The Return of the Korean Ex-Girlfriend by JustLooking9000


-“Faster!”-moaned a completely naked Seoyeon as she had the pleasure of feeling Shinji’s manhood penetrating her from behind. Shinji’s high school girlfriend enjoyed his broad and defined chest brushing her back while his big hands fondled her excited chest. Seoyeon extended her arms backwards as far as possible to touch her lover’s face and neck.

-“My girlfriend…will… be… furious…”-noted Shinji in between laboured breaths.

-“That’s too bad”-Replied the brown haired beauty. In truth, she felt slightly guilty for stealing another woman’s boyfriend, but she knew competition for men like Shinji was fierce. He would never lack a number of stunning girls waiting at his beck and call. The only way to win him back was to displace his current girlfriend, by hook or by crook. Seoyeon was confident that in such a contest, she would prove the better lover, and a worthy heir to Shinji’s bed.

Seoyeon spotted a young, shapely, feminine silhouette approaching from the horizon. Her feminine intuition told her that she must be her competitor for Shinji’s affections. Despite the distance, Seoyeon could feel the other woman’s burning anger and knew she was coming to claim Shinji back. Which was regrettable, because Seoyeon had no intention to let her old boyfriend go…

-“Fuck”-cursed Seoyeon as her sweet dream gave way to the harsh reality. He scanty bedroom dress felt incredibly tight due to the visible expansion of her excited tits. There was a distinctive wet feeling down her vagina and she was once more, unsatisfied. Not for long though.

The Korean beauty had met the Japanese boy when she was a high school student in Japan. His handsome face, fun attitude and good prospects made him moderately popular with the girls. Seoyeon figured out a guy like Shinji would never pay attention to her but was pleasantly surprised when he showed interest in the cute Korean student. She encouraged his attentions, and for them it was the start of an awkward but steamy teenage romance. The couple had a blissful two year relationship with a lot of firsts until Seoyeon moved back to South Korea, forcing their painful break up.

She cut all contact with him. Not out of hate, but because she knew she could never move on until she totally removed the handsome boy from her life. Six years and several boyfriends later, Seoyeon had to admit she still carried the torch for her first boyfriend. So she took it as a sign from heaven when the company she worked asked her to work in Tokyo. Seeing her chance to restart her relationship with Shinji, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Nothing worth having comes easy though. Seoyeon was sorely disappointed when she trolled Shinji’s facebook and realized he was in a relationship with some slut called Kimiko. She hated the attractive Japanese lady from the moment she saw her facebook feed: A lot of cute couple photos, revealing dresses and status updates stating how much fun thing she and Shinji were having. To a man, this would look like a normal profile feed, but a perceptive seductress like Seoyeon knew Shinji’s girlfriend was signaling potential sexual rivals to back off.

Seoyeon’s mulled the information she had gathered. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. There she was, an attractive young Korean woman(23 years old) with long wavy brown hair. Her shapely body was at the peak of her sexual prime. Her long legs attracted a lot of badly disguised attention the days she decided to wear a miniskirt. Although not enormous by any standards, her boobs were bigger than the those of an average Asian woman. Her skin was pretty pale, which was something Asian men loved in women. She could have any man she wanted.

Could she have Shinji though? Looking at the daring dresses Shinji’s Japanese lover wore, it was clear that she was very young and attractive, and she knew it. Kimiko’s confidence in her own appearance somewhat unnerved Seoyeon. Physical charm alone would not win Shinji back. It was clear that an aggressive game of seduction was needed if she wanted Shinji to leave his current girlfriend. The Korean beauty hesitated for a moment. Was Shinji worth the fight?

She sent a friend request to Shinji.

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Kimiko lazily opened her eyes as she woke up. She couldn’t help but to smile as she saw her boyfriend’s attractive face in front of her and felt his morning wood in between her pale thighs. Seeing Shinji still asleep, she playfully nursed his morning boner, managing to extract a seductive grin from the half awaken man. She deserved this. She was going to fight for this.

Kimiko had been dating her current beau for no more than three months, pouncing on the good looking guy the moment he dumped his then girlfriend and not letting go. So far they had avoided making a serious commitment yet, but they had been clearly heading towards that direction before Shinji dropped the ex-girlfriend bomb. Last night her boyfriend had told her that he was reconsidering their “relationship”. Kimiko soon found out the reason was some trashy Korean ex of his who was moving back to Japan. Shinji’s lover knew that crying, pleading or ultimatums wouldn’t work on him: His previous girlfriend had tried all of that and had failed miserably. Instead, she practically leaped at him before he could continue talking and rode him all night long, using all her feminine guile to persuade him to reconsider. In between sessions she asked for more information about her sexual rival, and what could she do to get him to change his mind.

-“Hello sunshine! Have I convinced you to reconsider…or do you need me to make a stronger case?”-said Kimiko in a teasing tone as she toyed with his boner.

-“Wow Kimiko, you’re an amazing gal…”-started Shinji-“to be honest, I feel very confused about my feelings. I mean, I haven’t seen Seoyeon for a long time”

Kimiko knew a stronger medicine was needed and she knew just the cure to the ex-girlfriend malaise.

-“She’ll take you away from my dead cold hands”-deadpanned Kimiko, surprising Shinji-“Shinji, I know we haven’t been dating for too long but I like what I see so far. Of course, you’re free to choose whom you date, but I think I should have the chance to compete for you”

-“Does that Korean bitch know I’m willing to fight for you?”-She felt Shinji’s boner stiffen a little bit as she used the key words “compete” and “fight”. He had told her about his catfight fetish and what a huge turn on it was to have two women competing over him. She made full use of that kink of his to spice their sexual life, and now she was going to use this weapon against her sexual competition-“Tell her that if she wants to deprive me of your cock I’ll crush her tits to oblivion. Is she willing to put her body on line for you like I am?”

-”How about you listen to her”-said Shinji, handing his phone to Kimiko. Seemingly a gesture of transparency, Shinji had carefully curated the chat log to make his old flame look like a restless man stealer trying to poach Shinji from that “mediocre bitch” called Kimiko. When Shinji had asked why should he break up with his girlfriend to date Seoyeon, she answered with a steady stream of pictures showing herself in several states of undress and steamy voice messages to make her case.

The Japanese toy boy could feel his lover’s sensual physique tense up, visibly shaking in rage as she listened to Seoyeon’s indecent voice messages. The last straw came when she heard Seoyeon arrogant voice stating “I know I’m better that her(Kimiko), and if she wants to argue about that point, we can take our dispute it in your bedroom or on the floor. Her choice ”

A tense silence filled the room as Shinji’s Japanese girlfriend digested the last bit of information. The sexy Kimiko had used Shinji’s catfight kink as a weapon to destroy his last relationship. Had his then girlfriend being cognizant (or willing) to wield the same weapon to save the relationship, it would have been much harder for the sultry Japanese goddess to steal him away. Now faced with a sexual rival that was willing to play the same game, Kimiko knew victory wasn’t assured. She needed to aggressively confront her romantic foe and let her know she won’t give up Shinji without a fight!
She knew that ex-girlfriends were a dangerous adversary. The lure of nostalgia, the nagging what ifs, the temptation to engage in vigorous lovemaking with a old lover…everything weighing heavily on her man’s fidelity.

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Shinji told Seoyeon about Kimiko’s willingness to compete over him and even get into a physical altercation if that was what was needed to keep him. The foxy Korean knew her ex boyfriend was trying to find out how far she was willing to go to win his affections. He was putting the two women competing for his romantic attentions on a scale and weighing them against each other before deciding on one of them. She also became aware of his catfight fantasy and had started looking at catfight videos to get a better understanding of Shinji’s kinks. She had no doubt this was an amorous ploy coming from his Japanese girlfriend to tilt the scale in her favour, and Seoyeon understood she needed to up her game up a notch if she wanted to become Shinji’s favourite. So she started by turning what had been another boring day at the office into an erotic voice messaging sex session with Shinji.

-“You just told your girlfriend you were busy, but we both know the truth…her lazy lovemaking doesn’t excite you anymore…”

-“I bite your neck despite your weak protests…I want to let that Japanese slut know you’ve found a better lover.”

-“After all the teasing, you finally insert your massive cock inside my tight cunt…you can’t help but to compare my pussy and hers…and you like mine better”

-“Your moans betray the upcoming orgasm…I can feel in my pussy. It’s going to be big, I can already feel the rain of cum….”

-“I bathe your hard cock with my cum shower…”

She savoured each imaginary action Shinji had described in vivid detail, her tiny thong now hopelessly wet. As Seoyeon’s business shirt felt tighter and tighter, her talk became raunchier, describing in vivid detail what she wanted to do with him, making sure to mention how much better she was compared to Kimiko. Seoyeon anxiously glanced at her phone, hoping to see a new notification from Shinji. One week from now, she’d be back in Tokyo and bed the real thing instead of just relying on her imagination…

Then she heard a rush of incoming notifications…Seoyeon picked her phone, eager to hear Shinji’s masculine voice. However, instead of voice messages, she received a stream of pictures depicting Shinji and a black haired woman…naked…doing everything she had described to Shinji for the last half an hour.

-“That was pretty tame sex…no wonder you guys broke up”-said a clearly feminine voice through the voice message-“No worries, I managed to finish the job. Look at the second picture…I bit my man’s neck pretty hard”

Kimiko was pretty satisfied with herself. Fighting over a man was more than just beating her adversary to a pulp, or outfuck her in the bedroom. It was psychological warfare, it was letting her sexual rival know she couldn’t possibly compete with her, it was showing the man she was bolder and more exciting.

