The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 7 by JustLooking9000

1:24 PM Parking lot outside office building

While strife and chaos were about to rage in all throughout the building, outside it had been a chilly, cloudy day, the rain coming in starts and stops throughout the day, leaving a smell of fresh grass and puddles of water on the wet concrete of the parking lot. In an office overlooking said parking lot, the pretty Zhou Sichao (English name Chelsea Zhou) paced around impatiently like a caged tigress, glancing at the window every now and then.

She glanced at her reflection on the window, seeing a stunningly beautiful Chinese girl with spotless pale skin and long brunette hair reaching down her perky jugs. She adjusted her attire, a timeless combination consisting of a black miniskirt showcasing her long legs, a white sleeveless top with a “moderate” cleavage. Sichao had “forgotten” to wear a bra today, leading to a nice bouncing effect whenever she took a step, helped by strapped high heels that would stay in place even in the most vicious of catfights.

The Chinese bombshell’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the target of her affections, Liu Wei (English name Peter Liu), walking around the parking lot, alongside a perky German transfer who had laid claim on him 5 months ago after ousting his ex-girlfriend in a sordid back alley catfight. The Thai beauty had put up a furious struggle but in the end she proved no match for the Teutonic warrioress. Now his official girlfriend, the German Laura Jung had jealously guarded her territory since becoming his official girlfriend.

Sichao inwardly snarled, training her eyes on the only obstacle between herself and Peter’s hard, throbbing cock. She had been spoiling to tangle with her blonde nemesis for a while, knowing that winning a catfight is a sure shortcut to his bedroom, yet had agreed to hold her fire for two weeks to join the ambush Amy Lin had planned. She wanted no interference when she sank her nails into the German wench.

The coming of a frantic co-worker bringing news of a catfight breaking out in the manager’s office told Sichao it was finally showtime.

As Sichao walked downstairs for a showdown, blonde Laura and her boyfriend were in the middle of an empty parking slot surrounded on three sides by cars. The voluptuous Laura moaned, feeling his hands roaming the tiny sleeveless light blue mini dress that abundantly exposed cleavage. She moved forward on her strapped stilettos, shoving her perky melons into Peter’s chest as they furiously kissed and caressed each other like animals in heat.

From time to time the German sex kitten looked at the entrance with anxiety. Something big was coming and she knew it. She remembered well what had happened one month and a half ago, when a fellow Caucasian girl, Jennifer Chambers, and a Chinese skank -Cindy Wang- fought tooth and nail in the office over American Alan (5. The Duel Room: East vs West). She found the official explanation of what happened next a load of bullshit. There was no way Jennifer had been fired for “starting a catfight in the office,” and indeed, her friend Sophie Jansen confirmed that a duel had occurred. Regrettably, after a hard-fought tit fight, followed by a bitter catfight in front of the disputed guy, Jennifer lost her man to the Chinese wench and was sent back to the UK.

Since the duel, the Chinese girls started to get uppity, insolently flirting with the men of several foreign girls and unwilling to back down when challenged. That included her boyfriend, who seemed to have gotten in intimate terms with a Chinese harpy called Sichao. She had words with the Chinese slut, telling her to back down or face the consequences of going after her man, only for the argument to devolve in a messy school girl hairpull when the insolent bitch told her to mind her own business.

This week had been particularly nerve wracking. She could feel the thick layer of tension oozing from the Chinese women. Believing the German bimbo to be another ignorant foreigner (Laura in fact had a working knowledge of Mandarin and Cantonese), the Chinese girls carelessly blabbed in their native language, talking about an “ambush” “getting rid of the foreign whores” “Friday 1:25” “fight for our men.” She understood she was to be the target of one such “ambush.”

Laura suspected she knew who the ambusher was supposed to be. The Teutonic siren could have stayed home to avoid a catfight…but she did not. She relished the thought of having an excuse for sinking her nails into that impudent Asian skank but it was going to be on her terms. The blonde beauty had wisely chosen the parking lot for her fighting stage, where she could see any incoming “ambush” from a mile away.

Laura closed her eyes, savouring her boyfriend’s tongue invading her mouth. She opened her eyes and immediately tensed up, spotting the Chinese Sichao crossing the parking lot towards her! Having had had fair share of catfights, Laura knew perfectly well that the Sichao’s decisive gait could only mean one thing. Which was all good with Laura, since she had been spoiling to scratch the Chinese whore silly!

