Savage Heat by Halhow3

The tension had been building in the restaurant for weeks.

Eliza and Kirsten had never liked each other anyway, but now that a man had come between them, their hatred for each other had reached an almost feverish pitch.

Both  girls  were  still in their teens.  Eliza was average height, with long, straight,  black hair  and a body that was girlishly thin, but beginning to assume the curves of full womanhood.   Kirsten,  her rival,  was  slightly  shorter,  but almost as thin, with long blonde hair that contained just a hint of a curl.

Jenny,  the  head waitress, and the rest of the staff, did their best to keep the two fiery girls apart,  but with the  resturant  so busy, with  the  middle of the tourist season, it was hard to keep track of them all the time.

The resturant was a “wings and raw bar”, kind of place.  The customers liked their food spicy and their beer quick.  The uniform for the waitresses was a simple, but short red skirt, a white t-shirt tied just under the boobs, and a pair of white tennis shoes.  The girls learned quickly that no bra and bare legs made for better tips.  In a atmosphere of fast flowing liquor and easy money, they flaunted their bodies to the customers and in the case of Eliza and Kirsten at each other.

Neither made any secret that she was sleeping with the other’s man. Everytime they passed each other, it was with a hate filled look, a knowing glare, or a obscene curse muttered half under the breath.

Both girls were what Jenny called “scratchers”.  Neither of them weighed much over a hundred pounds.  Catfights between the waitresses were common enough and both girls grew their nails long and kept them filed sharp to make up for their diminutive size.

Jenny rarely interfered in the personal disputes of the girls who worked for her, but with feelings running wild between these two teenaged vixens, she knew that if they got their nails into each other, the fight wouldn’t end until one or both of them was maimed for life …. or dead.  She cursed the day that young man entered their lives and their beds and hoped he would simply grow tired of his games and go away again real soon.  Meanwhile, she did her best to see Eliza and Kirsten couldn’t get to each other, scheduling them on separate shifts and different days when she could.  Nevertheless, the resturant was packed night after night, girls called in sick and sometimes there was nothing to do, but call them both in and then watch them closely as they glared daggers at each other across the wide spaces of the main dining room.

It was the middle of the Wednesday night dinner rush, when the two girls finally had a few precious moments together.  Moments that would locked them both into a inexorable circle of savage violence old as the world and time.

Eliza had been sent back into the small room at the back of the kitchen to fetch more ice.  Standing before the ice machine with a five gallon bucket in each hand, she dropped them to the floor and took a second to wipe the sweat from her face, neck, and chest. The steam from the clam boilers filled the room, sticking to everything and anyone, like some hot sticky fog.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her.  Whirling, she saw Kirsten, standing in the doorway to the small room.  The blonde stood leaning against the jam, her hair pulled back in a long ponytail and her T-shirt, sticking too her body, in the same wet, sweaty fashion that Eliza’s was.

Alone for the first time in weeks, the two girls exchanged looks of naked hate as each eyed her rival fully, each envisioning the other astride the bare hips of the man they both loved and each hating the other all the more for it.

With a low snarl, Kirsten started to walk forward, her small white teeth bared, and her thin arms coming up, the long nails flashing red under the bright ice room lights.

Eliza turned to face her fully, bring her own hands up before her, nails out, fingers hooked into claws.

Kirsten stopped just short of her rival and then slowly, almost hesitantly reached out with just one hand.  Eliza stood frozen a moment, unsure of what was happening and ready for anything, then she realized what Kirsten was trying to do.  She wanted to get closer to Eliza, but that was something neither girl could allow unless she controlled the other’s nails.

Reaching out with her right hand now, Eliza touched palms with her enemy and felt Kirsten’s fingers tangle with her own, before closing to grip her hand firmly.  Eliza closed her fingers as well and both girls now felt for the other’s free hand, while their eyes burned into each other.

Finally securing their grip on each other, palm to palm, Kirsten stepped forward suddenly, forcing Eliza back a few steps until she was pressed up against the cold, ice machine door.

