Little Mermaid Titfight: Ariel vs Syrene by Luffy316

Ariel was widely known, but not always as the human princess that she would become. She had plenty of undersea adventures, exploring strange places and gathering her collection of human baubles. One thing no one would hear songs or see movies about, though, were her growth spurts. The merwoman woke up one morning to slip into her minimal clothes when the seashell top just wouldn’t quite fit. It pinched her big chest uncomfortably, a sure sign that she would need another before she simply burst out of it.

Ariel sighed and forced the old thing on, swimming out into the depths in search for another. She dug through a few reefs and some of the shorelines, but even the edge of the surface world didn’t seem have anything big enough for her. It was getting annoying for her to keep paddling around with her tail while she had to hug an arm to her chest to keep them from bouncing right out of her makeshift bra.

So she ventured deeper where the shellfish grew larger. It took her most of the afternoon, but at last a bright purple color caught her eye. She swam up a bit higher, confirming what she saw: a purple seashell, split neatly down the middle in a perfect pair of covers. She eyeballed it and cupped her chest thoughtfully. It was perfect! She dove down towards it when there came what appeared to be a cloud of gold in front of her. Ariel skidded to a stop to keep from slamming into it, and only then recognizing it as a mass of blonde hair flowing through the water before it settled.

The owner of the golden mane was Syrene, a pink-tailed mermaid that Ariel passed by now and then, but she hadn’t spoken to her much. Ariel had plenty to say, though, when she noticed that she was holding the purple shell in her hands.

“Hey, that was mine!” Ariel insisted, balling up her fists by her hips.
“That’s funny. I don’t see you holding it,” Syrene smiled back mockingly. She held her prize up to her own chest, comparing it to her own overwhelmed bra. “Besides, they’re a perfect fit for me. Your little princess tits would be a waste to use these on.”

Ariel fumed and swam up to her. “You saw me diving for it, you little liar! You give those back to me or else!”

“Or else what?” scoffed Syrene, turning to face her proper. “You’ll cry back to daddy Triton in your palace over a piece of shell? You really are pathetic.”

Ariel had heard enough. She slapped the bitchy blonde across the face. Her head bucked to one side, looking shocked for a moment before she turned back and smacked Ariel across her chest. The wobbly things were already sensitive from the recent growth spurt, but the bouncing of her buoyant boobs knocked off her old bra entirely. The jiggling was too much for already overworked garment, leaving Ariel gasping and furious as she was rendered topless.

Ariel growled angrily and lunged at Syrene, grabbing at her hair and chest cattily. The mermaids tumbled head over tails through the water, throwing and pulling each other around wildly in their weightless little arena under the sea. Syrene’s top soon was ripped off and floated away from her as well, the girls’ tails slapping at each other frantically as they clawed at each others’ faces and hair. Ariel at last rammed herself into Syrene, the girls’ bulging chests bouncing off one another and pushing them apart.

Ariel grunted and righted herself while Syrene did the same, the topless mermaids glaring between each other. The women caught their breath a moment before Syrene shook out her hair, letting it flow through the water. “You really want to do this?” Syrene snapped huffily. “Fine! But let’s do this right.”

Ariel put her fists on her scaly hips. “What do you mean?” she asked, still visibly aggressive.

“We titbox for it. We hold our hands just like that, and we can only fight using our chests. Whoever gives up the fight or uses their hands first loses and gives up the seashell to the winner.”

Ariel eyed up the precious shell resting on the rock nearby, then affixed her hands to her hips, thrusting her chest out. “Agreed. Let’s do this, you pink-tailed thief!”

“As if, you entitled royal bitch!” Syrene shot back, paddling her tail to charge into the redhead. Their breasts squashed together briefly before they rebounded again, Ariel giving a pained cry as she reclaimed her balance. Syrene rushed at her again, but Ariel was able to dip to one side. Syrene paddled her tail wildly as she redirected herself, only for Ariel to be waiting right in her face. She swung her shoulders a few times to butt her breasts into her like a pair of fleshy (what’s the word…?) boxing gloves.

