Lucia vs Amanda by Caporegime18

Author’s Note:

This is a story that I co-wrote with the great female fighting author, WS2003, with his character Amanda and my Lucia. This was a just for fun fight but I would love to hear your comments about it!

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Amanda has agreed to take part in a promotional match. Amanda’s opponent, Lucia, is new to the area and is hoping to land with a wrestling league. Various commissioners will be on hand to evaluate her talents to see if she would be a good fit for her league. Amanda was offered a good sum of money to take on Lucia.

The match will be a cage match, with a few weapons inside the cage for use by the wrestlers. The first girl to leave the cage will be declared the winner. Lucia knows she needs to not only win the match, but to also deliver a lot of punishment to Amanda to help her chances of getting into one of the leagues. The small group of league managers and commissioners are on hand, seated around the cage ready for the fight to begin.

Amanda is the first girl to emerge from the back. She walks toward the cage wearing her matching blue bra & string bikini panties, as well as her red high-heeled boots. She flips her long brown hair as she walks past the small group of men near the cage. She gets to the cage door, opens it, and walks in. She looks around the outside of the ring and sees a few weapons available for use.

Next to emerge from the back is the woman that everyone is here to see in action, Lucia. Blessed with an hourglass figure and a permanent golden tan complexion, Lucia is the epitome of a dark beauty as she walks down to the cage, a condescending smirk on her face as she mockingly mimicked Amanda and flipped her long, jet-black hair. Showing an amount of skin that would almost be considered obscene, Lucia is clad in a thong and bra combination with a pair of sexy boots that went to her knees, though Lucia knew without a doubt that she would be wearing a different set before her match was over.

Stepping through the cage door and into the ring, Lucia only smirked at Amanda as she stepped into her corner, an official standing in the ring explaining rules that both women knew by heart to begin with. Both women just starred daggers at each other as they both mentally urged the official to shut up and get on with it, eager to begin the match that would determine Lucia’s fate. Lucia couldn’t help but notice Amanda periodically breaking their mutual stare down to look down at her bust, which rivaled and potentially exceeded Amanda’s hated rival’s, Sandra. Lucia had heard about Amanda’s experiences with her Blonde rival’s assets and simply could not wait to introduce her own pair to the brown haired woman.

The bell is rung and Lucia quickly charges Amanda. Amanda has no idea what to expect and Lucia sends Amanda to the mat with a hard clothesline. Amanda gasps for air as she lies there stunned for a moment. Lucia raises her foot and stomps down on Amanda’s belly, grinding the heel in. Amanda moans in pain as she grabs Lucia’s foot, trying to pry it off her belly. After a few more seconds, Lucia removes her foot. Amanda rolls to her side holding her belly. Lucia then sends a kick to Amanda’s back, knocking the brown haired beauty onto her front. Lucia raises her right knee and then drives it down into Amanda’s lower back. Amanda cries out in pain.

Lucia enjoys Amanda’s pain filled cry and gets to her feet, only to drive her knee down into Amanda’s lower back once again. As Lucia begins to get up, she grabs a handful of Amanda’s long hair and yanks her up as well. Amanda holds her already sore back with one hand. Lucia forces Amanda back into the nearest corner and slings Amanda’s arms over the top rope. With Amanda trapped, Lucia starts sending punches into Amanda’s belly. Punch after punch is driven into Amanda’s belly. Amanda is moaning in pain as she is getting weaker with each punch. Lucia keeps the punches coming, until Amanda’s legs give out, the ropes still holding her up. Amanda moans in pain as her head droops forward.

“This is easier than I thought. I watched some of your old matches and I have to say I’m not impressed, especially given how that blonde bimbo seems to kick your ass all the time.” Lucia said as she cupped Amanda’s chin and forced her to look into Lucia’s eyes. Seeing the evil smirk on her rival’s face, Amanda managed to spit in Lucia’s face, temporarily blinding the Raven-haired woman as Lucia tried to clear the saliva out of her eyes.

Capitalizing on her opponent’s handicap, Amanda exploded out of the corner and tackled Lucia to the ground with a harsh spear, knocking the air out of the busty woman’s lungs. Ignoring the terrible pain in her back, Amanda started raining blows down onto Lucia’s face, her fists impacting against her rival’s cheeks. Lucia brought her arms up to try and protect her head, but Amanda managed to keep landing blows through Lucia’s arms onto her face, forehead, side of her head, etc.

