Latischa in the Lost World by JB57

Author’s Comment:

Here is a bit of treat. Some backstory. First, this story is based on a Penthouse Comix series from years ago called “The Lost World.” One of the characters was an African American woman named Latischa. The main character in this story is based on her and the story itself is quite similar, in some ways, to the original story, but also very different in many important ways. I’m attaching a few pages from the original series so people have an idea of what Latischa looks like and what I am describing in some of the text, especially at the beginning.

I have had this story on the backburner for years and, for some reason, I was suddenly inspired to write it this past weekend. In fact, I spent most of the weekend on it, which was not good for all the other things I should have been doing! Anyway, this process illustrates how important inspiration is to completing these kind of stories.

I probably should wait to finish this before I post it, but I am happy with what I have and I want to get it up on the board. This is the first two parts of the story. I have finished part 3 and part 4 is just getting started, though I don’t know when I will get it done – my work cannot be ignored any longer and that means it may be a while until this is finished. But I hope not! As it is, I already have the next Latischa story planned out and I would love to get to it. Anyway, this should be a four part story.

A few other points: I have already worked out how to bring Latischa and her world into the world of Inge and Conchita, so there is hope for a crossover between these characters – though that is likely way, way in the future, and after I finish many more stories, including incomplete ones that shall not be named! Also, I have made good progress on the second part of “Duranna vs. Kath” and I will probably have that part up fairly soon. However, that story I posted as a standalone, so I don’t feel much urgency in getting it done.

Anyway, I hope that people enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed/am enjoying writing it!

Latischa moaned, holding her aching head, as she slowly returned to consciousness. It took her several moments to remember where she was, what had happened, and what she was feeling. She was completely nude and lying on top of a couch. She was staring up at the ceiling of the giant private jet in which she was employed as a flight attendant. The roof of the cabin was torn open like it had been shredded by a can opener. Bright sunlight streamed in through the rip in the fuselage and she could see enormous trees and other signs of a jungle beyond. The air was hot and very humid. She turned her head carefully and looked out the window right next to the couch. The view confirmed that the plane had crashed in some kind of lush jungle, which made no sense to her. The plane had been right over the middle of the Pacific when it went down.

Latischa pushed herself into a sitting position and examined her naked body. She reached up and squeezed her massive breasts, then ran her hands down her taut, muscled abdomen. Her long, powerful legs stretched out in front of her. She examined her voluptuous, mahogany-colored body for any signs of injury. Miraculously, she appeared to be unhurt. When the calamity struck, Latischa had been bent over the couch, her hands sunk into the thick material, a man’s thick, hard cock pumping her pussy vigorously from behind. The impact that destroyed the plane must have thrown her onto the couch and somehow held her in place as the rest of the plane shredded around her. It was unbelievable good luck, a reality that struck her even harder as she looked around the large, private, upper-deck cabin and took in the carnage. The room was strewn with dead, naked bodies. The copper scent of blood was in the air and many of the bodies were horribly injured. The men had been members of a professional football team. The women, all of them beautiful and voluptuous, had been the flight attendants hired for this private flight. The women knew that entertaining their passengers was one of their expected duties and all of them had taken to it enthusiastically. Latischa had been a bit reticent until she met Marcus, a quarterback for the team. The two had hit it off like lightning and, within moments of meeting, he had stripped off his clothes, she had ripped away her uniform and they had started fucking like rabbits. The entire upper cabin had been the site of six hour orgy that was suddenly and fatally interrupted.

Latischa found Marcus’ body crumpled up against a bulkhead, twisted under another flight attendant and a football player. She mourned for the man, but she knew she had no time to waste. She had no idea if the plane was on the verge of exploding and she had to get out. She made her way gingerly across the cabin, amazed at how badly damaged the plane was. It had broken into at least two parts, probably more. She went to the front of the plane and climbed up a ladder to the hidden compartment where the flight attendants had private sleeping quarters. She retrieved her bag from her locker. She found the biggest knife she could find in the upper cabin galley. It was a steel blade and came with a plastic sheath. She also stuck as many packaged snacks as she could find into a plastic bag. She knew she might need to come back for more supplies but, for now, she would wait until she had a better idea of what her situation was and what condition the plane was in.

The heat and humidity of the jungle was sitting heavily on her. It was so hot that, at first, she feared she was feeling some unseen fire originating with the crash. Once she was out of the plane, however, she could tell that it was the jungle itself that was blazing with heat. The plane was in five different pieces, scattered over a few hundred meters. The fuselage had shattered and she could not imagine anyone else had survived. She called out, walking around the plane, but there were no answers. There was fuel leaking from the engines, but the plane had traveled more than half its journey when it crashed, so the fuel supply was relatively low. Even so, some of the small fires burning on the smashed hull were close to the jet fuel stream and she was sure the plane would soon go up. It would be better for her to be far away when that happened.

Latischa rifled through her bag and pulled out a tiny leopard print bikini, the smallest one that she had. In this heat, she figured the less she was wearing, the better. Latischa was a deliciously voluptuous woman, a specimen of near perfection, a necessary condition for her job as a private flight attendant. She pulled on the bikini, which showed off her incredible figure to spectacular effect. The top stretched tight across her thick, taut tits, covering her dark brown nipples and little more. Her huge, perfect breasts bulged out from her chest, her cleavage and underboob generously displayed. Her bare torso was powerfully muscled and flared out into wide, strong hips. Her bare legs were long and generously muscled, the product of years of dance, running and weight-lifting. The thong fit snugly over her clean-shaven pussy, stretching low on her hips and leaving most of her rounded ass bare, as thongs do.

The bikini was appropriate, given the environment in which she found herself. She fished a handbag out of her baggage and put in it some medicine and identity papers, things she would need if she found civilization. She stuffed in as many of the packaged snacks as she could fit. She shoved the knife into the bag. As fully equipped as possible, she walked into the thick jungle, the loam soft against her bare feet. The only shoes she had in her bag were high heels and her runners were in her locker in the upper levels of the plane. She had forgot to bring them in her rush to get her bag and now it was too late to go back inside.

“Well, looks like I’m on my own here,” the beautiful woman thought to herself. The humid air and the deep heat soon had her voluptuous body covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her tiny bikini clung to her skin, the thong wedging her cunt slit, the bra tight against her bulging nipples.

“Fuck,”Latischa thought. “I need food and I need water.” At least she was shielded from the intense sun by the dense jungle foliage, and her dark skin made it much harder for her to burn anyway. But she could already tell that surviving in this jungle was going to be an ordeal. She had taken survival training several years ago before going on a deep woods camping trip and she had a good skill set. But, so far, she had not recognized a single edible plant and the sounds and signs of the jungle filled her with apprehension. The fact that the plane had crashed on an island that should not even have been there was preying on the back of her mind. Something in the air felt wrong. Even more, she had a vague sense that whatever was strange about this place was working on her mind in ways she did not yet understand.

Latischa walked for about an hour, careful to avoid making too much noise, her senses alert. Already, she had spotted signs of large predators and footprints that indicated elephant-sized animals were roaming this forest. As a child, she had an interest in zoology and she was concerned that she could not identify the species to which the footprints belonged. The roars and cries of the forest around her were unnerving.

After another hour, Latischa found a stream and quenched her thirst, then began looking around for a place to spend the night. Judging by the sun in the sky and assuming they had gone down near the equator, she estimated she had maybe another two hours of sunlight. She decided that wandering too far from the plane was not a good idea. If there was rescue coming, it would find the plane much more easily than her on her own. But she needed a safe place to hide and a fire. She also needed food. She was not yet hungry, but that would come. The snacks she had brought from the plane would not last long and were not very healthy. She hoped she could locate fruit and other edible plants. She had no desire to try to kill an animal for meat. Her instincts told her that spilling blood in this jungle was sure to attract creatures she did not want to attract.

Latischa found a small clearing a short distance from the stream. She put down her bag and began gathering dead branches from the nearby foliage, intent on starting a fire. She looked up at some of the giant trees around her and wondered if it made sense to climb into one of them and spend the night on a giant branch. Being on the ground made her nervous.

It was then that she heard a low growl. She spun around, her instincts immediately alert, her skin breaking out in a cold sweat, even in the jungle heat. Her breath hitched. A massive reptilian creature was slowly emerging from the thick foliage around the base of a giant tree. It was easily the size of a human, larger when factoring in its whipping tail. The animal was crouched down, its sharp claws digging into the dirt, but it was walking on its two hind legs. Its arms were strongly developed and brandished scythe-like claws. Its feet were three toed and ended in hooked bone knives. Its prominent dew claw was clearly designed to disembowel its prey. Latischa recognized the creature as something like a velociraptor; she had seen enough “Jurassic Park” movies to know that much.

As it slowly entered the clearing, the creature’s amber eyes locked on Latischa. She felt panic growing in her ample chest, pushing aside her shocked disbelief. However impossible this creature was, it was here and it was going to kill her if she did not act. She had left her knife in her bag, which was now on the ground three meters away from her. Even if she had it, she did not know what good her weapon would do against a beast like this. Sucking in all the air she could, Latischa did the only thing she could: she shrieked at the top of her lungs, a long, shrill bellow. She knew that loud noises could sometimes startle dangerous animals and scare them away.

The velociraptor started and its body language indicated its surprise. In that moment, Latischa dived for her bag, hoping to get to the knife. The beast snarled and began to dash across the clearing, covering the distance between them in a lightning blur. Latischa could not reach the bag. She braced herself, thinking in that last moment that it would have been better for her to die in the crash than survive to be savaged by the claws and teeth of this monster.

Suddenly, something flashed out from the cover of the trees. The speeding dinosaur let out a croaking gasp then crashed to the ground, the momentum of its rush carrying it almost all the way to Latischa. The woman looked up, shocked and gratified by the turn of events. A massive spear was jutting out of the animal’s neck. Latischa looked to where the spear had come. A man was standing there, on the edge of the clearing.

And what a man he was! He was enormous, his bronzed skin rippling with bulging muscle. His hair was long and black and, even from the distance, Latischa could see that his eyes were a startling blue. Her mind immediately flashed to a popular image of Tarzan or Conan the Barbarian. The man was almost naked, wearing nothing but an animal fur loincloth. A sharp stone knife was strapped to his thigh. If Latischa was an image of perfect female voluptuousness, this man was her male counterpart. He walked towards her, his bare feet silent on the ground.

Latischa stood up straight. Her massive tits jutted out and jiggled as she moved. The man’s eyes swept over her delicious body, resting on her tits, traveling down her muscled abdomen to her wide hips and long, powerful bare legs. Latischa had left her bag on the ground, but she suddenly wondered if she needed the knife after all. She put the thought out of her mind. This man had saved her and she needed to thank him, whatever that might entail.

As the man got closer, Latischa held out her hand. She had no expectation that he could speak her language, but she wanted to make a gesture of friendliness and gratitude. “Thanks so much,” she said, her voice calm. “You saved my life. I can’t thank you enough.” The words sounded silly, but she had to say something.

The man ignored her hand. Somewhat awkwardly, Latischa pulled it in. The man crouched by the dead dinosaur. She watched as he easily extracted the long spear that he had thrown with such power and precision. Blood gushed from the body, then slowed to a steady flow of red that seeped into the earth. The smell of blood soon filled the clearing.

The man stood straight and looked Latischa in the eye, then ran his gaze over her nearly nude body once again. He certainly seemed intelligent, but he still said nothing. After a moment, he gestured at her. He turned on his heel and began to walk back towards the forest. She picked up her bag and followed the man. For the first time, she had a sense of safety. She had met someone who knew the forest, could obviously take care of himself, and who seemed inclined to help her.

They walked under the green canopy, following a jungle path. Latischa stayed close behind her protector. After a few minutes, the man stopped. Latischa halted beside him, looking up into his blue eyes.

“What name?” he asked her. Latischa started.

“You speak English?” she said, stating the obvious.

“Some,” the man replied. It looked like he was trying to remember words from a language he had not used in a long time. “Not much. Will remember more.”

“That’s great!” Latischa said excitedly. “My name is La-Ti-Sha- Latischa.” She spoke slowly and clearly.

“Latischa,” he repeated, then nodded. “Follow.”

They continued their walk. Latischa considered asking the man’s name, but she did not try to fill the space with talk. It made little sense, since his grasp of English was clearly limited. She would ask later, when she felt more settled and safe.

After walking for more than an hour, the pair approached another massive tree. The man gestured upwards and Latischa saw a rope descending from a thick, broad branch. She realized the man must have his camp in the tree, just as she had considered doing. She also realized that they had retraced some of her own journey from the plane. The man must have seen her passing under his tree and had been following her for some time before he intervened to save her. She would need to ask him about that, if the chance came. Latischa climbed the rope easily, her powerful arms pulling her up the seven or eight meters into the tree. The jungle man followed close behind her, unabashedly looking up at her exposed ass and the tiny scrap of cloth that barely covered her clearly-defined pussy.

The sun was low in the sky. Latischa knew that it would soon drop like a stone and the jungle would plunge into night. She was grateful to be off the jungle floor. On the branch, the man had built a sort of nest made of branches and leaves and a makeshift shelter. She got the sense that this was a temporary campsite, not his true home. There were signs of an earlier fire in a natural bowl set in the tree. The indentation was filled with dirt, to insulate the branch from the fire and prevent it from catching. A dead animal, resembling a small deer, was hanging from a smaller branch further back on the tree. It had been drained of blood and skinned, so it did not attract scavengers or predators so easily.

The man took off his knife, embedded it in the branch, and set about making a fire. Latischa put down her bag and helped, gathering twigs and leaves that he could use for kindling. Soon, there was a good fire going on the branch and the man had used his knife to carve off a piece of the deer for them to eat. The man skewered the meat and cooked it over the fire. He provided water from a carved wooden bottle hidden in the shelter. Latischa was soon enjoying her first good meal of the day. As they ate, the sun fell from the sky and the darkness closed in. With it came the sounds and animals of the night. Before they had finished eating, Latischa could hear scuffling noises from around the base of the tree. But it seemed that the animals of the forest knew the man and feared him. None tried to climb the tree and attack them for their food.

Feeling better than she had all day, Latischa tried to find out how much English the man knew. “What is your name?” she asked him.

“Rumon,” he replied, gesturing at himself.

“Rumon,” Latischa repeated. “I am pleased to meet you. Again, thank you for saving my life.”

The man nodded. He stood up, reached down, and pulled off his loincloth. He was completely naked. His enormous member hung down between his legs, almost half-way to his knees. It was a bigger cock than any Latischa had ever seen. As she watched, the incredible shaft began to swell and thicken and rise higher as it hardened with arousal.

