No Surrender: The Tryout by KoRook

For a while, we forgot that we were supposed to be opponents.

For fifty-one minutes, Lakshmi and I pressed close to each other on the couch and fixed our eyes on the TV as we eagerly drank in all the tales we could find of glorious victories and ignominious defeats of the SFL’s past. She had picked out a truly spectacular selection for us to view—all championships and Ironman matches and triple threats and I Quit stipulations, the kind of matches that pushed fighters to their limits and beyond. If I’d been calculating enough to analyze what those choices meant, I might have gained some interesting insight into Lakshmi’s psychology.

But there was no sizing up of rivals or preparation for the match happening in the lounge that day. For those fifty-one golden minutes, Lakshmi and I dreamed not of the match to come, but of the championship belts it would lead us toward.

We were leaning forward in our seats, watching every second of a sensual trib-duel between Ruby Ryder and the Immortal, when the Swann walked in.

“You two are up next,” she announced unceremoniously, then flipped a coin. After checking the result, she pointed at me. “You’ll be entering the ring first. Come with me. I’ll be back for you—” she gestured at Lakshmi “—in just a few minutes.”

Waving goodbye to my partner/opponent for the time being, I followed Jane out of the lounge and down the hallway. She led me not to the ring, but to a large, brightly-lit room off to the side of the lockers. Inside were mannequins, clad in a variety of outfits from simple bikinis to fetish outfits to elaborate gimmick costumes, and shelves containing duplicates of those outfits in all sizes.

“You have five minutes to pick your ring attire,” Jane told me. “Choose wisely. You’ll have to earn the right to change it later, and it won’t be easy.”

I nodded and stepped forward into the rows of mannequins. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to look like in the ring, but I gravitated first to a simple black one-piece leotard—skintight, but not deliberately made to draw the eye.

This might be best. I want to tell people that I can get by through skill. That I don’t need to flaunt my body to win. Practicality’s the name of the game here—

Who the hell was I trying to fool?

This was the Sex Fighting League. I’d come here from a porn studio. And I’d made that change in part to go from the fake, made-for-video “sex” that went up on PornHub and Brazzers to the real sexual contests of the SFL ring. I’d trained long and hard to fight, but for all that, there was no way I was going to get to the top without fucking more than I’d ever fucked in my life.

What was the point, then, in pretending to be anything other than a slut?

Turning on my heel, I walked over to another mannequin, this one wearing a black sling bikini. Tiny triangles of fabric covered realistically-sculpted nipples and labia, pulling so tight around them that the outfit highlighted the figure’s most sexual parts more than it concealed them. The whole thing was held together with a few tiny strings, baring almost every inch of the wearer’s skin to anyone who might be watching.


“This one,” I said, pointing to it.

The Swann nodded, as if she wasn’t surprised. “Find one in your size and get changed in the locker room, then go to the ring to wait for your partner.”

I nodded, grabbing one of the bikinis off the rack for my size, and turned to head to the lockers.

“Oh, and Nia?”

I turned to face the SFL veteran.

“I know where you came here from,” she said, looking straight at me. “You might be used to not having much say over who fucks you and how. But remember this: there’s always a way to take control.”

Her words were still ringing in my mind as I made my way into the practice ring. But they were quickly swept away once my opponent arrived to face me.

Lakshmi, unlike me, had gone for a practical outfit: short-shorts and a sports bra, in bright red. Well, mostly practical. It might have been better to call her bottoms “booty shorts” with the way they were displaying her rear, and I hadn’t seen many sports bras before that showed off that much cleavage. Still, though, it was practically demure compared to what I was wearing.

Noticing my outfit in turn, Lakshmi grinned as she climbed into the ring. “Ha! You’re gonna fight me in that? Is this a wrestling ring or a strip club?”

I winked at her. “Why can’t it be both?”

“Because if it were a strip club, there’d be more lap dances,” she complained. “But hey, we can fix that! How about a wager? Loser gives the winner a sexy little private show?”

I waved a hand dismissively. “Sucker’s bet.”