Changing gears, Amanda decided to dish out a little of Lucia’s own medicine and got to her feet. Using the heels of her trademark boots, Amanda started stomping as hard as she could into the belly of Lucia. Lucia moaned and groaned as Amanda’s heel impacted harshly on her stomach, each stomp leaving a red mark. Grinding her heel down on Lucia’s belly, Amanda was unprepared for the dark-haired woman to suddenly grab her leg and then kick the back of the knee on her other leg, sending the babyface wrestler to her hands and knees.

Lucia quickly gets to her hands and knees and sends a hard punch into Amanda’s side. Amanda drops down to the mat as she moans from the rib shot. Lucia says, “You will pay for that little outburst Amanda!” Lucia gets up and delivers a stomp down on Amanda’s head. Lucia then runs toward the far ropes and throws herself off. She heads back toward Amanda and jumps in the air….splashing down on Amanda’s body. Amanda groans in pain. Lucia gets back up and runs toward the ropes again.

She throws herself off and is headed back toward Amanda. She jumps in the air, this time tucking her legs. She brings her knees down on Amanda’s back with a thud. “Oh gawd!” Amanda gasps, as the pain travels up her spine. Lucia smiles as she reaches down and unhooks Amanda’s bra. She peels the straps down Amanda’s shoulders. Lucia then gets on Amanda’s back. She grabs Amanda’s arms. As she lifts Amanda’s upper body up, the bra slides off. Lucia puts Amanda’s arms over her knees, trapping her in a camel clutch. Lucia says, “It paid to study your old matches Amanda…knowing how weak your back is.” Amanda moans as Lucia begins to apply pressure.

Lucia would alternate between applying as much pressure as she could to Amanda’s back and only a little bit, making sure that Amanda was always in agony but not sapping too much of Lucia’s strength. Reaching in front of Amanda, Lucia took hold of one of the brown-haired woman’s own sizable breasts and sank her talon-like nails into Amanda’s mammary, causing Amanda to nearly scream at the new pain in her chest. Amanda felt like Lucia was trying to tear away her breast and started prying at the busty woman’s hand, trying to remove the other woman’s strong fingers. Lucia laughed at Amanda’s pathetic attempts and released her breast, but not before giving her nipple a nasty twist.

Bracing her legs firmly, Lucia put her hand back underneath Amanda’s chin and began pulling back harder than ever, nearly standing as she brought more and more pressure onto Amanda’s back. The beleaguered babyface’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a terrible scream as the pain in her back grew worse and worse. Lucia laughed almost maniacally as she bent Amanda into an unnatural position, the worse camel clutch of Amanda’s life.

“What’s that feel like, bitch?! How does that feel?! Let these people know!” Lucia screamed into Amanda’s ear as she finally bent the good girl as far back as she dared. Holding that position, the cage nearly rattled with the force of Amanda’s screams. A few of the managers got to their feet, a couple booing Lucia’s sadistic torture or cheering her on to break Amanda in half. Lucia smiled at a few of these men, a smile that lacked the condescension or sadism of her last couple and actually resembled a genuine smile. Seeing the manager that called Amanda his lover, however, her smile turned cold. Giving a kissy face to that man, Lucia turned both her and Amanda more towards the man so he could see the full effect of her skills.

“What do you think of what I’m doing to your bitch?! Do you like it?! Do you think she does?!”

Amanda’s boyfriend looks on helplessly, as Lucia keeps up the pressure. Amanda kicks the mat with her boots, enduring this unbelievable camel clutch. Finally Lucia breaks the hold, dropping Amanda to the mat. Amanda lies there, moaning in pain. Her back is hurt bad now. Lucia stands above Amanda, smiling as Amanda lies there writhing in pain. Lucia reaches down and grabs Amanda by the hair and pulls her to a standing position. Amanda has one hand behind her, holding her back. Lucia takes Amanda and moves toward the ropes and throws Amanda between the top and middle rope. Amanda goes flying out of the ring and lands hard on her back on the cement floor.

