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Star Whores: Kira’s Gambit – Episode 5 by Andrew Scott

Chapter Twenty-Three

Mantis came out of hyperspace with the twinned sun world of Tatooine in front of them. The acrid world was still a home of scum and villainy. However, Kira pointed the ship towards Mos Espa and not Mos Eisly. Mos Espa was once the de facto capital until the formation of the Empire. The Hutts still controlled much of illegal activities, including the black market. A person with the right amount of credits could purchase armor, weapons and even slaves in the black market.

“So what do you think?” Gina Moonsong said from behind Kira. Kira turned and whistled. Gina was dressed in a skintight black flight suit. Her hair was now red and short in a pixie cut with the right side of her head shaved.

“Damn girl!” Kira admired. “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“That is the reason for the change,” Gina said, “The new identi-cards we have should work, but I don’t want any Republic troops to think they recognize me.”

Hulu Sulchu walked up to flight deck, her purple skin was still new and Kira was still getting used to the bounty hunter not colored blue.

“The new shade does bring out the evil in your eyes,” Gina said with a wink.

“Black Sun has a presence here through the Red Key Raiders,” Hulu said as she sat in the co-pilots chair. “They believe I am a Republic prisoner, so I want to keep it that way.”

“We will land just outside of Mos Espa and will use local land speeders to get around,” Kira said as the city came into view on the horizon. Mantis came down to a soft landing with two people waiting, one human male and one Rodian.

The boarding ramp descended as Kira, dressed in the full Mando armor, Gina, Hulu, and Roorack walked down to meet the two personal waiting for them.

The human stepped up, “The two speeders you requested are here. Your ship will be refueled as requested also.”

“My astro-mech will show you where the fittings are,” Kira said in her metallic voice. She tossed a credit chip to both the human and Rodian. Kira and Gina jumped into one speeder as Hulu and Roorack took the second. The quick ride to the city center took only a matter of minutes. As expected, head turned and watched the four as they exited the speeders.

“You all have enough credits to purchase whatever you want,” Kira said, “Keep your heads on a swivel and if you hear any Intel, let me know.” All nodded as they walked into the market.

Roorack went immediately towards the weapons armor area. He chose a heavy bantha leather chest armor reinforced with dura-steel backing for melee and blaster fire protection. The armor had pouches to hold grenades, blades or small blasters. A set of targets goggles caught his eye and he was able to find a set to fit his large head. Over by the melee weapons area, Rooree found a short vibro-sword that resembled a ceremonial Wookie sword he remembered as a child. A scabbard was fitted into the back of his chest armor. He picked up a large bowcaster and checked the sights and trigger housing to make sure his large hands could fit. He was extremely satisfied with what he purchased.

Hulu looked from table to table, admiring the protective clothing and new blasters. She picked out clothing that had flexible light armor that were concealed into the cloth. She put on the black and purple smugglers jacket and tested the movement. Smiling she passed some credits to the vendor. Over at the weapons tables, she chose a RX-3 holdout blaster, short but powerful, as well as a black DE-10 blaster pistol and a shoulder rig to hold both. The jacket easily covered the blasters.

Gina loved the full body suits, like the flight suit she was wearing. She looked around the different colors, with some going from light to medium armor settings. The darker colored suits were more to her liking. She purchased both light and medium armored suits. A red and black TX-23 heavy blaster pistol caught her eye as well as a custom EE-3 blaster rifle. The vendor’s tag line for the rifle was that the EE-3 was made famous by Boba Fett. The rifle was slung over her shoulder into a holder on her back.

Kira went from weapons vendor to weapons vendor, buying blaster pistols, rifles, carbines and sniper modified heavy rifles. She brought crates of concussion grenades and thermal detonators as well as extra ammo charges for all the weapons. She replaced the vibro-blade she had been carrying with a black Mandalorian vibro-blade that fit into the scabbard in her left boot. Her eyes caught movement near the back of market near a closed door. The helmeted t shaped visor of a Mando nodded for Kira to follow. She paid the vendor and arranged for all the items to be delivered to the Mantis.

Kira followed the grey Mandalorian through a small passageway and then down a set of stairs. She kept her hand close to her blaster. The Mando stopped at a closed door. The door opened to a small room with four other Mandalorians present in different colored armor types. Each were armed with either blaster rifles or heavy repeating rifles.

