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The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 18 by JustLooking9000

Hermann Mueller could recall that moment as if it were yesterday. It was the moment everything changed. He was heading towards the coffee room when there he saw it…a Chinese woman (Cindy Wang) and the UK transfer (Jessica Chambers), kicking, slapping, pilling hair and ripping clothes like two street whores in the middle of the office. The German guy had been there, cheering the two ladies to go at it harder, until they were separated by security, much to everyone’s chagrin. (4. The Duel Room: East vs West)

Despite it being the biggest new of the week, the German engineer had quickly forgotten about the whole affair. They hadn’t been the first girls to ever engage in an office catfight over a guy, but the German man was sure they would get fired and everything would go back to normal. Except that it never happened. The only thing that happened was that Jessica got transferred to another branch.

Soon, Herman was hearing through the grapevine that Cindy and Jessica had duelled…HR had “approved” of the duel and transferred Jessica out of the Hong Kong branch when she lost, letting Cindy stay as if she hadn’t just broken several rules and regulations, especially the one prohibiting catfights in the office and duelling a co-worker. These were clearly fireable offences. When it became clear Cindy wasn’t just going to get away with it scot free, but also bask on the glory of winning a duel over a man, the mood in the office changed dramatically.

The men noticed it. Sexual jealousies had always been a thing but were always private affairs. Now they were brazen and in the open, especially when a few interns from South America arrived. Hairpulling incidents skyrocketed, venomous arguments could be heard around the office and in the privacy of many bedrooms duels and catfight were being discussed actively. The atmosphere became poisonous.

The rot had even reached his stable love triangle with two of his girls, who up to that point had been happy to share him in bed. It was as if a switch had been flipped, and soon Australian Samantha Woods and Chinese Katie Zhu would go from a cordial relationship to a warpath littered with insults and slights. The German man tried to go back to the way things were, but the poisonous atmosphere around the office permeated everything, affecting the private affairs of the company’s employees.

Soon, Hermann had to stop having threesomes with the girls as the formerly enjoyable sessions became a game of selfish possession and denying the other woman access to Hermann’s manhood, which had led to a few hairpulling skirmishes in his bedroom. Was Hermann turned on by the spectacle of his two naked lovers rolling around the bed, pulling hair as they fought for his cock? Guilty as charged, yet Hermann knew nothing good would come of it, separating the girls several times and asking them to just go back to the way things were before the whole Cindy Wang/Jessica Chambers affair.

All hope the romantic triangle could be salvaged was shattered when Katie came to the company gym in a miniscule sports bra and short yoga pants and immediately started to pull Samantha’s sweaty hair in front of Hermann. The similarly attired Australia lady returned fire with fire, Asian and Oceanic beauties trashing around the gym room, overturning benches, slamming the other woman against gym equipment and ripping off the yoga shorts, leaving their cunts exposed as they fought. Hermann was too stunned (and turned on) to interrupt, and he settled for watching the physical altercation in front of him. The Chinese siren seemed to be getting the better of the Aussie tigress when Samantha slammed a weight against Katie’s back, getting rid of the Asian banshee on top of her.

The girls then proceeded to fight it out all the way to the gym shower, where Samantha was finally able to overpower her sexual rival and knock her out for good after 20 minutes of non-stop fighting. Samantha had triumphed, yet she was soon engaged in a lurid verbal exchange with Karen Xing (Who had just come out victorious against Chiyo Nakamura in the shower room 7.9 The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Gym’s Dressing Room) while Hermann fucked her from behind.

Duel day…

Hermann grunted, waking up in his own bedroom, somewhat annoyed that reality had interrupted his sleep. Ever since the two foxy ladies had fought over him for real in the company gym, he hadn’t gotten over the fact of how sexy and depraved the whole ordeal was, from the vicious catfight, Samantha’s eking a victory over the stubborn Katie, Karen’s interruption, the lurid fucking that followed right after, Katie’s reaction when she came to her senses, the tense moment when the two girls challenged each other in a duel over him, the whole sex filled week before the duel…

The German man moaned again. He looked down, seeing Katie’s black hair graze his thighs as she worshipped his cock with her mouth. The clothe-less Katie looked up, giving him a sultry look as her tongue ever so slowly travelled his shaft from the base to the tip. Hermann bent forward, grabbing Katie’s hair from the base and gently pulling her out, bring her to his eye level and giving her a morning kiss.

