The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 9 by JustLooking9000

1:20 PM In the company’s gym…

Chinese Wu Chao(English name Albert Wu) watched his reflection on the mirror directly across the men’s shower room and smirked, seeing hot water raining down his nude physique as he rammed his cock on the moaning Chinese beauty and office squeeze, Xing Yumei (English name Karen Xing). The mirror was the whole reason why he loved fucking in the gym’s men dressing room. He gazed at the mirror, seeing Karen’s reflection erotically biting her lips and then open her mouth, releasing an audible moan. There was no doubt, Albert, had done well for himself with the soap-lathered, attractive, nubile short-haired brunette, big titted Chinese girl at the prime of her life. He did even better by also getting on with an equally sultry Japanese girl, Chiyo Nakamura and from time to time fucking her in the dressing room too.

Albert never started the topic himself, but as soon the Japanese and Chinese goddesses realized they were competing over his cock, and it didn’t take long for female jealousy and competitiveness to rear its ugly head. It was an anger never directed at Albert himself, but at each other, jealously trying to one up each other in pleasing their shared boyfriend in bed and try to sway his affections towards themselves.
-“Let me finish you with my mouth”-cooed the Chinese seductress, arching her back in pleasure-“Let me show you… what a real blowjob, from a real woman feels like”

Albert couldn’t help but to grin. Karen was miffed that Albert had gone all gaga over a heavenly blowjob he had gotten from Chiyo yesterday and she just had to prove him she could do better than her carnal adversary. He was already accustomed to this sort of behaviour from both women, yet to him it all revealed the same worries: “Am I better than her? Who is pleasing him better, me or her? How can I outdo her in his bed?”

-“I’m more worried about what Chiyo would do to you if she found us out”-murmured Albert-“I heard she told you the next time see saw you around me she’d scratch your nipples off”

-“Ha!”-panted Karen, somewhat taken off-guard that he knew about the little shouting match she had with Chiyo last week. Gossip sure travelled fast in the office grapevine-“As I told her that time…she can do her worse…just that she shouldn’t be surprised…if I have a go at her nipples off first”

The Asian man moaned, feeling Karen’s moist cunt clenching his cock. Then he saw it…the door was slammed open, revealing a brown-haired Japanese woman in a brief white dress… Chiyo…Albert’s other lover and Karen’s arch nemesis. Albert saw the territorial girls crossing eyes as Karen’s mouth was balls deep in his cock.

-“Get off my man!”-shrieked the Japanese siren as she took off her dress, revealing a massive rack, maybe even bigger than Karen’s. Chiyo didn’t wait for an answer, taking off her minimal lingerie and thus ending as naked as the copulating couple. Chiyo’s bodacious figure was soon soaked in water as she entered the shower to give Karen battle for Albert’s cock!

-“You won’t tell me what to do stupid Jap”-said Karen venomously, her sexy soap-covered body quickly tensing up at the appearance of her romantic foe. The Chinese sex kitten straightened her back, walking towards an already wet Chiyo and the two nude girls grabbed chunks of wet hair.

-“How had it come to this?” was all the stunned Albert could think as he watched the Japanese and Chinese harpies go at it with unrelenting eagerness. It was Chiyo’s free day and there no reason at all for her be in the office today. He would later find out from the victress that Chiyo had vowed to “rip Karen’s tiny nipples” the next time she saw the Chinese succubus making a move on Albert, and she wouldn’t care if she got fired for it. Karen took her on her offer, calling Chiyo earlier on the day to let her know she was going to fuck Albert on the shower, and in an acid phone conversation she provocatively asked her Japanese foe “what she was going to do about it?”

The moment had been a long time coming, the two Asian girls having threatened the other several times with a horrible beating unless the other woman backed off Albert. It had so far not amounted to anything due to an unspoken understanding not to let personal matters seep into the office. That all went out of the window when Amy Lin fought Lee Jimin (2. The Duel Room: Executive Assistant vs Secretary), and it became even worse when Cindy Wang and Jessica Chambers (5. The Duel Room: East vs West) had fought tooth and nail in the office over a mutual lover. The atmosphere inside the office became poisonous, the sexual tension building up to intolerable levels. Shoving matches and nasty hairpulls between love rivals skyrocketed, and it seemed all that build up pressure was going to explode in a big way at any time.

Peter’s astonishment quickly gave way to lust, as the man watched these two stunning girls quarrelling while hot water rained down their slutty bodies.

-“You called me to fight over him, let’s fight then bitch!”-said Chiyo, pulling Karen’s wet short hair in painful tugs.

-“That’s right slut!! We decide this today!!”-grunted Karen, quickly slammed Chiyo against the wall, causing some of the liquid soap bottles to fall on the wet floor. Karen then sank her kneecap several times on the Japanese minx, causing Chiyo to double in pain. Yet it was too early to discount the Japanese vixen out, and Chiyo headbutted Karen under her chin, sending the Chinese wench reeling.