Chest to chest, their sweat slick bellies pressed together, Kirsten’s eyes glared into Eliza’s from only inches away.  Eliza could feel Kirsten’s small firm breasts forced tightly against her own, the swollen nipples, digging into each other through the thin, cotton of the half wet T-shirts.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time now to tell you just what I think of you SLUT and now I finally have the chance”, Kirsten half hissed, half spat.

“A low down whore like you has nothing to say I want to hear”, Eliza growled back, while trying to squirm in even tighter again her enemy, their breasts pushing and rubbing across each other harshly.

“I don’t care what you want cunt”, Kirsten growled in reply. “All I want is you out of my life and out of my man’s life, forever.”

“He’s not your man”, Eliza replied, her teeth half bared. “He’s MY MAN and if you had any common sense you gutter tramp, you’d know it!”

Breathing heavily now, the two young women stared at each other, their faces contorted in anger and hate and they half struggled body to body against the ice machine, their hands firmly gripped as their thighs began to rub together and the skirts began to hike higher up their hips from the woman to woman struggle.

“When Henry’s inside of me, he doesn’t even remember your name”, Eliza said with an evil mocking smile as she looked into her rival’s snarling face.

“Liar!”  Kirsten cursed back.  “He loves ME, he only sleeps with you out of pity.  He told me so as we made love in his car Tuesday night.”

“Eeeeee!  I’ll kill you for THAT”, Eliza snapped back as she twisted the blonde off balance for a moment and pushed her back into the bare wall.  “I’ll scratch your fucking tart face OFF!”

“You’re not women enough”, Kirsten half shouted back, as their long bared legs began to snake around each other and they pressed ever closer.  The skirts, force up higher and higher as the women spread each other’s legs, had ridden up until the crotch of their panties was exposed.  Kirsten was wearing thin, black satin panties, cut high on the sides, while Elizas were similar but in hot pink.

Struggling body to body in close, each felt the other’s satin covered crotch press against her own and both girls froze, their breath coming in fast, shallow gasps, as they gripped each other’s hands, shocked by this sudden, intimate contact with their rival.

Turning her head to look deep into Eliza’s eyes, Kirsten half repeated her self, saying “you’re not woman enough to fight and not half woman enough in bed, not for MY man.”  To emphasize her point, he slowly ground her satin covered crotch into Eliza’s with slow, deliberate and lewd, thrusts of her pelvis.

Eliza’s eyes narrowed to slits even as a warmth spread through her groin.  Pushing up and into Kirsten’s chest with her own, she forced her rival’s t-shirt higher until the blondes small breasts spilled out the bottom.  Then, she slipped back down, letting her own shirt ride up and over until her own breasts slipped free.  Now, bared tit to bared tit, she glared at the blonde, and pumped her hips grotequely back into her rival’s, the satin making a slick, brushing whisper, as their groins met again.

“I’m more than enough woman to take you Bitch”, Eliza replied in a harsh snarl, “and when I finally get you alone, I’m going to FUCK….YOU….UP!”

“Think so, cow”, Kirsten snapped back, as they continued to grind their hot, sweating, bodies against each other.  “Well I want to scratch a lot more than just your face.”

“I want you to just try”, Eliza whispered back, “I can’t wait.”

“Me either”, Kirsten growled, “just you and me….alone….to settle this once and for all.”

Pressed together the two just stared at each other for several minutes, their bodies locked together in straining flesh and sweat, when Kirsten suddenly said, “let go of my left hand.”

“Right”, Eliza said, still forced in tight against her.  “That’s a great idea.  I let go of you so you can sratch me.  Why didn’t I think of that?”

“I’m not stupid enough to start that here”, Kirsten replied, “I’ll wait for my chance.  I have something else in mind, a little test. What’s wrong are you afraid of me or what?”

Eliza stared at her a moment more and then slowly and carefully loosened her fingers until she felt Kirsten’s hand slip free.  Reaching over, she rested her hand on Kirsten’s shoulder, the fingers tense and ready for anything.

