Kath vs. Kil: A Neverwhere Adventure – Part 2 by JB57

Kath vs. Kil: A Neverwhere Adventure - Part 2 by JB57

Part I: Battle by Night

Kath banked her flyer sharply, coming in for a gentle landing near the spiral mining pit where she had first arrived in Neverwhere. It had been years since she had been back at this pit, but nothing had changed. It remained a cavernous wound in the craggy desert floor. The mirror-like obsidian that was mined from the pit reflected the light of the sinking sun. Kath stepped out of the flyer, her bare feet scuffing the hard-packed earth. She stood beside the vehicle for a moment, gazing out at the rapidly waning light. Her perfect, nude body felt hot and tight, wired with tension and expectation. There was an iron taste in her mouth, the flavor of heady desire. Her nipples were thick and hard, throbbing lightly in the fading desert heat. Her magnificent, massive tits swelled with arousal. Her pussy was hot and tight; it was already wet. Her clit was aching with anticipation.

It was exactly 100 nights since Kath’s last, epic fuckfight with Kil, the Red Queen, her physical doppelganger and ultimate sexual rival. Tonight was the first of five moonless nights. Kath and Kil had agreed to meet at this pit, on this night, to resume their fuckwar. For much of the previous three months, Kath had been hot and horny, tense with anticipation of the next round in her battle with the Queen. Now that the night had arrived, her body was burning up with sexual fever.

She walked toward the path leading down into the pit. Two rock formations stood as sentries on either side of the path. As she approached, two mutant soldiers stepped out of the darkening shadows. Their spears and swords glinted in the dimming light.

“Halt!” snarled one. “Who goes there?”

“I am Kath,” the blonde woman replied. “Your Queen is waiting for me in the pit.”

The guards nodded and stood aside.

Kath stepped onto the path and descended. She consciously forced herself to walk slowly and deliberately, reminding herself to avoid any appearance of being too eager. As with all sexfights, this one would come down to a combination of self-control and sexual endurance. She tortured herself, slowing down, putting one foot ahead of the other carefully, testing her ability to control her passion, all the while feeling her sexual fever build. Soon, very soon, she would be locked cunt to cunt and clit to clit with her rival, fucking and fucking to the end. Her body shuddered and she tried to push her avaricious thoughts out of her head.

Kath turned the final curve in the spiral path and saw a torch, fixed to the wall of an open mining tunnel, shining in the dark. The canyon floor was already pitch-black, causing the torch to throw off a powerful light. By the glow, Kath could see the Red Queen, waiting for her at the mouth of the tunnel. The Queen was wearing her red cloak. The long cape flowed over her shoulders and down her back almost to the ground. The tight hood was down, revealing the Queen’s golden hair, luminous in the firelight. The Red Queen’s hair was slightly shorter than Kath’s blonde hair, cut into a shoulder-length bob. Other than this, the two women were physically identical.

As Kath stepped into the range of the light, her beautiful tanned body shone like gold, the shadows cast by the torch outlining the smooth muscles of her thighs, her sculpted abdomen, her gently bouncing, swaying tits. Kil, the Red Queen, felt the sexual fever wracking her body grow even higher and hotter as she watched Kath’s luscious body draw near. She licked her dry lips in anticipation, her body throbbing with sexual desire, her breath catching and her tits heaving as she fought to control her excitement. She had been preparing for this encounter for months, drawing up the spell she would need to use the power of the black night to give the women more time to battle, more time to subjugate Kath’s incredible body with her own. She had prepared in other ways, too. Kil increased her kegel exercises, determined to make her pussy more powerful than that of her rival. She meditated to increase her self-control, she practiced restraining and controlling her sexual pleasure with the best of her concubines, both male and female. But now that the moment for her delicious fuckfight with Kath had finally arrived, Kil found herself going slowly crazy with need. She could barely contain her overpowering lust. She and Kath were made for each other. They gave each other ecstasy exponentially greater than anything either woman could experience with any other being. Watching Kath approach, feeling her body respond, Kil knew that her preparations were inadequate. Nothing could really prepare her for the pleasure to come. She could only hope her practice could give her the slight edge she would need to finally defeat Kath and make the woman her fuckbitch.

Kath walked up to Kil and stopped. The women’s eyes roamed over the nude body of their sexual rival, taking in every inch of naked flesh, devouring each other. Kil felt her cloak gave her a slight psychological advantage, even if it left the front of her body uncovered, hiding nothing. Both women could see the other’s swollen nipples, the tell-tale glint of moisture on their naked pussy lips, the slight trickle of cunt juice running down their tanned inner thighs. They were both licking their dry lips constantly. Even so, the women tried to act as though the other woman’s presence did not affect her. Neither woman wanted to give the slightest ground to the other. For some time, the two fuck rivals stared at each other, their blue eyes locked, their shared lust and hate shining brightly. Occasionally, their eyes darted down to drink in the other woman’s heaving tits or wet pussy. The two women detected the musky scent of the other. Their scents combined, forming an intoxicating erotic brew. The incredible women knew they could not wait any longer.

“Are you ready to fuck, Kath?” Kil finally murmured. She began to move towards Kath, closing the slight distance between their juiced up, naked bodies.

“I’m ready to fuck you to death, Kil,” Kath whispered in reply. She stepped forward to meet Kil, her hands sliding around the Queen’s smooth, naked hips. “Neither one of us is leaving this place until you submit to me. “

“I’m going to destroy your cunt and your tits, Kath,” Kil snarled. She slipped her arms around Kath’s upper back, pulling her blonde rival in. “I’m going to break your body with mine.”

The women aimed their swollen nips directly at each other and carefully pushed them together, head to head. Kath and Kil gasped as their nipples sizzled with electricity, nipple hole locking and sucking to nipple hole. A spike of pure erotic heat pierced their bodies from their engorged nipples through their swollen breasts, down their hard bellies to their burning pussies, finishing at the apex of their pulsing, aching clits. Their nipples fused. The women stopped, their bodies trembling, their eyelids fluttering as the intense erotic sensations roared through their lush, voluptuous flesh, as the moment they had both lusted after for so long finally became reality.

“Yes, you cunt, oh yes…,” Kath breathed. Tears tricked down her gorgeous face, the intense erotic sensations overpowering her senses.

“Gods-damned fucking whore…,” Kil moaned.

The women pulled each other in, moaning in joy as their massive tits crushed, thick flesh mashing and merging. Their nipples pushed each other back into dense titflesh, fusing with heat and pleasure as they struggled. The women’s heavy tits squashed, their throbbing titflesh burned ever hotter. Their smooth, strong thighs pressed tight, sliding sensuously against each other. Kath and Kil pushed their bellies forward and gasped in joy as their powerful abs slapped tight. They rubbed their bellies, both women rejoicing in the delicious feel of taut flesh sliding, burning, on flesh. Their navels sucked, their massive tits rolled against each other, titmeat massaging titmeat, as their upper bodies undulated. The women’s beautiful blue eyes shone with need; their eyelids fluttered as the electric erotic tension flowed through their bodies. They slid their noses past each other; their tongues reached out, licking and flicking against the other, before sliding together, leading their hungry mouths into a hard, tight, ravenous kiss. Their tongues pushed and shoved, slick and wet, wrestling within the women’s locked mouths. Kath and Kil’s hands moved eagerly over the other’s naked body, grasping strong, tight asses, slipping fingers up taut ass cracks, sliding over muscled backs, pulling at golden hair, shoving faces more firmly into their mouth to mouth battle for domination. The women were lost in the fury and the raw pleasure that came with their inexhaustible desire. Their spitty mouths overflowed with saliva; they sucked the mixed brew back and forth, before swallowing it back, sharing their mutual violation, their mutual need to degrade each other. They moaned deep in their throats as their voluptuous bodies shuddered with erotic passion and pure lust. Both women grasped the other woman’s tight ass, sinking their fingers into the taut meat, and pulled, trying to drag their pussies to each other. Their nipples burned like coals, their tits throbbed like drums, as their desire grew uncontrollably. Their pussies leaked, cunt juice pouring down their thighs, their twats hot and wet, primed for the sexual warfare to come.

Kath spread her legs and presented her succulent pussy to her enemy, thrusting her hips forward, trying to bring her cunt to bear against Kil’s equally enraged pussy. It was time to start the fuckfight, to resume the fuckwar to decide which of them was the better woman. She wanted a stand-up fuck, she wanted it now. Her body yearned to go clit to clit with Kil’s burning sex.

To Kath’s dismay, Kil did not reciprocate her move. Instead, the Red Queen released Kath’s ass, reached up to shove her fingers into Kath’s thick blonde hair, and pulled her double’s face back, out of their ravenous kiss. Spit flew as their mouths separated; Kath groaned, then gasped as the other woman shoved her away. Kath stumbled back a few feet. She paused to regain her bearings. Her body was raging, the sexual heat burning her cunt, radiating from her tits.

Kil wiped her wet mouth with the back of her hand. Her tits were heaving as she panted with excitement and desire.

“Not yet,” Kil said. “I have a place set up, where we can do this without interruption.” She straightened up and ran her hands down her naked torso, from her bulging tits to her hairless cunt. She pushed her red cloak back, over her shoulders. Kil reached up and pulled the torch from its sconce on the mine wall. “Come with me.”

Kil turned around and walked into the mine shaft. Without hesitation, Kath followed close at her heels, following the red cloak into the darkness. The tunnel was smooth, cleaned out by centuries of mining. The beautiful rivals walked into the darkness, their bare feet slapping on the rock. They were going down at a gradual angle. Every 20 meters or so, there was another torch, lighting their way. About 200 meters down the shaft, Kath detected a growing light from ahead. After another 200 meters, they emerged in a brightly lit cave. More than a dozen torches were set into the walls, giving the entire area a warm glow. The light illuminated a craggy ceiling more than 20 meters high. The cave itself stretched for a 100 meters or more in each direction. In the center of the cave was a pavilion, a large golden tent, about 10 meters by 10 meters. Kath could see that the tent was at the center of some kind of sigil painted onto the floor of the cave. She understood that this would be important to whatever magic ritual Kil intended to perform.

Kil put the torch she was carrying in a sconce standing outside the tent and swept aside the cloth blocking the entrance. Kath followed her doppelganger into the tent. Inside, numerous torches set the place aglow. Against one wall was a table loaded down with different kinds of food and drink, as if for a banquet. In the center of the tent was a large round bed, 3 meters in diameter. Ornate carpets covered the floor. On the opposite wall was a tub and other implements necessary for cleanliness. Kath immediately understood. She and Kil would be down here in this tent for a very long time; it was equipped to tend to their bodily needs as they fucked each other into comas. She shuddered with delighted anticipation.

Kil walked up to the bed. She turned around, her cloak swirling, and smiled viciously at Kath. She reached up and undid the bind holding her cape in place at her neck. She shrugged. Without fanfare, the crimson covering slid off Kil’s shoulders and down her back, dropping in a pile at her feet. The Red Queen smiled, placed her hands on her hips, and thrust her bulging chest out at her enemy. Kath’s eyes roamed hungrily over her completely naked foe. It was like looking in a mirror; she was going to enjoy forcing that incredible body to submit to her own, forcing Kil to admit, once and for all, that no matter how identical they might be, Kath was still the better woman. Her body was more than ready to begin the battle of ecstasy that would decide her rivalry with the Red bitch.

Kil gestured at the food and the tub. “As you can see, we have food and everything else needed to last for five days. I’ve cast a preservation spell on the food. The water for cleaning will also remain hot and comfortable during the time we are here. The main spell I have to cast will draw on the power of the moonless night to create a temporal warp within the mystical circle. This tent is in the center of the circle. That will slow down time for us. It should be enough to turn 5 days and nights into more than two weeks.” Kil smiled again, a savage, hungry grin. “That should give us more than enough time to decide our little conflict.”

Kath snorted contemptuously. “It wasn’t enough last time, you whore,” she spat. “But I think this time will be different. This time, I’ll break you in the first week. After that, I’m going to ride you like a horse. Your men will be carrying you back to your castle on a stretcher.”

Kil smiled but did not reply. Instead, she pointed at a spot about 2 meters from the foot of the bed. It was an ornately inscribed circle, painted onto the cave floor in a place not covered by a rug.

“Kneel inside of that circle,” Kil instructed. “I will perform the spell on the bed. The center of the bed is directly over the center of the larger mystical circle. Your position there will help to bind us both to the spell. The sexual energy we release will add power the spell. It should give us a bit more time.”

Kath did as she was instructed. She distrusted Kil’s magic, but she trusted the sorceress’ pride. If Kil cheated, if she defeated Kath with anything other than the raw sexual power of her voluptuous body, she could never take satisfaction in her victory.

Kath kneeled in the circle on the dirt floor, her legs tucked under her, her ass resting on her ankles. She placed her hands on her muscular thighs and arched her back, pointing her swollen tits at Kil. Kil climbed onto the bed. She knelt in the center of the bed, her position mirroring Kath’s, and closed her eyes. After a moment, she began to chant. She put her hands to together as if she were praying and raised her arms over her head, her voice growing louder, the chant more frantic. Kath felt the air thicken, she saw the walls of the tents seem to waver, as though she were viewing them through a distorted lens. Kil raised her hands to their highest point, cried out a final word, then brought her praying hands down sharply, to her navel. At the same time, a shimmering wave of light shot away from her body, rippling out across the tent and through the walls. As it moved, the distortion effect ended and the world snapped back into focus. As the wave flowed away from Kil’s body, an intense glow, almost a beam of light, seemed to shoot from her body, her torso, to Kath’s body. Kath felt a sharp, piercing heat, then a warm feeling of power that filled her before quickly dissipating. She sensed, at some primal level, that she was linked to the power animating the spell.

Kil smiled. She sat back on the bed on her powerful ass, bracing her body with her arms, her legs in front of her. Slowly, teasingly, she spread her thighs. Her perfect, hairless cunt slowly revealed itself, its pink slash wet and dripping with cunt juice. As Kath watched, Kil reached down and spread her fat, engorged pussy lips. Her thumb-sized clit, red and hot, sprang free. The thick nub twitched, trembling with tension.

Kath moaned. Her body was shaking with lust. Slowly, struggling to control her passion, she got to her feet and climbed onto the bed, swinging her legs around so she sat facing Kil. Bracing her body, she spread her thighs wide, presenting her burning, aching twat to her mortal enemy in challenge. Like Kil, she reached down and teased her throbbing clit free. Her sexhorn vibrated with need. It seemed to be reaching for its delicious counterpart on Kil’s lush body.

For several minutes, the beautiful doubles sat across from each other, only a meter apart, their legs spread wide, their cunts contracting and releasing, cunt juice trickling down in a steady flow into their ass cracks, their clits throbbing and twitching. Their tits heaved, the thick meat quivering, as their breath came harder and harder. Their excitement built. Kath and Kil let their eyes drink in the other woman’s perfect body. It really was like looking into a mirror, especially now that they had assumed the same position. They tortured each other, feeling their lust build until it was simply unbearable. They needed to fuck. They needed to fuck and fuck and fuck. The women knew that they would die of frustration if they did not mate, if they did not drive their aching, juicy cunts together and fuck each other’s brains out.

Groaning, the women slid down the bed towards each other at the same time, leaving a trail of cunt juice behind on the bed sheet as they moved. They slid their powerful thighs over and under each other, shuddering with pleasure as their hot, smooth skin rubbed. They met in the center of the bed. When their burning pussies were only an inch apart, Kath and Kil paused again. They locked eyes and smiled at each other, smiles of pure, raw hunger and indescribable lust. Their enraged pussies contracted hard, both women spraying the other’s genitals with her scent, with her lubrication. Their incredible bodies shook. Nipple juice dripped from their rock-hard nipples, their engorged tits jiggled unbearably. They were going to destroy each other by inflicting more ecstasy on each other than any woman could bear. They were going to kill each other with pleasure. They panted furiously. Their blue eyes locked in glares of hate and raw, immeasurable lust. Finally, they were ready. Signaling with their eyes, they began.

