On Her Way Back by CCFight

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Chapter 1
What the Fuck?

On her way back from visiting relatives, Riley Whitman drove through the 60 mile long country road between small town Baker Wyoming and Miles City Nebraska. It was a beautiful summer day as she drove with the top down in her red BWM convertible. She had The PrettyReckless – Going to Hell song blaring out the stereo speakers as loud as it could go, her long thick blonde hair flying and tossing about. Coming from a family of money, the 22 year old 5’7” hottie has been spoiled her entire life, and for good reason. She’s a recent college graduate back home with plans to start a career. However the sexy blonde has been taking a little leisure time by partying and chilling out with some old high school friends.

Riley often reflects back on her high school days, remembering all the great times she had. She was captain of her cheerleading squad and dating the hottest guy in town. In fact the two of them still have somewhat of a commitment with each other and have talked about getting married someday. His name is Brad Wilson. He’s the same age and graduating class as the blonde beauty.

The two of them were the traditional American quarterback/cheerleader couple. Brad even became state wrestling champion during his senior year. While Riley watched and cheered from the sidelines, the 6’ 1” 195lb stud would take down opponent after opponent. The light brown haired boy was known for getting his rivals into tight crushing holds until they tapped out in agony

Riley’s quite a talented girl herself. The straight A student is also a very balanced, coordinated, flexible athlete. Add to that her gorgeous looks and a rockin hard body and you’ve got a girl worth spoiling. Not many women can compete on her level, mentally or physically.

Don’t let this sweetheart story fool you. Riley’s gorgeous looks combined with her privileged upbringing and her extraordinary talent, in just about everything she does, has given her quite a superiority complex. The girl has slept around with some very prominent men and also has quite a reputation for being a bully. Many catfights have ensued in her lifetime giving her quite a reputation to be feared by other girls. Even the ones that are bigger and stronger avoid tangling Riley. They know the blonde can easily make their lives a living hell in the social circles.

She likes to think of herself as dangerous, even crazy at times. If there’s ever a dare issued within her group of friends she’ll always be the first one to jump at it. The girl has stood on train tracks in front of speeding locomotives, jumped off bridges, played chicken with automobiles. Even the boys avoid getting in the blonde’s way. The list of intimidating and dangerous stunts she has pulled is endless. And she certain knows how to use her looks and personality to manipulate people into getting what she wants. Now with some college life experience under her belt, the girl has an attitude on a whole other level.

Now on this wonderful day as Riley drove down the highway she spotted a small remote café that she had passed several times before as she traveled between the two small towns. In a flash she went passing by it. A sudden desire kicked in to turn around and visit the small country café. She had always thought about stopping but was usually pressed for time. Today she had nothing but time.

She hit the brakes on her BMW M4 convertible and found a small driveway to turn around in. As she came back around she noticed a couple of cars parked in the small lot in front of the café. A sudden spark of jealous rivalry hit her when she noticed one of the cars was a brand new black Mercedes SL-Class Roadster convertible. She wasn’t about to feel outshined so she pulled her BMW in right next to it.

Riley opens her car door and swings her high heeled feet out onto the somewhat paved parking lot. As she stands she straightens out her short black skirt and tight white tank top. She makes her way into the café, the bells clanging loudly as she walks in. She notices a young dark haired woman approximately her age sitting up at the bar counter chatting away with a cute red haired girl who appears to be the waitress.

The redhead notices Riley and quickly tells the blonde to take a seat anywhere and that she will be with her momentarily. Riley picks a small table in the corner and settles in and within minutes red haired girl is taking her order.

A few minutes go by before Riley is delivered a pastry and a hazelnut latte. As she sits at the table and plays around with her phone, she can’t help but over hear the waitress and the dark hair girl’s conversation.

“So I hear Kyle Park is home with you.” The waitress says. “When are you two going to get married?”

“Oh please girl…., you must not live for anyone but yourself.” the brunette states in a huff.

As Riley sits there the name Kyle Park keeps repeating in her mind. ‘Where do I know that name?’

The waitress voice rings out again, “There’s always Brad Wilson. I wonder how he would have done up against Kyle?”

Riley just about fell out of her seat when she heard her boyfriend’s name being called out. Then it all came to her in a flash. Kyle Park was the Wyoming State wrestling champion back when she was a senior in high school. There was always huge talk around the two small towns over who would win a wrestling match between Brad and Kyle; Brad being the Nebraska State champion, and Kyle holding the Wyoming State championship. Their high schools were only 60 miles apart but since they were located in two different states, the two wrestlers never got a chance to match up.

“Please honey……I’ve been with both. I know my Kyle would have completely crushed Brad’s sorry ass.” The brunette sitting up at the counter brags.

Riley sat there completely dumbfounded. It took a while for what she had just heard to set in.

“Oh yeah, that would have been a great match to see.” The waitress responds.

“Believe me it would take just a simple little bear hug for my Kyle to crush Brad like a grape.” The dark hair girl spouted off and laughs.

Riley was taken back even more as she continued to listen to the dark haired woman. The blonde’s blood started to boil. Her mind was racing, trying to process whether or not to be more pissed at the fact that this bitch had just admitted to sleeping with Brad or more pissed at the way she was degrading him by saying he would get his ass kicked by Kyle.

“Yeah I can just picture the two of them locked together in a forward facing grapevine.” The brunette went on, “I know my Kyle loves to see the look of panic across his opponents faces just before he completely breaks their will…… It makes me fucking hot thinking about it!”

‘Oh my fucking god’ Riley’s mind reeled. It took everything Riley had in order to hold back her anger. She was about ready to fly out of her seat and rip the dark haired bitch apart, even if that meant engaging in a two against one fight with these girls.

“Emily you have a wild imagination.” The redheaded waitress could be heard giggling.

Another bell went off in Riley’s head. ‘Emily Clark’ she thought to herself, ‘The cheerleading captain from Baker High School. Oh my god it all made perfect sense now.’ Riley had completely forgotten all about those rumors she had heard back in high school; rumors of this dark haired goddess from Baker Wyoming. She remembered constantly being compared to what was called a dark haired version of herself. Riley even recalled exchanging snide little remarks with the girl through the rumorville.

Now as Riley sat there she knew she had to get control of her anger. ‘Oh my god what were the odds of turning around on the highway to come into this café and hear this conversation.’ She thought to herself. Analyzing the situation seemed to calm her anger, at least until she figured out exactly how and when to release it.

“I need to use the little girls’ room.” the dark haired girl suddenly jumped off her bar stool. Riley couldn’t help but check out the brunette’s sexy legs as she stood up in her navy blue skirt and black high heel pumps, and what she saw didn’t help stifle her anger. Emily tugged and pulled down at the hem of her white t-shirt and it tightened around a twin set of bulging c-cup tits that seemed to stick straight out and defy gravity. When she turned away from the counter Riley and Emily locked eyes for the first time.

The look on their faces was priceless. The two super-hot girls’ eyes seemed to weld together. For a long moment Emily’s penetrating green eyes and Riley’s piercing blue eyes seemed to drill into one another, hotness was suddenly met with equal hotness. Riley continued to sit there, legs crossed, high heel shoe dangling from her toes.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Emily finally snaps out with narrowing eyes.

‘Oh you’re about to find out, bitch.’ Riley thinks to herself as she sits there calmly.

“Ok well I’m going to go help out in the kitchen.” The cute red haired waitress’s words were barely acknowledged through the intense stare down that was happening between the two girls, but it was enough to snap the brunette’s attention back. She finally turned away and marched her way into the ladies rooms, her high heels shoes clicking across the tile floor as her perfect skirted ass swayed back and forth with every step.

Riley sat there momentarily. ‘Ok a caged rat, now is the perfect time.’

She quietly made her way over, opened the door and entered the ladies room. The restroom was small; a single sink and a single stall that Emily suddenly emerges from. The two girls suddenly find themselves face to face. There was a long moment of silence as the two women took each other in with calculating measures.

“Do I know you?” Emily finally speaks out firmly.

“You’re about to.” Riley places her one hand on her hip and straightens her stance. “My name is Riley Whitman.” She states as she takes a step forward, heaving and pushing out her firm 36c’s

Emily’s face was blank then it was replaced with the look of appall as she took in the blonde’s aggressive posture. Just as she was about to say something her eyes got big. “Yes…, you’re Riley Whitman, the stuck up cheerleading bitch from Miles City. Oh I’ve heard all kinds of skanky things about you.” And with a sneering laugh the brunette took a step forward matching the blonde’s position.

Riley’s face reddened with anger. “I’m sure there not half as bad as the nasty, slutty ass things I’ve heard about you.” She took an intimidating step forward, really thrusting out her tightly covered tits.

“Well, well then, I guess it was bound to happen. We finally meet face to face.” Emily steps forward and gets right in the blonde’s face; a rival pair of firm tits now hovering within inches of Riley’s, straining to bust through the brunette’s tight t-shirt top.

“I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about Brad Wilson.” Riley says with both hands now planted firmly on her hips. “Did you fuck my boyfriend, bitch?” The blonde shouts out and launches herself forward, bashing her tits into the brunette’s firm pair. Emily was knocked back against the stall door. “

Emily’s face turned beat red with anger. She immediately charged forward hurling herself chest first into the blonde. Riley came forward too, ready for the attack, but completely underestimated the brunette’s force. Tit to tit Riley was knocked back against the bathroom door. Emily stood firm, taking on the threatening pose. “Oh I get it now, this is about your precious weak ass boyfriend. Yeah I fucked him, and I ‘m sure I fucked him better than your skanky ass could ever fuck him!”

“Oh you fucking cunt!” Riley charged forward, her right hand pulled back. Emily wasted no time, also charging forward. The two women came together in a whirl wind of swinging arms and fists. A tangle of arms blocked most of their wild punches, however a few managed to make contact across their faces and bodies. The smacking of girl flesh, grunts, and cursing rang out in the small bathroom; bruises and swollen lips were inevitable.

The fighting became more catlike as they started scratching and clawing away at anything they could dig their nails into. The two fighting girls seemed to be getting as good as they got. Small scratches and cuts were inflicted across each other’s arms and faces and eventually their upper bodies tangled together. Riley’s right arm wrapped around the back of Emily’s head and was pulling away at the hair on the right side of the brunette’s head while her left hand was digging her claws into Emily’s right tit.

Emily ended up having the same hold on Riley but her opposite left hand pulling the blonde’s hair and her right hand clawing into Riley’s left tit. They were pulling and yanking each other around the small room, slamming one another up against the walls and doors. They started kicking and stomping at each other’s legs and feet as their high heel shoes clicked and clacked loudly across the tile floor.

They winced and howled in pain each time a shin was kicked or a foot was stomped on. They could only take so much of this and they ended up tangling their long, bare skinned legs together; somewhat of a mutual agreement in order to keep the other from inflicting so much pain.

The fighting slowed to a staggering stumble; jerking and yanking each other around the room in an attempted to pin the other against the wall and show dominance.

“How dare you come in here and start shit with me, bitch!” Emily gripped the blonde’s hair and pulled her face to face. She managed to slam the girl up against the wall.