-“You’ll regret starting shit with my man you stupid whore”-panted Chiyo, tackling her dazzled foe and sending the two attractive girls on the floor, where the wild cats trashed and writhed around the floor. Albert didn’t know what came over him, but he grabbed all the shampoo and liquid soap and then poured the contents on the floor, filling the moist floor with chemicals while at the same time lowering the water flow to a bare minimum.

Now, sitting on the floor, the Chinese man admired the result of his handiwork. He felt his cock grow even harder as a thin layer of foam started covering the girls’ magnificent figures, making the fight a slippery, messy affair, all while hot water continued drizzling gently all over the shower room, giving this savage catfight an incredibly erotic feel.

The battling ladies would have resented Albert intervention…had they noticed it. As it was, they were too busy scratching each other silly and trying to get on top of each other that the only thing they noticed was everything becoming a slippery mess, making any kind of pins and locks pointless. Yet they kept trying. What else could they do?

-“I’m going to leave you bald…like I should done a long time ago”-heaved Karen, getting on top of the soap-lathered Japanese wench and slapping Chiyo several times over, her tits jiggling wildly as she landed each slap. God, this felt so good! Finally a chance unload her anger on her sexual rival head on!

-“You’re not touching my hair skank!”-panted Chiyo, the slick nature of the shampoo allowing her to free her leg from Karen’s weight, bend it until her knee reached her chest and then spring it forward! Hitting her Chinese tormentor right on the chest, sending Karen’s figure flying back and landing ass-first on the shower floor.

Chiyo wheezed, trying to catch her breath as she saw Karen’s body slide through the floor until it hit one of the walls. The Japanese siren knew it was pointless to stand on her feet, since she would trip. Instead she got on her four and crawled up to her sexual rival-“Time to end this farce!”

-“The only farce here is that you think I’ll let you have him!”-replied Karen, quickly getting on all four, on time to welcome her incoming foe with a tight bear hug.

-“I don’t need you to let me…I’ll take what’s mine with my own hands!”-grunted Chiyo, gritting her teeth as she felt Karen long nails mauling her back. The Japanese girl curved her fingers and sank her long, sharp nails deep in Karen’s slippery skin.

-“You aren’t taking…anything today!-squealed the Chinese sex kitten, feeling Chiyo’s hot breath on her shoulder as the belligerents embraced each other tightly, tit against tit, their cunts a few centimetres apart-“Today you sleep alone…and I take Albert home!”

-“I won’t only go home with him…but fuck his brains out tonight!”-moaned Chiyo, her back already dotted with long red lines. A single tear ran through her cheek before she leaned in and dug her teeth on the Chinese hussy’s neck, her mouth tasting the bitter taste of shampoo in the process.

Karen let out a high-pitched scream as Chiyo amped up the violence. So be it! The Chinese siren tried to ignore the pain, craning her neck forward and bit her Japanese nemesis’ frothy shoulders. The two girls started sobbing, yet despite the pain, they continued biting like piranhas, breaking the other’s beautiful skin in this nasty fracas.

Karen suddenly felt Chiyo’s hot breath close to her ear and sensed the Japanese floozy wanted to bite her ear. The Chinese vixen her head moved back, pressing her hands against Chiyo’s shoulders and sending her skidding on the foam-filled floor until the Japanese harpy gently crashed against the tiles. The warring girls huffed and puffed, getting some breath back and trying to get rid of the soapy taste off their mouths.

-“You tired bitch?”-asked Chiyo getting on all four, stalking her sexual rival like a wolf smelling blood-“Just say you’ll stay away from my man and we can end this now”

-“Fuck off skank”-said soap-lather Karen defiantly, willing her mauled body to imitate the Japanese whore-“The only way this ends is you saying I’m his girlfriend”

-“Fine, you want to go the nasty way”-said Chiyo crawling towards her naked nemesis-“We can do this all day fucking chink.”

-“Good with me Jap”-said Karen as she clashed shoulder to shoulder with the Japanese beauty mid room-“I’m leaving home with him”

-“Like he’d want you after I’m done with you”-grunted Chiyo, sinking her teeth on Karen’s arms

-“He sure as hell won’t take you…”-panted Karen, sneaking a hand under Chiyo’s body and grabbing one of dangling tits-“…after I rip of your zits”

The Japanese siren gritted her teeth, feeling her delicate nipples explode in agony yet she didn’t back down at all. Instead she got even, sinking her nails on Karen’s left udder-“I’m not scared of a little titty pulling with little whores like you”
The Asian goddesses squealed loudly, gradually raising their foamy upper bodies until they could stand on their knees and then brought their second hand into the fray, now engaging all ten talons in heinous tit pulling, nipple twisting.

-“I can do this…all day…”-moaned Karen, yet her agonizing facial expression told a different story. Nevertheless, she kept twisting, for it was expected, it was something a woman fighting for her lover did. She was going to overcome the Japanese wench and claim Albert for good!

