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New Girl by JB57

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Part I

Teresa Carlton pulled into the parking spot that was reserved for apartment 206, her apartment in the Delta Dawn building complex. The brunette beauty sighed deeply. It had been a long drive from her home in Oregon. She had overnighted at a motel four hours outside the city, then gotten up early that morning to complete the drive. She had finally arrived in Los Angeles, ready to begin her first year of studies at UCLA. She had signed up for an eclectic first year program. She was still undecided on what area she wanted to major in, but she figured that the first year was an opportunity to explore new areas and make up her mind from there. Teresa climbed out of her yellow Volkswagen beetle, a graduation gift from her parents, and began unpacking the car. She pulled two suitcases, a substantial knapsack, and numerous tied bags out of the back seat and the car’s small trunk. Her furniture had arrived the day before but it would be up to her to set everything up. She had arrived on a Friday and planned to spend the weekend getting things in order. Her classes started in a little more than a week and she wanted some time to settle in and get to know her new neighborhood.

She paused for a moment to admire the black and yellow Mustang occupying the parking spot next to her Volkswagen. Evidently, it belonged to her neighbor, the person in 207. Teresa hoped that he was a hunky young guy. While she had no particular desire for a boyfriend, she fully intended to indulge her sexual appetites. After spending the past year under Martha’s domination, Teresa was looking for an opportunity to cut loose. It was true that her sexual encounters were Martha were better than any other experience she had ever had, but being at the teacher’s beck and call, while exciting and infuriating, had also been incredibly frustrating. Teresa was an Alpha bitch and always would be. While other women might get off on being humiliated, she found it enraging, though she had to admit that the sexual thrill of being dominated added an element of hate and viciousness to her sexual encounters with the teacher that made them deliciously erotic.

She pushed Martha out of her head and marched up the walk and into the apartment block. The building was quite handsome, painted in a bright yellow, and it gave a sense of safety. The block was a series of four interconnected buildings forming a wall around an inner courtyard. The main entrance was through a locked gate under an arch facing the street. Teresa entered through the back, just off the parking lot. The building’s courtyard contained a very large swimming pool and was nicely landscaped with planters and California palm trees. Teresa’s parents were shelling out a substantial monthly cheque to help their daughter pay the rent at this place. The building catered to students, but most of them were either attending the university on prestigious scholarships or could rely on wealthy parents. Teresa was paying part of her rent, but her parents had been willing to help her out. The apartment was close to the university and was safe and secure.

Teresa rang the buzzer to the super’s apartment. The super was a mature woman in her early 50s. She was very pretty and busty, a stereotypical California blonde, named Carol. Carol helped Teresa carry her bags up to her apartment, on the second floor. The women walked out into the pool area and across the courtyard, then up a flight of stairs. Carol led Teresa through another access door then used her skeleton key to open the door to Teresa’s new apartment. The apartment was spacious and bright. It had a Western view in the front and looked out to the parking lot in the back. Palm trees swayed in the breeze outside the windows.

“I think that you’ll enjoy it here,” Carol said to her newest tenant. “There are lots of young women here and I think that we’ve created a nice little community in the Delta.”

“Are there lots of boys?” Teresa asked, as she looked around, frowning at the furniture scattered around the living room and kitchen area and the pile of boxes she would now have to unpack. At least the moving men had put her bed in the bedroom. It was a sturdy queensized construct and she intended to get a lot of use out of it.

“Oh, yes,” Carol laughed. “Lots of boys, too! You won’t have to worry about that!”

“Who is my neighbor, the guy who owns the black and yellow Mustang?” Teresa asked.

Carol smiled again. “Sorry, dear, that’s not a guy! That car belongs to Sarah Forbes. Lovely young woman. I’m sure you’ll get along well with her. She loves that car. I’m sure she’d be happy to give you a ride in it.”

Teresa frowned. She was disappointed that her neighbor was a girl. Teresa did not have a lot of women friends and really was not looking for any.

“Oh well,” she said to Carol. “I’ll introduce myself soon. In the meantime…” Teresa gestured to her unorganized apartment.

Carol took the hint. “If you need anything, Teresa, just give me a call. The number is by the phone.” The blonde super left, leaving Teresa behind in the jumble.

Teresa sighed and got down to the hard work of putting her life into order.

Teresa spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon moving furniture around, unpacking boxes, and settling in. Soon, despite the air conditioning, she started feeling hot. She stripped down to a barely-there bra and some short-shorts. Her bountiful breasts, her womanly pride and joys, bounced enthusiastically as she worked. After a few hours, she was reasonably well settled in, so she decided to take a nap. She lay down on her bed and was soon asleep.

A knock at the door woke Teresa. She glanced at her clock and saw that she had been sleeping for almost three hours. It was now late afternoon and she felt a touch of hunger.

Teresa hopped out of bed and looked around for her shirt. She could not find it immediately, but decided she did not need it. What she was wearing was no worse than a bikini. And if a man was knocking, Teresa did not mind giving him an eyeful. “I’m coming!” she called out.

Teresa opened the door, expecting it to be Carol. Instead, she found herself eye to eye with a tall, voluptuous blonde beauty. The women’s eyes locked and, for a moment, Teresa felt lost in the other woman’s blue gaze. At the same time, a powerful current of primal hostility ran between the two gorgeous women. It was sudden feeling, ferocious, overpowering, and utterly thrilling. Teresa’s eyes darted down to take in the blonde’s body. The woman before her was wearing a thin cotton shirt, tied below her impressive rack, and unbuttoned to expose her braless cleavage. The woman’s tanned breasts were spilling out of the garment. The blonde’s midriff was bare and smoothly tanned and muscled. Her hips stretched a short jean skirt and her long, powerful legs ended in cowboy boots.

The woman’s eyes explored Teresa’s impressive body with equal intensity. She seemed to like what she saw, but when her eyes met Teresa’s again, the women’s eyes locked. Teresa’s nipples tightened and her pussy moistened. She knew that she was in the presence of another Alpha bitch. Things had suddenly become a lot more interesting.

“Yes?” Teresa asked politely. Her body immediately, instinctively, filled the doorway, her arm on the door, her hand on her hip, her hip jutting out saucily and defiantly. She put her incredible body on full display for this blonde bitch. She was aware that she was almost naked and was glad. She thrust out her chest in challenge.

The blonde’s eyes were shining. She took on a predatory grin. She thrust her chest forward in response to the challenge, then offered her hand.

“Hi there,” the blonde said. “I’m Sarah Forbes. I’m your neighbor in 207.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re the person with that gorgeous Mustang,” Teresa said. She slipped her hand into Sarah’s. Both women shuddered as erotic electricity leaped between their bare flesh. They smiled at each other a bit wider. Teresa could see that Sarah’s nipples were almost bursting through her top; she could feel that her own nipples were putting on quite a display. The women shook hands, but did not release each other. Instead, they rubbed palms, slowly and sensuously, then slipped their fingers up to each other wrists, stroking. “I’m Teresa Carlton,” Teresa finally said.

“Pleased to meet you, Teresa,” the blonde woman replied. “Yes,” she continued, “It’s a great car.”

The women released each other’s hands, but the sexual tension between them continued to build. “I thought I’d come over and introduce myself,” Sarah continued. “I don’t want to take you away from your work, but if you need anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. My door is always open.”

“Thanks,” Teresa replied. She was conscious of the tension in her pussy and her tits. This beautiful blonde bitch had brought out all of her competitive desires and suddenly the idea of spending the night between this luscious woman’s thighs appealed to her more than anything in the world. “You know,” Teresa continued, “I was just going to order myself a pizza for dinner. Would you like to join me?”

Sarah laughed, but shook her head. “On any other night, I’d love to,” she replied. “But I have a friend visiting for the weekend who should be here anytime. I’ve already promised her we would spend tonight catching up.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Teresa smiled back. She tried to hide her disappointment. “Maybe sometime next week?”

“For sure,” Sarah smiled. “I’m really looking forward to it.” She turned to leave. “If I’m not available, don’t hesitate to ask Carol anything. She’s a great lady and really helpful.”

