Mile High by Dotti D

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Have you ever looked up at the feint sound of a private jet streaming over head? If you have did you wonder is that a rock star, actor, investor? Chances are any of those guesses are right but what you might never know or guess is what actually takes place on a private jet, oh sure parties and meetings and just travel but keep in mind at 10 thousand feet there is no law, rules or restraints, oh yes the FAA monitors the plane and flight plans but as the passengers go, its freedom.

So what makes that an important factor?  Well for the ultra wealthy who can afford to fly almost daily and only land for fuel, and maintenance is a crucial piece of the puzzle, but the overall picture? Well that can only be old as having seen what goes on above the clouds.

Sonya a well pampered woman of 50 who was fit and kept her self looking young, enjoyed her life of wealth but like anyone it came with a price, Sonya herself did not have money, her spoils were provided by a man of great opulence, who owned an investment firm among other businesses, and who had not just an eye for finer things but for finest women, a certain taste though, he loved them middle aged, tall , and above all busty, but there was something else he had a desire a desire for competition, no not his own for the woman he chose to spoil, her only task?  Was to engage another woman at given time, in a manner that was erotic, catty, and more personal, for the woman or women to keep all that he provided, she simply had to accomplish one thing, win, oh the occasional loss was expected after all any gamble was never a sure bet, no one who took financial risks like the rich did was silly to believe they would win every time out, and there were penalties for to many losses, the biggest being left destitute, broken pride and well to fend for themselves back in regular society.

Sonya who was under “agreement” with the owner of the largest tech firm known to man, was a woman who not just confident but after a divorce and struggling to make ends meet when was given a taste of the posh life style agreed with her financier to do what she had to keep the life of luxury and never want for anything again, as long as she stayed at the top, standing 5’9” 155 pounds and a sexy curvy, 40K-30-40 with piercing green eyes, full cheek bones, pouty full lips, long neck and a broad chest and shoulder stance to hold her round heavy firm huge breasts, Sonya was in fit shape, her stature carried the heavy bust well and proudly, veiny, full, and firm her aureoles were 3” wide on her breasts, and had a bumpy field of dark pink flesh when aroused , her thick nipples stood out erect at nearly 3/4” the shafts dark pink and thick, her dark red hair was wavy, and styled to just above the shoulders, anyone who saw Sonya would never deny the woman was sexy, confident , proud and gorgeous, for her ability she was given access to any of the mansions her financier owned, cars, travel, anything she wanted or needed was hers for the asking, so Sonya made a name for herself as one of the best competitors out there, and out there was the private inner circle of wealthy who enjoyed pitting their “golden girls” against another tycoons for their enjoyment, and to clarify not just men had the wealth or their champion many women were entertained and backed their own.

There was another however, there always is, the owner of a top pharmaceutical corp. A tycoon as well, was backing his own woman also middle aged, before we meet her you may ask why middle age women?  Well truth be told as some of it may be preference no one can deny the ruthlessness that comes with a woman of experience over a younger woman with so little to lose, the zest for life is more focused on what they want and have achieved and once claimed what will be done and how far to keep what is thought to be their own, all while maintaining a level of class as a proud woman.

Anna, a woman who is also middle age was another such woman, finished with the struggles and day to day when the taste of the easy life and anything she desired at her finger tips for the simple entertaining of others was offered she jumped in both feet, the sunny villas, pools, jewelry and to go any where at a moments notice was more then a dream it was a living fantasy come true, like Sonya , Anna was 51, with a proud robust 40K-29-40 figure 150 pounds and stood 5’9” her dark blonde hair was longer just past shoulder blades and blue eyes, her aureoles were 3” but more blended to into her large round breasts, her thick nipples as thick and firm, her lighter dark pink off set by the more creamy colored breast flesh that showed her blue veins mapping through her breasts, Anna had pronounced cheek bones and full lips and her long neck and tight jaw line gave her a tall look, both these women were among several that were under the financial control of several tycoons from the U.S. and other countries, they have never met in fact neither knew her equal existed, but one thing they knew as each rose higher amid these ranks, the others name became more own as the one to beat, and with that level it was nothing more then the question of will they fight but when will they fight, and which one will be deemed the Queen the champion and after never worry again about her financial situation again or keeping it, the other would be given enough to start a new life and never heard of again, it was a taste of 15 minutes of fame that for one would never be forgotten the other a flash in the pan.

Getting these two women together was something of the ultimate contest, in the years these tycoons have brought two women to match up and play their game as they called it, none had the bodies, bust or winning reputation they had, all knew when these two finally were matched up the one and only true Queen would be allowed to retire or choose her fights at her discretion, everyone who saw either fight agreed this had to happen, and as the women heard not just other competitors but over hear the discussions among the tycoons each smiled and confidently predicted and assured her win streak would go on, each has suffered her loss but in this game as long as you win more than lose you were allowed to redeem yourself, be it a rematch or new fights, but if you couldn’t regain as said earlier you were let go tossed aside and none of the rich and powerful liked losing or losing a fighter they invested in.

Chapter 2 – The Games Will Begin

The private jet emerged from the hangar fully fueled up, champagne was being chilled as the one stewardess made sure all the owner required was set, the Captain and crew took their positions, the first limo pulled up along side the jet, the trunk popped open as a man in a fine suit stepped out, he was about 55-60, slightly over weight, gold ring and tie clip, he buttoned his jacket and then extended a hand toward the limo door, a spike heel black ankle strap stepped from the car then a second the hand with dark red pointy nails finely manicured took his, and slowly Sonya stepped out and stood inhaling as she held her fur coat shut, Sonya and financier walked to the jet, and she enters first, as she passes the stewardess, her fingers scoop a glass of champagne and she swaggers toward the rear curtain of the cabin, a quick kiss to her cheek, as he says to her, “this is a big one make sure you win”, Sonya pinches his cheek a smile, “nmm I will and then I will tear her apart”, she steps in the rear and into a small closet like room to prepare.

Just then a second limo pulls up as the first heads off, a second man emerges dressed in as fine a suit, he extends his hand as well, as a red ankle strap spike heel steps then the other, Anna inhales as she holds her fur closed, and the financier she has with gold rings smiles, as he escorts her onto the jet, Anna scoops a glass as well sipping, as she sees the other gentleman who looks her over, she winks and turns to her man, he kisses her cheek, “no bull shit Anna she’s a real threat”, she smiles as her pointy finger nails rub his chest, “oh but so am I, and I am ready to carve her up”, she spins on her heels and swaggers onward the rear cabin, she can see in the room to the left a light on, she inhales the lingering perfume, then step in her own tiny compartment to prepare, as both men shake hands and are given a cigar and a drink, they take a seat, in 2 cushy seats one on each side of the main cabin, they chat and laugh over business dealings each has, the jet engines suddenly start a high pitch whine, the wheels begin  to move the jet to the runway, it lines up as the seat belt signs comes on, a louder whine is heard then the jet pitches and starts to rumble down the runway faster and faster till suddenly it lifts and starts to ascend up, for the most part the first 15 minutes is on the quiet side the seat belt sign fades out, the stewardess asks if anything else is needed, both men shake heads no, then the first man nods to her, “let them know it is time to begin”, she smiles and nods “of course”.

She walks behind the curtain then steps to Sonya’s side a gentle knock, “Yes?”, the stewardess, “I am letting you know it is time ma’am”, Sonya “Thank you”, in the tiny compartment Sonya sits pinning her hair up on her head, she is oppress and has a black lace thong on high hip cut, her designer bra draped on a chair next to it a robe also black, she checks her make up and mascara and hair one last time then emerges, her robe sash tied tight at her waist, her big monster round breasts, make the robe top taught and parted at the top, showing her tight deep cleavage, her aureoles already tent the robe as her thick nipples begin to spike, her long muscled legs flex as she swaggers forward she steps from the curtain and wearing a confident smile, slows her swagger as her nails cause a hiss over each mans seat back, a simple button press by her financier and sexy soft music begins, Sonya stands so both men see her fully as she uses her hips and spine like a serpent as she steps further ahead then to the side of the jet her man is on, she sets er hands on her hips and proudly waits.

A second knock comes to Anna’s door, “ma’am your on”, Anna “Thank you”, she stands after checking her ruby red lipstick and make up her longer hair back on her head but up loose bun style, red spike ankle strap heels and a red lace thong high hip cut, she dons her red kimono style robe sash snug her own huge bust pulling it taught and wide at the top as her deep tight cleavage swells, her red designer bra in her robe pocket as well, walks out her own long legs flex, as she steps from behind the curtain, she hears the music and sees, her rival for the excursion, they stare a moment then Anna does her own slow serpent style sexy dance as her talons hiss the seat back of each man, she steps out even to were Sonya is then turns on her heels, she steps back close to the windows on the side her man sits, they feel the jet level fully off, and the captain on the speaker, “ok gentlemen we are 10,000 feet weather is clear and expect no turbulence enjoy the flight”, the music fades as both these broad busty amazon women stare at the other, their eyes taking in every inch and vein and muscle they see on her rival, the only thing either knows is that the woman across the aisle from them is not only her equal physically but among the top best and most ruthless fighters, each has suffered losses but overall they are nearly undefeated, each has a reputation of asking nor giving any mercy, they know this fight flight will allow one more than the title champion.

For these 2 women the winner over all, will take the losers bra, thong and fur and milk, force the loser to worship her breasts and pleasure her, from each of the men 1 million dollars in cash, and from her own financier a Diamond necklace worth over 200 thousand dollars, as well as the losers necklace, but most of all and for her pride the right to quit and live a life of never needing anything again and the title of Queen, as for the loser of this fight she will be left stripped nude, beaten as a group of the wealthiest watch her give up and suffer at the winners hand, her life from that moment on will no longer be one of opulence everything she has earned from financier will be stripped and her only choice to find a new life, both women know fully well and understand the high stakes, they have sent many a woman to suffer that same broken life style now as they stand glaring each knows one of them will be left stripped and broken, as to which is up to their pure instincts and skills, the men chat a bit as the ladies stare, then as each is a champion, a coin is flipped and Anna is selected to start the pre fight.

Her man nods to her as the music starts a bit faster tune but no less sexy for the reveal, she steps in the center aisle, her eyes locked into Sonya’s, her hips do a wide swirl as she widens her thighs and her dance is slow but in the beat of the music, she slowly starts to strip the sash gets tugged by Sonya’s man, her robe saws open, but her powerful heavy round breasts heavily and firmly collide together as the robe is hung up on her thick nipples stiffening, she spins and peels it off with her back to the men and Sonya, as she eases the robe off they all see the round large outline of her breasts from the back, Anna then crosses her arms turns and eases her hands away over her head, her mammoth breasts sway out free, she rolls her hips and waist as the breasts seem to barely sway as they gently rub and collide together on her chest, she cups and caresses them at the men then at Sonya in a challenging way, licking her lips as she does , then lifting them up she rolls her tongue around her nipples sucks them then as the music fades she arches straight up and looking into Sonya’s eyes lets each breast drop free as they all hear the dense firm “CLOP” as her breasts hit her body then hands up and so close to Sonya does a slow breast shimmy as her lips mouth, “Cmon Fight me”.

