Ros – Part 4 by REDACTED

A Comment on Age

All characters in this story are 18 years or older, despite their ages in the original fiction.

            Ros opened her eyes weakly and gazed at herself in the reflection of the bath. It was the most lavish bath she had ever seen; deep enough to fully submerge herself and wide enough for six people to sit in. That meant there was no way to avoid looking at her bruised and swollen body.

            Her neck was covered in love bruises ranging from colors of light brown to dark purple. The array of colors covered her entire body; from her large, aching breasts down to her tender, swollen slit.  Her nipples were so swollen and painful that she was sure they might fall off at the touch.

            She tasted blood on her lips and licked them.

            That Highgarden girl really got into it…split my lip as I made her cum.

            Ros stepped gently into the warm water and halfway through she slid in as her legs gave way beneath her. She was exhausted. She was weak. And there was still another round to go.

For her, that was always the case. You never really stopped moving. You simply got a little further.

            Once again, she closed her eyes and tried to let her body and mind heal before the next great test of her life.

            Only six years ago, she had seen her fight for the patronage of Theon Greyjoy as the most important trial of her life. How short sighted. How nieve. To think that she had been happy to live in Morse’s brothel in the bitter cold of the North when she could have been making a killing down here in King’s Landing.

            That wasn’t to say that the time with Theon hadn’t been somewhat fun. As a patron, he was willing to spend Stark coin to buy her for the whole day just so he didn’t have to share her with any of the other men in Winterfell. In a way, Ros had seen that as a very nice ‘fuck you’ to the Starks and the pain they had put her through all those years ago.

            And, if she was being honest, Theon did have a very impressive cock–perhaps he was a little inexperienced in how to use it…but that’s what she was for.

            “Am I really the best you’ve ever had?” He asked this one morning as a flurry blew through her open window. The held each other beneath a pile of furs and she could feel him begin to get hard again.

            “M’lord,” she said. “Would I lie to you?”

            “I don’t know.” He said, the melancholy in his voice so childlike that it almost broke her heart. “I’ve heard stories…”

            “About?” She asked, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it gently.

            “Some of the guards…they say you want to run off with them…maybe get married.”

            She giggled as she pressed her breasts against him and began to kiss his neck. He pushed her face away and looked into her eyes.

            There was a danger there…not for her of course–she knew how to handle a man as insecure as Theon Greyjoy. As long as he had a cock, she would have something to lead him around by.

            “It’s not funny. I love you.”

            “No, you don’t.” Ros said. “You love my body…you love what it does for you. But you don’t love me.”

            “What would you know about it?” Theon spat. “You’re just  whore.”

            Ros squeezed his cock and pulled him in closer to her. He was so quick to fly into a rage, and there were times where he could be downright mean. That was when she would have to be meaner.

            “More than the son of a conquered king.”

            He stared at her, his mouth agape. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and very soon, his temper was channeled into his better parts and he took her as the cold air blew under their furs.

When Theon left, Ros slipped on her thin gown and went out to the outhouse to clean herself out and take care of business. She had to chip away at the ice in the jug in order to get some fresh water—Winter was coming, and day by day, she was beginning to dread it more.

When she opened the door, something cold and wet hit her in the face. The snow ball shattered into hundreds of tiny shards and began to soak into her gown. Her nipples hardened and she began to shiver.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ros,” Lynesse said. “I thought a pig had gotten out of Walter’s pin.”

The blonde bitch still hadn’t gotten over her humiliating beating at Ros’s hand. There had

been a handful of occasions where Ros had been forced to put her in her place but it never stopped her from trying something a few months later. Today, Ros wasn’t interested in picking a fight. She bit her thumb at the White Harbor bitch, and began to walk back to the brothel.

            “You’re no better than the rest of us,” Lynesse shouted. “You’ll fucking die here just like the rest of us. You’re nothing special.”

            For some reason, of all the horrible things she and the other’s had said about her, this cut her open like a knife and spilled her guts out on the cold, cold ground. She turned to the blonde and charged her.

