The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 16 by JustLooking9000

Sophie shivered, feeling the chilly winds passing her by as she walked the narrow bridge leading her towards the duel room. She had been there before: It was the very same duel room she where she had won the right to become Minho’s wife after defeating that French slut Alice (4. The Duel Room: Wedding Proposal). The same wooden platform standing one meter above the sea and covered with metal mesh, the only source of lighting being the full moon and a few torches that provided minimal visibility.

The pretty Dutch wife seethed with resentment. She had been raring to sink her nails into the Chinese skank for too long. After the office catfight (Office mayhem chapter 2), Sophie had begged and pleaded with her husband to let her tear into the Chinese whore in an illegal catfight to no avail. Denied, she tried to invite her romantic rival into her house under the guise of honest to god sexual contest over her husband’s cock, but in reality, she just wanted to an excuse to finish what her romantic rival had started in her husband’s office. She felt Minho was tempted, but in the end, he closed that potential avenue for conflict.

The young blonde sex kitten looked up, seeing a lone male figure standing inside the ring, standing beside a lonely bed. That was the very same bed she had claimed her husband from Alice.

-“Hello handsome. Looking forward seeing me crush her tits?”-cooed Sophie as she caressed her husband’s cheek.

-“You know I’d love nothing but to see you fight for my cum”-whispered Minho, admiring his topless wife, wearing nothing but a red lingerie miniskirt/garter belt with black stockings and red stilettos.

-“I know”-purred Sophie breathlessly, dropping on her knees, lathering her man’s hard cock with her saliva and massaging his balls with her hands. She got the chance to blow him for a few minutes before the sound of high heels stepping on the wooden floor diverted her attention.

-“I hope she hasn’t turned you off yet with her mediocre blowjob”-said Amy, announcing her entrance as she entered the ring wearing an spectacular jewellery like contraption that went around all over her body yet leaving her shaved pussy and pert knockers impudently exposed, matched with silver high heels to complement her look.

-“I see you haven’t decided to hide fact you’re a slut”-hissed Sophie, staring with hatred at the man stealing skank who craved her husband’s cock.

-“You got it, you flaunt it”-replied Amy wiggling her tits to emphasize her massive rack-“Especially when you’re prettier than the old hag you’re about to displace”

-“Flaunt what?”-sneered Sophie-“Your ugly face and your flabby tits?”

-“Shall we?”-purred Amy, not deigning to answer Sophie’s insult as she dropped to her knees just like Sophie. Not waiting any longer, the Chinese secretary selfishly wrapped her mouth around Minho’s manhood. The Korean manager moaned, shivering as he felt his secretary and wife licked the length and width of his manhood, their tongues clashing and battling for every inch of his cock. They were brimming with jealousy, snarling and hissing at each other, yet it was a gentlewomanly struggle…for now. It was customary ritual for claiming duels to make the guy in dispute cum once to ensure the duel wouldn’t be cut short by an over eager ejaculation.

In a few minutes the handsome Asian man perspired as he felt himself inching closer and closer towards climax under the expert care of these magnificent specimens of the fairer sex. They could feel him cumming closer and closer, as they eagerly intensified the strength and speed of their strokes, often lashing out at the other woman’s tongue in the process.

-“I’m coming”-exclaimed Minho just a second before he felt a surge of white liquid rushing through his manhood and exploding in the girls faces, who then greedily tried to claim as much as they could.

Preliminaries thus finished, Minho proceeded to hand cuff both women. This was going to be mostly a tit fight, yet the belligerents were free to use their legs and teeth as weapons. Sophie insisted in this type of match after she had taken exception to Amy bragging about the superiority of Chinese women in tit fights.

Being a claiming duel (See The Duel Room Explainer, Claiming Duels sub heading for fuller explanation), victory is achieved by making the man in dispute cum before actually knocking the other woman out. A split outcome (One girl makes him cum but is knocked out) leads to another claiming duel until one woman manages to fulfil both winning conditions.

-“What Cindy did to your British friend’s tits will look like a walk in the park after I’m done with you”-said Amy in her arousing Chinese accent.

-“After I’m done, you’ll have to buy yourself a new pair of tits ”-retorted Sophie, angry at the mention of her exiled friend Jessica. Hearing the starting buzz, the young Dutch wife rushed towards her husband’s secretary as fast as her high heels allowed her to.