The designer bra is taken from her robe and hung above her financiers head then Anna eases back on her side of the jet and hands to hips watches as Sonya gets her turn, her man nods hits the play button as a sexy sax theme song plays her knees bend as she dips and rises then steps center aisle, nearly a mirror show dance of Anna she shows her prowess is equal to her rivals, like Anna , Sonya turns and strips her robe tossing to her ma, her round breast outline seen from the back, she looks back over her shoulder a sly smirk at the men then her rival as she turns to face them, Sonya palms her breasts best she can but emphasizing how round and full they are as her hands barely cup them, she massages hem at Anna slowly then cupping she purses her lips mouthing, “ohhh so heavy and firm”, she lifts them, sucks her stiff nipples, then first releases her left then right making Anna hear two heavy dense “CLOPS”, then hands over head a shimmy as her breasts bump and rub together, she mouths to Anna, “Lets Fight I am so ready”.

Sonya steps back to her side they stand across the main aisle of the cabin, their breathing while deep is slow, both are confident, jealous, scared and nervous, no one will stop any of these fights on the flight to the private island where they will be free to fight like mature cats till one cannot go on, for the trip there however, they will fight under some controlled rules and styles, with the only long term breaks during the jets landing to refuel, only to start again till the final arrival, a days rest upon arrival then the biggest fight either has taken on will take place amid the richest men and women known, both swallow deep as they see their rivals impressive busty body, from all the rumors heard so far all they have heard is exact to what they see, if the rumors of each reputation is close to what they see the fight will be a war, their tummies on inside flutter as outside they slowly bellow, their nipples stiffen fully and more as breasts tighten and swell, hands flex at their sides as they cannot do a thing til instructed to, their men chat as to choose the first of many battles or duels to come, as the seconds it takes seem like hours both grow more jealous, bitter and angry and ready to fight anyway ordered to, as for stakes the men will decide if a fight need be stopped, a clear winner is decided then what the loser must do to reward her rivals ability to conquer, it is a fair while savagely erotic match but it in no way is it just a step to the final battle, it is personal and each woman has her pride and reputation on the line.

Chapter 3 – The First of Many

Each of the men watch as they wager between themselves, both women glare, their breasts heave fuller but still slowly, the full bodies no less tense, each woman a worried, jealous, fearful and confident glare, the jets cool cabin air assisting their already stiff nipples, their hands clasp over their heads as the men smile confident of their fighter, as the jets host clears his throat, “ladies, we want to know first who has the best nipples, so we want to see first a nipple duel with each wearing nipple clamps, first unable to go on loses, a simple tug of war, place these nylon loops on your nipple shafts then attach your line to your opponents”, Sonya with a slow panther like grace steps to her man he opens his hand as she takes the 2 nylon loops and upon returning to her spot stretches her left then right nipple out thinning it and slips her broad nipples through the loop of each, then attaches the nylon clear line to her left nipples loop, it swings as she arches and watches Anna now who does the same ritual, then each woman steps center cabin, first Anna takes the free end of her line as Sonya pushes her breast at her and attaches the line to the right nipple clamp, he gives a short tug as if testing it, as Sonya feels the clamp cinch tighter o the nipple shaft, Sonya then retrieves her free end and attaches it to Anna giving the same tug, an X is formed between them by the nylon line that has each nipple clamp, the women set hands on hair as they glare, they snug up the line taught between them, their eyes locked as one of the men says a loud, “Begin”, both women arch back and the nylon line becomes taught as two rods between them but the real pain instantly felt comes from the nylon loop clamps as they get tighter with every pull and begin to cut into the texture nipple shafts making the tips get a red tint as they bulge out, neither shows a reaction as they continue to lean back and slowly both aureoles and breasts begin to lengthen out and stretch and lift as the women pull back from other more.

Faces begin to get a pink hue as they stare and slowly the dark pink nipples once rich in color start to purple red tint as their cheeks get red flush look and now each licks her lips as they slowly each ease a heel back and try to pull her. Rival across the aisle then make her give, the breathing of each starts to quicken as the loops cinch closed tighter bulging nipples while cutting into the thick shafts near the base of each, Anna as she manages a full step back forcing Sonya to feel more pain then making her ease forward, Sonya spits softly, “ugg bitch”, Anna hears it and smirks, “cmon Bitch “ the duel is agony for both but winning early will certainly be best, Sonya swallows she has to at the very least get that step back to her side as she starts to pull back, her chest seems to buck and her breasts a slow shift out and up as Anna using her shoulders bucks back again the yank on Sonya’s nipples and breasts causes the reaction, “aghhh Bitch”, Anna another step to her side sneers at the gain her breath a bit faster, “feel me Bitch hmm? give now before I rip your nipples off”, Sonya showing her white clenched teeth, “shut up Bitch and fight me”, then with a twist in her hips Sonya Yanks back and Anna mouth open gets pulled back to center aisle, “Awww you Bitch”, Sonya seeing how discolored Anna’s nipples look knows her own are, the pounding of blood circulation being pinched off hurts, “feel that Bitch hmm? Your nipples are choking to death cmon”.

The duel seesaws between them and the pain gets so intense tears well up as sweat forms, breathing turning to Pants as they tug and pull heels clamber between the thin rug and metal channels seats once attached to, chests turn red as faces now, both women gasp and slowly as Anna again tenses she tugs, tugs, tugs and then a stiff turning yank, has Sonya stumble at her being pulled across the center aisle, so off balance her shoulder drives into Anna’s side they grab each other’s upper arms as they struggle to regain balance then Anna breaks the mutual hold and using her feet , legs and body starts to pull Sonya by the clamps like a dog on leash, “Cmon, Cmon Bitch thats a good dog you Bitch “ Sonya is in pain her back arches her long legs straight her big breasts stretched out as her nipples are and pulled as she tries to anchor her position , Anna is pulling her hands o hair, “you BITCH give!”, Sonya shaking her head no as saliva runs with sweat and tears, “AHH OHHH OWWW N…NOOO”, Anna doesn’t see it but Sonya’s knees nearly buckle, her pain so deep, her hands trembling on her hair, suddenly staggers forward again but Anna was ready she pulls back as Sonya is unsteady then as both men sit up Sonya is yanked forward to her knees, Anna feeling some slack us slow to attack, Sonya on her knees and haunches tears run as her nipple tips to aureoles are red and purple cries, she grips the lines and gives a sharp yank down, Anna suddenly screams, “AWWWWW YOU FUCKING BITCH!”, she nearly gets tossed over Sonya, who turns on her knees and manages to stand up fast, once up s Anna straightens up , Sonya starts to back pedal pulling Anna now, “OHHH UGHHH BITCH LIKE IT?”, Anna mouth open sweating red faced staggers forward.

Both women spin about tugging her rival by the duel lines, the pain intense as they are ready to fall in agony, the bitter duel gets nastier as each wants her victory, spitting and snarling with growling hissing fills the cabin, Sonya slowly seems to be making a come back as Anna is yanked about and can barely regain her balance or stand straight, then Sonya halts her movement and with a nasty pull while shaking her torso causes Anna’s breasts to stand out elongated and shake making them collide as her nipples are pinched nearly collapsing in, as Anna pulls back herself Sonya cries out in a mutual pain, “owwww, awwww “both are ready to give, the men sit up, each grunts for his girl, ‘Pull her damn it”, “yank her down get her”, the women hear the encouragement and pull longer and steady as they close eyes looking up, BITCH” is heard in mutual cry, then as they seem to ease back the clamps looking ready to slice into the texture flesh, it happens, Sonya suddenly staggers forward again then falls to her knees, Anna wastes not a second to step around her rival, places her hands in Sonya’s hair and pulls the hair down as she stands tall and rears back arching pulls back and up, stretching the large breasts toward Sonya’s face as her nipples are stretched thin and the clamps dig in deeper causing a slight cut, Sonya grabs at the wrists of Ana, “AWWWWWMY NIPPLES”, hen Anna snarls, “Give you Bitch”, the stretching goes on then Sonya, cups her breasts, and is pulled onto her bare back, Anna drags her a fe inches by the clamped lines, “NOOO OWWWW STOP STOP I GIVE”, Anna quickly eases forward and cups her own breasts as she eases the clams open and drops them on Sonya’s bust, she hickory massages her hurt swollen nipples as she glares down at her hated rival, Anna hurting releases her bruised cut nipples and with hands in victory walks around Sonya still attached and tears run as she snarls, “You Bitch”, Anna straddles her then lowers and she slides up on Sonya eases her thong aside and demands to be pleasured, Sonya shakes her head no spitting at the bare folds near her face till Anna reaches back and like a puppet master tugs at the lines on Sonya, instantly Sonya cries out, AWWW AWWW OK OK YOU WIN”, her tongue extends as Anna slowly undulates over her mouth, “ohhh nm yessss eat me Bitch”.

Anna gets her orgasm and stands cold and then warm compress are brought to her as Sonya slowly gets up and must painfully ease the clamps off, her nipple shafts look like rope burn around them as she now tries to sooth them. The men shake hands and Anna’s men is given a thousand dollars as Sonya gets a glare from her man, Anna inhales then a smirk, “read to give up Bitch?”, Sonya still holding compresses on her own, “oh no way bitch I am the best one duel will never make me give to a whore like you”, the stewardess takes the compresses away then both women once again step to their side of the jet across from the other for the next round.

The men chat between them and then sit back as again the women hear, “good fight ladies now we want to see a nipple duel consisting of who can invert the others nipples”, both women feel a shiver after the pain and burning being inverted will hurt deep they again step to center and square to each other, each snarling her feelings, “Bitch”, “whore’’, then after a minutes pause, “BEGIN”, they each reach to others waist and slowly begin to dab nipple tips against the others, then melt into slow side to side flicking as each winces at the action they slowly get faster and faster and longer dragging flicks, moans and whimpers are heard between them as their breathing gets faster, they stand straight legged holding the other in position as hey flick, swipe and drag nipples across the others, the moans give way to huffing then to panting, lips tremble as mouths get dry, the combination of pain and arousal becomes a factor , “uhnn , ummm , ore, cmon” between them as they start to joust nipples to nipples, then Anna already a win pulls her nipples back and then stabs head on at Sonya’s both inhale sharply and Sonya now rubs head on at Anna’ they force their aureoles to meet and swell, breasts now bulge and begin to engulf their nipples and swallow hem, finally breast meet comes fully sealed and both women pressss as they gently rub barely moving, Anna purses her lips, “ohhh uwww your losing Bitch again”, Sonya softly moans, “ohhh ughh bitch no”, both men again sit up, “cmon Sonya”, Get her Anna”, they pressssss and both roll their head then a mutual grunting cry, “aaaahhhh owwwww”, they stare absolutely still then each hands on hair pulls from her rival, they turn to the men and stay eyes locked as they hear the following, “thats me Sonya”, “Ohhh damn it Anna”, both women eyes locked drop heir hands and caress their nipples Sonya grins evilly at Anna who turns red as Sonya feels her stiff nipples standing outward and Sonya has to massage her aureoles to get her nipples back out from hiding, Sonya a sexy hiss, “softie”, Anna growls, “i am going to rip your tits off later “, each uses a cool compress to stay stiff and ease the ache then the men grunt, “A draw 1 each we need a tie breaker, Ladies the final duel, each gets 5 minutes to suck and nibble on her rivals nipples till one cant go on, after each has her turn if no one gives a 69 position duel till one does”.

