Part-Time Work by JB57

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Additional Credit

This story is an adaptation and expansion of an earlier story by Whistler.

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Part I

Kristina surveyed the calm water. She was about a half mile offshore, a good place to set up for the night. Kristina slowly stood up and stretched her magnificent body. She raised her arms above her head, arching her back and standing on tiptoe. She lowered her hands and briefly played with her curly, golden hair. Her womanly figure was hidden by the white denim button-down shirt that hung low over her baggy jeans and gumboots. Her mother had named her “Kristina” but all her friends called her “Kris.” It was a more fitting name for a woman who made her living as a tugboat captain. But the name was also a bit misleading because, while Kris was a very tough woman, she was also all woman.

Her little tug boat grumbled to a halt as she killed the engine and stood out on the bow to take in her surroundings. The sun steadily sank under the ocean, casting amazing pink and amber hues along the horizon.

With the flip of a switch, the tug’s anchor rattled down to the ocean floor. The little boat bobbed up and down. Kris surveyed the mainland as one by one the little shops and homes that dotted the coastline began to light up with the evening’s embrace.

Kris frowned to herself. She would have liked nothing more than to go ashore and find some sort of entertainment for the evening, but times had been tough and she needed to save money. For the past several months she had been weighing anchor and sleeping out on the ocean because she could not afford the cost of a mooring.

“Well, let’s see what dinner is tonight.” she said to herself as she pulled up a tiny net that had been dragging behind her vessel for the past few hours. She picked through a few bits of ocean junk caught in the webbing until finally dropping a couple of small tropical fish into a waiting bucket.

“Let’s hope you little guys cook up nice,” she murmured.

Kris bent down to light a small gas stove in the cabin, her loose top revealing a fabulous amount of lush cleavage as her massive, beautiful tits swung freely. She cursed as the lighting mechanism failed over and over to ignite the fumes flowing up from the cooker.

“Aw come on ya piece of junk!”

As she struggled with the cooker, the sound of an engine in the distance gradually gained her attention. The motor was getting closer. She had heard stories of nefarious people looting abandoned looking boats during the night hours in the area, so she quickly turned off the stove and strode out onto the deck with a large knife in hand. She had a harpoon fixed to the side of the cabin if she needed it.

The moon had risen and its illumination revealed a small speedboat rapidly approaching Kris’s boat. In the darkness, Kris could make out the two figures on the boat. One was standing at the steering wheel. The other was seated at the rear, on one of the passenger seats.

“Hmm… could be a pirate craft,” Kris thought. But it looked a bit small for a pirate craft and only two people did not seem that threatening. As she thought this, the boat slowed down and began slowly puttering in towards her tug over the last hundred yards. ” I wonder what their deal is?” the buxom blonde thought. She tightened her grip on her knife and considered taking down the harpoon.

Off in the distance, a very large and brightly lit yacht was visible on the horizon. It had not been there before when she had first gone in to start supper. She wondered if the smaller craft had come from the larger ship. She watched as the small vessel moved closer.

“Ahoy, there! Is that you, Kris?”, a man’s voice called out. Kris instantly recognized the deep, salty voice.

“Jack Dorn? What the Hell are you doing out here?”, she shouted back.

“Got a little business proposition for ya, if you’re up for it this evening”.

Kris thought for a moment. She had done ‘business’ with Jack before. A year or two ago when things had gotten tough, she had found herself a few towns over, competing in a wet T-shirt contest for some much-needed cash. She had easily won. Beneath her baggy clothes was hidden the body of an absolute goddess. Her strikingly large, meaty breasts, narrow waist and thick, round booty had easily bested the comparatively scrawny little girls at the competition.

Jack had been one of the judges and before she knew it, she had agreed to accompany him to a private function afterward. He explained that she would be competing in a slightly more physical competition with another girl who was a closer match to her in size. There was a much, much larger cash prize to be won compared to what the wet T-shirt contest had offered.

Being intrigued and always looking for a way to make a bit of extra money, Kris soon found herself covered in oil and wrestling naked with another incredible blonde in an inflatable ring in the back of a local bar. The other girl had been magnificent, with tits and a body to rival Kris’ muscled perfection It had been a pitched battle between them with each Amazon dominating for a time. The physical battle quickly became an outright sexfight and Kris found herself tit to tit, cunt to cunt and clit to clit with her beautiful challenger. In the end, after a long, hard fight that Kris almost lost a number of times, she was able to win by finally driving the other girl to a screaming orgasm. Afterwards, she and the other girl had gone to a motel together and spent the rest of the night fucking each other until they were absolutely exhausted. Thinking about it always sent a shiver of erotic delight down Kris’s spine, brought a smile to her face and made her pussy wet. Overall, it had been a very memorable and enjoyable experience and some of the most delicious sex she had ever had.

She made over $2000 that night and was able to pay for some much needed repairs to her tug. She remembered telling Jack that any time another opportunity like that one was available, she would be up for it. Time passed and she had moved locations for more steady tugboat work. She assumed that Jack had lost track of her. But now, here he was. She hoped that he had an offer similar to the last one. The idea of locking up with and fucking another voluptuous woman’s brains out sent a thrill through her pussy.

She tossed Jack a rope and he secured his speedboat to the side of the tug.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain Kris?” he asked with a grin.

Kris motioned and he clambered over the side and up onto the deck.

“I see you still look amazing,” the older man smiled.

Jack slowly took in the sculpted perfection of womanhood standing before him. Even in her baggy clothing, Kris was an incredibly sexy and luscious woman. He knew what lay beneath the clothing and his memories of watching Kris, slicked with oil, her incredible tits bouncing as she scissor-fucked an equally magnificent blonde, was a memory that had warmed many a night for him. He could feel his prick swelling just looking at her.

“Out with it, buddy. What is it this time? More oil wrestling?” Kris hoped so. Unbidden, the memory of the feel of the other blonde’s lush body sliding and slipping on her voluptuous flesh came to mind and sent another spike of heat through her nether regions.

Jack shook his head, “Well, not exactly. You see that party craft off in the distance?” Jack motioned to the well-lit yacht on the horizon.

“Yeah, sure…”. Kris’s curiosity was piqued.

“I’m playing host to a band of about 50 rich Korean businessmen on that barge. They’re all pissed out of their minds and looking for action!” Jack grinned.

Kris made a face. “Aw hell no. I don’t care how much you’re offering; I’m not getting gang banged for a lousy couple of bucks!”

“Oh no no no… sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that. No, Asians are well known for their love of gambling – and this crowd is no different.”

Kris relaxed a little. “Well… fine. But what do they want to bet on? You said it wasn’t oil wrestling this time.”

“Nope. No wrestling this time. Tonight… they’re howling for a titfight!”

Kris unconsciously moved her hands to her incredible rack and slowly squeezed her breasts together.“A titfight, huh? So… like, you mean boob boxing then?”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to call it. So what do you think? You in?”

Kris took a moment to think. She was no stranger to physical competitions with other buxom women. If Jack had said that he needed her for another naked oil wrestling match tonight, she would have jumped at the opportunity. But bashing her breasts with those of another woman was, potentially, very painful.

“What’s the purse?”

“It’s $2000 if you agree to participate, and an extra $3000 if you win!”

Kris’s eyes grew wide. “Five grand just to smack my tits into some other chick’s boobs?”

Jack smiled and nodded “Assuming you win that is. It’s still two grand if you lose.”.

An ear to ear smile began to creep across Kris’s gorgeous face. “So you’re guaranteeing that they’re not going to touch me in any way? It’ll just be me and some other chick smacking our boobs into each other?”

Jack nodded. “Yep. Most of the men brought their wives with them too, so if nothing else they’ll behave. They’re just looking for something hot to bet on.” Jack smiled and looked Kris up and down again. “And they don’t come much hotter than you!”

Kris thought for a moment before placing her hands on her womanly hips and sticking her chest out. “OK, I could be up for this. Who am I fighting?”

Jack smiled again and nodded toward the dark figure in the boat. “Would you like to meet her?”

Kris nodded. Jack disappeared into the darkness for a moment and then returned, helping a cloaked figure onto the tug’s deck. The low lights of the tugboat revealed the outline of a woman wearing a hood and cloak. The cloak was open just enough to reveal that its owner was completely naked – right down to her clean-shaven pussy.

Kris relaxed a little and took in what she saw. Her possible opponent’s face was obscured by the hood but, at first glance, the rest of the woman’s body looked remarkable. Kris noted the woman’s perfect toes and immediately wondered how they would match up to her own amazing feet.

“Well, come here honey. Let’s get a look at you,” Kris purred.

A well manicured pair of flip-flop shod feet carried the mysterious woman to within an arms length of the tug’s captain. Her features were still hidden by the hood, but even with the cloak Kris could tell she and the woman were about the same size and body type.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

The woman slowly looked up and locked eyes with the blonde. Kris gasped involuntarily as she saw two of the most beautiful green, almond shaped eyes she had ever seen.

“I am Larisa”, the woman answered in a soft Russian accent. She seemed to want to say more, but she stopped.

Kris smiled and felt her crotch begin to moisten and tighten. This was one of the most beautiful women she had ever laid eyes on. She was about to suggest that she and the Russian just stay on the boat and get to know each other better… a lot better… when she remembered the money at stake.

Jack enjoyed watching the two woman interact. “Well, what do you think?” He asked Kris. “You up for this?”

“Do you speak English, baby?” Kris asked Larisa, still lost in the beauty of the Russian’s eyes. The beautiful Russian hesitated, then nodded.”Yes,” she said, plainly.

“Oh sure, Larisa understands English perfectly,” Jack explained. “But she is a bit shy about speaking it. She thinks she’ s a lot worse at speaking than she really is. But she’s getting a lot better really fast. Why don’t the two of you look each other over a little bit. Then if you’re both on board with this, we’ll shove off to the main event.”

“You want a look?” Larisa asked sweetly, placing her hands on her wide, womanly hips. Her cloak opened a little more, revealing the side swells of two very large and firm looking breasts.

Kris returned the sweet smile. She slowly reached up and opened Larisa’s robe to reveal the rest of the Russian’s body. Kris’s heart skipped a beat as she was treated to a view of one of the most impressive female bodies she had ever seen. Larisa sported a remarkably firm set of EE breasts with areola the size of silver dollars and taut looking nipples the size of pencil erasers. Kris’s eyes continued the journey down, taking in every voluptuous curve. The rest of Larisa’s body was firm and athletic looking, not a hint of cellulite or flab. Her abs were toned and taut, her navel was a thin, deep slit, her beautiful pussy was clean-shaven, smooth and powerful-looking, the cleft of her vulva deep and thick. Her hips were wide but perfectly formed and defined by sexy muscles. Her legs were beautifully muscled columns of sensuous flesh. The woman’s entirely body was a golden tan. Larisa was truly an incredible creature.

“I look at you?” Larisa asked, her sweet smile becoming a little more lustful.

Kris gave a little smirk, then stuck out her breasts and placed her hands on her hips, mimicking Larisa’s earlier pose. Larisa looked the blonde up and down for a moment. She returned Kris’ smirk and slowly reached up to begin undoing the buttons on Kris’s white denim shirt. Kris felt a little shiver go up her spine as the Russian goddess opened her garment to reveal Kris’s dense, meaty rack.

Larisa’s eyes grew wide and a ravenously hungry smile crossed her face. Kris was every bit the woman that the Russian was. The blonde’s own EE rack was just as thick and juicy looking as Larisa’s magnificent tits. Kris’s tight looking midriff was a testament to the fact that she was a hard working woman and kept herself physically fit. The Russian could not see the rest of Kris’ body, but she had no doubt that it measured up to what she could see. Larisa licked her lips, her excitement building as heart sped up.

The blonde and the Russian looked deep into each other’s eyes. A mutual respect and hunger was revealed as both women smiled lustfully. They shared the image of coming together, naked body to naked body, juicy cunt to juicy cunt. A mutual shudder of passion and desire ran through the beautiful women as their eyes locked.

“Alright!” Jack shouted, grinning widely. “I take it we’ve got a match then? Do the two of you need to do anything else before we get going?”

Larisa looked at Jack for a moment, then looked back to Kris. “You want a feel?” she asked with a knowing grin. She arched her back, her taut tits jiggling slightly. Her amazing breasts seemed to present themselves to the blonde.

Kris licked her lips and slowly reached up to strongly grip her opponent’s globes. They were just as firm as they looked and the woman’s nipples were nothing short of spectacular. Kris gently pinched the nipples between her fingers, causing Larisa’s eyes to close in sudden pleasure. The Russian let loose a soft groan as a big smile involuntarily revealed her perfect teeth. Kris sank her fingers into the thick, juicy titflesh, kneading the dense meat carefully and possessively.

A moment later, Kris moaned in pleasure as Larisa’s hands found their way onto the blonde’s meaty orbs.

Both women smiled lustfully into each other’s eyes as their hands explored one another’s mammoth breasts, squeezing hard nipples and massaging thick, resisting flesh. Both women could feel the other’s heart pounding, they could see the pure lust lighting the other’s gorgeous face. For almost a minute, Kris and Larisa fondled and manipulated each other’s magnificent tits. Kris could see the Russian woman’s pussy thickening, she could see juice glistening on the woman’s twat as her body became more aroused. Kris felt a trickle of cunt juice sliding down her own thigh inside her baggy jeans. Finally, Jack broke the spell.

“OK, OK ladies. I think we’re all ready. Save some for the show, alright?!” Jack tossed his head back and laughed. He took Larisa by the arm, pulling her away from Kris. The beautiful Russian woman released the blonde’s tits reluctantly. Jack led Larisa back to the waiting motorboat.

Kris did up one or two buttons on her shirt. “Do you have a fresh water shower on that rig? I’m kind of a disgusting mess right now. And I’m going to need something to eat. I haven’t had supper yet and I’m pretty hungry.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Jack replied. “I”ll have the cook make you a sandwich and you’ll have a nice room on the ship where you can get ready. I’ll drop you back here when the show’s over.”


A few moments later, Jack and his two prize fighters were making their way to the well lit yacht on the distant horizon.

Larisa and Kris sat facing one another in the back of the boat as they traveled over the ocean swells. As the boat bounced on the waves, the women’s matching tits jiggled enthusiastically in response. Their eyes locked. Both women felt a stirring of intense heat in their loins. Larisa smiled and slowly licked her upper lip. Kris returned the smile and let her eyes make the narrow journey up and down Larisa’s mostly closed cloak.

Larisa slowly leaned forward; Kris did the same. For moment, the beautiful women paused, nose to nose, enjoying each other’s eyes and sweet breath. Kris thrilled to the sense of intense sexual anticipation, the realization that this gorgeous Russian woman’s soft lips were only a fraction of an inch away from her own. After a few moments, the Russian slipped past the blonde’s face and spoke in her ear.

“When we finished banging boobs, we fuck after?” Larisa breathed. Kris wasn’t sure if this was a question or a statement. She did not care.

It was Kris’s turn to lick her upper lip. “Oh honey,” the curly-haired blonde murmured in the Russian woman’s perfect ear,” When we are finished banging boobs, we are going to fuck each other raw! I promise you!”

Larisa pulled back until she was nose to nose with Kris again. The women smiled into each other’s beautiful eyes, their gorgeous faces lit with pure lust. The women joined hands and interlocked their fingers. They continued to stare into each other’s eyes for what seemed an eternity before finally leaning forward. Larisa’s soft, wet lips met Kris’s equally exquisite lips. The women moaned in unison as their lips mashed, as their strong tongues invaded each other’s mouths and began wrestling and scouring the inside of each other’s oral orifice. As they continued kissing passionately, they eagerly swallowed back each other’s spit. Kris could not remember the last time she was so horny and she pulled their arms to their sides and pressed her body forward. Larisa moved to meet her and, for a moment, the women’s meaty orbs pressed into each other, sending a shudder of pleasure through both voluptuous beauties. They groaned into each other’s mouths in mutual passion.

Jack looked back to see what was happening between his two fighter s and laughed “Hey, girls, come on! I said save it for the show!”

Reluctantly, smiling seductively at each other, Kris and Larisa pulled apart. But they continued holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes for the rest of the brief trip. By the time the small inflatable boat reached the shining yacht, Kris’s twat was sopping wet and she was sure her Russian rival was equally aroused.

The small craft finally roared up to the stern of the party boat. A few burly looking deck hands assisted the women onto the ship and led them into separate rooms to prepare for the night’s events.

Kris surveyed her accommodations. There was a large waterbed, a vanity and small bathroom complete with luxurious looking shower. A few moments later, Kris’s grubby work clothes were on the floor and a fantastically naked Amazon was scrubbing herself clean in a cascade of hot water and suds. A thick steam filled the room and relaxed the curvy blonde warrior as she lathered herself.

A knock at the door snapped her back to reality. Jack poked his head in.

“Hey Kris, here’s a sandwich for you.” He placed a plate with a sandwich and a glass of milk on the vanity. “Are you almost ready? Larisa’s good to go and the Koreans are calling for action!”

“Just give me two shakes!”Kris replied. “I”ve got to eat and finish up here.”

“There are toothbrushes and other things you’ll need in the bathroom and in the vanity,” Jack informed her. He left her to her preparations.

Kris hurriedly rinsed off and covered her nakedness with a short, fluffy white robe left for her on the bed. She squeezed some of the water from her hair and then used a blow dryer to get rid of the damp from her blonde curls. She examined herself in the vanity mirror.

“Hmm… maybe just a hint of foundation and a little eye liner. Got to look the part for the crowd after all.” She quickly wolfed down the sandwich, drank the milk, then began to apply makeup.

Jack poked his head in again. “Hey come on! You said you were ready!”

Kris put on a quick coat of lip stain. “I know, I know. I just want to look good for the crowd!”

“They won’t be looking at your face. Believe me”, Jack smirked.

“I don’t care. I still want to look good!”

Kris made a kissing face to herself in the mirror. “Fine. The make-up’s ready. I’m just going to brush my teeth and I’ll be right out.”

Kris brushed her teeth, brushed out her curly blonde hair one final time. She slipped on a pair of three inch pumps that had been left for her at the foot of the bed. They fit perfectly. “Time for the show,” she thought to herself, as she gave herself one final check in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She smiled.

Jack held the door and Kris stepped out to the lower deck of the yacht. Larisas stood a little farther down and also wore a fluffy white robe. The robes were short, extending just to the top of the women’s thighs, and both women’s long, tanned, smooth-muscled legs gleamed erotically in the light flooding the deck, their legs made even more spectacular by the sensual effects of their spike heels. Larisa turned and greeted her soon-to-be opponent with a wink and a big smile. For the first time, Kris could see that Larisa had curly, inky black locks in perfect contrast with her own golden mane. Larisa looked at Kris’ fantastic legs and smiled appreciatively, happy to have her expectations of Kris’ beauty met.

The blonde returned the smile and blew her rival a kiss, all the while thinking about what she planned to do to the buxom brunette after the match was over. The large waterbed in her room would come in very, very handy.

The women were led up opposite staircases to the upper deck. A large crowd of Asian men and women were being very loud and having a good time. The smell of alcohol hung thickly in the air as their attention turned to the two combatants in white. Instantly the men began pointing and shouting in excited tones at the sight of the women. Fistfuls of currency began to change hands as members of the crowd began to make wagers with one another. Some of the Asian women scowled and disappeared deeper into the crowd while others stood about with expectant looks.

Someone handed a wireless mike to Jack. He gave a big smile and began to engage the crowd.

“Who’s ready for a titfight?!” he roared. The crowd exploded. “You want to see what I’ve got for you tonight?” The crowd roared their approval and a light was shone on Larisa. A rhythmic dance tune with a driving beat began thundering out of the ship’s speakers. Larisa gave the crowd a big smile and dropped her robe. Many of the Korean men seemed to instantly lose their minds as they drank in every amazing curve on display. A fully naked Larisa strutted up and down the length of the deck in front of her admirers – thrusting out her incredible chest to the beat of the song, her hands on her womanly hips, her hips swaying, her long legs flexing on her three-inch heels. More money came out as more wagers were hurriedly recorded.

Larisa returned to her spot on the opposite side of the deck from Kris and gave her opponent a little smirk.

The light shone on the blonde as a different beat started up. Kris dropped her robe and played to the crowd. She mimicked Larisa’s performance up and down the deck, her hips swaying, her powerful legs flashing. But instead of thrusting out her mighty chest, she waved her breasts side to side. Everyone on the deck drank in her delicious nakedness. Again, a lot of money changed hands in the crowd as Kris returned to her original spot. She laughed and shook her amazing tits at Larisa. The Russian pretended to be unimpressed. She shook her own tits in reply.

A few deck hands set up stools with water bottles and baby oil for the two combatants to enjoy in-between their bouts as Jack continued to work the crowd.

“Who’s ready to do this?!” he shouted. The crowd roared back, excited with anticipation.

Jack turned his back to the crowd and motioned for both women to come close. Larisa and Kris seductively swayed their way to his sides. A deck hand tossed him a squirt bottle full of baby oil.

“OK girls, lift ‘em up”, he smiled. The women lifted their breasts high as Jack doused both of their spectacular tits with oil. The women used their hands to spread the liquid around their dense boobs and lower bellies. Kris let her breasts flop down on her chest with a mighty ‘plop’ and gave Larisa a challenging grin. Larisa did the same and returned the gesture. Jack’s pants were about to burst as he gave the final instructions.

“OK you two, here’s the deal. I’ll ring the bell and you guys come out and do your thing. Each round will last 3 minutes with a 30 second rest in between. We’re going to go as many rounds as we need until one of you signals your surrender. Any questions?”

“Nope. I’m clear”, Kris purred. “I can’t wait to press tits with this whore”.

“I will enjoy mashing you flat,” Larisa said with a big smile. She blew a kiss to the blonde and seductively circled her areola with her index fingers.

Both naked warriors retreated to their opposite sides of the deck. Their mighty breasts dripped with oil. A new song began to play. Both women slipped off their high heels and stood in their bare feet. They were now totally naked. The bell rang.

Kris locked eyes with the beautiful Larisa. Both women placed their hands on their wide hips and seductively sauntered toward one another. They paused a few inches apart for a moment, staring deeply into the other’s eyes. Kris felt her pussy get hotter, her nipples tighten even more. She was unbelievably horny and she could see the same heat reflected in Larisa’s gorgeous eyes. Finally, with mutual hunger, the women closed the distance between their bodies and slammed their breasts together. The sound of thick, firm meat slapping together reverberated across the deck and both women gasped with the sudden surge of sensual pleasure as their incredible racks met and merged.

For one long moment, the women stood deadlocked – their massive boobs mushroomed out equally, taut flesh throbbing with heat and tension, yielding to the pressure yet resisting. The crowd screamed as the battle began. The women leaned into each other with everything they had. Their mighty thighs flexed, trying to propel themselves through their opponent. Both women grunted with effort, but neither of them backed down or lost any ground to the other.

Hands still on hips, the voluptuous vixens began to slowly rub their fleshy weapons into one another. A fabulous pair of light brown nipples found a matching pair of fabulous dark brown nipples and began a wrestling match of their own. The women licked their lips seductively, staring into each other’s eyes, while their enormous breasts slipped and slid into and alongside one another, the oil providing delicious slickness that fed their desire. Kris could feel a trickle of wetness running down her leg. Visions of mounting this exotic Russian danced through her mind and she continued to slowly, lustfully rub breasts with the buxom brunette beauty before her.

Suddenly, Kris was forcibly snapped back to the present when Larisa took a half step back and rammed her massive tits directly into Kris’s! The blonde was sent back two steps and the crowd roared!

Larisa smiled at her foe, who recovered quickly. Kris narrowed her eyes. “OK honey, let’s get serious.”

The blonde returned with a massive tit blow of her own and this time it was Larisa who took a step or two backward. The Russian looked stunned for a moment before narrowing her own gorgeous eyes and wading into battle with her luscious adversary.

The women begin earnestly banging their tits together in perfect unison now. Hands still on hips, they jerked their chests forward to smash nipple to nipple over and over again. They rammed their tits and rubbed hard, grinding hard nipples, mashing throbbing titflesh.

