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Chapter 1: Intro

Chapter 2 – Sophie Jansen vs Amy Lin

Chapter 3 – Eva Liu vs Natasha Veselova

Chapter 4 – Naomi Zhang vs Fumiko Hayashi

Chapter 5 – Valentina Martinez vs Lily Chen

Chapter 6 – Allison Xu vs Melissa Cadmen

Chapter 7 – Laura Jung vs Zhou Sichao

Chapter 8 – Sarah Zhang vs Emily Evans

Chapter 9 – Karen Xing vs Chiyo Nakamura

Chapter 10 – Samantha Woods vs Katie Zhu

Chapter 11 – Claire Huang vs Ha Eun Park

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 – Naomi Zhang vs Fumiko Hayashi

Chapter 14 – Valentina Martinez vs Lily Chen

Chapter 15 – Allison Xu vs Melissa Cadmen

Chapter 16 – Sophie Jansen vs Amy Lin

Chapter 17 – Sarah Zhang vs Emily Evans

Chapter 18 – Samantha Woods vs Katie Zhu

Chapter 19 – Sophie Jansen vs Amy Lin

Chapter 20 – Epilogue

-“For the all-conquering whore slayer, Cindy Wang!”-cheered Lin Yuda (English name Amy Lin) as 11 other cups of wine joined her toast. Said Cindy Wang (Chinese name Wang Jing) was bashful, and buried her face behind her boyfriend, the American Alan. It was a small party, six women and six men, allegedly for the benefit of her friend Cindy, who had just won the right to call herself Alan’s girlfriend after a hard-fought duel over him. (The Duel Room: East vs West)

-“Come on Cindy, quit the bullshit”-encouraged Zhou Sichao (English name Chelsea Zhou) -“After all, you don’t seem embarrassed at all when you go to Alan’s office for a good fucking.”

Everyone roared in laughter at the new couple’s indiscretions, including the regional manager, Cho Minho. Ever since Cindy established exclusive possession over Alan’s cock, perceptive colleagues had noticed how frequently Cindy started sneaking into Alan’s office for 15-20 minutes periods and coming out a little worse for wear. Cindy stood taller, more erect, with a prouder strut. The type of sexy gait only a woman confident of her feminine charms could project, especially after triumphing over a sexual rival who tried to dispute her ownership of Alan’s cock.

-“Guys, I’m not supposed to talk about it!”-protested Cindy meekly. She needed to show some token modesty, but deep down she really wanted to brag about her recent win. Cindy’s friends knew that and played along, skilfully buttering up the victress with praise and good-natured banter.

-“Is this the same Cindy that called that slut Jessica to declare war over Alan while she fucked him raw in his office?”-ribbed Yang Ying (English name Naomi Yang), another one of Cindy’s friends-“What happened to you? You practically started a catfight in the middle of the office when you saw that baigui(White devil) bitch kissing Alan”

-“Let’s hear it straight from the horse mouth!”-said Liu Duoer (English name Eva Liu)-“I heard the blonde bitch and you pulled hair in the parking lot before you got separated by security”

One by one, Cindy’s friends shared stories of what they heard Jessica and Cindy did to each other while they competed over Alan, always careful to imply Cindy’s superiority to her British rival. After all, the women were all Chinese just like Cindy and were sympathetic to her struggle. As the wine and the conversation flowed, Cindy loosened up and started confirming or denying rumours, spilling juicy pre-duel details and going into a lurid blow by blow account of the slugfest, titillating her guests with sordid sexual details.

Cindy gazed around the room, satisfied that the account of her catfight with Jennifer had spurred intimate conversations between each of her friends and their male companions. That was after all, the reason why Ms Lin had asked her to humour them with a post-duel party. Each of the women present had a sexual rival she wanted to fend off, and the party served to broach the topic of an eventual duel.

But more importantly, they all wanted to get rid of the foreign girls and the woman who had started it all: Sophie Jansen.

