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Samus ran into the abandoned cathedral the metal shoes of her power suit echoing in the empty hallway. She kept her arm cannon raise and ready to fire at the slightest sign of any movement. Her green visor scanned the area looking for heat signatures.

“Well hello there darling,” a silky-smooth voice said.

Samus world around to see Bayonetta casually sitting on top of the organ. She had her long legs crossed suggestively showing off the blue guns she used as high heels. Her black clothes clung to her curvy figure so tightly that Samus could see all of her rather large assets. Samus refused to let herself get distracted by her targets sex appeal. She pointed her arm cannon at her and shot a beam of plasma out of it. Bayonetta lept off the organ high into the air. The plasma beam struck the organ and demolished it instantly. Bayonetta flew over Samus’s head. She sent Samus a cheeky wink then twirled firing all four of her guns at once. Samus dived out of the way of the raining bullets. Her suit compressed down as she entered her morph ball. The orange ball containing Samus rolled a good distance away then it opened up again revealing her. Bayonetta had landed near the entrance of the Cathedral and was watching Samus interestedly. Samus raised her arm cannon again but this time she shot a barrage of missiles at the umbra witch. Bayonetta waited just before the missal struck then her curvy body exploded into a swarm of bats. The missals passed harmlessly in between the bats as they flew towards Samus. She raised her arms over her face protectively but the bats harmlessly flew around her. Samus turned around ready to fire another barrage of missiles at the reformed Bayonetta but she couldn’t see her or any of her bats. Once again Samus began to scan the surrounding areas for her target cautiously walking forward through the aisles of pews.

“You know when I heard that the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran was hunting me down I got all excited” Bayonetta’s voice seemed to come from all around Samus. “But when you finally get here, you fight me like everyone else does, how dreadfully disappointing”

Samus paused. “What do you mean, fight like everyone else?” She asked despite herself.

“Missals, plasma shots, arm cannon so boring,” Bayonetta said from thin air.

“Well, how else would I fight you,” Samus said feeling herself getting slightly annoyed.

“I was hoping you’d fight me in the way only a woman can,” Bayonetta said.

Samus put her arm on her hip. “And how exactly do I do that?”

“My dear little Samus let me show you” Bayonetta appeared from the shadows of the corridor. She strode forward confidently.

Samus expecting a trick raised her arm cannon.

“First you need to get rid of all these naughty little weapons,” Bayonetta said. She brought out her bright blue guns and then she threw them over her shoulder back into the corridor. Then she knelt down and took off the guns on her heels and did likewise.

Now completely confused Samus just stared at the taller woman.

“There we are,” Bayonetta said. “Now are you going to take your clothes off?”

“What” exclaimed Samus.

“I mean your power suit,” Bayonetta said. “I’ll get to taking off what’s under that later” she added in a whisper.

“I’m not taking off my suit,” Samus said.

 “Well that is a shame,” Bayonetta said. “I’ve always thought that you had a really sexy and strong body but I’m guessing you don’t think the same.”

Samus raised an eyebrow.

“If you’re not willing to put your flesh and blood body up against my own I guess that means that you don’t think you can handle mine, and to be honest I don’t think I blame you,” Bayonetta said stroking her hands down her own fit figure.

Samus stood there for a moment. Then she brought her arm cannon up and pressed a button on it. There was a loud beeping noise and a hiss of steam. And then Samus is orange power suit fell off her. The arm cannon fell to the floor then both of her bulky shoulder blades the rest of the armour soon followed revealing her skintight bodysuit underneath. Samus zero suit did an excellent job of showing off her every curve. Her large breasts were on full display and her tight ass stuck out behind her. She reached up and removed the helmet from her head shaking out her blonde hair which was in a ponytail.

“Mmm yes, very nice body,” Bayonetta said.

“Thanks, I think it will be more than enough to take on your” Samus said. She took out her pistol whip she kept on her thigh and threw it to one side. Then she raised her fists. “Okay let’s do this”.

