The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 11 by JustLooking9000

1:30 PM Office cafeteria

The stunning Ha Eun Park fiddled anxiously with her provocative pink minidress as sat on the office cafeteria. Her eyes scanned the room, looking for Gustavo Rodriguez, the exotic Colombian boy that had been the talk of the office girls since his arrival a month ago. A recent transfer from the Latin American branches, Gustavo fascinated the local girls with his exotic looks, passion for life, flirtatious banter and sexy Spanish accent.

Ha Eun was instantly attracted to the Latin boy. So were various other girls in the office, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a few “friendly” hairpulls to “persuade” potential sexual competitors and the expedient of showing herself unannounced in his apartment in a flirty negligee and seducing him with her feminine charms. The Korean beauty kept at it steadily, constantly pushing herself little more into girlfriend territory.

-“Hello beautiful”-cooed a husky masculine voice, hugging the slim Asian girl around her waist and impudently kissing her neck. Ha Eun gasped but relaxed immediately when she smelled Gustavo’s manly scent.

-“You naughty boy”-purred Ha Eun, planting her lips on his mouth in a long, passionate kiss.

-“How can I be a good boy when you tempt me with you body”-retorted the suave Gustavo, his voice sending her shivering with excitement. The young man noticed Ha Eun’s nipples visibly poking out of her pink dress -“I see you dressed like I told you. That’s a nice amount of side boob too. I like girls who aren’t ashamed to flaunt their bodies”

-“I’m glad you noticed”-cooed the Korean girl-“I dressed like the little nasty slut you told me I am”


-“I’m sorry, the panties stay on. It’s too embarrassing”

-“It’s a shame”-said Gustavo gently. An experienced Romeo, the young Gustavo knew better than trying to persuade Ha Eun directly. Instead, he did something better-“Claire (Chinese name Huang Huiyin) didn’t wear panties the last time I saw her.”

Gustavo inwardly smiled as he saw Ha Eun’s body trembling in quiet fury, her hand tightly clutching her purse as she tried to contain her anger. The Korean beauty hissed at the mention of the woman who was battling her for Gustavo’s affections. She knew of Claire. She had already argued with the Chinese slut over Gustavo. While the other girls let her have her way, Claire had proved a stubborn competitor.

-“She does huh?”-remarked Ha Eun as she stood up seething-“Wait here”

Gustavo smirked, eyeing Ha Eun’s swaying hips as she walked towards the women’s toilet. God, he loved Asian girls. The girls in his country were proud of their sexuality and competitiveness, thinking of themselves as superior to other races in the zeal in which they fought for their men. A common belief among Latinas was that Asian girls weren’t as tough or as willing as Latinas about fighting and competing for men. Gustavo knew better. With the right prodding and encouragement, women of any race could be as sensual, ferocious and violent as their Latina counter parts. He watched his Korean conquest coming back from the bathroom.

-“Here”-said Ha Eun, discretely dropping a tiny piece of fabric on his shoulder-“No panties”

-“Good girl”-said Gustavo satisfied, not mentioning he had gotten Claire to go commando by telling her that she (Ha Eun) dropped her panties first. However, having the two girls walk around without underwear wasn’t all he wanted to do for today-“Now that we’re talking about Claire, I should tell you something she told me”

Ha Eun leaned forward, paying rapt attention to the handsome Colombian Romeo, forgetting the fact that it was Gustavo himself who had started talking about Claire in the first place.

-“She told me three nights ago that she wants to declare herself my girlfriend”-said Gustavo. That was…not entirely true. Claire only talked about it after Gustavo let slip that Ha Eun had broached the topic with him (She hadn’t). Gustavo figured that a little massaging of the truth wouldn’t hurt him.

-“What?!”-exclaimed the young Korean seductress incredulous.

-“Well, I mean, I know it’s not common between your people, but in Latin America many girls declare themselves girlfriends in one month, a few do as early as two weeks”

-“She’s crazy!”-said Ha Eun. This wasn’t Latin America, it was Asia. Declaring yourself a girlfriend is a serious declaration, tantamount to saying that you’d fight for that man should any other woman would come onto him, all the way to the duel room if necessary. Therefore, many women in Asia women wait at least 3 months before making such a declaration. Even the rash Manami Honjo (The Duel room: Office wife vs Girlfriend) had waited 2 months before making a play for girlfriendhood.

