The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 15 by JustLooking9000

34 year old Allison Xu sighed as she stepped into the MMA ring. It had been a long time since she had stepped into the duel room to fight over a man. She still remembered her first time. Recently graduated from university, she fought a fellow Chinese compatriot from Shanghai who had her sights on her then college boyfriend. They did horrible things to each other while her boyfriend watched with lust in his eyes.
Their clash had been a long time coming, the two women competing over that boy over the last year of their college year, the only thing preventing a duel was the fact that neither beauty wanted to risk delaying the completion of their courses. Once their diplomas were assured, the claws immediately came out, with a challenge issued and accepted as Allison held her just gotten certificate.

It was a hard-fought, depraved duel where everything was fair game. No target was off limits: hair, tits, cunt, eyes. The longer the fight went on, the dirtier it got. She felt herself falter at several points, only to see her man’s cock in its full glory and somehow willing herself to continue the fight until she was finally able to knock the Sichuan skank unconscious.

Allison had learned a lot from that duel, much of which she applied later in life. First lesson: Try not to get into a duel in the first place. Despite them being essentially catfights in a regulated setting, just like the ones she had gotten in college, duels were just dirtier, wilder, with higher stakes. It was a recipe for a messy, nasty, violent, anything-could-happen confrontation. Watching the video recording of her first duel (She had 3 others over the years), Allison was surprised to see a clear shot of herself biting her sexual rival’s cunt. She wasn’t aware she was capable of such savagery, but then again, that was on the heat of the moment, with her title of girlfriend (and residence in the city) at stake.

Second lesson she learned was that to avoid duels, she needed to aggressively nip any potential challenge in the bud. Always be aggressive and jealous. Never be meek and be ready to pull the hair whichever skank dares to flirt with your man. Don’t let any woman to have such an emotional investment in her man that she’d be willing to risk exile over him. Such an approach usually got her kicked out of places, but it had prevented the rise of a romantic rival with enough motivation to duel her over Larry (or her boyfriend at the time). It was a trick that worked most of the time, even if her scalp didn’t thank her for all.

Yet not all romantic rivals were so easily cowed. She had known the American skank, Melissa Cadmen was making moves on Larry. The Chinese girlfriend had pretended to know nothing of the American harpy, until one day Melissa invited Larry out. The Asian goddess followed them to the small bar, and then sprang into action, coming inside and slapping the American hag!

The white and yellow skinned girls started pulling hair and tearing off miniskirts in front of an eager bar audience until they were separated by the bouncers. That night Allison and Larry made passionate love in his apartment as the Chinese seductress narrated a blow by blow account of the lewd quarrel. Normally such a show of force would have deterred many a woman, but Melissa turned out to be more persistent than the others: that would be the first of Allison’s many undecisive clashes with the American beauty: Melissa kept coming back for Larry’s dick, much to Allison’s chagrin.

Allison had been thinking of calling it quits after losing the catfight against Melissa (Office Mayhem chapter 6), when Larry surprised her by going to her apartment and making long, passionate love to her, worshipping every inch of her body with his godly mouth. By the tenth orgasm he had convinced her not to give up the fight. He even provided his cell phone, goading her into calling her sexual rival and challenging her to a duel. Her rational mind screamed wanted to think it over but Larry was appealing to her primitive, cavewoman mind.

The Chinese beauty didn’t hesitate. Her body told her Larry was a worthy sexual mate, superior to any other former and future lover. A prize worth fighting over. As the American lawyer was railing her against the wall, Allison called the American paralegal, telling Melissa she wasn’t going to give up on Larry!

Back to the present, Allison watched Larry resting her eyes on her sexy grey maid outfit and strapped high heels. Normally, the stockings would be tied to the diminutive outfit, but for this occasion the Asian hellcat had decided to showcase her long, shapely legs.

-“How do I look?”-cooed Allison, entering the metal ring and approaching the 40 year old lawyer. The sensual Chinese beauty grinded her exquisite body on Larry’s toned anatomy, sneaking a hand under his boxers and caressing his erect cock-“I can’t wait to make you my toy after I’m done with that baigui (white devil)”

-“You look stunning as always”- whispered Larry, yet even now he couldn’t resist to inflame the Chinese beauty a little more-“Be careful. Melissa told me she was going to maul you so badly you’d never fuck anyone ever again”

-“The cheap whore can maul she wants”-jeered Allison-“Let’s see if she has what it takes to fight over a man.”