Still staring into Eliza’s eyes, Kirsten’s hand slipped down between them, trailing over their sweating bellies and down between them lower still.

Looking deep into Eliza’s eyes, Kirsten said, “you say you’ll do anything for Henry’s love, well so will I.  Prove it now, if you dare.”

Carefully, Kirsten began tugging on the front of her own panties until they slipped partway down and her curly blonde bush was bared, the tight pink lips of her vagina, wet with an inner moisture.  Moving her hand to Eliza’s hip, she gave a slight but mocking smile.

Her lips pressed tight, Eliza paused only a second before reaching down and pushing down the front of her own panties to reveal her own dark bush.

Reaching out, the warring girls quickly gripped each other’s hand again and then slowly forced their wet, swollen, sex’s against each other.

A look of utter hate and loathing marred their beautiful faces as each felt the others hot, damp, sex moving against her own.  Each remembered that the other, had touched Henry in this way and in their hearts there could be NO forgiveness…..

Baring down, each young woman opened herself and pressed into her rival, their vagina’s coming together in almost the parody of a kiss.

“You’ll never touch Henry again”, Eliza whispered, her face almost cold as stone, “I’ll kill you first, I swear it.”

“Not if I kill you first”, Kirsten snarled back in a nearly silent gasp.

“Is that how you want it then”, Eliza replied her face set like a mask.

“Yes”, Kirsten replied her face cold and distant as well. “Your body against my body, tooth and nail, until one of us is finished….for good.”

“Just promise me one thing?”

“What’s that”, Eliza asked, intrigued dispite herself.

“We won’t fight until we’ve both stripped nude.  When we do battle, I don’t want anything getting between your flesh and my claws.”

“Fine by me”, Eliza returned, “I can’t wait to get my nails under your skin.”

Neither spoke after that, remaining instead pressed tightly body to body, only shifting their hips slightly from time to time as each tried to engulf her rival’s sex within her own.

Suddenly, a large beefy arm descended out of nowhere, wrapping itself around Eliza and jerking her back and away as if she were nothing but a rag doll.

Kirsten fell forward to her knees and scrambled to her feet, adjusting her panties and shirt while Eliza did the same from across the room.

Jenny stood in the middle of the room, her arms crossed over her ample bosum and her face red and angry.

“What the HELL do the two of you think you’re doing?”

“This is between her and me”, Kirsten snapped, “this isn’t any of your business.”

“The HELL it isn’t.  If you two want to scratch the shit out of each other, fine by me, but not in my place and not on my time. Have you GOT THAT?”

Both girls gave Jenny a sullen but reluctant nod.  Realizing that in her haste to part them, she didn’ really see what was going on or….how far.

Herding them back to work, Jenny congratulated her self on breaking up the trouble before it started.  Unaware that she had arrived ….far…to late.

Several days passed after the confrontation in the ice room.  The tension seemed to have passed and Jenny was beginning to think that maybe the girls had managed to work out their differences after all.  They seemed to pass each other without comment now and general indifference had replaced their previous glaring anger.

Still…there seemed to be almost an air of waiting expectation that made Jenny nervous.  It was hard to place a finger on, but sometimes a look seemed to pass between the two young girls that was even more cold and evil than the screaming matches that had preceded it.

Jenny resolved to a watchful eye on them, but fate has a way of intervening in things and sometimes destiny can not always be denied…

A illness in the family required Jenny to travel to Memphis and  that same day, the regular manager, Ed, fell off a ladder and broke his leg.  Corporate called down a manager from the store on the east side  who  knew  nothing of the girls feelings for each other and whom no one told.   One of the cooks put a shelling knife through the palm of his left hand during dinner, and the other cook had to drive him to the hospital for stitches.  Thus it was that late on a Saturday night,  Eliza found herself almost alone, sweeping up the carpet while the temp. manager tried to close out the cash drawer.

Putting the little sweeper, back in its corner, Eliza walked up to the front, just as Shelia was closing the night deposit bag.

“I can’t believe its so late”, Shelia complained.  “I still have to drop this off at the night deposit and then drive all the way back across town to my place.  I won’t get to bed before 3 AM at the best.”