Amanda arches her back as she lets out another cry of pain. Lucia climbs through the ropes and stands to the edge of the ring apron. As Amanda rolls to her back, Lucia jumps off and plants her feet right on Amanda’s belly. The air is knocked out of her lungs as her body bends up from the impact and then falls back to the floor. Lucia grabs Amanda by the hair once again and yanks her to her feet. She grabs her by the wrist and launches her face first into the cage wall. Amanda’s head and breasts take the brunt of the blow. Amanda hits the cage and then crumples down to the floor.

 “Get up, bitch! Get up and fight!” Lucia screamed as she picked Amanda up by her hair and pressed the babyface’s face and tits into the steel, gripping the cage and pressing her foot into Amanda’s back to add even more pressure. Amanda screams as the sharp metal digs into her flesh and Lucia’s foot digs into her back. At this stage Amanda’s back taken enough damage and is in enough pain that Lucia could end the match now with ease, it’s only the busty woman’s sadism that’s keeping the match going.

Her arms tiring from keeping up the pressure, Lucia drops her foot from Amanda’s back and allowed her to slump against the chain link of the cage wall, sobbing in terrible agony. Lucia gripped Amanda’s hair once again and pulled to her feet. Yanking back on Amanda’s hair, Lucia forced the babyface to stare up at the ceiling as the pressed herself up against the back of her rival, squishing her tits against Amanda’s back.

“Beg me to stop, beg me for the pain to end, scream out to everyone here that I’m the better woman.” Lucia whispered into Amanda’s ear. Amanda managed to turn her head slightly and give Lucia a look that swore that she would never say those words, her rage and pain combining in a look that promised Lucia that she would pay for this. Lucia only laughed at Amanda and then ran her tongue up the babyface’s tear streaked cheek, lapping up Amanda’s tears like a kitten laps up milk.

Slamming and pressing Amanda’s face and tits back into the chain link, Lucia took hold of Amanda’s string bikini and her hair and then started scrapping her features and her tits along the wall. Amanda screamed at the sharp pain and felt small cuts open up on her chest and face, nothing more than scratches but giving Lucia first blood. Lucia saw this and laughed maniacally before dragging Amanda to one corner of the cage. Making sure that Amanda was tightly pressed against the metal, Lucia started running and dragging Amanda along the entire length of the chain link before slamming her head into the metal pole that made up the corners.

Lucia lets go of Amanda, letting her fall to her knees. There is a gash in Amanda’s forehead, and blood is starting to trickle out. Lucia takes a few steps back, leaving Amanda on her knees facing the corner. Lucia lines herself up and decides to take a few more steps back. Then she runs at Amanda, jumps in the air, and delivers a kick to Amanda’s back. The kick sends Amanda’s upper body forward, driving her head into the metal pole once again. Amanda falls to the floor with a glazed look as a little more blood flows from the wound.

Lucia looks around and sees her first weapon she can use…two pairs of handcuffs. She grabs them and then hooks one end of each to the cage wall, as high as she can reach. Lucia then grabs Amanda and pulls her up and pushes her back against the cage wall, right below the handcuffs. She lifts Amanda’s right arm up and cuffs her wrist it. She does the same with Amanda’s left wrist. Lucia slaps Amanda in the face. Amanda starts to come around and suddenly realizes she is bound to the cage with handcuffs, her arms above her head. Lucia stands in front of her and says, “So what should I do with you now, bitch?”

“You fucking whore! Let me go!” Amanda screamed as she struggled against the steel of her restraints. Lucia laughed before sending a knee into Amanda’s belly, causing an oomph to erupt from the brown-haired woman’s luscious lips. Putting her fists up like a boxer, Lucia started just hammering Amanda’s tits with lefts and rights and uppercuts and combinations, any sort of punch that the Black-haired woman knew. Amanda groaned every time Lucia’s fists would impact her breasts, her tits become akin to speed bags as time went by.

Before too long Lucia had completely covered Amanda’s tits in black and blue bruises, tenderizing her breasts like they were pieces of meat. Deciding that the time was right, Lucia stepped away from where Amanda was hanging and into the ring. Stepping to the middle, looked around at the cheering and booing crowd and smiled.

“WHO HERE WANTS TO SEE THE BEST BREASTS?! WHO HERE WANTS TO SEE ONE BUST DESTROY ANOTHER?!” Lucia screamed to the crowd. Amanda’s boyfriend just looked around in disgust as the other officials of the varying leagues screamed out their approval, their desire to see his girlfriend get hurt even more. To his deepest surprise, his partner, the manager of the league, started screaming out his desire to see Amanda, a woman he’s known for years and is one of the stars of the league, yell out his approval. Apparently loyalties can be quickly forgotten in the wake of potential nudity.

