Natalie by Sidekick

Natalie watched breathlessly as the two girls wrestled and punched each other while rolling across the grass. They were locked up tightly, straining and grunting. Then slugging each other repeatedly with one fist, they jerked on their hair with the other. There was nothing for them but the fight. Neither knew that she had turned the corner of the New Hartman High School and found them fighting on the grass.

It was Friday evening and she had stayed to catch up on grading some papers. It was her first year teaching at New Hartman High School and she didn’t want to bring the papers home. She was afraid she would just put them in the corner and forget about them. Staying in the classroom was a way of ensuring she would work instead of procrastinates. When 5:00 pm came, she put them aside and headed out the door. But this time, everyone had left the school grounds; or so she thought. She was seldom here this late. Thinking she would encounter no one until she reached her car in the parking lot, she was shocked to round the corner and find the two girls. It was the corner of the school the furthest away from the street. It was fairly secluded with the long side of the extremely long building blocking the view from the street. And there they were; two very young teens in a catfight.

Natalie was mesmerized by the sight. All she could do was stare; she didn’t expect to see such a thing and was unsure what to do. She found she couldn’t help herself from simply watching the fight. She knew she shouldn’t, but she did. It was a very good catfight. The girls were evenly matched. They grunted, groaned, wrestled, punched and pulled hair and scratched each other for quite a while. Natalie didn’t know how long she had been standing there. They were dressed in very short shorts and snugly fitting tee shirts. It appeared that they had planned to meet there to settle things between them.

As she watched them continue their combat, her mind drifted away to her own youth. She remembered her own days as a teen and all the fights she had. There were so many fights. She had almost not been allowed to finish school because of it. Then she finally got smart enough to avoid conflicts in school, preferring to have them in private. Oh maybe not in private, but at least somewhere away from authority.

Natalie Thomas had really liked fighting. As she watched the girls grapple in front of her, she remembered what it felt like to roll in the grass with another girl. She remembered how it was to pound her fists into someone else’s soft body and feel them punch back. She remembered the feeling of her legs tangled with someone else’s; of pulling hair and having hers pulled. She remembered the excitement, the exhilaration and the strange satisfaction. Consequently she did it as often as the opportunity presented itself. There were a couple of girls she disliked and was always fighting with. But she would fight almost anyone in those days; at least anyone her physical match. They didn’t have to argue. There were several times a girl asked her to fight and she quickly agreed. She would follow them anywhere and then fight like she hated them for years. A smile crossed her face as she thought back to those days.

She continued with her hobby all through high school as well. Somehow, during her college years she grew away from it. There were fewer and fewer opportunities. Fewer girls were willing. And there was an education to be finished and a living to be earned. As one of the girls on the grass began to get the upper hand, it was obvious it would be over in short order. Natalie decided to slip on down the sidewalk now, rather than be seen by these two. She didn’t want to deal with punishing them or reporting them or anything like that. If they wanted to fight, that was their business. She drove quickly home.

All that evening, she couldn’t take her mind off the fight. She kept reflecting over her own experiences in her younger years. And she was surprised how she felt. She was understandably proud of her education and having gained a teaching position. She had made a life for herself when that was not a sure thing by far. She could easily have turned into a social misfit at several turns. But she had stuck with it and persevered. But now, her mind was flooded with a torrent of memories from her past. And surprisingly she felt quite nostalgic over it. It had been years since her last fight. But seeing the two teens in private combat this evening had raised something in her. She missed it. She felt a strange but definite longing.

The next few days were strange for Natalie. She could not concentrate well. Her mind kept flashing back to past times and places. Images of cat fighting bombarded her brain whether she invited them or not. She found herself flushing with these thoughts. She found herself titillated with these thoughts. She found it impossible to push them away. She began to look at other women with a new perverse kind of appraising eye. She noticed their height as compared to hers. She noticed their weight and muscle tone. She noticed their bust size and their hair. She stood next to them and secretly measured their legs against hers. There was no denying it; Natalie Thomas wanted to fight again.