“Well maybe you should look around the next time you start running your fucking mouth, slut!” Riley shot back pulling the brunette’s hair with one hand while digging her nails into the girl’s tit with the other. With a hard twist of her torso she reversed their position. The two women couldn’t control their heavy breathing as they panted and snarled into each other’s marked up faces.

“I’ve heard all about you, bitch. Talking shit about how much better you are than me. You’re nothing more than a common slut.” Emily hissed into the blonde face while yanking and pulling herself off the wall.

“That’s funny because I heard you’d spread your legs for anybody, fucking whore.” Riley snapped as she twisted and tangled with the brunette.

Emily managed to force the blonde up against the sink. It was just the right height to push Riley’s ass up onto. The blonde’s feet now struggling to find the floor.

The brunette had her left leg wrapped more or less around the other girl’s right leg; she pushed her pelvis in between Riley’s legs, trapping the blonde on the edge of the sink. “Whose legs are spread now, slut.” Emily spoke through a snarling mouth.

Riley fought for leverage. The only thing she could find was the back of the brunette’s right leg as she wrapped her left leg tightly around it. Left with nothing but the ability to crush and squeeze, the blonde redoubled her efforts. Skirted pelvises were now forced together. Emily’s left and Riley’s right tits were smashed together while their claws dug deep into the other tit. The other arm was wrapped around each other’s head, nails embedded into thick hair. Faces were smashed against each other right cheek to left cheek as snarling mouths with clinched teeth threatened to bite one another.

Trickles of blood from small cuts and scratches appeared on their cheeks and around their lipstick coated mouths. Their wide open eyes were locked in an angry glare, twisted and distorted with the look of hate and disgust.

Now that Emily believed she had Riley on the ropes she started talking shit into the other girls face. “It’s kinda cute the way you came in here wanting to fight for your lame ass boyfriend!” The brunette snarls.

Riley anger intensifies. “I’m going to fucking kill you bitch!”

The two of them wrench each other tighter. Nails were digging deep and hard into each other’s tits and scalps as they twisted their bodies into a tight knot. They were hissing, grunting, and snarling into each other’s faces as their arms and legs became completely entwined.

Unable to free herself from the sink, Riley released Emily’s tit and went for the brunette’s face. “Bitch I will rip your fucking face off!” Riley’s shouts as she digs her nails into Emily’s soft cheek.

Emily quickly copies the move, reaching to the blonde’s left cheek. “You rip mine and I will fucking shred yours!” The brunette yells.

Both girls have their nails digging in just hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. Marks will be left for days. The threat is real and for a moment the two girls hold one another in check, face to face with their swollen bleeding lips curled back. As they breathe heavily, spittle mix with blood speckle across the front of each other’s clinched teeth

Suddenly the redheaded waitress comes barreling into the ladies room, her eyes immediately get as big as silver dollars when she seen the two girls tangled together in a catfight. “What the fuck?” she shouts. The redhead instantly comes to her friend’s side and starts punching away at Riley’s face. The blonde scrambles to push herself way from the two attackers. She slips down off the sink and onto the floor taking an onslaught of punches and kicks in the process. She rolls herself under the toilet stall and for now manages to escape.

Riley jumps up and immediately locks the door and finds herself trap with two vicious bitches screaming, yelling, punching, and kicking at the stall from the other side.

Suddenly Emily starts coming up and over the top of the stall wall after her. A quick thinking Riley unlocks the door, rears back and kicks the stall door open as hard as she can. The door flies open knocking the redhead out of the way forming a clear path out of the bathroom.

Riley charges through the restaurant, out the door and into the parking lot. Like a scene from the movie, the blonde leaps over the trunk of her car and hops into the driver’s seat. Firing up the engine she peels out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Chapter 2
The Chase

The blonde’s heart is pounding with adrenaline as she speeds down the road. “Oh that fucking bitch!” she screams to herself. A little more than a mile down the highway Riley starts to calm down. However the break from her adrenaline rush is short lived when she suddenly feels something slam into the back of her car. She looks in her rearview mirror to see a black Mercedes speeding forward and it slams into her again. The blonde can’t help but notice Emily’s thick black hair flying through the wind and the look on the brunette’s face reminded Riley of someone completely out of their mind.

Now the blonde’s adrenaline doubled, her heart started beating so fast it felt like it was actually coming out of her chest. “Oh my god this girl’s a crazy fucking bitch!” Riley yells out. Suddenly Emily swings over and comes up on the left hand side of the blonde’s BMW. Once they were side by side the brunette slowly veered over closer and closer to the Riley’s car, a blatant attempt to push her off the road.

Riley wasn’t about to move. “I know you’re not about to risk more damage to your car, bitch.” She whispered to herself. The blonde was suddenly proved wrong when the two cars came together and started to trade black and red paint with each other.

Riley found herself having to turn into the brunette to keep from being pushed off the road, and this caused the grinding of metal against metal to ring out through the blonde’s ears. “You fucking crazy bitch, you wanna go?” Riley yelled out and put her foot to the floor in an attempt to outrun the brunette.

Emily wasn’t about to be intimidated and sped up right alongside the BMW; faster and faster the two women torn down the two lane highway.

Side by side their speed increased by the second. It was as if the door handles of their cars had somehow locked together with neither one gaining on the other. Black and blonde hair was flinging, snapping and hurling through the air. They looked like a couple of wild witch like medusas flying down the road.

They sped right down the centerline of a long straightaway, reaching speeds of over a hundred miles per hour. A large semi-truck could suddenly be seen coming at them from the opposite direction, and it got there quickly. The trunk driver started flashing it lights rapidly yet the two girls remained locked together, neither one pulling back on the throttle. The risk of impact grew by the millisecond. The sound of the diesels horn rang out like a freight train, blasting and echoing through the tree lined corridor of the highway. Closer and closer until the distance had now reached the level of terror. The letters on the license plate of the semi were the last thing Riley remembers seeing before she closed her eyes and jerked the steering wheel.

The wind and the roar of the tractor trailer had Riley believing her death was inevitable. Her eyes remained closed as she felt herself being thrown back and forth like a rag doll. Instinctually her hands held tight as she jerked the steering wheel right and left. God himself must have been overlooking the blonde as her fishtailing car miraculously straightened its self out.

When Riley opened her eyes she was ecstatic to see the open highway in front of her. A burst of laughter mixed with tears erupted. “Holy Fucking Shit!”

However the blonde’s joy of survival was short lived. Out of the corner of her eye she suddenly spotted the black Mercedes speeding alongside her and closing in. “Oh my god you fucking cunt!” Riley swerved over and the two of them slammed back together. The two women once again found themselves side by side flying down the highway.

On and on it went, speeding up, slowing down; pushing each other back and forth across the highway. The sound of metal sliding and pounding against metal was taking Riley into the depths of insanity.

Suddenly Riley spotted a small rest stop exit. Just as they were about to go by it, the blonde jerked her steering wheel in the direction of the off ramp. The black Mercedes slowed but continued down the highway.

As she pulled into the rest stop Riley was searching through her purse for her phone. The blonde was now seriously questioning herself on whether or not she could compete with this dangerous bitch. As she came to a stop she held her phone and pressed 911, but then for some reason she paused.

Riley could hear the engine of the Mercedes in the distance. Now at dusk she looked up to see a pair of headlights entering the rest area from the opposite end. She watched as the car slowly made its way into the parking lot and stopped at the far end. The blonde looked around to see no one in sight; she was alone, except for the threatening pair of bright lights ahead of her.

Riley could hear the engine of the Mercedes reviving up and down in the distance. She looked down at her phone, her finger hovering above the send button. “This is not me.” She said to herself. “I will not be fucked with!” Her finger then moved to the backspace button and she erased 911.

The blonde threw her phone into the passenger seat. Reaching forward she turned her headlights on. She revived her engine and started flashing her lights at the black Mercedes. She didn’t have to wait long for a response as the brunette started flashing hers back. “All right you fucking bitch, it’s on!” Riley screamed.

As if a hat were dropped the two girls stomped their high heel shoes onto the accelerator. Tires squealed as the BMW and the Mercedes torn at each other from a dead stop. In a matter of seconds the two cars crossed the thirty miles per hour mark. Even at this speed impact could be fatal.

Riley locked her elbows and braced her arms with the steering wheel. With deadly intensions the blonde crossed the forty miles per hour mark, keeping her vehicle aimed directly into the oncoming headlights. This destructive cunt had Riley completely past the boiling point. “I’m going to smash you into next week you fucking slut!” she screamed. As the two cars approached the fifty miles per hour mark, impact was unavoidable.

A fraction of a millisecond later would have been fatal for both girls. It was Riley who broke first.

The blonde jerked the steering wheel, lessening the force of the impact. Instead of a horrific head on collision, Riley’s move caused the two cars to violently side swipe each other, ripping the side mirrors, trim, and metal away from their expensive cars. The two vehicles spun out sideways and came to a stop.

Riley’s head was spinning. It took a minute or two for her to gather her surroundings. She was in complete disbelief when she looked up through her windshield to see Emily’s Mercedes slowly creeping toward her. “Oh my god this bitch doesn’t stop?” she whimpered to herself.

The brunette’s sputtering car came right up to the front of Riley’s BMW and stop with their front bumpers touching. Even through their windshields Riley could see the look of pure evil in Emily’s face. Without warning the brunette accelerated and started to push the blonde’s vehicle backward. Still a little disoriented, Riley suddenly realized the brunette was pushing her toward a deep ravine.

Riley quickly reacted and stomped her foot on the accelerator. Her tires spun out, gradually slowing and finally stopping her backward momentum. The two overheated engines of their sports cars took each other on.

The blonde’s ears were overwhelmed with the sounds of their over revved engines, the squealing of tires, and the crushing and crunching of metal as the front grills of their sports cars became meshed together.

Smoke from the burning rubber started to fill Riley’s vision. She could barely see the brunette’s face through the thick cloud. Suddenly the blonde felt herself being propelled forward. Emily had thrown her car into reverse.

Riley slams on her brakes only to find herself still being pulled forward. It quickly became obvious that the bumpers and grilles of their cars had interlocked. The blonde quickly threw her own car into reverse and now the battle becomes a tug of war. The equally powered cars create another stalemate as tires once again squeal and smoke.

Emily then switches back to drive and once again the blonde finds herself being pushed towards the ravine. She slams her car back into drive and meets the power of the brunette’s Mercedes head on once again. This back and forth had the two girls slamming into parking curbs, trash cans, and even light poles. They were yanking, pulling, and pushing each other all around the rest area parking lot.

Finally Riley had put her car into reverse, gained speed and then quickly turned the steering wheel causing the Mercedes to swing around 180 degrees. The black car slammed into a curb and was surprisingly unlocked from the front of the blonde’s BMW.

There was a moment of stillness as the two women glared at each other through their windshields. Off in the distance the roar of police sirens could be heard approaching. Without hesitation the brunette stomped the accelerator, spun off around Riley and immediately headed out onto the highway. Riley panicked, fumbling the gear shift and pedals she slammed the car into drive and quickly tore out of there herself.

