Boarding School Queen: Mothers and Daughters – Parts 1 – 3 by Ragnar0k

Part 1

“Triiiinggggg, trrrriiiinnnggg!”

The metallic trill of the antiquated desk phone snapped Amelia Turner out of an enjoyable daydream that was mitigating the chore of marking exam scripts. The flame-haired teacher was massaging her crotch intently while reliving the satisfying victory over Zoé Martin, her sexy rival from Rochebrune, the elite French college that Cardugan Academy was now inseparably twinned with. The reverie had been prompted by a discussion with the head earlier concerning the latest joint event being planning with Rochebrune.

Amelia had recognised Zoé Martin’s imprint from the moment Dr. Gilchrist began relating a proposed senior girls’ adventure trek to the rugged, tropical interior of the island of Martinique. The foxy French teacher hailed from the Caribbean island originally, and would no doubt use such trip to seek revenge for the defeat she had suffered to Amelia on their first excursion in the Alps.

Zoé had previously revealed to her rival that parts of Martinique still practised a uniquely feminine form of voodoo sex-fighting ritual; a phenomenon that Amelia knew would massively increase the stakes when the time came to lock up with her sassy rival again. It was a prospect that left Amelia feeling positively giddy, so much so that her fighting glands soon began to juice up of their own accord.

At the end of the meeting, Joan Gilchrist had turned to her hot young teacher with a twinkle in her eye. “Well, this trip seems to involve throwing two groups of competitive, highly-sexed senior girls and their teachers together on a tropical island where, inevitably, they will be beset by intense humidity and plagued by vicious, blood-sucking insects. Naturally, I will expect a full report on my desk upon your return … and with no sordid details left out.”

Amelia struggled to suppress a smirk. “Of course, headmistress, it would be most remiss of me to provide you with anything less.”

Returning to her study, Amelia pushed the work waiting for her to one side and moved one hand beneath her skirt as she began to fantasise about the fight with Zoé all over again. The tough Frenchwoman had taken her very close in a best of five orgasms contest that, Amelia had admitted to herself afterwards, could have gone either way. Kneading her crotch gently at first, the stunning redheaded teacher began to work her fingers deeper inside herself as she vividly recalled the ecstatic feeling as she rode Zoé’s spasming cunt down to the rug to take the first fall. From that point on, the contest had degenerated into a desperate fuck-fight as both alpha bitches traded devastating sexual pins and scored powerful orgasms against each other. The intense catball had then erupted in a series of drawn out spasms as they came simultaneously, writhing uncontrollably as their muscular pussies ejected streams of hot cum deep inside each other… leaving one final fall to decide the tiebreaker…
Amelia’s pussy was making gentle slurping sounds as she worked herself to orgasm and that was precisely when the phone call interrupted her. After waiting a dozen rings, she sighed and withdrew her hand, sniffing the richly impregnated scent, before reaching across the desk to lift the receiver.

“Miss Turner?” It was Reception.

“Of course.”

“There’s a, erm… Mrs Walkerburn here to see you.”

Christ! She had completely forgotten that big-titted Susan’s mother had made an urgent appointment to see her.

“Er, good… have her sent over to my study, please.”

A short pause. “She’s on her way.”

Amelia pulled a wry face as she hurriedly prepared to receive her visitor: smoothing her sheer black skirt back into place and checking her make-up before adjusting her bra to ensure that her impressive cleavage was displayed to maximum effect.

Sharon Walkerburn had called two days earlier to express concern about her daughter’s progress at college and the conversation hadn’t gone especially well. The most worrying aspect was a serious bullying complaint that the younger Walkerburn had made against Mhairi MacGregor, her erstwhile friend and Amelia’s current star pupil. Amelia was well aware that a formal complaint would trigger a Governors’ inquiry which could create all sorts of problems if the existence of a secret sexfighting sorority at Cardugan emerged. Accordingly, the teacher had taken it on herself to face the threat down by inviting Mrs Walkerburn to a private, off-the-record meeting where she would use whatever means were required to dissuade the anxious mother from taking the matter further.

To gain more background before the meeting, Amelia had interrogated Susan quite directly and, reading between the lines, the teacher suspected that the buxom blonde resented all the attention Mhairi had received since supplanting Helen Brodie as Amelia’s favourite. Latching on to Cardugan’s new sex-fight queen had also rebounded on Susan after many of the girls concluded she was inherently untrustworthy and, just to compound her woes, the blonde had been overwhelmed by Helen’s new ally Amita Kaur in a closely-fought grudge match.