Lucia looked out at the crowd as they roared their approval and reached behind herself, grasping the clasp that held her pride and joys contained. Undoing her bra, Lucia practically tore off the garment in her desire to reveal her tits to the wide cheers of the crowd. Smiling and shaking her tits at a particularly raucous portion of the crowd, Lucia once again exited the ring and stepped back over to Amanda, who just stared in utter hate at her opponent.

Pressing her body up against Amanda’s, Lucia took one of her opponent’s breasts and stuck it into her cleavage. Looking into Amanda’s eyes and smiling, Lucia suddenly pushed her breasts together and crushed Amanda’s tit in-between her own, causing the flesh of Amanda’s mammary to ooze out from between Lucia’s slightly. Amanda screamed in pain as she felt her breast deform under the force of Lucia’s own larger tits, the tender flesh in agony from Lucia’s earlier blows. Releasing Amanda’s tit and taking her other into her cleavage, Lucia repeated the treatment and crushed that tit as well.

Lucia then placed her right foot on the cage wall, about a foot high. She then pulled herself up, placing her left foot equally as high. Her breasts were now even with Amanda’s head. Lucia says, “This is why my breasts are better than yours. Here is a little preview.” She then presses her breasts over Amanda’s mouth and nose, delivering a standing breast smother. Amanda is in trouble now. She wiggles her arms, trying to free them to push Lucia off her. But the cuffs hold her tight. Lucia’s perfect large breasts are not allowing Amanda to get any air. Lucia is just smiling as she continues her smother. Lucia then pulls away, allowing Amanda to suck in some much needed air.

Lucia says, “What do you think Amanda?” Amanda sucks in more air until suddenly Lucia presses her breasts back against Amanda’s pretty face, cutting off her air again. Amanda cannot fight her way out of this and Lucia might end the match right here. Amanda’s struggles are getting weaker and weaker. Lucia’s big tits are going to knock her out. Finally Lucia pulls away and jumps down to the floor. Amanda gasps for air. She was very close to passing out. But with the breast smother, she is even weaker. I guess Lucia wants to dish out some more punishment before finishing off the brown haired beauty.

Looking out at the crowd, Lucia yells out for someone to get her the keys to the handcuffs, a request which caused several normally dignified men to scramble over each other to fulfill. After being handed the keys through the chain link, Lucia reached up and undid both of the handcuffs, causing the almost unconscious Amanda to collapse to the floor. Gripping Amanda’s hair, Lucia rolls the babyface brunette under the ropes and back into the ring. Before joining her opponent in the ring, however, Lucia looks underneath the ring and works to drag something out…a table!

Finally managing to pull the table out, the black-haired beauty quickly shoves the collapsible piece of furniture underneath the bottom rope and then rolls herself in after it, almost rolling over the comatose Amanda. Hefting the table and setting it up near one of the corners, Lucia finally turns her attention back to Amanda, who has barely begun to stir after almost being smothered. Gripping babyface by her hair again, Lucia pulls Amanda to her feet and shoves her chest first into the corner by the table. Amanda moans as the new pain assaulted her chest, but it was nothing compared to what was going to happen to her next.

Lucia took a moment to showboat to the crowd as Amanda stood slack in the corner, the portion of the crowd that had been cheering on the vicious heel causing an almost deafening cheer as they predicted what was going to happen next. Smiling evilly, Lucia walked over to Amanda and gripped her from around her stomach and lifted her up onto the top turnbuckle so that the babyface’s back was facing the set up table. Stepping underneath Amanda and in-between her legs, Lucia hefted the babyface brunette onto her shoulders, using the corner to help her set Amanda up into position for a powerbomb. Walking unsteadily with the weight on her shoulders, Lucia carefully walked to the table and waited for Amanda’s eyes to clear slightly of the pain-induced haze that had fallen over them.

The haze that had settled over Amanda’s mind ever since almost being smothered out had begun to lift with all the jostling her body was being put through. Opening her eyes slightly, the babyface noticed at once that she was elevated. Looking behind her at the table and then down at the evil visage of Lucia, Amanda did the only thing that came to mind. Scream.