-“You Japanese monkey!”-replied he enraged office worker, realizing what had just happened. Luckily, there was no one around the office to hear her outburst-“You have no imagination bitch, so you have to copy me to please Shinji! Too bad your pig face can’t excite him”

-“I can guarantee you my boyfriend is very satisfied with my performance in bed”-teased the black haired woman a she rested her pretty head on Shinji’s big chest and her left hand was working him into another erection-“You won’t be able to steal my boyfriend away from me, so give it up”

-“In one week time I’ll show Shinji that he can do better than a plain, mediocre Japanese trailer trash. Whatever you do, I can do better, and after he has a good look at me he’ll realize who’s the better woman”

-“HA! Listen Korean bitch. You’re lucky I can’t reach you with my nails. You’re can come if you want, but if I were you, I’d stay in Korea and stop trying to flirt with taken men”

-“Do you think I’m afraid of little whores like you? I will go to Japan and I will meet Shinji in the KTV party as planned.”

-“You can bet I’ll accompany my man to the KTV and I won’t let you do as you please with my man.”-replied Kimiko on her end. Seeing her man being excited about her talk she turned to him and teased him “I see you love hear our girly talk”

-“Oh I tell you Japanese skank. I’ll do whatever I want with Shinji, and you better get the way out of the way if you don’t want me to give a new “haircut”

-“Just try it you Korean pig, and I can assure you a new “haircut” will be the least of your worries”-replied Kimiko, now combining the voice messaging with foreplay with her boyfriend.

-“Let’s see if you can back up your words with action when I arrive to Tokyo”-raged Seoyeon, noticing Shinji’s moans in the background of Kimiko’s last message. Shinji’s black haired lover had unambiguously won this round, and any further talking would work to her advantage. Seoyeon needed to get to Tokyo as soon as possible and secure physical access to Shinji if she wanted to battle the wily Japanese skank on fair terms. That was the first and last conversation Seoyeon had with her aggressive sexual rival while she was in Seoul.

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-“It’s so nice to catch up with you”-said Seoyeon not really meaning it. She had come early to the KTV; in fact, she was the first person to arrive. That way she could catch up with former classmates she hadn’t talked in a long time and be done with the pleasantries as soon as possible. She didn’t want any unwelcome distractions in her quest to seduce her ex-boyfriend back when he and his trashy girlfriend showed up.

For that purpose she had worn the briefest navy shorts she could find to showcase her long legs, combined with a flimsy white top that left her shoulders and flat midriff totally exposed. She felt the admiring gazes of her high school friends as she strutted in her creamy high heels, where aware she straddled the thin line between sexy and vulgar even with the slightest step. The attire was tight and uncomfortable, but it presented her feminine assets in the best light possible. Seoyeon felt sexy and powerful, knowing Shinji’s jaw would drop when he saw her.

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-“Stop it you pervert!”-Kimiko playfully protested, weakly fending off her lover’s roaming hands under minidress. The whole Seoyeon affair and Kimiko’s aggressive response had lit their bedroom life on fire. There was a lot of rough, animalistic sex, her man unable to take his hands off her hot body as she filled her boyfriend’s head with fantasies of herself and her Korean adversary fighting tooth and nail over him. Sometimes Seoyeon put a spirited fight, sometimes it was a one sided beating, but in all scenarios, the black haired woman prevailed over the Korean pretender and capped it off with a wild session of sex at the end.

Kimiko wore a tiny cream miniskirt combined with sheer little top that was precariously held by a flimsy strap around her neck. The Japanese goddess knew that as soon as they met with Seoyeon, Shinji would be comparing their physiques against each other, and she had no intention of being found wanting. It seemed as if he was ready to practically pin her against the wall, pull her hair and devour her with his mouth. Not that it would be an unwelcome advance…

Opening the door of the KTV room, Kimiko saw Shinji’s usual band of 10 or so high school mates already singing, drinking, smoking and generally having a good time. Scanning the room, her eyes naturally rested on a slender feminine figure sporting a whorish outfit sensually moving towards Shinji in 5’ high heels. Kimiko tensed up, unconsciously straightening her back and rubbing her boobs against her boyfriend’s arm.

-“Shinji!”-cried the excited Korean beauty. Kimiko saw Shinji’s ex shamelessly using her whole body to intimately embrace him and subtly ramming her bare long legs against his crotch. The young Korean bitch was going all in from the get go.

-“Ahem”-Kimiko gently pulled her boyfriend’s arm backwards, breaking the affectionate hug. Then, positioning herself right in between Shinji and Seoyeon, she continued-“I warned you about coming here”

-“And I warned about getting on my way”-responded the brown haired beauty evenly, not missing the fact Kimiko was rubbing her ass against Shinji’s crotch . She was unequivocally marking Shinji as her territory and telling Seoyeon that the road to Shinji’s cock passed right through her. It was a clear sexual challenge and the Korean temptress had no intention to back down….

-“Let’s greet the others!”-said Shinji, breaking the tense staredown between the two good looking girls and taking Kimiko with him. Kimiko played along, disdainfully turning her head away from her amorous rival. After all, she had to keep appearances in front of Shinji’s friends. She made polite conversation with the group, half listening, half eyeing the brown haired skank. She used her girlfriend privilege to be extra affectionate to Shinji in front of his classmates, smirking every time she made eye contact with the woman who wanted to steal her man. She’d keep the game, and then sit down among Shinji’s friends. Seoyeon could hang around all she wanted, but she’d be unable to overtly use her charms on Shinji when everyone was looking.

Kimiko’s smug grin grated Seoyeon. She knew that it would be a clear breach of etiquette(and prudish morals) for her to openly seduce Shinji in front of their mutual friends. The Korean woman settled for light touches and “playful” digs at Shinji’s girlfriend. She also tried to be in front of Shinji’s field of vision so he could admire her physical charms, but she knew she was losing the physical game badly, as Kimiko possessively kissed, caressed and shamelessly leaned her head on Shinji’s shoulder.

She needed a change of battleground. Luckily, the spot in which Kimiko was standing was the brightest point of the room, and even then the light was pretty dim. The rest of the room was even darker, not quite pitch dark, but visibility over a certain distance was a challenge. That was by design, as the KTV owners knew that there was money to be made by making big KTV rooms yet allowing couples to separate from the group and have private moments without leaving the room. Nothing too fancy. Just the discreet hand job, intimate touches, some fingering. No one really cared, as everyone expected some hanky panky to occur between couples.

Seoyeon reached for Shinji’s hand, playfully taking his beer away from him and started drinking from the bottle. When her ex-boyfriend protested and tried to get his beer back, the Korean seductress then teasingly moved back, pulling Shinji away from the group and into one of the isolated corners no one had claimed yet. Simple, subtle, yet it wreaked havoc with Kimiko’s game plan. Kimiko watched helplessly as her position in the spotlight made it hard to immediately chase after her boyfriend.

-“Finally, we got rid of that insufferable cunt”-said Seoyeon, dropping her “sweet foreign girl” act the moment she was sure no one but Shinji could hear her. Sitting down, she crossed her legs, inviting his ex-boyfriend to join her.

-“Well, you’re trying to make me break up with her”-replied Shinji as he sat down. Seoyeon shut him up by discreetly giving him a taste of her lips. Six years. Six years since the last kiss, six years the last time he made her feel like a bitch in heat and she made him cum like an endless fountain, six years since the last time they intimately explored each other’s bodies. The long desired for kiss was electrifying, bringing a rush of memories and excitement. The fact that was it was all done in a semi private space, their friends unaware of what was happening and Shinji’s girlfriend knowing exactly what was happening but unable to do anything made the room feel unbearably hot and Shinji’s pants unbearably tight.

Kimiko nodded as Aiko and Koizumi rambled on and on about a topic she didn’t care about. She wanted to go confront her insolent sexual rival, but she couldn’t just disentangle herself until she had properly talked with everyone. It’d be at the 10 minute mark that the Japanese temptress decided she had paid her social dues and decided to confront her romantic rival.

Seoyeon took advantage of Kimiko’s absence to show Shinji she wasn’t the awkward high school girl Shinji knew back then. In the last six years she had become quite adept in the art of love and was doing quite a demonstration, cleverly using Shinji’s coat and casually talking with him to cover the fact she was giving him a handjob. The table right in front of them helped obfuscate the proceedings as she pretended to listen and encourage her friends’ bad singing.

Walking towards her boyfriend, Kimiko was not fooled by the coat over Shinji’s crotch. The Korean beauty in turn saw the black haired woman coming and impudently smirked at her antagonist.

-“Do you mind? We’re having a private moment”-said a haughty Seoyeon-“I told you he’d leave you the moment he saw me”

-“Ha! He’s toying with you. In the end he always comes back to me”-replied Kimiko as she sat down. “ You think I don’t know how to play this game?”-continued the black haired beauty as her hand sneaked under the coat, reaching Shinji’s balls and caressing them before dislodging Seoyeon’s hand from Shinjis’s mighty erection in one swift motion.

-“I don’t think so slut!”-muttered Seoyeon, mindful of the need to be discreet. Her hand now engaged in a furious struggle with Kimiko’s hand for ownership of Shinji’s erection. She was determined to come on top in this increasingly open sexual contest.

