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Roman Slave Fight by Luffy316

“This is preposterous!” Aurelia was so outraged she stood up from her luxurious recliner. Her long blonde hair hung over her shoulders and toga, the spoiled woman’s body one of soft and olive-colored skin. “You him against the lions. None could beat Bruticus!”

Balbina rose from her own plush and expansive seat, a visiting guest in Aurelia’s house when their argument had started. She was soft and full like her Aurelia, though in a shorter package that made the preened brunette look more plump. “Nonsense. There’s none better with a trident in the whole coliseum than Darani! Bruticus would be nothing but a big target for him!”

“You’re mad!” Aurelia huffed, stepping up to get in her bickering friend’s face. The petty subject of their favorite gladiator had escalated rather quickly between the pampered women. “Bruticus would tear him apart as easily as he would you!”

“Is that a threat, you inbred lapdog?” Balbina growled back at her.

“And if it were?” Aurelia snapped back curtly.

“Then there would be only one way to settle this.” Balbina clapped her hands and then folded them beneath her breasts. “Veron! Come to me!”

There was a hurried shuffling sound as her servant entered the room. She was a plain sort of pretty, her hair brown and naturally curled. “Yes, Lady Balbina,” Veron replied, the girl in her simple servant toga giving a curt bow.

“You’ll be fighting in my place,” Balbina said plainly. The servant stared back at her in confusion, but dared not speak back to the wife of a councilman.

“Er… yes, my lady,” Veron said warily and gave Aurelia an expecting look.

“Very well. Delia, my dear!” Aurelia called. In matching attire, another girl came from the servant’s quarters. She had blonde hair and features that were simply pretty rather than lovely, lacking the same care and cleanliness of her masters. “Fight this servant for me. Balbina has offended my sensibilities and I shall not stand for it.”

Delia looked over to Veron. The two servants shared a wide-eyed stare, but it didn’t last for long. “Yes, my lady,” Delia replied demurely. The girls didn’t have to say anything but they understood that they simply wouldn’t go far by defying their superiors. The eccentric women had far more power than they did, and it was their duty to serve and satisfy them. On the other

hand, they had barely even seen the other servant from the other’s house. If it came to their master or the hapless and powerless stranger, the choice was clear.

“Excellent. Then let’s settle this little dispute of ours, shall we, Balbina?” Aurelia smirked confidently as if she were about to enter the battle herself rather than her hired and inexperienced second.

“Absolutely,” Balbina agreed, formality in her voice as much as her cross tone. “Now kick her ass, Veron!”

The girls were quick to obey as Veron lunged at Delia. The lack of any technique to her approach made little difference with Delia’s own inexperience, so she tackled her to the floor. The wealthy women stepped aside as they landed with a meaty thud, maintaining some instinctive distance that left them close enough to watch without risking getting caught with a fist or claw from the rolling bundle of servant. Delia ended up on top of Veron, clutching and ripping at her dark brown curls. Veron winced but flailed her arms at her attacker, punching blindly about her ribs and chest. Delia did her best to ignore the blows and bounced Veron’s head against the expensive stone floors of Lady Aurelia’s manor. The brunette’s expression flashed a look of pain and surprise at the sensation of bone on stone, but she swiftly pulled at Delia’s robe. The fine but flimsy fabric was torn away, exposing her olive-skinned breasts with one hard tug.

Delia didn’t bother trying to cover up her naked breast, but the pull had left her off balance. She fell off of Veron who reached out and grabbed one of the smaller vases in the room, which had been off of a low table. She palmed and swung it to shatter to pieces against Delia’s head, getting her to yelp and drop to the floor in a mess of clay shards. She curled up clutching her head while Veron grabbed her damaged toga and used it to force her up to her knees.

“That’s it! Get her Veron!” Balbina ordered/cheered as the brunette servant started punching the other in the face. Veron knew that for all her support, the woman wouldn’t raise a finger to fight for her if things got truly grim. The ladies certainly had enough money to replace a couple of missing servants if things got that bad. Veron was truly on her own in this struggle, and she refused to let herself die in such a petty and meaningless way.

Her clumsy punches were still leaving ugly bruises on Delia’s face. She felt like she had the upper hand when the blonde servant’s hand blindly snatched up a shard of the broken pottery. She swiped it towards Veron’s stomach, the glazed and hardened piece of clay sharper than some were aware. While she didn’t gut the other girl, he swing left a long and crooked slice up

Veron’s upper thigh. She shrieked and pulled away as Delia took another slash at her, thankfully falling short.

