Star Whores: Kira’s Gambit – Episode 2 by Andrew Scott

Star Whores: Kira's Gambit - Episode 2 by Andrew Scott Story

Chapter Seven

It was really fucking cold, Kira thought to herself as she shivered in her heavy parka. The Black Hammer had arrived in the Hoth System after taking out the Hutt Cartel Cruiser with ion cannons. She piloted the Hammer safely into the undercarriage of the Shadow Talon. The old codes she had remembered from her time with the Rebel Alliance worked and Echo Base’s hangar opened. The life support systems kicked in as the old rebel stronghold came to life. Sevens and A-4 worked diligently on the base’s sensor system. Once it was running, the droids refueled both craft.

Kira sat alone in the cockpit of the Shadow. She played the holo message from the Twilek, Hula Selchu for the third time.

Kira, even though I considered you a friend and mentor, your actions against Julla have made you my enemy. You were the one who taught me to take passion out of the job however, you have gone soft. A bounty of 25,000 credits has been placed on your head, dead or alive. I will collect it and place your severed skull at Julla’s tail.

The holo message faded. Kira propped her feet up thinking of a way to get out from the hole she had dug. She tapped her fingers against the arm of the pilots chair and then sat straight up. She punched up an old rebel frequency and tapped out a message. This message style was taught to her as she entered the Rebel Alliance in case of being shot down or stranded. If any of her old squadron were still listening, which she hoped, Kira needed their help.

Sevens walked into the cockpit, “The Shadow is fueled. A remote sensor is placed on the main system to alert us of incoming craft into the system. The ships cannot stay her long. The temperatures will degrade too many circuits. Neither craft is designed for this cold. Me as well.” The droid lifted her arm and it creaked.

“One more day, Sevens,” Kira said as she rose, “Try not to freeze solid.” She walked back to her stateroom and tried to sleep.

As Kira fell asleep, the nightmares of flying in the final battle between the New Republic and the Empire over the desert world of Jakku plagued her slumber. Blade Squadron had been more of a family than a military unit had. However, each time they lost a member, Kira grew more disillusioned with her service. During the Battle of Jakku, she flew escort in an X-wing as Gina Moonsong and her B Wings bombarded the Imperial ships. This wasn’t the first time she flew in protection of Gina; together they caused a chain reaction that brought down the Imperial Star Destroyer, Devastator in the space over Endor. But when Gina’s B-Wing crashed on Jakku, Kira thought she lost another friend. Though Gina did survive, Kira turned in her resignation to Captain Wedge Antilles soon after the battle of over.

Kira woke and dressed warmly in the morning. The life-support systems at Echo Base only provide the absolute essentials of support. She walked down the ramp and into hangar to she Sevens kicking over a cart of tools.

“What is wrong now?” Kira asked as she walked up.

“The stupid base you choose is too cold and the hyper drive coolant is frozen,” Sevens stated, “It will take a minimum of 3 hours flying to thaw the coolant before we can jump.”

Kira swore under her breath, “Fine, let’s get out of here.”

The loaded up more fuel, parts to cannibalize and extra tools before taking off. As they exited the planet’s atmosphere, a large ship exited hyperspace in front of the Shadow.

“Shit!” Kira swore as she banked the Shadow to the right, “Is it the Hutt’s?”

“Republic warship. Nebula Class star destroyer,” Sevens said aloud. “They are launching intercept fighters, X-Wing class, four of them.”

“FUCK!” Kira yelled out, “This day couldn’t get any worse.”

The comm board crackled to life. “YT-2400, heave to. Final warning.”

“We can outrun the destroyer but not the X-Wings,” Sevens said as Kira opened her mouth.

Kira pulled the throttle to zero and waited. The X-Wings flew around the Shadow. “YT-2400, this is Phantom 3, follow us back to the Alderan Glory.” Kira did as instructed and followed the fighters to the waiting star destroyer. She flew the Shadow into the waiting hangar and landed in the spot indicated.