All smiles were gone as both women gritted their teeth. The three minute bell rang and both women immediately returned to their corners. Kris took a long swig of water and quickly surveyed her breasts for signs of damage or weakness. It stung every time her tits met Larisa’s, but she was confident that Larisa was feeling the same thing. There was a tiny bit of redness coming to the surface around her nipples, but a quick glance over at Larisa revealed that she was in the same shape. So far, neither woman had a perceptible advantage..

Kris took the oil bottle and squirted a fresh coating of oil on her boobs, rubbing the liquid over her taut flesh. The round two bell rang.

Again, both nude women placed their hands on their hips and slowly stepped towards one another on their perfect bare feet. Their lustful smiles were still there, but were now mixed with looks of concentration and steely resolve.

The battle was joined again and the crowd roared its approval. Kris and Larisa began rhythmically pounding their tits into each other to the beat of the music. With each hit, both women gave a guttural grunt. They interlocked their own fingers behind their heads to raise their breasts as high as they could go and continued to smash them nipple to nipple, titmeat to titmeat. They stopped smashing and tried grinding each other down, meat to meat, but their fleshy weapons still appeared to be perfectly matched as they mashed together over and over and over again. Despite their best efforts, neither naked warrior woman was able to gain an advantage over her adversary.

By the time the bell rang to signal the end of round 2, both women were showing signs of battle. Kris surveyed the damage when she reached her corner. The skin on her breasts had turned a pinkish color and some light bruising could now be seen around her nipples. They were becoming sensitive to the touch and she wondered how much more of this she could realistically take. Deck hands appeared and gave each women two bags of crushed ice in light towels. Kris gratefully pressed them to her tits and glanced over at Larisa to see her doing the same.

The round three bell rang and Kris quickly splashed more oil onto her fleshy weapons. She turned to find Larisa practically on top of her. There was no sultry walking with hands on hips this round. Larisa led with her claws out this time. Kris met her in like manner and the women interlocked fingers. They raised their hands high above their heads and begin stumbling around the deck like two drunken sailors. They matched muscle to muscle, straining to overpower each other.They bounced off each other’s bodies and slammed tits as often as they got the chance. Kris was amazed that Larisa seemed to be every bit her physical equal, even in strength.

Larisa sent her tits flying sideways and they ripped across Kris’s boobs. Kris screeched and returned the sideways attack. Both women now violently began twisting their torsos to swing their sexy meat sacks into one another. Huge breasts met and deformed as sweat and oil were sent flying into the excited crowd.

For two horrible minutes the naked warriors raked their tits across one another in the most violent way possible. By the time the third round ended, both women were visibly shaking.

Kris stumbled back to her corner and splashed water on her face. She placed the ice bags on her breasts immediately. The stinging in her tits was quickly becoming unbearable. For the first time she began to wonder if she had what was needed to out-last the Russian beauty.

The fourth round bell rang and the two titanic titfighters locked eyes across the upper deck once more. Both clutched ice bags to their tits and neither seemed to be in any hurry to join the battle again. Kris made the first move, slamming her ice bags back on the stool and whirling around to face the Russian. Larisa hesitated, and for a moment Kris wondered if the dark-haired beauty had had enough and was going to surrender. A moment later however, the fire returned to Larisa’s eyes and both women returned to the middle of the deck. They interlocked fingers again.

The women pressed their swollen breasts into one another, slowly, carefully and gritted their teeth. Both women experienced intense waves of pain coming from their battered tits. Their boobs, now red from abuse, mushroomed out from between their athletic frames as both women began moaning in pain. Their engorged nipples angrily pressed into one another, abrading their enemy’s red skin.

Kris leaned into Larisa with everything she had and was rewarded with her Russian rival taking a step back. She could feel Larisa trembling with effort now – digging down deep to stop the buxom blonde’s advance. Again Kris pushed with everything she had, but the buxom brunette was able to hold her ground. For the first time during the contest, the women spoke.

“Got you on the ropes now, slut! My tits are squashing yours flat!” the blonde hissed.

“Cunt! Your boobs are weak! I will crush you now!” Larisa shot back.

Larisa screamed and leaned into Kris with renewed vigor. Now it was Kris’s turn to take a step back.

“Cunt! See?” Larisa spat viciously.

“You damn fucking Commie whore!” Kris snarled. “I’m not losing to a weak slut like you!”

Both women screamed incoherently at the top of their lungs and leaned into each other with all their power, desperately trying to squash the other flat, to break the other gorgeous woman with her pulsing tits. Their battered boobs somehow ballooned even more as their luscious breast flesh was forced to retreat from between the two buxom combatants.

The fourth round came to an end and the women slowly staggered back to their corners. Both warriors cupped their swollen tits gingerly as they collapsed onto their respective stools.

Jack looked on as the storm of Korean betting reached a fever pitch. The end was close at hand and everyone knew it.

Kris cupped the ice bags to her tits and grimaced with gratitude as the cold provided some relief from the intense burning. She stole a glance at her rival. Larisa was leaned over her ice bags, pressing them gingerly into her tits.

The fifth round bell rang but neither titfighter moved. Jack called out to Larisa, “Larisa… do you quit? Are you done?”

Larisa managed to look up and, with a grim look, shook her head. She managed to slide off her stool, still clutching the ice to her tits.

Jack called over to Kris, “How about it Kris? Is Larisa the winner?”

Kris summoned all her strength and managed to shout “Hell no!”

The blonde stumbled off her stool and again locked eyes with her brunette nemesis. Lust was replaced with hatred as both women began to breathe heavily, summoning all their remaining power. Their massive tits heaved up and down like a pair of battering rams as the two spent fighters readied themselves for their final attack.

The noise of the crowd was deafening as all final bets were made and everyone began screaming for a conclusion. The music system was at maximum volume as the speakers blared out their techno-battle-hymn.

Kris watched as Larisa raised herself up and screamed at the top of her lungs. Larisa seemed to move in slow motion as she shook her massive tits and began to run full force at her buxom blonde rival.

Something rose from within Kris and she found herself matching Larisa’s movement and intensity. Both titfighters thundered toward each other at top speed, magnificent mammaries bouncing on their mighty chests as the distance between them rapidly diminished.

With a sickening thud, both women collided in the middle of the upper deck. Kris felt the wind being knocked from her lungs, she felt her tits absorbing an incredible impact, she could swear she felt her nipples stabbing into Larisa’s nipples, and then… everything went black.

Kris slowly returned to semi-consciousness. Jack was standing over her and counting to 10. Her vision was blurred and everything still seemed to be happening in slow motion. From the corner of her eye, she could see the crowd surging forward around Jack to see who the winner was.

Jack continued his count. Kris could only watch helplessly as she thought to herself, “I’ve lost. He’ll reach 10 and it will be all over. Here it comes now… 8… 9… 10.”

Jack turned to the excited crowd, made a motion with his arms and shouted, “It’s a tie!”

The words echoed in Kris’s head.

And then, the world went black again.

Slowly, Kris became aware that her lips and tongue were being moistened. The fog began to lift and she opened her eyes. At first, she saw nothing – but she felt an amazing sensation in her mouth. Then the darkness disappeared as Larisa broke her kiss and pulled back from Kris. Her curly, inky black tresses spilled perfectly down the sides of her face. She smiled down at her rival with lust in her eyes.

“You fight real good. We fuck now?”

Kris sat up a little and looked around to find that she was back below deck in her luxurious cabin. She was still completely naked, pleasantly intertwined with an equally naked Larisa on the waterbed. Larisa had mounted her and spread Kris’s legs. Larisa definitely looked worse for wear, but her beautiful face was lit by a seductive smile. Kris felt a rush of intense pleasure as the buxom brunette slowly began undulating her naked vulva against the buxom blonde’s equally naked matching sex organ.

Jack poked his head into the room.

“Ah, good. You’re awake. I was starting to wonder about you.”

Kris’s head began to clear. “Jack? What happened? Who won?”

Jack smiled and produced a stack of $100 bills. “Well, turns out no one did. You both blacked out when you collided at the start of round five, so you’ll be splitting the purse evenly.”

Jack counted out the money and put it on the night table next to the bed. “There you go, two piles of $3500. You both earned it.” Jack looked at his amazing titfighters, their lush bodies interwoven on the bed, and smiled. “I usually end up doing this pleasure cruise every couple of months – would the two of you be interested in doing this again?”

Kris locked eyes with Larisa, paused, and then pulled the Russian beauty in for a deep, tongueful kiss. She began to move her hips, joining Larisa in the slick vaginal rubbing. The women broke the kiss to smile at each other savagely, their breath coming in hot gasps, their gorgeous cunts lubricating as they slid and kissed and began to suck at each other. Kris felt her throbbing clit start to swell out of her wet, hot twat. Gasping, Kris briefly pulled her gaze from Larisa to reply to Jack.

“Hell yes!” Kris said with a grin. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fuck my girlfriend here until she can’t walk.”

Jack raised his eyebrows and a big smile crossed his face. “I guess I’ll take you back to your tugboat in the morning then. Good night, ladies.”

Jack left and the door clicked and locked into place behind him.

Larisa interlocked her fingers with Kris and they both looked at the two piles of money sitting on the night table. They locked eyes one more time and a mutual understanding passed between them. The women sat up and scissored their legs while smiling sweetly at one another. Their spent nipples hardened once more as they brought their slick, naked vulvas together. Kris moaned, her beautiful face flashing a look of unbearable lust. Larisa gasped and cried out, her beautiful eyes burning with desire. The women thrust hard, penetrating each other, bringing their aching, swollen clits together in ecstasy. Kris and Larisa moaned in concert as the battle they wanted, the encounter they had both been breathlessly anticipating, finally arrived. Grasping the other’s rippling ass, pulling each other in, they began the next battle.

Part II

Kris stretched her out on the deck of her tugboat, enjoying the mid-afternoon sun. She was dressed only in a tiny black tear drop thong. Otherwise, her incredible body was completely nude, her massive tits turned to the sun, tanning nicely. Her bare, beautifully muscled belly glistened with sweat and the sheen of sunblock, her long legs stretched out endlessly, taut flesh gleaming. She was considering losing the thong; there was no reason not to tan in the nude out here.

The past few months had been good to Kris. She had managed to get steady work and she had made the $3500 she had won from her titfight with Larisa last for a long time. When she thought back on that night, her body still shivered with delight. She and Larisa had fucked each other long and hard, enjoying every inch of the other woman’s incredible body. In the end, they fucked each other into blissful unconsciousness. They passed out in each other’s arms from the incredible intensity of the pleasure that they gave to each other. In the morning, Jack took Kris back to her tug, $3500 richer but no more. Kris was disappointed that Jack had not called in the three months since. Even with her winnings, she could use another infusion of cash. But, more than that, she longed to mash tits and cross clits with Larisa again. She often masturbated herself to sleep at night with the memories of her night of passion with the Russian beauty and she was anxiously looking forward to their next encounter. Between her encounter with Larisa and her earlier encounter with the blonde oilfighter from her previous battle, Kris was coming to the conclusion that she got a lot more pleasure from women in bed than men.

Kris had not been sunning herself too long when she heard the low buzz of an approaching motor. She did not bother stirring. If the approaching boat had tourists who wanted to take in the show of Kris’s magnificent naked tits, that was none of her concern.

“Ahoy there!” called a familiar voice.

Kris sat up immediately, her tits bouncing vigorously. It was Jack’s voice! She looked out at the approaching boat and her heart leaped into her throat, even as her nipples tightened into spikes and her pussy lubricated ferociously. Jack was not alone; Larisa was there, sitting in the back of the boat, looking forward. The gorgeous Russian was wearing only a tiny white bikini; the rest of her luscious body was wonderfully tan and naked. She smiled widely as she saw Kris and waved enthusiastically. Larisa was wearing sunshades, but Kris could still feel the heat flowing between their voluptuous bodies.

Kris got to her bare feet and put her hands on her wide hips. Her tits jiggled enticingly on her chest. She did not bother covering up.

“Well, look who’s here,” she said, trying to sound nonchalant. “It’s been such a long time, I thought you’d forgotten about me. Do you have another match lined up?”

The speedboat had pulled up to Kris’ tug. Jack threw her a line and she caught it and quickly tied the boat to the side of her little vessel.

“Well, I’ve got a business proposition that involves you and Larisa, but it’s not a titfight. It’s a bit more than that, and it will require a bit of a trip. But the payoff is a lot, lot more.”

Once the motorboat was secured to the side of the tug, Larisa stood up and reached for the ladder. She began climbing into the tug. Kris watched her hungrily.

“Really?” Kris said to Jack, even as her eyes devoured Larisa as the Russian climbed up the ladder, her massive tits and her enticing cleavage barely contained by her tiny white bikini top. “Well, I’ll tell you what, Jack. Why don’t you come back tomorrow morning, say about 9 AM? I’ll be ready to talk with you then. But, right now, I’ve got other things on my mind.”

As she said this, Larisa climbed onto the deck and began walking slowly, seductively, towards the buxom blonde beauty. Kris was so horny she felt dizzy. Her body was burning up with an erotic fever like she had rarely felt before. Larisa removed her sunshades to reveal her startlingly beautiful eyes and they were just as ravenously hungry as Kris’s. The Russian smiled fiercely. The two women looked deep into each other’s eyes as they came together, nipple to nipple. Both women’s nipples were rock-hard, throbbing into each other through the one layer of Larisa’s bikini top. Massive tits crushed, juicy titflesh squeezing nakedly against each other. The women pressed their foreheads together and interlocked their fingers, squeezing each other palm to palm. Kris and Larisa grinned at each other, both burning up with pure lust.

Jack was grinning ear to ear. “Alright then. I’ll let you and Larisa get reacquainted. I’ll be back first thing in the morning. We can talk business then.”

Neither woman was listening to him and neither noticed as he untied his boat and sped away. Kris freed her hands from Larisa’s grip and reached behind the Russian beauty’s back to untie her bikini top. Larisa leaned back, relieving the pressure between their crushed together tits, so she could slip the scrap of cloth off of her chest. She threw it aside. Kris and Larisa held each other at arms length for a moment so that they could each admire the other’s fantastic tits. Then, unable to wait a moment longer, the women came together again. Bare nipple met bare nipple; succulent tits mashed tight. Larisa and Kris wrapped their arms around each other as they squeezed hard. Their mouths sought each other hungrily, both women using a hand to push the back of the other’s head, to push their mouths as deeply together as they could. Their hot tongues wriggled and twisted together, they swallowed back each other’s mixed spit. Their tits burned with heat and tension as they rubbed and pulsed against each other and their naked bellies slid on each other sensuously. Kris and Larisa each shoved a thick thigh up into the other’s vaginal mound and moved their hips a bit, rubbing their pussies into the taut flesh. Larisa pushed Kris up against the outer wall of the cabin and leaned into the blonde’s incredible body, letting gravity pull them together even harder. The women moaned and groaned in unimaginable lust, their nearly naked bodies wriggling and writhing, hot flesh sliding and slipping on hot flesh, shared breath and spit flowing between them, their powerful arms squeezing, squeezing their bodies tightly together. For several minutes, Larisa and Kris kissed and rubbed against each other, getting more aroused with every heartbeat, their groans and whimpers of sexual delight becoming more urgent with every moment.

Finally, Kris broke away, pushing Larisa back from her. She quickly took Larisa’s hand. “Come with me, baby,” she panted.

Kris led Larisa into the main cabin of the tug, then down into her personal cabin at the front of the small ship. Her bed stretched from one end of the cabin space to the other. Kris released Larisa’s hand and threw the bed sheets aside. She turned around to face Larisa, then threw herself onto the bed, landing on her back, her massive jugs bouncing deliciously. She raised her hips to pull off her thong, sliding it down her long legs and throwing it to the corner of the bed. Smiling lasciviously, Kris spread her luscious legs wide, her feet touching both walls of the cabin. Larisa stared down into Kris’s beautiful bare twat. It was unspeakably gorgeous; thick vaginal lips were swollen with blood and heat, cunt juice trickled from the lush pink slit, Kris’s engorged clit protruded from the top of her succulent pink labia. Larisa groaned with unbearable lust as she looked down into Kris’ turgid sex flower. Larisa’s whole body vibrated with need. She was almost hypnotized by the incredibly beautiful twat before her, by the promise of ecstasy that it carried. As she watched, Kris reached out and grabbed a bottle of oil off of the bed table. She squirted a healthy dollop of oil onto her already juicy cunt; she squirted more onto her lush, muscled belly and then squeezed a good shot of oil on each of her bulging tits.

“Come and spread this around, baby,” Kris purred at her lover.

Larisa smiled, her eyes never leaving Kris’s sopping, juicy cunt. She kicked off the flip flops she had been wearing. She slipped her thong down her hips and her thighs, and let it drop to the floor. Completely nude, her body burning with need, her pussy dripping with lubrication, Larisa crawled onto Kris’s bed, positioning herself between the other woman’s spread thighs. Larisa stared down into Kris’s dripping cunt, her eyes burning. She could not resist. She dipped her head and shoved her beautiful face into the blonde’s sopping wet twat. Moaning with pleasure, Larisa ran her tongue up and down Kris’s thick, wet pink slit. She teased the woman’s thumb-sized clit with her tongue, then covered Kris’s cunt completely with her mouth and began sucking and licking furiously. She sucked at Kris’s engorged clit, running her tongue over the swollen sex organ. Kris screamed and screamed, her feet pressing even harder into the walls on either side, her fingers digging into the bedding, her massive tits quivering uncontrollably as her back arched in ecstasy.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh god, oh YEESSSSSS,” Kris shrieked, her whole body shuddering with pleasure.

Panting with lust, her own body trembling with need, Larisa finally pulled her gorgeous face out of the depths of Kris’s boiling cunt. Her face was smeared with the oil that Kris had squirted on her cunt. Larisa wiped some the oil away with the back of her hand, even as she used her other hand to pick up the oil bottle. She opened it and shot a squirt of oil onto Kris’s dripping twat, replenishing the lubrication. She threw the bottle aside. Larisa locked fingers with Kris and pushed the other woman’s arms down to the bed, holding the blonde in place. Kris flexed her cunt, squeezing out some juice. Larisa stretched over Kris, then spread her own legs. Juice from her pussy dripped down onto Kris’s open, aching slit. The women shuddered in concert. Larisa slowly, slowly lowered her bare, throbbing pussy down onto Kris’s waiting, ravenous cunt. The women’s eyes locked, they both bit their lips, smiling in delicious anticipation for the moment when their cunts would kiss, then melt together, then seal, clit fused to clit.

Their pussies kissed. Larisa and Kris closed their eyes and groaned in mutual joy, smiles of pure pleasure lighting their beautiful faces. They opened their eyes and stared at each other, both seeing her incredible lust mirrored in the eyes of the other. Kris could tell that, just as she had been dreaming of the next time she could mate with Larisa, so the Russian beauty had been dreaming of her. They held together that way for several more seconds, hot, throbbing twat pressed firmly to hot, throbbing twat, heat and wetness pouring off of their kissing cunts in waves of pure ecstasy. They tortured each other with the building anticipation of the pure, unbelievable pleasure they were about to give each other. Larisa began to move her hips, rubbing her twat into Kris’s aching fuckmeat, spreading the oil around on the blonde’s genitals. As the friction increased, the oil grew warm. The women shuddered and groaned in pleasure, their bodies growing hotter and hornier every instant. Kris bucked up; Larisa shoved down. Their succulent twats spread out to each other under the pressure. They sucked and sealed, their soft, wet labia meshed and interlocked like complex flowers of pink flesh. The women’s thumb-sized clits ground into each other hard, head crushing to head in an explosion of sheer, unrestrained ecstasy.

Larisa and Kris screamed in concert, their bodies quaking with the waves of pleasure that roared through them. Larisa’s tits quivered uncontrollably; they hung from her chest, directly above Kris’s waiting orbs. Kris could not take it anymore. She freed her hands from Larisa’s grip, reached up, and pulled the Russian beauty down onto her. Both women moaned as their solid abdomens clapped together, their deep navels sealing; their heavy tits mashed in a pulse of pure pleasure. Kris slipped her hands down Larisa’s back and filled them with Larisa’s perfect, rippling ass. The Russian began pumping, driving herself into Kris’s welcoming cunt, grinding and sawing her clit against its luscious counterpart. Kris bucked and thrust to meet her, fucking back just as hard as she was being fucked. Larisa leaned forward and locked Kris in a spit-filled, tongue-twisting kiss. She reached down and sank her fingers into Kris’s bucking, flexing ass. Kris twined her legs through Larisa’s legs, locking the other woman in place. Thrusting, grunting, moaning, bucking, heaving, the two voluptuous vixens fucked furiously, unleashing all of their pent-up lust on each other. Their writhing bodies spread the oil around, slicking both of their bodies, helping the sweat and vaginal juice add a sensuous slipperiness to their epic fucking.

Both women lost all sense of time and space. They came and came, their multiple orgasms feeding off each other, giving them both the desire to continue. Their screams and moans and grunts and shrieks of raw pleasure harmonized, echoing off the calm ocean surrounding Kris’s tug, their lovemaking audible for a thousand feet in every direction. At some point, Kris realized that she was on top of Larisa, grinding down into the other woman, Larisa’s head thrown back as she screamed and bucked in pure erotic joy.

Kris and Larisa rode each other for hours, taking each other in every way that they could imagine. They sprayed oil on their asses, then went at each other ass to ass, rubbing the oil around and around, smearing it on their hot,wet twats, before slipping their cunts together from behind, locking up, and driving into each other until they both collapsed, gasping, moaning with insatiable hunger, their pussies and assholes sealed together in unbreakable bonds of flesh and suction. They sucked on each other’s tits, gnawing at rock-hard nipples and thick titmeat until their luscious titflesh was covered in spit and gentle bitemarks and their succulent areola were on fire; they ate each other’s pussies until their faces and hair were drenched with cum. They finger fucked and fisted each other, driving questing fingers and fists up into tight, hot cunts and tighter, hotter assholes. They kissed, licked and sucked at every inch of flesh on the other’s body, exploring each other’s curves and crevasses..

Early afternoon passed into early evening. The sweat-soaked, cum-drenched lovers finally took a break. Kris led Larissa to her tug’s small galley. Naked, sitting knee to knee across from each other over the bench-length galley table, the two voluptuous women smiled into each other’s eyes as they shared a hearty meal and replenished their dehydrated bodies. Their beautiful tits hung entrancingly from their chests, hovering pendulously over the table. The women pushed their toes together under the table, enjoying the play of perfect feet on feet. Their nipples hardened as their energy and lust returned. It was only a short matter of time before they were both reaching across the table to fondle the other’s massive tits and play with swelling brown nipples.

“God, you are such a good fuck,” Kris breathed to her Russian lover, her body growing hotter and more tense with anticipation and desire. She pushed the ball of her foot and her toes into their counterparts on Larisa’s foot; the dark-haired Russian pushed back, rubbing toe to toe..

“So are you, baby,” Larisa purred, her Russian accent noticeably lighter than it had been three months earlier. “I’ve been dreaming of fucking your brains out every night for the past three months. I’m not letting you go until I’ve done everything to you that I’ve imagined.” She smiled, her expression filled with such incredibly intense, hot lust that Kris felt her knees go weak with desire.

“You beautiful Commie cunt,” Kris smiled. “I haven’t fucked anyone in three months and I’m going to take all of that energy and pump it into you.” She smiled even wider. “I’m going to ride you so hard, you won’t be able to close your legs for a week.”

The beautiful women exchanged hot grins. They both reached out to cup the other’s tit and tweak, squeeze the other’s engorged nipple. They pushed their faces together over the table, grabbed each other by the back of the head, and pulled each other in for a hot, deep, probing kiss. Eager tongues scoured the insides of each other’s mouths. Kris thrilled as she exchanged spit and remnants of masticated food with Larisa. This shared exchange of body fluids was a further measure of their intense intimacy, of their desire to join their bodies to each other as completely as they could.

The women sat up from the bench seats, pushing together from across the table. Their heavy tits came together, thick brown nipples caressing and fusing to each other as they pushed tighter. As their lust built, Larisa and Kris could not control themselves. They came out from either side of the table, bringing their lush bodies together, wrapping arms around each other as their bellies slapped tight, as their powerful legs rubbed and twined around each other. They stumbled around the small galley until Larisa succeeded in overbalancing Kris and throwing her down onto the galley table, Larisa on top. Kris spread her legs eagerly, placing her feet on the bench seats on both sides of the the galley table, opening herself to her Russian lover as Larisa mounted her. Larisa eagerly began humping Kris, slapping her hungry cunt into the blonde’s welcoming twat.