Shinji took deep breaths as he felt a pair of hands simultaneously fighting over his penis and working him towards an orgasm. He tried to focus on his singing friends, wanting to delay as long as possible, but the women seemed hell bent in adding fuel to the fire. The gorgeous Asian ladies fighting over his cock were engaged in a brutal verbal catfight, each hurling demeaning insults at her sexual rival in order to impress him. The incredible part was that from a distance, it seemed as if the young amorous rivals were smiling, talking and generally getting along just well. Kimiko once again annoyed her sexual antagonist off by using her official girlfriend status to slobber all over Shinji’s face and neck with impunity. Seoyeon knew she’d have to raise the stakes or be outmanoeuvred by the Japanese bitch’s unfair advantage…

-“Ouch!”-whispered the Kimiko as she felt her foe’s long nails scratch her hand-“How dare you?”

-“What? Not willing to do what it takes to fight for your man…ouch you whore!”-moaned the Korean temptress as Shinji’s girlfriend pinched her hand. She quickly retaliated in kind-“You’re lucky there’re people here or I’d tear the hair off your scalp”

-“Trust me skank. If you insist on trying to steal my man, tearing your hair off will be the nicest thing I’ll do”-retorted the Japanese beauty as she mauled her foe’s hand.

The girls now started to maliciously pinch and maul each other’s hands under the table as they fought to bring Shinji’s erection to a conclusion. The smiles were now gone, each young lady struggling to suppress the temptation to vocalize her pain. They saw Shinji close to orgasming and they increased up their efforts, determined to be the one making the man in dispute cum with her very own hand. The end of hostilities came when the young seductresses felt an outburst of white liquid covering their hands.

-“Oh darling! If we were in private I’d have eaten all your cum”-said Kimiko as she discreetly wiped her man’s semen with her tongue.

-“If we were in private I’d lick your cock clean dear“-retorted Seoyeon also imitating Kimiko in licking Shinji’s cum off her hand. The young bombshells knew that the handjob had settled nothing, and a more conclusive victory was needed to tilt Shinji’s heart in her favour.

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After an inconclusive “hand to hand” clash, the Asian seductresses were in the mood for a more “involved” way to settle their differences, but a very happy Shinji decided to socialize with the group instead, leaving the good looking women with no option but to engage in social intercourse too. However, the young women knew it was not over; they would not let the night pass without a clear conclusion being reached. Each girl found time to tell Shinji know she wanted to “clarify” their interpersonal “issues” in private. Preferably as soon as possible. After what seemed an eternity, Shinji relented and took the girls home.

Though he didn’t say it, Shinji noticed that despite all of Kimiko’s stories and all of Seoyeon’s bravado, the romantic rivals had become increasingly skittish as they reached the apartment. It was all and good when they were trash talking over voice message, or when they had a mutual set of friends that would interrupt any nascent fight. It was a totally different matter when they were next to each other, alone with the guy they both wanted as their witness. In order to impress Shinji, each young beauty had made loud and repeated boasts about her willingness to get into a catfight with her love rival. They knew that offering an olive branch now would make them lose face in front of the guy they were competing over. Luckily, Shinji had read a lot of advice on how to get the young Asian stunners in the right mood to claw each other.

As he entered the bedroom of his apartment, Shinji apologized for dragging things on, but he was thinking of the best way to explain his position. He liked both girls very much and found himself very unwilling to choose one over the other. The girls anxiously heard him speak of the pros and cons of choosing one woman over the other and why just couldn’t do reach a final decision, knowing it would break someone’s heart. However, he knew the young women fighting over him would not settle for anything less than dating exclusively, so if he was to make a choice, he would go with the woman who pleased him the most sexually.

Though he had laid with Kimiko many times and thus knew of her bedroom prowess, he hadn’t done the deed with Seoyeon for a long time. Therefore, to make an objective decision as to whom he’d end up with, it was obvious that he had to compare the bedroom technique of both claimants for his cock side by side. Therefore, each girl would be given 5 minutes to “make her case” to Shinji. First Kimiko then Seoyeon, then Kimiko…until each woman had had 5 chances to show him her lovemaking skills. Should he cum, the woman that had managed the feat would get an extra 10 minutes with him as a reward. The winner would be the woman who made him cum the most times. So, it would a purely sexual competition, and no catfighting involved. Should matter be undecided by the 5th round, then a catfight would be in order to settle the dispute.

The young Asian ladies were somewhat surprised yet relieved by the conditions. They both knew Shinji was a big catfight fan, and that he had hinted that should neither girl concede her romantic presumptions over him, then a catfight was very likely. They had come prepared for such an occasion, each researching on the internet and watching catfight videos to get an edge should matters get physical, but it suddenly seemed as if such a scenario was avoidable. It wasn’t that they were afraid of fighting, they just preferred not to fight unless necessary.

-“Oh Shinji, this is not going to be even close! After tonight, you’ll wonder how you could have ever put up with that frigid Japanese bitch!”- boasted Seoyeon. She was pretty stoked at hearing about the rules. A contest where each lady would use her feminine charms to win over the man in dispute would play right into her hand. Although she had been Shinji’s ex-girlfriend before, she was now a new lover, her erotic physique a new and exciting world for him. No matter how experienced and talented Kimiko was at the bedroom game, there was nothing more tantalizing than intimate contact with a sexy and unfamiliar body. Seoyeon just knew he was dying to get a taste her nubile body, and she was of his.

-“Dream on Korean pig! I bet your lovemaking is stuck at high school level!”-exclaimed Kimiko. Sure, Shinji was very familiar with her body by now, but she had always made sure he was never bored in bed. She knew her lover’s every kink, every pleasure zone like the palm of her hand. The best way to give him a blowjob, the dirty words that excited him. All those unassailable advantages.-“you’re in luck, because tonight you’ll witness how a true woman fucks her man”

As he explained the rules, Shinji had begun taking his clothes off, exposing his chiseled chest, big biceps and excited manhood for the ladies viewing pleasure. Seoyeon looked intently at Shinji’s hardened dick, fondly recalling how that instrument of pleasure had brought her much happiness in the past. Just thinking about the good times to come after she won the fight made her unbearably wet. Kimiko too stared at Shinji’s erect cock, which had given her so much comfort on cold winter nights. The sexually defeated Seoyeon would be the bedrock in which the young Japanese beauty planned to rest the foundation of a more solid relationship with Shinji.

Eager to start the proceedings, Seoyeon grabbed her white top and slowly unveiled her young physique to the man she was wooing. Shinji could not help but to lustfully admire his ex girlfriend’s toned body as the tiny top gave way to bare skin and sizable chest. It was clear the years have been very kind to his high school girlfriend. Now sensually wiggling her ass as she buttoned off her scandalous navy shorts, the Korean belle let the tiny garment roll off her hips, followed by her white thongs. Seoyeon gleefully noted the hungry look in his eyes as he admired her nakedness. “you like?”-teased Seoyeon as she kicked her high heels, noticing the effects her exposed body was having on Shinji’s manhood. Turning her bare body towards her female rival she couldn’t help to provoke her: “It seems we now know who is Shinji really rooting for”

Not wanting to fall behind, Kimiko sensually took off her miniscule top, making sure to emphasize every womanly curve in the process. Shinji’s attention shifted from Seoyeon to Kimiko as she hooked off her flimsy bra, letting her gorgeous tits roll free in a bobbing motion. Despite knowing every centimetre of Kimiko’s anatomy by heart, he could never grow tired of seeing her fantastic body, the author of many an erection during boring office hours. Wagging her ass, the sexy Japanese siren slid the indecent miniskirt down her long pale thighs and then proceeded to take off her heels. Kimiko grinned when she noticed her boyfriend’s lecherous look. Now it was time for the Japanese beauty to brag: “His eyes don’t lie, and his eyes are looking at me”

Truth be told, Shinji was having a hard time knowing where to look. He compared the glorious nakedness of two women at the peak of their sexual prime, but found it impossible to rule one more attractive than the other. Kimiko was slightly taller and had black hair, but otherwise she had a very similar build to the Korean pretender. Seoyeon had a fuller set of breasts but her Japanese adversary were of a decent size too. If the night ended in a catfight, it’d impossible to guess who would win on based of their physiques alone. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his young girlfriend taking off her high heels.

-“Ready for a good time?”-asked Kimiko as she walked towards her man. So far she had used her physical proximity and social advantages that come with being Shinji’s official girlfriend to great effect. Now circumstances were different. Her rival in love had invaded her lovenest, and there were no friends to enforce social mores on the Korean temptress. From now it’s be unrestricted warfare between the two young vixens, every weapon in their seduction arsenal would be used to win Shinji’s heart.

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-“You know Kimiko”-said Shinji as he saw Kimiko about to jump on the bed-“there’s a time limit, but I’m going to be too distracted to enforce it. That’s between you girls”

Kimiko look askance, her brain taking a few seconds to understand the meaning of the words, then her lips curled up in conspiratorial smile. Kimiko wasted no time on mounting on top of her boyfriend’s gloriously naked body and aggressively made out with him. The black-haired beauty made sure her aroused tits made full contact with Shinji’s chest in an up and down motion, while her cunt wet his dick. “Shinji dear, why would you trade this for some ugly bitch who can’t make love properly?” Shinji moaned as his excited manhood slowly penetrated his girlfriend’s warn pussy.

-“Have I not moan catered to your every fantasy?”-said Kimiko as she felt Shinji aggressively pounding her-“Have my performance in bed moan not been satisfactory?”

-“Or is it that you prefer me but want to see me fight for you cock?”-asked Kimiko rhetorically.