“Oh?” Lakshmi leaned in closer to me. “I knew you’d throw in the towel eventually, but I didn’t expect you to give up before we began.”

“As if!” I scoffed. “No, it’s a sucker’s bet because I’m certain that I give much sexier lap dances than you.”

She gasped in offense, whether real or feigned I couldn’t tell. “It’s almost a shame that I have to dominate you, because I’d have loved to prove you wrong.”

“Sorry to interrupt your little lover’s quarrel, but it’s time for you two to get started,” came the Swann’s voice from ringside, not sounding very sorry at all. I almost started at the sound—I hadn’t even heard her come in.

For a moment, Lakshmi’s irreverent grin flickered away, and she looked at me with deadly serious eyes as she offered me her hand. “May the best woman win,” she said as I shook it.

I nodded wordlessly, acknowledging her words. Though I had no idea what to expect, I did my best to mentally prepare myself for the fight to come.

Jane walked over to the bell. “Your ten minute time limit starts…now,” she said, and rang it.

The reckless, fierce smile burst back into Lakshmi’s expression, even wider than before.

Then she roundhouse kicked me in the face.

Stars exploded across my vision as her foot smashed into my features, and I staggered back, knocked silly by her first attack of the fight. Before I even knew what was happening she’d landed two more blows, a knee strike to my ribs and a bruising left hook that perfectly targeted my nearly-bare right breast.

I had just enough time to think what the fuck? before Lakshmi slipped behind me. Taking my back easily while I reeled from her assault, she grabbed my arm and forced it up against my shoulder in a hammerlock. I cried out in pain as she ruthlessly twisted my arm against my back, then again as she started slamming punches into my ribs from behind with her free hand.

“You ever do MMA, Nia?” Lakshmi asked as she pressed her attack. Her honey-sweet voice came from right next to me, so close I could feel her breath tickling my ear. “I really can’t recommend it enough.”

So that was why she’d been so sure of victory. I was a total novice up against a trained and tested fighter, and she’d known it from the start.

Apparently satisfied that she’d softened me up enough, Lakshmi released my arm, ducking down to pull my legs out from under me. I toppled to the mat, landing with a heavy crash and a groan. I struggled to get to my feet, but Lakshmi was faster by far—kicking me over onto my back, she wrapped her thighs around my neck and trapped me in a reverse figure-four headscissor.

“Come on!” she taunted as her legs constricted and locked in the hold. “I knew you’d be no match for me, but honestly, this is kind of sad. It’s like you’re not even trying to put up a fight.”

Well. It was less that I wasn’t trying and more that I had no idea how to even start fighting a battle like this. I tugged at her thighs, but though I managed to loosen her grip enough through sheer strength to get a gasp of air, I didn’t even come close to breaking the hold. Her leverage was too good.

To make matters worse, as it became clear to both of us that I didn’t know how to counter the move, Lakshmi had a new idea. Grabbing my hair, she pulled my face up tightly against her thick ass and started rubbing it back and forth.

I’d had my face sat on before at Angel’s Kiss, by Dominique and others, but those had been scripted videos in which I’d been assigned the role. Here, it was different—she’d overpowered me with ease and placed me in this position herself. Every grind of my features against Lakshmi’s spandex-clad cheeks was a genuine, humiliating assertion of physical and sexual dominance over her opponent: me.

It was lucky for me that she’d chosen such a relatively unassuming costume instead of a booty-baring outfit like my own. Otherwise…

As raunchy thoughts started to fill my head thanks to Lakshmi’s hold, I realized to my shock that I could feel wetness pooling between my legs. Not much just yet, and with my black outfit it would be hard to see, but who knew what kind of degradations Lakshmi would subject me to if she knew I was getting horny. I had to get out—I had to get some air in my lungs and put some distance between myself and her.

But I couldn’t escape. I didn’t know the first thing about getting out of a submission hold, much less a sexy submission hold that chokes you out while smothering you in a hot girl’s ass. Almost on instinct, I started tapping out on Lakshmi’s flexing rear, desperate to get a moment’s reprieve.

She laughed again. “Awwww, have you had enough already? Can’t take any more? Well, guess what? I decide how much you can take. No mercy, bitch!”

