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Sometime after turning 11, I came to appreciate the beauty of my neighbor Mona Thompson. She was my best friend Tommy’s mom, and I always considered her like a second mother myself. I never noticed how sexy she was, at least not until my hormones began kicking in. Then I saw Mona in a different light, as an attractive, sexually stimulating woman as well as a strong, protective mother figure. I had heard other men talk about Mona’s good looks. Once, when my mom wasn’t around, my dad commented that she was the finest looking woman in our apartment built.

I did not understand at the time what was so sexy about Mona. She was a large woman, though not fat. Rather Mona had a powerful looking body, with strong arms and thick, toned legs. When I hit puberty, I began to see the pleasing qualities of her physique. She had a narrow waist, a round, firm butt, and her legs were solid, but shapely. Mona’s hair was long and dark, her eyes were blue and she had a pretty face. The clincher for Mona was her tits. She had the biggest rack I knew of and her tits were round and full, they didn’t sag like most big-breasted 40 year olds.

Anyways, I really liked Mona, as did most people. About the only one I knew who didn’t like Mona was another neighbor named Phyllis McGee. Phyllis didn’t like many people. She was just a mean bitter woman, who reveled in trouble. Her son Jerry was mine and Tommy’s age and he loved causing trouble as well. Tommy and I were talking with Jerry in the hallway, when Mona came home from work. She spoke to Tommy and me for a few minutes and then went into her apartment.

“Boy it’s a good thing my mom didn’t come out. “Jerry said.

“And why is that? “I asked. I should have known better than prodding Jerry on, but his off the wall comment had me curious.

“She doesn’t like Tommy’s mom.”

“So what?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, what is your mom going to say the Mrs. Thompson?” I asked. “I’ll tell you what- absolutely nothing.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means his mom would stomp your mom like a bug. She wouldn’t need much incentive either, since she already says that your mother’s a nosey troublemaker.”

One thing led to another and we got into noisy debate. Phyllis heard us arguing and came outside. Instead of being mature and responsible and trying to diffuse the situation, she jumped into the middle of it, swearing she wasn’t scared of Tommy’s big cow of a mom. Of course, we goaded her on by saying how badly Mona would whip her. Things went on like that until Mona heard the argument. She came out and tried to be the peacemaker, but Phyllis wasn’t having it. She was much to riled up to be reasonable.  

“Just what have you been telling these kids?” Phyllis asked. 

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You told them you could kick my ass.” 

“I never told them any such thing. Not that I had to, after all they do have brains so why state the obvious.” Mona was cool and worry free, reassured by her size advantage over her puny neighbor. At 5’ 11 and 160 lbs, she was 8 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier than her blonde headed neighbor. She had nothing to fear. Only by noticing her breasts heaving excitedly could you tell she was getting agitated. 

“Real funny, bitch. Someone needs to take you down a couple of pegs.” 

“And I suppose you think you’re the one.” 

“Why not!”  She dove into Mona. I’m not for sure she if she was trying to tackle her or what, but it was clear, tackling Mona was like tackling a brick wall. Without budging, she slung Phyllis onto the floor. Each time Phyllis got up Mona would toss her back down. Mona was having fun at the expense of Phyllis’s pride. 

“Phyllis, you need to stay on the floor until you calm down. I really don’t want to hurt you.” Phyllis kept charging Mona though, without any intention of calming down. It wasn’t until Phyllis slapped one of Mona’s tits with a lucky uppercut, did the statuesque beauty get mad. She reared back and slapped Phyllis in the face. It was a real awkward, feminine looking slap, but it had some real force behind it, sending her neighbor flying. Mona picked the woman up by the collar and carried her to her apartment. Grabbing hold of her pant waist, she lifted Phyllis up off the floor and tossed her inside. 

“Now don’t come out until you cool off.” Phyllis scrambled to her feet. She rushed forward like she was going to attack Mona then stopped at the doorway and slammed the door shut. We could hear her lock it. Just like that the fight was over. I turn to Jerry, prepared to rub it in, but stopped myself. He looked like he was about to cry. I decided that him seeing his mother get totally humiliated was enough, so I kept mouth shut. Tommy and I left him in the hall, as we followed Mona inside. 

“Way to go mom.” Said Tommy. 

“Yeah Mrs. Thompson,” I said, “you sure showed her.” 

“Listen boys.” Mona said. “What I just did was wrong. I’m afraid I’m sitting a bad example for you two and I’m so embarrassed about what I just did. 

“But she really deserved it.” I said. 

“That she did,” Mona said with a quick smile, then she got serious again, “even so I should not have lost my temper like that.” Mona told us to go play while she went to take a bath and cool off. 

