Star Whores: Kira’s Gambit – Episode 4 by Andrew Scott

Note From Andrew Scott:

Just a little background. When building some of the characters, I based some off women from FCF. I based Kira off Ewa Sonnet, Sabine Wren off of ThePurpleVixen and Gina Moonsong off of Dalia Daggerheart.

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Chapter Sixteen

While the Mantis weaved its way through hyperspace, Kira finished putting on her new armor. The red and gold colored armor fit her perfectly, like a second armored skin. She turned and twisted her body, testing the flexibility and range of movement. She donned the red helmet with the gold T shaped visor plate. The helmet sealed to the neck portion and it brought up a computerized heads up display. It measured bearing and distance, as well as auto-identified objects in the stateroom. Kira slipped a fixed vibro-blade into a scabbard in her right boot. She picked up the redesigned RK-7 blaster pistol and twirled it a few times before slipping it into the holster on her right thigh. The blaster was designed with a modified grip and trigger housing to accommodate for her gauntlet gloves. She looked at the vambraces on each wrist. They contained a flamethrower, grappling hook, mini rocket launcher, and small shield emitter. The commands were coded into her helmet; she need only speak the word and the different parts of the vambraces would activate. Kira needed this, all of it. Not only was Kira Dorne wanted by Black Sun and Crimson Dawn but now by the New Republic as well. Reports came in while the Mantis was in hyperspace of the Republic Senate change in leadership from a resurgence of former Imperials, loosely known as the Remnant. Princess Leia’s mission to infiltrate the underworld organizations had been scrubbed with all those involved branded traitors of the Republic. Leia herself had left the senate before an arrest warrant was created for her. With the new ship and new equipment, Kira would be another Mandalorian bounty hunter traveling the galaxy. She knew she would have to part ways with the Black Hammer to truly rid herself of her previous life.

Kira walked to the flight deck and took a seat at the controls, next to Sabine Wren. “I love this!” Kira said with the helmet microphone distorting her voice, “Thank you again for this.”

“It is needed after everything that has happened,” Sabine stated. “I have been on the lookout for a possible replacement for your ARC-170. I think I might have something. It is a new Starfighter, a Pegasus Interceptor. A sleek design with a forward cockpit and wings swept back in a V. The wing fold in on themselves when landing. Makes it perfect for the hangar onboard here.” Sabine pulled up a 3D holo from her data pad.

“It looks good,” Kira said, “We need to fix it up to make it my own.” The computer beeped a warning that the ship was coming out of hyperspace. The star lines resolved into the white pinpricks of light with the red planet of Mustafar looming in front of them. “So what can you tell me about this place?”

“This is Fortress Vader,” Sabine said with a twinge of sadness to her voice, “Before he was a Sith lord, Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi knight. Asoka was his apprentice. It was hard for her to see the master she once had in the monster he had become. Leia is his daughter.”

“Princess Leia?” Kira asked as her helmet whipped to face Sabine.

“Yes,” Sabine went on, “Neither of them knew their true identities until the end of the war. The stronghold we are going to was Vader’s. For the last 10 years, it has become a place where scavengers go in but never come out.” Sabine punched a few buttons on her data pad and a schematic of the stronghold came up. “This was stolen from an Imperial database back before the war ended. I kept it just in case. This,” she said pointing to a small room directly below the throne room, “Looks like this is the best bet for a place he would have stored valuables.” Kira nodded. Sabine looked her over, “The Mando look is amazing on you. If we succeed, why don’t we lose the armor and retire to your stateroom?”

Kira laughed, “Oh you are on. We can make it 5 rounds this time!”

The Mantis entered the Mustafar atmosphere and circled the stronghold, scanning for any readings.

“Scanners are picking up life forms but I can’t tell if they are people or animals,” Kira stated.

“Just keep your head on a swivel,” Sabine said as Kira carefully put Mantis down on the landing pad.

The ramp lowered with Kira and Sabine walking down and towards the fortress. Kira punched in a code into her vambraces and the ramp ascended back up. The protectives suits they both wore only protected them partially from the heat of the volcanic planet. Kira’s helmet identified small skittering creatures and visually outlined the pathway and entrance. They continued forward until they reached a large dura-steel door.

Sabine analyzed the keypad. “This looks like it has been used recently.”

“Should we expect trouble?” Kira asked, her right hand drifting over her blaster.

Sabine swung her head back towards Kira, “It’s us, so of course we should expect trouble.” She inserted a cord from her data pad to the control slot of the keypad. The program ran through millions of number possibilities; finally beeping green and the door opened. The long corridor was lined with debris and even bones of different species. They walked through carefully; each watching around them for signs of trouble. A loud bellow came from below their feet. They stopped and looked around. Blaster pistols were now in hands as the pair slowly crept forward. The end of the corridor opened to a large open area. Above them was the spire that rose like a stone peak into the Mustafar sky. To each side were staircases going down. In front of them was a center disk, surrounded by boiling magma. Inlayed in the center of the disk was the entrance to what they thought was the chamber they were looking for.

A buzz came over Kira’s earpiece, “Sensors are picking up two large ships coming out of hyperspace. Initial scans show vessels that look like Imperial Star Destroyers, but they look sleeker,” Sevens metallic voice said.

“Take off, fly low and move to the opposite side of the volcanos,” Kira commanded, “Turn on the stealth jamming pod that was installed. It should mask the ship from everything except visual ID. Give us one standard hour before you come back. Expect an extremely hot landing zone.”

“Understood, one hour,” Sevens replied.

Kira looked at Sabine; each woman set a timer in her vambraces to count it down. Sabine grabbed Kira’s arm as she activated her jet pack, lifting them off the ground and safely setting on the center disk. Kira scanned the center of the disk and kneeled to a small pad.

“Looks like a control pad,” Kira said, “Why would Vader place it here? He would have to kneel each time to enter.”

“Well he did have servants who would probably do it for him and also the Force,” Sabine stated, her head moving to scan around.

“Right,” Kira said, plugging a cipher switch into the keypad, “That pesky Force thing.”

The cipher only took a few moments and the hatch hissed and slowly opened. The descending stone staircase was dark.

“Light,” Sabine said softly and a small flashlight shown from her vambraces. She led the way down.

The chamber was small but free of debris. A large obsidian stone stood in the center of the room with transpara-steel cases in a circle around it. The two searched for only a few moments before they found what they were looking for. The pair of lightsabers lay crossed inside one of the cases.

