Kath vs. Kil III: The Orb of Erossia by JB57

Kath nursed her drink, watching the bar around her from a dark corner of the large, noisy room. She pulled her forest green traveling cape around her nude body more tightly. She was not trying to hide her nakedness. This was Neverwhere, where nudity was completely normal. The bar was filled with people, humans, orcs, elves and other kinds of beings, in various levels of undress. The many voluptuous barmaids were all topless and wearing, at most, diaphanous sarongs that did nothing to hide their hairless genitals. Kath did not want to be seen. She needed information and then she would be on her way. But she wanted to be as unnoticed as possible. She was not even sure what she was seeking, but the insistent pressure in the back of her mind told her to stay hidden.

About a week earlier, Kath had begun to have a strange feeling nagging at the corners of her mind. Within a day, it had grown into a powerful compulsion. Something was calling for her, demanding that she come to this land on the very farthest northern edge of Neverwhere, to find something valuable and powerful. The feeling was impossible to ignore. Even worse, it filled her with erotic tension, with a terrible and growing lust that simply could not be satisfied. She knew this from experience. The best and most strenuous efforts of her mate, Den, had been unable to even slightly scratch the sexual itch burning in her ravenous cunt.

Kath was a woman who was very familiar with eroticism and the feelings of unfulfilled desire. She had been drawn into Neverwhere from Victorian England where she had been a moderately successful author named Katherine Wells. In England, she had been a sickly woman. When she crossed the portal into Neverwhere, she found her body transformed into a specimen of perfect erotic beauty. Her straw blonde hair became golden tresses that fell to between her perfectly sculpted shoulder blades. Her chest grew massive, meaty tits, topped by cocoa brown areola and thick, stiff nipples. Her torso was flat and smooth, rippling with muscle and set off by a deep, narrow navel. Her hips were wide and meaty, curving voluptuously down into strong, sleek legs and beautiful bare feet. Except for what was on her head, her body was entirely hairless. Her perfect new form was gifted with an insatiable sexual appetite and her adventurous nature had provided her with many opportunities to explore her new erotic possibilities.

From the time she had come to this dangerous and barbaric world, Kath had been locked in a contest with the Red Queen, a despot who ruled one of Neverwhere’s more powerful kingdoms and who, for some unknown reason, was Kath’s perfect doppelganger. Kath had been summoned to Neverwhere by Kil, the Red Queen, intended as a sacrifice in a mystical ritual. She had been saved by her mate, the man Den. After enduring the Red Queen’s attacks and the woman’s constant pursuit of Den for several years, Kath finally had enough. She challenged the Queen to an erotic duel, a fuckfight to the finish to determine which of them was the stronger, more sexually skilled woman, to prove which of them deserved to hold onto Den. They had discovered that their perfect, identical bodies, locked together in relentless, uninhibited sexual warfare, brought unbearable, mind-blowing pleasure to both of them. What they could do to each other, the heights of ecstasy their incredible bodies could inflict on each other, far surpassed anything they experienced with any other lover. The Red Queen was an unrestrained nymphomaniac who filled her bed with many men and women, slaves and courtesans whom she inevitably exhausted with her limitless appetites and endless stamina. Kath had Den to feed her raging sexual hunger, a powerful man whose libido was every bit as bottomless as her own, and whose massive cock filled her to the brim. Even so, Kath and Kil had found that the only person truly capable of satisfying their burning lust was the other woman, their hated enemy. Kath had tried to resist her need for the Queen’s beautiful cunt, but found this impossible. Since their second major battle, the women had settled into a pattern. Every two to three hundred days, maybe once a year when they could resist that long, they would meet in secret. Then for a week to ten days, often even longer, they would fuck each other senseless. They would drive each other to one screaming, gushing orgasm after another. They would eat and suck and ravage every inch of the other woman’s luscious body. They would get between the other’s legs and satisfy all the deep, powerful cravings of their gorgeous bodies. Their secret trysts filled Kath with shame, but she could not live without them. She knew that the Queen needed them just as badly. They had been meeting for more than ten years, locked together in a raging, steaming fuckwar that neither wanted to end. Neither woman aged and their voluptuous bodies stayed just as beautiful, just as ravenous, as the day they first crossed clits and fucked each other until they passed out from ecstasy.

What Kath was feeling now rivaled the lust she felt for the Queen. The powerful force summoning her so far from her home and her mate was also feeding her luscious flesh with a growing, irresistible erotic need. For the past several days, her body had been burning the way it did before one of her assignations with Kil. Maybe it was even more aroused. Her massive breasts felt hot and tender and thick with tension. Her nipples were stiff and burning. Her pussy was damp, her hot clit was perpetually aching. She could feel herself being drawn to whatever this power was like a sexual magnet.

Now she was here, in the far northern town of Dagmon, more than a 14 hour fast speeder flight from her home in the floating, mobile city of Zegium. She landed her speeder about an hour walk away from the town on the edge of a deep, petrified forest, on the shore of the northern sea. What she wanted was in the forest; she could sense it. Before she stumbled blindly into the dark woods, however, she wanted to learn what she could about what might be awaiting her. The best place to find information was at the local tavern.

A beautiful bar maid came to clear Kath’s drink and offer her more. The woman had deep brown hair and a lush body that rivaled Kath’s own. She was naked except for some nipple cups, linked together by a golden chain, some ornate earrings, and her see-through sarong that hung enticingly from her womanly hips.

“Would you like some more ale, milady?” asked the voluptuous server.

“No, good woman, what I’ve had is more than enough. However, I would like some information.” Kath placed on the table a gold coin she had taken from an inner pocket in her cloak.

The serving wench’s eyes lit up. She quickly claimed the gold piece, before anyone else saw it. “What kind of information do you seek?”

“What can you tell me about the forest just north of here? What are the local legends about the place?”

The girl shifted a bit uneasily and looked around. She sat at the table and pushed her nearly naked body close to Kath, until their bare hips and shoulders touched. The woman’s heavy, perfect breast came within a whisper of Kath’s tanned tit. “The place is haunted. Everyone going there feels the presence of a …force. But it’s not really malicious. It’s more…” she paused, then ducked her head charmingly …”erotic. When people are having problems with love, they go there to get some juice, if you understand me.” The beautiful girl gave Kath a suggestive smile. For a moment, Kath felt a powerful urge to kiss the brunette, to run her hand over the woman’s juicy-looking tit and squeeze the brown nipple. She resisted the urge.

She thanked the girl and took her leave from the tavern. Her bare feet silent on the cold stone, Kath made her way out of the town and into the forest. It was filled with giant, barren black trees. Many of them were dead but others were in a kind of deep sleep, growing only a few inches a year as dictated by the weak sun that never grew brighter no matter the season. The northern reaches of Neverwhere were still hot and humid, much like the rest of the continent outside of the vast deserts, but they existed in a perpetual twilight.