“That’s the way, Delia! Just like Bruticus!” Aurelia still seemed more concerned with her argument than her servant as Delia dragged herself to her feet by leaning on one of the luxurious couches. She was sweating as well as bruised, and Veron left a few droplets of blood along her path of retreat. They both breathed heavily as they reassessed their situation. Neither was willing to turn back on their shallow duel, but they had sized up the room for anything that could prove to their advantage.

Veron finally darted to one side, heading for the small table where the ladies took their drinks and brunch. Delia took chase, still brandishing her makeshift shank.

“Quit running you coward! You know you’re about to lose!” Aurelia shouted after the rival slave as she hurried to follow the action.

“She’s just using strategy,” Balbina insisted as she too chased after the fighting servants. “Something your Bruticus wouldn’t understand.”

“Oh you shut up!”

Despite Aurelia’s objections, Veron did grab the lightweight table and shove it sharply into Delia. It connected right below her knees (much the way that some of the more clumsy servants had discovered it), sending her tripping over and dropping the piece of the pot. Veron didn’t bother fetching it as she just threw a hard kick into the downed Delia’s stomach. The blonde wheezed and bent over, clutching her stomach while Veron went on delivering quick and furious kicks to her midsection. Delia could barely muster the strength to shove her assailant, but the ferocity behind her kicks left Veron with little focus on her sense of balance. The brunette went crashing to the floor, her feet still kicking at her opponent rather than trying to stand herself back up.

Delia managed to raise her arms to deflect some of the attacks, buying her the time to climb on top of Veron. She grabbed her by the hair and punched her dead in the face, making the cursing and flailing Veron suddenly tense and grab her nose. Veron went on swinging wildly, the inexperienced fighter beating on Veron’s hand with a much lesser effect. It still felt good to release that much of her frustrations on another slave. She had otherwise been fairly lucky with Balbina, but it seemed no wonder that so many masters beat their servants…

“What are you doing?!” Lady Aurelia barked. “Delia! I order you to get up and beat the life out of that tramp this instant!” Her orders reached Delia’s ears, not that she could do much about them. She managed to grab and pull down on Veron’s toga, spilling her breasts out as the loose garment tore along the seam. Veron gasped and tried to pull out of her grip, but that just made her outfit tear faster. The toga peeled away in shreds like skin off of an apple until she ended up collapsing nude to the cool stone of the floor.

“You little witch!” Delia cursed, trying to pull herself back up. Before she count mount a proper defense, Delia grabbed a lightweight wooden table from nearby.

“Do be careful!” Aurelia yelped. “That was a gift from a conquered tribe of barbarians whoooOOOH! Nevermind…”

Veron had barely heard her protests in her wide-eyed frenzy. She swung the clumsy piece of furniture which cracked as it connected with Delia’s back. She screamed and went crashing back to the floor, bits of wood that had splintered from the damaged weapon sticking to her bare and sweaty skin. She started to crawl away, but Veron raised it with a savage look in her eye. She brought it crashing down again, making Delia curl up into a fetal position as a corner of the table cracked down on her ribs. The table crumbled to pieces at that point, splitting in half while most of the legs fell off.

Veron was about to catch her breath when Delia grabbed her by the ankle and bit into her calf. She screeched as much in berserk outrage as it was in pain. Veron grabbed one of the loose chair legs, ripping it loose and ramming the dense end of the makeshift club into her face. Blood sprayed from Delia’s nose and lips as she slumped against the floor, but Veron raised it again with a wordless scream of frustration and rage.

“Wait! Wait wait wait! That’s enough! She’s going to stain the tile!” Aurelia cut in. “You’ve made your point, Balbina.”

Veron didn’t look about to sto until Balbina nodded and clapped her hands with a casual grace. “That will do, Veron. Thank you for your service.”

Her owner’s voice interrupted her fury, making her hesitate enough to drop the table leg. Her muscles ached as soon as she started to slow down and she leaned on the nearest chair to stay standing. “Thank… you, Lady Balbina,” Veron mumbled, her lips swollen and every muscle aching. She was starting to feel nauseous from the beating and the surge of adrenaline. “I’m not feeling very well. May I be excused to wash up?” She snorted and it was all she could do not to spit out the clump of blood she felt gather in her mouth.

“Yes, go right ahead. Have the day off,” Balbina said dismissively. The servant nodded and hurried off as quickly as her weak and weary legs could go. “I suppose that solves that matter,” Balbina boasted to Aurelia as if it had been her own job well done.

“Well…” Aurelia sighed. “I suppose I’ll need to fetch a servant to help take care of this servant.”

“Oh don’t change the subject, you sore loser,” Balbina huffed haughtily. “Although… that Veron certainly could take a punch. I wonder if she’d be at all interested in the coliseum…”

The End

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