Rumon gestured to his steadily growing shaft and then to Latischa. “Latischa fuck Rumon,” he said, very clearly.

“Oh, boy,” Latischa murmured, her eyes fixed on the massive cock growing before her eyes. It was getting bigger and thicker with every moment and was already an intimidating girth. Latischa quickly calculated her situation. She was with a strange, powerful man in a dangerous forest. If she resisted his desires, she did not know if he would force himself on her and if he threw her out of the tree for rejecting his advances, she would be on her own in a very hostile environment. But she suddenly realized none of that really mattered. As she watched the man’s incredible shaft get bigger, thicker, longer, she felt a powerful surge of erotic desire. She realized that she was filling with lust. She wanted that cock. She wanted to feel that monstrous erection hard between her legs. Could she get that thing balls-deep inside of her? What would it feel like, to be stretched and completely penetrated by such an incredible dick? How good would it feel to have this awesome specimen of manhood reaming her cunt with his massive shaft? What would it be like to have his weight crushing her body, to have him licking and sucking her tits, sharing sweat and spit and ejaculations with him? She realized that she really, really wanted to find out.

Latischa got carefully to her feet. “Well, I guess I do owe you for saving me…” she murmured. She reached up and slid the tight bikini top off of her tits and over her head. Her massive, meaty tits sprang free. The taut flesh jiggled deliciously and the man’s eyes fixed on the woman’s incredible rack as her tits bounced. His cock grew suddenly rock-hard and jutted from between his legs like a baseball bat. It continued to harden and thicken with every passing moment. Latischa tossed the bikini top aside. She felt the humid night air caress her wet, swollen nipples.

Latischa reached out and grasped Rumon’s prick, wrapping her hand around as much of the shaft as she could hold. She loved the feel of the hot, thick, pulsing erection and was happily surprised to find her fingers could not close around the throbbing shaft. Rumon gasped as her warm hand caressed then squeezed the pulsing flesh. His prick grew even bigger, harder, at the contact. Latischa gasped to feel the man’s cock expanding even as she held it. She lowered her head and licked the tip of Rumon’s penis, then kissed and sucked the throbbing head. Holding his cock with one hand, she used her other hand to slide her bikini thong off her hips and down her legs and kicked it away. Now she was nude. She fell to her knees in front of the man. She fastened her lips around the top of the jungle man’s shaft and took as much of the massive erection into her mouth as she could, sucking and licking, pushing aside the foreskin with her tongue to get at the sensitive tip around the hole. For a few moments, the sound of wet, vigorous sucking joined the sounds of the forest. Rumon threw back his head and moaned with pleasure. His legs trembled as the woman expertly feasted on his pulsating, aching erection.

“Mmmnnfff,” Latischa grunted. The man’s prick just kept getting bigger and she was afraid her mouth would soon be stuck in place, possibly causing her to choke on his cock, if she tried to keep sucking him with her entire mouth. She could not fit him down her throat, her usual method of giving blow jobs. She licked up and down the length of the throbbing member and dipped her head under Rumon’s swollen shaft to suck gently but deeply on his sack and the delicate balls inside. The man trembled with pleasure and groaned as the surge of ecstasy rippled through his genitals, setting his penis on fire with electrical sensations. Latischa continued to use her considerable skills at cock-sucking to take Rumon to new heights of pleasure, but she also knew that if she was going to satisfy this man she was going to have to take his enormous erection right up her cunt. Her eyes glinted with excitement. Rumon was much bigger than any man she had ever had inside of her, that was true. But she was also very experienced at sex and the challenge of taking this monster cock all the way in was thrilling.

“Get onto your back, baby,” Latischa said to Rumon, gesturing at the makeshift bed he had assembled on the branch. Rumon eagerly did as he was told. He lay on the bed, his hands at his sides, his massive erection jutting up to point at the night sky. Latischa stood over the supine man, her feet on either side of his hips. She positioned herself directly over his cock. Her vagina was hot, throbbing with tension, and already sopping wet. She squeezed her twat and a hot trickle of cunt juice fell from her cunt to the top of the man’s prick, lubricating the turgid shaft and splashing Rumon’s belly. Slowly, slowly, Latischa lowered herself onto the meat spear, squatting down, holding the phallus to aim it into her juiced-up twat. She moaned in delight as she felt the thick flesh push slow and hard into her wet cunt, forcing her slick vaginal lips further and further apart, sliding inside her wet labia, stretching her inner vaginal lips tight as a drum, slowly and inexorably filling her to the brim as it plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. She moaned in joy as she slowly impaled herself on the cockmeat. The pain was exquisite. As the man’s shaft pierced and filled her womanhood to the breaking point, Latischa felt the delicious burning fill her with sexual ecstasy. She felt her swollen, pulsing clit crush hard against the top of the shaft as it penetrated her. Her clit slid the endless length of the hard member as it went deeper and deeper into her core.

“Unnnngggghhhhh,” Latischa moaned. “Oh God, oh God, oh fuck, oh yesssssssssss…..”

About two-thirds of the way in, Rumon’s cock became stuck inside Latischa’s tight vaginal canal. The man’s prick was now going into places in her body that had never been penetrated by any man before. Latischa smiled and pushed harder, driving her body down the rest of the monstrous shaft, forcing it further and further inside, ignoring the pain, reveling in the exquisite pleasure until, finally, her naked vaginal lips were flat to Rumon’s groin, nestled in his pubic hair, every millimeter of his erection swallowed by her cunt, lodged deep inside of her, her ass almost on his balls. Sweat dripped from Latischa’s voluptuous body, her muscles trembled with pleasure and tension.

“Oh god, oh fucking god, this feels so fucking good!” Latischa thought. She put her hands on Rumon’s massive chest, sank her fingers into the taut muscle, and threw back her head to moan loudly in pure erotic joy. Beneath her, the man was panting and gasping. He was also lost in the delicious sensations of feeling his entire monstrous erection sheathed all the way inside the woman’s hot, wet core. Latischa wondered if this was also the first time Rumon had met a woman capable of taking in every millimeter of his enormous shaft.

“Let’s see how he likes a little muscle control,” Latischa thought. She watched Rumon’s expression carefully, a predatory smile on her beautiful face, as she used her deep vaginal muscles to massage and ripple the length of his prick, squeezing and releasing, sending tremors of erotic sensation pulsing through his cockmeat.

Rumon’s expression went from one of astonished surprise to ecstatic delight. He threw back his head and groaned in sheer pleasure. He gripped Latischa’s hips and cried out as she began to rock her body, sliding his cock up and down her tight, hot pussy. He reached up to cup and squeeze her massive, taut tits. Even his enormous hands could not fully hold Latischa’s abundant titmeat. As his lust and excitement grew, the man could not contain himself. Unexpectedly, he surged up, pushing Latischa over onto her back. The black-haired beauty laughed in delight, her cunt filled to the brim with pleasure and tension. Flat on her back, her face wearing a smile of rapturous pleasure, Latischa cried out as Rumon rammed into her. He pulled out two-thirds of his cock then thrust home, slamming himself into her over and over, his prick burning with electric sensations. Rumon filled his hands with the woman’s massive tits and squeezed mercilessly. Her hard nipples pushed into his palms. He threw back his head and grunted like an animal as he drove himself deep into Latischa’s core. The delicious pleasure took him. Latischa churned her hips, working his cock, delighting in the feeling of her meaty tits being squeezed and massaged. Her succulent cunt held and released Rumon’s prick, working it like a pump. The man and woman rutted furiously, transported by the pure erotic pleasure of their fucking. On and on it went, both trying to keep the pleasure going for as long as possible. Finally, the man went stiff and came incredibly hard in a gush of cum, deep inside of Latischa. It felt like a hot fire hose going off in her deepest core and Latischa screamed in ecstasy as she came too, her pussy clamping on Rumon’s erection, squeezing it like a vice, pulling even more hot ejaculations out of the jungle man.

Rumon collapsed on top of Latischa, crushing her into the bed of leaves, his massive dead weight pinning her voluptuous body. She loved it. Latischa wrapped her wet thighs around the man’s hips, twined her powerful legs through his muscled limbs, slid her arms around his broad back, and squeezed hard. She squeezed his throbbing cock with her pussy, eliciting a groan of pleasure. Her body was slick with sweat and so was his. But their night was just getting started. Only minutes later, Rumon rose up, withdrew his shaft from Latischa’s sopping cunt in a spray of cum and cunt juice, and moved down Latischa’s supine body. He buried his face between her legs and began to lick, suck and eat. Latischa cried out in delight and twisted and bucked her hips, rubbing her cunt into Rumon’s face.

“That’s it, baby, suck that clit, lick my pussy!” Rumon lifted her hips off the ground like she was a child and buried his face in her twat. She slung her legs over his shoulders, on either side of his head, as he devoured her pussy. Latischa ejaculated powerfully into his face. She screamed out and dug her hands into his hair as she came again and again. Her heels beat a rhythm on his muscled back.

Latischa and Rumon’s screams, groans, grunts and animal cries joined the night sounds of the jungle. They fucked and fucked and fucked, both insatiable in their lust for each other. At some point during their hours-long fuckfest, Latischa found herself holding onto the trunk of the tree as Rumon fucked her from behind, his hips and ass jerking like pistons as he pounded her relentlessly. The whole tree shuddered with the power of his machine-like thrusts and Latischa felt her cunt and her insides stretched and churned to their limits. She loved every delicious thrust. Rumon went stiff and then released a stream of hot cum deep inside of her. Latischa squeezed him and milked his cock, getting him to cum several more times. After ejaculating in her pussy, the man pulled himself out. He did not wait to reload. Instead, he pulled Latischa’s firm ass cheeks apart and shoved a large thumb deep into her anus, loosening the tight flesh. He aimed his cum-slicked prick and, with a powerful thrust, fully penetrated her puckered anus. Using all the enormous power of his hips and ass, he shoved his massive cock all the way up the woman’s tight, hot asshole until his balls were slapping against her taut ass. Latischa shrieked out in pain and absolute ecstasy. She loved every second of it. Being ravaged by the savage jungle man was easily the best sex she had ever had, and that was saying something.

Rumon ass-fucked Latischa for what seemed forever, stretching and driving into her welcoming body, riding her hard, until he finally released a torrent of cum. He pulled himself out of her, leaving her ass filled with his ejaculate, and carried Latischa back to the bed. He set her down on her back, then dived on top of her and began licking, sucking and biting at her thick-nippled tits. He squeezed and mauled the massive glands, sucking as much into his mouth as he could, chewing on the thick flesh in a lustful frenzy. Latischa rubbed her boobs into his face and arched her back, writhing and moaning as Rumon devoured her chest. They fucked and fucked deep into the night until, finally, they collapsed in an exhausted sleep.

Part II

Latischa woke with the early morning sun. Her pussy felt raw, but deliciously stretched and full. Her asshole ached and she could feel the trickle of cum leaking out. It had been a long time since she had been fucked so thoroughly and she had never taken a prick as huge as that of the jungle man inside of her before. She smiled and stretched her lush, naked body. She had impressed herself with her own sexual capacity. The fact that enormous cock had gone balls-deep inside of her -both in her cunt and her ass- had been both exquisitely painful and incredibly pleasurable. She could not wait to take it inside of herself again and go at it as hard as they could. She had loved Rumon’s cock in her vagina, but she had enjoyed it nearly as much in her ass. She wanted much, much more.

She looked around. When she had finally passed out, she and Rumon had been wrapped together, both of them exhausted by the continuous rutting that had gone on for hours. She had woken once during the night and he had still been there with her, his flaccid cock hanging between his legs, his hand on her tit. But he was gone now. She wondered where he had taken himself. As these thoughts crossed her mind, she heard some noises at the foot of the tree and saw the rope move, as if it had been pulled. She popped her head over the edge of the branch she was on.

“Hey, baby, want to go another round or two?” she called out. She was quite intent on resuming their sexual marathon.

The moment the words were out of her mouth, she realized her mistake. At the foot of the tree was a hunting party of ten men. They were dark-skinned and clothed in fur loincloths. They were carrying spears, bows and arrows, and a few had axes. The leader of the group, the man who had pulled on the rope, was adorned in ornate jewelry and bracelets, signs of his seniority.

“Who are you?” the leading man said to her. His English was much better than Rumon’s, she could tell that immediately.

Latischa looked around for Rumon, but he seemed to be gone. She pushed back the shock of fear and anger. She got up and looked for her bikini. She pulled it on quickly and then shimmied down the rope to the ground. “My name is Latischa,” she said. The group of men clustered around her curiously. Their eyes lit up as they examined her incredible body. She could see the signs of lust in the sudden erections of a few of the men, but they were also strangely reverential. “I crashed in an airplane.”

“Do you mean a ship from the sky?” the head man asked.

“Uh…yes,” Latischa replied. “Can you take me someplace where I can communicate with my people?”

The leading man looked at her curiously. “You do not seem to understand. You are no longer on your world. You are in a different world. Many others like you have come here before, so I know some of your languages. But there is no way back for you. At least, no way that I know.”

Latischa took in this information. She did not find it hard to believe. Everything that had happened so far seemed to confirm what the man was saying, especially the appearance of the raptor.

“We will take you back to our village,” the man continued. “Our chieftain, the great Mananda, will need to meet you. She was like you – a woman from the sky.”

Latischa seized on this. “Yes, please, I’d like to meet this woman.” Someone like this Mananda would be sure to understand her situation and offer help, or at least shelter and security.

“We have been waiting for someone like you,” the head man continued. He bowed his head to Latischa. The rest of the hunting party followed suit. His words startled Latischa.

“Waiting for ‘someone like me’? What the fuck does that mean?” She decided to keep her questions to herself until she had a chance to meet the chieftain.

The men led Latischa through the forest. She was happy to have the escort, given her apprehension about the predators lurking in the forest. But she was increasingly tense. She did not know what these people wanted of her, but it was clear that they had some kind of purpose.

They walked for more than an hour. Finally, the solid wooden walls of a large village appeared in a clearing. The walls were enough to keep out even the largest dinosaurs, Latischa thought. The small entourage marched up to a giant, reinforced gate. The gate swung open and the party proceeded into the village. The village was impressive, maybe a few hundred neatly and solidly built huts and other, larger structures. Their procession attracted a crowd of villagers. The followers gawked at Latischa as her party led her towards a large, central hut. Latischa took in as much information about the people around her as she could. The villagers looked well-fed and healthy, but Latischa realized that none of them was quite in her class of beauty. With her powerful, muscular body, bulging chest and sculpted face, she realized, to her consternation, that the villagers could be seeing her as some kind of Amazonian monster. A moment later, however, she realized her mistake. The villagers did not see her as a dangerous freak. If anything, they saw her as some kind of goddess.

