Kristen Stewart vs Emma Stone by Luffy316

Kristen washed her hands and did her hair as she wrapped up in the little girl’s room. The awards show was fairly small time, some teen choice award or another. She had a nomination for Twilight, naturally, and Kristen fussed with her hair again. She wondered when it would be her turn to step beyond that and make a splash on her own rather than ride the franchise. Emma Watson seemed to have taken off since she last saw her, but she had a fair notion that it was due to her decisive win over Kristen in their last match.

She shook off that memory. She was recovered, mentally over it, for the most part. She still felt a lingering insecurity over her humiliation and pain from the fight. She’d even started doing some light working out, though didn’t stick to it especially well. She adjusted her white dress, showing off a tasteful bit of cleavage.

In the time she spent fussing over herself, Emma Stone wandered in. Kristen gave a brief, dismissive glance, a hint of a sneer on her lips. Emma gave her a sarcastic look in reply, unimpressed and slightly annoyed with her. It was a dismissive look given to a noisy little dog. Maybe a harmless but offensive insect.

It was painfully clear what Emma thought of her just from that, though Emma smirked as she decided it could stand to be a bit more painful still. “How’s it going, failure face?” Emma pried. “Wash that shame off at last?”

Kristen blushed and frowned at this,  trying to ignore her and turn away. “Nothing like that,” she excused meekly. “Just waitin for my call for the Best Summer Movie award.”

Emma nodded. “Oh yea. I’d keep your ears open for that one. I heard they nominated a real turd bomb for  the winner.” Kristen got a bit redder while Emma started putting on some fresh lipstick. Emma smacked her lips and grinned at her proudly. “Oh, I’m sure it isn’t YOURS. I’ve heard how much you are against winning anything.”

Kristen sucked in a breath, angry but too meek to take any real action. “It has a chance,” she muttered.

“Yea, I guess so,” Emma conceded, grinning wider and toothier. “For how much dick you must have sucked to get to where you are with talent like that.” It was no longer hidden backhand comments, she was dedicated to her mockery now. “I mean, I can act my way out of a paper bag, so it might not be so easy to see on your perspective.”

Kristen was bright red, avoiding not only Emma’s eyes but the mirror, not wanting to have to see her own face right now. There was only so much her pride could take, and she just wanted to walk away. Emma was between her and the door, and she stepped back from the sink to ensure that she was making leaving for her all but impossible.

“What’s the matter?” Emma smirked. “Feeling a little uncomfortable? Can understand, you’re in my presence. Better, stronger, cooler, more talented, more popular… yea, I can see that making sense.”

“Shhhhut up!” Kristen hissed out at last. Emma smiled back at her, hand on her hip confidently. She feigned offense, but her smile beaming behind her lips. Kristen was playing into her hands at this point, boiling over just as she’d wanted. She wanted to prove her superiority over her, confirming what she knew and wanted to make more than clear to Kristen. There were a few girls she wanted to remind of this, but Kristen’s meek nature, awkward personality, and yet successful career and quietly irksome nature made her favorite target for to start on. “God, can’t I even go to the bathroom in peace without being bugged by the girl they called “the Mary Jane from Spider-Man reject.”

“Wow, impressive. No talent or sense of perception either.”

Emma’s heartbeat was rising fast, her face growing red and freshly painted lips dropping open at Kristen’s backtalk. “Listen, you pasty emo twat! You land one good role and you think you’re even in the same league as me?”

“Watch it, Red!” Kristen fumed back. “I’ve been stressed out these last few weeks, and smiling for the cameras all the while like it’s nothing. That’s shit’s been building up for days, so if you wanna open the floodgates now, you’re REALLY gonna be in for it!” The stress of keeping her career afloat beyond “that Twilight chick” on top of her lingering loss had her pent up, though she started to feel just a bit better from venting it out.

“I’d watch your choice of words, little girl. I heard from a reliable source that you don’t do well against Emmas. It’s not like you’re a real actress or anything anyway.”

Kristen sneered at her. “What’s your peak movie again? The one where you played a gigantic slut? That must’ve been a real challenge. What’d you do, run out to the backalley by your house and get some method acting done?”

Emma’s temper quickly peaked, and she swung a hard slap across Kristen’s face. Her face recentered, scowling at Emma furiously. She slapped Emma back, her red hair a streaking comet’s tail behind her head. Kristen tried to swing her other hand for a second slap, but Emma caught it by the inside of her elbow and swung a hard fist up into Kristen’s belly, socking the wind out of her suddenly.

“That all you got? You fight like you act,” Emma scoffed.