The stewardess slides a seat out and positions it center aisle so he men can see, then Anna has to take the seat first, she spreads her thighs so Sonya can kneel between them then Sonya lowers her big breasts between the thighs swaying free as she places her lips at the tip of Anna’s left nipple they glare, as Sonya hears, “Begin”, her mouth slides on to the thick stiff nipple and instantly she starts to suck and draw hard on the trapped nipple, Anna leans back, “uuuhnnn ohh nmmm Bitch harder cmon”, Sonya willingly sucks harder as she drags teeth on the shaft and chews soft but firm her tongue wrestling the stiff nubs tip, already stiff and aching Anna squirms in a arousing pain, her hands cupping Sonya’s face as she tries to ease the pressure, “uuuhhhh you Bitch”, Sonya pulls, suck, and draws harder on the textured nipple till finally she hears, “TIME”, Anna pushes her rivals face as she sits up Sonya pulls back, they exchange places as Anna hisses “My turn Bitch”, Sonya taking the seat, “do your best whore if you can”, Anna kneels between the thighs of Sonya her tongue flicking the stiff tip of the left nipple then both hear, “BEGIN”, Anna traps the nipple and wastes no time getting rough, Sonya arches back as she hisses a moan, “uuuhhh Bitch nmmm “.

Anna traps the thick nipple in her teeth and stretches it outward, Sonya winces a bit her hands press at her rivals cheeks, Anna pushes the hands away, and saws the shaft in her teeth, Sonya squirms she is sore and a deep ache is felt, it seems she is about to give when they hear, “TIME”, as Anna eases back a sly smirk she spits at the breasts of Sonya, Sonya gives a dull clapping slap to Anna’s breast, they glare ready to pounce when both men call them off, and to take the 69 position on the floor, each woman lays on he side so the others right breast is at mouth level, they have thighs open as they snake an arm around the others neck, their free hand cupping the others full right breast, both breath a bit heavier then hear, “BEGIN”, their faces dive into others right breast as mouths lock on others nipple and instantly heads bob as they press mouth and face more securely on the rivals stiff nipple, as they work the others stiff nipple their hands tighten around the others neck and slowly they start to teeter then roll over each other across the rug, wet slurping is heard as are moans of arousal and wincing signs of pain, the occasional “bitch, or whore” spit as each sucks in a deep breath.

With arms snaking tighter around the back of others neck they roll heels kick as hips buck, faces grow red as do aureoles and nipples hot heavy breathing heard as each tries to ease he rivals attack by attempting to smother her face in her large breast, but the hands cupping each pulls and squeezes allowing breathes in, after 5 minutes neither shows a sign of taking advantage, the financiers are about to declare a draw when, Sonya rolls atop, spreads her legs to stabilize her position, then her breast engulfs the face of Anna as she freely bobs her head and refreshes her air intake, Anna bucks under her, her hands start to slap at the bare back of Sonya, muffled gurgles and whimpers can be heard, finally as seconds click don, Anna grips her hands in the back of Sonya’ hair to pry her back and up off to get a gulp of air, as Sonya fights the pull her teeth trap the nipple stretching it from the hair pull Anna finally taps out, “TIME”, Sonya smiles evilly as she looks at the men, “she tapped out I won”, she eases up off Anna and stands, her smile big as Anna starts to get up Sonya primes her hair do, both amazons glare as Anna is red faced, Sonya in a taunting hiss, “jump little frog”, they stab hands in others hair as huge breasts collide but in a second the men and the stewardess break it up, both are sent back to their cabin for a break, the men sit and shake their heads agreeing, a war is coming, the fasten seat belt sign comes on as the jet descends to refuel.

The jets wheels screech as they touch down and the engines whine to a slow whisper, the jet eases toward a private hangar, the stairs unfold as each woman with her man wearing just heels and a robe and a thong exits, each takes a seat in their respective limo as the jet is maintained and refueled, both women breath heavy in angry lust to get at her rival for causing her a loss neither can afford, as they steady their hands with a drink of whiskey, their wealthy man, softly but with firm tone warns their fighter, to many losses before arrival at the island will cause them everything by the rules, as tears well up faces redden with jealousy, fear, and pure hate and anger, as they growl to the men, “I’ll claw her eyes and tits before I lose it all”.

Chapter 4 – Last Journey

The ground crew start to wrap up and the limo’s each eases forward, the doors open and all 4 step from their car, both women glare at the other, they are so willing to attack the other but know they must hold back for now, but the body language tells all who see them if let go they would tear each other to ribbons, Sonya and her man strut with determined stride and ascend the folded out steps, as Sonya swaggers along the jets aisle Anna and her man step through the door way, both women are biting their tongues to not say a word as they not allowed any interaction till in a fight, their cheeks a red tint as they hold it in, then both step through the cabin curtain into their private section and sit and touch up for the last leg of the journey to the private island where once there they will be allowed to finally get at each other as every wealthy man and woman who finances a fighter will inspect them and wager on them as they fight in the most rawest female form like cats.

The steps fold up and in the engines again start to whine up to a roar the wheels rumble and the jet lifts off, climbing steady the two men smile they have concerns for their fighter and the private wagers between them as this last take off before the showdown might be the end fr one of the fighters before it really gets going, as the seat belt sign shuts off, the stewardess pours each man a drink then is told to summon the women, she nods with a smile and swaggers into the back, and knocks at Anna’s door then Sonya’s, “it is time ladies”, Anna emerges first swaggers from the curtain and as she passes her man, eases her robe off draping it in his lap, her full round ass sways as she steps to her spot and turns on her heels, this time however Anna is wearing a bra that is snug on her huge breasts, the straps are taught strained to limit and the cups are over flowing in breast meat, she inhales as she poses hands on hips, then Sonya emerges, her robe also drapes on her mans lap, she swaggers eyes locked on Anna’s to her spot turns on her heels and strikes the same pose as she sports the exact same bra and over fills it as equally, as the men admire them they glare ready to stab nails into other, their breathing already a bit deeper, as the tension to compete is thick.

The men whisper to each other then each sets a wad of bills down they click glasses and look to the women as Sonya’s man says, “ok ladies we want to see who gets pushed from her bra first, winner gets her nipples worshipped as we watch”, both women turn to the other and step into the center of the jets aisle, they barely touch bra cups as they breath deeper, the stewardess with two sets of handcuffs attaches the cuffs to Anna’s wrists, then a over a gold handrail above their heads, she does the same for Sonya, both women stand hands up over heads locked by the handcuffs, they stare as they hear the men, “Ladies Begin”.

Though this is less about who is more skilled it is certainly more about pride, neither jumps into the frey but they widen their thighs to have a steady stance, their sinewy thighs flex as they draw closer, bra cups touch and then recoil up and back, the heavy weighted breasts they hold and carry swell more and bulge up with effort, then each woman using only her body and chest start to press, rub and push up at the other, as they glare in the others eyes, the duel is slow and almost senseless as the two fighters start to push together firmer and now roll shoulders, each bent on shoving her rivals breasts free of the bra cups to take another victory, they breath a bit harder as they try to out manoeuvre the other and get more pressure under the cups, as they breath out, each whispers a snarling tone at the other, “Bitch”, “cmon whore”, the action is subtle at best as each dips her cups under the others and drags slowly up, nearly each attempt is thwarted by simply easing back her chest or a shift to either side, large fleshy mass bulges at the rim of the snug bra cups only to drop back in, nipples tenting the cups act like anchors holding the breasts in but painfully as the weight of the large breasts shift and cause over lapping within the cups, sweat starts to form fast on each fighter as they strain and with hands suspended overhead breathing becomes labored as they start to bump, and drag now, the stewardess stands near by ready to release the winners hands with key to the cuffs.

Anna begins to alter her attack by pumping up and in at Sonya, the move causes her rivals huge breasts to quake in the cups and seeing motion drives her to increase the designed move, Sonya grunts as the pumping action is felt, “uhnn uhnn mmfff Bitch”, Anna huffs as she feels a difference in her rivals tight cups, “feel it bitch hmm going to knock your weak tits free cmon”, Sonya is feeling a panic she can feel the cups slipping as more breast meat swells free the red lines of where the cups pinched he skin have rose up showing her breasts shifted, as she tries to avoid head on contact Anna steps at her and is looking to increase the moves effect, “stop running you scared bitch fight”, but Sonya was not running she was drawing Anna in like a spider to a fly, Anna in a rush to win never saw the counter move, her lower back arched pushed her chest out and over her bra cups were there stretched her breasts shifted as well as she took a breath in ready to shove her rival from her cups, as the breath in releases Sonya sneers and dips low her bra cups plop up under Anna’s and as she presses into Anna lifts and drags a steady upward and in motion, Anna’s face turns pale then red as she sees her own breasts mass rise and bulge, Sonya lifts and presses in more , “uuughhh cow “, escapes her lips ashes can barely hold the equally heavy mass of her rivals, both women strain, then with their eyes shut the unmistakable happens, Anna’s mass is rolled and recoiled up her chest and the cups seem to deflate, her huge breasts are pushed free and nipples stand out stiff as they plop down on Sonya’s breast, as Sonya pulls back smiling her left nipple is free from the bra cup but her mass is still trapped in the cup as other right breast is secure.

Anna shuts her eyes as Sonya shimmies “open your eyes bitch and see whose are the better tits”, the stewardess unlocks Sonya’s wrists she rubs them and then removes her bra and tosses it to her man, then Anna is unlocked and instantly Sonya shoves her breasts up at Anna, “cmon you fucking cow suck them like the bitch you are”, Anna glares as tears well up her mouth parts and she has to suck at each nipple, Sonya tilts her head back, “nmmmm you must lose a lot honey your soooo good at this”, the taunt brings a nibble from her teeth and Sonya instantly stabs her claws at Anna’s tits, “try it cunt I’ll carve your tits off before you can”.

