Power Girl vs. Wonder Woman – Part 2: Red Kryptonite by Luffy316

While she was radically different in her approach to their society, Karen Starr (aka Power Girl) was proving herself to be a very effective ruler. She had essentially thrown open the gates on amazon island, bringing them into the modern world bit by bit. The populace was delighted with the idea, keeping their female warrior pride while still showing more interest and flexibility in the outside world. Their strongest traditions remained, so men were still forbidden from their land, but more willing amazon ambassadors went out into the world. Karen stirred up some international support and some extra funding by not only getting access to the internet for the amazons, but arranging streams for wet t-shirt contests and bikini car washes; all done for their fellow women’s entertainment, but left online for any to enjoy.

Within her own palace, Diana suffered through the cheapening of her culture, even if they all seemed to adore it. Her people were warriors and heroines of legend, even if they’d always had a slightly playful side within their traditions. Diana herself had not only been given her skimpy and degrading outfit during the press conference with her step-mother Karen, but was regularly given new costumes to wear around the palace or the city. No matter how the other amazons praised its appearance or flattered her that day, wearing a Playboy bunny or French maid attire still grated on the once-proud heroine.

“You’re just being hard on her,” Hippolyta insisted whenever it came up. “Look at this place. When was the last time you saw all your sisters and subjects look so happy?” Diana refused to admit to this, especially while her mother was wearing a tube top and miniskirt at the time. The way that Hippolyta giggled randomly and always thanked Power Girl for the new clothes, it was clear that she was positively delighted with the outcome of her marriage. Diana would find no support for her cause in her, and if she was going to get anything changed back to what it was, it was left on her shoulders. But as a princess beneath two queens now, one of whom had publically beaten her to a pulp, she had no leg to stand on.

To her credit, Wonder Woman’s concern rubbed off on Karen. Everyone in her new kingdom was happy except for her step-daughter. It was always “my queen,” and never “mother.” “Mommy” was a bit much, she admitted, but it would be nice to hear once in awhile. She was at her wits end as far as any way to win Diana’s love, but she knew there had to be a way. That was why she had acquired the ring made of red kryptonite.

These days, it seemed that everyone knew about kryptonite and its effects on kryptonians. The shards of their homeworld had various effects on its former inhabitants, and most famously, the green could cripple them just by being near them. But there were various colors with various effects on them, with red being one of the rarest kinds. It made kryptonians have less inhibitions, more willpower, and generally achieve their goals at all costs. It had turned Superman evil when overly exposed to it, so she had it in a very small amount, which she then carefully put on as a toe ring.

Queen Karen called Diana to her chambers, and the princess loyally but begrudgingly arrived. The blonde queen and heroine waited on her throne, smiling at her while her wife rubbed her shoulders, the original queen happily dressed as a sexy nurse for the day.

“I’ve noticed you are not content under my rule,” Karen informed her step-daughter, leaning on the arm of her throne. Diana didn’t respond, staying kneeling in front of her queen. “This is why I have decided to grant the chance to reclaim your honor.”

Diana looked up at her with some surprise on her face. Perhaps even hope. Karen smiled at the expression. “I have for you a series of labors, like the heroines of your most ancient legends. Should you accomplish them, you will be honored and rewarded.”

“The right to reclaim my own attire?” Diana asked hopefully.

“Perhaps. But you will perform these at half of your true power, and in the clothing I first gifted to you.” Diana frowned at the extra stipulations. She still had to wear the new costume some days, and whenever she went out to fight evil. It was the smallest bikini she could imagine, and with nothing but golden eagles over the nipples. But she couldn’t turn down the challenge at this rate. There was too much to gain. “And for each trial that you fail, you will be subject to humiliation before your people at my hand. If you fail ALL of my challenges, then you will be my personal handmaiden for one month.”

Diana weighed her words a moment before she rose, head up high and shoulders back. “I accept your trials, my queen. Name them, and see them accomplished.”
Karen smiled proudly at her daughter. She was even wearing the schoolgirl uniform she had gotten her. “Very well. Let your trials begin…”

Trial 1. The Bra of the Titans

Karen’s first task she had set for Diana was to fetch the bra of Giganta, the size-changing villainess. Wonder Woman had battled with her many times before, though doing so at half-power would prove difficult. She thought she had a loophole until Karen confirmed that the bra had to be “full sized,” so she couldn’t simply ambush the woman when she was still at human height.

