Ros – Part 5 by REDACTED

A Comment on Age

All characters in this story are 18 years or older, despite their ages in the original fiction.

            The image of the dead woman, lying in a pile of blood…covered in mud and filth…still woke her up at nights. She shared quarters with many of her newly recruited sisters, so she had to stop herself from screaming.

            Sitting up in the darkness, looking out the window at the Red Keep perched high over the city, she wondered if there was ever an end to the heights one had to climb to not wake afraid in the dark.

            If there is…that’s the place.

            Unable to go back to sleep, she wrapped her blanket around her, and walked between the beds of the other women who had still not climbed the next rung in the brothel. She went up the stairs to reach the roof and when she got there, she found Allyria standing there, naked, looking up at the moon over The Red Keep.

            Ros’s blood began to boil the instant she saw her there. This was her place…the place she would go for peace and quiet. It wasn’t bad enough that she had to always see the fucking bitch and her Dornish tits and ass, but now she was standing in her spot.

            You could push her.

            The thought entered her mind like a thief in the night.

            You can’t ruin her good looks…but it doesn’t matter if she is dead. She is so close the the edge…the little bitch is asking for it…

            Ros dropped the blanket from around her and slowly walked toward her. Her red hair was caught on a breeze and blew around her head. She closed her eyes for a moment and let it lap at her.

            She will scream.

            So she’d scream.

            You’ll be found out.

            No she wouldn’t.

            She extended her hand, smelling the Dornish spices in the cunt’s hair. It would be over in a second. She wouldn’t have to deal with the whore ever, ever again.

            For the past two weeks, she and Allyria had been forced to attend classes and demonstrations led by the many higher level whores in the brothel. They would force the girls to sit on cushions at their feet and look up at them like babes at their mother’s feet.

            These gorgeous, busty women draped in silks and fine jewels would give lessons in things any woman should know how to do, let alone a whore; how to get a man off with your mouth, how to take it up the ass, how to make him feel wanted.

            Ros found the whole thing to be ridiculous and was nearly willing to give demonstrations herself had Teera Storm not rolled her eyes at one of the lecturers.

            “Teera Storm?” the lecturer asked as sweet as you pleased. “Is something the matter?”

            Teera cracked a smile and shook her head. The lecturer put down the marble cock she had been holding and slowly approached the girl from The Stormlands. Beneath her silks, this teacher had large, full breasts connected together by a fine silver chain that then ran down to her cunt. It made a whisper of a jingle as she walked. A few of the other girls giggled, but Ros knew how to read a room better than they did.

            “Are you sure? You seem to already know how to do this…” the teacher said, brushing her blonde hair from her face. “Or at least you seem to think you do.”

            That got under Teera’s skin real quick.

            “Know how to suck a cock?” she said defensively. “Of course I do.”

            “This isn’t ‘cock sucking’,” the teacher said. “This is the fine art of fillatio.”

            “Same thing,” Teera said, folding her tan arms beneath her breasts.

            The teacher smiled at her and stepped back.

            “Then please, stand up.”

            ‘Oooh’s’ went up from the women as Terra Storm stood up. She was petite with large breasts and a round ass that seemed to defy gravity. She let her silk cover drape loosely off of her as she walked to the front of the class, her hands on her hips.

            “Please,” the teacher said, gesturing to the marble cock, “pick it up and demonstrate.”

            Teera smirked at the cock, took it in her hand, and began to suck on it. Ros was impressed with how deep she could make it go—it was easily seven inches and thick enough to crush spices in a pestle. But the tan beauty was making it look like a light snack.

            “Alright,” the teacher said. “Not bad…but there is one thing I would like to correct you on.”

            Teera regurgitated the cock without batting an eye, her spit trailing off of it as the teacher took it.

            “Sure,” Teera said. “Feel free to give me some pointers, but when it comes to sucking—”

            The teacher clubbed her across the back of the head with the heavy cock, using it like a club. Teera’s legs went out from under her and she collapsed in a pile on the floor. The girls gasped and looked form the girl on the ground to the teacher standing above her.

            “Let me be very clear about something,” the teacher said. “In this house, we do not ‘suck cock’. In this house, we are not ‘whores’. We are lovers. In this house,” she stepped over the limp form of Teera and began to walk down the line of girls, “we do not give men what they want…no, we make the men want us. Sucking cock is for whores. You are not whores.”

            She looked Ros directly in the eyes. Her deep green eyes seemed to see and know Ros. She allowed a small smirk cross her face and pressed her silk covered breasts against Ros’s own.

            “Are we?”

            “No.” Ros said.

            “No,” the teacher repeated. Then she turned and snapped her fingers. A large brute of a man, handsome and no doubt one of the bouncers for the cheating, devious guest, stepped forward and picked up the limp form of Teera and laid her out on the table.

            It was then that Ros saw Lord Baelish standing in the gallery above, a look of amusement on his face. Allyria was looking at him as well, and when they both looked away from him their eyes met and Ros knew that after class, the Dornish whore—because the rest of them might not be whores, but that cunt surely was—would jump her in an alcove and try to rape her. And if she didn’t Ros surely would.

            “Now,” The teacher said, “since we have a willing volunteer, we might as well move on to anal play.” She covered the end of the marble cock in saliva and pressed it against Teera’s ass.

            Normally, Ros would have tried to ignore Allyria…perhaps beat her in front of all the girls once and for all so that she would leave her alone. But it became very clear to Ros what the cunt wanted to do.

            She was after Baelish…just as she was.  And she refused to have another prize stolen from her…not after Brandon.

            One morning they were practicing their grip while ridding one of the males. Baelish walked down the line of beds and watched as each girl was forcibly removed from their man if they couldn’t grip with their cunts. Ros had been doing her special exercises for a week and had even used them against Allyria on multiple occasions. Allyria had a nasty habit of trying to pull her fingers away and pounding her harder. Ros had fixed that very quickly.