Eliza leaned on the counter and brushed a few stray hairs back out of her face.  “Who’s left she asked?”

“Oh just you, me and the little blonde girl, what’s her name, …Miriam???”, Shelia replied, as she dug through her purse.  Unfortunately she was looking down at the time, or perhaps she would have noticed the way Eliza suddenly stiffened and then relaxed back into a fake calm.

“You mean Kirsten”, Eliza replied, striving to keep the sneer of contempt out of her voice.  “Where is she?”

“Back in the storeroom.  I asked her to do an quick inventory. Ed left me without a stock list and if we run out of chowder Sunday, the apes that frequent this place will Freak!”

“That could take a while”, Eliza remarked, looking casually down at the floor.

“I know”, Shelia said, “and I’m sure we both want to get home, but I guess we stuck.”

After a short pause, Eliza said, “Look!  If you like, I can lock up. You’ve already closed out the drawer, so you can go and Kirsten and I will just lock up just as soon as she’s…finished.”

“You don’t mind”, Shelia asked?  “I mean it will be so late.”

“No problem, I don’t work tomorrow anyway”, Eliza assured her.

With only a little more encouragement, Shelia handed over the store keys and Eliza locked the door behind her as she made her way to the car.

Eliza stood at the door waiting until the tail lights of Shelia’s car vanished in the distance.

Checking the lock on the door once more, she made sure the “Closed” sign was up, then she strolled back to the office and cut off all the lights.  As she came back, the resturant looked dark and completely deserted.

Perfect.  She thought, just the way I want it.  Just the way it HAD to be.

Moving quietly now, she reentered the kitchen and made her way slowly in the dark to the storeroom door.  Looking down, she could see a slit of light, shining from beneath it.

Taking a deep breath, she counted slowly to ten and then pushed the door open, entering quickly.

At the sound of the door opening, Kirsten spun around, shocked as her eyes met those of her bitterest rival.

Slamming the door closed, Eliza turned the key in the lock, throwing the bolt home.  Turning back, Eliza looked a her enemy and then dropped the keychain on the floor.  With a small kick of her foot, she sent the keychain skiddering under the nearest shelve, lost now in the dusk and darkness.

The storeroom was roughly eight feet square with rows of cans stacked on sturdy wooden shelves.  The only light came from a single, harsh, clear, 100 watt bulbing hanging down from a cord in the ceiling.  Kirsten stood stock still, the clip board forgotten in one hand.  No one said anything as they stood there, staring.

Putting the clipboard on the nearest shelf, Kirsten watched Eliza with slitted eyes, the only sound in the room, the slight hum from a refrigerator on the other side of the storeroom wall.

Slowly Eliza’s left hand crept up, higher and higher until it touched the knot of cloth cinching the front of her T-shirt tight.  The right hand soon joined it there and with tembling fingers she begin to untie it, fumbling the knot out and then smoothing the cloth before pulling it over her head and off with shaky hands.

Her small perk breasts bounced once, as she lowered the hand with the shirt in it and let it fall to the floor, her eyes locked on the little blonde standing as still as a statue across from her.  The air in the storeroom was cold and the tips of Eliza’s nipples began to rise into stiff, hard, little points, influenced by the combination of cool air and raw excitment.

After a pause, Kirsten reached up in almost a distracted fashion and began working the knot out of her T-shirt as well.  Her watery blue eyes never left the brunette as the material finally slipped free.  In one smooth motion, she pulled the shirt off and let it drop almost immediately.  The large nipples on her pale white breasts quickly becoming stiffly erect almost as if in answer to some secret challenge from their rivals just a few feet away.

The skirts followed next.  Then the shoes.  Facing each other now only in panties, the two paused for just a moment, before first Kirsten then Eliza pushed the thin satin below their knees and stepped out of them.

Each looked at the other now, naked before each other for the first time. Each was a young woman, full of love and life and hope, but each saw only an enemy and a rival that had to be disposed of no matter what the price.