This all meant that when Giganta finally appeared, robbing a lab along the outskirts of New York, Wonder Woman was the first on the scene. The news teams were quick to start shooting from a safe distance as the new “and improved” Wonder Woman started leaping rooftop to rooftop towards her target. While her instincts were to punch out the giantess, she knew that she would have to retrieve the bra and run for it as soon as she could. Giganta was in her traditional outfit of leopard-print loincloth, panties, and top, the monstrously curvy woman stomping through the city streets unimpeded as she carried an armored car full of who knew what treasures in a single enormous hand.

Seeing her opportunity at last, Wonder Woman leapt down from the rooftop of the skyscraper and landed on Giganta’s shoulder. The towering redhead looked over at whatever harmless bit of rubble must have fallen on her in the chaos, only to be surprised when Wonder Woman socked her in the jaw. Giganta went staggering back from the halved, but still super strong punch, crashing into the building opposite from her. The streets had been evacuated when predicting Giganta’s path, so Diana felt confident that no one would be hurt from their battle. She held onto the strap of Giganta’s bra to stay on her, hurrying to try to tear the garment off while the giantess was seeing stars.

For all her size, the amazon didn’t see Giganta’s hand reach up and grab her from behind. “Well well,” Giganta growled, rubbing her jaw with her other hand as she rose up to her full height and set the armored car down on a rooftop. “It looks like someone sent me a tiny strip-o-gram. Been a long time, Blunder Broad. Too busy hiding out in your amazon clubhouse being a mommy’s little angel?”

Wonder Woman grunted and struggled against Giganta’s grip. The costume was impractical enough, but her squeezing fingers were making her breasts puff up and hang over her enormous digits. “An amazon never hides from battle!” she still declared defiantly. “And we do not tolerate thieves and cowardly brutes.”

“Says the bitch who suckerpunched me,” Giganta snorted back. “Ah well. I’ve been looking for a chance to practice my fast ball!” She gave the barely clothed Wonder Woman another squeeze before she wound up and flung Diana at the nearest news helicopter. Diana crashed into it, bouncing off and leaving a dent in the lightweight steel. It merely stung her, but the chopper became to spiral out of control. She hurried to fly under it, her righteous heart taking priority over her pride. It was a lot more of a struggle than she remembered, having her powers halved by her mothers, so it involved more grunting, sweating, and groaning than she preferred. By the time she set them down safely, the news team would have a blast with the exclusive footage, and Youtubers even moreso by editing the deep cleavage shot of a moaning Diana.

She didn’t have time to worry about that, turning back and flying back into battle. Giganta had turned her back to her, checking on her bounty of the armored car. Diana was about to hit her with another surprise attack when Giganta suddenly spun back around and clapped her hands together. The gesture sandwiched Diana in between her enemy’s palms, and when Giganta parted her hands, Diana looked ragged and dizzied as she slowly floated back towards the ground.

“Haha! Down in one hit, Wondy? What’s the matter? Did you switch to decaf today?” Giganta taunted. Diana barely heard her as she rubbed her aching head, her high heels finally touching down on the ground again. She looked up, only to see the flash of Giganta’s panties when she raised a giant bare foot and stomped down on top of her. Her super endurance kept her from being completely destroyed, but the several tons of force still embedded her into the ground in a comically detailed and rather suggestively-shaped outline in the pavement.

When the foot rose again, Diana pulled her face out of the ground, coughing weakly as she shook the rubble from her hair. Everything on her ached and she wanted to flee, but she knew her step-mother would have punishments for her awaiting her failure. She saw Giganta raise her foot again, quickly diving out of the way of her incoming shadow. The ground shook from her second stomp, but Diana had gotten out of the way in time to fly up after her. She grabbed at the cup of Giganta’s combination top and bra, pulling hard on its front.

“Hey! Watch the hands, princess!” Giganta snapped, lifting a hand and flicking Diana in the forehead. It just so happened that her fingernail was bigger than Wonder Woman’s head, so the heroine was launched as if she had been shot out of a cannon by the small gesture. Diana flew out of control away from her foe until she smacked into a broad pane of glass, her back and thonged booty splayed out across the office window. Diana groaned and started to peel herself back off, but Diana swung her own hip to smash into her, crushing her against the durable glass and grinding against her.

Diana grunted as the gigantic ass smashed into her, rubbing her back and forth across the glass with an obnoxious squeak of flesh on glass. The security cameras would later be revealed to have caught the terrible humiliation on film, along with the miserable moans of the crushed Wonder Woman. When Giganta’s butt finally released her, a pained and breathless Wonder Woman fell to the ground, smelling and feeling like a woman who had just been inside an enormous ass would expect.

