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The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 17 by JustLooking9000

Emily Evans heard the ring signalling it was finally show time. The beautiful Canadian girl had one last look at her reflection in the mirror and smirked, seeing her toned body hugged by tight black two-piece lingerie, stockings and strapped high heels set. Today she would avenge her defeat at Sarah Zhang’s hands (Office Mayhem chapter 8). She squinted, glad to see that her nipples protruding out of the thin fabric. A small detail, yet it was always the little flourishes like this that drove men wild. There was no way she’d be outdone in the sexy outfit department in front of African American Steve Washington.

She heaved, recalling the loud noises coming out of the other room last night as the Chinese wench screamed her lungs out as Steve pleasured her. No doubt a provocation Sarah Zhang had engineered to piss the Canadian beauty off. Which was fine with Emily, for she reciprocated the favour when Steve walked across the living room and into the dining room. Emily moaned loudly as Steve railed her hard against the table, which quickly attracted Sarah’s jealous attentions. Facing each other in a tense stare down, the ravishing beauties had almost come to blows the day before the duel, yet Steve managed to persuade the romantic rivals to keep their fire for just one more day.

The brunette stunner stepped out of the bedroom and surveyed the battlefield: She was inside a luxurious two-story yacht Steve had rented for the occasion. The idea was to have the duel there and then the victorious girl would spend a romantic week in an isolated island. She glanced sideways, seeing the entrance to Sarah’s room. She then walked, passing the dining table where she had fucked Steve last night, then the living room until she reached the other side of the ship, her eyes gazing upon another dining table. She then strutted to the second floor, making sure to sway sensually. The second floor had a nice mini pool, fit only for two people and ideal for intimate moments; a bunch of sun-bathing mattresses, some tables and a sofa. Steve was there too, sitting on the sofa, naked, his erect manhood greeting her.

-“A glass of champagne to soothe your nerves?”-offered Steve as his eyes drank the ravishing brunette stunner walking towards him.

-“Sure”-cooed the sultry Emily as she sat on his lap, giving him a moist kiss-“But just for the record…I’m not nervous at all. I’m thrilled to finish that Chinese slut off.”

Steve laughed nervously as he poured champagne for the brunette goddess. He moaned, feeling Emily wasting no time in taking possession of his dick and enveloping in her warm, wet vagina. Just the fact that two girls were willing to catfight for the right to ride his cock turned him on immensely. He gently slid in and out of Emily’s womanhood as she told him all the horrible things she was going to do to the Chinese tramp coveting her man.

He knew Emily had been looking forward revenging herself on the humiliation she suffered at Sarah hands when she was ambushed by the Chinese harpy while giving Steve a blowjob. It had been a magnificent spectacle, seeing these two goddesses going at it in the meeting room while he stroked his hard cock. The fight went back and forth, and sometimes the African American executive didn’t know where to look, because just outside, in the parking lot, were two other girls fighting it out under the rain (7.7 The Duel Room: Office mayhem – Parking Lot). Asian Sarah managed to land a “lucky punch” (Emily’s words) and combined with her dishonourable surprise attack (also Emily’s words), it was enough to put the Canadian beauty out of commission for a while. He ended banging the victress against the windows while they looked on at the spectacle on the parking lot.

Steve went home with Sarah not sure of what was going to happen the next morning. The African-American was pleased to see that the sexy Emily showing up for work the very next day in an even shorter dress than usual, caring little for the scratches and injuries she had sustained the other day. Apparently, she was unbowed and keen to avenge her humiliating loss to her Asian nemesis.

The sexy Sarah confronted the unrepentant Canadian enchantress, leading to another hairpulling scrap that was quickly separated by the beefed-up security detail, and then to a formal duel challenge. Steve went with Emily that night, where the Caucasian nymph promised to destroy her sexual rival and recover her feminine honour.

