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The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 10 by JustLooking9000

2PM Office gym, dressing room….

Beating your sexual rival in a catfight over your man is something many women dream, especially if the man being fought over manages to see you knock down the insolent bitch that was disputing your claim over his cock. Karen Xing was thus in an understandably good mood once the fog of war was lifted and she found herself victorious in her depraved mano a mano with Chiyo Nakamura.

It had been a massive bet on Karen’s part, the Japanese whore having managed to be way more troublesome than she had expected. She was painfully aware that the fight could have easily gone the other way. Yet she had triumphed, and that was all that counted. With some luck, Chiyo would be cowed enough not to pursue a duel.

That was all on the future. Right now, the battered Chinese goddess wanted to send a clear message to the Japanese skank. Using Chiyo’s own discarded dress, Karen tied her semi-conscious romantic rival with the view of…


The loud sound caught the Chinese’s couple attention, making them turn their gaze towards the dressing room’s door, managing to see Katie Zhu’s feminine figure being slammed against the gym lockers.

-“You’ll regret tangling with me slant eyed bitch”-said naked Australian bombshell Samantha Woods as she came through the door. She had been exercising with German stud Hermann Muller, teasing him with her sensuous movements as she showcased her cleavage in a sports bra two sizes too small and short yoga pants that barely covered her ass. Now she was nude and fighting for Hermann’s cock.

-“The only thing I regret is letting you ride my man’s cock for so long”-screeched Chinese Katie Zhu, her half torn short dress still stubbornly hanging onto her sinful physique as she sank her heels on Samantha’s tennis shoes and then lunged into her Aussie nemesis.

-“Give him up!”-shrieked Samantha, pulling hair and slapping the Chinese skank s their topless bodies rolled around the lockers.

-“Never!”-screeched Katie, seemingly getting a second wind when she caught a glimpse of the man she was fighting for hurriedly entering the dressing room.

Getting over her shock, Karen shouted in Mandarin, encouraging her fellow Chinese national to rip the Australian skank apart. Katie was her friend, and Karen knew she’d been feuding with Samantha over the German gentleman they were both sharing in what at first had been a stable polyamorous relationship. The somewhat stable love triangle had broken down due to the sheer sexual tension in the office, which had forced many women into a collision course with their sexual rivals.

The two former “friends” (if they could be called that), clawed, scratched, bit and trampled as they zealously fought all over the dressing room, each woman giving as good as she got until Samantha managed to push Katie onto the shower room. Katie slipped on her heels, which the naked Aussie harpy took advantage of by trampling the Chinese wench over and over again with her tennis shoes.

-“HE’S MINE!”-shouted Samantha, in a familiar refrain heard whenever two women fought over a mutual lover as he stomped the unconscious Katie one last time. Heaving, the tired brunette sex kitten stood up, now taking good notice of her audience.

-“Fuck”-thought Samantha, recognizing Chiyo Nakamura’s tied up body on the wet floor and Chinese Karen Xing starring daggers at her. She quickly brought her claws up, ready to start another catfight the moment she saw Karen making a straight line towards her.

-“You fucking whore!”-screamed Karen, her face getting close to Samantha’s before Peter was able to pull her from behind-“I bet you cheated! There was no way Katie would lose to a hag like you!”

-“That’ something loser like your friend would say”-replied Samantha trying to slap Karen before she was pulled back by Hermann-“And for the record, she attacked me first!”

-“Bullshit…argh!”-moaned Karen as she felt Albert entering her from behind. She bit her lip, feeling his engorged manhood thrusting inside her. Yet the pleasant sensation didn’t diminish her outrage-“She’s 10 times the woman you will ever be”

-“What? You want….”-heaved Samantha when she squealed, feeling Hermann’s throbbing cock inside her wet pussy. She looked straight ahead, locking eyes with Katie’s friend-“You want to fight me too? You’ll end up just like her”

-“No…I’ll leave the honour to Katie”-huffed Karen, increasingly distracted-“You might have gotten lucky this time…but I’m sure…Katie will challenge you…and destroy you…in the duel room!”

-“She can try…if she dares…to fight me…woman to woman…”-panted Samantha, feeling her own pussy pulsating in excitement as her forehead touched with Karen’s-“You shouldn’t be…the one to talk…I have no doubt…Chiyo will destroy you…then claim Albert”

-“Then tell that…wench friend of yours…I’ll be waiting for her…in Albert’s bed…”-moaned Karen, a torrent of hot water washing over her drained physique as she was railed hard by her man.

-“Worthless chink…enjoy that cock…Chiyo will claim him…for sure”-moaned Samantha, her thoughts increasingly confused as she felt herself become increasingly horny, her shoulder clashing against Karen’s shoulder just as they were being fucked just above Katie’s unconscious body.

-“I’d love to…scratch you tits out…but that’s not for me to do…”-panted Karen-“No…Katie will do it…she’ll scratch your…nipples out and win…Hermann back!”

Soon the two victresses, impeded by their men to raised their hands against each other, were reduced to hurling cheap insults back and forth as they became increasingly horny and angry at the same time. It was a porno like scenario, full of debauchery and lewdness. As she slowly sank deeper and deeper in the throngs of desire, Karen resolved herself to take her defeated friend home and help her with her duel preparations.

To Be Continued in Chapter 11.

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Having finally come to blows after months of tensions, there’s no going back for Samatha Woods and Katie Zhu. It’s one or the other, as the former friends battle it over sexual supremacy. As matters stand, both girls know deep down that a simple catfight wouldn’t do. The office, and Hermann’s bed, suddenly became too small for the two girls and one had to go!

Hermann is sad to see his harem go by the wayside, but thrilled at the prospect of seeing these two ladies go at it like street whores in the duel room. Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Hermann? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 18. You can go straight to chapter 18 without missing much of the action.

However, sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and savour every little detail. The afternoon has just started, as several ravishing Chinese girls are of right now confronting their equally stunning foreign rivals to settle their romantic issues mano a mano. The office is be filled with pained screams and agonizing moans, as an orgy of catfights has exploded all over the place. Hair is being pulled, slaps drop like rain from the sky, long nails are being sunk in enemy skin. By the end of the day, the victresses will be enjoying the spoils of war in the intimacy of their men’s beds!

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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