As if to answer Allison’s assertion, the door to the duel room opened, revealing a young, sultry Melissa. The American goddess wore a corset two sizes too small, black thong and garter belts tied to sexy black stockings. It took a long time to put up the whole getup, and for all practical purposes they were useless, but damn, she looked good on it. She purposely strutted her body in such a way to make her huge tits appeared even larger.

Despite her outward confidence, 25-year-old Melissa was anxious. This was going her first proper duel. It wasn’t that she was afraid to fight, having fought several catfights in college over the precious few men in campus. However, she had always shied away from duels: She wasn’t willing to risk her diploma over a man. In that regard, she was just like most of her fellow classmates.

Melissa would always fight tooth and nail over her men, battling on the sexual, emotional and physical front. Usually a catfight or two was all that was needed to get a romantic rival off her man’s cock, or alternatively, losing her man to another woman. It had always been understood around campus that a duel carried a lot of risk, and it was best to accept one’s loss after a couple of catfights. However, that didn’t mean duels didn’t happen: If two girls felt strongly about a shared boyfriend, a duel wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

That unwillingness to go through a duel ended after her last relationship. He was the perfect guy, and she was starting to like him a lot. The only problem (and all desirable guys in the Duel Room universe come with this problem) was his annoying girlfriend. The two girls had come to blows twice, Melissa winning one and losing the other one. The girlfriend then challenged to a woman to woman duel over him. Melissa thought long and hard about the prospect of putting her tits on the line for that guy, especially now that she risked exile. In the end she shied away from a duel, a decision she regretted up to this day.

Even though the guy seemed ok with the decision, soon she found him less and less interested in her until eventually the relationship died. There was no official reason why it had ended, but Melissa didn’t need an explanation: She had shown herself not as zealous as his girlfriend, which took her out of consideration as serious girlfriend material. Soon, the cute all-American girl found herself relegated to the background while the guy prioritized his girlfriend.

The brunette goddess provoked a catfight with the girlfriend in a last-ditch attempt to salvage the relationship. The blonde girlfriend and Melissa rolled around for a long time, scratching and mauling each other with wild abandon as the man watched with rapt attention. Summer dresses were torn, tits were bitten, hair was pulled. A lucky knee directed at the blonde’s pussy won her the catfight, but the guy’s concern for his defeated girlfriend told her she had lost his heart. He even refused to allow a duel, making it clear he now preferred his girlfriend.

Allison learned her lesson. Refusing that duel challenge at a key moment had cost her the guy. Now out of college and in a foreign land, the Texan beauty promised herself, she wouldn’t back down the next time she found a worthy guy. Next time she’d fight for her rights, all the way to the duel room if necessary!

Accepting Allison’s challenged turned out to be easier than expected. It helped that she had just come victorious in a hellish office scrap against her office rival and then celebrated the night away in Larry’s apartment. When her Chinese nemesis called, Melissa could hear her being fucked by Larry in doggy style, enraging the American beauty and giving her last little push to accept the challenge without hesitation. And now…she was here, fighting for the title of Larry’s girlfriend.

-“Ready to lose Larry to a better woman?”- leered Melissa, stepping into the cage ring.

Allison was about to reply when Larry signalled the two stunners to come to the middle of the ring and explained the “rules”. Even though they were inside a MMA cage ring, this was going be a straight catfight, where all blows, high or low would be allowed. As a matter of fact, there were no rules. They would keep on fighting until one of them was knocked unconscious.

-“You girls have told me a lot of nasty things about the other”-said Larry, eyeing the countdown to the start of the match-“ I think that talking behind someone else’s back is not good, so you girls should be upfront about how you feel about each other. Allison, care to share what you told me about Melissa the other night?”

-“I said I would teach that saohuo (whore) about coming after my boyfriend”-said Allison icily-“And right after I did that, I’d claim your cock on this very ring.”

-“Melissa, would you tell Allison what you told me last night when we were having sex?”

-“I said nothing gave me more pleasure than fighting for…and winning your cock, especially when it involves me teaching this impertinent twat a lesson about going after MY boyfriend”-replied Melissa.

-“There. Isn’t it good we have all cleared the air?”-grinned Larry, noticing the nasty glares the girls were giving each other. He waited a few seconds, timing his words with the start of the duel –“Now that we’ve aired the dirty laundry…I’ll surrender the floor to you ladies”

-“You’re too hideous to be his girlfriend, you ugly cow!”-said Allison, starting hostilities as soon as she hear the buzzing sound with a thunderous slap that landed on Melissa’s face-“He told me you beg so much for his cock that he has sex with you out of pity”

-“Oh please!”-said Melissa, returning fire with her own slap before the two girls collided body to body, pulling hair in an honest to god catfight, tugging, pushing and slapping as they staggered around the floor on their heels-“Everyone talks behind your back, asking how Larry could be banging such an ugly girl.”

