I get to claim my prize.” She reached down and stroked his massive cock, which had grown a bit flaccid since his last ejaculation. Den groaned. Kath seized the thick meat and licked at the tip, then wrapped her lips around the cock’s head and sucked, nibbled, hard. In an instant, Den’s shaft was as hard as a rock, throbbing with tension. Kath continued licking and sucking at the massive prick, running her mouth up and down the shaft until it was slick with spit. Gently, teasingly, she took each of his balls in her mouth and sucked carefully. Den gasped with the incredible sensations. His prick grew even harder. When it was ready, Kath raised herself up over Den’s prone body, then lowered her dripping, aching cunt down onto the man’s monstrous shaft. She groaned in bliss as Den’s cock slid, thick and hard, all the way up into her vaginal core, forcing its way up into her tight, hot twat. Her cunt completely devoured the ten-inch rod. She placed her hands on Den’s chest and rocked up and down, working the cock inside of her body, squeezing and massaging it with her deep vaginal muscles, rubbing her swollen clit against his lower belly. Den and Kath cried out in shared erotic passion. It was not long before Den came, his hips jerking, lifting Kath off the bed, his molten cum erupting deep inside her luscious body like a subterranean volcano. Kath squeezed him mercilessly, milking his cock for every drop. She ran her hands through her hair, threw back her head, and groaned in ecstasy and victory as she bucked her way through a delicious orgasm.

Finally, Kath picked up the sharp dagger from where she had left it on the bed and cut Den’s bonds. Instantly, he rolled her onto her back and began to pump his enflamed prick, working it back and forth, deep in her body. Kath laughed and grabbed her lover’s rippling ass, pulling him onto her even harder. Their bodies had only just started to slap together in rhythm when there was a bell at the door.

“Are you alright, my queen?“ came a voice from outside the portal. “It is time for breakfast. Should we bring it in?”

“Quick,” Den whispered to Kath. “Your voice sounds like hers. Tell them to go away.”

“I do not want breakfast this morning,” Kath called out, trying to sound imperious. “I am too busy. Do not disturb me again until the noon hour meal.”

“Yes, my queen,” said the voice from outside. Den and Kath waited, immobile, breath held, to see if the servants would enter anyway. They did not.

“We have to leave, right now,” Den murmured. He tried to withdraw from Kath’s cunt, but discovered that she had him in a vise-like grip. “Kath, let me go,” he whispered.

“No, Den,” Kath explained. “Listen to me. I am too weak to climb down the tower wall. You are going to have to carry me. But I am also too weak to hold onto your back. You need to climb this way. If your cock is all the way inside me during our descent, it will be enough to hold me in place.” She smiled. “And I will make sure that I have a good, hard grip.”

Den smiled at Kath tenderly and kissed her. They rolled to the edge of the bed, Den sheathed balls-deep inside of Kath’s succulent pussy. When they got to the edge of the bed, Den was on the bottom. He sat up. Kath wrapped her thighs around his hips. He stood up, gripping Kath by her powerful ass. She tightened her legs, wrapped her arms around his neck, and squeezed hard with her inner vaginal muscles. She could feel Den growing even harder inside of her, his massive shaft effectively nailing their bodies together. Den walked to the window and looked over the edge.

“Hold on tight,” the man said. Kath replied by squeezing his cock even harder, eliciting a moan. Den climbed over the edge and began the dangerous descent, Kath’s luscious body pressed into the wall. Den climbed by holding himself as far off from the wall as possible, trying to keep from scraping Kath against the rock as much as he could. While they descended, Kath concentrated on working her lover’s massive prick with all of her vaginal skills, massaging and teasing and rippling her inner muscles against his shaft, keeping him fully stimulated and erect. Her massive tits pressed tightly into his chest, her nipples stabbed into his hard pectorals.

About a third of the way down, Den suddenly groaned, gripped the stones of the wall tightly, and closed his eyes. His body spasmed, his hips jerked, and he pressed Kath’s ass and back hard into the cold stone behind her. She could feel the release of his hot cum deep inside of her body. She squeezed and massaged him even harder, milking him. She shuddered as a sympathetic orgasm rippled through her body – nothing too intense, but enough to give her a jolt of pure pleasure.

Den and Kath smiled at each other, panting, then continued the descent.

Nearly 45 minutes later, they reached the ground. Den slipped out of Kath, but she was still too tired to run. He scooped her up in his arms, took a moment to nibble and suck at one of her jutting nipples, then ran into the desert. Kath gave Den directions for how to find the flyer that she had used to come for him. It took nearly an hour to find the airship. It was concealed in a small valley. They decided it would not be safe to take to the air during the day. They found a cave in the side of the valley wall in which to rest, that could protect them from the heat of the day. Den and Kath stretched out beside each other, their nude bodies aligning. Kath felt her energy coming back, and with it her insatiable sex drive. Den mounted her, desperate for more of her body. Eagerly, she spread her legs. Den shoved his monstrous cock all the way up her tight slit. The lovers fucked hard for the rest of the day, until twilight allowed them to gain the ship. Finally, they were on their way back to the floating city of Zegium, their home.

As the flyer drifted up into the night sky, Kath looked back at the Red Queen’s tower in the distance. Lights shone brightly in the chamber at the top of the tower. Kath wondered if the queen was looking out, right at that moment, watching them speed away into the night. Kath shivered. A vision of the queen’s succulent cunt suddenly assaulted her senses. She remembered exactly what that gorgeous, hairless pussy looked like up close, how it tasted, how it smelled, how the queen’s swollen clit felt in her mouth as she sucked and licked and buried her face in the succulent fuckmeat. For a moment, she was lost in a vivid image, a lucid memory, of the sensations, the sweat, the heat, the spit and cum, of her body locked and moving with the queen’s body, muscles straining against muscles, clit twisted around clit, tits mashing and throbbing, nipples burning like coals. Kath shuddered and opened her eyes. Her nipples were long and stiff, her pussy was hot and wet, pussy juice was leaking down her inner thighs. Kath knew that her war with the queen was not over. She had won a battle, but not the war. She shivered with pleasure and anticipation.