It was crazy of course. Or was it? As long as she did it in private, what would be wrong? She certainly had to do something. Her mind would focus on almost nothing else. But how would she find an opponent? Grown respectable women were not receptive to fighting; or were they? Perhaps she wasn’t as strange as she thought. There were many girls to fight as a teen. Where did they all go? Surely there were others like her. She certainly hoped so.

She badly wanted to do it, but didn’t know how to make it happen. When she was younger, girls would talk at parties and ball games and social events. They were often catty with each other when no guys were around. It didn’t’ take much to find someone that would not back down when taunted or identify those that thought they were better than everyone else. Maybe she just needed to find adult versions of those situations. She would try. She had to. She must find someone to fight.

Later that week she bought some new party clothes at the local mall. They were risqué and made her look younger and “on the prowl.” Then she identified a local watering hole that she thought would have a lot of people, a lot of booze and offer a rich hunting ground. When Saturday evening came, she dressed in her new clothes and noticed again how risqué the dress was. It was short and sleeveless. Natalie was not exactly one for dressing sexy. She had always been more of a tomboy while growing up. But she knew that women were competitive when it came to sex. And she was going to look the part required for the competition. One more look in the mirror and she sighed and marched out the door to get the “fix” she now needed.

The local bar/dance hall was noisy and crowded that evening. There were many couples but also many singles on the prowl. The women were mostly very young; too young actually. Natalie was not sure some of them were even old enough to be in such an establishment. But after a time, she noticed two women sitting together at a corner table. They were drinking and talking and obviously watching the room. One of the women was older; closer to her age it seemed. And she was dressed in a short skirt and light blouse which left little to the imagination. Her bust was larger, like Natalie’s and her legs were strong. She appeared to be short and Natalie thought they would be close in height. So, taking the last sip of her drink, she moved toward the table in the corner.

When she got there she introduced herself and said that she was new in town. Asking if the place was always this crowded and noisy, she stood by waiting to be invited to sit down. There was an awkward pause, but then the invitation came and she took the chair opposite the other two. About that time a guy they obviously knew came over and asked one of the two to dance. And as she got up and left, Natalie and the other women were left alone simply looking at each other with little to say. They smiled politely at each other, but then slipped into a stare in which each evaluated the other. Natalie didn’t think the other women liked her. And she was delighted and encouraged at the thought. She played the arrogant part that she remembered so easily from her youthful days and hoped it was going to work.

She stared straight back at the other woman. She didn’t even remember her name even though there were introduced only seconds ago. They watched each other strangely, not saying a word. This was better than Natalie could have hoped for. She felt the butterflies rise in her stomach, just like they used to do so many years before when she and another girl began to challenge each other. Natalie leaned in, resting her head in her hands with her elbows on the table. She was now staring right at the woman and she was staring back. Natalie decided to go for it.

She leaned in very close, smiled insincerely and said, “I really don’t think I like you much. Why don’t you leave?” The other woman was taken aback but recovered very quickly and answered, “Well now, that’s just too bad, isn’t it?” Natalie was committed and so she returned, “Or we could both leave and go somewhere.” There was complete silence between them for a minute or so as they continued to stare intently at each other. Natalie was becoming more confident by the minute. She was falling into her former persona and it felt very comfortable. Again she spoke, “Do you know someplace private we could go? You know, to TALK.” Then in a few seconds Natalie added to the tension by silently mouthing the words “fuck you.” And that did it. “All right honey.” retorted the other woman. “If you want to play, let’s go somewhere and play. IF you think you have what it takes.” “Try me bitch.” answered Natalie, relieved that this was working. “Oh I’ll do more than try.” was the reply. “Come on.” And Natalie followed her out of the bar with the excitement building with every step.

