Profiles and the Social Ecosystem of Fights.Sexy


I wanted to address something with the site and your accounts on it.

We once had a fairly robust member profile and social feature set. But the plugins that made up that system have slowly deteriorated in their functionality, as the designers of those plugins, move on to other projects.

To combat that, I worked with a coder to help merge two different profile member plugins together, so that combined, they would work a little more reliably.

Successful though they were, shortly after, they left completely. And in so doing, left me with a profile membership system that I do not understand, and cannot really alter through the add a plug in and see what it does method of improvement, which is really the extent of my technical ability.

Consequently, the profile and social system of the site is very bare bones, and in some ways borked.

I plan on taking a look at seeing if there are any new systems that allow me to rip out the old ones, that I can add to the site, and that might be more functional and less feature-poor that our current system.

For now, I apologize for how basic the system is. I know it isn’t currently fun to play with.

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