Clashing midway the wooden floor, two pairs of tits collided against each other like a car crash before the women staggered backwards in their precarious stilettos, their melons bobbing wildly due to the impact. The pretty Valkyries wasted no time in getting their bearings back and clashing again, using their jugs like male deer use antlers to overpower one another.

-“Come on cumslut. I’m tired of Minho talking about your flabby tits”-grunted the sexy Chinese secretary as she strained to overpower her sexual rival.

-“Of course he talks. Why would he praise your saggy boobs when he sucks mine at home?”-moaned the Dutch wife, her exotic Dutch accent seeping through her words. She took a step back before lunging forward again, her tit flesh compressing as she pressed against Amy’s melons.

-“You mean big and meaty unlike your pathetic boobs”-jeered Amy, contorting her upper body to whack Sophie’s mammaries with her own.

-“Your ugly udders can’t satisfy my husband”-sneered Sophie, twisting her body to return the tit slap. Squealing and moaning, the two sex kittens violently bent and jerked their bodies as they smashed tits up, down and sideways, intent in humiliating the other woman’s melons.

When Alan first approach him about a tit fight, the Korean playboy had initially been dubious. He worried the girls wouldn’t fight as hard, that it’d quickly become a boring series of tit clashes over and over. Now he understood he had been wrong all along.

Minho was astonished at how hard this incredibly erotic spectacle was making him. He now understood what Alan meant when he claimed that titfights were superior to catfights in many aspects. The chest area is very important to women, an indispensable part of the feminine allure. Therefore, it’s not rare to see catfights over a man devolving into savage tit mauling, each woman wanting to diminish her sexual antagonist’s physical attributes. The same dynamic applies to tit fights but with greater intensity, since the only weapons they have at their disposal are their proud knockers. For many women, there’s no greater shame than losing a straight tit to tit contest in front of her man. Therefore, women will go to incredible lengths not to be defeated in a titfight in front of the man their fighting over.

A loud shriek coming out of his Dutch lover’s sensual lips focused his attention back to the contest at hand.

Amy had managed send the arrogant wife staggering backwards. Seeing her chance, the Chinese vixen gritted her teeth and rammed her lithe body against the stumbling Sophie over and over, preventing the European seductress from finding her balance until she toppled her over. The Chinese enchantress sank her heel to the floor only for the wily Sophie to roll away.

The two women continued this game of cat and mouse until Sophie’s sexy body met the metal mesh and had no room to move.

-“You’re mine!”-screeded the sizzling secretary as she trampled on the defenceless Sophie-“Not so mouthy now heh?”

-“Come on biaozi, I thought you were going to fight harder for your husband”-gloated Amy, ignoring her victim’s whimpering cries as she continued using her heels to stab the fallen European beauty until she was satisfied she had weakened her sexual rival enough-“Stay there like a good girl while I fuck MY man”

Turning around, the young Asian goddess strutted towards her boss and presented her pussy for a good fucking. Minho wasted no time, getting off the bed, leaning against the metal mesh as he inserted his hard cock into his mistress’s pussy and thrusted with wild abandon.

As the copulating couple were focused in blessed coitus, the sexy Dutch nymph coughed and gagged as she used the metal mesh to gradually get on her feet. Shaking her head to get her hair out of her field of vision, a seething Sophie staggered forward and charged at the copulating couple like a bull.

-“Yes yes yes, fuck me hard dear! Fill me with your cum!”-whimpered Amy as she sensually bit her lip. She gasped, feeling her boss tugging her hair, forcing her to look up.

-“My wife is coming for my cock”-grunted Minho as he kept pumping inside the Chinese vixen-“Will you give her my cock?”

-“NO!-gasped the jealous Amy-“She’ll never have your cock again!”

-“Then show her your tits are better!”-commanded Minho-“Show her why you’re the better woman!”

-“YES!”-moaned Amy as she steeled herself for the coming crash-“I’m going to win you away from that gweilo!”

-“Get off my husband’s cock you yellow whore!”-screeched Sophie, violently clashing against the copulating couple, pushing Minho against the metal mesh. Amy squealed, feeling the air leaving her lungs as she was sandwiched between her boss and her sexual rival. Sophie didn’t let up, taking a few steps back and then charging ahead into the beleaguered secretary over and over until Seiji’s dick slid out of Amy’s cunt.