This became apparent to her as her party reached the central hut. The leader of her group approached the hut, knocked on the wall beside the door. A voice inside barked out an assent. The man pushed aside the mat covering the opening and went inside. Latischa stood in the middle of the group of hunters, her nervousness building. Something was going on and, somehow, she was at the center of this new development.

The woven mat covering the entrance of the hut was brushed aside. An incredible woman stepped through. The woman was topless, so her perfect, massive tits bounced free. Her powerful, muscled torso rippled. Her bare legs bulged with muscle and her bare feet were adorned with jeweled sandals. Around her waist was fastened a fur loincloth that hung down to her knees. Other than an armband and an ornate necklace, the woman was naked. Her hair was pulled back on her head and a silver circlet held it in place, causing her natural afro to puff up behind the silver restraint. The woman’s beautiful dark body glistened with a sheen of sweat.

The woman smiled when she saw Latischa. Her eyes roamed over the flight attendant’s spectacular body, blatantly examining every curve, every inch of exposed flesh. The woman placed her hands on her muscular hips and thrust out her bulging chest. Her tits quivered.

“I am Mananda,” the woman declared. “Who are you?”

“I am happy that you speak my language!” Latischa began. She could tell that this woman was a native English speaker. That also explained why the hunter’s leader spoke English so well. “I am Latischa. I was on a plane that crashed not far from here. I am the only survivor. Please, will you help me?”

Mananda laughed. “Oh, I don’t think I will be helping you, Latischa. These men have not explained what is about to happen here, so I will do it for them.”

Mananda stepped closer to Latischa, until the women were almost huge tit to huge tit. They stood at the same height and Latischa realized that she and Mananda were perfectly matched in almost every way. Their bulging breasts seemed to be roughly the same size and beautifully shaped. Even their nipples lined up. Their hips were equally wide, their powerful legs were the same length and seemed equally muscled. They easily could have been twin sisters, if not for their different faces. But the antagonism emanating off the other woman surprised and frightened her.

“The people of this village have been led by women from the sky for quite some time. You see, every so many years, a plane or some other visitor from the outside world ends up here. I don’t know how it started, but somewhere along the way, one of those visitors was a woman who established herself as the chieftain here, after defeating the previous chieftain in combat. Ever since, the tradition has been established that when new women from the sky come here, they have to fight the present chieftain to guarantee their place in the village. I arrived here ten years ago. I defeated the previous woman in charge and now I am the chieftain. And if you want these people to help you, you will need to defeat me and establish your leadership here.”

“What? But I don’t want to lead these people!”

“I did not want to either. But it was either do that or face survival in the jungle on my own. In the end, this has worked out well for me and I have no intention of giving it up.”

Latischa stepped back. She had absolutely no desire to fight this woman. She had no idea what that entailed. But she also knew that she needed the resources of this village to survive, at least for now. She did not want to be on her own in a jungle filled with raptors and probably other, equally dangerous creatures.

“You are their chieftain. You don’t have to do this!”

“You are wrong,” Mananda replied. “This is the one ritual in this village that is not negotiable. The people see every new woman from the sky as a challenger sent by the gods. And someone like you, with a body like your’s, just makes them more certain of your purpose. If I don’t fight you, my authority will be lost. And, quite frankly, you look like you may present me with a real challenge.” Mananda smiled wider, a predatory grin. “We don’t often get women who look like you. I want to test myself against you.”

Latischa shook her head in exasperation. It looked like there was no way out of this.

“What does this battle involve?”

“It’s very simple. We fight, right here, in front of the village. Whoever overpowers the other wins. It’s not a fight to the death, but there are no rules. Anything goes. Whoever submits is the loser.”

Latischa looked at the beautiful, powerful woman in front of her. Surprisingly, she did not feel any dread or anger. Instead, she felt something else building inside of her, something that had been growing and growing ever since she had stepped out of the wreckage of the plane and pulled on her bikini, something that had blossomed fully into life last night, as she and Rumon had fucked and fucked like wild animals in heat. What she felt was a wild power, a primal instinct for survival and pleasure. She felt a sudden, overwhelming desire to pit her power as a woman against the power of this other woman and see which of them was truly the superior bitch. Latischa realized, with a start, that her feelings were raw and sexual.

Mananda watched the emotions flicker across Latischa’s beautiful face. She recognized what she was seeing. She smiled wolfishly and stepped even closer. Her naked, meaty tits crushed hard into Latischa’s equally thick rack. Latischa’s titflesh flowed up from around the meager bikini top and burned deliciously as it met Mananda’s naked flesh. The women felt their matching nipples harden into each other, pulsing and throbbing as the sensitive nubs tried to push each other back.

“You feel it, don’t you, bitch?” Mananda breathed into Latischa’s face, the women almost nose to nose. “You feel the wildness, the awakening of your hunger and power as a woman, don’t you? There is something about this place – something in the air, the food, the water – that turns us ‘civilized’ people into the wild animals we were meant to be.” She smiled hungrily. “In fact, we get it even worse than the people born here. It’s irresistible. It feels wonderful, to give into that animal lust and desire and let it lead wherever it wants.”

Latischa put her hands on Mananda’s naked shoulders and pushed the woman away from her. She knew that the bitch was right and that the only way for her to win this battle was to surrender to the primal instincts now forcing their way into her consciousness.

“If we’re going to fight, let’s fight, you cunt,” Latischa breathed. She gripped her bikini top, pulled it over her head, and threw it aside. The crowd cheered. A young girl on the perimeter caught the top and held it reverently.

Mananda smiled. She reached up and unlatched her necklace and handed it to the leader of the hunting party. Latischa realized this necklace must be a symbol of the woman’s office. Mananda undid her armband and gave it to the man. She stepped out of her sandals. She reached down and pulled off her loincloth. Latischa saw that the other woman was wearing a thong, like her. But Mananda did not stop with the loincloth. She slipped her thong off her hips and down her thighs, revealing a thick-lipped, juicy looking pussy that had been shaved bare.

Latischa immediately copied her rival. Her thong fell at her bare feet and she kicked it aside. She felt a growing, exciting heat in her naked cunt. Now, both gorgeous women were equally nude.

They stepped closer to each other, crouched down, their massive tits swinging, their bare feet shifting in the dirt. Mananda extended one hand. Latischa took it. The women twined fingers and locked palm to palm, first one hand then the other. They shuddered as bare skin met bare skin. Latischa had trained as a fighter and she had been particularly adept at wrestling. She used that skill now and quickly bent back one of Mananda’s wrists. The chieftain gasped and fell to her knees as Latischa forced her down. The crowd gasped, surprised to see the village leader so easily overpowered. Mananda pulled her hands free and stood up, shaking her wrist. She was angry at herself for underestimating her new opponent. She swore to herself that would not happen again.

The women locked hands again, but this time, neither was able to overpower the other. Grunting, gasping, they strained muscle against muscle, neither able to gain ground. Their massive tits quivered on their chests as their voluptuous bodies struggled. Their toes dug into the earth, seeking purchase. Their bare feet scrabbled in the soft dirt. Soon, they were both panting hard and their incredibly curvaceous bodies were drenched with sweat in the humid air. Sweat dripped from the tips of their engorged nipples. The women soon had problems holding each other’s hands as the perspiration made their flesh too slick. Mananda slipped her hands free of Latischa’s grip and hurled her naked body at her foe, slamming tit to tit with the flight attendant. She wrapped her arms around Latischa’s back and squeezed hard, mashing their titmeat. A powerful erotic thrill arced through both women as their nipples met, as their breasts compressed. Latischa immediately returned the grip. The naked women fell to the ground. Their powerful limbs thrashed only for moments before muscular legs grapevined and thick arms crushed their powerful torsos together. Solid, bare bellies slapped loudly and the women writhed on the ground, naked bodies bucking and twisting against each other as each woman sought to gain an advantage. Nose to nose, pulling hair, clawing and slapping at each other’s naked backs and round asses, Latischa and Mananda rolled back and forth in the dirt, each one trying to control the other. As she squirmed and strained against Mananda’s incredible body, every inch of her flesh rubbing and sliding against every inch of flesh on the other woman, Latischa felt the heat between her legs grow into a furnace. She felt the heat between the other woman’s legs too and realized that she wanted to share and match that heat. Her nipples were already as hard as rocks and she could feel Mananda’s nipples were just as big and hard.

The women were forehead to forehead, gasping and panting. “Fuck you, whore,” Latischa gasped into Mananda’s savage face.

“Try it, you cunt,” Mananda groaned back.

The nude women continued to roll back and forth in the dirt, their luscious bodies plastered together from toe to tit, bellies flat, their powerful, mahogany limbs twined in unbreakable knots, their meaty tits crushed into each other nipple to nipple and grinding furiously as they writhed. They were trapped in mutual bearhugs, each trying to crush the other into submission. Their sweat drenched bodies soon became even harder to hold onto and the women finally released each other and rolled apart.

Panting, dripping with sweat, Latischa and Mananda got back to their feet and faced each other. Neither was even close to giving up, but Latischa could see this would be a long, vicious, possibly very dangerous battle. She also found that she was incredibly aroused. Being in such close, intimate contact with the other woman’s incredible body had filled her with intense sexual energy. Her nipples were so hard they hurt, her breasts were swollen with arousal and felt twice as big as their usual size. Most intensely, her pussy was on fire, her clit throbbing and twitching with tension, her cunt fully lubricated and dripping cunt juice. She did not feel shame, even though her intense arousal was evident to anyone who looked. She could see that Mananda was equally horny. The other woman’s pussy was freely dripping liquid to the ground.

“Are you ready for more, Latischa?”

“I am ready for anything you bring, Mananda.”

Warily, the women moved closer to each other, crouched down, their hands ready to grapple. Latischa waited for the other woman to attack, but the attack did not come. Instead, Mananda took a step back. She smiled at Latischa, a fevered grin.

“I can already tell this will be a long, savage battle, Latischa. Both of us will probably end up badly hurt before we are done with each other. We can fight that way or we can fight another way, a way that is far less painful and just as decisive.”

“What do you have in mind?” Latischa asked warily. But she had a strong suspicion of where this was heading.

“We fight woman to woman. We fight cunt to cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit. The woman who makes the other cum first is the winner. The loser submits and leaves the village.”

Latischa felt a flare of heat and lust in her pussy that was so intense she nearly passed out. Just hearing these words from Mananda filled her with a desire so great that she could not help gushing in response. A stream of cunt juice splattered her feet and the crowd murmured in appreciation. She was amazed that she was reacting this way. She had never considered herself a woman with lesbian inclinations. But, right now, whatever savage sexual beast had been unleashed inside her during her brief stay in this lost world was raging with insatiable power and it wanted to meet the woman before her in the most primal, erotic combat.

Latischa smiled. “I agree. Your sex against mine. The loser is the one who gets fucked into submission.”

Mananda smiled, a smirk that could not mask her raging lust. At Latischa’s words, the village chieftain gushed herself, her naked pussy suddenly contracting and squirting a stream of cunt juice. The women shared ravenous grins. They both wanted each other, they wanted to meet and decide their contest in the most deeply erotic, intimate way that two women could fight. And they were going to do it right here, in front of the whole village.

Mananda walked towards Latischa. Latischa moved to meet her. When the women were about two meters apart, Mananda stopped. She dropped to her knees, resting her ass on her heels. Her massive tits quivered. Latischa dropped to mirror Mananda’s position. The women’s eyes locked. As one, they sat back on their perfect, round asses. The women braced their bodies with their arms behind them and, in unison, slowly spread their thighs.

The crowd of villagers murmured and gasped as they saw the succulent cunt of their chieftain confront the dripping, red-lipped cunt of the challenger. Both women’s clits were huge, fully engorged, and twitching with tension. Their clits swelled out of the crests of their fuck slits, which were dripping with lubrication. The villagers had seen Mananda fuckfight and soundly defeat several other women in the past, but this was the first time that their chieftain was facing a woman who seemed to be her equal in every way.

Mananda and Latischa pushed closer to each other. Latischa reached out a bare foot; Mananda offered her bare foot in reply. The women pushed their toes together and pressed hard. They smiled at each other, both enjoying the teasingly erotic sensations of toes to toes. They pressed the full soles of both their feet together. Latischa wasn’t at all surprised to see that their feet seemed exactly the same size, yet another way in which she and this woman were equals.

“This bitch and I really were made to fight each other,” Latischa thought. The idea thrilled her and she trembled with anticipation, both of the pleasure to come and of the resolution of the sudden, intense rivalry she had with this woman she had just met. She was about to engage in the most intimate sex of her life with a woman who was a complete stranger, yet who somehow challenged Latischa in the most primitive, erotic ways possible. The part of Latischa that was capable of shame or even hesitation was gone. The only part left was that filled with animalistic desire and the need to satisfy her overflowing sexual hunger.

Feet pressed tight, the women pushed closer and closer, spreading their legs wider and wider until their dripping cunts were only inches apart. It was only then that they disengaged their feet and toes and slid right legs over lefts and pushed together so they could lock up in a scissor. They turned their hips so their fuck slits could properly align. Neither women could tear her eyes away from the other woman’s approaching cunt. Their swollen clits vibrated with pure lust. Latischa felt a sexual hunger even greater than what she had felt last night when she had contemplated Rumon’s cock driving up into her fuckmeat. What she was preparing to do now with Mananda was somehow even more primal and even more pleasurable. She was ready to use the most sensitive and exquisite sexual organ on her body against the matching organ on a woman whom she had already grown to hate in a battle of ecstasy against ecstasy. She knew that, win or lose, this battle would bring her incredible pleasure. She hoped that she could last. She feared that the overwhelming arousal already suffusing her luscious body could cause her to explode in an orgasm at the first contact of clit to clit.

The women pushed closer and closer. Their cunts were less than an inch apart when they stopped. Their eyes locked. Mananda and Latischa were panting hard with excitement and pure desire. They could both feel the heat and power coming off the other’s naked genitals. They could see their throbbing, aching clits, ready for battle.

“Are you ready, bitch?” Mananda whispered. She had fought many women before but, somehow, this cunt was different. The power she sensed, the sexual energy she felt from Latischa, was greater than any she had yet encountered.

“Let’s do it, cunt,” Latischa whispered. “Let’s fuck!”

Signaling with their eyes, the women drew back their hips and then thrust with all their power, driving thick-lipped twats together. Juicy fuckmeat came together with a resounding wet clap, spraying pussy juice on impact. Hot vaginas sucked and locked, a powerful, thick suction forming instantly between the women’s pudenda. Their soft, slick labia sizzled as they merged and fused. Thick, tense clits rammed together, head to head, and held in a quivering stalemate.

