Your Mom is in the Ditch by Mr. Cage

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Jane tried to sneak by her Mom who was drinking water in her exercise clothes. Dani, short for Daniela, had a sixth sense and intercepted her in the hallway before she could get to her room. She had a black eye, remains of a blood stain on her cheeks and chin from a bloody nose, scratch marks on both cheeks and her long neck, torn blouse exposing a bra that had a dirty handprint on it, her jeans were dirty and wet from rolling in a puddle and her blonde hair was a fright wig.

“Did you win?”

Jane flexed her sore hands with dirty broken nails and mumbled, “Broken up.” Then quickly she explained, “I did not want to fight, Beth and her friends followed us to the In and Out and would not back off. She hit me first!”

“And she beat you, again?”

“No! I was just getting on top when her friends pushed me off. Then my friends jumped in and it became a big mess. Cops came and every one ran in different directions.”

“So far two arrests, three suspensions for you. One suspension for your brother. Last time the judge said one more time and you would spend a month in County and your record would be permanent. That means no college, shit jobs, and that’s if you don’t get killed in County. Do you want to be white trash?”

“She won’t leave me alone. And her brother started the fight with Jim in the lunch room, that’s so black even the white trash look down on that.”

Dani said, “Go clean up and let me see how bad it is.”

Jane thought about make-up, but her Mom would wipe it off. So she pulled on her loose shorts and a tight top in the hopes her Mom would not make her take off the bra to see the bites and bruises from Beth’s boots. The fat bitch had kicked the shit out of her once her friends had interfered. Without the cop siren she might have been kicked to death.

She walked into a kitchen to hear her Mom say, “Fine, no jewelry, barefoot, bra and leggings, no eye clawing, no biting and no choking. Yes I know the place. What?”

Her Mom’s eyebrows shot up then she stared at her daughter’s rapidly darkening eye and bright red wounds on her face. Her Mom covered the phone and asked, “Did this start over something you called Deb’s son, Jason, four years ago?”

Jane colored more and nodded, “The little faggot was constantly slipping his hand under my skirt. And he was still in middle school and I was in high school!”

“Tell someone, call him a pervert, whatever. Don’t use that term anymore, it’s like the n-word now.”
Jane nodded.

Her Mom thought for a while and said, “Well I’m ending this shit right now and you better hope I win. Otherwise you’ll be finding out how much of a faggot Jason is.”

Then she went back to the phone and said, “Breeding for a month, agreed! No responsibility, agreed. No interference, agreed. That doesn’t surprise me that you would know someone like that. Fuck you, Cunt! Yeah, I’m okay with that too. I just want to beat the shit out of you and end this once and for all.”

Jane’s Mom turned to her and said, “You’re coming with me. Your brother well stay here with his cell if he’s needed. We’ve got one stop to make.”

Jane was still confused when they stopped at a porno store. Her Mom went in and came out quickly with a small plastic bag. Jane looked inside as they drove to the next stop. There were real handcuffs with a key in the bag. She wanted to ask what the fuck, but thought better of it.

The car pulled off the surface roads onto a graded but uncompleted road that led into an abandoned housing development. Kids had broken the lock on the gate and people used areas with views of the roads for early warning against cops to fuck or smoke dope. They drove to the very back of the project behind a pile of dirt dug up from an unfinished creek bed drainage project. The dirt had been there so long that grass was growing on it even with the lack of recent rainfall. Her Mom pulled the SUV right behind the piece of shit station wagon. She took off all her jewelry, her shoes and then her tank top and skirt getting out wearing nothing but a white bra and super tight footless red leggings. The outline of her sex was embarrassing plain for Jane’s eyes as were her mother’s heavier versions of her own round, fat boobs.

Dani did not mind the dirt under her feet as she walked to the back of her car and then around. She glared as Deb did the same but around the front of her car. Both had their confused daughters stand by the front door. Then Dani went to Beth and Deb came to Jane, both mothers carried handcuffs. The girls started to protest but their mother’s raised voice settled them as the cuffs clicked onto their right wrists and the open car window frame. Then the mothers put the keys on the front hood of the opposing family’s car.