“We will meet again, you whore,” she whispered under her breath, looking back at the tower. “The next time, my clit will destroy yours, my tits will crush your little bags. This is not over.” She almost imagined she heard an answering challenge on the wind.

Part III

More than a year after she and Den escaped the tower, more than a year since she crossed clits with the Red Queen and matched the woman thrust for thrust in their epic fuckfight, Kath returned to the Queen’s tower. She arrived in the early evening, just as the blood red moon crested the horizon for the first of four nights.

Kath walked up to the tower in the red twilight. She was nude. This time, she had no weapon, other than her body. The guards let her into the main hall without challenge. She padded into the stone-carved throne room. It was empty. She climbed the ancient staircase that spiraled up from the throne room to the uppermost chamber in the tower. No one stopped her; indeed, other than the guards at the entrance, she saw no other people. The tower had the eerie feeling of abandonment.

At the top of the staircase, she encountered giant wooden doors, illuminated by the dim light of the fire in a wall sconce. She paused, drew a deep breath. Her body was burning, burning with desire. Her tits were heavy and thick, the heat between her legs was maddening, her clit was throbbing and twitching with tension. She reached out, pushed the heavy doors open, and stepped into the queen’s bed chamber.

A hundred days before, Kath had been at home in Zegium, when she received a secret message from the Red Queen, sent as a communication through a telegraph-like technology. “Kath,” the message read. “I have honored my bargain with you. I have left Den alone. He is now yours. However, things are not settled between you and me. I challenge you to come to my tower on the next night of the blood red moon. Let us meet and battle woman to woman, body to body. Let us decide this war between us once and for all. There are four nights of the blood red moon. Let us fight for all of those nights, and three days. At the end of that time, we will both know which of us is the better woman. If you accept this challenge, I guarantee you free and safe passage to and from my tower.”

Kath’s body had broken into a fever the moment she had started reading the note. By the time she was done, her tits were engorged, her clit was throbbing, her body was hot with desire. Warm pussy juice threatened to trickle down her naked thighs. She knew, without a doubt, what her answer was going to be; what it had to be.

“I accept,” was all that she wrote back.

As the time came closer, she found herself growing ever more feverish, ever more lustful, every day. Finally, on the morning of the blood red moon, she borrowed a flyer, told Den she would be gone for a few days on a personal mission, and left Zegium without telling anyone where she was going or why.

Now, here she was, standing in the bedchamber of her greatest enemy, ready to match every inch of her body, every iota of her womanly passion, every scrap of her sexual power, against that of the Red Queen. She knew that this was an incredibly foolish risk to take. She also knew she had no choice. Dreams of the queen’s body, dreams of what they had done to each other, of the exquisite, excruciating pleasure they had inflicted on each other, tormented Kath. Even her sexual marathons with Den could not quell the fire burning between her legs, pulsing in her tits. Kath knew that it was only between the legs of the Red Queen that she could find relief for the sexual fever consuming her. The queen’s challenge proved that she, too, was equally tormented by the memories of their encounter.

The room was bathed in the light of the red moon. Kath moved deeper into the bed chamber, closing the ancient portal behind her. She barely heard a heavy metal bolt slide into place. All of her attention focused on the massive bed near the center of the room, beside the firepit, positioned facing the door. The Red Queen reclined on the bed, her arms stretched out on the cushioned headboard, her legs stretched in front of her. She was completely nude. The women’s eyes locked from across the room. All of the tension and heat that Kath had already been feeling increased tenfold. She could barely keep from gasping as her nipples hardened into spikes; her cunt spasmed and a sudden spurt of cunt juice escaped from her pussy and coated her inner thighs, trickling down her calves to her ankles.

The beautiful women’s blue eyes were shining, feverish with lust. Kath moved closer to the bed, crossing the room carefully, slowly, her hips swinging with just a bit of exaggeration, her massive tits jiggling gently as she moved. She could feel the queen’s eyes drinking in her body. Kath’s eyes took in the queen’s body. She could see the Red Queen’s nipples were engorged, hard and thick. As Kath crossed the enormous room, the queen slowly, teasingly, spread her legs wide. Kath swallowed hard, her eyes focusing on the incredible, naked fuckmeat between her enemy’s lush thighs. The queen’s cunt was impossibly beautiful. It dripped with natural lubricant, the clit was swollen to a thumb-sized nerve, twitching with tension. Kath licked her lips, imagining burying her face in that delicious meat, sucking on that clit, driving her tongue deep into the queen’s delicious vagina. A shiver rippled through her incredible body. She knew, soon, she would be doing just that.

Kath climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees. She raised her eyes from the queen’s beautiful pussy and locked her gaze, once more, with the queen. The women smiled at each other, grins of pure lust and shared hate. Kath sat on her ass and leaned back on the bed, facing the queen. She braced her body with her hands and spread her succulent thighs, offering her dripping pussy to her enemy. The women stared down into the other’s thick-lipped cunts. Their breathing quickened, their massive tits heaved. They licked their dry lips as the furious desire grew between them. For several minutes, they sat this way, simply feeling the incredible arousal grow inside them, until their hearts were pounding, until their bodies were so hot, so full of need, that the women felt almost light-headed. Their swollen, burning clits pulsed with the tension, nodding at each other, drawn to each other like magnets.

“I’m glad you’re here, Kath,” the queen finally said, breaking the tense, hot silence. Her voice was low, deep. “We both know that we could not leave what we started where we left it. We need to know which of us is the better woman.”

“Like hell,” Kath replied. Her voice was low and throaty, like the queen’s voice, deepened by her lust. “I watched you pass out in my arms, bitch. I watched your eyes roll up into your head. I felt your body go limp. I fucked you until you could not stand it anymore. I rode your nasty little cunt and your weak little clit until they shriveled up in defeat. I’m the better woman. We both know it. I’m just here to prove it again.”