Raising her hands up before her, nails out, Eliza took half a step forward. Her face, previously impassive, was suddenly alive with emotion.  Anger, hate, and fear danced across her beautiful young face until with a ear bursting shriek, she lunged for her enemy, her small white teeth bared in a vicious growl.

Kirsten answered Shanon’s cry of hate with one of her own and sprang to meet her, coming together in the center of the room with stunning impact.  Smashing into each other, they came together with the sound of flesh slamming into flesh, only to rebound away from each other, nails slashing for face, breasts, and eyes.

Getting their feet under them again, the rushed forward to resume the battle now, their blood high and their faces flushed as they began to circle each other in the narrow store room, each looking for a chance to use her nails on the others naked flesh.

So it was that through fate and misfortune that destiny was to be forefilled this night.

While Jenny nursed her sick aunt in Memphis and Shelia snuggled in her bed, while Ed lay at home in a cast and the cook cradled his bandaged hand, two young girls, their hearts filled with the fire that only love and youth can create, stalked each other with their nails, locked in a small room, in a dark resturant.  No one to knew they were there and no one to stop them from joining in a passionate battle that could only end in death….

Circling each other, their eyes bright, and their teeth bared, the two young women stalked each other looking for an opening.  A shallow scratch down Kirsten’s left cheek bore mute witness to the results of the first mad clash, while two angry red lines on Eliza’s right breast proved that nothing in life comes for free.

With a low hiss, Eliza, darted forward, the nails of her right hand slashing for Kirsten’s face.  Reacting quickly, Kirsten leapt to the left, dodging out of the arc of Eliza’s crimson nails and clawing back in turn for Eliza’s left tit.  Twisting at the waist, Eliza slipped out of reach, and dropped back into a defensive crouch.

Moving in on each other again, the two nude girls, circled each other twice, before Kirsten slid forward and clawed twice at Eliza’s chest, her hand slipping through Eliza’s waving arms to leave three lines under her left nipple.

With a shriek of pain and anger, Eliza struck back, clawing four lines down Kirsten’s left shoulder before she could slap Eliza’s hand away.

Standing nearly on tip-toe, Kirsten leaned in, slashing for Eliza’s face only for Eliza to bend over and charge, catching her blonde enemy in the stomach with her shoulder and driving her back into the shelves.

Keeping her head sheltered under Kirsten’s right arm, Eliza reached up quickly with her left hand and raked her nails down the side of the blonde’s face.  Kirsten screamed and drove an elbow into Eliza’s back and followed quickly by dragging her claws across the wide expanse of bare flesh.

With a grunt, Eliza drove her small right fist up and into the blonde’s soft belly, winding her and then stepped back, slashing her nails across both of the blonde’s petite breasts as she back pedaled away.

Coming off the shelves, Kirsten pressed one arm protectively across her marked and bleeding breasts, while the other hand gently touched her savaged cheek.  When she brought the hand down, it was covered in blood. With a animal scream of rage, she threw herself at the brunnette and they collided body to body before falling to the floor.  Arms thrashing and legs kicking the two girls quickly turned into a squirming, screaming, ball, of naked fighting woman flesh, rolling back and forth over the cold cement, raking and tearing at each other tooth and nail.

After several seconds of tense and savage fighting, Eliza managed to pin the squirming blonde beneath her.  As each gripped the other’s right wrist, they stared into each other’s eyes.  As scratched and bloody breast pressed tightly against scratched and bloody breast, they both heaved deep and desparate breaths.  Mere moments of close and ugly fighting had turned both girls into a road map of bloody scratches, and angry red marks.

Catching her breath at last, Eliza, pushed up on both arms, her jiggling boobs swaying to the left and right as she started to slide forward to mount the downed blonde.  Catching her intent in the nick of time, Kirsten, quickly wrapped both legs around Eliza’s right thigh, trapping it tightly against her own warm snatch.

With a right twist, Kirsten tried to toss Eliza over and onto her side, but the brunette pulled up her left leg and stopped the roll before it had even begun.  With frustrated little grunts, the brunette began rocking back and forth, trying to free her right leg and move higher on her rival’s body.