Jane heard her mother explaining something to Beth and then heard Deb Monroe saying, “After I beat the shit out of your cunt mother and piss on her face, I unlock Beth, then we unlock you and take you home. You can fight but the two of us will hurt you until you give up. Then you open your legs and get fucked as many times a day as Jason wants and you eat pussy and lick ass until its second nature. Once you’re pregnant we will dump you back with your mother, if she wants you.”
Jane pulled frantically at her cuff but all she did was move the door back and forth scratching the finish and hurting her wrist. She settled down and watched the two women make their way down the long slope to the bottom of the ditch. Both women dirtied their feet, angles and their backside at least once before getting to the bottom.
Deb Monroe was a fat bitch like her daughter, maybe 5’5” and 160 pounds, with big bouncing boobs and a fat ass and round belly. Jane had stripped Beth twice to the waist and exposed her tits as long flopping slabs of black nipple capped fat as compared to her own round firm up-tilted pink nipple capped round breasts. The bitch had big black hair, probably dyed to hide the graying that Jane hoped she had at age 45 or so. Her own Mom, Dani, had short-shaped frosted blonde hair and dark blue eyes to go with her fairer complexion. Like Jane she was 5’8” and more athletic than her opponent, although her Mom, age 40, had put on weight, probably close to 150 pounds and it showed in her boobs, thick thighs and round buttocks. Her belly was soft but did not roll under her transparent red leggings and her trimmed bush outlined a triangle over her hairless pussy lips. Beth’s mom had a black forest that covered her ballooning lower belly and her fat dangling pussy lips that were exposed under a transparent white pair of footless leggings.
The girls looked down on their moms. Both women startled their daughters by cursing each other and taking fighting stances in their sweaty bras and dirty leggings. Jane could not believe her Mom was about to fight, especially fight a big low class whore like Deb Monroe. She was suddenly afraid of the consequences more than fascinated by what her mother was doing. She was trying to make sense of it when the fight started.

The blonde Dani made the first move actually jabbing hard with her left fist like she knew what she was doing. The jab hit the flat-footed bigger woman in the mouth. Deb’s head snapped back and her black hair flipped. She cursed as a repeat jab connected and caused her to backpedal. The next three jabs missed and backed up Deb several feet, before she planted her feet and swung a hard roundhouse right toward the pursing blonde’s head. Dani ducked under the haymaker and sank her right fist into the center of Beth’s mom’s big belly. The groan thrilled Jane.
Beth yelled at, “Hair!”

As Dani’s left hand sank into the right side of the abused belly, Deb’s hands sank into the blonde hair grabbing two fists full. Dani’s right slammed up into the round belly from below getting another groan, but now the fist fighting blonde yelped as her head was dragged downward. A fat knee missed anything, but bent over and staggering the blonde was unable to keep from being thrown in a wide arch to end up lying against the side of the wet ditch.

Dani pressed up on her elbows, but Deb’s right foot stomped down on her heaving belly, gutting her badly. She curled around the foot and grabbed the thigh holding on as Deb jerked backwards, falling flat on her back along the bottom of the ditch. Dani came down on top of one legs, knees on either side of the big white covered left thigh. Dani’s fists hammered at Deb’s twisting body as she attempted to climb on top of her downed opponent. Jane was cheering wildly at this point.

Deb’s big right knee ended that knocking Dani off to the left side. Deb’s fat hands reached for her enemy. The left hand grabbed hair and the right a bra cup. Almost immediately both of Dani’s big round boobs were exposed, the bra pulled down under the round breasts, lifting them up in harness. Dani made the typical girl fight mistake of trying to cover her breasts.

Dani screeched as her hair was ripped downward dragging her to the dirt as Deb’s big leg crossed her hips. The fat bitch was trying to crawl on top of Jane’s mom and she screamed useless advice about getting on top. There was a scramble of knees and fists. Deb got in four or five hard blows to Dani’s twisting head, but in the end did not get to a sitting positon. Dani instead got a knee into the woman’s crotch and pushed her back in the muck. Dani tried to climb up the hill to escape, but Deb’s dirty hand grabbed the back of her waist band and jerked her down the slope. Dani flew over the fat woman and splatted in a wet mud puddle on her ass and back again.

Deb rolled over to her hands and knees and pressed up, breathing heavily and hurting from Dani’s fists and knees. Dani got up, throwing a handful of muck at the black-haired woman which splatted her already stained white bra and dotted her face. They exchanged cunt and bitch words as they avoided contact sucking in air and sweating heavily causing the dirt to run in rivulets on their flesh and stain their bras and leggings further.