Giganta reached down and caught her by one of her legs, holding her up like a broken toy. She looked up to see the news cameras still rolling. She knew she should escape while she could, but she couldn’t help but humiliate the heroine who had beaten her so many times in the past.

“Hey, camera guys!” she barked, pointing at the nearest news chopper. “You like what you see?” She cupped her massive breasts, bouncing them in her palms. They were big for a woman of her build, even when one stopped considering that she was five stories tall. When she was sure all eyes were on her, she held Diana over her cleavage.

“You want em so much, you little lesbo princess? Well have a closer look.” She dropped Diana into her top, landing between her breasts. Giganta squeezed them together with her hands on either side, crushing and squashing her from both directions. Diana grunted and shouted the whole time, trying to swim her way through all the soft flesh that swallowed her from all sides. Outside of the top, Giganta licked her lips and played it up for the camera as if she were performing some colossal tit fuck rather than crushing her hated foe.

By the time she stopped, she simply pulled her bra outward, letting the sweaty, battered Diana fall like a stone to the ground. “Better luck next time, Blunder Woman!” Giganta cackled, picking up her prize again before stomping off, carefully squishing Diana once more on the way out.

“I suppose that was a bit much for you,” Power Girl half-scolded, half-taunted. She was dressed down from her superheroine attire that she wore around amazon island. Instead, she was dressed closer to her civilian identity, wearing a business-like top, skirt and high heels. “I really shouldn’t have given my little girl so difficult a task.”

Wonder Woman blushed as she sat on her knees, still in her disgraceful costume. Her queen’s degrading talk was one thing, but the fact that she was so correct was what really hurt her pride.

“Well, I told you that you’d have to be punished,” Karen chimed, the cheeriness in her voice going against her reluctant-sounding words. She placed one of her expensive-looking shoes on Wonder Woman’s chest and pushed her back onto the floor of her luxurious bedroom. Karen pinned the unresisting Diana under her shoe, grinding her foot so that her heel pressed into her barely-covered breast. Diana winced, but her position left her unable to anything but moan in pain. Her big durable breasts jiggled from the sharp pressure of Karen’s heel, and all while Hippolyta watched in fascination on their oversized bed, dressed in her usual nighttime attire of a piece of skimpy, bright purple lingerie.

“I… I will not fail your other trials,” Diana insisted, but shuddered as Karen raised her foot to stomp on her belly.

“Is that so? Big talk for such a failure of a heroine so far! Did you really loose so quickly out of weakness, or did you enjoy it between that titan’s tits?” Karen scolded. Diana blushed again, trying to curl up but only to be kicked and stomped on by Power Girl.

“Or perhaps you like being crushed underfoot,” Karen grinned, pacing around Diana slowly. The clack of her heels on the floor made Diana wince, fearing when the next sharp piece of footwear one would come down on her. Karen finally ended up stomping on the side of her head, grinding there as the heel prodded and dragged over the princess’ lovely face. “Is this what gets my deviant little daughter off?”

Diana just squealed and grit her teeth, trying to withstand the punishment with as much pride as she could manage. Then, to her surprise, Karen stopped and lifted her foot off of her. “Of course, I may be convinced to go easy on you…”

Diana hesitated, but then looked up at the dominant blonde queen. “If you’ll call me ‘mommy,’ I can stop the punishment right now and leave you to go do your next trial.” Power Girl gave her a wide, sweet smile, if with a sinister curl at the corners.

Diana seemed to consider swallowing her pride for the sake of her body, but she turned her head away. “I will do your trials unaided, my queen,” she replied gruffly.

Karen suddenly spit in her face, getting a gasp from the brunette heroine. She started to wipe it from her face when the queen kicked her in the stomach, grinding her into the ground with another heel driven down into her belly. For someone who could fly, Diana hated how heavily Karen could press down on her. Diana gagged and pulled at her heel, only for Karen to float for a moment to stomp her other foot down on her fingers. It successfully made Diana pull her hands back and take her punishment until Power Girl lifted her foot again.

“Such a rude little girl to her new mother,” Karen tisked, sharing an amused look with Hippolyta. She loved to see her queen enforcing her rule, and it was sweet to see the attention she was showing towards her daughter. Diana was hugging her chest and belly as best she couuld, trying to ease her various aches and soreness. She didn’t think to protect her lower body, as Karen gave one more big stomp down onto Diana’s pussy. The tiny thong barely covered anything at all, so she felt the utmost pain invading her privates. Karen ground her heel against her crotch while Diana grabbed at the ground, trying to drag herself away pathetically.