Drawing back their hips, Kath and Kil thrust forward hard, closing the final inch between their succulent cunts. Their pussies slapped together with a wet, thick clap; pussy juice sprayed. Kath and Kil shrieked in shared ecstasy as their burning genitals united in a deep, strong, ravenous kiss. Their pussy lips flattened to each other, hissing as the hot, slick flesh spread and squashed under the pressure. Their vaginal lips burned like blazing coals as they merged. Their fuckholes opened and sucked as they forced their bodies together, wet labia meshing and melting into one. Their engorged, rock-hard clits rammed into each other head to head. Shockwaves of erotic power arced through the women’s trembling bodies. Their clits crushed and fused. The women screamed and screamed as their bodies joined in the blissful, ecstatic union they both craved.

“Oh god, you fucking whore!” Kath moaned, her body exploding with sexual joy. Deep in her heart, she rejoiced, her mind filling with the searing pleasure of anticipation finally rewarded.

“Fucking cunt!” Kil gasped. The women shifted their hips just slightly and slid into the fork of each other’s legs even more firmly. Their cunt slits slotted together, sinking deep and tight and wet. The women’s bucking bodies locked, cunt sunk and sealed into cunt, pulsing, aching clits crushed and grinding, grinding mercilessly. Kath and Kil worked and pumped their hips and asses, ramming and driving themselves as deep together as they could. Each woman grabbed the other woman’s trembling thigh for leverage with which to fuck even harder. Slotted together, their pussies wet and hot, Kath and Kil sucked powerfully with their cunts, each woman tried to close her cunt around the other woman’s twat. The locked muscles of their powerful pussies trembled as they wrestled. Their clits pulsed even harder as their pussies struggled, forcing their clits to grind harder. Their labia mashed into one soft mass of juicy, succulent flesh, squishing wetly as the women’s pussies melted together. Heat radiated out from their battling cunts, filling their sweat-slicked muscles.

Kath and Kil both used their free arm to reach out, wrap their arm around the other’s back, pulling their bodies closer together. Their thick, meaty tits mated, titflesh mashing, burning nipples stabbing, sucking head to head. They pushed closer, until they were nose to nose, hot breath mixing, asses and hips rippling. Half-hooded blue eyes glared into blue eyes. The women reached down and filled their hands with the other’s flexing ass, strong fingers sinking into taut, thick assmeat.

“Yes,” Kil breathed, her eyes shining with indescribable desire.

“Yes,” Kath agreed, her eyes just as bright, her need driving her crazy with lust.

“Fuck me, Kath,” Kil whispered, her voice thick with desire.

“Fuck me, Kil,” Kath whispered back. The women ran their tongues over each other’s lips, letting their tongues play, sharing licks and spit until the tension in their tits, the unbelievable, pulsing heat in their locked cunts, demanded more.

Their hungry mouths closed on each other. Kath and Kil moaned and gasped deep in their throats as their tongues twisted and pushed, as their clits fused, as their hungry cunts wrestled and struggled, joining their perfect, identical bodies in a fuck to the finish. The women groaned in absolute ecstasy. The sexual joining they had wanted for so long was finally a reality. Locked together, sucking and biting and squeezing, thrusting, grinding and pumping, Kath and Kil became lost together into a paradise of sheer, unbearable erotic pleasure.

Five nights and days passed in the world beyond the tent in the cave. The Red Queen’s soldiers guarded the spiral mine. The Queen’s servants established a tent of their own near the mouth of the mining tunnel and settled in, waiting for the end of the period of moonless skies, knowing that their Queen would need their help when it was over, whether she won or lost. For the first night, day and the next night, the servants and guards waiting at the mouth of the mine were treated to a constant chorus of erotic screams, moans and shouts of pure ecstasy coming up the tunnel. The tunnel amplified the sounds, the cries of two insatiable sexual rivals fucking each other relentlessly, fucking each other raw, two sex goddesses struggling to destroy each other with every inch of their incredible bodies, every scrap of their erotic power. To the people listening above, the erotic barrage was deeply arousing; all of the men and women could sense a small part of the incredible pleasure Kath and Kil were giving to each other in their endless war to fuck the other into submission. The erotic emanations coming out of the cave were amplified by the spell that Kil had cast. The sexual power the women unleashed on each other fed into the spell, giving it more power. The spell took on an unexpected dimension. The rivals’sexual warfare, the intense feelings, raw pleasure and pure desire it contained, was broadcast to the people around the mine, heightening the desire of everyone within earshot. It was not long before guards and servants were matching up in sexual adventures of their own.

The cries and moans of erotic bliss lasted only for the first two nights and a day; by the morning of the second day, they had all but stopped. Concerned servants who went down into the pit to check on their mistress soon found that the sounds were still coming. They were just far more quiet, though constant. The servants could hear pulsating moans through the coruscating shield of mystical energy surrounding the tent. The moans were, if it was possible, even more incredibly arousing than the screams and shouts of raw pleasure that everyone had heard before. These quieter moans conveyed unspeakable sexual bliss, unbearable sexual ecstasy. It was clear to the servants who heard that their mistress and her rival were giving each other pleasure that defied human comprehension. They had ceased to scream because their voices could no longer convey the ecstasy they were inflicting on each other. The effect on the servants bore out this conclusion; as the pit grew quieter, the intense feelings of erotic arousal among the people waiting above grew even more powerful.

For Kath and Kil, time passed slowly. The two nights and one day that their screaming orgasms had entertained and aroused the listeners above felt, to them, more than twice as long. The sexual warriors attacked each other with a level of lust and rage that surpassed even their earlier marathon fuckfight. The women threw all of their erotic power at each other. They locked together cunt to cunt and ground and humped each other into shrieking, unbearable orgasm after orgasm. They licked and sucked at each other’s clits and pussies, rolling around the bed in a series of endless, 69 suckfights that lasted for days and left them exhausted and drained. They feasted on each other’s bodies, they drank and shared each other’s liquids, both women determined to completely possess and control the other.

The five days and nights of their fuckwar felt like 16 days and nights to the battling women. They spent more than five days of that time simply eating each other’s cunts, sucking and licking clits, using their fingers and their fists to probe deep and hard into tight, hot vaginas and tighter, slicker assholes. They sucked and nibbled and lapped at each other’s tits and nipples, they sank their teeth into luscious titmeat, they drank up nipple cum until it was flowing out of their mouths, then locked together in cum-swapping, spit-sharing kisses where they fought to dominate each other. They mashed their tits together and battled tit to tit and nipple to nipple, trying to grind each other down when they were not using their massive breasts to massage each other, chest to chest, into gasping, crying screams of pleasure. They fenced with their nipples, trying to bend each other back, trying to crush each other’s brown nubs. They went at each other ass to ass, grinding assholes and pussies until they sprayed each other in bucking ecstasy. They pulled hair and slapped and bit. They scissored each other and fucked endlessly, mindlessly, driving their hairless twats as deep and hard into each other as humanly possible. They wrestled and struggled, succulent cunt locked to succulent cunt, forcing each other to gush over and over again, their pussies and their throbbing tits ejaculating powerfully with each devastating orgasm. The women traded temporary victories, Kath fucking Kil into unconsciousness one time, then losing a subsequent battle to Kil. They paused only to eat and drink, to replenish their strength. They briefly considered using the food itself as part of their sexual warfare, but they soon realized that this could not work. There was no playfulness in their combat, no sense of gentle fun. The women hated each other; they were driven only by the need to absolutely consume the other woman, to take all the pleasure and the power from the other in an endless, merciless fuck to the death. Kath and Kil bathed twice during their time in the cave, both times ending with a savage fuckfight in the tub, leading to a hair-pulling, thrashing, rolling fight across the floor of the tent until they were back in the bed and grinding each other into ecstasy again and again and again, cunt locked to cunt.

As the fuckwar raged on and on, the women felt their bodies become more and more powerful, more and more saturated with sexual energy. This made their clits, their nipples, their tits even more sensitive, more bloated and engorged with pleasure, more susceptible to ecstasy. Kath and Kil felt like they were loading each other with a powerful explosive and slowly, inexorably, fucking each other until the moment of a final, devastating explosion that would decide their fuckwar once and for all. As their bodies became more sensitive, more overloaded with erotic energy, the women’s voices could not express their pleasure. Their choking cries of pure sexual joy soon became the only sounds coming from the tent. They fucked and fucked, working each other, driving each other insane with lust and pleasure, fucking until their bodies were dripping with sweat and cum, until they could only glare helplessly and hatefully into each other’s eyes as they convulsed through unbearable orgasm after orgasm.

On the dawn of the sixth day, the magic barrier began to waver, its power ebbing as the new moon made its presence felt. A gust of wind blew out of the mouth of the tunnel, signaling to the servants that their Queen’s spell had run its course. Still they waited. Kil had given her courtiers strict instructions that they were only to enter the mineshaft and come for her in the tent once she rang a bell summoning them. The bell remained silent.

In the cave, Kil slowly regained her senses. The last memory she had was of bucking and quaking in excruciating pleasure, her back arched high, her engorged tits bouncing furiously, her ass and hips thrusting, ramming, humping, as she and Kath fucked each other to mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm as they lay flat on the bed, scissor-locked, cunt flattened and sucked to cunt. She remembered the delicious sensation of hot cum jetting from her pussy, mixing with Kath’s delicious stream of cum, forming an intoxicating, steaming brew within their locked pussies, flowing up and down their vaginal canals, gushing into their wombs, filling them with a delicious heat and an infuriating, tantalizing sense of mutual violation. Cum gushed onto their flat, rippling abdomens. Kil remembered feeling her nipples ejaculate, spurting slick, clear juice into the air, splattering down on her chest and her face as she came. The pleasure had finally been too much; it had grown relentlessly, until it became impossible to endure. Her mind overloaded, her senses incapable of processing what they were feeling. She remembered squeezing Kath’s cunt with her own, squeezing and squeezing, trying to wring out her rival’s pussy, feeling the wonderful answering pressure from Kath’s powerful twat, then the sense of pleasure too intense to bear, her mind going white with ecstasy, her cells exploding with electric sensation, fire burning in her tits, in her nipples, in her throbbing, aching clit, building, building, building….

Kil moaned, throwing her arm over her eyes. Her body still trembled with the aftermath of that unbearable pleasure. As she slowly regained her senses, Kil realized that she could no longer feel the temporal spell. That meant that the last moonless night had passed. She reached out with her mystical senses and felt the new, emerging moon. She could feel that it was early morning, just past dawn. If she was going to defeat and destroy Kath, it would need to be before the sun went down that day and this round of their fuckwar came to an end.

Kil summoned all her will power and slowly, agonizingly, pulled her body away from Kath’s prone form. They were sunk into each other, cunt deep, their muscular vaginas slotted, their powerful pussy lips fused. Kil’s burning twat released Kath’s hungry cunt with great reluctance. With a pop of a vacuum broken and a gush of steaming cum, the women’s succulent twats pulled apart. Thick strings of cum linked the women’s pussies. Gasping, Kil slowly pushed herself back, peeling her sweaty, cum-splattered body away from Kath’s voluptuous form. Kath and Kil stank of sweat and sex, the intoxicating aroma of sexual warfare. Kath moaned as their bodies separated, but she did not stir.

Kil lay flat on her back for several minutes, gathering her strength. Her body felt saturated with electricity. She could tell that her sexual power was at a peak, despite her physical tiredness. She and Kath had fucked each other to a point of near mystical sexual energy. Kil knew that they were on the verge of some new, even more overpowering, sexual union, if she could just summon the strength to force their bodies to the next level of engagement.

Kil got onto her knees. She placed her hands on her thighs and leaned forward, her blue eyes blazing as she looked down at Kath’s incredible body, spread before her like a plate of delicious meat. She imagined licking up the sweat and cum staining Kath’s beautiful inner thighs. She envisioned licking, eating, that delectable twat, sucking on the cherry-sized clit, lapping her way up Kath’s belly, her tongue in the blonde’s navel, until she could wrap her lips around Kath’s nipples and suck and bite and sink her teeth into the woman’s dense, salt-spiced titmeat…Kil shuddered. Her clit was burning, twitching uncontrollably, as her erotic thoughts powered her lush body up to a new level of sexual arousal. She smiled, an evil grin on her beautiful face. She was not going to devour Kath slowly; she was going to mount the bitch and fuck her blonde rival until the woman was drained of every scrap of sexual power.

Slowly, her pussy dripping with arousal, Kil crawled up between Kath’s legs. Kath’s thighs were already spread open, but Kil forced her thighs between Kath’s and pushed them slightly wider, making Kath’s cunt even more vulnerable and accessible. Kil placed her hands on either side of Kath’s torso and lined up the spear-like nipples of her heavy tits to Kath’s nipples. The two pairs of nipples and areola could not quite align; Kath’s massive tits were lolling just slightly to either side of her chest while Kil’s perfectly shaped breasts hung down like meaty cannonballs. Kil smiled as she lowered her tits onto Kath’s breasts, sighing in delight as her dense, throbbing flesh squashed and mashed tight with Kath’s equally thick, firm tits, her hard nipples stabbing into Kath’s titmeat, her own titmeat scored by Kath’s equally hard nips. “Oh gods, yes,” Kil breathed, smiling in pleasure as her belly flattened to Kath’s, as the warmth and sweat-slick flesh met again. Kil grunted in joy as she slid her slick pussy lips onto Kath’s pussy lips. Kil pushed down hard, felt Kath’s cunt squash and open beneath her own, spreading like a meaty, hot flower. Kil felt the delicious suction forming. “Oh gods, yes, yes, yes…,” Kil groaned, as her body exploded with the delight of meeting, mating, with Kath’s delectable flesh once more. If there were some way to stay locked like this forever with her sexual rival, Kil knew, in that moment, she would take it.

As Kil mounted her, Kath’s eyes slowly, languorously, slid open. Kath moaned with delight, sliding her hands around Kil’s waist and down to grasp Kil’s firm, round ass. Kath spread her legs even wider, pushing her hips up to grind her cunt into Kil’s thrusting twat, then twined her legs through Kil’s legs, locking their bodies together. As their tits shifted against each other, their pulsing areola met, followed immediately by their rock-hard nipples. Their nipples sizzled then locked, tip to tip, as their bodies aligned themselves again. Gripping Kil’s ass tightly, Kath moved her hips and ass, thrusting up to meet Kil’s downwards thrusts, mashing and penetrating Kil’s cunt even as Kil penetrated her. The women shared pulsating moans of pleasure as their lower bodies flowed together, as their lush, sweat-slicked bodies fused into one point of exquisite pleasure.

The women stared into each other, their blues eye half open, their lids fluttering as the deliriously pleasurable sensations rippled through their perfectly matched bodies. Lip to lip, they panted into each other, their tongues lapping, but not kissing, not yet.

“Yes, Kath, yes,” Kil whispered. “Spread your legs, woman, let me fuck you, let me ride your little cunt…”

“Give it to me, Kil,” Kath whispered back. “Let me feel your clit, your cum. Give me everything…”

The women’s lips closed on each other, tongues twisting, spit flowing, moans and cries of joy stifled. Between their legs, Kil moved her clit into position. Slowly, carefully, she pressed the throbbing, rock-hard nerve head to head with Kath’s equally large, pulsing clit. The women’s bodies bucked uncontrollably as they mated, as their cunts sealed, as their clits exploded in pulsating waves of devastating ecstasy. Their muscles convulsed, forcing Kath and Kil’s trembling flesh together more tightly than ever before. The women’s perfect bodies moved slow and hard, in rhythm, mating, grinding, fusing. The women’s eyes streamed with tears as the overpowering sensations filled their bodies. They broke their kiss in a spray of spit. Nose to nose, gasping, whimpering, sharing hot breath, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Their clits melted into a single searing nerve. Neither woman had experienced anything like this before, this moment of excruciating orgasmic pleasure that kept growing stronger with each second. The endless hours of fucking they had inflicted on each other had been building to this moment of transcendental pleasure.

