The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 19 by JustLooking9000

Sophie’s gazed at her reflection on the mirror one more time, closely inspecting the flimsy semi-transparent teddy, thong and strapped heels set. Her eyes could hardly avoid looking at her clawed up skin and bruised breasts, product of the inconclusive claiming duel three hours ago. (Office Mayhem Chapter 16)

The door to the duel room opened. Sophie stepped carefully, her flimsy teddy incapable of stopping her alluring breasts from bobbing up and down as she clumsily walked on the oil covered floor. Her eyes scanned the room, finding the motive of the duel sitting, naked, his erect shaft waiting eagerly for her, as if he hadn’t just climaxed 3 times already today.

The young Dutch wife decided to crouch on all four, sensually crawling towards the object of her carnal desires like a tigress in heat, oil gradually lathering more and more of her scratched figure as she got closer to her excited husband man.

-“Hello dear”-purred Sophie, gently tackling her beloved to the floor, locking her lips deeply against his. Her hand collected some oil from the floor and suggestively dropped it on top of Minho’s hardened shaft. The young temptress heard him gasp the moment her hand gently tugged his manhood. She couldn’t help but to bite her lips and release a soft moan when he returned the favour, pulling her panties down and then fingering her wet cunt.

-“How are you holding up? Did Amy scratch you badly?”-asked Minho the moment he regained some semblance of self-control.

-“Ha! I hardly feel any pain from her kitten scratches”-wooed Sophie looking at his eyes directly while her hand worked on his manhood. That was of course a lie, but she’d never admit to her husband that his secretary had gotten her good. She glanced at his swaying dick, wishing to ride him into ecstasy yet she refrained herself: Rules still had to be respected…at least until the duel formally started. Then it’d be a vicious free for all. Several minutes later a buzz focused her attention towards the entrance of the ring.

Amy had seen the whole spectacle with growing fury from behind the door. She felt the door took forever to open up, and immediately entered the duel room on all fours, ready to do battle, finally winning Minho for herself.

Amy’s sore body reminded her of the vicious catfight that she was in three hours ago as fought for her boss’ affections. She was feeling the effects of Sophie’s “gentle attentions” as her svelte figure glided through the oiled-covered floor. She had been offered the chance to propose a sharing agreement to her sexual rival. The Chinese beauty would never find out where such a road would have taken her, since she refused to make such a proposal. She could have given up there, abandoning her pretensions over Minho without risking exile. Yet she also refused to take such a course. It’d be all or nothing for the Asian secretary. And the sexy Asian bombshell planned to end the day in Minho’s bed, celebrating a hard-won victory over her obstinate romantic rival.

Back to the present, Amy let her boss admire her vast, dangling tits as she moved sinuously, like a cat, grinning as she saw Minho’s attention shift from her blonde foe to her and the little black attire she wore for the occasion, consisting of a series of black straps joined together and a few gift ribbons on top of her tits and belly to symbolize she was gifting her body for his benefit. She sat besides him, on the opposite side to her oil soaked arch nemesis, locking lips with the man she coveted.

-“I offer you my body for the second time today. My tits…my cunt…my body on the line…I tolerate the injuries…I risk exile…because your cock is worth it…you’re worth it”-whispered the sultry Chinese secretary, but she knew full well the young wife could hear her. Amy then stared down the arrogant Sophie before saying-“shall we?”

The Dutch vixen didn’t reply. Instead she crouched and started running her warm tongue throughout the length of her husband’s manhood. She growled like an animal when she felt the secretary’s long black hair grazing her cheeks as Amy joined the cock licking. Sophie instantly latched onto the offending tresses, forcing a tense stare down with her sexual rival.

-“I hope you’re not thinking of doing anything rash gweilo”-snarled Amy, reciprocating the hairpull as she looked at Sophie dead in the eye-“I rather win by showing Minho I’m the better woman instead of you being disqualified”

-“As far as I’m aware, a little hairpulling has always been allowed pre-duel”-replied the blonde seductress -“If I’m pulling too hard for the little Chinese princess I can loosen my grip…for now.”

-“No. If anything, I like it a little tighter”-replied the Asian secretary arrogantly as the girls warily continued to tag team the blowjob. The insults, the jealousy, the overt aggression, it was all part of the pageantry. A show entirely for the benefit of the man they were fighting for, aiming to titillate and thrill.

It wasn’t that the hatred and jealousy wasn’t real, but the presence of the coveted man always called for some peacocking for his benefit. They wanted him thrilled and looking forward what was about to happen.

