Sex Wars of the Former Prom Queens

The bell rings loudly throughout the class room beginning the scuttle and shuffle of freshman gathering their books. The first day of college can cause a lot of anxiety and confusion. Carmen was one of many feeling the pressure of all the hard work ahead of her. The one thing she has going for herself was her looks and she knows how to use them. She knows her beauty alone is going to take her far in life and while throwing a little college education on top, she is sure to obtain any goal.

Graduating last year from high school, the former Prom Queen gathers her books and heads off to English 101. Right now she is currently making her way to her next class, completely ignoring the long desirable looks she’s receiving from all the boys. She has definitely become accustomed to the heads turning in her direction. Her long dark hair cut perfectly to outline her small rounded face and its bouncing up and down to match the swirling motion of her short pleated skirt. An item she’s had a fetish for ever since her first cheerleading uniform. The click click click of her black leather pumps announce the passing of a beautiful pair of long legs encased in black nylon tights. Firm hard breasts that show very little jiggle through a tight black short sleeve top. Her black and red plaid skirt giving her the perfect college girl look.

Her deep blue eyes, although accented slightly with contact lens, peer back and forth at each door as she travels the long hallway in search of her class room. Room 126. Carmen enters and notices that the room is a lot smaller then her first class room. Four row of desks arranged in vertically fashion to the front of the class room. She chooses an isle and makes her way down to the front of the class room and seats herself as comfortably as possible at a small desk. The shuffling continues around her for several minutes as she prepares herself for class. As she examines the course agenda she notices out of the corner of her eye a pair of long legs encased in black nylon tights slipping into the seat next to her. She looks up and sees a beautiful brunette staring back at her with the deepest green eyes she has ever seen. The competitive juices immediately start to flow through Carmen as the two girls hold the look. Fear mixed with anger starts to build inside her as she feels her beauty being challenged by this gorgeous woman.

The loud voice of the teacher silences the room while introducing himself and this distracts the two girls. Each student in the class is then asked to stand up and tell a little bit about themselves. While this is going on Carmen and her new found rival are exchanging bitchy little looks. Each one looking up and down the others body while making an effort to insure their ample breasts and smooth legs don’t go unnoticed. Thrusting out their chests and slipping their legs in and out of the isle between them. Carmen’s anger jealously increases as she notices that this brunette is dressed similar to her own attire. Gray and Brown pleated skirt, gray short sleeve top with black nylon tights and heels.

It now becomes Carmen’s turn to stand and introduce herself. As she speaks her 5′ 7″ frame stands in front of the class room advertising a 36D-24-35 hard beautiful body. Thrusting out her large chest while swiveling her body back and forth she locks eyes with the girl sitting beside her several times as she goes on to tell the class about herself. Prom Queen, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, etc. Upon finishing she gives the girl her best eat shit look.

This girl now pushes herself out of her seat and stands up to take her turn in front of the class. She introduces herself as Alexis and then goes on to talk about herself. Carmen would be even more overwhelmed with hate and jealousy if she knew Alexis stood 5′ 7″ and carried a 36D-24-35 body that was identical to her own. Alexis rambles on about herself giving Carmen a real ear full. She makes sure that Carmen hears all about her being the Prom Queen her senior year in high school. The two lock eyes in a hateful glare as Alexis takes her seat.

Throughout the next hour Carmen and Alexis exchanged prissy little attempts to antagonize one another. Towards the end of the class Alexis passes Carmen a note which reads “You think your some hot babe don’t you? Your looks can even compete with mine bitch?”

This note really fires Carmen up. She quickly writes on the note. “I’d put my looks up against your looks anytime, and anything else of mine you think you can compete with. You slut!!” She tosses it onto Alexis’s desk and receives a bitchy look after its read.

Before the end of the class the teacher gives the students an assignment to write a short story about a personal experience that they have had in life. The students are paired up by the teacher and instructed to review and grade each others papers the next day. It just so happens that Carmen, sitting right next to Alexis, gets paired up with the girl she so quickly takes a disliking for. Again the two give each other a wicked glare knowing tomorrow they will have to pair up with one another.

