Network Rivalry by Celeb Fight Lover

A.J. Cook was walking down the hot streets of Los Angeles, on her way to meet her family for a late lunch, it is about 2 in the afternoon, when all of a sudden, she bumps into another actress, Stana Katic, who works for a rival network, the two women glare at one another, A.J. and Stana have been rivals since their tv shows have taken off, A.J. is wearing a denim jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, and black dress pants with black high heels, Stana is wearing a red t-shirt, green pants and also black high heels.

“What the fuck do you want bitch?” Stana asks

“Nothing from you whore, I’m on my way to meet my family, go fuck yourself” A.J. replies.
Stana clenches her hand into a fist and clenches her teeth , and AJ does the same, the two have never physically fought, but the last time they met, they came very close to blows in a restroom during an awards show. The two of them know that they are going to fight today, and they are looking forward to it.

“Call your husband slut, we’re going to settle this.” Stana says through clenched teeth.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world to smash your face in cunt.” A.J. replies
A.J. pulls out her phone,and she dials her husbands number, and it starts to ring, and it is picked up after 3 rings.

“Hello?” Nathan answers.

“Sorry dear, an important meeting came up that I need to attend, I’m really sorry” A.J. says.

“It’s ok, we’ll do lunch another time, see you at home.” Nathan replies.

“Great, love you, see you at home” A.J. says.

“Bye” Nathan replies as he hangs up.
A.J. puts her phone away.

“Where are we doing this cunt?” A.J. asks.

“There’s a hotel right over there, we’re gonna get a room, and we’re gonna fight this out.” Stana replies

“Fine with me whore, but i need to be home by 4.” A.J. says.

“Fine, we’ll set our watch alarms, more than enough time to kick your skanky ass.” Stana sneers at A.J.

Not likely whore.” A.J. Sneers back.
A.J. and Stana set their watch alarms for 4 pm, then they walk over to the hotel, and the enter the receptionist office through the main door, and Stana walks up to the front desk.

“Hi, we need a room, we’re actresses, and we need a quiet place to rehearse our lines for a few hours.” Stana says.

“That will be 60 dollars please.” The receptionist says in a bored tone.
Stana looks at A.J.

“Gonna make me pay all of it, or are you gonna help out?” Stana snidely says as she slaps 3 10’s onto the counter, as the receptionist looks up in mild curiosity.

“Bitch.” A.J. mutters under her breath, but both Stana and the receptionist hear and Stana clenches her teeth and fist, the receptionist looks interested now as AJ also slaps 3 10’s down as Stana and A.J. are now openly glaring at eachother. The receptionist places the key on the desk, pocketing a copy of said key.

“Here you go ladies.” The receptionist replies pleasantly
Stana grabs the key, and the two rivals exit the office, and Stana goes and unlocked the door, and the two women enter the door, slamming the door, and immediately slamming into eachother gripping two handfuls of hair, and screaming obscenities as they try to pull the other’s hair out. They stumble, and fall to the floor, in a tangle of limbs as they continue to pull hair, their cheeks pressed together, still screaming obscenities.

“I’m gonna fucking kick your skinny ass whore!” Stana screams in A.J.’s ear.

“Fuck you whore, I will beat your slutty ass black and blue!” A.J. screams back.
The two women break apart and roll away and stumble up panting, their hair is disheveled. A.J. tears her jacket off of her shoulders, and she violently hurls it to the side, then pulls her shirt up over her head, and she tosses it behind her, revealing her breasts bulging in a black satin bra, and Stana pulls her shirt off as well, tossing it to the side, revealing her firm breasts in a jade see through bra, then they take their bras off at the same time revealing their firm 34 b cup breasts.

“Come and get me you brunette slut!” A.J. screams

“Blond whore!” Stana screams back
Both women hurl their bras at one another as they scream in rage and charge together, their tits slapping together, both women grunting as they feel their nipples stabbing together, tears coming to their eyes. They once again grab hair and begin tugging, stumbling topless around the room.