Amelia had gleaned one further vital piece of information from pressing the unfortunate student: the buxom mother was no slouch as a titfighter and well used to deploying her bounteous assets in settling disputes with other women.

“Miss,” Susan sniffled, head down to conceal the secret gloating in her eyes, “I wouldn’t stand up against with my mother if I were you… her breasts would utterly crush even a pair as perfect and lovely-looking as yours…” As soon as the words were uttered a plan formed in Amelia’s mind and she hurried to dismiss her student. “Thanks for the compliment, and the advice. Run along now Susan – that will be all!”

The knock on the door came soon enough. The moment Amelia called “Enter!” an attractive, feisty-looking blonde strode in, power-dressed to the hilt in a navy, silk-linen tailored suit and chiffon scarf that could do little to hide her massive cleavage. Susan in twenty years’ time, Amelia thought to herself as she examined Sharon Walkerburn coolly over the rim of her designer spectacles.

“Mrs Walkerburn, it’s so good of you to come in at such short notice.”

“Oh, call me Sharon please. And, well, given the gravity of the situation I didn’t have much choice Miss Turner…”

Laying down her spectacles, Amelia stood up and came round the desk to greet her guest. Probably no more than ten years her senior, Sharon Walkerburn was a tall, attractive woman squarely in MILF territory, with full lips and a ruddy-pink complexion as befitted a landowner’s wife who had a hands-on role in managing the farm. She also had all the hallmarks of a woman who liked to pick fights and was used to winning more than she lost.

“And please call me Amelia.”

Locking eyes, they shook hands firmly and a flash of unspoken recognition seemed to pass between them as they appraised each other coolly.

“I won’t hold back… Amelia”, Sharon Walkerburn’s educated Scottish brogue was laced with an edge of underlying menace. “Frankly, I’m very concerned about my daughter’s shoddy treatment at your college.”

The redheaded teacher found herself wondering how much longer it would take her visitor to detect the fragrant pussy smell that had just been transferred hand-to-hand and decided to play the ball soft for the moment.

“And how might we be able to assuage your concerns on that score… Sharon?”

Sharon Walkerburn snorted derisively.

“Hah! If you think I’ve come all this way just to be sweet-talked into withdrawing my complaint you’ve barely appreciated the gravity of the situation!”

“I see,” the teacher smiled evenly as she switched to a harder pitch. “Tell me then Sharon, how is life down in the Borders these days? Susan tells me that you’re quite a celebrity in those parts. And I’m not unaware of how women settle their disputes in a tough town like Galashiels.”

To make her point plain, Amelia straightened her spine and stepped closer while drawing her shoulders back so that her stunning chest pushed forward, pointing dramatically at her visitor’s formidable rack. “I’d be careful where you point those things if I were you,” Sharon Walkerburn said tersely but her eyes seemed to light up immediately at the teacher’s provocative move. In fact, the busty blonde loved to dominate other woman, and she was already itching to put this arrogant young teacher with her condescending mannerism in her place, properly.

“If this is leading where I think it is, do carry on Miss Turner …… I’ll be interested to hear your proposal…” And smiling icily the voluptuous blonde took a sharp breath and thrust her cleavage forward so that both massive racks hovered barely inches away from each other.

The two hot women continued to stare at each other, their flushing cheeks and dilated pupils revealing the sexual tension that was building rapidly between them. Amelia broke the silence first, leaning back slightly and smiling venomously as she made her final pitch. “Mrs Walkerburn… Sharon, it’s pretty clear as women of the world we are both used to getting what we want, and by whatever means we deem necessary. And what I want right now is for you to abandon your notion of making a formal complaint against Cardugan.” And Amelia stepped in close so that finally their over-sized breasts pressed together and her mouth brushed close to the blonde’s left ear. “And if I have to prove I am the better woman to persuade you, then so be it.”

At this, Sharon pushed back strongly against Amelia, mashing their tits together all the way until the naked skin of their cleavage touched over the tops of their restraining bras. As she did so, the older woman spoke in measured tones into the younger woman’s ear.

“Hah – to prove who’s the better woman, is it? Well, I must say you have read me very well then…because I never back down from a challenge. Let’s say that if – or rather when – my breasts crush yours into submission you agree that you won’t stand in the way of my complaint any longer?”

Amelia smiled a secret smile. “I agree to be held to that. And if my breasts defeat yours instead, you will agree to drop all complaints against Cardugan?”