“Welcome, Blood Wren,” a woman’s voice came from behind her. Kira turned to see a gold colored Mando walk past her into the room. “This is the Tatooine conclave. Your mentor let us know you may be visiting from time to time. It seems a very unusual coincidence that you have chosen here to make your presence known.”

“It is not my intention to disrupt any of your activities on Tatooine,” Kira said to the group, “I am refitting my crew with the necessary equipment needed.”

“But do you have your necessary equipment,” the leader said, “I built your armor. The colors are something that your mentor has passed to you, I see. I can forge more for you, like whistling birds, if you so desire. It is a small guided munition, very effective but very rare.”

“I will agree with anything you suggest,” Kira said bowing her head.

The woman turned her helmet to one of the more heavy armored Mandalorians and nodded. The large Mando produced a small holo emitter and thumbed the on switch. A 3D image of a man wearing beat up Mandalorian armor.

“This is Cobb Vanth,” the leader said, “He is the sheriff and mayor of Freetown. He acquired the armor of Boba Fett. We require it back. The Beskar needs to remain with us, needs to be re-forged into something more than what Fett stood for. If you do this, your actions will carry great sway with other conclaves. Will you take this mission, Blood Wren?”

Kira thought about it for a moment, “Yes. I will bring the armor back to you.”

The leader nodded as the door opened again. Kira made her way back to the black market and met up with her crew. “Roorack, I need you to make sure all the weapons and gear is properly stored on the Mantis. You will be standing by in case we need help. Make sure the location for Freetown is set in the navicomputer and be ready for action.” Roorack roared once. “I know but having a Wookie walking around with us might bring more eyes to something that needs to remain quiet for now. Don’t worry, buddy, you will get your chance to fuck shit up soon.” Rooree huffed a chuckle.

Kira turned her helmeted head towards Hulu and Gina, “We will take one of the speeders. Travel light with only blaster pistols and a few concussion grenades.” Both women nodded.

Chapter Twenty-Four

The trio headed out into the Dune Sea towards Freetown. They stopped the speeder on a cliff overlooking Freetown. Gina was viewing the swath of buildings through binoculars.

“Small but busy town,” Gina observed, “Looks like it could be a mining outpost.”

Hulu was reviewing a data pad. “Fuck!” She exclaimed.

Both Kira and Gina turned to her.

“Remember I told you about Red Key?” Both women nodded, “Well the mining group that had tried to gain traction here is the Red Key Company. So expect trouble, if the town’s folk see us as the same type of strangers.”

Kira looked back to the town. “You two take the speeder into town and take a look around. I am going to walk in and head right to the sheriff. Keep your comms on.”

Kira started walking down the steep side of the cliff as the speeder left with Hulu and Gina. It took Kira half a standard hour to walk to town. The appearance of a Mandalorian did not go unnoticed. It turned out she didn’t need to go to the sheriff’s office, he came to her.

Kira noticed a tall middle-aged man in grey and green Mando armor walked to her. Motion on the adjacent roofs was ID’d in her heads up display.

“That is far enough, Mandalorian,” Cobb Vanth said, “Before you are welcome into this town, state your business.”

A tsk tsk in Kira’s helmet let her know Gina and Hulu knew what was going on. “Please tell your men on the roofs to stand down, we don’t want anyone hurt.”

“What makes you think there are men on the roof?” Cobb asked with a smile.

“Take them,” Kira said quietly in her helmet. There were shouts of surprise on the two roofs as two men stood with arms raised. “Like I said, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Cobb laughed, “Well what do I call you?”

“Blood Wren is fine,” Kira said, “I came to speak with you sheriff.”

“Well why don’t you join me for a drink then,” Cobb said as he turned and walked towards a cantina.

Gina and Hulu joined them a few minutes later. They sat at a dark booth as Cobb downed a blue smoking drink.

“So what did you want to talk with me about?” Cobb said coughing a little from the drink.

“Your armor isn’t yours,” Kira’s metallic voice said, “I have come to collect it.”

“Hey, I obtained this using the rights of the Republic,” Cobb replied, straightening in his seat. “It is mine.”

“That being said,” Gina chimed in, “The law of rights states that if original owners or family to include tribe, clan etcetera; request return of the property, you must return it and monetary compensation will be provided for loss of property.”

Cobb’s jaw dropped a little then he closed his mouth and his eyes became hard, “And I am to believe you are the kin?”

“No,” Hulu answered, “But we represent them. The armor is damaged and what we will offer will pay for a replacement that is far superior.”