Carmen’s next class is an hour of study hall which allows her to stay caught up on her homework. For her last class of the day she decided to take physical education. Tennis lessons were her choice. It really blew her mind when she entered the women’s locker room to see Alexis standing there in front of an open locker stripping out of her clothes. She casually made her way up next to her and opened an available locker. When Alexis took notice of her presence the two eyed each other wickedly. They continued to undress in silence. Each one making an attempt to catch a long lingering look of jealousy from the other. Both of them thoroughly advertising their assets while inconspicuously making comparisons that brought them nearly ass-to-ass and tit-to-tit.

Slipping into their short white tennis skirts and sweaters they put on matching white cotton crew socks. Carmen puts on a pair of Nike court tennis shoes while Alexis slips on a pair of Reeboxs. Alexis stands and closes her locker door. Right behind her Carmen does the same. They turn to face each other. Alexis steps forward right into Carmen bring them toe-to-toe and tit-to-tit. A short period of silence passes as they glare at one another. Both feel the hot sweet breath of the other across their faces.

“Just stay out of my way.” Commands Alexis and she steps to the side, making her way out onto the tennis courts. Carmen pauses with the urge to jump the bitch from behind and pull out her hair. Instead she calms herself down and heads for the court.

With no explanation on how Carmen keeps colliding into situations with this newly found rival, she again gets paired up with the brunette out on the tennis court. The two play a tough long match with both of them putting everything they had into it. They run out of time with both winning only one game a piece. The two approach each other over the net and instead of the traditional handshake they step together tit-to-tit and just glare into each others faces. “I guess this game hasn’t determined who’s best.” Alexis growls out and then steps away.

Back in the locker room the two secretly compete once again. Stripping down to shower their clothes get scattered together on the floor and on the bench in front of the lockers. Carmen peels off her panties and drops them directly on top of Alexis’s panties as if to make the statement that she is top cunt. In the shower they make every attempt to attract the others attention. They soap up and rinse off their smooth satin bodies while firm breasts and asses thrust out to challenge each other from across the room.
Back in front of the lockers they dress in silence. Carmen finishes up first and gathers her things.

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you, so if you keep playing yourself off thinking your better than me you better be prepared.” Shouts out Carmen and then storms out of the locker room.

The rest of the day Carmen couldn’t get Alexis out of her mind. Questions keep running through her mind. Which one of them is better looking? Which one has the best body? Who’s the best woman? An urge to challenge this girl in every way possible kept building within her. The end of the day and Carmen is now at home doing her homework. With Alexis not far from her mind she thinks back to a time when a similar situation occurred. It was a new girl that transferred to Carmen’s school during her senior year.

To this day Carmen still feels the hateful rivalry between her and the girl named Melissa. She just couldn’t stand the thought of this girl becoming so popular so quickly. As Carmen sits at the table she suddenly comes up with the idea that she could write about the rivalry between the two of them for her English assignment. She figures after Alexis reads her story about the fight that took place between her and Melissa, she would easily back down to any kind of threat.

She showed up early to her tennis class and was a little surprise to see Alexis showing up at the same time. Once in front of their lockers the two came directly up to each other and without saying a word pressed the front of their bodies together. They adjusted themselves and lined up nipple-to-nipple. Locking hateful eyes they focus on the feel of their tits pressing together. Both checking each other out for firmness and size. Carmen lashes out with her right hand, claws extended. Alexis see it coming and grabs a hold of her wrist with her left hand, keeping Carmen from raking her hand through Alexis’s thick hair. “You think those weak nails of yours could possible do any damage bitch!” she yells out.

“A lot more damage then your brittle nails!” Shot back Carmen.

“Well then lets just see who’s nails are stronger.” Alexis suggests with a challenging sneer. She releases Carmen’s wrist and holds her hand up with her index finger pointed out. “Lets see if you can break my finger nail using your finger nail.” She challenges.

Carmen brings her hand up and extends her index finger out bringing the very tip of her bright red painted nail up against the very tip of Alexis matching red nail. With bodies still pressing together they both look on as each starts to flick her finger nail against the other. Click, Click, Click, the sound each time their nails snap against one another, doing nothing more than scarring each others freshly painted nails. Noises were heard from arriving students causing them to quickly separate. While stripping out of their clothes their eyes roam across each other bodies once again. A light sheen of perspiration coats their bodies while hard nipples swell with anger. Once dressed in their tennis outfits they waited until most of the other girls left the locker room. Once again they step together, pressing body against body. Their wet panties arousing them with anger as they glare into each others eyes.