They turned to each other when they reached the parking lot and stepped up nose to nose. “You want to do it here, bitch?” asked Natalie. Smiling now, the woman replied, “No. My apartment is just three blocks away and my car is over there. Let’s make this private. I don’t want anyone getting in the way..” “Fine.” said Natalie and the two made their way to their cars and convoyed the three blocks. Following the woman into the door and up to the second floor, Natalie was soon inside her apartment. She wheeled around as soon as she entered, not wanting to let herself be vulnerable. The other woman closed and locked the door and walked over to the dining room which was unusually large. It had a single table on a hardwood floor. In just a minute the woman had pushed the table easily to the corner and slid the chairs out of the way also. This left a quite large open area, completely bare except for the wood floor. It was almost like a dance floor – maybe not the perfect place. But honestly Natalie would have fought the woman in the parking lot if she wanted to. She was now so excited, it didn’t matter where they did it.

Stepping into the room the women looked at each other and began to slip off their shoes. She began to remove her blouse and Natalie eagerly removed her dress. In less than a minute they were in sheer bras and panties and began circling each other.

Natalie was thrilled that she was able to make this happen so easily. Her pulse was pounding, she was breathing harder and she could feel her pussy leaking through her panties. She had not realized how much she wanted and needed this. She smiled as she motioned with her hands for the woman to come on and fight.

Unnnhhhhh! They locked up, smacking together and grabbing each other’s hair. They stumbled around the room, pulling each other off balance and bending their heads back and then forward wildly. One arm was quickly used to begin pummeling each other’s bodies with fists. Damn! It felt so good to Natalie. She chirped as she slugged the other woman in the side and then into her breast. She was getting hit in the side and shoulder and neck in return. They jerked hair and punched each other for several minutes before clinching. Natalie could feel the sweat coming out on each of their bodies.

They began to wrap their legs around each other and pulled each other into the floor. With a loud thud, their entwined bodies hit the hard floor as they rolled, thrashed, scratched, punched and kicked each other. They were like two wild women. You could hear their bodies smacking against the hard floor as they fought. Presently one of Natalie’s punches took its toll and she heard a loud “umph!” Natalie scrambled away and turned toward her opponent. But she was already recovering and pushing herself off the floor.

They both sat up and faced each other. Then getting up to their knees, they raised their fists and began pummeling each other. Then, slowing as they tired, the punches came slower and were well aimed. The women punched each other’s breasts, faces and bodies for several minutes. They were tiring rapidly. But as tired as Natalie was, she was elated over the fistfight. The exchange of punches literally sent a warm and pleasant current through her. Adrenaline was flowing. There was pain but it wasn’t that noticeable. Her pussy juices flowed and flowed as the two slugged it out. Their tits were becoming very red and sore. Their faces were becoming marked a little as well. The contest was dead even when Natalie grabbed her opponent’s tit and squeezed it hard. “Aaaiiiiihhhhhh!” screamed the woman and grabbed Natalie’s tits roughly. They squeezed and scratched their breasts and pulled each other close. There was a wild look of hate in each woman’s eyes as the tit fight went on for several minutes.

Then, pulling each other over into the floor, they locked up tightly and squeezed each other in a bear hug with legs entwined. Over and over, slowly they rolled across the hard floor. Their legs and arms were red, scratched and bruised. But Natalie had no thoughts of stopping. She was totally into the fight. She needed this and would happily fight this woman as long as possible. They were a good match. Natalie could feel the other woman’s breath on her face. She reached up and jerked her head back by her hair. The only sounds in the room were their hard breathing and grunting at the struggle.

Natalie could feel that both their panties were soaked. As they lay in the violent embrace each began to throw slow punches at the other’s head. They were not able to generate much force but they continued this for, what seemed like, a long time. Pussy juices were literally dripping on the floor now. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” As the lay there and slugged each other, Natalie actually had an orgasm. She jerked the other woman’s hair as hard and she could and squeezed her body between her legs and rubbed her pussy against her as the wonderful feeling flushed over her. Then feeling suddenly exhausted, she slumped slightly against her opponent.

The other woman continued to pound her with punches and started to rub her pussy harder against her. Natalie just held on, only occasionally throwing a fist toward her head or into her side. Then the other woman bucked and moaned and slammed her pussy into Natalie as she came hard. “Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmm!” Now both women slumped against each other, still holding on, but very tired and satisfied for the moment. They listened to the sound of their heavy breathing, felt their sweaty bodies and the juices on the floor and their soaked panties.