“And if I don’t agree?” He asked.

Kira’s helmet tilted slightly to the right, “Then I take it and the good people of Freetown are without a sheriff.”

Cobb Vanth thought about it for a moment before he spoke, “Let me make a counter proposal.” Kira nodded. “I recently ran Red Key out of this town. But they have formed an alliance with Black Sun and I can’t defend against that. The Tusken Raiders who helped us before require another pact. A colleague of mine went to their camp but has not come back. Retrieve her, make the deal and you can have the armor for half the price.”

Kira turned to both Hulu and Gina, who nodded in turn. “Sounds good. Point us in the direction of the camp.”

Chapter Twenty-Five

The trio of women set off into the Dune Sea towards the coordinates Cobb provided. Kira comm’d Roorack to have the Mantis launch and be ready for support. Hulu was going to be their interpreter since she knew some of the sign language Tusken Raiders used. As the camp came into visual sight, Gina slowed the speeder so not to appear aggressive. They entered the camp and were surrounded by a slew of raiders armed with their projectile rifles. Hulu started to sign and communicate with the raider who appeared to be the leader. He signed back and nodded. He beckoned the women to exit the speeder.

“He said the chieftain will meet with us,” Hulu said as the three walked towards a large tent.

The chieftain of this tribe was tall and held an ornate staff. Hulu again started to sign with the chieftain responding right away.

“He said the tribe will support the town, as long as the Gafsa, a sacred water source, is given back to them,” Hulu said, “But there is a trial to do before he will commit. He was a little vague about the details of the trial.”

“Ok,” Kira said, “I thought he was going to request us to mate with them.” Hulu stifled a laugh as Gina nudged Kira smiling.

The chieftain led the women out of his tent and into a larger tent. He stood at the door but didn’t enter, just waving them in. The flap was closed and secured. Inside the tent sat twenty or so Tusken Raiders with a Twi’lek female, seated in the center of the tent. One stood and signed to Hulu and her eyes went wide.

“What is it?” Kira asked in her metallic voice.

“Well,” Hulu said as she turned to Gina and Kira. “It will be a trial by combat.”

Kira’s helmeted head turned slightly. “What kind of combat and with who?”

“She said the Mando is not allowed to fight,” Hulu answered. “It will be me fighting the other Twi’lek and Gina fighting a Raider. Oh and all of the people in the tent are women. She,” pointing to the woman who was communicating with her, “is the chieftain’s mate.”

Kira turned to Gina who smiled, “Well it looks like I get to test out the new arm and leg.”

The Twi’lek female rose and walked towards the new arrivals. “I am Issa-Or,” she said, “Cobb sent me here to negotiate but these women wanted a show.” She looked over both Gina and Hulu. “I know the two of you have prosthetics, if you use the new power in your limbs we will all be killed.”

“They can try,” Kira piped in.

“You may have armor and blasters,” Issa said, “But the numbers alone will overwhelm you.”

“It is alright,” Gina said, “Hulu and I can do this.”

The chieftain’s mate said something and the tent quieted down. She motioned for Issa and Hulu to go to the center. Then she made the gesture of pulling her robes. The two Twi’leks got the hint and started to remove clothing. The opinion across the galaxy was that Twi’leks were some of the most beautiful creatures. Kira caught her breath as she watched the two, Hulu’s purple skin and Issa’s green are more revealed. The only piece of clothing that remained were the leather coverings that covered the tops of heads and ears. What most didn’t know was that the lekku could be moved to touch and wrap with another’s.

The two naked females faced the other as they brought their lekku to wrap together like braids. Their hands grasped the others and naked breasts slammed together in a loud slap. Each groaned with the impact. Hands remained locked together as their breasts slammed over repeatedly. Issa started to twist her chest to let her breasts slap side to side with Hulu’s. The purple-skinned woman twisted back with the sound of the dense tits slapping echoed in the quiet tent. Each were grunting and starting to sweat from the heat of the desert. They brought their chests out and brought them forward. SMACK! Hard nipples speared the firm flesh as each groaned in pain. The brought their arms out further and did it again. SMACK! This time they ground the tits together. Hulu stuck her right foot behind Issa’s left and the green-skinned Twi’lek went down to the sand floor, the intertwined lekku caused Hulu to fall on top. Hands let go of hands with arms wrapping around the other. They keep their tits in contact as they started a slow roll in the sand. The granules of sand stuck to sweat soaked skin. Issa rolled on top and ground her large breasts into Hulu’s. The purple-skinned woman groaned out as the tits pushed out at the sides. She bucked and rolled them over, separating their chests for the first time in a long time but Issa struck and grasped both of Hulu’s tits and dug her nails in. Kira’s friend screamed in pain but fought through it and grabbed the green breasts in return. Each continued to yelp and cry out as tits were twisted and pulled. They tipped over to their sides and feet started kicking at shins as the titfight continued.