Anna spits the stiff nipples free then glares as Sonya rake her hands off the breasts they glare as Anna turns her back to Sonya who removes the bra from her and tosses it to her man with a grin, she proudly inhales at her man and shimmies with a grin, Anna looks to her man with a look of fear and worry as he shakes his head in disapproval, as the jet flies on both women take a moment to recoup hen turn to each other again, their large proud massive breasts stand out firm and fill and perfectly round, nipple stiff and this and aureoles bumpy and puffed, their eyes say what they aren’t they want the other woman in their claws, both breath slow but heavy as they stare the men whisper then more cash is set out, the both listen as they hear the men, “well done now ladies a second fight with your amazing breasts, open hand slap duel blow for blow, first to give is smothered under the others breasts, Anna are you ready?”, she nods , “ready”, Sonya are you ready?”, Sonya nods, “so ready”, there is silence then “BEGIN”.

Both women start to circle they shake their hands free and arms sucking in deep breaths, each knows more so now with every mile the jet goes their fights get rougher, till they land and will fight the hardest fights they have ever had to yet, the whispering hum of the engines are heard as the men watch intently, with each heel step their heavy breasts have a slight jostle and sway like pendulums but firmer shorter shift, their open hands raise up to chest level and lips curl back into snarling hate as teeth show, then the first sound comes, SLAP as Sonya swings and connects to Annas’ big round right breast, it is a short wait as the second sound comes SLAP as Anna returns the slap, then almost instantly SLAP followed right away by another SLAP, both women swallow the pain as red hand prints are seen as if burned into flesh like a hot iron, welts rise where the fingers can be seen, the burn in their breast skin is worse than fire, but neither reacts other than returning the slap with another of their own, like a slow boxing brawl they step around and fire open palms across the others huge breasts.

Their large full firm breasts so heavy they absorb most of the hands slap with little to no give, each breast after being hit has a sight roll and quake but otherwise hods pace causing it to take full intended damage from each woman’s open hand, the pink then red and now almost cherry red hand prints swell and start to cause each women to wince, but neither will pull away or back as they almost dare the other to hit and hit harder, “ cmon bitch fight “, Anna spits as Sonya spits back, “waiting on you Bitch hit me”, each willingly obliges the other as they only want to get at each other, as much as they want this big fight to come, both would secretly welcome the other being eliminated on the plane there and b crowned without having to face her rival publicly and risk a loss, the slaps come quicker now and sting more effectively as the red spots start to turn to bruises, both women gasp and wince but neither falters rom allowing her rival her shot, as the slaps increase Anna seems to teeter on her heels a bit and Sonya feeling a win is close steps in and starts to swing more frequently, the slaps are harder faster, “Bitch I’ll yo and our tits out cmon”, Anna winces and after a quick left right slap pulls her hands up at her breasts and nearly turns from the fight as she staggers backward, Sonya doesn’t hesitate she chases her rival grabs her hands pulling them from cover and shoves Anna to the wall of the jet and like a boxer catching his opponent in a corner widens her stance and unleashes a flurry on Anna.

The slaps fill the cabin and they intensify as Sonya pummels away, “cmon you fucking bitch fight”, Anna tris to cover and guard her breasts her arms, shoulders chest and breasts get hit, Sonya’s big breasts like big church bells swing between her arms as she alternates hands slapping her face in a rage as her teeth clench, both men stand , “cmon put her down”, “get away from her fight”, Anna starts feel tears run as she feels hits land everywhere, and Sonya is pouring all she has into trying to get a submission, suddenly it comes a blow that would make any seasoned fighter wince, Anna’s shoves at Sonya gets space between them and delivers what looked like an unplanned slap down wad onto Sonya’s huge breasts the SMACK was sharp and it stalled Sonya’s attack with a cry, “AWWWW BITCH”, Anna sweaty and tears running arches off the wall and swings upward and SMACK fills the cabin as Anna uppercuts her rivals breasts and creased the undersides, “AWWW OHH YOU BITCH”, Anna gets more space as Sonya is knocked backward, still up but wobbling on her heels her big breasts now out like open targets unprotected as Anna turns the fight and charges up and out and starts to upper cut and swing down on to Sonya’s breasts freely, Sonya’s arms drop and her had turns ashes turns her back to Anna, it was a crucial error.

Anna lunges at the backside of Sonya she applies a rear choke hold with her left arm and her right hand punishes the right breast of Sonya, stabbing blows, full open slaps and uppercutting jabs in to the red wounded breast, with the tides turning Sonya’s man yells out, “get out of there fight that bitch god damn it”, Annas man yelling , “Get her baby knock her tits out beat her up”, Sonya is getting pounded now and barely moving, finally as they struggle Sonya breaks the hold and pulls free she whips around and her hand punishes Anna’s left breast Anna cries out , “Ohhh god”, Sonya squares to her waiting but Anna was ready as well she swings her hand from between hr thighs as she straightens up and SMACK!!!, pounds the underside of Sonya’s right breast, it flies up and slaps her own chin and drops hard, as it lands and shakes Anna swings across and SMACK lands a second blow and that one turns Sonya and drops her on her knees, as Sonya cries on her knees Anna jumps at her back and with her ass sits on the saddle her rivals lower back forms her thighs partly around the torso her knees under her arms and she yanks Sonya’s head up by the hair opening the breasts again and starts to slap freely into the the mass pounding away, as Sonya screams and finally yells out, “I GIVE I IVE STOP!!!”

Anna berating heavy shoves Sonya down to the carpet, rolls her on her back and straddles her body she looks down over her cherry red breasts hands poised to pound away, “say it Bitch “, Sonya tears running, “No more I give”, Anna delivers one more combination to her rivals breasts, then pins her hands tot the rug and smears her own big breasts on tot she red tear and sweat soaked face of Sonya and smothers her under the weighted mass, “nmmmm that it bitch learn your place cunt my tits are the best got it”, Sonya kicks her heels and can only muffle cry out to be released, finally as Anna enjoys the win she hears the men “Enough”.  Anna reluctant finally pulls up and sits up on Sonya then pushing her hand on Sonya’s face uses it to stand up, she steps to her side of the cabin as a cold towel is ash dead to her she places it on her red breasts the cooling sensation feeling amazing as she watches Sonya slow to get up rise, they glare and Sonya spits at Anna instantly the two amazons start to swing open slaps at the others face and head, like a fist fight they stand toe to toe and exchange a flurry of open face shots before torn apart by the men. Finally as both women are calmed and agree to stop the men retake their seats each woman is given a water and sent to her cabin area to reset and gather herself for the next duel.

Sonya sits her eyes welling up she suffered another loss, her fingers tremble she has no idea what little test they are facing but she knows she is close to do or die in the competition, across the cabin Anna sits happy but concerned she knows the same her rival does and herself is close to the edge, the only saving grace for either fighter is after the next match they reach the island and can both be allowed to continue on, as they hold the cold compress on their breasts they stare in the mirrors at themselves neither feels pity for herself or asks why she did this, they want it and will go as far as need be to get it all, the firm knock on the door brings them from a trance, “yes?”, the stewardess “it is time ladies”, each takes a deep breath then stands and walks out, Anna enters first and smiles as the men look her over then Sonya enters and winks at the men, they take their positions as before glaring and ready to engage.

Their breasts still sore and swollen have slight red marks and bruising, but both are as proud as they stand tall, the men chat then look at the women, “ok Ladies you both are showing us why your the best but only one is between you, your next little match is hands on and you may use nails, and…..we will allow some biting if you need to, we want a good fight and as always first to give loses, winner will face sit loser”, the stewardess walks in and leans to the men telling them one or maybe two fights will be all they have time for, the men nod and agree to go on, as Anna and Sonya stand glaring they know they both will be sore and swollen and minor marks for the titfight but both are determined to fight, they square to each other and step from their side of the jet till they bump breasts then both opens her hands and bodies tense, once again the only noise the growl of the jet engines, stances widen as they hear, “Begin”, both women step in a circle each hissing, “cmon Bitch”, “bring it whore “.

Then as if agreed on both women stab their hands into others breasts and lift as they start to squeeze , pull, push and knead, as they do each times a perfect chance to rake her nails across the others fleshy mass, the scratches aren’t deep but pink and red furrows rise in tracks of 4, the women grunt and struggle as they torture the others breasts , handling them rough as they can for the pleasure to hurt their rival, a few fleshy slaps ring out as each palms her rivals heavy tits and attempts to crush and pull them off her chest nasty snarling faces show the pain they feel as they cause it, breathing turns to huffs, then pants then gasping cries as they pull, pry and twist breast meat like it was taffy, neither having a care of damage being done as long as they damage the others more, Sonya suddenly arches low, her head shakes no, as Anna walks her in retreat, her fingers deep in Sonya’s breasts, “cmon you cheap bitch fight “, Sonya’s eyes wince  and the red trail marks of criss crossing nails seen as her huge mass is tugged and squeezed in her rivals  tight grip, is pain filled she gasps at the pain and her man brow narrowed, “god damn it fight her Sonya”, Anna knowing the men see she is slowly taking the fight sneers, “she has no fight in her its all over “, Anna lifts and slams the two trapped breasts together then crushes them to Sonya’s chest and her nails rake as her fingers get swallowed in the mass, Sonya rears back staggers and slaps against the jets side wall, Anna widens her thighs as she tortures the breasts, “ready to give hmm? Cmon bitch fight on I wanna really hurt your tits”, Sonya tears in her eyes arches on the wall, her left calf snaking around Anna’s right, Anna digs her fingers in deeply and twists the flesh, Sonya drops her head as she cups her rivals breasts lifting then a scream, “Awwwww you fucking Bitch my tit”, Anna shakes her head as the men see as the women struggle Sonya dug her teeth in her rivals upper breast.

The bite isn’t deep enough to break skin but it is going to leave a purple mark for sure, as she bites in Anna straightens her arms and shoves to rear back from Sonya, the move causes her teeth to scrape the flesh but Anna gets her breast free, but as she steps back Sonya’s strong leg pulls in buckling the knee and Anna is thrown backward as Sonya shoves her by the breasts backward, the solid thud rattles in the cabin and as Anna rolls to get up Sonya pounces on her bare back and cups her rivals hanging breasts and pulls up on each side and stretches the round heavy breasts, Anna rears her head as her breasts get captured in a death like vice grip, Sonya a wicked grin curls her fingers in the meaty flesh and breast meat oozes between her fingers, “what’s wrong bitch hmm? No fight left cmon I want more”, Anna’s man stands worried , “Anna you better fight back”, Sonya holds the control till Anna rears up as if to fall back then suddenly drops forward, her hips high and her head to the rug pitches Sonya over her head and she smacks the rug face first, as she tries to hold onto Anna’s breasts her own suffer a slight rug burn and she quickly releases and rolls to get free as Anna scrambles backward and gets free, both women get to their knees as they turn to face off again.