“Also agreed.”

And with that, Sharon Walkerburn turned and walked towards the visitors chair, watching the young teacher coolly while starting to remove her tailored jacket. Folding the jacket and placing it on the visitor’s chair, the older woman unbuttoned her blouse and released her bra to free her massive breasts. Meanwhile Amelia had clicked the ‘Do not disturb!’ sign into place on her office door before casting her own blouse and bra aside. Within moments, the two women stood facing each other, silent and topless as their practised eyes surveyed the threat each was about to endure.

There is always a singular moment when two well-endowed women who are about to titfight have the opportunity to compare their naked breasts for the first time. As the teacher and the parent examined each other in this way, there was no doubt that Sharon’s thick set were not only slightly larger and heavier, but they displayed surprisingly little sag for a woman who had used her udders to suckle three strapping bairns during her twenties. To cap it all, the blonde’s pink areolae were clearly larger. and her nipples looked slightly thicker than the redhead’s.

If Amelia had reason to look concerned she certainly wasn’t showing it, however. On the plus side, her breasts undeniably looked firmer and pointier, sitting higher on her chest with noticeably less sag than the blonde’s. Even so, Amelia was left in no doubt she would have her work cut out over the next hour or so as Sharon Walkerburn was clearly in great shape for a woman in her late thirties.

The blonde certainly seemed pleased with her initial comparison however, her mouth curling into a confident smile as she stuck the knife in a little.

“Well, look what have we here then! Boobs pretty as a picture and quite upstanding too. But I’ve faced much tougher challenges than your perky little breasts, I can assure you.”

Amelia smiled back icily as she shot a carefully-weighted riposte. “For an older woman you’re no slouch yourself… but I’ve fought bitches with stronger-looking udders than yours before – and I mean to come out on top.”

Sharon Walkerburn’s mouth hardened at this and she resolved quietly to teach the younger woman a harsh lesson she wouldn’t forget in a long while.

“It’s not too late to back down, Miss Turner. We can both see already that my breasts are superior, so why don’t you just admit it now and save yourself a lot of pain.”

“Oh, don’t you worry Mrs Walkerburn, my breasts will stand up just fine… long after yours begin to weaken and sag in fact.”

The final barb provoked the blonde who seemed to lose her cool now, advancing on her rival with arms raised, swearing under her breath that she would destroy the redheaded bitch’s skanky tits. Amelia wasted no time in moving forward at speed too, so that both women grunted heavily as their breasts slammed together for the first time.

And, with that, battle was joined.

Part 2

As both heavy sets of mammaries slammed together, Sharon Walkerburn wasted no time in wrapping her strong arms around the small of Amelia Turner’s back and pulling her in close, as the redhead quickly reciprocated. A shiver went down each woman’s spine as she felt her opponent’s firm flesh and stiff nipples pushing into her own. No matter how many times each had locked up like this in the past, the first touch was always special: a moment of truth as battle commenced and she was able to start getting the true measure of the forces ranged against her own positions. Knowing that her single-minded purpose from that point on was to defeat and ultimately to subjugate her rival’s proud breasts, while inflicting maximum pain and humiliation along the way.

The two adversaries were so close now that they were standing on each others toes and they quickly kicked their heels off, standing in their stocking feet to get a better purchase on the varnished wooden floor. “Ready bitch?” Sharon hissed as they began to squeeze hard; staring aggressively into each others eyes, gritting their teeth as the first painful jolts of compression assailed their opposing breasts. Having moved marginally faster in locking up, the buxom blonde had a slight advantage with Amelia’s arms locked on the outside hers; and she was determined to use the leverage created to put maximum pressure on her adversary’s perfectly-shaped orbs.

The redhead immediately began feeling the strain as the blonde tightened her grip so that her big tits worked under Amelia’s complaining rack, forcing the bulging titflesh upwards and outwards. “Hunhh! Uuunnggghhh!” The trapped teacher gasped as her opponent squeezed even harder and she was forced up on tiptoes, her breasts painfully compressed from front and beneath by Sharon’s monumental rack.

“Nggaahh! – like it as intimate as this, d’you?” the hot MILF grunted at her. The last thing Amelia needed was her adversary trash talking in her face right now but, with the air steadily being crushed out of her, she was forced to fight back hard, pressing down on the blonde forehead to forehead and breast-to-breast while grapevining one shapely leg around her opponent’s. Both women were panting now, open-mouthed as the pressure on their straining mammary glands grew intolerable until, straining with all her might, Amelia was finally able to loosen Sharon’s grip enough to get her feet flat on the floor again and then, by mutual consent they broke apart, chests heaving as they sucked badly needed air back into their lungs.