“Can we make a fast exit?” Kira asked.

“No,” Sevens stated, “The tractor beam is engaged and the hangar doors are ray shielded. We will not be able to leave until they tell us we can.”

Kira shut down the sublight engines as a squad of New Republic troops surrounded the ship. A male voice came over the comm station, “Exit the ship, no weapons and no funny business.”

Kira and Sevens walked down the boarding ramp with hands raised. A-4 rolled down after them. Kira was placed in cuffs as Sevens and A-4 were fitted with restraining bolts. Kira was led away from the hangar into a holding cell. She only had to wait a few minutes before the cell door opened and Gina Moonsong, in a New Republic commander’s uniform entered.

“They said they had Kira Dorne in custody but I had to see it for myself,” Gina smiled, but there was a sadness in her eyes. “I was wondering who tapped out the old coded message. What the hell happened to you, Kira?”

“Life happened, Gina!” Kira said loudly, “I had to take care of myself, not rely on anyone else.”

“Well you sure know how to make friends,” the commander said as she handed over a data pad. “Julla the Hutt has let slip rumors of some of your past exploits. Assassinations, smuggling, piracy to name a few. Nothing that has been confirmed and frankly is already too old to really concern the New Republic. But you have enough of a bounty on you to have every low life from here to the core looking for your head. How is that life working out for you?”

“That fucking fat bitch!” Kira swore, “If Julla wasn’t around to pay, the bounty would be null and void, right?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Gina shouted, “A vague notion of killing someone of the caliber of a Hutt cartel member in front of an officer of the New Republic will get you locked in on a prison ship!”

“But if the said Hutt was behind a raid on a spice transport where New Republic troops got killed, then what?” Kira asked.

“If you are talking about death of two A-Wing pilots who used to be attached to Phoenix Squadron,” Gina said as her eyes met Kira’s, “The convoy that was left in ruin with all spice stolen? That would require more proof than you word right now, Kira.”

“Look at my right thumb print,” Kira said, holding up her hands. Gina peered at the thumb and noticed in the slightly raised skin. She touched it and whistled.

“Sub-dermal skeleton key?” Gina smiled, “You are a crafty bitch.”

Kira smiled, “You don’t know the half of it. When Julla had me touch a data pad to get information about Tanjal Mol, the key broke into her system and downloaded every file she had. It is on the Shadow Talon’s main computer under Fat Bitch.” Gina laughed aloud and comm’d her team to gather the files.

A few minutes later, a data pad was passed to Commander Moonsong, “Well the intel checks out. There is a standing order for any intelligence to be passed to the Lodestar, but the battle group commander and I do not get a long so, fuck her. If Julla happens to vacate existence, then you are no longer a wanted woman.”

“What battle group is Lodestar the flag ship of?” Kira asked.

“Barma Battle Group under the command of General Hera Syndulla,” Gina said with a look of disgust on her face.

“HA! All this time from her out flying you? You still hate her?” Kira laughed

“I was having an off day and her A-Wing was modified,” Gina said sternly. “I am giving you one standard day to get there, do what you aim to do with Julla before Hera sends someone or herself to do the job. I will even escort you out of the Hoth System. Just like old times.”

Kira was escorted back to her ship with Sevens and A-4 waiting. “Prep the Hammer, A-4. We are going to travel in that to Tatooine. Sevens, we are going to level Julla’s palace, land and makes sure the big slug is dead then bug out before anyone is the wiser. I will hit it first with the Hammer, so they won’t see it coming. You follow in and mop it up in the Shadow. Any questions?”

Sevens stopped and swiveled her head to Kira, “No, that is the best way I could think of to deal with it.”

Once the Shadow launched with the X-Wing escort, Kira dropped out of the open bay in the Black Hammer. The jamming system was up and she wheeled around in the blacked out Starfighter to the left side of Gina’s X-Wing.

“Hey, Moon,” Kira said, “Look to port.”