Again Dani’s fists hit Deb’s face three or four times before Deb connected, but when she did her fist smashed Dani’s nose hard and sent the blonde woman staggering and turning away. Deb grabbed the back of the blonde’s hair and pulled her head up revealing a trickle of blood from the left nostril. Dani howled and twisted around and rammed her head into Deb’s hanging tits. The blonde’s hands grabbed the back of the heavier woman’s big thighs and tried to lift her. The lift didn’t work, but the down head and pumping feet did. Deb hit the ground hard splattering her ass in the mud with Dani landing hard on top.
There was a scramble of feet, knees, hands, elbows, and hands. Hair was ripped. Faces were clawed by dirty fingers. Dani smashed her head into Deb’s flopping tits more than once trying to stay on top. The heavier shorter woman rolled side to side trying to throw the blonde off before she could get to a straddle. Half in a puddle their exertions churned the area into a sticky, muddy mess.

Finally Dani got into a straddle and leaned forward over Deb’s body trying to pin her arms above her head. But the tall round breasted blonde’s ass came off Deb’s soft belly. The downed woman bridged up hard smacking her belly into the blonde’s muddy legging covered crotch. Dani fell forward covering Deb’s face with big round boobs held up by a bra rolled up under the globes. Dani pressed up her hands in the mud, but then screamed. She reared back sitting down on Deb’s belly. Her hands went to Deb’s muddy black hair and jerked her head back. Both watching girls gasped.

Beth Monroe screamed, “Bite it off!”

Jane yelled, “No biting you dirty bitch!”

The two girls exchanged curses until the sound of combat drew their attention back to the ditch. Dani’s hair pulling had exposed Deb’s scratched face to questing thumbnails. This was a dirty fight and a tit bite called for thumbs in the eye in Dani’s moral code. Deb turned away and let go of the bite. Dani tried to force her back down, but the heavier woman was sitting up and her own hands were free. One twisted in the back of the blonde’s muddy hair pulled her head back and the other thrust between the muddy red leggings. The dirty fighting bitch grabbed a handful of legging and pussy, pulled and twisted. Dani howled and pushed off scuttling backwards to soft dirt leaving the crotch of her leggings hanging from Deb’s clinched fist.

Deb pushed up and staggered out of the mud shedding her muddy bra and slapping mud off her ass and thighs. Dani managed to stagger to her feet, one hand still on her apparently sore slit and the other wiping her face. She retreated onto firmer ground as the heavier woman labored after her. Seeing Deb’s longer tits flopping, Dani expertly popped the hooks on her tangled bra and shed it, dressing down to her ruined and partially rolled down over her ass leggings.

As Deb struggled forward, Dani slide mud off her ass and thighs and pulled up her leggings covering her pale white ass with the muddy red nylon. Deb grunted twice and charged, hands reaching for Dani’s muddy tangled blonde hair. Dani planted her left foot and sank her right into Deb’s fat belly leaving a new muddy foot print on Beth’s mom’s once white leggings. Deb’s charge caused Dani to fall on her back against the edge of the ditch. Dani’s hard kick to the belly doubled over Deb and left her on her knees in the dirt gasping.

Jane shouted for her mother to “Kill that whore!”

Beth promised Jane, “I’ll kick in your cunt!”

Dani was up and moving quicker than her mud heavy legs and gasping lungs could predict. She grabbed double handfuls of muddy thick black hair, jerked Deb’s head down as her right knee came up hard into the face. Deb moaned and her head through back revealing a very bloody nose and vacant eyes. Even so the heavier woman hooked her right arm around Dani’s muddy red covered ass and she held on taking half knee strikes on the ribs and undersides of her tits. Frustrated Dani jerked back on the hair causing Deb to cry out and bend backwards. Dani drew back her right fist while twisting the left deep into the hair of Deb’s temple. But before the cocked shot went off, Dani’s head pitched back and she screamed.

