The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 2 by JustLooking9000

Office 1:00pm

Sophie Jansen stopped for a moment to look at her reflection on the glass door, showing a young, sexually appealing woman in a scandalous leopard print minidress that showcased her clawed up bronzed skin and exquisite long legs, which was covered in deep and long scratches, products of several physical confrontations with her husband’s secretary. Sophie didn’t care. If anything, she worked hard to make the wounds even more visible with her scandalous minidress. To bring out more of her cleavage, the blonde beauty had forsaken a bra, which made her mauled jugs bobble as she walked. She smiled, knowing her husband wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her bouncing tits. The proud Dutch goddess wanted the world to know she wasn’t afraid to fight for her husband’s cock.

The young Dutch wife as sauntered around her husband’s workplace, leaving a trail of hushed whispers and nervous glances as she sensually sashayed around her old stomping grounds (She had been Minho’s secretary before becoming his lover, and eventually his wife). Her current dispute might be with his slut secretary, but she nevertheless liked a little peacocking every now and then to remind his attractive female subordinates that he was a taken man. And that the woman that had taken him was at her sexual peak, exuding eroticism, ravishingly beautiful, immensely jealous, and willing to tangle with any woman wanting to steal her spouse away from her.

She wasn’t the only one who did that: it was a common tactic the girlfriends of male employees used to ward off potential sexual rivals, usually leading to an edgy atmosphere around the workplace when one girlfriend came around strutting her stuff. Sophie herself had been subjected to those tactics of intimidation and territory marking when she was still Minho’s secretary and he was seeing a haughty Korean heiress. Unfortunately for the Korean beauty, that display of territorial marking hardly deterred the blonde secretary from seducing her then boss, resulting in a furious catfight when the Korean girlfriend caught Sophie sucking Minho’s cock. The matter had escalated all the way to the duel room, where Sophie managed “persuade” the Korean heiress at claw point to give up her place in Minho’s bed.

It didn’t escape Sophie’s attention that she was now the wife warding off an ambitious secretary. Except she had no intention of losing her man in the process. Satisfied she had already made her presence felt around the office, the sultry Sophie turned the corner, only for her exquisite physique to clash against a wall of skin.

-“I’m sorry…”-said Sophie, only to stop mid-sentence. The tall, black haired Asian beauty that had clashed with her was Minho’s secretary…Amy Lin…wearing a green and blue minidress that amply showcased her ravaged knockers and clawed up shoulders, alongside blue high heels. The two sexual rivals quickly stiffened, angrily looking at each other and barring their teeth.

-“What do you think you’re looking at?”-asked Sophie pointedly, feeling her chest grazing against the secretary’s bust.

-“You”-smirked Amy, looking at her romantic rival dead on the eye-“And your pathetic attempts to keep your marriage alive”

-“The only pathetic thing here is you and your sorry attempts to tempt my husband”

-“Oh”-said Amy maliciously, her nose picking up the smell of Sophie’s disagreeable perfume-“Afraid of a little competition aren’t we?”

-“Pft! Why would my man pick this”-said Sophie, pointing at Amy’s figure and then to her own hourglass physique-“Over THIS. There’s simply no comparison”

-“Oh yeah?”-hissed the Chinese beauty-“judging by how frequently Minho makes love to me I’d say I’m in fact winning our competition over him”

-“Hah!”-said Sophie dismissively-“You’re just the little office fuck toy he uses when I’m not around. When he comes home he gets to play with the real thing.”

-“Oh really? By the way he impales his cock into me it’d seem that he’s not really satisfied with what he’s getting at home”

-“You’re kidding yourself”-jeered Sophie-“He finds you such a bad lay the only reason she’s still stringing you along is because he enjoys when I sink my nails in your tiny tis”

-“I’m tiring of and your empty boasts”-said Amy-“How about we skip the bullshit and fight like real women. Anytime. Anywhere. I don’t care if it’s not a duel; after I’m done, you’ll be begging me to take Minho”

-“Oh trust me you cheap Chinese whore”-said Sophie-“Were it not for Minho begging me to leave his slut secretary in somewhat working condition, I’d have dragged your limp body all over the office for everyone to see.”