“Let’s hope that you do better on your next trial,” Diana mused, smirking down at the still-wailing princess. “For your sake.” She finally lifted her foot, leaving Diana gasping and clutching her pussy to relieve the blinding pain. “Now leave my chambers. Your mother is expecting me.”

The Second Trial: The Cat’s Tail

As soon as Diana had rested and healed up, she went off in pursuit of her second test. The famous cat burglar of Gotham was more difficult to find than her last test; Giganta’s powers were never meant to be used for stealth, while that was Cat Woman’s specialty. Still, her super senses picked up on the jewel thief, and dangling behind her was the prize she neede to pass her test: the long and smooth tail of Cat Woman’s costume.

Diana had wrestled stags and wild cats before, so she didn’t imagine a woman in such a costume would be much of a threat, even at her newly lowered strength. She followed Cat Woman a few blocks from the air before she saw her duck into a dead-end alley. Confident in having cornered the foolish burglar, Wonder Woman floated down to cut off the only exit and stepped inside. The old street lights and her superior senses let her see rather clearly in the dark of night, but she couldn’t see Cat Woman anywhere.

Meanwhile above her, Cat Woman had easily spotted what looked like a flying stripper following her escape route from her last heist. She stashed the diamonds away in the fire escape and then kicked the metal ladder, making it shoot down and smash right into the back of Wonder Woman’s head. The busty amazon went down hard, clutching her aching head.

“This cat doesn’t like to be tailed,” Selina purred, dropping from overhead. Wonder Woman was still reeling when the villainess gracefully kicked her in the head with both of her black boots, sending Diana staggering. In a head on fight, even half of her strength was more than Cat Woman could muster. With the element of surprise and her dirty tricks, she already had Wonder Woman seeing stars and unsure on which direction to throw a punch.

Wonder Woman was just getting her feet steady when Cat Woman drew her long and infamous whip. With a noisy and disorienting crack, she lashed it around Woman Woman’s neck and pulled, instantly causing her to start choking as it clamped around her throat.

“Poor thing. Looks like a cat got your tongue,” Selina quipped playfully as Woman Woman grabbed at the whip, eyes bulging and gasping for air. Selina gave a twist of the whip that sent Diana twirling away like a drunken ballerina. Diana crashed into a dumpster, grabbing onto it for balance. Her attempt to recover was met by Cat Woman whipping her on the ass. The heroine shrieked and jumped as the chord left a bright red streak across her bottom, grabbing her wide hips and rubbing tenderly at her cheeks.

“Lucky me,” Selina laughed. “It must not be many who get to see a foreign princess whipped and crying in an alleyway!” Cat Woman whipped her weapon around Diana’s ankle, pulling and tripping the heroine so that her head banged against the dumpster, knocking her silly as she landed spread eagle on the dirty ground. The grit of Gotham City would have itched at her skin if she had been a bit more conscious. Instead, Cat Woman brought her back to attention by raising and cracking her whip repeatedly on Diana’s inner thighs.

Wonder Woman shrieked and tried to curl up, crossing her legs and covering her privates. Cat Woman just brought her attention higher and whipped her acros

s her jiggling breasts. Diana cried out again and fumbled as her hands tried to find a way to cover her entire vulnerable body.

Selina lashed her whip once more, wrapping it around Diana’s ankle. She yanked it to force her legs open, wider, keeping the whip taut and stepping closer until she pressed her foot firmly down on Diana’s crotch. Even her reduced super endurance did nothing to reduce this humiliating pain, crying out as she tried to cradle her pussy. Selina lashed her whip over her tits again, painting her with red streaks as she was so pleased with the results of the first hit.

“Jewels are always nice, but this is just priceless,” Cat Woman smirked as she reduced Wonder Woman to a crying mess with her whip and boots. The heroine was left with red streaks over most of her body, sore reminders of the bite of Cat Woman’s whip. The burglar let out a little laugh before she hopped onto Wonder Woman, digging her heels into her abs before springboarding off of her back up to the fire escape, reclaiming her gems and keeping her tail as she snuck off into the night.

“Another silly mistake,” Karen tisked, cupping her chin in her palm as she looked over her daughter. Wonder Woman had been relieved of her costume, and had it replaced with a cheerleader’s outfit. Diana found the iconic skimpy skirt and low top were somehow more humiliating in its own ways. A simple outline of a woman with a spear was on the breast of her new uniform as a logo for the sports teams that Power girl had been putting together. Diana blushed and tried to cover up what she could, standing in the middle of the stadium full of amazons where her first famous defeat to Karen had taken place.