“The symbol,” Kira said aloud, “That is the Rebel Alliance symbol. But I thought this predated the alliance?”

“We need to ask Juno about this,” Sabine answered as she traced her hand over the top of the case looking for traps. She lifted the top and nothing happened. Kira took the two lightsabers out and stored them in a secure pouch at the back of her armor. Sabine turned to her, “This place gives me a creepy feeling, let’s get out of here.” Kira nodded in agreement.

Kira noticed a small case with a hand-sized cube in it. The cube was ornately designed and as she moved closer, Kira got a sense of both danger and need. She opened the top and took the cube, placing it with the lightsabers in her pouch.

They exited the chamber, letting the hatch close.

“Halt!” Came a loud male voice from the entrance to the throne room. Kira and Sabine looked up to see 6 people; 5 wore the black armor of Lava Troopers pointing blaster rifles and a human male dressed in a high neck tunic in dark grey that looked vaguely similar to an Imperial officer.

“What are you doing here?” the officer asked.

“Sightseeing,” Kira said, “Getting a good sweat helps the skin.”

“Mandalorian scum,” the officer spat, “Come quietly or there will be trouble.”

“What are you, RoboCop?” Kira asked before dropping quickly to one knee, “Shield,” she whispered in her helmet as her left arm came up. The small shield generator in her vambraces came activated. The blue translucent shield created at one-meter barrier between the troopers and themselves. Kira braced as Sabine drew her blasters and fired.

The troopers returned fire with blaster bolts either missing or hitting the shield. Kira felt Sabine’s hand grip the back of her armor. Kira drew her blaster as Sabine activated her jet pack. The two women flew up, pouring blaster fire into the troopers and officer. Three of the troopers fell to the blaster fire as the officer called for reinforcements. Kira and Sabine landed on the far side of the chamber, directly opposite of the troopers.

“Stairwell!” Sabine called out as she pushed Kira towards descending stairs. She followed after, setting a proximity mine at the entrance. “Go, go go!” They scrambled down the long stairwell, as a loud BOOM sounded overhead. After a few more meters, they came to a long passageway. Debris and rock fell, closing off any chance for the troopers to come down the stairs. Kira led the way as the two came to eight sealed doors, four on each side.

“What are these?” Kira asked as Sabine played with the first door’s keypad. The hissed open to a durasteel walled room with the remains of a human on the floor. Kira walked in and bent down to examine the bones. “This person was either small or really young.” She picked up a piece of a brown tattered robe. “Jedi?”

“Back during the rebellion, I had a friend who believed there were Jedi apprentices being imprisoned here,” Sabine said in a sad voice. “Looks as if he was correct.” They went to each door in turn to find much the same; human, zabark, and Twilek bones. They came to the last door and a deafening roar came from behind it.

“What the fuck was that?” Kira asked. Kira peered in through a slit in the middle of the door. “It is a Wookie, chained to the wall!”

“Stand back,” Sabine said, “I am going to open the door.” The door slid back but the Wookie stayed in the far corner of the room. Sabine and Kira cautiously entered the cell. The Wookie looked thin with brown matted fur; dark stains adorned the fur from numerous wounds. Upon seeing two figures dressed as Mandalorians, the Wookie let out a battle cry and charged.

Sabine was knocked back out of the cell as the Wookie grabbed Kira by the neck and lifted her up! The large creature growled and brought back a huge pawed hand to strike Kira.

“Not….Fett…” Kira wheezed out. The Wookie’s head cocked to the side and dropped Kira to the steel floor.

Sabine came back in with blasters raised but Kira held up a hand. “He thought we were Boba Fett.”

“He?” Sabine asked, “How do you know it is a male?”

“He is bigger than any Wookie female I have ever met,” Kira said standing again and rubbing her neck, “Plus he said something about avenging his clan. A female Wookie would have said family.” The Wookie growled, “Nice to meet you, Roorack. I am Kira,” she said taking off her helmet, “And this is Sabine. We are not here to hurt you.” Sabine took off her helmet. Roorack studied both women and huffed in a chuckle and growled again. “He says he hasn’t seen females as fierce as us since he was taken from Kashyyk.” Sabine smiled up at him.

“Ok, Roorack,” Kira said putting her red and gold helmet back on, “You ready to get out of here.” Roorack let out a loud bellow and held up the chains for Sabine to shoot. “When we get you safe, we want to know how you got here.” The Wookie growled back an affirmative.

The three followed the passage almost a kilometer when it opened to a large cavern next to a lava waterfall. “Sevens,” Kira said into her comm, “Do you have my signal? We need a pick up.”

“Already moving. You have caused a lot of activity. There are five TIE fighters and one transport in the area. They will be on us shortly after I land to pick you up. “

“Understood,” Kira said. “Get ready for some fireworks.”

The Mantis swooped into the cavern, turned with the nose of the craft pointed out towards the opening, and landed with the boarding ramp coming down. The three ran aboard and up to the flight deck.

“Sabine, I need you in the co-pilot seat. Roorack, do you know…” Kira trailed off as the Wookie sat at the gunnery chair and activated the weapons system. “Well I guess you do! Ok, shields up. I see two of the TIES coming our way. Everybody strap in. A-4, hold onto something.” There was a distant beep and twiddle from the droid.

Kira pushed the throttle forward and shot out of the cave. The ship rocked with blasts to the aft shields.

“Putting more power to the aft shields ,” Sabine called out. The ship went into evasive maneuvers. Roorack as firing back, using the swivel duel laser on the bottom of the starship. Sabine glanced at the sensor board, “Come on Rooree, I thought Wookies could fight!”

Roorack growled loudly and continued to fire making one the now three trailing ships disappear.

“What did he say?” Sabine asked Kira.

“You don’t want to know! Had something to do with your mother and a metal rod,” Kira said smiling under her helmet as the Wookie chuckled.

Another TIE was destroyed as the red sky turned to black.

“Star destroyer is moving to intercept,” Sabine called out. “That is no Imperial or Republic ship. That thing is huge!”

Kira glanced at the ship, “Normally I would have replied that’s what she said, but fuck! That is a big ship. Sevens, plot a quick jump to somewhere with no Republic presence.”

“Plotted and points locked in for Endor.”

“They just launched forty fighters!” Sabine yelled out. “They do not match any TIE fighters in the database.”