The pleasure built quickly and inexorably, becoming greater than any pleasure they had yet given and taken from each other, building and building, filling their bodies, overwhelming their senses, burning in every nerve. Their eyes widened in astonishment as the pleasure kept growing, becoming unbearable, refusing to peak, refusing to stop. Kil felt the sexual union build, she felt the complete fusing, merging of her body to Kath’s. She wondered if this was going to be the day that she and Kath would truly fuck each other to death, killing each other with pleasure. The pleasure finally peaked, it finally reached a point where it could go no further, no higher. But it refused to abate. As Kil and Kath looked deep into each other, as they shared the exquisite intimacy of an unrelenting orgasm, they realized that this peak of ecstasy was stretching on and on, saturating their trembling flesh beyond their capacity to endure. This was a level of raw, unbelievable sexual pleasure that they knew they could only reach with each other.

For an hour, two hours, three hours, Kil and Kath lay wrapped together, looking deep into each other’s eyes, tears streaming down their beautiful faces, feeling and feeling the peak of the most powerful orgasm of their lives, which refused to stop, refused to release them. Their bodies trembled, shuddered with sexual energy, with the need for relief. Their pussies leaked a constant stream of hot cum, filling their vaginas, slicking their lower bodies. A constant stream of nipple cum squeezed out from their locked nipples, coating their tits, feeding the pressure in their breasts. The women touched tongues, but they could not kiss. The pleasure held them in its grip. They could only keep rubbing and rubbing and rubbing their clits, slowly destroying each other, glaring into each other in a shared intimacy deeper than anything they had ever experienced, sharing a hate and a lust that surpassed any other measure. They tortured each other, both women delirious with pleasure, but both determined to see the other woman surrender and submit to the more powerful sex.

After nearly four hours caught at the peak of orgasmic ecstasy, the end came at last. With a whimpered cry, Kath’s body shuddered, then released a geyser of cum from between her legs, a torrent of cum from her nipples. Her body trembled again and again as sexual power slowly flowed out of her muscles, out through her cunt and tits. Slowly, agonizingly, Kath’s eyes dimmed and rolled back into her head as she finally lost consciousness, her mind unable to handle the unimaginable pleasure roiling through her body.

Kil moaned, a sense of incredible triumph washing over her. She felt her body reach its sudden, exquisite limit, just seconds after Kath. Her mind went white as ecstasy beyond human endurance flooded her muscles. Her pussy opened up and gushed like a firehose; her tits burned as they ejaculated powerfully, on and on. Every atom in her body vibrated with erotic pleasure as she felt herself slide into darkness, riding a wave of white-hot bliss. She could only issue a choking sigh as she joined Kath in sexual oblivion.

Hours later, Kil returned to awareness. She was locked to Kath’s body in a way that did not allow her to separate. Her body felt merged with Kath’s and she did not want to break the erotic connection. Even so, she had to do it. She soon found that she could barely move. She turned her head and lay cheek to cheek with Kath. She whispered a few mystical words. The bell on the far side of the bed began to ring. It rang five times, the prearranged signal for her servants to come and tend to her.

A few minutes passed before Kil heard the sound of people entering the tent.

“My Queen?” she heard a tentative voice say. The servants were not absolutely certain which of the identical women was their mistress.

“Yes,” she croaked. “I am your Queen.”

She heard the servants murmuring, then gentle hands slowly moved her body off of Kath’s, pulling them apart. It took some effort; Kil and Kath were still stuck together, joined by hours of dried cum. Their pussies unlocked only slowly; the servants had to use warm water from the tub to wash away the nipple cum that bound their swollen nipples together in a death grip. The servants washed Kil’s luscious body, washing away the copious sweat and cum coating her body. She relaxed into the warmth. They also washed Kath, but Kath remained unconscious, stirring only slightly. As the servants tended to her sore, battered body, Kil relaxed, enjoying the incredible feeling of triumph and accomplishment. She had sexually overpowered, outfucked, her ultimate rival. She had proven, once and for all, that she was the stronger woman, that she had the more powerful sex, the more powerful cunt. Smiling, she whispered a few words of power. A jolt ran through her body and physical energy returned to her muscles. Her pussy and her tits were still very sore, but she began to feel like a full human being again. When they finished washing her, the servants helped Kil out of the bed, but she needed little assistance, though she staggered a little and the tender space between her legs burned.

Kil retrieved her red cloak from the floor and put it on, securing it around her neck. Standing beside the bed, her hands on her hips, Kil smiled down on Kath’s naked body. Her beautiful face lit in triumph. She let her eyes wander over Kath’s voluptuous perfection. She owned Kath now; she owned Kath’s body, Kath’s sex. Kil fully intended to make the most of her new possession.

“Put the woman in the palanquin. Tie her her arms to the post and her legs spread. I intend to enjoy her on the way back to the palace.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the head servant replied. The Queen’s personal palanquin was already waiting outside the tent. Four servants took hold of Kath’s lush body and carried her out. A few minutes later, the head servant came back into the tent. “It is done, my Queen,” he said.

“Good,” Kil replied. She looked around the tent. The whole place was a mess, but she did not care. This was the arena in which she had achieved the greatest victory of her life. “Have this place cleaned up, packed up, and brought back to the palace,” she ordered. “I’m going back in the palanquin, with my new slave.”

She walked out of the tent and into the larger cavern. Eight powerful men stood beside the palanquin, four in the front and four in the back. Usually, they only carried the Queen. Today, they would be carrying the Queen and her double, but the additional weight meant little to them. Kil pushed back the curtain covering the inside of the transport and smiled at what she saw. Kath was sitting up, her back supported by the cushioned seat, her wrists secured to the back posts of the cart, her powerful legs spread wide, her ankles secured to the palanquin’s lower cross support. Her pussy was wide open and vulnerable, which was exactly what Kil wanted and needed.

Kath was wide awake. Her blue eyes shone with fury.

“Let me go, you fucking whore,” Kath snapped. “This is not over.”

“Oh, it’s definitely over, Kath,” Kil purred. She climbed into the palanquin, facing Kath from across the short space. She reached out with a bare foot and pressed her toes into Kath’s succulent pussy. The blonde woman gasped, then moaned, her hard clit instantly swelling out of her exposed cunt. Kil smiled again. She ran her big toe along Kath’s pulsing clit and grinned savagely as her sexual rival choked out a scream of pleasure.

“Let’s go,” Kil called out to her bearers. “Go at a leisurely pace. There is no need to rush.”

Kil sat across from Kath, her legs spread, her naked pussy on full display. She made no move to approach her captive; she simply smiled smugly, triumphantly, letting her eyes move over Kath’s restrained body. The palanquin shook as the men walked it up the mine shaft, causing both women’s luscious tits to wobble deliciously. At first the light in the little compartment was dim, fading each time they moved away from one of the torches lining the corridor. The palanquin soon cleared the mine shaft and moved into the full light of day. It was early afternoon. It would take between three and four hours to make the journey back to the Queen’s tower.

Kath and Kil glared at each other hatefully as the palanquin climbed the spiral path out of the mine. It was only when the transport was on the flat desert, the bearers walking at a brisk pace, that Kil undid her cloak, sliding it off her shoulders. She slid down the palanquin towards her prisoner. She slipped her legs over and under Kath’s spread legs and lined her cunt up with Kath’s dripping twat. Kath panted, eager to fuck.

“You fucking whore,”Kath snarled, her eyes burning as she looked down into Kil’s twat. She humped her hips forward and spread her legs even wider, offering her cunt in challenge to Kil.

“You’re mine, fucker,” Kil breathed. “Your cunt, your tits, your body belongs to me.”

Leaning back, bracing her body, Kil thrust forward with her hips. Her juicy twat slapped and sucked tight to Kath’s quim; both women gasped and jerked their hips, dragging their wet pussy lips up and down, their succulent meat pulling and sliding, before finally driving themselves deep and hard into each other, locking and sealing slit to slit. Kil scraped her clit along the length of Kath’s clit; the women maneuvered their sexhorns and hooked them together. Erotic electricity exploded through their bodies. The women threw back their heads and shouted in ecstasy. Grunting, they began thrusting, fucking, riding each other hard. It was not long before Kil reached out and squeezed, massaged Kath’s bouncing tits. Kath could not reciprocate, but Kil wrapped her arms around Kath’s back and pulled herself in. The women moaned as their massive tits mated, crushing and grinding against each other, titmeat massaging and surging against titmeat.

“You whore, you fucking dirty whore,” Kath breathed, her body twisting and writhing, grinding and thrusting against Kil’s attacking body.

“Cunt, fucking cunt,” Kil gasped back. She squirmed in pleasure, enjoying the delicious friction of her flesh striving against Kath’s perfect body. “You are mine, you belong to me,” she whispered at Kath. “I will hear you say that you submit to me, no matter how long and hard I have to fuck you.”

“I will never submit,” Kath whispered back. The women glared at each other in hate. They sealed their mouths together, kissing each other with all the hate and fury they felt for the other. Kil slipped her hands down Kath’s back and seized her rival’s perfect, rippling ass. Gripping tightly, she fucked Kath hard, matching Kath’s bucking hips thrust for thrust.

For the next four hours, as the palanquin made its way across the desert, Kil and Kath fucked mercilessly inside the closed space, their grunts, groans and screams of ecstasy punctuating the long journey. When the transport finally reached the palace, the male bearers left it on top of a disembarkation platform in the courtyard and retreated to their quarters. The sounds of sexual battle, of a full-fledged, delirious fuckfight, went on for more than another hour. Finally, distinctive shouts of simultaneous orgasmic joy pierced the night sky, gradually fading into pulsing moans. In the brief quiet that followed, the Queen’s Grand Vizier saw his opportunity.

“My Queen?” he asked, knocking gently on the side of the palanquin. A moment later, the Red Queen swept aside the palanquin door covering. She was lying flat on her back inside the transport. She was sealed cunt to cunt with Kath, their thighs forked, their luscious, identical bodies streaked with cum and sweat. Both women were panting hard, their thick, lush tits jiggling in tension.

“What is it, Martok?” the Red Queen asked. She showed few signs that she wanted to move.

“I am sorry, my Queen,” the Grand Vizier replied, trying to keep his eyes off of the incredibly erotic, enticing sight of the two women’s cunts mashed hot and wet. “There are important matters of state that arose while you were away.”

Kil sighed. With a grunt, she pulled her cunt away from Kath’s twat; the women separated with a wet pop. Thick strands of cum linked their juiced up pussies; Kil twined the cum around her finger, then licked it clean. She swung her legs out of the palanquin, put her bare feet solidly on the ground, and stood. She reached back into the palanquin and retrieved her red cloak. As she wrapped the raiment of her office around her shoulders, Kath called out.

“What about me, you fucking cunt?” Kath snarled. Her body was streaked with sweat and cum and was unbearably erotic.

Kil smiled viciously at her captive fuck slave. “You belong to me, Kath,” the Queen smiled. “I have told you, you are going to be my fuck bitch. I am going to make you submit to me, no matter how long it takes. You had better get used to that.”

Kath said nothing, but her eyes blazed with fury.

Kil turned to the head servant who had accompanied her to the pit and overseen the installation of the pavilion. “See to it that my slave is washed and fed. You are to treat her with the utmost respect, but you are to be especially careful with her. Place her under constant guard. If she escapes, you will pay with your life. I have not fought and won a fuckwar with this bitch to be denied the spoils of my victory. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Queen,” the servant hastily replied.

“Prepare my bath and a good meal for me. I will be going to bed early tonight, by myself.” Kil turned to the Vizier. “Let us go to my work chamber. You can tell me what needs my attention as we walk.” The Vizier nodded.

As Kil and the Vizier took a few steps away from the palanquin. Kil paused, then turned back to the servant. “I will want her in a few days. You are to ensure that she is ready for me when I call.”

“Yes, my Queen,” the servant replied.

That night, Kil lay back in a hot, soothing tub of scented water. She considered having Kath brought to her. Already, her body ached for Kath’s body, for Kath’s juicy, tight, hot cunt and her thick, strong, exquisite clit. But Kil fought the urge. She needed time to tend to the affairs of state. Her body needed time and rest to fully recover from the marathon fuckwar it had just fought against her double. Putting off her next fuckfest with Kil would make it that much sweeter. But she could hardly wait. Just knowing that Kath was in her power, in her palace, knowing that her blonde rival’s body was so easily available to her, presented her with an almost unbelievable temptation. She resisted.

Kil went to bed that night dreaming of Kath’s delicious body, the blonde’s dripping twat. She masturbated furiously, squeezing and massaging her throbbing tits, until her back arched in ecstasy, her pussy clenched, and her cunt gushed hard. As she slowly faded off to sleep, she was certain that Kath was also masturbating herself to sleep in a well-appointed cell, somewhere far below.

“You belong to me, now, Kath,” the Queen whispered as tiredness took her. “I’m never letting you go.”

Part II: Captive!

Kath found herself a prisoner in a gilded cage. The palace provided her with good food and scented baths. She had access to books and writing material in the palace library. She walked in the gardens and exercised. She even managed to learn quite a bit about the palace layout, in preparation for her inevitable escape attempt. But guards were always just a few steps away. The only time she was alone was when she was in the comfortable, thick-walled cell that served as her quarters. Even then, guards were constantly outside her door. The cell window, looking into the royal garden, was set with solid steel bars. There was no chance that she could escape.

Kath had absolutely no desire to escape – at least, not yet. Instead, she readied herself for her next battle in her relentless fuckwar with Kil. She had been defeated by the Queen, a fact that she could not deny and that filled her with rage and shame. She had been fucked into unconsciousness. Her womanhood had been overpowered by that of her sexual rival. This could not stand. She had to meet the Queen again in the arena of sexual combat and avenge herself.

Another factor was keeping her from trying to escape: the erotic pleasure she and the Queen were giving to each other defied description. The kind of ecstasy they had taken from each other deep in the mine was far, far greater than anything either woman had ever experienced before. Kath realized that the more often she and Kil fought, the more intense, the more pleasurable, their battles became. Their bodies even seemed to adapt, becoming more durable, more capable of withstanding ever greater amounts of devastating orgasmic ecstasy. Kath did not know why this was happening. She was certain that the fact she and the Queen were physical doubles was at the heart of it. Somehow, it was like they were two sides of the same coin. Their flesh yearned to become one body and their sexual coupling created an intensity between them that translated into exquisite erotic bliss. Kath hated the Red Queen more passionately than she ever had before. The hours the women had spent staring into each other’s eyes as they inflicted mind-shattering pleasure on each other had created a bond of intense and intimate hatred. They watched each other only to see the moment when the other woman would break, when her cunt would finally prove unable to withstand the genital power of her opponent. Kath and Kil were bound together in their hatred; both wanted, more than anything, to break and humiliate the other. But the raw pleasure they gave to each other as they tried to destroy one another could not be denied. It was addictive.

On the fifth day of her captivity, the servant assigned to look after Kath informed her that night she would be taken to the Queen’s bed chamber to “service the Queen.”

“That bitch will be servicing me, by the time I’m finished with her,” Kath swore to herself. She said nothing. She returned to her cell to prepare herself for the erotic ordeal to come. She bathed and ate and drank a great deal of water. Later that night, shortly after sundown, the guards came for her. They led the nude woman through the palace, through the throne room, to the Queen’s tower. Kath was familiar with the long climb up the spiral stair. The guards and Kath entered the Queen’s bed chamber. Kath expected Kil to be waiting for her, but the Red Queen was not there. Instead, several servants greeted her. Apologetically, they asked Kath to lie down on the Queen’s giant circular bed. Kath saw no point in resisting. She lay down and, following instructions, spread her body in an “X” shape on the bed. The servants wrapped four single loops of thin ropes around her wrists and ankles, then secured the other end of the ropes to the bed posts and the legs of the bed. Kath realized the binds were magical; they sealed seamlessly, with no knots. The ropes were very loose, but they were enough to hold Kath in place, her movement severely limited. She could not sit up or close her legs or arms. She was helpless. After securing her, the servants and guards left the room, leaving Kath alone.