Syrene winced and recoiled from the returned tit bump, but rose a bit over Ariel to slap her own tits down on top of hers. Ariel bobbed a bit as her chest jiggled back into place, but slammed herself into Syrene’s chest again. This time she charged full on into her, grinding and shuffling herself against her blonde enemy. Their tits locked together and wrestled for position, nipples growing hard and poking at one another’s soft flesh.

“Rrgh! Those pathetic tits are going to break against mine!” Ariel growled through grit teeth at her opponent.

“Don’t think the fact that you’re getting fat is enough to beat me!” Syrene shot back as they clashed and tumbled through the water. Syrene pulled back just enough to reposition herself, then slammed sharply into Ariel. Her hard nipple jabbed right into the redhead princess’ tender areola,

Ariel squeaked and recoiled a bit, but Syrene arched her back and thrust her tits in after her, ramming the tips of her nipples into the same vulnerable spot. “Ready to give up yet, you royal slut?” Syrene gloated as she kept Ariel playing defense, trying to reduce or avoid the stabbing bit of flesh.

Ariel managed to dart to one side, wincing from the pain in her nipples but then swinging her chest sideways, letting her tits slap one and then the other across both of Syrene’s like a pair of meaty hammers. The blonde staggered to one side as the leverage of both of their tits pushed her spinning away as if she had taken a right cross to the jaw.

The angle let Ariel pursue her and press her attack, ramming her chest in rapid tit-punches that pummeled Syrene’s one vulnerable breast left facing her. The pink mermaid turned sharply, slapping her tit across Ariel’s rapidly back and forth. Ariel responded in kind, both girls swinging wildly side to side as their breasts kept colliding with fleshy whacks, making them wince but keep at their relentless attacks.

Both girls were starting to sweat by now, mixing in with the seawater around them as they thrust and rubbed their chests together. Syrene suddenly pulled back, ducking a bit around Ariel’s next thrust before she rose up sharply, delivering a titty uppercut into Ariel’s with a loud “whack!”

The redhead gasped as the surprising pain shot through her chest, staggered by the powerful breast blow. Her newly grown breasts bounced out of control, almost threatening to smack herself in the face with them. But as Syrene tried to lunge in for another strike, Ariel shifted her shoulders to part her breasts, trapping one of hers between her soft cleavage.

“Got you now, you weak-titted bitch,” Ariel hissed, flexing her arms inward to squeeze her breasts tighter together. Syrene cried out as the redhead’s two melons crushed around her one, thrashing her tail like mad to try to pull herself free. Ariel squeezed and pulled at her, distorting the shape of the blonde’s proud bosom within her chesty grasp as she squashed and stretched it out of shape. Syrene squealed at the agony put through her own soft boobs and chest muscles.

Syrene groaned and struggled against her, shaking her upper body so that she could slap her free breast against the side of Ariel’s puffed up chest like a sort of sucker punch. “Let go, you pathetic little bottomfeeder!” Syrene snarled, but Ariel kept her tit lock on tight. Syrene changed tactics and charged into the princess, pushing with her aching boobs until Ariel’s back hit a large undersea cliffside behind them.

Ariel gave a sharp cry of pain, arching her hurting back and letting go of Syrene’s swollen and tender breast. She kept Ariel cornered and pummeled on her chest, the redhead gritting her teeth and trying to endure the breast beating.

“I knew you were all talk,” Syrene grunted, exhausted and aching herself, but angry enough to force herself to tear into her with her swollen and sore tits. Ariel’s pale skin was growing red and even showing a few light bruises growing on her supple skin. Ariel’s eyes watered at the beating of her full and sensitive chest, but she kicked off from the cliffside with her tail. Syrene was already in the middle of diving towards her, pedaling her tail to try to stop herself but smacking right into the big flat wall of stone.