“No no nonononnnnoooooo!!!!”

Lucia smiles and says, “YES!” With that she powerbombs Amanda down, driving her back right through the table. The table breaks and Amanda crashes to the mat. Amanda is not moving. All the men are on their feet. Some of them cheering wildly, while a few are in shock. Amanda’s back must certainly be injured now, if it wasn’t already from the camel clutch. Lucia stands there and wipes her hands back and forth, as if she just took out the trash.

As the guys calm down a bit, Lucia thinks of her next move. She backs up to the corner and starts to climb the ropes. She gets to the top and looks down at Amanda. Lucia’s eyes are drawn to Amanda’s blue panties. Lucia flashes a wicked smile. She then jumps off the turnbuckle. She tucks her knee as she sails through the air toward Amanda. Her knee aiming for Amanda’s crotch. Amanda doesn’t even realize what is happening until…WHAM!…Lucia’s knee is driven right into Amanda’s crotch. Amanda wakes up out of her daze and screams, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Lucia rolls to the side as the hurt Amanda lowers her hands and buries them between her legs, holding her sore crotch.

Massaging away the pain in her leg, Lucia is none the less all smiles as she gets to her feet and looks at the shaking beauty in front of her. Walking back to Amanda, Lucia kicks apart the babyface’s legs before bending over and ripping away Amanda’s panties without any ceremony, leaving her opponent nude except for her boots. Lucia twirls the torn undergarments over her head for a moment to rally up the crowd before tossing them to the side.

Amanda’s boyfriend and boss is completely beside himself as the love of his life is taken apart piece by piece in front of him, the urge to rush in and save her almost overwhelming. The looks on some of the other managers and commissioners faces as they stare at his naked lover’s form almost drives him to violence against his peers. However, it is the look of the man that sits beside him that worries and enrages him the most. The WCWL commissioner simply cannot believe just how enraptured his partner has become in the match, the look of naked desire and lust as he stares at Lucia, the woman that is torturing someone who has called him friend for years. Amanda’s lover turns away from his partner and looks at an equally disgusting sight, the destruction of Amanda, and does his best to contain his emotions.

Gripping both of Amanda’s tits, Lucia pulls the hurting beauty to her feet for even more punishment. Dragging Amanda to the ropes, the black-haired goddess hangs Amanda’s arms over the top ropes before reaching down and pulling the middle ropes over them, trapping the babyface. Taking a firm grip on Amanda’s locks of brown hair with one hand, Lucia begins raining blows onto the gash on Amanda’s forehead with the other, widening the wound and causing more blood to begin to pour down the hurting woman’s face. Lucia rubs her hand on Amanda’s face before slapping each of Amanda’s tenderized tits, leaving a bloody handprint over each of them.
Lucia looks over at Amanda dangling in the ropes and sees a woman who is overcome with pain, a woman who is becoming inured to further injury. Knowing just how to overcome such an obstacle, Lucia reaches her hand down and plunges her fingers into Amanda’s pussy. Thrusting in and out as fast and as hard as she could, Lucia forgoes the technique and art of her considerable sexual skills and went straight for results as she tried to bring her opponent to climax as quickly as possible. Amanda’s wires must have become crossed, however, as her mind misinterpreted the pleasure coming from her womanhood for pain, an understandable mistake given her treatment tonight. It took Lucia considerably longer then what she thought for Amanda to begin to moan in pleasure instead of pain, but finally the Raven-haired demoness was rewarded for her effort with Amanda cumming all over her thrusting fingers. Smiling and leaning in close to Amanda’s ear, Lucia whispered lowly,

“A person is so much more sensitive after cumming.”

Lucia takes a step back and then quickly launches her knee right into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda lets out a scream and tries to bring her hands down to protect herself, but they are still trapped. Lucia launches another knee into Amanda’s sensitive pussy. Amanda’s head rolls back as she closes her eyes and wails in pain. Lucia drives her knee into Amanda’s pussy a third time. Amanda is hurting but there is no way for her to stop Lucia’s attacks. Lucia sends another knee into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda’s legs give out, but she is still held up by the ropes.