For a moment neither of the handcuffed girls knew what was happening, but the Beth saw and she yelled, “Cunt her. Rip out her eggs.” Jane cursed and moaned along with her mom. Deb’s fat muddy fingers were inside Dani’s sex, glue on nails first, clawing and gouging. Dani squealed and tried to raise up on her toes, but the black-haired woman held on at the hips and jammed her attack home, deep inside the tender fleshy cavern. Dani cried out and smashed her right fist down hard into Deb’s upturned face, bouncing her fist off Deb’s left eyebrow. Deb rocked backward on her heels, losing her grip on Dani’s hip. Dani fell backwards screaming hands pulling Deb’s left hand out of her cunt. Jane gasped as the previously muddy white hand was now bloody as well.

Dani fell on her back as Deb climbed on top of one leg, slowly reaching for the bloody hole in Dani’s leggings. Dani’s free right foot kicked out, crushing Deb’s left breast and twisting Deb to the side. She fell on her right shoulder on Dani’s heaving belly. Dani grabbed the tangled hair and started to roll her off, but Deb’s left hand had again found the opening in the leggings. The wet smack of four fingers going inside without hesitation was followed by an anguished howl.

Dani kicked useless and twisted on her back in dirt, her head in a mud puddle. Deb blinked as blood from her eyebrow blinded one eye and gasped through a rapidly swelling nose and open mouth, dripping either blood from the nose, lips or gums. Dani’s hair pull hurt, but the fierce grim concentration on her face was with her hand inside her enemy’s sex. She jabbed her fingers into the flesh deeply, then curled them and clawed, then twisted her hand back and forth crushing the lips at the opening and dragging the dirty nails along the inside walls.

Jane was crying when her mother finally begged, “Enough! No more! You win! Oh god, please stop! Stop!” And to signal her surrender she let go of the wads of black hair and forced herself to weakly endure unanswered pain. Beth cheered and taunted Jane who sagged to the ground one arm hooked up to the car door and sobbed. It was over. Jane watched as fat ass Deb stood, still bleeding badly from the fair fighting her mother had done, with a bloody hand from cunt attacks going to her hip. She gave Dani a kick to the cunt. Then leaned over and stripped off the red leggings leaving Dani nude in the dirt and mud. Remembering her promise she stood over the defeated mom and pissed down on her muddy face. Then she wiped herself with Dani’s leggings and dropped the wadded mess on Dani’s marked up, muddy, tear stained face.

Deb staggered, rubbing blood out of her eye, trying to find the best way up the slope to her daughter. She fell twice and just lay in the dirt for a few moments to recover. Then she pressed up and started up the hill on all fours, digging her toes and fingers into the soft dirt for purchase. She vaguely heard her daughter shouting so she looked up. At that moment nails ripped down her back and under the band of her muddy leggings. The waist band dug into her belly and to her shock she was falling backwards down the hill.

She was throw to the side and hit the ground rolling over once still confused. Then she saw the cheating whore who had already surrendered standing nude at the edge of the slope. She was about to protest when a muddy foot stomped on her heaving belly. She rolled over and took a kick to the back. Then a stomp to the ribs. Then as she rolled a glancing stomp to her head. Beth was shouting furiously, outraged by the sneak attack. Jane was yelling for more and joyously yelling back to her enemy that it wasn’t over until one of them climbed up and got the key.

Deb rolled to her hands and knees and started to stand but Dani’s instep slammed up into her heaving belly again. Dani was shouting, “Bitch,” with each kick or stomp. Rather than roll away Deb lunged into Dani’s bare left leg as the right foot came out of the mud for another back stomp. Dani fell down on top and they rolled in a tangle across the mud and dirt. By the time they came to a stop they were in a cat-ball. Two savaged, scared animals tangled together in pain with no way to escape but to claw through the other.

Wads of hair mixed with mud. Blood spurted from old wounds. Nails cleaned paths on newly raw skin sweat, dirt, blood, mud and then skin curling under Deb’s plastic nails and Dani’s manicured ones. Deb was losing nails now, leaving them stuck in Dani’s skin. Once she was defanged her shorter broken nails were less effective than the enameled, wrapped, polish blades on her rival’s finger tips. Both clawed faces and tried to rip out eyes. Both pinched and gouged sore swollen nipples. Backs were raked. Crotches were pinched. Cunts were penetrated. Arms and wrists bitten and yet they could not break apart.

The bright sky had darkened to no one’s notice until a heavy summer rain broke out of the black clouds above. As the cool clean water hit their hot dirty skin they shivered, but the fight could not be broken. In their tangle they became mired to the hips in mud, legs bent under and around each other. Their daughters were soaked through by the rain watching their fate being decided in the deepening muck. Beth cheered as it became clear her mother was torturing the right fat round boob of Jane’s mom.