-“I’m here to take him away from you!”-said the sexy Sichao, walking into the empty parking slot where Laura and Peter were making out.

-“You sneaky slant eyed whore!”-roared Laura, pushing her boyfriend aside and meeting her sexual rival inside the empty parking slot-“You’ll stay away from my man!”

Grabbing one large chunks of brown and blonde hair with one hand, the jealous girls used their open palms to slap her sexual rival’s face with wild abandon as their heels steeped onto the puddles of water, making splashes as they violently contorted and distorted their bodily shapes in the savage slapfest.

-“Nothing wrong with showing him he can do better than a cheap foreign whore!”- said Sichao, trying to stay focused as her head was twisted all over the place and the hemline of her miniskirt started to ride up her thigh.

-“Oh please! I’ve been shoving your flat tits into my man, like a washed-out hooker desperate for business”- interjected the German bombshell, her wobbling legs trying to balance her swaying body as the incoming slaps reddened her cheeks and the hemline of her miniskirt provided glimpses of the blue thong underneath.

-“I’m giving him what’s he’s not getting from you!”-said Sichao as the two girls crashed into the side of a white car, the two girls viciously slapping and pulling hair as they rolled around the car.

-“After I’m done with you no man will want to even look at you!”- said Laura, the violent contortions messing up her dress and causing her perky melons to pop out of the dress.

-“Don’t you dare saobi (stinking cunt)! I’LL RUIN YOU!”-jeered Sichao as she sank the pointed end of her stiletto into Laura’s exposed feet. The blonde beauty squealed, releasing her hairpull and staggering backwards on one heel while Sichao wrapped her arms around her chest from behind. The Chinese siren firmly grabbed Laura’s pert left tit while the other hand sneaked under her romantic rival’s short skirt-“No bra and a trashy thong? Talk about a cheap second-class hooker”

-“Let me go you chink”-grunted Laura, feeling Sichao’s nails uncomfortably grazing too close to her crotch. She walked backwards, slamming her Asian tormentor against a red car over and over again, feeling Sichao’s nails loosen their grip on her chest until she was finally free! Turning around, the angry German goddess latched onto Sichao’s long brown tresses and started pounding her against the windows of the red car-“Don’t ever call me cheap again you sorry excuse of a woman!”

Sichao squealed, using her arms to soften the impact of her head clashing against the car window. She gazed sideways, locking her eyes on Laura’s exposed, pointy nipples dangling just in front of her, ripe for the taking. She gritted her teeth, bringing her delicate hands forward and sank! her talons deep into the blonde floozy’s tit flesh. Laura grimaced, her face a silent poem of agony as she felt the ravenous Chinese banshee maliciously twisting her prized melons.

-“Let go my tits you Schlampe (slut)!”-moaned Laura as she frantically scratched and hit the stubborn Chinese slut to no avail.

-“It’s not like they were anything to write home about…argh”-squealed Sichao, feeling Laura sinking her high heel into her flat abs, pushing her away. The sexy Chinese reeled backwards, falling into one of the big puddles of brown water on the empty parking spot.

Laura heaved, taking a moment to wipe away her tears as she massaged her delicate boobs-“So you want to pull titties? I’ll tear those tiny nipples off and give them to my boyfriend later!”

The vengeful German seductress raised her leg to punish the insolent man stealer when Sichao kicked her shin, making her lose balance and fall into the puddle! The two water-soaked girls rolled around the dirty body of water, squirming and twisting their bodies, each using her sharp nails to graft her opponent’s soft, smooth skin! Peter’s manhood strained against his pants, seeing their miniskirts rolling up around the young women’s waists, letting Peter get a peek of the ridiculously flimsy thongs that barely covered the womanhood of his two lovers.

The commotion attracted the attention of colleagues, the audience glued behind the windows of the office building as they shouted excitedly at the wild cats trashing about in a wild catball. [TEACH THAT CHINESE SKANK A LESSON LAURA] [MAKE HER SORRY SHE WENT AFTER YOUR MAN LAURA] BITE HER TITS OFF LAURA!

Sichao’s flimsy silk top practically melted in Laura’s unforgiving hands, letting the Chinese beauty’s bouncy knockers to spring forward into the open proudly, freely bobbing all over the place as the two women made huge splashes every time they exchanged the top positions.