“Hold on,” Kira said as she pulled back the lever and the Mantis jumped into hyperspace. Once the stars turned to lines, everyone sagged in their seats. “Who the bloody hell were they?”

“Based on the Imps, but sleeker and scarier,” Sabine responded. Roorack growled in agreement.

“So spill the story, Rooree,” Kira said, “How did you end up on Mustafar?”

As Roorack spoke, Kira translated…

Roorack was taken from Kashyyk over 20 years ago by the Empire to be a slave worker on the first Death Star. He was sent from world to world as slave labor before he tried to organize a revolt with his mate. The revolt was put down by Boba Fett and Darth Vader. He watched as Fett took his mate’s scalp for his collection. Vader imprisoned him on Mustafar and used him when training his Inquisitors in how to use the Force to torture. Around the time the second Death Star was destroyed, his only interaction was with a droid that gave him food and water. However, the droid stopped coming two years ago.

“Wait!” Sabine said, “You haven’t had food or water for two years?”

Roorack growled a response.

“He says small insects and the occasional rodent gave him nourishment, but wookies are known to be able to survive in the harshest conditions,” Kira said. She looked at him. “Rooree, I am sorry for the loss of your mate. Please, take cabin three. There is an area to clean yourself and we have plenty of rations to get you stronger. Just take it slow.” Roorack roared in answer, got up from the gunnery chair and walked aft.

Chapter Seventeen

A few hours later after cleaning up and eating, all three were on the flight deck when the Mantis exited hyperspace.

“Sensors are picking up a ship, YT class,” Sabine said as Kira smiled.

“Well good morning, Mantis,” a baritone voice came over the comm board.

“A good morning to you, Millennium Falcon,” Kira replied, “What brings you out this way?”

“Sightseeing planet side,” Han Solo said, “Why don’t you follow us down for a chat.”

“It is a nice ass to look at,” Kira replied knowing the good princess was probably sitting next to her husband.

The Falcon and Mantis touched down at the old Imperial base on the Moon of Endor. Both Kira and Sabine dressed in more comfortable clothing. The boarding ramps were lowered and the two groups walked out. Roorack let out a roar which was answered back by Chewbacca, Han Solo’s co-pilot and friend. The two wookies clasped arms and put foreheads together in greeting.

“Where did you find him?” Han asked.

“Mustafar. Also had a run in with a next generation Imperial group,” Kira said, “Sound familiar?”

“They are part of an Imperial Remnant who have taken temporary control of the Senate,” Leia answered, “After the assassination attempt and arrest warrant; we left and had to out run some large star destroyers. I want to say I am sorry that you are now hunted by not only the cartels but also the Republic.”

“Kira Dorne is,” she answered. “But no one except friends know this ship and when I am out in public, I look like a Mando. You can thank her for that.” Hooking a thumb at Sabine, “Now I am just another bounty hunter for all they know.”

“Impressive,” Leia said in return. “I have some information that could be useful to you.”

“Go ahead, Princess,” Kira said with a wave of her hand.

“The Twilek, Hula Sulchu was on Nar Shaddaa. Her left arm was cleaved off above the elbow, by a lightsaber. She was secretly spirited away from a Republic prison hospital to the Lodestar. General Syndulla has talked with her. She made the mistake of getting on the bad side of the Sith, Tamara Dexly who relieved her of most of her left arm. Hera is going to fix her with a prosthetic. Can you work with her?”

“She might try to kill me when we first meet but most do,” Kira said with shrug of her shoulders. “I will make it work. I have a feeling I am going to be taking on a crew and I will need operating funds. I am not going to ask you for credits, but if you know where I can score some, I will owe you.”

“Funny you should say that,” Han piped in, “A Republic corvette is having hyper drive problems. The cargo is the military bankroll for half the forces and around 200 kilos of spice. Now the spice can be sold wholesale to a guy I know. It has other uses other than getting high. He makes sure the spice is sent to med facilities and clinics. In small doses, it is a pain reliever and is not addictive. I only ask for a 1% finder’s fee from the credits you take.”

“1%, Solo?” Kira asked with her eyebrows raised, “I didn’t fall off the speeder bike yesterday.”

“1% will be close to 1 million credits if my source is right,” Han said with a croaked smile.

“Deal,” Kira said holding out her hand, Leia took it and shook once. “What is the time frame?”

“Three days and the ship will be just about here,” Han said. “It will be escorted by the Imperial Remnant.”

“Good I can blow things up,” Sabine chimed in.

Roorack and Chewbacca joined the group. “Han, can I borrow Chewbacca for this? Everyone in the galaxy know the Falcon, so if your ship was spotted, that puts more of a target on your back. We can use the Mantis and the Hammer to do the job, rendezvous at a location of your choosing and dock to pass Chewie and the finder’s fee.”

“Using the Hammer is a bad idea,” Leia said as Kira cocked an eyebrow. “If they are able relay back that Kira Dorne’s fighter was spotted, the plan for your new life goes away.”

“She has a point,” Sabine agreed, “Let me trade the ARC-170 and a few credits for this Pegasus.” Turning to the Wookies, “Care to help me take some of the mods out of the Hammer before I take her to trade?”

Both Chewbacca and Roorack growled and nodded.

Kira looked down for a moment, “Ok, just don’t sell A-4!”

“Don’t worry, the new ship has a two passenger cockpit,” Sabine said with a wink, “I will strap him in and bring him back.”

“Kira,” Leia said, “May I speak with you in private?” Everyone in the group turned their heads to look from the princess to Kira.

“Sure,” Kira said, “Sabine, I have 50,000 credits in my stateroom. Take those with you when you leave.”

Sabine nodded but when her eyes met Kira’s lust shown in them.

Kira followed Leia into the old Imperial satellite station. They walked into a conference room covered in dust and lined with old tattered furniture.

“So what did you want to…” Kira started to ask but her head whipped to the left as Leia slapped her hard.

“A Nice Ass To Look At?” Leia growled. Kira returned the slap to the princess.

“Oh you want to do this here, your highness?” Kira asked crouching, “By all means!”

“Wait!” Leia said holding up a hand, “Do you want to walk back to the ships naked? Because if we start this here, shit is getting torn off.”

“Fine, bitch,” Kira growled back and started to remove her shirt, unbuckling her holster, pulling her leather pants down and kicking out of her boots.