For long, delicious minutes the two women ground into each other in a hot, hard fuck, Larisa pumping Kris with her ass and hips, Kris’s fingers sunk into Larisa’s rock-hard assmeat, pulling the other woman into her. Their throbbing tits mashed together, almost exploding with pleasure with each delicious thrust. The women’s moans and gasps of intense pleasure grew louder and longer as they fucked furiously.

Gasping, Kris suddenly pushed Larisa away. She slipped out from under the Russian woman and slid off the table. Panting, her eyes wild with desire and her cunt dripping with juices, Larisa stared at Kris, almost desperate to regain cunt to cunt contact. Before she could leap onto the blonde again, Kris gave her an evil smile and turned and ran below decks, back to her cabin. Larisa followed her eagerly. The naked women threw themselves together on the bed. Their nude forms twined together frantically, their asses exchanged hard thrusts. The sound of thick, meaty cunts slapping together echoed in the close quarters. Their heavy tits rolled and throbbed, titmeat melting to titmeat, breasts so aroused they felt like they would explode with pleasure. Kris finally pinned Larisa to the bed. Mounting her Russian lover, she fucked her slow, hard and powerfully, using her hips and ass to grind her cunt relentlessly into Larisa’s twat, going clit to clit and tit to tit until the women came simultaneously in a screaming symphony of ecstasy and hot cum.

Gasping, momentarily spent, Kris rolled off of her incredible rival. The women lay side by side, panting furiously, their equally massive tits jiggling with each hot breath. Their bodies were wet with sweat, their pussies were dripping with cum. Thick strands of viscous ejaculate linked their bare, juicy cunts; their lower bodies were wet with sex juices.

Larisa reached down and cupped Kris’ bare, wet twat; a moment later, she shoved three fingers up into the blonde’s throbbing fuckhole and began to work Kris still-hard clit and sex-slimed labia. Kris moaned, writhing on the bed, then reached down to cup and violate Larisa’s twat with her eager fingers. Side by side, groaning and writhing, naked bodies twisting and undulating beside each other, round tits quivering, the two gorgeous women finger-fucked each other. They pushed their faces towards each other and pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, sharing hot breath as they gasped and screamed and, finally, shrieked and bucked in mutual orgasm.

Larisa raised her cum-slicked hand to Kris; Kris offered her ejaculate-wet fingers to Larisa. Sighing and moaning in pleasure, the women licked and sucked each other’s fingers, lapping their own cum off the other woman’s digits. After a time, they lowered their hands, squeezing each other’s tits, before cupping the other woman’s pussy once more, and pushed closer. Their heavy tits braced against each other. The women rubbed noses and licked each other’s faces and lips, smiling with tired pleasure. Black hair and golden locks twined together on the pillows. The women stretched against each other, not speaking, but enjoying their unspoken agreement to rest and regain their strength before ravaging each other again.

Kris could see the digital clock on the wall of the cabin. It was barely 8 o’clock. She thrilled to the knowledge that she and Larisa had almost 13 more hours in which to fuck each other without interruption. She sighed and stretched, enjoying the hot feel of the other woman’s lush body pressed tight against her own. She knew it would not be long before one of them would mount the other and bring all of their luscious flesh into exquisitely intimate contact once again. She enjoyed the sense of building anticipation while she rested beside her lover.

After a few minutes, Kris could wait no longer. With a smile, she rolled herself onto Larisa’s incredible body. She sighed with delight as her belly flattened to Larisa’s taut midriff, navel kissing navel, as their round, thick tits crushed tight and hard, nipple to nipple. Larisa smiled, her eyes closed, and reached around to rest her hands on Kris’ bubble ass, even as she opened her legs just enough to let Kris’ crotch slide onto her own.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Kris cooed. “Have I tired you out? Can’t your pussy handle any more?”

Larisa smiled a feral grin, her eyes half open and glinting with lust. “My pussy is much stronger than your’s, you blonde cunt,” she purred. She thrust up with her hips, slapping her juicy cuntlips to Kris’ wet twat. For a few intense moments, the women ground into each other, clam to clam, smiling at each other viciously as their genitals struggled for supremacy.

Kris gave her lover an evil grin. She rolled off of Larisa and sat back, spreading her legs. Larisa rose to a sitting position, spreading her legs to match her blonde rival. Their eyes shining with desire, Kris and Larisa reached down and spread their juicy pussylips, freeing their swelling, throbbing clits. Kris could not stop smiling, even as she panted with lust. Her blood was boiling with need, the sexual tension running through her muscles was like a delicious electric current. Larisa was panting too, her beautiful tits jiggling delightfully, her gorgeous green eyes fixed on Kris’ thumb-sized clit. The women’s eyes locked as they closed on each other, both almost insane with desire. Their hot, wet fuckholes slapped together with the sound of thick, juicy slabs of meat. Kris and Larisa moaned with indescribable lust as they leaned back, braced their powerful bodies with their hands, and shoved into each other as hard as they could. Their overheated twats bathed each other with torrential sex juices as their pussylips flattened against each other. Their backs arched, their massive tits jiggled, they threw back their heads and groaned and cried out with each penetrating thrust. Their rock-hard clits ground directly on each other, trapped within the tight, fleshy confines of the vaginal arena created by the women’s locked and sealed cunts. The sheer ecstasy was unbearable but Kris and Larisa fucked and fucked, enjoying it far too much to want to stop. For 20, 30 minutes, they rode each other as hard as they could, their asses and hips moving in erotic rhythm, their bodies dripping with sweat, their majestic tits rocking with every powerful shared thrust, their nipples long and diamond-hard. Every wonderful thrust was accompanied by sharp, harmonized cries of ecstasy from both Amazons. After 40 minutes, the women leaned forward and pulled each other in, crushing tit to tit, nipple to nipple, seizing each other’s asses, locking mouths and tongues, as they felt the incredible orgasms building in their shuddering bodies reach the point of climax. They shrieked into each other’s mouths, stifling their screams of bliss, as their bodies spasmed and jerked and bucked through a series of multiple orgasms that left both women delirious with pleasure as they injected shot after shot of hot ejaculate into each other’s cunts. The mattress under their bucking bodies was soon soaked with sex juices.

Kris and Larisa fell away from each other, still sucked twat to twat, flat on their backs. They gasped and moaned as their hearts slowed down, as their minds slowly returned to their sex-whipped bodies. After some time, Kris pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at the Russian beauty over her heaving tits. Kris felt the lust growing her again. She wanted this woman with a hunger that felt insatiable.

The cabin was growing dim as twilight descended on the ocean and darkened the portholes to the outside light. Kris reached out and clicked on the bedside lamp, illuminating the cabin with a dull light. Larisa smiled up at the blonde over her panting chest. She squeezed Kris’ cunt with her own; Kris squeezed back and, for a moment, the women’s locked genitals quivered with muscular tension.

“I know how we can really settle who has the strongest cunt,” Kris smiled.

“How is that?” Larisa asked, pushing herself up on her elbows to mirror Kris’ position.

Kris smiled again. With a grunt, she pulled herself away from Larisa, breaking the fleshy bond between their steaming cunts. Larisa moaned with disappointment. Kris slid over to the side of the bed and pulled out a drawer fixed into the bedframe. She pulled two large dildos out of the drawer, brandishing them like weapons. Both dildos were about 12 inches long, though one was slightly fatter than the other. Larisa’s eyes shone with pleasure as she stared at the massive plastic rods.

“One for the ass, one for the cunt,” Kris smiled. “At the same time. Let’s see what you can really take, you Commie cunt.”

Larisa smiled, biting her lip in excited anticipation. She turned around on her hands and knees, presenting her perfect, heart-shaped ass to her rival, her butt shoved high in the air. Kris grinned and leaned forward to lick Larisa’s sopping cunt and her tight, puckered asshole. The Russian woman sighed with pleasure.

Kris pulled lubricant out of the drawer next to her bed and coated both ends of both dildos. She slowly, carefully, inserted one head of the bigger dildo into Larisa’s hot, tight pussy. Larisa moaned in pleasure as the thick plastic cock spread her twat and knifed deep into the depths of her vagina. A moment later, she groaned with pain and pleasure as the second dildo, almost as thick as the first, spread her tight, hot asshole and sheathed itself in her anus.

Kris turned around and pushed up to Larisa on her hands and knees, ass to ass. Larisa used her internal muscles to hold the two shafts rigid and straight; Kris reached between her legs and used her hand to direct the head of each dildo to her matching ass and cunt. She made sure that she had a light grip on the heads of the shafts with each of her bodily orifices. Then, smiling in delight, giddy with anticipation, she backed up on the two dildos, slowly, exquisitely, impaling herself on the massive shafts. Larisa moaned and gasped in pleasure as she tightened her twat and her ass around the dildos as much as she could, holding them in place as Kris slid up the massive plastic cocks, burying them deep into her womanhood. The women groaned in shared ecstasy as their pussies and asses devoured the dildos whole. They whimpered as they felt the thick, sensitive lips of their distended cunts press tight and wet, folding and fusing together in a burst of erotic heat. They felt the flesh of their tight, stretched assholes mesh and merge, pressing and sealing tight as a drum.

“Aaaaahhhhhh,” Larisa moaned.“Oh god, yessssss,”she sighed.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Kris cried, biting her lip, her eyes closed as she reveled in the delicious feeling of the thick shafts so far up her vagina and her ass, of her most intimate body parts meshing and rubbing with their counterparts on another woman.

On their hands and knees, their arms fully extended, their beautiful tits hanging and swinging from their chests, Larisa and Kris began to shove back and forth, each trying to clamp her muscles around the two shafts, to take control of one or both of the dildos and use them to fuck the other woman. The winner of this erotic showdown would be the woman whose cunt and asshole would prove stronger, better able to control the massive shafts, better able to use the sextoys to ream the cunt and ass of the other. The women’s round, taut asses rippled and flexed against each other, sending spikes of delicious pleasure through both. They pressed as hard and tight as they could and delighted as they felt the muscles of each other’s buttocks quivering against their own. They angled their pussies, pressing their swollen clits hard together, sending erotic electricity arcing through their perfect bodies.

The women strained to gain control of the dildos, to keep the other woman from ramming the shaft deep inside of them. The women fought viciously, each one trying to pull the dildo far enough out to then jam it back in, hard, to fuck her foe. The constant squeezing and releasing of the dildo in the women’s cunts fed the sexual fever in both of them. It was like massaging a giant cock and their sexual lubricants flowed like water, mixing with the artificial gel already on the dildo to make it almost impossible to hold. The backs of the women’s muscular thighs pressed tight, their calves overlapped. After some time, Larisa drew her knees and thighs under her body and leaned forward, arching her back and shoving her ass in the air, pushing her tits into her thighs, trying to give herself more control over the shafts. Kris matched the move. The women pressed their bare feet together sole to sole, bracing against each other as their asses and cunts struggled for domination. Their powerful asses wiggled and writhed, ass cheeks crushed hard, locked in constant battle.

Kris felt the incredible tension that had been building up inside her reach a point of no return. The thrusting, grinding dildos had stirred up her insides into a streaming cauldron of pleasure that needed to release. With a scream, she came hard, ejaculating hot cum down the length of the shaft in her twat. Sexual juices gushed, splattering the bed, soaking the intersection of the battling women’s bodies. An instant later, Larisa screamed and released, bucking in a powerful orgasm of her own. The women clamped their cunts around the shafts and struggled valiantly as their bodies convulsed in pleasure, as hot cum flowed between their locked cunts, mixing together into an erotic brew.

Over the next two hours, Kris and Larisa exchanged orgasm after orgasm until their asses and crotches and legs were wet with cum. Their insides felt like toffee, softened and slick and hot from the constant sexual friction. Their pussies and assholes ached with the muscular tension of their combat. Their luscious bodies dripped with sweat. Both women fought with their heavy tits crushed into the mattress, their asses high in the air, their pussies pressed flat to each other, their throbbing clits mashed length to length. As the battle raged, they slowly lowered their asses until their bellies and tits were flat on the bed, their legs were spread wide and parallel. The women braced their hands on the opposite cabin walls and shoved and thrust at each other, ass to ass, cunt to cunt, struggling to wear each other out. Their moans and cries of pleasure and effort formed a continual erotic chorus.

Larisa suddenly pushed herself up, curving her back, lifting her ass, and giving herself a slightly stronger position from which to use gravity to drive down into Kris’ perfect ass and cunt. Kris did not respond quickly enough; she tried to lift her ass to meet Larisa’s position, but the Russian woman had gained an insurmountable advantage. Even as Kris struggled to raise her ass again, Larisa pushed down on it, pushed down on Kris, forcing her further back on the bed and using her slight gravitational advantage to force both dildos deeper into Kris’s twat and ass. The harder Kris resisted the more her pussy and ass trembled with strain. Suddenly, her body was wracked by a incredibly intense orgasm. Even as she shrieked in ecstasy and loosened her grip on the invading shafts, Larisa pulled her ass up, then shoved back, hard. She pounded into Kris’ convulsing cunt, she twisted her hips to drive the other dildo deeper into Kris’ ass.

“Fuck, you fuck, you cheating fuck,” Kris gasped. She could not stand the pleasure, it was just too intense. As Larisa pounded at her, she could only moan and gasp in enraged impotence as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her incredible body. She sank her fingers into the mattress and held on, her cheek flat on the bed, as she moaned in agony and ecstasy.

“Whore!” Larisa cried out as she worked her ass and hips, driving back into Kris. “Who has stronger pussy and asshole, bitch?”

“Fuck you, cunt!” Kris cried. But she knew she had lost this fight. As hard as she tried to grip and restrain the dildos with her deep muscles, the chaining orgasms wracking her body made it too hard to control her sex.

Suddenly, Kris felt the two dildos pull out of her body. She gasped at the sense of being bereft of the massive shafts filling her holes, filling her body so completely and intimately. Larisa grabbed her and rolled Kris over onto her back. The black-haired Russian woman looked almost insane with lust as she pulled Kris’ legs apart and aimed her dripping twat at Kris’ matching cunt. Kris understood what Larisa wanted; their normally tight, slick cunts and asses were now distended by hours of being stretched by the massive dildos. They were literally open to each other in a way they had never been before.

Kris pushed herself to a sitting position and spread her thighs as wide as she could, even as she aimed her open, gaping cunt at Larisa’s fuckhole. The women came together with a shared scream. Their ravenous, cavernous cunts sucked and sealed, pink inner labia melting into one, fused tight from the inside out. Their swollen clits wrapped around each other and then were squeezed in a viselike clamp as the two battling beauties contracted and folded their genitals around each other, devouring each other’s succulent pussies.

Kris and Larisa screamed in concert as they penetrated each other as deeply as they could, as their vaginal mouths closed and locked and sucked at each other, becoming one mass of steaming erotic pleasure. Their engorged, throbbing clits twisted together like eager tongues, filling their bodies with unbearable ecstasy.

“Oh god, you whore, you whore!!” Larisa shrieked as she clamped herself around Kris’ genitals and thrust and squeezed with all her power. The women leaned back, legs spread wide, pelvises tilted up so that their distended assholes could also mate.

“Fuck, fuck you cunt!!” Kris cried, seizing Larisa’s sweaty thigh for leverage as she drove herself into the other woman with all her strength, her hips bucking powerfully. Their tits bounced, their bellies rippled with effort, their asses flexed as they fucked each other mercilessly, ecstatically, drawing as much sheer, raw pleasure from each other as they could. Their bodies trembled with pleasure and passion. Orgasm after orgasm roared through the women’s battling bodies, their screams of joy echoing in the dark night of the ocean. Kris’ little tugboat rocked and swayed as the two women fucked and fucked furiously, deliriously, fucking each other raw, fucking each other dry, squeezing every drop of pleasure that they could from each other’s incredible bodies.

Finally, slicked with sweat and cum, writhing in ecstasy, the two women collapsed, flat on their backs on the bed, their twats still locked together more deeply and strongly than ever before. They panted and gasped, their tits heaving, their hearts pounding, sweat streaming off their luscious, unbelievably voluptuous bodies. After a time, Larisa twisted her body away from Kris, separating their swollen cunts in a gush of sex juice. Larisa threw her naked body across Kris’ perfect form. Kris folded her arms around the other woman’s back and twined their legs together. She pulled a discarded bedsheet over them, trapping in their body heat, helping the women to stew together in their shared sweat and sex and heat. Kris turned off the light and the women cocooned together in the dark, surrounded by the heat and scent of hot sex. Cheek to cheek, tits crushed tight, moaning and sobbing with pleasure, the women fell into a deep, exhausted sleep, their wet, lush bodies knotted together in passion. Even so, they woke several times during the night to fuck each other furiously, emptying their cum into each other time and again, sucking on each other’s clits and tits, before falling into slumber again.

At 9 AM the next morning, Jack returned to Kris’ tug. He found Kris and Larisa sitting in the galley, both wearing Kris’ oversized shirts. The shirts were unbuttoned, revealing the swells of the women’s majestic tits and the lush flesh of their bare bellies, down to their naked twats. Their long, bare legs stretched under the table and Jack could see that they were pressing their bare toes together, stroking each other’s calves with their feet. The women were eating toast and drinking coffee. They were totally focused on each other, staring deep into each other’s eyes as they ate. Jack wasn’t sure if the tension in the air was unresolved sexual desire, a growing sexual rivalry, or both.

The women looked up as Jack came in and smiled at him. They looked incredible. Their hair was tangled and bedraggled and their bodies almost glowed with sexual power and arousal. Seeing these two gorgeous Amazons together after a night of hard sex, Jack began to think that his plan might just work.

“So, how was your night, ladies?” Jack asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Larisa and Kris looked at each other and smiled. “It was just fantastic, Jack,” Kris purred, her eyes never leaving Larisa’s. “We fucked each other’s brains out.”

“Da,” Larisa concurred. “And we want to do a lot more of it, too.”

The women leaned towards each other across the table. They touched noses and tongues and began to sink into a deep, erotic kiss. Jack spoke up quickly, before things went too far.

“Great to hear that, girls,” Jack began. “I have a business proposition for both of you. I think you’ll want to hear this.”

Reluctantly, the women pulled apart. They sat back on the bench seats, their backs to the wall, their shirts open, displaying the swell of their golden tits and bare bellies, and gave Jack their attention, if only for the moment. He knew he had to speak fast, before their attention slipped back to each other.

“Here’s the deal: there is a private island about four days sail from here. It’s owned by a Japanese billionaire. Nice guy, but he has some exotic sexual tastes. He likes to watch but not get involved in the sex himself.”

“You want us to sexfight in front of him?” Kris asked. She was intrigued. “How much will he pay?”

“Well, close but not quite,” Jack continued. “He does want to watch you two sexfight, but not each other. The thing is this: he has a team of two women who are his prize sexfighters. I told him that I could find them some competition that would really give them a run for their money. I thought of you two.”

Kris nodded. “So, let me get this straight. You want Larisa and me to be a team of sexfighters who will take on another team of women?” Jack nodded. “And how much do we get if we win?”

Jack smiled again. “This is the good part. If you win, each of you gets $1 million.”

“What?” Kris started. Larisa looked shocked. “We get $1 million if we win? What is the consolation prize?”

“That’s just $100,000 a piece. Not nearly as much as the winner’s purse, but nothing to sneeze at.” Jack continued. “A million dollars may seem like a lot to you and me, but this guy is really rich and he has a very particular fantasy. He wants to see the most beautiful, sexy women he can find sexfight each other as hard and long as they can. He wants an all-out orgy fight. He’s willing to pay whatever it takes to make that fantasy real.”

Kris’ head reeled. Larisa sat back, a stunned expression on her gorgeous face. The women’s eyes met from across the table. They shared a look, then a smile.

“We’re in, Jack,” said Kris. “Larisa and I will fuck those other women into the ground.”

“Good,” Jack said. “That’s what I wanted to hear. Kris, please pack a bag. We’ll head back to my ship as soon as you’re ready.”

Larisa and Kris got up from the table and went down to Kris’ cabin. A few minutes later, they re-emerged, both wearing tiny string bikinis, Larisa’s white and Kris’ black (Larisa borrowed a bikini top from Kris, her own having blown into the water at some point), and Kris carrying a duffel bag. The bag had some items of clothing, several bikinis, her bathroom kit, and the two massive dildos she and Larisa had used on each other the night before.

Kris secured her tug, locking what needed to be locked and depositing the key in her bag. The two bikini clad Amazons and the man made their way to the speedboat tied to the tug. Soon, they were shooting across the water, heading towards Jack’s yacht.

Larisa and Kris sat together in the back of the boat, arms around each other’s shoulders, nearly naked bodies pressed tight. They enjoyed the feel of their tits rippling and jolting against each other as the boat bounced across the waves. The women smiled at each other, then leaned in for a long, slow, tongue-filled kiss. As the heat between their luscious bodies grew to a fever, Kris knew they were thinking the same thing. If they were going to be sexfighting for a million dollars each in four days, they had better get in as much practice as they could.

Part III

Jack’s yacht, the “Pegasus,” cut through the warm Caribbean waters like a silver blade. It was l heading for a private island not far off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. It was not that late, getting on 6 PM in the afternoon, but they were almost on the equator and the sun set in just a few minutes. As the yacht drew closer, it was hailed from the island by radio and guided into an impressive pier by docking lights.

As the Pegasus pulled up to the dock, Kris looked out at the island curiously, taking in every detail. She was impressed. The island was small, maybe 10 or 12 hectares, but it rose precipitously out of the Caribbean Sea. At the crown was a Spanish-style mansion, bathed in light, and blending seamlessly into the surrounding jungle. As she watched, Kris saw a man emerge from the forest on the edge of the dock. He was a tall, handsome Japanese man, maybe in his 50s. He was beautifully dressed in a crisp white cotton short-sleeved shirt and white slacks. An expensive watch, probably a Rolex, was wrapped around his left wrist. He was alone.

As dockhands lashed the Pegasus to the wharf, Jack led Kris and Larisa out onto a gangplank and down to the dock. The man walked gracefully up the landing pier to greet them.

The two women were wearing elegant evening dresses which did a great deal to accentuate their considerable assets. Larisa’s black hair was up in series of spiraled loops on her head, leaving her beautiful neck and shoulders bare. Her gown was easily held in place by her incredible bustline. The little black dress that she wore revealed deep, plunging cleavage and most of her lush, tan thighs. It also left most of her perfect back bare, but clung tightly to her hips and round, tight ass. Larisa was wearing three-inch, black, open-toed pumps. She was adorned with a silver necklace and earrings.

Kris was also wearing three-inch open pumps. Her blonde hair was down, cascading over her bare shoulders. Her dress was gold, and also held in place by her swelling tits. The dress’ neckline plunged almost to her navel; her back was bare. The hemline barely went down far enough to cover her thong. The garment hugged her hips and butt tightly. She was wearing a pearl choker and pearl earrings.

Each woman took one of Jack’s arms; together, the three walked down the pier towards the man, who was coming to meet them.

The man’s eyes sparkled with desire as he took in Kris and Larisa’s elegant beauty. Kris could see excitement in his eyes, which she interpreted to mean that he was very satisfied with the picture she and Larisa presented.

“Hello,” the man said as he reached them. “I am Hoshi Yakamura. This is my island. I call it “Windheart.”” He gestured to the spectacular mansion and forest behind him.

Jack made the introductions.

“Mr. Yakamura,” Jack began, “May I present these two beautiful ladies. This is Larisa…” Yakamura took Larisa’s hand and squeezed it gently, looking intently into her eyes. Larisa smiled back, her beautiful green eyes working their magic.

“…and this is Kris,” Jack continued, motioning to the blonde beauty. Yakumura shook Kris’ hand, staring intently into her eyes, too. Kris regarded him pleasantly, but coolly, assessing him. She liked what she saw, but she also knew that the kind of man who would hire women to sexfight for his amusement could be dangerous. She needed to be on her guard.

“I am honored to meet you,” Yakamura said. “You lovely women are every bit as beautiful, as impressive, as Mr. Dorn promised. Please, come with me up to the house. We will have a most excellent supper and you can meet your…” he paused, searching for the right word.”…competitors.”