Kath let the feelings in her body and the persistent voice calling in her mind lead her deeper into the forest. She had an excellent sense of direction, so she did not feel lost. The forest grew darker and the trees and barren, rocky hills closer the further she traveled. The siren call stirring her loins and pulling her along grew more and more powerful.

After walking two hours, Kath came upon a cliffside. It appeared to be a sheer wall of rock, 6 or 7 meters tall. She assumed she would have to climb the wall, something she was good at doing. But the nagging call in her mind told her something else. Whatever she wanted to find was not on or over the cliff, it was under it. She could see no openings in the rock wall. When she looked more carefully, however, what appeared to simply be a large crack in the stone turned out to be a well-hidden entry to a cave. Kath squeezed into the crack. The feeling in her head confirmed she was on the right track. Once she maneuvered herself through the opening, she was surprised to find it widened considerably into a jagged corridor that was about 2 meters tall and 2 meters across. It was rough and uneven, but the cave floor was surprisingly dry and Kath could feel a slight breeze on her naked flesh, coming up from somewhere deeper in the cave. She reached into the pocket of her traveling cloak and pulled out a small, glowing crystal. The illumination was weak but, in the pitch dark of the cave, it cast a shimmering light.

Kath followed the corridor, guided by the growing tension in her loins. She soon discovered that the corridor extended far into the hillside. After she walked for 3 or 4 minutes and covered about 200 meters, she began to feel the floor angling down. Over the next ten minutes, she descended more than one kilometer into the Earth, with no end in sight. She knew she was on the right track; her clit started to throb.

Kath was distracted by the powerful erotic feelings coursing through her voluptuous body. They were tantalizing and arousing, but also frustrating, since she would have no chance to relieve them. As the sexual tension grew stronger, she felt her pussy clench and overflow. Droplets of cunt juice splatted to the rock floor. Kath reached down and ran her finger on her smooth, wet slit. She gasped as a searing heat flared through her genitals, briefly lighting her clit on fire before pulsing into the taut meat of her tits to singe her hard nipples. She was incredibly horny, moreso than she had realized. If this kept up, she would need to masturbate, just to try to relieve some of the tension. But she had a feeling it would not work. Whatever was feeding her sexual hunger might not be so easily dissuaded.

She walked another ten minutes and descended another kilometer into the Earth. The corridor suddenly smoothed out ahead and made it possible for her to see a dim light, glowing into the darkness 200 meters further down.

Kath put away her crystal light as she drew closer to the end of the tunnel. Her bare feet slapped gently on the stone. Her body was hot and brimming with desire. She could smell the thick musk of her own pussy and she found it intoxicating. The corridor ended in a narrow, jagged crack that opened onto a cathedral-like cave that rose in an oblong arch more than 50 meters high. Kath stepped into the vast chamber. The space was clearly natural, shaped only by the forces of erosion acting on yielding rock over immeasurable time. But it had also been repurposed by human hands. Ornate paintings covered the rough walls, illuminated by a soft, flickering golden light. Kath was delighted to feel her toes sink into a thick, soft sand on the floor. She looked around for the source of the light playing on the ceiling and walls. About 40 meters away, near the far wall of the cave, was a large rock, protruding from the floor and shaped like a half-egg. The light was coming from the crest of the rock, almost as though it were an altar. She could not see what was making the glow. The rock was too high. Staring at the luminescence set her pussy on fire and she barely stifled a gasp. “Oh god, oh fuck,” Kath moaned in her mind. “Oh god, I need, NEED, a hard fuck.” She gave into her carnal desires and gently stroked her wet, sleek slit. It was a mistake. The caress lit up her skin like lightning. As the electricity rippled through her sex-starved body, she let out a soft moan. An instant later, she was startled to hear, very clearly, a very audible, feminine groan coming from somewhere inside the cave. The sound was pure sex. Someone was already inside the cave and had touched herself.

Kath looked more closely at the base of the egg-like rock and saw what she had missed in the dim light. A cloaked figure was standing there, looking up at the rock, probably trying to determine how to climb the smooth surface and get to the top.

Kath moved soundlessly towards the figure, her body on fire. In the dim light, it was hard to tell what color the woman’s cloak was, but Kath suspected it was red. More, her senses, her long and intimate experience with the Red Queen’s body, told her that the woman ahead of her was Kil, her rival, her challenger, her deepest and most hated erotic enemy.

When she was almost 15 meters from the mysterious woman, the cloaked figure suddenly turned, as if sensing Kath’s approach. The beautiful face staring at Kath from beneath the red hood was a mirror of her own. The Red Queen’s eyes widened in surprise, then immediately narrowed. Her look passed from one of surprise to one of incredibly ravenous hunger. Kath knew that same look was stamped on her own face.

The two women stood in the semi-darkness, staring at each other, not saying anything, for a few seconds. Then, as if of one mind, they both loosened their hoods, undid the clasp of their cloaks at their throats, and pushed the traveling capes off their shoulders. The cloth fell on the sand with a gentle sigh. The nude women let their burning eyes travel over every inch of the other’s perfect form.

Kath’s body was throbbing, her entire flesh was burning, her clit was searing her pussy like acid. Her tits were heavy and thick, her nipples were as hard as nails and pulsing with every heartbeat. As she watched, the Red Queen’s naked twat released a solid stream of cunt juice to the dry sand. A moment later, Kath’s hungry quim did the same.

The women looked into each other’s glowing blue eyes. They saw incredible lust, burning like a fever. The women had come into this cavern with their bodies ravenously, unbearably hungry, unbelievably aroused, growing ever more desperate the closer they got to the siren light, needing to be fucked within an inch of their lives.

Kath and Kil shared a hot, wolfish smile. Their identical bodies trembled with anticipation. They were going to sate their raging hunger with the other’s magnificent body. They were going to devour every inch of each other’s voluptuous flesh. They were going to fuck each other raw, they were going to fuck each other dry. They couldn’t wait to get started.

Part II

Kath and Kil moved slowly towards each other, their bare feet silent in the soft sand, their voluptuous bodies shaking with the growing intensity of their lust, their smooth curves and jiggling tits shining in the half-reflected light.

“What are you doing here, Kil?” Kath asked, her voice husky. She stopped about a meter away from her rival. Her rock-hard nipples throbbed electrically and pointed directly at the Queen’s matching nips.

“I suspect the same thing as you, you little whore,” Kil murmured. Her voice was thick too, the effects of her body responding to overwhelming arousal. “I was called here by some kind of force, something that has been invading my mind and disrupting my sleep for the past few days.”