-“I told you I was going to rip your nipples off…and that’s what’s going to happen”

-“And I told you…do your worse…because I’m tearing yours first!”

-“On another thought…I’ll tear your sagging tits!”-cried the beautiful Chiyo as she tried to fight the tears rolling off her oriental eyes. Even as her feminine physique writhed in anguish, she still escalated her attacks on Karen’s bountiful knockers, for the only option for now was to conquer or die on the battlefield of love. It was Karen or her, and she intended to win this most heinous of catfights!

-“Shame yours can’t be saggy…because you don’t have any!”-

-“That’s not what Albert says!”-

Karen could feel…it was so close…the intransigent Japanese slut was faltering…she just needed to push a little more. She felt herself black out from the pain for a micro second before another painful twist by Chiyo’s cruel talons brought her back to the painful reality. The Chinese temptress wheezed, leaning forward, breaking the frenetic tit clawing by mashing her much abused melons against Chiyo’s hardened nipples.

Chiyo knew what Karen intended to do. How could she not? The harassed Japanese battler did not dither. She pressed her womanly body even tighter to her spent sexual rival and dropped her hand low, making a direct attack on the Chinese bitch’s crotch!

Karen felt the hostile hand trying to prove her pussy just a micro second after she had done the same to her intransigent foe. She moaned, redoubling her blind search for Chiyo’s vaginal lips. A few seconds later she found her target, and not a moment too soon, because she soon felt Chiyo’s nails invading her womanhood!

-“This is it…I’m going to…end you!”-squealed Karen as she was both decimating and being decimated in the furious cunt attack.

-“I’m not scared…of a little cunt mauling!”-moaned Chiyo, barely able to contain her agonizing yelps as her cunt was violated. Having had a few catfights under her belt already (no duels yet), the Japanese siren knew this was often the turning point of the fight. Lose this most womanly of contests and there was a good chance of not only losing your lover, but also need a trip to the emergency room and a limping gait for a few days. Even as Chiyo’s body was begging her to give up, she could feel Karen’s tears fall on her cheeks, and deep inside knew she only needed to outlast her most stubborn rival and Albert would be hers for the taking!

Chiyo cried, feeling her body finally revolt against her will and crumbling like a house of cards before the might of Karen’s devastating talons. The faltering Japanese goddess quivered as she tried to overcome her pain and rally back into the battlefield. Such opportunity was not given to her, as she half-consciously became aware of the Chinese harpy’s whole weight dropping on her and taking the air out of her. Her logical brain no longer functioning, Chiyo was vaguely aware of her actions as she frantically scratched everything she got her nails on, feeling her air supply being cut off as her head crashed against the hard floor several times, disorienting her even more until she lost all consciousness.

Karen didn’t let up, still raining a torrent of slaps on the semi-conscious (or unconscious?) Japanese bitch, fearing that if she stopped, the obstinate Chiyo would manage to rally back. She panted, preparing to slap Chiyo’s already crimson red cheeks when she felt her hand being held back.

-“It’s over”-said Peter, lifting her foam covered lover off the floor and then hugging Karen’s nude figure against his-“she’s no more…for now”

-“Of course she is…the skank was never…any match for me…”-puffed Karen, feeling Peter’s hardened rod poking her thighs. The Chinese seductress smiled and cooed-“I still owned a blow job, don’t I?”


Chiyo had felt it in her bones. It was so close. She had felt the Chinese slut on the cusp of breaking down when her own body betrayed her, giving victory to the Chinese wench. She resented herself for this lapse of fighting will. Had it been a more one-sided match, it would have been easier for the Japanese siren to accept her defeat and acknowledge that she had lost Peter. Yet she knew the outcome had been much in doubt until the very last second.

Chiyo talked to Peter two days later and it was clear while Karen might have won the catfight, Peter’s heart was still wavering between the two. The Japanese sex kitten knew that should she force the issue, she could still win his affections and banish her rival from his bedroom.

However, the arguments against pursuing such a route were compelling too. HR said they would compensate her with a promotion in another branch and a sum of money for her troubles. Amy Lin called her, threatening to get her fire after she won her duel against Sophie Janson, yet offering some compensation if she was a “good girl” and desisted from challenging Karen to a duel.

Most importantly than all, Sophie Jansen herself didn’t offer to explicitly advocate for her, like she had just promised to help the other non-Asian foreigners. In the eyes of the other foreigners, the Japanese and Korean women always too “Chinese” to be in the foreigner camp, yet the Chinese felt they were too “foreigner” to be in the Chinese camp. It was a lose-lose situation for Chiyo. Had the manager’s wife chosen to actively help her, Chiyo would have decided to challenge Karen in an honest to god duel over Peter. She was sure she could win such a duel. Yet as it was, the Japanese beauty decided to take HR’s offer with a heavy heart, leaving Karen the sole proprietor of Peter’s affections.

To Be Continued in Chapter 10.

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