            When it came time for Allyria to be pulled off of her man, she managed to hold on for three seconds. Ros laughed out loud at that and Allyria shot her a nasty look. When it was Ros’ turn however, the Dornish bitch watched in awe as Ros held on for over six seconds with her tight, strong snatch.

            The teacher pointed to her and Baelish nodded. She took a chance and winked at him, but got nothing in return. It had been a half hearted attempt, sure, but she always got something for trying.

            What she got for it was Allyria smashing her pussy into her face while they were in one of the baths, the dark thighs crushing her head and the round, perfect ass slamming down on her breasts.

            It took everything Ros had to keep from biting the little brown acorn off of her pussy…ripping her fucking eyes out and feeding them to her. But to do that would mean the end of everything she had worked so hard for…to do that would mean the pit…and that was something she didn’t want to think about ever again.

            So, if she is dead, Ros thought, then I can’t ruin her value…

            Another step..then another. Now she was close enough to hear her breathing. She pulled her arms to her chest, opened her palms, and—

            “Try it,” Allyria said, “And I’ll pull you down with me.”

            “You fucking bitch.” Ros said, putting her hands against the woman’s back. “Don’t fucking try me.”

            “Or what?” Allyria asked. Then, quick as a whip, she spun around and grabbed Ros’s hands. The two women pushed against each other, digging her their feet into the red rooftop. Ros knew if she could force the bitch back a step further, she would be rid of her. But the time for that had past. This was a more familiar struggle now.

            Their hands went upward, and they mashed their breasts against each other, their hard nipples pressing into their tit flesh like nails. Their noses were touching and their lips were a whisper away from the same.

            They groaned and hissed in the night as they staggered to the center of the roof, where Ros pushed Allyria to her knees and slammed her pussy into her face.

            “When are you just going to give in and leave Baelish to me?” she asked, moaning as Allryia’s tongue slipped up inside of her and began to make her knees weak.

            “When you are dead and buried,” Allyria hissed.

            “Is that a threat?” Ros asked, falling to her knees and pressing her chest harder against the perfect, brown breasts.

            “Maybe it is? I know you wouldn’t stoop so low as to kill me…” Her eyes flashed a dangerous sense of humor as she lunged at Ros and the two began to roll across the rooftop, squeezing each other’s asses as they slammed their cunts together.

            Beneath the full moon, the two waged the same war they had been fighting for the last two weeks, putting all of their new skills to the test. Allyria pulled down on Ros’s left breast as she slammed her pussy into hers, legs around her waist. Eventually the were ass to ass, slamming their poised and tender cunts against each other as the pulled on their own nipples.  Then, even later into the night, Ros found Allyria sitting on her crotch, facing away from her. She took her arms and pulled them back, pounding the cunt of the whore on top of her.

            On and on they went into the night, orgasam after orgasam was ripped from their bodies and with each one the two women became more and more dead inside. By the end of their fight, as the sun began to rise, they were gripping onto each others sides and trading thrusts like two drunks trying to punch something. Half asleep…dead on their asses, the two collided once more, screamed out together, and the collapsed on top of the roof.

            But they were not done yet.

            Lying down on their sides, their fingers went to work almost possessed by some dark magic. Ros’ fingers crawled up inside of the bitch and she began to speak, unaware of what she was saying.

            ‘Fucking whore…all you’ll ever be…”

            Allyria responded, her own fingers flicking in and out of Ros—her pussy to loose now for her amazing grip.

            “Northern bitch…fucking want me…you love getting fucked by me.”

            “I will fucking kill you the first chance I get.” Ros hissed.

            “What’s the matter? Can’t push?”

            “That’s too good for you….aaauugh…” Ros moaned as yet another climax built up inside of her. ‘I’m going to make you fucking die in the pit…”

            Allyria’s eyes darkened and her fingers moved faster.

            “Never…I’ll fucking slit your throat before i let you get me in there…”

            “Fucking try, and I’ll rip your fucking tits off…” Ros spat.

            “I fucking hate you,” Allyria hissed.

            “I fucking hate you!” Ros shouted.

            And then they came together one last time before they collapsed into a pile of sweaty, hot flesh, covered in juices and filled with desperate hatred.

            It was maybe two days later, when the game changed for them forever.

            The Teacher—her name was Alice Coldstone—was giving them a lesson on cunnalingus. For her demonstration, she had recruited another teacher, this one dark of skin and and small of breast, to lie on the table before them.

            “The goal, ladies, is to maintain pressure and a constant rhythm. But, I’m sure you know that, right Teera?”

            The girls all looked to the girl from The Stormlands. She sat on her cushion, drool seeping out of the side of her mouth, head cocked to one side. When she heard Alice’s voice however, her head lifted and she made a sucking sound with her lips. Apparently, after the crack on the back of the head, it was all she could do when she wanted to speak. Aside from that, and a little bit of a delay in motor skills, she seemed happy as a clam.

            “Right,” Alice said. “But it’s not only that. Once again, you need to make her feel wanted. Do not lick around her like a frosted pastry. You embrace her thighs, press your face into her, and treat her like a feast fit for a king.”

            With that, she dropped down to her knees and filled the solar with the sounds of the young black woman’s screams of pleasure. Ros watched, trying her hardest to keep her eyes open.

            The night before, Allyria had practically dragged her from her bed and forced her to fight in the narrow stairwell outside of their room. They had gone so hard that they had actually tumbled down the stairs and onto the landing below before they ripped an orgasam from eachother. By the first light, they had managed to crawl back into their beds, hearing the whispers of the other girls as they began to stir and have some morning fun of their own before the day began.

            Allyria looked just as exhausted and perhaps even more so. But Terra’s occasional sucking sound served as a good alarm, preventing either of them from suffering the same fate. And everytime they would begin to doze off and wake with a start, they would look at each other with eyes of hatred and fury.