Yakamura offered each of the women an arm. Together, with Jack a few steps behind, the party made its way to the house. They walked up a paved pathway, clearly designed to allow large trolleys to trundle up and down to the house from the dock as easily as possible. The pavement stone was smooth, easy on the women’s three-inch heels, and wide enough to accommodate a truck. Even so, there was nothing “industrial” about the island, though Kris was sure there was much more going on beneath the island than was obvious. As they walked, Yakamura pointed to the lush gardens and manicured lawns that stretched away from the path. The island had several swimming pools, three of them infinity pools built in a cascading terrace just below the main house. As they walked, the various lights that illuminated the path turned off and on, keeping pace with the procession. Yakamura explained that he did not like the light pollution and tried to keep the house and island as dark as possible during the night, so that he could enjoy the stars. By now, the last traces of sunlight were disappearing below the horizon and the brilliant Caribbean night sky was revealed in all its glory.

“I would like you ladies to enjoy the hospitality of my island for the next two days,” Yakamura offered. “Today is Wednesday. If it meets with your approval, I would like to schedule the competition for Friday night. After that, no matter the outcome, I would be honored if you would like to stay on and enjoy the island for a few more days. I have all of the amenities of a resort here and I so rarely have guests.”

“Thank you, Mr. Yakamura,” Kris replied. “That sounds very nice. We will talk to Jack and see what he says. He may have other plans that he needs to get back to.” Jack said nothing, leading Kris to think that he might. At the least, his silence led her to believe that Yakamura’s offer was something they would need to discuss.

“Please, call me ‘Hoshi’,” Yakamura insisted.

The party continued up the path and a series of stairs to the house, entering into a huge marble hall. The house was designed to be open to the outdoors. Yakamura led the women and Jack into an enormous dining room with a 15 foot long polished oak table. The table paralleled an open wall that looked out on a spectacular view of the moonlit ocean. As the women admired the scene, two other women walked into the dining room. Larisa and Kris turned to meet their “competition”; the air in the room became electric with sexual tension.

The women who entered the room were incredible. Both were redheads, one wearing her hair up, the other with her long mane flowing over her shoulders. The one with her hair up was wearing a short green dress, the hemline ending just below her crotch, making the skirt as short as Kris’. The skirt’s collar dipped low on her chest, allowing each of her massive tits to form a perfect round orb in the collar’s window. The other redhead was wearing an equally short dress the color of oxblood. A narrow loop circled her neck, crossed under her throat, then angled down to form a revealing cleavage window that dipped down to her navel. Her back and her arms were bare. The women were wearing gold necklaces and earrings and three inch black pumps. Their green eyes glowed with heat as they stared at Kris and Larisa.

Larisa unconsciously arched her spine and shoved her massive tits out at the other women. The redheads responded in kind. Kris was more restrained, letting her eyes drift appraisingly over the other women’s incredible bodies. These women were every bit as beautiful and voluptuous as Larisa and Kris. Kris was not surprised, but she was impressed. She knew that she and her partner would have a real battle ahead of them.

Yakamura waved the redheads over. Hips swaying, tits rocking, the gorgeous women approached their sexual rivals.

“Kris and Larisa,” Yakamura said, “It is my pleasure to introduce Sasha”- he gestured at the women with her hair up – “and Svetlana.”

All four women shook hands; all felt the erotic energy passing between them. Larisa said something to the redheads in Russian. They smiled but did not reply. Instead, Svetlana addressed Kris and Larisa.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My partner and I have much experience in the area of… how shall we say?…sexfighting. We look forward to matching our skills to yours.”

Before Kris could reply, Yakamura interrupted. “Please, let’s save the shop-talk for later. Let’s have dinner now and get to know each other.”

As he spoke, a sumptuous feast of Cornish game hen and other delicacies was being laid out on the table by two attentive servers. Kris and Larisa sat on one side of the table; Jack was beside them. Directly across from them sat Svetlana and Sasha. Yakamura sat at the head. The incredible display of female pulchritude was distracting; four spectacular sets of tits kept calling attention to themselves.

Over the next two hours, the little dinner party enjoyed the incredibly tasty meal and learned more about each other. Even so, the redheads were cagey about their pasts and their professional activities. Kris got the impression that they were not professional sexfighters but something else. Kris and Larisa did nothing to hide their relative inexperience at sexfighting. They had discussed this earlier and decided it was better for their opponents to feel overconfident going into the battle.

Finally, after dessert was over and everyone felt pleasantly stuffed, the party retired to Yakamura’s wood paneled study to discuss the business at hand. The redheads sat on a couch facing the fireplace. Kris sat in a wing chair on one side of the fireplace. Jack and Larisa sat on a loveseat at right angles to the couch. Yakamura stood beside the fireplace.

“As you know,” he began, “I have asked you here to my island for one purpose: I wish to stage and record the most erotic and competitive sexfight that money can buy. I met Jack a year ago at one of the titfights on his yacht. I expressed my desire to him and he has graciously found Kris and Larisa to be two of our competitors. I found Svetlana and Sasha after doing a considerable search through my various contacts. I am confident that all of you are gifted sexfighters and that you will prove to be formidable opponents.”

“Who will see the recording?” Kris asked. She had no desire to be an internet sensation. She knew that this was a possibility when she signed on and it was not a dealbreaker for her, but a career as a pornstar was not one of her ambitions.

“I assure you that I am the only one who will see the recording,” Yakamura replied. “This entire endeavor is being done for my personal enjoyment. I have no intention of violating your privacy or of sharing my personal fetishes and fantasies with others.”

“What are the rules of the fight?” asked Sasha. “Do we just fuck until one team forces the other to submit?”

“In essence, that is correct,” Yakamura said. “But it is a bit more detailed than that. I have built a special room in this house, that is equipped with cameras that can record whatever happens in the room from any angle. In the room is a large, round bed. That will be your arena. As you said, the basic setup is simple: Svetlana and Sasha are a team; Kris and Larisa are another team. All four of you will sexfight the other team, at the same time. I want this to be as much of an orgy as an outright sexfight. The winning team will be the one that can overpower and outfight the other. That means forcing the other team’s members to submit or rendering them unconscious. There is no violence allowed. I want you to fight each other entirely with your sexual power, with your bodies and sexual organs. You can change opponents as you like and if one combatant defeats her competitor, she can help her partner. Finally, the winner will be decided by the competitor who succeeds in pulling a lever on the wall. Whoever pulls that lever wins the two million dollars for her team.”

All four women nodded. This seemed straightforward enough.

“If you have no questions,” Yakamura continued, “I suggest that we all get some sleep. Kris, Larisa and Jack, I have had rooms prepared for you in the guest quarters.”

“I think I’ll sleep on my ship, Hoshi,” Jack replied. “You know, the captain of a ship doesn’t like to leave it alone for too long. But thanks for the offer. Ladies, would you like to stay here, or come back with me?”

Larisa and Kris exchanged a look. “I think we’d like to stay here,” Larisa said. “We love the ship, but it would be nice to have a change.”

“I am glad,” Yakamura smiled. “As comfortable as Jack’s vessel is, I am sure you will find the rooms I can provide to you much more luxurious.”

Jack left to return to the ship and arrange for the women’s necessaries to be brought to them in the house. Svetlana and Sasha wished everyone goodnight and excused themselves, disappearing into some other part of the mansion. Yakamura led Larisa and Kris to one of the lower levels of the house, where they were shown adjoining rooms. The bedrooms were beautiful, spacious, beautifully furnished, and equipped with fireplaces and ensuites. They opened onto a common terrace that looked out on the ocean and one of the infinity pools. The pool was accessible off the terrace. The women thanked their host, then prepared for the night.

In their respective rooms, Kris and Larisa stripped off their dresses, kicked off their heels and pulled on some of the luxurious, short terry-cloth robes provided. Larisa joined Kris in her room. She sat in a chair facing the bed. Barefoot, her long, lush legs extending from under the robe, her magnificent breasts shifting on her chest, she swung her leg as she played with her hair. She had let it down and now twirled her finger around one black lock.

“What do you think?” Larisa asked her partner and lover.

“I don’t know,” Kris said, sitting on the bed in her short robe. She leaned forward, her breasts almost spilling out of the front of the robe. “Something about this just feels off to me.” She paused. “What did you say to the redheads?”

“Not much. I just called them ‘sisters’ in Russian.”

Just then, there was a knock on Kris’ bedroom door. She answered and found a young sailor who had been sent to the women with their personal belongings. He gave her a small bag that contained both woman’s bathroom kits, underwear and various bikinis. They had not packed with much. Kris gave Larisa her bathroom bag. Before she left to return to her room, Larisa pulled Kris in and gave her a slow, hungry kiss. The women’s tongues played and they both enjoyed the pressure of their tits on each other, the sleek feel of their tan bare legs rubbing. They broke the kiss after a few minutes and smiled at each other.

“Do you want to spend the night here, or do you want me to come to your room?” Kris asked, her voice thick.

“I’ll come back here,” Larisa replied, licking Kris’ wet lips with her moist tongue. “We still have a lot of training to do. Just leave the door open.”

Larisa left. Kris took her bathroom bag into the ensuite, showered, freshened herself up, then returned to the bedroom. She was a bit surprised that Larisa had not returned yet, but she realized the Russian woman was probably doing the same things she had been doing. Sighing, Kris slipped off her robe. She admired her incredible, voluptuous body in the full length standing mirror in the bedroom. She ran her hands over her bulging, throbbing EE tits, squeezing her hardened nipples, then slipped her hands slowly down her taut belly to her pussy. She cupped her clean-shaven twat, running her middle fingers over her slit, and smiled. A million dollars was riding on how well this precious organ performed in two days.

Smiling, she crawled into the bed and pulled the soft, soothing sheets over her naked body. It felt wonderful. Leaving the night table light on, she drifted into a gentle sleep, confident that Larisa would wake her when she came.

Kris awoke with a start; something was wrong. Some sound, some feeling, had shattered her sleep. She listened carefully, wondering what it was that had woken her. She did not hear anything. She glanced at the clock. It had been 20 minutes since she had drifted off to sleep; where was Larisa?

Naked, Kris got out of bed and walked into the hall. She tried Larisa’s bedroom door; it was locked. Then, very faintly, she heard something coming through the door. She put her ear to the wood. She heard the sounds of animal grunts and groans. She recognized the noises; they were the distinct sound of two women having violent sex. In a flash, she realized what must be happening. Hoping against hope, Kris ran through her bedroom and onto the moonlit terrace. She raced to Larisa’s terrace door. It was a French door; if it was locked, Kris had a plan to break one of the windows, open the lock, and get into the bedroom. Fortunately, the terrace door was unlocked. Kris threw the door open. She was confronted by a nightmarish scene.

By the light of the lamps on the tables on either side of Larisa’s king-sized bed, Kris saw her partner being ravaged by the two redheaded Russians. Both of the Russians were nude. One of the women was spread on top of Larisa’s naked body, her perfect, round ass pumping as she fucked Larisa viciously. Larisa’s legs were spread wide on either side of the redhead’s hips, thrashing about. Kris could tell that the two fuckfighting women were locked mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue; she could not see this, but the animal sounds coming from both of them attested to this fact. But the battle was not fair; at the top of the bed, holding Larisa’s arms down by her wrists, over her head, was the other redhead. This woman’s beautiful face was lit with a savage, lustful grin as she watched her partner, her lover, pump her cunt into Larisa’s yielding twat, struggle with Larisa’s mouth, ravage Larisa’s luscious body. Kris could hear the distinct sounds of two wet pussies sucking and thrusting at each other, clearly indicating that Larisa and the redhead attacking her were deep into their fuck.

As Kris burst into the room, the redhead holding Larisa’s wrists looked up. She snapped something at her Russian partner, then released Larisa’s wrists and rolled off of the bed, so that she was standing in a crouch as Kris ran up to the bed. Larisa’s attacker tried to pin the black-haired beauty’s wrists to the bed, but Larisa slipped free and instantly sank her fingers into her attacker’s hair; she wrapped her legs around the other woman’s hips and rolled her over, taking the top position. She broke their vicious kiss long enough to snarl something in Russian at her foe; the redhead spat back a reply. Then the women resumed their savage kiss, their bodies continued thrusting and undulating as the fuckfight resumed on more even terms.

The other redhead was ready for Kris’ charge. But Kris did not throw herself at the other woman, as the redhead had expected. She dropped to a crouch and closed on the woman instead. Now that Larisa was no longer being ganged up on, Kris was sure her partner could handle her opponent on her own.

“You fucking whores!” Kris snarled. “Attacking us, two on one! That’s low, you bitch!”

“There are two million dollars at stake, slut!” the redhead replied. Kris realized it was Svetlana. “We are not going to play fair!”

“You little bitch,” Kris snapped. Her body was burning with sexual heat; her pussy felt wet and hot, her tits were swollen with arousal. Whatever else this attack was, there was no denying its erotic power. “I’m going to fuck your clit out your ass.”

The redhead understood immediately. Warily, she dropped to the carpet by the side of the bed and sat on her ass. She spread her legs wide, offering her succulent cunt to Kris. Kris dropped to her knees, then to her ass. She spread her legs stroked her wet, hot pussy, teasing her swelling clit, until it was engorged with blood and throbbing with heat. Then she began to close on the other woman, sliding across the floor. Svetlana stroked her cunt, preparing herself, waiting for Kris, her eyes burning with lust.

On the bed, Larisa and Sasha broke their kiss and pressed cheek to cheek, their mouths almost touching, drool linking lips to lips, their moans of animal delight filling the air. They whispered obscenities to each other in Russian. Both women had seized the other’s bucking, rippling ass, and were squeezing tight, pulling each other in deeper. Their massive tits were compressed against each other like meaty balloons, straining to break each other, throbbing and quivering with tension as the women fucked furiously. Their hot bellies were flat and fused to each other, tanned flesh flowing into flesh.

Kris and Svetlana slid into each other, thick-lipped, naked pussy clapping and sucking to thick-lipped, naked pussy. The women moaned with the delicious pleasure of the initial contact; slick cuntlips slid on each other erotically. Bracing their voluptuous bodies with their hands, turning their hips slightly to their lefts, Kris and Svetlana thrust hard with their powerful hips and asses. Cunt pressed and spread against cunt, pussy lips opened and pink labia merged. Vaginas sealed to each other as a powerful suction formed between the women’s meaty, juiced up twats. Glaring at each other hatefully, Kris and her Russian enemy shuddered and moaned in ecstasy as their pulsing clits came together, head to burning head. Thrusting, grinding, moaning and gasping, the blonde and redhead fucked powerfully. Fuck juices poured from their inosculated pussies, soaking their lower bellies and wrestling twats, trickling into their ass cracks as their cunt to cunt struggle raged on. The women’s massive tits bounced enthusiastically with each hard thrust. Their nipples swelled with heat and tension, their bellies rippled with muscular effort as they pumped each other viciously. Kris and Svetlana seized each other’s sweaty thigh for leverage and continued to grind mercilessly into each other.

“You dirty fuck, cum,” Kris demanded, her body vibrating with sexual heat and tension.

“Filthy, fucking slut, you cum for me,” Svetlana moaned back, the heat in her tits and clit threatening to explode.

The women’s swollen, aching clits rubbed and ground at each other relentlessly, sending shockwaves of growing power reverberating through their straining bodies. Back and forth, up and down, head on, the women’s thumb-sized clits fenced, inflicting unbearable sensations on the combatants. The pleasure in their cores built up faster and faster, soon approaching an excruciating breaking point. Panting feverishly, groaning, their hips and asses moving slow but hard, driving their cunts together with all the strength they could muster, their pussies burning with erotic electricity, Kris and Svetlana fucked brutally, each trying to force the other to submit.

On the bed, Larisa and Sasha’s battle came to a temporary conclusion. Squeezing, pulling hard at each other’s asses, the women broke their savage kiss to throw back their heads and scream in orgasmic ecstasy. Their bodies went stiff, their muscles locking and trembling, and they groaned in shared agony as their pussies clenched and released, shooting hot cum into each other, soaking their crotches and bellies with their steaming ejaculate. Their swollen tits ejaculated at the same time and hot, milky fluid squeezed out from their compressed titmeat. The struggling women suffered through a chain of shared orgasms, before they collapsed, gasping and moaning, hearts pounding into each other, Larisa sprawled over Sasha’s prostrate body.

On the floor, Kris and Svetlana were pumping each other to an orgasmic release. Their bodies were trembling with tension, their nipples were leaking with pre-cum, their massive tits were jiggling uncontrollably as each woman attempted to force the other into a submissive orgasm.

“You whore, you fucking whore, cum you bitch, cum!” Svetlana snarled, her green eyes blazing with heat and desperation as she struggled to hold back her orgasm.

“Cunt, cunt, fucking filthy cunt!” Kris gasped, her body burning up, overflowing with sexual pleasure.

Kris finally could not hold out a second longer. Throwing her head back, she screamed in joy even as she pumped a gusher of hot cum into Svetlana’s sucking pussy. Her nipples exploded at the same time, heat flowing deep in her tits to release a sudden squirt of nipple cum from her nipples that splattered on the redhead’s bouncing tits. A moment later, Svetlana erupted, shrieking as her nipples and cunt released a flood of juices, spraying Kris’ bucking body. The women fell on their backs and continued grinding, writhing and undulating as they rode each other to the end, each determined to pull the final orgasm out of the other. They thrust their hips and asses in the air, their cunts locked, sucking, pulling and contracting against each other at the apex of their meaty join. The women went stiff as another series of orgasms roared through their trembling bodies. Their asses fell back to the carpet as their orgasmic release passed. Panting, their bodies gleaming with sweat, cum spread over their abdomens and trickling into their ass cracks, Svetlana and Kris rested, trying to regain their energy. It had been a hard, powerful fuck and they both needed time to regroup. Their pussies remained pressed together, thick ejaculate squeezing up from their interlocked cunt lips.

On the bed, Sasha pushed Larisa off of her. The two women sat up, then sat back, spread their legs to each other, and moved into a scissorlock. The whole time, they growled obscenities and threats to each other in Russian. Their hungry cunts locked together with a hard, thick slap. The black haired beauty and the redhead seized each other by the hair; pulling viciously, their hips and asses thrusting powerfully, they commenced to fuck each other senseless.

Kris pushed herself away from Svetlana’s body, sliding back on her ass. The redhead sat up, then got to her hands and knees. Kris did the same and the women approached each other again, beautiful faces pressing close until they were nose to nose, panting into each other’s faces, each other’s mouths, sharing hot breath.

“You cheating cunts aren’t getting anything tonight, fucker,” Kris snarled.

“We don’t need to break you whores,” Svetlana replied. “We just needed to get a sense of what you could do. Now we know.”

“You don’t know shit, you bitch,” Kris barked. She threw herself at the redhead. Svetlana met her attack. The women wrapped arms around each other’s waists and backs, pulling each other into a tit-crushing embrace, their muscular bellies slapping as they came together. They groaned in pleasure as their meaty, swollen glands squashed and mashed, taut flesh trembling in tension as they struggled to crush each other flat. Their rock-hard nipples dug into their swollen titmeat. The struggling women fell onto their sides, then began rolling up and down the rug beside the bed, twining their powerful legs together, each straining to get and hold the top position.

Finally, after several minutes of body to body wrestling, Svetlana succeeded in pinning Kris to the floor and using her muscular thighs to spread Kris’ equally powerful thighs. Kris angled her pelvis up, presenting her pussy to her enemy; the redhead eagerly thrust down. The women moaned in shared ecstasy as their hot, juicy cunts mated once more. Pussy lips spread and opened, fuckholes locked as the women contracted their vaginas, sealing and sucking each other in. Their engorged clits came together, length to length and the women groaned and screamed as they began moving their hips, rubbing and rubbing clit to clit, the unbearable sensitivity of their sex nubs feeding excruciating pleasure to every inch of their undulating bodies. Their tits burned and throbbed into each other, nipples on fire as they fused to each other, nipple holes sucked tight. As Svetlana dragged her pussy up and down against Kris’ cunt in short, small movements, their engorged pussy lips pulled and slid on each other, melting together slowly as the women sank deeper and harder into each other.

Svetlana and Kris filled their hands with the other woman’s round, taut ass and pulled each other in deep and hard as their bodies moved. Kris wrapped her legs around her attacker’s hips and moved with her. Cheek to cheek, panting and gasping, the blonde and the redhead fucked hard, riding each other, both enjoying the intense pleasure, their moans and cries of erotic ecstasy getting more and more desperate as the long minutes passed, as they fucked each other higher and higher on the pleasure curve. Their tits burned, both women feeling the impending nipple orgasm even as their bodies trembled with erotic tension.

“Cum, fucker, cum, cum for me…,” Svetlana gasped, her self-control slipping by the second.

“Fucking dirty bitch, you cum for me,” Kris moaned back. The blonde wanted nothing more than to give into the incredible pleasure filling her core. But she had already cum first one time; she needed to hold out, to show this redheaded Russian that she could not be defeated twice.

Pulling hard on Svetlana’s ass, bucking up with her hips, Kris pressed her clit to Svetlana’s engorged sexhorn as hard as she could, head to head, trying to force the swollen nub back into the Russian’s writhing body. The pleasure was intense. The Russian’s breath hitched, her body shuddered. Then she let out a wail of ecstasy.

“Oh fuuuuccccckkkkkk!!” Svetlana screamed as her powerful cunt contracted, then erupted with a flow of hot, steaming cum. Much of it injected deep into Kris’ sucking cunt; much of it soaked the women’s crotches and flowed down to coat Kris’ ass and dampen the rug on which they were fighting. An instant later, Kris went rigid in a series of exploding orgasms; she injected cum into her enemy and sprayed their bucking bodies too. The women’s nipples exploded at the same time, hot streams of nipple cum forcing their way out of the women’s fused nipples, seeping out from between their compressed titflesh, covering their tits in a slick ejaculate, trickling down Kris’ neck. The flow of intense heat and exquisite pleasure caused the two beauties to shudder in each other’s arms.

Svetlana collapsed on top of Kris, gasping. Kris panted, enjoying the feeling of the other woman’s clit pulsing into hers, of their hot tits throbbing, their hearts pounding in concert. After a few minutes, however, she rolled the redhead off of her. The two women lay side by side on the rug, gasping as they struggled to regain their energy.

On the bed, Sasha and Larisa were undulating and writhing, their bodies stretched away from each other, both women squeezing their own tits viciously as they shared orgasm after orgasm. Moaning and screaming, their bodies bucked slow and hard as the final explosions of ecstasy chained through them then abated.

For a few minutes, there was quiet in the bedroom, the only sound all four women panting and gasping as they recovered from their sexual warfare.

Kris sat up, then got to her feet. She walked to the bed and reached down to stroke Larisa’s hair. Larisa pushed herself back from Sasha, then sat up and rolled off the bed to stand beside her lover. By now, the two redheads were also stirring, Svetlana getting to her feet, Sasha getting off the bed to stand by her partner.

The four nude women glared at each other, hands on hips, chests thrust out. Their perfect bodies, virtual mirror reflections of each other, gleamed in the light. They were all dripping with sweat and cum; juices dripped from their swollen cunts to the carpet. Four sets of tits jiggled as their owners fought back their excitement and anger.

“We’re prepared to keep fuckfighting all night, if that’s what you bitches want,” Kris snapped. “We’re prepared to take you cunts on all day, all night, between now and the real competition, if that’s where you want to go with this. But we would rather spend the next couple of days resting and getting ready for the main event.”

“We have learned what we came to learn,” Sasha said, her green eyes flashing at Larisa. “We will not bother you again before Friday night.”

Svetlana nodded, her gaze locked with Kris’.

The two redheads backed up to the bedroom door warily. They reached down and picked up the gossamer thin wraps that they had worn to Larisa’s bedroom and which they had discarded just inside the door. Pulling on the wraps, they nodded to their rivals. As they were leaving, Larisa snapped at them in Russian. The two redheads looked at her with anger, but they did not reply. Instead, they quietly opened and closed the door and left.

Larisa and Kris looked at each other.

“Are you alright?” Kris asked her partner, reaching out to pull the other woman to her. Their massive tits crushed tight as the women wrapped each other in a warm hug.