In a few minutes Natalie moaned, “uuhhhhh” as the other woman slugged her hard in the side. Speaking the first words since entering the apartment, Natalie said softly, “That’s it. Come on, slut. Let’s fight.” She threw a punch at her head and rolled over into her moving them to their other side. For the next several minutes, they jerked on each other’s hair and punched as hard as they could. Finally the woman said, “You fucking whore, this isn’t getting us anywhere.” But Natalie was thrilled and right where she wanted to be. She answered, “You want to give up, bitch?” “No.” came the quick reply as she moaned. “Get up and let’s fistfight.” “Any way you want it, you cunt.” replied Natalie. The women separated and rolled away from each other.

Rubbing their sore muscles they walked around for a few seconds while keeping an eye on each other. The both looked beaten up. Their hair was a mess. There were red marks, scratches and bruises all over their bodies. Their tits were no exception to this damage. Four rock hard nipples faced each other as they raised their fists and smiled. “Fuck you.” said the woman. “I think you’ve already done that.” replied Natalie. “You wanted to duke it out. Let’s do it.” Moving toward each other and each taking a deep breath, they began slugging away fast and furiously. It was as good as any barroom brawl you’ve ever seen. The women punched each other’s faces, tits and bodies anywhere they could hit. It was non-stop slugging as neither bothered with any defense. They just wanted to hit each other. On and on they poured their energy out, until there was barely any left. Finally just holding in a fighter’s stance, they were too tired to throw another punch. Still they waved their fists at each other for several minutes, pretending to have the strength to continue. But then they each sensed they were done. Their hands dropped down as they leaned on them against their knees.

“You’re lucky I’m too tired to finish you bitch.” sneered the woman. “Uh huh.” clucked Natalie. “I think you’re the lucky one.” They panted and rested for several more minutes. Neither could take their eyes off the other. Natalie was thrilled by this first fight in years. She had loved every minute. She was indeed lucky to find someone so closely her match and so willing to mix it up for no real reason. Neither made any move to get dressed or leave the room. But eventually they did back away against opposite walls, leaning and resting while still watching each other. “So what, it’s a draw?” questioned Natalie. Another few silent moments went by. “Well, you could stay the night and we could finish it in a few hours or in the morning.” said the woman. “We can’t leave it like this.” Natalie smiled and felt a rush of excitement run through her once again at the thought. “No, we can’t,” she said. “Show me the spare bed or the couch and I’ll be here when you’re rested and ready.” “No spare and not much furniture. I just moved in a few days ago.” she replied. “There’s only one bed.” A long stare between the women sealed the deal. “Come on,” motioned the woman turning toward the bedroom. “I think we know each other well enough now.” And they followed each other toward, what promised to be a very unusual night.

Natalie watched the naked woman plop on the bed in front of her. Her body was red, bruised and scratched. Quickly she lay back and slipped under the sheets. Natalie cautiously moved to the bed and sat with her back to the other woman. She felt the extreme tiredness washing over her. As she rubbed her sore muscles, moved back and pulled the covers over her while watching her bed companion cautiously. The women eyed each other for several minutes. Becoming satisfied that neither wanted do to anything but sleep, they slipped silently off into dreamland.

It seemed only a few seconds until Natalie felt pain and her head being pulled back strongly by the hair. What kind of perverse reality dream was she having? She felt trapped. She felt a pressure around her hips and legs. Her head and neck were hurting. By reflex she reached out with both hands, searching to discover, to release herself. It was very dark. Her hands felt soft fabric and then soft, warm flesh. She felt a face and then soft hair. She clutched at it and began to pull and jerk it. She was still groggy and had no idea what time it was. The other woman’s leg was hooked around hers. She moved toward her and they tangled their legs like two snakes. The women lay facing each other in a fighting embrace. They felt the pain of their hairpulling and heard the sounds of their heavy breathing. Each grunted and jerked her opponent’s hair.