Not knowing which direction to take she headed down the highway and found the first intersecting road. She turned and then at the next intersection she turned again. She would find herself completely lost but was happy to have avoided a run in with the police. Especially when they find out what she and Emily had just done to that highway rest stop.

Chapter 3

Riley knew for certain how pissed off her father was going to be about her new BMW, it was a college graduating gift. She decided to buy sometime and hide the car. The blonde pulled it into an old barn at the back of her parent’s property. It was rarely used and would probably give her a weeks time in order to figure out what she was going to do.

As she went to open the door to step out she found it was completely jammed shut. She had to hop up and jump out. Walking around the car she knew this was going to be very difficult to explain. There was no way this was going to be sold off as a car accident. Her BMW looked like it literally just had the shit kicked out of it. The engine was smoking and hissing, every panel on the car was completely wrinkled and crushed. “Maybe stolen and vandalized.” She thought to herself.

Riley made her way to the house and finally into her bedroom. Throwing her purse and cell phone on the bed she went over to a full length mirror that was hanging on her closet door. She was shocked to see all the scratches and claw marks that covered her body. Blood and makeup was smeared across her face, her hair was in a tangled mess, and she was already starting to show signs of bruising. “Damn I look as bad as my car.” She mumbled.

She went over and fell backwards onto her bed. In her mind she started to replay the evening events. How the fight in the restroom had played out, the car chase, the police sirens. Her mind kept keying in on one important, frustrating element. ‘Had Emily just proven herself to be more of a badass woman than she could ever be?’ Riley thought to herself.

Did she gain some kind of an advantage during the fight in the bathroom? The lost game of chicken and the fact the Emily was trying to push her into that ravine while she was simply trying to get away. The fact that she had fucked her boyfriend. The more Riley thought about it the angrier she became. A tingle deep down between her legs suddenly had her hips squirming. “That fucking bitch!” she snarled. The blonde couldn’t help but reach down and touch herself. The crotch of her panty immediately moistened.

The blonde slowly started to massage her pussy through her white panties. The more she thought about the events the more her hips started to gyrate and the wetter she became. “That fucking cunt.” She hissed and growled. Out of the blue Riley had another thought. “What the hell am I doing? Oh my god what kind of power does this bitch have over me?”

Suddenly the door to her bedroom flies open and she was caught in an embarrassing predicament. “Well, well, well….,what do we have here.” Brad shouts out with excitement. Riley had completely forgotten that Brad was coming over for the evening.

“God Damn you asshole, don’t you knock.” The blonde shouts at the light haired stud.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, what happened to you?” Brads face immediately lights up with concern.

“I got into a fight!” Riley replies with a snide tone.

“No shit, with whom?” Brads concern quickly changes to curiosity with the idea of a catfight.

“A fucking slut from Baker. “

“Really, what’s her name. “ Brads curiosity is not the only thing growing now that he makes his way in-between Riley’s legs.

“What…….the idea of a catfight got you all excited?” Riley responses sarcastically

“Holy shit, you look……, did you lose or something.”

“What the fuck do you mean lose or something?” Riley punches him in the arm.

“I mean…., well you look…., you know.” Brad stutters.

“I got ganged up on asshole!” she shouts out.

“Really, you took on two girls?” Brad’s excitement growing even more as he pushes his rock hard cock between the blonde’s legs and gets in under her skirt.

“It started out with just one, but then her bitch friend had to jump in!” Riley hisses as she rocks her panty covered cunt into Brad hard shaft.

“You wanna tell me about it?” Brad pleads.

“Oh I see, you wanna hear all about my catfight with another girl do you?” The blonde torments the man, working her wet panty cunt into his jean covered cock.

“Oh yeah!” Brad moans.

“You like that don’t you……, the idea of me catfighting with another girl!” she teases, as her eyes and face reflect a devious expression.

“Oh yes, so tell me about this girl!” Brad practically begs.

Riley reaches up and unbuttons his jeans, together the two of them work them down his legs and he steps out of them. Pulling down his briefs an 8 inch rock hard cock jumps out. The blonde pulls her panties to the side and he plunges his thick meat into her wet cunt.

“Oh yeah baby.” He groans as the two of them work themselves into a deep fuck.

Riley wraps her legs around his. “Do you want to know her name?” she ask snidely

“Oh yesssss.” Brad whimpers.

Riley puts a death lock around Brad with her legs. She shoves his hard shaft into herself as deep as she can get him and clamps onto him like a vice with steel cables.

“Emily Clark!” The blonde announces firmly.

Immediately Brad starts to pull away. “What, What…….., don’t you want to hear the rest asshole!” Riley screams out.

“I… ah….” Brad stutters.

“Don’t you want to fucking hear about the rest of my catfight with Emily Clark…., you cock sucking son of a bitch!” The blonde starts punching away at the man’s face and body. Brad desperately tries back out but Riley has a death grip on him with her legs as well as with her cunt.

“Please babe…..it wasn’t what you think!” He begs.

“Oh my god how cliché….., you fucking piece of shit!” Riley shouts as she continues to rain down punches.

“Please baby please, let me explain!” he pleads.

“I don’t want to hear your sorry ass excuses you mother fucker……., I want you to fuck me……., FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCKED THAT COCK SUCKING BITCH!” Riley had completely lost it. Brad could only half willingly protect himself from the onslaught of fists and claws.

“Am I not good enough, you fucking bastard!” Tears were now streaming down Riley’s face. “I said fuck me…., FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! She screams at the top of her lungs while bouncing up and down on Brad’s cock. Her punches were now more accurate. “Are you not listening to me? FUCK ME!!!!”

Brad now took the command seriously. “All right god damn it, all right!” He did what he was told.

“Come on you god damn pussy ass piece of shit, show me what you’ve got!” Riley shouts.

Brad gets into it. In one swoop he picks her up into a standing fuck and starts jack hammering his girlfriend up and down his steel shaft.

“Come on that’s it, FUCK ME!” The blonde hisses and growls through panting breaths. “Harder god damn it!”

Brad goes to town. It gets so wild he ends up slamming Riley against the wall over and over again, yet Riley continues to beg for more. The two of them finally explode together in a thundering, earth-shaking orgasm.

As they come down off the wall, Brad spins around and the two of them fall together onto the bed. Panting and hissing echoing through the room for several minutes.

“Can I explain?” An unsure Brad finally asks.

“What makes you think I want to hear what you have to say?” Riley responds.

“I know you don’t believe me but I didn’t want what happened, she completely forced herself on me, I was drunk.” He explained.

Now having met Emily, Riley could really believe Brad’s story. As she looked into his scratched up face and pleading eyes she felt guilt like never before. If Brad were ever to find out about the men that she had slept with it would be over between them for sure. She did have feelings for Brad.

“I want to kick Emily Clark’s ass on every level!” was Riley’s response. She felt Brad’s cock throb inside her. “Do you want to see the two of us catfight each other?” Again Brad’s cock pulsated. He was taking the blonde’s comment as half wittedly forgiving his cheating. “You know she didn’t speak too highly of you.” Riley continued. “She started talking shit about Kyle Park.”

“Kyle Park?” Brad seemed surprised.

“Yeah she was bragging about how Kyle would kick your ass….., crush you like a grape I think were her exact words”

Brad suddenly seemed lost in thought as Riley waited for his reaction.

“Well what the fuck Brad?” Riley finally shouted out. “What do you have to say?”

“What?” Brad snapped out of his thought.

“That bitch thinks Kyle would crush you, what do you have to say about that?” Riley repeats herself.

“I was just thinking.” Brad responds. “I was just thinking about crushing the shit out of him myself….. I would totally kick his ass for you babe.” He suddenly snaps back to life and he starts to gyrate his cock into the blonde.

Riley immediately responds and starts grinding back. “Oh really….., Emily also says your love making is lame. What do you think about that?” She hisses teasingly.

“Oh yeah, did what I just gave you feel lame to you?” Brad asks.

There was a silence. “Oh I see, I guess I’m not out of the dog house.”

“You may never be.” Riley responds. Things started to feel a little better. The blonde needed to release her anger and all her pent up emotions. However her anger towards Brad was small in comparison to the hate she was feeling towards Emily.

“Since you did a pretty good job at fucking me just now, I guess I could give you a little treat.” The blonde teases.

“I’m listening.” Brad replied.

“How about I tell me more about my catfight with Emily?”

Riley could feel his member flex deep inside her. She gave his cock a good hard squeeze with her cunt muscles then maneuvered herself and sat up on top of him. “Babe I going to give you every single little detail of my catfight with that fucking bitch!”

Riley started off in a very vivid, very imaginative description of her catfight with Emily, even going as far to add a few elements that she knew Brad would appreciate. The blonde’s story had Brad’s rock hard cock continuously throbbing deep inside her. Anytime she got to a part of the story that really excited him she could feel him flex his rigid meat deep inside her with enormous intensity. She would respond by clamping down with her cunt and they would squeeze sex muscle against sex muscle. Churning into each other she would repeat those parts over and over again while hissing and snarling through clinched teeth.

This was not the first time these two had played this game. A lot of their fuck sessions entailed reliving Brad’s wrestling matches, something that Riley absolutely loved to do. Nothing was hotter than seeing two men take each other on muscle to muscle and seeing her man come out on top, well with the exception for maybe finding herself lock in a wild fight with another girl.

Back in the day the two sex maniacs couldn’t even wait to get home. They would end up fucking in the locker room right after the wrestling tournament. There were two or three incidents where Brad’s opponents were not too happy with the outcome. Confrontations out in the parking lot occurred that led to fist fights. A couple of times Riley found herself having to taking on a rival cheerleader that just happened to be the girlfriend of the opponent Brad had just wrestled.

Now as Brad looked up into the marked up catfight face of his girlfriend, he pulled her down and forced his tongue into her drooling, snarling mouth. She met his kiss aggressively, plunging her own tongue in deep and giving him a mouth full of her sweet saliva.

For several minutes the couple kissed each other deeply. A few strands of spit would link their lips as they broke apart occasionally to hiss, growl, or whisper a short comment about Riley’s catfight. Their fucking got louder and more intense. It didn’t take long for the two of them to explode into another screaming orgasm.

Riley continued to lie on top of Brad. After catching her breath she looked up into his eyes. “Do you really want to see me catfight Emily for real?” The blonde knew his answer before he even open his mouth as she felt his still rock hard cock instantly flex inside her.


Riley squeezed his cock with her pussy. “But you have to fight Kyle. I want you to kick his ass. No boyfriend of mine is going to get crushed. ”

He gave Riley his answer by flexing his steel shaft several powerful times inside her wet pussy. The couple remained connected together, throbbing and squeezing their sex muscles into each other; something they frequently did after a long night of fucking. Just before Emily found sleep a thought crossed her mind. “What the hell was going on right this minute 60 miles from here?”

Chapter 4


“Fuck, shit, god damn it!” This isn’t the first time Emily found herself running from the police.