-“I haven’t finished servicing your cock”-cooed the Chinese sex kitten as she laid on top of Hermann’s naked figure-“Let me finish you…then you’ll know what a real blowjob, from a real woman feel like”

Hermann couldn’t help but to grin. She was of course referring to when he was talked about a morning blowjob he had gotten from Samantha, and Katie was trying to do her one better. The Chinese seductress had been trying to outdo Samantha in bed ever since her lost to the Aussie devil in the shower room. Katie was thirsty for validation, for a chance to avenge her humiliating lost in front of her boyfriend’s eyes and recover her honour in the duel room.

-“I’m more worried about the duel room”-murmured Hermann, feeling Katie’s hand massaging his manhood-“Can’t we go to the way things were before everything went crazy”

-“No. It’s too late for that”-whispered the black haired woman, her lips touching his ear as she spoke-“It’s me or her.”

Later that day…

A nude Hermann finally stepped into the hallowed duel room, the very place were Katie and Samantha would finally decide who was the third wheel in their long love triangle. An oiled up and naked Hermann stepped into the small boxing ring, which was no bigger than 2×2 meters, which is how the girls wanted it. No room to hide, no place to run: it was fight and destroy. It was going to be a one round deal: No interruptions, no pauses, no countdown. The two vixens would fight until one prevailed, claiming Hermann’s cum right front of her withering rival and then finishing her off, her claim on the handsome German stud assured. The loser would get nothing but a hospital stay, a broken heart and a notice to get out of the city.

Hermann would have preferred to keep the old agreement intact, but now resigning himself that it wasn’t going to be that way despite all his efforts to convince the girls over the week otherwise, he then switched towards trying to get the best catfight he could squeeze from his lovers.

Hermann waited anxiously until he saw the door open once again, revealing the stunning Samantha, sporting crème bra and panties, which was usual for this type of affairs. What really caught Hermann’s attention were the high heels Australian lover wore, an attention-grabbing strappy stiletto pair with an ornate design that reached above the brunette’s knees. There was no doubt: Those heels wouldn’t be coming off at all. The Australian belle’s skin was positively glistening with oil as she sauntered over the small ring, her hands already sporting red boxing gloves.

-“I’ve missed you my dear”-said Samantha, hugging her German beau, feeling his already hard rock cock poking her white thighs -“And I see you missed me too”

-“You could say that”-replied Hermann -“I hope you won’t leave me”

Samantha smiled, deciding to take that as a sign of his preference for her-“Don’t worry lover. The slant eyed whore is as good as gone. I’ll destroy her just like I did back them when the cheating slut tried to ambush me.”

-“Katie seems to think otherwise. She’s sure she’s going to beat you into submission and have you watch her ride me, until you ‘’cheated’. Her words, not mine”-said Hermann, trying to stoke Samantha’s anger. He let the statement in the air as he sat in a sofa like chair at one of the corners of the ring: That was to be his allocated space for the duel-“I wonder who’ll turn out to be right”

-“She’s sure talking tough when I’m not around to call out her lies”-said Samantha, slightly annoyed.

Samantha had found last two months both unsettling and exhilarating. Even as she had settled into some sort of modus vivendi with Katie, at some level she had always resented the Chinese enchantress for being there as a competing lover. Yet she had to play nice because she didn’t want to lose her job and because having Katie occupy Hermann’s time would help her ward off potential rivals. Katie was someone Samantha could live with…at least until the Cindy/Jessica affair had blown over.