She then lightly bit her man’s neck and ears, knowing Shinji loved those. She continued her hateful speech “I know you Shinji. You’ll never settle for second best. And I’ll show you again that I’m the best” as she rode her boyfriend.

Kimiko’s skillful use of language, her throughout knowledge of his body, the fact that there was another jealous woman waiting to prove her sexual worth the moment she got the chance, it all drove Shinji to fuck and pound like a wild beast, Kimiko eagerly egging him to go faster, harder.

The moment was interrupted by the 5 minute alarm. Kimiko clearly heard it, but she wilfully ignored the unwelcome sound, knowing Shinji would not make an issue of it.

-“Time’s off bitch. Get off him”-Seoyeon protested loudly. She repeated her protestations, only to be flagrantly ignored. Losing her patience, she moved towards the copulating couple at a brisk pace, jumped on the bed, forcefully grabbed her sexual adversary’s shoulders and pulled Kimiko backwards-“I said, GET OFF HIM!”

-“Argh you Korean wench”-cried Kimiko, feeling her wet cunt losing contact with her boyfriend’s manhood. Enraged at the sudden end of her sensual enjoyment, the Japanese beauty turned around and laid her hand on a big chunk of her opponent’s wavy hair-“Don’t ever touch me again!”

-“Get your dirty hands off my hair!”-screamed Seoyeon, as she reciprocated the hairpull.

-“Stop Stop!”-said Shinji as he rose to pacify the furious young women. His big hands wrapped around the warring beauties’ waists, the feeling of his smooth skin rubbing against them soothed their anger. He was not angry though. Rather, he was delighted in these turn of events. The girls stopped the premature hairpull and looked at the man in dispute-“Make love no war. Kimiko, it’s Seoyeon’s turn”

-“Fine! But if that low class whore touches me again I’ll leave her bald”-replied Kimiko as she left the mattress in a dour mood and waited on the sofa.

-“I’d love to see you try!”-replied Seoyeon as she watched Kimiko’s hips undulate as she left the sofa.
-“Kimiko went over the 5 minutes”-complained Seoyeon. Shinji had the perfect answer for it -“Oh that. We are all adults here, so I trust you girls to be mature enough to stop at the 5 minute mark. Now, if you accidentally go over the 5 minutes, it’s up to Kimiko to remind you to stop.”

-“I see”-It took like 2 seconds for Seoyeon to understand the implicit meaning of the answer. Smiling, she French kissed her man, starting her 5 minutes.

Unlike her sexual foe, Seoyeon wasn’t as verbally expressive. She didn’t need to. After six years of not fucking, the Korean beauty could tell her ex-boyfriend was dying to put his dick inside her slutty body.

-“I’ve been waiting 6 years for this moment”-whispered Seoyeon as she started making out with Shinji. Both Shinji and Seoyeon released a moan of pleasure as their intimate parts came in contact. The lovers briefly paused and glanced at each other with longing, realizing the significance of the moment.

-“Fuck me good!”-screamed Seoyeon in Korean as the momentary calm gave way to a storm of passion. Shinji was in heaven. Six years had done a lot of good to his high school ex, and he could attest, her bedroom skills had improved significantly since those idyllic yet awkward school days.

Seoyeon encouraged his outburst of passion by sensually speaking in Korean, which Shinji didn’t understand, but found hot. She could be talking about how to wash clothes for all he cared and he would still find it exciting. Shinji vigorous lovemaking cleared any lingering doubts Seoyeon had. Now she knew for sure that Shinji and her were meant to be together, and the only obstacle was that Japanese loser who couldn’t get the hint. Kimiko was apprehensive when she saw how enthusiastic Shinji was about his ex’s luscious body. She knew that part of it was the novelty of having sex with a new partner, but she could not help but to be feel hurt. The black haired girlfriend was relieved at hearing the alarm sound and waited for Seoyeon to stop humping her man…

-“5 minutes 5 minutes! Get off my man!”-protested Kimiko, but Seoyeon didn’t slow down at all. The brown haired beauty ignored the alarm as she continued making out with Shinji until a pair of hands latched onto her long brown hair and pulled her away from Shinji with a painful tug –“I said…TIME’S UP!”

-“Ouch Ouch let GO MY HAIR you BITCH!”-screamed Shinji’s HS girlfriend as her pussy found itself cockless. She turned around, her hands ripping straight into Kimiko’s black hair.

-“GIRLS GIRLS STOP”-commanded Shinji as he left his comfortable position into separate his beautiful lovers. Charging straight into the entangled mess, after some effort Shinji was able to separate the young temptresses, but not before Kimiko landed an insulting slap on Seoyeon’s cheek.

-“She ignored the alarm”-objected Kimiko, conveniently ignoring she had done the same 5 minutes ago.

-“It’s not my fault he prefers to spend more time with a real woman!”-retorted Seoyeon. Kimiko was about to lunge at her sexy adversary but was intercepted by her boyfriend.

-“Let’s not fight. Seoyeon, to the sofa”-ordered Shinji. Seoyeon angrily walked away from the bed, but not before heatedly clashing shoulder to shoulder with Kimiko. However, the amorous rivals could not help but to notice that the man they were fighting over wasn’t angry. No, he seemed very pleased with their eagerness to get physical with her sexual rival. It’d be a piece of information they’d remember.

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Shinji’s idea of letting his two lovers self-police the 5 minute mark was working wonderfully. He knew the moment the women realized he was not really playing referee they would try to maximize their time with him. In time, they would work out enough rage that they would practically beg him to let them claw each other to oblivion.

Kimiko’s beautiful eyes watched as her sexual rival swayed her hips and then sullenly sat on the sofa, arms crossed, silently yet arrogantly daring the Japanese seductress to do better than her. She then turned her head to the object of her dispute with Seoyeon: Shinji was sitting at the headboard of the bed, his cock expectantly waiting for her to plead her case. She stood on all four and sensually moved towards her boyfriend’s dick, as if she was a starving tigress ready to pounce on her prey.

-“No real woman would let a whore steal her man without a fight”-stated Kimiko, preluding her turn. The moment the girls started pulling hair Kimiko saw through Shinji’s coy ploy. She had no doubt this personal dispute between her and the woman who wanted to steal her man was going to be settled violently. By now her rage was reaching a boiling point, doing a lot to quell her reservations about fighting her rival for Shinji’s affections. She was looking forward to physically punish the woman who had the temerity to challenge her position as Shinji’s bedmate, and she was no longer afraid of getting some scratches on the way. In the meantime, she decided to continue this charade of Shinji’s.

Kimiko ignored the strong sexual aroma the Korean slut had left on her man’s hard cock and started to sensually lick Shinji’s dick as if she was eating an ice cream, but quickly graduated to fully enveloping her man’s thick dick with her warm mouth.

Shinji groaned in pleasure under her girlfriend’s oral ministrations, his hands tightly grasping the blanket as the pleasure overcame him. As he rested a hand on Kimiko’s soft black mane, he noticed her ravenous stare, expressing her desire for him. This was different to her usual blowjobs. Although no words were spoken, he could feel it: Kimiko’s enmity towards the woman trying to steal her man, the wanton desire to hear his approval and mark her superiority to Seoyeon, her feminine pride urging her to put the sensual upstart in her place.

At first the brown-haired beauty pretended to be bored with Kimiko’s attempts to upstage her. However, Shinji moans and “Oh yeah”s let Seoyeon know Kimiko was no push over in bedroom warfare. The High School flame worried. She had been hoping to steam roll Kimiko on the sexual game due to the simple fact that her magnificent body was a novelty to Shinji’s cock. Seoyeon anxiously watched the clock as Shinji urged the black haired beauty to go faster. Seoyeon was experienced enough to know her ex-boyfriend was quickly reaching a point of no return. She stood right bedside the bed, the last minute of Kimikos’ turn feeling like an eternity to Seoyeon, but as soon as she heard to alarm she grabbed Kimiko by the ankles and pulled her down with all her might.

Kimiko tried to hang on by latching onto Shinji’s legs, her mouth desperately trying to engorge her boyfriend’s cock again and finish the job. Shinji was snapped out of his almost orgasm when he stopped feeling Kimiko’s wonderful tongue around his dick. Instead he heard his girlfriend surprised shriek followed by two feminine voices letting out a stream of invective “I was about to make him cum bitch!” “As if I’ll let you!” “Whore!” “Ugly pig!”

Quickly going to edge of the bed, he saw his girlfriend and the woman who wanted to replace her rolling on the floor, one hand firmly grasping her foe’s hair while the other hand was busy handing out ferocious slaps. Shinji watched in thrall as Kimiko, then Seoyeon traded the top position, and he almost decided to let his women finally have it out…but almost. After enjoying the spectacle for a while, Shinji got off the bed and picked up a very unwilling Kimiko. The women ignored Shinji’s pleas and commands, each still trying to land one last slap before they were separated. That honour went to Kimiko, whacking Seoyeon’s chest and eliciting a one final moan of pain from her.

-“If you want to fight, let’s fight you dirty whore!”-spit out an enraged Kimiko as Shinji gently set her free.

-“You think I’m afraid of you? You’re lucky Shinji is protecting you”-countered Seoyeon as she hastily got off the floor “Shinji, just give the word and I’ll scratch her eyes out”

-“Honey I beg you, I’ve had it with this common whore and her insolent words. Let me teach her a lesson in manners”-pleaded Kimiko. What had started as bedroom fantasies, had morphed into game of chicken where each girl thought the other would back out of a fight at the last minute. Now it seemed as if neither would back down. In fact, they were hoping the other woman wouldn’t chicken out.