Gina Moonsong swore as her aircraft and the Hammer were only meters apart. “Nice stealth system. Same as the E-Wing?”

“Close enough,” Kira answered, “A girl needs to have her secrets. Just give me a day and the Hutt is no more.”

Gina saluted as Kira flew up towards the Shadow. The two craft jumped into hyperspace.

Chapter Eight

The Black Hammer jumped out of hyperspace as Kira kicked the thrusters to red line as she screamed across the Tatooine sky. The threat display showed the ship had not been detected as she thumbed the toggle for the concussion missiles. She got a lock on Jull’s maroon colored palace and fired all six missiles.

“Now Sevens!” Kira called out over the comm system. The Shadow dropped out of hyperspace and followed the same course Kira had.

The six missiles slammed into the palace, destroying much of the palace and hangar that housed the Z-95 craft. Sevens followed closely with eight more missiles as the palace crashed in on itself. Kira landed with the Shadow touching down a moment later. Kira popped the crash webbing and jumped down as the canopy went up. She pulled her DL-29 blaster and started forward to the rubble. If she saw something move she fired. She jumped down a small recess in the debris and came into the throne room. Julla the Hutt was still moving, barely, with part of the ceiling pinning her to her throne. Kira aimed her blaster.

“Kira, please,” Julla said in basic, “Do not kill me. I will lift the bounty.”

“I warned you, Julla,” Kira said, “You made the mistake of making an enemy out of me.” Kira fired directly into Julla’s massive head. The smell of scorched flesh filled Kira’s nostrils.

A-4’s beeping came over the handheld comm. “I am on my way!”

Kira kept trying to raise Sevens but the droid wasn’t answering. She could hear repeated blaster fire coming from near the landing pad. She climbed up to see her droid trading baster fire with Dashm Thorn and the Deveronian, Bit Octo. Sevens’ head moved up as Dashm fired. The blaster bolt sent a burning hole into the metal face. Dashm ran forward, unloading blast after blast into the still form of the droid.

“NOOOOOOO!” Kira screamed as she fired repeatedly at Bit. The blasters fire caught him several times before he finally fell. Kira swiveled as she ran, but her DL-29 was overheated and wouldn’t fire. Dashm’s own blaster was empty. Kira charged and tackled the Chiss female. They hit the edge of the landing pad and went over the side.

They crashed a few meters down into sand and rolled, locked together, a few meters more. Both Kira’s flight suit and Dashm’s dress were torn. They stopped rolling with the blue-skinned woman mounting her rival, fingers squeezing Kira’s throat. The brunette clawed at Dashm’s face but the Chiss bit the human’s hand. Kira ripped open the front of the already torn dress and her fingers stabbed into the blue breasts. Dashm screamed out as the hold on Kira’s neck lifted off, first grabbing at the wrists but then ripping down Kira’s flight suit to grab and maul the tan breasts. The sand kicked up around them as they continued to roll wildly. Incoherent screams and curses came from the lips as they tumbled. Kira unleased a right fist to Dashm’s left cheek that broke them apart. They got to their knees and traded a few fists to faces and bouncing breasts with Kira getting the best of the Blue skinned Chiss. Dashm pulled the vibroblade from the thigh scabbard and slashed a bloody trail over Kira’s tight abs. The brunette hissed in pain and fell back. Dashm advanced but Kira threw a fist full of sand in her face as the Chiss woman fell back sputtering. Kira turned to see her blaster was within arm’s reach as she heard the sound of a speeder approaching. She grabbed for the DL-29 as the pistol was no longer overheated but as the blaster whirled to aim, Kira felt a sharp pain in her left thigh. She looked to see the vibroblade impaled a few inches into the flesh and muscle of her thigh. Sand blew up around her as the speeder, piloted by the sexy Hulu Selchu, landed with Dashm Thorn jumping on. Kira fired a few times as the speeder left. She tried to crawl up the ridge of sand to the landing pad as she heard another ship landing. She was beginning to lose consciousness when a figure appeared. Kira aimed her blaster but it was kicked aside. The last thing she saw was a Mandalorian with brightly colored armor kneeling close to her. Then everything went black.