For almost an hour, Kath lay on the bed, spread and bound, waiting for her nemesis to arrive. While she waited, she tested the ropes and tried to ignore the intense heat growing in her throbbing nipples, burning between her legs, flaring in her engorged clit. She was wet with anticipation. Her body trembled with need. Finally, the door to the bed chamber opened and the Red Queen walked in. Kil smiled when she saw Kath spread on the bed, her lush body helpless but inviting, offered to the Queen like a platter of juicy meat.

The Queen locked the bed chamber door behind her. She walked up to the bed, undoing her red cloak as she moved, letting it drop to the floor as she reached the bed. Nude, she looked down and smiled at Kath’s naked body, at the blonde woman’s dripping cunt and taut, thick-nippled tits. She smiled even wider at the rage burning in Kath’s eyes.

“Free me, Kil,” Kath demanded. “Let us meet on equal terms. This is cheating!”

“There is no cheating here, slut,” the Queen purred. “I beat you. I fucked you senseless. I won and now you are mine. I don’t have to limit my magic anymore, I don’t need to prove anything to you. We both know which of us is the better, stronger woman. Now, the only use you have is to give me pleasure, to spread your legs and move your ass and shake your tits and be my fuck bitch.”

“You dirty cunt!” Kath snarled. She was horribly frustrated for a moment. Then, she decided to try another approach. “You know that if I am helpless, the amount of pleasure we can get from each other will be very limited. It is only when we meet each other on equal terms, when we both can use our bodies to the fullest, that we can reach the greatest pleasure.”

“Hm,” Kil responded. “Maybe. But the pleasure I want from you is the pleasure of humiliating you, of making you cum and cum and cum without being able to do anything to me. I’m going to ride you, Kath. I’m going to use you. I’m going to fuck your weak little cunt until it’s raw meat. I’m going to suck your tits and chew on your nips until they fall off. I’m going to make you pay for ever thinking you could match me. I’m going to make you submit to me again and again.”

Kil gestured to the rope holding Kath. “Those ropes on your wrists and ankles will obey my every command. With a few words, I can have them draw you tight and pin you to the bed and pull your legs apart, or I can have them relax and let you move around. I can even make them free you, but another word will make them wrap around you immediately and hold you down.” Kil smiled viciously. “There is no escape for you, Kath. Your body belongs to me. Your cunt belongs to me. I’m going to fuck you blind. I’m going to use your body until I am tired of you.”

Kil said a magical word. The ropes pulled taut, pinning Kath to the bed, pulling her legs wide. Kil smiled savagely. The naked woman crawled onto the bed and slowly, teasingly, lowered her beautiful face to Kath’s dripping, naked twat. She buried her nose in the wet, juicy meat, inhaling deeply, moaning with pleasure. Kil began to lick, sliding her tongue up Kath’s slit, running her tongue around and around her rival’s cunt lips, pausing to kiss and nibble at the thick, wet flesh. Kil used her fingers to spread Kath’s cunt and eagerly thrust her tongue deep into the woman’s salty labia. She sucked and bit gently, slurping back vaginal juices. Kil looped her tongue around Kath’s pulsing clit and licked, then sucked hard, using her lips to squeeze the unbearably sensitive nub.

“Oh god, you filthy fucking, fucking TWAT!!” Kath screamed. Her back arched, her entire body shuddered with unbearable sexual tension. She sobbed uncontrollably, spilling tears of frustration and humiliation as much as pleasure. She was at the mercy of her hated enemy and it was driving her crazy with rage, even as Kil’s tongue and fingers drove her insane with desire.

Kil wrapped her lips around Kath’s throbbing clit and sucked mercilessly. She spread her hands on Kath’s sleek thighs and flat belly and feasted on her rival. She smiled inside as she felt Kath quiver, as she heard her rival’s moans and screams of pleasure and hate. Kath’s binds were so tight that she could barely move; she wriggled from side to side, grinding her ass into the bed, her hips jerking. Kil muttered a few mystical words and the ropes holding Kath in place loosened significantly, just enough to allow Kath to writhe, buck her hips and thrash from side to side in her frustration and desperation.

For almost an hour, Kil tortured Kath, eating her cunt slowly, teasingly, inflicting excruciating pleasure on her every moment. Kath was crying, shaking with sobs, barely holding back an incredible orgasm, when Kil finally moved up from Kath’s pussy and began licking and nibbling her way up her rival’s voluptuous body.

Kil was amazed at her own excitement and intense arousal. Her tits were dripping, her cunt was on fire, her clit was throbbing. She was holding herself back from just mounting her blonde slave and fucking and fucking and fucking, but she knew that she would get to that part soon enough. The Red Queen kissed and licked at Kath’s belly, playing her tongue in the woman’s deep, tight slit of a navel. She reached down and ran a finger deep into Kath’s throbbing, wet cunt slit, even as she ran her other hand up Kath’s smooth belly to the blonde’s massive tits. She slid her hand over Kath’s bulging tit, ran her palm on the woman’s hard nipple, before placing her fingers around the thick nub and squeezing hard.

Kath screamed and writhed, her wet nipples spurted, but she managed to fight back the sensual agony wracking her body. Kath did not want to be forced to orgasm by this whore, she could not take the humiliation of being so completely dominated and used by her enemy. But she knew that her resistance was futile. It was just a matter of time before Kil’s ministrations to her body pushed her into a profound orgasm. After that, she knew that Kil would continue using her and ravaging her until the Queen decided to take her pleasure from Kath’s body. Once the Queen broke her, Kath was not sure she could recover. Despite the hopelessness of her situation, she continued to fight back the pleasure, doing her best to hold onto her pride. But it was so hard; her body wanted nothing more than to explode in ecstasy, to cum and cum and cum. She clenched her teeth and forced her pleasure back.

Kil crawled higher on Kath’s writhing body. She whispered a word and the ropes tightened, holding Kath firmly, preventing her from moving too much. Kil raised her head, so that she was staring down at Kath’s engorged left tit. The Queen released a shuddering sigh of pure lust. She lowered her head to Kath’s tit and sank her teeth into the thick, juicy meat, sucking and biting, licking and chewing. Kath screamed and screamed, her head thrown back, her face distorted with pleasure. She clenched her teeth and moaned uncontrollably as the Red Queen sucked and chewed on her tit, the woman’s tongue teasing and lapping at her nipple, the Queen’s teeth worrying Kath’s dense titflesh. Kil moaned deep in her throat as she gave in to the incredible pleasure and lust surging through her body as she devoured Kath’s delicious flesh. The Red Queen felt her entire body burning with desire.

Kil crawled a bit higher on Kath’s wriggling body. She massaged Kath’s free tit with her right hand, then switched hands as she moved her head to eat at Kath’s other tit. Kil ran her hands up Kath’s arms, tracing the taut, straining flesh, as Kath tried to free herself from the grip of the ropes. Kil shoved her thick right thigh hard and tight up between Kath’s legs. Kath instantly began jerking, running her cunt up and down against the smooth flesh pressing against it, rubbing her clit into Kil’s firm, slick thigh. Kath could not hold out much longer. Almost two hours of sexual torture was finally pushing her to the point of no return. Her cunt was soaking wet and burning, burning, burning; her clit was throbbing, aching, throwing off waves of excruciating heat. Her nipples were on fire, her tits were pulsing, quivering with heat and tension. Kil bit into her nipples even harder, torturing them, licking them, sucking so, so hard…

“Oh God, you FUCKING, FUCKING WHORE!!” Kath screamed, her body jerking uncontrollably. “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!”

Kath’s enflamed cunt contracted, sucking at Kil’s thick muscled thigh, then erupted with a geyser of hot, thick cum, spraying out like a firehose, soaking Kil’s thigh, her lower body, her abdomen, gushing up her body to her breasts and down her body to her pussy. At the same time, Kath’s tits ejaculated powerfully, shots of cum spraying wildly. Kil’s mouth was fixed over Kath’s juicy left tit; instantly, Kil felt her mouth filling with Kath’s hot tit ejaculate. Kil eagerly took the cum, letting it fill her mouth, careful not to swallow it back. She felt nipple cum spilling over her left hand, which was firmly gripping and squeezing Kath’s right tit. Kil moved her mouth to cover Kath’s right tit, sucking back more of the cum, until it was spilling out of her mouth. Kath continued to writhe under her, to pump more cum out of her burning cunt, her distended nipples, until she collapsed, sobbing and gasping, her incredible body shuddering with sexual pleasure and tension.

Moaning, the Red Queen pulled herself up Kath’s body, lining up her thick, pulsing nipples with Kath’s wet, goo-stained nipples. Kil lowered herself fully onto Kath, aligning their identical bodies perfectly. The women’s thick tits mashed hard, the tit cum on Kath’s breasts slicking Kil’s tits, their hot, firm bellies slapping tight, their navels sucking at each other wetly. The cum and sweat on Kath’s body slicked and flowed into the cum and sweat coating Kil’s body. Kath’s legs were pulled wide by the ropes restraining her. Kil slid her wet, steaming cunt onto Kath’s soaking twat. Fat pussy lips squashed and sucked. Kil shoved down hard with her hips, then rotated her sucking, burning cunt around and around on Kath’s wet twat, grinding and driving her flaming twat deep into Kath’s fuckhole, spreading and meshing their labia, forcing their bodies to mate. Kil’s wriggling worked her tits around and around on Kath’s wet, bulging tits. The women’s bellies slid and slapped. Kil looped her arms under Kath’s shoulders, grabbed her blonde rival by the hair and pulled hard, savagely. Kath moaned, her head jerking back. Kil lowered her face to Kath’s face, then forced her mouth over Kath’s mouth; she emptied her cum-filled mouth into Kath’s mouth. Kath eagerly accepted the slimy, spit-slicked cum. Kil sealed her mouth to Kath’s; the women sucked and slopped the gooey cum and spit back and forth, even as they kissed hard, viciously. As they kissed, their lower bodies moved slow and hard, hips and asses working, cunts devouring each other, grinding, fusing into one. Their swollen clits locked and hooked, sending shockwaves of excruciating pleasure roaring through the women’s incredible bodies. Tears ran down the women’s faces; they kissed even harder and more savagely as the pleasure built in their locked bodies like a bomb. They slopped the cum back and forth, their tongues working inside the gooey mess in their mouths, until they both swallowed it all.

It was almost another hour of constant fucking, constantly grinding and thrusting, riding each other, before Kath broke their kiss. She felt the orgasmic explosion building in her, building and building to the point of no return. Screaming, sobbing, spit and cum flying from her mouth, she screamed out in ecstasy as she came again, her body bucking and writhing against the ropes holding her down. Kil sucked with her cunt, she pulled as much of Kath’s steaming cum deep into her as she could. It was finally too much. The feeling of her blonde enemy’s boiling cum filling her insides, coating her lower body, the feeling of locking her muscles with Kath and struggling for control, these incredibly erotic sensations finally overwhelmed Kil’s voluptuous body. Shouting out in orgasmic joy, Kil came hard. She jetted hot cum deep into Kath’s body, she wriggled and writhed, grinding her naked body into Kath as hard as she could, enjoying every incredible sensation, as she came again and again and again. Her nipples erupted coating the women’s interlocked tits, slicking their breasts. Screaming and moaning, Kath and Kil pumped hot ejaculate back and forth, slicking their writhing bodies in a froth of mixed cum, before their shared orgasms finally abated.

For long minutes, the exhausted women lay together, cheek to cheek, the cum-spit mixture drooling down from Kil’s mouth to Kath’s, their bodies twined. Sweat and cum glistened on their wet flesh. Their hearts pounded into each other, their heavy tits squashed tight. Their nipples and clits burned like coals, aching with pleasure and power.

Finally, Kil rolled off of her fuck slave. She lay beside Kath flat on her back, her massive tits heaving as she regained her bearings. After a time, she rolled back onto her side, her head supported by her crooked arm. Kil ran her hand down Kath’s lush body, down the blonde’s belly. She cupped Kath’s cunt, then shoved two fingers up the woman’s tight fuck slit, testing for tension, teasing Kath’s pulsing, twitching clit.

Kath groaned in agony. “You fucker,” she moaned. “You filthy fucker.”

Kil smiled, but she said nothing. She loved Kath’s body, she loved fucking and humiliating the bitch. Fucking Kath was like fucking herself; her doppelganger’s incredible body afforded her the opportunity to unleash her full appetites on a body that was identical to her own. She scooped a dollop of thick cum out of Kath’s pussy and sucked it slowly off her fingers. Kil lowered her head and began licking and sucking at Kath’s left tit, enjoying the taste of her rival’s slick nipple. The sucking soon turned to nibbling and biting; Kil vigorously squeezed and mauled Kath’s right tit. The Red Queen enjoyed feasting on her slave’s gorgeous tits, working the thick, taut glands until Kath was crying with pleasure. Kil only stopped when Kath arched her back, shouted out in joy, then ejaculated hard, her nipples blasting cum directly into Kil’s hungry mouth. Kil sucked up the cum. When Kath finally stopped wriggling in ecstasy, her voice fading off in a pulsing moan, Kil raised herself so she was face to face with Kath. Kath knew what she wanted. Kath opened her mouth. Kil drooled the entire glob of cum and spit into Kath’s mouth, then followed it down, locking her fuck slave into a deep, probing kiss. The women’s tongues lashed at each other within the spitty, drooling arena of their locked mouths. Kil mounted Kath again and pressed her pussy down on Kath’s naked twat, but she did not start fucking. She enjoyed the mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue struggle, even as she enjoyed the delicious feeling of Kath’s naked body pressed tight to her own, their heat and sweat mixing. Kil began to move her hips, grinding herself slow and hard into Kath’s cunt, forcing her captive’s cunt lips to spread and suck with her own, clit riding on clit. The women moaned and shuddered. Kil scraped her clit on Kath’s clit until the organs were throbbing, pulsating with heat and pleasure. The women went stiff, they threw back their heads, clenched their teeth, and groaned in shared agony as they came, again and again, onto each other. Kil collapsed on Kath, moaning, gasping, enjoying herself too much to stop.

The women rested, regaining their strength. Their hot, sweat-soaked bodies lay twined on the bed, Kil’s naked body draped over Kath’s spread-eagled form. After a while, Kil rolled off of Kath and lay sprawled at her side, flat on her back. She sat up, then got to her knees and crawled down the bed until she was looking up at Kath’s wide-open cunt. Kil smiled, licked her lips in anticipation, and sat back on her ass. She rubbed her wet, thick pussy, stimulating her sensitive genitals. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, stroking her clit gently, restoring her sexhorn to its full hardness and throbbing heat.

“I’m going to fuck you dry, slut,” Kil breathed. “I’m going to drain every drop.” She slipped towards Kath’s spread legs, slipping the fork of her legs into the fork of Kath’s legs.

“Come and try, you fucker,” Kath breathed. She bucked with her hips, driving her succulent pussy against Kil’s genitals. The women groaned in concert as their bodies mated again, pussy locking and grinding to pussy, vaginal lips opening under the pressure of their thrusts. The sound of wet flesh sucking and merging filled the room, accompanied by the gasps and moans of the women as they fucked harder and harder. Kil had a definite advantage over Kath. Her doppelganger could not thrust back as hard as the Queen, due to the constraints on her ankles, holding her legs wide and reducing her leverage. Kil wanted the other woman to thrust back, to penetrate and lock with her as deeply and strongly as she could. Kil murmured a few mystical words. Kath suddenly felt her restraints release. They remained fastened around her wrists and ankles and attached to the bed, but they were so loose they did not constrain her movements at all. Instantly, Kath sat up, braced her body with her arms, and began thrusting and grinding back against Kil’s attacking cunt with all her strength.

“Yes,” Kil moaned, smiling wildly, enjoying the powerful thrusts and intimate violation from her fuck slave. Gasping, moaning, crying out in ecstasy, the women fucked each other mercilessly, their asses pumping, their hips jerking.