Kristen coughed some air into her lungs and doubled over, wincing up at her hated foe. “Shut UP,” she fumed, suddenly rushing forward and slamming her shoulder into Emma’s abdomen, shoving her backward and slamming into a wall. Emma grunted as they clashed into wall, her back the first to connect with it. Kristen tried to swing at her, but they were too close for her to get much momentum to them, harmlessly slapping at Emma’s sides and chest.

Emma raised her knee between them, shoving her leg outward and forcing Kristen to stumble back a few paces. “You wanna go, sister?” Emma grunted angrily, grinning slightly at the thrilling fulfillment of her wish to school Kristen outright.

“I want nothing more right now than to shut your whore mouth with my bare hands,” Kristen replied.   She lunged at Emma but only got a kick to the stomach for her troubles. Kristen doubled up, holding her stomach when Emma took her by the hair and whipped her to one side, Kristen staggering until her shoulder hit a stall door. She winced and held her shoulder, only for Emma to follow up with a wide-arcing slap.

Karen ‘s heels slid on the tile of the bathroom floor, tumbling over and landing on her side. The floor wasn’t as dirty as most bathrooms, being scrubbed ready for the stars backstage, but it wasn’t much of a saving grace for the embarrassed Kristen. The Twilight star kicked at Emma’s legs when she went after her, the redhead stumbling but able to angle herself to crash down on top of Kristen, winding her again. Kristen moaned and held her stomach, but it was hard to accomplish with Emma on top of her, and only left her open for Emma’s follow up.

Emma reached down and took hold of Kristen’s chest, twisting and clawing as Kristen found enough wind to scream out in pain. She writhed and swung her arms up at Emma, but wasn’t able to inflict any real damage, only shaking her position and lightly rolling with Emma still on top, still mauling her chest between her fingernails.

Kristen managed to shove hard at last, knocking Emma onto her ass. She scrambled to regain her footing, Emma instinctively reaching down to try and tug down the hem of her dress to minimize the upskirt view. Kristen winced and cradled her chest a bit, then started to scrambled towards the stalls on all fours. She crawled under the door of one of the smaller stalls, breathing heavy and pushing her dark hair from her face. A direct fight was not going well for her so far. Her dress was disheveled and a bit torn where Emma had scratched her chest, which still ached. She had to fight smart, she thought, using her environment to her advantage. Hiding out for a few seconds to regroup and get her bearings inside the stall would help her get her edge back and turn things around.

It was what she told herself, leaning one arm against the toilet seat to stay sitting up, when Emma shoved open the door in pursuit. It swung in and banged against Kristen’s head, making her cry out and grab her forehead, leaning most of her upper back over the toilet seat. Emma looked confused at her a minute, actually not even meaning to use the door against her, just expecting her to be bright enough to be standing when she caught up with her.

“Aright, get up,” Emma goaded, actually staying a pace or two away as Kristen regained her wits a bit and stumbled upward. She actually was allowed to rise when Emma grabbed Kristen by the hair. She squealed out and staggered to her feet, suddenly kicking Emma in the knee after she’d “helped” her stand. Emma shouted and held her knee, biting her lip from the shocking pain when Kristen grabbed her red mess of hair and banged her head into the toilet paper dispenser. Emma’s head bounced off, holding her own head in reply as Kristen smile awkwardly, proud of her creative thinking.
Kristen stopped to reach back lock the door behind her, certain to not lose her advantage and let Emma slip from her grasp (not realizing it could damn herself just as easily). She lifted Kristen’s head for another slam down, but she brought her hand up to stop herself on the way down. It was a quick but awkward struggle in the confines of the bathroom stall, Kristen bumping the stall door shut again in the process before Emma elbowed her in the belly. Kristen huffed and fell backward, landing sitting on the toilet. Emma growled angrily, upset that Kristen nearly got lucky and blindsided her with her cheap shots, but she wasn’t going to let her slip away that easy. Now she’d make sure she was humiliated for trying to challenge her.

 She spread her legs wide and straddled Kristen’s lap, a position many young men would die for as it resembled something of a crude lap dance. Inversely, though, Kristen tried to pull herself out from under her, but Emma grabbed her hair to hold her steady as well as the weight of her sitting on her. She’d send several fast back and forth smacks across Kristen’s face, disorienting her.

Kristen raised both her hands in a desperate defensive guard, stopping Emma’s swings for a moment, but the redhead aggressor easily caught onto her shallow defense and reached between them, grabbing Kristen’s nose between her two knuckles and twisting it, Kristen wailing out in pain that came out as a nasal whine as Emma smiled at her bullying attack.

“Come on, pasty! Where’s that mouth on you now?” Emma goaded, well aware that she’d started the whole thing and still quite proud of the fact.