The bed was very warm and before long the two were sweating from laying and struggling against each other. For many long minutes they pulled hair and tried to slam a knee into soft flesh. The hot and sweaty contact was making Natalie’s pussy wet. She clamped her legs harder and rubbed herself against the other woman’s thigh. The harder she humped her leg, the harder she pulled her hair. She could tell the other woman was becoming excited too. On into the night they fought right in the middle of the bed. In a while the sheets were soaked with sweat and their legs were covered in each others pussy juices. As each woman came, she cried out and pulled her opponent’s head wantonly. The two relaxed as the warm and tingly sensation washed over them. Still they held onto each other and drifted off to sleep once again.

The next time Natalie woke she squinted as the sun washed in through the crack in the window shade by the bed. She groaned as she rolled over, slid her legs over the edge of the mattress and gingerly sat on the edge. She brushed back her hopelessly tangled hair and rose to walk to the bathroom. When she returned she saw that the other woman was getting up. They passed on the way to/from the bathroom and Natalie surveyed the tangled sheets on the bed. She had no idea where her clothes were. Fortunately it was warm in the apartment. But the hard wood floor was cold on her feet.

When she came out of the bathroom the two eyed each other, stretching and yawning and trying hopelessly to preen their hair. Natalie looked at the scratches, bruises and marks on both of them. She remembered scratching and punching and wrestling with this woman after confronting her at the club. Her nipples were hardening at the memory of their fighting all evening. She remembered how the woman had invited her to stay and finish it after they had rested. She began to breath harder remembering how hard they came last night while fighting in bed. Her nipples were rock hard and her face flushed as she stared at the other woman.

She saw the faint smile and the inviting motion of her hands. “Come on, let’s go”, she softly said. Natalie needed no other invitation. She thrilled with nervous excitement as they slowly advanced on each other. She savored the familiar feeling that always came right before a fight. The two got into each other’s faces and felt their breasts rub one another. They pushed their weight into each other. They smelled each other’s morning breath in their faces. Uhhhhg! She slammed her fists into the other woman’s rib cage. The women stood and exchanged punches, slowly building with intensity. They danced around while punching harder and harder. Then Natalie grabbed hair and started scratching the woman’s scalp. They lunged and clutched at each other, scratching and biting savagely. Like two animals they mauled each other. Caution and decorum were long gone. They emitted guttural sounds as they tangled and fell to the floor in a tightly balled heap.

Natalie’s pussy was heating up again as they went at each other with abandon. Slowly they rolled over and over. They put their hands around each other’s necks and strangled as they went. When she rolled to the top, Natalie slammed her knees into the woman’s thighs and pussy. Screaming, she was toppled and found herself struggling under a barrage of punches and a hand scratching savagely at her breast. They were two bitches in heat; the heat and lust of a catfight. They growled at each other and slugged away. Thrashing wildly, Natalie punched and kicked and the two women separated on the floor.

They quickly turned and crawled toward each other, eager fists at the ready. Both were loading up in anticipation of a brutal and decisive blow. Uuuuujmmmmm, aaaahhhhgggg, they both launched a punch with all their might. Through simple luck, it was Natalie’s that landed flush, while the other missed by only a small margin and glanced off her cheekbone. The woman went down heavily on the floor and laid motionless.

Natalie slumped on her knees and panted to catch her breath. She surveyed her knocked out and naked opponent with extreme satisfaction. “Oh my god”, she thought. “That was so good. That was what I missed”. What a perfect opponent she was. “I still don’t know her name”, Natalie mused. “But I know we will fight again”. Feeling tired and sore, but also warm and satisfied, Natalie found her clothes on the floor and tried to make herself as presentable as she could. Of course, she went out to go clubbing. So she felt a little weird in the little black, short, sleeveless dress. But she held her head high as she left to find her car and drive home. Looking at the clock, she was surprised to find it was 11:15am. She smiled. It had been a very good night and morning.

She was ravenous so she stopped on the way at a take out place for some breakfast. Then it was home for a hot bath and some sleep. Good thing it was Sunday and she had no commitments. She slept straight through until evening. Then after dinner and and some prep for her classes, she slept like a baby.