They continued to work on the blowjob as Minho took deeper and deeper breaths, moaning as he got closer to orgasm. Feeling her boss was close to cumming, the sensual secretary suddenly ramped up the strength of her hairpulling to get her sexual rival’s head out of the way and wrapped her mouth deep in Minho’s cum, feeling his warm white liquid shooting against the roof of her mouth.

-“You fucking whore!”-yelled Sophie, ready to slap the smirking secretary, only to barely stop herself midday. No, she couldn’t do that just yet. Not in pre-duel ceremonies. She contained her seething anger, eagerly waiting for the start of the duel. Then she’d make that Chinese wench pay for each and every one of her transgressions.

Amy gagged, letting some of it drool from her mouth, not being able to swallow all of Minho’s semen in one go. Her taunting look is all she needed to rile up the young wife anyways. She gave man she was fighting for a deep cum-laced kiss before her oil covered body left his side, just as Sophie moved to the right.

It didn’t take long for the starting buzz sounded, and the girls rushed towards each other as quickly as the oil covered floor allowed them, quickly getting a grip on each other’s shining anatomy.

-“I’m not playing nice this time baigui”-shrieked Amy as she pulled her romantic rival towards herself.

-“Bring it on you fucking skank”-squealed Sophie, her open palm connecting solidly against the secretary’s face as the girls fell on the slippery floor

-“Let’s see who deserves that cock”-grunted Amy as the girls rolled in a catball, their massive jiggling racks grinding together and furiously trading slaps back and forth.

-“Couldn’t agree any more”-groaned Sophie, mounting on top of her rival in love, grabbing her hair and reddening her cheek with a thunderous whack that shook Amy to the core. The blonde bombshell quickly raised her hand again, contorting her nimble body and sending another slap with impunity. She tried did it again, but this time Amy raised her elbow, blocking Sophie’s painful slaps and extended her arm upwards, tugging onto Sophie’s oiled up tresses and reversing the pin.

-“You fucking biaozi!”-screeched Amy, using both hands to latch onto Sophie’s hair and banging her rival’s head against the soft floor.

-“Let go you chink whore”-moaned the dizzy Caucasian siren as she bucked like a wild bronco, causing her tormentor to slide from her slippery anatomy, her face crashing into the floor.

Amy turned around when she suddenly felt her tangled black mane being pulled up from behind. The young Chinese secretary squealed when she felt Sophie’s oil-soaked teddy grinding against her back, her hand sneaking under her almost topless breast, violently ravaging her left boob.

Minho watched as his sultry wife wrapped her long legs around Amy’s belly and then savagely sank her teeth into the Chinese seductress’ neck. The nubile secretary screeched like a banshee as she struggled mightily, her whole body convulsing and writhing to break free while her tits were clawed up by her blonde tormentor. Luckily for the young seductress, pins were ill suited for oil wrestling, so she managed to turn her body around, biting back like a piranha. Tits clashing as they held each other in a tight bear hug, the pretty belligerents then proceeding to brutally bite the shoulder and neck area of her enemy, leaving nasty red marks as they held each other as intimately as lovers.

The sexy wife winced, trying not to scream as her hands blindly searched for new targets for her nails. Training her hands on Amy’s one piece attire, the Dutch temptress just pulled up with all her might, giving her sexual rival a tight wedge.

Amy moaned as her own underwear was used against her, sinking her heel on Sophie’s chest and sending her backwards, slamming her sexy anatomy into Minho. The Korean man huffed, his oil drenched body recoiling as his wife’s back bumped against his chest. From his vintage point he could see the sultry secretary charging straight at Sophie like a lioness pouncing on a wounded deer, only for the feisty blonde to trap her head between her oil drenched thighs as he used him for support.

Amy squealed, latching onto Sophie’s sheer teddy and pulling downwards while Sophie latched her fingers on Amy’s black tresses and violently pulled her head all over the place.

Having a literal front seat to the fight now, Minho saw his Chinese secretary furiously scratching Sophie’s toned legs as her air supply was being slowly cut off while Sophie obstinately maintained her head scissors. This test of wills lasted until Amy’s white teeth bit Sophie’s left inner thigh. Howling in pain, Sophie rapidly abandoned the head scissors and got away to avoid more bites to her inner thighs.

-“You gweilo whore!”-roared the Chinese minx as soon a she could feel air flowing freely into her lungs. She leaped at her prone romantic rival, sending both women crumbling on top of Minho.

-“Fucking Chinese bitch!”-jeered Sophie as she dug her nails on her sexual rival’s tits. Minho could swear his dick grew larger as his two lovers frantically slapped, scratched, mauled, clawed, bit and kicked in a free for all on his lap. He could even smell their soft fragrances as their soft skin grazed against his male member in a frenzied struggle for sexual supremacy.