Lucia now drops to her knees and launches a hard uppercut right between Amanda’s legs. Wow, Lucia is just destroying Amanda’s pussy. Lucia follows that up with another punch…and another punch…and another punch….and another punch. Lucia finally stops and gets back to her feet. She stands there for a moment, letting all the pain sink in and Amanda is helpless to relieve any of the pain. Lucia grabs the ropes and pulls them apart. Amanda’s body is freed from the ropes and she collapses to the mat and places both hands between her legs, holding her pussy. Lucia looks down at Amanda and smiles, knowing how much pain Amanda is in.
Lucia turns and looks out at the crowd, most of them now cheering on Lucia and her beat down of Amanda. Lucia grabs the sobbing Amanda by her tits and pulls her to her feet and to the center of the ring.

“This is the woman that I was supposed to beat? This fucking bitch is one of the best fighters that your leagues have to offer?” Lucia punctuated her remark with a punch to the small of Amanda’s back, sending the hurting woman down to her hands and knees as she clutched her back. Lucia grabbed Amanda’s blood-streaked hair and started pulling her along the sides of the ring like a pet. Lucia stopped in front of Amanda’s lover and his partner and pulled the broken woman to her feet.

“Well, here’s what I think about your supposed best!” Lucia yelled out as she grabbed Amanda and hooked her arms beneath the babyface’s neck and knees, holding her aloft bridal style. Using all her strength, Lucia lifted Amanda until she was just over being level with Lucia’s forehead and held here there for a moment, letting the moment sink in for the crowd. Amanda’s lover looked horrified and absolutely devastated about what was going to happen and could barely stand to watch, though his friend seemed completely enraptured and aroused, a fact that Lucia filed away for later.

Finally, Lucia fell to one knee and dropped Amanda’s back onto her outstretched knee, an extremely painful over the knee backbreaker! Amanda roared back to life and screamed louder then she has ever before, causing several men to cover their ears to protect their hearing.

“OH MY GAWD! MY BACK! OH GGAAWWDD!” Amanda screamed as the pain in her back started to overwhelm her nerves, causing her to twitch uncontrollably. Lucia just looked down in utter satisfaction at the work of art that Amanda has become in the throes of her pain, the raven-haired woman’s nipples hardening and her womanhood growing damp at the, in her opinion, beautiful sight of Amanda in pain.

Lucia kept Amanda bent over her knee, causing further pain to the already injured Amanda. The men look on, seeing Amanda’s body bent over Lucia’s knee. Lucia then raises her arms, places her hands together, and drives down a monster blow to Amanda’s unprotected belly. This drives Amanda’s back further into Lucia’s knee. Amanda’s body just limply lies across Lucia’s knee now. Most of the men let out some cheers for Lucia.

Lucia now shoves Amanda’s body to the mat. Amanda just lies there, barely conscious. Her body has taken an incredible beating tonight and her back is definitely injured. Lucia places one foot on Amanda’s belly and raises her hands in victory. Lucia looks down at the mostly naked Amanda and admires her work. Amanda lets out a few soft groans as her whole body is in pain. Amanda’s boyfriend is shaking his head in disbelief.

Lucia steps the ropes and exits the ring, picking something up off the ground as she walks around the ring to the door. Motioning for the door man to open up the door, the crowd goes wild as Lucia walks through the door and is declared the winner. Lucia once again raises her arms in victory and allows deep satisfaction at her accomplishment to wash over her…before stepping back into the cage and slamming the door behind her. Taking the handcuffs that she had picked up on her way to the door, the busty winner slaps the steel restraints around the doorframe and the door and locks them tight, making sure that no one is going to interrupt her last bit of fun for the night.

Amanda’s lover is on his feet and running to the door as Lucia does this, just barely reaching the door before as Lucia secures the lock. He slams his fists against the chain link and screams at Lucia;

“The match is over, you’re the winner! Leave Amanda alone!” Lucia’s only response is a condescending smirk as she turns her back on the WCWL commissioner and steps back into the ring. Walking over to Amanda’s shaking body, Lucia takes a firm grip of Amanda’s hair and simply starts dragging her to the corner, the babyface screaming as her scalp erupted in pain. Throwing Amanda’s head across the middle turnbuckle, Lucia turn back to the crowd of cheering men and screams out;
“Who here thinks I’m overdressed?!” an approving roar was the answer to Lucia’s question as she teasingly toyed with her thong, sliding it slowly down her legs before kicking off the black garment, leaving her as bare as her opponent. Not bothering to turn around, Lucia starts backing up until her shapely ass is mere inches away from Amanda’s face before suddenly thrusting her bottom over the babyface’s features in a stinkface!