All around them, the Tusken women began to moan out and hands roamed over robes. This fight between the busty Twi’leks was turning them on. Kira and Gina watched as robes slowly peeled open. Kira had always understood that the females never disrobed unless they were giving birth, but now she knew different. Some of the females removed the masks, revealing matted hair of different colors. Their pale skin being touched by the female next to them.

“Let’s finish this before we hurt each other,” Hulu whispered in Twi’leki, their native language. “You take me and make it look good.” Issa nodded.

Issa grabbed both of Hulu’s wrists and pulled them off her breasts. She slammed her large pair down onto the purple-skinned Twi’lek. The groan was not only from Hulu but from most of the women present. Issa raised her chest up and slammed it down a second time. She added grinding her tits into the hurt breasts of Hulu. She cried out her surrender to a ruckus cheer from the Tusken women. Issa straddled Hulu and raised her arms in victory.

As the crowd quieted down again, Gina stepped forward. She unzipped her light armored full body suit as a tall Tusken female stepped forth. She had not undressed when the others were enjoying the fight. As she removed her head coverings, a swath of matted blonde hair came forth. There was a scars over her face, long scratch marks that had healed badly. She let her tan robes drop to reveal large full breasts, a flat stomach and a rounded ass. But all over her body were the same scars. Despite the scars she looked young. The chieftain’s mate started signing to Hulu, who was dressing slowly.

“This is Daffe,” Hulu translated, “She bares the wounds from womanly combat. She is a slave who was taken from a moisture farm as a girl. She fights not only other slaves but the mates of some of the males who wanted her.” Daffe was easily 6 inches taller than Gina was.

“Are you ok with this, Gina?” Kira whispered to her friend. “She looks like she has been in a lot of fights.”

Gina started moving her head side to side, stretching her neck, “We have a mini baccta tank, so as long as she doesn’t kill me I am good.” She smiled at Kira. She walked to the center of the circle, the top of her head level with Daffe’s chin. She glared up at the younger woman who bared her teeth at Gina.

The now naked chieftain’s mate slapped her hands together. Daffe took a swipe at Gina with a clawed hand. The wily redhead dodged and rammed an elbow in the scared belly. The blond woman let out an audible OOOFFF and backed up a step. Gina came forward to try and kick her but Daffe caught the leg and picked Gina up to slam her onto the sand. Gina groaned out in pain as the blonde came down on top of her, straddling her waist. Daffe grabbed both of the redhead’s wrists, holding them over Gina’s hand with her left. The blonde’s right hand grabbed the pert left breast and gouged her nails in. Gina screamed out and tried to buck her off. Daffe smiled at this as she held her position. The redhead wiggled her legs and started kneeing the firm backside of the blonde. Daffe lifted up to re-position and a knee caught her in the pussy. Her eyes went wide and her hand holding Gina’s hands relaxed. Kira’s shipmate slammed a right fist to Daffe’s left breast, pancaking the flesh to her breastbone. The blonde howled and rolled off. Gina rolled away to get distance between them.

Kira was thinking and whispered into Hulu’s ear. The Twi’lek’s eyes went wide and she started to sign to the chieftain’s mate. Her matted white hair covered her eyes, but they glared at Kira in anger. She started to sign at Hulu.

“She will agree to this,” Hulu said as she turned to Kira, “But only if you remove your armor and meet her in naked combat. No fists or kicks. In addition, Gina must first defeat Daffe.” Kira looked at the woman and nodded.

Gina and Daffe circled with the larger woman lunged with the redhead dodging to the side, moving a leg behind the blonde, reaching for the back of matted her, pulling sharply to drag Daffe down. As the blonde’s back hit the sand, Gina pounced. Hands locked in hair as they rolled violently around the circle. Knees slammed into thighs, hands pulled hair or raked red furrows onto their backs. Daffe was rolled to her back but she pushed up with her strong arms, propelling Gina into the air. She landed hard on the sand, groaning. Daffe rose with hate in her eyes, reaching for the redhead’s short hair, dragging Gina to her feet. The blonde wrapped her arms around the older woman and squeezed her in a bear hug. Gina cried out and flailed in the larger woman’s grasp as Daffe shook her from side to side.