            It was only a matter of time before something in them snapped. After their long, epic battle on the roof, it had been almost nonstop. Sooner or later, one of them would go too far and bite or slap or punch. And when that happened, one if not both of their lives would be over.

            Terra made another sucking sound and Ros looked at her. A realization began to form in her mind as she stared at the drooling, brain damaged girl.  Alice had made her this way…Alice, who was teaching them how to eat a woman out—something Ros thought she and Allyria could give her lessons in at this point.

            She’s perhaps, what? A year or two older than me? If I could just show that I am her peer…maybe then I would be free to deal with the Dornish cunt however I like.

            The thought had some merit. She didn’t have to convince Baelish to take her into his arms and make him his wife…at least not to get rid of the Dornish cow. No, she didn’t have to reach the top…just be one step higher than her.

            “Alright, girls,” Alice said, standing up and wiping her lips delicately with a long piece of cloth. “Partner up.”

            Allyria was by her side in an instant.

            “I’m going to make you squirt like the fucking peach you are,” Allyria whispered.

            “Not if I make you do it first…”

            “Very good,” Alice said. “Now draw stones from the dish on the table. Black will go first, white will go last.

            Ros couldn’t get her new found realization out of her head. If she could just make Allyria squirt across the room, she would impress Alice…she knew it. And she had made it happen before. All she had to do was go first…

            Black…please black…

            She reached her hand in and drew a stone. She looked into Allyria’s eyes and saw the concern on her face. She had insight…she knew Ros had a plan. And it worried her.

            Ros smiled at her and opened her palm.


            “Fuck,” she hissed, tossing the stone across the room. Alice’s head turned toward her and gave her a smile.

            “Ros, is everything alright? Most girls would die for a chance to have the white stone.”

            Ros nodded and glanced back at Allyria.

            The look of smug satisfaction made her want to lunge at her and tear her limb from limb. It felt like she had just been given a large bag of golden dragons just to have it snatche away from her at the last second.

            “How about you and Allyria go first?” Alice asked, looking from her to the Dornish whore. She would have had to be a real dumb cunt to not feel the tension between them and perhaps that’s what she wanted.

            Fuck you, Ros mouthed at Allyria.

            No, fuck you, Allyria outhed back.

            Ros approached the table and laid down on it, dropping her silks to reveal her fiery pussy. Allyria strutted in between her legs and then knelt down, breathing her warm breath onto Ros’ still tender clit.

            “This is going to be so much fun…” Allyria said.

            Ros gripped onto the table cloth; even the bitch’s words were sending shivers up her spine. There was no way she was going to last long here…she would be made to look weak and Allyria strong.

            “You may begin,” Alice said.

            Immediately, Ros began to moan. She couldn’t help it. The weeks of fighting with Allyria had made them so used to each other’s bodies that they knew every dirty little trick to getting each other off.

            She could feel the warm, thick tongue flicking against the velvet of her vulva and her juiced beginning to seep down her ass. And no matter how hard she tried to make the cunt look incompetent—either by holding back a cry or telling her to do something—she always gave it away with a treacherous groan of pleasure.

            “May I use my hands, teacher?” Allyria asked.

            “Oh you fucking bitch…” Ros hissed.

            “Of course,” Alice said, smiling down at Ros. “The main goal is her pleasure.”

            “Thank you,” Allyria said. Then Ros felt the familiar fingers enter her pussy and she cried out as if she had been stabbed. She was a writhing, weeping mess and that would be all teacher Alice would ever see. How could things have gone so wrong so quickly.

            Against her will, her leg slammed into Allyria’s head.

            “Oh no you don’t, bitch.” Allyria hissed. She pried Ros’ legs apart even further and began to gorge herself on her pussy. Ros couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t let this happen. She released the tablecloth and grabbed hold of Allyria’s long, dark hair. She jerked her head back and Allyria screamed with a mix of pain and triumph.

            In that moment, it was like two lovers who have never been able to embrace or kiss. They may touch hands for a brief moment or even press against one another for a brief moment, but when they finally have the chance to be alone they ravish one another with a need to tangible it can smother them.

            In this case, once Ros had committed an act of violence on Allyria, all of their little sexfights had been the little flirtations giving way to the main event. The urge to fucking kill.

            But just as Allyria began to climb up onto her, fist pulled back ready to break Ros’s nose, a hand extended above them. They both looked and found Baelish standing beside of Alice, a smile on his face.

            Immediately, they both stood up and bowed to him.

            “Ladies, please,” he said. “There is no need for that. I am afraid I have to interrupt this little demonstration.” He looked at Ros and nodded.

            Her mouth fell open but she recovered quickly enough. Then she looked to Allyria who looked ready to pounce, her chest rising and falling rapidly and her hands still clenched into fists. Ros felt her smile return.

            “Yes, My Lord,” she said. He turned and left the solar and she followed him without looking back, feeling Allyria’s eyes drilling into her back.

            Take that, cunt.

            She followed Lord Baelish up to his chambers where he invited her to sit in a large chair by the open balcony. Then, her poured her a glass of wine and offered it to her. She made sure that the silks on her body allowed him a good view of her deep cleavage and her thigh. 

            “I see you and Allyria Lemonwood are getting along,” he said. Ros held down her surprise at the name ‘Lemonwood’, she had always assumed that the whore was a low bred. Lemon wood meant that she was, at least in some small way, connected to one of the noble families in Dorne.

            “We like to keep the competitive edge going…”Ros said, sipping the wine slowly,not breaking eye contact with him. “I’ve heard that is something the…clientele really enjoy.”

            And perhaps, you.

            “That is clear enough,” he said, taking a seat in the chair across from her, not seeming to care one way or the other. “And I imagine that isn’t anything new with you, being a Northern beauty and all.”