            Lynesse was ready for her. She wrapped her arms around Ros’s waist but Ros was in no mood for a friendly grapple. She grabbed hold of Lynesse’s heavy, full breasts and dug her nails into the fabric of her slip. The blonde cried out as Ros drove her backward.

            “Is that all you’ve got, you fucking bitch?” Lynesse shouted. But before she managed to get another breath, Ros reared up and drove her foot into the whore’s stomach. Her nails tore the fabric over her breasts as she went sprawling backward into the mud. Ros pounced on her and drove her fist into her face.

            Lynesse’s nose began to gush blood. She tried to return the blow by Ros ducked and drove her head into the bitch’s chest, crushing her tits.

            “I am better than all of you!” Ros screamed, tears pouring from her eyes. “Better than a fisherman’s daughter. Better than a pack of whores. I am better!” She stood up, grabbed Lynesse by the hair, and dragged her across the muddy yard and into the outhouse.

            “Ged ovv be goo Bidsh!” Lynesse cried out as she clawed at the ground. But Ros was too strong for her. She lifted Lynesse up by the hair and slammed her over the open hole of the lavatory.

            “Eat shit, bitch.” Ros hissed and dumped her through the open hole. There was a satisfying squish sound and from the darkness sounds of retching and weeping filled the outhouse. And though this had always been a daydream of hers, the screams of disgust from Lynesse did not make her feel better. In fact, she felt even worse. Would this be her life? Fucking an entitled ward and fighting with her fellow whores for the rest of her short , miserable life?

            “No,” she mumbled. “It can’t be.”

            Morse had just opened the door to see what all the fuss was about and Ros pushed right past her.

            “You vicious little cunt! What have you—”

            But the rest of her assault was cut off by the sounds of early morning patrons laughing and whoring through the brothel. Ros was tired of it. Tired of it all. She ran to her room and grabbed her few possessions and then bolted out of the front door, still dressed in her soaking wet slip.

            She had found refuge in The White Wolf tavern. There, she put the skills her father had taught her to work and began to calculate her chances of survival if she tried to make it down to King’s Landing. It wouldn’t be too hard with Robert’s train leaving soon, and then if she saved her coin…picked up a few on the way…

            “I can make it,” she said to herself. “I can do it.”

            A drunk came up to her and grabbed her by the breast.

            “Ye lookin fer a man wiff a fifty foo cock?” he asked as best he could.

            And for the first time in her life, Ros was able to reject a man looking to pay for her.

            Her goodbye to Theon had been sweet and tender. She owed him that much at least. But she didn’t feel any remorse as she watched him shrink in the distance as she rode in the back of the cart down the King’s Road. On the ride down, she kept herself busy with a combination of daydreams and calculations. The pictured running her own brothel with an army of women tending to her every whim. She pictured Morse and her little pet Lynesse crawling to her on hand and knee and putting them with the most vile of men and forcing them to clean the chamber pots.

            She figured that  since there were five hundred thousand people in King’s Landing that there may be roughly 5000 whores. Suppose 10% of them would probably be young, pretty, and ambitious enough to match her. That meant that she stood a very good chance of taking King’s Landing  by storm .

            So when she finally made it and had to take a low level position in a filthy brothel known as Haystack Hall, she had started to think that maybe she had made a terrible mistake. Her first week consisted of fucking some of the most disgusting men she had ever seen in her life. She had been so excited to see the famous red gate and now she wanted nothing more than to leave through it again.

            By the end of her second week, Ros was ready to climb the hill and throw herself off of the cliff and into the ocean.

            But then her madame came to her with some news that would set her down a new and hopeful path.

            “Lord Baelish?” Ros asked.

            “Yes, girl,” the madame spat. “You’ve been in King’s Landing for two weeks and you ain’t heard of Lord Baelish.”

            Ros had not heard of him here, that was for sure. But something told her that she had heard the name somewhere before.

            “He owns the most expensive brothels in the seven kingdoms and almost every brothels in the city. One of his girls met with an accident and he is holding tryouts for another.”