Kira watched and her hand dropped loosely to her side, hovering near her blaster. Gina was moaning out but her hands moved up and clopped Daffe in both ears at the same time. The redhead followed up with a head butt to the face. Daffe dropped Gina who pivoted her hips and swung a kick to the larger woman’s left side. Daffe dropped to her knees and Gina slapped a side kick across the blonde’s large tits. She bellowed in agony, falling to her back. Gina pounced, trapping Daffe’s arms as her hands grabbed to large orbs and twisted. The blonde was crying in pain as her tits were tortured. She went limp and Gina removed her hands and lifted them above her head.

The chieftain’s mate howled in anger. Kira began to peel off the armor. She removed her helmet, shaking her dark sweat soaked hair. As two Tusken women pulled Daffe out of the circle, the chieftain’s mate signed to Hulu and got up to walk to the center. Her body was voluptuous. Her heavy breasts sagged a little. There was more thickness to her body. She easily outweighed Kira.

“Her Tusken name is Senna,” Hula said as she turned to admire Kira’s naked body. “She said she will make you howl and curse her name as she makes you her fuck bitch.”

Kira raised an eyebrow, “I like the way this cunt thinks.” Kira stepped out to the center to meet Senna.

Though Senna’s hair was white, she didn’t appear to be much older than Kira. Her body bore scars of fights past, with many on her large bouncing tits. The two circled each other as the crowd of Tusken females started chanting. The two combatants rushed forward, slamming together and falling immediately to the sand. They rolled repeatedly with sand coating the sweaty bodies. Heads were yanked from side to side and back and forth as they tumbled. Kira stopped the rolling on top of the white haired woman. Senna bucked her naked hips trying to roll them again. Kira pulled the white hair up in an attempt to slam it back down into the sand, however Senna sunk her teeth into the top of Kira’s left breast. The dark haired woman howled in pain as Senna rolled them over. She released the bite and grabbed both of Kira’s big tits and twisted them.

“FUCKING BITCH!” Kira screamed out as her hands reached up to squeeze Senna’s large breasts.

Senna let out a cry of pain and spit down onto Kira’s face. Momentarily blinded, the brunette grasped the hard nipples and pulled them out, twisting them. The white haired raider grabbed at Kira’s wrist to pull them off her wounded tits. Kira slammed a knee into Senna’s ass that sent her forward and off Kira. The brunette twisted and pounced on back of the mate of the tribal chieftain. Kira grabbed the back of Senna’s hair and pulled up, the white haired woman screamed as she was bent backwards. She sent her hands slapping behind her and raking claws over Kira’s thighs. She wiggled her hand between the brunette’s legs and Kira screamed as she fell off to the side. Senna kept her fingers inside the brown haired woman’s pussy as she crawled on top of Kira. She grabbed the dense right breast with her claws and dug in. Kira cried out in pain but instead of surrendering, as Senna thought, she grabbed the white haired woman’s right tit, claws gouging in, and forced three fingers into the chieftain’s mate’s cunt. Both worked their way to knees as they clawed breasts and scratched the insides of womanhoods. Heads rested on shoulders as they continued this war of attrition. Blood began to form where nails broke skin on their tits. It was Senna who relented first, removing hands to pull Kira’s from her. They jostled on their knees as breasts banged together. Kira brought her right leg up and slid it over Senna’s left with the white haired woman doing the same. The coiled the legs and dropped to their butts in the sand. Legs tightened over ass cheeks as tits mashed.

Arms flew around the others back, scratching and digging into flesh. Sand covered cunts came together in a harsh grind. The sand was abrasive and each stroke of thick labia hurt both as they moaned out in pain. Their dense tits pushed out at the sides as they tried to squeeze the breath out of the other. The sandy pussies were becoming wet with arousal and it had them both humping together. The angry clits unsheathed and sought the other. They speared together and both woman screamed out. Their cunts burned with coarse sand and cunt juices mixing and grinding. Kira pushed her hands on Senna’s shoulders, separating the breasts; then she slammed hers forward in a meaty clop of skin meeting skin. Senna joined in and as their lower bodies fucked, their tits slammed and nipples impaled dense flesh. Kira didn’t know how much longer she would last. She had no idea of the state Senna was in. The two slammed tits and ground cunts for what seemed like an eternity to them. But then, Senna started to lean back after a particular hard tit slam. Kira followed her, putting the Tusken female onto her back. She pulled her hips up and slammed them down as Senna howled out. She brought them up again and then again, increasing the speed of the fucking.