She knew they had spotted her because every turn she made down a different road, she wouldn’t have to wait long to see the red and blue lights flashing behind her in her rearview mirror.

As she tore through the country side reaching speeds up to 120 miles per hour she came up with a plan. At the next intersecting road she used her emergency brake to slow down. Being that it was dusk she figured they were seeing her brake lights each time she turned down a new road.

After a couple of more turns her plan seemed to be working. Soon she found herself completely lost out in the middle of nowhere, but managed to ditch the cops. She pulled over and took a look at the GPS in her car. The brunette carefully plotted a route home hoping to completely avoid running into the police.

It was hours later when she finally pulled into her family’s driveway. It was a long winding paved road up to a mansion that sat up on a hill. Emily’s family owned a horse ranch. It’s where she grew up with the spoils of luxury but also with a lifestyle of hard work and many opportunities.

Emily exceeded in everything; academics, sports, music, dance. She took to everything like it was second nature and it all came extremely easy for her. Her parents felt her to be so gifted that they often turned the other way and even came to her defense whenever the brunette found trouble, which was often.

The young woman has a way with people like no other, and a lot of times not in a good way. The girl has a very bad, bad side to her. Some would even call it evil.

Her looks certainly have a power of their own, and she has learned how to use that power. She has a look that she gives with her eyes that would make most men cum on the spot, or at least they would have to run to the next run for a quick pull. With great power comes great responsibility. Let’s just say Emily knows nothing about the second part of that statement.

Emily makes no attempt to hide her torn up Mercedes as she pulls up to the house; the thought didn’t even cross her mind. She notices the 68 Ford GT Mustang sitting in the driveway and immediately feels a gush of wetness between her legs.

Jumping out of her car she quickly makes her way into the house and throws open her bedroom door.

“Whoa what happened to you” a studly man’s voice rings out.

Emily leaps toward him and tackles him to the bed. On top of him she starts ripping his shirt open and then goes to work on his pants.

“Hey, hey, hey, what the hell?” The man cries out.

“Fuck me!” Emily snarls wickedly.

“What in the hell happened to you?” The man asks with concern.

“I was in a fight and now I want to fuck!” the brunette snaps

“Oh my god, how, when, where?” The 6’ 1” man’s cock instantly hardens into a steel shaft.

“How? With my claws and fists. When? About three hours ago. Where? At the restaurant out on highway 109.”

No more questions were asked as the couple ripped the remaining clothes off of each other. Emily impaled herself on his rock hard cock and started thrusting her cunt into him like there was no tomorrow. He tried to match the girl’s aggressive fuck and the two of them ended up falling off the bed and onto the floor.

Like a couple of wild fucking animal the two of them rolled back and forth. Emily was going crazy, punching and clawing away at any part of the man she could get her hands into. He knew her to behave this way before, but this time she seem out of control. He is a tough man and can take most of it, but this time he found himself on the defensive end, trying to block her from clawing and punching away at his face.

With Emily on top the two of them finally explode together in an earth shattering orgasm. The feel of Kyle’s ejaculation jetting into her had Emily going absolutely crazy. Her body was flailing back and forth until she suddenly stiffened with her head thrown back. Her mouth was wide open and she let out a scream that could probably be heard miles away. It reminded Kyle of a scene from the Exorcist

“Holy fucking shit!” Kyle finally managed to cry out.

Minutes passed as the room remained filled with the sound of heavy breathing along with an occasional grunt or hiss.

“My god women have you lost your mind?”

Emily’s snarling scratched up face looks down at Kyle. “Don’t get smart with me.” And the brunette falls down onto his chest and rams her wet tongue deep into his mouth. She literarily proceeds to suffocate him, shoving her tongue as deep into him as she can. The two of them once again start rolling and thrashing about on the floor. Even though the woman was half his size it was easy to tell who was fucking who.

It didn’t take long before another orgasm came crashing down upon them. After their wild thrashing bodies subside, Kyle’s curiosity starts to kick in. He’s very hesitant and not really sure if he should risk asking Emily about her catfight, knowing damn well it could set her off into an even more violent fuck.

“Tell me about your catfight.” Kyle mumbles. ‘Did those words really come out of my mouth?’ he thinks to himself.

The anticipation causes his cock to pulsate deep inside the brunette’s cunt.

Emily slowly lifts herself up. The look on her face would frighten a feeding tiger.

“I’ll tell you about my catfight!” Emily’s cunt clamps down on Kyle’s cock and squeezes it harder than he has ever felt.

Chapter 5

What To Do

Riley woke to Brad painfully pulling his cock out of her pussy. The two of them had become somewhat glued together, causing pubic hair to rip and tear as the two separated.

Brad quickly dressed. “I’ve got to get going, but I promise to call you later.”

Riley said nothing, just simply looked up at him.

Alone in her room now she did nothing but think about her fight with Emily. She started contemplating on whether or not to go back to the restaurant. She reached over and grabbed her phone and started looking for the bitch on social media. It didn’t take long to find her and Riley spent the next several minutes checking the bitch out. It got to the point where she had to hop up and move over to her laptop. There she was able to pull up the brunette alongside her own social media accounts.

It became a volley of stare and compare between her life and Emily’s. Everything about the brunette caused Riley to stir with of jealously; the number of friends, the achievements, the travel, the toys, the horses. Riley has all of that, but this girl seems to have it all on a whole other level. Riley found herself wanting to know more as she hovers the mouse pointer over the friend request.

Instead she picked up her phone flipped through the contacts and dialed up her friend Maddie.

“Hello Riley what’s up?”

“Got a favor to ask of you, are you busy this afternoon?”

“I was just planning on doing a little shopping, why what do you need?”

“I need you to take a little trip with me for maybe a couple of hours today.”

“Sure what time?”

“Around 3 o’clock.”

“Are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

“When you get here.”

“Ok see you this afternoon, ta ta”

Riley went back to browsing through her nemesis’s online status. She found the girls physical profile; height, weight, and measurements. The blonde couldn’t help but notice their similar fashion style. Always wearing short trendy skirts, designer high heel shoes, and extremely tight knit tops; sometimes with and sometimes without bra. A fact due to the brunette looking all nipped out in some of her photos.

The blonde came across a full length photo of Emily in a skimpy black bikini at the beach. Riley quickly searched through her own photos and found one of herself in nearly an identical pose wearing a red bikini. She took the picture of the 5’ 7” bikini framed brunette and put it side by side with her own bikini pic, even flipping one of them horizontally so they would be facing each other. What Riley saw caused her to sneer with jealously. She kept the photos up on her screen and studied them.

Eventually Riley stood up and started pacing back and forth, contemplating what she should do. Every time she looked over at their bikini photos, she got a violent urge to rip that bitch apart. Before long the blonde started readying herself, for what exactly she wasn’t sure. After taking a shower and picking out clothes and shoes, she went to work on her hair and makeup; finishing up a nearly 2 hour ritual by polishing her fingernails and toenails in a blood-red glossy enamel paint.

Maddie arrived earlier, mostly curious as to what Riley had planned.

“Wow look at you!” The cute redhead stated as she walked through Riley’s bedroom door. “Got a hot date or something?”

Maddie has always been a good friend that the blonde can trust, all the way through high school and even through college. Riley finds it humorous, maybe even flattering that the redhead always seems to imitate her personality and appearance; dressing in the same style, using the same quirky little comments. She’s one of a few girls from her high school cheerleading squad that the blonde could rely on.

“I guess you could say that.” Riley responded as she checked herself out in the full length mirror. She swiveled her hips and twirled a short red pleated skirt back and forth revealing a matching silk panty. Stepping around in a pair of cherry red high heel pumps she thrusts her chest out expanding her tits inside a super tight skimpy white tank top with no bra.

“Do you think this makes me look like a slut?” Riley asked as she pushed her tits out in the redhead’s direction. The blonde’s nipples could be clearly seen through the thin cotton material.

“Ah yeah if you’re looking to get laid.” Maddie responds and that’s when she notices all the scratches and bruises across Riley’s body and face.

“Hey what the hell happened to you?” the redhead asks, then she suddenly notices the bikini pictures that Riley had open on her laptop. “Whoa what’s going on here?” Maddie gets in close to studies the two photos.

“That is our mission, girlfriend.” Riley states

“What do you mean, like a bikini contest?”

“No, no! Do you recognize her?”

Maddie takes another look. “Yes, yes. That’s Emily Clark from Miles city. I’ve heard of her.”

“Yeah well what exactly have you heard?”

“That she is a dangerous slut and that her family is very powerful, I mean like mafia powerful. What actually are you planning to do? Hey and what’s up with all the marks on you?” Maddie’s asks with concern.

“Fight her!” Riley shouts out.

“Really, you mean in a fight, like a real catfight fight?”

“Yes a real catfight fight!”

“Ah…, oh,“ Maddie stumbles for words.

“What! Don’t you think I can take her?” Riley yells out.

Maddie looks back at the two photo’s. “The two of you look so equal I’m just worried about…”

The redhead was cut off quickly.”Whose side on you on bitch?” Riley lays into her.

“Yours of course, it’s just some of the things I’ve heard about her, she’s like suicidal, crazy even.”

“That’s not going to stop me from kicking her ass.”

“I guess I must have really missed out on something, care to explain to me what’s really going on.” The redhead cries out.

“I’ll explain it to you on the way, lets go.”

With the short skirted redhead trotting behind her, Riley led them out of the house to Maddie’s car.

Chapter 6

The Plan

It was another beautiful day as two gorgeous girls hit the highway. With Maddie behind the wheel, Riley quickly caught her up on the events that happened last night.

“So now do you mind telling me what your plan is?” Maddie asked.

“I have a suspicion that Emily is back at that country café. Your job is to keep her red headed friend in check while Emily and I have a conversation.”

“Conversation?” Maddie shouts, “Do you really think she’s up for a chat over a cup of tea after what happened last night.”

“I don’t think she’ll risk fighting right there in the restaurant, but then again maybe she is crazy. That’s why I have you, to even it out in case something does happen. If we start fighting, let us fight; just make sure her friend stays out of it.”

“So what you’re telling me is that you are bringing me along to get into a catfight with another girl I don’t even know.”

“You might like it….she’s a cute little redhead just like yourself.” Riley jokes. “Look, don’t worry. There’s more to it. Trust me, Emily’s not going to want fight me after she hears what I have to say. At least not right then and there. This will only be a confrontation.”

“Yeah a confrontation that leads right into a double catfight.” Maddie smirks. “And what if there are more girls then just the redhead?”

“We leave right away.”

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.”

Maddie slowly pulls her car into the country café parking lot. They notice a few cars parked outside. One of them is a Mercedes; different from the one Emily was driving yesterday.

“You should leave the keys in the ignition just in case we have to run out of here.” Riley suggests as she pulls down the visor and freshens up her cherry red lipstick.

“Oh my god are you fucking kidding me.” Maddie’s voice shook anxiously. “We are going to get killed aren’t we?”

Riley turns to the redhead, “Listen, I got your back and you’ve got mine. So relax. ”

“Let’s go.”