The brown-haired beauty had sensed the same thing Kimiko had done earlier: Shinji wanted them to fight. Despite her earlier vacillation, Seoyeon was now eager to give Shinji the show he wanted to see, regardless the damage Kimiko might inflict on her young physique.

-“Girls Girls STOP!”- Commanded Shinji, trying to cool down the women’s tempers but obviously pleased at the turn of events-“We’re all grown up in here. Kimiko, go to the sofa. Seoyeon, come to the bed”

-“Hey Kimiko”-called out Seoyeon just as her voluptuous enemy sullenly walked towards the sofa. Seeing Kimiko turning her head around, Seoyeon spit on her love rival in the face.

-“WHY YOU LITTLE WHORE”-Kimiko’s reaction was swift as she pounced at her hateful rival and Seoyeon pulled her claws out ready to continue the fight. Shinji quickly got in between them and it was with considerable effort that he managed to separate them again.

Shinji then dragged Seoyeon to the bed, intent in letting the sexual contest continue. Sure, he was going to let his women have it out, but not just yet. Temporarily setting aside her pent up rage, Seoyeon turned her attentions to his ex-boyfriend. She knew he had almost shot his load with Kimiko. She would need to do some work, but she was confident she could finish the job in under 5 minutes and then drink all his abundant cum. She could not wait to gloat in front of Kimiko.

As soon as Shinji restarted the stop watch, Seoyeon used her soft hands to gently steer Shinji to lie his body back to the bed, chest facing the ceiling. She then climbed on top of him in a classic 69 position. Shinji needed no further indication as what he was to do, and he used his tongue to service his High School girlfriend. He could not help but to shudder in pleasure as he felt Seoyeon softly wrapping her lips around his dick.

With Shinji busy eating her out, Seoyeon took the opportunity to give the middle finger to her foe, trying to infuriate her even more. Sensing Shinji convulsions become stronger by the 3 minute mark, Seoyeon hurried up the pace to make him cum inside her mouth. Kimiko was restless, hating the fact that the woman who wanted to steal her lover away was going to reap the semen she had worked so hard for 5 minutes ago.

Was she going to let that haughty upstart just eat up her man’s cum? The cum only her, Kimiko, as Shinji’s legitimate girlfriend had the right to? Unable to take it anymore, Kimiko blatantly ignored the 1 minute remaining in the stop watch and dived right back into bed, using her whole body to T bone her rival in love.

His cock deprived of sensual stimulation, Shinji was again robbed from the orgasm he was about to experience. Guessing what was the problem, he only had to lightly raise his head to see the two women vying for his cock dishing out hard punches.

-“GIRLS, GIRLS, STOP!”-demanded Shinji, but his girls were no longer willing to listen to his entreaties. He himself was not sure if he wanted to stop the jealous rivals from eagerly ripping into each other. Not taking his eyes off the action, he slowly sat on the bed. Seoyeon was at the bottom, agitating her exquisite long legs in an effort to dismount her carnal enemy while at the same time blocking a series of backfists her love rival put in quick succession.

Realizing that defending herself would only take her so far, Seoyeon dropped her staunch defenses to go straight for Kimiko’s chest. The resulting shrieks were music to Seoyeon’s ears, until a manly hand grabbed her wrists. Her focus changed from her sexual competitor to her HS boyfriend. Said boyfriend was asserting his right to dictate how the catfight, or whatever this was supposed to be, was to proceed. More verbal cajoling and his superior physical force persuaded the angry Asian beauties to slowly but warily lay their hands off each other.

-“Please darling! I can’ stand to see you inside her and not me. Let me fight her before you catch a disease from that filthy Korean slut”-begged the young Japanese temptress

-“I don’t want to share your cock any longer. I rather have it all to myself or none at all”-likewise pleaded the Korean eye candy-“Anything other than having to stand the stench of her cunt on your cock”

Shinji sighed. He knew this was going to be the outcome of their contest. He had engineered the whole affair to end like this. However, since he was going to part with one girl one way or another, he had reasoned he could at least have some goodbye sex with the eventual loser. He had just hoped that he could control the girls for five rounds of sex, but he now realized that the situation was quickly spiraling out of his grasp.

-“Since it’s an impossibility for you girls to follow the rules, I decided we should change the format of our contest.”-said Shinji, in a not very convincing display of anger. They would fight as much as their hearts desired. The first girl to win two rounds was going to stay the night. The loser would leave. However, the moment he saw one girl achieving a huge advantage, or one of the girls gave up, he would separate the amorous rivals, ending a “round”. The winner of each round would have a 10 minutes window to have her way with him. Should he cum, he’d add an additional 5 minutes rest. He then strongly warned them to stick to the time now, or he’d immediately end the fight and declare the offender the loser.

The young beauties readily agreed, each keen to avenge the transgressions her opponent had inflicted on her. The romantic rivals didn’t have experience fighting, but each had done her research. Anger now suppressing any rational thought, each felt confident about how she’d fare in a no quarter given all out catfight, trusting that her burning passion for Shinji would compensate for her lack of experience. Their bare bodies were overflowing with excitement and their minds could not think of anything but brutally beating down the other woman contesting her ownership of Shinji’s cock.

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Conditions thus agreed, each girl haughtily walked towards opposite sides of the room while the man they were fighting over sat on the floor, his back reclining against the bed; with his legs fully extended and his stiff male member betraying how exciting he found the whole spectacle. Feeling the tension becoming unbearable, Shinji finally gave his command “FIGHT!”

The eager females rushed their naked bodies to oppose her rival in love, their luscious physiques making full body contact. A primitive instinct commanded them to grasp her enemy’s hair with both hands and pull with all their might. Although there was a lack of movement as their boobs and crotches erotically grinded together, the strain in their faces betrayed the intensity of the moment. Seoyeon couldn’t help but to be disgusted by the scent of sex emanating from Kimiko’s excited body, and assumed Kimiko was sensing the same aroma. Little moans of pain accompanied insufferable insults or taunts were heard once one girl was successful in ripping hair off her opponent’s scalp. Not satisfied with a little hair, the attacker then proceeded to grab more hair to add insult to injury.

Having focused all attention in their adversary’s scalp, all it took was an abrupt change of direction for them to lose balance. Nevertheless, the good-looking antagonists didn’t letting go of their firm holds on their opponent’s long mane as they tried to secure a dominant position. They rolled in search of an advantage until their warring bodies reached the extended legs of the man they were fighting over. The struggling beauties didn’t stop there though; the catball continued rolling up the length of Shinji’s toned legs until Kimiko could feel Shinji’s hardened manhood touching her ass.

Feeling the cock they were fighting making contact with their naked skin emboldened the girls to raise the level of violence of the fight, disengaging one hand from the vigorous hair pulling and into using it to deliver hurtful slaps to her beautiful antagonist’s face.

-“I’ll never give up on Shinji”-Slap

-“Too bad, because tonight I’ll riding it all night long”-slap

-“In your dreams Korean whore!”-Slap

-“I’m already feeling him grinding against my ass”-Slap

-“Shinji, I won’t give you up to that whore!”-Slap

-“Shinji, tonight you’ll mine!”-Slap

To Shinji, the feeling of this lovers’ young bodies grinding against his crotch area and listening the animated dialogue between them was an incredibly erotic sight. The man in dispute inevitably used his hands to massage the young Asian ladies’ backs, ass and legs. His erotic stroking on the lower part of his lovers’ magnificent physiques had effects on the struggle on the upper part, each girl deciding to take his touch as a subtle sign Shinji favoured her over her love rival.

-“Let’s see how you like my nails!”- screamed Seoyeon as she ratcheted up the violence up a notch. Giving up the slapping contest, the Korean woman clashed her tits against her rival’s and proceeded to rake in her long nails against Kimiko’s long and smooth back, followed with a vicious bite on the Japanese minx’s shoulder. Kimiko’s screams were music to her ears, but quickly Kimiko returned the favour.

-“Let’s see how you like your own medicine!”-responded the black haired temptress, her bite sending Seoyeon in a world of pain. Cruel nails mercilessly sought to ruin the smooth pale skin of her sexual adversary. Not being able to scream, the only outlet for the young Asian ladies’ pain was their wildly flailing legs and the tears streaming down their eyes. Fearing that the girls’ convulsions would hurt his sensitive manhood, Shinji pushed the girls off his legs, finally letting their lower bodies touch the floor.

The sudden push by the guy they were fighting for provided an opportunity for the passionate belligerents to call off the superficial yet painful mauling. Quickly raising to her knees, Kimiko plunged again at the Korean female right away. Seoyeon welcomed the Japanese woman with her claws as they resumed their nail duel.

The man being fought over watched as the young ladies continued biting and raking their nails against each other in a bid to destroy the other’s silky skin. He was surprised to witness savagery the normally sweet women were capable of. Had they learned that by watching catfight videos or was their ferocity an innate expression, the way nature intended women to fight when they competed over a sexual mate? Fearing she could not withstand the onslaught of pain much longer, the proud Seoyeon savagely bit Kimiko’s left breast. The Japanese temptress instantly stopped all she was doing, her loud shrieks indicating the effectiveness of the barbaric attack. She tried to push, punch and maul her love rival away, but the fact remained, she was being dealt more damage than she was dealing to Seoyeon. Finally able to free herself, Kimiko tried to get away and regroup, but Seoyeon jumped like cat chasing her prey and instantly pinned at her down.