The blonde waved and turned on her heel. Teresa watched Sarah’s beautiful ass wiggle away from her down the hall. A moment later, the blonde disappeared behind her apartment door. Teresa closed her door gently, then leaned with her back against the door, feeling her body heat slowly return to normal. She swallowed back her frustration and smiled in anticipation. She knew that she had picked up all the right signals. The beautiful blonde cunt right next door was an Alpha bitch and there was no doubt that she wanted Teresa. It was just a matter of time before they got together and worked things out.

Teresa called in an order of pizza. As she waited, she found her shirt and slipped it back on. She sat on her couch and considered how to play her next meeting with Sarah. She preferred highly antagonistic relationships with other women. Her meeting with Sarah had, so far, been far too polite. She would need to get in the other woman’s face, to provoke and antagonize her, just to add a flavor of danger and hatred to their inevitable confrontation.

About 20 minutes later, the pizza delivery man knocked at Teresa’s door. She took her pizza, placed it on the kitchen counter, then returned to pay the delivery man. As she was doing this, a gorgeous, long-haired blonde woman walked down the hallway, checking out door numbers. The woman was wearing a cherry-red halter top and skintight, low cut jeans on her strong-looking legs. Her body was fantastic. Her massive tits bulged out of the tight top, her beautifully tanned, muscled belly rippled, her wide hips see-sawed as she moved. The woman had a knapsack slung over her shoulder. She glanced at Teresa’s door number. In doing so, her glance locked with Teresa’s. For a moment, Teresa felt the same intense arousal she had experienced with Sarah only a half hour before. This new blonde smiled at her, the same kind of knowing grin Sarah had shared with her. Teresa realized that this woman must be Sarah’s friend and she suddenly understood exactly what was going on.

As the delivery man departed, the blonde continued down the hall and knocked on Sarah’s door. A moment later, the door opened. As Teresa watched, the two blondes glared at each other, expressions of wild, animal hatred and untamed lust passing between them. Teresa felt her pussy gush with lubrication.

“Hello, Sarah,” the visitor murmured, the hostility in her voice plain to hear.

“Hello, Abby,” Sarah replied. The smug smile that she gave the other woman told Teresa exactly which of these two women had won their last encounter. “Come on in. I’ve been looking forward to your visit.”

Sarah stepped aside and the other woman entered her apartment, brushing by Sarah chest to chest. Teresa could see that the women’s nipples must have grazed each other and she saw Sarah close her eyes and bite her lip as a wave of pleasure rushed through her. Just before Sarah closed the door, she saw Teresa watching from the entrance to 206. The voluptuous blonde gave Teresa a small smirk, then firmly shut the door. Teresa heard the lock turn, the chain slip into place. Slowly, quietly, she shut her apartment door and braced her head against the door as she struggled to bring the raging heat in her body under control.

Teresa’s bedroom shared a wall with Sarah’s bedroom. Teresa went into the room with an empty glass and pressed the open end to the wall, her ear at the other end. She was not surprised when, ten minutes later, the sounds of hot, hungry, violent sex began to come from behind the wall. She heard the women’s gasps and cries, she smiled in delight as she heard the obscenities that they spewed at each other. Teresa lay back on her bed and slipped her hand inside her shorts to stroke her swelling clit as the two blonde beauties in the apartment next door fucked each other senseless in what was, clearly, a violent, erotic struggle for sexual domination.

Teresa spent most of the weekend in bed, her ear pressed up to her bedroom wall. She stripped herself naked and closed her eyes as she masturbated, her imagination decoding the sounds flowing from the neighboring apartment, her mind’s eye filled with the images of what Sarah and Abby were doing to each other. The women’s sexual battle lasted the entire weekend. The two blondes seemed to go at each other almost non-stop. Several times, Teresa was woken in the middle of the night by the sounds of renewed sexual warfare coming from the other apartment. It sounded to Teresa like the battling women almost never left Sarah’s bedroom, so Teresa stayed put herself, eavesdropping, fingering herself to one climax after another. She could not tell which of the two blondes was dominant. It sounded like they kept switching back and forth. But the screams and groans, the shrieks of ecstasy, the way Sarah’s bed rocked against the wall, spoke of a truly epic sexual confrontation. A few times, Teresa could not stifle her own erotic cries of satisfaction, but she did not care if the other women knew that they had another eager participant in their sexual showdown. Indeed, Teresa was certain that the women, especially Sarah, wanted her to hear. Teresa left her apartment only to get food. Otherwise, she stayed put.

Teresa woke on Monday morning to the sound of Sarah’s apartment door opening and closing. She hurried to her bedroom window and looked out at the parking lot. A few minutes later, she watched the beautiful blonde visitor, Abby, walk across the lot to the visitor’s parking area. She stopped at a nondescript car with out of state license plates. The blonde was walking gingerly, like her crotch was sore. Teresa smiled. From what she had heard, Abby should be very sore indeed. The blonde threw her knapsack into the trunk of her car. Just before she climbed into her vehicle, she paused to stare back at the building. Teresa ducked down, but Abby did not see her. Instead, the blonde’s eyes focused on the apartment next door. A smug smile played on her gorgeous face. Abby gave a little wave at whoever was watching, climbed into her car, and drove away.

Teresa smiled. She was more anxious than ever to get to know her gorgeous new neighbor.

Part II

Teresa did not see Sarah for the next two days, though she was on the lookout for the beautiful blonde. She noticed that Sarah’s car was gone a few times, so the other woman was going out and doing things, but Teresa just kept missing her. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, Teresa ran into her neighbor again. Teresa was coming back from picking up some school supplies. She was walking through the pool area of the courtyard. She had not tried out the pool yet but intended to visit it before the end of the week. Her plans changed when she saw Sarah lying out on a lounger, enjoying the sun. The blonde wearing a tiny white bikini thong. Otherwise, she was completely nude. Teresa was amazed by the fact that Sarah was topless, her incredibly beautiful, round, firm tits on full display. But this was an adults-only building and the pool was a private area, so it was entirely possible that the management allowed topless sunbathing. Teresa could not deny that Sarah’s tits were incredible – every bit the equal of her own, Teresa grudgingly admitted to herself.

Teresa hurried to her apartment. She dropped her supplies on the table and then went into her bedroom and to the drawer in her wardrobe where she kept her bathing suits. She found her skimpiest, most revealing bikini – a little black scrap of cloth for a bra and a wisp of thong that barely covered anything at all. She stripped down then pulled on the bikini. She admired herself in her full-length mirror. Her eyes roamed over her incredible body – the thrusting tits, massive and round and perfect, thick brown nipples tenting the scrap of black cloth; her long, tanned abdomen, smoothly muscled, with a long, thin, deep navel. Her torso flared out into round, ripe hips. She was clean shaven all the way to her pussy, her only pubic hair a thick but small sculpted patch she kept right above her vulva. Her, long, strong legs ended in perfect feet. Her long, thick brown hair cascaded over her shoulders. She looked herself in the eye and examined her beautiful, cruel face, her cold, ruthless eyes. Teresa smiled, a predatory smile. She reached up to cup and press together her magnificent orbs, smiling as she manipulated her cleavage.

“This is a lot more than you can handle, Sarah,” she whispered to the mirror, arching her back, pushing her tits forward. “This body is going to make you cum and cum like the whore that you are. I’m going to make you beg, baby…”

Smiling in anticipation, Teresa grabbed a towel, a sun hat and some sun shades, slipped her feet into flip-flops, and headed down to the pool.

When she arrived, she found that Sarah had lowered the lounger so it was horizontal to the deck and turned over onto her stomach. Her thong was barely visible now, just a scrap of white emerging from between her rounded ass cheeks, then looping around her hips. Sarah’s arms were folded under her head, her massive breasts crushing down onto the seat, and bulging up enticingly from either side of her body. Her breasts formed a lush, meaty pad on which her weight rested. Teresa took in the other woman’s luscious body. She resisted the powerful urge to run her hands over Sarah’s voluptuous ass, to sink her fingers into the blonde’s glistening ass cheeks and squeeze and knead. Teresa smiled. She had no doubt she would soon have lots of opportunities to feel Sarah up in every way that she wanted.

Teresa placed her towel and hat on the lounger next to Sarah’s, lowered the lounger so that it, too, was horizontal to the deck, kicked off her flip flops and sat on the chair.

“Hey Sarah,” Teresa said cheerfully. Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at her brunette neighbor.

“Hey yourself, Teresa,” the blonde replied. “Settled in?”