The two girls step out of the car looking hot as ever. “We’ll see who’s the crazy bitch is.” Riley mumbles under her breathe.

Like a scene from an old western movie, Riley and Maddie enter the café like a couple of gun slingers.

Chapter 7

The Confrontation

The country café doorbell rings and clangs loudly, alerting the restaurant of Riley’s and Maddie’s entrance. The blonde leads the way through the door and immediately spots the brunette sitting just as she was the day before, gossiping with her redheaded bitch friend at the counter. Heads turn in their direction as Riley steps in several feet and takes a stance, hands on hips, chest thrusting out.

An older couple brushes past them on the way out, leaving the place virtually empty.

“Well, well.” Emily turns and hops off the bar stool and lands on her black patent high heel pumps. “I had a strange feeling I’d be seeing you soon.”

“I’m here to collect, bitch! For fucking my boyfriend and fucking up my car!” Riley shouts out and steps further into the café.

“You must be a crazy slut.” The brunette walks closer, the short black pleated skirt she’s wearing swishes back and forth with each swinging step. “And you have no idea what you’re walking into, do you bitch?”

Riley continues forward with Maddie at her side, this cause’s Emily’s redhead friend to also move forward. The girls come to a stop a couple of feet from one another and take on a confrontational pose; hands on hips, chests thrusting out. With a sneer painted across their faces, their eyes traveling up and down each other’s bodies. “You’re going to pay for what you’ve done, you fucking skank!” Riley snarls.

Emily completely ignores the blonde’s threats as her eyes continually swarm around Riley’s entire body. “Oh my goodness aren’t you a delicious looking little tart?” Emily spouts off and starts to walk around the blonde.

Riley cocks a hip, pushes one ass cheek out in the brunette’s direction and looks back over her shoulder as the other girl continues to circle around. It seemed a subconscious move to give the brunette a really good look and to ensure she wasn’t going to get jumped from behind.

“I knew our paths were going to cross eventually” Emily comments as she comes around the backside the blonde. Riley shifts her weight and switches to look back over her other shoulder as the brunette comes around and stands in front of her.

The two redheads were standing a mere reach away from one another. Keep a close eye on each other as well as the action unfolding in front of them.

The sight of Emily’s nipped out tits wrapped in a super tight white tank suddenly made Riley forget about her promise to Maddie about not fighting.

“But I don’t think our paths actually crossed.” Riley states while thrusting out her tits. “It seems more like they slammed together head on!” The blonde shouts out and charges forward, butting into the brunette tit to tit. The impact caused the Baker City girl to bounce back several steps.

Emily’s friend made a leap to assist her friend but was quickly grabbed onto by Maddie. “I don’t think so, bitch.” The two redheads scuffled and latched onto each other’s elbows, pulling and tugging,

A wicked little smile comes across Emily’s face. “Nice little observation, my little Riley.” The brunette snickers and regains her stance. “It does seem our paths have collided.” And with that Emily charges forward with tits fully pushed out.

Riley anticipates the brunette’s attack and launches forward. The two hot women practically leap into each other tit to tit. A dense thud a painful grunt escapes Riley as she’s slammed backwards. A little shocked at the powerful impact, she stumbles but manages to stabilize her stance.

Off to the side, Maddie is now the one being held back by the redheaded waitress.

“I told you bitch that you didn’t know what you are getting yourself into.” Emily shouts out and starts to put on an intimidating display of pec muscle flexing that has her tits rising and falling in a powerful claim.

Riley’s nearly explodes with anger. “You’re not the only one with muscle, bitch!” She yells out and starts in on a tit flexing show of her own. “And you’re going to feel how hard I am as I plow right through you, bitch!” the blondes shouts and launches forward again.

Emily is more than ready as she digs in and charges forward as well.

Once again the two girls leap into each other tit-to-tit with a deadening thud. Riley couldn’t believe she was nearly knocked back onto her ass. She catches herself and she has to fight the urge to hug her own breasts from the painful impact.

Maddie’s instinct is to help her friend and she nearly escapes the waitress, but the other redhead manages to tangle up their legs. The two of them are gripping each other while pushing and pulling.

“My dear, dear little Riley.” Emily sighs. “You can’t win with me.” The brunette slowly moves into Riley with a sneer painted across her face. She comes right up to the blonde and pushes in tit to tit, forehead to forehead. Riley finds herself having to push back. “You can feel it, I can feel it. There’s no winning for you.” The brunette hisses.

“I don’t see or feel anything that I should be afraid of, bitch!” the blonde does a good job of hiding the pain as she snarls into Emily’s face and pushes back.

The brunette’s arms wrap around the blonde’s body and she gives the girl a hard squeeze. She starts flexing her tits into the blonde. “Let me just give you a better feel of what you’re up against. You might change your mind.” Emily hisses.

Riley replies by wrapping her own arms around the brunette, pulling the other girl into her body. “This intimidating little tactic doesn’t scare me, bitch!”

For long minutes the two hot, short-skirted girls simply hold, squeeze, and flex against each other body to body. They stare wickedly into each other’s eyes as they measure every square inch of their bodies against one another.

“Come on blondie, I know you can feel it.” Emily hisses and increases the squeeze and muscle flex she has on the blonde. Her smooth muscular legs start to wrap around Riley’s. “Feel my strength, my sexuality, my womanliness overpowering yours. Everything about me is better, you don’t stand a chance.” The brunette is literally speaking the words into Riley’s mouth.

If college life had taught Riley anything it was woman to woman confrontation. But even before that Riley figured it out early. A lot could be answered between two girls when they become lock together just as she and Emily were doing at this very minute. Many fights never happen because one girl’s entireness ends up yielding to the other girl. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it can be drawn out into a stumbling grind. Sometimes it takes more, a lot more.

“I have to say I’m feeling quite the opposite, bitch!” the blonde snaps her jaw out, striking it against Emily’s. Her legs snake their way into the brunette’s as the two women work themselves into an even tighter embrace

“Why did you come here, bitch?” Emily spits the words across the blonde’s lip. “Now I feel obligated to tear you apart.”

“I came here to kick your fucking ass!” Riley spits back. “I can either dish it out now or we can arrange a fight……, let say you and your pathetic boyfriend against Brad and I.”

Emily’s eyes got big. “Oh my god how cute….., a couple verses couple fight, you are full of surprises aren’t you?”

“And when we get done kicking your asses you’re going to pay for my fucking car, bitch!” Riley spat into the brunette’s mouth.

“Oh my god this is great….., I guess it would be just like I was back in high school.” The brunette was locked in her own little world now. “I could even wear my old cheerleading uniform to cheer on my man as I’m ripping you apart at the same time.”

“We’re no longer in high school, slut.” Riley states “It’s a lot more dangerous out in the real world.”

“Oh and I wouldn’t want it any other way, my little Riley.” Emily replies.

“Stop calling me that, bitch! So I take it you’ll fight?” shouts the blonde.

“Oh yes, just name the place and time, my little slut!”

“Tomorrow night my old high school gym.”

“Your high school Gym?” Emily responds with surprise.

“No one will know….., no one else will be there.” Riley states. “And we can finally answer the question, Brad or Kyle?”

“More importantly……., Emily or Riley?” The brunette snickers while studying the blonde’s eyes deep and hard. “You’re on, Riley Whitman.”

“8:00 PM, I’m sure you can find the place.” The blonde replied.

Emily unexpectedly reaches up and grabs the back of Riley’s head. “Fine bitch, now how about we seal our agreement with alittle catfight kiss!” She pulls the blonde’s face into her own and rams her wet tongue into Riley’s mouth.

The blonde was completely taken by surprise as the Emily’s wet tongue jammed its way into the back of her throat. She nearly gagged before her thought processingkicked in telling her to fight back. ‘I’m not about to be intimidated by this bitch!’ she thinks to herself and then rams her own tongue back into the brunette’s mouth. The two girls tightened their arms and legs, pulling each other into a forceful kiss.

Pulling on the back of each other’s head they smashed their hate filled faces and mouths together while their eyes remained wide open and locked together.

Maddie and the waitress looked on in amazement as the two short skirted, high heeled girls crushed each other in one of the most violent,hair pulling kisses they had ever witnessed. Their own bodies were tangled up and rubbing together as each tried to control the other, their breathing short and heavy. “Choke that bitch out Emily!” The waitress yells out.

Maddie’s mind is reeling from what she is seeing and feeling as she clutches the redheaded waitress tight. “Get her Riley, crush the shit out of her!” she finds herself shouting out.

Their continued cheers seem to intensify the fighting women and it even causes Maddie and the waitress to tighten of their own embrace until they are literally watching the fight cheek to cheek.

Suddenly the restaurant bell rings and clacks loudly with the opening of the café’s door. The redheaded waitress fights the desire to continue watching the fight. “ Emily!” she manages to shout out.

Just as the two women pull their faces out of the kiss, in walks a large group of people. Riley and Emily continue to hold onto one another, a string of saliva connects their lower lips as they glare hatefully into each other’s eyes. Their mouths were smeared with each other’s lipstick and their chins were literally dripping with each other’s mixed spit.

“I might be wrong about you Riley, you might just put up a pretty good fight after all.” Emily suggests as the two girls remain tightly entwined.

“Oh I’m going to give you a fight you’ll never forget!” Riley snarled into the brunette’s face.

“Promise me!” Emily begged.

“It’s a promise!” Riley replied and the two girls gave each other one last sloppy kiss before they slowly and painstakingly untangled their bodies from one another. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, slut.”

Chapter 8

Did That Just Happen

“Oh my fucking god, what was that all about?” Maddie shouts out as the two girls climb into Maddie’s car.

“I guess you could say that was the start of our war.” Riley replied.

“Holy shit that was fucking wicked, the two of you….I mean the way you…..” Maddie stuttered as she started the engine and put the car in gear.

Riley pulled the mirror down on the visor and looked at herself, her mouth smeared with two different colors of lipstick and still wet with hers and Emily’s mixed saliva. She was about to wipe it off but suddenly felt turned on by the fact that she was actually wearing the brunette’s spit and paint like a battle scar. She could still taste the other girl’s sweetness in her mouth. It angered her that Emily’s kiss tasted so sweet and she wondered if her own saliva tasted as sweet to Emily.

The two girls adrenaline was high and they couldn’t stop talking about what had just happened, but then suddenly the tone of their conversation changed, “Promise me you’ll be careful.” Maddie pleaded.

“Careful…, how am I supposed to be careful in a fight?” The blonde questioned.

“It’s just that she seems to be a pretty tough girl and I don’t want to see you get seriously hurt.” Maddie spoke with concern.

Riley looked into the redhead’s unease eyes, “Maddie I love you! You’ve been such a good friend to me. Please don’t worry. Trust me. I can hold my own and then some.”

After reassuring Maddie, Riley figured she better let Brad know as soon as possible. She had the redhead drop her off at his apartment on the way home. Riley barged in without even knocking and she found Brad kicked back on the sofa with his laptop computer. “What’s up with your mouth?” Brad asked as the blonde stood over him.

“Emily Clark and I were just locked together in a catfight kiss!” She Riley spouts off.