With that, Lakshmi gave me one final face-smothering squeeze before flipping over, straddling my torso. The grin hadn’t left her face, but now it was almost manic, and her eyes were alight with something that could have been bloodlust or just plain lust. Her rack strained against her low-cut sports bra, and her fists were clenched, no doubt to start ground-and-pounding my helpless face (or tits).

I had to do something before she could obliterate my defenses any further, so I did the only thing I could think to do: reaching up, I grabbed her nipples through her bra and twisted them as viciously as I could!

Lakshmi screamed and recoiled, giving me a chance to buck my body and throw her off me with my superior strength and weight. I quickly climbed to my feet, hoping I might be able to get some breathing room while she recovered from the pain.

Although…now that I thought about it, that scream hadn’t sounded entirely hurt. It was almost more like—


My train of thought suddenly derailed as Lakshmi came in with a fast jab to my face, sending my head snapping back. Damn it, how did she recover so fast?

It looked like I wouldn’t get the chance to find out. Grabbing my arm, she Irish Whipped me into the corner and then yanked me around to face her.

“Such sexy, sculpted abs you’ve got,” she teased, running a hand seductively over my belly. “Let’s see how long they can last!”

So saying, she brought her knee rocketing up into my unprotected midsection. I wheezed as the air left my lungs in a sudden burst, and Lakshmi didn’t stop. True to her word, she was utterly merciless as she rained down blows on my abs, each knee strike and gut punch hitting home with deadly precision. Before long, my formerly taut and firm six-pack felt like it had been turned to mush, and my head was lolling about listlessly with each blow. I was utterly at Lakshmi’s mercy.

Eventually she stopped, and tilted my chin up with one finger. “Having fun yet, Nia?” she asked, actually batting her eyelashes as she stared smugly down at me.

“I’ve had better days,” I slurred out.

“Let’s see if we can brighten this one up then, shall we?” With that, Lakshmi pulled her finger away, letting my head slump down again…and stepped forward so that my face slid right into her cleavage.

I let out a halfhearted groan of protest, but I had to admit one thing. Having my face buried between her bountiful breasts was better by far than the excruciating moves she’d used on me before. She teasingly wiggled her chest back and forth, rubbing her rack against my face, before stepping back and letting me go.

I couldn’t stop myself from letting a soft noise of disappointment escape my lips, which Lakshmi noticed immediately. “Want some more?” she asked me, giving her tits a taunting squeeze.

I at least retained the dignity not to beg her to breast-smother me again, pulling my head up to look her in the eye with as much of a glare as I could muster in my weakened state.

“Oh, suit yourself,” she said with a pout. “I was going to KO you the fun way. But I guess I’ll have to do it the mean way!”

With a fearsome glare that still somehow managed to seem joyous, she stretched her leg out into a near-split and pressed her foot against my throat, sealing off my airway. I choked and wheezed as she leaned forward into the hold, her whole body weight dedicated to knocking me the fuck out.

In fact, Lakshmi was so confident of victory that she’d chosen a finishing move that left my hands and feet free. Having been battered from pillar to post by her since the start of the match, I could understand why—as a far superior martial artist and grappler, she had little to fear from my punches, kicks, or holds.

But I still had one chance.

Reaching out with energy born of desperation, I locked my hand around Lakshmi’s crotch and squeezed with every ounce of strength I had left!

She screamed once again, louder than before, and stumbled back. I gasped for air as she released her hold, but didn’t let up for a second on the vice grip of my pussy claw. Thanking my past self fervently for all the strength training I’d put myself through, I wrapped my other arm around her neck. Then I quickly lifted her up and hurled her to the mat in a scoop slam.

Between the beating I’d taken at Lakshmi’s hands and my inexperience with wrestling, the move was barely passable, not much like what I’d seen in the videos we’d watched. But it was good enough to stun her for a moment, and that was all I needed. Not holding back for an instant, I started raining down vicious stomps on her supine body, slamming my foot down on her torso and limbs again and again.