Leia undid the buns in her hair, letting the brown with a little grey streaked hair fall to the middle of her back. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it off and showing Kira she wasn’t a small woman up top. Her brown pants came off next with her boots.

“None of that Force shit, your worship,” Kira said, admiring the naked body in front of her.

“Like you said on Hosnian Prime, woman to woman,” Leia countered.

The two rushed and grabbed handfuls of hair. The spun in a violent circle like two drunk dancers. Leia’s tits were only slightly smaller than Kira’s. The breasts slapped and ground as the pair moved awkwardly around the conference room. Kira pushed the princess towards a tattered lounge chair but the wily Leia pivoted and Kira ended up on the chair with Leia on top of her.

“Fucking Bitch!” Leia yelled as she pulled roughly in the dark locks. Her legs straddled Kira’s waist as she pushed the other woman back in the chair.

Kira’s arms were extend out as she tried to keep a hold on Leia’s long hair but she saw the bouncing tits in front of her, dropped her hands and dug them into the large soft breasts of the princess. Leia howled out and her hands went to grab Kira’s wrists to pry them off. She bent back as Kira used the motion to push them to the floor. She mounted Leia who decided to fight fire with fight and grab the large breasts above her. Kira cried out as the princess groped and twisted the large orbs. Strong legs wrapped around Kira’s waist and tightened. The brunette grunted and moved her hands to try and pry the legs open. Leia tightened the hold and kept squeezing the tits. Kira was beside herself in pain. Her nails attacked the flesh of the thighs but Leia wouldn’t let go; so the brunette shoved two fingers roughly in the princess’s pussy. Leia’s eyes went wide and she released the tits to grab at Kira’s wrist to pull the fingers out of her. She used her feet to place them on the brunette’s hips and pushed. The move caused the two to separate, each getting to feet quickly, rushing to slam together with the momentum taking them to the dusty conference table.

“Fucking whore!” Kira spat at Leia.

“Stupid cunt!” Leia spat back.

Legs locked as the women once again grabbed hair and fought for control. Kira tried to get on top but Leia paid her back. The index and middle finger of her right slammed into Kira’s pussy.

“OH FUCK!” Kira swore as she tried to pull back. They worked to their knees on the conference table and Kira grabbed back. Her fingers entering Leia’s wet twat.

They leaned in with heads on shoulders as they finger fucked the other. Panting and wet squishing noises mixed with moans and grunts. Their tits slapped together, mushrooming out as hard nipples stabbed into soft pliant flesh. Faster the fingers stabbed in and out in this rough fuck fight. Juices dripped down onto hands and onto the tabletop, pooling as knees started to slip. Kira grabbed Leia’s hair and pulled the head back. With the neck open, she bit down seductively. Leia tensed and started to convulse, her juices exploding from her cunt. But she never stopped fingering Kira and her thumb pressed against Kira’s hard clit. Kira shuddered and started to writhe against her, coming all over the princess’s fingers. After a few moments, each woman leaned back. Then Leia punched Kira across the face, throwing her to her back. The princess dove face first in between the brunette’s legs, attacking the wet cunt with her mouth.

“OH SHIT!” Kira howled out but she grabbed the princess around her waist and pulled her around. Now both women had their faces slammed into pussies. Tongues and teeth assaulted the thick labia and hard clits. Each woman screamed into the others love boxes as the came over and over, showering the other woman with pungent juices. The two began to roll back and forth, each time getting closer to the edge until they rolled off, slamming into the floor, finally breaking apart. Each woman was dust, sweat and cum covered.

Leia lifted her head up, “Do we have an understanding?” She asked weakly.

“Yes, your highness, we do,” Kira answered back. “But anytime you want to do this again, let me know.”

Leia laughed, “How are we going to get cleaned up?” Then Kira’s personal comm beeped.

“Towels are outside the door, damn you bitches are hot!” Came Sabine’s voice.

“I don’t even want to know how she watched!” Leia laughed.

The two women cleaned themselves the best they could and made it back outside to watch Sabine and A-4 take off in the Black Hammer. Kira watched with sad eyes. She had put a lot of work into the ship. Made it her own. Never the less, now she needed to be something different, something scary so no Hutt, no crime syndicate and especially no bitch Sith chick would mess with her.

She looked over to Han and Leia talked quietly, “Han, do you have any paint for your ship?”

“Sure,” Han said, “I have grey, red, white and black.”

“Can I borrow a spray nozzle and the paint?” Kira asked.

Chapter Eighteen

Kira stepped back and admired her handiwork. The armor that was once red and gold was now midnight black and dark grey with a blood red handprint on the left side of her mask. Small white skulls of humans, hutt, trandosion and wookie were on the right side.

“That looks scary,” Leia, said, “Which is just perfect. Sabine comm’d and she is arriving soon with your new ship.” Leia smiled.

“What is going on in that pretty head of yours, Leia?” Kira asked.

“Oh,” putting an arm around Kira, “I think you and Sabine were of the same mindset.”

Kira looked up as she heard the familiar whine of a Starfighters engines. A black ship streaked across the Endor sky, twisting and maneuvering in perfect grace. The ship came down as the V wings folded in, landing softly next to the Mantis. Kira was in love at first site. The canopy slid back as Sabine and A-4 came out from the craft. The ship was blacked out but had blood red streaks from the nose going back to the cockpit, appearing to be a flying beast that killed its prey.

“Kira, let me introduce you to the Blood Hawk,” Sabine came over and her head cocked from a moment, “That is what we will call you when not in private, Blood Wren.”

“Good, because my armor matches the Blood Hawk now,” Kira smiled.

“Sneaky bitch!” Sabine said, “Chewie, Rooree, can you help me put the jamming and stealth pods into this bad girl?” The Wookies came forward to start working on the craft.

Han walked up, “You are going to need more than two ships for this. I think the Falcon should go.”

Kira looked to Leia, “Han, you need to make sure the princess isn’t put in anymore jeopardy. I have re-enforcements coming. And they will be here by nightfall with plenty of time to prep.”

Han shook his head but Leia’s eyes met Kira’s. This time thankfulness was there instead of anger. The Rogue Shadow, piloted my Juno Eclipse, landed a few hours later. Gina Moonsong and Asoka Tano flew the TIE Silencer and Mando Fang respectively.