Kristen whimpered underneath her as Emma tweaked her nose painfully, grimacing in pain and humiliation at the childish move. The fight started to leave her quickly as Emma attacked her face and her morale, trapped and tormented under the redhead. Her face reddened with shame and pain, shoving desperately at Emma. Her hands only mashed into Emma’s chest, molding her breasts between her fingers but recoiling in surprised embarrassment.

Emma laughed as Kristen recoiled. “Thought you’d win this fight with a weak nerve like that? Better suck it up, pussy. Like THIS!”

Emma lashed out her hands and grabbed hold of Kristen’s tits, nails raking over them and squeezing hard on her chest. Kristen’s jugs molded out of shape under Emma’s invading fingers, milking screams out of her painted lips. Emma jerked her wrists side to side, rattling Kristen and tugging all the more painfully at her chest.

“AHHHHH! Stoooop already!” Kristen pleaded. “Enough, enough! Just stop!” Her entire body ached at this point, and she just wanted to crawl away with another defeat and as little pain as possible with her.

“I ain’t done with your slutty ass yet,  bitch,” Emma snapped back at her, yanking up on the cleavage line of Kristen’s dress. The top of her dress tore open, and her tits spilled out from her bra. Kristen gasped as her small pale jugs bounced out, arms scrambling to cover them up.

“Smart move,” Emma scoffed at her panicking foe. “If I had tits as crummy as those, I’d want to hide them from the world too. Not like I’m going to leave them looking any better, though!” Emma sunk a fist into Kristen’s left tit, mashing her nipple back into her small bosom, bashing more air from the Twilight teen’s lungs and further reddening her battered breast. She let it grind its way into the softness of her chest, then raised her other fist and whipped in a cross motion, striking her tit so that even the small lump of her breast wobbled on her chest, Kristen wincing as the tender orb bobbed around.
“Pathetic little things. Maybe if I do this a little more they’ll grow to something half-decent. Maybe then people will stop mistaking you for a boy once and for all.” Emma gloated loudly, Kristen blushing shamefully. She couldn’t be sure that someone didn’t overhear that, the only slight sign she was clear on that part being that nobody came in to help. Worse still, what if people were listening in and enjoying it all the more.
She didn’t have much time to contemplate that as Emma’s fists came shooting back down, more blows like her last where her knuckles smacked roughly across Kristen’s chest, working like high speed sculptors as they worked over Kristen’s bared tits. Kristen clawed at the tile floor screaming out in pain as Emma’s manual boob-job mashed her chest around, soon leaving them red and faintly bruising, the throbbing pain in Kristen’s chest sucking the fight from her, the air leaving her lungs only in screams of pain now. The pulsing pain promised bruising to come, and likely another weak of high-cut shirts to hide the damage done by another cruel Emma.

“AGGGH! Stop! Stop!!” she begged. “Stop it! I’m sorry!” She didn’t care who started it now, she just wanted to stop it.

“No way. You still need to be put in your place,” Emma grinned.

“I’m sorry! I’m the worse fighter! The worse actress! I’ve learned my lesson, just let me go!” she wailed out miserably.

“Not what I meant,” Emma smirked, sitting up off of her and staying on her knees in the cramped stall. “I know just where  a useless piece of shit like you belongs!”

Emma grabbed her by the hair and yanked the groaning Kristen to her own hands and knees. It looked to a casual observer that Kristen was ready to heave into the toilet and Emma was helping hold her hair back, but a far more sadistic than sisterly motion in truth. Kristen tried to clear the cobwebs and had just an instant to realize what was happening, gasping and trying to shout a protest, but Emma still dunked her face-first into the toilet’s water. Kristen flailed wildly, her muffled cries spitting up bubbles from the toilet water. It was a small blessing that it was freshly cleaned and flushed, but it was hardly any less humiliating for that. It wasn’t the top thing on Kristen’s mind as she choked on the water and flailed her arms at the toilet’s sides, barely slapping at Emma’s arms and doing little to nothing.

Emma laughed aloud at the scene. “There. Feels just like home, don’t it? Oh wait.” She pulled Kristen up, her hair soaking wet and eyes and mouth wide, gasping for air and coughing up water pathetically. “Feels like home, huh? From one shithole to another, right?” she spat at her, shoving Kristen’s face back down into the tainted waters. She choked and gurgled some more, but Emma was careful to leave the act humiliating and shocking, not fatal or truly brutal in terms of violence. It was all a game of shame afterall, not real rage or violence. It would feel pointless if she didn’t let Kristen live to remember this humiliation in the end.

