The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 6 by JustLooking9000

2:00 PM — 3rd floor Office building

On a normal day, the sight of dishevelled and barely clothed Valentina Rodriguez coming out of the emergency stairs after brutal catfight over a man would be the news of the week in the office grapevine. As it was, Valentina’s and Lily’s catfight was merely one of the many physical confrontations in a mayhem prone day at the office. The Venezuelan goddess only got a good minute of spotlight before the audience turned their attentions back to the catfight happening right in front of them.

A catfight that started when 34-year-old Allison Xu from sales barged into the legal department and spat semen at brunette paralegal, the American Melissa Camden. The cute all-American girl who had just graduated from university to take a job in Hong Kong was taken by surprise until the smell of fresh cum and the sight of company lawyer (and Melissa’s clandestine lover) Larry Wilson running behind Allison made her realize she was about to star an honest to god catfight over a man. If that wasn’t enough of a clue, Allison was screaming about “making her pay for sleeping with her boyfriend” was probably a big hint too.

Melissa’s pretty face quickly turned nasty as she returned the vicious hairpull -“Fine slant eyed whore! Have it your way!”

The 25-year-old young paralegal had come all the way from the States looking for some adventure and romance, quickly setting her sights on fellow American Larry Wilson. With her looks, it wasn’t hard to seduce the 40-year-old head lawyer but what really gave her a leg up was their common nationality and culture. Melissa had initially believed she could easily walk all over Larry’s Chinese girlfriend and steal him under her nose, but surprisingly, Larry had proven quite unwilling to break it off with Allison, frustrating the young brunette to no end.

-“Your days of fucking taken men are over”-yelled the Chinese nymph, tackling her American antagonist against the wall before sinking her teeth on the delicate fabric getting in the between her fangs and Melissa’s melons.

Allison had been on edge ever since Larry had casually told her that a new American woman was coming to work in his department. She’d been Larry’s girlfriend for some time now and had been in a few scraps over Larry, all of the them with American sluts who thought it their constitutional right to ride her American boyfriend’s cock. She passed by the legal department to have a look at this American girl and it was hate at first sight. Her feminine intuition told her the brash Caucasian brunette was gunning for Larry’s bed.

Soon, Larry was telling Allison all about his busy schedule and need to stay in the office…Allison of course didn’t buy any of it, especially since Melissa had brazenly left a few hickeys on her man. It was a blatant provocation, yet the Chinese seductress didn’t confront Larry on his infidelity. That would have been a rookie mistake, a sure way to lose Larry. Rather, that night she mounted her man’s cock and marked his skin with her teeth and nails, letting the American wench she wasn’t giving up on Larry!

-“When will you understand he’s tired of starfish lovemaking?”-panted Melissa as she sank her green stilettos on her Asian tormentor’s stomach, sending Allison crashing down against a computer monitor. Their sexy dresses now ruined and half torn, Allison and Melissa ran into each other, turning over legal documents, computers, office chairs as they trashed about the legal department like street hookers. As the Caucasian and Asian vixens tore into each other, Valentina sat on Li Song’s lap, wildly cheering the fight on as Li’s cock subtly penetrated her through his open zipper.

Their confrontation had been long time coming, yet the two women had kept their feud to a few light shoving matches until Cindy Wang’s and Jessica Chambers’ nasty office catfight. Though the duel had happened 6 weeks ago, the legal paperwork wasn’t finished until much later. Melissa, who prepared many of the documents, realized that company policy on fighting co-workers and duels had changed drastically, even if no official change had been announced. Larry for his part, kept Allison informed of the talks at the management level. It was only when Allison realized that the policy had changed to “law of the jungle and every woman for herself” that she went looking for the opportunity settle things with the American interloper.

-“Fucking gweilo (foreigner)!”-heaved a spent Allison, punching Melissa’s cheek and sending the brunette reeling backwards.

-“Cheap skank”-huffed Melissa, returning fire with a kneecap to her Asian nemesis that had Allison doubling in pain.

The department went quiet, looking expectantly at the brutal battle of attrition between the sexy paralegal and the sultry saleswoman. They watched as the tired, semi-conscious girls wobbled and staggered with every terrible punch, trying to divine which blow would end it all, each punch bringing the possibility of an end to the fighting, only for the other girl to squeeze a little bit of willpower and punch back.

Melissa grunted, uppercutting the Chinese slut on the chin. Admittedly it wasn’t a strong punch at all, and the punch-drunk Melissa herself had to plant her arms on a desk so that she didn’t fall. The perspiring American woman heaved, seeing Allison collapse on her knees and fall on the floor, totally spent.

The office waited with baited breath to see if Allison would get up, but after half a minute the topless Melissa allowed herself to collapse on a chair amidst the roars of the crowd, sobbing but happy this terrible ordeal had come to an end.

To Be Continued in Chapter 7.

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Having always come on top every time she has had to face an insolent upstart pretending to steal Wilson away from her, Chinese Allison Xu has just tasted the bitterness of defeat and she doesn’t like it one bit! After being his girlfriend for two years, the obstinate Chinese girl won’t quit her man! She’ll appeal the result of the office catfight in the duel room!
What she doesn’t know is that Melissa Cadmen has had a sorry history of losing men because she had always shied away from duels. Now in Hong Kong, the stunning American girl is sick of giving way and has promised herself next time she’ll fight for her man all the way to the duel room!

Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Wilson? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 15. You can go straight to chapter 15 without missing much of the action.

However, sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and savour every little detail. The afternoon has just started, as several ravishing Chinese girls are of right now confronting their equally stunning foreign rivals to settle their romantic issues mano a mano. The office is be filled with pained screams and agonizing moans, as an orgy of catfights has exploded all over the place. Hair is being pulled, slaps drop like rain from the sky, long nails are being sunk in enemy skin. By the end of the day, the victresses will be enjoying the spoils of war in the intimacy of their men’s beds!

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