“Ok,” Kira said, “Just to go over it again; Gina and Sabine will take out the escort fighters and then fall into top cover with Juno. Asoka, Chewie, Roorie and I will dock with the transport, disable the engines and make off with the loot. We will rendezvous with Han and Leia to drop off Chewbacca and give them their share. Then Asoka, Roorack and I will travel to Bespin to meet with the contact. We all meet back up on the Revenge before making for the Lodestar. Any questions?”

Roorack growled which was answered back by Chewbacca.

“Thanks Chewie,” Kira said, “Once the job is done, we will give you your extra bowcaster back. If Roorie likes it, I will get him one.”

Kira pulled Juno aside and handed her the lightsabers. Juno’s hands shook as she took them.

“I cannot thank you enough, Kira,” Juno said, “This means so much to me.”

Kira wrapped the blonde in a hug, “Juno?” Kira asked, “Why are the symbols on the hilts the same as the Rebel Alliance?”

“It is the Marek family crest,” Juno said with tears in her eyes. “When Galen gave his life to protect the core of the alliance, we adopted it as our own.” Thank you again, Kira.”

“You are very welcome,” Kira said hugging her again, “Now let’s steal some credits.”

Chapter Nineteen

Six hours later, the Rogue Shadow, Fang and TIE were flying slow circles around the disabled corvette. Kira piloted the Mantis to an exterior docking hatch and landed. Once the docking tube was secure, Chewbacca, Roorack, Asoka Tano and Kira jumped down into the transport and were met with light opposition. Once all the crew were secured tightly, they all went back to the cargo hold. Inside were 20 crates full of credit chips and 20 crates of unrefined spice.

Asoka pulled some out to inspect them. “Kira, these couldn’t be meant for the fleet. These are all untraceable. There is appoximently 10 million credits per crate.”

“Seriously, holy fuck!” Kira exclaimed. “Looks like Han is going to be richer by a million more credits. Let us load them up. A-4 has a small crane rigged where we docked.”

The spice and half the credit chips were loaded into the Mantis’ hold when the helmet comm went off. “Kira, a star destroyer just jumped out of hyperspace and is launching fighters, a lot of fighters. We need to bug out,” came Gina Moonsong’s voice.

“Fuck it! Leave the rest,” Kira shouted as pushed Chewie and Roorack through the docking tube with Asoka following on her heels.

All four ran to the bridge as A-4 sealed the docking hatch. Kira jumped into the pilots chair as Chewbacca took the co-pilots chair. Roorie sat at the gunnery station as Asoka strapped into the communication station. The Mantis lifted off as a barrage of laser fire hit the shields. Kira could make out the Fang and TIE engaging multiple TIE fighters.

“SHIT! My systems are being remotely overridden! They have this tech! Oh fuck, shields off line!” Gina cried over the comms. Kira looked up as two enemy TIEs came into range and the TIE Silencer exploded!

“GINA!” Kira cried out and turned to Mantis to go after the fighters.

Asoka closed her eyes, using the Force to feel for Gina. “She is alive, just barely. Juno, she is floated just to port of the debris.”

“I see her,” Juno said as she maneuvered the Rogue Shadow in for a pick up. “I got her with my tractor beam. Keep the fighters off me!”

“On it!” Sabine said as she whirled to light up the incoming fighters.

“I have her,” Juno said, “We need to jump.”

“You first, then Sabine,” Kira commanded as Roorack made two more TIES disappear in cloud of fire and sparks.

The Rogue Shadow jumped into hyperspace as Sabine in her Fang followed. Kira pulled the leaver back and the stars turned to line.

“Gina is hurt bad,” Juno’s voice said over the comms. “She needs to get to a medical facility fast.”

Kira dipped her helmeted head, “Change of plan,” she said softly, “Sabine and Juno, shift jump points to meet the Lodestar. Asoka, Roorack and I will complete the planned mission. Please take care of her.”

“I will, Kira,” Juno said back.

Chapter Twenty

The Millennium Falcon was at the predetermined rendezvous point when Mantis jumped out of hyperspace. The two ships docked as Chewbacca, the two bowcasters and 1 million credits were transferred to the Falcon.

“Safe travels and may the force be with you,” Leia said as they ships separated.

“And with you, Princess,” Asoka answered.

“Next stop Bespin,” Kira said, “Han and his contact agreed to 200,000 credits for the spice. We could probably get 5 times that on Nar Shaddaa but I don’t want to delay getting to the Lodestar.” Asoka nodded soberly.

A few hours later, Mantis entered the atmosphere of the gas cloud world.

“Mantis, this is Cloud City control, state your business.”

“Cloud City this is Mantis, authorization code, 246C1,” Kira relied back with the code Han had given her.

“Mantis, you are cleared to platform A-16, please follow your escort in.” Just as he spoke, two Storm IV Twin Pod Cloud Cars appeared on the port side of the Mantis. One took the lead with Kira following him in. Once the Mantis landed on platform A-16, Kira saw droids moving palate loaders near the lowered ramp of the Mantis. She walked down with A-4 in tow to meet with a dark skinned human male.

“Well hello there, you must be Kira Dorne,” the man said in a smooth baritone voice, “My name is Lando Calrissian. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Lando took Kira’s hand and kissed it.

“Han told me you were smooth,” Kira said smiling. “As much as I would love to stay and find out how smooth you really are, I need to get this offloaded and we need to head out.”

“Oh, I completely understand, my dear,” Lando said smiling, “And as far as finding time for something smooth…”

“His wife would find that disagreeable,” said a woman’s voice from behind Lando’s back.

Kira looked around the man to see a striking dark skinned woman, her long curly hair coming to the middle of her back. The sheer purple dress showing off her long legs and a considerable amount of cleavage. “Now why didn’t Leia warn me about the wife?” Kira muttered.

“Because she is a devious bitch and probably wanted me and you to throw down,” the woman said with a smile forming on her luscious lips. “My name is Larissa and if you are contemplating something smooth, it is going to be a rough ride.”

“In that case,” Kira said, “I will be back, Larissa. But for now it was really nice to meet you both, but I have to get going. Oh, Lando, the credits?”

“Oh, of course my dear,” he said smiling, “That was 150,000 for the shipment.” Kira raised an eyebrow.

“Damnit Lando,” Larissa said, “Pay the woman before she shoots you.”

Smiling sheepishly, Lando handed over the last 50,000 credit chip.