Senna screamed as her body went into convulsions. Kira just held onto the naked woman as the Senna’s cunt exploded. Kira grabbed the Tusken woman’s wrists, pulled them out to the sides, dropping her large tits down on Senna’s. The brunette crawled forward and sat on the huge tits, bouncing her ass up once. She grabbed Senna’s hair and pulled the woman’s face into her pussy. Slamming it over repeatedly until Kira stiffened and screamed up, splashing her juices over Senna’s face. Kira raised her hands in victory, turning to show the women there that she bested their leader. Kira rolled off and got to her feet, stumbling over to Hulu, Issa and Gina. They handed her cloths to wipe the sand, sweat and cum off. Kira turned to see Senna rising, turning her head to face Kira and smiling. She started to sign as attendants wiped her body.

“She says you are a great warrior,” Hulu translated, “No woman, in many years had beaten her. She said you have the blood of a Krayt Dragon in your veins. She also said she would honor the pact with Freetown and with you regarding Daffe.”

“Please tell her that no female has ever fought me as hard as she did,” Kira said as Hula signed. Senna laughed and bowed her head in a nod of approval.

The women all got dressed with Gina injecting a stimulant into both Kira and Daffe. The five women, Kira, Gina, Hulu, Issa and Daffe climbed into the speeder and headed back to Freetown.

Chapter Twenty-Six

They parked the speeder near the cantina as all disembarked. Kira commed Roorack during the journey and the Mantis set down just outside of the town limits.

Issa walked to Cobb Vanth to tell him of the support from the Sandpeople. He looked over at Kira and nodded his head. He walked into his office and came out a short time later with Boba Fett’s armor. Rooree saw this, a man holding the exact armor of the one who had killed his mate. The Wookie roared and charged. Cobb’s eyes went wide. Kira rushed forward but Roorack was too fast. She brought her right arm up and keyed the grappling line, which shot out and wrapped around the wookies legs. Rooree fell forward as Kira rushed over to him.

“Rooree!” Kira called out loudly from behind her helmet, “This is not Fett. Fett is dead!”

Rooree roared out, more like a moan as he got to his knees.

Kira turned to Cobb, “He wants to know if you killed Fett.”

Cobb shook his head, “The man I acquired this from found it spit out from a sarrlacc pit. No one has ever survived.”

Rooree bowed his large head and moaned.

Kira walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, “I am sorry Rooree. I know you wanted to avenge your mate yourself.”

The Wookie looked down at Kira appreciatively, turned and walked slowly back to the Mantis. Hulu walked to the still shaken Cobb and handed him 100,000 credits, taking the armor of the once great bounty hunter, Boba Fett with her back to the Mantis. Kira nodded to the sheriff and was about to turn when a speeder can into town fast. They stopped next to Cobb.

“They are coming!” The boy yelled.

“Where and how many?” Cobb asked.

The boy pointed to the north, “Twelve speeders and two skiffs full of fighters. Every one of them with a blaster or rifle. They will be here in minutes.”

“Damnit!” Cobb Vanth swore. “There is no way to get word to the Raiders!” He looked in my direction. “I will give you back the 100,000 if you and your crew stay and fight with us.”

Kira looked to Gina, who was standing with Daffe; Gina Moonsong shrugged and spoke to Daffe, the pair ran toward the Mantis. Kira keyed her mic and spoke. “Mantis crew, arm up and rendezvous on me. Rooree, grabbed concussion grenades and some extra rifles. Sevens, once everyone is off, take the Mantis and go to these coordinates. Use whatever way you can to get the Tusken Raiders to follow you.”

“And how do you expect me to do that?” Sevens asked back tersely.

“I don’t fucking know, flash your tits at them,” Kira said back loudly. “Just get them to follow you back to here.”

“If I had tits, they would look better than yours,” Sevens replied over the comm.

“Whatever, you dumb box,” Kira smiled under her helmet.