From then onwards it was an ongoing cold war -with several hot moments- inside the accounting department as the girls hatefully glared at her rival in love and tried to sexually one up each other on the weeks leading to the duel. Just to spice things up, Steve had the girls working side by side whenever he got the chance to, getting a hard on as he watched from a distance the girls snipping and hissing at each other.

Today his two women were on this boat, but only would be getting off with him. The other would lose her job, her man and be exiled off the city. Steve suddenly felt Emily’s magnificent physique tense up, her gaze fixed on the stairs leading to the first floor.

-“She’s coming”-snarled Emily, her pussy tightening its grip on Steve’s manhood. Sure enough, the sound of high heels climbing to the second floor became increasingly louder, each step upwards revealing more and more of the utterly feminine Sarah Zhang.

Today Sarah was a sight onto herself, her magnificent body sporting a flirty pink top with a Chinese motif, a pink thong and heels. She wanted to emphasize her exoticness in Steve’s eyes as she fought over his cock.

-“Ready to say good bye to Steve?”- jeered the stunning Sarah standing right in front of the copulating couple.

-“You can still come out of this alive. I suggest you to back off”-hissed Emily, standing up, pressing her tits against her enemy’s rack-“Before I tear your head bald, destroy your cunt and leave you tit-less. ”

-“You’re in no position to threaten anyone bitch. Last time we clashed, you ended in hospital while I enjoyed Steve’s cock”-replied Sarah acidly, her facial expression darkening.

-“You bitch!”-said Emily acidly, before slapping her romantic rival on the cheek.

-“You fucking skank!”-screamed the young Chinese minx, sinking her nails into the Canadian’s wavy brunette hair.


-“Worthless wench”-

Steve drank his champagne as he saw the magnificent physiques grinding closely as lovers, yet pulling hair with all their might, their angry faces revealing nothing but ill will towards the other.

-“I’ll leave you bald!”-shrieked Sarah as she ripped one long chunk of brunette hair and threw it on the floor.

-“A little hair is a good price to pay for teaching you a lesson!”-moaned Emily, jerking her Sarah’s head as the women danced around the yacht in their obscene attire.

While effective, Sarah knew that hairpulling wasn’t going to win her the catfight. It rarely ever did. The man she coveted was there watching them fight over his cock. She’d give him a show worthy of the occasion at hand.

-“I’ve been dealing with whores like you for a long time!”-howled Sarah as she tossed her sexual rival into one of the couches, using her grip on Emily’s dirty brunette hair to bang her head against the padded edge of the couch-“Just like those times, I’ll show Steve I’m the better woman!”

-“Oh please! How can your loose dry cunt take his thick cock?”-grunted Emily, sinking her heel into Sarah’s moist crotch. Sarah squealed, covering her pussy with her hands as she staggered backwards into the veranda. Emily quickly tackled the Chinese bitch before she could fully recover, sending them careening over the sun-bathing mattresses. The foxy belligerents rolled all over the lounges in a catball, mauling and clawing soft flesh like cats in heat as they sought to pin the rival sex kitten down.

-“You don’t deserve a man like him!”-said Sarah, pushing the Canadian’s head against the soft futons, while her hands made a short work pulled her delicate black bra, leaving Emily topless in no time. Emily bucked and scratched wildly, dismounting her tormentor and immediately pouncing on the vulnerable Sarah, using a schoolgirl pin to hold her down at the very edge of the second floor.

-“I’m gonna tear these tiny tits off so you can buy a bigger set back in China!“-gloated the Emily as she ripped Sarah’s flirty top off. Sarah ignored the pain on her spinning head as she blindly sank her nails right into Emily’s boobs and pulled like they were putty. Emily shrieked like a banshee, giving up her advantageous pin and dropping to the side, but not before angrily revenging herself on Sarah’s abundant rack.

The two vixens flailed around the mattresses as they pinched and pulled nipples with the intent of inflicting maximum damage, vaguely aware that they were moving towards the small pool on the second floor.