Sophie released a warcry, gritting her teeth as she rushed again to smash her sexy hot body against the struggling Amy only for the Chinese vixen to get out of the way at the last second, sending the sweaty Dutch siren crashing against Minho’s toned, naked body.

-“I knew you wouldn’t give on me that easily”-said Minho seductively, managing to catch a hint of Sophie’s intoxicating shampoo as she rested her head just below his chin, not minding the feeling of his wife’s battered knockers against his chest. He took his cock with one hand and plunged into the gasping Sophie-“Show her why you’re my wife”

-“Yes!”-moaned Sophie as she unglued herself from Minho-“She’ll take your cock off my dead cold hands!”

Amy heaved and whiffed as she regained her composure. Looking up, she saw her sexual rival decoupling from Minho’s hard shaft and looking at her with a smug smirk. Amy snarled, screaming “You baigui!” as she plunged forward into her incoming nemesis.

The sexy belligerents moaned and whimpered, struggling mightily as they jostled and shoved their slim hot bodies forward, purposely using their melons as battering rams to strike at the other woman’s tits despite the pain.

-“What’s the…matter? Are you crying…because you realize…your husband found…a better woman?”-grunted Amy when she saw tears coming out of her antagonist’s eyes-“you…ouch!”

-“You were saying…bitch? Are your tits…in pain? Maybe you shouldn’t have…challenged a real woman!”-said Sophie gritting her teeth as she ploughed her tits into Amy’s.

-“These tits are…more than a match for yours!”

-“You can say…all you want…but my tits…are destroying yours!”

-“You must be…blind…my tits are…obviously crushing yours”

Amy started to feel dizzy under the sweltering heat. Her tits were on fire, each terrible collision of mammaries sending shockwaves of pain across her young body. Despite seeing that her romantic rival was also contorting in agony as they kept on backing away and smashing their tits together, doubt started creeping into her mind that she wouldn’t be able to outlast the obstinate wife in a straight tit to tit contest.

The time was ripe to turn to dirtier means. The Chinese and Dutch eye candies crashed with great violence yet again, but this time the Asian siren abruptly sank her pearly teeth on Sophie’s delectable neck like a piranha. Then Amy’s knee crashed against Sophie’s wet cunt in a direct hit several times, holding the beleaguered European fairy still with her teeth until Sophie’s crumbled on her knees, moaning in pain.

The kneeling Dutch seductress, her nose centimetres away from Amy’s wet pussy, heaved as she tried to cope with her aching crotch, only to feel the secretary’s cum soaked kneecap hitting her face with full force, sending the young wife slumping sideways.

-“Come on weakass gweilo! Fight back”-gloated Amy sadistically as she trampled the squirming and screeching Dutch bimbo-“Weren’t you the one bragging about winning three duels over your husband?”

Amy stopped stomping her vulnerable sexual rival, afraid Sophie would pass out before she could claim Minho. Breathing heavily, she shook her head violently to shake the sweat falling down her eyebrows. Ignoring the wife for the time being, the sensual Chinese goddess pranced towards the erect Minho and kissed him deeply.

-“I want you inside me”-purred the battered Amy, wiggling her ass to emphasize the point. She gasped, feeling the fullness of her boss’ veiny dick slide inside her moist pussy pounding her relentlessly, causing her jewellery like attire to jingle as he hammered her for several long minutes. The Chinese temptress stayed still, calling her boss’ name, encouraging him to go faster and deeper as the ring was filled with the depraved sound of moist nether regions smashing together at a furious rate.

-“Sophie’s getting up”-warned Minho as he kept thrusting his cock into his secretary-“I think she wants to continue ‘talking’ about who’ll sleep with me tonight”

Amy was chagrined to see the Dutch whore stir and shakily getting back on her feet. The Chinese nymph knew the man was getting close to cumming but her sexual rival would have enough time to interrupt their coitus.

She needed to make a decision…forsake his orgasm for the moment and confront the Dutch sex kitten, potentially risking Minho shooting his semen into Sophie or weather Sophie’s furious attacks in order to secure her boss’ sperm.

-“I’m not giving up your cock!”-moaned Amy, droplets of perspiration falling off her swinging nipples as she bent backwards to kiss her boss. She looked with contempt at her incoming sexual rival, who was coming at her like an angry bull.