            “No, My Lord,” she said. It was so incredibly hard to read him. He always had the hint of a smile on the corners of his lips. But his eyes were completely blank. But as they spoke more and she continued to try her tricks of seduction, she came to a realization about those eyes.

            No, not blank…just the opposite…they are full of everything. He is thinking of at least fifty other things while talking with me.

            “I’d like to know more about your time in the North. I can’t imagine you ever thought you’d find yourself here. I’m sure it’s a fascinating story.”

            She opened her mouth to speak and then shut it again. She couldn’t help but let her smile grow larger.

            “What don’t you know already, My Lord,” she asked. I don’t want to bore you with the parts you already know.”

            His smile grew at that. Not by much, but just enough to show her that he was impressed.

            “How kind,” he said. “But a woman as gorgeous as you should never consider herself boring. Though, since you ask, I would like to learn about your time in Winterfell. And any interactions with the Starks.”

            At the sound of that name, she flinched. Not much, but just enough. And that was all he needed.

            “Sore subject?”

            “No,” Ros lied. “Not really.”

            “Ah,” Baelish said, leaning forward, rolling his goblet between his hands. “So it was love then? Eddard?”

            “No,” Ros said, almost with disbelief. She had never once thought of Eddard as anything other than a man in his brother’s shadow. Everyone claimed that he was loyal, brave and true but if he was half the man his brother was, then he was as dark as the rest of them.

            “Brandon then,”Baelish said. “The betrothal to Catelyn Tully must have broken your heart.”

            She leaned back and sipped more wine.

            “No,” she said. “It was his first betrothal. An ugly bitch she was…”

            “Barbrey,” he reflected. “I remember her well. Homely..perhaps…but not ugly.”

            Ros didn’t press the matter. Suddenly Baelish had opened up wounds she had thought sealed and scarred over. Now that she was sitting with them, they still felt as fresh as the day they had been made.

            “She was uglier when I was through with her.” Ros said.

            Baelish smiled.

            “So that’s what happened. She was far more fair when I knew her as a youth. My, you do have a lot of power inside you, don’t you?”

            Ros took another sip of her wine, leaning forward and giving him the ‘you have no idea’ eyes.

            “It’s a pity though,” he said. “I would have thought a promising aspect such as yourself would have gotten a little deeper into the Winterfell court.”

            And just like that, his face changed.He was losing interest in her. She had to pull him back, and something told her that sex wasn’t the way to do it. To a man like him, power was far sexier than a woman.

            “I didn’t say I wasn’t.” She said.


            “I mean, if you count Eddard’s ward.”

            It was clear by the way he stopped rolling his glass, that he did.

            She shared with him the way she had won Theon and kept him in her bed while all of the other whores had tried to wrest him away from her. She had known he would be a prize in Winterfell, but she had not truly thought of the value of fucking him and listening to his bitching and moaning.

            But Baelish listened with great interest.

            And at some point, during her tale, Baelish stood and went to his large desk and began to write a letter. But when she began to watch him more than focus on his story, he looked at her and waved his quill. She continued.

            And once he had finished the letter, he stood and extended an arm toward the door. She put her glass down and got to her feet, startled at the abruptness of the dismissal.

            “Ros, my dear,” Baelish said, “I can’t tell you how helpful you have been.  I see in you true potential. He cupped her face in one hand and looked in her eyes.

She began to lean in to kiss him, but he released her face and opened the door. She stood there and looked down the staircase back to the brothel.

It will take more time. You can’t win him over that quickly.

She gave him a bow and went back down among the rest of the whores.

            When she returned to the population, she saw the looks she was getting. She made sure to give her lips a wipe as she shut the door to the suite. And when her sisters in arms asked questions and made insinuations, she simply gave them a look and remained mum. The less said, the more power she racked up in their minds.

            That night, Ros woke with a hand covering her mouth. Her eyes flew open and she saw Allyria standing over her, a knife pointed at Ros’ left eye. Even in the darkness of the room, she could see Allyria’s eyes dancing, filled with tears.  Ros knew the tears weren’t signs of sadness or fear. No…the bitch was angry. She was trembling there in the dark…thinking of Ros’s head on a fucking pike.

            “I don’t care i he fucked you or not…” she whispered. “I don’t care if you become the head of the damn brothel…”

            She leaned in close, her nose touching Ros’s, the dagger nearly pressing against her eye. In that moment, Ros knew that if Allyria wanted to blind her…or even kill her, she could do it. The question was, would she?

            “And I don’t give a fuck if I die in the pit…I swear that I will destroy you before I let you climb higher than me…I will fucking kill you in your sleep. And until then, I’m not going to give you a moment’s peace… Starting tomorrow, I fuck you every moment I can…And If that isn’t enough, then I will ruin your pretty looks…and then, when I have the power that is owed to me…I. Will. Kill. You.”

            Then she kissed Ros hard on the mouth, forcing her tongue inside her. It was hard enough for her to bust Ros’s lower lip open against her teeth. Ros kissed her back in an act of defiance, wrestling her tongue against Allyria’s. Then, the Dornish bitch was gone, and Ros was left in the dark, wide awake, and more determined than ever to see Allyria torn apart in the pit.

            The next week was the most exhausting and painful week of her life. Allyria was many things, but a liar was not one of them. When she said Ros wouldn’t have a moment’s rest, she hadn’t been kidding.

            It had started when Ros had gone down to the baths to clean up after a client. She’d walked past and alcove when suddenly Allyria had her by the hair and forced her over a cask of wine. Ros bucked and tried to free herself from the whore’s grasp, but she had the advantage. Then she felt a large marble phallus—not as big as the one Alice had clubbed Teera with, than the Gods—and forced it up her cunt.