“Oh, I’m getting there,” Teresa smiled. She reached up and untied her bikini top, pulling it away and letting her magnificent tits bounce free. She smiled inside as she saw Sarah’s eyes narrow in appraisal.

“It’s alright to sunbathe topless here, right?” Teresa asked, as she lay back on the lounger.

“Well,” Sarah said as she turned over onto her back and mirrored Teresa’s position, her naked tits pointed at the sky, “I don’t know if it’s officially ‘allowed’ but a lot of us girls do it and no one has said anything as yet.”

Teresa lay with her hands behind her head, her elbows jutting out to either side. Her breasts proudly wobbled on her chest as she breathed, her sun-kissed flesh enjoying the heat. Sarah lay with her arms at her side, her proud tits lolling just a little to her sides. For a time, the women enjoyed a companionable silence.

After a while, Teresa spoke. “I saw your friend the other day. She’s really hot.”

“Yes, she is,” Sarah agreed. Teresa waited for the blonde to say more, but nothing followed. Teresa saw her chance to push a few buttons.

“From what I heard, it sounded like she really kicked your ass,” Teresa said, her voice smug and just a bit vicious. “She really rode you hard. I’m surprised you can even walk right now.”

Sarah did not react, except to smile. Finally, she responded. “So, the claws come out, do they?”

Sarah turned on her side and supported her head with her hand. Her hip flared out in an erotic curve. Her massive tits bounced on her chest, rolling down to rest, one on top of the other, her thick nipples pointing straight at Teresa. Teresa also rolled onto her side to face Sarah. The women removed their sunshades, so that they could see each other’s eyes.

“I can tell that you want to get into my thong, Teresa,” Sarah smirked. “But I don’t spread my legs for every little tramp that comes along. I only do it if there is something in it for me.”

“How about proving that you’ve really got the cunt to take me on, fuckface?” Teresa snapped back. “I don’t think that you can match me and I’m willing to go a few rounds with you to prove it.”

“Well, you’re a snotty little cunt, aren’t you?” Sarah smiled, but her eyes blazed. “I’m inclined to take you on just to put you in your place. But you do have a nice body, no question about it. You’d be a good fucktoy, to have around when I get bored.”

“You’ll be the fucktoy, slut,” Teresa shot back. She knew it was a lame rejoinder. But her tits were throbbing with heat and her pussy was wet and hot. The excitement of the impending confrontation with this woman was juicing her up. She knew she needed to calm down and pull back a bit.

Sarah sat up and swung her legs to the side of the lounger, facing Teresa. The blonde’s tits bounced enthusiastically. Teresa sat up and faced Sarah. Their knees were almost touching.

“I’d love to go upstairs and settle this right now, Teresa,” Sarah said. “But I have an appointment I need to keep. But I’ll be back early tonight, maybe about eight. Why don’t I stop by after that?”

Teresa did not like giving so much power to the other woman. But she did not see where she had much choice. She could not tackle Sarah here, in the courtyard. And eight tonight was better than putting off what she wanted so badly.

“Fine, slut. I’ll be waiting in my apartment.”

Sarah tied on her bikini top and got to her feet. “I’m sure you will be,” she said with a vicious smirk. She put on her sunshades, slipped on her flip flops and picked up her towel. “See you tonight, baby,” the blonde cooed. She walked away, her bare ass swaying, her hips swinging.

Teresa watched the other woman leave, her body boiling. She felt like she had been played. Now, she would be waiting in her apartment like a little girl, waiting for her challenger to show up, waiting like a little bitch. But she was sure that Sarah wanted her as much as she wanted Sarah and once they started going at each other, Teresa was confident that none of the psychological advantages Sarah had so far managed to score would not count for much. Teresa was confident in her ability to humble the blonde and after spending a year under Martha’s domination, Teresa was desperate to assert her own Alpha Bitch superiority.

Teresa sunbathed a while longer, then returned to her apartment. She had supper, watched TV, and waited for eight PM to roll around. About 7:30, she got up and showered, put on some light makeup, and changed into a set of a sheer red bra and thong. She pulled on a short robe and waited.

Eight PM came and went. Soon, it was 8:30, then 9 then 10. Teresa seethed. She had been stood up. She had been humiliated by Sarah, with the blonde barely trying. In a rage, Teresa finally went to bed. “This is good,” she tried to convince herself. “The angrier that bitch makes me, the more power I’ll have when we do get together.” But she felt deflated. So far, in the psychological war, Sarah had made an absolute fool out of her and she was feeling the effects.

Later that night, around 3 AM, Teresa got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. She saw that a note had been slipped under her apartment door. She picked it up and read it.

“Sorry for missing our date,” it read. “Something more important and enjoyable came up. We can catch up later. See you soon, Sarah.”

Teresa almost went out into the hall to pound on Sarah’s door. But she knew that to do so would be to play into Sarah’s hands even more. Enraged and humiliated, she swallowed her anger. She swore to herself that she would make Sarah pay. But she also knew that she had to be more careful. Sexual warfare was as much to do with psychology as physical skill. So far, she had been losing on the psychological front. She had to do something to turn things around.

Part III

Saturday night was the first apartment building pool party of the new school year. Many of the tenants in the building were university and college students and many were nubile young women looking for a chance to show off their voluptuous bodies to the many available men. The pool parties were very popular events.

Teresa went down to the party in her briefest black bikini and flip-flops. Her massive tits bulged out from the tiny triangles of cloth; her rounded ass was fully exposed by the miniscule thong that disappeared up her butt. Her womanly hips swayed enticingly and her beautifully muscled belly glistened with oil. Teresa had realized she could not wear the thong without exposing her pubic hair. For a while, she considered doing exactly that. In the end, however, she shaved off her landing strip and squeezed into the scrap of cloth that barely covered her pussy.

When she appeared at the pool, Teresa quickly attracted a crowd of horny young men. The ratio of hot girls to hot guys in this apartment was slightly in favor of the women and the men were soon competing for attention from the many pulchritudinous females lolling around the pool Teresa almost felt sorry for the less well-endowed women, but she was more focused on finding and antagonizing Sarah.

To her delight, Sarah was wearing a white bikini in counterpoint to her black one. Sarah’s bikini was every bit as revealing as Teresa’s tiny thong and bra combination. The blonde was enjoying the attention of several young men. She seemed to revel in twisting them around her little finger.

For the next few hours, the party grew wilder. As the alcohol flowed, inhibitions fell. Men and women were soon making out everywhere. Teresa found herself entertaining a dark-haired hunk who was completely mesmerized by her bouncing, tanned tits. She pulled him in for a kiss, pressing her golden boobs into his bare chest. She felt his erection practically impale her through his shorts. As she kissed the man, Teresa looked around for Sarah.

Sarah and Teresa’s eyes met from across the pool. As Teresa watched, Sarah pulled in a handsome blonde stud she had been talking to and slowly, seductively, gave him a tongue-filled kiss. At the same time, she slipped her hand down the outside of his shorts and began giving him a very obvious handjob. Not to be outdone, Teresa pressed herself harder into her man, rubbed her nearly naked body into him hard, then began stroking his cock through his swimsuit.

The man’s name was Terry and he had never felt more horny in his life. He pulled Teresa in and reached down and around her waist to grasp her naked ass. “Please Teresa,” Terry whispered. “Let’s go back to my place. I need to fuck you.” He was desperate and he could not keep the pleading out of his voice.

“Not so fast, honey,” Teresa said to Terry. Her eyes were still fixed on Sarah across the pool. “I don’t think that a woman like me can be satisfied with just one guy. Do you have any friends?”

Terry balked. “You mean, another guy? I don’t know baby, I’m not crazy about having a threesome with a girl and a guy.”

“That’s too bad, Terry,” Teresa smiled into his eyes. “I bet I can find another guy here who would gladly share me with a friend.” She shoved a naked thigh up into his crotch. “I can promise you this, baby – I’ll be the best fuck you’ve ever had. My pussy is so tight, it will squeeze your cock until you can’t take it anymore. And,” Teresa smiled even wider, “if you think my cunt is tight, wait until you shove that cock up my asshole.”

Terry groaned with lust. He could not resist. Quickly, he went and found his best friend, Mark, another dim-witted but handsome jock. Smiling, throwing a victorious glance back at Sarah, Teresa took both men by the hands and led them away to her apartment.