“Yes, that happened to me, too,” Kath acknowledged. She did not know how much longer she could hold out. Every nerve in her body screamed at her to ravage Kil’s luscious flesh.

“It also made me incredibly lustful. Even my best slaves were unable to satisfy me.” The Queen’s eyes flashed as she said this.

“Yes, that happened to me, too,” Kath repeated, her eyes burning with need. The women smiled at each other, both knowing what they were going to do to the other’s voluptuous body.

The light in the cavern strengthened. The women looked up to see a single round orb, glowing brightly, descending from the apex of the egg-shaped altar. It was floating gently but unmistakably moving towards them. As the rays of the light hit their naked bodies directly, the two identical women felt their libidos flame even hotter, their already ravenous lust growing exponentially.

“Oh god,” Kath gasped, under her breath. The aching need in her body became an uncontrollable hunger. Every nerve in her body screamed with lust. Every muscle, every inch of skin, was inflamed with erotic desire. She needed to fuck, she needed to fuck right now! Nothing else mattered. She closed the distance to Kil, reaching for the Queen’s delicious body.

“Gods, oh gods,” Kil groaned. Her pussy was leaking a steady drip to the soft sand. Her nipples looked like they had grown into sharp spikes and her massive tits had swelled even more. She lurched forward to meet Kath, spreading her arms wide in welcome.

The women shrieked in joy as their naked bodies slapped tight and hard, as their firm, massive tits met nipple to nipple and dense flesh compressed in a flash of breathtaking pleasure. Kath wrapped her arms around Kil’s upper back, pulling the woman into her. Kil slipped her arms around Kath’s narrow waist and squeezed tight. The thick meat of their lush tits exploded with electricity. The women’s solid abdomens clapped together, their smooth, muscled thighs crushed. Heat sizzled through every inch of their bodies. Their mouths snapped together with magnetic lust, sealing in a savage, animal kiss, tongues lashing and spit flowing. Kath and Kil moaned deep in their throats, all thought lost to the insatiable need to fuck, to take the incredible pleasure their bodies promised to each other.

Powerful, naked legs twined tight like muscled vines, locking the women’s bodies. They strained calf to calf. Their powerful, smooth thighs quivered with effort. Both women’s hands slid down and tightly gripped the other’s perfect, rippling ass, fingers sinking into the firm flesh. The struggling women quickly lost their balance and fell to the ground, their writhing bodies thrashing and rolling as they fought. Kath and Kil undulated their upper bodies, massaging their bulging breasts into each other, titmeat rolling and mashing into titmeat. Rock-hard nipples stabbed sensitive flesh, then locked and sealed, nipple hole to nipple hole. Areola burned with delicious friction. Every part of their bodies wanted to be mated to its counterpart and the women did all they could to make that dream happen.

The writhing, grinding women rolled over and over in the soft sand, rubbing and rubbing burning flesh on flesh, driving each other insane with lust. Their mouths finally separated in a spray of spit, as their need for air forced them to break their relentless kiss. Kil was on top. She raised her head, glaring at Kath through half-opened eyelids, pressed nose to nose. She ran her tongue along Kath’s lips and face. Kath immediately replied, and the women’s tongues fought and twisted outside of their mouths for a few moments. Kath tried to roll their bodies to take the top position, but Kil reacted quickly, untwining her legs from Kath’s and spreading them wide enough to anchor herself against the other’s blonde’s thrusting hips. Kath gripped Kil’s perfect, powerful ass more tightly, then pulled the woman’s buttocks apart and inserted two fingers into the Queen’s tight, hot asshole. The Red Queen groaned in delicious pleasure. Her hands were also fixed to Kath’s ass, trapped under her rival’s body. She used her fingers to trace Kath’s ass crack and shoved her index fingers into Kath’s equally hot, wet orifice. The women shuddered, kissing and licking, snarling and biting at each other as they shared these intimacies, as they prepared to violate each other even more.

Kath was on fire. She could not wait another moment to start their fuckfight. She spread her legs and tilted her naked, hairless genitals upwards, inviting the Queen to penetrate her. Her fuck slit dripped with pussy juice.

“Get your clit out, you cunt,” Kath whispered at the beauty on top of her. “I want to feel your clit on mine. I want to feel you cumming inside of me.”

“I’m going to make you cream until you pass out, you weak whore,” the Red Queen gasped in reply. She could not wait another moment. Feverish with need, she eagerly pressed her full vulva down onto Kath’s perfectly-matched cunt. The hot, thick meat slapped wetly and hissed. The women desperately moved their hips around in tight circles, drilling fuckmeat into fuckmeat. Hungry cunts spread and sucked, sealing into one. Slick cunt lips slid lava-hot, steaming labia melted together. Kil’s swollen clit slipped up into Kath’s fuck trough, slicing through her juices and labia, seeking her engorged clit. Kath’s clit met Kil’s sex weapon head to head, sending a shock of excruciating heat and electricity roaring through their straining bodies. Both women tightened their grips on the other’s ass and pulled each other even more deeply inside their mating cunts.

“Oh god, fucking god, YESSSSS!!” Kath shrieked. The incredible pleasure overwhelmed her, filling her with a joy too intense to bear. The aching need that had been torturing her for days, that had risen to a fever as she descended into the earth, was finally met. Her rapturous relief was heightened by the realization that they were only beginning to fuck, only starting the process of conquering each other with raw ecstasy. They had hours and hours more in which to destroy each other with unbelievable pleasure.

“Great Sharra, fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK!!” Kil screamed, calling on her greatest god, her mind exploding with joy as she joined to the one body that could satiate her otherwise insatiable erotic appetite. When she had begun this quest, pulled across the continent to this cave by an erotic fever, her growing sexual hunger filled her with anxiety. She knew only Kath could satisfy her and she did not know when she and her double would next meet for their annual fuckwar. She had considered bringing some of her sex slaves with her, but the voice in her mind had told her to come alone. She had already known she would need to engage in a masturbatory marathon to even start to relieve some of the terrible pressure building in her body. Now that she had Kath under her, now that she was clit to clit and tit to tit with her greatest rival and lover, she knew that her aching need could be met.

Kath laced her legs with Kil’s, muscles straining and locking, flesh flowing into flesh. Nose to nose, panting into each other’s mouths, the women’s bodies undulated in a long, rippling wave of glistening flesh. Their clits worked against each other constantly, up and down, flicking side to side, pressing and sliding head to head. They tortured and taunted the other, but they refused to let their sex weapons separate. Kath slapped Kil’s taut ass like a drum from time to time, but she preferred to grip the rounded muscle, feeling the rippling tension as the Queen kept grinding with her, clit to clit, hips and asses moving continuously in microscopic thrusts and parries. The Red Queen’s hands were fixed to Kath’s equally powerful ass, feeling Kath’s replies to her attacks.