            “Tryouts?” Ros asked, almost sure she knew what the woman ment.

            “And I’m sending you. If you win, I get more out of it than I can ever get out of you. If you lose, well, maybe your high and mighty ass will get fucked down a peg. You’re a good whore, Ros, but you think too highly of yourself. Not a very good thing for a whore to do.”

            Ros doubted that very much.

            But when she had been brought into the large,muddy pit tucked down the lower alleys behind the brothel—closed off to the city proper save for a small door—and stood among the other fifty nine cloaked women, once again doubt began to fill her body.

            Sitting in makeshift stands around the pit were the rabble of the city…poor folks who would never be able to afford women of their caliber. They grabbed ass, stroked cock, and fucked around them, eager for there show.

            A gorgeous man with long blonde hair and an oil covered chest stood in the center of the room and as more homely folk raked the mud around the pit to loosen it up in the morning heat.

            “You girls have been chosen by your patrons as candidates to work in this fine establishment. I know that you will be just as eager to please as you are eager to take this position for yourself. I am sure that I am not alone in saying that we are all very excited to see you in action.”

            The horny masses cheered.

            “The test is very simple,” The gorgeous man said. “You girls will remove your robes and fuck each other into submission. The eight women left standing will move on to the second round.”

            A few of the hooded girls looked around as if they were about to be murdered. Probably not too far from the truth but all the worse for them. Ros, fortunately knew this game very well.

            “Disrobe,” the blonde man said.

            Robes fell to the floor and as they did, the people in the stands leaned forward, more impressed with this scene than a minute before. Ros surveyed the combatants and saw some of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, from across all of the seven kingdoms, and perhaps beyond. 


            The second the voice rang out, the women were on each other. Ros grabbed hold of one of the smaller, nervous girls and threw her down on the ground. Her breasts were small and the lips of her pussy were puckered and glistening even before she’d gotten hold of her. The girl had cum quickly and then been thrown to another pile of girls hungry for their first victim as well.

            Soon, Ros had lost track of her orgasams and the orgasams of her rivals and time began to shift.  Women collapsed in exhaustion, cum shot from above onto their backs and as the sun went from one side of the room to the other, Ros became a husk of the woman she was.

            But she was the winner.

            And that was all that mattered.

            Now, sitting in the bathing pool, she opened her eyes again and saw that darkness was coming. She cupped her large, formidable breasts and clutched them to her body. Still sore, and covered with bruises from her rival’s mouths, she let out a heavy sigh and called for more hot water.

            Once the lovely male servant poured piping hot water into the pool, she realized that she may never get another chance like this in her life.

            “You,” she said. “Come here.”

            The chiseled boy came to her, his eyes not looking away form his pitcher.

            “Look at me.” she said.

            He did without question.

            “Don’t just look at it…” she said. “Eat it.”

            The boy smiled at her, set down his jug, and removed the wrap around his waist. His long, hanging cock began to throb and as he entered the water, she leaned back and in another first, commanded a man to please her.

            His smooth face caressed the coarse red hair between her legs and his tongue filled her. She pressed his head down below the water and made him struggle for his air. He didn’t seem to mind it though.

            At least his cock said as much.

            He took her, and though she was raw and sore, she moaned in delight. She climaxed for God’s knew which time and then ordered him to finish on her breasts. When he had, she sent him out of the bath without another glance. The power in such a gesture made her feel like a man.

            “Didn’t ruin your chances, did you?” The boy said.

            “Not in the slightest,” Ros said. “If anything, you made it easier for me.”

            “How so?” he asked, covering his massive cock once more.

            “I can hardly feel anything below my waist now,” she said. And this time, as a thank you, she looked at him. He smiled at her and left.

            With only eight women in the room, it seemed far bigger than before. Braziers and oil lamps filled the room with an orange glow and the lights from the city looked like thousands of dancing stars. Many of the patrons from before were still sitting up in the gallery, looking even more exhausted and inebriated than before. 

            “Well, well, ladies,” the gorgeous blonde said. “I have to say, I am impressed.”