The black haired woman groaned as she felt Seoyeon’s whole body weight crashing on top of her, taking all the air out of her lungs and bringing pain to her delicate tits. Shinji’s girlfriend frantically resisted Seoyeon’s attempts to pin her down, but the brown-haired huntress rode the storm of adrenaline. She used her might to gradually pin down the struggling Kimiko until she finally locked her adversary’s arms.

-“Say with me!”-In total control now, the woman who wanted to supplant Kimiko in Shinji’s bedroom sadistically rained punch after punch on Kimiko’s defenseless face.




Shinji’s girlfriend mounted a stubborn resistance, but eventually her burst of energy slowly died down. He quickly steeped in to stop the beating by putting his arms under the apparent victress’ armpits and lifting her off. “Enough. First round goes to Seoyeon”.

-“What happened to your boasts?”- mocked Seoyeon as she felt Shinji’s strong arms lifting her up and leading her towards the bed. Despite the air conditioning, her slender anatomy was covered with a layer perspiration, her the surface of her perfectly smooth skin was dotted with red marks and her long brown hair was a mess.

-“You’re lucky my man stopped me from ripping your tits off!”- Seoyeon was ecstatic. She had just fought her first catfight and beaten her romantic rival. Sure, she still had to win one more round but the early win pushed her morale through the roof. For someone accustomed to getting what she wanted by her mere good looks, achieving what she wanted by fighting was a new and exhilarating experience. Moreover, she knew this was one of Shinji’s fantasies. She would no doubt tell the epic story of how she beat Kimiko to Shinji over and over again in the intimacy of her soon to be bedroom.

Her enthusiasm showed as she energetically kissed Shinji and proceeded to mount him in a cowgirl position. She could feel it. His boner was even harder than when he was having sex with her just then. “I showed your mediocre girlfriend how a real woman fights, now I’ll show her how a real woman fucks.”

Kimiko could not believe Shinji had to intervene to stop Seoyeon from continuing beating her. Her Korean antagonist had proven to be a fierce opponent despite her inexperience. Slowly recovering, she witnessed what no woman should witness: her sexual rival wildly riding her boyfriend and him thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. What made it worse was hearing her carnal competitor denigrating her looks and sexual skills to Shinji.

Knowing of Shinji’s catfight fantasy, Kimiko had many times told him erotic stories of herself and another girl fighting over him. She was triumphant in those fantasies, the ending always being her mounting her man and riding him all night long as her rival in love helplessly watched them fuck. It hurt to be the one losing and watching another woman claiming her man’s cock. She was positively dismayed as louder and more frequently moans came from his lover, indicating he was edging towards an orgasm. She wanted so badly to stop that bitch trying to steal the cum that was rightful hers but she knew Shinji would not tolerate anyone breaking the rules anymore.

–“Oh yeah moancome on babymoan show her you moan like me more”- Seoyeon was feeling it too, the guy who from tonight onwards was going to be her boyfriend was nearing a climax. She quickened her pace, yearning to receive her due prize–“Cum”

Shinji let a guttural scream, his body contorting out of pleasure and then gradually relaxed as his cock finished ejaculating inside Seoyeon’s cunt. The couple was drenched in sweat and panting heavily but looked at each other lovingly. She finally had done it. She had claimed Shinji, his white liquid was inside her.

-“5 more minutes”-declared Shinji. Kimiko was outraged. She wanted to stand up and rush to the bed to beat the woman that wanted to deprive her of her man. It was already bad enough to see the first 10 minutes of that charade, now she would have to wait for another 5 minutes.

-“Weren’t you going to stop me from receiving his cum?”-mocked Seoyeon as she made herself comfortable beside Shinji. She could feel a little of his semen leaking out of her pussy.

-“Big deal! He cums inside me every night!”-retorted Kimiko. Despite losing the first round, the black-haired beauty had no intention to cede the sexual initiative to her Korean competitor. And she had a great idea to get regain lover’s attention: She laid on the bed, her scratched body parallel to Shinji’s and started fingering herself beside him.

-“I could feel it, it was so much cum, like a fountain”-continued Seoyeon, now resting her head on Shinji’s big chest and using her right hand to playfully toy with Shinji’s flaccid manhood -“It’s clear he hadn’t had good sex for a long time”

-“Pft, good sex?-riposted Shinji’s girlfriend-“Cowgirl is suchmoan a cookie cutter positionmoan. You’re nothing but a basic bitchmoan, fun for a ride, but Shinjimoan will be bored of you in a week”. Shinji lifted his head, watching Kimiko masturbate and moan for his benefit.

-“You better become familiar with using your hand, because after tonight that’s the only way you’ll be able to get off!”-spat Seoyeon, annoyed at feeling her ex’s dick grow big again as he watched the erotic show Kimiko was putting right from of him. She started touching her clitoris too, wanting to shift the sexual spotlight away from her amorous antagonist.

-“Nomoan. Tonight Shinjimoanwill be mine”-replied Kimiko, doing nothing to discourage Shinji’s attention.

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-“Oh Shinji, I’m so wet, please come put your big dick inside me”-loudly moaned Kimiko as she fingered herself and coquettishly bit her lip. She knew her antics had made her boyfriend horny again; she could practically feel his lusty eyes devouring her young body. She felt the dirty looks the overshadowed Korean beauty gave her as she tried to get Shinji to avert his gaze from Kimiko.

-“I’d love to…but for that you’ll have to win next round”-replied Shinji, really wishing he could get a taste of Kimiko’s delightful body.–“Right now I’m only allowed to touch Seoyeon”

-“That’s right moan Japanese whore!”-moaned Seoyeon, fingering herself with one hand and gently working on Shinji’s manhood to keep the Shinji’s attention on herself –“Too bad I’ll never let you feel his cock again”

-“You should be grateful you got one last taste of his dick before I rip your cunt to pieces!”-replied Kimiko. The girls spent a good time self-stimulating themselves into almost orgasm, in an effort to draw Shinji’s interest. The stimulation worked like a drug, making them numb to the pain and tiredness they had felt the last round. They felt reinvigorated, horny and eager to continue the fight. That all ended around minute 14, when the girls stopped masturbating and impatiently waited to get their claws on each other again.

-“You better be packing up stuff, because tonight I’ll sleeping in this bed”-proclaimed Seoyeon.

-“In your dreams. You might have won one round, but I’ll be the one sucking his cock tonight!”-retorted Kimiko as she stood up, eager to pounce at the woman who dared to steal her man and show Shinji that the first round was just a fluke.

Shinji sat up waiting for the alarm to ring at minute 15. Feeling the time was near, Seoyeon kissed Shinji one last time and said “I’ll be back soon”. She raised herself up from the bed, ready to resume the fight for Shinji’s cock. Some of Shinji’s white liquid leaked out of her cunt and streamed down her inner thigh, but she didn’t care to clean it. Rather, she gave her sexual competitor a smug smile as she crouched and then slowly ran her index finger through her inner thigh, picking up the precious cum, and then lick it off her finger with gusto.

As soon as the alarm indicated the start of hostilities, the perspiring ladies rapidly closed the distance between them, keen to prove themselves in the field of battle. In a classic maneuver, they grabbed her opponents much abused hair with one hand while the free hand started throwing spirited slaps at the rival lover.

It was an energetic back and forth, filled with loud assertions “He’s mine” “You aren’t woman enough for him” “You have no right to his dick” “Bitch” “whore” clearly meant for Shinji’s ears. However, it was clear to Shinji that the naked girls were not as fresh as when they started their fight and were starting to show signs of exhaustion. The young seductresses fighting over him danced around the room, pulling and pushing to gain more leverage over the other. The erotic stalemate ended when Kimiko went straight for Seoyeon’s angelic face with her nails.

-“Chickening out?”-mocked Kimiko-“I hope you didn’t expect this was going to be a little hairpulling contest, because we’re not in high school anymore”

-“Trust me, I know how to fight when Shinji is the prize”-replied the irate Seoyeon, rushing to shorten the distance between herself and the Japanese woman. Before she got too close, Shinji’s girlfriend stopped her by punching her on the shoulder-“Ouch! You bitch”

This time the young females engaged each other in a fistfight. It was an “unfeminine” way to fight. But as any woman know, there’s no wrong or right way to fight over man.

-“You’ll regret ever thinking of stealing my man!”-said Kimiko as she successfully connected two punches just under Seoyeon’s tits, making her enemy double in pain.

-“It’s not stealing if he willingly comes to me!”-riposted Seoyeon, kicking Kimiko on the side abs and making Shinji’s girlfriend stagger.

-“Oh come on! You practically shoved your tits on his face!”- Quickly finding her balance, Kimiko went straight for Seoyeon’s excited boobs, eliciting a pain moan from the woman who wanted to usurp her place in Shinji’s bed.

-“I just showed him there were other, better options available to him!”-unwilling to let such a transgression on her womanly anatomy to go uncontested, Seoyeon returned the titty punch in force. For a brief moment to the young warrioresses tried to see who could connect the deepest and most damaging blow to her opponent’s prized pair. Even as the severity of the attacks steadily increased, feminine self-regard made them unwilling to step back from this womanly contest. But even the haughty Seoyeon had her limits and reluctantly backed off.

-“What? The little High School bitch can’t go the distance in a real woman to woman fight?”-boasted Kimiko seeing her sexual rival retreating.

-“How do like this for a high school bitch?”-raged Seoyeon as she went for her rival’s pretty face. Kimiko blocked the incoming fist but a second backfist coming from the other direction found her target, the force of the impact turning Kimiko’s head.