The women’s grunts and moans and cries of ecstasy filled the cavern, echoing through its vast confines. Their bodies moved in a writhing wave as they fought expertly, engaging every muscle of their voluptuous forms, every inch of skin, in a war of sexual passion. The women’s hips and asses rippled and thrust as they moved their clits against and around each other in sexual warfare. But they moved the rest of their bodies, too. Their torsos undulated, their abdomens matching rippling muscle to muscle, their deep, sexy navels sucking at each other, sealing and releasing constantly. Their backs and chests worked strongly, rubbing and grinding their massive tits together, stimulating the other woman with relentless erotic attacks. Their nipples fused and hot nipple cum surged through their holes, filling their throbbing tits with even greater pressure.Their gazes locked as they stared into each other, watching the ecstasy and lust racing across the identical face of their enemy, wanting to see the moment when one would break the other, finally proving her sexual superiority.

On and on they fucked, moving rhythmically. Cunt juice poured from their pussies, lubricating their battle, soaking their inner thighs and rippling abdomens. Their perfect bodies trembled with tension as the women struggled to hold back waves of devastating orgasms, both determined to force the other to cum first. One hour of raw, unbearable pleasure became two. Their writhing, twisting bodies grew slick with sweat, lubricating their sensuous grinding. Their blonde hair matted. Pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose, sharing hot breath and animal moans, eyes locked in desperation, Kath and Kil fucked each other senseless.

Above them, forgotten by both women in their insane lust and passion, the glowing orb blazed with a light that grew more and more powerful as the fuckfight continued. Its rays beat down on the struggling women, but most of the light fell directly on Kil’s naked back and pumping ass.
Kath and Kil felt their fuckfight reaching the point of no return. Their muscles trembled, filled to overflowing with sexual tension, unable to hold any more. Their skin and nerves burned with fever.

“You whore, you fucking whore,” Kath whispered at Kil, her voice a trembling moan.

“You cunt, you dirty, fucking cunt,” Kil whispered back, tears falling from her eyes, her body so saturated with pleasure and heat that she felt on the verge of passing out.

“Now,” Kath grunted,” Now, cum inside me, let me feel your cum, you cunt…”

“No, you cum for me, slut,” Kil sobbed. “Give in, bitch, let it go…”

“Never…” Kath gasped. Before Kil could respond, Kath raised one hand from the other woman’s ass and pulled the Queen into a savage kiss, one Kil returned with equal passion.

They felt the end come together. Kath and Kil gripped each other’s asses tight, broke the kiss to throw back their heads and moan out in animal cries, and clamped their cunts on each other, squeezing with all their vaginal power. Their bodies exploded simultaneously in an excruciating mutual orgasm.

“FUUUCCCCKKKKK!!” Kath and Kil shrieked in unison, the ecstasy exploding in every nerve. Hot cum flowed like lava, filling both women to the brim, mixing and seething in their locked vaginal canals, burning their womanly cores like erotic acid. The cum overflowed, squeezing out to coat their thighs, their stomachs, all the way to their mashed tits. The women sank their claws into each other’s bucking asses and held tight, their bodies twisting and shuddering as they pumped cum into each other, tensing and releasing over and over.

Kath and Kil rejoiced in the intense pleasure flowing through their joined bodies. This was the sensation they both lived for, this was the ecstasy they craved more than anything else. The peak of pleasure was overwhelming, so good that the women could only hold on and let the intensity wash through them. They basked in the excruciating sensations, loving every moment. This time, however, something was different. The peak of the orgasm held for a minute, then two, then longer. The gasping, shuddering women relished the miracle of this unending pleasure, neither wanted it to stop. The sweat poured from their straining bodies, their hot cunts squeezed and squeezed, convulsing with tension. Staring into each other’s eyes, Kath and Kil realized that what they were sharing was beyond human comprehension. It should not be happening, but it was, and all they could do was endure and enjoy it.

For nearly ten minutes, their bodies quivered at the unrelenting orgasmic peak. The light of the orb flared brilliantly this entire time, lighting up the cavern from wall to wall. Then the light began to fade and the pleasure slowly abated. Gasping like they had just run marathons, Kil and Kath collapsed in each other’s arms, the erotic tension slowly draining from their locked muscles, their luscious bodies soaked in sweat and dripping with cum. Their limbs remained twined, Kath’s arms laced around Kil’s back, holding the Queen in place. Neither woman could move. They enjoyed the pressure of tit to tit, flat bellies crushed tight, throbbing clits pulsing. Their bodies were spent, their muscles and nerves vibrated with the aftershocks of divine pleasure. The women lay panting on the ground, their bodies wrapped tight. Kath and Kil drifted in the delicious afterglow. The sand on which they fought was soaked with sweat and cum.

After another minute, the light from the orb began, unexpectedly, to flare again. Tension immediately began building inside the women’s cunts. Kil lifted her head to look down into Kath’s eyes. The women read the surprise in the gorgeous face of the other. The heat in their swollen, interlocked pussies quickly became nova-hot and began radiating out in concentric circles. In moments, it spread to every nerve in their bodies, every inch of their lush forms. Every muscle and nerve tightened again.

Gasping, moaning, Kath and Kil were suddenly at the peak of another intense orgasm. Their quivering bodies locked and strained, their hearts pounded, their cunts melted into one shuddering mass of fuckmeat. Their engorged clits fused, the exquisite nerves pressed head to head and length to length. The women bucked slow and hard, grinding into the other, their trembling bodies writhing in ecstasy, their rock-hard nipples stabbing and burning deep into swollen titmeat. They could not understand what was happening. They could only endure the unbearable pleasure roaring through their perfect, mated bodies.

Sweat poured from their skin. The women moaned desperately, clinging to each other, hands and fingers sunk into slowly pumping asses, reaching up to pull savagely, painfully at the other’s hair. Their pussies were on fire, fused together. The women kept cumming, injecting hot ejaculate into each other with every powerful genital contraction, drowning their sealed twats in girl-cum. Kath and Kil looked deep into each other’s eyes, reading the incredible joy and overpowering lust that they shared.They reveled in the unbearable sensations and wished they could go on forever.

For another ten minutes, Kath and Kil shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy, their bodies fused together by pleasure. They stared into each other, their eyes glowing with fever. The light began to decline again. As its intensity faded, the women gasped and collapsed once more, completely spent, their bodies slick and hot with sweat and soaked in cum, their limbs twined tightly around each other and refusing to let go. Their hearts pounded, they gasped for breath uncontrollably. Kath and Kil kissed hard, their furious passion unabated, tongues twisting and spit flowing between their hungry mouths. But they could not maintain it for long. They pressed cheek to cheek, gasping and shuddering.