Latischa threw back her head and screamed in pure ecstasy, shrieking her pleasure out to the jungle sky. “Oh God, OH FUCKING GOOOOODDDDDDD!!” Part of her wanted to withdraw, to pull back her hips, to disengage her burning clit and cunt from this unbearably exquisite pleasure. Instead, she thrust harder, the animal inside of her wanting even more.

Mananda’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. She screamed in ecstasy on first contact. “ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!” she shrieked. “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!” Mananda had crossed clits with many women before, but she had never felt anything like this. But, like Latischa, she did not back down. Instead, she thrust harder, sealing her cunt to Latischa’s, driving their clits together with even greater force.

The villagers watched with rapt attention. All of the men sported enormous erections. All of the women felt their pussies get hot and wet and their clits swell with tension. They all knew they were bearing witness to a sexual battle of epic proportions.

Latischa and Mananda looped one thigh around the other’s hip, to lock their bodies in place. Leaning back, their arms holding them in place, they churned their hips and asses, grinding and grinding into each other, the supremely sensitive heads of their throbbing clits jousting in constant, relentless contact. Their massive tits bounced and jolted on their chests in response to every powerful thrust. Their powerful abdomens rippled as the fuckfight raged on, the deep muscles of their vaginas locked and sucking at each other in competition. Their bodies were drenched in sweat. The women’s eyes locked, but both had problems keeping their eyes open as unbearable erotic sensations roared through their luscious bodies in unrelenting waves of electricity. They panted, their breathing coming in ragged gasps, as they rode each other mercilessly.

“Oh god, you fuck, you filthy fucking whore…” Latischa moaned, her hatred for Mananda growing exponentially, in tandem with the excruciating pleasure wracking her body. She had not known that sex could be this good, that her body could feel such overwhelming ecstasy and not explode in gushers of cum. Yet, somehow, she was still twisting and thrusting her hips, rubbing her clit directly into Mananda’s swollen clit, squeezing and sucking at Mananda’s cunt with her own, eating and being eaten at once. All the incredible pleasure she had experienced with Rumon the night before paled in comparison to what she and this woman were doing to each other now.

“Cunt, you fucking, fucking cunt…,” Mananda groaned back. Her body was trembling, every muscle, every inch of flesh was on fire. Her clit felt ten times its normal size, every stroke of Latischa’s clit on her’s sent waves of unbearable pleasure coursing through her body. She wanted nothing more than to just explode in a release of pure ecstasy. She had never felt anything like this, she had never been fucked so hard, so well, with such incredible pleasure as the result. But she kept thrusting, kept meeting blow for blow, kept forcing her voluptuous body to somehow accept even more pleasure and continue the battle. As much as she wanted it to end, another, stronger, more animalistic part of her wanted this exquisite fucking to go on and on and on.

Gripping each other’s wet thighs, Mananda and Latischa kept grinding and grinding, driving into each other, penetrating and violating each other. Clit to clit, cunt sucked and locked to cunt. The wet sounds of juicy flesh merging and sealing filled the space before the chieftain’s hut. The women’s grunts, cries and screams became louder and more intense as their desperate fucking went on. Their hips snapped and jerked, thrusting and thrusting their clits and cunts together, never breaking the seal between their hot, wet genitals, never letting their swollen, burning clits separate from their head to head duel.





“Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU……!!!”

“You cunt, you fucking cunt, you fucking, FUCKING CUNT….!!!”

Ten minutes became twenty, twenty became thirty. The crowd of villagers watched the erotic spectacle before them, completely mesmerized by the beautiful, voluptuous bodies that writhed so sinuously, that moved in constant rhythm, thrusting and thrusting endlessly, their perfect muscles flexing and rippling, their massive tits bouncing, spraying sweat with every jolt. The faces of the beautiful women were twisted in erotic agony. Their eyes were locked and every villager could feel the intensity of the intimacy and hatred shared by these women, the fact that they were destroying each other with pleasure, using the most erotic weapons any humans could use to annihilate each other.

“Oh god,” Latischa thought, “Oh god, I can’t take much more.” She did not know how she had held out so long. Every grind of clit to clit sent paroxysms of pure ecstasy coursing through her body. It was a level of pleasure equivalent to the most intense orgasms of her life. By rights, she should have exploded and passed out from pleasure long, long ago. Yet, somehow, her body kept taking the assault, kept storing away the building ecstasy in her ravished flesh, kept feeding her need for even more. She felt like her genitals had become one mass of heat and pulsating pleasure, that she was melted into Mananda and that they were sharing one set of cunts, one set of clits, that they had become one steaming, fucking, bucking body between their legs, and that they could never separate again. She was sucking and eating Mananda’s cunt with her own and she felt Mananda squeezing and sucking her back. She had never fought anyone on this intimate level before in her life, she had not even dreamed such intimacy and pure ecstasy was possible. Yet, she knew the end would come. She knew, eventually, she or Mananda would be unable to take any more and they would erupt in a geyser of cum. She could feel her incredible body getting closer and closer to that edge.

Mananda had exactly the same feelings. Her incredible body was wracked with ecstasy, she did not know any more where her cunt ended and Latischa’s began, she had lost all track of time and space. The only thing that existed for her was the pleasure pouring out of her genitals, the ecstasy suffusing her body, and the beauty of Latischa’s perfect form, bucking and grinding and thrusting endlessly against hers.

The fuckfight raged on and on. The villagers watched, completely enthralled, as the battle reached one hour. The fucking women were drenched in sweat, their locked pudenda were slick with cunt juices, the sand beneath their writhing, bucking bodies was damp with their secretions. Latischa and Mananda’s screams and curses faded away, but the villagers could tell this was because the pleasure torturing their perfect bodies had robbed them of their voices. Even so, the gasps, pants and moans of pure ecstasy continued to pour from their lips.

Latischa pushed herself up and reached for Mananda’s body. Manada eagerly reached for Latischa. The women spread their legs wider and pulled each other in, until their massive, swollen tits crushed tight, until their throbbing nipples speared each other and sucked and held, tip to tip. The women pushed tighter and rubbed their tits around and around, setting their chests on fire. They whimpered as the added erotic stimulation pushed them closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh fuck, fuck, you cunt…” Latischa moaned. Before Mananda could reply, she pulled the woman into a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss. Mananda eagerly returned it.

The women’s jerking, thrusting hips had slowed as they kissed and rubbed tits, but now they broke the kisses, leaned back, and began pumping each other with even greater force and determination. They both felt the end coming and they were in the final race to the finish.

Mananda reached out and filled her hand with one of Latischa’s bouncing tits. She squeezed and massaged the taut, thick meat. Latischa instantly did the same. The women groaned as they fondled each other’s magnificent chests, as the sensations poured from their aching nipples directly into their overflowing clits.

It happened all at once. Suddenly, the constant surges of pleasure that Latischa felt with every clit to clit grind became an overwhelming, impossibly enormous wave of pure ecstasy. It was like every ounce of pleasure she had stored up was suddenly released as the dam holding back the wave broke. The ecstasy filled every cell in her body, every inch of flesh, and exploded from her. She felt everything concentrated in her throbbing, aching clit, then radiate out to her entire body in relentless waves of unbearable pleasure.


At the same instant, exactly the same explosion of pure ecstasy roared through Mananda’s luscious body. Her clit, already fused with Latischa’s clit, detonated in a release of pleasure much more intense than anything the chieftain had ever felt before in her life.


The writhing, grinding women fell onto their backs. Their convulsing cunts closed on each other, squeezing and clamping in an unbreakable grip. Their hips bucked high, their backs arched, their bouncing tits fell back to hit their beautiful faces. Their powerful abdomens rippled as their bodies undulated uncontrollably, writhing in a shared agony of indescribable pleasure. Latischa and Mananda ejaculated with incredible force, again and again, injecting steaming cum into each other. Their ejaculate shot everywhere, gushing out of the seal of their locked genitals, shooting several feet into the air, splashing back down on their twisting, jerking bodies.



The fuckfighting women kept cumming and cumming, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of each other, draining each other. Their screams of erotic ecstasy filled the afternoon sky, disturbing the rhythms of the jungle and sending many animals scurrying for cover. Ten minutes after the orgasms started, they finally slowed and abated.

The villagers watched this display with awe. They had never seen or felt anything like it. Many men and women ejaculated along with the battling fuckfighters, caught by the incredible display of pure erotic power they had just witnessed.

After a time, Latischa and Mananda lay still. Their bodies remained locked tight at their cunts, their flesh covered in sweat and cum. The high priestess of the village stepped forward. She leaned down to speak to Mananda.

“My chieftain, can you hear me?”

Mananda did not stir for a moment, but finally managed to speak. “Adoran,” she whispered. “Did I win? Did my cunt break that bitch?”

“No, my chieftain, you did not win. But neither did she. You defeated each other at the same moment.”

Mananda groaned in despair. “Then, what is the next step? What does the ritual require?”

“One of you must win, my chieftain,” the priestess replied. “You must continue to battle until one of you conquers the other.”

Mananda groaned but, deep down, part of her thrilled in delight to this news. The pleasure that she and Latischa had just inflicted on each other was beyond anything the beautiful woman had thought possible. The idea of experiencing it again filled her with an aching desire.

“You must both rest,” the priestess continued. “We will feed and bathe you. Tonight, after the feast, you must retire to the chieftain’s hut together, and fight each other through the night, through the day, however long it takes until one of you can defeat the other. Only then can one claim to be our chieftain.”

Mananda felt a pressure in her cunt. Latischa was squeezing her, sucking at her cunt to cunt. The chieftain pushed herself up on her elbows. She looked over her fully aroused tits, down her body, at Latischa, who was staring at her. Mananda squeezed back and, for a long, hot moment, the women’s interlocked genitals quivered with tension as they cunt wrestled.

Latischa finally spoke. “I will fuck you for as long as it takes,” she whispered. “I want both of us to know which of us is the better woman.”

“I will fuck you raw and dry, you whore,” Mananda replied. “We are not going to stop until one of us is destroyed.”

“Good,” Latischa grunted.

Gathering their strength, Mananda and Latischa slowly pulled their bodies apart. Their cunts sucked apart slowly, painfully. Their throbbing clits disengaged reluctantly and both women felt a wave of sorrow and anguish when their lush bodies finally separated from each other.

They kneeled in the dirt before the hut, their perfect bodies dripping with sweat, soaked in cum. Mananda and Latischa glared at each other. They felt the heat of desire, the need to bring their bodies together once again and finish what they had started. But, for the moment, it was time to rest.

Part III

The high priestess attended to the chieftain and led Mananda into her hut. Assistants to the priestess, two young women, helped Latischa to her feet. Latischa’s pussy was sore and raw, her inner vagina felt tight and hot, and her clit felt unbearably sensitive. Still, her libido was off the charts and she knew that she was ready for much, much more. She walked, unsteadily, between the two women, who led her to a hut directly across from the chieftain’s. They put her on a soft bed of leaves and straw to rest while they went about warming water and filling a tub for her bath. Latischa lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Her mind was filled with the exquisite pleasure she and Mananda had just given to each other. She was still shocked that such physical pleasure was possible. That she had found it between the legs of another woman, that she had fucked and fought that woman to an erotic standstill before a crowd of hundreds of people, surprised her further. She was amazed that she could do all these things without regret or shame. She put these thoughts aside. All that mattered now was locking up with Mananda again, going at the woman clit to clit until one of them conquered the other with pure, unbearable ecstasy. Latischa shuddered in anticipation.

Soon, the bath was ready. She immersed herself in the hot water, let the heat soothe her aching muscles and sore pussy, and prepared herself for the erotic ordeal to come.

In the chieftain’s hut, Mananda’s naked body floated in the hot water of her bath. She let the heat suffuse her aching genitals and her sore, hot clit. Her body kept flashing back to the unbelievable fuck she and Latischa had just shared. Mananda was determined to defeat that whore, to break the bitch’s body with her own. But she could not deny the intensity of what she and her rival had done to each other. She had to win the upcoming war. But she craved the incredible ecstasy that had just wracked her body to the point of delirium.

The women rested in their respective huts for the remainder of the afternoon, gathering their strength. Late in the afternoon, the head priestess went to each woman and reviewed the rules of the upcoming contest. The evening came. When darkness fell, the two priestess’ assistants escorted a naked Latischa to the central gathering place of the village, just on the other side of the chieftain’s hut. She had asked for her bikini but was told the rest of the ritual needed to be performed in the nude. The square was filled with people. A long, narrow table was set on a raised stage in the center of the space. The table was low; cushions provided the seats for the people sitting at it. Directly behind the table, sitting in the true center of the square, was a large metallic gong. As she arrived, Latischa saw Mananda entering from the other end of the gathering space, led by the high priestess. The beautiful chieftain was also completely nude.

Mananda and Latischa locked eyes from across the square. The memory of shared ecstasy coursed through their clits, filling their cunts with juices, filling their tits to grow heavy and burn with heat, causing their brown nipples to harden into spikes. Latischa almost gasped. From the distance, she could see juice trickling down Mananda’s inner thighs.

Their respective escorts led the rivals to the high table. Despite its length, there were only two seats set. Cushions were placed at the middle of the table, on either side. The two combatants would eat sitting across from each other, separated only by the narrow width. The ritual required that they share their meal in peace, before they began their final struggle.

Latischa and Mananda glared into each other’s eyes, but said nothing. Their luscious bodies spoke for them. Their tits were swollen and jiggled with the tautness of flesh pumped to its utmost with arousal. Pussy juice trickled continuously down their inner thighs. Their swollen clits, twitching and pulsing with tension, were fully visible, thrusting out of the nude women’s naked cunts. It took all their willpower not to throw their naked bodies at each other and fuck each other raw, right in front of the entire crowd.

At a signal from the high priestess, Latischa and Mananda sat down, sitting cross-legged on the cushions, facing each other. Their positions completely exposed their naked genitals to the other woman. Without any pretense, the two gorgeous women stared unabashedly at the other woman’s pulsing, throbbing clit. Their hot, hungry cunts mirrored each other from across the table, sopping wet and engorged with blood. The scent of the women’s aroused twats filled the air between them, their distinct sexual odors mixing and merging into one sensuous fog. Their naked, swollen tits rose to confrontation as well, wobbling and jouncing as the women sat. Hot, hard nipples lined up perfectly.

The table was only 45 centimeters wide, no more than a large bench. Either woman could easily reach across and touch or caress the other. Latischa realized that this entire meal was set up as a test of wills and as a way to drive the combatants’ libidos to greater and greater levels as their denial of their desire to mate fed their growing, unsatisfied hunger. When, eventually, they unleashed their lust on each other, the explosion of sexual desire would be volcanic.