Diana had to take her hands from her skirt and chest when Karen threw her a pair of pompoms, forced to catch them. “Come on now! Just like I taught you!” Karen urged, waving an expectant hand at her daughter. Karen floated back a few dozen yards, sitting on the edge of the stadium seats to watch even closer than the front rows.

Diana blushed heavily, but knew the wrath her step-mother could bring down on her if she disobeyed. She had honestly done worse to her by mistake before. Diana started to hop and rustle her pom poms, jiggle her tits and flip up her skirt to flash her panties for the crowd.
“A-M-A-Z-O-N-S! Amazons, we are just the best!” Diana cheered, the awkward strain clear in her voice as she went through the childish rhyming her step-mother had written. The crowd cheered and whistled at her slutty display, trying to focus on the chants instead of the dignity and honor she was losing by the moment.

“Amazons, yea, Amazons! We fight and pull ’til our tops are gone!” She went along with Karen’s cheesy choreography, covering her chest with the pompoms before opening them up again in a mockery of flashing the crowd. This seemed to get a particular bunch of hooting and cheers from the warriors around her.

“Show them all why we’re not sluts! Kick the other teams’ butts!” Diana turned and flipped up her skirt for a flash of her panties to finish up the verse. She blushed harder as she spotted some of the cameras set up around the stadium, a new addition from her last battle. They were filming her trashy prancing from every direction so she’d never forget it, especially from the worst angles.

“Very good!” Power Girl clapped, floating back down to Diana. “Now wasn’t that easy? Now one last thing: would you say ‘thank you, mommy’ for writing you those pretty little cheers and buying you all these nice clothes?” She took her by the chin and smiled sweetly at the brunette amazon.

Diana’s broken pride tried to put itself back together in front of her hated new queen. “Never,” she grumbled, not able to bring herself to say it higher than that. “I”ll never call you that word.”

Karen scowled at her refusal, shoving her head away lightly. “Be that way. A fiercer queen would punish you, even execute you for such rebellion. But I’m far kinder than that. In fact, I bring you company.”

Power Girl whistled sharply, and the crowd’s cheers picked up again. Diana didn’t understand why until she looked over her shoulder. Prancing into the arena and shuffling her pompoms merrily was Hippolyta, her mother dressed in the exact same skimpy cheerleader outfit.

“Oh, wasn’t that fun?” Hippolyta squealed excitedly. “I had my show right before yours. You did a lot better though, honest. I’m so proud!” She kissed Diana on the cheek, with the heroine lowering her head and muttering a brief “Mother…” in quiet protest.

“Well come on, girls! Time for some photo ops!” Power Girl called. She and Hippolyta set to posing Wonder Woman around in her peppy outfit with them, and the amazons snapping as many pictures as they could of the painfully long photo session. The session went on for over an hour of Diana’s forced smiles (and Hippolyta’s cheery ones) in various degrading poses. The best were uploaded to the island’s embassy website, and Karen saw that her closest friends got print copies as if they were early Christmas cards. Hawk Girl snickered as she received one of Power Girl leaning on her elbows and winking while she laid in the space between the standing princess and queen’s spread out legs. Plastic Man rifled through them until there was the ones of Hippolyta and Diana performing handstands, their skirts flipped up as they did perfect horizontal splits. Even her old rival Cheetah was sent the one of Power Girl hugging the two loves of her life tightly, their breasts mashed together until they threatened to balloon right out of their tops.

The Third Trial: The Wrestling Match

The princess and the queen were assembled in a traditional wrestling wring the amazons put up in the middle of their arena. Wide white mats, red and blue turnbuckles; something right out of American tv. Wonder Woman was given her same skimpy outfit as usual, and Power Girl wore an even more revealing version of her costume, perhaps as a small gesture (but more likely just showing off). The midriff was wide open, showing off her step-mother’s abs and a higher cut showing off even more thigh, and her usual “boob window” cut into the mini top.

The amazons were gathered and cheering on the wrestlers, and the cameras were streaming the footage of the ring up to the jumbotron screens, as well as countless tvs live around the world. Hippolyta was in between them, wearing black short shorts and a checkered top tied up in a knot beneath her breasts to act as the referee. It would be simple rules anyway: no flying, no weapons, no heat beams or other projectiles, and win by 3-count pin. Only wrestling tonight.