-“Don’t make laugh bitch. As if you weren’t pestering guys in the office to have sex with you.”

-“Guys have sex with you because they know you’re the office whore, a forgettable, disposable lay!”

Larry had taught them some MMA since he was a fan, but neither beauty had much use for it; not only was it an unwomanly way to fight, but subpar when it came to fighting another woman in an anything goes catfight. Catfights over a man were dirty and it was only natural the two attractive women used their nails and teeth, weapons nature gave them to fight a sexual rival. Melissa proved the point by sinking her teeth on Allison’s bare shoulder.

-“Ouch! Let go you dirty whore!”-wailed Allison, mauling, scratching and slapping her American tormentor with everything she had yet the stubborn American beauty kept biting like a piranha, tearing Allison’s outfit out until the Asian siren sank her thumbnails in her tormentor’s eye sockets!

-“You cheating bitch”-squealed the American sex kitten, giving up her biting and stepping back to protect her eyes. Seeing her chance, the Chinese goddess pounced like a hyena, wrapping her legs around a standing Melissa’s waist and sneaking her arm around Melissa’s neck.

-“Shut up jianhuo(whore), you started it!”-said Allison as she sank her nails in Melissa’s corset, pulling and tearing a hole on the flimsy top. Melissa’s delightful boobs sprung forward, jiggling for Alan’s benefit.

-“GET OFF…YOU CHINK!”-said Melissa, struggling to maintain balance as her tormentor hung on her like a wildcat. She lowered her head and raised her arms to protect herself and reeled backwards, slamming her adversary against the metal cage. She repeated the manoeuvre several times, each time feeling Allison’s legs loosen their grip on her waist until she felt was free.
The sultry Melissa then turned around, using one arm to pin the Chinese seductress neck against the metal mesh while her free hand made a gaping hole in Allison’s maid outfit, causing her tits to bob forwards. Allison sank her nails on the arm choking her to no avail, failing to dissuade the Caucasian harpy to let go until she punted her gut with her heels, making the American wench squeal in pain.

-“You have a lot of nerve, coming after my boyfriend”-panted the now topless Allison, feeling the air flowing back into her lungs. Not caring about the remains of her fragile top still hanging loosely around her back, the vengeful Chinese goddess tackled her sexual adversary into the floor.

-“He IS my boyfriend now you whore!”-spat Melissa as she welcomed Allison with her claws.

-“You saying that doesn’t it so!”-

Larry watched with excitement as now the pretty girls fighting over him scratched and mauled soft, smooth skin, hatefully masticating her sexual rival’s neck as each tried to ruin her sexual rival’s looks in a vicious catball. The whole catfight so far had been nothing but an uninterrupted streak of below the belt blows.

-“You’ll be begging me to take him home after I’m done with you!”-heaved Melissa, rolling on top of the wild Chinese salesgirl and banging her head against the soft floor while Allison sneaked her hands under her sexual rival’s top and started twisting her love rival’s nipples in a bid to get the American minx off her.

-“Let go my tits you slant eyed skank!”-wailed Melissa, yet persisting in her relentless assault until she was pulled down by the hair, her sensitive tit flesh coming into range of Allison’s mouth, who raised her head slightly and bit! Melissa’s prized tits to great effect. Melissa gasped, releasing a silent scream as pain reverberated throughout her whole body, finally rolling to the side, finally losing the corset that had stubbornly clung onto her perspiring skin so far.

-“YOU FUCKING AMERICAN BIMBO!”-roared the furious Chinese banshee, leaping on top of Melissa and raking her talons in her soft, pale skin. The American enchantress screeched, bringing her own nails into the fracas as the battling beauties furiously trashed around the floor in a tight bear hug, sinking their long nails into the other’s back and then cruelly leaving long, deep, red scratches before starting the process all over again.

-“No one…will recognize you…after I’m done with you!”-said Melissa, tears streaming down her cheeks and then dripping on Allison’s slutty body.

-“You can scratch…all you want…I’ll do 10 times worse…skank!”-heaved Allison, gritting her teeth as she rolled on top of the American hell cat.

-“Talk is cheap…Larry will see…I’m the better woman!”