The eventual duel and Cindy Wang’s smug attitude, chirpily walking around the office as if she hadn’t just broken like 5 serious regulations put every girl in the office on notice. No relationship was safe. The rule of the jungle was the order of the day, woman against woman, foreigner against Chinese. Samantha understood the dynamic and the moment she noticed Katie trying to overstep long-agreed boundaries. The Aussie bombshell fought back hard, which only made the Asian bitch try harder until their climatic fight in the locker room.

Now thus attired, the brunette girl dropped on her knees, kissing Hermann’s manhood, which was rewarded with a pleased gesture on Hermann’s face-“That bitch better be ready to back up her words with actions”

Hermann wrapped his legs around Samantha’s exquisite figure as she gave him an enthusiastic blowjob. He recalled all the times he’d been with her for the past week. It all came in a series of flashbacks: her jealousy, her graphic descriptions of what she was going to do to her Oriental antagonist, her eagerness to fight for him on duel day. This was to be a claiming duel: both sex kittens had insisted on it.

From that fateful day Samantha knew the gloves were off. A dirty, emotional war over Hermann’s cock started. Her Chinese opponent had lost the first battle of the war, but Katie bounced back and fought hard to win Hermann back. Samantha wasn’t going to give the German boy up that easily. A challenge was issued, a duel date set up, and while everyone waited expectantly for duel day, the yellow and white girls fought it out in Hermann’s bed.
Hermann turned his head sideways, seeing the door on the other side burst open, revealing an oiled-up Katie, as sexy as always, keen to wash away her defeat at Samantha’s hands, hungry to show him she was the better woman. He watched her parade her body with a confident strut, his eyes focussed on her bouncing melons and shapely legs, her glistening physique sporting only flimsy fishnet that covered her whole body yet clearly left her womanhood and nipples exposed to the air: Katie had taken off her panties before putting on the fishnet, preferring to expose her femininity to Hermann’s eyes as she fought her erstwhile friend. Just as the Aussie seductress, the Chinese goddess was already sporting boxing gloves.

-“Enjoy his taste one last time saohuo”-jeered Katie, earning a dirty glare from Samantha as she stepped into the ring-“I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago”

-“I’m claiming what’s mine, starting from now!”-continued the Chinese siren decisively before she plunged onto the fray by dropping on her knees. She tried to push Samantha away with her body but the Australian seductress pushed back with force, the two girls fighting for space as their tongues licked Hermann’s cock.

The German man looked down, seeing the two women licking his cock like they were hungry cubs fighting for food. He moaned once again, feeling in heaven. He recalled their last encounter in the gym…sweat soaked bodies trashing about the floor, as their nails sank pulled and trashed the short leggings and tight tops and sank their nails into the other’s skin with violence. They scratched and mauled…bit and kicked…all while he watched spellbound. It was a brutal back and forth, at times seeming as if Katie would knock the brazen Texan whore out, then Samantha rallying back and putting her Asian nemesis on the backfoot. In real life Samantha had won, but in his dreams, sometimes Katie managed to turn the situation around and knock out the southern belle for good.

-“I’m cumming”-declared Hermann. He felt as if the girls plunged their heads even deeper into his crotch before a torrent of cum exploded from his cock, leaving him drained and sated.

-“Magnificent, simply divine”-grunted Hermann, patting the girls’ heads before they rose up-“I hope you show this much dedication on the fight as you’ve shown me here”

-“Let’s see how you do today now that you can’t sneak attack me when I’m fucking my man”-said Samantha, smearing her man’s cum on her glove-“If you like the taste of Hermann so much, let me give you some of it as I ‘fix’ your face”

-“Keep telling yourself that baigui whore”-said Katie, walking to the opposite corner while she lathered her gloves likewise-“You know you won because you cheated. Now we fight woman to woman, no tricks”

The buzzing sound letting them know they were free to finally let their fury out, the two young goddesses ran into each other in a furious clash, their semen soaked gloves striking the other’s smooth skin with wild abandon while Hermann watched the intense action from the comfort of his chair. Nothing was held back as their tits bounced and jiggled due to the violence of their contortions.

-“How do you like my man’s cum now Caucasian skank?”-said Katie, connecting a hard right on her sexual rival, whipping Samantha’s face sideways.