SLAG SAGGY TITS HUSSY TINY TITS WENCH SKANK GWEILO CHINESE DOG FLOOZY, profanities flew left and right as Laura managed to pin down the Chinese banshee in a schoolgirl pin and twisted! Sichao’s jugs with her nails, kneading them over like they were putty. Sichao let out a high-pitched scream as her boobs were tortured, yet she quickly returned the favour, bucking as she ripped into Laura’s rack with her own claws!

Seeing the Chinese wench trying to latch onto her blonde tresses, Laura arched backwards, leaving a slight gap between her crotch and her belly. The wily Sichao quickly attacked the opening, sneaking her hand under Laura’s torn miniskirt and sinking her nails into Laura’s moist love hole, then curling and pulling! her finger in this dirtiest of catfight tactics.

Laura cursed as she collapsed sideways, making a thunderous splash as she massaged her cunt with her hands. The Chinese sex kitten quickly pounced, reversing the schoolgirl pin, tugging the foreign whore’s wet hair and whacking her wet face with her open palm.


-“MINE!”- slap



-“ARGH!”-yelped Sichao when the dizzy Laura cupped some rain water with her hand and hurled the brown liquid at Sichao’s eyes blinding her! The topless Chinese beauty covered her eyes, trying to get the dirty water off her eyes as she fell backwards, giving the Teutonic warrioress a chance to get away and stand on her feet.

Peter watched transfixed at the sorry, yet highly erotic appearance of the two women sharing his bed. The drenched Laura was practically naked, her bluish dress having finally fallen off, leaving her practically naked but for her blue panties. She limped, grimacing as she lightly massaged her pussy, her skin littered with battle wounds. Sichao on the other hand still had her wet miniskirt still stubbornly clinging to her figure, yet the scratch marks even more apparent on her pale, smooth skin. Her dishevelled, wet hair barely covered her exposed tits.

Then just as to punctuate this dramatic moment, it started to rain heavily again, sending Peter looking for an umbrella in his blue car as the drops of water fell on his lovers’ battered physiques.

-“YOU FUCKING WHORE!”-raged Laura, tacking a recovering Sichao as a lightning strike briefly illuminated their bruised physiques. The girls shrieked, pulling each other’s hair as they careened over the front hood of Peter’s blue car.

-“Go back to your own country baigui (White bitch)!”-grunted Sichao, sinking her nails deep into the blonde’s wench ass and then making an upwards motion, leaving deep, long lacerations on the German bimbo’s skin.

-“I’m not going anywhere you hure(whore)!”-jeered Laura, wincing as she felt Sichao’s talons roaming her sensual figure. Her hands blindly felt her antagonist’s delicate body, finding the strings of Sichao’s black thong around her hips. She grabbed onto the flimsy fabric and pulled up!

Sichao shrieked, momentarily closing her eyes as she felt the fabric of her own thong going into her crevices and crotch and rubbing against her clit! She immediately retaliated! -“I can fight dirty too!”

Peter’s car shook as the two drenched sex kittens violently squirmed and rolled over the hood of the car, pulling and manipulating the other woman’s thong for maximum pain. Peter was sitting on the driver’s seat stunned yet turned on, seeing the two girls fighting over his cock trashing against the front window, unable to distinguish who was on top were it not for their highly contrasting hair colours. He quickly got out in the inclement weather to get a closer look to the action.

-“I’m taking your man’s cock!”-declared Sichao, heaving as she laboriously pinned the buckling Teutonic minx down. She tugged her enemy’s wet hair and proceeded to slap Laura’s cheek crimson red as the rain continued streaming down her face.

-“You’ll take his cock from my dead cold hands!”- asserted the defiant German vixen, extending her arm and reaching for the dangling brown tresses barely covering Sichao’s tits, pulling her nemesis one clear motion and bringing her down, where she proceeded to bite her love rival’ melons like a rabid dog.

The Asian seductress howled, her knockers on fire as she felt the pain reverberate throughout her body, rolling and squirming as she mauled, clawed and bit back to get the zealous Caucasian girl to lay off her precious tits. In one final act of desperation, Sichao reached down and raked! Her nails deep down Laura’s pretty face, making sure to leave deep, long marks on her antagonist’s face.

The German brawler reeled backwards, her back hitting the edge of Peter’s car, covering her scratched up face when she couldn’t take the pain anymore. Seeing her chance, the Chinese temptress grabbed her enemy’s shins, spreading her legs open and then sinking her stiletto into Laura’s barely covered cunt.

The German girlfriend let out an agonizing howl, her body arching as the pain reverberated throughout her feminine body. She tried to cover her womanhood only for Sichao to repeat the cunt attack again! And again! Each time weakening the German’s girl will to fight for her man.