Bayonetta smiled. “My pleasure” she slowly walked towards Samus giving her hips a nice little wiggle as she did so. Samus kept her fists up in somewhat of a boxer stands she waited till Bayonetta was just within reach then she threw a right hook. Bayonetta casually lent back so Samus’s fist just missed her face. Samus through another punch a jabbed this time but Bayonetta simply sidestepped. Starting to get slightly frustrated Samus aimed a high kick for Bayonetta’s head but the umbra witch duct so Samus is leg flew over her head. Then, for crouching position Bayonetta through a kick of her own straight up. Bayonetta’s foot sank into Samus’s tits.

 “AAFFFOO” Samus cried as her breasts were crushed against her body by Bayonetta’s high-heeled foot. She stumbled backwards clutching her throbbing breasts. “You kicked me in the tits!?” Samus moaned.

“Well, of course, I did” Bayonetta got up smiling. “In a fight like this you’ve got to go for the prime targets, that means your tits, your ass, your hair,” and especially your pussy” Bayonetta emphasised each item by brushing her hands over it leaving her hands framing her crotch as if inviting Samus to attack it.

“Fine if that’s how you want to play it, then I’m game,” Samus said determinedly. She rushed at Bayonetta who was still smiling. She threw a few quick punches at Bayonetta’s head but just like before she easily avoided them but Samus expected this, she then threw a punch for Bayonetta’s left breast. Bayonetta smirked easily evaded the attack by stepping backwards but then her smile faded as she realised that this was a faint. Then Samus landed her real attack. She thrust her leg outward and kicked Bayonetta squarely in the pussy.

“AAAAMMFF” Bayonetta cried. Her hands covering her crotch.

“How do you like that” Samus said smiling satisfactorily.

“MMMMM” Bayonetta moaned “Well it looks like you can play the game after all” then she smiled despite the pain in her womanhood. “But will you be able to keep up with me?”

“Bring it on bitch,” Samus said confidently getting into a fighting stance.

“Trash talking, I like it,” Bayonetta said then she lashed out with a lightning-fast kick meant for Samus’s head. Samus dodged backwards then she threw a punch for Bayonetta’s breasts. But Bayonetta caught Samus’s fist in her hand. Bayonetta twisted Samus’s wrist causing the blonde woman to gasp in pain. With her free hand, Bayonetta grabbed Samus by her ponytail and pulled causing her head to be wrenched backwards. Bayonetta pulled Samus in close. Their bodies met and their breasts mash together. Samus struggled but Bayonetta kept a firm grip on her arm and continued to wrench down on Samus’s ponytail. Samus moaned at the pain in her scalp. She brought her free hand up and grabbed a handful of Bayonetta’s own black hair and pulled. Bayonetta gasped at the sudden pain but she kept a firm grip on Samus’s hair. The two women pulled as hard as they could each trying to outlast the other. Their bodies and especially their breasts rubbed against each other as they continued their struggle. “I could do this all day” Bayonetta whispered into Samus’s ear giving her ponytail another harsh tug.

“Oh yeah, me too,” Samus said through gritted teeth continuing to pull Bayonetta’s hair.

“Well, in that case, let’s step it up a notch” Bayonetta whispered. She brought her leg up and slammed a knee into Samus’s pussy. Samus let out a short high-pitched scream. Her grip on Bayonetta’s hair loosened and her knees weakened. All the fiery determination she had been showing had been extinguished by this one low blow.  Bayonetta then gave Samus a hefty shove. The stunned bounty hunter found herself falling backwards onto the stone floor. She landed on her back with a grunt. Her hands were clasped protectively over her hurting vagina.

Bayonetta stood over her downed opponent. “Oh did that hurt?” She asked in a sickeningly sweet voice.

Samus gave a pained moan in reply.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take your mind off the pain in your little pussy” Bayonetta said. She slowly lifted her foot and placed it on top of Samus’s breasts pressing down lightly.

“Oh No no no no,” Samus said panicking. She wrapped her hands around Bayonetta’s ankle and tried to pull it away but it was too late.