-“Love it…but let me share some of it too”-grunted Samantha, lobbing an uppercut on the Chinese’s belly, doubling her. The Australian seductress then tackled Katie, slamming her back against one of the corners, where the two furious girls started trading blows at a furious pace.

-“Here!”-interjected Katie, connecting a solid jab on Samantha’s right cheek, causing the Caucasian belle to bounce against the ropes-“I’m giving you more of my man’s cum”

-“Let me return the favour Chinese skank”-grunted Samantha, lunging at her sexual and engaging their oiled up physiques in a nasty clinch. A clinch that would have stopped by any decent boxy referee… yet, as they brought their long legs and sharp stilettos into the battlefield, it was clear that this was no gentlewomanly boxing match, but a savage free for all that was only going to stop when one woman claimed Hermann’s cum and destroyed her sexual rival in the ring.

Samantha wailed, the feeling her right jug being flattened by leather, short circuiting her thoughts. The Caucasian brunette gasped, staggering backwards. Seizing the chance, Katie quickly followed, doing her best to target Samantha’s perky melons as she marched forward.

The pretty Asian assailant threw a strong punch which the brunette siren barely dodged, unbalancing Katie. Acting by pure instinct, Samantha then tackled her sexual rival in the best tradition of Australian football, sending the warring beauties careening towards Hermann’ sofa, where they fell horizontally, their bodies landing on top of a sitting Hermann.

The German stud watched surprised as now the fight moved right into his lap, as the wildcats punched and trashed on the sofa. He moaned, the abundant oil making what could have been a painful experience into a, erotic one, feeling his erect shaft being worked out with constant contact with the girls’ oil-soaked skin.

Katie grunted as she precariously balanced herself on top of the bucking Caucasian devil. She knew the man she was fighting for was just a few centimetres away, watching her every move, so she fought harder for his benefit. She hit hard, her busty chest jiggling wildly as she pounded leather on the Caucasian wench.

The Caucasian beauty moaned, feeling Hermann’ manhood poking her body as she tried to defend herself from the onslaught of blows. She crunched her upper body up and sneaked her arm around Katie’s neck, bring the two girls back down to the sofa as they restarted viciously hitting each other on top of the mutual lover. The German stallion gritted his teeth, this male member being gradually worked towards an orgasm by the rapid turns and twists between the girls’ heavenly bodies.

-“Get your saggy tits off me”-panted Samantha as she turned her physique to the other side, causing the rabid Asian pitbull to fall off the sofa and into the floor. The Australian temptress then sat on the sofa, trying to continue to the fight on the ring only for Katie to spear tackle her, sending them crashing back again on top of the German stud, who moaned when he felt the weight of his lovers against him. He watched fascinated, feeling Katie sinking her kneecap on Samantha’s belly several times as the beleaguered brunette tried to fight back. Yet it was an unequal struggle, which Katie took full advantage of by grinding the Australian slut down while Samantha was weakly trying to bear hug her.

-“Don’t touch me”-sneered the Asian goddess, tossing her weakened sexual rival like a piece of trash. Samantha screeched, her abused body rolling on the floor until she crashed against the other side of the small ring.

-“Stay there…kick…like the second rate…whore you are…while I fuck…my man!”-taunted the unrelenting Chinese vixen, hovering over Samantha and trampling over her fallen figure with her razor sharp stilettos. After a few moments enjoying Samantha’s suffering, Katie reluctantly reigned her bloodlust, knowing she had to leave the skank conscious…at least until she claimed her man. Then it’d be open season on the Aussie bitch.

The oiled up Asian seductress pranced excitedly towards the naked Hermann, rubbing her pointed nipples on him as she hugged him-“I told she wouldn’t be so lucky now that she can’t cheat. Now…to claim what is mine!”

Katie wasted no time, resting her arms on the sofa’s armrest, bending her bodacious figure almost 90 degrees and wiggling her hips waiting for some German cock. She wasn’t disappointed, moaning as she felt Hermann’ thick, throbbing, oiled up manhood bypass her hole ridden fishnet and slide into her wet pussy and rail her hard. She then squealed, feeling Hermann’ hand tug the root of her hair as he furiously rammed his cock inside her.