“Aughhhh!” The blonde bounced off of it, resisting the urge to cradle her breasts in her hands, lest she break the rules of their duel. Still, her boobs ached and swelled, and Ariel wasn’t hurt enough to let her escape without any payback.

“You’ll pay for that, you cheating little sea-witch!” Ariel threatened, swimming after Syrene and slapping a breast into one of the blonde mermaid’s jugs. Syrene gave a shrill grunt as she staggered from the blow, trying to turn and shield her breasts with her shoulder and braced arms.

Ariel dodged again when Syrene took a swing back at her, darting in and delivering a pair quick jabs with her breasts. Syrene winced and landed her own fleshy shove back, but Ariel stood up straight before spiking her hard nipple straight into Syrene’s. They both met head on, ramming and wrestling a moment before Ariel’s pressed hard enough to shove Syrene’s back inside of her own breast.

The blonde gasped in pain and shock as her nipples inverted, wriggling in discomfort as Ariel’s tits brashly overpowered hers. Syrene managed to pull back, her nipples popping free with a sharp little jolt of pain, but Ariel swung her breast in another heavy blow that hit with a fleshy smack. Syrene staggered back with a feminine grunt, her chest bouncing as she caught her breath and took a moment to assess the damage. Her breasts were red and swollen from their own beating, and there was a dark, round bruise lining just around her aureola from the last direct hit.

“I’d heard of a black eye, but not a black nipple!” Ariel laughed at her confidently, breathing heavy herself but but looking a bit fresher than her pink-scaled opponent.

“Oh shut up!” Syrene snapped back angrily. “I’m not done with you yet!” She swam rapidly towards Ariel, but changed direction at the last minute when Ariel tried to shove back at her. She changed her back upward before she lifted and swatted her breasts down on top of Ariel’s in a stinging slap, leaving a fresh bit of red flesh across the top of her cleavage.

Ariel gave a long shout of pain from the surprising slap, recoiling as Syrene attacked her from the higher position and letting her breasts beat down on top of the redhead’s. Ariel finally positioned her chest to intercept her windup for one of the swings and then suddenly swimming underneath her. Syrene darted down after her, but Ariel moved just as skillfully to line herself up with Syrene and rammed hard into the bottom of her breasts. The blonde gave a husky choking noise as the blow ran up her chest and knocked the wind out of her, spitting out some air bubbles awkwardly.

“Now I have you, you titless whore!” Ariel declared proudly. Syrene was trying to get her breath back, but Ariel was immediately back in her face, rolling her shoulders to slap her breasts one after the other into Syrene like a pair of speed bags. Syrene tried to paddle away, but Ariel lashed out with her own tail, looping with hers to hold her tightly against her and keep up the booby beating with her long red hair flowing behind her. She found her rhythm and was soon working over Syrene like a frenzied lightweight boob boxer.

Syrene winced in pain from her beating, feeling like her breasts would never stop jiggling from the wild pounding. She finally thrust out desperately with both of her tits, shoving Ariel back away from her hard. Her eyes watered badly from the pain, and her entire body shivered and ached from the damage she had suffered to her once impressive-looking chest.

Ariel recovered nimbly with a strong stroke of her tail, just to beat the water with it hard and charge back at her enemy. With a perfectly timed swing of her body, Ariel rammed forward and smashed her chest into her opponent’s waiting breasts like some kind of busty dolphin. Syrene’s body snapped back so sharply that she spun completely around before she listlessly floated down to the ocean floor. She landed limply in the sand that splashed up around her and her tenderized tits that jiggled and thrust upward for the amusement of any who happened to pass her by.

Ariel rubbed her sore tits as she watched Syrene writhe slowly on the bottom of the sea, making sand angels in her pained and pathetic squirming. The obvious victor, Ariel went over to her hard-earned prize, snapped it in half, and laced a bit of thread through it until the shells comfortably cradled her breasts. They would be sore for a while regardless of its comfort, but it was well worth the effort in her mind. She’d earned her latest top, and she had shut up a mouthy bitch in the process.

The End

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