“More, give me more, you cunt,” Kil groaned.

“Fuck you, whore,” Kath gasped. “I’ll ride your dirty cunt down…”

Each woman seized the other woman’s wet, muscled thigh, using the limb for leverage, as they fucked powerfully. As their pleasure built, the women pushed up to each other, pressing their jiggling tits together, pushing nose to nose, grunting, gasping and snarling as their fuckfight built to a climax. As the end came, Kath and Kil grabbed each other by the back of their necks and pulled each other in, locking into a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues lashing, hot spit sucking back and forth. Their pussies clenched like vises, wrestling, trying to break each other, before releasing a gush of steaming cum. They came again and again, their hips and asses flexing and bucking, pumping cum into each other, never breaking their kiss. The room filled with their stifled moans and screams. Their burning nipples stabbed and grated against thick titflesh, their boobs quivered with tension as they shared one delicious orgasm after another. Nipple cum spurted from their tits, slicking their chests. They pulled hair and scratched each other’s muscled backs as their passion exploded again and again in coruscating waves of ecstasy.

Kath and Kil finally released each other and dropped to their backs. They panted furiously, their massive tits shuddering with each labored breath. Their bodies dripped with sweat, their lower bodies were coated with cum. Their genitals were fused together, slit sunk and locked into slit like two interlocked mouths. Their swollen clits pulsed and throbbed against each other.

After some time, Kil pushed herself up and looked at her double down the length of their interlocked bodies. She felt a thrill of pure lust, a spasm of intense erotic joy. She owned Kath; she controlled the one woman, the one body, that could satisfy her unquenchable sexual hunger. She rejoiced in the knowledge that she would never need to go sexually hungry again, so long as she had Kath’s body in her possession.

Kath raised her head and stared between her quivering tits at Kil. The women glared sullenly at each other. Both felt the heat sparking in their locked loins. In concert, they pushed into sitting positions and reached for the other. Heavy tits squashed tight, nipples burned and caressed, smooth arms wrapped around muscled backs. The women exchanged hot, spitty licks, tongue on tongue, before sinking into a deep, angry kiss. Their tongues lashed and wrestled as each struggled to overpower the other. Spit overflowed from their hungry mouths, dribbling down to their rippling, rolling chests. After a few minutes of savage kissing, their passion grower hotter by the moment, Kil reached up, grabbed Kath’s thick blonde hair, and pulled viciously, yanking the other woman’s head back and breaking the kiss in a spray of spit.

“Fucker!” Kath gasped. She yanked hard at Kil’s thick hair, equalizing their bodies once again. Both women groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as their sexually fused bodies writhed against each other.

Kil gasped out a few mystical words. Kath felt the ropes binding her ankles and wrists suddenly release. Like patient snakes, they slithered off the bed, resting on the floor.

Kath started, then her face lit with a vicious grin. She reached for Kil’s head, intending to pull her rival back into a savage kiss. Kil had released her, and now Kath intended to fuck the Red Queen to death; the whore would pay dearly for that mistake.

Kil returned Kath’s smile with an evil, vindictive smirk of her own. She whispered another mystical word. Suddenly, the ropes sprang back to life. They whipped up from their resting positions on the floor and, in an instant, wrapped themselves around Kath’s ankles and wrists again. They pulled her down to the bed, instantly binding and holding her body in the “x” position that had become so familiar.

Kath was astounded at the speed with which she had gone from feeling a surge of triumph to, once again, finding herself spread and helpless before the carnal appetites of her rival. She glared helplessly at Kil, who chuckled spitefully.

Kil stretched out on Kath’s body. She writhed, rubbing every inch of her voluptuous flesh on her rival’s lush body, enjoying the delicious heat of wet, slick flesh grinding and merging, the glorious sensation of her taut, thick tits crushing Kath’s equally dense, firm globes. Nose to nose, Kil smiled at Kath.

“Understand this, bitch,” Kil growled at her slave. “You are right – it is better when both of us are free to use our bodies on each other. But a word from me, and those ropes that bind you will seize you again. There is no escape from here for you, Kath. You will serve me. You will fuck me, until I tire of you. You are mine.”

“Fucking whore,” Kath gasped, before Kil’s tongue invaded her mouth, before the Queen began wriggling and writhing on her body, exciting both women in preparation for the next round of their fuck war. Kil released Kath, their lips pulling apart, thick strands of spit still joining them. Kil wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she sat up on Kath’s body, her thighs to either side of Kath’s hips. The women glared at each other, before Kil lowered her head to Kath’s left tit, took the hard nipple between her teeth, and bit and chewed. Kath screamed, writhing with the pleasure. Kil’s right hand fingers sank deep into Kath’s left tit as the Queen continued to maul Kath’s boob. After she was done with the right tit, she moved her head to Kath’s left, and bit into it hungrily. Kath writhed and bucked, crying out in pain and exquisite pleasure. Her pussy leaked like a faucet as her body rose to another level of arousal.

Smiling, Kil climbed off of Kath, then immediately turned around and reversed herself on Kath’s body. Kath found herself staring up into Kil’s dripping cunt. The Queen descended on Kath’s twat, licking and teasing, wrapping her lips around Kath’s clit and sucking ravenously. Her hands massaged Kath’s ass, before pulling Kath’s cheeks apart and giving Kil’s tongue access to Kath’s wet asshole. Kath raised her head and licked and lapped at Kil’s inviting cunt; she sucked on her rival’s clit with a voracious hunger. But her hands were still restrained and what the Queen was doing to her was far more stimulating and pleasurable than what she could do to the Queen.

Suddenly, Kil released Kath’s clit for a moment, and gasped out a word of power. Kath found her ankles and wrists free of their bonds. Instantly, she wrapped her arms around Kil’s hips, filled her hands with the woman’s ass, and began sucking and fingering her rival’s asshole. She wrapped her sweat-soaked, cum-slick thighs around Kil’s head. The women rolled over onto their sides; Kil wrapped her thighs around Kath’s head, filled her hands with Kath’s ass. Now in an equal position, the body doubles began devouring each other.

Over the next two hours, the tower room filled with the sights, sounds and scents of two insatiable erotic goddesses eating each other down to the core. Kath and Kil licked, sucked and bit at clits. They finger-fucked vigorously, sending wet digits probing deep into drenched pussies and tight, hot assholes. They fisted each other enthusiastically, pulling screaming orgasm after orgasm out of each other. They scratched backs and pulled hair; they covered each other’s sensitive inner thighs with bite marks and hickeys. They pumped steaming cum into each other’s beautiful faces and drank as much of the sublime liquid as they could. They rolled back and forth on the bed, locked tight in an erotic ball, taking and giving everything that they could to each other, both women trying to destroy and conquer the other with raw pleasure.

The early morning sun was cresting the horizon when the struggling women finally rolled apart, both too sexually exhausted to carry on. They had given and taken more pleasure from each other than either could bear. Floating on a delirious cloud of sexual euphoria, Kath and Kil passed out, their minds and bodies overwhelmed by all they had done to each other. For an hour or more, the two women lay side by side, their perfect, voluptuous bodies reversed reflections of the other.

Slowly, prompted by the cries of her subconscious mind, Kath forced herself back to awareness. Her body was aching and throbbing in all the right places. She turned her head to see Kil’s hip beside her face. She considered rolling back onto the Queen and resuming eating the woman’s twat, but she soon realized that she had an invaluable opportunity to escape; she could not afford to let it pass.

Carefully, Kath pushed herself up, first sitting up, then getting to her knees. She could tell from the Red Queen’s deep breathing that the woman remained truly asleep. Kath carefully pulled each of the four ropes, tied to different parts of the bed, until she had each end close at hand. Carefully, she tied one rope to each of Kil’s wrists and ankles. She knotted the ropes gently; the knots were secure, but they were not tight, at least not yet. It took her several minutes to do this; she needed to act slowly, carefully, without waking Kil. When she knew that the Queen was secured at all of her limbs, she looked around the bed for cloth that she could use as a gag. Even if the ropes held against Kil, the Queen could undo everything Kath had done with a single word. She needed to ensure that the Queen could not speak.

Kath took one of the corners of the bedsheet.  She could not rip it. She looked around for something sharp and, to her relief, found a dagger in the table beside the bed. It was careless of the Queen to leave a lethal weapon so close by, but she assumed the woman wanted it as a defensive measure, when all else failed. Kath cut the silken sheet, which was already weakened by the dampness that the women’s bodies had created on the bed. Once she got the rip going, the sheet shredded easily.

Once Kath had her make-shift gag, she knew she would have to move quickly. She knew that she could not afford to let Kil get out a single syllable. Readying herself, she climbed on top of the Queen’s naked body. The woman came awake instantly, her eyes shooting open. They were bleary but cleared when she saw Kath looming over her, holding a gag. The Queen tried to use her arms to push Kath off of her; her eyes widened as she realized she was restrained. As she opened her mouth to shout out a mystical command, Kath shoved the gag deep into the Queen’s mouth. All that came out was a garbled gasp. Her tongue tangled up in the gag, Kil could say nothing. She thrashed her head from side to side, but Kath still managed to tie the gag tight. Once it was in place, she set about tightening all of the knots on the ropes holding the Queen, reducing the ability of the woman to thrash around.

Kath sat on top of Kil, her thighs to either side of the Queen’s hips, her pussy pressed down on the woman’s naked pubes, her hands filled with the Red Queen’s magnificent tits. She squeezed and massaged those beautiful golden orbs until the Queen threw back her head and groaned in pleasure, her cry muffled by the gag.

“The tables have turned, you fucking slut,” Kath breathed at Kil. “I’m not your prisoner anymore. I’m going to take that red hood of yours and walk right out of here. But first, I’m going to fuck your filthy cunt until you can’t walk.”

Kil glared at Kath, her beautiful eyes blazing with rage and hatred. She said something incomprehensible, but probably obscene, into the gag.

Kath smiled. She stretched her nude body along Kil’s naked body. Her tits crushed those of the Queen and she shifted her bulging, throbbing breasts on top of the Queen’s rack until their meaty orbs were lined up, nipple to nipple. Their nips sizzled as they sealed and sucked to each other. Kath pressed belly to belly; the Queen pressed up, and the women felt their navels suck, their powerful abs ripple against each other. Kath spread her legs as she covered Kil’s cunt with her own, opening herself, allowing for a deeper mutual penetration, deeper suction, as their voracious cunts mated. Their swollen, throbbing clits pressed head to head. Both women jerked as their clits touched and fused, as their most precious, erotic weapons caressed each other, ready to meet and mate and destroy each other in sexual combat once more.

The women’s eyes fluttered, moans of indescribable pleasure met and harmonized. When they could control themselves again, their gazes locked, their shared hate and animal lust lighting their eyes. Kath began moving her hips gently, rubbing her clit up and down, in microscopic thrusts, on Kil’s clit. Kil’s hips moved in rhythm with Kath’s thrusts, keeping their clit heads in constant contact. The heat between their sex swords soon flared to nova intensity. The women stared into each other; Kath looped her arms under Kil’s back and buried her hands in her rival’s hair, pulling hard, inflicting pain, holding Kil’s head in place. Kath’s ass rippled with each powerful downward thrust; Kil’s perfect ass flexed back in reply. Soon, tears were streaming from the women’s eyes as the pleasure built and built inside of them, filling them with aching heat, pouring tension and electricity into their muscles. Their juiced up cunts drowned each other in cunt juice, sweet sweat poured from their skin as their fucking went on and on. The women’s bodies melted and flowed together, every nerve, every inch of skin, locking and merging, their nipples burning and becoming one, their pulsing tits rolling and throbbing like drums, their hot, hard bellies rippling and undulating against each other. Pressed nose to nose, gasping and screaming at each other, Kath and Kil fucked each other into absolute ecstasy, riding each other to the pinnacle of pleasure. Kath wished desperately she could kiss her enemy; she wanted to twist tongues and share spit with her rival. Only the tiny modicum of self-control she had left kept her from pulling the gag out of Kil’s mouth and thrusting her tongue all the way down the other woman’s throat. But it was unbelievably hard to deny herself that final pleasure, that final place of merging and flowing into her nemesis.

In the end, Kath could not resist. As the first wave of intense, unbearable orgasms flowed through their bucking, straining bodies, Kath found herself undoing the knot holding Kil’s gag in place and throwing it aside. She drove her mouth as deep into Kil’s mouth as she could, she thrust her tongue all the way in, and screamed inside in joy as Kil’s tongue pushed and tied up with her’s. The women screamed and screamed into each other as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure rolled through them. Kath slipped her hands down Kil’s body and seized the woman by her rippling, pumping ass, and pulled her in as hard and deep as she could. Kath and Kil fucked and fucked, riding each other into blissful unconsciousness, their bodies shaking with ecstasy, their screams of absolute joy and mutual submission echoing out into the countryside surrounding the Red Queen’s castle.

Kath recovered slowly. When she had regained enough of her senses to know where she was and what was happening, her first act was to seize the gag and tie it into Kil’s mouth again. The Red Queen was too dazed, too fucked out of her mind, to object. It was several more minutes before Kath was able to roll off of her rival, peeling their soaked bodies apart. With difficulty, she sat up. She made sure that Kil’s bindings were firmly secure before she rose, unsteadily, to her feet. The Queen remained sprawled on the bed, her eyes closed, her breathing deep. Kath resisted the urge to finger fuck the whore, or to bury her face between the woman’s legs and eat her. Kath had surprised herself with her willingness to risk everything by removing the Queen’s gag. She was not willing to take such a risk with her own self-control again. She needed to get out of the castle while she still could, or she could find herself a slave to the Queen’s appetites for a very long time to come.

Kath toweled herself off using a wash basin in the far corner of the room. She returned to the bed to pick up the Queen’s red cloak off the floor by the foot of the bed, where the Red Queen had discarded it. Kath pulled on the cloak and fit the tight red hood over her head. Her hair was longer than that of the Queen; it was the only tangible difference between the two women. She did not want any astute servant to realize she was an imposter. Tugging her hair into the hood, she pulled it tight. She swirled around in the cape, enjoying the feel of the cloth, the feeling of power that came with the cloak of office.

Kath smiled at her unconscious enemy. “The next time we meet, it will be on my terms, you fucking cunt,” Kath whispered under her breath. She stepped up to the bedroom door, unlocked it, pulled it open, and stepped into the cool corridor. Two guards, standing duty outside the chamber, leaped to her side and pulled the massive door shut.

Kath nodded at the guards. “Good,” she said to them. “See to it that my slave is undisturbed for the next two hours. That is her reward for giving me a good ride.” She smiled imperiously. The guard’s faces remained stone-like; they knew better than to share a joke with their Queen. “In two hours, you” -here she pointed at one of the guards – “are to go fetch her jailer and have her washed and returned to her cell. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, milady,” the guards said in unison.

Kath nodded imperiously again, then began walking down the spiral staircase of the royal tower, her naked feet slapping on the cold stone.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, Martok, the Red Queen’s chief of staff, came hurrying up to her. “Milady,” he began, “I am happy to see that you are up. I hope that you had a pleasant rest?”

“It was not restful, Martok,” Kath replied, “but it was very pleasant. I think that my plans with that bitch have worked out perfectly. However,” Kath went on, seeing that Martok was about to continue, “ she said something to me that I must investigate immediately. Please hold off on other business until I have returned.”

The servant looked at her suspiciously. “If I may, milady, what did the slave say to you?”

“It is information of a sorcerous nature,” Kath replied. She hoped that this ruse would work. She hoped that Kil and Martok had not worked out some secret password or code that would tell the minister that Kath was masquerading as Kil. Kath knew that, if she was ever captured by Kil again, the precautions the Queen would take against this eventuality would make escaping much more difficult than it had proven so far. “I want to investigate this on my own. I can protect myself.”

“Yes, of course, milady,” the minister said, stepping back and bowing his head. Kath could tell the man was not satisfied. She was certain that he would be going up her tower the moment he left her. “Martok,”she said, “I want you to go to the royal archive and find me everything that is there on the Ides of March.”