“Yes. Those two bitches knocked on the door just a little while after I left you. The moment I saw them, I knew what was happening, but I couldn’t get a warning to you. That bitch Sasha was fucking me really good before you came in.”

“Stupid cunts,” Kris growled. “Come on,” she said, taking Larisa by the hand. “We’ll sleep in my room, like we planned to anyway.” She smiled. “We’ve still got a lot of training to do tonight, if you’re up for it.”

Larisa smiled lasciviously. “I’m always up for it, baby,” she murmured.

The naked women left Larisa’s room by the terrace and entered Kris’s room. Kris made sure the terrace door was locked; Larisa locked the main bedroom door. Kris threw back the sheets and climbed into bed. She spread her naked body out in the center of the king-sized bed, then reached for her partner. Smiling, Larisa climbed onto the bed, then climbed onto Kris, pulling the sheets over them. The women smiled with delight and sighed in pleasure as their naked bodies came together. They pressed tight, tits crushing each other, nipples fusing together, sending a spike of ecstasy coursing through their bodies. Their hot bellies pressed flat to each other; they smiled as their navels sucked deliciously. Kris spread her legs and Larisa slipped between her thighs. The women moaned in delight as their wet, naked pussies pressed and sealed to each other, pink labia merging. Larisa slid her throbbing clit all the way up Kris’ fuck trough until their clits were pressing tight, trapped in the same hot, wet space, trembling together with sexual power. Their clits hardened against each other, pulsing with heat and electricity. Kris spread her hands on Larisa’s perfect ass; Larisa wrapped her arms under Kris’ back. The women licked each other’s lips and faces, their tongues playing with each other, before they settled into a long, hot, tongue-filled kiss. They wriggled against each other, grinding their clits, sighing with pleasure.

Finally, they broke the kiss and settled in together. Kris hit a button on the headboard and turned off the light. Twined together in the dark, their bodies pressed in the most intimate ways, sharing heat and sweat and sexual arousal, the two beauties moved slow and hard against each other, slowly and methodically fucking each other, letting the intense pleasure build inside of their slowly writhing bodies, letting their tits swell with heat, their nipples burn like stars as they melted together. Sweat and other juices flowed from their luscious bodies. They shared hot spit, sucking it back and forth. For more than an hour, the women moved against each other, the pleasure building until it was unbearable, until they could take no more. Kris sank her fingers deep into Larisa’s perfect, rippling ass and moaned in ecstasy as she felt the Russian go stiff on top of her, then felt the intoxicating feeling of steaming hot cum jetting into her vagina, entering and violating her womanhood, soaking her crotch and lower body. Kris’ moan turned to a scream of joy as her body orgasmed powerfully in response, as she felt her cunt contract, squeezing and trembling against Larisa’s cunt, as she felt their throbbing clits twitch against each other, as she felt her twat release a long, hot flow of cum into her lover. Much of this splashed back on her, flowing down into her ass crack and up into her navel. The women clung to each other as they squeezed, squeezed each other, pussy to pussy, as they pulled four, five delicious, shattering orgasms out of each other. They gasped and moaned in concert, their nipples and pussies shooting hot cum, their bodies jerking with ecstasy, their muscles straining.

Gasping, Larisa finally collapsed on top of Kris. They kissed deeply, before they finally rested, cheek to cheek. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing that they would wake many times during the night to fuck each other to sleep again. For now, they took comfort in their union and slept.

Part IV

The next morning, Kris left Larisa lying asleep in bed. She showered and then discovered a walk-in closet that was just off the bathroom that she had not seen before. She and Larisa had packed very little when they boarded the “Pegasus.” Kris mostly packed a variety of bikinis, reasoning that she would be mostly naked or sunning herself on the deck of the ship. Jack had provided much more in the way of wardrobe. She found that the walk-in closet came equipped with a wide variety of clothing, much of which fit her or could be adapted to her body. She found a large white shirt that was much like the over-sized shirts she enjoyed wearing around her tug. She put it on and tied it into a halter, the knot almost disappearing under the overhang of her perfect breasts, leaving most of her belly bare. She left most of the buttons undone, allowing her cleavage to breathe free and her majestic tits to shift and jiggle without restraint. She found some tight blue shorts and, eschewing underwear, pulled them on; they hugged the widest part of her hips leaving most of her torso naked. She examined herself in the closet’s full-length mirror. Between her endless bare legs, her exposed belly, and her overflowing cleavage, she looked devastatingly sexy, in a “farmer’s daughter” sort of way. She pulled some running shoes out of the case that Jack had sent over and she was ready to go exploring. She discovered that Jack had also sent over a cell phone in the case. At first she was puzzled, but when she checked the phone’s contact list she saw it was pre-programmed to link to Jack or the ship. She realized that the ship must have its own cell tower. She shoved the phone into the waistband of her low-riding shorts, in the small of her back.

Kris made her way to the kitchen, where a helpful cook provided her with a hearty breakfast that she took out on one of the house’s many terraces. She enjoyed the morning breeze and the spectacular Caribbean. She expected any minute to run into Sasha or Svetlana, maybe both, but neither one of the redheaded whores showed up. Maybe they were late sleepers too, she thought. After breakfast, she went exploring. The house was enormous. She quickly discovered that there were elevators to transport people around. The elevator buttons indicated there were 10 floors in the structure. Kris was very interested in what might be in the bowels of the house. Her sense that there was more happening on the island than would be normal for a luxury private estate was confirmed as she found another set of elevator banks on the house’s lowest level which were not accessible to her. Using them required a security key. She realized that whatever was under the house must be going well below sea level. She was very curious; she would have to see if she could find out more, later.

She soon discovered the house’s library. It was on the fifth level, though the room was three stories high. The library walls were mahogany and the entire structure was a giant shaft divided into three different levels, accessible by stairs or a small platform elevator. Three of the walls of the room were lined with thousands of books, going back three shelves deep on each level. Many of the writings were Japanese. The fourth wall was solid glass and looked out on a spectacular ocean view. On the third level, the library walkway extended across the glass wall, providing guests a place to sit and read while gazing out at the sea, as well as a good view of the library below. This side of the house was on the edge of a cliff, so there was no forest, just sun sparkling water stretching to the horizon. The terrace off of the library jutted out over the sea; it was a sheer drop down to the water. In the center of the first floor of the library was a reading table and series of wingback chairs and a couch, to provide seating. Just inside the main door was a computer station. Kris quickly checked it out and discovered she had easy access to the internet through the computer, as well as a catalogue of what was in the library. She scanned the holdings, to get an idea of what kind of interests held Yakamura’s attention. She felt a shiver run up her spine when she saw that he seemed to be particularly interested in various aspects of the occult. There were a few thousand books in the library dealing with the subject, mostly reference books about occult practices in various cultures. But Kris suspected that someone as wealthy as Yakamura might not just stop at reference books if his interest was strong enough. After all, look at what had brought her to the island; Yakamura could be satisfied with sexfighting from the internet or any variety of private performances. Instead, he had to have his own personal sexfight tournament and he was willing to pay a great deal of money to get it.

Kris decided to check out some of the occult references that dealt with local gods, demons and legends. She found a book on the occult forces of the Caribbean and settled down to read in a comfortable chair on the third level walkway. She soon became engrossed in local legends about sea gods and hybrid creatures that inhabited the waters around Trinidad and the nearby South American coast. The area was filled with monstrous beings and supernatural forces, if the reference was any guide.

About an hour and a half after she had started reading, the library door opened and Svetlana and Sasha came in. They looked around, but they did not see Kris in her chair on the third level. The redheads were both dressed in barely-there bikini tops that accentuated their incredible tits and short-shorts. They were wearing white boat shoes. They began talking to each other urgently in Russian. Kris had expected this; as soon as the women came in, she had reached for her phone and activated the record app. She would get Larisa to translate later.

The women spoke quietly, but their voices carried in the great shaft of the library. This probably wasn’t the best place to have a private conversation, Kris thought to herself. It seemed a strange mistake for the two Russians to make, but they thought they were alone. Kris wondered, briefly, if there was something about the library that made it more secure than she realized. After a few minutes, the two Russians left the room. Kris stopped recording and resumed her reading. An hour later, she returned the book to its shelf and went out to find Larisa. Her partner should be up by now, she decided. They should decide how much they wanted to “practice” today for their battle tomorrow night.

On the way back to her bedroom, she ran into Sasha. At first, she was not sure which Russian it was who was walking towards her in the hall. The two redheads were so close to each other in appearance, they could easily pass as sisters, though they clearly were not. She soon recognized the woman who Larisa had spent a good part of the previous night fucking.

The Russian approached her with a friendly smile. Her majestic tits were barely covered by a green string bikini top that left almost nothing to imagination; it was just two tiny triangles, with Sasha’s massive, flawless tits pressed out all around it. Her belly was bare and the black shorts she was wearing were so small they could count as a belt and so tight that Kris could make out some camel toe.

“I enjoyed fucking your friend last night,” Sasha said with a winning grin. “She was a very good fuck. Very strong, very passionate, very in-control. I like that. When this is done, we should all fuck again, for fun. Maybe fuck a lot.”

Kris smiled. “I enjoyed fucking Svetlana, too. But I didn’t appreciate you and your cunt of partner ambushing my friend.”

Svetlana shrugged, causing her massive tits to jiggle invitingly. “We needed to know what the two of you could do. Now we do.”

“Well, I suppose now all of us have a taste of what we can do,” Kris replied. “Thanks for the offer,” she continued. “We’ll talk after Friday. You can see if you’re still interested after tomorrow night, after Larisa and I fuck you and your whore into the ground.”

“Well, then, maybe we should not wait until tomorrow night,” Sasha said with a mischievous smile.

Kris smiled back. She felt her nipples getting hard, straining against the thin cotton shirt that was pulled taut against them. As she watched, Sasha’s thick nipples, already sharp against her green bikini top, grew larger, harder, longer. She could almost see Sasha’s golden tanned tits expanding as they pumped with sexual arousal. Kris felt her own tits swelling. Her pussy, naked and uncovered under her shorts, was getting wet and hot. She knew it would not be long before she was leaving a wet spot on her crotch.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” Kris agreed. She reached out and put the palm of her hand flat on Sasha’s warm, muscled belly, her fingers pointing towards the woman’s tits. The heel of her hand sucked into the redhead’s narrow, deep navel.

Sasha returned the move, placing her hand on Kris’ bare belly, pushing her hand into the blonde’s sucking navel. For a moment, the women stood like that, their hands on each other’s abs, their eyes locked, unsure whether to move their hands up or down the other woman’s lush body.

Sasha turned her hand, the fingers pointing down and slid it along Kris’ belly, under the waistband on her shorts, and onto her cunt. Kris immediately did the same to Sasha, forcing her hand into the redhead’s tight shorts. The women cupped the other’s clean-shaven pussy and, their middle fingers on the other’s wet slit, squeezed gently. They leaned into each other, nose to nose, their thick-nippled tits pressing together, nip to nip, through the cloth of their tops. As they pushed tighter, their naked titflesh compressed and pushed out, naked flesh touching flesh.

Kris slid her middle finger up into Sasha’s cunt, the base of her finger pushing against the redhead’s expanding clit. Sasha reciprocated. Both women contracted their pussies around the invading digits. For a moment, the two gorgeous women enjoyed the delicious sensations they were giving to each other.

“Do you want to finger fuck right here?” Kris whispered. “Or do you want to go somewhere more private, where we can really go at each other?”

Sasha smiled, a predatory grin. “It would be fun to just fuck you in this hall, and see what the servants do,” the Russian replied. “But there’s a storage room just down the hall. Let’s go there.”

The two women released each other, slipping their hands out of the other’s shorts. Both women immediately licked their wet finger clean, tasting the other. Exchanging lustful smiles, they walked down the hall to the storage room Sasha had identified. She held the door for Kris, who preceded her in and turned on the light. The moment they were inside the room, Sasha locked the door. The room was large, about 10 feet by 10 feet, and filled with various household products. The floor was clear.

Sasha and Kris threw themselves into each other’s arms, wrapping their arms around each other and squeezing tight. They moaned with pleasure as their bare bellies slapped and flattened to each other; they signed with joy as their heavy, throbbing tits compressed, mashing hard. Bare legs twined and strained. The women licked at each other, tongues teasing and pushing, then locked into a deep, violent kiss. For minutes, they kissed passionately as they pressed together, hands moving over each other’s bodies, grasping and caressing, squeezing and kneading. They staggered around the storage room, banging into the shelves, but both kept their feet. Kris untied Sasha’s bikini top and stripped it away. Sasha untied the knot under Kris’ tits and pulled Kris’ shirt from her shoulders. Topless, the women threw themselves together again, moaning in delight as their naked tits met and mashed hard, straining and pulsing, golden orb to orb, belly writhing against belly. The women locked into another deep, sucking, tongue-filled kiss as their hands moved down to pull and tug at the other woman’s shorts. Both women succeeded in getting her opponent’s shorts down to her thighs. Kris’ phone fell to the floor. Reluctantly, the women stepped apart and almost frantically slid their shorts down their thighs and calves and over their running shoes, kicking them away. Now naked, except for their shoes, Kris and Sasha came together again. Their nude bodies slapped tight, their arms wrapped and they locked into a powerful bearhug, their bodies rubbing and writhing and grinding against each other furiously. The women’s mouths locked and they swallowed their moans and cries of pleasure as they melded flesh to flesh.

They spread their thighs and cocked their pelvises forward, presenting their naked, dripping twats to each other. The women compressed their massive tits between their upper arms, so that the hard spikes of their nipples bore directly into each other and the top curves of their orbs mashed tight. They slipped their arms around the other woman’s hips and, filling their eager hands with their opponent’s tight, round ass, they worked their naked cunts directly into each other. They spread each other’s cunts and brought their swollen, burning clits into direct contact. The women screamed in concert, throwing back their heads to moan in ecstasy. Cunt lips locking and sucking to cunt lips, bellies rippling, hips and asses flexing and thrusting, Sasha and Kris took each other on in a delicious stand-up fuck.

Pussy juices were soon dribbling down their rubbing thighs, trickling down their calves to their shoes. Their pussies sucked and squelched, the sound of wet, thick flesh mating and merging with wet, thick flesh filling the small room. The delectable scent of aroused womanhood filled the air, overpowering even the antiseptic smell of cleaners. Tits grinding nipple to nipple, cunts locked and sucking, pulling at each other, clit to clit, Sasha and Kris fucked hard, moaning and groaning in ecstasy. There was no competition; at that moment, they were just two beautiful, incredibly voluptuous women who were enjoying the incredible pleasure that the other woman’s magnificent body could give to them. They were not fuckfighting, they were just fucking, and enjoying every second of pleasure. Both women wanted it to last; they slowed down when it felt they were getting too close to an orgasm, then went back to grinding and grinding each other into sheer ecstasy.

For more almost 45 minutes, they fucked each other deliciously. Their bodies were dripping with sweat, their pussy juices coated their inner thighs and calves and soaked their shoes. Sasha released one of Kris’ ass cheeks, placed her hand on the back of the blonde’s head, and pulled Kris in. Kris eagerly complied. The women locked in a deep, ravenous kiss, their bulging tits compressed and throbbing into each other, their clits grating on each other, filling their lower bodies with an erotic heat that was on the verge of exploding. Their hips and asses worked and worked, grinding, rubbing, fucking each other relentlessly, hungrily. They gripped each other’s pumping asses even harder, sinking their fingers into the taut flesh. Both women were trembling, quivering in pre-orgasmic ecstasy, struggling to hold back the incredible pleasure building to an explosion in their cores.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmmmm,” Sasha moaned even louder. Suddenly, she broke their savage kiss. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking god….,” she groaned. Her pussy clenched, contracting hard, squeezing at Kris’ throbbing cunt. Kris squeezed back; she was on the verge of exploding too.

“OH FUCKKKKKK!!!” Sasha wailed as her twat erupted in a gusher of steaming hot cum. The discharge shot out, soaking Kris’ cunt, saturating her thighs. As Sasha lost the strength in her legs, Kris guided her down to the ground, keeping their sucking cunts locked together. She grabbed Sasha’s left leg and placed it on her shoulder, opening and spreading the woman beneath her, making it easy for their forked legs to fit together like scissors. Kris thrust her cunt as deep and hard into Sasha’s yielding twat as she could, her teeth clenched as she fought to keep from going off, wanting more than anything to just enjoy fucking her incredible rival for a few more minutes. Her ass flexed as she powered herself into Sasha’s hungry cunt. But she could not hold out; seconds later, Kris reared back and screamed in pleasure as her cunt contracted hard, sucking with Sasha’s hot twat which sucked back, and then injected a long, hot shot of cum deep into the redhead’s steaming vagina. As her pussy exploded, Kris felt her nipples explode, hot ejaculate spurting out to slick Sasha’s bouncing tits. As their bodies writhed in sheer, unbridled ecstasy, Sasha reached up and pulled Kris down on her. Their massive tits mashed and rolled against each other, spreading Kris’ nipple cum around. Moments later, Sasha came hard again and, this time, her tits squirted too. The nipple ejaculate squeezed out from between their meaty masses.

Moaning, rubbing, holding onto each other’s asses, the women slowly fucked two, three more delicious, excruciating orgasms out of each other. Soaked in cum and sweat, the sex-crazed Amazons finally collapsed in each other’s arms, Kris sprawled over Sasha, their limbs twined, their hearts pounding.

For a few minutes, the women lay on the floor of the storage room, their bodies slowly coming down from the erotic ecstasy they had given to each other. After a time, Kris sat up, peeling her body away from Sasha’s. Nipple cum joined their still enflamed nipples; their hungry cunts sucked apart, releasing a gush of trapped, mixed cum. Their solid, sweaty bellies slid away from each other.

“God, that was good,” Sasha smiled. “Nothing’s better than fucking a big-titted cunt like you.”

“I feel the same way about you, fucker,” Kris grinned. She sat up on her knees, looking down at the gorgeous redhead splayed out and open beneath her. “That was lots of fun. Like I said, if you’re not a sore loser, I’d love to fuck you again some time. Maybe longer and harder.”

Sasha reached down and ran her index finger up Kris’ thick, pink slit, scooping out some of the mixed cum. Kris reached down and ran her finger through Sasha’s furrow. Each woman offered the other the goop-dripping fingers and both sucked the delicious brew off their enemy’s digit.

Kris got to her feet and found her shorts. Sasha did the same. Quickly, the women pulled their clothing back on over their sweaty, cum-stained bodies. Kris was careful to retrieve her phone. When they were both dressed, Kris slowly opened the storage room door and looked out; the coast was clear. Before she could leave, Sasha pulled her around. The redhead stepped into Kris, pushing her back against the door, crushing her sweaty, slick body to Kris’. Smiling at each other, the women rubbed their slick flesh, their bare bellies and naked thighs, against each other, then settled into a long, hard, spit-filled kiss. They sucked spit back and forth for a few minutes. Finally, Sasha stepped back. Their tits were heaving with desire as they stared at each other.

“Next time, we’ll suck each other’s tits until we cum. I’d love to share some nipple cum with you,” Sasha grinned.

Kris smiled back, then slipped into the hall and was gone. She headed back to her bedroom. She was still aching, burning up with sexual heat. As enjoyable as her fuck with Sasha had been, its effect was to heat her up and leave her unsatisfied. She decided that she and Larisa needed to get in as much practice as their pussies could stand and they needed to start practicing right away.

In the storage room, Sasha was having a very similar reaction. She arranged her tits inside of her bikini top, but the sexual fever burning inside her was maddening. She wished she had insisted that Kris stay and they fuck each other some more, but she could feel that this was the kind of sexual energy that would require hours of hot, hard fucking to burn off. She left the storage room and headed back to her quarters. She knew that Svetlana would be there. They had to compare notes on their opponents. But, right now, she needed her lover’s body more than ever.

More than two hours earlier, Larisa had been lying asleep in Kris’ bed. The blonde had left to find breakfast and do her exploring only a few minutes earlier. Larisa had not even been aware of her lover’s departure. She was sprawled in the bed, tangled up in the sheets, lost in a delicious, erotic dream.

A firm knock at the door pulled her out of her dream. She looked around sleepily. “Kris?” she called. There was no answer, but the knock came again. Larisa rolled out of the bed and pushed her arms out to the ceiling, enjoying the luxurious feeling of stretched muscles. The knock came a third time.

“Coming,” Larisa called. Naked, not bothering to cover up, she padded to the door and pulled it open.

Svetlana was standing there, completely nude except for the gossamer thin, short wrap she had worn to Larisa’s room the night before. The wrap left her legs bare and its translucent quality allowed Larisa to see every detail of the other Russian’s incredible body, from her thick brown nipples to her perfectly muscled abdomen to her clean shaven twat. Even the redhead’s feet were bare. Larisa had a sudden sense of déjà vu. But she realized the Svetlana was alone this time. Her eyes narrowed. Before she could react, Svetlana was moving. The redhead placed one of her hands on each of Larisa’s magnificent tits and shoved hard. Larisa gasped as she staggered back into the room, barely able to recover in time to keep her balance. Svetlana entered the room, turned around for a moment to lock the door, then turned back to Larisa. Without fanfare, the redheaded Russian pulled her wrap off, letting the silken fabric drop to the floor. Now she was completely naked, as well.

The nude beauties glared at each other, their eyes narrowed. Their incredible bodies were already burning with sexual heat and anticipation. Their breasts were swollen and hard with desire, their nipples were like brown spikes, their cunts were juiced up and dripping with pussy juice, their powerful clits were swollen and twitching with arousal. The women’s green eyes locked, both remembering the ambush of the night before.

With a shared scream, Larisa and Svetlana threw themselves at each other. Both women buried their fingers into the other’s thick hair and pulled savagely, viciously. They snarled and howled, screamed and cursed as they pulled each other back and forth, up and down the room. Larisa was enraged, determined to avenge herself for the attack of the previous night. Svetlana was determined to give as good as she got, to experience the pussy of this Russian bitch for herself.

As they struggled, the naked women cursed each other in Russian.

“You dirty fucking cunt!” Larisa screamed. “I’m going to fuck your cunt off for what you did last night!”

“Dirty twat!” Svetlana snarled in reply. “I’m going to break that dirty little twat! You’re going to be begging me to fuck you some more!”

Shouting in rage, the women released the other’s hair and threw themselves into each other’s arms. Their perfect, incredibly voluptuous bodies came crashing together. Thick, taut EE tits squashed and mashed together; the women wrapped their arms around each other and crushed tight. Groaning, they staggered a bit before falling to the floor. Instantly, they twined their legs together. Powerful muscles straining, belly flat to belly, tits crushed like meat balloons, nipples on fire, they rolled back and forth on the thick bedroom rug, each trying to take and hold the dominant position. After almost ten minutes of body to body wrestling, their naked bodies writhing and grinding against each other, causing both women to gasp and moan with increasing sexual excitement, Svetlana succeeded in taking and holding the top position. She pinned Larisa to the rug, forcing the black-haired beauty’s hands over her head. At the same time, she forced Larisa’s powerful thighs apart, spreading the gorgeous Russian beneath her. Larisa welcomed the attack. After so many minutes of hot, sexual wrestling, her clit was throbbing and twitching with tension. She spread her legs and tilted her pelvis upward, opening herself, offering her cunt in challenge to the bitch on top of her. Svetlana pushed down with her muscled hips, her thick, juicy cunt squashing into Larisa’s welcoming twat, the women’s hot, slick pussy lips sliding and slipping, their aching genitals fusing together as they moved back and forth, up and down, clit riding and rubbing on clit, sending searing pleasure arcing through their luscious bodies.

“God, god, I fucking hate you,” Larisa moaned, moving her hips to keep her clit glued to Svetlana’s throbbing, pulsing clit. The women’s thick tits rubbed and mashed, their rock hard nipples constantly flicking up and down, stimulating and torturing each other, as Svetlana moved on top of Larisa, rocking and thrusting with her ass and hips. Their nipples fought and fucked each other, finally sealing and fusing nipple hole to nipple hole. Their areola burned with sexual heat.

Still locked hand to hand, Svetlana lowered her face to Larisa’s gorgeous face, opening her mouth, preparing to lock tongue to tongue with her rival. Larisa spat into the other woman’s face, some of it splattering into her mouth.