Taking a gamble, Kirsten quickly released Eliza’s right hand and grabbed for the brunette’s hair, almost hanging down in her face. Seizing a handful, she jerked the other girl’s head hard to the right, while attempting to roll her off her body.  Eliza blocked the move, this time by forcing her left leg straight out and then quickly clawed the blonde’s face, just missing her eyes, before Kirsten grabbed her wrist once again.

The fight continued down on the cold floor.  Each girl pitting her body against the other’s as muscles bulged and each small motion was met by a small counter motion.  Covered in sweat and slippery with bloody from countless shallow cuts, they squirmed in each other’s grasp, fighting for love and for life.

Shaking the hair from her face, Kirsten glanced up once more to see Eliza’s delicate right breast shaking lightly inches from her face.  Arching her slim neck upwards, her teeth closed quickly on Eliza’s sensitive pink nipple and the brunette screamed like a whistle before ripping her head away by the hair.

Twisting her right hand free, Kirsten lunged upward, throwing her arm behind the brunette’s head and pulling it down to the floor to be trapped half under the blondes’s body.  Turning on her right hip, the blonde tried to roll over onto her enemy’s back, but Eliza’s right arm dropped across her waist forcing her back to the floor.

Rocking back and forth now, Kirsten began to pound Eliza’s head against the floor, her enemy’s wails muffled by the cement.  Suddenly, Eliza’s right arm slipped higher and her needle sharp nails closed on Kirsten’s left breast.  The points dug deep into the soft, white, flesh, and Kirsten screamed in agony as she grabbed at Eliza’s wrist and tried to pry the nails away.

Failing, she wailed and cried as Eliza struggled for breath and twisted her nails deeper into the blonde’s tortured boob.  Releasing Eliza’s wrist, Kirsten leaned forward, her nails clawing at the brunette’s firm right buttock.  Unable to reach further, Kirsten was weeping and frustrated, when suddenly, Eliza’s hand released her wounded breast and seized a handful of blonde hair.  Grabbing at Eliza’s wrist again, Kirsten was able to force the arm above her own head and slip under it rolling over on top of Eliza.

As Kirsten rose above her, Eliza twisted onto her back and raked her left hand down the blonde’s right breast, slicing cleanly through the areola twice.  Kirsten reared up and scratched back with her left hand, but Eliza curled her left leg up between them and with a powerful shove, hurled the blonde away from her to land on her rump several feet away.

Eliza slowly rose to a sitting position, her face bruised and flush from the effort of the battle.  Panting for breath, she stared across the room at her blonde enemy, who sat with her legs half under her staring back every bit as bitterly.

Getting to her knees, Kirsten began crawling toward the brunette, her eyes bright with anger.  Eliza rose to her knees and brought up her hands, waiting for her enemy to get closer.

Drawing to within a couple of feet of each other, the two girls lunged their arms pulling them together to fall back to the cement, hissing like to cats.

Legs quickly snaked out, drawing each other in and winding around and around each other until the two rivals were nearly welded together from the waist down.  Leaning away from each other on their sides, the two warring females, engaged in a tense and vicious nail duel.  Their hands blocking when they could only to snake through any openning to scratch at face, breasts, or thighs.

After several minutes of bloody nail work, Eliza propped herself up on one arm and braved the flashing maze of Kirsten’s nails to fall full length upon her enemy.  Clinching chest to chest, they quickly began to roll back and forth, clawing each other’s backs raw as they snapped at each other’s ears, necks, and faces with their small white teeth.

Their legs continued to twist and slip around each other struggling for a secure grip, when suddenly their sex’s come once more into hot, moist, contact.  The touch of the other woman’s crotch seemed only to enrage the two combatants even more and their thrashing only became more pronounced.  Hips thrusting against hips, each girl ground her vagina into her rival’s, each trying to overwhelm the other’s womanhood.

Suddenly their chaotic movements carried them hard into one of the shelves and quart sized cans started raining down on top of them, forcing them to separate and roll away from the shelf.