Chapter Nine

Kira awoke in her stateroom on the Shadow. As soon as her eyes opened, A-4 beeped excitedly. She looked down and across her midsection; a thick bandage seeped red from blood was there. Her left thigh was also wrapped up. She wore only a skimpy set of briefs, other than that, she was naked. She put her feet down off her bunk to test the weight on her left leg. It hurt but she could manage. She grabbed a holdout blaster and walked towards the cockpit. As she entered, the blaster was ripped out of her hand by an unseen force and it floated to the hand of the Torguta female in the co-pilot seat. She didn’t even turn around to face Kira.

“Why don’t you sit down, Kira,” the woman said, her blue and white stripped montral and head tails visible over the co-pilots chair. “We will get you to a baccta tank soon. No need to worry about scars.”

“Who are you and why are you flying the Shadow?” Kira said still standing but her leg started to quiver.

“Please sit,” the Torguta female said as she turned her orange skin and blue eyes meeting Kira’s pair. “I am Ahsoka Tano and this,” pointing to the woman flying the Shadow, “is Sabine Wren. We are taking you to see General Syndulla.”

“Your lucky day, Dorne,” Sabine said as she turned. Her purple hair and striking figure even in the Mandalorian armor made Kira hold back a snarky response. “Nice ship you have here. Same for the fighter. I love what you did with the nose of the 170. But black? That bitch needs some color! Nice tits by the way.”

Kira did not bother covering up. She sat in the jump seat glaring at the two women piloting her ship. “What about my droid?”

“We left the assassin droid on Tatooine,” Ahsoka said, “But the memory chips are with your astro-mech. He was quite insistent that the chips be recovered.”

“Good job, A-4,” Kira said as she put a hand on the top of the black droid. A-4 whistled.

“I suggest you get dressed in something more,” Ahsoka said with her eyes lingering over Kira’s body, “We do not want to give the troopers and heart issues.”

Kira dressed in a white button up shirt, leaving a few buttons unbuttoned to show off her cleavage. She put on dark brown bantha skin pants with brown knee high boots. She did not bother with a holster for a blaster, electing to wear a dark brown bantha skinned jacket. She walked back to the cockpit as the Shadow exited hyper space and in the viewport was a battle group of New Republic ships. Sabine expertly guided the Shadow into the waiting hangar and set down next to an YCX-100 light freighter, which Kira knew was the infamous Ghost. Once the engines were shut down the three walked down the boarding ramp to a stern looking green skinned Twilek in a Republic generals uniform. The uniform was tight over Hera Syndulla’s curves.

“Lieutenant Kira Dorne,” Hera said by way of greeting, “Welcome to the Lodestar.”

“Cut the formalities,” Kira replied, as their eyes met, “I am no longer with the Rebels.”

“Oh I know,” Hera countered, “But we haven’t decided if you are going to be brought back into the service yet.”

“We?” Kira asked a little more louder than she wanted, “You can take your commission and stick it up your…”

“Why don’t we retire somewhere private and discuss this,” Ahsoka interrupted.

They were all escorted into a large room with a large holo screen showing the outer rim territories. General Syndulla waved from the all to sit and shooed away the escorts, leaving the four women alone in the room. There was silence for a few moments until Hera broke it with a question.

“Is Julla the Hutt dead?” She asked.

“Yes,” Kira answered, “I can trade her entire data base for my freedom.”

“You have the Hutt’s database?” This question came from Ahsoka, who turned to look at Hera.

“Yep,” Kira said, kicking her feet onto the conference table. She got a glare from Hera and snicker of laughter from Sabine. “Commander Moonsong also has a copy.” She saw Hera’s eyes narrow at the mention of her old friend.