The moment they were inside her apartment, both boys (Teresa could not think of them as “men”) began to strip, their enormous erections tenting their swim trunks. They were naked in seconds. Teresa smiled languidly.

“Go into the bedroom, guys, and get comfortable. Decide which of you wants to stick it my ass first. We’re going to have a lot of fun.” Their eyes bulging in concert with their dicks, the excited boys went into her room.

Teresa took a moment to prepare a pitcher of cold water. She was sure they would all need a lot of liquid refreshment before the night was out. She was feeling good. Letting Sarah see her with two men would send the blonde the message that Teresa could see to her own sexual satisfaction and was irresistible to whomever she chose. Teresa actually wasn’t that interested in the men in her room. But she planned to treat Sarah to a real sound-show through the shared wall of their bedrooms.

As she prepared to carry the pitcher into her room, Teresa heard the sound of laughter and voices from the hall. She stiffened as she recognized Sarah’s voice. But, to her chagrin, she heard the voices of two men with Sarah.

“That fucking bitch,” Teresa thought. She smiled grimly. But she should not be surprised. She had misplayed her hand by giving Sarah the chance to top her. She went to her door to look through the peephole. She had to suppress a snarl when she saw Sarah leading not two but three young men to the door of her apartment. As Teresa watched, the men filed in, every one with massive erections straining his shorts. Sarah ushered the men into her apartment, her voluptuous body gleaming in the dim light of the hall. Then the blonde looked at Teresa’s door and smiled triumphantly before entering her apartment and closing the door.

Teresa fumed. “No you don’t, you fucking cunt,” she thought. She would not be outdone again. “Guys,” she shouted to Terry and Mark in her bedroom. “I’m going out for a second. I’ll be right back.”

Before the men could say anything, Teresa slipped on her flip flops and hurried out the door. She went back to the pool party, which was still in full swing. She looked around quickly. A beautiful redheaded woman caught her eye. She had seen this woman around but had not given her much thought; Teresa had been too preoccupied with Sarah. The redhead was gorgeous, with an incredible body that rivaled Teresa’s body. Teresa walked right up to the redhead, who was nursing a drink and talking to a tall man. When the woman sensed Teresa invading her space, she turned to the brunette, her voice a little peeved.

“Um, can we do something for…” the redhead began. Teresa cut her off by pulling her bikinied body in to Teresa’s luscious body and shoving her tongue deep down the woman’s mouth. Teresa had incredible skills at kissing. In a moment, the redheaded beauty had melted in Teresa’s arms. She moaned deep in her throat, wrapping her arms around Teresa’s lush body, kissing back furiously, passionately. The man watched, wide-eyed.

When Teresa and the redhead finally separated, the other woman was panting with lust. Her nipples tented her bikini top, her red thong was wet with pussy juice.

“I’d like you to come to a party at my place. Right now.” Teresa purred seductively. “There are already two guys there and we’d like to have a little orgy. I guarantee, it will be a lot fun.” She looked at the man. “You can come too, if you like.”

The man looked reluctant. The woman could barely be contained. The man relented. Teresa led them back to her apartment. Mark and Terry were a bit surprised to see the new arrivals, but they soon appreciated the idea of having another beautiful woman to fuck. Smiling, Teresa pulled the redhead in for another kiss and began stripping the woman at the same time. The redhead eagerly returned the favor. Locked together tongue to tongue, the women fell on the bed. In no time, the three men were driving into them from behind, jockeying for position to get at the women’s wet, hot orifices, even as the women continued to kiss and fondle each other, rubbing tits and sharing spit and groans of pleasure. Two of the men thrust into Teresa and her redheaded companion from behind, driving into their pussies. Teresa broke her kiss with the redhead and took the third man’s dick in her mouth, sucking expertly. As the five sex partners fell into the carnal miasma of their orgy, Teresa heard the sound of Sarah’s bed knocking against the wall. She heard the sound of Sarah grunting and groaning as she was fucked by three men. “I’m going to do you better, cunt,” Teresa thought to herself. Then she turned her attention to exhausting all of the people in her bed.

Over the next few hours, Teresa fucked and was fucked in every way she could imagine. She took all three men at once, two in her ass, one in her cunt. She rubbed and ground her pussy with the redhead, clit to clit until they exploded, even as both women were fucked in the ass. She sucked dicks and licked balls and 69ed men and the woman. Her body grew slick with sweat and cum.

Hours later, in the dead of night, she lay in the center of a pile of human flesh. The redhead was sprawled across her. The men were draped over the women. Teresa could feel the cold, wet, flaccid dick of one of the men on her thigh. Another man was slightly below her; his spent cock was nestled in her ass crack.

Teresa knew that she stank of sex and sweat. Dried cum was all over her luscious body. The heat of so many bodies kept her sweating. Despite all the sex she had indulged, she still felt unsatisfied. Her body still ached with unresolved lust. She knew what was wrong. She knew that her body craved Sarah’s flesh, Sarah’s cunt and magnificent tits. Nothing else would do.

As she lay on her bed, surrounded by her sexual acquaintances, Teresa realized she could not hear any sounds from Sarah’s room. Obviously, the other woman had exhausted the three men in her bed. Teresa thought for a moment. If she was lying here, conscious and unsatisfied, what if Sarah were doing the same?

Gently, Teresa reached out and tapped on the wall of her bedroom. A moment later came an answering tap.

Teresa went stiff. Her nipples became spikes, her pussy lubricated ferociously. She began to pant with lust. Slowly, carefully, she pulled herself out of her bed, disentangling herself from her exhausted companions. Naked, she padded out into her apartment. In the dark, she crossed the room to the apartment door. Juice trickled from her naked pussy, sliding down her inner thigh, as she carefully unlocked her apartment door. She opened it and swung it wide open.

The light in the hall was off; after a certain time, it turned off automatically. Only a dim emergency light and the light of the bright full moon illuminated the hall. Sarah was standing in the hall. The blonde was completely nude. Her hair was a sweaty, tangled mess. Her incredible body was streaked with dried cum and was dripping with sweat.

Teresa stepped into the hall. The two nude women stared at each other, their hungry eyes raking over the other’s naked perfection, their bodies hot with sex and stinking of erotic exertion. They could smell each other, smell the other’s sweat, the other’s sex, the powerful scent of cum and the most potent hormones pouring off their oversexed bodies.

Teresa feasted her eyes on Sarah’s naked body, slick with sex. The blonde was perfect, her equal in every way. She glared at Sarah’s dripping snatch. She stared at the blonde’s magnificent tits, with their engorged nipples pointing at her own enflamed nips. At the same time, Sarah stared at Teresa, devouring the other woman with her eyes. Both women licked their dry lips, their blood boiling.

Wordlessly, Teresa and Sarah moved towards each other. They reached for each other, twining their fingers together, shuddering with passion as their naked flesh touched. They pulled each other in. The women’s massive tits came together, taut flesh pulsing and straining, hard nipples locked nipple hole to hole, sucking and fusing as they pushed each other back into pebbled areola. Teresa slid her hands free of Sarah’s grip and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s naked back. Sarah slipped her hands around Teresa’s waist and pulled the brunette in harder. The women’s naked, sweaty bellies plastered together, hot and slick. They groaned in concert and smiled in delicious lust as they felt their deep, narrow navels suck to each other. Their thick, wet thighs pushed and slid, meaty thighs slick and hot as they rubbed. Teresa pushed with her crotch and moaned in joy as her naked pussy pushed gently against Sarah’s steaming pussy. The smooth, slick flesh of their naked pubes rubbed lusciously.

“Oh God, you fuck, you filthy fuck,” Sarah breathed, her beautiful face pressed cheek to cheek with Teresa.

“Cunt, oh fuck, you cunt…” Teresa moaned back. Her tits were throbbing with heat and pressure, her cunt was leaking lubrication. She needed to fuck, she needed to fuck this blonde whore so badly…

The women pulled each other’s hair as they tightened their grips on each other, squeezing hard, flattening their pulsing tits. They worked their backs, rubbing their tits up and down and around each other, their fused nipples grating and burning with heat and tension. Forehead to forehead they panted, then slipped their tongues against each other, touching tongues, licking, then slowly sinking into a spit-sucking kiss.