Kirsten leapt to her feet and rushed Eliza who had only risen to a crouch, when a can rolled under the blonde’s foot sending her suddenly to her knees.

With a scream of joy, Eliza threw herself on the blonde’s back, wrapping her arms under the blonde’s small breasts.  Kirsten fell over from the attack and the two rolled over onto the cement, with Eliza on the bottom.

(to be continued in Part 2)

SAVAGE HEAT   (Part 2) 

Slipping her right arm quickly around Kirsten’s throat, Eliza began to choke her rival even as her long slim legs wrapped tightly around the blonde’s narrow waist.

“It’s over for you Bitch”, the brunette whispered in Kirsten’s ear, before slowly dragging her nails down the left side of her enemy’s face.  Half stunned from the fall, Kirsten screamed in agony as Eliza’s nails raked her.

The two women struggled together desparately on the cold cement.  Kirsten trying to pry Eliza’s arm from her throat with both hands, while the brunette curled even tighter around her.

Gasping for breath, Kirsten, said, “Please, stop it!  Stop!  I can’t breath.”

“That’s the idea”, Eliza responded with a hiss, “this is a death fight, remember.  Just the way you wanted it woman to woman to the finish.”

Reaching around with her left hand, Eliza seized Kirsten’s left breast, the nails sinking in deep, even as she twisted the mammary brutally.  Kirsten shrieked in pain, even as her kicking legs, drove the two locked and battling women in small circles on the floor.

As she continued to pull on Eliza’s choking arm, Kirsten arched her body, and reached back with the other hand, clawing for Eliza’s face or hair.  Eliza, quickly buried her head against Kirsten’s back, dodging the questing nails and began to squeeze her enemy even more tightly about the waist with bulging thighs.

Giving up on the head, Kirsten, dropped her free hand onto Eliza’s knee trying to pry her legs apart.  Failing, she raked her claws up the outside of Eliza’s left thigh.  With a hiss of pain, Eliza responded with a hand full of nails to the face and Kirsten pitched forward, rolling them both onto their right sides.

As Eliza returned to choking and clawing Kirsten’s left boob, the blonde curled forward into a tight ball.  Intent on destroying her rival, Eliza was caught unaware, when Kirsten reared back suddenly, the back of her head striking the brunette full across the nose.

With a gasp and a shriek, the brunette was blinded for a moment by the sudden pain, loosened her deathgrip on the blonde’s neck.  Loose enough that Kirsten was able to half turn around and drive one elbow deep into the brunette’s soft and unprotected belly.

With a wheezing gasp of agony, the brunette tried to curl up, releasing her leggy grip around the blonde’s waist.  Turning completely over now, Kirsten, grabbed a handful of hair and slammed Eliza’s head into the floor.

Even as her rival twisted on the floor beneath her, the blonde pulled herself to one knee and drove the nails of her right hand up between Eliza’s half parted legs.

With a scream of pleasure matched only by the brunette’s scream of pain, the blonde forced her nails into her rival’s sex.  Two fingers, pushed up and into the vigina, to claw viciously at the soft and delicate, inner walls of Eliza’s moist snatch.

Dropping her left arm across Eliza’s throat, Kirsten leaned her full weight on her enemy even as her fingers worked their wicked magic, deep inside the screaming brunette.

The tide of battle had turned once more.  Even as the minute hand moved in slow circles on the clock over the kitchen door and even as the cook snored in front of his television, his bandaged hand resting in his lap, the duel in the storeroom continued.  Locked in naked combat, the two young girls battled for their very lives, their screams lost in the darkness of the resturant beyond….

Her tender sex ON FIRE from the nails of her mortal enemy, Eliza twisted on the floor, desparately trying to dislodge the furious little blonde.  As the brunette struggled even for the breath to scream, her rival loomed over her, the otherwise beautiful face distorted with unholy joy.

Kirsten continued to claw mercilessly at Eliza’s cunt, intent on taking first the brunette’s womanhood and then her life.  Eliza wasted no breath on pleas for mercy.  The savage nature of their conflict left no room for pity in their hearts.