After a few more dunks and permitted moments to breathe, she pulled Kristen out and tossed her back, Kristen’s wet hair and back hitting the stall door, leaving her on her ass up against it and coughing miserably, too weak to fight back or even talk back and beg properly. All she could manage was to raise her hands and wave one weakly at her, a muted plea for mercy.

“Nice try,” Emma grinned. “Not done just yet.” She laughed and patted Kristen’s cheek, or mimicked the motion but hard enough to let out several wet slaps that stung her cheek. “You’re just so damn fun to play with,” she said in a mock cutesy tone. She yanked Kristen up enough to turn her around to face the door, on her knees and her cheek pressed against the door and letting out a meek squeaking noise of wet flesh over smooth metal. “You dress enough like a whore, so let’s see you go all out on that!” Emma taunted the beaten and humiliated Kristen, barely even able to squirm at this point as Emma grabbed her dress and yanked down, tearing it in places and ripping her underwear and shoes off with it.

Kristen was nude and pressed up against the doorway when Emma reached back, yanking a long strand of toilet paper from the dispenser. She made some minor effort to crush it up in her hand at parts, making it somewhat thicker and denser before using it to bind Kristen’s wrists. The first layers stuck to her skin with the wetness of the toilet water, but the rest layered on normally as crude and frail ropes. Emma hoped it would work well enough, and sure enough, Kristen was too shamed, scared, and weak to break out of the layered on paper towels, leaving her wrists bound behind her back.

The wet Twilight gal was nude and roughly bound when Emma stood back up, admiring her handiwork and laughing. “Wow, such an impressive display. Never seen anything so weak and pathetic before. Have you?” Kristen groaned, shaking her head.

“Just… just let me gooooo,” she pleaded roughly, her voice scratchy from choking up water from her prior swirly. Not even in her school days had she ever experienced one, and suffering one now was just so much worse. Her words were cut off again when Emma grabbed her panties and shoved them into her mouth.

“That’s enough outta you. Your begging’s nice and all, but I wanna savor this moment.” Kristen heard a clicking noise, turning suddenly to see Emma had taken out her cel phone, snapping off pictures as Kristen gasped out through a mouthful of her own underwear. She wriggled in her bindings, but remained too weak and unfocused to put up much of a fight. Emma leaned this way and that, a huge shit-eating grin (ironic, given Kristen’s latest visit to the toilet) as she got Kristen’s shame from every angle. She even kicked her legs out from under her, leaving her face-down on the bathroom floor as Emma took a picture of her with her pale ass up in the air, legs apart to let Emma take a less-than tasteful shot of her pussy spread out.

“One more. One more with me… can you take this one for me?” she asked Kristen, laughing loudly at her own joke. “Oh never mind. I got it.” She held it up high, smiling proudly at her camera and making a mock “tough” face, lips pursed and flexing as she had her foot resting on Kristen’s ass like a proud huntress.

Kristen let out muffled objections, but Emma stuck her phone back into her pocket. “Relax. Nobody’ll see these. Not unless you start shit with me, Stewart. In fact, I’ll even leave you alone now. I’ve made my point, after all.”

She leaned down and took the panties out of Kristen’s mouth. “Didn’t I?” Emma said pointedly. Kristen jerked away a moment, then gulped.

“You’re stronger. You’re cooler. You’re the better actress. I’m just…” Emma smiled as Kristen fought with the words. “I’m just shit to you.”

Emma patted her wet head. “Good girl. For being so mature about it, I’ll even leave your gag out. That way you can call and beg for help for someone to let you out. Of course, that’ll mean they see your ugly naked ass out, so good luck with that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I had a little splash of water on me.” She stepped over the soaked, naked Kristen, unlocked the stall door, and shut it behind her, calmly washing her hands, fixing her hair, and winking to the mirror playfully before stepping back outside.

Kristen considered calling for help, but the beating alone was bad enough. She didn’t need a crowd or word to spread, assuming Emma would keep her word. She instead took a few minutes to rest, letting the occasional person come and go from the ladies’ room. She finally broke out of her bonds, salvaged her ruined dress as best she could, and slipped out of the bathroom quickly, if not clumsy and uneasy from her beatdown and exhaustion. Kristen had time to run back to her dressing room, getting a few odd stares for her odd dress but no one seeming quite the wiser as to what had happened behind closed doors. She ducked into her room and managed to call for a new dress, change, and fix up her hair in a hurry. When Twilight received its aware, no one was quite aware, as she wore a dress so cover her bruised chest and scratched up thighs and neck. However, she was meek, brief, and embarrassed. She was known to sometimes appear lax or awkward in public, but no one who saw her live or on tv could shake the idea that she looked ashamed somehow, embarrassed to even be seen and eager to hurry back off.

The End

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