-“Oh, you mean like what I did to that Korean slut who was sleeping with your man?”-asked Amy referring to the exiled executive assistant Lee Jimin (2. The Duel Room: Executive Assistant vs Secretary)-“Minho was thrilled to see me fight that skank in his office but wondered why his wife wasn’t willing to fight for him”

-“Hah! Only little scrap and you’re already thinking you’re hot stuff. My husband said it was so…boooooring to see you girls fight. It was like seeing two high school girls scrapping, nothing like the fights I had with his former lovers.” (The Duel Room Wedding Proposal)

-“Oh please bitch! Everyone is just SOOOOOOO over of your old war tales. What matters is the present, and Minho is wondering if an of hag like you can stand up to a pretty young thing like me”-said the Chinese secretary even though she knew there was only a 3-year gap between them. A difference that was meaningless in a world were 60 year old women looked as new as freshly minted 20 year olds.

-“That’s pretty conceited of you, considering your sagging chest makes you look 10 years older”-said Sophie acidly, brusquely pushing her sexual rival aside-“As much as I’d love bring myself to your level and trash talk like a street whore all afternoon, I need to find my husband and fill his afternoon cravings…something apparently you can’t do well”

-“You bitch!”-sneered Amy, seeing Sophie giving her the middle finger as she walked towards Minho’s office. Once she was out of sight, the Chinese secretary looked at the clock, remembering she was supposed to spearhead the ambush. It was 1:05PM, and she had 10minutes before the fireworks started.

Secretary Lin smirked. She had conveniently failed to tell her sexual rival that Minho wasn’t in his office right now. Instead, he was in the coffee room, waiting for her.

Coffee room 1:06pm

-“Hey Amy, did you bring my…”-greeted Minho as he saw his secretary closed the door to the coffee room (The very same one where Cindy Wang and Jessica Chambers had their catfight in 4. The Duel Room: East vs West) only for the Chinese beauty to aggressively assault his mouth with her tongue. The Korean man was taken aback, yet quickly reciprocated the kiss, his manhood hardening as he felt her beguiling anatomy grinding against him. Amy pushed his arms apart, unbuttoning his pants and dropping on her knees.

-“Not here, Sophie is coming s…”-Minho didn’t manage to complete the sentence, gasping as he felt Amy’s tongue playing with his exposed cock. He briefly wondered what was happening before surrendering to his base desires. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the feeling of Amy’s gifted tongue travelling the length of his cock, completely forgetting that his wife was supposed to be in the office for some play time too.

-“Good girl, good girl Amy…I’m coming…I’m coming…”-cooed Minho after 10 minutes of feeling his secretary’s gifted mouth around his dick. He encouraged the lascivious Chinese sex kitten to keep going. Amy eagerly sucked and licked him like his erect manhood was ice cream in the middle of the desert until a torrent of cum exploded into her mouth. Releasing a long sigh of satisfaction, Minho helped the kneeling Chinese woman stand up.

In normal days, the young Amy would have swallowed his massive load like the ‘little good whore’ she was. Yet this was not a normal day. Minho didn’t know it yet, but Amy was about to start a huge chain reaction that would bring mayhem and strife to the office. As the ring leader of this massive effort, it was her task to distract the meagre security staff manning the building with some fireworks.

The Chinese harpy spit a combination of Minho’s cum and her saliva all over her open palm. Closing her cum-covered palm into a fist, Amy ignored Minho’s questions and walked out of the coffee room, her heels thundering as she walked at a fast pace, followed by a puzzled Minho.

The manager’s office 1:20 pm

Amy opened the door her boss’s office, and before the surprised Sophie could say anything, the secretary lunged forward and slapped! Sophie. The blonde beauty was gobsmacked, cum dripping off her perfectly smooth olive skin into her the dress.

-“That’s Minho’s cum”-stated Amy-“He’s my man now and you better step aside if you know what’s good for you”

Sophie’s shock didn’t last long, leaping at her sexual rival and latching her fingers onto Amy’s black tresses-“You fucking chink!”

-“Come at me baigui (White devil) whore”-said Amy reciprocating the hairpull.

-“Now you’ve done it”-grunted Sophie, feeling her chest crashing against Amy’s rack -“This is the last time you disrespect my marriage”

-“You mean this is the last time you feel your husband’s cum”-retorted Amy, ripping a chunk of Sophie’s blonde hair.