“Not bad – for a beginner…” Sharon Walkerburn grunted as both women examined their breasts briefly for damage. Both sets had already swollen to their full fighting weight as the flow of blood increased due to the erotic pressure they had been under.

Amelia was in no mood for small talk however and as they squared up again she moved in swiftly to attack, dipping her shoulders and Amelia lunging forward to drive her tits into the undersides of her opponents breasts. The uppercut-like blow landed with a loud smack, shaking Sharon’s larger mammaries and forcing a pained groan. Straightening up the teacher then swung her shapely boobs across her opponent’s, rocking the unmissable targets from side to side.

“Owww! Ahhh – that’s the spirit. Now let’s see what my girls can do!” As she spoke, Sharon twisted sideways and sent her own pendulous orbs flying back to intercept Amelia’s next strike. The redhead squawked loudly as the heavy mass of her opponent’s jugs smashed into her own tits from the left side then swung back and hit her from the right. Grasping each other by the shoulders they both moved in and began laying into each other some more, their heavy tits slamming together in alternating directions. Although it soon became apparent that Sharon’s bigger tits were displacing Amelia’s for now the MILF was failing to press her advantage home and it seemed both women were absorbing the pain in equal measure as their boobs continued to redden and show the first signs of bruising.

Resetting their grips slightly, the two combatants pulled each other into a crushing mutual bearhug again as they fought to gain the upper hand quickly at this stage in the contest. Both women began pivoting their torsos in alternate directions now, grinding their breasts side-to-side so that their ample titflesh slid over, as well as squishing deep inside each other’s cleavage. Although they were damp with sweat by now, the abrasive friction created by the tight squeezing movements made their breasts burn and feel raw. Stumbling back and forth, they fought silently now to save energy, the intense grinding action punctuated only by gasps of pain that were slowly but steadily getting louder. Amelia felt a qualified satisfaction with her ‘ladies’ performance so far; although looking increasingly red and bloated, her perfect breasts were still maintaining their shape and firmness despite all of Sharon’s attempts to crush them with her heavier tits. The contest was starting to descend into a long, grinding war of attrition, which suited the redhead fine: she was sure that her youthful stamina would deliver victory in the end.

The more experienced blonde had other ideas however and abruptly, without any warning, she broke the hold and took half a step back, re-positioning her hands around Amelia’s neck as she brought her pendulous tits up into the redhead’s rack with an almighty slap. Stunned momentarily by the impact, Amelia was caught with her defences down, allowing her opponent to pivot from the waist and repeat the blow again, only more forcefully this time. The impact caused them both to cry out in pain but it was apparent to both fighters that Amelia’s breasts had been shaken more badly than Sharon’s on impact.

Sensing her rival preparing a third deadly strike, Amelia twisted her torso so that her own breasts swung round, whipping them into Sharon’s full force as they arrived. This time the massive head-on collision of titflesh was like a thunderclap and caused both women throw their heads back and howl in pain and anguish. As the teacher’s wounded mammaries wobbled in disarray, the MILF took her opponent into another tight, grinding embrace, trapping Amelia’s displaced breasts against her own in a dangerous vice. Both sets of tits were reddened and swollen by now and the pain suffered by both fighters was of an altogether higher order than either had experienced earlier in the match. But the advantage was now firmly with the more experienced older woman as she closed with her quarry and squeezed again, directing her attack into the tender undersides of Amelia’s breasts, drilling into them with her stiff nipples.

As the tough blonde pressed the attack home the redhead found herself taking one step backwards, then another, as the mounting pain in her tortured rack threatened to overwhelm her. Staring into her opponents slightly glazed eyes, Amelia saw how much Sharon was enjoying dominating her, and knew she would have to find some hidden reserves quickly, or the fight would soon be over. But with her swollen boobs straining beneath the crushing pressure her opponent was exerting, and her back arching in pain, Amelia was forced to retreat. Better to make a tactical withdrawal than to hold position in defeat, someone had once told her and now she put this dictum to work, bringing both palms under Sharon’s chin and pushing back hard. Taken by surprise, the MILF could only bear the strain on her neck for a matter of seconds before she was forced to arch backwards herself and release the hold.