-“After I’m done with you”-groaned Sarah, as she wrapped her legs around her adversary-“I’m gonna fuck Steve over your unconscious body!”

-“You’re not fucking anyone!”-screamed Emily, ramping up the violence a notch by twisting Sarah’s nipples, allowing her to come on top for a few seconds before Sarah dislodged her.

-“Let go my tits you saggy hag”-grunted Sarah, sinking her nails in Emily’s wrists and after much effort pulling her talons off her chest.

Steve watched as the girls rolled around, exchanging the top position several times in a titanic struggle for dominance until they fell onto the yacht pool, making a huge splash that spilled water all over the place, forcing them to undo the catball as they struggled for air.

Getting back on their feet, the wet combatants quickly pulled hair and punched each other with wild abandon while they tried to drown her sexual rival.

The Chinese siren lifted her head up, managing to get some precious oxygen before sneaking her legs around Emily. Sarah pushed the Canadian skank’s head under the water, ignoring her pathetic scratching and attempts to free herself. She allowed herself a forced smirk as he locked eyes with the naked Steve, his erect cock paying rapt attention to the intense action-“I can’t wait to taste your cock inside my…Argh!”

-“You fucking bit my tit!”-howled Sarah as she pushed the Canadian wildcat away, but the water dampened the strength of the shove, letting the angry Emily jump on the distracted Sarah, lock her legs around the Chinese minx’s waist.

-“If all you were expecting…was a little hairpulling…”-heaved Emily as she rained slap after slap on the Asian bitch-“Then…don’t fight over a man!”

-“Get off me skank!”-squealed the furious Sarah, using her arms to protect her face while she tried to get the Caucasian harpy off her back. Sarah went to the edge of the pool and bent over, using her hands to push the angry brunette tigress off her, the resulting momentum sending the tangled girls over to the wooden floor.

The wet beauties coughed and heaved as they recovered their breath before getting back on their feet, water sliding off their moist, naked bodies -except for the tiny thongs which still clung stubbornly onto their hips. Raising the claws like prize fighting cocks, the young ladies smashed their wet bodies together and danced down the stairs towards the first floor as they mauled each other up.

-“How about a taste…of your own medicine!”-squealed Sarah, digging her nails in Emily’s rack in retaliation for the earlier tit biting.

-“I can play…the same game”-said Emily gritting her teeth as she resumed her assault on Sarah’s exquisite melons. The girls pushed and shoved as they walked down the stairs, the narrow walls helping them not to fall as they violently twisted, mauled, scratched, pinched each other womanly assets.

-“Yes…”-grunted Sarah before sending her stocking covered knee against her opponent’s pussy-“But I play it dirtier”

The young Emily gasped, her mouth making an O as she bent over and used her hands to cover her womanhood but Sarah would have none of that. Sarah latched her fingers on some brunette hair and sent punch after punch on the vulnerable Emily.

-“I’m gonna…fuck…my man…brain’s out…while you stay…in hospital!”-grunted the sexy Sarah, punctuating each pause with kneecap to Emily’s abs before raising her shapely leg and kicking her sexual rival with her heels and sending the brunette tumbling down the stairs. The perky Sarah then walked downstairs to finish the job and win Steve’s affections!

The dazzled Emily gasped on all fours, her hot little body writhing in agony when her face felt the full brunt of Sarah’s stilettos, sending her tumbling sideways.

-“Is that all you’ve got baigui?”-gloated foxy Sarah, maliciously relishing the feeling of sinking her pumps into Emily’s belly only for the Caucasian bitch to grab her thigh midway. Sarah squealed, feeling the brunette sink her teeth on her calf and several low blows connecting against her soft cunt, causing Sarah to squirm on the wooden floor. The harassed Canadian beauty got on her knees getting her breath back as her hand massaged her much abused stomach. She saw her naked lover, erect manhood in full display, coming from the stairs…

-“I’ll show you what I’ve got you slant eyed skank!”-shrieked Emily, pouncing on Sarah, who managed to get away from Emily’s claws at the last second and immediately turned around to face her sexual rival.