“Oh gods, oh gods, that was so good…” Kil moaned, her mind almost broken by what she and Kath had just experienced.

“Yes,” Kath moaned. “Oh fuck, yes…”

The women pressed their pussies together again, hoping to spark the same intense reaction once more. They rubbed their raw pussies hard, grinding their still-swollen clits, shuddering with the incredible sensations.

“You cunt-sucking whore, give me more,” Kath whispered, her voice a gravelly growl. She traced Kil’s ass crack and shoved a probing finger into the Queen’s wet, tight asshole.

“Filthy twat,” Kil grunted. She could barely move, but she bit into Kath’s firm, smooth neck, not wanting to separate from the other woman, and ran her tongue on Kath’s cheek.

The light of the orb exploded, filling the cavern. Fire erupted inside the women’s grinding cunts. The women looked at each other in astonishment; an instant later, their twined limbs tightened, their aching muscles burned with pleasure, and their exhausted bodies shuddered at the peak of another devastating orgasm. Gasping, pulling hair viciously and desperately, Kath and Kil writhed in the sand, their hot cunts pumping cum, their drained bodies finding just enough energy for them to ride each other in this orgasmic showdown. They locked and tightened their limbs with all the strength they had left, crushing their grinding bodies as closely as humanly possible, fucking and fucking and fucking, lost in the intense erotic pleasure wracking their bodies.

“Yes, yes, oh fucking god, yesssss…” Kath moaned as she shuddered and bucked in the throes of passion, her pussy sealed unbreakably to the Queen’s wet quim.

“Unnnnggghh, aaaahhhhh, mmmmmmm…,” Kil groaned, her body on fire, her cunt pumping hot cum into Kath’s twat with all her strength.

Staring into each other’s eyes, Kath and Kil held onto each other, bodies straining and quivering, juices flowing between their luscious flesh like an ocean of pleasure. For nearly 15 minutes, the beautiful women shared an orgasm that refused to stop, refused to release them, but kept them trapped at the peak of absolute ecstasy. Kath passed out first, her mind and body finally unable to withstand the excruciating pleasure. An instant later, Kil collapsed on her lover, her rival, her vision clouding over from the edges as her senses shut down.

Even unconscious, the fuckfighting women’s bodies trembled with erotic sensations. After five minutes, they were finally still, the sexual power of their relentless battle finally dissipated. The glow from the floating orb began to ease. Darkness reclaimed the vast cathedral cavern, except for a gentle flare of brightness that kept the beautiful women’s naked bodies illuminated on the soaked ground. The light played across the nude women’s silken flesh, but most of it fell on Kil’s perfect back and the backs of her gorgeous legs.

Thirty minutes after she had passed out, the Red Queen stirred. She felt a dim voice in her mind, calling her back to awareness. Kil felt spent, exhausted in a way that she rarely experienced. It was a deep sexual satisfaction, the kind of feeling she usually attained only after a days-long orgy or, more often, a week of constant fucking with Kath. Even so, she could feel her sexual hunger building within her deep womanly core.

Kil knew that the delicious fuck she and Kath had just shared was due to the glowing orb floating a few meters overhead. She was a sorceress. She could sense its magical power. It was clear that the orb was feeding off of the sexual energy that she and Kath were expending, but it was also able to push them along, getting them to use and experience their erotic powers in uncommon ways.

Kath did not know why the orb was doing this, or what greater powers were operating through it. She was sure that the call it had sent to her and Kath was to fulfill exactly the purpose it was using them for right now. Kil was not someone who took kindly to being used.

Gathering her strength, the Red Queen rolled her naked body off of Kath. Long strings of nipple cum linked their tits. The women’s cunts separated only with difficulty. They had been practically glued together by copious amounts of dried cum. Kil lay beside Kath for a few minutes, panting, gathering her strength. She felt the energy from the orb seeping into her flesh. After a few more minutes, she got to her feet. She quickly found her red cloak, discarded on the ground. Inside one of the inner pockets, she found a small canvas sack she used for gathering interesting herbs she found in her travels.
Kil approached the hovering globe slowly, carefully. She held out her hand and chanted a spell of compulsion. She felt the delicate strands of energy she used for the spell wrapping around the orb, gradually shortening and pulling it towards her. The orb did not resist, though she sensed that it could. She closed her hand around the glowing sphere. A thrill of incredible sexual energy and arousal rushed through her. Her clit swelled and her pussy lubricated hard. Her nipples spiked and her tits throbbed.

Gasping, she pushed the orb into the sack. Immediately, she felt the erotic pressure on her body lessen. The light given off by the orb turned to a trickle. It was still enough to illuminate the sand about a meter in all directions, especially in the pitch black of the cave.

Kil smiled. The shock of sexual pleasure and desire that her contact with the globe had stirred in her reverberated in the jangling nerves and muscles of her lush body. She smiled down at Kath’s naked, sprawled body, stretched out like an erotic offering. Kil dropped to her knees between Kil’s spread legs. She lowered her face to the blonde’s soaked pussy and inhaled the intoxicating odor. She ran her tongue along her rival’s wet, tight slit and licked out the cum. She continued her way up Kath’s body, running her tongue into the woman’s sweat-filled, cum-saturated navel, then up to her swelling tits. Kath licked and sucked each taut nipple, then bit them both, worrying the rubbery, delicious flesh. None of this caused Kath to stir, but Kil grew more aroused with every moment.

The Red Queen considered mounting Kath’s lush flesh and satisfying her lust on the unconscious woman’s voluptuous body. In the end, with a sigh, she pushed herself to her feet and stepped back. Mating with Kath when the other woman was not a willing and eager participant could only be a shadow of the true erotic experience. The Queen decided it was best to walk away and leave Kil defeated, splayed out on the ground.

Kil pulled on her traveling cloak. Holding the globe out in front of her like a lantern, she walked across the dense sand, in the direction from which she had entered the temple. She glanced back at Kil’s naked body with an evil smile.

“Farewell, little cunt,” the Red Queen murmured. “You were an especially spectacular fuck today. Let’s try to get that back the next time we meet.”

Kil walked away. The light traveled with her, retreating from the dark, leaving the cathedral in absolute pitch blackness. On the sand, sprawled out in sexual exhaustion, Kath’s golden body caught the last gleams of light before the darkness descended.

Part III

Kath returned to consciousness with a start. Her muscles were still vibrating, the after-effects of the unbelievable sexual pleasure she and Kil had shared still jangling through every nerve in her voluptuous body. She opened her eyes and looked out into the darkness. Without the orb, the vast cave was completely black and eerily silent. She listened to the distant and occasional drip of water. She heard her own heartbeat, slow and steady.