“And remember,” PG warned as she stretched and grinned across the ring at her step-daughter. “This will be your last trial. If you lose this one, then you’re my personal handmaiden for a month.

“I will not lose again,” Wonder Woman insisted firmly. “I may have less powers than you, but in a test of sheer wrestling, I will not fail. I was wrestling ever since I could walk.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Karen smiled wider, just as the bell rang. Diana charged at her, throwing a high kick at Karen’s head. She lazily leaned to one side, dodging around Diana’s high-heeled boot. The blonde heroine grabbed her by the ankle and twisted, making Wonder Woman twirl and land on her chest with a grunt. She tried to push herself up, but Karen fell onto her back with an elbow drop. The fans cheered the flashy move while Diana let out a howl of pain, her barely-covered breasts getting mashed into the mats.

Karen grabbed Diana by the arms and pulled back, pressing a knee into her spine. “Where’s all that talent now, Di?” PG chimed with a cruel smile on her face. Diana grunted, but manage to pull her lower body out from under Power Girl. She grabbed onto the blonde’s hair and flipped over backward, using the stronger kryptonian as leverage. She wrapped her legs around the standing Karen’s head, flexing and pulling to try to whip her to the ground.

But Karen remained unmoving, the crowd going wild at the show of sheer power. Diana found herself effectively sitting on Karen’s breasts, and when her head scissor didn’t budge her stepmother, she tried to throw punches into her head as quickly as she could. The fists all but bounced off of her, and was too little too late. Karen grabbed Wonder Woman by the ass and powerbombed her back into the mats, dropping her onto her back. Diana’s back arched as she screamed, her face showing the massive pain her landing had put her through.

Karen took her time flexing for the crowd as she followed Diana around. The amazonian heroine tried to drag herself back to her feet to put up some semblance of a fight, but Karen kneed her square in the belly and knocked the air right out of her lungs. A spray of spittle flew from Diana’s lovely lips, and Karen brought her knee up again, this time to spike into Diana’s tits. She let out a squeak that was meant to be a scream, still struggling to breathe when Karen delivered a third knee, this one to her forehead. Wonder Woman looked like a rag doll in her hands, and only about a minute into the fight. It didn’t get much better from there.

Karen dropped to one knee, throwing Wonder Woman over it and spanking her thonged bottom with loud, punishing cracks. Diana shrieked, her feet kicking childishly behind her as Power Girl quickly turned her ass a new shade of red. It reminded Diana far too much of the far too recent fight with Cat Woman and the punishment with her whip.

“Who’s a bad girl disobeying her mommy?” Karen laughed, getting some giggled from Hippolyta. The queen/ref knelt down by Wonder Woman.

“Does this mean you give up, sweetie?” she asked, but Diana shook her head despite the tears welling up in her eyes from pain and shame. Karen took this as sign enough to grab her by the hair and hoist her up by it. Diana winced and grabbed at Karen’s hands to ease the pressure, but the blonde flung her into the ropes and smashed a clothesline into her throat as she bounced back. Diana gagged and stumbled instantly, her neck instantly aching and reacting to the iron bicep of the kryptonian clothesline. She fell to her knees, clutching her neck and choking for air as Diana stepped in front of her, her chest out and legs spread wide and proud.

“Come on and count down with me!” Karen shouted to the crowd, raising an open hand as the amazons cheered. Diana didn’t even have time to stand up before Karen slapped her hard across the face. “One!” the fans cried happily, just before Karen turned it into a backhand that sent the wobbly Diana stumbling again. “Two!” They kept counting along with her, all the way to ten. Wonder Woman was seeing stars and stripes by this point, wobbling as if a light breeze could put her out.

Power Girl didn’t care, taking her by the neck and pushing her into the nearest ringpost. She draped Diana’s arms over the top ropes, letting her sag there like a punchdrunk boxer before Karen braced her boots on the bottom ropes and towered over her.

“I’ve seen how jealous you can get, you dirty little slut,” Karen grinned wickedly. “So how about I give you a nice close look?” With that she leaned into Wonder Woman, shoving her face in between her big perky tits and shook her shoulders. The result was a pummeling of Karen’s tits like a motorboat from hell, the heavy jugs smacking and punching Wonder Woman from either side of her vast cleavage. The crowd went bananas for this one as Karen made kissy faces for the crowd and Hippolyta just watched her wife’s booty wiggle appreciatively.