-“Well, I’m warning you she’s about to declare herself my girlfriend”-said Gustavo-“Look. I understand if you’re scared of her and don’t…”

-“Me? Scared of her?!”-exclaimed Ha Eun, outrage quickly replacing surprise-“I’m not afraid of that cheap Chinese whore!”

-“You’re not scared of her? You know that after she declares herself my girlfriend she’ll try to remove you from my life. I’m afraid of what she might do to you”

-“You’re afraid of what she might do to me?”-asked Ha Eun, raising her voice in disbelief. Luckily, the cafeteria was almost deserted at this hour-“If she wants to fight me for your cock she can try. Let’s see how that works out for her”

-“You’re saying you’re willing to fight for me?”

Ha Eun hesitated. In the end that was the question, wasn’t it? Soon her romantic rival will tell her to back off Gustavo or fight her for him, and Korean beauty didn’t know how she would respond. This was going to be something well beyond a few hairpulls that get would then get broken up in the office. A casual lover might justify walking away with her dignity intact. No one would reproach her. A girlfriend would be ridiculed for not making at least a serious effort to tear the other girl’s clothes, and more often than not, a serious catfight where both women ended bloodied and clawed up.

Ha Eun was deep in thought. Should she just give the spicy Latino boy without a quarrel? Her body was telling her he was worth fighting for, but her rational self kept telling her she was moving too quickly. Her thought process was interrupted when someone swung a plastic tray hitting her from behind, dazzling the Korean eye candy. Gustavo sat stunned, seeing the Chinese Claire Huang, clad in a simple yet incredibly sexy black top with faint vertical stripes that flaunted her smooth shoulders and ample cleavage. Looking down, the Chinese minx had complimented the tight top with a matching miniskirt and stripped black heels, giving her a “foxy secretary” look.

Like the other Chinese girls working in the office, Claire had been invited to the Cindy Wang’s victory party and become aware of Amy Lin’s plans. She had been asked to join in the collective ambush, but she hesitated because she had only been sleeping with Gustavo for 3 weeks, not nearly enough time to know if he was worth fighting for.

But then Gustavo told her all about the kinky stuff Ha Eun was willing to do for him, forcing Claire to match her sexual rival’s antics or lose Gustavo. She kept escalating, first reluctantly, but then with relish as she tried to one up her romantic rival. Then the Latino boy told her all the demeaning things the Korean whore said behind her back, hatred slowly eating into her soul. While she tried to be professional to the Korean foe at work, she could not. The hatred was mutual.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Gustavo told her about Ha Eun’s plan to declare herself his girlfriend. That she could not allow. She immediately called Ms Lin and told her she was in. Ms Lin asked if that meant she was going to declare herself his girlfriend, but Claire didn’t know at all. All she knew was that she needed to confront her sexual rival right now.

Back in the present, the Chinese attacker ignored the staff shrieks asking for security to break up the fight. Unbeknown to them, no one would come until too late, for all the security personal was busy dealing with a situation in the boss’ office.

-“I’m sick of you trying to tempt my man”-said the Claire, tugging the Korean wench by the hair and using her free hand to pull her flimsy pink attire.

-“Let go my dress you whore”-said Ha Eun, her scalp exploding in pain. She turned her body around and tugged Claire’s dress in retaliation.

-“Say you’ll stop seeing Gustavo”-jeered Claire, tearing a chunk of hair with her hand and sinking it again, looking for more hair.

-“What I do with Gustavo is my business alone you fucking slut”-said Ha Eun, bring her legs up, pushing her Chinese tormentor away with her heels. Their mutual hold on the slutty dresses ensured both were torn to as the Chinese vixen reeled backwards, leaving both totally naked.

The now totally nude Claire crashed against the next dinning table, naked as her rival in love except for her heels. She of course knew this was bound to happen when she decided to pick a fight with Ha Eun, but didn’t want to disappoint Gustavo by letting him see she had worn a bra and panty. She wanted to see her as a woman who fearlessly would fight anytime, anywhere over his cock.

While Ha Eun was trying to cover her intimate parts with her hands, Claire had no such compulsions, tackling the embarrassed Korean beauty like a linebacker and sending them tumbling over one of the dinning tables. Quickly getting over her shame, the Korean girl showed she wasn’t just a pretty arm candy by getting her claws out and scratching her attacker’s back like a street cat as they rolled back and forth the dinning table.