“What?” Brad asked.

“It was to seal our agreement.” Riley responded.

“What agreement?”

“So what are you doing here?” The blonde notices Brad covering up his crotch area with his laptop. She reaches down pulls it from his lap to reveal a raging hard on. “Really Brad, again!”

Riley quickly jumps into his lap and straddles his hard cock. She takes the laptop and opens it. The look on her face quickly turns to anger as she sees Emily’s profile on the screen. “What in the hell is this!” The blonde growls.

“I can explain!” he cries out. “I was just comparing the two of you. See I have your profile minimized right here.” Brad points down to show Riley her page.

The blonde starts to open some of the other browser windows he has minimized and finds several pics of Emily and herself. “Is this what’s gotten you all hard, comparing me to this bitch?”

“Well I, I…..” Brad stutters.

“So which one of us is hotter?” Riley anger builds as she starts gyrating her panty covered crotch into his rock hard shaft.

“Oh you are babe!” Brad groans out.

“Yeah…., well tell me which one of us you would rather fuck?” She continues to sway her hips.

“You for sure!” he replies.

“Oh don’t fucking lie to me!” Riley digs her nails into his chest. “You really want to compare us? Compare us together in real life? Measure us against each other? Is that what it is, huh?”

“OOOHHHH……” Brad moans and his cock flexes.

“What about a fight?” Riley digs in tighter. “What to see us fight each other?”

“Oh shhhhit…” Brad replies as his cock continues to throb.

“Well you’re going to see it, tomorrow night!” The blonde informs.


“Emily and I have made arrangements to fight each other in our old high school gymnasium.” Riley pauses. “However she and I are not the only ones that are going to fight.”


“You and Kyle Park are going to fight each other at the same time.” The blonde felt Brad’s cock give off a strong flex.

“You want to see me fight?” asked Brad.

“Yes, just like old times, but even better.” Riley sneered. “I want you to ground and pound Kyle MMA style.”

Once again Brad give his answer by flexing his cock twice. “This is really going to happen?” he asks.

“Emily and I have sealed our agreement with a catfight kiss.” The blonde states.

“A catfight kiss?” Brad looks up puzzled.

“It’s what you see right now smeared across my mouth right now.” Riley puckered her lips. “Want to taste it?”

The blonde didn’t even wait for an answer as she dropped down and plunged her tongue into Brad’s mouth.

Chapter 9

All This Talk Has Gotten Me Hot

Not long after Riley and Maddie left the scene at the restaurant Kyle showed up to pick up Emily. “My god, I haven’t seen this in a while.” The dark haired man refers to Emily’s mouth as he looks down and pinches her chin.

“I’ve been saving it for you.” She reaches up and pulls his mouth in to a deep ramming tongue kiss.

The kiss grows more aggressive by the second until the two finally pop apart. “Tastes like a catfight.” Kyle states and grips her tightly. ”I take it you had another encounter with Riley.”

“Yes, get this! The slut has challenged us to a fight. Both you and I against her and Brad Wilson.”

“Brad Wilson, wow really…..when?”

“Tomorrow night at their old high school gymnasium.”

“On their turf eh?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t scare me. I’ll fuck her up and all her friends.” Emily sneered,

“We are really going to do this?” Brad asks with surprise.

“Or course we are, what are you scared, you big pussy?”

“Not at all babe….. let’s take them on.” Brad replies as he hugs as squeezes the brunette.

“Look, all this talk about fighting has gotten me hot as hell. Let’s get out of here and go find someplace where we can fuck!” Emily snarls into Kyle’s ear.

That was all it took as the couple made a mad dash out to the parking lot and jumped into Kyle’s 68 Mustang GT. Emily turns on the music just as Bad Company’s BurningSky starts to play.

“Woohoo, let’s fucking do it! Yeahhhhhh! Emily screams out loud and cranks the music to ten.

Kyle knows this enthusiasm can only mean one thing. He pulls the car back out of the parking space and then edges up to the highway. Looking both ways he then slams his foot onto the accelerator and drops the clutch. The roar of the 428 cubic inch engine and the spinning tires of the mustang rattle the windows of the café and resonate up and down the highway at ear piercing decibels. The spinning force of the rear tires is so great that it lifts the car as it peels away 10,000 miles worth of rubber in a matter of seconds. The Mustang creates two thick rubber burn marks down the highway.

As he shifts into second gear Emily’s head is thrown back into her seat as the car continues to smoke the tires. The roar and vibration reach deep into the core of her cunt and give her a nearly orgasmic experience. Her screams could barely be heard over the engine, tires, and blaring music. Third gear and yet another head slam while the tires continue to leave a trail of smoke down the highway. Into four gear they top 120 miles per hour in just under 11 seconds before Kyle pulls back on the throttle. “Whoa!!!”

“Oh my fucking god!!!” Emily screams out. “I think I just came all over myself.”

The brunette pulls off her seat belt and crawls over to Kyle and starts to massage his chest and groin. His member immediately jumps to attention. She forces a wet kiss on him as he struggles to keep the car on the road.

“Faster baby!” She snarls in his ear and starts to unbutton his jeans. Kyle gives the car a little more gas as Emily pulls out his cock. She starts to stoke him.

“Faster!” she shouts out over the top of music and plops her mouth down onto his cock. It causes Kyle’s foot to push harder on the accelerator. The car passing over 90 mph.

Emily comes up and looks Kyle in the eye. The snarling look on her face has Kyle melting in his seat. Her piercing green “fuck me” eyes gaze heavily into his own. Her long thick dark hair hanging down, framing her face perfectly as trickle of saliva runs out of the corner of her mouth. The music, the speed, and the woman.

“Faster!” she yells out and falls back down onto his shaft; sucking, licking, and biting. The mustang now crossing 120 mph. The brunette comes back up again with a trial of spit hanging from her lips to the tip of Kyle’s cock.

“FASTER!” She screams out and pushes Kyle’s knee into the throttle. The car now at 140 Mph. In between the seats and up on her knees, Emily’s hips are gyrating like she being fucked from behind. She falls back down sucking away at Kyles cock.

At this point the slightestwrong move would send the car out of control and there would be nothing left to bury. The car hits the 160 MPH mark and Kyle’s cock explodes, shooting his sperm all across Emily’s face and mouth. His foot comes off the accelerator as the brunette laps up his cum. The car had barely come down under 100 mph when Emily became so horny that she couldn’t control herself. She reaches down and pulls her panties off to the side and jumps into Kyles lap. The move causes the car to swerve. Kyle has to fight to keep the car on the road. Sliding back and forth he is unable to keep from over correcting and the car goes into a spin. Luckily they slide right down the middle of the road and come to a stop sideways across the center line of the two lane highway.

With the music blaring the two of them proceed to fuck each other’s brains out in the front seat of the Mustang. Emily is gyrating and rocking on top of Kyle’s rock hard cock so hard and fast, it looks like she’s trying to rip it right off of him. For several minutes the two of them go at it. Their exertion causes them to break out in a sweat. The moisture of their thrashing bodies starts to steam up the windows. Several passersby blare their horns or slow way down trying to get a look inside. The palm of a hand sliding down a fogged up window gives one viewer an idea on what’s going on inside.

Chapter 10

It was mid morning when Riley finally woke and peeled her sex coated body away from Brad. The first thing to pop into her head was “Catfight”. As she laid there for a moment she started to plan the day. First thing was to sustain from having anymore sex, which she knows is going to be next to impossible if her and Brad don’t stop talking about fighting with Emily and Kyle.

She realizes the anxiety of the fight is going to have her literally squirming all day long and wet with anticipation. She knew Emily wasn’t going to be like any fight she had ever been in. The blonde had felt the brunette’s power and even got a good feel of her sexuality. She would never admit it openly but if there was ever another woman to beat her, Emily was that woman.

Riley would spend the day getting ready. Her first thought was to hit the gym, work out with some weights and do some cardio. After kicking away at Brad several times, she finally convinced him to get moving. The two of them spent nearly two hours at the gym before Brad dropped Riley off at her house. The blonde went to work on herself; showering, primping, and polishing herself from head all the way down to her pinkie toe. She remembered Emily saying something about wearing her old high school cheerleading uniform. After spending nearly thirty minutes looking for it, she finally found her skimpy little red and white cheerleading outfit in the attic.

With a red bra and panty set she slipped on the uniform and admired herself in front of the mirror. “Lot of memories in this uniform.” She started kicking, spinning and turning while shouting out her old cheers. It surprised her how easily she still remembered most of their routines.

Hours had passed since Brad had dropped her off. She figured it was time to head back to his place, check up on him and see if he was ready. Jumping in another one of the family cars she took the quick 10 minute trip over to his apartment.

She found him out of the shower and dressing. “Hey look at you…., just like old times.” The man states with excitement.

“Hold on one second!” the blonde shouts, stopping her boyfriend from dressing. Moving over to his dresser she pulls open a drawer. After digging through it she pulls out a red Speedo and shoots it off like a rubber band in Brad’s direction.

“What……, really?” He replies.

“If I know that bitch like I think I do.” Riley simply states.

Brad takes the speedo, steps into it and pulls it up over his package. His bulge is clearly defined through the nylon like material. “Oh yes!” Riley moves over to his muscular frame and starts to massage his cock through the tight garment. “Are you ready to fight?” she snarls up at his face. His cock instantly becomes hard, stretching out the tiny swim trunks to the limit. The two of the end up nearly going at it right then and there until Riley finally finds the willpower to stop. “Hold on big guy….we’ve got to get going.” Backing away, Brad slips on a pair of basketball shorts on over the speedo and pulls on a tank top. The two of them jumped into his 69 Camaro and head off to their old high school.

They arrive shortly after and make their way from the parking lot up to the gymnasium. Riley’s uncle just so happens to be the building engineer for the school district. She actually talked him out of a key years ago. They let themselves in and find the light switches, turning on only the ones to illuminate the wrestling mat. It seems they didn’t have to wait long before they heard the roar of a V8 engine pulling up outside.

Chapter 11
The Fight

Brantley GilbertsTake It Outside was blaring out the windows of Kyle’s mustang as it came to a screeching halt right next to Brad’s Camaro. “Are you ready to do this?” Kyle asks as he looks over at the brunette.

Emily reaches across the seat and pulls him into a deep tongue plunging kiss. “What’s there to be ready for?” The confident girl then opens the door and jumps out of the car. The little blue and white cheerleading skirt she’s wearing starts flopping up and down as she trots her way up to the gymnasium door with Kyle following close behind. “Just like old times!” she states and opens the door.

Once inside they seem energized by the illuminated wrestling mat in the seemingly dark gymnasium. Brad and Riley are standing center stage. With no hesitation Emily briskly walks across the floor, making a beeline directly towards the Riley. Once she steps onto the mat, Riley charges towards the oncoming brunette. The two former high school cheerleaders come together and start pushing and shoving each other around the wrestling mat.

“Bitch you better have an ambulance on standby. Once I’m finished with you you’re going to need it.” Riley pushes the brunette.