“You little whore,” the queen growled. “You were lucky. Maybe you got lucky because I had been fucking Den for the whole day before you arrived. This time is going to be different. This time, there is no man involved, there are no distractions. We are going to fuck each to the end. No stopping for three days and four nights. When I’m done with you, your cunt is going to be raw meat. I’m going to crush your little clit into mush. I’m going to mash those little tits flat. I’m going to break your body in every way I can imagine.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Kath shot back. “Before I go, I’m going to make you admit I’m better than you are. I’m going to make you eat my cunt. You’re going to submit, slut. You’re going to beg me to stop fucking you, then I’m going to make you beg me to keep going.”

“Gods, I’m going to enjoy destroying you, you cunteating bitch,” Kil snarled.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you until you pass out, fucker,” Kath spat back. “Just like I did last time.”

The women’s eyes were blazing, their bodies were even hotter. The touch of hate, the mutual contempt and rage and jealousy that they had of each other fueled and spiced their lust. They were even more excited, more determined to fuck the other woman longer and harder than they had ever fucked before.

Kil began to slide down the bed towards Kath; Kath began to slide down the bed to meet her rival. Both women left a trail of moisture on the sheet as they moved towards the other. The women pushed their bare feet together, sole to sole, toe to toe, and held for a moment, flexing their feet against each other, both enjoying the intimate contact. They smiled viciously. Their engorged tits jiggled with each panting breath. They slipped their legs over and under, lefts over rights, and slowly closed in on each other, juicy cunt aligning to cunt. The women felt the incredible heat boiling off their enflamed genitals, they deeply inhaled the intoxicating scent of fully aroused pussies in heat. Their nipples dripped with pre-cum and throbbed with need.

Kath and Kil aimed their full, naked, thick-lipped cunts directly at each other. Their eyes blazed in hate and lust. Without any more prevarication, the women thrust their cunts at each other. The thick, wet meat slapped with a whip-cracking sound. The women screamed in shared ecstasy. Grunting, groaning with effort, Kath and the queen shoved their pussies together hard, they turned their hips slightly so they could slide more easily between the other’s legs and slot their fuck slits together more tightly. They worked their hips and asses in circles, grinding, grinding into each other, spreading their succulent cunt lips, forcing themselves deeper into each other, penetrating, sealing, sucking, fusing and melting twat to twat. They shuddered and screamed as their aching clits crushed and jousted, electric nerves screaming with ecstasy as the women mated.

“You whore! You fucking cunt!” Kath screamed. She threw back her head, clenching her teeth, her eyes squeezed shut as incredible pleasure arced through her straining, bucking body. What she had dreamed of, ached for, for more than a year was finally happening and she was almost overwhelmed with erotic passion and excitement.

“Filthy slut! Cunt!” Kil shrieked, her beautiful face a rictus of sexual agony, her body shuddering as she rammed herself as deep and hard into Kath’s welcoming cunt as she could.

For long minutes, the women panted and moaned, grunted and screamed, as they mashed cunt to cunt and struggled to fuck the other into submission. When they had a good cunt grip on each other, the women sucked and pulled with their inner vaginas as hard as they could, trying to devour each other. They sealed tight, forming an unbreakable suction between their locked cunts. Their hips and asses moved in rhythm, sweat and juices sprayed from their bouncing tits. Kil reached out and grabbed the back of Kath’s neck; she pulled her naked doppelganger to her. Kath grabbed the back of Kil’s head and pulled in turn. The women’s upper bodies came together, tits mashing meat to meat, nipples searing as they fused into one.

“Oh god, you fucking slut,” Kath whispered, gasped, to Kil, as they pushed nose to nose, glaring at each other through hooded eyes, their eyes alive with hate and lust. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, so hard…”

“Yes,” Kil whispered back, her voice ragged. “Yes. We have to fuck… we have to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck…”

“Yes,” Kath moaned. “Gods, yesssss….”

Their tongues touched, the women’s ravenous mouths closed on each other. Kath sucked on Kil’s tongue, she sucked back the other woman’s spit, then groaned in delight as Kil sucked on her tongue in retaliation. Spit slid back and forth between their mouths.

Moaning, groaning in ecstasy and unbearable lust, the women wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed, mashing their tits. Their bodies writhed, they wrapped legs around the other’s hips, their hips and asses bucked and thrust. Their steaming cunts sucked and wrestled, clits pulsing and stabbing, rubbing and grinding. Gripping each other’s asses tightly, the women consumed each other, fucking and fucking and fucking, descending together into a paradise of raw sexual pleasure and inexhaustible lust and need.

For the next three nights and three days, Kath and Kil fucked each other senseless, fucked each other raw, fucked each other mercilessly. They poured all their lust and hate into destroying each other, into totally conquering the other woman’s body, into overwhelming the other woman’s sex with their own. They took each other on in every way they could imagine. They ate each other’s cunts, sucking and biting on clits, sucking on vaginas, penetrating and licking with tongues. They fisted each other in their pussies and assholes; they shoved fingers deep into the same orifices, teasing and torturing each other. They bit at each other’s naked cunts and licked and bit at their sensitive inner thighs. They fucked ass to ass, legs forked, rubbing cunts until they exploded in bliss. They sucked each other’s tits, biting and nibbling at the taut flesh, they rubbed and mashed their titmeat until their nipples were sore and their breasts were tender. They scissored and fucked endlessly, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other, fucking each other to higher and higher heights of pleasure until they forced each other to pass out from sheer, raw ecstasy. The first night, Kil claimed victory over Kath, rejoicing as she watched the eyes of her beautiful rival roll up into her head, Kath’s body unable to withstand the pleasure. The second night, Kath had the satisfaction of watching Kil pass out first, before she joined her enemy in orgasmic overload. The third night, the queen lasted just moments longer than Kath. The battle raged on. The only breaks they took were to eat and drink, to tend to their bodily needs. All the rest of their time was spent locked together, body to body, cunt to cunt, tit on tit, clits fused in unbearable pleasure.

As the blood red moon rose on its final night, Kath and Kil lay on the bed, their perfect bodies slick with sweat and cum, covered in bitemarks and handprints and scratches. They were flat on their backs, locked together at their cunts, their muscled twats trembling, their beautiful bellies rippling, as the women cunt-wrestled, both squeezing, squeezing, trying to crush and suck in the other. The women moaned and writhed slowly, their perfect tits jiggling, their bodies glistening wetly in the red moonlight. They had been at this for more than an hour. Kath and Kil were exhausted. They had fucked each other to a standstill, but both refused to give up and submit to the other. They kept on fighting, driven by their shared hate and lust.