With hands up and wide open fingers they lunge together and the side of their faces collide, their hands once again dig deep into breast meat, and both fall to the left and start to roll over each other as they rake, squeeze and dig into breast meet of the other, Sonya manages to wrap her thighs around Anna’s torso and squeezes as Anna gets up on her left knee her hands pulling on breasts of Sonya, who can feel the body weight press on her own, she arches and tries to hurt Anna in her thighs, as she makes Anna shake her head no and GASP as her ribs are crushed she drops forward on Sonya, who wraps her in a head lock and as she rolls Anna under her it is her turn to screech, “Awwww my tit you cunt let go”, Anna sinks her teeth in they roll over fully again and as Anna lifts her head as her ribs are squeezed she uses bot hands together like an axe handle to slam them into Sonya’s breasts, Sonya bucks and tries to cover, but Anna rips her hands away then stabs her nails in Sonya grips into Anna’s breasts they glare as each tries to out squeeze the other but as Anna rises o her knees Sonya’s grip falters and her thighs slide off Anna’s sweaty figure, Anna stands up pulling Sonya on the rug by her breasts it only takes 2 pulls and Sonya cups her breasts, “Stop Stop I Give”.

Anna wastes no time pinning her rivals arms under her knees then pulls her thong aside and holding Sonya by the hair smears her warm wet folds on her rivals face, “nmmm thats it Bitch please the real Queen”, she tries to turn her face but Anna controls her face between her thighs as she rolls her hips Sonya’s man mad as hell, “damn it Sonya you better fight better on the island”, Anna moans then is pulled off her rival, both women stand breasts battered, swollen bruised and marked rise and fall as they clench fingers in their palms ready to attack, they circle breasts sway heavily then both men grab their girl and pull them apart, “we are landing soon, get yourselves ready you both are going to be reviewed before the fight”, both women are mad they have to wait but then take solace they waited this long another hour won’t make a difference they go to their cabin each and fill up on water and lotions on their hurt breasts as they redo their hair and mentally get ready.

Chapter 5 – Who’s the Best

The jet descends and the women slip on their robes, the wheels again touch the ground, the jet taxis to a hangar, the women step out and beside their men, and slowly the 4 exit the plane, as they step to their private cars they see other private jets line along the refueling station, they know everyone is here, the white sands and palm trees will have to be admired another time as the cars drive toward the large estate in the islands center, limos fill the driveway as the wrought iron gates open, each limo pulls across from the other and each couple exits the car,  Sonya and Anna glare as the reality of what is coming hits them.

They enter the main door and quickly Sonya and then Anna are escorted up a grand stair case to a private bedroom each, fresh thong robe and heels await, along with a shower, and makeup with no one to speak to they each turn their shower on and start to prepare, downstairs the men walk into a grand room women and men among the wealthiest welcome them with champagne in hands, tuxedos and designer dresses diamonds and expensive watches, some of the women were former fighters and stood right where Sonya and Anna will to have gained their fortunes, old scars remain them and others that it was earned, each one here gets their 2 minutes with each of the men asking if their girls ready, the men try to hide the small doubt they carry after the flight experience, simple nods and a raised brow as they reluctantly try to assure all their girl is here to fight and win.

No one thinks of making their wager till they get the chance to review the fighters, and compare them up close in any way they wish, the seemingly dreadful mingling goes on till each of the women are ready to be presented, upstairs the ladies are refreshed, each sits in her room doing her makeup, they put their hair up in buns and don their thongs robes and heels, each has felt pink and red criss cross lines on her breasts and a bruised bite mark not yet breaking skin, with last looks and touch ups they suck in a breath then each rings her bell, letting a maid know she is ready, the doors open and both with a nervous turn in. Her tummy defends the steps, the sounds of. The party get louder then Sonya is met at the bottom by her finance manager, as is Anna they take their men’s arm and with a nod a bell is chimed as all grow quiet.

The elite form a line and Sonya is lead in, her large firm heavy breasts a full steady tight jostle her nipples stiff tent the robe as the sash constricts to her waist, she walked by all as she smiles and then is positioned center of the room, where she is announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Champion Sonya” as her names said her man pulls the sash knot and removes her robe, her hands set on her hips as she strikes a pose, then Anna is walked about the same path, till she is positioned nearly shoulder to shoulder with her rival, each woman is doing her best to not attack the other, but all can see the jealous hate and caution and fear they have, “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the champion Anna”, her man removes her robe as they carry the robes and step away each whispers to his fighter, “you better win”.

The women try to wear a confident smile as slowly each man and woman in attendance steps in front of them and assesses the fighters side by side, if not expected , and part of the pre fight it might be considered almost embarrassing for these women but each knows if she wins the money she will make will set her for life, the other will be broke and returned to her home and forever known as the woman who lost it all, two maids stand by the fighters with a single paper measuring tape as each person steps to a fighter, they cup and weigh the breasts then measure them, feel the muscle and taught body, check the finger nails and ask if the woman standing in front of them is ready to fight it out, as they get measured each swells in pride as her bust size is repeated but sneer at hearing her rivals equal size, after each has compared the two they all are given a chance to wager any amount of money on the woman they feel will emerge the Queen of the day and beat her rival, as the wagers are made the stakes are laid out, the first half of the fight will be a no hands tit to tit fight to submission, after the titfight the catfight will be begin, no one is to step between them no matter what till the fight is decided,, once over the winner will milk her rivals breasts, facesit  her and finally smother her with her breasts, upon the end the loser will be suspended by a surgical steel bar for all to see till the night is over.

There are no gasps no fears and no one blinks an eye to how savage this will become, it was agreed on when these women were offered the lifestyle and each has fought her way to the top with only one in her way the other woman, after tonight the winner can retire wealthy or continue to fight as she wishes, as the each places her wager no less then a 5 thousand buy in, the crowd forms a circle around an area rug that measures roughly 15×15 feet, as the final wagers are made each of the men representing the fighters places his bet 100 thousand dollars, then they take their fighters arm and slowly walk them to the wall of people ready to watch, slowly the crowd parts as each woman inhales and steps by the many eyes on them till suddenly they are standing alone on the rug with one thing left to do.

Their eyes lock as they stand in a sexy pose, then as they are asked one last time if they are ready each nods yes, their hands go on heir hair as their huge breasts swell up and out, a maid rings a bell as all grow quiet, then each fighter steps from her side to the middle and face to face waits to begin, “Ladies you know the rules for the first round, no hands at all, you may hug, hold hair and lock hands, the round will only stop when one as submitted you agree?”

Both fighters inhale and nod as they hiss, “agree” everyone is wide eye as they await while the women are holding steady, “BEGIN”, the echo of the room that is all marble will carry every sound no one cries out for the favorite they all want to hear this as much as see it, the women slowly circle they know the time for games and luck is over this will be the most ruthless fight either has faced yet, as if agreed on the sharp click of both women’s heels echoes as they start to circle in towards the other, their very heavy round breasts a slow firm heavy sway, as they come closer and all see their bodies tense each places her hands on her head, opens up their chests more their large breasts swell up and outward, the veins darken as they map across he broad surfaces into the swelling aureoles and spike the thick nipples, long legs flexing from the tension and each step that carries the curvy framed bodies, their deep breathes slow as the moment to come together is reached, a slow inhale each the room so silent then a heavy fleshy CLOP rings out as they each bring their breasts into full contact, neither loses a step or gives an inch, they again collide head on CLOP rings out again, but a slight muffled reaction from both is heard, “uuhh, mff”, they stay flesh on flesh as each glares in rivals eyes hey begin to slowly press ,drag, smear and roll their large weapons against the equal pair, the resistance of the others firm heavy pair is evident as they taunt each other as if they have no effect, “uhhh nmmm cmon Bitch fight my tits”, “uhh ohh you Bitch waiting for your tits to start cmon”.

The taunts seem to fuel each more and the slow firm contact increases as they start to arch, and shove together with their backs and shoulders, the heavy breasts start to redden as they coil and sway heavy and slow from being pressed, both Sonya and Anna huff out loudly as they have to work to make their rivals breasts shift and move as each attempt to get a solid move that might hurt the other gets thwarted by the others weighted firm large mass, after 15 minutes of solid seesaw action bodies start to glisten as sweat forms, breathing getting heavier and faces a pink/red hue as each fights on more determined with every inch of contact, the jealous hate towards a rival so equally matched has them obsessed to win, more than the carefree life a win will provide, everyone watches with a desire to see who is the better woman, so much so they seem to become mouth watering as if they were fighting but there is no stadium style cheers as they want to hear the contact, the breathing and the reaction of each fighter, the flesh colliding increases but at times slow but the women never lose contact in fear her rival might come back feeling refreshed, their sharp heels sound like tapping as long legs flex and widen stances, knees a slight bend as they start to pump into each other, both sets of breasts upon contact swell, recoil back then the weight, muscle and firmness force the reaction returning the huge mass back to the rounded shape only to force the opposing pair to conform in kind.

Both women collide and as the sound of the heavy fleshy mass meet they feel the frustrating resistance of their opponents breasts, the more contact the more the anger builds, faces get. More red as they add determination by arching and giving a thrust before the other collides right back, huffing hot breath now turning to hot panting and gulps to suck in cooler air, Anna plants her stance a slight off center position the motion nearly un noticed, but as Sonya presses in again her breasts slide along the side of Anna’s from the sweat, Anna smirks as her plan fell in place, instantly Sonya feels the move but before she can react, Anna steps into her and with a big sway her mighty breasts swell out and together crush into the open side wall of Sonya’s left breast, the motion carries Anna’s breasts into and across Sonya’s breasts, the weighted flesh looking like wrecking balls collides and conclaves the side wall, Sonya instantly feels the deep collision as her proud mass is forced to mold to her rivals mass, the follow through causes Sonya’s breasts to crush together, then as Anna drags across the left breast is rolled pinched and forced to overlap her right, the effect is brutal on her already strained chest muscles and tendons, her head rears back and shakes no, her mouth falls open, “UUgghhh Bitch!”, echoes aloud, those watching react with gasps and those favoring Anna smile and so want to cheer her on, Sonya feeling her own weighted mass hurt her chest and breasts has to endure her rivals weighted mass as her legs quiver shaking he stance Sonya gasps, “oh you Bitch”, then her heels tap as she loses ground to Anna, instantly Anna sees and feels the move worked and follows Sonya taunting, “cmon Bitch where you going hmm? I wanna fight get back here.”

Sonya becomes red faced as sweat shows on her, her breathing heavier as she feels the ache become pain, her attempt to ease the over lap of her own breasts fails as Anna chases into her keeping the persistent contact as she adds rolling her breasts in, around and onto Sonya’s, Sonya feels the crowd at her back, her eyes widen as her option is down to be battered or fight against the onslaught, Sonya feeling the effect starts to fight back all the time her heels click on the marble as they are off the thin rug, Anna grows angry she wants a win to beat her rival fast would break any doubt she is the best between them, frustrated her hands reach up and out and grab Sonya’s hair and pull firm not to rip it out but to keep her rival close, Sonya curls her lip as she gasps, “ohhh you cunt”, then grabs Anna by her hair the duel pull makes them clench teeth and curl lips, but Anna’s pull wants her rival in one position and to control her, Sonya’s is to throw her attackers stance off enough to break the steady barrage, both grunt, pant , gasp as the word Bitch growls through their teeth.