-“Don’t touch my husband you chink whore!”-screamed Sophie as she rammed her shoulder against Amy’s battered tits before being forced to turn back by Amy’s lethal stilettos, yet the wife persisted in her desperate charges. It quickly became a sordid spectacle as the sultry blonde repeatedly rammed her bruised physique against her sexual enemy to dislodge her from Minho’s manhood while the sultry secretary kicked and dug her heels into Sophie’s skin to gain little precious time. It was like a barbarian battering ram facing off against the Chinese great wall…

-“Im coming I’m coming”-panted Minho as Sophie chomped on Amy’s tit flesh. The Chinese vixen let out a silent scream, frantically kneeing her romantic foe to relieve the pain on her boob. Minho’s declaration encouraged the desperate, frenzied struggle as each sought to win this key contest in the duel. The guy they both fought over grunted as he ejaculated his load and quickly let go his grip on his secretary’s waist, causing both Amy and Sophie to fall as they suddenly lost a source of support.

Crashing against the wooden floor, the two wild cats quickly trained their sharp teeth on the other’s exquisite physique, biting and chomping with wild abandon as they hissed and snarled like rabid bulldogs. Laying awkwardly on the floor, Sophie sank her teeth on Amy’s shoulder, who retaliated by marking Sophie’s boobs with her pearly teeth. Well versed in the use of sexy high heels as weapons, the angry harpies turned their stilettos against her rival in love, grazing and digging the sharp ends of their pumps against the other’s bruised skin.

Tears streaming down her cheeks as her boob was torn apart by Amy’s mouth, Sophie kicked the Chinese secretary away and then chomped her enemy’s shapely ass. Screeching like a banshee, the arrogant secretary turned her head, sinking her fangs on the wife’s bronzed thigh, trying to hold for dear life as they slowly, yet viciously, trashed around the floor like cats in heat.

Feeling the wife’s teeth lose its grip on her perky body, Amy turned her whole body around, kicking Sophie’s face with her knees and sending her collapsing on the wood floor. The Chinese secretary immediately got up by pushing her elbows against the floor.

-“This is the end of your marriage!”-panted the sexy Amy as she was about to stomp the whore standing between her and Minho’ bed only for the groggy Sophie to push her balancing leg with the pointed end of her heel, making the Chinese nymph lose balance again.

-“As if I’ll give…my husband up…to a whore like you”-grunted the obstinate Sophie. The spent combatants frantically got on their feet, resting their right arms on the metal mesh for support as they faced each other. As proof of her willingness to fight to the bitter end, the sultry Sophie stabbed Amy’s thigh with her stiletto, drawing a squeal from the Chinese warrioress.

-“It’s ok…I’ll just take him away from you!”-said Amy, gritting her teeth as she knifed her rival in love’s skin with her heels, making the sexy blonde grimace in agony.

-“Just try it bitch…I’ll send you packing…then fuck my man’s brains out afterwards!”-squealed Sophie, kicking Amy’s cunt with her leather heels, making her sexual rival double over in agony.

-“No..”-grunted Amy, barely pulling herself together and retaliating with her own savage cunt attack-“I’ll fuck your husband…on your unconscious body…and smear his cum…on your face!”

-“Don’t even think of it!”-said Sophie, shoving Amy with her leg, sending the Chinese secretary tumbling down the floor. The Dutch wife, now consumed with bloodlust, quickly seized the opportunity, stomping her prone sexual rival with impunity, each stomp weakening the Chinese whore more and more.

-“He’s MINE!”




Sophie raise her leg again only for the victory buzz to sound, signalling the end of hostilities. The Dutch beauty closed her eyes, heaving as she leaned on the metal mesh, crying.

A contested result. An inclusive match. Despite the bitter, prolonged, furious back and forth, neither woman had prevailed. All their desperate struggles were for naught, as neither could claim an uncontested victory.

Claiming duel regulation indicated that they were bound to fight it out again, in a few hours, with minimal medical care in between, over his cock, in another brutal claiming duel.

To Be Continued in Chapter 17.

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No doubt the result of this duel has left both women disappointed. Having fought tooth and nail over Minho, they’ll have to repeat the whole process again, this time without the benefit of starting fresh and eager to fight. Their wills will be tested as they once again fight over his cock. Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Minho? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 19. You can go straight to chapter 19 without missing much of the action. Otherwise there’s a parade of women who can’t wait to sink their claws into each other as they fight over a man!

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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