The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 8 by JustLooking9000

1:40 PM Accounting Department Room

Just as Sichao and Laura were trading blows on top of Peter’s car, inside the office building Chinese Zhang Jing (English name Sarah Zhang) and Canadian Emily Evans were trashing about the meeting room in front of a half shocked, half incredulous, fully horny Afro-American Steve Washington, head of the accounting department. One moment he had been enjoying an enthusiastic blowjob from the brunette Canadian bombshell and the next thing he knew was that his secretary in the accounting department, Sarah Zhang, burst into the meeting room, took off her cute glasses and greeted Emily with a nasty hairpull!

Emily was surprised, but the Caucasian beauty quickly greeted the unwelcome Chinese interloper with a hairpull of her own! The two had been raring for an opportunity for a showdown ever since they knew the other was the only obstacle remaining between her and an exclusive relationship with Steve. Now that the office was in chaos was a good opportunity as any to do so!

-“It’s incredibly rude to interrupt me…”-started Emily as she smashed Sarah’s head against the window-“…when I’m giving a blowjob to my man!”

-“You shouldn’t be giving blowjobs in the first place!”-grunted Sarah, elbowing the Canadian minx below the chin-“That’s my job!”

Steve saw something on the corner of his eye, and quickly leaned towards the window, seeing Zhou Sichao and Laura Jung tearing into each other like bitches on heat on the parking lot. The spectacle outside was surely interesting, but what was happening right in front of him had a personal stake for him.

He watched as Sarah tore Emily’s dress, leaving a gaping whole that allowed the brunette’s delicious tits to spring forward. Sarah had been the secretary the company assigned to him when he came from the States to take the department head position (the last department head having been exiled after she lost a duel against a romantic rival) and always been raring for girlfriend status. Steve quickly learned the Sarah just loved the feeling of some black cock railing her hard against the wall and he gave her brown sugar in spades.

Steve of course saw other girls casually, but Sarah had stayed the longest with him and had wanted him more, threatening and pulling hair with other girls who got too close to him. That usually got rid of the women who just wanted some experience with black men…until Emily came into the picture.

Emily was now sinking her teeth on Sarah’s delectable rack, twisting her head as she chewed on Sarah’s boobs. Stave smiled, remembering when the Canadian siren came to the office to work for him. Initially the delightful brunette was looking for a taste of black cock. Soon enough the white girl couldn’t get enough of it, come for increasing doses like a crack addict until her craven lust came crashing against Sarah’s territoriality. 

-“Steve won’t want you after I’m done with you!”-howled the Asian secretary as she tackled her adversary, sending them careening over the table, where the angry brawlers rolled on the meeting table like cats in heat.

-“At least I have something going for me”-replied Emily in a shrill voice-“you’ve always been ugly as fuck”

Now Steve stopped paying any attention to what was happening outside to focus on the two furious harpies, who had progressively torn and more clothing throughout the fight leaving them half naked, remains of what had once been expensive dresses still stubbornly hanging into their perspiring physiques as they fought on the meeting table.

The whole thing reminded him of the first time Sarah had become aware of Emily. As she had done before, the Chinese temptress went straight for the jugular, confronting her sexual rival except this time the “victim” fought back, viciously and vehemently, giving Sarah a run for the money until the two girls were separated by security staff. A stern reprimand from HR later, the feisty women had at least stopped quarrelling in the open…but the bitterness had never left them.

-“I should have done this…a long time ago!”-heaved Sarah, pinning the exhausted Emily on the table, just a few centimetres from Steve and then banging the brunette’s head against the wooden table. The Canadian Valkyrie clawed and bit, bucking like a wild bull as Sarah pounded her head on the table, yet she grew increasingly weaker until soon, she stopped fighting back at all.

-“That should teach you a lesson about coming onto my man”-panted Sarah, allowing her spent physique to fall sideways, breathing heavily a she flashed a faint smile at the Afro American man-“I’ve won…I’ve won for you”

Steve smiled, proceeding to fuck the winner against the window, allowing them to see the ongoing fight between Sichao and Laura. As she was pounded against the window, an increasingly wet and horny Sarah never stopped cheering for her Chinese sister, also fighting for her man on the parking lot.

To Be Continued in Chapter 9.

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Having acquired a taste for black cock, the only thing Canadian Emily Evans is sorry about is not having had the chance to ride Steve on top of Sarah Zhang unconscious body! For her part, Sarah is proud to have shown Steve she had what it took to ward off any rival in love and is ever more determined not to give him up.

Both girls deeply in love (or lust) with the Afro American stud, neither will quit seeing him, leading them to clash once again in a sordid catfight over his cock. Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Steve? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 17. You can go straight to chapter 17 without missing much of the action. However, sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and savour every little detail. The afternoon has just started, as several ravishing Chinese girls are of right now confronting their equally stunning foreign rivals to settle their romantic issues mano a mano. The office is be filled with pained screams and agonizing moans, as an orgy of catfights has exploded all over the place. Hair is being pulled, slaps drop like rain from the sky, long nails are being sunk in enemy skin. By the end of the day, the victresses will be enjoying the spoils of war in the intimacy of their men’s beds!

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