“You little fuck,” Svetlana cursed. She licked up the spit, then forced her mouth onto Larisa’s, shoving her tongue deep into the black-haired beauty’s maw. Larisa’s tongue pushed back; for more than a minute, the women’s tongues fought within their own, locked arena, spit and slick, sensitive probes twisting and turning and stroking at each other. Svetlana finally broke the kiss, forcing her face cheek to cheek with Larisa, as she resumed her efforts to fuck the other woman into oblivion. Red hair and black hair, damp with sweat, tangled together.

“Fucking cunt,” Svetlana moaned at her rival, as her ass and hips pumped, moving slow and hard, but minutely, moving her clit up and down, back and forth, against Larisa’s swollen sex horn.

“Dirty fucking whore,” Larisa moaned back. Her clit fought Svetlana’s, matching every thrust, every rub. As the pleasure grew more and more intense, the women’s desperate moans grew deeper, harder. Their bodies were soaked with sweat; Larisa succeeded in slipping her hands free of Svetlana’s grip. She used her free hands to grab Svetlana’s pumping, flexing ass and pull the redheaded bitch onto her, into her, even harder. Svetlana reached down under her opponent to grasp Larisa’s perfect, round, thick ass and increase the pressure. The women’s moans and cries of pleasure harmonized as they fucked and fucked.

Larisa’s tits were burning, throbbing with heat and tension. She could feel the incredible electricity in her nipples and she knew her tits would cum when her pussy exploded. They might even cum on their own. Svetlana was moaning, gasping, struggling to keep from cumming. Her body was on fire, the sheer, raw pleasure of feeling Larisa’s magnificent body writhing and grinding beneath her own filled her with pure sexual joy.

On and on, Larisa and Svetlana fucked, riding each other, driving into each other, struggling to make their bodies one. Their genitals seemed to generate searing heat. As their cunts melted together, Svetlana shrieked as her pussy contracted powerfully. Larisa moaned beneath her. Both women felt their clits twitching, pulsating against each other, pressed head to head, sending excruciating pleasure roaring through their locked bodies. The women’s cunts sucked hard at each other, pulling together in a tight suction. An instant later, the women came hard, at the same time, screaming as they ejaculated powerfully into each other. They rammed their cunts together as hard as they could as their steaming cum sucked back and forth between the women’s fused pussies. Their bodies trembled and quivered. Larisa’s legs twined with Svetlana, muscles straining as they convulsed in orgasmic bliss, locking each other in place. Moaning in ecstasy, Larisa pulled Svetlana into a hot, desperate kiss. The redhead eagerly engaged her, as the women’s bodies pumped cum back and forth, soaking their lower bodies. Their nipples exploded and they screamed into each other’s mouths as their tits ejaculated, nipple cum squeezing out around the meat of the women’s mashed tits. Moaning, asses and hips moving slow and hard, they pumped orgasm after orgasm out of each other until, finally, the mated women collapsed together in a sweaty, cum-soaked heap on the bedroom floor.

Panting, groaning, they lay wrapped together for some time, before Svetlana finally rolled her naked body off of Larisa. Their bodies sucked apart; thick strands of nipple cum and hot ejaculate linked their nipples and pussies. They were dripping with sweat. Svetlana lay beside Larisa, trying to regain her strength.

“You are good. You are a fantastic fuck,” Svetlana finally gasped at her black-haired rival.

“So are you, you redheaded bitch,” Larisa grudgingly admitted. She rolled away from Svetlana and then into a sitting position. She spread her legs, opening her cum-soaked cunt to her foe. “But we are not done yet. I still have to make you pay for last night. Come here and let us fuck again.”

Svetlana rolled to sit on her ass, then pushed herself across the rug towards Larisa, her legs spread wide, her hot, hard clit throbbing and twitching with tension. The women came together with a thick, juicy slap. They moaned in unison, then threw back their heads and cried out as their hips and asses began to pump. Neither woman could resist smiling with joy. They were enjoying this, enjoying the incredible sensations, the delicious pleasure of meeting and mating cunt to cunt and tit to tit. They wanted the pleasure of the other woman’s body and both were determined to take it.

Grasping each other’s sweaty thigh, Svetlana and Larisa leaned away from each other, to give themselves better, deeper access to the other woman’s cunt. Asses and hips moved in rhythm, massive tits bounced and rocked deliciously. They ground together clit on clit, never separating, their bodies undulating, writhing in ecstasy. For another half hour, they fucked hard, deeply, sucked and sealed, fused into one body at their cunts.

“God, god, god,” Svetlana cried out. She began pumping her hips and ass faster, harder.

“You slut, you whore, cum for me, cum for me, bitch,” Larisa moaned. She was almost begging; she could not hold out a moment longer, as she matched Svetlana’s thrusting hips and bucking ass. The women’s tight, hot pussies sucked at each other hard, the suction growing impenetrable.

Screaming, Svetlana came hard. Pussy cum gushed from her like a fountain. As she bucked, she squeezed her thick left tit; her nipples exploded, jetting thick, hot ejaculate like milk. An instant later, Larisa joined her. The black haired beauty’s nipples contracted then exploded. The thick cum that flowed from them coated her tits and sprayed Svetlana’s orbs, mixing the two discharges together.

Slow and hard, they kept fucking, fucking and fucking, orgasm after orgasm rippling through them, emptying their bodies into each other until, finally, they fell flat on their backs, exhausted, spent.

Their cunts were still pushed hard together, mixed cum leaking out from their mashed labia. Their tits quivered as they gasped for breath. Larisa threw her arm over her head, trying to regain her bearings. The fuck had been good, incredibly good, and she could not deny the unbearable pleasure she had just found between the legs, from the luscious body, of one of the two women who has assaulted her earlier.

Finally, the women rolled apart. They had been fucking each other for more than an hour, and in that time had inflicted eight or nine devastating orgasms on each other. Larisa glared at Svetlana, who slowly got to her feet.

“I’ve enjoyed this, Larisa,” the redhead said, with a hot smile. “I am going to enjoy fucking you tomorrow. I will break you, but I promise to give you more pleasure than you can stand.”

Larisa got to her feet. Hands on hips, she walked up to the naked Russian bitch and slowly, angrily, pressed her tits, nipple to nipple, into her enemy.

“Tomorrow, when we fuck, you will not get out of that bed. I promise that my pussy will take its full revenge then.”

The women glared at each other. Then, unable to resist, they wrapped arms around each other, thrust a muscled thigh into the other woman’s cunt, and kissed deeply, savagely, tongues wrestling, spit flowing, tits throbbing against each other.

Finally, they pushed apart. With a final smile at her rival, Svetlana walked to the door. She retrieved her wrap, pulled it on, then left the room without a backward glance.

The moment Svetlana left, Larisa rushed to the door and locked it. Then she walked slowly back to the bed and threw her wet, naked body onto the sheets. Her body was dripping with sweat and cum; her nipples were as hard as rocks and leaking cum; her pussy was burning and slick with pussy juices. She desperately wished that Kris was back with her now, to take the edge off of her lust. She slowly squeezed and kneaded her right tit, while her left hand reached down to explore and stroke her clit. It wasn’t long before she went rigid in a series of hot, hard orgasms. Momentarily sated, she drifted back off to sleep.

Svetlana hurried back to her room. Once there, she discarded her wrap, showered and freshened up, then pulled on a tiny red string bikini top, short shorts and boat shoes and went to find her partner. Svetlana’s body was burning with sexual tension. Her encounter with Larisa had been delicious, but she knew she needed much more time with the other woman to really satisfy her insatiable sexual desire. Right now, however, she and her partner had another plan.

She met Sasha outside of the library. The other redhead was dressed like she was, except that her bikini top was green. The women hurried into the library to talk. It was the one room in the house they had determined was not bugged. Why was not clear to either of them, but their earlier, subtle scans, using high tech detection equipment built into their earrings, had confirmed this.

“How was your fuck with the little Russian girl?” Sasha asked, a smirk on her gorgeous face.

“She’s not little and it was incredible. She’s a fantastic fuck, as you know. As soon as you finish up with the blonde, come and find me –we need to fuck each other hard. I am still as horny as a goat and she and I must have cum almost a dozen times.”

“Alright,” Sasha agreed. “I have not been able to find the blonde yet, but I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, I did manage to imprint some of the codes for the elevator on my capture card.”

“Good. Does this mean we will be able to use it?”

“I don’t know as yet. It should, but we will need to test it without arousing suspicion. That will be hard.”

“OK. But the artifact must be down in the lower levels. We need to take the risk.”

“I agree.”

“OK, you do a bit more digging. Find the blonde – she is really worth the ride. When you come back, we will compare notes about both of them and work out a strategy for winning this contest. We can talk about how to get the artifact later.”

Sasha nodded. The two women left the library, neither realizing that Kris had recorded their words.

Kris returned to her bedroom, fresh off her fuckfest with Sasha in the storage room. Her body was hot and her cunt was burning and tight with tension. It had only gotten worse in the few minutes it took to get to the bedroom. She unlocked the door. To her surprise, Larisa was still asleep in the bed, sprawled out naked and exposed on top of the sheets, which were in disarray. Kris was a bit surprised; usually, the other woman was up by now. But the thought was fleeting. She smiled lasciviously as she locked the door and approached Larisa’s sleeping form. Her partner’s beauty and voluptuousness was unbearable. Kris smiled as she examined the woman’s thick-lipped cunt. Delectable, she thought. She was going to get so much pleasure out of that beautiful, hot slit.

Kris slipped off her shirt, throwing it aside. She pulled off her shorts, which were now stained with pussy juice, and quickly undid and kicked off her shoes. Naked, she crawled onto the bed. She wasted no time in mounting Larisa, her body growing incredibly hot and horny as her flesh covered and mated to the slick, delicious body beneath her. She moaned as her tits crushed to Larisa’s massive boobs, their nipples growing thick against each other. Larisa awoke with a sleepy smile.

“Hey baby, where were you?” she asked, wrapping her arms around Kris’ waist, her hands caressing the blonde’s perfect ass.

“That can wait, Larisa,” Kris replied. Larisa heard the urgency, the need, in her partner’s voice. She was feeling it too; the sexual fever that Svetlana had left her in had not abated and it came back full force as she came out of her sleep. “I need to fuck, baby,” Kris continued. “I need you to fuck me hard, long, with everything you’ve got.”

“That’s good, because I need it too,” Larisa smiled, her voice hoarse. “I think today is going to be a full training day.” She spread her legs wide, offering her succulent cunt to Kris.

With a moan of pure joy, Kris thrust her aching, juiced up cunt hard and deep into Larisa’s waiting twat. The women groaned together in absolute bliss as their swollen, aching, throbbing clits grated on each other, licked length to length, then locked into place. For a long, hard minute, the women lay unmoving, enjoying the incredible sensations racing, pulsing through their perfect bodies. They smiled savagely at each other. Then, staring deeply into each other’s feverish eyes, they began to move, slow and hard, legs twining, hands on rippling asses, tits rolling and mashing, nipples fused and burning with exquisite pleasure. They sealed their lips. Together, Kris and Larisa fell into an erotic frenzy. They fucked and fucked and fucked.

Hours later, in the late afternoon, they finally stopped. Sprawled beside Kris, her luscious body pressed the length of Kris’ equally luscious form, their breasts pressed to each other, Larisa stretched and smiled.

“That was fantastic, Kris,” she purred. “I actually feel satisfied, at least for now. That does not happen often.”

“I know, baby,” Kris replied, with a smile. “God, I needed to fuck like that. You were incredible. That bitch, Sasha, found me and fucked me in a storage closet. It was so hot, it got my juices going. I really needed to get off.”

“Sasha? That’s interesting. Svetlana came after me.”

“What? When?”

“Early this morning. You had left; I suspect you were not gone for long. She knocked on the door, I answered. She was wearing the same short, see-through robe she had on when she and the other one attacked me. Anyway, we fucked for more than an hour. I have to say, it was fantastic. She was a great fuck. It also felt good to get back at one of those bitches after what happened last night.”

“Well, that was obviously planned,” Kris frowned. “It’s pretty obvious that they both wanted to fuck each of us, probably to get a sense of what strengths and weaknesses we have. But that means we have just as much experience of them as they have of us. We’re going to have to come up with a plan to deal with them, just in case.”

Suddenly, Kris remembered her phone. “Hey, wait,” she said. She slipped out of bed and walked to where she had discarded her shorts. Her phone was lying on the ground beside it. She picked it up and returned to bed.

“I did not know you had this” Larisa said, examining the sleek design.

“Jack sent it over. It’s already proven useful. This morning, when I was in the library, those redheaded bitches came in and had a conversation in Russian. They didn’t know I was there, of course. Anyway, I recorded it for you.”

Kris and Larisa listened to the recording, Larisa’s beautiful face intent as Kris watched her. After listening to the recording twice, Larisa told Kris what the women had said.

“Wow. Well, that’s a kick in the pants. I wonder what they’re after. I wonder where Hoshi found them – it looks like they have an agenda that he doesn’t know about.”

“Should we tell him?” Larisa asked, worried.

“No, let’s leave things for now. We’re here for that two million sexfight pot. If these two pull anything, it will probably be after we’re done with that. You and I will probably be gone right after the fight tomorrow night – I think that Jack wants to leave as soon as possible.”

“OK,” Larisa agreed. “But I hope whatever they’re up to doesn’t hurt anyone.”

“Yes,” Kris agreed. She looked concerned for a moment. But then Larisa started stroking her thick right nipple and playing with her delicious clit. In a few moments, both women had all but forgotten about their rivals’ mysterious plans as they turned their minds, once again, to their training regimen.

Larisa and Kris pulled themselves out of bed long enough to have supper with Yakamura and Jack, who had come back in from the ship. Svetlana and Sasha had begged off the dinner, pleading tiredness and the desire to rest for the upcoming battle. Larisa and Kris were fairly certain the women just could not pull themselves away from their fucking.

The dinner conversation was engaging. Kris asked Yakamura about his library and his interests. He had volunteered his interest in the occult and local legends. Jack indicated that he and the Pegasus had to leave on the Saturday morning, but Yakamura promised to fly Kris and Larisa wherever they wanted to go if they decided to stay over on the island longer. The women decided to postpone their decision for now.

The dinner broke up about eight thirty. By nine, Kris and Larisa were back in bed, fucking each other furiously, ravishing each other and enjoying every delicious moment. They were being careful not to wear each other out. They were pacing themselves. But they had already decided it was better to go into the battle with the edge off of their sexual hunger to help them last longer. Neither woman knew if it was even possible, but they were going to enjoy giving it a try.

Around ten PM there was a knock at Kris’ bedroom door. She and Larisa were in the middle of an unbearably pleasurable scissorlock, cunt deep inside of each other, clits catching and flicking on each other with every powerful thrust. At first, they did not hear the knock. The knock came again, harder and louder. The women paused, looking at each other. They released each other’s thighs and slowly pulled apart, their hungry cunts sucking away from each other with a thick, wet sound. Pussy juice trickled to the sheets. Their bodies were vibrating with sexual tension, but both had a pretty good idea of who was knocking at their door so late at night, while the house was dark and quiet.

Naked, her body dripping with sweat, her pussy thick, hot and wet, her inner thighs wet with pussy lubrication and her tits swollen, thick-nippled, and dripping with pre-cum, Kris climbed out of the king-sized bed and walked to the door. The lights on the night table were on, so the room was dimly illuminated. Kris looked through the peephole, looked back at Larisa and nodded. Larisa nodded back.

Kris swung the door wide open, and stood with her aroused body on full display, in front of Svetlana and Sasha. The two women were barefoot and wearing the short, see-through robes of the previous night. All four women locked eyes. Kris stood aside and ushered the other women in, silently. She locked the door after them, then walked around them to stand beside the bed. Larisa got up to stand beside her.

Svetlana and Sasha brushed their transparent robes off their shoulders, letting them puddle on the rug at their feet. The redhead’s bodies were equally as aroused as Kris and Larisa’s. They might not have been interrupted mid-fuck, but it was clear that they had been fucking only minutes before.

The four women’s eyes roamed hungrily over their incredible bodies. All of them noted with approval that their wet, hot bodies were growing more aroused with every moment. Their tits were starting to heave with excitement and anticipation; their pussies were dripping harder, heavier with lubrication. Their nipples were swelling and beginning to drip; their throbbing clits were twitching with tension.

Kris looked at Larisa again. Then, silently, the blonde and black-haired beauties climbed onto the giant bed. They threw the sheets aside, clearing the space. Then, side by side, Kris and Larisa braced their bodies with their arms behind them, and spread their powerful, muscled thighs, presenting their hot, ravenously hungry wet cunts to their redheaded rivals, in challenge and offer.

Svetlana and Sasha approached the bed silently. They climbed onto the bed, sat on their asses, braced their bodies and spread their legs. Svetlana sat facing Kris; Sasha was lined up with Larisa.

For long minutes, the four women regarded each other silently, examining the cunt of the woman across from them in minute detail, feeling the heat and erotic tension build and build. Finally, they began moving down the bed towards each other. Four juicy, succulent, clean-shaven cunts thrust and sucked together, each one seizing and locking on its counterpart, sinking into each other, labia melting, vaginas sealing, fuckmeat searing as genitals became one; four sets of EE tits crushed tight and hard, nipple holes fusing and sucking to each other, taut titflesh crushing and throbbing. The women seized the ass of the woman facing her; staring deep into each other’s eyes, all four sexual warriors saw the incredible lust, the unbearable hunger that they had for each other. Their mouths sealed, their tongues locked. The women fucked each other furiously, with all the power and lust of their insatiable, sexually voracious bodies.

The room filled with grunts, cries, screams of ecstasy, the moans and groans of four women fucking and fucking and fucking like mindless fuck machines. Cunts locked, cum was shared and exchanged, nipples were sucked and bitten, nipple cum was drunk and sloshed around in hungry mouths by probing tongues. Tits were suckled, pussies were eaten, clits were sucked and cunts were licked. The sounds of animal lust, of unrestrained sexual passion and desire lasted all night and well into the early morning. The women fucked relentlessly, changing partners often, sometimes even going back to their original partners.

In his personal study, Yakamura watched the entire night, recording every delightful orgasm, every ravenous 69, all the thrusting hips and flexing asses and jiggling tits, every scream of unbearable sexual pleasure that the four voluptuous women inflicted on each other. He was very pleased. He looked forward to the main event, the next night, with even greater anticipation.

Part V

Kris woke slowly. Her body felt drained. She was conscious of the fact that she was scissor-locked with another woman. Their pussies were slotted together and crushed tight. She could feel the other women’s heat and wetness sealed and sucked to her own. Her breasts were aching, but also tingling, as if overflowing with erotic electricity. Part of her felt tired; another part of her felt elated. She realized this was the aftereffect of enormous sexual pleasure; she was vaguely aware that she had spent the entire night experiencing delicious, excruciatingly pleasurable orgasms after orgasms. She knew that she had given and received cum from three other women, shared spit and sweat and breath and every inch of her perfect, voluptuous body with the other women, and that she had taken and been taken in turn. As her mind cleared and she remembered all the things she, Larisa, Svetlana and Sasha had done to each other, she shuddered with pleasure. It has been an exquisite orgy and she realized, with a thrill of anticipation, that they would be doing the same things to each other tonight – except, next time, it would be for a great deal of money.

She stirred and raised her head and looked to her side. She looked directly into a woman’s clean-shaven cunt. She did not recognize it so it had to belong to one of the redheads. She realized that, even as she had been fucking another woman cunt to cunt, she had, at the same time, been eating the twat of one of the redheads. She looked to her right and saw Larisa sprawled on her side. She remembered what had happened: they had ended the night-long four way fuckfight with her going to twat to twat with Sasha, while Svetlana sat on her face and Larisa sat on Sasha’s face. While Kris and Sasha fucked cunt to cunt and clit to clit, they were also licking and sucking the other’s women’s clits and cunts. Svetlana and Larisa, in the meantime, were rubbing tits, kissing, sucking and fingerfucking each other, even as they fingerfucked and squeezed and kneaded the tits of the women they were sitting on. After they had all cum together, Larisa and Svetlana must have fallen off to the sides of the other, cunt-locked women. Overall, it had been a very satisfying night. She remembered being fisted a few times; she certainly remembered fisting someone, though who she was not sure. There had been a lot of tit-sucking and tit rubbing, and nipple to nipple grinding and nipple chewing and so much more.

Moaning, Kris moved to extricate herself Sasha’s wet, hot cunt. She slid back on her ass and separated from Sasha with a wet sucking sound. Her movements woke Sasha, who looked at her with bleary green eyes, then moaned. Larisa stirred on one side; Svetlana began to move on the other. All four women were soon awake, looking at each other tiredly. They had fucked each other hard all night, enjoying each other’s bodies, ravaging each other.

“You two are really good fucks,” Svetlana finally said, with a grin. “That was a lot of fun.”

“Yes, it was. And you two are spectacular lays, too. After tonight, I think all of us should discuss turning this into a nightly thing, for the rest of the time we are here,” Kris smiled. “But, for now, I think it’s time that all of us got some sleep if we’re going to give Yakamura his show tonight.”

“And win two million,” Larisa added.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going easy on you two tonight,” Sasha promised. “We like you, but two million is two million.”

“Well, may the best team win,” Kris said, as she slid herself off of the wet, stained sheets. The other woman also crawled off the bed.

Svetlana and Sasha staggered across the room and picked up their robes. Wrapping themselves, they showed themselves out. Kris locked the door behind them.

Kris stood beside the door, looking at Larisa, who had sat back on the bed. The bed was a mess. For more than two days, it had been the site of a lot of unbridled sex. Kris sighed.

“Come on, baby, let’s go sleep in your room. You have clean sheets, right?” Larisa nodded. The house staff was very efficient. “I’ll ring the servants to fix my room later. We need some sleep and I think we’ve had the all the practice we need.”

Naked, the two women sneaked out of Kris’ room and into Larisa’s. Just a few minutes later, they were asleep in each other’s arms, the alarm clock set for 4 PM. That night, they had a meeting with destiny and they needed to be ready.

Kris and Larisa got up at 4 and showered and began their preparations for the sexual marathon to come. The women went to dinner at 7 PM. Svetlana and Sasha were already there, along with Jack and Yakamura. The entire party retired to the drawing room for pre-dinner drinks. The women were all dressed in classic, revealing long dresses. The redheaded Russians were wearing matching black dresses, both with severe slits up the side that allowed one muscled leg to display. The rest of the dress consisted of black strips of cloth that looped over their necks, compressed their tits, and otherwise left their backs bare and their bellies within the v of the collar exposed. Kris was wearing a very similar kind of dress, except in red. Larisa was a vision in a sea-green gown that was the same as those of the other woman on top, but consisted of a single stretch of cloth that hung between her legs to cover her loins but left both of her powerful legs exposed.

Over dinner, the conversation continued, but it was stilted, the men carrying much more of it, as the four women prepared themselves for the sexual ordeal to come. All four women exchanged bitchy stares and sneers all through the evening, as they tried to evoke the mutual dislike they would need to meet each other in all-out sexual warfare. The sexual tension between them was extraordinary. Even Yakamura found it hard to keep his own excitement at bay.

As the meal wound to an end at 8:30, Yakamura finally turned to the business at hand.

“Ladies,” he began, “I trust that you are all rested and prepared for this evening. We will begin at 9:30 on the dot. Before then, I ask that you meet me here at 9:10. I will take you down to the special room and explain to you how the night will be recorded. We will also review the rules. When we reconvene here in 40 minutes, please be wearing only your robes and high heels. Please hold your questions for now.”

Everyone left the dining room, the women heading to their respective rooms to prepare. Jack followed Kris and Larisa back to Larisa’s room.

“How do you feel, ladies?” he asked. He was getting paid one way or the other, so the pressure on him was far less than his proteges. Even so, he felt anxious for them. He knew that the money could make a big difference for both of them.

“We’re fine,” Larisa replied. “Those two bitches came by last night and we all spent the night fucking each other. We think we have a good idea of what they can do and what we are in for.”

“OK,” Jack said, “but don’t forget that they might have been holding back, to give you a false sense of security.”

“We’ve thought of that,” Kris smiled, “but it doesn’t seem likely. There’s a point in all of these sexfights where thinking strategically becomes very hard to do.” She smiled wider. “We’re pretty sure we got to that point by hour three.”