Minho heard the feminine battle cries as he entered his office, seeing his secretary and wife viciously pulling and tugging hair, their exquisite physiques furiously rubbing against each other as they awkwardly waltzed around his office. He stood at the door frame, admiring their toned legs erotically brushing against each other as the hemline of their tiny mini dresses rode higher and higher under the stress, letting him see their miniscule thongs barely covering their shapely hips. God, seeing them fight never got old for the Korean playboy.

Regaining a measure of self-control, Minho did what he always did in these circumstances, quickly bypassing the brawling ladies and picked up the phone to call security. Once that was done, his gaze turned back to the fighting ladies and stood still, thrilled to see yet another catfight in his office.

-“I’m not giving my husband up”- said Sophie tearing a big chunk of Amy’s long hair, eliciting a shriek from the slim Chinese enchantress. Seeing her opponent’s melons popping out of the minidress under the stress of the savage hairpulling, Sophie ramped up the violence up a notch by taking a step back and then latching her nails into her opponent’s knockers. Amy’s face was a mosaic of agony as she felt her precious womanly assets under attack.

-“Argh…I can grab some titties too!”-moaned Amy as she joined the vicious tit mauling. The flimsy mini dresses, unable to cope with the exertions of the ferocious catfight, started exposing more and more skin as the girls persisted in the tit clawing. The sensual screeches and squeals soon attracted the gaze of curious onlookers, who quickly invited themselves to the boss’ office and surrounded the belligerents, not wanting to miss any of the action.

-“Let go my boobs you chink”-said Sophie through gritted teeth.

-“You let go my tits fucking gweilo(foreigner)!”-

-“Speak English you slag”-said Sophie, inspiring a collective gasp in the audience by spitting on Amy’s eyes, blinding her. Many of the old timers (mostly Chinese nationals) knew the Dutch spitfire was a dirty catfighter, having heard/witnessed several of her catfights in the office. Amy gave up the tit hold to try to get the disgusting spit out of her eyes while the European bombshell pulled her hair and slapped Amy’s cheek red with impunity-“You shouldn’t have come after my man you second rate hussy!”

-“Maybe he came to me because you’re a lousy lay!”-said Amy tackling her sexual rival, sending them falling on the floor. The topless girls quickly wrapped their arms around each other, and all hell broke loose as the young vixens rolled around the floor in a wild catball. The furious belligerents scratched, bit and pulled hair like two wild cats in heat, tearing pieces of the dresses’ expensive fabric here and there.

-“Come on Sophie finish her!” “Don’t let her steal your man Sophie” cried the excited the crowds as they cheered and whistle, eager to know who would win and take the boss home tonight.

They would get no satisfaction as the 6 security staff made their way through the throng of spectators, quickly diving into the seething catball and with much effort separating the brawling ladies much to the disappointment of the booing audience.

-“You know what bitch? I done with your bullshit!”-yelled a dishevelled Sophie, her ruined dress hardly covering her womanly parts as she tried to get past the two security officers blocking her way -“You just signed your death warrant”

-“Anytime, anywhere saohuo(slut)! I’m sick of you prancing around the office like you’re some sort of queen”-replied the Chinese temptress, her tits bouncing wildly as she kicked her toned legs into the air and tried to break free from the two security officers restraining her.

Just as Amy and Sophie hogged all the resources of the bare bones security staff, her compatriots were busy confronting their romantic rivals.

Security staff was soon overwhelmed by reports of several catfights breaking out all over the building but couldn’t do anything because they were all distracted dealing with the Amy/Sophie situation. By the time they managed to get to the other locations, it was already too late. The simultaneous catfights had left a wave of destruction all throughout the building.

Continued in Chapter 3.

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This isn’t the end for Sophie Jansen and Amy Lin. Neither will rest until her sexual rival is crushed! Wife and secretary will face up once again in a timeless matchup. Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Minho? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 16. You can go straight to chapter 16 without missing much of the action.

However, sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and savour every little detail. Today will be a long day, as several ravishing Chinese girls find their equally stunning foreign rivals to settle their romantic issues mano a mano. The office will soon be filled with pained screams and agonizing moans, as an orgy of catfights explodes all over the place. Hair will be pulled, slaps will rain from the sky, long nails will have a taste of womanly skin. By the end of the day, the victresses will be enjoying the spoils of war in the intimacy of their men’s beds!

The End

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