Gasping and sweating profusely the women separated and took the opportunity to shed their skirts which were hanging down, impeding their movement.
Amelia was glad to break apart, if only for a few brief moments, as her bruised breasts were aching, as well as scratched where Sharon’s hard nipples had dragged and scraped across them. But there was no time for rest as both women turned to face each other again dressed simply now in their thongs, suspenders and stockings.

Although breathing heavily, with sweat running in rivulets down her body and into her deep cleavage, Sharon Walkerburn still looked remarkably fresh and composed at this stage of the contest. Her opponent’s demeanour reminded Amelia for all the world of an experienced big game hunter taking a well-earned break while secure in the knowledge that they have almost run their prey to ground.

“You think that was rough, do you Amelia? Well, let me tell you I’ve hardly begun on you yet. It’s still not too late to surrender though… before you get too hurt.”

“I told you already that I’ve fought stronger women than you and this battle won’t be over until my superior breasts have soundly beaten yours.”

“Well… have it your way then!” But as the blonde rushed forward, impatient to lock up again to finish her opponent off, Amelia was waiting for her. Neatly sidestepping Sharon’s charge, she grabbed her adversary by the elbow and shoulder, using the forward momentum to splash her down tit first on top of the big wide desk.

“Owww – what the fuck?!”

But ignoring the protest, Amelia simply pushed Sharon face down in the ink blotter with one hand while yanking the MILF’s damp thong high up her crotch with the other.

“Aaaggghhh – That’s… not… fair!” The helpless blonde yelped in discomfort as Amelia began pulling the material in a rhythmic sawing motion, attacking her thick pink labia which were swelling up and growing juicier by the second.

“I don’t remember anyone stating that wasn’t in the rules,” Amelia said, somewhat disingenuously but she finally relented, if only to use her commanding grip on Sharon’s thong to turn her opponent on her back, abruptly mounting the MILF as she lay draped over the desk, panting, eyes blazing defiantly.

“So you want to play like that do you?”

Amelia laughed harshly, grinding down and enjoying the satisfying erotic rippling effect as her thick pussy lips spread against Sharon’s “Why not – there’s more than one way to skin a cat!”

Although Amelia’s dramatic raising of the stakes took her by surprise initially, Sharon Walkerburn was actually no slouch when it came to fuck-fighting either. The blonde began flexing her powerful crotch muscles and fought back strongly as she felt her opponents weight bearing down on her cunt and an all-out war began to discover which woman could dominate her opponent sexually. Both combatant’s twisted thongs had been drawn deeper inside their cunts in the heat of battle and the blonde used this to her advantage now, grabbing the material between the redhead’s grinding buttocks and yanking hard enough to make rear up in alarm. As Sharon forced Amelia off both women fell to the floor, rolling over and over in a catball until they landed, on the soft pile rug by the fireplace snarling like a pair of jungle cats.

Locked on their sides, both women quickly re-established their crushing mutual bearhug while slamming their well-matched cunts into each other with equal force. Pain and sexual tension were definitely taking their toll as each attempt to climb on top but found herself held back by her straining opponent. Amelia found her arms had the inside advantage this time as they thrust and ground their bloated mammaries together with brutal intensity. Time and again the blonde’s larger breasts mushroomed around the redhead’s, threatening to engulf them, but the smaller, firmer pair still held their own for now and the focus of the battle shifted inevitably to their battling crotches once more.

Gasping at the intense pain in their trapped breasts, the two women fucked harder and harder, their conjoined pussies making intense slurping noises as their opposing labia spread apart.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhh! FUCK!’ Amelia gasped, feeling her pussy begin to tremble as their big clits emerged from their protective sheaths and dueled head-to-head.

‘Ohhhhhhh!! MY GOD!!’ the blonde moaned seconds later as the redhead’s superbly conditioned pussy finally sealed itself around her straining fuck lips and began to take control of her straining cunt.

It was apparent that the balance between the two struggling women had shifted decisively in Amelia’s favour for the first time as she rolled Sharon on her back and landed heavily on top with cruel deliberation, slamming her aching, swollen tits down so that the blondes big, pale orbs pancaked out to the sides, crushed under the weight of Amelia’s resurgent tit flesh. The renewed breast-on-breast impact was agonizing for both women but as their massively aroused cunts continued to batter against each other they were almost beyond caring.

Establishing sexual control finally, Amelia raised her torso and punished Sharon with several powerful breast slams, but the coup de grace came suddenly as she pressed down again, enjoying the indescribable feeling as her own cunt smothering the other womans completely.