“You better have the coroner on standby, slut. Because you won’t be breathing once we leave here.” Emily threatens.

“You fucked my boyfriend, you fucked up my car, and now I’m going to fuck you up!” Riley screams while pushing and even taking a few swings at the brunette.

“Wait, what the fuck did she just say?” Kyle’s voice suddenly rings out loud.

Riley looks over and sees the surprised look on Kyle’s face. “Whoa……, he doesn’t know. Does he?” the blonde questions. “Oh my god…., your skanky girlfriend fucked my boyfriend.” Riley shouts out then she suddenly realizes she may have just thrown Brad under the bus. ‘Well he better be ready for a fight.’ She thinks to herself. ‘The fucker should have kept his dick in his pants.’

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Kyle’s anger grows. His muscles tighten. He rips off his t-shirt and pulls down his shorts revealing a nearly hairless muscular body while wearing a tight blue Speedo. As he kicks off his shoes his entire body tenses up and flexes. “Did you fuck my girlfriend?” Kyle shouts out while pointing at Brad.

“You need to keep that bitch on a leash!” Brad shouts back and quickly pulls off his own shirt and shorts.

“Answer my question, asshole!” Kyle snaps out and starts to walk over to Brad.

Brad rushes forward and the two men smack together forehead to forehead, chest to chest. They start snarling into each other’s faces while pushing into one another.

“Well shit head…., did you FUCK my girlfriend?” Kyle emphasizes the word “FUCK” with a thrust of his groin straight into Brad’s.

“Why don’t you ask her if we FUCKED?” Brad came right back with a groin thrust of his own that resulted in the two of them now having their bulging packages smashing into each other.

Now with the full length of their bodies pressing together the two men pushed harder. “I’ll ask you again….., did you FUCK Emily?” This time Kyle drove his hardening lycra covered cock up and into Brad so hard that it lifted him up and set him back a couple of steps.

The two men were chin to chin, glaring down their noses at one another. Their fists were balled up and hanging down at their sides. “Yes I FUCKED her!” Brad finally admitted and shoved forward, lifting Kyle and setting him back just as he had done to him.

A look of rage came across Kyle’s face, every muscle in his body tightening by the second. He pushed in harder against Brad and the light haired man pushed right back into him, his own defensive rage building.

Their muscular bodies started to shudder and tremble from the increasing pressure, chin to chin, chest to chest, and now rock hard cock to rock hard cock. The girls standing near them could sense an oncoming explosion.

Emily was looking almost giddy knowing that her infidelity had led to this man to man standoff. Having two men that she had fucked pushing into each other cock to cock and getting ready pound one another into the ground, gave the brunette the feeling of have great sexual power. She was almost certain she could see their rock hard shafts pulsating against one another through their speedos and imagined having both cocks inside herself at the same time, throbbing as she crushed them together with her vaginal muscles.

“FIGHT!” Emily yells out.

Kyle suddenly explodes in a series of punches, pushing Brad back and striking him repeatedly.

“Fight Him!” Riley screams.

Brad falls to the ground and uses Kyle’s forward momentum to fling the man over the top of himself. He quickly jumps up and charges forward, swinging and punching away at a now retreating Kyle.

On the defense Kyle drops to one knee and finds a clear shot into Brad’s stomach. He gut punches Riley’s boyfriend so hard it stops him in his tracks. As he comes up off his knee he throws an upper cut right into Brad’s jaw, knocking the light haired man to the ground. First blood is drawn as it splatters across the mat.

A little dazed Brad kicks to keep Kyle from mounting a ground and pound but the dark haired man manages to get in between his legs and starts punching away. With their legs tangled up Brad manages to pull one of the dark haired man’s legs out from under him and this causes his body to fall off to the side. Brad keeps the momentum going and ends up on top. As their legs tangle further into each other the two men find themselves again cock to cock. Kyle immediately bridges up in an attempt to dislodge Brad. The light haired man uses their tangled legs as leverage to lift his upper body up and starts to rain punches down into Kyle’s face and body. From below Kyle does his best to block the punches as well as deliver a few of his own. From the advantage point Brad manages to get in a powerful punch to the side of his head and it splits open the skin right above the eye. Another one was quickly delivered and it splits open Kyles lip.

Kyle starts thrusting his groin into Brad in hopes to dislodge the other fighter. “You really wanna go there!” Brad yells out and starts to thrust his entire weight into Kyle. Their cocks painfully crush together as the two men continue to trade punches.

“That’s it Brad, punch his face in!” Riley screams out.

“Come on Kyle kick that mother fuckers ass!” Emily shouts.

The two girls were going absolutely crazy as they watch their men fight it out; yelling and screaming, hissing and growling. Emily makes a move to jump on Brads back but is quickly thwarted off by Riley. The two of them latch onto each other and go into a spin. They end up flying apart only to come at each other with fists flying. The two women proceed to rain punches down on each other. They look like a couple of windmills as a fury of girl fists fly through the air. Most of their strikes end up hitting each other with the palm side of their closed fists, although a few straight on knuckle punches managed to make contact here and there.

Kyle now manages to escape the bottom position. He suddenly drops his hips and twists his body, pulling himself out of the leg tangle. Once again the two men were on their feet trading punches. Back and forth the men fist fight, each one becoming a little more bruised and bloodied with each exchange. The two men would slam together fist to fist then pull apart, slam together fist to fist then pull apart; several punches were exchanged with each encounter. This went on for some time until it eventually became apparent that Brad was losing ground as he was slowly forced back with each fist to fist clash.

Riley was swinging away wildly as she charged forward. Emily took her on rushing forward with her own fierce swings. The two of them ended up slamming together face to face as their fists and claws went to work on each other’s backs and hair. Claws and fists ripped and pounded away at anything and everything they could get at. Their scratched up faces where pressed together, spitting and glaring at each other with angry hate. Cheerleading tops had been stretch out and were being pulled over the tops of each other’ heads. The two of them ended up failing to the ground in a tangled mess.

Brad suddenly lost his footing and went down on his back. Kyle charged forward, tripped and landed directly on top of the lighter haired man’s body. Brad quickly went into wrestling mode by tangle himself up with Kyle’s body. The dark haired man went to pull himself up and quickly found himself trapped. Brad used that millisecond of time to thrust up and twist his and Kyle’s bodies around until he was now in the top position thrusting down once again.

“This is how it ends for you.” Brad sneered into his rivals face. “Me crushing the shit out of you!”

“Ha,I don’t think so asshole!” Kyle laughed and snakes his arms and legs into Brad, creating a locking forward facing grapevine. With a gut wrenching squeeze Kyle compresses every muscle in his body until he’s completely constricting Brad’s movement. Brads has never felt crushing pressure like he was receiving now. His only choice was to squeeze back and the two men entered into a compression squeeze like neither had ever been in before.

Every muscle in their bodies were wrenching and crushing together as the two men continued to compact themselves tighter and tighter together. Lycra covered cocks were threatening to completely flatten out against each other. The crushing contact had the two men thrusting and jerking each other’s bodies around, flipping each other back and forth, over and over. First Brad was on top, then Kyle.

It became an obvious cockfight as they started to mash and grind their pelvises into one another. Their 8 inch rock hard cocks started to slip and slide inside their tight Speedo’s. Eventually they slipped out and the crotches of their Speedos started to get all tangled up and twisted around their fighting cocks, actually tying them together.

It was a fistfight turned fuckfight as the two men entwined themselves into a tight crushing knot. They panted and growled into each other’s faces. It seemed Brad was spending more time on his back then he was on the top grinding down. Anyone judging this fight up to this point would have given the win to Kyle. At this point Brad looks over to see Riley and Emily locked together in a similar position.

They two of them were half naked rolling back and forth across the wrestling mat, punching and clawing away at each other. They came to a stop with Emily on top. They were in a position where Brad could see right between their legs. The front of their skirts were hiked up and they were crushing together panty to panty. He watched the two girls grind and crush their soaking wet panty covered cunts together. The friction was so great it rolled and knotted the crotch of their red and blue panties together. At times the entwined fabric was wedged between their wet swollen pussy lips, other times it was pushed off to the side and that enabled the two girls to mash and suck their bare cunts together.

Kyle must have notice too because the fighting between the two men seem to pause, yet they remained in a tight squeeze, throbbing cock against throbbing cock.

“Those two cunts are fighting each other for the right to fuck my cock!” Kyle snarls.

“Fuck you, my cock has already been inside both those cunts!” Brad growls back and that sends Kyle into another explosion outburst. He starts thrusting and jerking Brad’s body around like he’s a rag doll. The blonde haired man simply rides Kyle’s body like he’s riding a wild bull, every now and then he uses his momentum to thrust and twist Kyle around to his advantage.

Emily and Riley were completely knotted up in their own thrashing fight. It almost appeared abnormal the way their bodies were twisted and tangled together, all the way from their toes to their smashed together faces; each one had completely trapped the other’s ability to use their feet, fists, and claws. It became a contest to crush and squeeze the life from one another.

The two pairs of fighters continued to thrash back and forth across the wrestling mats, even rolling and smashing into one another on occasion. The two pairs suddenly found themselves face to face with their fighting partners. The four of them laid there for a moment, cheek to cheek with their rivals while staring across at their mates, breathing and panting heavily. Emily was on top of Riley and Kyle was on top of Brad. .

“Oh my god, crush the shit out of him Kyle!” Emily yells out, panting heavily at the sight of the two men crushed together.

“Ah fuck, break that motherfucker!” Riley shouts.

There was a little shifting and grunting as the two pairs held each other in check.

“Come on babe, crush her!” Brad snarls.

“Fuck that, get her Emily!” Kyle growls.

The sight of their partners all tangle up and crushing against their rivals had the four of them slowly shifting and grinding against each other. It became quite apparent by the looks on their faces that they were all going to go over the edge. As they stared into the fighting faces of their mates, their bodies started to shake and convulse. They started yelling out threats and obscenities.

“Fuck you!”
“Cock Sucker!”
As their bodies tightened into a nearly bone breaking squeeze the four of them exploded in an earth shaking orgasm Their sex organs continued to pump and blast hot cum into each other for nearly a minute straight. Riley and Emily completely drenched each other’s panty tangled crotches, while Brad and Kyle flooded their intersecting abs with several ounces of thick man sperm. The four of them slowly came down and there seemed to be brief pause in their struggle.

“Oh you soaking wet little bitch, you really like this, don’t you?” Emily gyrates her hips into the blonde.

“You’re the one getting off on it, slut!” Riley churns her wet cunt into the brunette’s.

The hissing and grunting coming from Brad and Kyle catch Riley’s and Emily’s attention. They look over to see the two men snarling into each other’s faces while their hips rotate into one another.

“That’s it babe…, take him down now.” Emily shouts out. “He probably can’t last more than once anyway, so crush him!”

“Show him how long a real man can last Brad.” Riley responds.