He could clearly see what happened next, yet his heart still skipped a beat when Sophie howled, her delicate anatomy falling off his lap when the mercenary Chinese vixen sank her teeth on Sophie’s exposed right tit. The Dutch wife went into a frenzy raking her talons into the relentless secretary like a harpy but the Asian assailant persisted, tearing into the soft tit flesh like a pitbull. After a brief, desperate struggle, Amy managed pin the beleaguered European bimbo in a prone position, tits to the floor. The black haired mistress then put herself on top of Sophie’s still squirming body and wrapped her antagonist in a headlock.

-“Guess what baigui? I’m feeling generous today. I’ll let you have a front seat of me fucking your husband’s brains out!”-said Amy, jiggling her round ass to invite her boss to ravage her while her nipples stabbed Sophie’s back. The attractive secretary moaned, feeling her boss’ massive dick sliding in her welcoming pussy.

-“Fuck…you…whore…let me…go…and…fight me…woman to woman…”-protested Sophie, weakly trying to scratch her way out of the headlock when she felt the combined weight of her sexual rival and her husband pinning her to the ground.

-“Shut up…and enjoy the show”-moaned Amy, pounding the European minx’s face against the soft mattress. Yet she restrained herself. It would do no good to knock out the bitch…at least not until she had secured Minho’s sperm. Right now she would just toy with her and prevent her from rallying.

-“Mmm I feel it…his hard, big cock…inside my pussy…just waiting to…fill me up with his cum”-taunted the insolent Chinese siren, delighting in seeing her romantic rival pathetically writhing below her -“What’s the matter biaozi?…aren’t you going to…fight for your husband?”

The wily Dutch tempress resisted the temptation to waste energy in a quixotic endeavour. She would have never become Minho’s wife if she had been just a dumb bimbo. Faking her injuries, outwardly Sophie seemed to weaken as she uselessly squealed and trashed to break free. She just needed to wait for her sexual nemesis to become distracted and then she’d have to chance her freedom on that instant…

-“Can you feel it? How hard your husband’s cock rams my pussy?”-taunted Amy at the whimpering blonde temptress. Not an amateur to duels, Amy knew full well the importance of never relaxing her grip. She used her headlock to raise Sophie’s body slightly upwards and using her long nails to rake Sophie’s melons while Minho ploughed into her. This perverted display just incensed her boss thrusts even harder-“I told you cow tits, tonight my pussy will feasting on his cock…argh!”

Feeling the lock around her neck loosen, Sophie quickly turned around, digging her elbow right on the brazen secretary’s face. Somewhat surprised to see his wife rallying, Minho quickly removed himself from the situation to see if his wife could turn the situation around. The Dutch goddess followed with a flurry of slaps, forcing Amy to stand on her four limbs to get out of the range only for the European wildcat to coil her legs underneath Amy’s belly and push upwards, sending the Chinese bombshell flinging into the air. Amy made a small splash as she her physique hit the mattress on her ass.

-“Your cock is mine…and no whore will…take it away from me!”-panted Sophie, breathing heavily as she let her head rest on her husband’s chest for support.

-“You should have stayed down baigui!”-barked Amy, angrily getting on her knees.

-“I’m not giving my husband up to skanks like you”-replied Sophie, pushing her husband away before meeting her sexual rival in the middle of the room. Like knights in a jousting tournament, the women met at the middle of the room, their exposed melons aggressively clashing against each other as they wrapped their arms each other.

-“I can’t wait to tell everyone in the office how I took your husband!”-said Amy, grafting her sharp nails into Sophie’s already lacerated skin.

-“The only thing they’ll hear is what happens to whores who sleep with my husband!”-jeered Sophie, gritting her teeth as she retaliated in kind. Hugging each other in a bear hug, the two belligerents filled the room with moans and high-pitched shrieks as they scratched and mauled each other backs and thighs like cats in heat. Resting their heads on the other’s shoulder, their nipples grazed each other as they violently contorted their body in a mixture of agony and stubborn determination.

-“Too bad you won’t be in Hong Kong to tell them that!”

-“On the contrary, I plan to fuck my husband in the office so they get the message loud and clear!”

-“What’s the matter?’-asked Amy after sinking her nails into Sophie’s boobs-“Are your tiny tits sore?”

-“At least I won’t need plastic surgery for my tits after today!”-retorted Sophie, pinching and twisting Amy’s melons with upmost malice.

The girls’ fingers pulled, sank and twisted her romantic rival’s delicate teats in their quest to bring the most pain possible to the other’s mammary glands. A litany of unladylike invective combined with tormented squeals streamed out of the females’ mouths.