            Ros wondered if this man might be the infamous Lord Baelish. If so, she wondered how easy it might be to seduce him. Win or lose, perhaps she could claim this piece of living art as her own and rule from behind the scene.

            “The eight of you are the only ones left and if I do say so myself,” he fixed his eyes on beauty with copper skin and wild black hair. From the look of her, Ros assumed she was Dornish. And based on the way the man she assumed to be Lord Baelish looked at her, that might not be too far out of line. Dornish women were said to have the powers of seduction from birth.

            “Well,” The man continued. “Let’s just say any one of you will make Lord Baelish happy.”

            So he’s not Baelish, Ros thought with disappointment. Pitty.

            “Circle up, ladies,” he said.

            The girls gathered around and looked each other over. Blonde, dark, plump, petite, young and experienced. The eight ran the gamut, each able to cover the needs of any patron ten times over. The one thing that they all had in common was the look of dangerous fire in their eyes.

            They all wanted it, and they would be willing to die to get it.

            Ros locked eyes with a slightly shorter woman with auburn hair; she had smaller breasts with large, puffy nipples that pointed towards the domed ceiling. She had the face of the Maiden and the impish look of the fabled children of the forest. If Ros had to guess, she would have pegged her for a Riverrun girl.

            “You must whittle your opponents down and leave them sapped of all energy. The last one conscious wins. You may begin.”

            The man moved from the circle and the women began to close in on one another. Ros and the Riverun girl never took their eyes off of each other. Ros could hear the sound of the Highgarden woman with the round ass and heavy tits pull the mature woman from The Vale in to her arms on one side and the Iron Islander bitch with the perfect ass put the blonde girl from the westerlands in a headlock and drag her down to the floor.

            More was happening behind her, but in that moment all she focused on was the brown headed bitch before her.

            “Impressive tits for a Northern whore,” the girl said. “A bit bruised, but—”

            “So are yours,” Ros said, looking at the swollen nipples and grasping her breasts in her hands. She pressed her thumbs in on two of the darkest bruised, feeling the flesh yield beneath her  pressure. The Riverrun girl bit her lower lip and grabbed hold of Ros’s breasts in the same fashion. But it was much harder for the girl to get a good grip on her, showing a weakness in her hands and arms.

            “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” the girl said.

            Ros rolled her eyes and lifted the girl’s tits up, forcing her to stand on tip toe.

            “Is that the best you can do? ‘I’m going to fuck you so hard’? Bitch, I am going to make you wish you were fucking the Iron Throne. You’re going to beg for me suffocate you beneath my tits by the time I am done with you. I’m going to–”

            “Shut up,” the girl spat, pressing her lips onto Ros’s and wrapping a leg around her waist. Ros lifted her up and together they fell to the cushions below and began their bout. The smaller girl did her best to gain the advantage, but Ros was bigger and stronger.

            Ros began to grind her body against the girl and when her knee dragged across her mound, she found the age old saying to be true; a girl of the river is always slick as a trout.

            “You’re just a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” the girl said as she writhed beneath Ros. “Just can’t get enough of me.”

            “I’ve only just started, girl. Wait till I’m done with you.” She took the girl’s left tit in her mouth and sucked it, pulling the entire tit up and back as she tenderized it with her tongue. The river girl began to moan and took a handful of Ros’s hair and tried to pull her head back towards her chest. But when Ros’ slipped her fingers into the girls’ snatch, she began to moan violently.

            It was clear that this girl, while beautiful and a talented whore, was not used to people giving her pleasure. Ros had pleased both men and women and had been good enough to have them want to please her was well. So when she scooped her fingers upward in the girl’s pussy and pressed between her cunt and ass, she knew how explosive it could be.

            “Oh…Gods,” the girl cried out as Ros continued to finger her. She could have this whore down and out within the next half hour at this rate. She was already so close to cumming that—

            Hands grabbed Ros’s round ass and then a tongue forced its way into her pussy. She cried out and collapsed onto her victims pelvis. She looked behind her and saw the golden eyes of the Dornish girl staring back at her from around her ass.