The following morning at school, she walked the halls with a pleased look on her face. Her students were relatively well behaved that morning. She was getting through the material. But she had to make a conscious effort to concentrate. Her thoughts kept running back to her weekend battle. When she took a break to let the students work on a written exercise, she day dreamed about the weekend. She remembered the sounds of fists hitting flesh, the rough feel of the hard wood floor as they wrestled, the look of her naked opponent advancing to fight with her with fists raised, tangled hair and bruised and scratched skin. Natalie was unconsciously squeezing her thighs together and clinching her fists at her desk. She flushed as she snapped back to the moment and realized her panties were damp. Good thing she was wearing a dress.

The day went routinely until lunch. In the cafeteria she fell in behind another first year teacher, Ellen Clarkson. As they shuffled through the food line, Natalie stared at Ellen’s firm, shapely ass. She imagined her fingers wrapped in her long blonde hair. She could picture they two of them wrapped tightly together and rolling through their spilled lunch on the floor. By the time they were at the checkout she was almost overcome. Unable to control herself, Natalie bumped Ellen from behind causing her to spill her drink on the tray she was carrying. “Oh my! Did I do that?”, Natalie pretended genuine concern. After a harsh look Ellen replied, “It’s OK. Don’t worry about it”. Their eyes lingered a bit too long before parting to separate seats. “I’ve got to get control of myself”, Natalie lectured herself. “Trouble is, I’m not sure I want to”, she smiled faintly.

After the bell to start afternoon classes, she spotted one of the girls she had seen in the fight outside last week. She was sure of it. She made a mental note of which class she was in. Then after school, knowing where the girl would be for the final period, she waited in a position to watch her.

The girl walked along with her friends toward the back exit after ditching some stuff at her wall locker. They approached another group of girls at the end of the hallway. The two groups slowed as they approached and they parted like the Red Sea with two girls together in the middle. These two, whom Natalie recognized as the fighting girls from last week, stood close, stared and said nothing. It was obvious that there was still bad blood between them. Just when it looked things would get really interesting, a group of teachers came up the hallway. The two groups noticed them immediately and rushed to take their respective member by the arm and lead her away in opposite directions. “Fuck”, Natalie thought herself. She didn’t know if the two would have gone at it right there. But there would have been some entertainment for sure.

There was more day dreaming in the afternoon. By the time school was over Natalie was totally distracted and running for her car. After slamming the door, she pulled up her dress and rubbed her wet pussy through her sheer panties. “Ahhhhhhhhmmmmm”, she savored the pleasure for a few minutes. “I’ve got to find someone else”, she told herself. “I can’t stop now that I’ve rediscovered myself”. She knew she had to be extremely careful. But she also loved to fight and rubbed herself to a screaming orgasm while thinking about rolling around on the floor and exchanging punches with Ellen Clarkson.

Natalie pulled herself together and started the car. As she was leaving the parking lot, she had an idea. Turning left, she drove toward the back of the school and the practice athletic field. She passed through the long parking lot and turned onto the dirt road which ran along the ridge overlooking the field. Slowly she moved along the ridge and looked out over the lush, green field. A few football players were taking some extra practice time in the hot, late afternoon sun. The place was mostly deserted. That’s why the couple of students rushing along at the far end of the property caught her eye.

They were running off into the wood line like they were going to a fire. There was absolutely nothing back there as far as Natalie knew. She continued slowly down the hard dirt road, eventually running into the grass at the extreme far end of the ridge. There was just enough room to pull into a very small clearing where she had a view down through the tree line. Below the ridge about 30 yards was a clearing where approximately 20 kids were forming a circle. And in the center of that circle were two girls.

“I knew it!”, thought Natalie. She recognized the two girls from school by their outfits. They were stumbling around in the middle of the crowd with a hold on each other. Presently she could see their arms whirling against each other as they slammed their fists into each other. The kids were watching and urging the fighters on. No one noticed her car way above the little clearing. She wished to be closer but had a fairly good view, considering.