Smiling sadistically Bayonetta press down with her foot flattening Samus’s tits. Samus screamed at the top of her voice as Bayonetta’s heel dug into her large breasts. Bayonetta moved her foot ever so slightly grinding it deep into Samus’s rack causing her even more pain. Some tiers began to form at the edge of Samus’s eyes. Bayonetta smiled enjoying the sounds that Samus was making as she flattened her tits. Eventually, Bayonetta eased up on the pressure on Samus is hurting chest but she did not take her foot off them, just leaving it gently resting on top of them.

“How are we doing sweetie?” Bayonetta asked.

“Fuck You” Samus shouted back.

“Language” Bayonetta gasped in mock shock. “I think someone hasn’t had enough punishment” she began to push down again increasing the pressure on Samus’s boobs once more. Samus moaned at the pain but she was not willing to put up with this for a long period of time again. She stopped her in vain attempt to pull Bayonetta’s foot off and reached her hand upwards. In the positions they were both in there was only one vulnerable spot that Samus could reach. Samus sank her claws into Bayonetta’s snatch. Bayonetta’s eyes widened and she shrieked loudly. She stepped off Samus’s chest backing up to try and put some distance between them but Samus moved with her getting up off the floor and keeping a firm grasp of Bayonetta’s crotch. Samus smiled enjoying her revenge on Bayonetta. She squeezed her pussy harder getting another long moan out of Bayonetta.

“Piss off,” Bayonetta gave Samus a heavy push causing the blonde to stumble away and lose her grip on her foes pussy. “You cheeky little slut,” Bayonetta said. She made a big show of rubbing her aching vagina.

“There’s more of where that came from bitch,” Samus said.

“Well come over here and show me then,” Bayonetta said in a very seductive voice.

Samus rushed her. The speedy blonde shot two straight punches for Bayonetta’s face but Bayonetta weaved between them then she threw an open-palmed slap right to Samus’s face. Samus gasped as Bayonetta’s palm made contact with her cheek whipping her head sideways. Bayonetta whipped another slap to Samus’s other cheek. Samus gasped again as her head was sent the other way her ponytail shortly following. These slaps did hurt her cheeks but the humiliation of being bitch-slapped was way worse. Wanting to pay her back Samus sent her own slap towards Bayonetta’s pretty face. But before her palm could make contact with her cheek Bayonetta’s arm shot up and grabbed Samus is by the wrist. “Not so fast” Bayonetta teased. Then she slapped Samus again, but this time it was not to the face. Bayonetta slapped Samus right in her tits. Samus shrieked in pain as Bayonetta sent several more slaps into her breasts. Bayonetta enjoyed the way that Samus’s tits jiggled back and forth every time she hit them. Samus moaned huskily with every slap, she finally managed to pull herself away. Samus clutched her injured breasts which were not only hurting from the slaps but also from Bayonetta crushing them underfoot earlier.

“Oh, those poor little tittys” Bayonetta cooed. Then her eyes dropped to between Samus’s legs, “and your poor little pussy as well” Bayonetta shot her legs upwards towards Samus’s crotch. Just before Bayonetta’s foot made contact Samus’s hand shot down and caught it by the ankle. Bayonetta’s foot was inches away from Samus’s vagina.

“Close one” Samus sighed in relief not wanting to think of the pain if Bayonetta’s attack had hit home.

Bayonetta was surprised that Samus had managed to counter her attack and now she found herself dangerously off-balance with one of her legs in Samus’s grip. It didn’t take Samus long to exploit this she gave Bayonetta’s leg a violent twist sending the black-haired woman tumbling to the ground. Bayonetta landed on her front with her ass sticking up in the air behind her. She started to get back up but was pushed back down again by Samus mounting her from behind. Samus grabbed Bayonetta’s hair and pulled wrenching her head backwards. Bayonetta gritted her teeth as Samus forced her head back as far as it would go by her hair. Bayonetta’s breasts thrust out in front of her. After about 10 seconds of this painful hold, Samus stopped pulling on Bayonetta’s hair and instead pushed her head down. Bayonetta’s head hit the floor and she cried out in pain. She rolled over to her front with a dazed look on her pretty face. Samus smiled, there was something very satisfying to see a strong-willed sexy woman like Bayonetta be laid out by her. Samus knelt next to her and tried to think of what her next move should be. She wanted it to be something humiliating something Bayonetta couldn’t easily recover from. Then she thought of something. Smiling wickedly to herself Samus reached down and grabbed Bayonetta by the front of her black skintight suit. Then she pulled on it tearing the fabric until she had created a sizeable hole right over Bayonetta’s chest. Bayonetta’s naked tits spilt out released from their confining prison. Samus took a moment to admire them they were so large and round. Samus shook her head trying to clear it and turned her attention back to destroying Bayonetta’s outfit but before she could do much more gentle a hand covered her own.