            “Fucking little bi—”

            But the tongue began to work it’s magic and Ros bit her tongue. There was no way to fight it and keep her girl from the river down. She thanked her obedient servant from earlier—had he not eaten her out, the tongue and it’s sudden surprise would have forced her to a climax within seconds—and continued to fuck the girl from Riverrun.

            As the Dornish girl began to lick her asshole, she locked her legs around her and squeezed, trying to stop her from continuing. It worked in part, but the Dornish girl went from very passionate to very volatile. She began to jerk and claw at Ros’s ass and soon it became too much to bare. She pumped her fingers until the auburn headed whore cried out in climax and clutched at her cunt and then turned around and tackled the Dornish girl.

            The two began to grapple across the floor. Their bodies pressing against each other, sweating as their warm breath blew across the other’s neck. The Dornish girl smelled of spices and oils  Ros had never smelled before. Oils that made her nose burn and her tongue tingle.

            “You’re a real beauty,” the Dornish girl said.  “I’m going to enjoy this.”

            “I bet you will, you little viper,” Ros hissed in her ear as their hard nipples began to clash together. They were matched well and when their mounds began to grind together, Ros felt the danger that lurked in her rival.

            “You ever lay with a snake before?” The Dornish girl asked as she pounded at Ros’s cunt with her own. “You’ll never fuck again, you fiery bitch.”

            “You’re not so good,” Ros lied.

            Behind her, the river girl began to suck on her toes and crawl up her back. Her large, hard nipples traced along her ass and made her clenche her cheeks tight. “I’m not done with you, you Northern whore.” the girl hissed. Ros felt her clumsy, shaking fingers pry her wet lips open and slip inside of her as the Dornish girl pounded her from below.

            At that moment, A raven haired beauty from The Reach grabbed hold of the River girl and pulled her down beside of Ros and her rival.

            “Come here, fishy,” said the beauty as she plunged her face into the girls mound and began to eat. The river girl’s eyes went wide as she grabbed hold of Ros’s red hair and pulled. Ros hissed and pounded harder at the Dornish girl, feeling that she was very close to ripping the orgasam from her. But the river girl was desperate to get her revenge on Ros and despite having the ripe pussy of the girl from The Reach in her face. Ros pulled away from her only to find her left breast in the mouth of the copper skinned viper. Her tongue did wonders to her nipple and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she tried to hold on to her climax.

            Then she watched as the Goman from the Iron Islands, tattooed and pierced in many places, forced a climax out of the out of the golden haired westerner. The westerner’s fingers had looped into the nipple rings and were pulling down so hard that the island girl was screaming in agonized pleasure. She actually squirted  from her cunt, all over the blondes face. And when ros saw that, she had her first climax of the match.

            The Dornish girl came almost immediately after, clawing at Ros’ back as she shivered beneath her. The river girl began to scream again as the large, strong woman from The Reach used her like a toy.  And a few feet away, the woman from Highgarden and the girl from The Vale continued their quiet, intense battle as they slammed their cunts together, their legs spread open like sheers.

            It was then that Ros understood that all of the women were highly experienced if not the best at the battle of attrition. No matter her little advantage she was going to have be careful around them or else she would be back out on the street.

            “Like that, you little slut?” The woman with the peppered hair from Highgarden hissed to the girl from the Vale. Her heavy, hanging breasts hung on either side of her chest, shiny with sweat and what looked like a new wad of cum from the gallery above. The girl was being worn down fast and Ros began worried about having to tangle with that powerful force of nature and the rest.

            But you will…you will fuck every one of them. And you will win.

            The Dornish girl flipped her over and suddenly heavy brown breasts were in her face. She began to suck on the dark brown nipples and tried to ignore the massaging against her clit. But within seconds, The Dornish girl was pulled off of her ad the orange firelight filled her eyes again.

            The Iron Islander had finished with the blonde—who was being dragged away—and was now wrestling with the Dornish girl, shoving her fingers up inside of her and holding her in place like a roast chicken. Ros gasped in relief as she was able to breath in the sweet air of the room. But as she got to her knees, the strong woman from The Reach wrapped her in a bear hug.