            “Fucking take it, you ugly whore…fucking like it…” Allyria hissed, pressing Ros’s face against the stone wall as her breasts were crushed against the rim of the cask. “Stretch that cunt out…make you fucking useless…”

            And as painful as it was to have the whore shove it into her tight, sticky cunt—the last man had blown quite a load inside of her—Ros knew that this new tactic of stretching her out and making her too loose or weak might actually work.

            She reached out for something, anything, that might get her out of this. She wrapped her hands around a serving platter tucked behind the  cask, wheeled around, and slammed it into Allyria’s face.

            Allyria dropped the dildo and held the side of her head as Ros tackled her to the ground and grabbed hold of the marble cock.

            “You fucking bitch,” Ros spat. “Sneaking up on me in the dark!”

            She pinned Allyria’s head down on the red stone floor by her long dark hair and then thrust the cock between her legs. Allyria opened her mouth to shriek but Ros covered it, letting go of her hair.

            “Uh oh,” Ros said, “Did I miss your hole? Oh…or did I just get the smaller one?”

            She shoved the dildo up higher and Allyria squealed even more beneath her hand, her teeth clamping down on her fingers.

            “Don’t you draw blood, you fucking cunt…don’t you dare,” Ros hissed as she forced the cock deeper into her ass. “Do it, and I will make sure you are thrown into the fucking streets…”

            Allyria howled and kicked Ros off of her. She pulled the phallus from her and chucked it at Ros’s head. It missed her and shattered against the wall, breaking into four large chunks.

            “This isn’t over, bitch…” Allyria said. “Not by a long shot.”

            And since then, Ros and Allyria had clashed at least five times a day, not to mention the nights when, after making love eight hours a day, they would meet on the roof to fuck each other into exhaustion.
            And even worse, they had begun to leave marks. A few scratches down the thighs and breasts were expected in this business, but when they had both begun to strangle each other while fucking one another with a long, double ended cock, they had gone to far.

            Allyria had trouble speaking following that, and Ros had to wear an ornate necklace to hide the bruising. Ros was so furious about it that she had decided to end the bitch’s life once and for all. She would drive her eating knife into her fucking guts as they passed each other in the hall.

            But as the moment came, she saw Teera, walking just in front of Allyria, drooling and smiling while she fingered herself and walked at the same time. Ros looked at her and knew she wouldn’t risk becoming something like her…not when she was so close to getting into Baelish’s good favor.

            She slipped her knife behind her back and instead gave Allyria a venomous smirk. The stupid bitch had no idea how close she had come to death. But as Ros passed her, she caught sight of a glint of steel in Allyeria’s hand as well. She took in a shuddering breath, and walked out to use the privy. There, she locked the door and tried to catch her breath.

            Things were getting out of hand. And by passing along rumors of Baelish bedding her, she had pushed their rivalry to it’s breaking point. Now it was very likely that rather than rise in the ranks, she would end up scarred by the cunt and tossed out with the garbage…if not beaten to death.

            Something had to change.

            Three days later, Eddard Stark was executed. The city was locked down and a rumors began to spread throughout the brothel. Ros did her job, but was lost in thought as she made love and performed fillatio. She couldn’t help but think about the letter Baelish was writing during her visit.

            Did I give him what he needed? Did he play a part in it?

            “I hear your Lord is dead,” Allyria hissed as she passed by her in the hall.

            “He wasn’t my lord,” Ros said, “No fuck off. I’m not in the mood.”

            Allyria turned and grabbed her by the hair. She slammed her against a wall and pressed her breasts against hers. Ros spat in her face and thrust a knee into her cunt. Allyria was ready to fight again  and Ros was going to have to give her what she wanted.

            “Ladies,” came a voice from behind them.

            It was teacher Alice. She watched them curiously and then smiled.

            “Lord Baelish would like for your to accompany him tonight,” she said.

            “Oh,” Allyria said. “Yes, teacher.”

            “No, not you,” Alice said. “Just Ros.”

            Once again, Allyria’s eyes flared with hatred. Ros didn’t even look at her. She pushed her lace down and followed Alice through the corridors.

            “I hope you two aren’t letting your little feud get in the way of your work,” Alice said.

            “No,” Ros said.

            “Because if it begins to affect the bottom line, Petyr won’t like it.”

            “No,” Ros said again.

            “I’m glad you understand.” Alice said. “Because if you didn’t, I’d have to punish the both of you.”

            I’d like you see you try, Ros thought. I’d tear you apart given half the chance…tear that chain from your nipples and choke you with it…

            “Ros, my dear,” Baelish said, extending an arm to her. “Please, put this cloak on and come with me.” He indicated a cloak on a chair— a deep scarlet red— and she put it on. She took his arm and for the first time since her try out, left the brothel and walked the streets of Kings Landing.

            “I am sure you have heard the news,” Baelish said. “Lord Eddard trying to usurp the power of the King. A tragedy to be sure. How are you taking it?”

            “If Lord Stark was guilty, then he got what he deserved.” She was no fool. She knew how to say what others wanted to hear.

            “And if he wasn’t?” Baelish asked.

            This caught her off guard. But only for a moment.

            “If he was executed,” she said, “then he deserved it.”

            “Ah, yes,” Baelish said. “You do know how to play the game, don’t you?”

            “Yes I do,” she said. “I played it when I was a little girl, helping my father in his business. I’ve only gotten better since then.”

            “Perhaps,” Baelish said. “But have you ever played with stakes?”

            She looked into his eyes as they walked down the street, the perfect answer on her tongue.

            “Is there any other way to play?” she asked.

            He nodded and led her along the street toward a comfortable looking inn. As they passed by the entrance, the stable boy was tending to a gorgeous mare, feeding it oats and brushing it’s mane.

            When they entered, the innkeeper came from around the bar and welcomed Baelish with a warm smile and a fresh glass of wine.

            “I imagine that horse belongs to my guest?” Baelish asked.