-“The only thing…he’ll see…is me tearing your…hair out!”

-“That’s ok…it’s not like…you’ll have sex with him…because I’m…gonna rip your cunt off!”-grunted Allison, feeling the contours of Melissa’s black thong and pulling the flimsy fabric up, giving the American a painful wedge in her ass.

Melissa let out a high pitched shriek, feeling her nether regions being torn asunder as her own thong was used against her. She winced, her hands roaming her adversary’s round hips until she found what she was looking for. The American sex kitten latched onto the white fabric and pulled Allison’s thong in retaliation!

Not as nasty as straight up assaulting the enemy’s cunt with their nails, thong pulling had a special allure of its own. It was particularly common attack used by eager women who wanted to get a leg up in ruining their sexual rivals before engaging in a straight cunt scratfest. Larry got closer, his eyes transfixed in the topless vixens as they pulled and stretched the thongs to their limits, manoeuvring the flimsy pieces of fabric to wedge itself inside her enemy’s cunt while their perspiring tits collided against each other in the fracas. Allison grimaced, raising her knee and then extending it down, making sure stab the American bimbo’s pale thigh with her heels.

-“YOU FUCKING CHINK”-cursed Melissa, gritting her teeth as she felt a nasty burning sensation over the length of her right thigh. Still viciously pulling Allison’s thong, the American seductress lowered her head and sank her teeth into Allison’s chest, chewing and turning her head sideways to maximize the damage.

The Asian bombshell howled, feeling her orbs being wrenched apart by Melissa’s piercing teeth, frantically raking her nails into the brunette piranha’s face, disfiguring her face until her crazed assailant gave up the assault, covering her face in agony. The office girls squirmed around the floor, Allison massaging her ruined jugs while the cute paralegal recovered her breath.

-“YOU FUCKING WHORE!!”-said Allison as she leaped on the beleaguered American seductress, intending to pay her back for biting her boobs. Melissa’s survival instinct kicked in, trapping the fanatical Chinese salesgirl’s head between her toned, pale thighs.

The battling brawlers trashed furiously around the floor, Melissa bending over and tugging Allison’s dishevelled tresses, plucking big chunks of hair and trying to claw her sexual rival’s face some more. The zealous Chinese vixen wasn’t taking he punishment laying down, raking her talons on her nemesis’ pale legs, from time to time turning her head around and biting Melissa’s inner thighs, sometimes getting dangerously close to Melissa’s crotch.

It was a massive struggle, the spent, perspiring girls putting everything into the destroying her sexual rival once and for all. Allison’s face got redder and redder, feeling dizzier as her air supply was being slowly cut by Melissa’s iron clad leg hold. She dug her teeth once more, this time getting extremely close to Melissa’s pussy. So close in fact that she could feel the Texan whore’s foul smell. Melissa yelped, letting her Chinese adversary go.

The exhausted Allison breathed heavily, her red face slowly recovering some colour only to wail when the American siren planted her heel deep into her face, leaving another nasty mark in her already ruined face.

Melissa growled, Allison’s latest attack filling the exhausted American beauty with bloodlust. Melissa pounced on the beleaguered Chinese vixen, gripping her black hair and then pounding Allison’s head against the soft floor. The Chinese temptress reacted, extending her arms and digging her lethal nails into her attacker’s boobs, scratching like a cat in heat. She wasn’t going to lose Larry to the American slag!

Yet it became gradually clear that then American beauty was running berserk, seemingly impervious to Allison’s sharp nails and depraved attacks on her skin, the only thought on her mind was the destruction of her sexual rival.


-“NOT TONIGHT”- bang


-“OR EVER AGAIN”- bang


Running on her animal instincts, Melissa persisted relentlessly, unable to feel Allison’s weakening assaults on her boobs until a few seconds after the victory buzz sounded, bringing the American warrioress to her senses.

-“It’s done. You’ve proven yourself the better woman”-cooed Larry, lifting the battered American victress with his arms-“The only one worthy of calling herself my girlfriend”


Melissa was ecstatic after winning her first duel. There are several key moments in any woman’s life, one of those being winning her first duel over a man. For many, winning a duel was when a young girl truly became a real woman.

Larry toasted, humoured and romanced his new girlfriend, trying his best to fulfil her every whim and wish for next couple if weeks. Melissa deserved as much after a hard-won victory that cemented her status as his official girlfriend. The new couple celebrated Melissa’s victory with a wild of vacation full of romance and vigorous lovemaking.

To Be Continued in Chapter 16.

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