            “Come on, fat tits,” the raven haired beauty hissed. “Let’s see what your tits’s got.”

            Ross groweld and returned the bear hug, pressing her massive breasts against the other woman’s. Their nipples stabbed into each other as they squeezed one another. Ros found it hard to breath as the strong woman pulled her in tighter. But she also saw how excited rubbing breasts made the woman. Ros gave into the woman’s strength and began to grind her sweaty tits against her opponent and soon the woman was beginning to moan.

            “Such a big girl,” she moaned.

            “Better girl,” Ros added. “Bigger and better. Don’t you love the feeling of my tits on you? You like it you dirty bitch.”

            “Oooh, Fucking bitch…” the woman moaned.

            Her grip began to loosen.

            Ros laid her down and began to grind her as she used her tits on her. She even slid down the woman’s body and began to use her nipples on her thick clit. As she did that, her opponent began to pull her hair, trying to get her to stop. But before she could, the girl from the river leapt onto the raven haired girl’s face and began to fuck it.

            “Fucking cunt!” she screamed. Ros sat up and as she fucked the girl below her, she and the river girl began to pull each other’s hair and tits, using the strong woman together.

            “I’m not done with you yet, bitch,” the girl spat as she jerked Ros toward her and forced her lips apart with her tongue. Ros slammed her breasts against the girl’s and felt the woman beneath them weakly slap at them as she tried in vain to get into the fight.

            “Come on, little girl,” Ros said, pulling her deeping into a kiss. “Give it to me.”

            They kissed and groped each other as they rode the girl. Soon, the dark haired girl, despite her strength, was forced into a climax as she lost consciousness. When that happened, Ros and the river girl embraced and rolled along the ground directly into the path of the ruthless Highgarden woman and her prey form The Vale.

            When they collided, all four began a vicious session of fingering, sucking, clawing, and biting. Ros found herself face to face with the mature woman and her heavy breasts. She was strong and well versed in the hidden spots on a woman’s body.And as the girl from the river took advantage of the weak state of the girl from The Vale, Ros was free to fully focus on her new opponent.

But as they slid their cunts across one another, Ros couldn’t help but watch the battle between the Dornish girl and the Iron Island girl. They were fucking as if in love, riding one another and hissing sweet, dirty things into the other’s ear.  Ros couldn’t take her eyes off of the copper skin…the dark hair…the high, perfect breasts…

“You’re nothing, you little welp.” hissed the matren from Highgarden as she began to slip her fingers into Ros’s cunt. Filled with fire and lust on seeing the Dornish girl flip the Iron Islander, Ros bellowed like a lion and flipped the woman over onto her stomach and shoved her fist into her cunt. The woman screamed as Ros fell on her back and forced her down, violating and forcing her face into the floor.

“Fucking like that, you old bitch…do you? Fucking like taking it?”

The woman’s answer was only screams of pure ecstacy and anger.

And within a few minutes, Ros had removed her from the running.

This was how it went, for the next two hours the girls were driven to orgasam over and over again until the they could no longer take it. The Ironborn woman was forced to submit beneath the Dornish cunt and soon enough, Ros had finished off her desperate rival from the Riverlands. In the end, only she and the copper beauty remained. And they refused to give into one another.

As if taking turns, they ripped orgasams out of each other like long burried splinters, coating the sheets and pillows beneath them in sweat and juices. Just when Ros thought she had the upper hand, the Dornish pussy would find it’s mark and make her lose control once more.

As it ended, they were barely holding each other up, eyes locked and cunts slamming together.

“You’re mine…bitch,” the lovely brown lips hissed.

“Never, you fucking slut,” Ros gasped, desperate for water and relief.

They came together, one final time and collapsed in each others arms.

The next thing Ros knew was that they were both being carried out of the room and up a flight of stairs. Ros looked into the eyes of her opponent and saw that she was staring back at her, a smile on her face.

“I beat you…” she moaned.