We were too distracted to play. Tommy was busting with pride and very chatty, while I was extremely turned on and too unfocused to keep up with a conversation, so I went next door to my apartment. Shutting the door to my bedroom, I sat on the bed, replaying the fight over and over again. 

Dreamy with arousal, I kept envisioning Mona’s powerful body in the fight, especially how her plump breasts jiggled in the fray. In just a few seconds of fighting, Mona had skyrocketed into first place on my list of sex symbols. I had only recently discovered the art of masturbation, but I masturbated like an old pro as I replayed the fight over and over again in my head. It was a such a short fight, so I added different aspects to it, like I pictured Mona crushing Phyllis in a head lock or smashing her to the floor with a body slam. 

Later on that evening, as I lay on the bed still dreaming of Mona, the phone rang. I answered it and an excited Tommy was on the other end. 

“Get over here quick. Phyllis’s sister-in-law is over here and Mom’s about to beat her up.”  

I stepped out in the hallway right away and saw the confrontation. Phyllis’s sister-in-law Karen was in Mona’s face- or rather her tits. She was stockier, but just as short as Phyllis, who was standing safely behind her. Mona had already gotten ready for bed and had on her flannel housecoat and fluffy house shoes. Nonetheless she was not about to back down from Karen. The greasy haired blonde ranted about family honor and demanded an apology. Mona declined, instructing the woman to turn around and leave. 

The two women went back and forth like this for a minute or so, then Karen escalated the situation. As she spoke, should began poking one of Mona’s big tits with her finger. Appalled at having her massive melon prodded, the dark-haired Amazon slapped the hand away. Karen was enraged, reaching up she retaliated by slapping Mona’s cheek. Big woman was shocked. She couldn’t believe that Karen would be so stupid as to strike her. 

“Bitch!” It was the first time I had heard Mona cuss. She slapped wildly at Karen looking to knock her nasty head off, but struck only air. Karen was too crafty. She ducked and then thrust her hand out, slapping Mona again. Her cheek red from pain and anger, the powerful beauty lunged forward, pushing Karen into the wall. The blond came back strong, clenching her fists she swung at Mona’s head, but the bigger woman blocked each blow before grabbing her wrist and flinging her backwards. Karen was unrelenting and obviously tougher than her sister-in-law. Despite her efforts though, Mona was too big and too strong. The shapely Amazon kept tossing her around. 

In the struggle, Mona’s robe came open. Tommy did not want to see his mom so exposed and with the fight in hand, went inside his apartment. I, on the other hand, was very aroused by the sight of her scantily clad body.

Mona’s bra was barely able to contain the enormous tits that were bouncing up and down in the wild struggle. Her firm thighs flexed and her calves bulged as she pushed her foe around. It was exciting to watch Mona’s powerful figure as she dominated her inferior opponent. As the battle intensified Karen showed no signs of giving up and I could not believe the woman stubbornness. Despite Mona’s imposing size and strength, Karen persisted in the assault. 

“Don’t you know when to quit.” Mona said as she slammed Karen against the wall. The big woman was getting frustrated by her inability to finish the little bitch. She tried to punch her foe, confident that a few strong blows would end the fight. Unfortunately, she missed time and again. Mona was no boxer but she knew she could at least physically control Karen indefinitely. 

As she waited for Karen to regroup and charge again, Mona realize her robe was wide open, exposing her shapely body before me. In an act of modesty, she reached behind her back to retrieve the dangling belt. Keeping a careful watch on Karen, she did not notice Phyllis. The nasty neighbor knew Karen needed help to win and had been waiting for the right opportunity to intercede in the fray. Other than her breasts, the only soft area on Mona’s firm body was her belly. I wouldn’t say she had a big gut, but Mona had lost her 6 pack years ago. She left her midsection exposed while she fumbled for the belt. Targeting her tummy, Phyllis punched with all her might, her fist penetrating deep into the soft flesh. Mona looked stunned as her full lips dropped open wide. She was already a little winded, but now she was gasping for breath. 

Now Phyllis and Karen joined forces double teaming the beautiful Mona, pounding away at her curvaceous physique. A combination of fear and pain showed on the big woman’s face as she unsuccessfully tried to defend against four fists pelting her body. The dark-haired Amazon showed her toughness by absorbing some hard blows. She kept pushing the women aside, even sending one crashing into the other. I got worried after Phyllis’s sneak attack, as it looked like she had really hurt Mona. But then the resilient Mona began manhandling them both together, while I giggled in delight. 

Mona was taking a lot of abuse though, unable to protect yourself when being hit from two sides. Still I did not think Mona was in trouble, that is until Karen saw her with her feet spread wide. While Phyllis distracted her, Karen kicked hard between Mona’s powerful thighs. Her foot struck pay dirt. Mona’s beautiful blue eyes rolled up in her head as her hands dropped between her firm thighs. Mona’s legs of iron began to wobble and with her hands down she was now defenseless. The duo bombarded Mona’s full body with everything they had, but Mona held tough. Still, like lumberjacks trying to fell a mighty redwood, it was not a matter of if she would fall but when. My stomach felt sick as I watched Mona being beaten. I knew she couldn’t beat them both. 