Gustavo was astonished as the two girls he’d been wooing were fighting totally naked on a table in the office cafeteria like two back alley whores. Clashing body to body, the girls whirled and rolled, striving to come on top of her rival in love and give her a well-deserved beating. Gustavo had wanted them to fight eventually, in some private place. What was happening right in front of was a no no in this office (He was still not clued in the subtle change in HR policy). Half consumed with lust, half scared to what he would tell HR about his involvement in egging the girls to fight, he sat there speechless.

-“I got you now fucking puta”-said Ha Eun, as she managed to pin down her bodacious foe in a schoolgirl hold. She then proceeded to slap the antagonist relentlessly-“Gustavo is mine you slag!”

-“Stop slapping you hija de perra (Gustavo had been teaching the girls some Spanish between love making sessions)”-shrieked Claire, kicking her legs into the air, her moist cunt for all too see as she tried to block the flurry of slaps with her arms. Claire then threw caution out of window and pushed her hands forward, digging her talons in her sexual rival’s soft tit flesh. Ha Eun screeched like a wounded tigress, feeling one of the most intimate parts of any woman being torn apart by her enemy’s long nails.

-“Not so bitchy now that we fight like real women are supposed to fight huh?”-gloated Claire, twisting Ha Eun’s melons and slowly undoing the schoolgirl pin. Then her jugs exploded in pain.

-“Let’s see how like your own medicine”-grunted Ha Eun sobbing as she retaliated with her own tit mauling. The girls cried yet kept twisting and pinching the other’s mammaries in a test of endurance. Each was aware Gustavo was watching and neither wanted him to see her defeated in an honest to god catfight over him.

Claire gritted her teeth, contorting and twisting as the pain travelled through her body. The Chinese beauty glanced sideways, seeing some leftover plate on the next table, just within reach. She stretched her arm, grabbing the plate and smashed it against the Korean tormentor. The dish broke on impact, covering Ha Eun in a non-descript brown liquid as she fell off the table, her tight leg hold taking the Chinese whore down with her.
The two naked sex kittens let out high pitched yelps as they hit the ground, pieces of porcelain falling just besides them.

-“NO WEAPONS!”-commanded the Latino lothario, seeing the girls picking up shards of porcelain as they got on their feet-“My girlfriend overcomes her opponents with her body not cheap tricks!”

-“Fine! Unlike this chink I don’t need to cheat to win!”-jeered Ha Eun as she reached for Claire’s brown hair and pulled her into her personal space.

-“No gook is going to take Gustavo away from me”-sneered Claire, slapping the naked Korean bitch as they danced around the floor, pulling hair, their nipples touching and rubbing together. Gustavo, for a moment forgetting about his worries about being fired, watched transfixed, subtly undoing his zip and liberating his hard rod from the constraining confines of his pants.

-“He was never yours!”-said Ha Eun, sinking her knee into Claire’s stomach, making the Chinese stunner double in pain. Ha Eun then started raining punches on the beleaguered Claire. The Chinese vixen raised her arm, hitting Ha Eun’s unprotected cunt! The Korean siren howled as her hands covered her womanhood only for the Chinese minx to headbutt her on the chin. Ha Eun turned around, staggering onto the sitting Gustavo, her tits straddling his neck as she massaged her moist cunt.

-“Don’t touch my boyfriend!”-said Claire, locking the Korean hussy in a chock hold with one hand while the other invaded Ha Eun’s wet pussy-“After I’m done with you’ll need a new cunt!”

-“Let’s see who needs…a new cunt!”-grunted Ha Eun, moving her arm backward and digging her nails in Claire’s crotch.

Gustavo got even harder as he could literally smell the perfumes of his struggling lovers as they fought on top of him, overloading his skin with sensual pleasures. He could feel Ha Eun’s exquisite lips sensually grazing his ear, driving him wild while her battered boobs rubbed against his neck and dropped beads of sweat on his shirt.

-“Don’t waver Ha Eun. Show me you’re worthy of being my girlfriend”-whispered Gustavo as he felt the Korean vixen faltering.

He then gazed at the Chinese goddess, leaning forward to almost touch Claire’s lips as she was in a life or death struggle over him, beads of sweat falling off her forehead into the Korean woman’s back. He lightly kissed his Chinese lover, inserting his tongue in her mouth, feeling her hot breath on his skin.

-“Finish her Claire! Show her why my bed is yours!”-encouraged Gustavo as he broke the kiss, giving the tethering Chinese sex kitten a second wind!

But how long could they keep with the wanton mutual destruction of the other sexual organs? Who would prove more resilient in this brutal war of attrition? The obstinate girls continued, their figures fully collapsing on top of their mutual lover as their knees could no longer sustain them, yet neither gave up her hold on the other’s pussy!