            “Yes, Lord,” the innkeeper said. “She is in your room upstairs. I provided her with a meal and a—”

            “Very good,” Baelish said, giving his glass of wine back to the short, pudgy man. “Ros, come along.”

            She followed him up the stairs and down the corridor. Just before he opened the door, he stopped and turned to look at her.

            “If you have in fact played the game your whole life, then you will make sure to play it right.”

            Ros was about to ask what he meant when he opened the door to the room and led her in.

            The room was far more ornate than any typical room in an inn, filled with strong wooden furniture, a large bed, and a blazing fireplace. Sitting before the fireplace with a glass of wine in her hand was a woman with brown hair streaked with grey.

“Lord Baelish,” she said, standing and turning to face them. “I thought you had—”

The woman stopped short, when her eyes fell on Ros. Ros herself had to brace herself

against the door to keep from falling over.

It was Barbrey. The fucking bitch who had caused Ros to fall onto this path of sex, abuse, and degradation. The woman who had exposed the truth about the man she had loved.

“Thought I had forgotten you?” Baelish asked, flashing his charming smile at her. “Never, Lady Dustin.”

She wore all black, and that made sense seeing as her husband had been killed at the battle of The Tower of Joy. Ros had heard about the scandal when Eddard had brought back his sister’s bones to the crypt but not the bones of Lord Dustin. But she had never known who Lady Dustin was…had never known that Barbrey had gone on to marry and lose a husband.

She had gained some wrinkles; not many but just enough around her mouth —one of the places Ros had marred with her nails—and her eyes. She looked to be older than her time…and a miserable time it must have been.

She deserves no less.

“You flatter me, Lord Baelish.” Lady Dustin said, walking towards him, not taking her eyes off of Ros. Her eyes were still filled with the heat of the fire she had been sitting in front of, and Ros felt her own fingers itch. What she wouldn’t give to finish what had been started in the Godswood…

“Not at all,” Baelish said, kissing her on the cheek and then leading her back to the chairs near the fire. He took the one she had been sitting in, forcing Barbrey to face Ros, who was still standing at the door.

“I can’t imagine how troublesome the journey must have been for you,” Baelish said.

“It was,” Barbrey said, “And it will be a hard ride in the morning as well. Cut to the chase, Baelish, what do you want?”

Ros had never heard anyone talk to Baelish that way before. But then of course she was a lady of high birth and not some whore or companion. That truth made Ros’ clench her jaw and dig her nails into the palm of her hands. That the skinny little whore should still have some of her beauty, money, and station made her uncontrollably angry.

Baelish nodded and began.

“I hope you enjoyed the show earlier today,” he said.

“Good riddance,” she said. “I’ve never had a use for any of the Starks…not a one.”

You lying bitch.

“Well,” Baelish said, rolling his glass between his hands, a gesture Ros was beginning to associate with deviousness, “There is talk of a rebellion coming from the North. I know you have had your differences with the Starks before and—”

“I did not know that the crown is so worried about the 100 Barrowton men that it would summon me to the capital,” she said. “Nonetheless, I would rather die than offer my services to the—”

“Well, that is a shame,” Baelish said.

Barbrey looked at him with a knowing smile.

“I know that it is like to lose the hand of someone you love,” Baelish said. “Did you know that I had my own…encounter…with Brandon Stark?”

Barbrey’s eyes flashed up to Ros and it looked as if she were about to lunge over Baelish and try to throttle her.

Do it…please fucking do it…

“You see, I know just how good the Starks are at being callous and cold.That’s why I need you to send a small force to Winterfell and pledge their allegiance with Rob Stark.”

“I don’t understand,” Barbrey said, with a look that suggested the opposite.

Baelish raised his hand and beckoned Ros forward.

            “Ros, please, tell Lady Dustin why I need her to pledge her men.”

            Lady Dustin stared into Ros’ eyes, her hatred sizzling like acid.

            Ros didn’t know she understood the plan until her mouth opened and she began to speak.

            “If Lady Dustin’s troops are with Rob Stark, then there will be a possibility to infiltrate the North. There will be a spy on—”

            “I don’t need your whore to tell me my role, Baelish,” Barbrey spat. “You want a mole in his ranks.”

            “Not a mole, merely a friend.” Baelish smiled. “And we could all use a friend in such trying times. But my whore is right.”

            “And what would you reward me… for my friendship?” Barbrey asked.

            “Lands and titles, royal pardons, and some choice marriages for your sons,” Baelish said.

            “And tell me,” Lady Dustin said, “Do you speak for the crown, meeting with me?”

            Baelish didn’t answer.

            “I thought not.” Barbrey said, draining her glass. “So this is another one of your schemes. I am not so sure the King would appreciate your double dealing.”

            “It is my job to make sure the Seven Kingdoms remain united, Lady Dustin.” He took her by the hand and squeezed it. “And I believe we both know that our King can use all the help we can offer.”

            “Of course,” Barbrey said. “But I am not convinced.”

            Yes you are, you fucking cunt. Ros could hear her heartbeat in her ears. You know you don’t say no to this man. You know you only stand to win here. What are you after?

            Then another thought.

            And why am I here?

             “Aside from the titles and coffers split among those loyal to the King, I am sure we can figure out something.”

            The two looked at each other for a moment, speaking with their eyes.

            Why am I here?

            “I can see you need the evening to think it over,” Baelish said. “I am sorry to have troubled you.”

            “You and your plots, Baelish…” Barbrey said, draining her glass. “Insisting I travel alone. A lady isn’t used to doing anything without her handmaiden.”

            You fucking bastard…you damned bitch…

            “And as an apology to you, Lady Dustin,” Baelish said, “Let me offer you the services of my companion here. For the night at least. She will make sure you will be taken care of.”