“Lando, Larissa, I will definitely see you two again,” Kira said, “But just make sure the name Kira Dorne is wiped from any database here. Less trouble with the syndicates and Republic that way. The bounty hunter Blood Wren is the captain of the Mantis.”

“Good to know,” Larissa said as she pushed her chest out a little, “Until next time we meet.”

Kira rushed up the boarding ramp as A-4 raised it. Mantis received clearance to launch and headed out to space. The points were plotted and the Mantis jumped into hyperspace. It took 12 hours before they exited hyperspace near the unknown regions of space. In front of them was the Republic Battle Group Barma. Kira piloted the Mantis towards the star destroyer Lodestar.

Once the ship landed and engines were shut down, Kira and Asoka raced down the ramp to a waiting Sabine Wren.

“How is Gina?” Kira asked breathlessly.

“She is alive,” Sabine stated.

“That tells me nothing,” Kira said with a little annoyance in her voice.

“She is in a baccta tank right now,” Sabine said as her eyes focused on the steel deck plates. “She ejected but the blast caught her. She lost her right legs below the knee and her left arm at the shoulder.”

“Oh fuck,” Kira swore as her knees started to tremble.

“She will be able to get prosthetics but she hasn’t woken up,” Sabine went on, “The med staff is unsure of the damage to her brain. I am so sorry Kira.”

“Can I see her?” Kira asked in almost a whisper.

“Yes, of course,” Sabine answered back, “Follow me.”

The three went into the med bay and were met by General Hera Syndulla, in her typical worn grey flight suit, and Hulu Selchu, the now purple-skinned Twilek bounty hunter. Hulu opened her mouth to speak but Kira raised a hand.

“Hulu,” Kira said, “If you want to have a go at me, pick a later time, because right now I am here to see my friend, and if you interrupt that, I will drop you before you can clear your blaster from its holster.”

The Twilek laughed a little, “No, Kira. I was going to thank you for requesting me for your crew. Besides the new arm,” She lifted the flesh prosthetic, “And new skin coloring, General Syndulla and I spent a few hours coming to an agreement.” The look that passed between the two Twileks let everyone know it was hours of naked combat. “I am here to support you because Gina Moonsong is your friend.”

Kira nodded in thanks, “General, any update?”

“Sadly no,” Hera said, “She should be awake. Her wounds have healed enough for the prosthetics to be placed on her but we need to see if there is any brain damage. The initial and subsequent scans show no permanent damage but she should be awake by now. I can give you two standard days before we have to jump. If she has not improved, she needs to come with us.”

“I don’t want her rotting in some Republic prison because of this cluster fuck,” Kira snarled, “You and Leia planned this shit so you two better fix it.”

Hera snarled back and faced Kira. The two women came together, chest to chest with noses pressing.

Sabine and Asoka worked to separate the pair of women. “This is not going to help Gina,” Asoka said. “General, we agree with the two days. Why don’t we leave Kira here with Gina?” The women filed out as Kira sat down facing the baccta tank.

“Gina,” Kira said, “I don’t know if you can hear me but I need you. I can’t do this shit without you. You have been my friend when others turned away from me. Fuck, I will get you any ship you want! I got credits, lots of them. You want one of the new X-wings? It is yours! Just please, please wake up.” Kira bowed her head and started to cry.

“Any….ship…?” Gina said in the electronic voice caused by the mask she was wearing.

Kira’s head snapped up; she stood and pressed herself against the baccta tank. “You fucking bitch! Were you playing this whole time?”

“No…but seeing…you…cry…perfect…” Gina said as she looked to her left and then down. “I am…. Half of ….who I ….was….”

“You are still perfect to me,” Kira said as she kissed the clear glass. Medical personal started coming into the room now.

Chapter Twenty-One

Two days later, Kira and A-4 were underneath the Mantis. “A-4, if you shift the Blood Hawk aft, we can fit another starfighter in the hangar.” A-4 whistled. “Whatever she wants, she gets. But I have an idea for that.” Kira saw a group of legs near the ramp as she and A-4 came out from under the ship.

“Well, Blood,” Sabine Wren said, “This is where we say goodbye.”

Kira and Sabine hugged, “Thank you for everything, Sabine.”

“I hope we see each other again, Mando,” Sabine said as she pulled back out from the embrace, “There are small groups of Mandalorians all over the galaxy. You will always be a part of Clan Wren, Sister. Live Free.”

“Die well,” Kira said completing a Mandalorian phrase. Asoka came up next and hugged Kira.

“May the Force be with you, Kira Dorne,” Asoka stated.

“And with you, Asoka,” Kira said back, “Be careful out there.”

General Hera Syndulla came up last and offered her hand to Kira, “You are loaded with fuel and supplies. The Revenge will be available to you, should you need her, but the ship is loosely tied to your Kira Dorne persona, not the Mando one.” She handed Kira a chip for a data pad. “This has our deep space frequencies, if you find yourself in over your head, comm me and we will be there.”

“I appreciate that, General,” Kira said. “Good luck finding the Jedi you are looking for. If you ever need a rag tag group of bad bitches and a Wookie, you know how to get ahold of us.”

Kira ensured the ship was secured and ready for launch. She walked up to the flight deck. Roorack was seated in the gunnery chair; Hulu was standing behind the co-pilots seat as Gina Moonsong was going over the prefight checklist with her. Gina turned her head.

“All checks green and ready to launch, captain,” Gina said with a smile. She flexed her left hand. The hand looked like flesh and bone but was one of the best prosthetics money could buy.

“Alright, Hulu,” Kira said, “Can you get the points for a jump to Fresia?” The Twilek nodded and started to punch buttons on the orbital chart.

“Kira,” Gina said, “You know I was kidding about the new X-Wing, right?”

“Oh, they won’t sell us one anyway,” Kira said sliding into the pilot’s seat, “But they do have a prototype E-7 E-Wing for purchase. Then we make a stop in Bespin for a new R-7 Astro-Mech droid.”

Gina beamed, “You know, between you and me, that Starfighter will level anything else out there.”

“That is what I am planning on,” Kira said winking, “Hera gave us proton torpedoes and an unused stealth generator. It was designed for both E and X-Wings.”

“But why do we need to go to Bespin for the droid?” Gina asked, “I could get one at the factory.”

“You could, but then I would have to come up with another excuse to a catfight with dark skinned beauty,” Kira smiled as Gina broke into laughter.