The women kissed for a long time, their heavy breathing growing louder and hotter, their moans of lust increasing as their overheated bodies flared to even greater heat. They writhed against each other, sweaty flesh sliding deliciously. Their pulsing clits swelled up from their dripping cunts. Panting, their hearts pounding, Teresa and Sarah broke their kiss. The women leaned back slightly, their massive tits pressed between their upper arms, causing their massive tits to jut into each other, still fused at their nipples, thick titflesh crushed. Their rock hard bellies rippled against each other. The women spread their thighs and arched their backs forward, presenting their naked cunts to each other. Slick, hot cuntlips rubbed against each other and the women gasped and nearly screamed in pleasure as their twats kissed. Teresa jerked her hips hard, working her labia into Sarah’s sopping, yielding cunt, desperate to spread the other woman’s labia, to bring their engorged clits together. The sound of hot, wet flesh sucking and slapping began to echo in the empty hall. The women’s groans and pants of unrestrained joy grew louder. The women’s thumb-sized clits finally slid out and ground against each other, head to exquisite head. Shockwaves of raw ecstasy rocketed through both women and they both let out sharp, short screams of unendurable pleasure. Panting, groaning, the battling women struggled to bring the raging heat in their bodies under control.

The pleasure built and built. Teresa and Sarah rubbed and rubbed, clits fencing, slipping and sliding, fusing with heat. Their genitals swelled with pleasure and power, thick cuntlips sucking and kissing. The sensations grew to encompass their bodies, flaring out to flow into each other, filling both women with the unbearable joy of wet, thick meat melting into one hot mass of ecstasy. They dug their fingers into the other’s taut, round ass and pulled each other in harder, trying to devour each other’s cunts. Their bodies grew to become one massive erogenous zone, clits, cunts, tits and nipples flaring with nova-hot heat.

“God, oh God,” Teresa thought. “Please God, don’t let this stop!” Every part of her body was joined to Sarah’s body, their meaty tits were becoming one, their swollen pussies were flowing together like wax, their clits were filling their lower bodies with wave after wave of pleasure. Sarah’s head was thrown back, the blonde’s eyes closed tight, her beautiful face wearing a smile of agonized ecstasy. Teresa groaned, watching her enemy through half-closed eyes, feeling the terrible orgasm building in her core. Both women were trembling, their bodies creeping with agonizing, delightful slowness towards an incredible orgasm. For more than an hour they fucked, clit on clit, tit on tit, flesh burning with erotic electricity.

“Fuck, yes, yes, yesssss,” Sarah hissed. She shuddered, her muscles brimming with tension. She could feel Teresa’s delicious body rippling with need. She knew that both women were nearing the point of no return, when one of them would draw first blood and the other would collapse in a submissive orgasm. Finally, Sarah thought to herself, her mind burning with lust, finally…

The women’s pants, moans and groans harmonized, their cries grew louder, despite their desperate need to keep their animal sounds under control. They did not want anyone else knowing what they were doing to each other, but they were both approaching the point that they no longer cared.

Suddenly, the sound of people coming up the stairs came to Teresa and Sarah. Laughter and shouting broke through the haze of their raw lust. The women’s eyes went wide. Groaning in agony and frustration, Sarah and Teresa pushed each other away. Their swollen clits pulled apart reluctantly, their meaty tits and flat, hot bellies peeled away from each other. Gasping, the women fell back to the walls on opposite sides of the hall, glaring at each other. Their overheated tits bounced with tension.

Teresa and Sarah exchanged final glares of enraged lust. Then, as the partygoers reached the top of the stairs and moments before they could see the naked sexual warriors in the hall, the women retreated into their separate apartments and closed their doors.

Teresa pushed her forehead against the door, her heart pounding, her engorged clit vibrating with lust and need. Her pussy was incredibly hot and tense. She needed to finish what they had started, she needed to lock up clit to clit with Sarah once again. She listened at the door. In moments, the partygoers entered an apartment just off the stairs. Silence returned to the hall.

Teresa was preparing to open her door and go knock on Sarah’s door; they had to get back to fucking each other. But she stopped; she could not be seen as the one wanting it more. Sarah had to come to her. She waited for two, three minutes, desperately hoping that the blonde would give in to her own incredible lust. But after five minutes, Teresa knew that the blonde was trying to force her to this same concession. She knew that the other woman was waiting at her apartment door, desperately hoping that Teresa would prove the weaker of the two of them.

Teresa slowly pulled away from the door. She was so horny, her body so incredibly aroused, that she could barely walk. Her swollen clit bulged from her labia. Her inner thighs were soaked with juice. She staggered to the bedroom. Her bed companions lay sprawled in exhausted sleep. Teresa crawled onto the bed. She stretched out beside the redheaded woman, then began to fondle and suck the other woman’s beautiful tits. As the redhead stirred, Teresa rolled the woman onto her back. The redhead came to full consciousness as Teresa mounted her, spread her thighs wide apart, and slowly slid her thick, throbbing clit down into the redhead’s hot, slick fuck trough. The two women moaned in concert as their aching clits mated.

As Teresa slowly, tortuously rode her bed companion, she heard the sound of the bedframe next door bouncing against the wall.

“Soon, you fucker,” Teresa thought to Sarah. “Soon, we’ll get together and nothing will stop me from fucking your brains out of your twat.” She shuddered with incredible lust. “I’m going to ride you until you break, bitch.” Raging, she fucked the redhead deep into the night.

Part IV

The next morning, Teresa wasted no time in showing her male bed companions of the night before to the door. But she held onto the redheaded woman and pulled her back into the bedroom once the men were gone. She spread the other woman’s legs, buried her cunt and clit deep inside the other girl’s slit, and fucked her mercilessly for more than an hour. The redhead screamed and howled with pleasure, her body convulsing as Teresa literally fucked her senseless. After an hour of mindless fucking, however, Teresa felt no more sexually satisfied, despite having cum several times. She knew what she needed and it could not be found between the legs of the gorgeous redhead writhing under her.

The redhead could barely walk by the time Teresa saw her to the door. The beautiful woman looked shell-shocked. She begged Teresa to see her again.

“Please, baby,” the redhead moaned as she kissed and held to Teresa at the apartment door, “Please, let’s do this again…”

“Maybe some other time,” Teresa answered brusquely, as she roughly disentangled herself from the other woman’s arms. “I’ll give you a call,” she said. And, in truth, Teresa meant it. While the redhead was not an Alpha like Teresa, she was certainly just as gorgeous and a very, very good fuck. Teresa had no doubt that she would want a beautiful body to ravage in the days and months ahead and the redhead certainly could provide that. But she was no challenge. Teresa needed to conquer and humiliate other women if she was going to truly, deeply enjoy sex.

The redhead finally left. Teresa showered, washing herself thoroughly, all the while thinking about Sarah and considering how to push their conflict to the next level. As the hot water beat down on her luscious body, she considered her next move. She thought about Sarah’s incredible body. She remembered the delicious feel of Sarah’s clit grinding into her own, of the blonde’s hard, taut tits pulsing and throbbing against her own dense titflesh.

“Fuck it,” Teresa suddenly said. She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She dried herself quickly, patting out her hair impatiently, then running a brush through it just to get out the tangles. Wrapped only in her towel, she marched out of the bathroom, across her apartment and into the hall. It was still quite early; no one was around. Teresa walked to Sarah’s apartment door. She put her hand on the doorknob. She hesitated. Carefully, she turned the knob. Her heart in her throat, she pushed the door. It opened. Just as she hoped, Sarah had left the door unlocked.

Slowly, her bare feet silent, Teresa entered her rival’s apartment. She locked the door behind her. She looked around but did not see anyone. She carefully made her way to Sarah’s bedroom. To her relief, she saw that there was no one in bed; she had feared that one or more of Sarah’s male companions might still be around. She heard the sound of the shower coming from the bedroom ensuite. She moved carefully around the disheveled, sweat and cum-stained bed and made her way to the ensuite door. She peered inside.

Sarah was standing in the glass-walled shower, turned slightly away from the door, her head thrown back, the water coursing down her magnificent body. She was alone and she was clearly enjoying the hot water. As Teresa watched, Sarah’s hands explored her lush body. Her left hand cupped and squeezed her left breast. Her right hand was plunged between her legs and probing deeply, stimulating and caressing her clit and inner vaginal walls. Sarah moaned in pleasure and whispered something, but Teresa could not make it out over the sound of the spraying water.