            Barbrey continued looking Baelish in the eyes. There was silence for another moment and then she waved a hand and stood.

            “Fine,” she said. “It is the least you could do. I just hope she isn’t a little thief that will run off with what is mine.”

            “Have no fear, my dear,” Baelish said. “Should a single link be missing, I will deal with her myself. Now please, enjoy your dinner in peace. I will be back by the time the fire is out.”

            He passed by Ros and gave her a knowing look. A look that filled her with rage. Her information on Theon hadn’t been nearly as important as her volatile relationship with this thin bitch. And now he was leaving her in the lion’s den as a sacrifice to his cause.

            I could kill her…Ros thought. Rip her throat out and leave this place forever.

            But the look he gave her made her think that maybe that wasn’t a good idea.

            But when he shut the door, there was no doubt about what was going to happen next.

            “You nasty whore…” Barbery hissed, walking toward her.

“You fucking bitch!” Ros shouted. She rushed toward Barbrey, her hands out, nails ready to attack. As she grabbed for Barbrey, Barbrey swung back up and landed a hard punch in Ros’s right tit. Ros howled in pain as she grabbed hold of Barbrey’s brown and white bun and began to jerk her head back and forth.
            “You vicious cunt,” Ros spat as Barbrey began to tear her red hair from it’s her head. “I’ll fucking kill you.”
            “Go suck a cock, you nasty whore!” Barbrey jerked a handful of hair from Ros’s hair, head. She grabbed it again, giving her better leverage and soon, she was leading the fucking bitch toward the dinner table.
            Barbrey bent Ros over the table, one hand in her hair and the other digging her nails into the her face. Ros screamed as tried to force Barbrey off of her. She drove a knee into Barbrey’s crotch and found enough freedom to stand back up and slap Barbrey across the face.
            “You cunt!” Ros screamed. She grabbed the neckline of Barbrey’s dress and ripped at it. Barbrey shrieked, pulled herself closer to Ros, and began to do the same to her dress. The two hissed and spat in each other’s faces as the dresses became rags, their ornate jewelry catching the light of the fire.  At the first flash of Barbrey’s nipple, Ros grabbed the breast and began to maul it.
            Shrieking and howling like wild animals, the two women began to roll along the edge of the table, knocking plates and goblets to the ground, their breasts in each other’s hands.
            “I’ll rip your nasty sagging tits off, you diseased cunt! I’ve wanted to do it for years!” Barbrey screamed.
            “You’re as flat as a fucking boy, you jealous bitch. Ugly and useless to a man. You would have made Brandon miserable!” Ros pressed her nails into Barbrey’s breasts, causing a crimson trickle to erupt from beneath her hands.
            Their bodies slammed together at the table, Barbrey’s lightly tanned body and Ros’s pale, fuller one. Out of desperation, Barbrey grabbed a plate and smashed it across Ros’s face. Ros shrieked and released Barbrey who staggered backward and crashed to the ground.
            Lying there with no dress to hide her body–her jewels hanging between her breasts, Barbrey looked totally helpless.
            Ros gathered herself and then stomped toward Barbrey, a bottle of wine in her hand.       “I’m going to fucking–” Ros began. But she was cut off when Barbrey swept a leg out and caused her to fall face first onto the wooden floor.
Barbrey was on her in an instant. She leapt onto Ros’s back, grabbed a handful of her hair, and began to slam her face into the floor.
            “Not so pretty now, are you slut?” Barbrey shouted. But then Ros reached up with both hands, grabbed hold of Barbrey’s hair, and flipped her over. Ros lifted her head and displayed a bleeding, possibly broken nose.
            “I’ll fucking kill you!” Ros screamed. She grabbed hold of Barbrey’s pubic hair and jerked her toward her by it as she grabbed for her left breast.
            “FUCK!” Barbrey screamed. She sank her nails into Ros’s breasts and began to pull on them as hard as she could, trying to ignore the pain in her cunt as Ros ripped her hair out.
            Soon, they were rolling along the floor, their tits in each other’s grasp, shouting insults as they created nasty welts and red furrows.
            “Fucking  bitch…your fucking tits are starting to sag.” Barbrey hissed as she twisted Ros’s nipples and shook her tits like two dinner bells.
            “Let me do you a fucking favor,” Ros hissed as she stretched Barbrey’s breasts down to her belly. “I’ll make them bigger for you.”
            Barbrey and Ros twisted, mauled, punched, and slapped each other’s tits until finally Barbrey tried to escape.She released Ros’s tits, pulled back a fist, and slammed it into Ros’s face. Ros screamed and fell back, letting Barbrey go.
            Tears in her eyes, Barbrey began to crawl toward something on the floor.. But she received a nasty kick to the gut as Ros intercepted her. She collapsed, sputtering and coughing as Ros grabbed her by the hair, jerked her up, and threw her down against the small game table that had sat between Baelish and Barbrey as they talked.
The Ros saw what the bitch was going for.
 Barbrey grabbed for the serving knife that had been flung off of the table earlier in their brawl. But Ros threw herself onto Barbrey’s back, grabbing at her wrist. They struggled over the knife for a moment, eyes burning with violence and hatred. Barbrey brought the utensil closer and closer to Ros’s tits. But Ros allowed her to do it. It brought her right within biting range. She twisted her head and sank her teeth into Barbrey’s wrist, forcing her to drop the knife.
            “You’ll pay for that, bitch!” Ros spat.
 She slammed Barbrey’s head down onto the floor and held her there. Ros felt the desire to break her fucking neck right her and now. She could kill the bitch and finally have her revenge. But if she did, would Baelish forgive her?
Suddenly, Barbrey’s teeth sank into her right breast. She howled in agony and then felt a hard fist slam into the side of her head. She fell over and opened her eye to find blood oozing into it.