-“You know why I’m fucking you?”-asked Hermann

-“Why?”-panted the perspiring, oil soaked Katie as her sinful figure quivered as a result of Han’s powerful thrusts.

-“Because you’re showing yourself the better woman…the one who wants my cock more…”

-“Yes…I do want it more…always did”-moaned Katie, becoming wetter by the second.

Samantha panted, trying to regain her bearings as she impotently watched her German beau thrusting into the Chinese whore. There was no way she was going to allow the slant eyed bitch to claim Hermann. As she groggily got on her feet, the white girl felt anger replace her pain and soon she was ready to rain vengeance on the Oriental skank! She walked towards the copulating couple-“Let go my man’s cook you fucking floozy!”

Katie realized what was happening and managed to turn around just in time, putting her gloves up as her body clashed against the incoming Australian canon. The sex kittens quickly got into a tight, intimate clinch in what was quickly becoming a stuffy duel room. Hermann gripped the battling Katie tightly as he continued pumping, incredibly turned on by the spectacle.

-“Hermann…watch me as I…destroy this baigui in front of you”-heaved Katie as Hermann could see the Chinese girl’s back contort and twist while she matched her sexual rival blow by blow.

-“All he’s going to see…is you begging me…to fuck him”-grunted Samantha, trying to lunge even deeper, pushing Katie’s back against Hermann’ toned chest. Using mutual clinch, the feisty brunette pushed her Chinese nemesis to the side, managing to tear her off Hermann’ cock as they girls continued brutally punching each other on the sofa. Hermann gazed as Samantha’s ass undulated right in front of him. Having it been one day and a half since he had fucked Samantha, Hermann couldn’t contain himself, positioning himself to thrust his hard rod into the struggling Australian beauty. Samantha gasped, the familiar sensation of her pussy being filled spurring to fight harder still!

-“Fight!”-that was all that came from Hermann’ mouth as he watched Samantha’s back contort and twist in the savage fighting, his cock effortlessly sliding in and out as Samantha pushed forward or was pushed back in the nasty exchange of blows.

Samantha let out a pitiful whimper as Katie once again clocked another hit against her precious melons, dislocating her tiny bra and revealing her nipples. Gritting her teeth, the Australian vixen leaned forward, loping her head down and bit! The Asian girl’s melons, twirling her pretty head sideways to maximize her antagonist’s agony. Katie let out a high-pitched screech as her knockers were being chewed on, the scandalous fish nest doing nothing to attenuate the effect of Samantha’s bite. Katie frantically punched the Australian piranha’s body in order to break free. She squinted, her eyes reposing on the image of Hermann’ eagerly fucking her sexual rival as he looked at her. It was as if he was asking her “Is that it? Are you just going to let her ride my cock as she wishes?”

-“No!”-said hoarsely Katie to no one in particular, wrapping her arms around Samantha’s perspiring back and letting herself fall, dragging the Australian skank down with her. The wily Chinese vixen turned her body around, using Samantha’s bodacious physique to soften her fall. The Australian minx felt the air coming out of her lungs, giving up the tit biting. Next thing she knew, Katie was tearing into her neck with her fangs, and Samantha responded likewise!

Hermann was somewhat chagrined that coitus had been interrupted, yet he watched with interest the furious catball rolling and trashing all over the ring floor, the two feisty girls trading blows at a furious rate while they used their teeth to leave nasty marks on the enemy skin. It was vicious, yet neither girl showed any signs of hesitation despite the obvious exhaustion that was starting to set in. He gasped slightly when he saw Samantha raise her knee, only to twist her heel inward and sink! The stiletto in Katie’s thigh, leaving a nasty gnash on the Asian’s otherwise fantastic legs.