The deadlock becomes more bitter, Anna is still attacking Sonya but her once quick motion slows, her breasts start to glisten and the pink hue turns red, as does Sonya’s, both women twist hands in the hair holds, heads are forced to look ahead into others eyes, slowly Sonya squirms and inches her torso pulling her big breasts across her attackers and raising the overlap hold, her lips purse as she feels the instant relief and a blow of hot breath huffs from between her lips, Anna face getting redder, tries to press to Sonya while pulling her in by the hair hold, but with their combined mass she never feels what Sonya is doing between them, women onlooking a the battle close enough to be involved see what’s taking place those who favor Anna gasp while hose in favor of Sonya grin and in huffed whispers chant “Yess get her”, the two big busty fighters are grunting between cursing then Sonya pushing her rival back a step and arching her spine up and back while holding the hair of her rival dips and thrusts up into Anna’s big breasts, the SLAP, rings off the marble room, it was dense but firm hit, Anna suddenly staggers in retreat, her mouth falling open, a gulp for air is searched as her chest bellows.

Sonya now a sneer holds hr big rivals breasts up with her own and each step following Anna delivers another deep upward motion to the bare undefended undersides, the deep SMACKING sounds nearly sound like the audiences hands clapping all at once, Sonya sweating as much her chin up at Anna snarls now, “Stop running you Bitch and fight, feel my tits now hmm cmon Fight”, Anna is hurting and a bit stunned she was ready to end this duel but her pride and over confidence put her into jeopardy now, and she felt it as much as she knew it, Sonya knew it and felt the pain she delivered as her lips drool with lust of a win close at hand.

Their muscled thick thighs flexed to carry themselves and their rival, while keeping perfect balance, their bodies glisten in sweat and red tint starts to surface on the white flesh, heels that tapped now muffled again as they are again on the thin rug and face to face are deep in a duel, hair strands float most sticking to the moist bodies, tight hairdo’s become damp and matted as fingers twist and wrap and cause knots, the heavy breathing of each women causing saliva to drip, string down and as they pant spit against others face and chest and breasts, becoming tacky as it clings to sweat, Sonya feels how her skin starts to pull on her rivals, Anna feels it now as Sonya pumps pups pumps hen as Anna attempts to twist her stance and ruin the attack her breasts stick and drag at Sonya’s and pull the skin shifting the perfect attack point, after 30 minutes the seesawing duel again has neither gaining or losing much, Anna turn her torso her breasts pull and stretch Sonya’s fleshy breasts, she pulls back and does the same to Anna’s undersides causing a reaction Anna didn’t wan to be heard, her mouth drops and she shakes her head,”uughhh my tits Bitch”, Sonya sways her breasts free from under Anna’s and then with a quick twist of her shoulders forces her twin breasts side by side to crush into the the concave sidewall of Anna’s left breasts, the motion was almost slow like as women see it and cover mouths and gasp, the 2 powerful breasts seem crush and fold the one breasts into itself and then force it to mold around her rivals doubles, the force so solid making Anna’s left drive hard into her right breasts and the wet SMACK rings as her left and Sonya’s two breasts plow through, as they now connect to Anna’s right swaying both her proud breasts lose shape and get recoiled up and to the right side , stretched beyond the support of her chest wall.

The follow through momentum stands Anna up and arched her back her breasts out in the open like targets, as Sonya’s sway free they look like twin wrecking balls now coming back the other way, Anna can’t deny her rival the reaction she cries out, “Ohhh YOU BITCH MY TITs”!, but before her heels reset and her legs can steady again, Sonya is swaying in reverse, Ana’s breasts collide together and quake an sway, then, SMACKKKKK!, the suns again fills the room and Anna cringes in pain as she feels her knees buckle and she shakes her head no as Sonya steps into the delivered powerful sway and its like 2 separate blows that force Anna’s breasts to lift , flop and jostle as if no support is there at all, the women watching no matter who they prefer wins all place a hand on their breasts as they felt the solid double blow and the way Anna’s breasts were just damaged and reddened.

Her legs carry her away from the fight her knees give and Anna drops on the rug other side her breasts slap firm on to the thin rug as her body weight folds them under, her head lifts then drops as she sobs in pain, Sonya pauses but a moment as she snarls, “get up Bitch fight my tits”, but Anna slow to react at all to anything but the pain, lays there one arm propping her torso up on the hip her knees bent thighs atop other as her breasts slow to a stop between her arms the sight of bruising rises on the surface, but this fight is not done as Sonya pounces on her rivals hip and waist, straddles it and as her own breasts swell between her arms her hands yank the head of Anna up and back, and she is forced to roll back onto the the floor and Sonya pins her head there and like two large church bells sways them then starts to drop, crush and batter Anna’s breasts down side to side and drags slow and firm grinding them into her rivals own chest, her drooling evil smile just inches ver Anna’s pain filled one snarls, “give you Stupid cunt or my tits will destroy yours right here and now”, Anna red faced hurt and her eyes droop as she looks for help that she knows is never coming nor is any mercy.

The grinding , battering, stretching continues Sonya herself frustrated now near to crying as her attack hurts her own bust but as much as her rivals, “AhhAhh ohhh You fucking cow GIVE!!!”, Anna between desperate gasps and pants, “No ohh owww NO You cunt let me up fight my tits”, with their bodies sweating fully now Anna bucks and squirms manages to get her hands from Sonya’s shoulders and with all she has stabs her hands into the hair of Sonya and stretches her arms up and out, Sonya, shakes her head no trying to get the double grip off her scalp Asher head is torn up and back bending her neck, “aghhhh BITCH MY HAIR”, suddenly all see it happening the pull from Anna slowly starts to pry Sonya off and then as if a new fight both women start to roll across the rug and cold marble floor breasts crushed between them as hands rip out hair and red snarling faces rub, suddenly the women are stopped and slowly pried apart, they kick as thy are dragged from the other and they stand up gulping for air, each screams “let me at her”.

The women get pulled to the edge of the area rug, they stand across from the other their huge breasts red, bruised below up and down, water is poured on their busts to ease he red burn, towels dab off sweat and they are free to redo the hairdo’s they started with, their eyes never leaving the other as they wait for a second to charge the other to scratch away, but they cannot they know it, each is handed water ten gator aid to replenish their nearly dehydrated bodies and they feel the juices flow through their adrenaline charged bodies, slowly each regains her computer and as they breath n as much deep oxygen as the room allows they slowly prepare to go with the breast fight, as each is asked if they want to go on and they each nod yes two women walk out and hand the hostess a thin rope, with 4 medium size looped opening at the ends she smiles a she stands center rug and motions each fighter to step to her.

Chapter 6 – Tug of War

Both women stand facing the other heels and thongs only, their still red tint breasts sway slow to a halt as they breath deep but slow, only a woman the hostess between them from sinking tooth and nail into each other, but they stand still and proud, the hostess eases a roped loop around Sonya’s large left breast, then does her right, she cinches up the ropes til they just crease the flesh, she then turns to Anna and does the same to her breasts then tightens the same pressure, as they stare they each give a little pull by leaning back and they and all watching see any tension instantly tightens the loops and chokes the breasts near the chest and torso, but there is going to be more then just a pull, these are people of wealth and no fight of this magnitude will be simple, a large chrome triangle shaped device is wheeled out it stands nearly 10 feet high, polished like surgical steel, to each side a small platform both fighters told to step up on them on their side, the platforms are mounted on a jack pump of sorts that controls 2 identical bars that are set at the height of the fighters breast line, the simple physics of it are, as the women pull back on the ropes like tug of war the bars stay level, but if either is pulled forward the bars rise, even if they regain footing their bar stays at the height of the last loss of ground.

Neither woman’s cry for mercy or I give stops the fight, it ends when one of them has her breasts suspended by taught ropes and can no longer stand on her feet (or heel) she will be hung by her breasts then and only then is the duel over, both swallow deeply then know the pain of the ropes will burn into flesh, but the tension hanging them by the breasts as the loops choke tighter around the mass flesh will cause purple red and black discoloration and severe ballots swelling cutting circulation through the breasts, the pain will be worse then glass shards in flesh, each sets her heels on the red lines the perfect point of level on the platforms, the ropes attaching them snaked into the two bars rings, the hostess steps away, the room silent then a firm toned voice, “FIGHT” there is no sudden movement as a wrong step can counter ones move against herself, instead slowly both women arch backward, the ropes rise till snug around the smaller bars, the loops tighten then as if agreed on and no words, each steps a heeled foot backward, the ropes snap to taught attention the bar on each side in front of each of them lifts a peg, the feel of what will come is realized and Sonya inhales then pulls and steps back 2 more steps, Anna’s bar jumps higher her breasts are tugged up her breath skips a beat, her legs flex as she leans back to take back the two steps as sh as pulled toward the high top bar, “uuhnnn Bitch”, Sonya a sneer licks her lips then pulls as her heel starts to step back to gain more Anna gulps then her heels scrape backward and Sonya is tugged forward as she stops from losing ground her bar gets jolted up 2 pegs her breasts jostled up as the ropes snug, “ohh ughh Bitch cmon”.

The opening follies seesaw and one by one each woman gains then loses ground and peg by peg the bars on either side jump higher and inch by inch their large heavy breasts are hoisted and choked more and more within the confines of the ropes around the breasts, verbal exchanges are yelled between the fighters, the pain while gaining momentum is slow but none the less at a cost, the ropes cinch tighter and slowly as sweat again starts the fiber of the ropes grow slick and now as every tug tightens the ropes hiss into the flesh of the breasts of both, rope burns being dug into flesh an inch at a time, sweat beading on brows as both women try to mask their pain by grunting to pull her rival to her while hurting themselves to step back, the rooms silence allowing every one watching and the fighters to hear every pain filled step, teeter and stagger, tears are masked by sweat as breasts begin to discolor from blood flow being closed trapping heavy amounts in the large rounded weighted ends.

Anna tugs Sonya stutters forward, then as she arches up Anna tugs two more times, Sonya is not ready her heels scrape and stagger forward, her bar jumps 1,2,3 levels higher and her breasts now chin level are pulled out and up being stretched out as the tight ropes close tighter and cut into the flesh, the move favors Anna but her own flesh is cut and burned as she tightens her own loops on her mass, “uuhh. Oh you Bitch just give “, Sonya shaking her head no, “not to you cunt fight bitch”, Anna steadies one good series of pulls and Sonya will be close to tippy toes and unable to pull back, Sonya wants to lean forward to ease some pressure Ana smirks sure she is about to yank her rival into submission, when Sonya sidesteps backward 1,2,3,4 steps, Anna is pulled like a horse tugging a plow, her feet stumble an as she stagger forward she forced to straighten upright as her breasts get yanked up, “uuggg awwww you cunt my tits nooo oh owww”, Sonya panting in pain seeing her rivals breasts turn purple and black knows her must be s bad, she needs to get this over and done, she braces and manages two more pulls back, Anna’s bar jumps higher the rope to her mass taught pulling her breasts to nearly eyebrow level, her head tosses back, shaking no her hands try to cup her breasts for some relief, tears run heavier then sweat now as cheeks turn red, “OWWWw MY TITS FUCKING BITCH STOP”!!, Sonya sneers , “FIGHT BITCH CMON”.