Lakshmi let out a pained cry each time my foot landed, but that wasn’t enough to convince me that the tables had turned. Backing up across the ring, I got a running start and jumped into the air, bringing my whole weight crashing down onto her in a running body splash!

Now that would put her down for a good while. She was still conscious, of course—it would take more than a few stomps and a body splash to score a knockout against a woman like Lakshmi. But for now, the match was mine to control.

The bruises on my belly pulsed with pain from slamming my body down hard against her, but I ignored them as I pondered. A cavalcade of powerful and dominant moves from the matches I’d watched spun through my mind, but the problem was that I didn’t know how to perform most of them. And besides—my words from earlier came back to me—this was the SFL, so what was the point in pretending to be anything other than a slut?

Smiling down at Lakshmi, I reached back to unclasp her sports bra, letting her impressive bust spring free. Then I yanked down her booty shorts, making her ass jiggle enticingly as I bared it along with her pussy, leaving her totally naked. Still dazed, Lakshmi didn’t resist until it was much too late.

Her naked nipples and snatch were swelling and reddening where I’d abused them, but between her legs I could also see a glimmer of wetness. I’d been right earlier when I’d noticed that there hadn’t just been pain in Lakshmi’s screams; there had been more than a little arousal mixed in too.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” I asked, running a finger seductively over her lower lips. “Looks like someone is a bit of a painslut.”

I punctuated the last word with an open-handed slap to her cunt, which earned me a cute little yelp of mixed pain and pleasure.

“Oh, yeah,” I said breathily. “You like it when I hurt you. It gets you all worked up. Well, Lakshmi…I’ve got good news and bad news.”

Yanking her to her feet by her hair, I bent her over and grabbed her head in a hold that I was pretty sure was called an “inverted facelock”. As I clamped my arm down hard around her neck, I reached back with my free hand to play with her pussy again, first spreading it wide with two fingers before starting to rub her clit.

“The good news is that you’re about to get exactly what you want,” I said, driving the point home by giving her snatch another punishing squeeze. “The bad news is that you’re about to get exactly what you want.”

Lakshmi could only moan in a horny delirium as I pleasured and punished her pussy, so I decided to put the next part of my plan in action. Alternating between turning her on by fingering and clit-teasing her, and playing to her masochism by clawing and twisting at her sensitive nethers, I carefully walked backwards until we were poised right next to the turnbuckles. Then I fell backwards, letting myself land softly on the ropes while Lakshmi’s head slammed hard into the pads!

I’d learned that this move was known as a “DDT”, but I didn’t fully understand how to do it on the open mat without hurting myself almost as much as my opponent. Fortunately, though, I’d managed to work out a solution—and from the look of it, it had worked even better than the normal move, leaving Lakshmi glassy-eyed and helpless.

And I wasn’t finished. I still wanted to turn the tables on the humiliation she’d visited on me earlier. Turning her over so that she was slumped in a sitting position against the turnbuckle, I struck a pose, giving her a moment to drink in the view of my curvaceous body. Then I grabbed the middle ropes, straddling her face and thrusting my hips against her again and again in a Bronco Buster!

Lakshmi snapped out of her daze quickly with an indignant shout as I slammed my barely-clothed cunt against her features again and again and my powerful ass smashed down against her soft tits. But she made no move to try to escape. After a moment, I realized why. She didn’t have any more of a counter to this move than I’d had to her scissorhold. She might have been a veteran fighter, but that was in MMA matches where victory was decided by exchanging blows and submission holds. Getting dominated by an opponent thrusting her pussy in her face was unlike anything she’d dealt with before.

Before long, the humiliation and confusion proved too much for Lakshmi, just as it had for me earlier in the match. Cheeks flushing with shame, she tapped out on my ass, slapping her hand hard against the firm muscle of my rear.

I stopped for a moment, pulling back to let her look up at me—and to allow her to think I’d given her a reprieve.

“I think you’ve forgotten something, Lakshmi,” I told her. Licking my lips, I seized the straps of my sling bikini in one hand and ripped it off my body, shredding it in an instant and leaving myself totally naked in front of her. My nipples stood straight and hard with excitement, and my newly-bared pussy dripped with liquid heat.