            “You disgusting fuck!” Barbrey screamed. She bent over and grabbed Ros, her head bleeding pretty good at this point. She dragged her over to the fire place and began to press her head toward the slow burning logs.
            “Burn that pretty little face of yours, you whore.”
            Ros came too and grabbed Barbrey’s wrist just as her hair began to twist and sizzle in the fire’s wake. Her other hand flew up and raked at Barbrey’s eyes.
            Barbrey clutched at her face and cried out in agony.
            She repaid Ros by grabbing her broken nose and jerking downward. Ros fell to her knees immediately, crippled with pain. She yanked left and right, each movement ripping a new scream from Ros’s pained soul. Barbrey’s intention was to make her suffer…to humiliate her.
            Ros tried to pull away, but her nose was caught in Barbrey’s grip, fire exploding before he eyes each time she tried to escape.
            “You like that, don’t you you little cum slut?” Barbrey screamed. “You cock sucking–”
            Ros lunged forward, the pain in her nose excruciating, and sank her teeth into Barbrey’s pussy.  Barbrey released her, screaming like a Dothraki rider. The second she released Ros, she was on her, dragging her to the ground, her teeth tearing at her pussy lips.
            Barbrey grabbed hold of Ros’s ears, her bracelets jangling loudly, and began to pull, desperate to get the Ros off of her cunt. Ros screeched through her clenched teeth as Barbrey pulled. She finally released her pussy and lunged forward, once again going for the small, large nippled tits. Barbrey reclaimed her grip on Ros’s breasts and the two were back at it.
            “Like eating pussy, you fucking whore?” Barbrey hissed as she twisted Ros’s tits. Ros bit her lip to hold back a cry of anguish, channeling her pain into her attacks on Barbrey’s small, swollen tits. She pinched the thick nipples between her nails and began to saw them between her thumb and fingers.
            Barbrey screamed bloody murder. The entire room was quiet save for the crackling fire and  their pained cries and groans. Barbrey leaned in and sank her teeth into Ros’s cheek. Ros drove her forehead into Barbrey’s, forcing her to retreat. As she retreated, she dragged Ros with her.
            Their fight sent them under the dinner table, slamming their heads on the underside, cursing, and screaming.
            Ros tried to crawl out from one side and was dragged back under by Barbrey. Soon after, Barbrey made a similar attempt, but Ros reeled her in.
            Then, Ros felt her right nipple explode in a bright burst of pain and howled like a direwolf. Barbrey crawled out from under it, her mouth dripping with blood. She spat and a small nub flew across the floor.
            “Pretty fucking stupid looking,” Barbrey laughed as she grabbed the table leg to pull herself up. “Half a nipple. That’s what you get, bitch.”
            But then she was tackled as Ros slammed into her. Their bodies got tangled in the table runner and within seconds, their rolling pulled the remaining dishes off of the table.
            Barbrey had the runner wrapped around Ros’s throat when Ros slammed both fists into her temples. Barbrey slumped to the floor, dazed and useless. Ros freed herself from the wet and messy tangle and then looked down at her rival.
            “You bitch,” Ros hissed. She grabbed Barbrey by the hair and dragged her up onto the table. She grabbed Barbrey’s head and slammed it into it once, twice, three times until blood oozed out of her mouth.Then she took Barbrey’s face in her hands and rubbed it in her blood drenched bosom.
“Fucking pathetic,” Ros hissed.“I am a real woman, you stuck up little bitch.” Ros said. She leaned down to inspect her handy work. Barbrey’s breasts looked like some strange, damned landscape. Ros took the right breast, which has swollen to three times it’s original size, and squeezed. Barbrey tried to scream, but found that no sound came out.
            Ros spit in her mouth.
            “Fuck you, bitch.”
            Barbrey threw a hand up and grabbed Ros by the cunt, tearing at her wiry Red hair. Ros hissed, pulled a hand back, and bitchslapped Barbrey. But the cunt wouldn’t let go.
            “Fuck…you…” Barbrey hissed. Then she shoved her fingers up Ros’s cunt and began to claw at it. Ros cried out and began to choke Barbrey with her necklace, But still she wouldn’t let go.
            Ros stepped backward and felt shards of broken glass beneath her feet. She dropped to the floor and suddenly Barbrey was on her, tearing at her with tooth and nail. Then she pulled a fist back and drove it into Ros’s broken nose. Bright light tuned into darkness and with every blow Barbrey gave her, she fell deeper and deeper into darkness.
“You fucking bitch…” Barbrey spat, from somewhere in the darkness. “You…fucking…”
Then darkness.
In that darkness, Ros heard crying in the corner…the sound of a cock crowing…and the sound of a heavy stone sliding along the floor. Ros opened her eyes and saw the outline of Baelish standing over her.
“I trust my companion took care of you?” he said. Then, from farther away, Barbrey’s
voice, sounding tired and pained.
            “Yes. So much so that I believe I would like to keep her. That is what I want.”
            “Of course,” Baelish said. “She is yours…but once this impending war has ended. It’s not safe to send her out alone…and it seems that she needs some…tending to.”
            “Very well,” Barbry said. Then, she stepped toward Ros and pressed a foot into her breast. “Make sure she heals well…I want her in prime condition for my next session…”
            “Of course,” Baelish said. “Now please, this way. We must get you out of here before the guards become too vigilant.
            And then, Ros was in the darkness again.
            When she woke again, she was in the brothel, wrapped in bandages and covered with healing oils. Baelish looked down at her, and stoked the top of her head.

“You did very well, my dear,” he said. “I commend you for your sacrifice for diplomacy. Rest assured, your future here is very, very safe.”

Ros looked away from him and down the hallway. There, in an alcove, stood Allyria. Her look of hatred had never burned brighter. She knew she was in danger and there was nothing she could do about it. She turned and stomped down the hall.

Ros closed her eyes and fell into the first peaceful sleep she’d had in weeks.

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