Kath lay in the silence for a few minutes, her body relaxed into the soft sand. Her mind went over the details of what she and Kil had done to each other, of the relentless orgasmic releases they had pulled from each other and shared. She smiled as she heard her heart speed up; her pussy grew wet and hot and her nipples sprang to attention. Kath could feel the power of the orb. It was not as sharp as it had been before, but it was definitely there, pulling in the back of her mind. She concentrated and, suddenly, the signal from the orb grew much stronger, almost as if it were replying to her call. Kath sat up, then stood. Her body was crusted with sand that had stuck to the sweat, cum and other juices in which she and Kil had doused each other in their hours-long fuckfight. The wetness had dried and she was able to brush herself clean easily.

Her light was in her traveling cloak. It was a magical item, activated by her voice. She had to be within five meters of the device for it to work. “Lumino,” Kath called into the darkness. An instant later, the gentle light of her crystal glowed from within the bunched-up outline of her cloak, piled on the ground where she had dropped it. Kath smiled. She crossed the sand to pick up the cloak, pulled it over her shoulders and fastened the clasp under her neck, then pulled the crystal out. By the light of the glowing stone, she examined the sand where she and Kil fought. Over her years in Neverwhere, Kath had become an expert tracker. She read the tale of her and Kil’s writhing, grinding bodies, the way they rolled and fucked in the sand. Her bare feet churned up some of the damp sand, releasing the intoxicating scent of mixed cum and sweat. Kath moaned inside, her libido starting to burn hot once more. She followed Kil’s footprints away from the site of their battle, to the far side of the cavernous temple. Her little light picked out an well-constructed stone arch, maybe three meters tall, opening onto an abandoned, sand-strewn landing. This entrance was on exactly the opposite side of the cave from where Kath had entered. To her amazement, Kath saw that the landing led to a winding stone staircase.

Kath’s bare feet slapped on the stone as she climbed the stairs. They seemed to go on forever, reaching upward in a gentle spiral, but it took her only 20 minutes or so to climb back up the two kilometers she had walked down. The stairs ended abruptly at a wide ledge that extended for ten meters along a smooth, unbroken obsidian wall. The obsidian reminded Kath of the wall in the quarry where she had first arrived in Neverwhere. She ran her hands along the smooth surface, looking for any secret doorways that Kil may have used to enter and leave the temple. She could not find any but, about four meters down from where the stairs met the ledge, she found a large tunnel, maybe 70 centimeters in diameter. It was about a meter off the ground and Kath could see the clear signs in the dust below the opening of Kil’s bare feet both leaving and entering the tunnel.

Kath sighed. She did not want to go crawling into a tunnel, but at least it looked dry. She put down the crystal on the lip of the tunnel entrance, took off her cloak, and bundled it as tightly as she could. Holding the crystal in her hand, the cloak resting on her forearms, Kath crawled into the tunnel and began wriggling and shimmying her way down its length. Her muscular shoulders, wide, powerful hips, and massive chest made the passage a bit tight, but she pushed on, knowing that Kil had braved this journey. She crawled for more than 50 meters, her nude body growing damp in the heat of the closed space, before she began hearing the sounds of the wind and smelling the scents of the forest. A few more meters and she exited the tunnel directly into a thick stand of bushes.
She pushed through the branches and emerged in a clearing. This entrance had been far better concealed than the one she had used to access the temple.

It was dark outside and the hot sea wind pushed strongly against her naked body. Kath pulled on her cloak. She looked up at the sky, trying to get a sense of the time. Thick branches obscured the view, but she could tell it was well past midnight. The daytime twilight of the northern sky had given in to pitch black and the sky she could see was awash in stars. Kath closed her eyes and focused her mind. The call from the orb came to her, bright and clear, though a bit muted. Doubtless, Kil had used her sorcerous powers to mask the mystical object, but it was still getting through.

Kath pulled a dagger out of a sheath sewn into her cloak. She turned out her light, not wanting to attract any of the predators that were prowling at this time of night. Walking carefully but as quickly as she could, she followed the pull from the orb.

For the next two hours, Kath moved through the dark forest. She could tell that she was getting closer and closer to the edge of the forest, not that far from where she had left her transport. This did not surprise her. She assumed that Kil had taken the orb back to her own camp, which would be set up wherever the Red Queen had managed to land. It did surprise Kath that Kil was still in the area. She had thought the Queen would have taken off the moment she got the orb back to her flyer. She decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. For whatever reason, Kil had stayed in the vicinity, and that gave Kath a chance to gain the orb.

She was very close to the edge of the forest, about an hour’s walk from her own flyer, when Kath’s sense that she was almost on top of the orb became much more acute. For almost 15 minutes, she walked back and forth along a narrow but dense strip of trees and bushes, trying to pinpoint exactly where the feeling was leading her. She could not see anything. Kil must have cloaked her camp in a spell of illusion.

She passed a copse of trees and had a sudden, intense sense that she had walked past the orb. She stared at the trees. They appeared to be entirely ordinary. She put her dagger back in its sheath and walked slowly towards the copse. She put her hands in front of her, feeling her way in the dark, and encountered something, the odd sensation of a membrane, solid but gossamer light. She had the sense of pushing through a spiderweb, cold strands of energy playing on her naked skin. Then, suddenly, she was through the barrier and staring at a mid-size tent. A light shone from inside the tent, gently emanating out of a corner, casting a slight glow in the clearing. The light glinted off the metal of the flyer stationed behind the tent.

Kath smiled. She unsheathed her dagger and pulled her light crystal out of her cloak. Slowly, carefully, she unclasped her cloak at the neck and let it slide off her body, to fall in a heap at the door to the tent. Her bare feet silent in the night, she moved behind the tent and climbed into the flyer. She crouched beneath the vehicle’s control console and activated the light. By its gentle glow, she opened a panel under the console and used the dagger to cut two important but easily repaired lines. She also removed an important component and left it on the floor beside the pilot’s seat. She had sabotaged the flyer, not beyond repair, but badly enough that it would delay any pursuit.

Kath darkened the light and returned to the door of the tent. She placed the light crystal on her bunched-up cloak. She approached the door of the tent with her dagger. The tent was sealed from the inside, tied shut. Carefully, Kath made a small incision in the door flap, near one of the binds. She reached through and untied the knot. Using the wider space, her hand moved up and down the doorway, releasing the ties. Kath placed her dagger on her cloak. Carefully, as silently as she could, she slipped into the tent.

Kil was sprawled on a thatched bed mat on the ground. She had thrown off a thick, comfortable blanket and was spread out on the mat, her nudity illuminated by the pulsing golden light coming out of the sack tucked into a corner of the tent. When Kath entered the tent, the light intensified, but not enough to wake the Red Queen. Kil’s breathing remained deep and regular.