“The ‘Ides of March’”, Martok repeated. “What is that?”

“It is what I am going to investigate now. When I come back, I want you to have everything waiting for me and be prepared to brief me on whatever it is about.”

Martok hesitated, then bowed low. He left, walking in the direction of the archives. Kath hoped she had bought herself enough time to escape.

In the time she had been a prisoner, Kath had learned as much about the layout of the palace as she could. Even as Martok walked away, Kath proceeded immediately to the section of the castle where the Queen stored her vehicles. Kath’s heart leaped when she saw her own flier parked in the corner of the hangar. She called over a mechanic.

“Is that flyer ready to go?” she asked.

“Yes, milady, we just finished giving it a once-over. It is good little thing. It’s a bit faster than any of our flyers.”

“Good,” Kath nodded. “I’m taking it out.”

She strode past the mechanic and boarded her flyer. In moments, she had turned it on, checked the solar battery, which would charge in the afternoon sun, but still had plenty of charge left. She smiled. Her plan seemed to be working.

With a vast feeling of relief, she started up the engine and maneuvered her little ship out of the hangar. Just before she pulled away from the castle, she stripped off the Red Queen’s cloak and threw it over the side of the flyer. It landed in the dust outside of the hangar. She saw the mechanic staring at it in confusion, no doubt wondering why his Queen had abandoned her cloak of office.

Without any further hesitation, Kath turned the nose of her flyer to the deep desert and rocketed off. Given what the mechanic said, she was sure there would be no pursuit. When she was far enough out, she would activate the ship’s beacon and begin the process of navigating back home, to Zegium.

She leaned back in the plush cushions of the pilot’s chair and smiled. She stretched out her naked body; her tits jiggled enticingly. Her hands cradled her head. She shuddered with pleasure, as the memories of what she and Kil had done to each other came flooding back. She would miss the Red Queen; she would miss the incredible sexual pleasure that she and the other woman gave to each other. But Kath was no one’s slave. She was free, and she would do all that was necessary to make sure she stayed that way.

The ship’s console pinged. She was far enough out. She activated the navigational array. Soon, she had a fix on where Zegium had moved in the week she had been a captive. She fixed the course and then stretched out on the divan in the back of the ship to rest as the automatic pilot kicked in. Soon, she was asleep, but her dreams were filled with the memories of Kil’s body striving against her own body, sex to sex, woman to woman.  They were a frustrating taste of what she had lost.

Part III: An Unexpected Visitor

For the next year, Kath regularly received secret, coded messages from the Red Queen. They were all the same – threats and insults, concluding with challenges to meet Kil at some neutral location and resume their fuckwar. Kath ignored them all, but doing so was very, very difficult. Kath feared that if she gave in and met her blonde doppelganger in sexual combat, they would never be able to stop. Their bodies were made to give each other unbearable ecstasy; she understood that now.  Somehow, they were two sides of the same erotic coin, two voluptuous bodies that were made to be one. The act of striving to join, to become one flesh, to dominate and sexually overpower and consume the other, took them to a place of pure primal ecstasy that they could only reach together. It took all of Kath’s willpower, but she avoided engaging with the Queen, knowing that even the slightest response could destroy her will to resist the temptation.

Even so, Kath had experienced unbelievable, exquisite pleasure between the legs of the Red Queen. No other kind of sexual experience came close to matching what she and the Queen had done to each other. Since coming to Neverwhere, she had been sexually insatiable, but she now found her appetites even more voracious. Den was inexhaustible, but even he had trouble satisfying her need to fuck. Worse, her pleasure with Den could only alleviate her hunger for a few days at a time. Soon, the need returned. Her daydreams of sex always revolved around locking up with the Red Queen and fucking the woman cunt to cunt, tit to tit, belly to belly, until she broke with pleasure.

After a year, the Queen’s messages stopped coming. Kath was relieved, but also disappointed. Part of her hoped that she and the Queen never met again. If they did, she knew it would be impossible for either of one of them to control themselves. Another part of her could not imagine going through life without the exquisite ecstasy she and the Queen gave to the other.

One night, more than a year after the last message, Kath sat alone in her quarters, writing at the desk in her bedroom. It was a moonless night and the wind was high. The floating city of Zegium moved gently on the breezes, slowly winding its way over the desert, heading out to sea. The leaders of the city allowed it to follow an irregular course, so that it was less vulnerable to sky pirates or raiders from the ground who might try to shoot it down.

Kath was wearing clothing, something that was uncommon for her, but nights over the desert were cool. She expected it to warm up as the city moved over the sea and closer to the tropical zones. She was wearing a long, blue velvet skirt and a thin white blouse. The blouse strained on her chest, doing a heroic job of containing her bulging tits. The French doors to the large terrace off her bedroom were closed. Den had departed the week before for one of his month-long expeditions, so she was alone in their spacious apartment.

It was late in the night, just beyond the 9th hour. It would be another 12 hours until the sun rose again. Kath was working on a book about her experiences and observations in Neverwhere. Her writing had never been better since coming to this fantasy world. Now, she lived many of the adventures she related. So far, however, she had avoided recounting her sexual experiences with the Queen. She was afraid that writing about her erotic war with her Red rival would only increase the already maddening sexual pressure burning in her blood.

Kath finished writing for the night. She was looking forward to getting under the bedsheets and masturbating herself to sleep. Before Den had left, they had a marathon fuckfest, as was their usual practice. A full day of being solidly fucked had taken the edge off Kath’s libido, but the heat was now back.

A soft whirring sound from the terrace startled her. Kath turned in her seat to face the terrace doors. She heard only the sigh of the desert wind, getting calmer as the city moved toward the ocean, but her instincts told her that something was wrong. Before she could even get to her feet, the doors opened wide. The Red Queen filled the doorway.

Kath gasped; she almost fainted as her entire body exploded in heat. A spasm of pure erotic electricity arced through her flesh, starting in her suddenly swollen clit, flowing through her body like molten liquid, into the pulsing, rock-hard spikes of her nipples, filling the engorged flesh of her throbbing tits. Her entire body shuddered with sudden, unbearably intense sexual desire.

The Red Queen was wearing her red cloak. The hood was up and bound tightly around her head. The rest of her incredible body was nude. The Queen’s eyes glowed with sexual fever. Kath could see that Kil was crazy with lust; she felt the same insanity building inside of her.

The Queen walked into the room, her bare feet slapping gently on the stone floor. She closed the terrace doors behind her and shot the bolt into place.

Kath got to her feet. She was a bit unsteady; her cunt was throbbing with heat, her knees were weak. Pussy juice trickled down her inner thighs, her nipples were wet and hard with anticipation. Without hesitation, Kath reached up and began to unbutton her straining blouse. The Queen’s hungry eyes followed her progress. Kath’s hands shook at first but, after a few moments, became steady. The blouse burst open, her massive tits bounced free, their thick, deep cleavage revealed, her sharp nipples spearing the cloth. She brushed the shirt back and off her shoulders, exposing her tits. She felt it fall to her feet. Her massive tits, her beautifully muscled torso, glinted in the light of the lanterns. Kath unhooked her skirt and let it slide down her smooth thighs, her bare calves, and pile at her bare feet. Suddenly, she was perfectly nude, even more naked than her blonde rival.

The Queen drank in Kath’s voluptuous body with her eyes. The beautiful woman’s lips quivered with anticipation. Finally, she reached up and, with trembling hands, loosened her hood, then pushed it back, shaking her blonde mane free. She unlatched the cloak at her throat and let the entire cape slide down her back and drop to the floor.

For long minutes, the identical women glared at each other. They let the sexual tension build. They let their mutual lust grow with every breath. For the first time in more than two years, they were together in the same room, nude, ready to take each other, desperate to bring their bodies together and fuck each other senseless. Their eyes roamed over the other woman’s physical perfection, their nearly hairless, voluptuous bodies. Except for the Queen’s shorter hair, it was like staring into a mirror for both women. Their tits heaved, jiggling tightly. Their inner thighs and calves grew damp as pussy juice flowed down from their hot, hungry, hairless cunts. The air thickened with the scent of their aroused pussies. The women’s pants of desire were the only sound in the room, punctuated by the occasional moan of the wind.

The Red Queen moved slowly towards Kath, her hips swaying. Gasping, Kath moved to meet her enemy. The naked women reached eagerly for the other’s body. Their fingers touched, interlaced. For a moment, the women squeezed each other’s hands hard, palm to palm, their muscular arms trembling as they strained against each other, matching strength, pressing flesh to flesh. Kath and Kil shuddered with pure lust; their aching pussies clenched hard. Driven by mutual need, they released each other’s hands and reached desperately for the other woman’s massive tits.

The women moaned deep in their throats as they closed their hands on their enemy’s taut, meaty glands. Kath squeezed and kneaded Kil’s thick, firm flesh, twisting and tweaking the sensitive nipples, tracing the rigid areola with her fingertips, lifting and weighing the throbbing globes in her hands, marveling at their firmness and weight. At the same moment, Kil manipulated and tortured Kath’s tits in exactly the same way. The women stroked the delicious meat, their eyelids fluttering, gentle gasps escaping their lips, as their flesh burned with each caress. Moaning, both women filled their hands with the other’s glorious tits and squeezed viciously, torturing each other with pain and exquisite pleasure, yet torturing each other even more by holding off, by refusing to give in too quickly to the scalding heat, the ravenous ache, between their legs.

Kath finally released her rival’s mammary glands and slipped her arms under the Queen’s arms and around her upper back, enjoying the feel of her hands running over the woman’s naked, burning flesh and corded muscles. The Queen slipped her arms around Kath’s narrow waist. The women pulled each other in. Their pulsing nipples aligned perfectly and pushed head to head. Kath and Kil threw back their heads and moaned in erotic bliss. Sexual electricity roared through their perfect bodies, sending spasms through their voluptuous flesh.

Glaring at each other through eyes heavy with sensual pleasure, the women clenched their teeth then pulled each other in harder, gasping and crying out as their massive tits mashed and strained, titflesh taut against titflesh, moaning in delight as their hot, bare bellies slapped tight, as their thick, smooth thighs pressed and slid on each other. Flesh mated to flesh. The unbelievably horny women reveled in the sensations, in the contact, that they had both craved for so long. They pressed together nose to nose, almost lip to lip, moaning in exquisite agony.

“You cunt, you filthy, fucking cunt,” Kath groaned, “You should not have come here, fucker! I will destroy you once and for all…”  

“Fucking bitch, fucking whore,” Kil gasped. “I finally have you and now I’m going to fuck you dry…”

The women slipped their noses past each other and locked their mouths, moaning deep in their throats as their mouths sealed, as their tongues pushed and twisted, as they sucked spit and breath back and forth. Spit soon overflowed their mouths and dribbled down to their rubbing, grinding tits. Their hands moved restlessly over the other’s body, caressing and slapping at taut flesh, squeezing round asses, tracing voluptuous curves. Kath and Kil both shoved probing fingers up the other woman’s tight asshole. Their groans of pleasure turned to moans of delight as they violated each other. Tears flowed from their eyes as their bodies burned with erotic fever. The women writhed against each other, rubbing their bodies as hard, as tightly as they could, rejoicing in the sensual pleasure they had kept from each other for so long.

The struggling women’s pulsing clits swelled up at the top of their wet, hungry cunts. The sex horns throbbed with need. They were unbelievably hard, unbearably sensitive. Sobbing quietly, overwhelmed by lust, Kath and Kil tilted their pelvises forward and brought their exquisite clits into direct contact, head to burning head. Both women screamed as their sexual weapons touched, licked, then fused to each other in an explosion of pure erotic heat. The women’s mouths sucked harder, swallowing their shared screams, as they moved their hips with minute thrusts, as they rubbed belly to belly, working their clits around and around each other, corkscrewing them together before they twisted apart. The women sobbed and moaned, their bodies shaking with tension and pleasure, their clits working, working against each other in a duel of unbearable ecstasy.

Kath found herself trembling on the precipice of unconsciousness, floating in a universe of pure pleasure, filled with sensations that pushed her to the edge of sanity. She could not believe that she had resisted this ecstasy for so long. She had forgotten what it was like to rub clits with the Red Queen. Kath swore to herself she would never deprive herself of this pleasure again, no matter what it took.  

Kil was shuddering too, every muscle in her body quivering with tension. She had planned for this night for a long time. She had used all her resources and contacts to place a tracker on Zegium, to find out where in the city Kath lived, to learn when Den would be gone so that she could take Kath alone. Now, she could only sob and moan in unspeakable joy as the pleasure she had ached for, the sexual union she had craved so desperately, was finally joined. It was every bit as good as she had prayed, far, far better than she had remembered. The memory of their two swollen clits rubbing and grinding and twisting around each other could not begin to compare to the exquisite agony of the real thing.

Kath and Kil slid their hands over the other’s hips to each other’s rippling asses. Kil slapped Kath’s ass several times before gripping it; Kath returned the slaps and the grip. They sank their fingers into the thick meat. Clit to clit, tits grinding into tits, mouths locked in an endless, ravenous kiss, the struggling women fucked and fucked and fucked. Their incredible bodies warred on each other in an endless struggle to overpower, to sexually overwhelm and conquer, the other. Neither woman knew what lay ahead or how this night would end but, in that moment, neither cared. All they wanted was to keep fucking, to keep enjoying each other, to keep the raw, pure pleasure wracking their shuddering bodies going for as long as it possibly could.

For almost two hours, Kath and Kil took each other on in a stand-up fuck, clits constantly jousting, tugging, thrusting and grinding. Their bellies undulated, their engorged tits screamed with pleasure and throbbed with heat, their stabbing, twisting nipples burned like coals. They sucked spit back and forth between their mouths; saliva dribbled from their locked mouths to their mashed cleavage. Their moans and grunts of joy filled the room. Pussy juice flowed down their bare legs, their muscled thighs, down their calves, over their bare feet, until the fur rug on which they were standing was wet with their secretions. The women felt their bodies filling with sexual power, overloading with pleasure, building to the point of an enormous mutual orgasm. As the tension built inside of them, the strength began to leave their legs. Together, in slow motion, they fell to their knees on the rug, their clits still working, working, against each other, their hands tightly gripping the other’s rippling, flexing ass.

Crying out, their faces wet with tears and spit, Kath and Kil broke their kiss. The women broke their clit to clit contact for a moment; they clung to each other’s forearms as they sat flat on their sweaty asses and arranged their slick legs, turning their hips at an angle so they could scissor each other. Leaning back, they jerked forward with their hips, bringing their hungry, naked cunts together with a hot, wet slap of fuckmeat to fuckmeat. Once again, engorged clits found each other and immediately fused in ecstasy. Thrusting powerfully, using their muscular asses and womanly hips, the women drove deep into each other, cunts opening under the genital to genital pressure, spreading like soft pink flowers, hot, wet labia mashing and merging, the slick folds of flesh fitting and melting together like erotic gears in a meaty sex machine. Their fuckholes sucked and sealed; the women contracted their cunts, pulling at each other, pussies wrestling for supremacy, bonding together in an unbreakable, fleshy lock. Screaming in pleasure, Kath and Kil grabbed the other’s sweaty thigh and pumped furiously. Their tits bounced, spraying sweat and nipple cum, their bellies rippled and undulated delightfully, their hips and asses jerked in rhythm.

“Yes, yes, oh god, you fucking whore, YESSSSS!!,” Kath moaned. She threw back her head, her beautiful face a mask of rapturous sexual agony, as she fucked Kil with all her strength. Her clit felt like it was about to explode.

“Gods, gods, you fucking, fucking slut,” Kil sobbed, her gorgeous face contorted with agony. She glared at Kath through half-closed eyes, hating the sight of the other woman, knowing that the face she hated so much, the expression of sexual rapture it was wearing, was identical to her own.