The women in the party hated Sophie, the Dutch whore who had married the regional manager, Cho Minho, and used her influence to bring foreign women under a transfer program. Such policy wreaked havoc with the delicate sexual balance inside the Hong Kong branch of the business, disrupting stable unspoken agreements to share men and introducing a steady stream of foreign girls that then went around sleeping with their men, forcing the Chinese women to concede sexual territory or fight for their men. What was worse, just as physical altercations or duels helped form a new balance, Sophie brought new transfers from overseas, resetting the cycle of strife.

Cindy was well-aware of the effects of such a policy. The woman she had just defeated in the duel room was a transfer from the UK office. The blonde bitch was then replaced with some hires from Latin America, one of them who started going after Chen Lili’s boyfriend (English name Lily Chen) from the get-go. The same Lily that was now in an animated conversation with her boyfriend on the other side of the room.

Enough was enough. Cindy was as eager as her compatriots to end of the transfer policy. She feared that eventually another busty foreign girl would come to the Hong Kong branch and make a move on Alan. She wasn’t going to back down if some barbarian slut came looking for Alan’s cock, but she rather not have to assert her rights in the duel room again.

The Chinese girls had pinned their hopes in Amy Lin. Chinese Amy had clashed with Sophie several times over Minho and both beauties were keen to end their damaging war of attrition with a duel. However, they had been prevented from challenging each other by Minho, who refused to let the matter reach de definitive conclusion, content to let the grudge between his wife and secretary fester as the sex kittens battled it out over and over in meaningless clashes. Sometimes the Chinese goddess would prove her mettle, managing to spend the nights with Minho after an erotic mano a mano with his wife. Yet such catfights had no legal consequence, and soon the sensual Dutch siren was back, managing to reclaim her husband’s cock after a vicious catfight that Amy would lose.

Everyone in the office was wondering how long the wife and the secretary could keep going at it? Who would crack first in the incessant series of never-ending quarrels if there wasn’t a duel to settle things? The effects of the constant brawling and savage fighting was clear in the lacerations on their boobs, the scratches on their faces, the bald spots in the scalps of each woman, the nasty red marks on their thighs. Yet neither made any efforts to hide their wounds, proudly displaying their “marks of gallantry” with scandalous mini dresses for Minho’s benefit. Still, Cindy couldn’t help but to notice the strain of the non-stop warfare was wearing Amy down.

Said Amy had thought about the seemingly unsolvable stalemate and had figured out a way to force a duel despite Minho’s wishes. Once she forced said duel, a victory for the sultry Chinese secretary could potentially mean the exile of Dutch devil and an end to the transfer program. It wasn’t going to be easy or pleasant. Wives had several legal advantages that slanted the odds on Ms Jansen favour, but the Chinese secretary was determined to destroy Minho’s marriage.

Yet exiling the young Dutch wife wasn’t going to solve the problem of the foreign girls already working in the office. Although the Chinese women were scheming together, it was the individual responsibility of each woman to get rid of her sexual rival, with all the nastiness that implied. They were by now fed up with their romantic situations and were willing to risk significant injuries and exile if it meant getting rid of the foreign girls. The sheer amount of Chinese women willing to consider participating in Amy’s crazy scheme spoke volumes of the frustration inside the office.

The least Cindy could do is to help them as much as possible. That involved supporting a sneaky scheme she and her friends had cooked up. They hadn’t told the guys, fearing they would alert their sexual rivals, but if everything went according to plan, the women would impress their men and force the foreign girls to surrender their claims over their men.

Continued in Chapter 2.

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-While not an official title, Amy Lin is widely seen as the leader of the Chinese girls in virtue of her relationship with Cho Minho, which in turn allows her to influence certain policies around the office and favour her Chinese compatriots. The same thing applies to Sophie Jansen, the “leader” of the foreign girls.

-In reality, neither Sophie Jansen or Amy Lin care too much about “leading” their so-called factions. For them, the factions are just a means to an end, weapons to wield against the other woman in their quest to win Cho Minho’s heart.

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