“I think that’s quite enough of that” Bayonetta said. She kicked Samus in the stomach causing her to gasp as all the air was knocked out of her. Bayonetta pushed with her foot causing Samus to fall over backwards. Bayonetta got to her feet and examined the damage to her outfit. Samus had ripped a large hole in the front of it from which her tits hung out of. Samus also got to her feet and watched Bayonetta warily expecting a swift retaliation but Bayonetta just smiled at her. “Are we enjoying the view?” she said she gave her hips a sexy wiggle causing her large breasts to jiggle back and forth.

Samus blushed despite herself but she could not drag her eyes away from Bayonetta’s naked chest, which was exactly what Bayonetta wanted. Bayonetta rushed her. Samus was completely caught off guard being too distracted by Bayonetta’s swaying tits. Bayonetta centre sharp knee into Samus’s stomach. She cried out and hunched over giving Bayonetta an opening to get behind her. Bayonetta grabbed Samus by her blonde ponytail. “Come here” Bayonetta pulled on the ponytail and then walked off still holding onto it. Samus moaned in pain but she had no choice but to be dragged along. Bayonetta led Samus by her ponytail as if she was leading her pet by a leash. Bayonetta walked over to one of the many benches in the Cathedral. She sat down on it and then pulled hard on Samus’s hair causing the helpless bounty hunter to lose her balance and fall over. Samus landed over Bayonetta’s lap. Her stomach was over Bayonetta’s knees her head dangling off one side and her ass sticking up in the air. “You’ve been a very naughty girl,” Bayonetta said. “Ripping my clothes pulling my hair, kicking my pussy”

“But you were doing the same things to me” Samus complained. She tried to wriggle free were Bayonetta still had by the ponytail.

“Yes but I’m a witch, I’m supposed to do naughty things, you, on the other hand, aren’t so, therefore, you’ve been a very naughty girl,” Bayonetta said teasingly. “And naughty girls need punishment”. Bayonetta raised her free hand into the air.

“Oh, no no” Samus protested.

Bayonetta brought her hand down and slapped it over Samus’s thick ass. Samus shrieked in a high-pitched voice at the pain and humiliation. Bayonetta raised a hand again and then delivered another slap to Samus’s other ass cheek. Samus shrieked again. After a few more spanks to Samus’s butt, Bayonetta paused. She leaned her head closer to Samus whilst simultaneously pulling up on her hair. “Have we learnt our lesson yet?

“You perverted bitch, let me go!” Samus shouted. She tried to escape again but Bayonetta easily kept hold of her.

“Mmmm I don’t think my punishment is working” Bayonetta calmly said to herself “Time to step it up a notch,” Bayonetta grabbed Samus’s blue zero suit and started to peel it away from her ass.

“No, get off” Samus moaned as she felt her sweaty skin be exposed to the cool air.

Bayonetta ripped a sizeable hole in the backside of Samus’s suit. Now her naked perky ass was on full display. “There we are, now where were we” Bayonetta slapped Samus’s ass again but this time there was a loud smacking sound as her palm made contact with the bearskin.

“Woooow” Samus cried. Her ass cheeks jiggle from the blow.