The people of the village sat in the square, filling the space. They were waiting for the meal to be served to their chieftain and her challenger, the champion of the gods sent by the heavens to test their leader and who might soon be their new leader. Despite the hundreds of people packing the space, the crowd was surprisingly quiet. All eyes were fixed on the two beautiful and voluptuous women at the table, the two sex goddesses who now sat, their eyes locked, their bodies at war even if they were not yet touching. Everyone in the square felt the unbearable sexual tension. Everyone who had witnessed the epic fuckfight between Latischa and Mananda earlier understood how much pleasure these women could give to each other and how difficult it was for them to now sit face to face, displaying their succulent cunts, challenging and taunting the other, yet not acting on their shared erotic need.
Everyone wondered if the women could get through the feast without breaking the truce of the meal, a critical diplomatic protocol between any warring parties.

Mananda and Latischa were served by the priestess’ helpers. The meals were identical in portions and content. The high priestess came and stood beside the table, directly in front of the massive gong. She explained the purpose of the food and reviewed the rules of the meal and combat, so the crowd could hear and understand.

“Everything you eat here tonight are foods meant to increase your stamina. The foods also fuel your libidos, increasing your desire and your ability to fight longer and harder. They provide great nutrition and they are mostly fruits, sometimes enhanced with herbs and spices, that have been proven to help you hold the moisture in your bodies.”

“You cannot fight at the table. This table is a place of diplomacy. The rules of hospitality require that all those enjoying a meal do so under the protection of the village. If you break this rule and attack one another, the one who starts the battle will be ejected from the competition. For you, my chieftain, it means that you will lose your title to the challenger.”

“When you finish your meal, you will leave here together, side by side, hand in hand. You will walk together into the chieftain’s hut. When you are alone together, you are free to engage in sexual combat and only sexual combat. You cannot hurt each other, you cannot try to harm each other. This contest is entirely between your sexes, between your bodies. You both agreed to this earlier today and you must adhere to that agreement. Do you understand?”

Latischa nodded. “Yes,” she said. “I have no desire to hurt this bitch. I only want to break her with my cunt.”

Mananda nodded too. “Yes,” she replied. “My pussy will suck this whore dry. I have no need to destroy her otherwise.”

The priestess nodded and continued. “Very well. Your battle will go on until one of you submits to the other. This can be done by one surrendering or it can be one is simply too exhausted to continue. The victor is realized when one of you emerges from the hut and strikes this gong.” She indicated the gong sitting behind the table. “Once the gong is rung the battle is over.”

“Do you both understand these rules?”

The two women nodded once again. “Yes,” intoned Mananda. “Yes,” repeated Latischa.

“Good. Everything you need for your battle is in the hut or will be left outside of the door. Three meals a day will be left there. There are chamber pots inside the hut that you can use. Leave them by the door when they need to be emptied.”

The priestess left the women and joined her assistants. The three women stood off to the side of the stage and watched their chieftain and her challenger eat. All around the square, the villagers began their own meals, squatting or sitting in the dirt to watch the tense confrontation playing out at the table.

Latischa and Mananda ate their meals. Latischa was surprised to find that she could quickly identify how each delicacy was meant to increase her sexual stamina or her sexual drive. She could feel their effects almost immediately. The meal was light, mostly fruits, as the priestess had explained, but there was also a bit of meat and sweet wine. Both women felt their energy levels increase, they felt their mutual desire grow ever more powerful.

Latischa and Mananda stared at each other, their eyes locked, even as they ate. The building sexual desire and tension between them, already incredibly powerful, quickly grew into a fever as the stimulative effects of the food took effect. The women’s eyes glowed with lust. Latischa felt as though she was slowly going insane with sexual need.

Mananda had the same thoughts and feelings. None of her past battles ever got to this point. Every other sexfight she had engaged in the past had ended in decisive victories for her. Many times over the past decade, disputes with other women leaders in other villages had been resolved through crossing clits. Mananda had never lost, and she had no intention of losing now. But the raging lust in her body was growing ever more intense with every bite of food, with every moment that she stared into Latischa’s dark eyes, every moment that she inhaled the intoxicating scent of her rival’s cunt. She feared she would go crazy with lust before long and would not be able to control herself. She decided to push the issue.

Mananda smiled at Latischa and slowly reached across the narrow table. Carefully, she softly caressed Latischa’s left tit, running her nimble fingers along the round edge of the heavy gland, slowly tracing the rough flesh of the dark areolae. Her thumb pressed Latischa’s hard nipple gently.

“You have such beautiful tits, Latischa,” Mananda murmured. “They are so firm and thick. I would love to suck them for a while.”

Latischa reacted to Mananda’s unexpected action by going rigid with lust. Her body trembled as she struggled to control herself. Mananda was not attacking her with violence, but with sensuality. Latischa realized this kind of assault stayed within the rules of their competition. She had not expected this kind of underhanded move and it was almost enough to break her. Mananda’s fingers burned on her flesh, the woman’s caress of her tit was electrifying, the tweak of her nipple almost caused Latischa to scream. Her pussy lubricated hard and her pulsing clit quivered as her body overflowed with sexual energy and desire. Latischa screamed in her mind as she bent her willpower to holding herself in.

Trembling, her lip quivering, Latischa retaliated.

“Thank you, Mananda,” Latischa whispered. She reached across the table and ran her fingers, feather-light, between the other woman’s perfect tits. Latischa ran her fingers down Mananda’s taut, beautifully muscled belly and traced the line down her torso, through her navel, to the wet crest of the woman’s slick, hot cunt. “Your body is beautiful, too. Your clit is so firm and thick. I would love to suck it for hours.” So saying, Latischa gently, gently caressed her opponent’s pulsating clit.

Mananda closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, her beautiful face contorting in a rictus of pure sexual agony. She wanted to scream, she wanted to hurl herself across the table, mount Latischa, and grind her clit into the woman’s matching sexhorn until they both exploded. She gasped as she struggled to regain control. Secretly, she was angry at herself. She had started this game of one-upmanship and Latischa had outdone her by going right for the prize.

Mananda opened her eyes and glared at Latischa. Latischa smiled back triumphantly. Both women were sweating, their struggle to control their raging libidos causing their bodies to tremble with tension. Mananda leaned forward, reached across the table, and placed her palm flat on Latischa’s taut belly. She slid her hand down until she was cupping the other woman’s wet, hot cunt, then carefully inserted her middle finger into her enemy’s steaming twat.

Latischa whimpered, her body shuddered, and she closed her eyes tight, biting her lip. This was more than she could bear! She felt Mananda’s finger inside of her, tracing her inner vaginal wall, working up to the nerve complex that fed such pleasure to her throbbing clit. Latischa leaned forward until she was nose to nose and eye to eye with Mananda. The tips of the women’s nipples touched and sizzled with erotic heat, sending a spike of ecstasy racing through them. The weight of their heavy breasts pushed their nips together. The women gasped in tandem. Carefully, straining to keep her body in check, Latischa inserted her own middle finger deep in her enemy’s burning twat. She was gratified to see the flash of panic and pure, animal desire in Mananda’s eyes.

The women leaned into each other, panting like bitches in heat into each other’s faces, putting more weight on their dense tits, and slowly and carefully finger-fucked the other. Their nipples throbbed and they felt their milk holes seal and lock. Sweat dripped down their faces and dotted their pulsing breasts, trickling down to spatter on the table top.

For long, tense minutes, Latischa and Mananda played with their rival’s throbbing cunt, fingers probing deep, stroking at quivering clits. They panted furiously, their bodies raging out of control. Somehow, incredibly, both women managed to keep from releasing the terrible orgasmic pleasure building in their cores. But their mutual erotic assault pushed them both to the edge. They needed to fuck. They could not wait a moment longer.

Slowly, slowly, both women carefully pulled their fingers out of their opponent’s cunt. Eyes locked, Mananda and Latischa offered each other their wet fingers. The women carefully licked their rival’s wet finger clean with their warm tongues. The crowd sighed, the sexual tension running through the square almost unbearable to everyone.

“Are you ready to fuck, Latischa?” Mananda purred, her dark eyes glowing with fever. Her lips almost touched Latischa’s, her sweet breath washed over the other woman’s beautiful face.

“I’m ready to fuck, Mananda,” Latischa purred back. “I’m ready to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck…”

“…and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck…” Mananda took up the chant with her.

The women pressed closer, until they were touching nose to nose, eye to eye. The villagers were silent, watching this incredible erotic display with bated breath, wondering if the two goddesses on the stage were about to lose all control and begin ravaging each other right in front of everyone.

“My body is going to destroy your body, Mananda,” Latischa whispered. “I’m going to enjoy your cunt in every way that you can imagine.”

“We’re going to do everything to each other, Latischa,” Mananda whispered back. “We’re not leaving that hut until I’ve taken you in every possible way. After I destroy you, you’re going to look back on this as the best fucking you’re ever going to have in your life.”

The women smiled. Their bodies burned with pure erotic fever, their eyes gleamed with insane lust. They opened their mouths and touched tongues. A thrill of pure erotic electricity ran through both of them. Their engorged nipples hardened even more and squirted slightly. The high priestess watched carefully and prepared to intervene.

Their tongues slid deliciously together, then deeper into the other’s mouth. Their lips sealed and the women pressed into each other harder, compressing their meaty tits with a bit more force. Their lips and mouths worked, tongues slipping and sliding, curling together within their mouths. The kiss deepened, grew stronger and more passionate. Latischa and Mananda shared spit back and forth, filled their mouths with their mixed secretions, until it dribbled down their chins and fell in globs to their shared, quivering cleavage. They swallowed it back, but they refused to separate. For both women, this was the most delicious kiss of their lives. It foreshadowed the joining, the sensual union, that would soon happen between their hot nether lips. It lit their bodies on fire with raw pleasure, with sensual heat, that filled every nerve with electricity. The kiss lasted for almost five minutes, the women lost in the intensity of the merging, until their desire reached an uncontrollable peak.

Latischa and Mananda broke the kiss. They pulled their tongues back and then leaned back away from each other, a string of spit connecting their lips. They panted furiously, their eyes blazing with lust, their bodies shivering, their muscles taut like bows.

Latischa and Mananda rose to their feet in unison. Mananda reached out her hand. Latischa took it. The women wrapped their fingers together, intertwining them just as their bodies would soon be intertwined. They shuddered in delight at the touch of bare flesh to flesh. Hands at their side, the women walked together down the length of the table. When they reached the end of the table, they stepped closer. Their swaying hips touched, their rippling asses moved in concert, their shoulders pushed side by side. Latischa and Mananda moved as closely and tightly together as they could as they walked across the square towards the chieftain’s hut, the place where their raging sexual rivalry would be decided. They pressed their nude bodies together and thrilled as they felt their jiggling tits bounce off each other, side by side. Both women watched the door of the hut get closer and closer. They slowed their walk, taunting each other with their own sexual control, daring the other to walk faster, to give in to the insane lust boiling and twisting inside of their aching bodies.

Finally, they stood side by side at the door of the hut. The words of the priestess came back to them. Once they pushed aside the woven mat blocking the entrance and stepped inside, they would enter their own world, their own arena, where they would fuck each other until they could not walk and then fuck each other some more. Through that mat lay a world of pure sexual paradise, but also the abject humiliation and defeat of one of these two proud, beautiful women.

Latischa and Mananda turned and faced the crowd, still holding hands. The high priestess stood to their side. The women raised their locked hands over their heads, like champions saluting their followers. Their massive tits bounced against each other. The high priestess made her final declaration.

“Here is our great chieftain, Mananda, and her greatest challenger, Latischa. They will now enter the chieftain’s hut. They will meet woman to woman, body to body, sex to sex and compete for leadership before the eyes of the gods. When next one emerges, she will be our chieftain. She will have proved her superiority over her rival. She will command our respect and loyalty. May the gods choose wisely!”

“May the gods choose wisely!!” the villagers repeated in a roar of excited voices.

Hand in hand, Latischa and Mananda turned back to the hut entrance. It was wide enough for them to enter together. Moving as one, each woman grabbed one half of the woven curtain and pulled it aside. Together, the naked goddesses stepped over the threshold and into the gleaming light inside of the hut. Finally, their fuckwar could begin.

Part IV

The moment the curtain closed behind them, Latischa and Mananda released the other’s hand and did what they had longed to do for the past few hours: they threw their naked bodies at each other. Consumed with feverish desire, they cried out in joy as their luscious bodies slapped together, as their dense, throbbing tits crushed, sending pulses of pure pleasure radiating through their burning flesh. Naked bellies clapped, powerful legs twined, arms wrapped around beautiful backs and squeezed. The women’s mouths snapped together in magnetic lust, tongues lashing.

Moaning, groaning with passion, Latischa and Mananda staggered around the hut, hitting the walls, stumbling out into the center of the large space. The structure was sturdy and the hut had been cleared of most of Mananda’s personal effects, except for the large bed positioned against one wall. The women gripped, fondled and slapped bare flesh, grabbing and squeezing asses, clawing at backs, pulling at hair, leaving their marks on the other. They struggled to control their enemy but, in that moment, they were driven more by the desire to just grind against each other, hot, slick flesh to flesh.

Gasping, spraying spit, the women broke their savage kiss. Cheek to cheek, biting at necks and shoulders, they pulled hair and struggled, their perfect bodies straining. Their bare feet beat a tattoo on the hard-packed floor as they tried to wrangle each other down to the ground.

“You cunt, you fucking cunt…”Latischa moaned into Mananda’s ear.

“Dirty, cunt-sucking little whore,”Mananda gasped in reply, her body on fire with need. She was desperate to get Latischa on the bed or the ground, anywhere she could spread the bitch’s legs and ram their clits together. Her clit was pulsing, aching with need, throbbing with the desire to be mated to its counterpart. The women’s inner thighs were already slick with pussy juices and sweat.

The battling women finally succeeded in throwing themselves onto the bed. Twining their legs tightly, wrapping their equally voluptuous, powerful bodies into muscular knots, they rolled from one end of the bed to the other, their nude bodies wriggling furiously, each one trying to take and hold the dominant position.

“Fucking…CUNT!!” Latischa screamed as she strained to pin Mananda to the bed.

“Dirty…SLUT!!” Manada shrieked as she bucked with her hips and succeeded in rolling their thrashing bodies and taking the top spot.

The women rolled and rolled, slowly, agonizingly, every muscle trembling, neither one able to dominate, until they rolled off the side of the bed. Slicked in sweat, they broke apart when they hit the floor. They leaped to their feet, but Latischa used the moment to move around to the far side of the bed. Mananda glared at her, her massive tits jiggling furiously as she panted.

“Come back here, you cunt!”

Latischa smiled, climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, and began crawling towards her rival. “You come here, whore. No more games. It’s time to fuck this out.”