“This time I won’t be so easy on you.” states Alexis as she pulls away and heads out to the courts. Paired up again the two play another tough game of tennis, putting out every bit of effort they have. This time not even able to get past the first game without finding a clear winner. In front of the net they meet again, body-to-body. After a long bitchy glare they make their way into the locker room. Taking their time the two slowly undress and this time its Alexis who drops her wet panties atop of Carmen’s. In the showers they play a little game of show and challenge as they soap up their smooth bodies while eyeing each other hatefully.

The two finally make their way back in front of the lockers where this little game of comparison continues. By now most of the girls have already left the locker room as Carmen and Alexis continue their contest. Alexis pulls on her black nylon tights choosing not to put back on her wet panties. Her skirt, dark green lace bra, and green shirt comes on next. She steps into her black high heels and proceeds to brush out her long dark hair. Right behind her Carmen pulls on her black nylon tights and also decides to let their blue and green lace panties lay wetly together. She puts on her pleated skirt, blue lace bra, deep blue shirt, and steps into her black high heel shoes. By this time Alexis is applying a deep red coat of lipstick when she looks over and catches Carmen’s eye.

“I been thinking.” She says, placing the lipstick tube back into her purse.

“I think we need to settle this by fighting each other. The same way you and Melissa fought each other to settle your differences.”

Alexis moves over to the long bench in front of the lockers and straddles it. She sits down and looks up at Carmen who was still brushing out her long dark hair. Carmen studies Alexis’s suggestion and reaches for her lip stick. She applies a thick coat of deep red to her pouty lips.

“You mean the same way you and Jennifer fought each other to settle your differences.” She replies as she replaces the lipstick.

“That is if your not afraid of losing.” Alexis states while leaning back, still straddling the bench.

Carmen takes a look around and notices all the other girls have left the room. She moves over straddling the bench and takes a seat facing Alexis. She reaches behind herself and leans back to copy her position.

“You’re the one that should be afraid of losing you bitch.” She shouts out loudly. The two lock eyes and give each other a threatening look. Alexis reaches into her school bag and pulls out a small pair of scissors. Lifting the front of her skirt she pulls at the crotch of her nylons with one hand and digs the scissors in with the other. She cuts open the crotch of her nylons exposing her pink semi-swollen pussy and a neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. Carmen looks on as Alexis’s wet lips glisten with the sexual hate she has for her. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a finger nail file. Doing just as Alexis, she tears into the crotch of her nylon tights, exposing a trimmed patch of dark hairs and a pussy every bit as sexually charged with hate as its rival. They lean back and spread their legs locking hateful eyes with each other. With the front of their skirts up and exposing their pussies, they move forward until their nylon knees are touching.

They start swinging their legs opened and close as they had done before. “I bet Melissa really won that fight, and not you.” Alexis states.

“You mean just like Jennifer won your fight.” Replies Carmen.

They start pushing themselves closer, continuing to swing their legs. The closer they get, the less travel in their swing. A few more pushes and the swinging stops. With their legs spread wide open they begin to test the strength in each others thighs. Pushing and squeezing as two angry pussies aim directly at one another and nipples swell and poke through their tight shirts. Leaning back they push and push, forcing the muscles in their legs to tighten. The ultimate thigh master test. Closer and closer, wider and wider they spread.

The tension of their open thighs pushing against each other threatens to spread their opponents legs wider yet they continue to expand equally. Their soft inner thighs press together nylon to nylon and each can feel the sexfight heat radiating from each others pussies as two small patches of dark pubic hair starts to mingle. With their eyes locked the concentrating look of hate diminishes momentarily as their wet pussy lips touch and part creating a soft smacking noise. They push on and readjust the look of hate they have for each other. The smacking noises increase as more of their heated cunts make contact. They both sit up and remove their shirts and start rubbing their lacy bra’s together. Hooking their arms under each others shoulder they latch on to the hair at the sides of each others faces. Bullet like nipples stab directly into each other through their tight colorful bras.

Nose-to-nose they glare deep into each others eyes.

“I hate you!” The words escape Carmen’s heavy breathing.

“I hate you more bitch!” Replies Alexis as their lipstick coated lips brush lightly together.