“No mercy,” I said. My voice was hungry, throaty, rumbling deep in my chest. “Bitch.”

Before she could react, I pushed forward once more, but not to continue the Bronco Buster. Instead, my soaked snatch pressed hard against her mouth and nose, turning the move into a pussy smother. She groaned in protest, sending waves of pleasure pulsing up from between my thighs, but I didn’t let up even for the tiniest fraction of a second. Instead of bouncing up and down or thrusting hard, I swiveled my hips in a sensual, seductive grind that smeared my arousal all over Lakshmi’s cute face and pleasured myself at her expense.

It was not even a slight exaggeration to say that I was more turned on in that moment than I’d ever been before in my life.

This is it, I realized. This right here—this is why I decided to become a sexfighter. This is what I want.

I could probably have smothered her out there and then—just leaned all my weight into sealing off her air with my pussy and let her taste me as she slipped away into dreamland. But I realized something as she writhed in my smothering fuckpin: it wasn’t enough. I needed to put an exclamation point on my dominance of this match—and then I could fuck Lakshmi until she barely remembered her name.

I let her go once more, and she sucked in deep breaths as the smother broke. She’d been on the verge of unconsciousness before I’d made my decision, so she hadn’t recovered yet when I picked her up and hurled her to sprawl on the canvas.

Then I started climbing the ropes.

I’d never tried anything like this before, but so far I’d been picking up wrestling skills fast. And some of the spots I’d seen in SFL matches had been no less than spectacular. If there was a way to truly cement my victory over Lakshmi, this was it.

I reached the top rope and stood on it, wobbling slightly to keep my balance. Bending my knees, I poised myself for action and then leaped, cocking my elbow to come down on Lakshmi in a devastating finishing move…

…only for her to roll to the side at the last moment!

Instead of her spread-eagled torso, my body collided with the hard floor of the ring, sending jarring spikes of pain through my elbow, ribs, and hip. I groaned at the devastating reversal, curling up to clutch my injuries. And as I reeled, Lakshmi climbed to her feet.

Her eyes smoldered with a fury that hadn’t been there before as she loomed over me. Grabbing my ankles, she spread my legs apart into a wide V, exposing my now-vulnerable cunt. Knowing I wasn’t ready to fight back yet, she let the position linger, savoring the moment and making sure I knew what was about to come next.

“Payback time, whore,” she growled.

Then she jumped up and plummeted down, slamming into my crotch with a double knee drop!

I shrieked in agony as the pleasure between my legs was suddenly ripped away, replaced with excruciating pain. Wasting no time, Lakshmi flipped me over and knelt on my back, grabbing my arm and yanking it up and back into a kneeling armbar.

My shoulder and bicep exploded with pain as she wrenched them out of position, but Lakshmi moaned, and I could feel her dripping labia dragging up and down the corded muscles of my arm.

“I have to admit, Nia,” she said, “there’s more fight in you than I thought. But you’re just delaying the inevitable. The moment you stepped into this ring with me, that hot body was mine.”

She swiveled around smoothly and pulled back my other arm, wrapping her legs around my biceps. Then she braced her hands on the canvas and bridged her hips up, using her whole body to force my arms down into a position they were never meant to bend in.

“What was this one called again?” I asked through clenched teeth, forcing myself to ignore the pain. “The Lily Lock?”

“Close!” Lakshmi replied. “The Lotus Lock. Perfect for working over a wrestler’s arms. Or for punishing naughty sluts who keep putting their hands where they don’t belong.”

“You know…you want…more,” I gritted out. It didn’t come out as flirtatious as I’d hoped as I struggled in Lakshmi’s submission hold, but the message got across all the same.

“Oh, I’d love for you to keep on throwing yourself at me,” she said with a mocking smirk. “Victory tastes so much sweeter when they think they can still win. In fact, you know what I really want?”

All at once, Lakshmi released my arms from her lock. I overbalanced myself from pulling against her, struggling to regain my bearings. While I was disoriented, she flipped me over and folded her leg across her chest, yanking my neck down against her shin.