Mananda climbed onto the bed from the other side and met Latischa in the middle. The women got up on their knees and reached for each other, locking their hands in a test of strength.

“You want me, don’t you Mananda?” Latischa teased, tightening her grip, digging her fingers into the back of Mananda’s hands.
“The same way you want me, fucker,” Mananda replied. Their powerful arms trembled with effort.

“Then let’s have some fun, slut,” Latischa smiled. She pushed their arms up over their heads and aimed her heavy rack directly at Mananda’s luscious pair of tits. Mananda shoved her chest forward in challenge. The women grunted and moaned in pleasure as their heavy breasts crushed, four thick masses of taut, meaty flesh melding and resisting, pushing and throbbing, slipping and sliding over and around each other. Their nipples scored and flicked, sending heat pulsing through their dense flesh.

“Ummmmmmnn,” Latischa grunted, biting her lower lip as exquisite pleasure radiated through her succulent breasts. She worked her back, rubbing and driving herself into Mananda’s matching tits, loving the sensuous feeling. “Oh fuck, yessss….”

“Unnnnnggggghhh,” Mananda groaned, thrusting back, savoring every delicious grind, aiming her nipples into Latischa’s rigid pair.

“You bitch, you fucking bitch….”

For a time, the women slopped their tits back and forth, up and down, working the throbbing glands together until their dense titflesh burned with sexual electricity. They freed their hands and wrapped their arms around each other’s torsos, squeezing tight, grunting in pleasure as their racks crushed, their massive chests quivering as the thick, taut mounds of flesh came under pressure. Their hard bellies undulated sinuously and their thighs rubbed tight. They could feel the heat radiating out from between their legs, their pussies on fire.

“Come on, bitch,” Latischa hissed into Mananda’s gorgeous face, nose to nose, forehead pressed to forehead. “You said you wanted to suck my tits. Why don’t you show me what your tits can do?”

“Gladly, whore,” Mananda smiled. “I’m going to enjoy squashing those bags flat with my girls.”

The women released each other just enough to ease the pressure on their bulging chests. They grabbed the other’s arms at the biceps and pressed their massive tits between their arms, causing them to jut out even further. Aiming their nipples at their counterparts, the women slowly brought their aching tits together again, nipple to nipple. They moaned uncontrollably when the thick brown nubs met tip to tip and sealed, nipple holes sucking, sizzling with pure electricity.



The women rotated their nipples around and around each other’s areola, their brown nubs sizzling. They locked nipples side to side and strained, trying to bend the other’s nips. The rock-hard nubs held fast. Latischa felt like her tits were going to burst with sexual tension, her nipples the throbbing point of the sword.

Mananda grunted and forced her mouth onto Latischa’s. The other woman eagerly accepted the challenge, just as eager to link up and match her rival tongue to tongue. As they kissed, they leaned heavily into each other, crushing their throbbing tits harder, and slipped their hands over the other’s lush body, gripping and caressing, slapping and kneading. At almost the same moment, both women slid one hand down their opponent’s smooth, sweaty belly and cupped the other’s dripping cunt. They thrust their questing fingers inside the hot, wet, tight orifices. They moaned deeply in their locked mouths, their bodies trembling as they stroked the other’s pulsating clit.

Moaning, groaning, grunting, their kiss grew more passionate, more desperate, as the excruciating sensations built inside them in rolling waves. Their cunts streamed with juice, splattering down on the bed, slicking their inner thighs.

Latischa gasped as she broke the kiss and pushed Mananda away fiercely. Mananda grunted as she fell flat on her back, her head spinning with the intensity of the feelings rippling up from her genitals, coursing through her body.

Latischa sat on her ass and spread her powerful thighs wide. She pushed down on the V of her thick, meaty pussy lips with her fingers and coaxed her twitching, engorged clit further out of its wet folds.

“You bitch, you fucker,” Latischa hissed hoarsely. She was burning up with lust and she knew what she needed. “No more games. Come here and fuck me, Mananda. Let me feel your fucking clit!”

“Oh God, yes, you whore,” Mananda panted. She slid across the bed, her legs spread wide, aiming her dripping, throbbing pussy at Latischa’s burning twat. The women were insane with mutual lust, their bodies raging with hunger.

Their cunts slammed together with thick, wet slap. Fuckmeat squashed and sealed tight to fuckmeat. An immediate suction formed between their sopping twats as they sucked each other in, their smooth, pink sexflesh fusing into one slick seal. Their pulsing clits met head to head, tens of thousands of sensitive nerves screaming in bliss as they collided and fused. Waves of pure ecstasy roared through the women’s voluptuous bodies, setting their skin on fire, searing through their oversexed bodies from their clits to the tips of their aching nipples. Their nips squirted a bit as the pleasure became unbearable.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh FUCKING GOD, YESSSSSSSS!!” Latischa howled. She threw back her head and thrust with her hips as hard as she could, desperate for even more pleasure as her body shuddered in the throes of passion.

“Oh god, oh god, oh God, OH GOOOODDD!!” Mananda shrieked. Her body jerked uncontrollably, her mind taken over by the need to drive herself as deep and hard into Latischa’s juicy cunt as humanly possible.

The women’s screams of unbridled lust and pleasure peeled out from the door of the hut and echoed throughout the village. The people looked at each other and smiled with excitement, caught up in the sexual passion of their chieftain and her rival. The village murmured with excitement and shared desire as the sounds of unleashed erotic combat filled the night.

Latischa and Mananda ground with their hips and thrust with their asses, keeping their clits glued together. They leaned back and pumped vigorously, meeting each other thrust for thrust, their massive tits bouncing excitedly, their powerful, muscular bodies rippling with effort. They rode the other woman furiously, giving themselves completely over to their animal desire. They panted and snarled and howled with ecstasy as they fucked and fucked, their bodies joined in the exquisite bond that had given them so much pleasure earlier in the day.

The women spread their legs and pushed closer until they were tit to tit, belly to belly, nose to nose. Mananda slipped her arms around Latischa’s hips and sank her fingers into her rival’s thick assmeat, squeezing the powerful muscle. Latischa returned the grip, her fingers grasping Mananda’s ass like a vise. She ran her hands over the round, strong meat and traced Mananda’s ass crack with a finger, probing at the woman’s deep anus.

“Oh, you dirty fucker,” Mananda cursed, but she happily returned the violation. The women sank into a deep kiss as their hips bucked, their clits stroking, stroking, feeding delirious pleasure.

Both women wanted to just keep fucking and fucking, riding each other up the pleasure curve, keeping it going for as long as they could. They understood that they were in a war of attrition that had real consequences for both of them but, for that moment, the women sought only to satisfy their raging desire.

For twenty, thirty, forty minutes, for more than an hour, they managed to hold the orgasmic waves at bay. Their perfect bodies quivered with repressed ecstasy until, finally, they could not take any more. Latischa erupted first, falling flat on her back, her hips bucking, her luscious body writhing, as she screamed her pleasure to the closed room.


Moments later, Mananda joined her, shrieking like a banshee as her pleasure detonated from her engorged clit. Undulating like snakes, their voluptuous bodies twisting sinuously, trapped between each other’s powerful legs, the women pumped cum back and forth, screaming and moaning.



“Mananda, you fuck, you filthy fuck….”

“Latischa, you whore, you fucking, fucking whore…”

Cum shot up from their locked genitals, splattering down on their writhing, grinding flesh, dotting their dark skin and mixing with the hot sweat already dripping from their voluptuous forms. The fuckfighting women came again and again and again, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of each other, screaming and cursing each other until, finally, their orgasms started to ease.

Panting, tits heaving, the women lay flat on the bed, recovering their strength. They glistened in the light of the torches, covered in sweat, their bare, locked pussies coated in viscous cum. Their muscles quivered with the aftermath of the pure sexual tension they had released again and again.

Outside, the attentive crowd grew restive, stirred to lust by the sounds emanating from the hut. Amorous couples of both sexes expressed their desire, some even starting to engage in sexual congress right in the open square, others hurrying back to their huts to fuck.

After a few minutes, Mananda separated her cunt from Latischa’s twat. Their cunts pulled apart with a wet suck. A string of thick cum linked their genitals. Mananda got on her hands and knees and crawled up the bed. Latischa watched her come. Mananda mounted Latischa, covering the other woman’s nude body completely with her own. Latischa did not hesitate. She spread her legs and fixed her hands to Mananda’s powerful ass, readying herself to pull the woman onto her, into her, even harder. Mananda shifted her tits on Latischa’s until they were nipple to nipple. The women rubbed and flexed their bellies until they felt their navels sucking. They smiled at each other, their brown eyes glowing with erotic fever.

“All night, cuntfucker,” Latischa whispered. “We do this all night. I’m going to enjoy your body before I destroy you.”

Mananda ran her tongue along Latischa’s lips. “You’re a fantastic fuck, you whore. I’m going to drain you dry. I’m going to make you beg me to keep fucking you before I am done with you.”

The women’s mouths closed, they slid their clits together and their hips and asses began pumping, moving in unison. Their grunts, gasps and moans of pleasure soon became screams and howls of erotic joy.

The night became a haze of pure sensual pleasure for Latischa and Mananda. They fucked relentlessly, their desire for each other’s bodies growing stronger and more intense with every devastating, multi-orgasmic climax. They slowly exhausted each other physically, but their libidos seemed limitless as they fucked each other to levels of pure ecstasy that neither had experienced before. They kept fucking and fucking, passing out in each other’s arms from the pure intensity of their devastating orgasms, before waking up and resuming their animalistic fuckwar.

At some point in the night, Latischa woke to find Mananda’s pussy in her face, the other woman eating her twat. The flight attendant turned all of her lust and passion to devouring Mananda’s cunt with equal fervor. She looped her arms around Mananda’s hips, grasped the woman’s ass cheeks tightly, and spread the taut muscle. She ran her tongue up the woman’s wet slit, separating the thick pussy lips, then followed the crease between Mananda’s legs up to her asshole. She shoved her tongue into the puckered orifice, licking and then sucking hard. Mananda moaned in pleasure and redoubled her sucking of Latischa’s throbbing clit, closing her mouth on her foe’s cunt and letting her tongue tease and lap at the woman’s pulsing sexhorn. Latischa gasped with joy then clamped her mouth over Mananda’s succulent fuckhole and began to suck hard, her tongue twisting around her rival’s thick, throbbing clit. Mananda and Latischa bit each other’s clits gently, the tantalizing nips sending paroxysms of pleasure racing through their quivering bodies. Rolling onto their sides, wrapping sweaty thighs around the other’s head, the women devoured each other. Their cries, moans and screams of pleasure filled the air.

More than an hour later, Latischa and Mananda peeled apart and rolled to opposite sides of the bed. They panted and wiped cum from their gorgeous faces with the backs of their hands.

Latischa turned her head and stared at her rival. Just looking at the other woman fed the hunger between her legs. She was a woman with a truly impressive sex drive. She had fucked many, many men in her life and had always been up for anything. But she had never experienced anything like what she and this bitch were doing to each other. It was like their bodies were made to give each other raw, pure pleasure. At a primal level, Latischa knew that what was happening between her and Mananda was somehow related to the strange environment of this jungle. Mananda had said that this world brought out raw appetites and hungers in the people from their world who landed here. Somehow, this sexual fire must be connected to this rearranging of their minds and appetites. But she did not mind. The only thing that mattered was fucking Mananda, fucking her until she passed out, fucking her until she could not walk, fucking her body over and over until Latischa’s hunger was satisfied, then taking the woman’s place as the chieftain of this tribe.

Mananda turned her head and locked tired eyes with Latischa. She smiled. “You feel it, don’t you?” she asked. “That hunger in your cunt. It’s always been there, but it’s so much stronger now.”

“Yeah, I feel it, baby,” Latischa murmured. She pushed herself to sit up, then get on her hands and knees. Mananda did the same. The women crawled to each other. They pushed up, face to face, and began to lick and lap at each other, tongues running over lips and cheeks, sucking up cum.

Mananda grabbed Latischa by her hair and pulled hard. Latischa returned the grip and the pain. Lip to lip, eye to eye, the women glared into each other. “We’re going to fuck so hard, fucker. I’m going to do things to you that you can’t even dream.”

“Then do it, bitch,” Latischa whispered back. “Let’s play with each other, whore. Let’s use each other. Let’s fuck each other raw. Then let’s see who walks out of here.”

The women smiled. They opened their mouths and locked tight, sucking each other in. As their tongues thrashed, they pushed up on their knees, their heavy tits compressing, and slid their hands down wet bellies. They inserted strong fingers in hot cunts and finger-fucked, stroking rock-hard clits until a steady stream of pussy juice trickled from their throbbing twats to the bed.

“Mmmmmmmmmm….,” Latischa moaned, the pleasure in her body growing with every exhilarating stroke.

“Ummmmmmmmm….,” Mananda purred, every inch of flesh on her lush body throbbing in time with the delicious caresses of her aching clit.

Latischa surged forward, pushing Mananda onto her back. Still kissing, still stroking clits. Latischa broke the kiss and slipped her head down to Mananda’s chest. She licked the woman’s rock-hard nipple, then sucked as much of the massive tit into her mouth as she could, sucking and chewing, feasting on her rival’s voluptuous body. Mananda moaned and fell back, still pulling Latischa’s hair, but happy to enjoy the powerful sensations.

Latischa switched to the woman’s other tit and devoured it hungrily, squeezing and massaging the free tit as she did so. Mananda writhed in pleasure. After a few minutes, Latischa slipped lower on her enemy’s body, licking the sweat off Mananda’s belly, tonguing her navel, before slipping down to kiss and lick the woman’s turgid cunt lips. Latischa buried her face between Mananda’s legs, wrapped her arms around the woman’s hips, and sucked hungrily, feasting on Mananda’s clit. She slid her hands up Mananda’s body and filled her palms with the woman’s massive tits. She massaged and squeezed the heavy meat. She soon had the chieftain writhing and twisting, screaming and crying out as Latischa fed on her, driving her up and up the heights of pleasure. Mananda finally came hard, gushing into Latischa’s beautiful face, screaming out in ecstasy, arching her back in passion.

Mananda collapsed on the bed. Latischa wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled. She was sure she had put a sizable dent in her enemy’s libido. Mananda panted, glaring up at Latischa.

“Alright, fucker. Now it’s your turn.”

Latischa could have resisted, but she did not. She wanted the pleasure. She wanted their confrontation to be as equal as possible. She wanted both of them to know which of them was the sexually superior woman.