Bayonetta continued to spank Samus as if she was a headmistress and Samus was a disobedience schoolgirl. She slapped her ass alternating between her ass cheeks as she did so until Samus’s ass was glowing with a stinging red. Samus’s face was a similar shade of red but this was not caused by pain it was because of the embarrassing humiliation she was suffering. “Have we learnt our lesson yet?” Bayonetta asked. She giving Samus one last hard slap.

“MMMMAAAMMMMM” Samus moaned in reply.

“Good girl,” Bayonetta said sweetly than she quickly stood up. Samus tumbled off Bayonetta’s lap and landed on the floor. Samus lay on the floor clutching her throbbing ass and moaning.

“Is that really all you can take?” Bayonetta said looking down at her. “How pathetic”

Samus’s eyes snapped open. Pathetic? I’ll show her pathetic. I’m going to pound those sluty tits back into her chest. I’m going to strip her naked and spank her ass till it’s red and sore. With these violent thoughts of revenge rushing through her head Samus went to get up off the floor, but before she could stand Bayonetta stamped her foot onto Samus’s crotch “AAAFFMM” Samus immediately fell back down to the floor paralysed by the pain all thoughts of revenge wiped clean from her mind. She clutched her pussy and rolled around in agony.

“Yes, pathetic” Bayonetta said the hint of disappointment in her voice. “Well I guess it’s time I finish you off” she walked around Samus until she had her back to Samus’s head. Then slowly she knelt down.

Samus’s eyes opened but her vision was obscured by a big black object hanging over her face. “What the?” She asked her head still foggy from Bayonetta’s pussy stomp attack.

“I thought it was only fair,” Bayonetta smirked. “I got to know your ass so well, I think it’s time you got to know mine”

“NOOOO!” Samus shouted. But it was already too late. Bayonetta lowered her ass over Samus’s face. Samus pressed her hands against Bayonetta’s ass cheeks and tried to push it away but it was no use. Samus’s vision went dark as if the sun had been eclipsed by the moon. Bayonetta’s heavy ass smothered Samus’s face. Her nose was pressed deep into Bayonetta’s ass crack as her ass cheeks covered her ears on both sides. Samus frantically kicked her legs and bucked her body but there was nothing she could do to remove Bayonetta from her new perch. It was at this point that Samus became aware of the smell. It was a sort of stuffy sweaty smell with only a small hint of something worse. Samus thought about holding her breath so she wouldn’t have to deal with the stench but she was starting to find it difficult to breathe at all.

Bayonetta shifted her weight rubbing her ass over the trapped Samus’s face. “How are we doing down there darling?” She asked conversationally.

Samus’s reply came in the form of muffled grunts. She was finding it very hard to breathe now, between this and the smell she was beginning to feel lightheaded. Samus’s eyes lids began to flutter. She couldn’t think of a way out of this. That bitch Bayonetta had beaten her. Oh well, there was always next time. And if she was gonna be beaten and humiliated by someone Samus was glad it was by a smoking hot woman like Bayonetta. Resigned to her fate Samus thought she might as well make the most of her situation. With her last moments of consciousness, she buried her face in deeper worshipping the ass of the women who had bested her. And then she slipped into unconsciousness.

Bayonetta smiled as she saw Samus’s body go limp. Nothing like a good old-fashioned face sit to finish off an opponent. She got up and turned around examining Samus’s prone body. She had actually managed to give Bayonetta a pretty good fight maybe even a little too good. Bayonetta’s pussy still ached from Samus’s multiple attacks upon it and she had ruined her outfit with that hole over her tits. In fact there was a few times in the fight were Bayonetta had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to beat Samus. But in the end, it had been Bayonetta who had come out victorious. It had been a very fun fight though. And to think Samus had wanted just a straight fight with weapons at the beginning Bayonetta was so glad she had managed to convince her to have a catfight with her instead.

Bayonetta decided that Samus deserved a treat for giving her such a good time. She knelt down and hoisted the unconscious bounty hunter over her shoulder. She patted Samus’s naked ass affectionately and then carried her out of the cathedral. Bayonetta had shown Samus how to fight like a woman now she was gonna show her how to make love like one.

The End

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