‘Uuuuhhh!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!’

Amelia threw her head back in triumph as the defeated MILF started to buck beneath her, screaming in ecstasy as she ejaculated forcefully into Amelia’s victorious vagina. “Well, that doesn’t sound much like a woman making a formal complaint to me,” Amelia laughed as she slammed her rejuvenated tits down on Sharon Walkerburn’s yielding pair again several times for good measure.

Part 3

Hector Brodie kissed his wife dutifully and gave his adorable daughter an affectionate squeeze before leaving for the airport that morning en route to a business meeting in Mumbai. As Rachel had taken the unusual measure of giving the entire staff two days paid leave, Rannoch Hall became preternaturally quiet afterwards: almost the only audible sounds being the chimes of antique clocks in the hallways, and the chirps of squabbling sparrows nesting under the stately home’s ancient eaves.

But, belying the quiet exterior calm, resolute and determined activity was taking place in the well-fitted gym as Rachel and Helen spent the next hour and a half perfecting the yoga stretches and vaginal strengthening exercises that mother and daughter had been practicing diligently for the last few weeks in preparation for the arrival of two very special guests.

As she paused from her exercises, Helen remembered vividly the torrid sex duel fought with Laura Symington-Bailey in that Edinburgh hotel room just two months before: a marathon contest that ended inconclusively after the beautiful half-sibling rivals discovered simultaneously that they shared an extreme sensitivity to anal penetration. The raven-haired teen began to feel moist between her legs recalling the indescribable feeling as overstimulated clits crushed head to head, penetrating fingers starting to ream their tight back passageways, culminating in overpowering shock waves of pure ecstasy burning through their luscious bodies that ultimately caused them both to pass out on the bed in a rare example of a sexfight double KO. Coming to her senses the next morning, Helen had found the scribbled note Laura left while making a hasty departure, and the next piece of the jigsaw had fallen revealingly into place:

So, it’s au revoir for now, my beautiful bitch of a half-sister.

Much as I’d have enjoyed staying behind to finish our little feud, I’m off to catch a plane today. Mother and I are spending the rest of les vacances on the Riviera, at the Negresco in Nice. I’ll try to remember to send a postcard.

Oh, by the way, Diana wanted me to let you know that she’s very much looking forward to catching up with your mother and picking up where they left off when we get back. The terms of the legal agreement between them expired when you and I reached the age of eighteen. That means that Hector – and your most undeserved birthright – are still very much up for grabs.



So, the real reason Rachel Adelman had been able to marry Hector despite the challenge of a strong love rival in Laura’s mother was a legal contract, signed in pussy juice by Diana Symington-Bailey after her defeat by Rachel, agreeing to step aside. But now that both daughters had reached the age of maturity it was open season again, and Helen felt sure that even after all these years Diana would be keen to renew the duel: to gain sweet revenge for the outcome of that fateful night in room 513 of the Edinburgh Hamilton hotel almost two decades ago.

Later that afternoon, a throaty roar announced the Symington-Baileys’ arrival in a flamboyant red sports roadster which the older of the two blondes had driven quite recklessly down the narrow leafy lanes, barely squeezing past as the odd agricultural vehicle hurtled towards them.

With no staff on hand to greet or park the car, mother and daughter stood waiting as Rachel and Helen arrived at the front door and paused at the top of the steps. Helen noticed how both visitors were attired in designer raincoats while sporting the dark sunglasses and fashionable head scarfs that had shielded them from the elements in the open-top car. The older woman reminded Helen a little of a picture she had once seen of the film star Grace Kelly. Having only had time to change into a plain blouse and skirt combination herself, Helen felt upstaged by the elegance of their guests and wished she and her mother had dressed up for the occasion even though she knew the clothes would be coming off soon in any case.

Looking radiant and rosy cheeked from the journey, Helen’s half-sister Laura fell into step beside her mother as the tall blondes retrieved their overnight bags and strode purposefully up the steps to where the Brodies stood waiting for them.

“My, my – I hadn’t realized that Rannoch Hall was such a Scottish baronial pile,” Diana laughed, gazing up at the crenellated battlements looming above them. “You have done well for yourself – and your daughter – Rachel dear.”

“Oh, spare the bullshit Diana!” Rachel Brodie’s arms were folded under her large breasts and her jaw set firmly as she replied vehemently. “We both know I won Hector’s hand in marriage – and all of this – fair and square. And, although the contract between us may have lapsed, I’m not going to let you take all this away from me and my daughter Helen – however hard you try today.”