Latischa lay back on the bed. Moments later, Mananda was sucking her tits, probing her hungry pussy with eager fingers, giving her more and more pleasure with her expert touch and tongue. Some time later, it was Latischa’s turn to arch her back and shriek in ecstasy as she came again and again into Mananda’s sucking mouth, as the chieftain squeezed and squeezed her massive tits mercilessly, twisting her rock-hard nipples for good measure.

Latischa gasped, her body still recovering, when Mananda mounted her, covering her nude body completely.

“Come on, baby, time to fuck some more. Unless you’re too tired to go on.”

Latischa smiled. “I’ve barely gotten started, bitch.” She smiled wider. “Let’s go ass to ass, fucker. I want to feel what you’ve got down there up against what I’ve got.”

Mananda smiled viciously. She rolled off of Latischa. Both women turned around on their hands and knees, so they were pointing luscious ass to luscious ass. They backed up slowly, slipping their legs past each other, until the thick, taut muscle of their powerful asses met with a firm slap.

“Unnnngggghhhhh,” Latischa moaned, as she leaned into the bed, her heavy tits crushed to its firm surface, her back arched high, and worked her ass around and around, grinding her powerful buttocks into Mananda’s matching glutes. Mananda thrust back, grunting with effort. Both women rotated their asses, enjoying the feeling of the thick, strong pads of muscle molding to each other, resisting the pressure, silken flesh growing slick and hot as their shared sweat lubricated the rubbing, grinding action. Their powerful buttocks stretched over their broad hips as they spread their legs and exposed the women’s wet assholes. Latischa desperately wanted to feel her asshole locking with Mananda’s matching, juicy orifice. She loved that her rival was giving back as good as she was getting, their powerful asses equally strong, their mutual desire to mate and join their bodies in this intimate way overwhelming both women. Latischa and Mananda shoved and thrust hard, moving their ass muscles in the grooves of their splayed buttocks, rubbing and grinding until they moaned and gasped as they felt their wet, puckered assholes rub and suck and lock.

“Yessss, fuck, yesssss, oh yessss…” Latischa moaned. She put her cheek on the bed and shoved back with all her power, even as she clenched, trying to bind herself to Mananda even harder. Mananda returned the blow, working her ass, pulling in with her anal muscles, maintaining their ass to ass lock.

“Ah, you cunt, you dirty cunt,” Mananda groaned. “Give it to me, let me feel that ass, baby!”

“I’ve got more ass than you can handle, fucker,” Latischa purred.

“I’ve got more asshole than you can take, bitch,” Mananda grunted in reply.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” the women moaned in shared ecstasy, their thick, sweaty bodies vibrating with lust and pleasure. They arched their backs high, rubbing hard, their legs spread wide as they worked to mutually penetrate the other. Their succulent, naked cunts slapped together, grinding into one from their lower folds down.

“Ah, yes, let me feel that cunt…” Mananda moaned.

“Fuck you, fuck you, whore,” Latischa gasped, but she pushed even harder, trying to somehow meld her genitals and her ass to those of her rival.

The women kept moving their hips, rubbing their asses, looking for better ways to more closely join and violate each other. They slammed back, ass to ass, pounding and grinding, until they both needed more. Forking their legs, rotating their bodies so they were on their sides, the women reached out to grab each other by the hair. They began pounding, pussy to pussy, screaming and grunting, snarling and shouting, fucking and fucking furiously. They came together in a gusher of hot cum, Mananda exploding just moments before her enemy. The women writhed and pumped, twisting their torsos, bucking their hips, jerking their asses, as they extracted a wave of orgasms from each other.

“Oh God, you fucking, FUCKING WHORE!!” Latischa howled as her body convulsed uncontrollably, her pussy erupting like a fire hose.

“Slut, fucking, FUCKING SLUT!!” Mananda shrieked in reply. She struggled to keep from passing out as intense waves of pure pleasure radiated through her oversexed body.

For nearly ten minutes, Latischa and Mananda fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other until, finally, they collapsed in mutual exhaustion, momentarily too tired to keep going. Slowly, their luscious bodies came down from the orgasmic highs. Panting, the sexfighting women rested between each other’s legs, gathering their strength.

Latischa felt spent. She was tired and satisfied in a way that she had never felt before. But, just below the surface, she could feel her supercharged libido ramping back up, she felt her body’s sexual power rapidly regenerating. She knew that her war with Mananda would be one of sexual attrition. They would fuck until one of them could not go on. That was the only thing that could settle their rivalry. For now, she just let the feelings of sexual bliss wash over her. What she and the chieftain had just done to each other filled Latischa with enormous satisfaction and she knew she wanted to do it over and over again.

Outside the hut, the gathered people listened intently. They had heard the warriors within reach their screaming climax and they knew it would take a little while for the women to be ready to rejoin the battle. Several of the villagers wondered if what they had just heard was the resolution of the battle. After that cataclysmic fuckfight, maybe one of the women had succeeded in draining and overpowering the other.

Latischa summoned all her willpower and pulled herself away from Mananda, their cunts sucking apart with a pop, a thick strand of cum linking their swollen pussies. She sat up and then crawled onto Mananda’s supine body. Mananda’s arms wrapped around Latischa, her legs slid on Latischa’s slick limbs to lock calf to calf. The women glared into each other eyes, nose to nose, lip to lip, sharing hot breath. Their massive tits crushed and they shifted their weight to align nipple to nipple.

“I’m going to fuck you until your cunt is as dry a bone,” Latischa breathed. “I’m going to absolutely destroy you, you whore.”

“Fuck you, cunteater,” Mananda whispered. “They’re going to have to carry you out of here when I ‘m done with you. I’m going to suck every drop out of that juicy little twat.”

The women’s mouths sank into one, their tongues tangling, hot spit flowing and sloshing between their inosculated maws. They moaned in pleasure, they bodies undulated sensuously, and they resumed their fuckwar, riding and ravaging each other.

All through the night, Latischa and Mananda fucked. They ate each other’s pussies, they explored each other’s asses and cunts with fingers and tongues, they sucked tits and fisted tight cunts and hot asses, passing out in each other’s arms as they rode each other to peaks of pleasure. With the morning light, the fuckfighting women paused their struggle long enough to eat a rejuvenating breakfast, a meal that recharged their libidos and got them back into their relentless sexual battle. Lunch came and went, followed by the supper hour, and still they battled on.

More than 24 hours after they started their fuckwar, Latischa lay on the bed, spent, but still capable of going the distance.
Mananda was sprawled beside her, dazed from their last bout of fingerfucking, her body vibrating with recently released pleasure. The women’s bountiful tits heaved as they gasped for breath. They felt an end coming on. They had fucked each other harder than either one had been fucked in her life. They had given each other ecstasy on a level neither had ever felt before. Their spirits were still willing but their voluptuous bodies were reaching their limits.

Latischa glared at her rival. Mananda glared back. Slowly, steadily, the two women pushed themselves up to sitting positions, then turned to face each other. They spread their legs wide, raw cunt confronting cunt, and leaned back on their arms, readying their bodies for what both felt might be their final, decisive scissorfuck.

“Come on, Latischa,” Mananda purred. “You’ve put up a good fight, but it’s time to settle this. One final fuck, to decide which of us leads this tribe.”

“I told you, bitch, I don’t want to be the leader. But if that what it takes, I’ll do it. What I really want to do is put you in your place. I want both of us to know which of us has the better cunt and who is the better woman.”

“Then bring that slimy little twat over here and let’s fuck this out, you cunteating whore.”

Latischa moved down the bed on her smooth, slick ass, sliding her legs over and under Mananda’s powerful legs, shuddering as their luscious flesh made contact. She readied her body for whatever came next. Her pussy was red and hot, sore from the constant grinding, despite its copious natural lubrication. In this moment, the soreness faded away. All that remained was pleasure and heat as she prepared her genitals for their final battle with Mananda’s glorious, dripping pudenda. Latischa could see her enemy’s cunt was equally red and chafed, but the shining lust in Mananda’s eyes made clear that neither woman had a disadvantage.

“I’m going to enjoy this, so, so much,” Latischa smiled, bracing her body with her arms, pulling back her hips for the powerful thrust that would mate her twat with her enemy’s juicy cunt. Her tits felt twice their normal size, pumped up to full arousal, and jiggled deliciously as she shifted her body. Her nipples were burning and pulsing. The women’s tits were covered in red teeth marks and had been sucked to the peak of sensitivity.

“So am I,” Mananda purred. The women smiled at each other. They both knew that they were about to destroy one another, that only one of them would emerge from this final meeting of cunts and clits with her womanhood intact. They hesitated, their sense of finality competing with their desire for overwhelming pleasure. Pleasure won out.

Signaling with their eyes, the women thrust their swollen genitals together with a powerful shove of their hips. Wet, hot fuckmeat slapped. The women pushed hard, throwing all their power into driving together as deep and hard as they could. Their genitals sealed in a spasm of searing heat. Their engorged clits met head to head and crushed tight and hard, holding each other in a trembling stalemate.

Latischa’s head snapped back and she let out a choking scream. For a moment, she may have passed out as the pure intensity of the pleasure erupted out of her struggling clit, overwhelmed her senses and overcharging her body with sexual power.

Mananda howled like an animal, her body vibrating and convulsing as her clit fused with its counterpart, as her senses overloaded on sheer ecstasy. All of the grinding, the fucking, the sexual stimulation the women had given to each other over the past day had reached a point where their swollen clits were exquisitely sensitive, more than ten times more sensitive than usual, and neither woman could contain the sensations filling them to the brim.

“Oh, JESUS FUCK!!!” Latischa screamed, her eyes wide in shock, every cell in her body screaming with pleasure. “OH GOD, FUCKING GOD!!!”

“FUCKING CUNT! GODDAM FUCKING CUNT!!!” Mananda shrieked, her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, her gorgeous face constricted in a rictus of sexual agony as she struggled to control the incredible forces wracking her body.

Screaming, gasping, whimpering with desperation, Latischa and Mananda each seized the other woman’s powerful, sweaty thigh for leverage. Cunts sunk together, fuckmeat fused hot and tight, legs wrapped around meaty hips, bodies locked into place. The fuckfighting women began grinding and grinding, thrusting and jerking with their hips, pushing with their asses. Their muscular abdomens rippled with effort as they fucked furiously, all of the power of their bodies thrown into grinding their rock-hard clits directly into each other, head to head, each one trying to crush the other back and claim sexual superiority.

Tears streamed down the women’s faces. Their bodies shuddered, sexual tension building in every cell, pulling their muscles taut as bows. Their massive, beautiful tits bounced and jerked, sweat flying off their magnificent chests. Latischa and Mananda fucked in a fury, each desperate to force the other into a submissive orgasm before she exploded herself.

Sobbing, screaming, cursing, the magnificent women rode each other mercilessly, their bodies on fire. Outside the hut, the listening crowd gathered, the villagers looking at each other in awe, as the sounds of savage, animalistic fucking poured out into the night. The people knew they were hearing the sounds of an epic fuckwar and all waited in suspense, listening and wondering which of the women would break first.

Latischa and Mananda fucked furiously. Their grinding and thrusting became more jerky, less controlled, as their bodies twitched harder and harder, on the edge of explosion.

“You fucking whore, oh Christ, I hate you,” Latischa gasped at Mananda. She hated this bitch so much. At the same time, she reveled in the toe-curling ecstasy she had found between this woman’s legs and she would give her soul for more of it.

“You dirty, fucking cunt,” Mananda moaned. “I fucking hate you so much…” Mananda had never been fucked so well, so hard, so wonderfully and her body craved all that it could get.

The exquisite clit to clit grinding went on and on, filling the struggling women with ecstasy, torturing them with sexual pleasure. The women’s clits fused, one burning nerve of mind-blowing pleasure, filling their entire bodies with fire. Both women were losing track of time and place as they fucked each other to the edge of delirium. For ten minutes, twenty, thirty, almost an hour, Latischa and Mananda rode each other higher and higher, until they could not take any more. In desperation, the women shoved their clits together as hard as they could. The quivering, pulsing nerves crushed each other back, neither bending, both resisting.

Latischa panted like she was running a marathon, sweat streaming from her body, her tits quivering, her body straining as she did all she could to crush Mananda’s clit with her own. Mananda powered back just as hard, her magnificent body straining as she pushed back. The women’s clits held strong, both unbendable, unbreakable. Slowly, agonizingly, the battling clits pushed each other back to their hoods. The explosion of ecstasy was unbearable. The fuckfighting women shrieked like banshees as the most powerful orgasms of their lives roared through their lush bodies.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, NOOOOO!!!” Latischa shrieked, the explosion of ecstasy so intense it filled every muscle in her body with raging electricity. “MANANDA, YOU FUCK, YOU FUCK!!!”

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING, YOU BITCH, YOU BITCH!!!” Mananda screamed, her body jerking like a marionette. “LATISCHA, YOU CUNT, YOU CUNT, YOU CUNT!!!”

Releasing each other’s thighs, the women fell onto their backs, writhing, screaming, their long, powerful bodies undulating, every muscle twisting. They hips and asses kept thrusting, pumping, fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other. Their pussies gushed like fire hydrants. The women injected cum into each other, their emissions sprayed up, splattering their lower bodies, soaking the bed under their bodies. Their swollen nipples squirted, their tits throbbing and pounding with tension as the women’s oversexed bodies loaded with sexual power then released, again and again and again.

Sobbing, choking, moaning and crying, the women wriggled and writhed slow and hard as the orgasms slowly tapered off. They lay on the bed, exhausted, spent, stunned to the edge of consciousness by the pure pleasure they had forced on each other.

For more than 30 minutes, Latischa and Mananda lay supine on the bed, their powerful legs forked, their pudenda mashed tight, clit throbbing and pulsing to clit. Their bodies gleamed in the torchlight, soaked with sweat, their thighs and stomachs dripping with ejaculate. Their minds floated on a cloud, divorced from their bodies, every nerve in their perfect forms vibrating with sexual electricity. Their swollen tits jiggled gently with each shallow breath, their brown nipples standing at attention like little spears. Their exhausted bodies remained at full sexual arousal, even after almost destroying each other in erotic combat.

After several more minutes, Latischa slowly came back to herself. She was disoriented, her thoughts disjointed, but her sense of her body returned and she realized what had happened and what she had to do. Carefully, she raised her head and looked down her body. Mananda seemed to remain unaware, floating on the edge of consciousness. Latischa realized she had an advantage she needed to seize, while she still could.

Latischa sat up. After a moment, when Mananda did not react, Latischa sat forward. She pulled Mananda’s sweaty leg up, keeping their pussies glued together, and placed the muscled limb on her shoulder. Securing Mananda’s leg between her bulging breasts, Latischa began to thrust, driving her slick, hot twat deep into Mananda’s boiling cunt, dipping her swollen, throbbing clit hard onto Mananda’s rock hard clit. Their cunts kissed and locked, red, raw pussy lips sealed tight, clits stabbing and grinding.