Finally, the women went rigid as powerful, incredibly intense orgasms chained through their grinding bodies. The women arched their backs and moaned, screamed, as their locked pussies gushed and squirted, sending molten cum flowing into their locked vaginas and streaming down their bellies. Their swollen tits ejaculated a hot, hard stream of nipple cum that fell back on their chests and gorgeous faces. They collapsed, their asses falling back to the soaked sheets of the bed. They panted and groaned. For some time, neither woman could move.

The women drifted in and out of consciousness. Kath floated on a sea of pleasure, her body tingling with sensation, every inch of her flesh electric with sexual power and fire. She knew that Kil must feel the same way. She was exhausted, her body sore, her sex organs burning with abrasion. Part of her wanted this endless fuckwar to be over. But another part of her wanted more, much more. She and the queen had ridden each other to the peak of raw, insatiable ecstasy and Kath knew that her body could never settle for anything less. She knew that if there were some way to stay locked with her rival, fucking each other forever, she would happily take it.

Kil stirred. She placed her hands on Kath’s hips and pushed away, groaning with effort. The women’s suctioned, fleshy cunts sucked apart, a gusher of cum and other juices splashing onto the bed as they separated. Kath moaned as Kil’s clit pulled away from her own, as the women’s thick, juicy meat disengaged. She was too tired to move. She decided to wait to see what her enemy intended.

The Queen got to her hands and knees and crawled to Kath’s body. Kath did not resist as the Red woman mounted her. Instead, Kath spread her legs and tilted her pelvis up, presenting her cunt to her foe in challenge. Kil raised herself over Kath, her massive, beautiful tits hanging down, brushing against Kath’s chest. She lowered herself onto Kath’s breasts. Tits mashed tits, wet belly slapped to belly. The women gasped and moaned, staring into each other’s eyes, as their slick, hot cunts slid into place against each other, eclipsing each other perfectly. Kil reached up and grabbed either side of Kath’s head; Kath reached down and dug her fingers into Kil’s taut, round ass. She twined her legs through the Queen’s powerful limbs, locking their bodies in place.

Nose to nose, panting into each other, the women began moving their hips, slow and hard. Kil’s perfect ass rippled under Kath’s gripping hands. Their slick pussy lips burned against each other, their fuck slits lubricated hard and spread open, sucking and gripping, under the pressure of the women’s powerful thrusts.

“You are beaten, whore,” the queen grunted, her hips thrusting. “Your body has nothing left to give. I will fuck you until you pass out. You are mine. Submit to me, fucker. Admit I am the better woman.”

“Never, you bitch,” Kath breathed up at her enemy. “My cunt can take anything your cunt can give. My clit is more powerful than yours.”

“You slutty whore,” the queen moaned. She thrust down harder, penetrating Kath, fuckmeat mashing to fuckmeat, clit rubbing and fencing with Kath’s swollen sexnub. “My pussy is more powerful than anything you have.”

“Then prove it, fucker,” Kath gasped, matching Kil thrust for thrust.

Slowly, clit pulsing on clit, twat sucking and sliding on twat, powerful legs twined and locked, the women fucked each other up the pleasure curve. They did not kiss, not at first; they glared into each other through hooded eyes, staring defiantly, hatefully, both wanting to see the moment the other woman would break. Their panting breath mixed, their moans and cries of exquisite pleasure grew louder and more desperate, until their passion forced them to jam their mouths together, to drive tongue to tongue, in an effort to brutalize and overpower the other woman.

Almost an hour later, their bodies were trembling with barely-contained sexual pleasure, their swollen clits were fused and pulsing like drums. On the verge of a monstrously powerful orgasm, Kil slowed, then stopped her thrusting hips. Kath stopped too, letting her hips fall to the bed, gasping with effort. The battling women let their shared pleasure abate just enough, before starting again.

Over the next three hours, Kath and Kil stopped several times, both women wanting to prolong this final orgasmic confrontation for as long as they could, both determined to decisively drain their rival, to force their enemy into a final, devastating submissive orgasm, and win their marathon fuckfight.

Deep in the night, well past the midnight hour, Kath and Kil could finally take no more. Their flesh was on fire with unreleased sexual power, they were nearly delirious with the erotic sensations wracking their bodies. Shrieking, screaming in pure ecstasy, the women erupted as one. Their massive tits ejaculated with ferocious force, sticky fluid squeezing out from between their tightly compressed tits. Their pussies contracted, squeezing each other like vises, as they shot blast after blast of steaming hot cum into their locked vaginas. Their bodies quivered as their muscles strained against each other, holding the women in a shuddering stalemate. Kath and Kil screamed and screamed as unbearably powerful orgasms rolled through their luscious bodies, until the pleasure became too intense and they could only clench their teeth and hiss, sobbing desperately, tears rolling down their beautiful faces as they struggled to destroy each other with sexual pleasure. They clawed at each other, sinking their fingers into their rival’s rippling, shuddering ass and pulling as hard as they could.

The fuck rivals shuddered and gasped through unbearable orgasmic pleasure for almost a half hour, the erotic dam they had refused to release exploding with devastating force and effect. They passed in and out of consciousness, the pleasure too excruciating for them to endure. Finally, the ecstasy slowly tapered off. The blondes lay sprawled in each other’s arms, limbs wrapped together, hearts pounding tit to tit, clits throbbing with heat. They rested cheek to cheek, sobbing and panting furiously, their blonde hair slick with sweat and matted together. They were absolutely exhausted. They had drained each other dry.

“It’s over, cunt,” the queen whispered to Kath. The blonde vixen could barely talk, she could barely move. She had never been fucked so totally, so completely in her life. She knew she could not let Kath know this. “Submit to me. Say I am the better woman. Admit I am the better fuck.”

“Never, never,” Kath murmured, trying to regain her strength. But she knew she was finished. She was too exhausted, too sexually spent, to keep on fighting.