Neither man appeared to be losing their hardness. The girls shouting out their words of encouragement have the two men grinding harder into one another; their rock hard cocks sliding up and down against each other in a tangled knot of sperm soaked lycra. Kyle lifts his upper body forcing more of his weight into the cock to cock grind. Brad gladly accepts this added pressure and starts to bridge up underneath Kyle. The two men clasp their hands together by interlacing their fingers. Kyle starts thrusting down, trying to break Brad’s bridge while Brad continues to match thrust for thrust.

The fight between the two girls is also intensifying. Arms and legs are wrapped around each other “I’ll break you, you fucking bitch. “Emily snarls and she tightens the hair pull that she has on the blonde girl.

“Fuck you cunt, I’ll crack your cunt in half bitch!” Riley pulled the brunette’s face into her own while smashing her pubic bone into the other girl. The two nearly nude girls start rolling around thrusting into one another in a tangled mass of arms and legs.

Kyle suddenly lowers himself and then pushes off like he’s doing a pushup. Brads arms are still locked straight out holding Kyle up. Kyle lowers himself again, getting as low as he can. “I’m going to break your mother fucking cock so you’ll never be able to fuck a pussy again!” Kyle snarls down into Brad’s face.

Brad then lowers his own arms, bringing Kyle right down nose to nose with him. “You’re the one that won’t be able to fuck pussy once my cock breaks your cock in half!” He growls back into Kyle’s face.

Kyle tightens his legs around Brad’s. “You really think you can out fuck my cock, bitch?”Kyle suddenly pushes off only to come right back down into Brad’s face.“Let’s have a cockfight fuckfight!”

In an awesome display of muscle Kyle pushes off again and again, coming right back down into Brad’s face each time. With each push Kyle would thrust his cock into Brad’s. He was actually pushing him across the wrestling mat.

As Kyle comes down for another push up Brad snarls into his face, “You want to fuckfight…., I’ll give you a fuckfight!” Just as Kyle pushes himself up Brad explodes and pushes at the same time. The force of both men pushing against each other at the same time throws Kyle back and it miraculously props both men up and into a standing position. With their hands still clasped together and their legs still locked, both men find themselves nose to nose on equal footing.

Now it quickly becomes a test of strength as both men push and thrust with constant pressure in an attempt to bend the other one over onto his back. The two men snarl and hiss into each other’s faces. At the moment they find themselves completely and totally dead lock.

Emily notices the two men struggling against one another, “Now we’re going to see whose man is stronger.” The brunette and the blonde push away from one another and jump to their feet. The two of them quickly surround themselves around the two battling men.

“That’s it Brad, push him over!” Riley yells out.

“Fuck that! Break him down Kyle!” Emily shouts.

Muscle to muscle the two men continued to take each other on. Their hands clasped together, groins thrust into one another while they stood nose to nose, the looks on their faces straining with angry hate. There was hardly any movement as they poured every bit of strength they had directly against one another. Seconds turned into minutes. The girls were practically hugging the two men on either side, both in complete awe as they watched two speedo tangled cocks crushing and compacting together in a battle of hardness against hardness.

“Fucking break him Kyle….., crush the shit out of him!” Emily shouts.

“That’s it Brad…., get him. Put that fucker on his back and crush his cock with your cock!” Riley responds, gritting her teeth and snarling.

“Don’t listen to that bitch, babe……., break his fucking hardness with yours!” Emily yells out.

Emily’s and Riley’s hands are on the men’s asses, trying to force them into a tighter cock to cock crush. The girls’ words and actions have the two men doubling their efforts to crush each other muscle to muscle. Their efforts become so strenuous that it has the four of them stumbling around the wrestling mats;the girls cheering and chanting, practically latched onto the two muscle fighting men.

This test of strength seemed to go on and on until finally one man started to slowly over power the other, gradually one man bending over the other man. The women screaming, one in offense the other in defense.

“That’s it get him Kyle, take him down!” Emily yells out.

“Fight back Brad, you can do it!” Riley shouts but her words of encouragement fall flat as Kyle slowly but surely starts to push and bend her boyfriend over.

“Fuck yeah Kyle, put him on his back, break his cock!” Emily shouts.

“God damn it Brad fight back….., FIGHT!” Riley screams

Riley’s watches as her boyfriend eventually falls over onto his back with Kyle mounting him, beating him slowly, muscle against muscle and cock against cock.

“See bitch, my Kyle is stronger and a better fuck then your pathetic weak boyfriend!” Emily comes over and snickers right into Riley’s face.

The blonde explodes with anger and she launches into the brunette with a series of swinging arms and legs. Emily retaliates and comes right back at her with her own fists and feet, the two of them now fighting against each other harder than ever. Black eyes, bloody noses and swollen lips are inevitable. Neither girl has ever been in a fight of this caliber. They cause such a commotion that the men can’t help but be distracted from their own struggle as their heads turn to take in the fight.

“Catfight!” Kyle growls as he pushes and grinds his rock hard cock into Brad’s. Hearing Kyle’s simple yet descriptive account of the fight in front of them has Brad pushing and grinding back.

The two girls are a whirlwind of arms and legs, literally beating the shit out of each other. Grunting, gasping, and the smacking of girl flesh ringing throughout the gymnasium, while neither one gaining any advantage over the other.

But suddenly the girlfight seemed over just as quickly as it started. The timing couldn’t have been any worse for Riley as she charged forward only to walk straight into a punch delivered by Emily. The blow knocked her to the ground and nearly knocked her out. Brad quickly responded in an attempt to assist Riley. He was punching and thrusting away at Kyle, trying to escape. But the dark haired man wasn’t about to lose his advantage so the fight between the two men now escalated with fists once again pounding away at one another while they remained leg locked together cock to cock.

As the fight between the two men wages on, Kyle ends up practically beating Brad unconscious.. The only thing that saves him from a complete knock out was being able to lock hands once again with Kyle. He squeezed the finger lock hold with everything he had in order to keep Kyle’s fist at bay.

Emily quickly jumped on top of the blonde. She cocked her fist back and snarled, “I could easily end this right here and now bitch, but first I think I’ll take pleasure in humiliating you in front of our men.” Emily reached down and stripped off what was remaining of the blonde’s panties. She stripped what was left of her own under garments and straddled herself between Riley’s legs. “Bitch, I’m going to give you a real woman to woman lesson.”

As Brad and Kyle remain locked together in their cockfight, the brunette started in on a pussy to pussy assault against Riley. The blonde’s strength to fight back has been knocked out of her yet she still has some strength left to stir her hips back into Emily.

Brad and Riley suddenly find themselves on the losing end of this couples fight. This cock to cock and cunt to cunt assault continues until Riley can be heard screaming out in a painful orgasm. “That’s it bitch give it to me, you’re fucking finished!” Emily shouts out as the blonde’s cunt injects its juice into the brunette’s sucking cunt. The sights and sounds of his girlfriends sexual assault has Brad going over the edge himself. His cock pulsating against Kyle’s as it shoots out thick stringy wads of cum onto his and Kyle’s abs and chests.

“You two are finished!” Emily yells out as her and Kyle continue to sexually batter the other couple.

Brad’s cock starts to soften and is now getting crushed by Kyle’s rock hard shaft. “What’ the matter princess boy, you’re only good for two!” Suddenly the dark haired man starts cumming himself, shooting a huge load of his own thick stringy ropes that mixed with and practically washed away Brad’s cum. After a long pulsating delivery Kyle lowers his chest down onto Brad’s, smearing their blended man cum between them.

With their legs still grapevine together and their hands finger locked, Kyle went chin to chin with Brad and snarled in his face. “You’re beaten, queer boy!” Kyle tightens his muscles, pushes Brad’s head to the mat and pins the backs of his hands while he stretches out the light haired man underneath him. Now locked together in a forward facing grapevine, Kyle’s cock remained rock hard while it crushes Brad’s soft, flaccid cock.

As Emily’s cunt continued to eat away at Riley’s withering pussy she turned to watch her man completely humiliate the blonde’s boyfriend. Seeing this sent the brunette into her own screaming orgasm. Her finger nails start digging into and raking across Riley’s tits as she forces her cunt into a tight suction against the blonde’s wet pussy. Her body started flailing and thrashing like a crazed maniac as she pushed and unleashed an enormous amount of girl fluid deep into Riley’s beaten cunt.

As Emily’s orgasm subsided, she bent down and forced Riley into a deep tongue ramming kiss, forcing spit and saliva deep into the choking girl’s mouth. A deep hollow suction noise was heard as Emily finally popped her cunt away from Riley’s. She stood up over the beaten blonde and held her foot right next to her face. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just kick your face in, bitch!”

The weak and battered blonde still dazed from Emily’s knockout punch managed to look up and said, “I’m not done fighting you…, you fucking whore!”

“Oh my god you certainly are a surprise. I’m really starting to like you, my little Riley.” The brunette panted. “Just because no girl has ever been so determined to beat me I will spare your face……, at least for now. If and when we ever fight again you might not be so lucky.”

Emily walked over to Kyle as he was untangling himself from Brad. “Now it’s time for the winning cock and the winning cunt to fuck each other.” The brunette stated as she wrapped her arms around her man. Kyle’s shaft was still standing straight up and as hard as a rock. He quickly grabbed Emily around the rib cage, lifted her up and impaled his 8 inch steel rod into her sopping wet cunt. “Let’s show them how it done, babe.” Emily husked and growled into her man’s face. She wrapped her legs around his waist and raked her finger nails across his back.

The two of them proceeded to fuck like wild animals. They started out in a standing jack-hammer fuck then hit the floor rolling back and forth, shoving and thrusting into one another as if they were fucking in some kind of sporting event. Riley and Brad were completely out of it, neither one having the energy to get up let alone start another fight. Brad had moved over and was giving comfort to a still dazed and confused Riley.

Right in front of them the winning cock was fucking the winning cunt.

“Come on babe let’s do this!” Emily hissed and snarled as she neared orgasm.

“Fuck yeah, let’s do it!” Kyle growled.

“The winning cock and the winning cunt!”

“Fuck yes……, my cock beat his cock!”

“Fuck me……, my cunt beat hear cunt!”


The two were so in tune with one another that they blasted into a simultaneous orgasm. “FUUUCCCKKKKK YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS OOOWOEEEE!” Screaming and thrashing like wild animals.

Like a pellet gun Kyle fired thick gooey wads of cum deep inside Emily’s vagina canal while the brunette’s cunt muscles contracted and sucked, pulling his sperm into the deep depths of her uterus. After a few minutes of pulsating, contracting and churning into one another the two of them separated, a slick fuck coated cock pulled out of a gushing wet cunt. Strings of fuck slime were hanging between them.

Emily walked over to Riley, her cunt dripping juice across the wrestling mat. “Let me know if you every want to fight me again, I love a good catfight.” The brunette snarled. She then managed to kick Brad away just enough for her to squat down on Riley’s face, smearing her freshly fuck cunt all over the blonde’s face. The brunette pulled up just in time to escape being bitten by the angry girl.

Emily collected all of Brad and Riley’s clothing, include Brad’s cum soaked speedo and Riley’s saturated cheer panties. As Emily walked away she turned back, “It’s been a pleasure kicking your asses. Have fun making your way home, ha ha ha ha .”

The End

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