-“You’ll pay for that!”-said Kimiko as she retaliated with a punch to the brown haired temptress face. Dropping all defenses now, the attractive girls went at each other with wild abandon, each burning through all their reserves to match their amorous rival punch by punch. The violence of the punches shook the beads of perspiration covering their anatomies, the sweat and hair covered floor was evidence of the hate they felt for her rival lover. From his seat at the bed, Shinji was mesmerized by the spectacle of two women, vying for his cock, fighting naked, no quarters asked. It was supremely erotic to him to see their excited boobs swing from side to side due to the violence of the contest, their cunt juice getting out of their pussies and streaming down their inner thighs due to the violent convulsions of the fight. He was at lost to guess which proud female would relent first, if at all. Seoyeon was fighting like a tigress, but despite her passionate desire to win, it was clear to Shinji that Kimiko was landing better and more punches this time.

The brutal finale came when Seoyeon received a savage uppercut hitting her on the chin. Shinji saw his Korean lover’s head point upwards and then Seoyeon’s sexy physique fell like a house of cards on the floor. Seeing the woman who wanted to take her place as Shinji’s legitimate girlfriend fall did not appease Kimiko. No, she needed make her to suffer for having the audacity of trying to steal her man. She kicked Seoyeon’s toned legs apart and then placed a painful kick on her cunt. Seoyeon earth shattering scream filled the room as her delicate lady part received the kick.

-“That should teach not to steal my man’s cum!”-taunted Kimiko before feeling a big, masculine hand pulling her arm. “Kimiko, enough. You’ve won”

-“So much of your threats of taking away my man”- further provoked the black haired seductress as she saw her sexual rival writhing in pain. Turning around, she pressed her battered body against her man’s excited physique, feeling her nipples bump against his broad chest and his stiff manhood rubbing against her wet vagina. She released a soft moan of pleasure as she felt his majestic cock enter her moist cunt, and amidst the embrace she hungrily kissed him. Having had a brief taste of what was to come, Kimiko let her man lift her bruised body with both arms and tenderly drop her on the bed

-“Now you see who’s obviously the better woman?”-gloated Kimiko, eager to disparage her sexual rival to the man they were both competing for. She was ecstatic. She had always played out this fantasy for her boyfriend in the intimacy of his bed, but had never dared to actually go the distance and actually fight another girl for him. Sure the last round hadn’t gone as planned, but she was proud Shinji had actually witnessed her beat another woman.

Looking at her man’s hardened dick, Kimiko could not help but to smile -“To the winner goes the spoils” Not waiting for a reply, the black haired temptress then lay her whole body on the bed for Shinji’s viewing please “Feast on me Shinji. Eat me! Show that Korean slut you prefer me!”. Shinji could no longer restrain himself, practically jumping on top of his battered bed mate like a horny teenager, his rocklike manhood quickly finding the cunt Kimiko was so eagerly offering.

-“I need your cum inside me”-begged the young Japanese beauty as Shinji took her in a doggy position. She let Shinji see the red marks dotting her back, proof of how much she was willing to endure for him.

-“Mmmmmm…Your hard cock inside me feels great!”-added Kimiko, loud enough for her rival to hear.
As Seoyeon slowly recovered from the short but savage beating she felt shame at having had the man she was fighting for seeing her so helpless against her sexual rival. Rubbing salt to injury was watching Kimiko whipping Shinji into a frenzy, no doubt wanting to make him cum inside her.

-“Can you see bitch?moan This is how a real womanmoan fucks her man!”-screamed Kimiko. She couldn’t see her sexual competitor but knew Seoyeon could hear her provocations. Shinji pulled her long messy black mane, and she loved it, her man showing his dominance. Seoyeon was incensed, and she wasn’t going to let that cheap tramp insult her like that. Walking towards the excited couple, she made sure she was within Kimiko’s field of vision.

-“Any cheap whore can stay on all fours and be a fucking starfish”-said the Korean siren venomously, blithely ignoring the fact that the Japanese goddess was being fucked doggy style.

-“Oh?I’m sorry I can’t think of a reply, my man banging me hard and all”-retorted Kimiko among loud moans and heaving breathing. –“You should stay on the floor like a good loser.”-continued Shinji’s girlfriend, knowing that phrase would get a rise from her carnal foe.

Seoyeon was not going to let Kimiko be the centre of attention. Jumping on the bed, the persistent woman who wanted to steal Shinji away from Kimiko placed herself on the headboard, back resting against the headboard, her head facing towards the copulating couple. Seoyeon then proceeded to spread her legs and finger herself, giving lustful glances to Shinji while from time to time giving insolent looks at her sexual rival.

Shinji went into overdrive at this sexually aggressive display. His Korean lover was stimulating herself while he was banging his Japanese girlfriend. The sexual antagonists’ face were a few millimetres away from each other, Shinji’s eager pumping pushing his girlfriend forward until she was almost at kissing distance with her romantic rival.
He could hear the two sexual antagonists exchange hushed whispers. Though he could not hear what they were saying, he was sure they weren’t complimenting each other. The end quickly came when Shinji’s sweaty body convulsed in pleasure and slowly pulled out. –“5 more minutes!”

-“He cummed in the right pussy this time”-whispered Kimiko-“And next time he’ll still cum inside me”

-“You’ll have a taste of his cum Japanese wench”-replied Seoyeon-“but that’ll be because you’ll clean him cum off my pussy after I defeat you”

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Kimiko’s sexual pride thus satisfied, she let her perspiring body lie on top of the equally sweaty Shinji. The man in dispute let himself be used as a mattress, but still looking at his Korean ex girlfriend masturbating with fascination. The beautiful rivals were tired, but more than that, all that sexual stimulation had left them very excited and anxious to see their quarrel to a favourable conclusion.

-“You hate it, don’t you?”-mocked Kimiko as she turned her body to show her sexual rival her cum filled pussy overflowing with white liquid-“Seeing my man cumming so hard inside me that his semen is leaking out my pussy”

-“Pft, that’s because you have a small cunt, not worthy of his huge cock”-replied Seoyeon, opening her legs to emphasize her abundantly wet love tunnel-“Now, this is what a real pussy looks like”

-“You mean my pussy is tight and wet, unlike yours, loose and dry”-retorted the young Japanese female.

-“You can keep talking bullshit all day long, but Shinji knows whose pussy is better”-said the brown haired beauty-“and tonight it’ll be ME riding him on this very bed!”-further claimed a defiant Seoyeon, positioning herself, ready to back her words with actions.

-“Ha! Shinji and me have had countless lovemaking sessions in this bed. I’ll never let you sleep here!”

-“Oh? Then let it be here where I take Shinji away from you!”-proposed Seoyeon.

-“You have that backwards! I’ll enjoy fucking my man here much more, knowing this is where I finally taught you a lesson about coming after my man!”- contested Kimiko. The Asian beauties looked at Shinji, waiting for his reply.

-“It’s settled then”-said Shinji, excited at this turn of events-“you shall decide who stays with me on this bed. Also, I since it’s the final round, I won’t interfere until one of you gives up.”

To the warring beauties, using the bed as their battlefield was an attractive proposition. Each claimant to Shinji’s cock was expecting to be sharing that bed with the man in dispute for a long time. What better way to cement her relationship with him than by sleeping and fucking on the very same hallowed ground she had won exclusive rights over the guy in dispute? What better way to remind him she was the best lover he could hope for, that another had tried but failed to show otherwise? Each time his heart hesitated, he would only need to look around and be reminded of the epic fight that had been fought over him.

-“Save this for me”-whispered Kimiko, grabbing Shinji’s rock-hard manhood with her hand and then kissing him. She then occupied the right side of the bed, waiting on her knees for the restart of hostilities

-“Wait for me”-asserted Seoyeon, kissing the guy she wanted to make hers and gently caressing his dick. She then took her place on the left side of the bed and focused her eyes on her love rival.

At the sound of the alarm, the girls hurled their bruised bodies against her beautiful adversary, the very same hands they used to gently stroke Shinji’s manhood now used to mercilessly lay waste on her romantic rival’s exquisite feminine assets.

With the arrogance and energy young people have, the rival beauties ploughed ahead, each confident in her ultimate victory. And how could they think otherwise? All their lives they had hardly known rejection or failure. Both were very beautiful, and have been accustomed to having boys eating out of the palm of their hand. Having to fight tooth and nail for what they wanted was a new experience for them, but given their track record, each was confident she’d ultimately prevail over her sexual rival.

Sensing a way to tilt the scale on her favour, Seoyeon locked her right arm around Kimiko’s neck, forcefully pulling her down and started launching uppercuts hitting her antagonist’s lithe body. Kimiko’s bombshell body was being badly battered but she was not going to take the punishment lying down. Making use of her sharp and long nails, Kimiko found her tormentor’s damaged orbs and wantonly mauled them.

Seoyeon shrieked in pain and quickly released her neck hold, pushing Kimiko away.

-“Fuck you bitch! I’ll rip tits off”-promised the fiery ex as she assessed the damage her dark haired antagonist had inflicted on her boobs.

-“Not if I do it first!”-responded Kimiko, proudly strutting her chest, daring her sexual rival to follow up her threats.

-“There’ll be nothing for Shinji to grab after I’m done with you bitch!”-said Seoyeon as she dashed towards the woman who was standing between her and a relationship with Shinji
-“At least I have something he can gra…ouch you tramp!”-Kimiko stopped her sentence as Seoyeon rammed her nails on her sensitive jugs. Not one to let an offense go unanswered, Kimiko lost no time in joining the mauling contest.