“Say it, Kath,” the queen hissed. She pressed her clit harder to Kath’s clit. Both women shuddered and sobbed. “Say you are mine. Say you submit. Say it.”

In that moment, Kath almost gave up. The Red Queen had fucked her to within an inch of her life. Her body was aching, her strength was completely gone, drained away in the endless multiple orgasms the Red woman had forced from her dripping twat. She looked up into the Queen’s burning blue eyes. She could tell that Kil was just as exhausted as she was, but the other woman had the dominant position and her tired eyes were glowing in triumph. Kath saw the expectation in Kil’s eyes, the belief that she had won their fuckfight. In that moment, Kath thought about how hard it would be to return to Zegium and Den knowing that she was not the better woman, knowing she had been beaten, fucked into submission, by the queen’s superior cunt. The thought fired in her head and her hatred for the blonde beauty mounted on her came back with a jolt. The sudden rage gave her the strength to make one final effort.

“No, no, Kil,” Kath groaned. She wrapped her arms around Kil’s drenched, naked flesh and, summoning every last scrap of her strength, forced her left hip up, threw her leg over Kil’s hip, and strained to roll their intertwined bodies. Kil gasped. She barely had the strength to resist and she was caught by surprise. Slowly, both women moaning in agony, Kath succeeded in rolling Kil onto her side. For long moments, the women rocked on their sides, both of them trying to find the last bit of energy needed to push the other over. With a cry, Kath grabbed the queen’s thick hair and pulled hard, yanking the woman’s blonde locks down to their roots. The queen moaned in rage and pain as Kath slowly, slowly, rolled her onto her back.

Both women found their last reserves of energy. Their naked bodies thrashed as they struggled to control the other woman, their limbs twined and strained as they fought for sexual supremacy. Kath succeeded in pinning the queen down, in consolidating her dominant position. Kil looked up at her, anger raging in her eyes. The women glared at each other. Kil’s gaze hardened. She raged against losing the top position, but she refused to give up. Her pride strengthening her determination, she spread her legs, offering her dripping cunt to Kath in challenge. Kath shifted her tits on Kil’s massive rack, lining up their burning nipples. The women’s nips locked and seared as they sealed, feeding the tension in their pulsing tits. Their wet bellies slapped together. Both women seized the other’s round, thick ass, dug their fingers into the taut meat, pulled each other in. Kath slid her slick, naked cunt on to Kil’s matching twat. Their fat cunt lips squashed and sucked, mashing and sealing together.

Slowly, tortuously, Kath pushed the throbbing, burning head of her rock-hard clit directly into the head of Kil’s pulsing clit. The queen pushed back, thrusting her hips with all her strength. The women’s eyes went wide as their clits detonated with explosive heat and power. As their clits crushed, as the nerve-rich organs fused millimeter by millimeter, the fuckfighting women’s bodies convulsed with orgasmic energy. The women choked out screams of raw ecstasy. Orgasms roared through their mating bodies in waves, excruciating pleasure filling their powerful muscles with erotic electricity. Kath and Kil screamed silently, their mouths wide, their identical, gorgeous faces caught in spasms of agony, as their bodies bucked and heaved, muscles straining and trembling . Their pussies contracted and squeezed out the final dollops of cum that their exhausted bodies could produce. Their throbbing tits ejaculated hard. But the orgasms kept coming until they became one continuous, unbearable peak of pleasure that wracked the women’s locked bodies with sexual power.

Tears poured down the women’s faces. They clenched their teeth in agony. They glared into each other through hooded eyes, their shared hate growing as intense as the incredible pleasure roaring through their straining bodies. Kath and Kil desperately wanted to destroy each other. They willed the other woman to surrender, to give up, to pass out, anything to end the endless ecstasy they were inflicting on each other. They moaned and snarled at each other, too overcome with unbearable pleasure to speak.

The raw pleasure was finally too much. Kath’s body jerked powerfully as it shattered another peak of ecstasy. She saw the world going dark, she felt the pure heat in her flesh overwhelm her senses, forcing her into unconsciousness. Just moments before she passed out, she saw the queen’s eyes flutter, then roll back into her head. The gorgeous woman’s mouth slackened, her head lolled to the side. Sobbing silently, Kath pressed her cheek to Kil’s wet cheek. She passed out, her body unable to endure any more. The satisfaction of victory was her last conscious feeling before her clit flared even hotter, blowing her mind, and the darkness took her.

Part IV:

450 days later: the new blood moon rose over the horizon, filling the sky of Neverwhere. In her tower, Kil, the Red Queen, looked out at the crimson dusk and frowned. This year, the red moon would fill the sky for five nights, something it did every six years. Kil’s mind went back to where it often went over the past year, to the nights of the last blood red moon, when she and Kath had fucked each other into oblivion, had fucked and fucked and fucked until they nearly killed each other with pure ecstasy. She shivered and her body burned as the memories stirred the familiar feelings of intense lust and intense hate. Kath had defeated her. True, the other blonde’s victory had been razor-thin, but it was a victory nonetheless. Ever since, Kil’s heart seethed with anger and the desire for revenge. But she had to honor her word. She had lost. She had to accept that, on that night at least, Kath had proven the better woman. The thought mortified Kil; she burned with humiliation. She had tried to think of ways to get back at Kath, to force the other woman into another showdown, one that Kil was determined to win. But any strategy she came up with involved breaking her word, and her honor would not let her do it.

Sighing, the nude woman turned away from the window and made her way across the enormous chamber to her bed, which was positioned facing the blazing firepit. The fire in the giant brazier warmed Kil’s naked flesh against the chill of the desert night. Kil stretched out on her bed, flat on her back. She smiled as she felt the sensuous wobble in her beautiful tits as they shifted to either side of her chest, two meaty mountains of sensuous, nerve-rich flesh. The glare of the blood moon tinting the entire room, Kil began slowly caressing her breasts, gently stroking her nipples. As the pleasure built, as her tits tightened and swelled with arousal, she slowly, teasingly, slid her right hand down her smooth, firm belly to her smoother, wet, hot twat. She began stroking herself, running her fingers over her slick, hairless pussy lips, groaning as she felt her swelling clit emerge. Kil moaned, her mind casting back to her vivid memories of Kath’s lush, hot body, straining and bucking against hers, to the memory of their massive tits crushed and throbbing against each other, to the recollection of the exquisite pleasure that erupted from between her legs as she wrestled with her blonde nemesis, engorged clit on clit.