“Mantis, you are cleared to launch, safe travels.”

“See you on the flip side, Lodestar,” Kira stated as the Mantis lifted off the deck and glided out the transparent hangar. Once she was clear of the battle group, Kira turned her head to Hulu, who nodded. “Ready to jump.” Kira pulled back the lever and Mantis shot into hyperspace.

They dropped out of hyperspace with the planet, Fresia in the forward view port. Mantis made for the atmosphere and planet side, landing at FreiTek Incorporated, formerly InCom Corporation. Kira donned her Mandalorian armor and walked down the boarding ramp with Hulu next to her. A middle-aged man with red hair and greying temples walked quickly up to them.

“Blood Wren, I presume,” he said with a slight hint of the Imperial accent, “My name is Galan Daala. I believe the craft you asked for is to your specifications.” He depressed a button on his tunic and a dark grey ship rose from a nearby hangar and moved on repulsors towards them. The E-7 E-Wing landed and shut down. “Even though you did not specify if you wanted an R-7 droid, I took the liberty of bringing one with the craft.”

“You can lose the droid,” Kira said in the metallic voice from her helmet. “My pilot will be able to get it into my hangar.”

“Very well,” Galan said. “The final price for the ship with Republic registry is 200,000 credits. Plus the additional 5 unregistered identities you asked for, an additional 150,000 credits for a grand total of..”

“I can fucking count, asshole,” Kira replied sharply. She passed over 350,000 worth of credit chips as she turned to nod at Hulu. The Twilek climbed into the cockpit of the E-Wing and the engines came to life.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you,” Galan said with a smile since he was pocketing almost as much as the company made for the craft.

Kira walked back up the ramp of the Mantis as the ship rose. Kira watching in the hangar as Hulu carefully piloted the E-Wing up and into the hangar next to the Blood Hawk. A-4 secured the hangar doors as Hulu brought the ship down for a landing. A-4 worked to get the ship secured for travel.

“A-4,” Kira said with a twiddle back in answer, “Just remember, the new droid is just going to be there for flying with Gina, you will still be in charge of the hangar and the ship. Don’t let the new bucket give you any lip.” A-4 whistled in approval.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Cloud City loamed in the viewport as Mantis maneuvered between buildings to find the secure landing pad in front of the administrator’s residence. Lando and Larissa were all too happy to provide a new R-7 droid for purchase. The payment and private dinner between the Calrissian’s and Kira was arranged. Kira exited the ship wearing a floor length gown of red and black with a low cut in the neckline to show off her abundant breasts. She decided on no underwear for the event and also carried a small pack with a quick change of clothing. Her hair was teased and done up above her head; makeup was applied to extenuate her eyes and lips. She walked to a door, which opened to a protocol droid.

“Good evening, Ms. Blood. I am C-5,” C-5 stated, “The master and mistress are waiting for you in the dining room. Please follow me.” C-5 turned and Kira followed after. They entered a white room that was well lit by artificial light. Lando rose in greeting, ushering Kira to a chair.

Lando sat at the front of a long table, with Kira on his left and Larissa on his right, facing each other. Larissa was in a light brown and tan gown that pushed her breasts up and made her coco colored skin even more pronounced. Other droids came in to fill glasses with wine and set out plates of food.

“I hope you find out accommodations to your liking, Kira,” Lando said in that deep baritone.

Kira tipped her glass at both Lando and Larissa, “Thank you for having me and here is to an eventful evening.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Larissa said softly.

The trio ate, drank and traded small talk for the next hour. Droids came back in to clear the table.

“So, Larissa,” Kira cooed, “Why do I suspect that you know firsthand how devious Princess Leia can be?” Under the table, Kira slipped off her left shoe.

Larissa looked at her husband and he nodded. “Well, Kira,” Larissa said, “It was a few months ago that Han and Leia visited us here. She showed off a little with her Force tricks but when I joked about them, she got serious. Well, we all did. Lando and Han sat in opposite chairs as Leia and I danced and undressed. Then we fought.”

Kira snaked her left towards Lando’s lap and he smiled as her foot touched a growing appendage.

Larissa went on, “I wouldn’t say it was a sexfight but we both fucked each other into mutual orgasms. Then brought our men together, made them drop their pants and continued to fight as we were covered in gooey cum. She learned that being good with the Force won’t help you in a catfight. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Under the table, Kira felt another foot meet hers, rubbing Lando’s dick. The toes interlocked and started to tangle.

“Oh I would,” Kira said, “And she learned it recently.” The two feet flexed and pressed sole to sole. “Now, would you husband mind if you and I did some very un-lady like things to each other?”

“I was hoping we could do that before dessert,” Larissa said, breaking off the foot fight and rising. Kira matched her moved and the two women reached across the table for hair.

Neither woman tried to pull the other across so much as to pull the other onto the table. Side by side in expensive and revealing gowns, Kira and Larissa locked leg and brought their magnificent bodies into rough contact. Keeping one hand in hair, they moved the other to tear down the tops of the gowns to let tan breasts mash with dark colored ones. Thick areolas sprouted hard nipples that stabbed into the large tits. Each grunted as their body’s ground closer together.

Lando sat back in the chair and pulled his pants down to let his large manhood come forth. He sipped a golden colored beverage, “It works every time.”

Larissa rolled on top but Kira continued to pull the gown down until one of her ass cheeks was exposed. The brunette grabbed the plump posterior and squeezed. The black woman grunted and reached to grab both of Kira’s exposed breasts. Larissa tried to stay on top but Kira bucked and she was rolled off the floor. Kira jumped off the table, taking both of them into the sitting room. The gowns were pealed off and lay on the floor in tatters. Kira shoved Larissa to a comfortable white couch and straddled the black woman’s waist. Larissa wasted no time in sinking her white teeth into the firm right breast of her rival.

“OH YOU BITCH!” Kira cried out and reached in-between them to grab the big dark tits.

“AAAAH CUNT!” Larissa screamed as her bite was broken. She pushed off and the pair of busty women fell off the couch and onto the floor.