The girls started frantically trashing on the wooden floor, their long legs sensually tangling together as they blandished their sharp nails as knives. As soon as one of young women secured anything resembling a dominant position, she would rain punches to wear down her opponent, while the tormented beauty resorted to her bag of dirty tricks to turn the tables: nipple pinching, tit mauling, hairpulling, anything to gain supremacy over the other.
Emily managed to secure a shaky dominance over her rival in love and started dropping fist after fist on Sarah’s pretty face. The beleaguered Chinese eye candy blocked most punches as she buckled like a wild bull to dismount her beautiful adversary to no avail. In desperation, her hand went straight for Emily’s barely covered pussy, making the dazzling Emily jump to the side to avoid her lethal nails.

Not deterred, Emily jumped right back in and wrapped her arms around Sarah in a chokehold. The sexy Sarah struggled, biting Emily’s arm around her neck as she felt her oxygen supply dwindle fast. She moved her arms back, her hands reaching Emily’s unspoiled face and scratching the hell out of her to get out of the chokehold.

Steve watched the epic struggle, Sarah violently contorting her body and frantically agitating her long legs while she destroyed Emily’s pretty face. The bare Emily withstood the punishment, Sarah’s ever weakening attempts to break free encouraging her to persist on the chokehold at the cost of her pretty face.

Emily squealed like a wounded deer as Sarah dug her pointy heel into her exposed feet, loosening her chokehold and giving enough space for Sarah to use her elbow and hit Emily’s throat, freeing herself from the potentially duel-losing chokehold.

Sarah coughed, supporting herself on the nearby dining table as her lungs worked overtime to supply oxygen to her overtaxed body. Emily in the meantime staggered into the glass door separating the living room from the dining area of the yacht and saw effects of Sarah’s nails on her ruined face.

-“You fucking whore!”-shrieked the furious Canadian sex kitten, grabbing the Chinese vixen by her brown tresses and dragging her to the living room, dropping Sarah on the sofa and slapping Sarah’s face with such force that both set of boobs shook violently with each slap.

The bruised Sarah was in desperate straits and she knew it. She was tiring and lately it’d been mostly on the defensive. She rallied and punched her brunette tormentor straight in the nose! Sarah bolted from the sofa, ready to punch the Caucasian harpy silly when Emily lunged at her and sent the Sarah tumbling over the sofa and into the dining room. Collapsing on the floor, the exhausted beauties heaved heavily as they tried to compose themselves

-“You’”-heaved Emily as she groggily got on her feet -“I’ll kill you whore!”

-“Try it bitch”-puffed Sarah imitating her rival-“Let’s see who keeps Steve”

-“You’ll never have him!!”-blustered Emily raising her fists like a boxer and hitting Sarah’s left tit, sending Sarah staggering against the wall. Emily followed with a hard punch that Sarah dodged at the last second. Emily let out a silent scream as her hand hit the wall.

-“Not only I’ll have him”-said Sarah, hitting the distracted Emily on the face-“I’ll claim him right on top of your unconscious body!”

-“The only thing you’ll be is the pillow on which he fucks me silly!”-grunted Emily, launching several uppercuts into her nemesis’s abs

-“As if a little whore like you can satisfy a man like him!”

-“He explodes into my pussy every time we make love”-screamed Emily, wrapping her arms around Sarah’s slim frame and grafting her nails deep into her adversary’s skin-“Which is more than what he can say about your mediocre lovemaking!”

The Sarah winced as she felt her enemy’s sharp nails on her back, but the pain didn’t prevent her from sinking her teeth into her Emily’s shoulder. She accepted the pain, which was the price any woman who wanted a desirable man by exclusivity had to pay, with no guarantee of success. Of course, no woman ever went into a fight thinking she wouldn’t win, and Sarah was no different.