A scuffing sound came from the window sill. Kil stopped and pushed herself up on her elbows, seeking to identify what she heard. As she watched, a hand came over the edge of the window. She was about to summon her guards, when the intruder pulled herself up over the ledge, threw a naked leg over the stone sill, and rolled into the room. Kil’s heart leaped to her throat, her body tightened and flared with intense heat. Her nipples, already hard, became suddenly, painfully stiff. Her wet pussy lubricated and gushed powerfully. Her swollen clit pumped up like a balloon, vibrating with sexual power.

Kath stood tall, just inside the window, her magnificent curves silhouetted in the red moonlight, and fixed Kil with an appraising gaze. Her massive tits heaved slightly, more from her growing sexual excitement than the exertion of her climb.

The Red Queen sat up. She did not say anything. She just let herself feel the sexual excitement, the raw sexual hunger, build in her voluptuous body like a furnace. Her mind narrowed to only one thought: an overpowering anticipation of the fucking to come.

Kath slowly walked across the room, her bare feet whispering on the stone, her bulging tits jiggling gently, her curved hips swaying with each step. She stopped at the edge of the bed. Kil lay back and spread her legs wide, giving Kath an unobstructed view of her wet, engorged cunt. Kath stared down into the gorgeous fuckmeat. Her body trembled with raw, intense lust.

“Do you want this, Kath?” the Red Queen whispered hoarsely. Kil trembled with lust. She flexed her twat, squeezing out a dollop of discharge. “Do you want to eat me? Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yessss,” Kath breathed, her eyes glowing with desire.

Kath raised her eyes to Kil’s. The women’s blue gazes locked. Both saw the same in the other: the incredible, almost insane lust for each other that had built and built over the course of the last 450 days, until it had become a volcano that had to explode. The women licked their dry lips, their hearts pounding with excitement, their cunts soaked with pussy juice, their nipples hard and throbbing with desire.

Kath climbed onto the bed. On her hands and knees, her massive tits swaying on her chest, she crawled towards Kil, towards the queen’s splayed legs and luscious body. When she was close enough, Kath suddenly kneeled, tucked her legs under her body, and lowered her face to between the queen’s legs, thrusting her heart-shaped ass into the air. She pushed her nose, her face, deep into the queen’s wet fuckmeat. Gasping with need, Kath rubbed her face around and around in the juicy flesh, inhaling deeply, relishing the hot, thick scent of the queen’s engorged sex. Kath moaned louder as the delicious odor overwhelmed her. Her face grew wet with the queen’s juices. Her tongue darted out and caressed her enemy’s slick, smooth cuntlips. She worked her tongue around and into the queen’s labia, then thrust it harder into the Red woman’s succulent vagina, sucking and drinking the delicious fluids within.

The Queen moaned uncontrollably. The sensual contact she had wanted so desperately for so long had finally returned to her. Placing her hands on the queen’s hips, Kath buried her face between the blonde’s legs and licked and lapped at the juicy, tart meat within. She teased the queen’s swelling clit, lapping the underside of the twitching sex nub, then wrapped her lips tightly around the entire clit and sucked, sucked hard, using her teeth to gently scrape the exquisitely sensitive rod. She shoved two fingers deep into Kil’s tight,hot cunt. The queen reached down and buried her hands in Kath’s thick, blonde hair, pushing the woman’s face harder into her twat.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh,” Kil cried out, arching her back, biting her lip, grabbing the sheets and clenching them tightly, as Kath’s ministrations to her cunt, to her clit, threatened to overwhelm her with joyous pleasure. She worked her hips around and around, grinding her fuckmeat into Kath’s beautiful face. KIl’s nipples grew moist and hot as nipple cum built deep inside. Her tits jerked, bobbing with tension as she writhed. “Oh gods, you fucking, fucking whore,” Kil sobbed, her body slowly undulating in ecstasy on the bed as Kath ate her, devoured her.

Kath kept sucking, kept eating Kil’s pussy. She loved the delicious taste , the slick feel of Kil’s clit on her tongue, the acrid taste of the queen’s cunt juice. She sucked it back hungrily. But her desire, her need to feel the intense pleasure she had craved for so long, soon got the best of her. Still eating Kil’s quim, she shifted her position, spinning her body around on the bed, turning on the fulcrum of the queen’s juicy cunt, moving so that she faced down Kil’s body, placing her muscular thighs on either side of Kil’s face, so that Kil stared up into Kath’s dripping, naked twat.

“Yes, god yes,” Kil moaned. She wrapped her arms around Kath’s hips, she spread her hands on the other blonde’s magnificent round ass, she raised her head and, happily, eagerly, buried her face in Kath’s cunt, drove her tongue deep into the other woman’s vagina, licked and sucked at Kath’s labia, before sucking and sucking on Kath’s clit, feasting on it like a twitching red lollipop. Kath screamed into Kil’s cunt, before redoubling her efforts to eat the queen alive.

Moaning, gasping, crying, screaming with pleasure, feasting on each other like two starving animals, Kath and Kil licked and sucked and bit. They finger-fucked and stroked each other’s clits until they were shuddering with barely-contained sexual pleasure. They rolled onto their sides, wrapped together in their joyous, vicious 69, locked their powerful thighs around each other’s heads, and devoured each other with an indescribably intense, ravenous hunger. The women were in a shared paradise.

For more than an hour, they ate each other, their bodies growing slick and wet with sweat and other juices, their moans and cries of ecstasy and passion filling the room. When they were close to a powerful, shattering orgasm, when their bodies were quaking with sexual tension, Kath suddenly pushed hard, rolling Kil onto her back, once again. Before the queen could fully comprehend what was happening, Kath rolled herself off of her blonde rival, separating their naked bodies for the first time since she had buried her face in Kil’s juicy cunt.