Ha Eun wept, her tears falling on Gustavos’s shoulder. The Korean minx sank her heel on Claire’s exposed foot! The Chinese aggressor wailed! Reeling backwards, skipping on one foot as she abandoned the vicious cunt mauling. Ha Eun heaved, massaging her much abused womanhood. In her feverish state she thought she heard the words “Go Ha Eun. Go and conquer for me. Go and win your place in my bed.”

Whether Gustavo really said that didn’t matter. Ha Eun wheeled around, packing everything she had in one punch, sending the Chinese beauty staggering backwards until her bare ass landed on one seat. Ha Eun huffed, using the table for support as she bent her leg and kneecapped the harassed Chinese seductress over and over.


-“IS” –knee

-“MY BOYFRIEND!” –knee

Ha Eun then latched onto Claire’s tangled long hair and whispered, “He’s mine bitch…I’m his girlfriend… and you better…stay away from him…or I’ll do worse…next time.” Then she hurled the beaten Claire to the floor like discarded trash.

Gustavo clapped, amazed at Ha Eun’s assertiveness. The Hispanic Romeo was popular with women of all races and had seen many a catfight over him. He came from a violent continent, and violence was in his blood. He didn’t want girls who would meekly compromise with sexual competitors and give up after a setback. He demanded that whoever shared his bed was passionate, jealous and territorial, violent in confronting her competitors and stubborn in the face of defeat, just like he was. Ha Eun proved she had the potential to be his girlfriend.

-“It’s over. Tonight, you’ll stay in my bed”-cooed Gustavo as he handed the limping Ha Eun the torn remains of her dress and walked her out. Just before they left, the Colombian man glanced once more at the defeated Claire, whose bare body laid on the call floor, curled in a foetal position as she sobbed helplessly.

He had to admit the Chinese firecracker had proven a passionate, territorial lover. He gave her as much. But she had lost. That didn’t mean the door to his bed was forever close to Claire. Much depended of what she did next…would she rally and challenge Ha Eun again for his cock? Ever the experienced Don Juan, Gustavo would do everything he could for her to reach the conclusion that she had to fight Ha Eun again over him.
Yet, tonight belonged to Ha Eun. It was her who deserved to stay in his bed, and it was her whom he would allow to call herself his girlfriend until a worthier woman appeared.


Ha Eun spent the next two days on the edge, fucking her hard-won conquest several times a day yet also fully expecting Claire to show up at the door and challenge her to a duel. After all, duel challenges were being heard all through the office rumour mill. The more she thought about her situation the more mixed feelings she got. Whatever she had done that day had been on the heat of the moment. Now, on her cooler moments, she realized she had just had a savage catfight with another woman over a guy she barely knew for 3 weeks and was now thinking of duelling over him, risking her other personal relationships, income and residence in Hong Kong.

Gustavo, as always, sensed some hesitation on Ha Eun’s part. Yet, as an experienced lover who had manipulated many sweet and innocent girls to fight like dirty whores over him in the duel room, he knew what to do. He turned up the heat, making the Korean beauty quiver so hard that she couldn’t walk straight after their love making sessions. His strategy was clear. He’d overwhelm her with sensations and feelings, let her emotions overwhelm her rational mind and then gently shepherd her into the duel room, where she would fight like a hungry tigress for his cock.

The only problem was that he was counting on Claire to show up in his apartment. He knew he had to run the same process through her. Prevent her logical brain from taking over and let her sexual, feminine, primitive, competitive subconscious lead her towards the duel room. Yet, after two days, Claire didn’t show up. He tried to salvage the situation by contacting her, yet got no reply back. He sighed, knowing the game was over if Claire wouldn’t communicate with him. He at least consoled himself with knowing he had a horny Korean sex kitten who would do anything for him right now.

Claire on her part, had really wanted to challenge Ha Eun to a duel when Human Resources contacted her with an offer: Forget the whole thing, move to another branch, desist from issuing a challenge and we’ll give you a nice bonus, and a transfer to another branch. The monetary offer shook the Chinese beauty out of the bubble Gustavo had trapped her in. Claire suddenly started thinking about the whole situation and found it ridiculous. Did she still find Gustavo irresistible? Of course she did. The Chinese beauty knew she wouldn’t be able to say no to Gustavo, but getting in a duel over a guy she’d known for three weeks was nuts.

She took the deal.

To Be Continued in Chapter 12.

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