The searing pain distracted the indomitable Chinese seductress, which Samantha took advantage of by pinning Katie between her toned legs. Her melons bounced wildly as she weathered the frantic burst of energy coming from the pinned girl. The Aussie minx started pounding the Asian girl’s face over and over, and while initially the black haired beauty seemed impervious to pain, gradually the All Australian girl dominated the wild Asian.

-“Stop struggling you…slant eyed whore…because he’s…now mine! MINE! MINE!”-declared Samantha as she pounded Katie’s face until she stopped fighting back. The brunette beauty heaved, glad her sexual rival had stopped fighting back, before haggardly getting on her feet and flashing Hermann a smile-“Now…to going to claim what is mine”

-“It’s yours to have Samantha”-said Hermann as the Australian goddess sat on his lap-“so long Katie doesn’t try to stop you from claiming me”

-“What if she…does”-moaned Samantha, already feeling Hermann’ throbbing cock railing her-“she’s just…a cheap imitation of a woman…not like the real thing…me”

Samantha was about to say something more but then moaned, feeling the German man sneak a few fingers down her crotch and stimulating her vaginal lips. She arched her back from pleasure, feeling Hermann hot breath on her neck. A just reward for what she had gone through. She could enjoy all of that daily, no longer sharing him with the Asian skank…if she won.

That’s something Katie knew too, having felt pangs of jealousy whenever she saw Hermann pounding into the Australian woman in their “friendlier” threesomes. As she tried to rally her weary body, she reminded herself of the high stakes involved. She acted with a sense of urgency, for she could feel Hermann quickening his thrusting, racing towards a climax. He would indeed climax, and Katie would make sure of it. Just not inside the Australian whore.

The Asian warrioress let out a frantic battle cry as she rushed towards the copulating couple. Samantha was startled, but quickly raised her gloves, welcoming the incoming Asian banshee with a torrent of leather. It didn’t matter: Katie ploughed into them like an out of control train, hitting back with full force. What followed was a terrible exchange of blows as Samantha tried to hang desperately on top of Hermann’ cock. They could feel it: He was about to cum and whoever managed to come on top on this exchange would get his coveted semen.

Weathering a furious onslaught of jabs, the Asian seductress wrapped her arms under Samantha’s sweaty armpits and forcibly lifting her up, tearing the Australian vixen off Hermann’ cock, sending Samantha’s sinful body whirling around the boxing ring while she herself sat on Hermann’ lap.

-“Cum!”-that was all Katie said, heaved as she felt the German stud hammer his cock into her. She bit her lip, trying to supress he moans. There was no gentle preamble, no gradual picking up the pace: Hermann was close to cumming and he was no longer to be denied, thrusting his soon to explode cock into whatever was in front of him.

-“Stay away from him you diseased whore”-shrieked Samantha as she slammed into her sexual rival, trying to prevent her from claiming Hermann. The two beauties clinched, biting and jabbing frenetically as they desperately fought to claim the German boy.

Katie grunted as she was finally torn off Hermann’ cock and tossed to the side like a rag doll, yet it was too late. The buzzing sound rang, marking a successful claiming. The Australian beauty stared at her naked German beau, who was now collapsing into the sofa, his still throbbing cock quickly diminishing in size as the last precious drops of white liquid dripped from its tip.

Katie couldn’t help to smirk as she tried to get on her feet. She had done it. There was no better feeling than claiming your man as you fight your romantic rival for his cum, and for a moment it was all she needed to alleviate the searing pain she was feeling. That was not to last…

-“You fucking chink!”-howled the denied Australian goddess, kicking the recovering Chinese beauty on the face. Katie yelped, covering her pretty face as she curled on the floor. She wailed once again, feeling the sharp end of Samantha’s stiletto trample on her left boob and then twist her tit with her heel.

-“I’m going to…kick…personally claw…kick…all his cum….argh!”-screeched Samantha as she was the victim of a nasty uppercut on her exposed crotch. Katie gritted her teeth once again, moistening her leather gloves with Samantha’s cum juices. The Australian beauty covered herself with her gloves and fell sideways in a foetal position, wailing agonizingly as she cried.