“Well, the best of luck to you, ladies. I’ll be on the ship; I’ll come back tomorrow morning at 9 to see how things turned out and take you off the island with me, if you want to go.”

“You’re not staying to watch the fight?” Larisa asked, a bit concerned.

“No. Yakamura offered to let me sit in with him, but I can tell he wants this all to himself. And what the customer wants, the customer gets. That’s how you get repeat business.”

“OK. We’ll see you tomorrow at 9.” Kris kissed Jack on one cheek, Larisa on the other.

“Go get’em, ladies, “ Jack said. “Remember, no one is better than the two of you at this sort of thing. Just keep your eye on the prize and remember what you can do with that money.”

After Jack had left, the women stripped down. They applied very basic makeup on their faces, but not too much and not anything that would run with sweat. Sitting on the bed, kneeling, knee to knee, Larisa and Kris closed their eyes, held each other’s hands, and tried to calm their minds and bodies. A little before 9PM, they got up, strapped on three inch, open-toed black pumps, brushed out their hair, then pulled on short silk robes that brushed the tops of their thighs. The robes were matching emerald green. The women’s four nipples punctuated the thin, rich cloth.

Kris and Larisa began the long walk to the den, where they were to meet Yakamura and their opponents. They arrived just a moment before the Russian redheads. The other women were dressed in identical robes and heels, except the robes were burgundy. All four women entered the den at the same time. Yakamura smiled in delight as he saw them lined up before him.

“Ladies, this will be a very memorable evening.” With that, Yakamura led the four combatants to the house elevator. They took it down to the lowest level, where they disembarked and approached the bank of secure elevators. His back obscuring the key pad, Yakamura punched in a five digit code. Svetlana caught Sasha’s eye; the two women nodded at each other very subtly. Kris saw this and she suspected that Larisa did, too, but she kept her face impassive. The elevator opened and the party of five entered. Yakamura pulled a key card out of his pocket and used it to activate the elevator. The button panel indicated there were 15 levels accessible through the elevator. Kris’ curiosity was even more piqued. What was going on that required that much additional space? Yakamura hit the button for the 10th level down. The elevator descended rapidly.

The elevator door opened on an antiseptic, curved hallway. It was entirely white, the floor made of smooth white tiles. There was no one else around. There were doors spaced at regular intervals on the outer curving wall, but none on the inner curve until they had walked about 20 meters down the hall. Then a large automated portal appeared on the inner wall. Yakamura used his key card and the portal swung up into the ceiling, revealing a pure white room beyond. Yakamura led them inside.

The room was about 10 meters in diameter. It was completely white. It was shaped like a half globe; the walls curved up to the ceiling in a graceful arc. In the center of the room was a round, white bed, maybe 3 meters in diameter. It had no sheets, but a number of pillows of varying hardness, from what the women could see. There was a door on the far side of the room and, just to the side of the door, a narrow table loaded up with pitchers of water, glasses, and small snacks. On the other side of the room, directly across from the bathroom door, was a recess in the wall. It was curved and inside was a red handled switch, set at the top of the recess. The device reminded Kris of the handle on an airplane hatch.

“Ladies,” Yakamura began, waving his hand at the room. “This is the arena in which you will do battle. This your ring.” He gestured at the bed. “The bathroom is there.” He pointed at the door. “As you see, you have food and drink.”

“The rules of the game are simple. You will get on the bed and fuck each other. As you know, there is to be no hitting or violence. You are to entirely meet and battle each other using nothing more than sexual prowess and stamina. If one member of a team defeats another, she can go to help her partner against the remaining opponent. The winning team is the first one whose member can pull the lever…” he pointed to the lever in the wall, “to the down position. That means that one of you will need to leave the bed, cross the room, and pull the lever. I hope that means that the last woman capable of moving and standing is the one to perform the feat and claim the victory.”

“However,” Yakamura continued, “there are some safeguards built in. The first is this: for the first two hours after you start, the lever is locked in place.” The women all looked a bit startled at this. “Well, I have to ensure that I get my money’s worth, ladies,” Yakamura said, with a tight smile. “What if one of you manages to throw off the others and pulls the lever within the first five minutes of the fight? Good for the victors, but not for me.”

“Second,” Yakamura went on, “you are entitled to five bathroom and rest breaks during the course of the fight. There is a button on the bed that any one of you can hit to call a time out for 10 minutes to give all of you the chance to recover and take care of your necessaries.” He walked to the bed and pointed out a large red button, protected by a clear plastic box, that was attached right to the side of the bed.

“This room is equipped with the most sophisticated camera and recording technology in the world. It is completely unobtrusive, but it will be scanning you constantly. Ultimately, it will create a three dimensional recording of your battle that I will be able to watch at any time in this room.”

“I will be watching and recording everything from the control room. If anything goes wrong or if anyone is somehow hurt, I will know immediately and will be able to help.”

“Are there any questions?”

The four women looked at each other. Svetlana spoke up.

“For you, what counts as a victory? Does one team have to force the other to submit?”

“That would be ideal,” Yakamura replied. “But I suspect that you lovely women are all very evenly matched. It might actually be very difficult, if not impossible, to force such submission. No, for me, the victor is the team member who pulls the lever. However, I am sure that all of you young women put a certain amount of pride in your sexual abilities. I am quite certain that you would all like to work out amongst yourselves which team really is the strongest.”

Kris had to give it to Yakamura. He certainly knew which buttons to press.

“If there are no other questions, I will take my leave. Please do not begin before you see the light over the door go on.” He pointed out the light he was talking about.

There were no other questions. With that, Yakamura left the room and closed the portal behind him.

The four sexual warriors regarded each other warily, but with increasing levels of raw sexual desire. This night, they were going to fuckfight, they were going to having an all out orgy fight, that would decide which pair would walk away with two million dollars. Two of them would leave here rich women. The other two would be better off but would also be sexually defeated, overpowered in an area of their lives where all the women were justly proud and powerful.

The light over the door went on. Larisa and Kris moved to the side of the bed nearest the door; Svetlana and Sasha lined up across from them, on the side near the bath. The women’s eyes locked to the woman across from them, Sasha to Kris, Svetlana to Larisa. As one, the women slowly, teasingly, untied the sashes of their robes, then shrugged the robes off their shoulders, letting them drop to the ground. Wearing only high heels, the women let their eyes roam over the other’s naked voluptuousness. Eyes explored massive, thick tits, which were already juicing up with pre-cum on their engorged nipples, growing thicker and hotter by the moment. The women’s eyes roamed down flat, perfectly muscled abdomens, deep, long navels and narrow waists curving out to voluptuous hips that tapered into powerful, muscled thighs, long, thick calves, and perfect feet. The women’s eyes fastened on each other’s clean-shaven cunts, which were thick-lipped and wet, and already radiating heat. Their powerful clits swelled and twitched with arousal.

The two pairs of women removed their heels, their tits jiggling deliciously as they reached down to slip off the pumps. The women crawled onto the bed on their hands and knees and kneeled, legs tucked under them, asses resting on their feet, and glared at each other from opposite sides of the round bed.

“We were holding back last night,” Svetlana said. “We just wanted to know what you two could do. It was impressive, but we’ve taken on better and won.”

“Well, that’s a coincidence,” Kris replied. “We were holding back too. You two are spectacular fucks, but we are certain that you can’t match us.”

The women crawled on their hands and knees towards each other until Kris and Sasha were nose to nose, looking deeply into the other’s eyes. Larisa and Svetlana were the same.

Sasha’s tongue reached out and she slowly licked Kris’ lips. Kris’ tongue replied and the women touched sensitive red probes and exchanged spit and gentle pushes, even as they shared hot breath. They tantalized and teased each other, as their tits grew hotter, harder and heavier with arousal, as their nipples burned in heat. As they moved, their massive tits swung on their chests; their nipples began to leak, flicking moisture down to the bed.

Beside them, Svetlana and Larisa had taken a much more aggressive approach. They exchanged whispered curses in Russian, then quickly locked into a savage, brutal, dominating kiss. The women were on their knees, their arms wrapped around the other’s back, squeezing hard as they mashed enflamed tit to tit and struggled to gain control of the other woman. They pulled hair and, with a tortuous groan, the Russians fell onto their side and began to roll, their powerful legs twining, their hips bucking as both women tried to keep the roll going and take the dominant position. Belly flat to belly, mouths locked, tongues wrestling, the gorgeous women writhed and undulated, rubbing and grinding body to body, sex to sex.

Sasha and Kris deepened their kiss, and reached up to pull each other’s hair. They pushed together, tit to tit, nipples burning into each other. Their tongues played and twisted together. As their bodies grew hotter, both women pulled back, then sat on their asses, facing each other. They spread their legs and both women began fingerfucking themselves, heating up their wet, tight cunts, caressing their clits, causing them to grow harder, bigger, more sensitive with every moment.

“Are you ready, whore?” Kris panted, lubrication trickling from her pussy down into her ass. Nipple pre-cum was streaking her big, jiggling tits, readying them for the conflict to come.

“I’m ready, cunt,” Sasha groaned in reply. “Bring that little pussy over here and let’s start.”

The women slid into each other, scissoring, hot, thick cunts slapping together with a wet slap. Moaning with lust, Sasha and Kris grabbed the other’s sweaty thigh and began to fuck hard, working their hips, flexing their asses, spreading and penetrating each other. Their rock hard clits grated together, trapped within their tight, hot cunts, sending waves of pure ecstasy rippling through their bucking, straining bodies.

Beside them, Larisa and Svetlana fucked hard. The black-haired Russian had finally succeeded in pinning Svetlana to the bed and spreading her fellow countrywomen’s thighs and was humping and grinding her succulent cunt into Svetlana’s juicy twat with all her power. The women were grinding frantically, asses pumping, tits squashed and moving on each other, nipple grating and flicking, catching each other and grinding apart. Their bellies slapped, beating like drums. Svetlana and Larisa were pressed cheek to cheek, their grunts, gasps and cries of ecstasy growing higher in volume as they ravaged each other.

Tits bouncing, Sasha and Kris fucked hard, asses pumping, hips jerking. Her ass moving like a piston, Larisa pounded cunts with Svetlana, then shoved down to grind clit to clit. Their screams cries and shouts of pleasure became louder and more frantic. Svetlana and Larisa came first, gushing into each other uncontrollably. A minute or so later, Sasha and Kris erupted, screaming out, their bodies trembling as they injected shot after shot of hot cum into each other.

Gasping, Sasha and Kris fell flat on the bed, their bodies wet with sweat, cum mixing as it pushed up from their inosculated twats, pussy juice trickling into their ass cracks. The women struggled to regain their energy as they panted, their arms cast over their heads. Beside them, sprawled on top of Svetlana, Larisa stirred. She looked up to see Sasha, panting and spent, still cunt locked to Kris. Seeing an opportunity, Larisa pulled herself off of her Russian opponent and hurled her body at Sasha. Sasha cried out as Larisa landed on top of her, giving her no time to recover. Kris realized what her partner was doing and pulled herself away from Sasha’s cunt, giving Larisa access to the woman’s twat. Larisa mounted Sasha and slapped her sloppy twat onto Sasha’s equally wet, hot pussy and began to fuck hard. Svetlana rolled over and went after Larisa, moving to jump on the black-haired vixen’s back and pull her off of the other redheaded Russian. Kris moved behind Svetlana, seized the woman by the ankles, and pulled her away from Larisa and Sasha’s bucking, writhing bodies. Kris placed her legs over and under Svetlana’s body and pulled the other woman into the fork of her legs. Their cunts mated in a hot, sloppy, cum-dripping kiss. Immediately, Svetlana put her hands on the bed and began grinding back against Kris, who bucked and thrust with her hips, ramming and locking her cunt deep and hard with Svetlana’s twat. Grunting, moaning, shouting, the two women fucked viciously, on and on, until they were grinding their way through multiple orgasms. Screaming with pleasure and relief, they collapsed, momentarily spent. Larisa and Sasha had already fucked each other to screaming orgasms and were now lying side by side on the bed, their tits heaving as they panted, their bodies wet with sweat and cum.

The four women rested for a brief time. Then all four sat up and switched partners. Spreading her legs, Kris welcomed Sasha into a scissor-lock. Grabbing each other’s wet thighs, the women began grinding, pumping each other, cunt to cunt and clit to clit, their big tits bouncing as they fucked. Larisa and Svetlana lined up ass to ass and locked their cunts together as they slid down to their bellies on the bed. Raising their asses in the air, they struggled viciously, hard tits pressed into the firm mattress on the bed, bellies rippling as they thrust back at each other. They spread their legs wide and rubbed pussies and assholes, intent on violating each other in every way they could imagine. Their wet cunts locked and they thrust back into each other, grunting, gasping and cursing with each sucking slap of twat to twat.

In the control room, Yakamura watched all of this with excitement. The four women were going at each other full tilt and, so far, the battle had been erotic and exciting. No individual woman had a clear advantage over any of the others. He saw that the women had been battling for more than an hour and a half; soon, they would pass the two hour mark and the lever would unlock.

On the bed, Larisa and Sasha were now scissor-locked, each grasping the other’s thighs and pounding at each other, hips and asses grinding furiously. In Russian, the gorgeous women cursed each other.

“You fucking whore,” Sasha moaned. “You are a child, a little girl! You cannot defeat us, your cunt cannot beat mine!”

“You are a dirty whore, Sasha!” Larisa replied, her ass rippling with effort. “I have defeated many dirty whores in the past!” Larisa tried to pace herself; she knew that the redheads’ strategy was to exhaust Kris or her and then combine forces to take out whoever was left. She would not let herself be the weak link in her team.

Next to them, Kris and Svetlana were on their sides, devouring each other in a well-appreciated 69. The women sucked and licked at each other eagerly, both intent on using skill, not just enthusiasm, to bring the other to an orgasm. Kris covered Svetlana’s pussy with her mouth and sucked gently, teasing the Russian woman’s clit with her tongue. Svetlana probed Kris’ pussy and ass with her fingers, then commenced licking Kris’ slit from root to stem, paying special attention to Kris’ clit. She pulled Kris’ vagina open and caressed the slick labia with her tongue, before shoving her pink probe as deep inside Kris as she could. Kris used her fingers on Svetlana’s bodily orifices, even as she increased her clit sucking. The women worked each other’s pussies expertly, until they both came in hard gushes.

Larisa and Sasha were flat on their backs, their shoulders pressed into the bed, their backs arched, their hips and asses high off the mattress, as they thrust as deep into each other as they could. Their locked pussies trembled and quivered, then erupted in long, hot shots of cum. The women screamed in rage and frustration as they came again and again.

Larisa and Sasha collapsed, gasping, trying to regain their breath. For a few minutes, all four women rested. Then Svetlana got to her knees, immediately followed by Kris, who was watching the redheaded bitch. In this battle, no one could afford to let her guard down. Sasha and Larisa separated, glaring at each other. Svetlana smiled.

“All four of use. Tit to tit. Right now.” She reached out and pulled Sasha to her, then put her arm over the other woman’s shoulder and reached out with her other arm for Kris. Kris understood what the other woman wanted to do. Smiling, she pulled in Larisa. The women closed in on in each other in a circle, arms over their shoulders, four sets of equally thick, taut, beautiful tits coming together in the center. The women gasped in shared pleasure as their massive mammaries mashed. They tightened the circle, pushing and pulling each other into even tighter contact. Then, they began to thrust and grind at each other, every set of tits at war with every other breast. While their breasts battled, the women cursed at each other, then began kissing, licking and even biting at each other’s gorgeous faces. Their nipples began to leak nipple pre-cum. Their nipples stabbed at each other. In the melee, it was impossible for the partners on each team to avoid stabbing their ally, but the women accepted it as a necessary part of the vicious sexual duel they were all fighting.

It was Larisa whose tits starting cumming first; she sprayed the other three women in a hot, hard explosion of ejaculate that slimed the intersection of their eight mashing tits. Larisa screamed in release. Only moments later, Sasha’s breasts started squirting, following by Kris. Svetlana held out for only moments more. For several minutes, all four women rubbed their nipple cum around and around each other’s tits, using their massive glands to spread the slick, oil-like substance. It felt fantastic.

Larisa seized Svetlana, who was next to her, and threw herself on the redhead, dragging the other woman out of their circle. Sasha leaped at Kris and bore her down to the bed. Sasha began pounding her cunt into Kris; Larisa did the same to Svetlana. The room echoed with the erotic sounds of pussies pounding, hard bellies slapping, the moaning, groaning and screaming of four woman in a fuckwar to end all fuckwars.

All through the night, the war dragged on. Several times, the exhausted women fell asleep in each other’s arms, forced to unconsciousness by the intensity of their exertion and the sheer ecstasy of their orgasmic releases. They always woke up to resume their battles and continue the war. None of the women even considered breaking from the bed and running for the lever, though doing so would have been well within the rules of their fight. Instead, all four women understood that their personal sexual honor was at stake. All were determined to win the conflict as decisively as possible.

After more than 10 hours of constant sexual combat, the women completed their final allowed bathroom break and replenished themselves on energy bars and water. The four sexual warriors sat across from each other, preparing themselves for what would be the final run of their marathon sexual war. All four women were dripping with sweat and cum; their hair was a chaotic mess, their naked breasts and clean-shaven pussies were red with the constant grinding and rubbing. Still, all of the women felt sexually energized. They have given and taken enormous pleasure from each other and no one was ready to back down.

Looking at Svetlana and Sasha sitting across from them, just finishing up their energy bars, Kris had a suggestion.

“Let’s make this as complete a battle as we can,” she said to the other women.

“What do you mean?” Sasha asked, putting her glass of water on a movable counter next to the bed.

“I want to take you and Svetlana on at the same time; I bet you want to do the same with Larisa and me. So, let’s do that. You stay where you are,” she said, pointing at Sasha, who was sitting, with her legs spread, directly across from Kris, “and Svetlana can switch places with Larisa. That way, you and I can scissor, but I can take on the upper part of Svetlana’s body. Svetlana and Larisa fuck, but you and Larisa go at each other mouth to mouth and tit to tit.”

All the women loved the idea. Larisa switched places with Svetlana. The four women moved into position, Larisa and Svetlana forking each other, Kris and Sasha doing the same, while turned on their sides towards the other woman’s partner. Kris and Sasha gasped and smiled viciously at each other as their cunts kissed, sucked and slowly opened and mutually penetrated each other, both women working their clits into a throbbing knot, using their hips and asses to drill as hard and deep into the other as possible. Beside them, Larisa and Svetlana did the same, though the black-haired and redheaded Russians spat and cursed at each other in Russian, pulling each other in for a savage kiss once they were firmly cunt-locked.

All four women began to use their hips to grind and thrust hard into the woman they were attached to; their pussies sucked hard, struggling to devour each other. At the same time, they reached for the woman next to them. Kris came together, tit to tit, with Svetlana. The redhead and the blonde locked into a spitty, angry kiss and pulled each other’s hair savagely. In their crotches, the incredible sensations radiating through their bodies from the fuckfight with their other rival immediately affected their ability to fight the woman they were combating with their upper bodies.

Larisa pumped herself as hard, as viciously, as she could into Svetlana. At the same time, she and Sasha savaged each other, pulling hair, rubbing tits hard, spitting and cursing each other in Russian. The four women’s shared moans, gasps and screams of pleasure and rage harmonized into an erotic cacophony. At some point, all four women’s lower bodies synchronized and they found themselves pumping, fucking each other in the same rhythm. Their upper body battles were less coordinated. Kissing, tit sucking and biting, grinding tits and swearing at each other, trying to overwhelm each other with tongues and lips, the women battled face to face even as they struggled with another woman cunt to cunt. The experience was disorienting for all of them. The powerful erotic sensations suffusing their bodies felt almost random, but overpowering. All four pairs of legs tangled up, Kris’ legs twisting up with Svetlana’s, Sasha’s legs struggling with Larisa’s, and the women tried to sexually attack each other in ways that would assist their partner in the struggle with the other team.

On and on, the four women ground at each other, their bodies trembling with sexual tension, their breasts and cunts on fire with heat and stimulation. Kris was grasping Sasha’s thigh with one hand and driving herself into the redhead’s cunt with her hips, while locked in a deep, sucking kiss with Svetlana; Svetlana had reached down to pull Larisa’s hair, even as she worked her clit hard as she could against Larisa’s throbbing sex bud; Larisa was grinding her nipples as hard as she could against Sasha’s pulsing tits; Sasha was pulling Larisa’s hair, dragging the black-haired bitch into a hot kiss, even as she twisted her hips, tangling her throbbing clit with Kris’s pulsing member. The four way fuck continued, the women working each other up the pleasure curve until they were all moaning and screaming with tension, desperately struggling to hold on and keep from cumming.

It was Kris who went off first, only seconds before anyone else. One moment her hips were working her clit into Sasha’s clit, even as Sasha thrust back in shared rhythm; Kris’ mouth was locked and sucking spit from Svetlana’s mouth; the next, the nova-hot orgasmic explosion she had been holding back for what seemed like hours became absolutely unbearable. Despite her best efforts, something pushed her over the edge; a particular twist of Sasha’s hips that caused her clit to grate against Kris’ clit in a particular way; a particular thrust of Svetlana’s nipples into Kris’ throbbing nips. Whatever the cause, Kris found herself convulsing uncontrollably as pure erotic ecstasy roared up from her cunt to suffuse her body. She screamed, then her pussy gushed hard, injected cum deep into Sasha’s writhing body. At the same instant, Kris’ nipples came hard, squirting nipple cum all over Svetlana’s chest. These eruptions were enough to push the other two women over the edge. An instant later, Kris felt an answering gush of cum drenching the intersection of their bodies as Sasha came hard; Svetlana’s tits were spraying Kris’ chest moments later and the redhead with whom she had been locked in a savage kiss grabbed her, looked deep into Kris’ eyes, then groaned in uncontrollable passion as her lower body exploded in a hot, hard shot of cum. Svetlana pumped her cum into Larisa, who was the last of the four women to erupt in orgasmic ecstasy. Once it started, it could not be stopped. Screaming, gasping, bucking, pulling hair and shuddering with pleasure, the four women writhed desperately on the bed, grinding furiously into their rival’s trembling cunt, sharing and exchanging sprays of hot cum every few minutes, their four sets of massive tits slick and hot with the release of nipple cum. Writhing, moaning, screaming in unbearable pleasure, for more than 20 minutes, the interlocked women ground orgasm after orgasm after orgasm out of each other, draining each other, fucking each other desperately.

Kris was staring deep into Svetlana’s eyes, sharing and goading each other with their erotic bliss, both women struggling to hold out longer than the other, when she saw the Russian finally pass out, her body unable to handle the incredible sensory overload. Kris had no time to celebrate; a wave of unbearable ecstasy washed over her and she felt her consciousness wavering. She squeezed Sasha’s pussy with all the power of her cunt; she felt the answering pressure. Then, she passed out, her mind finally unable to handle the intensity of the pleasure. Sasha and Larisa followed seconds later.

Sometime later, Kris awoke. She came back to awareness slowly. She opened her eyes to see Svetlana’s beautiful face almost nose to nose with her own. She could feel the pressure in her cunt, indicating that she and Sasha were still cunt deep inside each other. A leg from Sasha or Larisa was tossed carelessly over Svetlana’s shoulder. Another pair of legs were around Kris’ body. She moved her head only a little, trying to determine which set of legs belonged to Larisa. Once she figured this out, she began stroking Larisa’s leg gently, carefully, trying to wake up her partner.

Larisa stirred, then looked down to see who was stroking her. Kris raised her head just enough to catch Larisa’s eyes. The two locked eyes, blue to green, then Kris looked at Sasha then at Svetlana. She blinked slowly, then gestured with her eyes towards the lever on the wall. Larisa understood and nodded. Kris held up five fingers and began counting them down. On the fifth, Larisa clamped her pussy with Svetlana’s cunt as hard as she could and, at the same time, wrapped her arms around Sasha, holding the redhead tight. At the same time, Kris moved, pushing herself up, separating her cunt from Sasha’s with a hard pull and sucking pop.