Mantis lifted off as the crew joined Kira and Cobb. He brought out a few speeders to middle of the street to make a barrier. Rooree passed out a few blaster rifles to the townspeople who weren’t armed. Gina had a long sniper mod heavy rifle.

“Where do you want me?” She asked.

Kira looked around, spotted the tallest of the buildings, and pointed, “That roof. If the returning fire gets too back, retreat and come back here.” Gina nodded.

Daffe walked up, dressed in the robes of the sand people but with her head covering off. “Me?” She asked in rough basic. She held a blaster and long vibro sword.

Kira looked up at her, “You stay next to Roorack,” pointing at the Wookie who roared and nodded.

Daffe smiled and roared back at him. Kira stifled laughter. “Hulu, just like we did years ago. Draw them in and waste them from both sides. You take left and I will take right.”

The Twi’lek smiled a wicked grin, blaster in each hand and headed to take cover on the left side of the street. Kira turned to look at Cobb, “As soon as you give the word, we will light them up. You have sniper cover, a Wookie and former raider swinging around to flank them and two badass bitches to catch them in a cross fire.”

“Good luck,” he said smiling. Kira rushed off to her side of the street to hide.

The sound of the speeders and skiffs was loud as they entered Freetown. There was close to 60 heavily armed men got out. The leader walked confidently towards Cobb Vanth.

“Vanth,” the man said, “My name is Raynar Hoog. I work for Lorgan Movell. Rey Key owns Freetown now. The men behind are all fighters. Your farmers wouldn’t last five minutes. But in case they do, we also have this.”

Kira heard the whine of engines as two Z-95 Headhunters flew overhead. Kira spoke quietly into her mic, “Sevens, you better have those raiders following you. There are two Headhunters flying around. Can you access the weapons system remotely?”

“No, Kira or Blood or whatever you are now calling yourself,” Sevens stated through the helmet, “I hope this bucket of bolts you call A-4 can aim.”

“I swear, Sevens,” Kira growled, “I am going to memory wipe you and buy a protocol droid.”

“Promises, promises,” the voice of the former droid now implanted into the memory core of the Mantis replied. Kira turned her attention back to the town.

A broad shouldered woman stepped out with a heavy repeating rifle. “Give up Vanth, last fucking warning!”

“Ok, Tyraness, here is your answer,” Cobb Vanth said as he quick drew his blaster and fired hitting Raynar Hoog in the shoulder.

That was the signal; with chaos erupting. Gina switched targets as she sniped them from the rooftop. She had dropped about 10 or so men when they got a fix on her location. The closest skiff had an E-web heavy repeating blaster set on a tripod. It took aim and Gina had to jump as the roof went away.

Hulu and Kira jumped out at the start, aiming blasters and firing at the men. Everyone was caught by surprise. Kira took a pair of rounds to the chest plate, knocking her back. She raised her left arm and a gout of flame shot from her vambrace. “I need a jetpack,” Kira muttered as she ducked incoming blaster fire and then popped up to return it.

Hulu darted through men as she advanced, firing with both blasters as she sent a kick here, an elbow there. She rolled across the back of a man she punted in the nuts and shot the two men next to him. Then she was grabbed from behind by the lekku, thrown into the air, and slammed into the side small house. Tyraness stood over Hulu, kicking in the belly.

“Stupid fucking Twi’lek cunt!” Tyraness said. “I will add your tails to my collection.” She held up one bloody green lekku. Hulu hissed but caught a boot to the face. The huge woman pulled Hulu up by the right lekku and prepared to shoot it off with her rifle when a scream of rage was heard.

Tyraness turned just as Daffe brought the vibro blade down, severing the rifle. She tackled the woman to the ground and started to pound her fists into Tyraness’s face. Daffe was a big girl but Tyraness was bigger and stronger. She pushed the blonde former Tusken Raider off her with easy.

“Little bitch,” she said as she picked up the discarded vibro blade. “Now you die!”

Rooree bounded out of nowhere and roared, tossing the smaller ceremonial blade to the waiting hand of Daffe. The two blade met with a clang but Daffe was quicker. She spun and swung, cutting off the right hand of Tyraness. The large woman dropped to her knees as Daffe swung again. Tyraness’s head rolled down the street towards her men. Daffe stood in the middle of the street, a blade in each hand, the blood spray covering her face. She roared as she charged. It was like a battle cry for Freetown. The RedKey men started to retreat. Roorack tore the arm off one of the men who was operating the E-web, turning the gun to mow down the retreating Red Key Raiders.