Gasping, Kath turned herself around on the bed and mounted Kil. The Red Queen eagerly spread her legs and tilted her pelvis up, offering her starving, ravenous cunt to her blonde nemesis. Kath’s massive tits eclipsed Kil’s tits perfectly, thick titmeat crushing and fusing, hot nipples stabbing and mating. Their wet bellies flattened to each other, their deep navels sucked. Naked twat slapped down onto naked twat, fuck slit penetrated fuck slit. Groaning with absolute bliss, Kath worked her hips around and around, grinding her pussy into Kil’s soft, wet, yielding meat. Kil worked her hips in the opposite direction, grinding up, spreading Kath even as Kath spread her. Nose to nose, trembling with tension, tits mated, bodies throbbing with electricity, hearts pounding with excitement and need, the blue-eyed women stared deep, deep into each other. Kath pressed her swollen, aching clit, head to head, directly into Kil’s equally huge, hot clit. The Red Queen pushed up with her hips, she reached down, dug her fingers into Kath’s taut ass, and pulled the blonde into her harder. Sobbing, tears filling their eyes, their hot breath mixing, the women shared their mutual violation as their clits slowly, inexorably, melted together, fused into one burning nerve, as wave after wave of pure orgasmic ecstasy wracked their powerful, straining bodies

After long, excruciating minutes of forcing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm out of each other, the women collapsed, their bodies momentarily sated, their mutual need temporarily met. Their naked limbs were twined, they panted, their bodies slick with sweat and cum.

“Cunt,” Kath sighed, cheek to cheek with the Red Queen, the women’s faces turned to the wall, their blonde hair tangled in sweaty knots.

“Whore,” Kil breathed.

“You’re mine, Kil,” Kath whispered, her eyes half-closed.“You belong to me. Your cunt belongs to me.”

“No, you are mine, Kath,” Kil moaned in reply. “I will fuck you until I break you. You will submit to me. My cunt will eat yours alive.”

Kath grunted. Already, her sexual energy was coming back, full power. She rolled off of Kil, their sweat-drenched bodies peeling apart, thick strings of cum linking their naked twats, their swollen nipples Kath sat back on the bed and spread her legs wide, offering her hot, hungry cunt to her enemy. Her massive, perfect tits jiggled deliciously. “We won’t stop fucking until one of us surrenders,” she growled. “No matter how long it takes. I’m not leaving here until you submit to me, completely.”

Kil sat up and smiled, her beautiful face glowing with heat and desire. “If you really want that, I have a way to make that happen.” She kneeled on the bed, placed her palms together, and closed her eyes. She began to chant. Kath immediately recognized the Red Queen was using her sorcery, something Kil had not done before in their battles. Kath was immediately uneasy, but she had to believe that the sorceress would keep her word and not use magic to cheat in their sexual combat. After all, for both women, vanquishing the other with her cunt and tits was a matter of pride. Cheating could offer no victory at all.

As Kil chanted, the fire in the brazier grew hotter and higher. The red light of the moon intensified, feeding off the orange glow of the fire. Kath felt an electrical sensation play across her body. It seemed to slowly radiate out from her naked form, moving away from her, filling the room. The light in the room wavered, almost as if the entire chamber had suddenly submerged in a vat of red liquid.

Kil opened her eyes and smiled. The Red Queen sat back on her beautiful ass and spread her legs, mirroring Kath’s position. The blondes looked at each other, their blue eyes locking, then shifted their hungry gazes to the other woman’s perfect cunt. They licked their lips, their hearts pounding, their tits starting to heave and drip with pre-cum, as they prepared to meet each other once more, cunt to cunt, clit against clit.

“What did you do?” Kath asked hoarsely. She felt the same, but there seemed to be a new charge in the air, the vague sense of the world being slightly off-kilter.

“I cast a spell that I have used before. It’s a spell to pull this room a little out of phase with normal time. It draws its power from the blood moon. For the next five nights, time in this chamber will pass much more slowly, maybe as much as three times slower. Our bodies will tire more slowly too. We will have a much longer time in which to fuck each other, to fuckfight until one of us is victorious.”

Kath quivered with excitement. “Oh God, yes,” she moaned. She slid down the bed, her legs wide, closing on Kil’s succulent cunt. She was insane with lust, crazy with desire, enflamed by the knowledge that she and the Red Queen now had, perhaps, two weeks of uninterrupted time in which to fuck each other senseless, to fuck each other into unconsciousness, to fuck each other to heights of unimaginable ecstasy, to fuck and fuck and fuck until they drove each other insane, until one of them succeeded in riding the other into submission. She could not wait to get started.

Kil eagerly slid to meet her, her legs wide. The women slipped their powerful legs over and under the other, groaning with delight as their flesh came together once more, as their sweaty limbs slid and slicked. They aimed their dripping, hot, smooth cunts directly at each other and thrust together, mating with a hard, thick slap of fuckmeat to fuckmeat. Kath and Kil leaned back, bracing their lush bodies with their arms, and moaned in indescribable pleasure as they pushed forward with their hips, crushing and mashing their succulent cunts, quivering with ecstasy as their fuckslits worked into each other, sucking and squelching. Clit sealed to clit and the women screamed in concert, jerking their hips as their bodies shuddered.

“Ah, God, yes, oh yes…,” Kath moaned, her head thrown back, her eyes shut tight, her beautiful face a rictus of pure pleasure as the unbearable sensations that she had wanted for so long filled her perfect body to the brim.

“Gods, gods, gods, oh fuck, fuck…,” Kil gasped, her body shaking with passion, erotic electricity burning in every cell in her body.

Kath and Kil slowly, slowly, brought their shaking bodies under control. The women stared at each other, their blue eyes hooded, their shared lust boiling in their cores. They reached for each other, pulling the other in, groaning as their tits mashed, as their flesh mated. Their nipples burned, their thick titmeat throbbed with heat.

“No stopping,” Kath whispered to Kil, their lips touching, their tongues caressing.

“No stopping,” Kil promised.

The women smiled at each other, their eyes bright with sexual fever. Their lips closed, their tongues pushed and twined. They reached for the other’s woman’s ass and held tight as their hips rocked, their naked pussies ground and sucked, their clits rubbed and rubbed mercilessly.