As Kris and Larisa made their move, Svetlana and Sasha came back to awareness. Svetlana shouted something in Russian at Sasha; immediately, the redhead who was face to face with Larisa started struggling to free herself from Larisa’s grip. Larisa reached down and gripped Svetlana’s thigh; Kris could see, from the expressions of agony on the faces of Larisa and Svetlana, that the dark-haired Russian was squeezing Svetlana’s cunt with all the power of her own twat, trying to keep the redhead from rising in pursuit of Kris. At the same time, Larisa struggled to detain Sasha, who was fighting to free herself from Larisa’s grip.

The race was on. Kris rolled herself off the bed. She landed on the floor on a side of the bed away from the lever. She tried to get to her feet to run to the lever when she found she had no strength in her legs. She fell to the ground and began to crawl, frantically, towards the wall. Svetlana had succeeded in freeing herself from Larisa’s cunt lock. Larisa now wrapped both of her arms around Sasha, holding the other Russian down. At least Kris would not have to worry about Sasha. But Svetlana had rolled herself off the bed and was now just a few body lengths behind Kris.

Kris reached the wall and reached up to grip the edge of the alcove in which the lever was recessed to pull herself to her feet. She needed more height to reach the lever. As she pulled herself up, she felt Svetlana’s arms wrapping themselves around her thighs. The Russian beauty leaned back, trying to use her weight to pull Kris to the floor, maybe even flip her over and give Svetlana access to the lever. Kris held onto the alcove fiercely, but she was afraid to let go for fear of being pulled over. In an agony of frustration, she was nearly eye-level with the lever she needed to pull, so close yet so far. She shoved her legs back, trying to give herself just slightly better balance. She succeeded in getting a slightly better stance even as Svetlana unleashed a vicious attack. The redheaded Russian knifed her hand right up between Kris’ legs, shoving her hand wrist deep into Kris’ succulent cunt with a single powerful shove. Kris screamed, throwing her head back in a combination of agony and ecstasy. Svetlana closed her hand, turning it into a fist, and twisted hard. Kris felt the pleasure washing over her in waves; her hands trembled, her grip weakening. Svetlana’s stance had also weakened, however. In a final act of desperation, Kris released the alcove edge and reached up for the handle of the lever. She grabbed it. With a final cry, she pulled it down.

The moment the lever clicked, the lights over the door began to flash and spin; the sounds of an alarm bell went off (though relatively quietly) signaling the end of the contest.

Kris moaned as she allowed herself to be pulled over on her back from Svetlana. The Russian glared down at Kris who looked up at her with bleary eyes. Svetlana twisted and pumped her fist hard in Kris’ cunt; Kris moaned and threw her head to the side.

Yakamura’s voice came over the intercom. “Ladies, the contest has been decided. Please cease your hostilities.” Kris realized that, on the bed, Larisa and Sasha were fucking wildly, both pulling hair and scissor-locked, and they had not stopped. Reluctantly, Larisa and Sasha stopped and pulled apart, both women exchanging looks of anger and mutual contempt.

Kris looked up at Svetlana. The redhead smiled down at her and leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips, using her tongue to lap at Kris lips as she pulled away.

“Good fight,” the redheaded Russian said. “Maybe all four of us can celebrate more, later.”

The women stayed where they were, Kris and Svetlana sprawled on the floor, Larisa and Sasha scissored and flat on their backs on the bed. It took some time before the four women were able to get to their feet, each helping the others. Yakamura came in as the women pulled on their robes.

“Do any of you ladies need any medical attention? Any help getting back to your rooms?”

All indicated they did not. Spent, the four women walked together down the hall to the elevator, all of them bare foot and carrying their shoes. They parted ways on the residential floor, Svetlana and Sasha staggering off to their rooms, Larisa and Kris to theirs. When they got to their respective bedroom doors, Kris and Larisa kissed each other, but then went to their separate rooms to rest and recuperate. A maid was waiting in Kris’ room; she drew the exhausted Amazon a bath, then helped her into the hot water. As Kris laid back in the warmth, her body relaxing, she glimpsed a clock on the bathroom vanity. It was almost 8:30 in the morning. She and Larisa had been fuckfighting the redheads for almost ten hours. She vaguely remembered that Jack had said he would be back at 9 AM to pick them up. It looked as though he would be leaving without his prize winners, however. With this last thought, Kris fell into a deep sleep.

Jack arrived at 9, as promised, to see if Kris and Larisa were ready to go. Yakamura greeted him at the mansion’s front door.

“The women just went to bed, no more than a half hour ago. I suspect that all of them will be recuperating for the rest of the day. I suggest you leave your proteges to me; I will see that they are returned to their homes once they are ready to leave.”

Jack nodded. He was not surprised; he knew how long determined, sexually voracious woman could fuckfight. “So, were you pleased with the final result?” Pointedly, he did not ask which team won; he waited for Yakamura to volunteer the information.

“Very, very pleased.” Yakamura handed Jack an envelope. “I have already paid you for finding Kris and Larisa. This is an additional prize; an additional reward for finding the winners of this competition.” Jack smiled, pleased for the women. The two million dollars that they now had, between them, could make an incredible difference to both of them.

“Kris and Larisa are very, very impressive women. Of course, truth be told, they are no moreso than Svetlana and Sasha. The battle could easily have gone the other way. But the victors are the victors. It was a great fight. I have recorded everything in 3D. I will be able to relieve any part of the battle in perfect details any time I want. That is what I wanted. I am very satisfied.”

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Yakamura,” Jack said, formally. “I’m heading off in my ship now; I have places I need to be. Please tell Kris and Larisa that I will contact them next week, to follow up.”

Kris and Larisa did not leave their rooms until supper time. By then, they both felt renewed and elated over their victory. Dressed in revealing bikini tops, bare stomachs and sarongs around their hips, the sexfight winners made their way to an exquisite meal with Yakamura and their defeated rivals. Sasha and Svetlana were also dressed in bikini tops and sarongs. As far as Kris could tell, everyone had arrived at this sartorial choice on their own. As it was, Yakamura was given a spectacular show of four sets of massive, equal tits, vying for his attention.

The meal was pleasant. The Russian redheads seemed remarkably unfazed by their loss of two million dollars. True, they would not walk away empty-handed, but $200,000 was cold comfort when they had lost ten times as much. Still, Kris and Larisa were happy that their competitors seemed so accepting of the situation.

“You and Larisa are more than welcome to stay on here for as long as you would like,” Yakamura reminded Kris. “I believe that Sasha and Svetlana plan to be here for another week or so.”

“Larisa and I have discussed it. We think we will stay on until Tuesday. After that, we’d appreciate being flown back the island.”

“Done!” Yakamura said, clapping his hands. “I am delighted you have decided to enjoy my hospitality for a few more days.” He leaned a bit closer. “If you and Larisa will join me in the study, after dinner, I will provide you with your cheques.”

After dinner, after they had received their money, Larisa and Kris returned to their rooms. Both felt a bit restless. Kris knocked on Larisa’s door. Her dark-haired lover let her in and they discussed what they would do over the next few days. But the question of what each of them would do with their money was also hanging over their heads.

“Let’s worry about this later,” Kris finally said. “Right now, I can think of two redheads who might like a bit of cheering up.”

“Really? They looked fine to me,” Larisa said.

“Well, they were probably hiding it. Besides, I’m thinking of us as much as them. We’ll be gone soon. That’s a lot of prime pussy to walk away from, without getting a final good, deep taste.”

Larisa smiled, her green eyes lighting with fire. “I agree.”

It was about 10 PM. Wearing their bikini tops and sarongs, bare foot, Kris and Larisa crossed the darkened mansion, seeing no one on their way to the redheads’ rooms.

Kris knocked on Sasha’s door. When there was no answer, they moved over to the neighboring door and knocked again.

Svetlana answered the door moments later. The gorgeous redhead was naked. Her magnificent body glinted in the half-light; it was slick with moisture. Her tits were heaving; Kris and Larisa had clearly interrupted something. On the bed behind Svetlana, Sasha was lying flat on her back, her legs wide, her chest heaving.

“Sorry to disturb you,” Kris said, looking into the room with in impish grin. “We just came to say ‘goodbye.’’

“I thought you were not leaving for several more days,” Svetlana panted, wiping her dripping forehead with the back of her hand.

“That’s true,” Larisa replied. “But we thought we could make this… an extended goodbye.” She smiled, her green eyes flashing.

Svetlana smiled and stood aside, waving the other two women into her room. She closed and locked the door behind her.

Epilogue: Six Months Later

Kris stretched out luxuriously on the top deck of her new boat. She arched her back and presented her naked, golden tits to the sun. Her beautiful bare legs and toes pointed toward the stern of the boat, perfect muscles tensing. Her nude body glistened with a combination of sweat and sunscreen. A floppy hat and sun glasses concealed her beautiful face.

Kris was enjoying another beautiful day in the Caribbean. She had used part of the million dollars she had earned from her and Larisa’s victory over the Russian redheads to buy a second-hand, renovated yacht. A million dollars only went so far; the ship was beautiful, comfortable and luxurious, but it was not a monster. Even so, it was fast, very comfortable, and in heavy demand off this Caribbean island as a charter. Kris knew that she and her one crewmate/partner were a major reason for the appeal. Larisa had agreed to join her on this little business endeavor and they shared the cost of the yacht, leaving them both with half a million dollars each and a highly profitable business. The prospect of going on a charter with not just one, but two incredibly beautiful, voluptuous women who made a habit of wearing barely-there bikinis (when they were not topless) was very appealing to a lot of customers. The fact that she and Larisa were openly lesbian lovers also provided a useful titillation factor. As it was, their business had been doing so well that they had the pick of whoever they wanted to take. Kris was beginning to lean more towards taking out women rather than men. As useful as the sex angle had been in establishing their business, the ogling and suggestive comments from the male customers was getting annoying.

The ship was named “The Proteus.” Kris still owned and rented out her old tug, but “The Proteus” had become her pride and joy. Today, the ship was anchored a few miles offshore. They did not have to pick up their appointment for another hour or so and Kris decided she would like to get in some nude tanning before going into dock meant having to put on her bikini.

As she enjoyed the sun, Larisa came up onto the deck. The gorgeous Russian smiled at her lover. Larisa was wearing a bikini thong, but was topless. Her beautiful, thick tits bounced deliciously as she came up through the portal. Larisa stretched out in the deck lounger beside Kris and lay back, turning her tits to the sun, but only for a few minutes.

“We’ll need to start going in in about 30 minutes,” Larisa said. She turned on her side to look at Kris, her head propped up on her hand, her voluptuous hip curving away from her waist and tapering down into her flawless legs.

“Do you think that’s enough time for a quickie?” Kris asked, innocently.

Larisa smiled. She stood up and quickly slipped off her thong, kicking it away with her bare feet. Now beautifully nude, her naked pussy already glistening with natural lubrication, she climbed onto Kris’ lounger. Kris threw her hat and glasses aside and looked up at her partner with renewed hunger. She spread her legs, offering her succulent cunt to Larisa. Larisa lowered herself down onto Kris’ twat, her pussy locking and spreading on Kris’ aching cunt. The women’s pussies mated, flattening to each other, fuckholes opening and sucking, labia fused to labia. The women contracted their pussies, sucking each other in, holding each other in a delicious meaty lock. Clit to clit, Larisa began rocking her hips in a scooping motion, sliding and grinding her clit on Kris’ swollen sex horn. As they began to buck harder, moving in rhythm, Larisa reached down, filled her hands with Kris’ bouncing tits, and squeezed hard, squeezing the nipples. Kris reached up and filled her hands with Larisa’s equally fantastic tits, kneading and squeezing, twisting the rock hard nipples.

The women fucked hard, Larisa riding Kris hard, the full weight of her body grinding and driving clit to clit. The women kept one eye on the clock, but they were lost in the incredible pleasure they were giving to each other. As the pleasure built to an unbearable level, Kris moaned in ecstasy.

“You whore, you fucking whore!” she cried.

“Bitch, dirty bitch, cum for me, you fucker!” Larisa moaned.

The women’s locked cunts convulsed, then contracted hard, sucking to each other in an unbreakable, vise-like vacuum. It was the sign they were about to explode. An instant later, Kris bucked her hips and screamed in joy as her cunt contracted and released, shooting a stream of steaming cum up into Larisa’s hungry, waiting cunt. Larisa sucked at that moment, pulling as much of the delicious discharge up into her vaginal canal as she could. The sensation was delicious, unbearably good, the sensation of her lover’s boiling hot ejaculate filling her cunt, flowing into the essence of her womanhood. A moment later the Russian beauty was screaming in orgasmic delight as she returned the cum, with interest, to Kris’ steaming cunt. Kris sucked hard with her pussy and took in as much as she could before shooting it back. This had become a delightful new erotic game for the women to play as they exchanged cum.

Kris and Larisa went stiff, two, three orgasms shaking their bodies. As the final orgasm abated, Larisa collapsed on top of Kris, their tits mashing hard and tight, nipples digging into thick titflesh. Panting, gasping with pleasure, they held each other for a few minutes, wriggling, enjoying rubbing their naked bodies together.

“I’ll tell you what,” Kris said, smiling, “if you can keep the noise down tonight, I promise to do things to your cunt that will make you pass out from pleasure. I guarantee it.”

Larisa smiled down at her lover. “You made me pass out last night. You think you can top that?”

“Hey, I can try!” the blonde replied.

The naked women disentangled themselves. Larisa looked at the clock. “We’re going to have to put on a bit of steam to make into port in time,” she said.

“OK, you go clean up. I’ll get it started, then you can sign me off so I can clean up.”

Naked, Kris and Larisa went to the lower deck. Larisa went off to their private cabin to freshen up, which meant taking a quick shower and getting a new bikini. Kris radioed the port authority that “Proteus” was heading in, then started the engine and began the brief journey. A few minutes later, Larisa came back, wearing a revealing yellow thong string bikini.

“Hey, isn’t that mine?” Kris asked.

“Yes, I like it. I’m borrowing it.”

“Hmph.” Kris went to the stateroom, quickly showered, then found a revealing yellow slingshot in Larisa’s collection of swimsuits. She pulled it on, admired her incredible beauty in the mirror, then returned to the bridge.

“Hey!” Larisa scolded her on seeing the slingshot.

“I like it and I’m borrowing it,” Kris smiled.

“You cunt,” Larisa said affectionately. “I’m going to take that out of your pussy tonight.”

Kris slapped her lover on her round, tight ass and then went up to the main deck to begin the docking procedure. She pulled on some boat shoes. As the boat pulled up to the pier, she threw lines to the dockworkers, most of whom she now knew by name. She had noticed that she now had some regular “fans” who would show up to watch her ship come in. She did not mind. Her time in bikini and best body contests had made her a bit of an exhibitionist. She still entered those kind of contests occasionally, though she no longer had need for the money.

When the ship was properly secured, Larisa called the booking agency. The clients would usually wait up at the port’s main office until they got a call from the booking agency. The Proteus’ berth sometimes changed and it did not make sense to have people just hanging around the dock.

“So, who are our clients for this trip?” Kris asked.

“This one’s a bit unusual,” Larisa replied, looking at the information on her smartphone. Larisa handled this end of the business, leaving most of the actual running of the ship to Kris, though she was learning that end of the business too. “Two sisters, the Douglas sisters. They want to do a six day trip to Mason Cove.”

“Hm. Six days. That’s a lot of time to spend in such a small, isolated cove.”

“Yes, but that’s what they want. They plan to dive. It looks to me like they are looking for something.”

“OK, well, it’s a nice spot. I could stand spending six days diving.”

“Here they come,” Larisa pointed.

Two very distinctly female figures were coming down the dock. They were wearing sun hats and big sun glasses and carrying tote bags over their shoulders. Their hair was either very short or tucked into their hats. They were rolling small carry-on bags behind them. The women were notable because both were dressed in string bikinis, one green, one red, though the one in red was also wearing a silky throw over her shoulders. Larisa and Kris exchanged looks. These women filled out their string bikinis amazingly well. Indeed, their bodies were spectacular, with big, thick-looking tits, beautifully muscled abdomens, wide, beautifully curved hips and long, muscular legs. Their bodies were spectacular, every bit as gorgeous and voluptuous as Larisa and Kris’ beautiful, sexy forms. It was possible that this charter could get very interesting indeed.

When the women got to the gangplank, Larisa could see they were both wearing boat shoes. Their faces remained obscured beneath their big, floppy sun hats.

“Permission to come aboard, captain?” said a familiar sounding voice. Larisa could not quite place it. Kris frowned. The voice sounded familiar to her too. The fact that neither woman had yet turned her face up to look at them also bothered both women.

“Permission granted,” Kris replied. A suspicion was beginning to niggle at the back of her mind.

The two women walked up the gangplank, rolling their bags with them. When they got to the top, they both pulled their sun hats off with a flourish and shook out their long, thick red hair.

Larisa gasped; Kris cursed.

“You fucking whores!” Kris cried. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Why captain, whatever do you mean?” Svetlana said with a smug smile. She pulled off her sun shades, her green eyes flashing with mirth. “We’re the Douglas sisters, here to charter your lovely ship for a week-long diving expedition. No more, no less.”

“Yes,” Sasha added. She was the woman in the green bikini. “We’ve always enjoyed diving and your ship comes very highly recommended.” Her shades came off and her green eyes locked with Larisa’s. Raw lust passed between them. “Besides, we have a business proposition for you.”

Kris and Larisa exchanged another look. Neither of them wanted to get mixed up with Svetlana and Sasha again. Once was enough. But, on the other hand, business propositions could be interesting. And the other, more compelling fact was the reality that both Larisa and Kris had felt their tits swell, their clits harden into rock, the moment they realized who these women were. The partners knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that if they let Svetlana and Sasha aboard, it would not be long before all four women would be fucking each other senseless in the most intense, ecstatic orgies of their lives. Kris and Larisa were highly sexual women; they did not often pass up the opportunity for pure, mindless, devastatingly pleasurable sex, something they were guaranteed to get from these redheaded bitches.

Kris sighed. “Alright. Larisa will show you to your cabins. I’ll take us out. It will be dark in about 3 hours, so we won’t get far tonight, but we can eat at nightfall and you can explain your deal to us over supper.”

The redheads smiled and followed Larisa belowdecks. Each of the women had a cabin of her own. The ship had five luxurious cabins in all. Larisa and Kris shared the biggest stateroom. The remaining four were for their customers. Each came with its own shower and plenty of space and comfort.

While their guests were settling in, Larisa came back to the bridge. “What do you think?”

“I think it will be interesting, at least,” Kris replied. “I’m willing to bet whatever they are looking for is connected to whatever they were trying to steal from Yakamura.”

“Yes, I think that too,” Larisa said.

A few minutes later, Sasha and Svetlana were on the main deck, barefoot and wearing only their bikinis.

“We’d like to sunbathe,” Sasha announced. “And we’d like to do it in the nude. Where can we go?”

Larisa took them to the upper deck and showed them the lounge chairs. She watched as the two women removed their bikini tops, then slid out of their thongs. Svetlana and Sasha smiled at Larisa as they covered themselves in sunscreen, rubbing it around and around their thick tits and their muscular bellies, helping each other with their backs, though Sasha’s hands slipped around to massage Svetlana’s tits.

Larisa watched the women with barely contained hunger. She considered joining them but, in the end, left them together and joined Kris on the bridge. She knew it was only a matter of time before they were all fucking each other. She felt the thrill of anticipation.

Larisa served the nude women drinks and snacks, as she would on any normal charter. She made sure the guests were happy while Kris handled the steering and navigation. Other than their brazen nudity, the redheads had not yet made any sexual overtures to Larisa. The women came down, still naked, after about an hour, and retired to their cabins.

Around 6 PM, it was starting to get dark. Larisa prepared the meal while Kris anchored the boat, then joined her to finish the meal. By the time it was ready, it was dark on the ocean. Kris called the guests to dinner by ringing the bell. The redheads came up dressed in different string bikinis. The four women settled around the table to eat. Kris realized that they were a group of any man’s wet dreams – four incredibly beautiful and voluptuous women, all dressed in such revealing swimsuits that they might as well be nude, sitting together to have a meal and discuss business.

Over the meal, a very tasty lasagna, the women made small talk. Svetlana and Sasha told the other two a little about what they had been doing in the six months since they had parted. Kris and Larisa had little to hide so they told the other women exactly how their own lives had been going. But Kris suspected that the other two women knew all of this already.

When the meal was over and cleared away, Svetlana went below deck and came back up with a small package and some papers. She unwrapped the package. It was the model of a strange looking creature, part human, part octopus or squid. Larisa felt a twinge of unease looking at it. Svetlana showed them a picture of a detailed map.

“This is a map of a lost city. The city’s name has been lost and may be unpronounceable anyway. We call it El Dorado, or ED, for short. It is located somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, far from here. However, we have fairly reliable reports that ED established various colonies around the world and one small outpost was set up around here. We have reason to think that we might be able to find more artifacts in Mason’s Cove.”

“What is the value of these artifacts?” Kris asked.

“Priceless,” Sasha replied. “Every artifact is evidence of a lost civilization that most people believe never existed. Museums and private collectors will pay fortunes to get an artifact like that.”

“And why do you want to cut us in on this deal?” Larisa asked.

“Well, we can’t guarantee we will find what we’re looking for in Mason’s Cove. The actual search may take a month, maybe a bit longer. We will pay you for Mason’s Cove, but if it takes longer, we want you to agree to do the remaining search for free.”

Larisa and Kris exchanged a look. “We can afford to do it for 5 weeks, maximum,” Larisa replied. “After that, the expenses start eating into our contingency funds.”

“Five weeks should be fine!” Sasha said enthusiastically. The women shook hands on their business arrangement. After that, they spent a few hours discussing the expedition. Sasha and Svetlana shared what they knew about the civilization, which wasn’t that much.

“That statue that you have,” Larissa asked. “Is that what you stole from Yakamura?”

“We didn’t steal it – it didn’t belong to him. But, yes, this is what we…liberated from Windheart Island. Among a few other things.”

The women talked a while longer, then went to their respective cabins around 8:30. Larisa and Kris retired to their stateroom. They showered and cleaned up. Nude, they climbed into bed.

“They seem a bit subdued, don’t you think?” Larisa asked her lover as they prepared to begin their nightly ritual. “I’m surprised they have not come on to us a lot more by now.”

Kris smiled. “Give it time. Maybe they’re just getting used to being in a new environment.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Kris and Larisa looked at each other and smiled. Kris went to the door and opened it. Svetlana and Sasha were standing out in the hall, both wearing smug smiles of barely contained lust. They were both completely naked.

“How big is your bed, Kris?” Sasha purred. “Ours are a bit small for what we have in mind.”

Kris smiled and waved the redheads in. Svetlana wasted no time. Larisa was just starting to sit up in bed, her massive, perfect tits bobbing above the sheet, her naked torso fully visible. Svetlana yanked the sheet aside, revealing Larisa’s naked body. Svetlana put both hands on the black-haired beauty’s tits, mashing the titmeat into her chest, and pushed Larisa onto the bed, flat on her back. She grabbed Larisa’s ankles, spread Larisa’s thighs wide, and lowered her steaming cunt down onto the other woman’s wet, hot twat. The redhead and the black-haired woman cried out in raw pleasure as they mated. As Kris watched, Larisa’s thighs wrapped around Svetlana’s hips and her hands gripped the redhead’s pumping ass and pulled her down on and into her even harder. Svetlana lowered her tits down onto Larisa’ matching breasts, crushing them until the two pairs of boobs compressed into taut, meaty orbs; the women locked into a deep kiss, moaning deep in their throats as their bodies merged.

Sasha and Kris watched this frenzied mating, then turned to each other, smiling. Kris settled back on the bed, next to Svetlana and Larisa’s writhing, bucking bodies. She lay flat on her back, spread her legs wide and opened her arms to Sasha. The redhead mounted her, and was soon locked to her, belly to belly, cunt sucked to cunt, clit grinding on clit, tits crushed and throbbing into each other, nipples burning like small suns.

Just before their mouths closed on each other, Sasha moaned in Kris’ ear, “Don’t you hope this takes five weeks?”

“Shut up and fuck me, you whore,” Kris groaned in reply. Sasha’s mouth closed on the blonde’s, and soon their bodies were bucking and undulating in rhythm to the fuck going on beside them. All four women threw themselves into the first of many, many orgies to come. Their screams and howls of pleasure lasted deep into the night.

The End

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