My eyes widened in alarm as she cut off even the tiniest sliver of breath. Even her corner foot choke had been easy compared to this. Before, she’d been taunting me, sure of her supremacy and planning to finish me off at her leisure. Now she wasn’t underestimating me anymore. And she was about to end this fight with brutal efficiency.

“I want to look you in the eyes so I can watch as the fight goes out of them,” Lakshmi purred.

True to her words, the unique hold she’d put me in forced me to stare her right in the face. Her deep brown eyes seared into mine, and her graceful lips were twisted into a snarl. Her expression was so intense, so focused, that it seemed like she didn’t realize anything else existed in the world. There was only me, the fight, and her victory.

As I struggled vainly for a breath and darkness started to creep in at the edge of my vision, I realized something. If I ever wanted to be a match for Lakshmi—if I ever wanted to be a sexfighter—I had to fight back now.

The powerful eroticism of face-fucking a helpless opponent was my prize. But this was its cost. I had to face the height of my opponents’ power and skill and not falter. Otherwise that taste of dominance would be the last I would ever get.

I reached out, grabbed the rope, and pulled with all my strength.

Lakshmi grinned at first, thinking I was making a (futile) attempt at a rope break. But I was wrong. Though my abused arms erupted with pain unlike anything they’d ever felt before, I pulled myself up, bit by bit. And her grip on my throat loosened.

It was only fractional, at first—just enough to sneak a tiny gasp of breath. But even that little wisp of oxygen was enough to rejuvenate me a bit. I pulled harder, drawing on reserves even I hadn’t known I had. Her fingers, interlaced around the back of my head, started to slip apart.

And then, all at once, like a dam shattering to let the flood through, her hold broke. No longer able to keep my head locked in, Lakshmi toppled over. She fell backwards, landing on the mat while I pulled myself to my feet with the ropes. I lashed out on instinct with a sloppy low kick, and it collided with her chin with an echoing smack, knocking her loopy.

I heaved huge, deep breaths as I recovered. My head swirled with dizziness as oxygen flowed back into my system. But against an opponent as dangerous as Lakshmi, I didn’t have a second to lose.

I rolled her onto her back and descended over her. Straddling her head, I straightened my legs until my thighs were squeezing her in a devastating vice. It was a straightened version of the figure-four hold she’d put me in at the start of the match: I’d trapped her in a reverse headscissor.

But I had bigger plans for her than rubbing her against my ass. Leaning down, I buried my face in Lakshmi’s still-dripping pussy. And I started eating her out as if my life depended on it.

Despite my thighs constricting around her throat, she screamed again, agony and ecstasy mingling in her voice once more. Her back arched under me as I licked her wildly.

I didn’t taunt her. I didn’t dare let up for long enough to say anything. But I vowed silently to myself that Lakshmi would not escape this hold without cumming or passing out.

And for a moment, it looked as if she couldn’t help but do at least one. She writhed and moaned, seemingly unable to counter the move. But then I felt her freeze for a moment, gathering her energy. And before I could react, two things happened at the same time:

Her legs clamped around my neck in a mirror image of my own scissorhold.

And her tongue pushed deep into my cunt.

Within moments, my push for an advantage had transformed into a 69 scissor duel. Every clench of my massive thighs was matched by Lakshmi’s submission-hold artistry. Every swirl and flick of her tongue in my cunt was met by me licking her wildly, sending drops of girlcum splattering everywhere.

As we battled on both the physical and sexual levels, I began to realize something. This duel would be the end of our match. Whoever emerged as the victor, by orgasm or KO, would walk away triumphant from this ring. And both Lakshmi and I, at that moment, needed that triumph. We needed it more than food, more than water, more than air. It was our sole and overriding desire.

And yet, despite the titanic clash of wills, despite us both laying it all on the line in our final push for victory…she was winning.

I was beginning to learn by now to resist her scissors and chokeholds. And with my hands free I could pry her thighs apart just slightly, enough to save myself from a knockout. But in the sexual battle, my defenses were failing.