The comm system lit up with an incoming call, “Right on time,” Ahsoka commented.

Hera keyed the accept button and meter tall holo of a beautiful woman in white came up.

“Hello Kira Dorne,” the woman said, “My name is Senator Leia Organa Solo and we need your assistance. You have two options now. The first way and I do believe the easiest is for you to come on as an agent of the Republic. You will no longer have to worry about a bounty over your head.”

Kira pulled her legs off the table and leaned closer to the holo display, “I don’t work well with others, what is the second way?”

Leia inclined her head, “You will be entered back into service as a military officer. If you try to desert or flee, you will be branded a traitor and hunted down. The bounty will go back onto your head and the Republic will reinstate charges of piracy, smuggling and murder.”

Kira fell back in her chair, visibly defeated, “Looks like I don’t have much of a choice.”

“Glad for you to see it our way,” Leia went on, “Your home on Terra 4 was in ruins, having been raided by bounty hunters. We were able to scare them off and have most of your belongings. You will be given a rebuilt Raider class corvette, the Revenge. Your two ships will easily fit in the hangar. You have a crew of twenty to maintain the Revenge and assist in missions. Sabine Wen will be accompanying you for the time being to make sure things run smoothly. She is someone you could learn something from. It will appear as if you have no official status with the New Republic. This will all be done in secret. Your ships, including the Revenge will not be Republic ships. All shuttles, transports or fighters will be older models or former Imperial ones. Your mission is to get as dirty as possible. You and your crew will be wanted by the New Republic. There are rumors the Hutt Cartel along with others, have resurrected Crimson Dawn and Black Sun crime syndicates into one organization. We want you to join them. That is what I can tell you now. You and Sabine will bring Ahsoka Tano here to Hosnian Prime. Do not bring the Revenge or your YT-2400 into the system. I leave it up to you. I will brief you further when you arrive.” The holo image faded out.

“Commander Moonsong will be joining you on the Revenge,” Hera said, “Seems a fitting punishment.”

Kira stood immediately, “That is fucked up, General! And you know it.” She winced at the sudden movement.

“Well,” Hera said, “You are in no state to do anything about it. I believe you have an appointment with a baccta tank. Come find me when you are done, if you are so inclined.”

Sabine took Kira to the medical wing and she was placed in the baccta tank for healing. She fell asleep right away, the best sleep she had in years.

A day later, Kira pushed the chime on General Sydulla’s private cabin. The door slid aside as she walked in. The spacious living quarters was filled with comfortable furniture as well as pictures of the Ghost crew and their exploits. Kira was dressed the same as was when the met the previous day while Hera was in a faded grey flight suit. Her large breasts pushing against the material.

“So have you come to argue Commander Moonsong’s assignment?” Hera said from behind a desk. “Because she was actually pleased with the new posting.”

“Partially,” Kira answered, “But you and I have history too. I remember when you encouraged Captain Antilles to ground me for a week. You didn’t want me to embarrass your Phoenix squadron and your precious A-Wings.”

“You were and still are a hothead, Kira,” Hera said looking up from her data pad, “And Wedge declined to have you grounded as I remember. So no harm. However, since Gina isn’t here and if she was, you know what she and I would be doing, why not let you and me do it instead?”

“So, rank has no bearing?” Kira asked as she removed her jacket.

“None,” Hera said, raising and kicking off her flight boots and unzipping the flight suit down, showing more and more green skin.

Kira’s shirt and leather pants joined her jacket on the seating chair, now dressing in a skimpy pair of black briefs. Hera slipped the flight suit off revealing she was naked underneath, so Kira hooked her thumbs in the sides of the panties and pulled them down.

Kira and Hera rushed together, large breasts bouncing until they slammed into the other in the middle of the living quarters. Hera’s hands grabbed onto the flowing brown locks of the new agent while Kira grabbed onto the head tails of the general as they pulled their heads left and right. Naked bodies, green and tan slapped together as feet stamped down over the other’s feet. Hera pivoted and hip tossed Kira to the tile floor, dropping down on top. Kira locked her legs with the Twilek’s as they started a wild roll from one side of the cabin to the other. Kira’s large tits mashed so tightly with Hera’s that the overabundance of flesh mushroomed out at the side.