Teresa entered the bathroom and stood quietly. After a moment, she pulled off her towel and threw it to the floor. Naked, she began to explore her own body, even as she watched Sarah masturbate. Her fingers stroked her swelling clit and gently traced the slick, hot lips of her pulsing cunt. Her left hand massaged her breast and squeezed the nipple gently, caressing and stimulating it. Her nipples grew rock-hard and her heart began to pound. Teresa bit her lip, barely able to suppress her own gasps as the pleasure built. All the while, she watched Sarah work her own body into a sexual fever.

Sarah suddenly seemed to sense that something was amiss. She turned around and saw Teresa. Sarah’s eyes narrowed, but they betrayed little surprise. The women’s eyes locked, blue to green. Sheer, raw sexual rage and power surged between them. Sarah turned around in the shower to face Teresa. The hot water poured down around her. But neither woman moved. Instead, her eyes locked to Teresa’s, Sarah began masturbating even harder, stroking her cunt more deeply, squeezing her tit harder. Teresa responded, finger-fucking herself with greater force, with even more abandon. Panting, gasping, the two women pleasured themselves to greater and greater levels of sexual arousal, their eyes locked in challenge and mutual hate and lust. As she finger-fucked herself, as she felt her twat start to drip with desire, Teresa could not suppress a moan of pleasure. An instant later, Sarah was crying out, too. The women began to compete in the sounds they were making. Their cries and pants of pleasure filled the small room.

Teresa felt her entire body trembling, but she knew that she would not be able to masturbate to satisfaction. She had come this far; she needed the next step. Gasping, heart pounding, Teresa stepped up to the shower stall and pulled the glass door open. She stepped inside. Sarah backed up to the far wall of the spacious stall.

The women glared at each other from only inches apart. The water from the shower splattered down on Teresa, soaking her in moments. The two young Amazons’ tits heaved as they panted with lust and excitement. Their bodies trembled with shared desire. They could not wait a moment longer.

Teresa and Sarah threw themselves into each other, massive tits mashing, hard bellies slapping tight. They jammed thick, strong thighs into each other’s pussy and both women, almost involuntarily, began to work their hungry cunts up and down the firm, slick thighs of their enemy. Nipples speared and grated against each other, swollen titflesh swelled and pulsed as each women’s tits struggled to fill the space occupied by the other’s. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, the women glared into each other, panting with hate and excitement, snarling and gasping with exertion and lust. Sarah wrapped her arms around Teresa’s naked back and squeezed as hard as she could. She delighted in the feel of Teresa’s tits straining against her own massive glands, in the stimulation as the brunette’s rock-hard abs flattened against her belly. Teresa clawed at Sarah’s back, but could not get much purchase on the water-slicked flesh. She squeezed back and arched her back hard, struggling to increase the pressure between their struggling chests.

“You fucking little cunt,” Sarah hissed at her enemy. She worked her back muscles, grinding her tits as hard as she could.

“Dirty fucking whore,” Teresa shot back. “We’re going to finish what we started last night. This time, you’re not getting away.”

“Fine by me, you skank,” Sarah snarled. Her lips touched Teresa’s as they spat venom at each other. “I’m going to fuck you raw then throw you out of her naked and broken. You won’t be able to sit for a week once my cunt is done with yours.”

“Bring it on, bitch,” Teresa angrily replied. “I’ve taken on a more pussy than you can imagine. I’ve going to suck you out.”

The women fought, slipping in the shower. Teresa pushed Sarah back against the shower wall. Sarah slipped on the slick floor, but succeeded in pulling Teresa down with her. For a moment, the women thrashed and slapped at each other, Sarah on her butt, Teresa on her knees.

“Get away from me, whore!” Sarah growled. She lashed out, kicking Teresa away. Teresa fell on her ass, close to the shower stall door.

The women regarded each other from across the large stall. Both were sitting on their asses, both had their lush thighs spread. Their cunts were facing each other, like two bulls squaring off in an erotic arena. Their tits heaved with their exertion and anger.

Sarah smiled savagely; Teresa returned the grin. Bracing their bodies with their hands, the women slid across the stall towards each other, their juiced up, soaking twats aimed directly at each other. With a thunderous clap, the two vixens’ thick, engorged cunts slammed together. Cuntflesh met cuntflesh in an explosion of pure pleasure.

“You fucking, fucking whore,” Sarah panted as she braced her body on the slick tile and drove at the bitch challenging her with all her strength. She concentrated on spreading and penetrating Teresa’s twat with her own, on spreading and violating the other woman, on grinding the brunette’s clit down until it surrendered, flaccid and broken.

“You cunteating slut,” Teresa replied through gritted teeth. She panted and growled in rage and lust as she drove herself into Sarah with everything she had. She was absolutely determined to match the blonde cunt to cunt and clit to clit and grind her into nothing. The women’s succulent twats pressed hard and flat, thick, juicy pussylips sealing and sucking like meaty sponges. They opened and flattened to each other. The women’s thighs were bathed in pussyjuice as their cunts released a torrent of lubrication, though this was impossible to tell as the shower poured down.

Sarah and Teresa worked their hips and asses. Their cunts locked tight; they drove at each other with all the power of their bodies. Their bellies rippled as they undulated, their tits bounced furiously as they thrust and thrust. Within their locked cunts, their engorged, throbbing clits came together, attacking each other head to head.

“Fuck, oh god, YESSSSSS!!,” Sarah shrieked as her clit caught and fused to Teresa’s pulsing sexhorn. The pleasure arced through her tanned body in waves of pure electricity. She bucked like a wild horse, trying to keep control of her sex.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh, Fuck, oh Fuck!!” Teresa howled. She threw her head back, screaming out as she joined to her hated enemy in the deepest, most intimate way possible.

Sarah screamed as her hands slipped out from her. But she fell back only a short distance until she hit the back wall of the shower. Bracing herself against the wall, she shoved and thrust at Teresa’s twat even harder. Realizing her sudden disadvantage, Teresa fell back, bracing her back on the glass wall of the shower, and shoved back with equal power. She hoped that the stall would not break, but she refused to be beaten by this blonde cunt.

On and on, the hate-filled women fucked. Teresa and Sarah locked eyes. They snarled and spat at each other as they fucked mercilessly. They groaned and snarled and screamed as their bodies struggled. Sarah and Teresa hated each other. They knew that they needed to decide which of them was the Alpha bitch. But, for this moment, the only thing that they both needed to do was satisfy their mutual lust.

Teresa reached out and grasped both of Sarah’s massive bouncing tits. She squeezed them mercilessly, twisting the hard nipples. Sarah moaned with indescribable pleasure. She filled her hands with Teresa’s equally large, thick tits and sank her fingers into the dense meat, kneading and massaging. The women cried out in unison, their moans and screams of pleasure harmonizing. They manipulated each other’s massive boobs even as their hips and asses jerked, as their clits wrapped around each other and sent off electric shocks of pure ecstasy, and as their trembling cunts struggled to crush and devour each other.

For more than 30 minutes, Teresa and Sarah fucked relentlessly on the floor of the shower, the hot water pouring down around them, their grunts and groans and cries of ecstasy and hate harmonizing and filling the small space. The pleasure radiating from their crushed, mashed-together fuckmeat drove them both insane with desire. Their powerful clits rubbed and raked against each other with unbearable force, filling their bucking bodies with ecstasy.

Teresa felt the tremendous orgasm building in her core, filling her with tension, growing greater and hotter with each pulse of exquisite pleasure that flowed from her aching cunt or her pulsing tits. She squeezed Sarah as hard as she could with her pussy and her hands and received answering squeezes in return. She knew she was on the verge of explosion, but she could see and feel that Sarah’s incredible body was quivering with sexual tension. She could tell that Sarah was not far from going over the edge into orgasmic bliss. She just had to hold out a few moments longer.