“Ahahaha,” the blonde laughed theatrically. “Did you really think I wouldn’t come here fully prepared to destroy and humiliate you this time? To avenge the wrong that you did to me and my daughter Laura back then?”

“Well you’d better come in then – no use arguing on the doorstep when we can finish this discussion inside.” Rachel’s tone was icy but controlled.

Even as she wondered what preparations her mother’s rival might have taken to assure herself of victory this time, Helen became more preoccupied with the stare down she was having with Laura. It had already been agreed that the two daughters would resolve their earlier inconclusive duel after the contest between the mothers had been decided. And, although naturally feeling nervous given the high stakes for all involved, Helen felt so thoroughly aroused at the prospect by now that she could hardly wait for battle to commence.

Belatedly remembering her manners as the lady of the house Rachel stepped towards Diana, hand extended. Both women shivered slightly in anticipation as their fingers touched, warm palms pressing together briefly before they moved apart, and Rachel led her rival through the double doors into the big hallway.

Then it was the daughters turn: Helen and Laura staring knowingly into each other’s eyes as they shook hands, both girls feeling prickles on the back of their neck at the first touch since their last intimate encounter. The blonde’s eyes twinkled mischievously as she goaded her half-sister. “I’m looking forward to settling our own little score after watching my mama defeat your mama.” Helen snorted derisively. “I wouldn’t get ahead of yourself Laura. Today Rachel is going to end this feud by putting Diana in her place once and for all. And incidentally, you’re up for defeat too once that’s been decided.”

“I’m not surprised by your arrogant self-confidence,” the blonde girl laughed, “being on your home turf and all. But remember my mother has waited nearly twenty years for this opportunity and I’m just as anxious to finish what we started in Edinburgh. So, it’ll be a total whitewash in the end. You Brodies are going to be humiliated today – big time!”

“It’s actually you Symington-Baileys’ who are going to wish you’d never come here. And you’ve got a long journey home to reflect on your defeat.”

“Huh! Who’s getting ahead of herself now?”

As the daughters moved inside Rachel was speaking. “Diana, Laura, you must be feeling parched after the journey. I’m afraid I sent the servants away this morning, but I think we can still manage to serve tea in the drawing room. Helen, would you mind taking Laura with you to fix up the beverages while Diana and I talk business?”

“Yes mama,” Helen flashed a sidelong look at her rival who pouted back at her immediately.

“Coming Laura?”

“Not yet, but you soon will be.”

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By the time Helen and Laura re-joined their mothers in the drawing room with the tea tray, the older women were well on the way to agreeing final arrangements. Under the terms of the original legal agreement forced on her Diana had guaranteed not to pursue Rachel again until both unborn daughters reached the age of maturity. Now that milestone had passed, the vengeful blonde had drawn up a new legal contract stipulating that whoever lost today would take their bags and leave Rannoch Hall for good, leaving the ‘spoils of war’ waiting for a surprised Hector upon his return. Helen was rather shocked that her mother had already signed the contract agreeing to such cataclysmic terms. But then, as Rachel told her daughter afterwards, she would never be rid of the vengeful and spoilt blonde bitch until full satisfaction was given. Although the daughter’s fate was not mentioned in the contract, Helen realized that she would not be able to countenance remaining at Rannoch Hall in the event her mother lost, and she became more determined than ever to avoid the ignominy of the Symington-Baileys whitewashing the Brodies in a contest that promised to be life-changing for all involved.

Although Rannoch Hall had a spacious gym and sauna, Rachel had decided significantly that the contest be held in the main hall on top of the large antique Persian carpet that had been Hector’s honeymoon present to his wife. As the four females moved into the hall, the painted portraits of illustrious Brodie family members stared down blankly at them, while a half dozen wall-mounted animal heads joined in the sightless audience.
Diana’s eyes lit up shrewdly as she surveyed the antiques and paintings in the hall and she turned towards her daughter. “Well Laura, it looks like we will have a lot to look forward to once we assume our rightful places as ladies of this manor!”

Rachel threw her head back and laughed bitterly as she walked over to stoke the large open fire. “I see you haven’t lost your sense of humour during the years in exile.”

“Oh, that’s what kept me going – that and the knowledge that eventually I would have the opportunity to gain my revenge for your deceit. Now Laura bring the boxes – lets show the Brodies what we have in store.”