Sonya yanks backward again, Anna starts to feel her body pull upward her heels slipping along the platform, “NO NO PLEASE NO”, Sonya gulps and is ready to end this as Anna kicks to set a heel, she digs a heels point down and with no sign she has footing tugs tugs tugs Sonya screeches, “AGHHHH MY TITS OWWW BITCH NOOO”, her bar jumps higher, her breasts yanked up both women gasping fear filling their eyes and faces, toes of heels just touching the platforms, its anyone’s fight, the women in agony, those watching hungry I lust of the pain wait for a loser to be suspended by her proud breasts. A few turn their heads and cup their own breasts at the mid evil like torture, the women stretch their legs and bodies each teeters near being hung by her breasts both needing the win, Anna more as Sonya put her down last round and was ready to go on, gulping, panting, saliva drooling overflows from lips, prayers asked to get a foothold echo about the room and onlookers, suddenly a metal click then a second and third a scream, “GOD NOO MY TITS PLEASE STOP I GIVE I GIVE!!” A growl is heard, “NOT THAT EASY YOU FUCING BITCH NO MERCY “, a silence as one cries openly, then it comes, CLICK “MFFF BITCH”, “AIIIEEEEEEE OWWWW PLEASE STOP PL>>PLE<<OH OWWW< STOP”.

Anna’s heels are off the ground, her left heel drops off her foot, her legs kick and sway as her breasts are pulled straight up to her face and stretched to point they are thin long bags of flesh, the round swollen ends purple and black as the rope loops saw in and down the flesh her eyes rolling back in her head she is left there, as Sonya feels her ropes ease lower and her breasts settle to normal, she loosens the loops and hooks them on the bar ends and then stepping off her platform walks around to Anna whose hands pull on the ropes to try to hoist herself for any relief, Sonya in pain but a smile as she looks at her hated rival at her mercy steps up behind Anna, the hostess guides Anna’s bar down till Anna is on her knees, her breasts still lifted, Sonya straddles the small of her rivals back and ass, her own hot sore breasts smear on Anna’s sweaty back, she places her mouth near Anna’s ear, “say moo you cow bitch”, Ana weeping , “no no more “ Sonya slaps her hands on the hurt breasts and squeezes and massages till against her will and forced so painfully through the cut off circulation milk oozes from the purple nipples till flowing, Sonya stands and walks off.

Anna is left hanging till the room clears and as Sonya walks out Anna screams, “YOU cunt I’ll KILL YOU WE aren’t DONE”, Sonya smiles coldly back over her shoulder, “ I hope not I want to scratch your eyes out and carve those weak tits up honey”, Sonya is brought to a medics room her breasts tended to ice packs and treatment, then retires for the night in her room, as the wealthy drink and look at Anna left to hang like a meat in a freezer, her milk, sweat and tears run freely, wagers on her are collected till finally she is lowered and treated, each woman will be given 3 days rest before the last of the fights are decided and a winner crowned Queen.

Chapter 7 – The Day of Infamy

Anna slept for 2 of the days, pain meds were given including a topical cream to dull the rope burns and severe bruising, Sonya as well was treated, anything either woman wanted was hers each of their finance mangers checked in constantly to make sure their fighter was going to be ready for the island showdown, as tears slipped from eyes both nodded they would be ready, each stared out at the lavish grounds in fear, they both knew this fight was going to be their hardest, and neither was leaving here without scars from her rival for life, but their only solace one of them was going to be free and wealthy enough to never have to fight like a back alley cat again for anyone, as the third days sun broke the horizon, each woman stretched on the silk sheets, their bruises either gone or faded, the marks from the ropes were still very evident but Anna suffered the worse of it, each slips on her silk kimono and starts to prepare for the day, they stare at themselves in the mirror as they brush their hair out then pin it up, red full lipstick enhances their lips, mascara was perfect, their nails filed and double acrylic coated, they slip on their heels each wore red to match the thong they eased on high hip lace, they cross the robes closed tie the sash then take a long last look, as each swallows her fear and nods to herself this is it no matter what.

The knock comes to Sonya’s door, a voice of a maid, “it’s time”, Sonya inhales then walks out, the maid smiles “follow me please”, the house is empty now as Sonya swaggers in tow her long thighs crisscross in front of her, her heavy breasts a firm jostle under the robe as her nipples tent it, she steps out into the sun her heels clicking along a path toward the beach, with each step she begins to hear the voices of the audience, all wearing light color dresses holding drinks with umbrellas and straws, under a large pergola with shade, the day is warm but the breeze off the ocean keeps it bearable Sonya emerges from the perfect landscape of roses palm trees and lemon grass that line the path, everyone turns as she stands proud, some turn away or sneer and she knows they wagered on Anna, the rest smile and raise a brow with stares that clearly say, “better win”, as all see her she steps over to the small changing tent where her manager stands a high back wicker chair set in it for her to sit as she waits.

Meanwhile that same knock comes to Anna’s door, she hears “it is time”, then opens her door and is told to follow along, Anna hears her heels echo in the estate and knows no one is inside, her long legs flex crisscrossing as she swaggers then starts to hear the voices as well, as she emerges they all turn and she greeted with the same looks from them all, as she stands proud her eyes wander and she sees Sonya is seated in her shade waiting, their glares tell each other and all, they are ready now as nails clench in palms to stop them from attacking, finally Anna is guided to her changing tent and her manager waits behind the identical chair set for her, she sits and now under the shade both amazon cats must look at each other till the fight starts, as they do their heavy breasts swell and rise and fall as stiff nipples tent the thin robes Sonya’s black, Anna’s silver, their hair up long necks tilt heads up in pride as eyes tell each other they want to rip other to pieces, as the silent glares go on, the audience makes wagers and drink laughter heard for now, as music plays, between the women is a 6’ x6’ square of sharp beach grass cut to manicured perfect height, at each corner tiki torches burn, then as the estate staff walk out bamboo lengths are placed into the 4 posts about the fight area to ensure the fight stays within the boundaries.

To the crowd the fight time can’t come soon enough for the women hours feel like minutes, the afternoon sun starts to lower and the hostess steps out to the ringing of a gong the crowd becomes excited as each fighter tenses and more pressure is added as they both get a warning from their manager, “you better win”, they feel the tremble in their bodies as each knows full well the savagery her rival has, the hostess calls for silence, ‘’Ladies and Gentlemen, please make all your final wagers grab your drinks and line up around the square stay behind the bamboo rails at all times, the fight is about to begin, as always NO ONE is to step in or try to stop it, Ladies there are no rules this a catfight till one cannot go on, winner will have her choice of reward for loser, as well as the purse and free to join our ranks as she wishes, any questions?…….Good ladies stand please , managers take your fighters robe”, both women stand and as they step from the tents the robes are eased back off them, their large breasts sway out free and full and firm, each swallows a deep gulp as they see the other is no worse off physically then themselves the bamboo rail in front of Anna slides to the side as she steps out on the grass her heels crunch the stiff blades of grass, as her bar slides back locking her in Sonya’s side eases open she steps on the grass her heels crunch the grass as the bamboo slides behind her securing her in, the entire crowd are just whispers among themselves the managers place their cases of money for the winner by the hostess then stand at each end of the man-made ring behind their fighter.

The tensions are high for the two women but everyone feels it, they all have heard the reputation of these two and know by that alone this won’t be for the feint hearted, the hostess smiles at each with a nod making certain each woman is ready, they nod back then she hits the gong in her hand steps behind the open rail hat now slides closed, then says loudly, “Ladies …FIGHT”, you could hear pain drop even the oceans gentle rolling seem to go silent, Anna and Sonya start towards the other , their glares are the purest hate and jealousy, fingers open and close as they circle closer planning what attack will start this, they come into reach and roughly bump and drag breasts as they hiss Bitch at the other then as it seemed it may never begin it explodes, Anna instantly goes for Sonya’s hair and as she presses at her rival she starts the fight by twisting up the hair and shaking her head , Sonya grimaces but refuses to yell out, she stabs her left hand in Anna’s hair and yanks down then rips up and back on it, Anna refuses to yell as well but her face is wide open and Sonya sinks a right fist to her rivals cheek then a second , Anna is stunned turns her head as Sonya lands a third fist to her head, as Anna is stunned Sonya now pushes into her and attacks by sinking jabs into both Anna’s side and head, “Fucking Bitch “, she growls at her rivals turned face, Anna gasps as she feels the blows and can’t lift her face to aim a return hit in fear a solid blow will end this fight early, she retreats as Sonya pushes her, her bare side slaps against the bamboo post, and Sonya becomes like a whirlwind slapping, punching, ripping hair everywhere she land a hit or pull.
Anna squirms, arch’s and curls in the corner her hand still holds tight into her rivals scalp but her other hand tries to block her ribs and breasts from being pummelled, Sonya widens her stance now and with minor shifting stays square to Anna’s covering attempts never letting her get free of punishment, turning desperate Anna has to get back in this and now, she uses her free hand and swings at Sonya but the blow is more annoying them effective, Sonya shakes her head avoiding a second one then Anna tries to turn to the bamboo rail that would be ropes and refuses her rival free shots as she pants to get a break Sonya sneers and rakes her claws down the bare back of Anna making her straighten and arch in pain, then grabs two fistfuls of Anna’s hair and with all she has yanks and whips Anna from the rings edge up off her heels and half way across the grass floor onto her back hard, Anna yelps at the hair pull and lands with a grunting thud, the sharp blades of grass make her buck and roll to her hip as she props up on her left arm to ease he the sharp grass, Sonya, rushes her and as she grabs hair and twists it up pulling Anna on her knees hanging her by the hair hold sends a knee into her big breasts.

Anna covers up as she cries out feeling the painful hit, “Bitch let go “, Sonya snakes an arm around her neck from behind and her free hand stabs her nails in to Anna’s breasts and gouges , squeezes and twists till breast meat oozes between fingertips Asher nails sink in the flesh deeper, “Cmon cunt fight you Bitch give or I’ll rip your tits off “, the women in the crowd awe struck at Sonya’s level of raw cat so fast so early, many shake their head at how Ana is being torn apart easily so fast I tot the big fight, Sonya arches her back up pulling the neck and breast of Anna between her thighs Ana’s head is trapped, Sonya’s big breasts bulge between her arms torturing her rival as she snarls “BITCHHH!”, Anna is gagging and sweating and tears welling up as her breast is being mauled , her left hand claws at Sonya’s hamstring while her right reaches up and finally swipes her nails on the big tightly bulging breasts of Sonya, feeling the raking on her breasts Sonya, growls, “oh yes Bitch wanna scratch hmm” she palms Anna’s face and her claws stab in as she drags her nails up Anna’s face she turns her head and in time her mouth already open sinks her teeth into Sonya’s inner thigh and bites, Sonya red face cries out, “Awwww Bitch’, but can’t get Anna off her meaty thigh ass he pulls away and uses her free knee to try to break Anna’s hold , Anna turns into Sonya and her free hand grabs a claw full of breasts meat as her other hand grabs the back of Sonya’s thong and pulls up digging the thin material in to her rivals full labia, Sonya bucks and teeters on her heels to get free giving Anna room to turn more her mouth near the exposed labia of Sonya, she shoves her right elbow up nearly lifting Sonya as it slaps into the wam wet labia and Sonya buckles doubling over as Anna delivers a punch to Sonya’s cheek knocking her head up and back and she drops onto her back on the stabbing like grass.