Amanda slaps at the fleshy cheeks covering her countenance in impotence as Lucia started grinding her ass over her opponent’s face. Lucia let loose a perverse moan as she felt Amanda’s nose brush against a particularly sensitive part of her nethers and almost turned around to give the beaten woman’s face better access. However, Lucia knew that this wasn’t the last time she was going to face Amanda and decided to save something for later.

The WCWL manager is nearly beside himself in arousal as he watches this…this goddess destroy Amanda. He knows that Amanda is his friend’s lover and has never had a negative thought about the woman, but seeing this Raven-haired woman just destroy her is one of the most spectacular sights he has ever been privy to. The manager makes himself a promise that if it’s the last thing he does, this woman will be his.

After nearly two minutes of grinding her ass on Amanda’s face, Lucia finally lifts her bottom off and allows the brown-haired woman some much needed fresh air. Lucia allowed Amanda a few moments respite before taking Amanda’s feet and dragging her away from the corner and into the middle of the ring. Turning back to the crowd, Lucia screams out,

“This is nothing compared to what I’m prepared to do! This cunt is nothing compared to me! I’m the best fighter! I have the best body! I have the best ass and, as this whore is about to see, the best tits!” Lucia then drops down on Amanda and begins lowering her bust onto Amanda’s tear and blood streaked face, but before she did she whispered into Amanda’s ear,

“That blonde cunt has nothing on me, I’m going to smother you into next week. Someday soon I’ll meet Sandra and show all the leagues who has the best tits.”
Amanda offers a weak protest, but soon Lucia’s large breasts are covering her face. Amanda moves her hands up but Lucia quickly grabs them. In Amanda’s weakened condition, Lucia easily holds them down. “Time for me to knock you out, bitch.” Lucia says. Amanda kicks the mat with her boots, as she runs low on air. Amanda’s boyfriend is still at the cage door trying to pry the handcuffs free, but Lucia has the key inside the cage. He looks on, unable to help his girlfriend from being knocked out.

Lucia keeps her tits over Amanda’s nose and mouth, enjoying her last bit of dominance over the beaten beauty. Amanda’s struggles get weaker and weaker. “You were never any match for me Amanda. Maybe next time I will break your back.” Lucia whispers. Amanda legs kick the mat two more times and then she stops. Lucia feels the energy drained from Amanda’s body. She keeps the smother a little longer, just to make sure Amanda is out cold. Finally Lucia lifts her breasts off of Amanda’s face. Amanda is out cold. Lucia smiles as she slides her body off of Amanda. She playfully runs her hand down Amanda’s chest and her belly.
Feeling more satisfaction then she has had for a long time, Lucia gets off of Amanda’s smothered out body kneels down in front of her legs. Running her hand up Amanda’s leg, Lucia finds the zipper of the babyface’s boot and slowly, sensually, pulls it down and removes the boot . Lucia does the same on Amanda’s other leg and is soon standing in the middle of the ring with Amanda’s trademark thigh-high boots in her hands. Quickly taking off her own boots and pulling on Amanda’s, Lucia revels in the cheers of the crowd and shows off the spoils of the match, performing a little catwalk. Lucia looks down at Amanda’s smothered out body and says,

“You know, red normally isn’t really my color, but I have to say that these look absolutely fabulous on me, don’t you think? I think I’ll get myself another pair soon, maybe something in black.” Lucia then steps out of the ring and walks to the door. No sooner is the handcuffs undone does the WCWL commissioner storms through the door, almost knocking over Lucia, and into the ring, desperate to get his lover. Lucia only shakes her head in amusement and walks through the door, accepting the various congratulations offered to her from the commissioners and managers. Seeing the WCWL manager, Lucia walks over to him, her hips swaying sexily as she nears him. Stopping so that her tits were almost jabbing him in the chest, Lucia whispers into his ear,

“Room 438, White Tower hotel on 23rd street, around midnight tonight. I want to talk about my future…among other things.” The manager quickly agrees and Lucia steps away, walking back to the locker room and to a new and bright future.

The End

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