Karen finally backed off, turning to raise her fists triumphantly at the crowd. Diana did look beaten already, her loose grip on the ropes fading as she slid down and landed flat on her ass leaning into the corner. Embarrassing red marks were on her face and cheeks, showing how badly she’d been beaten by the breast and hand slaps. Karen seemed to be ignoring her for now, a small blessing as she let her brains start to get back into place and remember where she was and what she was doing. However, the fans started to cheer and whistle for something, and Diana saw her stepmother grab the bottom of her costume and pull up, wiggling her hips. She saw Power Girl’s big, soft bottom become all the more visible as she turned her booty shorts into a thong, her eyes going wide with fearful realization.

Wonder Woman tried to will herself to run, but Karen showily slapped her jiggling cheeks before she charged and rammed her ass into Diana’s face. The back of the brunette’s head bounced into the turnbuckle hard, but her face was stuffed deep into the crack of PG’s buns. Power Girl grinned proudly as she ground and twerked against her step-daughter’s face, smearing her sweaty booty all over her. Diana could only moan, her hands slapping helplessly against PG’s pale flesh of her thighs.
and ass.

Karen finally pulled away, leaving Diana dizzy and powerless in the corner. The most she could manage was to spit weakly, trying to get the taste of her
step-mother out of her mouth. Her legs and arms hung loosely from her body, barely squirming as she tried to pull herself up by the ropes. She was too caught up in her humiliation and pain when Power Girl came rushing back across the ring and kicked Diana square in the crotch, lifting her a solid few inches above the ground. Diana let out a shrill and pathetic wail, falling flat on her side cupping her pussy.

“That’s it! Cry for mommy, little princess!” Karen taunted, arms out and soaking up the cheers of the crowd. The amazons were generally all for fair play, but few rules and lots of violence was right up their alley. Diana was lifted by her hair again, Power Girl dragging her to the ropes and pressing her neck into the top rope. Diana gagged and pushed at it powerlessly, eyes wide with her tongue and drool hanging out of her mouth as she coughed for breath. She was left to face the cheering crowd, applauding their princess’ pained and shocked expression.

Karen finally relented on the choke, but kept Diana mounted against the ropes. With her super strength, she easily grabbed the ropes and bent them around so that the top stretched out below the second rope. Diana didn’t see the immediate threat before Karen let go, the ropes snapping around her tits like a vice. Diana screamed as the pressure made her breasts pop out of her skimpy golden eagle covers. She kicked and squirmed, but the tight elastic had her firmly trapped. Karen laughed at her expense as she stepped over the ropes, looking over her trapped and scantily-clad step-daughter. With Diana powerless to escape let alone stop her, Karen proceeded to spank her again, this time punishing her tits in front of the crowd. Diana could only wail and cry as her big proud boobs were jiggled and smacked around by the bustier heroine.

When she finally seemed to tire of beating on Diana’s swollen, aching breasts, Karen held onto the ropes with both hands and delivered a swinging double kick to the amazon princess’ chest. Diana flew back into the ring, landing hard on the mats. She could barely even roll as she held onto her sore chest, letting Karen reenter the ring at her own pace. In fact, she took her time climbing up to the top ropes, the crowd going wild as Diana couldn’t even see it coming as she stared up at the spotlights, drowning in her own pain and misery. Karen gave another pose with her raised fists before she jumped off. Any rules against flying were clearly obeyed as she fell like a ton of kryptonite on top of Diana.

The footage would be replayed in slow motion over and over online. The jiggle of Karen’s breasts in mid air, right before they came crashing down on Diana’s face. Diana’s flashing expressions of horror, disgust, and then pain as PG’s breasts smashed into her, softening and spreading out over her features. They bounced back into her as they jiggled, slapping lightly against her face as they rippled from the impact. Finally, their firm heft slapped back down onto Wonder Woman’s face like a bit of fleshy finality. Power Girl hooked Diana’s leg, leaning her breast harder into the limp heroine’s face. Hippolyta swept in and slapped out a “1! 2! 3!” and the bell rang out to celebrate Diana’s third failure.

Diana woke up a few minutes later, well after Power Girl had celebrated with flying hi fives and lots of posing in her sexy new attire. Wonder Woman could see that she had kicked off her boots, baring about as much skin as she could without stripping down to her underwear in front of the kingdom. “Morning, princess!” Karen laughed, fists on her hips. “Time for your punishment… unless you’re reconsidering the ‘M word.”

Diana’s face soured, but she hung her head, weak and defeated. “I resign to my face, my queen,” she conceded miserably. Power Girl scowled at the broken princess, grabbing her by the chin and squeezing her cheeks.

“Then you’ll acknowledge my power, as a queen and as a warrior,” PG hissed. “Worship my body with your mouth, you insolent little child.”