Kath took a moment to tie the door flap closed. She turned back to survey the tent. A small pack was in the corner, beside the sack containing the glowing golden orb. Other than that, the only things in the tent were the bed mat, the blanket and some pillows. Kath was sure that the Queen had a weapon within easy reach, maybe under the mat or a pillow, so she needed to be careful. The tent was high enough to stand in. Kath rose to her full height and stood at the foot of the mat, looking down on the Queen’s incredible naked body.

The Red Queen’s luscious legs were spread and her arms were tossed out to either side. It was hot inside the tent, just as it was hot and humid in the forest, and her position gave the impression of a woman trying not to let her limbs touch each other and heat her up even more.

Kath stared down at her rival’s naked, thick-lipped pussy. The cleft was damp with sweat and, perhaps, more. She smiled dangerously, feeling the heat flow from her throbbing loins up her belly and into the rigid cones of her suddenly enflamed nipples. The dense tissue of her meaty breasts thickened even more. Her heart beat faster in her ears. Slowly, Kath slid her hand down her taut belly, over her narrow navel, over her mons, and onto her tight cunt. She stroked her outer labial lips, then ran her index finger over her wet slit, dampening it with lubrication. She shuddered as an intense shock ran through her genitals, lighting up the nerves all through her cunt, causing her twat to burn with sensation, and into her vaginal canal.

Gently, gently, Kath masturbated, stroking her pussy, rubbing her slick cunt lips, teasing her swelling, hardening clit. Her eyes roamed Kil’s body, her mind recreating the sensations of grinding body to body with her rival. She teased herself with the knowledge that soon, very soon, her memories would give way to the reality of merging her voluptuous flesh with the woman on the ground.

The orb in the corner of the tent started to glow more brightly. Its light burned on Kath’s skin, a pleasant warmth that somehow set her nerves on fire with lust, that heated her flesh and muscles with a building carnal hunger greater than before. On the bed mat, Kil began to moan and writhe, her curvaceous body equally exposed to the erotic effects of the light. The Red Queen’s eyes stay closed, but her moans grew deeper and her hands began to explore her own body. She caressed her belly, running her right hand up her torso until it covered her right tit. She kneaded and massaged the heavy meat. Her other hand dipped low and stroked her wet cunt, tracing her pussy lips, sliding up and down her hot slit, before entering her body to tease her swelling clit.

“Kath, you fucking cunt,” Kil moaned, her hips jerking and her ass rubbing into the mat as her hands brought pleasure to her exquisite body.

Kath watched this with a smile of delight. She timed her strokes to match those of the Queen. Together, the two women masturbated, both using the memory of the other to drive herself up the pleasure curve.

Kath’s bare pussy dripped cunt juice to the canvas floor of the tent. Her body was on fire with lust. Finally, she had enough. She needed to mate with Kil, she needed the other woman’s body under her, grinding and bucking, writhing and fucking.

Kath dropped to her knees on the bed mat, her body between Kil’s spread legs. The Red Queen remained too preoccupied with her efforts at self-pleasure to sense Kath’s presence and the thick woven mat did not register her weight. Kath removed her right hand from her wet pussy and used it to grasp Kil’s left hand, which was probing the Queen’s vaginal depths. Kath interlaced their wet fingers. Kil’s eyes shot open, but it seemed she was not sure if what she was seeing was real or an illusion brought on by her lust. The Queen released her tit and reached out, as if to test Kath’s reality. Kath interlaced fingers with the approaching hand. She pushed Kil’s arms down to the mat on either side of her body and mounted the Red Queen, her body aching for the woman’s luscious flesh. Kath was crazy with lust and need. As the Red Queen finally understood what was happening, her eyes flashed with a joy and ravenous hunger.

Kath came down on Kil, their perfect bodies meshing completely, tits to tits, bellies flat to bellies, nose to nose. Their hot breath mixed. The Queen arched her back, slamming her solid abdomen to Kath’s abs. She wrapped her legs around Kath’s hips and writhed desperately, rubbing her body to Kath’s like a cat in heat.

“Kath, you filthy fuck…,” Kil whispered, the sexual fever burning in her like a furnace.

“Kil, you fucking dirty slut…,” Kath breathed back. She pushed down with her hips. The women groaned in ecstasy as their meaty twats slapped tight, wet meat slamming to wet meat, hot slit sliding onto slit. The pressure pushed their vaginal lips wider and their soft, sensitive inner labia merged. Their engorged clits, already quivering with tension and radiating heat, pressed head to head, sending a shockwave of pure electricity rippling through every muscle and nerve in the women’s aching flesh. Kath and Kil screamed together, their cries of joy harmonizing as their bodies mated once more with the promise of even more unbearable pleasure to come.

Kath moved her hips and ass in a scooping motion, her fuck stroke sending her rock hard clit crushing and grinding with Kil’s equally huge, hard sex nub. The women shuddered in bliss, their bodies moving in an undulating wave of pure carnal lust. Kath rammed her mouth hard into Kil, locking them into a savage hate kiss. Kath’s tongue invaded Kil’s orifice, she scoured Kil’s teeth and mouth, letting her spit drool directly down the Queen’s throat. Kil kissed back, using her tongue to push Kath’s tongue back, countering the attack. The Queen’s throat worked as she swallowed Kath’s spit, enjoying the sensation of the slimy mixture rolling down her throat.

Kath released Kil’s hands and seized the Red Queen’s blonde hair, pulling it savagely as she tried to overwhelm Kil with her kiss and her writhing body. The Queen’s hands instantly dug into Kath’s rolling ass, pulling her rival in as hard and deep as possible. The women’s grunts and screams of animal pleasure were muffled by their savage, endless kiss.

Their need for air forced them to break the mouth lock. Kath plastered her cheek hard to Kil’s cheek, the women’s heads turned to face the side of the tent. Panting, moaning, drool trickled from the edge of Kath’s mouth to Kil’s mouth. The women’s asses kept pumping, their hips kept jerking as the fuckfight raged, as each tried to grind and ride the other down. Kil slapped Kath’s ass viciously, forcing cries of joy from the woman on top as the shocks of pain fed her pleasure.

“You whore, you fucking whore…,” Kil grunted. “I’m going to fuck you into the ground.”