Deciding she had done enough to break her opponent’s tenacity, the pale skinned devil let go Laura’s shins, watching the German’s limp body slowly slide down the car’s hood and then make a loud splash as it hit the concrete floor.

Sichao heaved, seeing the man whose she had fought for standing under an umbrella just a meter away from her. Not caring about the heavy rain, she groggily got on her knees, pulling him by his tie and giving a deep French kiss as her mauled tits drenched his shirt.

-“I fought your girlfriend for your cock…and I won”-huffed the Chinese seductress, half her body under the umbrella-“Therefore, I demand what’s rightfully mine: Her place in your bed.”

-“It’s yours…if you can keep it”-whispered Peter, his cock growing even harder when he felt his mistress drench chest on him.

He was about to speak again when Sichao put a finger on his lips and cooed-“If she wants to keep arguing the point…then it’s something I’ll happily argue with her…over and over…in the comfort of your bed.”

-“But first let me deal with the trash”-said Sichao, coming down the hood of the car and limping besides the squirming German girlfriend, still in a state of semi shock.

-“His cock is now mine!”-taunted the merciless Chinese belligerent, steeping onto Laura’s face with her heel, pushing her against the puddle-“Understand that you poor excuse of a woman?”

Sichao then crouched, pulling the semi-conscious Laura up by the hair-“He’s no longer your man…slap and if you know what’s good for you slap you’ll stay away from him slap resign from the company slap and never show your monkey face around him slap ever again!”

Knowing she had an audience looking from the office building, Sichao tore the remains of Laura’s black thong in one fell swoop, parading it like a trophy of war around the parking lot, much to the cheer of her Chinese co-workers and the stunned silence of the foreign girls.


Laura was furious! As the day passed it had become clear to her this had been some dirty trick by the Chinese women to ambush the foreign girls and take their men. She vowed revenge, and followed through, going the very next morning to Peter’s apartment to claim him back. She had been ready to fight it out with that Chinese slut on his very bed, but unfortunately (fortunately?), the Chinese bimbo had left earlier. Instead, the seething Teutonic beauty fucked Peter’s brains out and promised retribution.

The moment Sichao realized Laura was keen to keep arguing who was Peter’s girlfriend now, she pretty much went to Laura’s cubicle to have “words.” “Words” quickly became an angry hairpulling contest until security (This time beefed up significantly since last time) separated the two of them.

It became clear these two were keen to hatch out their differences in the duel room. A challenge was issued and accepted.

However, the very next day Sichao received a call from the boss’ wife, Sophie Jansen. The Chinese woman was nervous when she realized it was Amy Lin’s sexual rival on the other end of the line. Sophie pretty much threatened to use her influence to have her fired even if Sichao managed to win the duel. In other words, Sichao would lose Peter either way.

Yet the threat worked both ways. On her part Laura received a similar threat from Amy Lin, changing the calculus of a duel. Laura and Sichao were all for deciding their issue in the duel room, yet it was clear their fate wouldn’t be decided by them, but with the outcome of the duel between Amy Lin and Sophie Jansen. The winner would no doubt try to get all the girls from the opposite faction fired.

It was a messed-up situation for everyone, and no one knew what was about to happen in the days and weeks to come. The losers of any potential duels would of course be exiled, but it seemed just as likely that even those who managed to win said duel would be fired. Even then, some women carried on with their duels.

Faced with the pointlessness of it all, Sichao and Laura reluctantly agree to go to HR and hatch out an “gentlewomen’s agreement” to share Peter. It was a tense, stormy meeting, with venomous barbs traded back and forth and at several points the girls had to be prevented from starting a catfight right in the HR department, but in the end, they unhappily agreed to “share” Peter between themselves and not get in the other’s way…for the moment.

Once a few weeks had passed by and the consequences of that chaos filled day became apparent to everyone, the sexual rivals then proceeded to blithely break their truce and arrange for a final showdown in the duel room, despite HR’s warnings, which ended up firing them when neither backed down from a duel. Neither of them cared one bit.

It was a nasty, drawn out affair, where outrage was met with outrage. A lot of anger had been building up under the surface, with Laura finding it humiliating she had to share Peter and Sichao feeling she got nothing for her hard-won catfight. After the bitter back and forth duel, once again Sichao managed to establish her supremacy and win Peter, now hers by exclusivity.

To Be Continued in Chapter 8

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