Legs locked again as hands pulled on hair as well as slapped and clawed at naked skin. Smooth legs rubbed skin together as tits crushed. The pair of wild rolling women tossed each other back and forth. Lando walked into the sitting room with his big hammer in his hand. As Larissa rolled on top, Kira got a good look and licked her lips. Larissa saw this, reached back to her husband, and grabbed the cock to bring it back to her mouth. Kira growled as the black woman took the large member into her mouth and started to deep throat it. The brunette on the bottom reached up and grabbed two handfuls of dark colored tits, twisting and kneading them. Larissa screamed in the blow job and Lando’s knees got a little weak. The dick popped out of the mouth as Kira expertly rolled the black wife onto her back. The wily brunette straddled Larissa’s waist and grabbed the dick herself, pulling the veiny cock into her mouth.

“Oh you fucking whore!” Larissa cursed as she bucked and tried to get out from under Kira.

Kira was pushed back and lost her mouth hold as Larissa made it to her knees. The two women brought their mouths together over the cock as tongues fought with each pulling hair. Cloud City’s Administrator thrust his hip slightly as the two women’s tongues slid along the think cock.

“Oh yes!” Lando exclaimed as his dick twitched.

Kira and Larissa grabbed hair and turned their faces and bodies towards Lando as he grabbed his dick and started jerking. Ropes of white, sticky cum splashed all over the two women’s faces and tits. Strands dripped off chins as the women looked into the other’s eyes.

“Catball?” Kira asked as she licked some of the cum off her lips.

“Couldn’t imagine a better way to finish this,” Larissa stated as she opened her thighs and locked them with Kira.

Legs locked around hips with feet pressing into plump ass cheeks. Each woman grabbed hair and pulled their bodies in. Cum smeared tits mashed as they came together cheek to cheek, letting the white goo on their faces lubricate the cheeks rubbing. The two women pressed hips and the thick fuck meat spread open to lock with the opposing one. Ass cheeks flexed as the pair ground and fenced growing clits together. Grunts and squeals of pleasure came from three pairs of lips as Lando’s cock remained rock hard as he pulled on it. Hair was pulled from behind as faces tilted towards the ceiling and chins touched. Their large breasts crushed and ballooned out their sides. The tile floor they were fighting on allowed from their asses to slide making it easier to fuck as they fought. Kira hadn’t fought like this against someone so much her equal in a long time. Only Dashm Thorn had matched her body to body like this. Larissa tipped the pair over and they stayed in this ball as they slowly tumbled around. Each time one would get on top, the increased pressure of cunt-to-cunt would work to her advantage. Larissa was loving this, mind shifting back to when she and Leia were catting it out.

Kira rolled them again and thrust her hips down in a sloshy grind. The black woman moaned out loudly and her legs started to tremble. Kira felt it too and added short, quick thrusts. Larissa’s long legs fell off the brunette’s ass as Kira pinned her down. The clits speared the other with Kira’s pinning the black woman’s nub back.

“OH FUCK YES!” Larissa screamed as her body started to buck and writhe.

Kira felt the hot sex cream splash over her hungry pussy. She kept the speed and ferocity of the fucking making Larissa scream out louder. That scream made Kira tense and she violently slammed her cunt into the black woman’s slit. Her own cries and hot juices mixed with Larissa’s as they ground bodies together for a few minutes. The two lay there breathing heavily with Lando collapsing on the couch.

Larissa looked up into Kira’s eyes, “You bested me, made me cum, he is yours to take,” she said.

“Oh honey,” Kira said smiling, “You go take him!” Turning towards Lando, “On offense but I wanted Larissa more than you.”

“None taken, my dear,” Lando replied, “Anytime you want to do this with her, just let me watch.”

Kira rolled off and Larissa crawled to her husband, climbing up and mounting him. The brunette sipped more wine as she watched the married couple fuck like teenagers.

A little while later, after dressing, cleaning up and sitting back at the table, dessert was served. The trio traded smiles and laughs over the next hour.

“So, Kira,” Larissa said, “I have a little intel for you, if you want it.”

“By all means, tell me,” Kira answered back.

“Black Sun and Crimson Dawn are using this Imperial group to assist them in attacking shipping near Corellia,” Larissa said, “This Imperial Remnant has gone away from the traditional Moff structure. They seem to be just allowing the syndicates to just take what they want.”

Kira thought about it for a moment. “Do you know the escort contingent?”

“There has only been one ship to escape, the rest were destroyed and crew killed after the attacks,” Larissa went on, “The ship that got away said it was an older Venator class star destroyer with Z-95’s and all black TIE fighters. Once this same intel was passed to the Republic, the crew that survived disappeared.”

“So I can lie in wait near the routes, respond to the distress call,” Kira said leaning, “Then fuck shit up. All three of my ships have stealth generators and jamming pods. They won’t know what hit them. Do you know where Black Sun or Crimson Dawn bases out of?”

“Right now, we believe they are based out of two places, Taris and Dathomir,” Lando piped into the conversation.

“Ok,” Kira said, “I know Taris but haven’t been to Dathomir.”

“The Witches also called Nightsisters, rule on Dathomir,” Larissa added, “Force wielders and family of Darth Maul.”

“Fucking Force,” Kira muttered. “And Asoka is half way across the galaxy by now.”

“You mentioned you dressed like a Mandalorian, right?” Lando asked. Kira nodded her head, “Beskar armor?” Kira nodded again. “Force lightning and light sabers have a rough time getting through Beskar.”

“That is good to know,” Kira smiled, “Thank you both. Now I need to get some rest before we head out.” Kira pulled a data chip from her pocket. “This is secure holo comm frequency. All intel will be appreciated.”

“Everything for a price,” Larissa said.

Lando smiled, “I have taught you well.”

Kira went back to her ship and laid down in her cabin, falling asleep quickly.

The Mantis made orbit the next day. Kira sat in the co-pilots seat as Hulu piloted the patrol craft into space.

“Where to next?” Gina Moonsong asked.

“Mos Espa on Tatooine and the cartel market,” Kira said, “We are getting everyone the armor and weapons they want. Plot a course and let’s load up. We are going to be fucking up the syndicates operations as well as this Imperial group. Maybe we will get lucky and the Republic will come around but I am not counting on it.”

“Agreed,” Gina said somberly, “All points plotted and ready to jump.”

Roorack walked into to take a seat at the gunnery station.

“Ok, Hulu,” Kira smiled at the beautiful purple-skinned Twilek, “Punch it.”

Hulu Sulchu pulled the levers back and the Mantis shot into hyperspace.

To Be Continued in Episode 5! Click Here to Read It!

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