Digging their nails into tender flesh as deeply as possible, the jealous lovers pulled, mauled and scratched her rival’s exquisite chest with gusto, each intent in tearing off her antagonists’ weapons of seduction. When that was not enough, they turned up the heat by grabbing her opponents’ pointy nipples and twisting with unbound cruelty.

Each lady tried in vain to suppress the screams of pain and the tears of pain running down their eyes. Finally Seoyeon, unable to take it anymore broke the painful hold and tried to put some distance between herself and Kimiko. Ignoring the pain on her nipples, Kimiko chased her fleeing adversary, tackling her from behind. The Korean beauty fell on the mattress face down and felt her hated antagonists’ hard nipples stabbing her scratched back. The Japanese temptress tried to hold onto her advantageous hold but Seoyeon’s wild bucking caused Kimiko’s sensual body to slide off her antagonists’ slippery backside, falling side to side of the angry Seoyeon.

The girls started frantically trashing on the matress, their nubile bodies trying to secure the top position without much success. As soon as one of the women vying for Shinji’s cock managed to secure a fragile dominance, she would rain punches to wear down her opponent, while the tormented beauty resorted to her bag of dirty tricks to turn the tables: nipple pinching, tit mauling, hairpulling, and if the opportunity arose, biting.

Each had just had a little taste of the rush of euphoria that comes after one woman defeats her sexual rival in front of the man they both desired. They saw it: Shinji’s admiring looks, his gaze enthralled on their bruised bodies like he had never looked at them before, the pride they felt for successfully defending their sexual rights. Each would give everything to get another taste of that sweet drug.

Seoyeon managed to secure a shaky dominance over her sexual rival and started dropping fist after fist on Kimiko’s pretty face and battered boobs. Kimiko blocked most punches as bucked like a wild bull, frantically trying to dismount her beautiful adversary with no avail. In desperation, her hand went straight for Seoyeon’s bare pussy, making the Korean beauty jump to the side to avoid the Japanese woman’s lethal nails.

As soon as she got over the surprise attack, Seoyeon jumped back in to give Kimiko a dose of her own medicine. Each woman in love furiously searched for, and found, her opponent’s wet pussy. With feminine cruelty, each proceeded to rip into her romantic rival’s reproductive organs. Horrifying screams filled the room as the women wrecked havoc into the other’s cunt. No mercy was given, nor asked for, each knowing that losing this contest of nails would very likely lose her the fight.

Kimiko’s was in a lot of pain but refused to give in, knowing that would mean losing Shinji. Several times she felt she was on the verge of passing out, only for the pain inside her pussy to bring her back to reality. The image of Seoyeon riding on top of her boyfriend encouraged her to fight on, knowing the Korean slut was at her limit too. She just needed to place a good punch and Seoyeon would be done for…

Unable to take the pain any longer, the Japanese beauty tried to disengage from the dirty cunt fight, but Seoyeon chased after her, the brown haired girl using the little remaining strength she had to pin her adversary down on the mattress. Shinji watched as the women stayed still on that position, neither doing anything but gulping big helpings of air, trying to get as much oxygen inside their lungs as possible. Then Seoyeon started throwing punches, not in a furious frenzy as was the case at the beginning of the fight, but in a slow deliberate fashion, summoning as much strength as she could in every punch.

-“Give up!”-demanded Seoyeon as she punched her sexual rival’s face-“Say Shinji’s mine!”

-“Fuck yourself!”-spat Michiko as she weakly agitated her legs trying to get free. She was never going to give Shinji up. She couldn’t see him from her position, but she felt Shinji’s body moving through the bed to get a closer look of the fight. She recalled the horrible image of seeing her man being fucked by her love rival, and knew she could not lose. Staking everything in a last ditch attempt to salvage the fight, the black haired girlfriend freed her hand, then latched onto some brown hair resting on Seoyeon’s damaged chest and pulled her foe downwards towards her. Seeing the Korean bitch’s left boob within reach of her mouth, Kimiko viciously bit her nipple with all her force.

The brown haired stunner started to see black as a wave of pain transversed her battered body and only her willpower prevented her from slipping into unconsciousness. The next thing Seoyeon was aware of was Kimiko trying to pin her down. Summoning her dwindling reserves of energy, she fought the black-haired temptress frenzied attempt to win the fight.
Shinji was surprised at the unexpected resumption of hostilities, but the quick explosion of violence quickly faded away. While it seemed to him that while Kimiko was getting the worse of the exchange, Seoyeon was unable to completely dominate his obstinate Japanese girlfriend. Every time the Korean temptress seemed to have subdued her rival in love, Kimiko somehow barely managed to turn the pin around. Despite the lack of frenzied action, the strong-willed beauties were engaged in a dramatic, desperate struggle, culminating when Seoyeon managed to finally wear down the black haired beauty and pin her arms under her knees. Shinji’s girlfriend tried to squirm free but she was finally done.

-“You lost! Say his cock is mine!”-demanded Seoyeon, scratching Kimiko’s chest to force her sexual rival to submit.

-“My tits! Please no”-squealed Kimiko, not even having the energy to scream now. She heard Seoyeon prompting her to surrender again-“No, you’ll never gasp have him”

Seoyeon had to secure her surrender quickly or her tenuous grip on consciousness might cost her the fight. Moving backwards, the Korean stunner started mercilessly mauling her sexual rival’s pussy. But even then, Kimiko refused to surrender.

-“What gasp now?”-asked Seoyeon, almost pleading at Shinji. It was a frustrating scenario. Shinji’s girlfriend would not admit defeat and she herself was too weak to force defeat on her. What was more, she could feel her shaky victory slipping out of her hands. All it would take was for her to commit one mistake and then her Japanese foe might pounce on her and reverse the pin.

Shinji was in a bind. It was clear his soon to be ex-girlfriend was beaten, but she stubbornly refused to surrender. It pained him to see Kimiko in this pitiful state, and was afraid of the lengths Seoyeon might go through to obtain Kimiko’s surrender. No, despite his Japanese lover’s spirited act of defiance, he couldn’t bear the horrible sight anymore-“Seoyeon, you win”

The moment she heard those words, Seoyeon allowed herself to collapse on top of her recently won her man while still keeping her weight on her defeated sexual rival. She allowed herself the luxury of feeling his enlarged cock poking her back as Shinji’s chest supported her exhausted body. The Korean seductress anxiously watched Kimiko’s panting body to see if she’d try to rally once again, but thankfully, Shinji’s declaration seemed to take the fight out of the black haired stunner.

After resting for five minutes, Seoyeon felt she had enough strength impress her victory on her man. She then slowly positioned herself on top of Kimiko, her wet pussy very close to the defeated woman’s face and then started furiously fingering herself.

-“Oh Shinji, I know itpant how much love it whenpant I squirt”-said Seoyeon, prefacing the action she was going to take. Kimiko was so exhausted she was in a state of semi-consciousness, but the when she heard the word “squirt” she knew what was coming and tried to use whatever little reservoir of energy her defeated body could muster to avoid the upcoming humiliation. Her frantic yet weak attempts reached a crescendo when she felt the upcoming torrent of cunt juice about to flood her.

Shinji heard the victorious warrioress release a moan of pleasure and a torrent of cunt juice pouring onto Kimiko’s face.

-“Shinji come!”-said the brown hared victress, not releasing her humiliating pin on the semiconscious Kimiko. She then had Shinji’s dick enter her cunt and slowly penetrate her. It was a somewhat uncomfortable feeling due to the punishment her clit had suffered earlier, but the point was that as Shinji was banging her, his balls rubbing against Kimiko’s cum-covered face.

-“How do you like itpant Japanese skank?”-taunted Seoyeon as Kimiko weakly protested the humiliation-“You should thank me for pantgiving you a VIP spot of me pant fucking your EX boyfriend”

Kimiko silently sobbed, her impotent tears rolling down her cheeks. Over the week she had told her boyfriend story after story of what would happen when Seoyeon and her finally came to blows. It always ended in a victorious Kimiko humiliating the Korean whore then fucking her man as a reward. She could not believe this end. She felt the familiar feeling of Shinji’s semen falling on her face. Normally she would delight on drinking all his cum like it was water in the middle of the desert. But now his cum was not meant for her, but for her rival in love. The defeated beauty then felt Seoyeon rubbing her disgusting pussy against her face, spreading Shinji’s white liquid all over her face.

It was a spectacle designed to humiliate her sexual antagonist for having the temerity of challenging her claim over him. While Shinji felt pity for Kimiko, he was excited to start a new relationship with the winner.

Seoyeon was elated at her victory. She had fought another woman in a vicious catfight and stole her boyfriend. Shinji now belonged to her. She could feel his lecherous gaze over her ruined body, and she hoped that despite the exhausting ordeal she had just endured, she could satisfy her now boyfriend tonight. She would tell him in excruciating detail how she beat her amorous antagonist, how her desire for him urged her to victory despite all odds. Conveniently taken out of this fantastic story would be her almost near defeat due to exhaustion just a few minutes ago. She was convinced that after the humiliation she was giving Kimiko tonight, she’d never show her face again.

Kimiko swore this was not going to be the end. Seoyeon might have won the battle but she would win the war. She would lick her wounds and challenge her romantic rival again for Shinji, and next time it’d be her humiliating the Korean beauty under Shinji’s admiring gaze.

The End?

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