Helen had been wondering about the purpose of the two antique gilded boxes inlaid with Eastern symbols that Laura had carried in. Now her eyes widened as Diana snapped the fastenings on one and stood back to display the contents. Peering inside the Brodies saw two velvet-lined compartments, each contained an antique dueling dildo fashioned from ivory complete with its own intricate array of leather straps.

“My grandmother won these in a duel with a maharani, the wife of a famous maharaja in Kashmir that she was – shall we say – intimate with in the later years of the Raj.”

“Hmm – I see a pattern emerging with Symington women,” Rachel said cattily. “Always using sex to further their designs on wealth and status…”

“Hah – when it comes to gold-digging you’re a fine one to talk!”

The dark-haired woman ignored her rival’s reply as she took one of the dildos out of its sheath, examining and weighing it carefully in her hands. In fact, unbeknown to her daughter, Rachel Brodie was quite an expert on sex toys, having studied their history and often fought using them in her wilder youth.

“Are you really going to agree to fight using these – things?” Helen asked her mother doubtfully.

“Can’t see why not. Your mother understands these ‘things’ better than you might imagine,” Rachel reassured her. “Did you know the Kama Sutra mentions of dildos like these (darshildo in Hindi) used either by hand, or in a harness.”

“That’s right.” Diana butted in. “These are antique dueling dildos, hand-carved two hundred years ago by the finest craftsmen in northern India. Made of ivory with specially textured surfaces for added friction and stimulation.”

Helen picked up the second exquisitely-crafted antique dong. It was surprisingly heavy, with a generously proportioned bulbous head at one end, and must have measured a good nine and a half inches. Slightly curved, the dildo was also thick enough that she could barely close her hand around its circumference. One thing was sure Helen told herself: you would have a hell of a job evading one of these exquisite monsters once your opponent was plunging it deep inside your vagina.

Rachel was still examining the other sex toy with an inscrutable expression on her face.

“See this massive bulbous head? Causes repeated pulsating expansion of the vaginal opening when penetration takes place. And note the wavy ripples all the way down the shaft to increase the stimulation given to the receiver…”

“Great patter,” Diana smirked. “You could almost make a living from selling these Rachel. In fact, that might be what you’re reduced to doing when this is all over.”

“Fuck off bitch.” Rachel hissed before turning back and pointing out the serrated ridges around the base of the dildo to Helen. “These are designed for clitoral stimulation,” she explained. “See how the ones at the back are angled to stimulate the wearer, while the forward-facing ones will grind the recipient’s clit at the same time she’s on the receiving end of some deep penetration.”

Helen whistled: “Whoo – that sounds like a perfect storm for the fighter getting fucked!”

“It will be,” her mother laughed, narrowing her eyes suggestively in Diana’s direction. The last feature Rachel pointed out was the clever harness arrangement designed to leave the genital area and anus open to allow the wearer to be penetrated while wearing the strap-on; clearly a pre-requisite for a duel of this nature.

Laura’s watchful eyes had hardly left Helen during the entire demonstration. Now she took the opportunity created by the pause to snap the second antique box open with a theatrical flourish. “And once the mothers’ destiny is decided, look what my dear sister and I will be enjoying for dessert!”

Helen and Rachel’s eyebrows arched again as Laura reached into the box and lifted out a huge double-headed dildo that shared the same exquisite craftsmanship and many original features with the single model. “I do hope this one’s in your size Helen,” the blonde laughed slightly hysterically as she clasped the monster dildo to her bosom and stroked it lovingly. I found it fitted me perfectly.”

Helen suddenly felt a dreadful sense of foreboding: while the Brodies had been training for a marathon pussy fight , the Symington-Baileys had now revealed that their master plan all along had been to batter and grind their rivals into submission using antique dueling weapons dating back to the days of the Indian Raj. The Brodie females knew they would be perfectly within their rights to refuse outright and go for a straight fuckfight to the finish; but neither woman had backed down from a sexual challenge in their lives before, nor did they intend to create a precedent now. Besides, the idea of fighting her rival cunt to cunt while they were both wrapped around an antique dildo was becoming more intriguing to Helen by the second.
“Let’s do it then, bitch,” she said softly and menacingly while staring deep into Laura’s eyes.

“Alright!” The blonde retorted, moving forward until they were standing toe to toe.

“Erm, you girls might want to back off and sit down over there while cooling off for a bit,” Diana drawled. “Rachel and I might be settling things between us for quite a while before your turn comes…”

To Be Continued in Parts 4-7, Which Can be Read Here!

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