“Cunt,” Kath gasped. She kept working her clit around and around, driving into Kil’s clit, even as Kil worked her clit against Kath’s sexhorn. The stunning pleasure was almost too much to bear. “Fucking, fucking cunt…”

Their nipples and areola burned like suns as they rubbed and flicked each other constantly, trapped within the meaty confines of the women’s grinding tits. Their stomachs were plastered together, hot navels sucking. Their pussies were perfectly aligned, sucked into one, vulvas eating and pulling at each other. Their clits radiated heat and pleasure, filling the naked women’s incredible bodies to the brim with sexual ecstasy. The pleasure kept building and building, working towards a devastating orgasm, one the women knew would continue on and on and on once it was achieved. They both wanted that absolute pleasure, they wanted it so much…

In the corner of the tent, the orb burned brightly, its sulfurous light pulsating and vibrating, responding to the pure pleasure the struggling women gave to each other. Kath and Kil did not notice the light, they were far too caught up in fucking each other senseless.

The bucking, grinding, and thrusting went on and on. Kath and Kil rode each other for almost an hour, their bodies twisted into an erotic knot, twined together like mating snakes, their limbs straining and churning against each other. Their bodies shuddered with suppressed sexual release, their flesh was slick with sweat and vaginal secretions. Their muscles were on fire. They took turns sucking each other’s tongue, sharing mouthfuls of hot spit. Finally, they could not hold back their orgasms an instant longer. The fuckfighting women’s bodies went rigid in simultaneous orgasms.

“Oh fuck, oh God, OH, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCCCKKKK!!” Kath shrieked, her body exploding in an orgasmic release so intense she feared she would pass out on the spot. Her cunt contracted and then began pumping thick girl cum into Kil’s splayed body. Every nerve in her body flared with waves of electrical pleasure.

“FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCCCCKKKK!!” Kil screamed, heat filling every muscle and nerve in her body as she erupted in climax. She bucked hard, injecting her steaming cum into the woman riding her cunt.

The women held each other tight, their fingers sunk into the other’s firm ass, their heads thrown back in agony, their bodies trembling as their muscles strained, locking them in place. Their hips heaved slow and hard as the women pumped cum back and forth between their sealed cunts. The first orgasm stayed at its peak for almost ten excruciating minutes. As it abated, Kath collapsed on Kil, both women sobbing uncontrollably, their muscles as loose as noodles from the release. Two minutes later, their bodies wound back up with incredible sexual tension and the orgasms started again, lasted for another ten minutes, then released. Kath and Kil sobbed desperately, overwhelmed by the sheer, raw pleasure. For the third time, two minutes later, the agonizing climax began again. It finished ten minutes later. The relentless orgasms finally seemed to come to an end. Panting like racehorses, soaked in sweat and cum, Kath and Kil collapsed in a tangle of luscious limbs and flesh, clinging to each other’s trembling bodies.

Kath lay sprawled on top of Kil, completely exhausted, her mind drifting in space, lost in the afterglow of the most exquisite sex she had ever had. The endless duration of the orgasms she and Kil were giving to each other was almost more than she could stand, but she knew she wanted more. The power feeding her sexual energy was also feeding her insatiable sex drive. She knew that it was entirely possible she and Kil could kill each other, that they could actually fuck each other to death. But that did not matter. All that mattered was the ecstasy they could take from each other.

After nearly 30 minutes, Kath finally found the strength to move. She rolled her body off of Kil. The women lay side by side on the bed mat. Their bodies glistened in the light of the orb, soaked in sweat. Thick strings of cum linked their naked cunts. Strings of nipple cum connected their breasts. Their hair was tangled into knots. The air of the tent was suffused with the scent of steaming sex and woman cum.

The light of the orb pulsed, an almost hypnotic glow filling the space. Its light rested on the naked women, feeding them carnal lust and erotic power like the sun feeds a plant.

Kath pushed herself to sit up, then spun her body around on her ass. She spread her wet thighs wide, presenting her succulent pudenda to the Red Queen. She leaned back, bracing her body with her arms. Her swollen tits jiggled deliciously, taut with arousal. Sweat and cum dripped from her distended nipples.

“More, you bitch,” Kath growled, her voice hoarse. “We’re not stopping until we decide who gets the orb.”

The Queen sat up and faced Kath. She opened her legs and shoved her cunt forward. The naked fuckmeat was coated in cum, the red slit pulsated with tension. The Queen’s engorged clit twitched and quivered with tension. Kil smiled, her eyes wild, burning with lust like an animal in heat.

“It’s already been decided, you cunt,” Kil snarled. “I am a sorceress. The globe is a mystical artifact. It belongs to me. But I’m happy to keep fucking you until you get the point.”

“Oh, we’re going to keep fucking,” Kath murmured. She pushed her body across the mat, closing on Kil. “We’re going to fuck until only one of us can walk out of here.”

“That’s what I want, too,” Kil whispered. She opened her legs even wider, inviting Kath in, pushing her cunt forward and leaning back to brace her body. Her massive tits quivered on her chest, heaving with her excited pants. “We don’t stop until one of us can’t go on.”

“That will be you,” Kath growled. She pushed her lush body forward, closing the final distance between their steaming genitals. The women’s identical bodies aligned perfectly. Fuck slit lined up to fuck slit, muscular legs scissored and, in concert, the women thrust into each other. Their cunt lips spread and opened, their labia melted into one, a hot suction formed between their ravenous vulvas, locking their vaginal canals into one. Their trembling clits crushed head to head and fused in an explosion of ecstasy so great that Kath and Kil could only throw back their heads and gasp, desperately, for the breath to scream.

Bracing their bodies, leaning back so they could penetrate each other even more deeply, so that they could grind their clits even harder, the women worked their hips, moving in rhythm, merging their fuckmeat. Their slits slotted, locking them together. They squeezed and wrestled pussy to pussy, each cunt trying to devour the other. Watching the other woman’s bouncing, jerking tits through half-closed eyes, Kath and Kil fucked desperately, with all the power they had. They put the full weight of their bodies, the full power of their undulating hips, into rubbing their clits head to head, driving each other insane with lust and pleasure. Cunt juice poured from their inosculated twats, soaking the mat. Sweat dripped from their thrusting bodies. Kath and Kil threw back their heads and moaned with animal lust and unbearable pleasure. They would not stop until one woman conquered the other, no matter how long it took.

As the fuckfighting women turned all the power of their hearts, minds and bodies to fucking each other senseless, the orb in the corner of the tent glowed ever brighter. It rose into the air, still in the sack, and hovered over the grinding, bucking women, bathing both of their lush bodies equally in its light. It fed them energy, it fed on their lust and pleasure, and it grew brighter and more powerful with every orgasmic release.

To Be Continued….

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  1. Elza says:

    This is so amazing.

    I can’t wait to see what the orb does and how their hated dispute gets resolved. I’m hoping the orb actually fuses them together into one body – the ultimate fight for dominance as both women struggle to combine into one form.

    I love how much you talk about merging and fusing – but I don’t think there’s a story yet where that actually happens. I’d love to read them merging for real…


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