Mananda thrashed her head from side to side as her body came under assault. Her body reacted on its own, seeking exquisite ecstasy, her back arched and her ass pumped, keeping her cunt glued to its attacker. Hips thrusting, asses driving, the women fucked harder and harder, faster and faster, their gasps, moans and screams growing in volume as they fucked higher and higher on the pleasure curve.

“You bitch, you bitch, YOU BITCH!!” Mananda screamed. Her pussy exploded, a gusher of cum erupting from her twat, spraying out and soaking the intersections of their bodies. She convulsed, a wave of pure pleasure running through her body, flowing through her straining muscles. Her tits ejaculated again, squirting hard.

Latischa held on, squeezing Mananda’s thick right tit, her eyes closed, her body trembling with pleasure as she rejoiced in the delicious feeling of Mananda’s hot, steaming ejaculate entering her vagina, jetting up into her womb, filling her with heat. Latischa loved the feeling, she wanted nothing more than to release the exquisite tension inside of her, to pump her own delicious ejaculate into the woman writhing beneath her. Latischa held on, using all her will to keep herself from cumming. Mananda ejaculated into Latischa one last time. Then, with a convulsive shudder, she stopped thrashing and passed out.

Latischa fell off the bed, onto the hard, packed floor. She gasped, the throb of pleasure emanating from her aching, swollen clit almost too much to take. She desperately wanted to relieve herself of the incredible sexual pressure that had built up in her body but she sensed that doing so would release a torrent of such intense pleasure that she would pass out and lose the advantage she now had. Latischa tried to get to her feet, but the pressure on her clit, combined with the weakness of her legs, caused her to drop down to her knees.

Panting, gasping, her incredible body aching with the need for orgasm, the beautiful Latischa began crawling on her hands and knees for the hut’s door. She was careful, trying not to stimulate her clit too much with the friction from her thighs. Pussy juice practically poured down her inner thighs to her knees and then to the ground below. She left a trail of fragrant cunt juice as she moved. Latischa crawled through the curtains of the door. For the first time in more than a day, she left the hut. A young priestess, who had been listening intently at the door, started then jumped back in surprise when Latischa appeared. As she saw what Latischa was doing, the woman barked something at another young acolyte, who ran off to get the head Priestess. There were many people milling about the square. They gathered around Latischa, but gave her a wide berth. Their packed bodies created a corridor from the hut to the gong in the center of the square.

Latischa put her head down and tried to ignore the unbearable pressure in her loins. Sweat dripped from her breasts and face to the ground. Vaguely, she realized some of the liquid dotting the soft sand was also ejaculate from her nipples. Latischa gritted her teeth and labored on, determined to hold back the powerful orgasm burning in her core.

The crowd around her continued to grow. When she was more than halfway to the gong, the crowd stirred and murmured, but it was generally quiet. Latischa crawled up onto the platform. It was the first solid surface she had encountered and she was glad, for the sake of her knees, that the ground had been soft. She grabbed the side of the gong and pulled herself to her feet. She picked up the golden mallet hanging from the gong’s frame and, without hesitation, slammed it into the heavy metal surface.

The gong donged out, its powerful peal filling the night skies. The moment the gong sounded, the entire crowd screamed with joy, then began to chant: “Latischa! Latischa! Latischa!”

Unsteadily, her pulsing clit growing even thicker and harder, Latischa dropped the mallet and turned around, her hands in the air. Her heavy tits bounced triumphantly, sending a spike down to her clit that almost set her off.

Latischa stopped in shock. No more than three meters behind her, Mananda was standing. The beautiful former chieftain looked stricken, her eyes flashing with rage and humiliation. She had been pursuing Latischa, something the new chieftain had not even realized, and had almost caught up when Latischa struck the gong, ending the contest.

Mananda dropped to her knees and pounded the ground in rage and frustration. She had been so close to stopping Latischa, to bringing this battle to another round. But she had been just a little too slow.

As Latischa saw the other woman, the unrelieved hunger in her body grew to a fever. She staggered the three meters to where Mananda was kneeling. Latischa threw herself onto her rival. They screamed as their voluptuous bodies came together once more. The contact set lust flaring, exploding inside of Mananda as well.

The women’s arms snapped around naked backs, spasms of ecstasy coursed through their forms as their massive tits splatted together and crushed tight. Mananda fell onto her back, Latischa on top. The women writhed in the cool sand, holding each other, rubbing their incredible bodies together. The fire between Latischa’s legs became unbearable. Mananda could not stop herself. She was like a bitch in heat. She eagerly spread her legs in invitation. Latischa cried out. Just as eagerly, she rammed her succulent cunt full and hard onto Mananda’s waiting, ravenous fuckhole. The women shrieked as their engorged clits fused.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck, Yes, Yes, YEEEESSSSSSS!!” Latischa howled. She came hard into Mananda’s welcoming cunt, drowning the other woman’s quim in her volcanic discharge, cumming and cumming, finally releasing the terrible pressure in her core, rejoicing in the exquisite pleasure.

Beneath her writhing body, Mananda happily accepted the cum, pulling it into her body, rejoicing in receiving the molten ejaculate from her enemy. The pleasure was unbearable and soon she was cumming too, bucking her hips, screaming and twisting in ecstatic release.

“You whore, you fucking dirty WHORE!!” Mananda screamed. She sank her fingers into Latischa’s pumping ass, pulling the other woman deeper into her twat, moving her hips with Latischa, fucking back just as hard as she was being fucked. The women came over and over, cumming and cumming into each other, draining each other in a final cataclysmic explosion of erotic fury and lust. Their screams of pure ecstasy harmonized and combined until they choked each other off with their ravenous mouths.

It was over. Latischa collapsed on Mananda’s voluptuous form, tits crushing on tits. She was completely exhausted, her perfect body twitching as the release of sexual tensions overwhelmed her and she passed out, her sexual hunger finally satisfied.

Mananda lasted only a moment longer before the crushing of clits, head to head, detonated deep inside her. She passed out as wave after wave of pure orgasmic pleasure flowed through her body, electrifying every cell, until she could not take anymore.


Latischa woke late in the morning of the next day. She was in the chieftain’s hut, lying in the bed that had been the arena of her fuckwar with Mananda. One of the young priestesses was attending her. As soon as the woman saw that Latischa was awake, she sent another priestess, who was just outside the door, to fetch Adoran, the high priestess. She then set about preparing a meal for Latischa. She referred to Latischa as “my chieftain” and other honorifics that indicated Latischa was now regarded as the leader of the tribe.

Latischa found she had been washed while she was asleep, probably wiped down, with a sweet-smelling perfume. She was eating her meal, feeding her suddenly overwhelming hunger, when the high priestess arrived.

“I honor your victory, my Chieftain,” Adoran began, bowing low to the new chief. “Your battle with the previous chieftain was truly extraordinary, a tale that poets will sing of and legends will be born.”

“Yes, she was unbelievably good,” Latischa agreed. She was not surprised to find her clit stirring as she remembered Mananda, or her nipples hardening into spikes. “What has happened to Mananda?”

“The old chieftain has been secured in a hut until you are ready for her. Our custom is that the loser of the battle for chieftain is exiled, unable to return to the village. Usually, there is a transition ceremony from the old leader to the new.”

Latischa’s eyes lit up. “A transition ceremony? What does that involve?”

“The old chieftain offers a sign of submission and defeat to the new, in front of the whole village. After that, the new chieftain begins her rule by sharing her body with the warriors of the tribe.”

Latischa smiled. She was not surprised to find that this village considered a ritual orgy a necessary part of the succession process. But her mind was still on what the high priestess had said earlier. “What is the sign of submission? Can I decide what that will be?”

“Yes, my Chieftain. That is now one of your rights.”

Latischa smiled even wider, her deep brown eyes sparkling. She knew exactly what she was going to do.

A few hours later, just after sundown, the village met in the square to celebrate the coronation of their new chieftain. Latischa stood on a low stage set just in front of the golden gong. By her side was the high priestess. The priestess was adorned in the robes of her office. In her hand, she held the necklace that symbolized leadership of the village. Latischa was completely nude. She stood straight and proud, her amazing, perfect body glinting in the light of the many torches. When the whole village was gathered, Adoran held up her hand. The low buzz of voices stilled and everyone listened intently to what she had to say.

“We are here to celebrate the victory of Latischa, our new chieftain, over Mananda, our old chieftain. Before the eyes of the village, Latischa rang the sacred gong, showing that the gods want her to be our leader!” The crowd cheered and chants of “Latischa” started again before the high priestess silenced them by raising her hand.

“Our former chieftain, Mananda, must now submit to our new leader, Latischa, before the eyes of the entire tribe. Bring Mananda forward!”

A group of warriors led Mananda from a hut on the edge of the square. The crowd parted as their former leader walked towards the stage. Mananda was unrestrained. She was completely nude. She held her head high and walked proudly towards Latischa. The people watching marveled at how gorgeous the two women were, physical equals in every way. Mananda stopped at the foot of the stage and stared up at Latischa, defiance on her beautiful face. Latischa looked down at her defeated rival, lust playing across her face. The women glared at each other for more than a minute, their eyes locked, their perfect bodies responding to each other on a primal level. Their nipples hardened into spikes, their tits swelled, their pussies grew hot and wet.

“You know what I want, cunt,” Latischa finally growled, her voice low and dangerous. “Get on your knees.”

Still defiant, Mananda dropped to her knees in front of the stage. Latischa stepped down from the stage and moved to stand directly over her rival. The women’s eyes continued to spark fire between them. Latischa suddenly grabbed Mananda by her hair, with both hands, and pulled the women’s face directly into her cunt. Mananda did not resist. She immediately wrapped her arms around Latischa’s lower body and drove her face as deep into Latischa’s twat as she could. Her strong tongue plunged between Latischa’s red nether lips and found the woman’s rock-hard clit. Mananda caressed the nub with her tongue, teasing and torturing the countless sensitive nerves that fired with every indulgent lick. She wrapped her lips around her rival’s sexhorn and sucked hard, even as she pressured Latischa’s clit with her tongue.

“Oh god, you FUCK!!” Latischa cried out, throwing back her head to scream at the sky. She pulled Mananda’s head even more deeply into her dripping pudenda and worked her hips, rubbing her cunt around and around in her enemy’s gorgeous face. Mananda squeezed Latischa’s ass cheeks and sucked and licked harder, determined to give Latischa a cunt-eating she would never forget.

Panting and grunting, the two women shamelessly performed in front of the entire village. Mananda felt the sting of humiliation that the people she had led for so long should now see her so humbled. They had watched many times when she had forced other women to eat her cunt. Now, she was the one on her knees, pleasuring another woman as a mark of submission. But another part of her loved what she was doing so much! She thrust two fingers up Latischa’s sweaty asshole and rejoiced as the woman bucked and screamed in response.

Both women were soon dripping with sweat. Latischa undulated, moving her body in ecstasy, grinding her pussy into Mananda’s face, holding the woman in place with her hands buried in the former chieftain’s hair. Her big, juicy tits bounced exuberantly as her body writhed.

The cunt eating and tongue-fucking went on for nearly 20 minutes before, finally, Latischa had enough. She could not take another hot lick.

“Yes, oh fuck, YESSSSS!!” Latischa shrieked. Her pussy gushed long, hard blasts of steaming cum. She came all over Mananda’s face, even as the other woman tried to drink back all that Latischa was releasing. It was impossible. Soon, Mananda’s face and breasts were dripping with ejaculate. Latischa’s legs lost their strength and she fell to her knees in front of Mananda. Mananda immediately grabbed Latischa and pulled her in. The two women locked in a hard, deep kiss. They shared spitty cum back and forth, their tongues thrashing. Their arms wrapped around their bodies and hugged hard, crushing hot, sweaty tits. The women moaned deep in their throats as they shared this exquisite pleasure.

After several minutes, Latischa broke the kiss and pulled her face back. The women’s lips were linked by thick strands of cum. Mananda’s entire face and body were streaked with Latischa’s ejaculations. Latischa smiled, reached and grabbed Mananda’s hair, then pulled viciously. Mananda clenched her teeth to avoid crying out. Latischa got to her feet and raised her hands over her head.

“She submits!” Latischa shouted to the crowd. “She is covered in my cum and the goddess has shown that she is weaker than me! I am your new leader!”

At this, the high priestess stepped forward and placed the necklace around Latischa’s neck. The crowd cheered wildly.

“Latischa! Latischa!” the villagers chanted. The warriors began to thump their spears into the sandy ground. Soon, the entire village was a cacophony of cheering and shouting as the people celebrated their new chieftain, the blessed of the goddess.

Latischa stepped onto the stage. She looked down at Mananda, a haughty smile on her face. She caressed the nub of the necklace, which hung between her massive, perfect tits.

“I am going to think of you when we have the orgy tonight, Mananda. I will think of you out in the forest, naked and alone.”

“Think of me fucking you senseless, you cunt,” Mananda retorted. “I know that whatever pleasure you get tonight will be only a pale shadow compared to what we gave each other. And I swear to you: the day will come when I will break your body under mine, when I devour your cunt with my pussy. I will pay you back for what you’ve done!”

Latischa shrugged. “Maybe. I did not want this but now I have it. And you will pay the penalty of your own laws.” Latischa gestured to the guards behind Mananda. “Take her and put her out of the gate. Give her only a knife. She is to go into the jungle naked and friendless.”

Latischa looked down at Mananda for a final time. Her eyes swept hungrily over the woman’s perfect, voluptuous body. “Goodbye, Mananda. I look forward to the next time we meet.”

The guards led Mananda away. It was forbidden for anyone to say goodbye to her. The tribe was governed through strength and she had lost the sexual contest with Latischa when the eyes of the goddess were on her. That was all that mattered.

The guards opened the great gate and ushered Mananda through. One of them gave her his hunting knife. The gate swung shut behind her and, for the first time in years, Mananda was naked and alone in the night jungle, on the wrong side of the massive walls protecting the village. The sounds and lights of the celebration taunted her from the other side of the wall.

After a few minutes, the nude woman turned and padded on her bare feet into the forest. She knew how to survive in the wild. She was not worried about getting through the night, so long as she was careful. She already had plans. In the morning, she would begin a trek to a distant village, a place she knew that had great potential and a weak chief. Mananda would re-establish herself. When she had, she would come back here and make Latischa pay.

“I swear, by the gods, I will destroy your cunt with mine, Latischa,” Mananda murmured under her breath. “Your body will break under me.”

Mananda walked into the darkness, the thirst for revenge lighting her way.

The End (For Now)

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