It seemed to be the end for Samantha as the Chinese tigress pounced on the her weakened prey, yet the desperate Australian beauty managed to mount a last desperate defence, sinking her heel in Katie’s pretty face. The Chinese temptress shrieked, reeling backwards until she collapsed just below Hermann’ legs as she covered her marked face.

Hermann watched the two whimpering beauties rolling in agony on the floor until Samantha crawled on her four to give Katie battle. The Chinese warrioress, not longer feeling the strength to get on her feet, drunkenly put her gloves up and jabbed the incoming Australian whore. Samantha’s head whiplashed sideways before she turned back and sucker punched the Asian minx square on the nose.

The kneeling girls started a vicious back and forth exchange of blows just under Hermann’ cock, clinching the other’s oily and sweaty physique closely as they punched and bit each other with increasingly intensity.

-“He’s mine…bitch”

-“I’m never…giving him up”

-“Like he’d want…you when he has…me”

-“He told me…the only reason he stays…with you is…because you can…translate in Chinese for him”

-“He fucks you because…he feels sorry for you…everyone knows…white girls can’t…get laid unless…they whore themselves”



-“BITCH!”-cried out Samantha, violently uppercutting Katie. Hermann saw a dramatic punch and he swore he could see the whole thing go down in slow motion. Katie’s jaw as it compressed, her teeth gnashed, her face looking up the ceiling and her hair waving like crazy, her backwards fall as her body simply gave up the struggle, the way her battered figure hit the floor then bounced back slightly before hitting the floor again.

Hermann’ gaze quickly turned towards Samantha, who seemed to be rather disoriented, heaving for several seconds with an unfocused gaze until she realized no one was hitting back. Moving rather ponderously, the Australian girl dragged her spent body on top of Chinese minx and awkwardly jabbed punch after punch on Katie’s trembling body. She only stopped when she heard the victory signal indicating Katie was out of commission for good, and only then the foxy brunette allowed herself to crumble sideways, crying.

A contested outcome. Neither girl had won out, which meant that they would have to fight it out again in another gruelling claiming duel in a few hours’ time. Yet this time they wouldn’t have the luxury of starting fresh, but already bitten and wounded. Hermann wondered if either of them could even get herself to the duel room the next time.


Samantha sat on the small hospital room as she watched a recording of the brutal catfight she’s been in, somewhat shocked at what she and Katie were doing to each other on the screen. She grimaced, feeling her sore tits acting up. The bitter duel had yielded a “contested” result ie there was no clear winner. Therefore, she was not to be given any painkillers, medicine or any medical treatment apart from the bare minimum, yet she was expected to duel once again in one hour. Unless…

A knock on the door attracted the Australian’s attention, quickly revealing one of the supervisors – “The other woman has accepted to share the man”

Samantha relaxed her shoulders, letting out a sigh of relief. Before any duel or after a contested outcome, the supervisors ask if they women wanted to back out or come to an arrangement. Samantha has bitten the bullet, offering to settle instead of fighting it out. Katie would know of her choice only and only if she herself asked for a settlement. That way both women could preserve face and not appear as the weaker party by asking for a settlement first.

Samantha grabbed the small tablet computer that the supervisor gave her, reading her opponent’s message: “I’m sorry for all that’s happened. I think we’ve both gotten carried away in the poisonous atmosphere in the office. I still remember we used to share Hermann without complications, and we managed to live with each other in harmony. I’m ready to go back to the old days, if you’re too. I’m open to small changes in the old arrangement but don’t think you can just sideline me from Hermann’ life. If you attempt to do so I’ll be more than ready to meet in the duel room right now”

Apology, peace offering, proposal, threat. All in one message. Samantha herself had used different words in her message but the meaning had been the same. The Australian goddess was ready to go back to the “good old days,” starting negotiations through the supervisor.

By the end of the day Katie and Samantha would close their agreement in a business handshake. Their mutual jealousy might never allow them to be close friends, but neither could stomach one more claiming duel. It was an acceptable compromise for all involved. They got out of the facility together, were the man they had fought for waited for them in open arms.

To Be Continued in Chapter 19.

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