Minho moved as close to the action as his chains would let him, seeing his Dutch and Chinese lovers sob and wail as they viciously scratched each other like street whores. He had been in his fair share of duels and he never failed to be thrilled to be the prize of such a contest. He knew his women were faltering and needed a boost.

-“Come on! Weren’t you telling me you were going to rip her tits off for me?”-said Minho, cleverly omitting any names. The truth was that both women had given him similar promises-“Show that skank why you’re the better woman!”

The Dutch seductress pushed Amy’s arm away, immediately charging at her sexual rival, making a loud splash as the angry belligerents crashed against the oil soaked floor in an intimate catball. Going tit to tit and cunt to cunt, the combatants furiously trashed and whirled around as their long nails left red marks on the rival’s back and pulled oil drenched hair to get an advantage.

They didn’t let the pain distract them: They just wanted to ruin her antagonist’s attractive physique, destroy her in front of man they were fighting over. Emphasis was on the face and breasts, each jealous girl wanting to diminish the aesthetic worth of her romantic rival to Minho. Incredibly, the battling beauties insisted on this sensual battle of attrition until they were too tired to keep on punching and started erotically leaning on each other, gasping for air at a rapid rate.

It was a wild carnival of violence, yet Sophie managed to get on top of her faltering opponent and rain slaps into her pretty face and now tender tits. Yet the feisty Chinese siren had still plenty of spunk, furiously matching her antagonist blow by blow as she squirmed and trashed on the oil-soaked mattress. Nevertheless, Amy knew she had to do something or risk slowly being overwhelmed by Sophie’s offensive.

It was time to fight dirtier.

Using one arm to fend the onslaught of slaps, Amy quickly dropped her hand, trying for Sophie’s barely defended cunt. Sophie yelped, quickly leaping to the side the moment she felt Amy’s talons scratching about her thong. Yet she didn’t let up, immediately jumping astride Amy’s mauled legs, lowering her head and biting! Amy’s undefended pussy.

Amy’s screech like a banshee as she briefly trashed about, kicking and scratching Sophie’s face to get the nasty bitch off her pussy but the Dutch goddess persisted until she felt the Chinese pretender give up the struggle. The savage Caucasian seductress then pulled the remains of her sexual rival’s attire with her teeth, leaving Amy completely naked.

-“What’s the matter bitch?”-panted Sophie as she pounded Amy’s head against the floor-“can’t stand the heat?”

-“Then maybe you should have slept with my husband!”-continued Sophie as she twisted the defenceless Chinese secretary’s nipples before tossing her aside like trash. She turned around and gave her man a slow, deep, sensual kiss as her battle-torn nipples grazed his chest-

-“Mine. You’re mine and no yellow skinned skank will take you away from me”-whispered the scratched blonde before gently pushing her husband down and humping on top of him cowgirl. She moaned, feeling her husband’s manhood pleasantly pumping inside her while she rocked her hips back and forth to help him climax.

-“Yes”-moaned Minho as he felt his wife’s pussy clenching his cock. He looked up, seeing Sophie’s magnificent jugs heave and bob violently as he pounded her faster and faster-“Oh Sophie…I love your tight…wet pussy…your perky tits…how you fight for my cock…Sophie…”

The moaning sounds coming from the copulating couple stirred Amy to get on her knees despite the protests of her aching body. She snarled, locking eyes with her with her sexual rival, who disdainfully looked down at her as she rode Minho like a cowboy riding a wild bull.

-“Get off my man you baigui hussy”-shouted Amy as she hurled her naked body against her European sex kitten in a desperate struggle to prevent her from claiming Minho’s cum.

-“Just try it, you slant eyed whore!”-replied Sophie, clenching her thighs around her husband’s waist and receiving her mortal enemy with her nails.

Minho yelped, surprised to see Amy’s exposed cunt sitting on top of his mouth as he kept thrusting into his wife. Yet he quickly recovered his composure, using his tongue like a second penis to pleasure his secretary as she fought tooth and nail against his wife.

-“He’s too good for a second rate woman like you!”-grunted Amy, leaning and wrapping her arms around the stubborn wife, mauling her back. She could feel her arousal levels heightened as her boss delightfully tongued her pussy, prompting her to throw caution out of the window and go all in.

-“You should have stayed down and let a real woman fuck Minho!”-sneered Sophie, scratching and clawing as she stubbornly tried to hang onto her husband’s manhood.