Sonya rubs her thigh where the bite is as her other hand tries to get her thong free , Anna pounces on her rival and instantly the two amazons are face to face breasts crushed between them as claws go for hair and faces and their long thighs snake over each other’s hips they roll as one biting, spitting, scratching like demon cats, the heated fight becomes worse than any feared, as the women roll in a cat ball kicking, kneeing, scratching ,biting punching and ripping at hair , the spitting is minor tot the personal growling threats to kill the other, Anna gets on top after 20 minutes of raw fighting blades of grass sticking in skin and to it from sweat, she manages to sit up on Sonya, and pins her rivals left arm under a knee, instantly Anna returns the punches that Sonya started with, 3 landing square to a cheek one cutting a lip the last bloodies Sonya’s nose, her free hand tries to block the blows but Anna being atop no attack at her takes aim to land each blow, Sonya, reaches up and manages to stab her thumb nail into the left nipple of Anna’s breast as her fingers dig and cut trenches in the firm fleshy breast, Anna rears her head back in a cry eyes wince shut as she grabs her rival hand to get it off her mauled breasts, Sonya bucks and kicks and thrashes under Anna turning as sweaty bodies can’t hold together, once on her stomach she pushes up but Anna was no novice, she widens her thighs an straddles the lower back of Sonya like a saddle and her hands start to claw at her rivals breasts pulling both back to the sides and her finger nails cutting their own trenches of red furrows that fill with trickles of blood.
Anna mauls and twists and yanks at her rivals breasts, Sonya is pulled onto her knees, her rival mounted on lower back like an ape to a tree, stretching the heavy breasts more digging as each hand reaches the end of the breasts they would slap, or land a blow to Sonya’s face, everyone watching is seeing the tables turn now as Anna is dismantling her rival in a savage way, and those who need Sonya to win are shaken and worried as the rest softly cheer Anna to destroy her rival, both managers are wiping their faces as they watch, both know their girl is far from over but it can end anytime with a good hold, blow or move, the women know it even more, every strike as wild as it may seem must be calculated to inflict severe damage and pain to stop the other as fast as it can be, Sonya swings back wildly and in her left manages to catch Anna’s hair the pulling hurts but not as nearly as much as the what she delivers and Sonya knows and feels it, as she pulls Anna’s head is stretched forward in a last hope move, Sonya whips her head back and the CLACK as her head meets Anna’s nose is scary, Anna covers her face and Sonya bucking lunges forward, both women are apart , and Sonya stands checking her breasts and face she sees Anna is down, as she readies to pounce the audience suddenly gets verbal, “get her Sonya”, ‘Anna get up fight her”, Anna scrambles her nose bleeding as she gets up the two hell cats arms open hands ready circle again , breathing a steady pant and gasp, both see the damage they have inflicted to others breast and face so far tufts of hair litter the grass and their sweaty skin, Sonya snarling, “cmon cow’, Anna breathes in then does the unthinkable, “Well Bitch you wanted to scratch my eyes come try it hmm? vanity style tit to tit woman enough?”, Sonya swallows then straightened up, she sneers but has the same worried look, “oh you stupid Bitch I am and so willing cmon Bitch lets have at it”.

All are stunned some look to each other in fear, the two hell cats walk right into each other, mid ring, their big bests jostle into each other they push compressing their meaty breasts then widen stances setting heels in the hard grass, hands rise fingers open and ready claws well aimed, they both glare then each stabs her claws into others face and slowly they scratch down then again then again, both have tears trace down faces as they want to turn their head but dare not, slowly as pain fills from open furrows lining faces sweat and tears burn the marks more, both women growl, “cunt, bitch, who’re” they spit and slowly legs begin to tremble as pain becomes unbearable, they begin to step, each prays she is close to ripping her rival up, they stay breast to breast then one then other teeters about the ring , their hands dig nails in at others face, now as each mark is felt they begin to defend, Anna turns her face as Sonya grabs her attackers wrist and swipes her own claws at hr eyes, “cmon you cunt fight me!”, Anna feels her eyelids get scratched fear makes her gasp, “Awww Nooo bitch !!!”, Sonya teeth showing lunges into her rival they slap against the bamboo ring then twist then fall again , rolling in a cabal of flashing claws, pain etched on faces as pink and red lines criss cross faces some bleeding, they roll over and twist and slowly the rolling slows as both are crying but hate over takes the tears, Anna is rolled under Sonya, Sonya arches up her upper body and her left hand digs in Anna’s hair pinning her head to the grass , her right plunges into Anna’s left breast and deep furrows are carved into he veiny breast to the nipple, as she does Anna snakes her thighs around Sonya’s ribs and squeezes so tight Sonya shakes her head as her ribs are being crushed and her breathes shortened, “Aggg uuugghhh cunt ohhh my ribs!!”.

The entire crowd is against the railings now leaning in to see the fight, it has to be nearly over as green and yellow grass blades get trickles of red, Sonya squirms to pry her body up from between the thighs like two pythons crushing her, the sweat helping but it is still a task, as she does her breasts sway like large church bels bumping together and a firm quake, Anna shakes her head the hair pull starts to fail as Sonya needs her hands to claw the inner thighs of Anna’s legs, Anna sees her chance she bucks hr body up her hands wrap around Sonya’s sweaty back nails digging in her mouth to the two breasts then a scream, ‘AIIIEEEEEE OWWWW cunt MY TITS!!”, Anna shakes her head Ike a rabid dog on a bone, tearing in tot the breast meat, Sonya is screaming , tears rolling with sweat she can feel the warmth of blood from her attackers mouth and teeth, she is nearly done by instinct her fingers and hands go to Anna’s face and dig in to get her mouth open and off her breast, Anna suddenly releases the breast and her head tilts back, “OWWWWWWW NOOO GOD NO YOU cunt MY EYES!!!!”, Sonya stabs her thumbnails in Anna’s eyes and presses, Anna releases her rival and falls back hands on her face, rolling about the grass confused and scared, suddenly she feels Sonya jump on her bare back and the blows again reign down each side of her face, she kicks and tries to cover only to have Sonya grab all her hair and pulls back and up on it, Anna is bent up and back, her neck stretched back, her breasts swing free between her arms out tot the sides to try to push up, Sonya sneers “, I am gonna break you neck cunt”, Anna face red tears, sweat, blood and fear, gasping, panting gulping for someone to get her rival off and say enough but both know no ones coming to stop it, slowly Sonya again wrenches her right arm around her rivals neck and her other hand pressing the head in an awkward angle , Anna begins to choke and cough her neck being pulled and pushed, her fists and nails claw at her grass and first making deep grooves, Sonya growls, “Give you Whore or I’ll do it”, Anna slapping ,tapping and pounding te grass barely coughs, “ughh i..i..Give ughh p,,plea,,stop”, Sonya releases her rival and stands up she steps about hand up as Anna lays there red faced, the hostess stands and takes the gong, as she steps to the ring Anna is trying to get up, she waits as Sonya pauses hands to hips, “want more bitch ?”, Anna coughing finally gets up right and rubs her throat, she glares at Sonya, then turns to her, “yeah bitch I wanna rip your tilts off”, Sonya smiles shimmies her tits , “well cmon Bitch lets fight”.

The crowd is gasping Anna is beaten she just can’t face it, maybe she has but just wants to hurt her rival more, Sonya is hurt but feeling it is all but over is willing to ruin Anna and her reputation more, they both glare then Sonya widens her thighs and stands center ring “cmon cunt”, Anna steps to her assumes the same stance, then with no encouragement both stab their claws into others breasts and start to claw, twist , squeeze and pull and push on others breasts, pain again etches their faces as they refuse to give an inch both grunt, cry and weep openly, but neither slows as she they rip nails and fingers at others breasts, slowly as they torture the other milk weeps from red nipples and their breasts and hands and bodies become slick like an oil, grips are lost easier now as the milk is spread over the breasts that are turning red and purple , slowly as legs again start o falter the two amazons push the other back then other way across the ring each needing one shift in the stalemate to secure her victory, the duel is ruining flesh and the women’s confidence as open cries are heard and pleas to both stop and give are spit between them, Anna braces and inhales then as her finger nails and rings plunge in she charges Sonya, the move has Sonya stagger backward, her bare back slaps agains the bamboo post her body jammed int the corner, Anna lifts her breasts in her claws and drops her head and again goes to bite Sonya’s breasts both know this time a chunk of flesh will be torn and Sonya will be pleading to give, as She opens her mouth a sudden gasp and scream, “NOOO YOU FUCKING BITCH  OWWWWWWW STOP STOP!!!”, Anna pulls her hips back her head drops lower then Sonya’s breast and to the side, as all look as to why they see, Sonya has stabbed her claws into Anna’s thong and is digging her nails in Anna’ labia.

Anna grabs at Sonya’s hand digging at her womanhood, tears stream now her mouth dropped open but unable to scream, her body turns as Sonya arches from the corner she winds back her right leg and thrusts the knee up, a fleshy SMACK rings out as she knees, Anna’s breasts, Anna is thrown back and onto the grass, her hands cupping her crotch, unable to give Sonya twists her up on to all 4’s and mounts her bare back, then reaching under milks her breasts again as all watch, crying, cursing pleading Anna can only take the abuse, with each punch, pull, squeeze, twist of her breasts Sonya growls, “Cmon fight me cunt get up”, Anna can only shake her head no, finally Sonya stands up and as she walks around her downed rival delivers a heel kick to the hanging battered breasts, Anna falls coiled up waving and gasping, “No MORE PLEASE”, the hostess swallows and nods at the managers its over, she hits the gong, Sonya pushes Ana on her back and straddles her then lowers her crotch on to Anna’s face and smears her wet thong over it, then eases the thong aside and with a hair pull shoves Anna’s face in her wet pussy, smearing her juices slowly, satisfied Sonya stands and places a heel on the clawed breasts of Anna makes a victory pose, then scrapes the heel off the breasts cutting them more, as the rails are pulled out the ring opened Sonya’s manager eases her robe on her and hands her both briefcases , then an envelope of cash from the wagers, her bra and Anna’s bra draped on her shoulders, as she gets applauded Anna is suspended by her breasts on the last remaining bamboo rail and left there for the night as a party is given to the newest queen now free.

The End

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