Grunting with each powerful thrust, Kath and Kil fucked and fucked, riding each other in delirious ecstasy. The room filled with the wet, thick sound of two muscular pussies sucking and grinding, penetrating and squeezing, both twats spreading and sealing as they drilled deeper and harder into each other. The women’s engorged clits jousted relentlessly, sending constant shockwaves of pleasure burning through their writhing bodies. Bracing her bucking body with one hand, Kil released Kath’s thigh and reached out to cup and squeeze one of Kath’s massive, bouncing tits. The other blonde groaned in delight and sank her fingers into Kil’s titmeat in retaliation, kneading the firm flesh. The women released each other’s tits and slowly pushed closer, spreading their legs wider, pulling each other in until they were chest to chest, meaty tits squashed and burning, nipples on fire as they rubbed and worked against each other like fleshy spears. They looped a wet thigh over the other’s hip and touched nose to nose, panting and gasping, eye to eye, seeing the incredible pleasure they were giving to the other.

They had been fucking relentlessly for almost three hours. Their bodies were dripping with sweat, their flesh was radiating heat like a furnace, their clits felt like ten times their normal size, throbbing with tension and electricity. Their oversexed bodies needed release.

“Together,” Kil whispered to Kath. “I want us to cum together.”

“Yes,” Kath whispered back, her voice hoarse. “I want that too.”

The women slid their hands down to grasp their opponent’s round, sweaty ass tightly. They touched tongues, they shared panting breath, as they fucked to the end, both feeling the tension building and building, feeling the end coming. Their bellies hitched and rippled, flesh to flesh, navels sucking; they had crossed the point of no-return.

“Now, you fucking cunt, I feel it coming now,” Kil moaned.

“Yes, you filthy slut, oh god, yessss,” Kath gasped.

Watching each other intently, the women’s eyes widened as the unbelievable pleasure climbed and climbed, slowly, agonizingly building until it reached an excruciating peak. The explosion of tension was unbearable. The struggling fuckfighters threw back their heads and gasped out choking, hitching screams of pure ecstasy as their bodies convulsed. Geysers of hot cum squeezed out of the women’s locked cunts; they clamped down on each other like vises, their bellies pumped hard, as they shot blast after blast of creamy cum into each other. Their vaginas flooded with the mixed, hot discharge, the ejaculate squeezed up and coated their bellies and thighs, it soaked the fur rug under their asses. Simultaneously, their nipples exploded, tit cum squirting out between their mashed tits, coating their meaty breasts, flowing down their flat bellies as they rubbed and slapped together.

Sobbing with pleasure, Kath and Kil locked into a deep, tongue twisting kiss, as they shared blissful orgasm after orgasm.  They moaned joyfully, deep in the other’s throat. Their asses moved slow and hard as they forced climax after climax out of each other. On the verge of passing out, the women released each other and fell slowly onto their backs. They continued to buck, lifting their hips high and arching their backs as they thrust deep, deep into each other, and held in shared ecstasy. Hot cum flowed down their bellies to their jiggling tits. Finally, their hips fell to the floor and the women felt the final spasms of burning sexual power flow out of their voluptuous bodies.

Kath and Kil lay flat on their backs on the floor. Their bare, fleshy cunts remained plastered together, mouth to mouth, slit to slit, lips stuck and fused to lips. Their pulsing clits were twined, throbbing together in agonizing bliss. Even in their temporary exhaustion and satisfaction, the women continued to rub their naked genitals together, their hips moving gently but persistently. Neither wanted to disengage from the delicious twat to twat hold.  

The chill air slowly settled as their lush bodies cooled down. Kath and Kil felt the heat in their mashed genitals; both knew that they needed much, much more. The fuck marathon Kath had avoided for more than two years had finally arrived and both women intended to enjoy every moment of it.

Part V: A Hot Night in Zegium

Slowly, Kath pushed herself away from Kil, pulling her cunt away from her foe’s hot twat. A thick string of cum joined their wet pussies, but broke and dripped to the floor as Kath pushed herself to her feet. She staggered towards the bed, threw back the covering quilts, and then crawled onto the soft mattress. She flopped onto the bed, then turned to lie flat on her back, her tits heaving, her wet body gleaming in the candlelight. Kath sighed and closed her eyes. She smiled as she waited.

A minute later, Kil got to her feet. The Queen’s eyes burned with lust as she stared at Kath’s prone, naked body, sprawled on the bed like an open invitation. Her eyes half-closed, Kath smiled at her rival, then languorously spread her muscular thighs, presenting her wet, pink cunt to her foe. Kath laced her fingers behind her head and arched her back, causing her massive tits to jiggle enticingly.

Kil crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees. She came up between Kath’s spread thighs, keeping her body raised over that of her prone double, her hands to either side of Kath’s body. Her massive tits hung down from her chest, her sharp nipples pointing directly down at their counterparts on Kath’s jiggling tits. Kath reached up and grasped Kil’s bare shoulders. The Queen’s eyes glowed as she aimed her naked, dripping cunt directly at Kath’s open, inviting twat. Kil lowered her hips down onto Kath’s, sliding her slick-lipped pussy directly onto Kath’s quim, covering the aching, steaming fuckmeat perfectly with her own. Kath planted her heels on the bed and thrust up hard with her hips and ass, driving her soft, yielding twat deep and hard into Kil’s cunt, even as Kil thrust down with all her strength. The women moaned and cried out in shared joy as their hungry cunts merged in an explosion of delicious heat and wet meat. Their luscious bodies mated once again.

Kil lowered her body fully onto Kath’s. Their throbbing tits crushed and spread, nipples fusing. Their flat bellies slid together. Kath closed her thighs around Kil’s hips, then slid her legs down the Queen’s legs, twining their muscular limbs, straining muscle to muscle, locking them in place. The women writhed and wriggled in each other’s arms, rubbing flesh to flesh, working their hips, sliding slick, hot pussies back and forth, pussy lips pulling and sucking, up and down, grinding and mashing. They let out short, sharp screams as their aching clits caressed and crushed, rubbing and rubbing, before finally hooking and locking into one. Their hungry mouths met and sealed. Moaning, grunting in concerted pleasure, Kath and Kil eagerly resumed their ravenous fucking, their bodies moving in an ecstatic erotic rhythm, their moans and grunts of indescribable hunger filling the room.

More than an hour later, the women’s bodies, drenched with sweat, went stiff and shuddered as muscles strained and tensed against muscles, as devastating orgasms roared and rippled through their voluptuous flesh. They swallowed the other’s cries and screams. Ejaculate flowed down the crevasse of Kath’s ass as it soaked onto the mattress. After 10 minutes of paralyzing, unbearable orgasms, the women collapsed, Kil sprawled on Kath’s wet body. The women broke their kiss and lay wrapped together, limbs twined, panting, gasping, sobbing.

Only minutes later, Kath tightened her arms around Kil’s naked body and rolled her fuck rival onto her back. Kil eagerly spread her legs and grasped Kath’s wet ass; Kath mounted her enemy and powered her cunt deep and hard into Kil’s waiting twat, as Kil bucked up to meet her. Sighing, moaning with joy, the women fucked and fucked and fucked, until they went stiff again, in a series of excruciatingly powerful orgasms, each more devastating and ecstatic than the last. Exhausted, momentarily spent, they collapsed on the soaked bed, Kath sprawled on Kil, their massive tits mashed, belly to belly, powerful legs interlocked.

After some time, Kath peeled herself off of Kil’s body and rolled onto her back, her body pressed hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder with her rival. Kath’s left tit was crushed up tight to Kil’s right tit, the glistening orbs quivering in unison as the women gasped for breath, a thick strand of nipple cum linking their dark brown nips.  Kath’s body was drenched with sweat and cum, her nipples were dripping with expended ejaculate. Her entire body hummed with sexual power, more than two years worth of sexual frustration building into a seemingly unlimited supply of erotic energy. She and Kil were fucking each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, building to a point of orgasmic ecstasy that would decide their battle. The more they fucked, the more intense their orgasms became, until they would finally reach a peak of pleasure so overwhelming that the battling women’s minds could only shut down, overpowered by the sensations. They were working each other to that point, each woman determined to outlast and outfuck the other when the final moment came.  

Kil reached over and slid her hand down Kath’s wet belly to cup the woman’s hairless cunt. The Red Queen squeezed the hot flesh possessively, sliding two fingers up between Kath’s thick, juicy cunt lips, into her tight vagina. Kath gasped at the sudden violation. She tried reaching over Kil’s arm to return the grip on the Queen’s cunt, but the woman’s arm got in the way. Kath turned on her side and reached down Kil’s body to shove three fingers deep into the Queen’s tight twat. Grunting, Kil rolled to face Kath. Now lying on their sides, pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose, their heavy tits squashed, their nipples burning into each other, their voluptuous bodies mirrored, the sex warriors began to finger fuck, their fingers moving eagerly and expertly inside the other woman’s cunt, applying tantalizing strokes to their throbbing clits.

The struggling women were soon panting and moaning, gasping and writhing as they stroked and caressed and stimulated each other’s genitals, as they inflicted more and more pleasure on each other in an erotic race to the end.

“God, you fucking cunt, you fucking, fucking cunt….” Kath moaned, pressing her forehead harder into Kil, tears streaming from her eyes as the pleasure built inside of her, her whole body burning, burning with erotic heat. “I hate you, I hate you so fucking much…”

“Filthy twat, cunt-eating filth,” the Red Queen gasped back, pressing back with her head. Her entire body was shaking, trembling with tension, with the need for release. “Dirty slut, dirty whore, I will break you, I will make you beg…”

“Never, you cunt,”Kath sobbed. “You are mine, your pussy is mine, your tits are mine, I will destroy your filthy body…” She used her thumb to scrape, rub and caress the length of the Queen’s hard sex nub, stimulating the burning nerve far beyond human endurance. Kil’s genitals felt like they were on fire.

“Fucking whore, never, never,” the Queen cried. Her hand pumped Kath’s cunt furiously, her fingers grated along her blonde rival’s swollen, twitching clit.

Gasping, screaming, the women’s magnificent bodies went stiff as they could not take any more. As Kath and Kil started to scream in absolute ecstasy, they locked their mouths, tongues lashing, spit flowing, and eagerly sealed their faces together, swallowing each other’s shrieks of unbearable pleasure, swallowing their mixed spit. Their gorgeous, identical faces were wet with tears as they devoured each other. Their pussies clenched around the invading digits, then gushed uncontrollably, splattering the women’s hands, their legs, their bellies, soaking the already saturated bed. Their sobs merged, their cries of pleasure harmonized, as Kath and Kil continued to masturbate each other. They forced orgasm after orgasm out of each other, milking the other woman’s aching twat.

Sobbing uncontrollably, they finally pushed each other away and rolled apart, both settling on their backs, separated by about a meter. Kil and Kath writhed for a while, their asses rubbing into the bed, their hips jerking, the heat within their luscious bodies refusing to dissipate. Panting, they slowly brought their throbbing bodies under control.

For some time, Kath and Kil lay on the bed, regaining their strength. Finally, Kath felt ready. She sat up then rolled over onto her hands and knees. She crawled towards Kil, who did not move but only watched Kath advancing. When she was close enough, Kath turned herself around and threw her legs to either side of the Queen’s ravishing body, positioning her cunt over the Queen’s face, looking down the Queen’s lush body towards her legs.. The Queen immediately grabbed Kath’s ass, her fingers sinking into the woman’s thick buttocks. The Queen spread her legs wide at the same time. Kath lowered herself onto her foe, groaning with delight as her tits crushed onto Kil’s belly, as she felt Kil’s hard nipples digging into her own stomach. The undersides of their massive tits pressed tight. Kath settled on her enemy. She pushed her cunt down into Kil’s face; the Queen eagerly spread her fingers on Kath’s butt and raised her head to lick at Kath’s vaginal slit, running her tongue up and down the wet, hot, cum-dripping gash. She set about sucking and tonguing Kath’s slit clean, while teasing and lapping hungrily at Kath’s aching clit. Kath replied in the same language, licking all the cum out of Kil’s pink, tart slit, while wrapping her lips and tongue around the Queen’s clit and sucking it hard. Both women spread the other’s asshole with their fingers and inserted their tongues, probing the tight, hot orifice. Kath fastened her mouth over Kil’s asshole and sucked. Kill immediately reciprocated, driving her tongue deep into Kath’s hot hole. The women moaned as they consumed each other. Their fingers worked the other’s cunt, thrusting deep, stroking labia and caressing swollen clits. Their tongues and lips moved over their throbbing clits, sucking and gently biting with sharp teeth. Kil pushed up and rolled their bodies onto their sides, then rolled Kath onto her back. Neither woman noticed, both too absorbed in their mutual suckfest.

Gasping and panting, groaning and moaning with lust, Kath and Kil slowly rolled back and forth on the bed, eating each other passionately. They feasted on each other, giving and taking so much pleasure from the other’s body that they lost track of time. Their world became the other woman’s cunt and clit and ass, the delicious smells and tastes of their genitals, the sweat and heat of their dripping thighs, the tight, hot flesh of their vaginas and assholes. They came again and again into each other’s face, both women swallowing up all the cum they could, drinking from each other like fountains, rejoicing in their mutual violation of each other in the most intimate ways they could imagine. Both women shoved fingers, then full fists, deep into the other’s tight, hot cunt. They inserted their fists into even tighter, wetter assholes and pulled screams and howls of unbearable pleasure out of each other. Hours passed as the two identical women devoured each other’s sex, as they threw all their erotic power and lust at each other in a desperate effort to overpower and destroy the other woman. Several times during the course of the night, they ate each other to exhaustion, fell asleep, then woke and started again,.

Finally, soaked in ejaculate and sweat, exhausted beyond all reckoning, Kath and Kil rolled apart. The sun was just starting to light the windows from the terrace. Vaguely, Kath realized she and her rival had been fucking and sucking each other for more than 12 hours. She pushed herself up and stared, bleary-eyed, at her enemy. Kil’s eyes were closed; the blonde beauty was panting, her beautiful tits jiggling with every hot breath. She sat up when she felt Kath moving on the bed, not wanting to risk being caught by a surprise attack. Kath filled a glass with water from the pitcher on the bedside table and drank deep. After she emptied the glass, she filled it again and handed it to Kil, who quickly quenched her thirst and gave her back the glass.

The women stared at each other resentfully, neither saying anything, both feeling the sexual charges in their bodies slowly building again, as their eyes glided over the other woman’s lush body, as the heat between them began to build once more.

The Red Queen turned away from Kath and crawled to the top of the bed. She took a pillow and fluffed it out, then placed it on the mattress. She turned around and lay down on the bed, flat on her back, arms at her side. She turned her head and closed her eyes, giving the impression of resting. After a moment, Kath crawled up beside the other woman. She took another pillow, placed it beside Kil’s. Before she lay down, she grabbed the heavy quilt that she had cast to the side of the bed hours before and pulled it up, so that it covered both women’s naked bodies. Kath laid down beside Kil, stretched out on her back, and lay quietly, her head turned towards Kil. The women’s naked bodies were so close they could feel the other’s heat. For long minutes they lay quietly, letting the heat and sexual tension between them build, waiting to see which of them would make the first move.

For nearly a half hour, the women lay quietly. The dawn light filtered into the room. They began to pant as the excitement and tension between them built, but neither woman wanted to be the first to break the spell, to give in to the allure of the other. Finally, Kath had enough. She wanted Kil; she wanted to feel the other woman under her and on her, flesh on flesh, heat on heat, tongue to tongue and clit to clit. Her nipples were hot and hard, her pussy was steaming, juices were trickling down her ass crack to the bed.

With a groan, Kath rolled on top of Kil. The women moaned in exquisite pleasure as their massive tits crushed tight, as their flat bellies mated. Kil wrapped her arms and legs around Kath’s naked body and bucked, rubbing her naked flesh into Kath’s luscious flesh, moaning in lust as their incredible bodies came together once again.

“Yes, oh yes,” Kath moaned, sliding her hands down Kil’s curved back, gripping the other woman’s powerful, taut ass.