The thrusting, the fucking, went on and on. Just when Teresa was sure she could not hold an instant longer, when her screams of pleasure had grown desperate, Sarah suddenly released an ear-piercing shriek. Even through the water of the shower pounding down on her, Teresa could feel the liquid heat of Sarah’s hot cum flooding her twat. Teresa screamed in bliss and relief as she let go, ejaculating powerfully into her blonde enemy. For a few minutes, the two gorgeous, buxom beauties writhed and ground into each other as they exchanged blessed orgasm after orgasm. Neither woman wanted it to stop. The ecstatic sexual pleasure they were giving to each other was every bit as exquisite as they had both dared to hope and now they enjoyed it, riding the multi-orgasmic waves until, finally, they collapsed in exhaustion.

For a few more minutes, the water poured down on the women’s voluptuous bodies. Sarah and Teresa panted and moaned, both women with an arm thrown over their foreheads to protect them from the water as they struggled to recover.

Finally, Sarah pushed herself up and slowly, reluctantly, pulled her cunt away from Teresa’s aching twat. Teresa sat up and glared at the other woman.

“First blood to me, cunt,” Teresa snarled, her beautiful face twisted into a smug grin.

Sarah shrugged nonchalantly. “Maybe. But we haven’t set the rules for this little contest yet. As far as I’m concerned, that was just a good, hard fuck to get the edge off. And it wasn’t even much of a fuck. I had a lot better last night.”

Teresa knew the other girl was taunting her, but she found herself unable to keep from rising to the bait. “I had a lot better last night, too,” she shot back. “I’m not here to fuck, you Sarah. I’m here to break you. You need to know which one of us is top cunt and the only way to settle that is to fuck you into the ground. And that’s just what I plan to do.”

Carefully, the two women got to their feet. Sarah turned off the water. Teresa opened the shower stall and stepped out. She picked up her towel and dried herself off. Sarah took a towel from the rack beside the shower and wiped herself down. The two women contemplated each other as they dried off, the hatred and rage between them only growing more intense. Their lust for each other increased exponentially. Teresa could not remember ever being as horny as she was right at that moment. Her need to humiliate and break and sexually conquer the blonde before her was almost insatiable. Sarah felt the same. It had been a long time since she had last so hated another woman. She knew the only way to satisfy that hatred was to sexually overwhelm and enslave the woman before her.

Sarah threw her towel aside and walked past Teresa into the bedroom. Teresa followed. Sarah crawled onto her bed, turned around and placed her back against the headboard. Teresa sat across from her. Both women spread their legs and looked at each other’s cunts with growing fascination. They presented their genitals to each other, like two baboons in heat. Their struggle had already become a primal struggle between two sexually voracious Alpha bitches and only one could be queen.

Sarah smiled, but her eyes were blazing with rage. “It’s time to settle this, Teresa,” she said sweetly. “It’s time to lay some ground rules.”

“No rules,” Teresa replied. “Except this one: we fuck. We fuck and fuck and fuck. And whoever is able to stand when this is over is the winner.”

Sarah’s eyes flashed. “Alright,” she said. “And what does the winner get?”

Teresa smirked. “The loser as a fucktoy.”

“For how long?”

Teresa considered. She could win in this contest. But she had felt and tasted Sarah’s cunt. She could also lose. After her experience with Martha, she did not want to be any other woman’s slave for an extended period ever again.

“One month,” Teresa said. That seemed to her a long enough time to humiliate and enjoy another woman’s body without permanently breaking the loser, if she turned out to be the loser.

Sarah smiled. “OK, that’s fine by me. I’m going to enjoy breaking you month after month after month. It will make this a lot of fun.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Teresa snapped. “I’m going to wipe that shit-eating grin off your dog-face if it’s the last thing I do.”

“I guarantee that it will be, Teresa,” Sarah snarled in reply. “At least, the last thing you do as a free woman. You’re going to be my personal plaything for the entire time you’re here at the university. I’m going to teach you what it really means to be a fuckfighter.”

The women glared at each other, their mutual loathing growing to a fever pitch.

“Now,” Sarah finally said. “Let’s get started.”

Part V

Teresa felt her pussy growing insanely hot and thick; her powerful clit swelled up from the crest of her vaginal slit, pulsing with heat. Her breasts wobbled deliciously as she moved. She delighted in the feel of the taut glands jiggling on her chest; her breasts were so aroused they felt like fleshy twin cannonballs. She intended to use them to squash this blonde bitch flat.

Sarah pushed herself down the bed to meet Teresa. She also felt insanely aroused, but her sexfighter mind was calculating. She had no intention of simply throwing herself into an all-out fuckwar, mindlessly grinding and fucking with Teresa until one of them was utterly exhausted and forced to submit. She knew that this was what Teresa wanted, but the younger woman was clearly a slave to her voracious appetites. Teresa bragged about being an experienced sexfighter and it was evident that she was. But it seemed to Sarah that Teresa was not used to sexfighting with her head. The blonde beauty intended to make her rival understand that sheer sexual power was not enough to make a woman a good fuckfighter; it was also about how you used that power. Sarah also had an indication that Teresa was not as confident as she wanted to appear. The fact she had chosen to limit the time as slave to only one month proved that Teresa was worried about losing. Sarah intended to do all she could to undermine her enemy’s confidence further. But first, Sarah needed to get a full sense of what Teresa could do.

The two voluptuous beauties pushed close, sliding their legs over and under, and moved their succulent twats into position. They were both trembling with anticipation. The fuck in the shower had taken off some of their mutual desire and tension for a time, but now it was back full force, even more powerful than before. Teresa and Sarah stared down at their naked cunts, so hot and juicy, gleaming with wetness, only a whisper’s distance apart. Heat roiled out of their womanly cores, warming their inner thighs. Their burning twats promised each other untold ecstasy. Biting their lips, the two gorgeous women closed the final distance between their pussies.

Hot, wet cuntlips kissed and rubbed, sending pure pleasure racing through their luscious bodies. The sexfighters moaned in concert, throwing back their heads and gasping in pleasure as their cunts mated. Teresa and Sarah grasped the other woman’s strong, tanned thigh as they used the leverage to push and ram their fleshy cunts harder and harder. They pounded at each other, grunting and gasping and snarling with each thrust, the sound of wet cuntmeat slapping echoing in the room, juice spraying off their succulent twats with every impact. After a time, they stopped pounding and started grinding, spreading each other, slowly and insistently penetrating the other’s wet, hot womanhood. Thumb-sized clits rammed together head to head, sending blasts of excruciating pleasure roaring through their perfect bodies. The women screamed in concert but kept driving at each other, rubbing and grinding, fencing and stabbing with their clits. Their breath came in gasping cries, their tits bounced enthusiastically. The women’s hips jerked and bucked as they fucked harder and harder.

“You fucking, fucking whore,” Teresa panted, her beautiful face twisted with rage, hate and pure lust. She reached out and squeezed one of Sarah’s massive, bouncing tits, sinking her fingers into the succulent flesh. “I hate you so goddamn much…” she moaned.

“Dirty little cunt,” Sarah snarled in reply. “You’re too big for your britches, baby doll. I’m going to fuck you into your place.” She mauled one of Teresa’s luscious tits in retaliation, twisting the hard nipple viciously.

“I’m going to lay you out, you blonde bitch,” Teresa grunted, redoubling her thrusts, trying to force Sarah over onto her back. Sarah did not reply; she braced her arms behind her body and matched Teresa thrust for thrust, their asses and hips working strong and hard, trembling as they struggled against each other. The women’s clits sawed at each other like swords, their lush labia slotted together like sexual gearboxes, delicate folds intermeshing and melting into one. Their pussies quivered with effort as the two women squeezed each other’s twats with all their power, struggling to devour each other cunt first.

Sarah struggled to hold back the intense pleasure building in her clit, radiating throughout her bucking, thrusting body. She felt an overwhelming orgasm slowly and inexorably gaining strength in her core. She could tell that she and Teresa were equally physically strong; their young, lush bodies matched each other thrust for thrust, and she could feel the other woman’s power in the thigh she was gripping, in the force of the delicious cunts-grinding between their legs. If she and Teresa matched each other in stamina, the real test would be self-control and strategy. As Sarah worked her rock-hard clit against Teresa’s throbbing sexhorn, the blonde beauty began to understand that Teresa could give and take a great deal of raw sexual pleasure. The brunette’s self-confidence might be justified after all.