“Not a chance,” Ros spat. The Dornish girl reached for her hair and grabbed hold of a few strands with a weak hand.

“That’s enough,” said the voice of the gorgeous blonde man. “Get a hold of yourselves. You’re going to be meeting your new boss.”

They were deposited into a long seat made up of soft, perfumed cushions. The moment they were laid next to each other they went for one another again, tits pressing together, hands clawing at cunts in desperation.

“Ladies,” said a voice from across the room. “That won’t be necessary.”

They stopped and looked in the direction of the husky, charming voice. Standing there was the small man that Ros had seen in the gallery before the trials. He had black hair stripped with grey and a little goatee to match. Upon his doublet was a brooch with a mocking bird as the clasp. And even from this far away, Ros was sobered up by the look in his eyes. It was a simple look…mild amusement perhaps. Not the look a powerful man would give a mouthy whore. And that unnerved her.

“While I am pleased to see you both still have energy to spare, I believe it is in your best interests to save it. You have a lot of work to do.”

“Did…”The Dornish girl asked, “Did I win?”

“No,” Lord Baelish said, “You both won.”

“Both?” Ros asked.

“Another position has opened up.” Baelish said.

“Another position…” Ros said.

He smiled.

“What lovely hair you have, my dear.” He said this as he approached them, a robe in each hand. He draped the robes over them and then turned to a door across from them.Then he gestured to a door behind him, smiled again, and turned.

Both girls stood on legs that were not there and followed him through the door. They walked up a set of stairs and well beyond the structure of the brothel. If Ros had to guess, she would have thought they had gone nealy another hundred feet up and over a quarter of a mile. Finally they stopped in a small room with windows that overlooked a foul smelling room.

“Take a look out there,” Baelish said.

Ros and Allyria looked out the windows and watched as a violent scene unfolded. Two naked women, covered in blood and bruises were struggling on the floor together. One may have been a blonde and the other a brunette, but it was hard to tell with the blood in their hair. They were screaming and wailing like two beasts as they ripped at each other’s faces.

“You see,” Baelish said, “these two have managed to take this wonderful opportunity and squander it. To waste an opportunity like this is…well…” There was a sickening crack and one of the girls below screamed until her throat went raw. “Unfortunate.”

Ros watched as the two women tried to kill each other. One of them limped on a badly fractured leg and tried to get away from her bloody attacker. But it was in vain. The other girl, missing half a breast and an ear lept on her and throttled her until she was dead.
            Baelish smirked, reached into his cloak, and pulled out a bag of coin. He tossed it through the window and it fell into the pool of blood by the victor. She snatched at it like a feral animal and In an instant, the winner was dragged out of a door while the dead body was pitched down a slough in the corner.

“Two positions,” Allyria whispered.

“Two positions,” Baelish said. “ Please, return to my chambers.”

The Dornish girl began to travel down the stairs and Ros turned to follow. When she did, Baelish took her by the arm and pulled her back with a strength she hadn’t thought possible. Perhaps it was because she was exhausted or perhaps he was that strong, but either way, he held her in place and studied her.

“Lucky, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It is.”

“Some say we make our luck,” Baelish said. “Some say otherwise. Makes you think…doesn’t it?” 

He went down the stairs, leaving Ros in the viewing room. She looked out the window again and stared at the pool of blood on the floor of the room below. Looking down from so high up, she let his words ring in her mind, and smiled.

Alright. There it is. I’d like to know your thoughts and id I make those changes are you satisfied?

yep, it looks great. I would like to make some changes to Baelish though… Like, I’m trying to read the lines in Petyr’s voice and it doesn’t feel quite right. I’ll go through it a few more times and see if I can figure out what to change. Everything else looks great though~

Yeah, I will work on Baelish. He is an amazing character and GRRM is

brilliant in his writing of him. I will try to match it, but you know how

it is. I’ll submit the story on Fiverr and finish the edits before you mark

it as complete.

neat. I think I have covered most of the issue with the Baelish lines. Just need to make him a bit friendlier at the start and a bit more aloof towards the end.

Alright. There are the revisions.

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