The blonde women knew that they would fuck until one of them annihilated the other, or until they destroyed each other in their erotic hate and lust. Their sexual rivalry had to be decided. But, for now, nothing mattered except their need to fuck, their need to give and take the pleasure from the other’s body, pleasure that they had to have.

Moaning with joy, the doppelgangers consumed each other, fucking and fucking and fucking each other into paradise.


The light of the blood red moon faded as the sun rose on the morning of the sixth day. As the moon retreated, the hazy red light in the bed chamber gave way to the golden light of the new day. As the moon shifted away from Neverwhere, the spell Kil had cast slowly dissipated, like fog in the sun.

On the bed, the two perfect, voluptuous, naked women lay sprawled, their beautiful legs forked, cunt locked and slotted into cunt, swollen clits knotted around each other. The naked women writhed, slow and hard, their eyes glazed with unspeakable ecstasy, their fingers digging into the soaked blankets, or gripping the other’s thigh. Their massive tits, covered with bitemarks, nipples hard brown spikes, jiggled and jerked as their genitals wrestled. Waves of pure, unbearable pleasure flowed out from their cunts, filling their bodies, filling their minds, driving them crazy with ecstasy. For hours, they had been locked together in this way, orgasms wracking their bodies, overwhelming them with pleasure so intense that they had lost all sense of time and place. They were aware only of ecstasy, of the raw pleasure they were giving and taking from each other, of the incredible erotic sensations pouring out of their interlocked clits.

Over the previous five days and nights, time that had been nearly two weeks for the fuckfighting women, Kath and Kil had ravaged each other, had fucked each other to a level of pleasure greater than anything either woman had felt before, greater than anything either had thought possible. Their incredible bodies had become like sexual batteries, filled with raw erotic power that poured through their luscious flesh, power and pleasure that seemed to grow with each devastating orgasm.

Hours after the dawn, late into the morning, the blonde sexual rivals fucked each other raw, fucked excruciatingly intense orgasm after orgasm out of each other. It was noon before they finally passed out, the cum flowing down their bellies and hips, their tits slicked with nipple discharge. It was late afternoon before the exhausted women finally woke. After some time, they slowly, agonizingly, pulled apart. They collapsed on the bed, flat on their backs, their legs still touching and forked, even if their pussies were no longer cunt-locked. Thick strings of cum hung between their pussies, linking their genitals.

Kath raised her head to look over her massive tits and gave a Kil a sullen glare.

“You dirty fucker,” Kath groaned.

“Filthy slut,” Kil moaned back.

The women had fucked to a standstill, they had ravaged each other to the point of absolute exhaustion. Neither of them could go on. Their sexual hunger was insatiable, but even their incredible bodies had limits and, for the moment, they had reached them. They rested for some time, trying to regain their strength.

Slowly, Kath turned over onto her belly and rolled away. She got to her hands and knees, then crawled back towards Kil. Kil forced herself to sit up. Groaning, the naked women rose to their knees. They came together. They wrapped their arms around each other, they pressed sore tit to sore tit, belly to belly, thigh to thigh. Even with her exhaustion, Kath felt her nipples harden against Kil’s throbbing pair and felt Kil’s nipples stiffen in response. The women pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead. They stared deep into each other, both seeing, feeling, the intense lust, the mutual sexual need feeding them, consuming them. They had just spent two weeks fucking each other senseless, taking each other as hard and in as many ways and as many positions as they could imagine, and still they were not satisfied.

“Nothing is decided between us,” Kil finally whispered.

“No,” Kath agreed. “We need to have a fuckwar. I see that now.”

“One hundred nights from now,” Kil murmured. “That is the start of five moonless nights. The dark has its own power. Meet me at the spiral mine, where you first arrived in Neverwhere. Meet me there at sunset. We will fuck there. We will fuck even longer, even harder, than we have under the blood moon.”

“I will be there,” Kath promised. “I will destroy you, Kil. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many times we need to fuck. You will submit to me. You will know I am the better fuck, the better woman.”

“That will never happen, Kath,” the queen replied. “I am the better fuck. I am the better woman. Your body is good, but it is no match for mine. I will prove that to you.”

As they pressed their naked bodies together, Kath and Kil felt the fires in their core, temporarily sated, stir back to life. Their bodies were aching and tender, but their shared desire built slowly, inexorably.

The women smiled at each other. Slowly, their tongues touched. They licked each other’s lips, they slid their tongues in and around, back and forth, sharing spit and heat. Kath smiled as she felt her clit tighten and swell, as she felt her nipples throb and harden. The women’s hands slid down to grip the other’s ass. Their kiss grew deeper, harder. They spread their legs apart and tilted their pelvises forward, slowly bringing their swelling clits together. The women moaned, deep in their throats, as they started to stroke, stroke, their engorging clits against each other, corkscrewing the sensitive nubs, slipping and sliding them against each other, until their bodies were shaking with pleasure, until their cunts were dripping with juices. Their fat pussy lips slid, slick and hot, burning, melting against each other.

Kath and Kil pulled back from their kiss, spit stringing between their lips, their breath coming in hot gasps. They grinned savagely at each other.

“Fuck me, you cunt,”Kil whispered to her enemy, her luscious rival.

“Fuck me, you whore,” Kath whispered back.

The women’s mouths sealed again, their hips moved in rhythm, they groaned in shared ecstasy. They fucked deep into the night, sealing the promise of the fuckwar to come.

The next morning, Kath staggered away from the tower, her body sore and battered, her genitals hot and raw, her tits aching. The Queen had given her safe passage to leave. Kath staggered a short distance into the desert until she found her flyer. She crawled into the airship and settled painfully into the pilot’s seat. In 100 days, she would meet the Red Queen again in the spiral pit. Maybe then, they would decide their rivalry. Or, maybe, they would need to meet again and again and again…

Kath smiled, viciously. She did not care how long or how often she needed to meet the queen in sexual warfare. The red bitch would submit. Kath swore it to herself.

Sighing deeply, her body tingling with anticipation of what would come in another hundred days, she turned her flyer towards the rising sun and her home.

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