“Fucking bitch!” Kira cried out as Hera rolled on top, grinding her breasts in.

“Slut!” Hera growled.

Kira bucked up and they rolled over. Hera let go of the brown hair and grabbed the outsides of the tan tits, digging her fingers in to squeeze and twist. Kira howled out in pain as her body was pushed up, however this was not her first catfight and slapped her hands over the bulging breasts of the general. Now the Twilek screamed out. Hera slammed the palm of her hand into Kira’s chin, breaking them apart. As soon as each woman rose, they charged, slamming together again with the momentum taking them into the sleeping quarters and onto the bed. Kira’s legs intertwined with the Twileks legs as hands gripped either hair or head tails. Their wet mounds touched.

“Oh we are not finishing this by fucking each other,” Kira growled.

“You only wish you could fuck me!” Hera shot back.

Kira gripped a long head tail and pulled as her other hand grabbed the firm right breast of the general. Hera grunted in pain but grabbed Kira in a similar fashion. They rolled off the bed and broke apart only for Kira to grab Hera and slam her against the viewport. If any ships would have been passing close, they would have seen green breasts pancaked against the glass. Hera stepped on the brown haired woman’s foot and rolled them with Kira’s backside pressed against the glass was the Twilek ground her tits against the large pair of Kira’s.

A chime sounded, followed by a male voice, “Commander Moonsong has arrived, General. Shall I show her to your quarters?”

“Give me five minutes, Sergeant!” Hera said breathlessly.

They pushed apart and eyed each other warily. “We good?” General Syndulla asked.

“We are good,” Kira answered, her chest sucking in breath. Kira went back into the main room and dressed as Hera did the same. Both were able to get their breathing under control when the door slid open and Gina Moonsong, flanked by Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren walked in. Ahsoka’s eyebrows raised up and she smiled.

They all received the briefing and walked to the hangar. General Syndulla addressed them,” The Revenge is ready to depart when you fly aboard. The hanger is large enough for the Shadow, five fighters, and shuttlecraft. Currently you will have your two ships,” she said looking at Kira, “As well as this confiscated YT-1760, small transport.” Hera pointed to an aged transport with center cockpit surrounded by the similar but smaller scale features of the YT series. The craft sat ready for launch.

“When my part of the mission is complete,” Sabine said, “Ahsoka and I will be taking this craft. Commander Moonsong will be receiving something special when we arrive on Hosnian Prime.”

“Make sure to drop any titles of rank,” General Syndulla said, “When you depart, the Revenge and all ships will be labeled as suspect craft by the New Republic. If you encounter a battle group or New Republic ships, you will need to jump out of whatever system you are in quickly,” She looked Gina in the eyes, “I know you are a gifted pilot but do not give away your tactics and training when engage our forces. And please, disable, don’t destroy the ships.”

Gina smiled, “General, thank you for the compliment and this assignment. I won’t let you down.”

Ahsoka and Sabine hugged Hera as they walked up the boarding ramp to the Shadow Talon with A-4 rolling up behind. Gina saluted Hera and jogged off to YT-1760. Kira held out her hand to the Twilek. “I hope we are able to meet again,” she said.

“If you ever need assistance, give me a shout,” Hera said hooking her thumb at the VCX-100, “Ghost and I will be there.”

The Shadow and X-Wing left the Lodestar and flew to few minutes to land easily in the hangar of the Revenge.

Kira joined Ahsoka, Sabine and Gina on the bridge of the former Imperial corvette. “New stop the Hosnian System,” Gina said. “Plot points and jump.”

The stars turned from dots to lines as the Revenge jumped into hyperspaces as Kira Dorne began a new adventure.

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