“That’s not fair!” I cried. “You can’t fight two against one.”
 Mona gave me a pitiful look of agreement. Her earlier look of confidence having been replaced by a desperate look of fear. The two foul sisters just laughed, continuing the assault. They punched and kicked the beautiful woman, who stumbled towards her door in a desperate attempt to flee. Phyllis stopped her by seizing her robe and dragging away from safety. As the big woman struggled futilely, her robe was ripped away, leaving her even more exposed and vulnerable. 

I knew I should run for help, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mona’s body. The fight was so strangely arousing; I didn’t want it to end. 

Karen grabbed Mona’s belt and wrapped it around the raven haired beauty’s neck, slinging her around the hallway. Phyllis thought it looked funny, laughing as Mona choked helplessly from the restraint. As Karen held her upright, Phyllis viciously, ripped Mona’s bra off, the large tits jiggling wildly as they burst free. Then she yanked her panties down, exposing Mona’s clean shaven crotch and big, shapely butt. I’m not for sure if she did it for her own sadistic pleasure or to humiliate Mona even more, but I couldn’t help appreciate Phyllis’s actions. Later on I felt a twinge of guilt for enjoying Mona’s nude beat down, but at that moment I felt nothing but pure excitement watching her body wiggling and struggling desperately.

I had never seen a stark-naked female before and I took perverse pleasure in watching Mona’s gorgeous body struggle in the fight. Phyllis began attacking Mona’s defenseless body. I enjoyed watching Phyllis’s fist sinking into Mona’s swollen breast and then watch it bounce helplessly.

My sexy neighbor let out feeble grunts as her voluptuous melons were pulverized, then she shrieked as Phyllis raked her beautifully formed breast with her nails, leaving four long scratches on the flawless skin. Phyllis didn’t just abuse her breasts, she also pounded the rest of her as well. Mona’s dazzling body glistened sexily as the fists smacked against her shapely flesh. The blonde pounded her belly, her fists sinking in deeper with each blow. Mona gasped and moaned with each blow.

Finally, Karen released the belt and Mona staggered a few feet before she tripped and fell to her knees. Now that they had her at their own level, the duo really lit into Mona. They pummeled Mona’s pretty face, who was powerless to stop punches coming at her from all sides. Dazed and reeling, Mona fell forward onto her hands. This left her in an even more vulnerable position, as her hefty breasts dangled enticingly beneath her chest. From opposite sides, Karen and Phyllis kicked each breast and the big woman collapsed onto the floor writhing in pain. Karen kicked her in the stomach and Mona curled up in a ball gasping for breath as tears began streaming down her cheeks.

I’m not sure why I was so surprised that Mona was crying. She had taken a severe beating. But Mona had always seen like such a strong woman and I had never seen her shed a tear before. 

“That’s enough…” Mona whimpered, “Please… I can’t take anymore.”

“You can take a whole lot more bitch,” Phyllis laughed,

“And you will take a whole lot more.”

Phyllis and Karen began to kick poor Mona in the breasts, their toes digging deep into the soft, vulnerable flesh. Mona tried to shield her breasts with her hands, but there was too much breast to cover. They landed kick after kick as Mona began sobbing loudly. 

“Ok, that’s enough.” Karen grabbed Phyllis. “The bitch is making too much noise.”

“Fine,” Phyllis said. She knelt down and pulled Mona’s head up by her hair. The blood dripped from her nose and swollen lips. “I hope you learned your lesson, you fat skank. Talk trash again and we will fuck you up worse next time.” 

They left, but not before taking her robe and underwear as trophies. Mona lay there sobbing, too weak to get up. I knew I needed to help her, but I hesitated for a moment, as I tried to make a mental image of Mona’s nude body in front of me. For a brief moment, I even contemplated looking for a camera when Mona began struggling to get up. She collapsed back onto her battered breasts. 

”Here let me help you, Mrs. Thompson,” I said, as I grabbed an arm and, after much effort on both of our part, I helped her to her feet. She was way too heavy for me to carry, but I let her use me as a crutch. We made it into her apartment and into the bathroom. Tommy’s bedroom door was shut.

Later, I found out he had heard his mom crying and not knowing what else to do, had fled to his room. 
I didn’t see much of Mona the next couple of days. When I did see her, she was wearing heavy makeup and sunglasses. Normally, she very friendly and warm towards me, but she barely spoke to me for months. Eventually, Tommy and I became close again, but I think I always reminded him of the time his mom was beat up. 

The End

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