Sarah reached out and began to rub and caress and squeeze Teresa’s bouncing tits. She worked her hips harder, throwing in an extra pelvic twist as she fucked against Teresa’s cunt, hoping to give the other woman just a little more pleasure than she could handle. Teresa moaned and smiled lustfully at the new attacks, closing her eyes and throwing back her head to cry out in pleasure. The brunette continued her fuck attack, even as she reached out to knead and tease Sarah’s magnificent boobs.

The struggling women fucked and fucked, driving deeper and harder into each other’s sealed twats, sliding and slicking deliciously against each other. Incredible tension built in their bodies, building towards a point of no return. They pushed up and reached for each other. They wrapped arms around each other, seizing the other’s rippling ass, crushing their enflamed tits, then locking into an animalistic kiss. The orgasmic tension in their bodies grew towards an explosion of sheer, raw intensity.

Teresa and Sarah pulled viciously at each other’s long hair, yanking their heads back out of their deep, tongue-twisting kiss, as their bodies convulsed in a simultaneous orgasmic eruption of pure ecstasy. The women shrieked and sobbed in concert as their bellies went rigid, as their bulging tits seemed to swell to twice their size, as their driving cunts locked and squeezed. Shots of pure, hot cum ejected from the struggling fuckfighters, jetting up into their fused cunts, soaking the intersection of their locked crotches, coating their inner thighs and lower bellies with ejaculate. They came and came, the sheets under their writhing bodies growing wet with the cum flowing down from their locked and struggling twats.

The women fell over onto their backs. Their incredible bodies writhed and undulated on the bed, their hips jerking and swaying, their tits bouncing furiously. Sarah braced her hand on the headboard and anchored herself as she drove her cunt as deep and hard into Teresa’s twat as she could. She shuddered as her rock-hard clit grated and ground relentlessly on Teresa’s equally, hot, hard sexhorn. Teresa reached over her head and used the footboard to push her thrusting body, her ass and hips jerking with effort as she penetrated Sarah’s succulent pussy, determined to fuck every drop of cum out of the other woman. The women’s perfect asses rose and fell in unison as they bucked, their backs arched as they rammed themselves as hard and deeply into each other as their incredible bodies allowed, cunt to cunt, clit to clit. Their tits bounced and jolted, sweat flying, bellies rippling with effort.

Sarah and Teresa moaned and gasped as they fucked each other desperately, each woman determined to outlast her powerful enemy. Through the haze of erotic pleasure wracking her voluptuous body, Sarah realized that she had fallen into exactly the kind of struggle she had wanted to avoid, a battle of attrition. She knew that her war with Teresa might be decided right here, with the Amazons fucking each other ceaselessly until one succeeded in sexually exhausting the other.

After several minutes of forcing orgasm after orgasm out of each other, however, the two young women collapsed on the bed, neither able to overwhelm the other. They panted furiously, their luscious chests rising and falling, their tits jiggling, sweat pouring off their drenched bodies. Their hair, brown and blonde, fanned out under their heads. Sarah and Teresa’s bodies remained locked together at their cunts, their thick-lipped pussies sucked and sealed into one mass of raw, juicy fuckmeat. If the women had not been bare cunted, their pubic hair would have been soaked and tangled. As it was, the women’s crotches and pubic areas were soaking wet with cum and natural lubrication that had flowed from their locked pussies in torrential outpourings.

For some time, Sarah and Teresa lay locked together on the bed, panting and gasping, gathering their strength. The women felt their swollen clits pulsing into each other.

Teresa felt the flush of excitement building inside of her. It had been a long time since she had been engaged in an all-out sexfight with a rival as perfect and powerful as Sarah. Something about the blonde beauty brought out the worst in Teresa. Her desire to dominate Sarah, to own the other woman completely, seethed inside of her. She did not examine the feelings deeply; she just knew that she had them and that they required her to break Sarah’s incredible body with her own, to prove to both of them which of the two possessed the stronger, more insatiable sex.

Teresa pushed herself up on her elbows, to look down her long, tanned body at Sarah. The blonde’s body was just as tanned and smooth as her own; it was hard to tell whose body was whose and where one woman’s flesh ended and the other began. Teresa stared at Sarah’s meaty tits, her glistening belly. She watched the other woman’s tits rise and fall. She looked to where their burning cunts seemed fused into one luscious flesh. Teresa felt the sexual fever building inside of her again. She pushed her advantage.

With a groan, Teresa pulled herself away from Sarah’s juicy cunt, separating their genitals with a sucking popping sound as their interlocked twats pulled apart. Sarah gasped and twisted on the bed, but she did not move. Seeing her chance, Teresa turned around and crawled up the bed, throwing her naked body onto Sarah’s luscious body, mounting the blonde bitch.

“You’re weak, you blonde fuck,” Teresa snarled at her enemy, shoving her gorgeous face nose to nose, lip to lip with Sarah. Teresa wriggled on top of Sarah, feeling their hard, wet bellies strain, their massive tits crush and spread against each other, hard nipples finding each other to stab and mate. Sarah’s legs twined with Teresa’s long, powerful, tanned limbs; their women wrapped arms around each other’s bodies as they aligned their voluptuous flesh.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, whore,” Sarah growled in reply. She pulled Teresa’s face to her own and locked the brunette beauty into a long, lustful, spit-filled kiss.

The women’s hands roamed each other’s bodies as their battle shifted to their powerful pink tongues within their locked mouths. Saliva flowed between them, filling their mouths and dribbling out onto their faces, forcing them to swallow back their shared spit. Their tongues rolled and danced, twisting and wrestling, slick and hot. Their bodies writhed, slow and hard, flesh sliding and grinding. Sarah twined her legs through Teresa’s long, tanned, powerful legs, intending to lock the brunette in place, to control her enemy’s strong legs with her own hard, strong muscles. Teresa moved quickly and unexpectedly, however, spreading her legs, pulling Sarah’s thighs apart at the same time, anchoring herself and making it impossible for Sarah to roll their bodies and take the top position.

Teresa broke their kiss to smile down at Sarah viciously. She pushed her aching, throbbing cunt hard down onto Sarah’s open, soaking gash. Teresa began to move her hips and ass, humping, grinding down into Sarah’s exposed and vulnerable sex. The blonde gasped, caught between incredible pleasure and absolute humiliation. Sarah knew she had lost control of this battle. Cheek to cheek, moaning deliciously, cursing and panting, the sweating women fought, clit on clit, thick, juiced up pussies sucking and releasing and then sucking again. Their hips and asses moved in a hard, hot rhythm, pumping furiously.

Their moans grew louder and longer as Sarah and Teresa fucked viciously. Teresa slowly took control, sliding and grinding her clit deep into Sarah’s fuck trough, pulling back at the end of each fuck stroke to drive herself deep and hard again. Sarah moved with her enemy, fucking back where she could, catching and squeezing Teresa’s clit with her vaginal muscles, working her own clit around and around the root of Teresa’s invading shaft. The fuckfighting women drove each other insane with pleasure and passion, but Sarah finally felt her body starting to quiver deep inside, she felt the point of no return coming. She could feel the deep erotic trembles in Teresa’s perfect body, she could feel the brunette was also barreling towards an explosive orgasm, but Sarah knew that she would go off first. It was inevitable.

Moments later, the raw power of an incredibly intense orgasm wracked Sarah’s beautiful body. Spreading her lush legs wide, she shrieked in ecstasy, bucking with her hips, lifting Teresa off the bed, intensifying the unbearable pressure between their struggling clits. Sarah gushed hard, spraying Teresa and herself, soaking the bedsheets, as she released the most intense orgasm she had experienced in ages.

Teresa smiled evilly and let herself go, driving as deep and hard into Sarah’s bucking body as she could. Only seconds later, Teresa’s hot cum jetted deep into Sarah’s receptive pussy. The women locked limbs, wrapped themselves into a hot, wet ball of straining, succulent womanly flesh, and exchanged shot after shot of ejaculate as they fucked each other to the end, struggling to drain each other as orgasm after orgasm chained through their straining bodies.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck…,” Teresa moaned she rode out the multiple orgasms, her body quivering with pleasure and tension.

“Cunt, cunt, you fucking whore…,” Sarah gasped, her body straining, muscle to muscle, as she felt her vagina contract and release, cum spurting from her pussy like a fire hose.

They finally collapsed in each other’s arms, their bodies soaked with sweat, the sheets soaked with cum, their breath coming in desperate

The End

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