The fistfight lasted for only a couple of minutes before the girls settled into a nasty catfight. They jerked each other’s hair, kicked each other and tore at their clothes. In just a few more minutes, their blouses had been torn away and they were scratching and tearing at their breasts and bras. The kids in the crowd cheered as the bras gave way and the two continued to catfight topless.

Natalie spread her legs, leaned back in the seat and rubbed her wet pussy. She remembered the times, not so long ago, that she was one of the fighters before a crowd of school kids. There were many times she could remember, as well as many other times that she fought in private. As she watched the girls in the field below, she remembered the rush of adrenalin, the release of raw emotion, the feel of another girl’s body struggling against hers and the feeling of tired satisfaction afterward whether she won or lost. She remembered how eagerly she came to seek out opponents; how she never backed down from a confrontation. She remembered spending weekends just looking for a fight. She remembered some of the boys fawning over her, but that wasn’t what turned her on. She didn’t do it because of them. It was just who she was. And now she could deny it no longer. Her fight last Saturday night had made it all so clear to her. She hadn’t felt so excited and alive in years. She missed it. She had no intention of forsaking it again. She like fighting and intended to keep on doing it. As she watched one of the girls in the field sit on the chest of the other, she heard the kids cheering. And she vowed to find some action in the next few days.

She drove straight home and took a long, hot shower. Watching TV that evening, she could not get the images of fighting out of her head. She pictured the news anchor and the weather girl wrestling in the floor. She imagined the two attractive women in the clothing store commercial dropping their bags and grabbing each other’s hair. She could see the two teenagers listening to their MP3 players getting up nose to nose and cursing each other. She saw the the two older women at the garden party discussing flowers and then putting up their fists and circling each other slowly. OMG! She jumped up from the chair and began pacing back and forth.

She grabbed her car keys on the table and ran out the front door, slamming it behind her. Wandering down through the main part of town, she found a parking place on the street where the commercial district melted away into economy housing. She looked up at the dirty little apartment building and saw a light on in the second story window. As she left the car and walked up the stairs she was becoming more excited and felt the butterflies in her stomach. But she was absolutely driven. There was no other choice. As she entered the building, she examined the mailbox for # 27. “Victoria Connor; so that’s her name!” As she tried to take deep, even breaths she knocked on the door for # 27.

Presently she heard the knob being turned and “Vicky” opened the door. Surprised at first, her expression quickly turned to stone. The two women stood and stared at each other for a minute or so. Vicky spoke first. “Well, if it isn’t the bitch from the bar. Trying to find some more trouble tonight, honey?” Natalie’s face was flushing. Her emotions and thoughts were racing She knew she had to be here, but now that she was she couldn’t bring herself to actually speak. They stared silently for another minute while looking each other up and down. Natalie had run out of the house wearing just a big old tee shirt and a very comfortable, baggy pair of shorts. Vicky had obviously been in the shower recently. Her head was still wrapped in a towel and she had on a loose, long sleeve blouse and a pair of stretchy cotton pants, suitable for lounging in.

Vicky understood in short order what Natalie wanted even though she couldn’t say it. She almost whispered, “Come on in, bitch”. She turned and walked into the big dining room with the bare hardwood floor. Natalie didn’t even remember closing the door, but they were quickly standing facing one another. There was more staring. Then Vicky unrolled the towel on her head and dropped it to one side. She shook her wet hair and began to unbutton her blouse. Natalie was now very glad she had given in to her impulses and began to pull off her tee shirt. Neither woman was wearing a bra. They continued to stare at each other. Their large breasts swayed a little as they bent slightly to push down their pants and shorts. Natalie stood there in only her white bikini panties. She watched as Vicky stepped out of her pants and wore only a very brief pair of lacy, violet panties.

The women smiled slightly at each other and began a very slow sliding around each other at a range of about 15 feet. Natalie was thrilled that, in just a few seconds, she would be fighting for the second time in a week. Both women’s nipples hardened as they advanced toward each other. Their bodies pushed together, mashing each other’s breasts as they pushed their noses into each other. Softly they spoke to each other. “Come on baby, you want some more don’t you”? said Vicki. Natalie could feel the other woman’s breath on her face. She replied in a whisper, “ Let’s do it, bitch. Just you and me. Just like Saturday night. As long as you want”.