Choking, the room beginning to swim before her as her own blood wet her inner thighs, Eliza threw her hand out wildly and brushed something hard and cold. Gripping it more by reflex than design, she brought her hand up hard, swinging into the side of Kirsten’s head.  Struck hard by a can of peaches, Kirsten fell flat onto the floor, stunned and slipping for a moment in and out of consciousness.

Tears running down her face, Eliza cradled her wounded sex and climbed slowly to a sitting position.  Drawing in deep, ragged breaths, she sobbed and looked over as the blonde shook her head from side to side and moaned.

Eliza quickly cast around, looking for the can of peaches to finish her downed rival, but the can had rolled away, far out of reach.

Deciding to repay “kind in kind”, she slipped back onto the floor and rolled over onto her belly.  Squirming forward, she worked her way quickly between the blonde’s half parted legs.  Like a striking snake, the little brunette reared up and then slammed her face down into Kirsten’s crotch, her small white teeth snapping shut on her rival’s pussy.

Brought screaming back to consciousness, Kirsten set “bolt up right” and seized the back of Eliza’s head by the hair.  With a savage jerk, she pulled the brunette’s head from her bleeding crotch, but not before her rival managed another vicious and painful bite.

Pulling Eliza half upright, Kirsten unloaded a swinging slap to the face, knocking the other girl, over onto her side, but receiving a fist to the jaw in turn, even as the little brunette when tumbling.

Laying half sprawled on top of each other, they thrashed wildly, before Kirsten, grabbed one of Eliza’s feet.  Using her grip to spread her enemy’s legs wide, the little blonde slammed the heel of her left foot hard into the brunette’s injuried sex.

Eliza screamed in agony half curling up on the floor.  Spinning on her bare rump, Kirsten grabbed both of Eliza’s wrists even as the blonde’s slim legs, looped over the wailing brunette’s throat.

With her right thigh forced completely under Eliza’s chin and the other leg behind the brunette’s head, the blonde locked her ankles and slowly began to strangle her rival.  Eliza fought to free her hands, but couldn’t break Kirsten’s desparate and determined grip.

Choking pitifully now, the brunette curled up and attempted to match Kirsten’s hold.  The little blonded snapped at her rival’s calf and ankles, but could only delay her.  Eventually she felt Eliza’s thighs slip home, her enemy’s bloodied sex pressed tightly against the side of face.

Locked in a mutual deathgrip, each woman concentrated on crushing the very breath of life from her enemy even as each battled painfully for even a single breath……

(The morning after….)

The next day, Ed showed up for work on crutches only to find a squadron of police cars out front and Jenny sitting on the sidewalk, her face cradled in both hands.

Hobbling over, Ed came to her and said, “what happened?”

Looking up through tear stained eyes, Jenny replied, “there was a break-in after the resturant closed last night.  One of the girls was killed.”

“Oh my god”, Ed exclaimed!

“Someone threw a big rock through the window and then caught one of the girls in the stockroom.  It was awful, just awful!”

“Who was it”, Ed asked.

Looking at him and then away, Jenny said, “it was Eliza”.

Catching her evasive glance, a cold feeling began to spread through the pit of Ed’s stomach.

“How about Kirsten”, Ed asked?

“She’s home sick today”, Jenny replied, staring off into the distance. “I don’t supposed it matters now.  I’ll have to call all the girls now and tell them not to come in.  Not until the plice are done anyway”.

“Jenny”, Ed whispered, “you don’t think….well do you?”

Turning to face him, she looked deep into his eyes and said with a calm voice, “it doesn’t matter what I think now Ed.  What is done is done.  We’ve lost one sweet, young, girl here today and I’m not losing another… matter what.”

Taking a deep breath, she continued, “what is done is done and what is over is over.  It was a break in now.  Just another tragic accident in a sometimes tragic world.”

Placing one hand on his shoulder, she gently turned him back to his car, even as the tears began to slowly trickle down his cheeks….

The End

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