Sensing a way to tilt the scale on her favour, Sarah locked her right arm around Emily’s neck, forcefully pulling her down and started launching uppercuts hitting her antagonist’s lithe body. Emily squirmed, sinking her nails into Sarah’s dangling tits as she tried to free herself, losing balance and sending the fucking Chinese whore into the wooden floor.

Sarah then quickly stood up on all four. She was feeling the effects of the ferocious non-stop fighting and she needed to end this quickly before her stamina ran out. She needed to go all-out or she would no longer be able to keep on going. She pounced on her stunned adversary, sneaking a hand below the waist and going after Emily’s naked and unprotected cunt, her wet finger indicating she had found her target.

Her satisfaction was short-lived, as Emily got her bearings back and retaliated. It was the oldest trick on the catfight book. Every grown woman knew that she must answer a cunt attack with an even more vicious cunt attack. Especially if the fight was in front of the man they both wanted. Emily gritted her teeth, feeling Sarah’s hand ravaging her wet pussy and curving her finger for maximum effect.

Steve watched anxiously as the women persisted on the attack despite the obvious pain they were in. He knew it would come to this. Many girlfriends expressed a liking to cunt attacks despite the obvious risk of retaliation and both women suffering horrible injuries. In their words, it was not only about winning the duel, but also ruining a sexual rival’s ability to have sex. An appealing prospect of many a jealous woman who were filled with rage when they imagined their man’s cock thrusting inside another woman’s cunt.

Finally, Emily, unable to take it anymore broke the painful cunt attack and tried to flee to the bedroom only for Sarah to tackle her from behind and pin her down. It was her chance and she didn’t waste it, raining backhand after backhand on Emily’s head. The Canadian seductress struggled mightily, scratching and mauling like a cornered animal, leaving deep marks that oozed blood on Sarah’s skin as she tried to get away. In a last-ditch attempt, the weakening Emily sank her thumbs into Sarah’s eye sockets.

Sarah shrieked but didn’t let up, knowing the moment she got off her the Caucasian tigress it was all over for her. Luckily, the potentially blinding attack was short lived as the onslaught of fists finally did the trick: She felt Emily’s physique seizing up and her stubborn struggle came to an end. Sarah breathed heavily as she sat on her semi-conscious enemy.

-“Say it!”-demanded Sarah, lifting her beaten foe by her brunette trusses-“Say he’s mine!”

-“Never”-whispered Emily before spitting blood on Sarah’s face.

That did it for Sarah, bloodlust consuming the young woman again as she banged her colleague’s head against the floor, until the victory buzz confirmed that Emily had been officially done for.

-“It’s over”-said Steve, interrupting the senseless beatdown-“You won”

It was over. Emily was beaten. Never again would the Canadian bitch interfere with her romantic life. Despite her agonizing injuries, Sarah grinned wickedly. Another bitter sexual rival had bitten the dust, soon to become nothing but a fuzzy memory in Steve’s past.


Sarah Zhang had promised to claim Steve on top of her defeated opponent, and she made good of her promise. Or at least she tried. Despite her victory, the Chinese beauty had been so throughoutly trashed during the duel that she was in no state to outright claim her prize. Yet a promise was a promise, and during the short time between her victory and when the supervisors came to pick the defeated Emily, Sarah pulled the coveted man down with her, letting their naked bodies laid on top of the unconscious Canadian has-been and made love with the African American executive.

After a few hours in recuperation and hooked up on painkillers, Sarah and Steve would go on an Amazing holiday together to celebrate Sarah’s victory. As for Emily, the loss was a bitter pill to swallow. The pretty Canadian eye candy cried and refused to accept reality when she was told she had lost and had to vacate the city. Such was the harsh judgement of the duel room. A high stakes game where a woman managed to eliminate her sexual rival and the other had not only her man taken away from her, but her life destroyed.

To Be Continued in Chapter 18.

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