Deb had both hands around the orb as her head was trapped under Dani’s right arm and safe from further attack. Her eyes were almost closed and the blood from her brow had blinded her for the most part already, but she had two hands on that fat swollen bag of tit flesh and she was hurting it. Fingers were deep in the flesh, but what had the hated bitch screaming the loudest was when she twisted the hot injured balloon right and left, threatening to tear it off. She imagined the victory of having that fat bag in her hands and the cheating cunt spurting blood from a hole where it had once been.

Dani almost passed out as the dirty bitch found new ways to attack her sexuality. She had one of Deb’s fat hanging slabs crushed and twisted in her right hand, but she couldn’t do much with that hand since she was trying to headlock her enemy. Her left fist pounded Deb’s back black and blue, but she was battering long-term and whatever the bitch was doing to her tit was definitely short-term agony. She wanted to give up again, but after the last time she wasn’t sure Deb would let her live.
The pain was too much for Dani, she released Deb’s head. As it shifted the bitch went straight for the tortured tit with her teeth, biting into it like snake. The pain was beyond reason and Dani’s left fist hammered down on Deb’s face again and again. The pain got worse and worse and Dani felt her soul being torn from her body through her tit but then Deb let go of the tit and covered her face with her arm. Dani leaned back trying to get free of the cat-ball. Her right breast was grotesquely bruised, swollen and bleeding for three sets of teeth marks. Her left fist was throbbing. How many times had she hammered the side of Deb’s head?

The rain grew harder and the water was an inch or two deep now. They were slippery and exhausted. Dani pushed backwards pulling her right foot from the tangle and the muck. Deb was leaning back on her hands shaking her head trying to clear it. Dani took aim and drove her right foot into the bitch’s chin. Thunder covered the impact, but Dani felt it all along her leg. Deb fell flat on her back.

Dani climbed on top, school girl style, put her sore left hand on Deb’s neck and started pounding her face with the right. Sometime during the pounding she grew too tired to lift her face. Deb was limp beneath her, a mask of swollen bloody flesh covered what might be her face again someday. The water in this part of the ditch was three inches deep now and moving. Dani stood, grabbed Deb’s limp arms and dragged her to higher ground. Exhausting as it was she wanted Deb to live, to remember this beating and to see what she had lost for her daughter.

Jane was cheering as the rain slowed and her mother climbed like some mud monster from the deep out of the ditch. Dani gasped and threw up at the hood of the car and slowly managed to crawl to her daughter and unlock the cuffs. Jane helped her Mom stand and tried to stop the nose bleed and wipe the gunk from her face. The light rain did more for Dani than anything else. She was revealed as bruised and wounded from forehead to toe, missing tuffs of hair and still oozing blood from bites, scratches and blows. Even so she was determined.

They walked to Beth. Beth tried to fight, but the Jane took the blow from Beth’s free hand and trapped it against the car. Dani then punched the girl low in the belly five or six times until she stopped struggling. They locked her hands behind her hips with cuffs that hand held Jane. Then to Jane’s surprise her mother ripped open Beth’s top and exposed her tits. Then she pulled down her pants and leaned against her.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard bitch you won’t know whether to cum or cry, but you’ll do both.” Then she started brutally finger banging the trapped girl, smearing some of the blood from her own body on the naked flesh. With Jane’s help they dragged a weeping Beth to their SUV and threw her in the back. Dani got in the back seat with her new toy and despite her pain and exhaustion started working on Beth’s black nipples, sucking them so hard Beth cried in pain. And her mother’s fingers were inside driving the sobbing girl to an unwanted orgasm.

Jane called on Beth’s preset phone and got Jason, the younger boy she had once called faggot. “My Mom beat the fuck out your Mom and now we own your sister! If you want to pick up your Mom, she needs help, drive to fuck and smoke project. Go to the big hill at the back. Your fucking cunt of a Mom is in the ditch!”

Seven weeks later, Deb and Jason picked up a half dead Beth from the trash can in front of their house. She whimpered when carried into the house and put on a bed. She opened her legs out of habit ready to be fucked. She whispered sadly, “I’ll do it good, I promise.”

The End

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