“Fuck, fuck, oh goddddssss,” Kil purred. She rubbed her body even harder against Kath’s body, even as Kath pressed down on her and writhed deliciously. Their heavy tits mashed wonderfully, their rock-hard nipples scored their throbbing titflesh before finding each other and mating in a searing explosion of heat and pleasure. Their slick bellies slid and slapped, navels sucking. The women’s smooth, sleek legs rubbed and stroked each other, their bare feet ran along strong calves and hot flesh as they writhed in each other’s arms.

Kil spread her legs and tilted her pelvis up, offering her throbbing, burning clit to her rival. Kath eagerly spread herself and pressed down. Nose to nose and eye to eye, the women stared deep into each other as their swollen clits came together, head to head. They witnessed the unbearable ecstasy that flashed in each other’s eyes as they gave each other the incredible pleasure they planned to use to make war on each other’s luscious bodies. They gasped then let out animal moans of exquisite pleasure as the unbelievable sensations rippled out from their clits to fill their voluptuous forms.

“God, oh God, you fucking, fucking cunt…,” Kath whispered, her voice choking with the intensity of the pleasure wracking her flesh. Her eyes teared up as the sensations overwhelmed her.

“You whore, you fucking dirty whore…,” Kil whispered in reply. She squeezed Kath’s powerful ass and pulled the blonde down on her even harder, compressing their clits even more. Both women screamed and gasped at the even greater contact, cries that turned to sobs of pleasure.

Lip to lip, gasping and panting, Kath whispered to Kil. “No separating. No stopping. We fuck until one of us can’t go on.”

“Yes,” Kil moaned. “All day, all night, as long as it takes…”

The women’s mouths slipped together and they locked into a deep, passionate kiss. Their bodies resumed writhing, undulating, as they rubbed and rubbed their clits, as they ground their tits and their bellies, riding each other to ecstasy. Kath and Kil had longed for each other’s bodies for two years. Now that they were together, both women decided to make sure they got everything they needed from the other.

For nearly an hour, Kath rode Kil. Kil moved with her, matching every thrust. They did not pound each other. Instead, they moved slow and hard, keeping their clits glued together, enjoying the sensuous ecstasy of their flesh moving and flowing into one. Sweat and cunt juices mixed, their tits leaked, they slicked their bodies with wetness. They kissed and bit and nibbled, they slapped and shoved fingers into dark, hot orifices, they fucked slow and hard, giving and taking more and more pleasure until their bodies went stiff, until they gushed cum all over each other’s lower bodies, soaking the bed. Trapped together under the heavy quilt, their muscles locked and they held each other, shuddering in bliss as they rode out the wave of orgasms to the end.

For long minutes they lay together, Kath tangled up in Kil, splayed on top of the Red Queen. After some time, she rolled off of her rival and lay beside her again, under the blanket. The covers rose and fell with the women’s pants, with the heaving of their tits. After another few minutes, Kil rolled on top of Kath. Eagerly, Kath spread her legs and pulled the other woman down onto her. They started fucking again.

This was how it went all through the morning and into the afternoon. The women took turns on top, writhing, grinding and rubbing their voluptuous bodies, working their hips and slowly going clit to clit, fucking slow and hard until they exploded in exquisite, mind-blowing pleasure again and again. Then they started over. A few times, they passed out in each other’s arms, the sheer ecstasy too much to take. Twice, they shifted into 69s to eat and lick each other’s quims and asses for an hour or so, covered by the heavy quilt, their bodies rippling beneath the blanket. They felt inexhaustible, their hunger for each other growing only more intense as they fucked and fucked and fucked, lost in their mutual ecstasy. Neither woman wanted it to end. Both were determined to keep it going as long as they could.

It was around sunset that Kath and Kil finally stopped. They had been fucking since the evening of the night before. They were famished. They needed to eat and drink, to fuel their bodies so they could continue their relentless fuckwar.

Kath had food brought to her quarters from Zegium’s great kitchens. She brought a tray of delicious meats and fruits, wine and water, back to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, their legs spread, the two women shared the meal, gorging themselves on the savory food and drink, replenishing their strength. They sat in sullen silence as they ate, continually shooting each other looks of contempt, mixed with anger. Their vicious glances could not avoid taking in the other woman’s body, the other woman’s hot genitals and jiggling tits. They could feel the erotic power building along with their shared hatred.

The women hated each other. They hated that they were so identical; they hated the sexual and physical challenge they posed to each other. But their feelings of intense hate only fed their even more intense lust for each other. Both women suspected that their rapturous couplings would not be quite as pleasurable if they were not liberally seasoned with their mutual antagonism. Their genuine desire to destroy each other sexually, to prove which of them was the better fuck, the sexually stronger woman, was offset by their even greater need for the unbearable ecstasy that only they could give to each other. Kath and Kil felt trapped between their hatred and their overpowering sexual need. But they both knew what had to take priority, and they despised each other all the more for it.

By the time the meal was done, Kath and Kil were both almost desperate to resume their fuckwar. Their bodies were fully aroused, their desire to fuck and fight and dominate each other was back to full strength. Kath took the food tray and put it on a table on the far side of the room. She returned to the bed and sat down, her rage barely contained.

“You’re a fucking whore, Kil,” Kath rasped at her enemy, her body trembling with pent-up desire. “I’m going to make you sorry you ever came here. My pussy is going to eat yours alive, my tits are going to grind yours flat.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Kil shot back. “You’ve spent the past two years running away from me. You’re a weak, scared little cunt. I’m going to fuck you raw, I’m going to break every part of your body. I’ve forced you to submit to me before and I will do it again. When I leave here, we will both know which of us is the better woman, once and for all.”

“Yes, we will,” Kath snarled. She spread her legs wide and leaned back, presenting her hungry, angry cunt to her enemy. “I’m not letting you leave until you surrender to me completely.”

“That will never happen, bitch,” Kil snapped. She licked her dry lips, her eyes riveted to Kath’s succulent twat. Kil leaned back and spread her wet thighs in challenge. She flexed her naked, juiced up twat, eliciting an involuntary moan of lust from Kath. “I’m more of a woman than you are, Kath,” the Red Queen taunted. “You are just a poor imitation of me.”

The women glared at each other from across the bed, their feverish eyes drinking in every inch of the other woman’s lush body. The sexual heat built in both of them like a tsunami.

“Oh god, you fuck, I’m going to destroy you…” Kath breathed. Her legs spread wide, she began to push herself down the bed towards Kil.

“Never, you cunt,” Kil groaned, her body burning as she pushed herself to meet Kath’s advance. “I’m going to leave you as a stain on this bed, I’m going to fuck every inch of you into submission…”

The women groaned in unbearable lust as they drew closer and closer, their smooth, wet legs gliding over and under each other as they arranged their incredible bodies for a full cunt to cunt, tit to tit showdown. Legs spread wide, pelvises tilted forward, arms bracing their powerful bodies, the enraged women used the full power of their hips and asses to thrust forward, closing the distance between their engorged cunts. They brought their thick-lipped, succulent twats together in a hard, wet slap of fuckmeat to fuckmeat. The flaring heat between their grinding, sex-slick genitals was instantaneous, building to a delicious, searing intensity within seconds. Their swollen, pulsing clits met head to head, in an explosion of pure sensual joy.

Kath and Kil threw back their heads and screamed out in erotic bliss and pure lust.

“God, oh God, YES!!” Kath screamed. “FUCK, YESSSSSS!!”

“FUCK, FUCK, YESSSS!!” Kil shrieked, her body trembling as she felt her pussy melt and fuse to Kath’s hot cunt. The women’s moans and grunts harmonized as they began bucking and grinding, pussy to pussy. Their massive tits bounced joyously as their bodies rocked with each powerful thrust of their hips, sweat spraying off the massive tanned orbs. Their powerful abdomens rippled with effort. Their screams of pure sexual ecstasy faded into pulsating moans of joy as the pleasure quickly grew too great for them to express through sound. Sobbing and gasping, the gorgeous women glared at each other hatefully, their eyes half-hooded with pleasure, trying to destroy each other with erotic power, trying to conquer the other, woman to woman. Their tight slits locked, feeling like they were made to mate, made to be one, feeling better than anything either woman had ever felt. Flesh flowing into flesh, heat building on heat, pleasure boiling, filling their bodies. The women fucked and fucked, thrusting and grinding, panting and screaming, riding each other mercilessly.  Their taut asses clenched in rhythm with each powerful thrust as they struggled to ride the other down. Their enormous clits rubbed and rubbed, head to head, length to length, grinding relentlessly like two blood-engorged swords, until they managed to twist together and form a knot of excruciating pleasure.

Their beautiful faces wet with tears and contorted in sexual agony, the women threw back their heads and screamed and screamed as the ecstasy built slowly, inexorably, filling them both to the breaking point, filling them to overflowing and beyond. Kil came first. Crying out in a shriek that immediately turned into a choking gasp, the Red Queen’s succulent pussy erupted, a long, delicious shot of hot cum flowing out of her and into Kath’s receptive cunt. The gooey ejaculate overflowed and squeezed out from between their interlocked cunt lips. It soaked both women’s lower abdomens, and traced its way down their ass cracks to flow onto the bed.

The delicious feeling of Kil’s steaming cum flowing up her vagina into her womb, impregnating her with raw pleasure, was too much for Kath to resist. Screaming in joy, the blonde vixen felt the overwhelming surge of ecstasy explode from her body, her muscles tightening and releasing wave after wave of erotic power as she pumped her own hot cum back into Kil. The women fell onto their backs, lifted their asses and hips high in the air, and ground together relentlessly, cunt locked and driving into cunt, as they shared shot after shot of ejaculate, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. For almost 15 minutes, the blonde doppelgangers fucked climax after climax out of each other. Even their overstimulated tits ejaculated powerfully, nipple cum dripping from their thick, brown cylinders.

Soaked in sweat and cum, panting like they had just run a marathon, Kil and Kath lay prone for some time, their bodies locked into the forks between their legs. The women were too spent to resume their all-out fuckwar, but they continued to gently rub their wet, hot pussies together, enjoying every shivering pulse of erotic energy as their twined clits pulled at each other, enjoying the heat and wetness between their legs where their twats remained fused into one. Occasionally, one woman would squeeze the other tight with her cunt and both would rejoice in the delicious cunt wrestle that followed.

Kath felt exhausted, her body spent. But the pulse of sexual energy deep inside her slowly began to burn again, like an ember from a fire slowly growing, lighting tinder, getting hotter. She wondered how long it would take, how many devastating orgasms she and Kil could inflict on each other, before they truly quenched their mutual sexual thirst. She wondered if their two year separation had created so much sexual energy that it would consume them both, maybe forcing them to destroy each other, before it burned out. But, if she had to die in this bed, there was simply no better way to go; fucked to death, dying from pleasure.

Kath gathered her strength, then closed her vagina on KIl’s juicy twat. The Red Queen groaned, then squeezed back, with all her vaginal strength. The women’s cunts trembled as they struggled to overpower each other. Kil contracted her cunt, pulling Kath even harder into her; Kath reciprocated the move. The women writhed, grunting in effort as their cunts fought for supremacy. Kath pushed herself up, her big tits jiggling as her body trembled with the tension of the cunt-lock. Kil pushed herself to a sitting position to meet Kath. The women’s arms went around their waists to pull each other in. Their massive tits met, mashing tight, their nipples catching fire. The women moaned in shared pleasure as they pressed together, nose to nose, looking into each other’s eyes, feeling the heat, the hunger, that only their bodies could quench.

“Kath, you miserable fuck…,” Kil whispered, her body trembling with the delicious sensations coursing through her.

“Kil, you filthy fucking whore…,” Kath whispered back.

The women’s tongues touched, then they sank into a kiss. Their gripped each other’s ass tight and worked their hips, clit on clit, pussy locked to pussy, bodies joined in an unbreakable bond. The struggling women knew they would not separate, they would not stop fucking each other other, until they were exhausted, until they had given each other all the pleasure their bodies had to offer.

Just before they descended into a haze of shared ecstasy that would last all through the night, all through the next day, and well into the next night, Kath and Kil broke their kiss to stare deep into each other’s eyes. Both women saw what they wanted and needed: the nearly unbearable lust and hunger they had for the other.  The mutual hatred that made them want to completely consume each other. They set about satisfying each other in every way they could, in every position they could imagine.


Hours later, Kil awoke. She was under the heavy quilt, lying on top of Kath, the other blonde’s body hot and wet against her own. They were belly to belly and tit to tit. She felt the heat of Kath’s genitals on her own, even the pulsing throb of the other woman’s clit pinned beneath her clit. It felt unbelievably good. It was a sensation she had craved, had dreamed about, for more than two years. For some time, Kil just lay still, enjoying the sensuality of the moment. Finally, however, she knew she had to move. Slowly, she peeled her body away from Kath’s. They separated, thick cum linking their ravaged pussies.

Kil rolled onto her back. She expected Kath to stir, but was gratified when the other woman did not. At some level, she realized she had won their contest. She had outfucked Kath, or it certainly felt that way. She was moving now and her lover and rival was apparently too spent to wake up. Still, Kil was almost totally exhausted. Her body ached. Her cunt was sore and abraded from too much rubbing, too much friction. Her tits were aching, her nipples felt raw. She took inventory, then noticed something else, something that made her smile. For the first time in two years, she felt sexually satisfied. The gnawing hunger that had kept her awake so many nights, that had frustrated and angered and tormented her for so many weeks and months, that had proven insatiable despite her many lovers, despite many orgies, was finally satiated.

Kil whispered a spell, one meant to rejuvenate her tired body. She felt the energy trickle into her but, to her surprise, it did not restore her as she had hoped. It gave her just enough strength to pull herself out of bed. She fell to her knees. After a few minutes, she pushed herself to her feet and slowly, carefully, stretched her tired muscles. Her luscious body was caked with dried cum and streaked with sweat. She felt beaten and depleted, but it was all worth it to feel her sexual thirst quenched, however briefly.

Kil staggered to the desk where Kath had been writing when she first entered the bedroom. She sat at the desk and found a piece of paper and a pen. Carefully, her tired hands shaking, she wrote a few brief sentences on the paper. She left it on Kath’s desk. She pulled her red cloak off the floor, then stumbled out onto the terrace. Her small air car was still there. Sighing, she climbed into the vehicle and sat at the console. Her sore pussy sent a spike of pain through her lower body, but she ignored it. She hit a few controls, gripped the control stick, and piloted the ship silently off of Zegium. The vehicle hovered in the sky as the floating city moved on without it. She quickly programmed the autopilot, telling it to return to her palace. Kil made her way to the divan that formed the car’s passenger seat. She sprawled on the deep couch and fell into an exhausted sleep as the car rocketed across the black sky, back towards her palace and home.

It was early morning before Kath stirred. She woke up, looked at the ceiling, and could tell instantly that Kil was gone. She sighed. Kath did not know if the other woman had beaten her, but it was clear they had fucked each other into absolute exhaustion. Kath smiled as she realized the hunger in her body was satisfied, at least for a time.

She rolled out of bed and staggered to the apartment bathroom. She drew herself a hot bath and settled in. Soon, she was asleep. It was a few more hours before she stirred. She pulled herself out of the now lukewarm water and walked unsteadily back to her bedroom. She was walking to the terrace door to open it to air the room when she noticed the note on the desk. She sat on the desk chair and read.

The note on the desk read: “200 days from now. Meet me at the Oasis of Asitara, in the territory of the Mountain Vipers. I will be there, alone.”

Despite her tiredness, Kath felt a spike of heat in her aching loins. She pulled an atlas from a shelf next to her desk and quickly located the Oasis. It was quite a distance away from any major trade routes, so it would probably be quiet. Indeed, there was a good chance it would be deserted.

Kath smiled as she put away the atlas. She knew that 200 days from now, her body would be ravenous with hunger for Kil’s body. Kil was offering her a feast. She was not about to turn it down. She intended to gorge herself on the other woman’s body, on her enemy’s luscious sex. Nothing would stop her from being at the Oasis on the appointed day. Kath pulled out her calendar to begin the countdown.

The End

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