Wonder Woman flinched from the menace in her voice, and hurried to begin kissing over her step-mother’s hand. Karen flexed and let her lick and suckle her way up her bicep and along her neck, sure to tense her muscles under wherever Diana went to establish her dominance. The crowd whistled and cheered for the show of their powerful queen, displaying her might of body and will to her people. Diana kissed her way between Karen’s breasts, but the blonde was sure to hold onto her hair to force her to stay there and tend to her bigger tits. Diana carefully licked over every bit of exposed flesh, practically polishing them until they shone like radiant orbs in the spotlights. Karen still spit into the cringing heroine’s face. “Pathetic. Now get behind.”

Karen finally turned and let Diana tend to her back and shoulders, licking over the exposed flesh before Wonder Woman shuddered as she reached her step-mother’s rear. Karen sensed her hesitation and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her face into her ass cheeks. Diana whimpered, but rolled out her tongue and lovingly licked over and between her cheeks. “There’s a good girl. Lick that ass like a pathetic little dog.” Diana shed a few more tears as she licked over the sweaty flesh, but nodded, an act that made Power Girl’s booty jiggle against her face. Hippolyta might have felt that PG was being a little hard on her, but it was part of the bet, and frankly she was too turned on by her powerful wife to consider arguing.

“Last stop, my puppy princess,” Karen insisted, raising her foot to Diana’s face. She levitated up to bring both bare feet to her, Wonder Woman hanging her head a moment before she took them in her hands. She kissed over the bridge of her toes and licked between the digits, getting a pleased moan from Power Girl as she seemed to find her rhythm as a body-licking slave. The broken princess at least seemed to be committed to taking her punishment properly, her licking and sucking growing more intense. She opened her mouth wide to take all of Power Girl’s big toe into her mouth, sucking it as she closed her eyes as the crowd’s lewd jeers and laughter grew louder. She did the same, rubbing her lips and tongue over Karen’s other toes on the foot until Wonder Woman suddenly gagged. She fell back on her ass, clutching her throat and turning colors for a moment. People wondered if the revulsion had gotten to her enough to make her vomit, but Diana spit out a bright red toe ring made of kryptonite into her hand.

Power Girl blinked quietly at the crowd for a moment before looking down at her step-daughter, a choking, bruised and crying mess. “Oh my Aphrodite, sweety!” Karen gasped, floating back down to her and hugging her tightly. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t think it would go this far! The ring just got a hold of me! All I wanted to do was make you love me!”

The crowd gave a sympathetic “aww” for the sweet gesture, even if Diana was still too stunned and humiliated to properly react. Hippolyta looked tearfully at the apology, kneeling down beside them both. “Oh, you girls. I’m so happy to see you making up again.”

Wonder Woman was going to start to object that she hadn’t really accepted anything yet, but she was caught between her mothers in a family hug. The loving gesture caught the slumped over Diana at the wrong angle, once again smothering her in between the pairs of maternal breasts until her eyes rolled back, passing out in the middle of this family moment.

A week later, the family of three was lounging in the royal bath. The huge stone tub was a prized perk of being queen, as far as PG was concerned, able to lounge with her lover and play footsie with her under the water.

“Ooh!” Hippolyta squeaked as Karen’s toes brushed over her privates. “Love, in front of the princess?” she blushed.

“She doesn’t mind,” Power Girl insisted with a playful grin. “More soap, handmaiden.” A bet was a bet, after all, even if made under the influence of an evil-inducing ring. So Diana was nude behind her mother, using her own big breasts covered in soap to scrub her back. Finally, Hippolyta stood up from the bath, smiling cutely as Karen eyed up her mature figure.

“Well, I’m going to dry off. Meet you in the bedroom?” she intoned with a bat of her eyelashed to her blonde lover.

“As soon as the handmaiden’s done with me here. I won’t keep you waiting too long.”

Wonder Woman started to rise to address her mother, not seeing Power Girl’s firm hand come in for a derisive smack on Hippolyta’s ass. Diana’s unwitting booty intercepted the slap, getting a startled gasp out of the princess as she lost her balance and flew forward. Diana’s face smacked into her mother’s wet ass, getting a surprised little coo out of Hippolyta while Diana fell dizzily into the tub. “Whoa! Easy there!” Karen called to the dazed Wonder Woman. She floated on her back in the tub as Karen leaned in over her, and the last thing Diana remembered seeing was the big heavy tits pushing into her face, making the nipple pop right into her open lips.

The End

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