They grabbed each other’s hair and pulled their heads back savagely. They leaned against each other and stumbled slightly around the middle of the large room. Thrusting their legs into each other, they pulled their heads hard in the effort to throw each other down. Now they wildly pumped up and down and staggered around while beginning to breath hard. Then, falling to the floor they rolled over and over in tight ball of fury. Resting on their sides, they pounded their fists against each other’s head and sides and back. Over and over they slugged each other. After a minute or so, Natalie brought up her kneed into Vicky’s cunt. Whummpppfff! Ohhh fuck!, that felt so good to her.

Vicky was enraged and began scratching at Natalie’s back and rolling her over. The two women wrestled and scratched and punched and clutched at each other as if in a video stuck in “fast-forward”. They brawled in a wild and uninhibited lust for violence. Natalie loved the raw emotion, the feel of their bodies struggling, the sensation of hitting and being hit, the sound of their bodies rolling and wrestling on the hard floor. The floor was wet from Vicky’s wet hair. As they rolled over, Natalie reached down and clawed Vicky’s pussy through her cotton panties. Vicky screamed, “You fucking cunt! Come on, if that’s the way you want it”. She clamped her fingers around Natalie’s pussy and dug her nails in as hard as she could. The women yelled at scratched and bucked against each other’s hold. They lay in the floor with their legs entwined and clawed at each other’s pussies until they ripped their panties away. They began pounding their fists against their cunts in well aimed punches. “Uhhhhgggg!”, “Aggggghhhhhhh!, “fuck!”, “bitch!”, “whore!”, they yelled and screamed and swore at each other.

Finally letting go out of self preservation, they rolled to their knees. They looked a complete mess. Slowly they inched their sweaty, scratched and bruised bodies toward each other. They locked their hands in their hair again and pulled and ground their bodies tightly against each other. Natalie felt their hard, sensitive nipples dragging against each other. She moaned at the pleasurable sensation of, not only the friction on her nipples but feel of pulling so very hard on Vicky’s hair and hearing her moan in pain.

The women moaned and groaned as they fought on their knees. “Uhhhhhnn!” exclaimed Natalie as she slammed her fist against the side of Vicky’s head. Then they both exchanged punches at their heads as they held onto hair with the other hand. On and on they went, punching and pulling hair with their sweaty tits pressing and squirming together. Natalie’s pussy was getting wet. She loved fighting with this woman. She bumped her pussy against Vicky as they slugged each other. Vicky moaned and bumped herself back into Natalie. For five full minutes they punched, pulled hair, wrestled their tits and bumped their pussies into each other.

Natalie punched harder and harder. “Oh fuck!”, her orgasm was building. The rich sensations of the wanton struggle were overwhelming her. “Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhgggggggg!, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee!”, her pussy gushed and spasmed as she kept flailing away at Vicky. Finally they fell over in a heap, still clutching each other tightly and panting and occasionally jerking their hair. Natalie clamped her sticky wet thighs around Vicky and humped her leg as the sensations of her orgasm faded away. “You fucking dirty whore”, said Vicky. “Let’s pussy fight”. “Ummmmm!” was all Natalie could say as she shifted and parted her legs. The women locked up their pussy lips against each other and started bumping themselves in a quick rhythm. “Come on you little dirty bitch. My pussy will destroy yours!”, moaned Vicky. “I’m going to fuck you into submission”, answered Natalie. “Come on, bring it. That’s it cunt!”, cried Vicky as she felt their wet pussies spat together. Their humping increased in speed and intensity. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh”, they women cried out as they approached the point of no return. Then they screamed and pushed themselves into each other as Natalie came for the second time and Vicky for the first that night. After several seconds of moaning and rubbing together, they slumped on their butts and tried to catch their breath.

The End

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  1. Blurred says:

    Really amazing. The story is so erotic and fascinating.

  2. Herb says:

    Nicely done piece of work. Too bad this kind of sincerely erotic writing has to be hidden and forbidden light and clarity.


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