With their thighs spread wide open they start rocking back and forth. Their inner thighs rub together creating the soft swish of nylon rubbing against nylon combining with the smacking noises of wet pussy lips clinging together. They reach down and rip the back of their bras open yet they remain held in place as their breasts continue to press together. Slowly they pull apart and toss their bras to the side. With their upper bodies pulled apart, stiff angry nipples stand out to challenge each other.

“My nipples are going to bend your nipples right back into your tits.” States Alexis angrily.

“Then prove it. Put your nipples up against mine and lets make them fight each other.” Carmen raises her hands up and challenges her.

Alexis takes her fingers and interlocks them with Carmen’s. Holding their hands up they ease forward and start brushing back and forth, flicking their hard nips together. Each set bending equally to its counterpart. They line them up and press together tight, forcing their rock hard nipples to stab head on between their perfectly matching 36D’s. They mushroom together and their tits start fighting each other right along with their battling cunts. It doesn’t take long before their pussies are nice and juiced up and start sucking on one another.

With their hands clasped tightly together they push forward with everything they’ve got. Each one tries to topple the other back onto the bench and mount their sexfight opponent. They teeter totter back and forth causing their sweaty bodies to slip and slide against each other. Carmen quickly decides to trap Alexis in a tight bearhug. Unable to topple Carmen, Alexis reciprocates and applies her best bearhug. They start squeezing the shit out of each other while pressing forehead to forehead, eyes locked, glaring evilly into each other souls. Their wet cunts now fully sucked together.

“Where’s that weak little clit of yours.” Growled Alexis.

“Bring it next to mine so we can fight woman-to-woman.” She challenged.

Carmen, gazing deeply into Alexis eyes, concentrates on emerging her lengthy clit.

“All right bitch we’re as close as two women can get so now lets see you work it.” The challenge comes as she lays her clit length-to-length with Alexis’s. She quickly slides it up and produces a gasping moan from her. Alexis gains control of herself and slides her clit back against Carmen’s producing the same gasping moan. Back and forth they tangle their wet clits together in combat.

“I’m going to pump your cunt full of my hot cum bitch.” Groans Alexis through her heavy breathing.

“You better pump hard because I’ll be injecting my own hot liquid into that weak little cunt of yours anytime now.” Replies Carmen in a husky voice.

“You think your cunt can out pump mine bitch!” Yells out Alexis.

“I know it can!” shouts Carmen and she surprises her by snaking out her wet tongue and wiping it across Alexis’s lips leaving a trail of spit. This pisses Alexis off and she replies with her own trail of spit across Carmens’s lips. Their tongues come out and start twirling wetly together. The dueling bearhug tightens as their wide open mouths come together, sealing their lipstick coated lips. Tongues are jammed into each others mouths fighting for dominance. Down below two wet cunts start exchanging hot girl cum as each one starts to orgasm. Blast after blast rocks both girls while an exploding wave ripples through their bodies. With their cunts so tightly connected to each other, they can feel their pulsating orgasms competing against one another.

Juices squirting back and forth, douching deep inside of their tightly sealed cunts while mixing and blending together. Their saliva is also mixing and dripping from their chins while tongues fight each other in a bath of their combined girl-girl spit. On and On their sexwar continues until the two girls can barely hold each other up. Finally they release their kiss and stare deep into each others eyes.

“It looks like I might have met my match.” Whispers Carmen.

“Mine too!” Replies Alexis. “I still think you’re a fucking Bitch!” yells out Carmen.

“And still think you’re a fucking Slut!” shouts Alexis.

“Lets call this one a draw. We can always fuckfight again tomorrow.” Suggests Carmen.

“Lets just say we fuckfight each other every chance we get and the first one who refuses the challenge has to become the other ones slave and do everything she’s told.”

“Explains Alexis “Kind of like my sex drive against your sex drive.” She ends.

“Sounds fine with me!” replies Carmen.

“We’ll see how much sex you have in you bitch!” She shouts.

The two pull their sticky crotches apart and completely separate, then proceed to dress. Alexis reaches down and takes Carmen’s blue panties in her hand. Carmen see this and take Alexis’s panties. Then as if some silent agreement the two girls put on each others panties to signify their sexwar. They gather their things and leave the locker room.

The End

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