Every motion of her tongue lit a fire in my loins. Every twitch and grind of our bodies seemed to drive my arousal to even greater heights. And more than that, the battle itself was turning me on. Matching myself on the most intimate level with such an amazingly spirited, sexually voracious woman had my libido firing on all cylinders.

Truth be told, it felt more like I was losing than that Lakshmi was winning. But that was an illusion. Her self-control stayed strong even as I fulfilled her most lurid masochistic fantasies, while mine was breaking more and more every second. In that quality, the quality that mattered most at that moment, she was my superior.

I still tried to fight it, of course. A battle like this deserved nothing less. I resisted my climax with everything I had, drawing out my pleasure far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

But in the end, it was hopeless. I didn’t squirt. I gushed. She’d shattered every bit of resistance I put up, and it showed in the sheer overwhelming power of my orgasm, far and away the strongest I’d ever had.

I’d failed.

I had given it everything I had and more, pushed my limits so far I marveled at how tiny my old ones seemed now—and it hadn’t been enough. I hadn’t been enough. Lakshmi was right: she was simply better than me, and that was that.


This match wasn’t over yet.

I’d realized earlier that this duel would end it. But I could end the duel on my terms. My opponent had seized sexual supremacy over me. I could never take that away from her. But there were other ways to prove superiority.

I would have my recompense from Lakshmi.

My tongue slowed, in deference to her prowess, but my thighs tightened. They didn’t snap shut like the scissors the hold was named for, but I let the pressure build and build.

I hadn’t reached the peak of my strength then. In later times, I’d practice crushing watermelons in a grip just like this, squeezing them until their sweet juices burst across my smooth, bare skin. But this wasn’t just about power. It was about endurance. My legs were unstoppable, inexorable, as if my muscles were carved from glaciers grinding their way to their destination.

Lakshmi struggled just as desperately as I had a moment ago. Her hands pawed at my calves, my thighs, my ass. But I was unmovable. The scissors closed around her throat, and did not budge an inch.

I didn’t even notice that Lakshmi had passed out until I saw her hand flop down to the mat.

Slowly, wary of a trap, I released her and stood up. But rather than loom over her unconscious form, I backed away to the ropes, looking at her from a distance. Posing over her as though I were the undisputed victor—or even the winner at all—seemed wrong.

A sudden crack startled me out of my stupor, and I glanced around before I realized that it was the sound of someone clapping. Jane—the Swann—stood at ringside. I hadn’t even realized she’d been watching, but it seemed that she had. She was applauding slowly but not, as far as I could tell, sarcastically. And somehow, I knew deep down that though she couldn’t hear it, the applause was meant as much for Lakshmi as for me…or maybe even more.

“That was a decent showing, for a couple of rookies,” the Swann said. “Unlike the rest of our prospects, I might have to expend some actual effort to take one of you two apart.”

“Uh. Thanks. I think.” It wasn’t my most eloquent response, but I could barely focus on words. My mind was still spinning crazily as I came down from the heady cocktail of sex and adrenaline.

She didn’t acknowledge that I’d spoken. “Go hit the showers. You’re done for today.”

I blinked. “Wait, what about Lakshmi? Are you just going to leave her here?”

“I’ll wake her up,” Jane said. “But that’s not your problem.”

“What do you mean, it’s not my problem? Did you see that match? What if she’s pissed off at me for that Bronco Buster and pussy smother, or for going for the KO even after she made me cum?”

“Then I guess it sucks to be you,” Jane shot back, with steel in her voice. “This is the Sex Fighting League, sweetheart. We don’t sit around and sing ‘Kumbaya’. We fight and we fuck. You can’t control whether someone holds a grudge. If she comes at you later with a steel chair, well, maybe you should have thought harder about whether you wanted to make an enemy. Now go hit the showers before I show you what it’s like to really be dominated.”

I stared at her for a second, and she met my gaze without flinching. She meant it. If I tried to defy her, I’d be facing down an SFL superstar who wouldn’t hesitate to humiliate me in order to teach me the error of my ways.

I was suddenly acutely aware of how far I still had to go.

Bowing my head, I turned and headed for the showers, leaving Lakshmi sprawled out on the mat behind me.

The End

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