They could feel it in his laboured breaths, his eager tongue (in Amy’s case), his throbbing cock (in Sophie’s case), his almost animal grunts as he uncomplainingly let the two goddesses use his oiled body as the final stage for their struggle. The knowledge he was close egged the exhausted girls to throw everything they had into the struggle.

Then the handsome Korean man grunted, his body stiffening as a rush of hot white liquid exploded off his manhood. The buzz indicating Minho had climaxed reverberated throughout the whole room, stopping the furious catfight for a microsecond as each woman processed what had just happened.

-“I’m gonna scratch all that cum out of your pussy!”-shrieked a seething Amy pushing Sophie off Minho’s spent cock and into the padded floor.

-“Don’t bother! I’ll just rub it all over your face!”-said Sophie, quickly resuming the desperate brawl as the furious girls rolled around the room in a furious catball.

Now that the first part of the duel had been decided on Sophie’s favour, the fight reached a fever pitch as the belligerents were now unimpeded by any restrains. The furious Chinese secretary decided to turn up the heat, her hand roaming her sexual rival’s battered anatomy until she reached Sophie’s cum-soaked cunt.

The blonde seductress gasped when she felt the unwelcome intrusion into her womanhood, and she knew the fight was going to become very dirty indeed. She met the challenge head on, her hands started exploring her foe’s moist cunt, trying to find an opening she could exploit to harm her opponent. The young vixens exchanged bitter attacks, curving and viciously pulling their nails for maximum effect as they frantically traded positions in an effort to avoid the enemy fingers.

The room was filled with high pitched shrieks as the spent Minho waited for the outcome of the savage fighting. Secretly he was hopping for Amy to knock his wife out to force a third duel. His pulse raced when he saw the young vixens somehow ending in a 69 position. The women quickly wrapped their arms around the other’s hips and while he couldn’t see the action, the wild shudders and unladylike cussing made it clear they were viciously tearing into the other’s cunt with wild abandon.

He anxiously waited for the outcome when he saw his Chinese subordinate backing away, hands covering her pussy as she lost this feminine contest to his wife.

-“Oh no you don’t!”-heaved Sophie, bloodlust taking over as she jumped at her quivering sexual rival and started kneeing her in the face over and over, ignoring the secretary’s weakening attempts to scratch her way out of the situation until the second buzz indicated she had knocked out the whore who pretended to steal her husband.

Sophie panted, breathing heavily as it dawned on her that she had won the duel. She allowed her spent physique to crumble sideways, heaving as gazed aimlessly, her eyes resting on her husband’s manhood.

-“Another worthless slut…tried to take you…away from me.. and she bit the dust…like all the others…”-said Sophie, slowly getting on all four and crawling towards Minho, kissing him. She turned around, letting her back on her man’s chest, feeling his arms reassuringly hugging her. She looked forward, to her beaten, exhausted sexual rival, the author of many angry outbursts and the biggest challenge to her relationship in a long time.

-“She needs to be punished. She needs to pay for what’s done”-said the blonde minx, slowly getting her bearings back. She looked for, and found the discarded remains of Amy’s depraved attire, fetching it and methodically tying down the beaten Chinese whore. A precaution any prudent duellist took, for there were cases where untied defeated women managed to rally post duel and restart the fight on the humiliation stage, knocking out the woman who had just won the duel. It wouldn’t change the result regardless, but it would be embarrassing for the winner to have a humiliation go awry.


Sophie Jansen had done it. The first serious romantic rival she’s had for Minho’s affections post wedding was beaten and exiled. The whole saga also helped to light some spark back in the relationship, which Sophie knew was growing a little stale two years after her fight against Alice Perrot. It wasn’t the young blonde couldn’t satisfy Minho properly, or that there hadn’t been enough variety. She had taken part in several friendly catfights for Minho’s benefit and he really liked them. Yet the blonde knew that nothing got men’s hearts racing like an all or nothing duel where two women furiously competed sexually over them.

The Dutch temptress had other business to attend to. Amy might have been the main threat to her relationship, but she had been supported and egged on by what to her appeared to be a wide network of slant eyed whores keen to see her go. The jealous Sophie had no doubt in her mind that they would egg another Chinese bimbo to challenge her and win Minho for herself.

First order of business was to do something about the secretary vacancy that had just opened. She knew secretaries had a nasty tendency of becoming future romantic rivals. She knew because she herself had used the secretary job as a launchpad to Minho’s bedroom. On that matter, Sophie decided it would be proper to return to the company as Minho’s secretary.

Then she was to use her position to identify all her detractors and get them fired from the business, starting with all the Chinese bitches who had participated in Amy’s rebellion.

Sophie’s will was not to be opposed!

To Be Continued in Chapter 20.

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