“Cock sucking whore.” A.J. Hisses

“Eat shit skank.” Stana hisses back.
A.J. spits in Stana’s face, and Stana gasps as saliva slaps into her cheeks, eye, and on her lips, and her eyes fill with absolute hatred, and she spits back into A.J.s face, A.J. also gasping as saliva hits her as well, hitting her cheek, mouth, nose and eye, and she and Stana are glaring in hatred, but they also feel a simmer of something else as well…..lust. The two women slam into the wall, cracking the plaster, as their hatred soars to new levels, struggling against each other violently.  Stana pushes them off of the wall, and the two women begin to struggle in the middle of the room, grunting and cursing each other out.

“I’m better than you in every way slut!” Stana hisses into A.J.’s ear.

“Fuck you whore, you’re fucking high, I’m better!” A.J. Hisses back.
The two women suddenly, and roughly shove each other away, and Stana crashes into the nightstand by the bed, knocking the lamp over onto the floor, and the bulb cracks, while A.J. Crashes into a wall, and knocks a framed generic photo of a plant down, and the glass frame cracks and splinters as it hits the floor.  The two women look into each others eyes, glaring in hatred, panting for breath, noticing each others nipples are rock hard, and their bodies are covered in sweat from the non stop fighting, and they glare at each others similar breasts, shiny and slick with sweat, and while still glaring hatred into Stana’s Green eyes, while Stana glares back into her blue eyes, A.J. Immediately and violent shoves her pants and panties to the floor, and kicks them to the side, revealing her pussy, with a patch of blond pubic hair trimmed, where they slap into the wall to the side, and Stana immediately does the same, and she also kicks her pants off, revealing a patch of trimmed of pubic hair to the side where they land on A.J.’s, and both women stand there, completely naked, save for their black high heels.  They stand starting at each others naked bodies for a few moments, then they kick of their heels, and now, the two actresses are standing there, totally naked.

“You wanna back down you blond slut?” Stana says with a sneer on her pink lips.

“Not a fucking chance brunette whore, I am gonna kick your dumb whore ass.

Stana and AJ grunt as they crash together once again, their full naked bodies slaping together, and they wrap their arms around each other in a bearhug, their breasts squashed together, and the two begin to stumble around the room as they try to throw the other off balance, and Stana’s foot hit the edge of the bed, and both women fall, bounce off of the mattress, and they land on the hardwood floor, and they immediately begin to roll around on the floor, fighting for control.

“Give up you fucking blond dyke whore.” Stana spits out at A.J., and since their heads are close, the tip of her tongue touches A.J.’s cheek, sending a pulsing feeling of lust down into A.J.s pussy.

“You give up you lesbian slut.” A.J. counters, purposefully licking Stana’s cheek, and Stana feels the same tingle of lust as A.J., and she looks into A.J.’s wild lust filled eyes, as A.J. stares into Stana’s equally lust filled eyes.

Both women remain staring into one another’s eyes, not moving, both in a lust filled shock at their actions, they moves their heads towards one another and stick their pink tongue’s out, and just as their tongue’s are about to touch, their watch alarms begin to beep, signalling that their time is up, and the two women just stare with tongues out, lust in their eyes for a few moments, until they break apart, and stumble up.

“Guess there’s no winner slut.” Stana glares at A.J.

“Guess not skank.” A.J. glares back.

“We’re gonna have to settle this” Stana steps closer to A.J. her voice lowering

“Guess we are” A.J. steps into Stana’s body, their breasts now touching.

“Anytime, anywhere whore” Stana leans her face closer to A.J.’s

“Husband is taking kids to zoo tomorrow, he’s gonna be gone for a couple hours, show up at my place at 2, we’ll fight and fight until we settle this” A.J. leans her face to Stana’s, their lips touching now.

“Your on whore” Stana moans out as their lips touch.

“Slut.” A.J. moans in response.
Neither woman can take it anymore, and they throw their arms around each other, and they lock their lips together and begin to furiously make out, they begin to slap eachother’s skins as they make out, and this last 30 seconds, then they break their lip lock apart in a spray of spit.

“See you tomorrow whore” Stana gasps out, trying to catch her breath.

“See you then bitch.” A.J. gasps, also trying to catch her breath.
Both women then dress, and leave the room, and head their oppsite directions, both knowing that their next encounter would be hard, and very erotic.

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