Kira heard the whine of the Z-95’s, “Everyone take cover!” She screamed.

Roorack jumped off the skiff as it exploded from a laser barrage from one of the Headhunters. The craft wheeled around to do a strafing run but it exploded into a ball of fire as the Mantis shot through the flame. The second Z-95 turned tail and ran. The retreating men met the Tusken Raiders and were massacred.

Daffe was holding up Hulu as they limped towards the waiting Mantis. Gina was bandaging a wounded Issa, her right lekku gone. Rooree collected the borrowed rifles and walked up the boarding ramp. Cobb walked up to Kira with the credits in hand.

“No, keep them and repair the town,” Kira said. “Just don’t go wearing Mando armor again. Get something more practical.” Cobb laughed as Kira boarded the Mantis. They lifted off for Mos Espa.

The crew stayed aboard the ship for the night. All took turns in the baccta tank, with Daffe spending the most time immersed in the healing liquid. After she healed some, we learned more about Daffe. She was 8 years old when her parents moisture farm was attacked by Tusken Raiders. Her parents were killed and she was taken. She could speak some basic but it was hard for her to pick out the words, because the last time she had spoken it was 10 years ago. She told us that her mother came from the city planet and her father was from where they made the big ships. Therefore, mom was from Corusant and dad was from Corellia.

“Do you want us to take you to your family?” Kira aske as they all sat in the galley of the ship.

“No. All dead. No family now,” Daffe said in a quiet voice.

“Daffe,” Gina said as she placed a hand on her shoulder. “If you want, you can be a part of our family.”

The young blonde looked up at Gina and then around at all of us. There were tears in her eyes.

“You are not a slave,” Hulu said, “Not anymore. You are part of our crew and family.”

Kira stood up, “In the morning, the girls and Roorack are going to take you to the market to get you fixed up with new clothes and new toys like the sword and blaster. They will be all yours. Now everyone needs to get some sleep.”

Kira watched as Daffe went towards her new room. The tall girl paused and stared at the room from the passageway. Gina walked up to her, taking her hand and leading her inside. I walked past as Daffe lay down with her head in Gina’s lap. The redhead stroked the blonde hair until Daffe fell asleep.

In the morning, Kira watched as the crew went towards the market. She hefted the travel bag with Boba Fett’s armor and walked toward where she first saw the other Mandalorian. Her head moved around to make sure she was not followed. The helmet showed no warnings as she neared the enclave. Then Mandalorians started to move into view from behind walls. She continued walking until she entered the room where she first met the leader of the enclave.

“I see you have returned, Blood Wren,” The gold Mando said. “Were you successful in your mission?”

Kira dropped the bag and opened it, revealing the armor and helmet.

“The once infamous Fett,” she said. “Now for you, as promised. I will craft Whistling Birds. Please remove your vambraces.”

Kira did as instructed and watched as the Mandalorian heated her forge and melted beskar plates to liquid. With the hands of a craftsman, she made the small guide munitions and inserted them into the vambraces.

“Just remember to use them sparingly,” she said as Kira put the vambraces back on. “These are rare. The enclave thanks you. You are always welcome here.”

Kira nodded and left to go back to her ship.

She got back aboard to find a very different young woman. She was dressed in dark brown bantha leather pants with knee high combat boots. Her shirt was a dark red with a green armored jacket over her shoulders.

Kira removed her helmet as the ramp to the Mantis closed. Gina walked up. “We spent some credits but it was all worth it.” Kira smiled at Daffe.

“Good job,” Kira said, “The scars are fading some. Maybe another few hours in the baccta tank?”

“I suggested that, but Daffe wants people to know she is a survivor,” Gina said smiling. “So where are we heading next?”

“I think Dathomir,” Kira said walking with Gina to the flight deck. “Disrupting Crimson Dawn’s operation should be fun!”

Kira took the pilots chair as Gina hopped in next to her. Hulu brought Daffe up to the flight to watch her first flight. The Mantis took off from the spaceport and angled up towards the sky. Hulu sat Daffe down in the navigator’s chair for the flight. Her eyes were wide as saucers as the stars and blackness of space came into view.

“Points plotted and ready to jump,” Hulu said as she pressed a few buttons next to Daffe.

The teenager let out a shout of laughter and joy as the dots turned to lines as Mantis entered hyperspace.

To Be Continued in Episode 6! Which is Coming Soon!

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